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Alaska Lawyer Referral Service (907) 272-0352

Toll Free in Alaska 1-800-770-9999 Service is open from 8:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m., Monday - Friday. What is the Alaska Lawyer Referral Service? 

The Alaska Lawyer Referral Service is made up of Alaska lawyers who have signed up to be listed on the Lawyer Referral Service.

All the Alaska lawyers signed up to be on the Lawyer Referral Service are active members in good standing of the Alaska Bar Association.

The Lawyer Referral Service does not rate the lawyers listed on the Referral Service.

Not all Alaska cities have a lawyer(s) signed up on the Lawyer Referral Service.

What Does the Alaska Lawyer Referral Service Do and How Does It Work? 

The Alaska Lawyer Referral Service is organized by types of law, such as real estate, adoption, etc. View a list of the types of law on the backside of this sheet.

Lawyers who signed up to be on the Lawyer Referral Service will charge no more than $125 for the first half-hour of consultation.

When you call the Lawyer Referral Service: 

You will talk to a Lawyer Referral Service Assistant. This person is not an attorney and cannot give you legal advice.

We will ask you for your name so we can let the lawyer(s) know you were referred by us.

We will ask you to tell us briefly about your legal problem so we can refer you to a lawyer who handles legal problems like yours.

We will give you the names and phone numbers of up to three (3) lawyers who handle legal problems like yours.

When you call the lawyer’s office: 

Tell the lawyer’s office you were referred by the Lawyer Referral Service, so you will be charged no more than $125 for the first half-hour of consultation with the lawyer.

You need to talk to the lawyer about what fees he/she will charge after the first half-hour of consultation for $125.

What the Alaska Lawyer Referral Service Does NOT Do:  Does not have a list of pro bono (free) or low-fee lawyers.  Does not give legal advice or answer legal questions.  Does not give background information on lawyers listed on the Service.  Does not keep a record of which lawyers belong to other Bar associations and practice in other states.


ADMIRALTY Fishing Vessel Injury/Death at sea

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        

ADMINISTRATIVE Gov’t agencies & administrative appeals Civil Rights ADOPTION ALASKA NATIVE LAW ALTERNATE DISPUTE RESOLUTION (ADR) ARTS Bands, Art contracts, entertainment BANKRUPTCY COMMERCIAL Sales, Contracts, Business/Partnerships agreements, general business law CONSTRUCTION Contractor/Subcontractor issues CONSUMER Collections, Complaints, Credit, general consumer problems, personal loans CRIMINAL-FELONY CRIMINAL-MISDEMEANOR DEBT COLLECTION/JUDGMENT ENFORCEMENT DISCRIMINATION Public discrimination DIVORCE/DISSOLUTION/CUSTODY Child support issues, any family law matter EMINENT DOMAIN Gov’t seizing of private property ENVIRONMENTAL Environmental concerns GUARDIANSHIP/CONSERVATOR IMMIGRATION

   

  

  

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INSURANCE Bad faