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Healing the World Through Consciousness of Inversion: Impure Act, Trilogical Metaphysics and the Science of the Soul By Len Burg, Soul Therapist The author presented the following paper to the STOPFORUM1, an international conference in Sao Paulo Brazil in May 2010, the purpose of which was to explore ways to heal the psychosocial pathology responsible for many of the problems in the world today. This psycho-social forum was organized by The International Society of Analytical Trilogy2 (ISAT), an organization that is a pioneer in marrying and upgrading classical forms of psychoanalysis with an approach that combines psychology, philosophy and non-sectarian religion or metaphysics. ISAT’s approach, led by its founder Dr. Norberto Keppe3, is to treat or analyze both the individual and the society, and to apply “Trilogical” principles in an interdisciplinary way to all sectors of society. This paper presented by the author was an attempt to delve deeper into the “religious” or “metaphysical” aspect of Analytical Trilogy, from the point of view of the “Science of the Soul”. This science gives structure to the spiritual dimension of psycho-analysis, based on the teachings and practice of mystics, saints or sages, ascended and living, who have been perpetually sent to this earth to redeem souls – to reconnect man in consciousness to his spirit, and his spirit to God. From the point of view of the Science of the Soul, healing the world begins with healing self, the prime “disease” of which is lack of knowledge of self, and estrangement from consciousness of our spiritual essence and its connection to God. This paper posits that it is this alienation which is at the root of the Stop Forum’s theme focus - “inversion”4, which is a way of elevating the temporal or material over the spiritual; it is a way of subjugating the spirit to the mind and ego, acting through the senses of perception. On the other hand, the Science of the Soul provides a key to curing or permanently reversing this inversion, and re-establishing the primacy of soul over mind. The author gives his profound thanks to ISAT Vice President Dr. Claudia Pacheco5 and the organizers of the Stop Forum for inviting him to the Forum and giving him the opportunity to share these perspectives. Hopefully all the psycho-analysts, scientists and lay people, both at the Forum and those reading this paper, find it thought provoking and helpful in the effort to heal self and society, connect with secular and spiritual sources of healing, guidance and support and, most importantly, augment or ignite a spark in the reader’s efforts to reveal God inside. 1 3 4 Go to the following link for a glossary that defines terms used in Analytical Trilogy: 2

- A psychological process, first observed by Keppe in 1977 and unique to his work, in which values and the perception of reality are inverted in the individual and in society. Examples: seeing good in something evil and evil in something good; believing that reality, not fantasy, causes suffering; seeing work as a sacrifice and laziness as pleasurable; thinking that love brings suffering and pain; and making wealth, prestige and power the most important goal of all. 5

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Healing the World Through Consciousness of Inversion “I have met the enemy and the enemy is me”6. The enemy is my ego, operating through the mind/body complex and the senses of perception, under the direction of a Universal Negative Power7. This is what wreaks havoc on the planet. The conditions of this world are but a reflection of humanity‟s collective ego-mindinconscientization8, of which I, and you, play a part, however learned we may be. The ego tends to act as if this temporal material world and all its conditions are real and permanent; this illusion is what is at the root of its inversion. Ego does so through “impure Act” – a tendency to react and inconscientize, rather than to act based on consciousness and divine inspiration. The gift of Analytical Trilogy is to place an eternal, infinite God at the root of all cures. Trilogical Metaphysics promotes healing by exposing the Theomania9, envy and Projections of an ego which denies God and refuses to see its own errors. The Science of the Soul10 goes on to offer a permanent cure – one that shows a way out of the vicious cycle of disease and remission that imprisons the soul and binds it in chains of both iron and gold. To heal the world requires both to “bruise the head of the serpent”11 – to put the egomind in its proper place – and to re-establish the primacy of spirit/soul12 over mind. This is the dual role of the Science of the Soul, as the ego-mind is a good servant but a poor master. INTRODUCTION The search for mastership is what ultimately led me both to the teachings of giants like Norberto Keppe, Dr. Pacheco and that of several contemporary mystic masters living in this world. Such enlightened ones go beyond mind and cultivate the wisdom of the soul. I grew up attending a Presbyterian church through my parents, and Baptist churches through my grandparents. But I wasn‟t satisfied. I would gaze up into the heavens and wonder, what is beyond the furthest reaches of the universe? Even while playing at revolution (struggling against the “enemy”) as a student leader at New York University, during the upheavals on campuses across the USA in the late 1960‟s and early 1970‟s, this spark of spirituality kept gnawing away at my consciousness. 6

Paraphrases a famous quote from the late, great American military leader, General Douglas MacArthur Satan, Devil 8 Coined by Keppe to describe the willful attitude of concealing, repressing or denying one‟s consciousness. Hiding from oneself something one does not wish to see. 9 Envy of God 10 Spirit encased in mental, astral, etheric and physical complex of bodies 11 Genesis 3:1(the Serpent being the Devil) 12 From this point of view, “soul” is spirit encased in a complex of mental, astral and physical bodies. 7

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Years of civil disobedience, rebellion and stress, along with the excesses of wine, women and weed13 led me to a complete physical and emotional collapse in 1973. It was then that a spiritual explosion took place within me, as I fasted and embarked on a serious attempt to find myself. I discovered holistic health; vegetarianism; acupressure; massage; Kabala; occultism; the oracles of astrology, I Ching and Tarot; Yoga; Tai Chi, etc. Above all, I was seeking first hand spiritual experience. During this time I was baptized in a Pentecostal church, and witnessed the speaking of tongues and mediumship, which seemed closer to actual spiritual experience than the dry, polite reading of scriptures. At the same time I studied traditional African religion, which took spirit possession and ancestral worship to another level. While I studied and practiced holism and spirituality, I also worked at day jobs directing community programs and counseling youths in Harlem, NY. Gradually I realized that the individuals and organizations I “treated” benefitted as much from soul-searching dialogue as they did from various “hands-on” healing or organizational development modalities. I discovered that “Dis-ease”, germs or conflicts were not the enemy but part of the cure; they are the organism‟s attempt to rid itself of morbific (toxic or pathothenic) matter. In other words, the body heals itself, if one “treats” it with the kind of “food” that sustains life. When I learned of Analytical Trilogy in the 1980‟s I was ecstatic. It fit perfectly with the dialectic I was already having with my clients, and the philosophy of conscientizing rather than suppressing toxic thoughts, emotions and matter. It was also in the mid 1980‟s that I learned of the Science of the Soul. It taught me that instead of allowing disincarnate entities to possess me, I could worship God “in spirit and in truth”14 learn to travel in consciousness to the heavenly regions where the ancestors abide - and go further toward the throne of the Lord, “into the Kingdom of heaven inside”15. This science gave further structure and meaning to the spiritual aspect of Analytical Trilogy as I sought to apply it in my practice. I merged the two in my counseling under the name of “Soul Therapy”. Since that time I have delved deeper into the Science of the Soul or “The Path of the Masters” as it is also called. With this backdrop I have worked as a Liaison in A Centre for the World Religions16 - an NGO having consultative status with ECOSOC of the United Nations. It has held peace forums and meditations at the UN, in an attempt to foster interfaith unity, with the idea that peace begins within. If the UN is to ever achieve its goal of ending war and poverty there must be a shift of consciousness, which ultimately has to be led by those who have mastered the sciences of mind and soul.


Marijuana Bible - John 4:24 15 Luke 17:20-21 (King James Version): “20. And when he was demanded of the Pharisees, when the kingdom of God should come, he answered them and said, The kingdom of God cometh not with observation; 21. Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.” 16 14

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What inspired me to attend and present at the Stop Forum was both to learn from those who have gained mastery in Analytical Trilogy, and also share some of what I have learned and experienced from masters of the Science of the Soul, even as I continue to seek enlightenment. SELF MASTERY: KEY TO THERAPEUTICS Psychotherapists and other practitioners seeking to apply Trilogical Metaphysics to their practice understand perfectly the need to master self in order to help others. This is why any good therapist him or herself undergoes therapy. Such introspection is not at all limited to the mind. Dr. Keppe has clearly established the primacy of Theology in the trilogy of psychology, philosophy and Religion. The question is, how exactly does the study of God translate into firsthand knowledge that is most useful in the therapeutic technique? How does the therapist get beyond the limitations of his or her own mind to more purely apply the “laws” inherent in Theology to the healing of self, client and society? There is much evidence, of course, of the efficacy of Analytical Trilogy in effecting remission of not only psychical but also physical symptoms17. Implicit in Trilogical Metaphysics is the idea that it is the link to the Divine that has primacy in this process. Any therapist would probably be concerned with how he/she can cement this link within oneself in order to be more effective in facilitating the same for ones clients – especially to lessen the possibility of relapse or to more closely approximate lasting cure18. Keppe himself has graphically illustrated how some of the greatest thinkers of the world may actually have had an inverted perspective of how to remedy the psychical ills of mankind that now threaten the planet with wars, poverty and pollution. At the root of this is a failure to transcend mind and tap more into revelations of the Divine. It seems clear that the success of Analytical Trilogy is due to the extent that it has reversed this inversion and refocused the therapist on gaining access to divine inspiration in treating the ills of man and society. This challenge is especially problematic given the current rise in religious fundamentalism and a turning away of this generation from organized religion. Fortunately there is also a movement extant, especially among the youths, towards spirituality in a universal sense. This puts added emphasis on the need for Trilogical Metaphysics to service this population. As Keppe suggests, mastery in philosophy and psychology is not enough; it also requires the study of and access to mastership in spirituality. As in any field, spiritual mastery requires the scientific application of a technology to produce predictable results. There is no 17

See the following link and book “Healing Through Consciousness” by Claudia Pacheco: 18 “NATUROPATHIC HEALTH CARE”;; “The natural state of the human organism is health, homeostatic balance. In this state, the human organism has the innate ability - the vitality to word off diseases and heal itself. Vitalistic medicine maintains that when disease occurs, this self - healing ability has been blocked. Disease Symptoms (fever, rashes, this etc.) are not simply caused by an "evasion" of external agents or germs, but are manifestations of the organism's attempt to defend and heal itself. The "disease" is the cure.” A physician's task, then is to help remove the agents blocking that healing process, bolstering the patient's own healing capacity, and this restore homeostatic balance; health. Impure Act, Trilogical Metaphysics and the Science of the Soul…………page 4

shortage of cases, both personal and societal, through which to continue to evolve the efficacy of Trilogical Metaphysics in addressing the spiritual dimension of psycho-social pathology. Trilogists know full well that far from suppressing such pathology, a dialectic that conscientizes and shines a light on symptoms ultimately reveals the inversion, megalomania19 and alienation at its roots. It provides the “food” that enables the human being to rally his/her own healing resources, at the root of which is his/her spiritual connection. For both the client and the therapist, it is thus imperative to further cultivate the “food” which nourishes the spiritual part of ones being. This requires a journey of interiorization which transcends mind and delves deeper into the realms of spirit. It requires making a giant leap beyond Theology - the study of God - to the enlightenment of Apotheosis20, which is to become one with God or a conscious co-worker with God. TRUTH, COSMOGONY AND THE SCIENCE OF THE SOUL: In the lexicon of Trilogical Metaphysics “truth” is synonymous with God. Being truthful about what one is perceiving (conscientizing), or about one‟s errors, leads one closer to absolute truth or the Divinity. This is what precipitates healing, for “know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” The Trilogical dialectic is a process of retracing (evolving) our way back to the divinity inherent within us, by revealing the inverted thinking (involving - “creating”) which gives birth to conditions of dis-ease. In essence, as emphasized by Dr. Keppe, this spiritual dimension is the most critical factor in employing the Trilogical method for the healing of man and society. An understanding of Mystical Cosmogony based on the Science of the Soul simplifies the application of Trilogical Metaphysics. Cosmogony is the study of the origin, evolution and structure of the universe and the theory of the creation. The mystical side of this science - as taught and practiced by the Enlightened sage who has realized and embodied this truth – can shed great light on how and why Analytical Trilogy is achieving, (and perhaps can also surpass) the results it is getting. SELF/ GOD REALIZATION AND “PURE ACT” Inherent in the study of cosmogony is the ancient axiom, “Man Know thyself”. One can easily say that the application of Trilogical Metaphysics: 1) reveals how man‟s lack of knowledge of self leads to disease and psycho-social pathology; and 2) helps reverse that process. In this respect the essence of “Self” is the spirit which becomes imprisoned in the body/mind complex – the Psyche - and loses its way. Man inverts reality, and becomes alienated and sick through inconscientization and blind REACTING. “ACT” as discussed by Dr. Keppe is the antithesis of this kind of REACTion.

19 : Delusions of grandeur - a form of arrogance where a person considers himself much better than he really is due to his desire to be superior 20 From L.L. apotheosis "deification," from Gk. apotheosis, from apotheoun "deify, make (someone) a god," (in the sense of realizing and manifesting the qualities of the spirit which is made in the image of God (Genesis 1:27). Impure Act, Trilogical Metaphysics and the Science of the Soul…………page 5

If an understanding of Mystical cosmogony and the Science of the Soul it is to contribute to the evolution of the practice of Trilogical Metaphysics, it must help explain: 1. the underlying principles governing the process of inconscientized REACTion leading to disease, 2. the transformation into conscientized ACT and healing of the body/mind, and 3. how this process relates to man‟s potential for ultimate self-actualization In the context of the Science of the Soul “self actualization” is what we call “Self Realization” and “God Realization”, the understanding and practice of which provide an excellent framework within which to more easily comprehend and apply the sometimes complex notions of “Pure ACT”. Simply said, Self Realization is a process by which a human being rises above body consciousness and becomes aware of him/herself as pure spirit. God Realization occurs when the spirit/soul achieves “yoga” or union with God and becomes a coworker with God. KARMA AND DIVINE REVELATIONS It is the spirit which gives life to the body, and provides the energy to heal, as it is “made in the image of God”. It is of the same essence as God – omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. However, as many a mystical master has said, both soul and God are within man; the problem is, they haven‟t met each other; man has become mired in the mortal web of mind and body and thus oblivious to his true eternal nature which is spirit. Man has become entangled in what we call “Karma”, which simply put is the law of cause and effect: 

“Every action has an equal and opposite reaction” (Newton)

“What goes around comes around” (Common idiom)

 

“As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” (Proverbs 23:7) “For what things a man shall sow, those also shall he reap.” (Galatians 6.7-10)

“For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one title shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.” (Matthew 5:18)

To invertedly inconscientize and REACT is to continue a perpetual cycle of sowing and reaping that stains the soul and prevents man from realizing his true nature and purpose for being. His REACTion is led by the ego/mind operating under the influence of the Universal Mind or “Devil” which blinds man to the will of heaven. Pure ACT is to be led instead by “Divine Revelations” - coming directly from the will of God - which serve to purify the soul and mitigate or heal the karma (sin) that prevents man from realizing his divinity. Trilogical Metaphysics helps to prime man to move in that direction. The Science of the Soul provides the vehicle for the last leg of the journey. Viewing Trilogical Metaphysics through the eyes of Mystic Cosmogony and the Science of the soul helps explain how this works. Impure Act, Trilogical Metaphysics and the Science of the Soul…………page 6

The Creation It all begins with the Supreme Being – God, Allah, Higher Power or whatever it is that created man and this world. It is infinite and immortal. Its correspondence in man is the spirit which is that spark of divinity sent from the eternal spiritual realm (planes) into the manifested worlds to experience itself and then evolve back to God. God put His angel Lucifer (Devil, Negative Power, Universal Mind) in charge of the administration of the creation, ruling according to the laws of cause and effect (Karma). Its correspondence in man is the ego/mind. Spirits upon entering the realms/planes of mortality are provided a mental body, an astral body and a physical body with which to navigate in the manifested world. The human being is the “Crown of Creation” – the pinnacle of 8.4 million species, and is the only specie with the capability and purpose to consciously realize his divinity and become a co-worker with God, while still alive in the physical body. However, the Negative power does not want to lose one soul from its jurisdiction. Until the human being realizes that this world is transitory and that his/her true purpose is to realize self and God, it remains imprisoned in the physical, astral and mental worlds governed by the Negative Power. Fortunately the Lord God Almighty sends a Positive Power to rescue souls and shepherd them back to their eternal home, while still alive in the physical body. This Positive Power is “The Only Begotten Son” – The Word or Holy Spirit Made Flesh, manifesting throughout time. This Only Begotten Son embodies itself through many saviors and redeemers, including Christ, The Buddha, Mohammad, Krishna, Lao Tzu, Moses and countless other less renown saints and sages. According to the Science of the Soul the earth is never bereft of one or more such enlightened beings whose sole purpose is to guide souls back to God - again, while people are alive in the physical body. One way the Mystics in the Science of the Soul describe this process is as follows: God is the “Ocean” Who sends the “River” - His Holy Spirit-Word-Made-Flesh redeemers – to ferry the “Drops” – our spirits – back to the Ocean. However, in the process of involution the human being gathers impressions on his soul in the form of thoughts, words and deeds or karma (sin) that binds him to the material worlds, and blinds him to his true nature as a spirit made in the image of God. The purpose of the redeemer is to teach and guide man in how to finish the involution and begin the evolution back to God. Involution and Creation 

Ideas form in the minds of human beings.

 

Ideas become thought patterns. Thought patterns become images tinged with desire.

Images become the manifested physical condition

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The ego believes that it is a God because it can seed an idea that becomes a manifested physical condition. Yet it ignores that even this would not be possible without the spirit essence which gives the body life, sustains it and heals it. Furthermore, the ego actually doesn‟t create a blade of grass or a grain of sand. When the ego sees that its “creations” pale in comparison to that of the Supreme Being, it becomes envious of and angry at God (Theomania) and chooses to invert reality; it sees as real the mortal worlds and its creations, and sees as illusion the eternal God and Spirit (it invertedly sees as bad or weak the Godly qualities of humility, forgiveness, meekness, generosity, etc. – that Keppe speaks of so eloquently when explicating Trilogical Metaphysics.) As consciousness is a direct expression of man‟s spirit which is an expression of God, the process of Conscientization automatically helps to attract revelations that can begin to reverse the process of disease. Just as denial of consciousness is denial of spirit is denial of God, consciousness is opening up to spirit is opening up to God. The process of conscientizing is directly related to the process of meditation that masters in the Science of the Soul use in order to help man realize self and God. Trilogical Metaphysics replaces impure ACT or REACTING and inconscientizing, with pure ACT and Conscientization. As in the initial stages in the process of meditation, one pays attention to the thoughts, feelings and sensations perceivable in the sphere of awareness. This begins to open the human being up to revelations of spirit that sometimes can bring spontaneous healing or insights (and that ultimately, under the guidance of a mystic, leads to self and God Realization). This process helps a human being to be a more productive citizen, family man and even more prosperous in business affairs. It also enables man to fulfill the moral and ethical precepts taught in most organized religions. Meditation (properly done) replaces the automatic indulgence of thoughts, emotions and sensations with first observing – paying bare attention to - then stopping all thoughts. This focuses the person‟s attention at the “Seat of the Soul”, between and behind the eyebrows. The Mystic calls this the “Third Eye”21 the opening up of which enables a human being to receive “Divine Revelations” in the form of light, sound and Soma.22 As food is nourishment for the body, these revelations serve as nourishment for the soul. They: 

Wash the soul of the karma stemming from impressions taken in through the eyes, the ears, the senses, the mind and emotions.

Provide ongoing inspiration and control that better enables man to actually manifest the divine virtues preached by all religions.

Serve as a medicament that precipitates psychical and physical healing, and

Enable the man to rise above body consciousness to experience direct awareness of the spiritual realms, ultimately with the aim of yoga or union with God.


“The light of the body is the eye: therefore when thine eye is single, thy whole body also is full of light (St. Luke 11:34) (the bliss of enlightenment) 22

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Conclusions In effect, meditation guided by the Science of the Soul, augments Trilogical Metaphysics with a form of “Self-Soul Therapy” (for therapist and client). This not only facilitates preservation of the gains made in modalities like Trilogical Metaphysics, but also further enables direct progress in the ultimate aim of human life which is to realize self and God. No doubt, in the process, such a person concentrates better, works better, feels better and is better able to contribute to societal initiatives that help alleviate the suffering, conflict and pollution in this world. We at A Centre for the World Religions emphasize that it is not necessary for one to leave one‟s religious society in order to meditate in a way that enables a man to realize self and God. On the contrary, religious societies can support one‟s efforts to grow spiritually and function in society. However, as seekers strive to live up to the moral and ethical standards they preach, they might also more deeply study the scriptures of theirs and others‟ religions, and interiorize through a universal process of meditation. Masters in the Science of the Soul teach that scripture is only a guideline or reference illuminating the revelations given by God to His Redeemers; we must gain our own spiritual experience. As Christ said to those standing in front of Him when He was alive, “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do.”23 The „religion” taught by Jesus and - all the great redeemers was the science of “re”, “ligere” – to bind the soul back to God. For them the real church, mosque, synagogue, temple, etc. is the human body.24 It behooves every human being to seek heaven now, while in the body, and not wait until life after death. References For further research and study in regards to the Science of the Soul, also known as “The Path of the Masters” or the science of “Surat Shabd Yoga”: 1. “VEDAMRIT: THE ANCIENT DIVINE ETERNAL VERITIES (Paperback); by Soami Divyanand; ISBN 3-926696-07-9. 2. “The Crown of Life: A Study in Yoga”, by Kirpal Singh (Paperback - June 1990); available free on line at 3. A Centre for the World Religions and Interfaith Dialogue: 4. “Path of the Masters”, by M.A., B.D., M.D. Julian Johnson (Hardcover - 1997); available free on line at 23 24

St. John 14:12 “Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?” (1 Corinthians 3:16) Impure Act, Trilogical Metaphysics and the Science of the Soul…………page 9

Healing the World With Psycho-Spiritual Counseling  

Presentation to international conference on 21st Century psycho-therapeutic techiques to heal individuals and society.

Healing the World With Psycho-Spiritual Counseling  

Presentation to international conference on 21st Century psycho-therapeutic techiques to heal individuals and society.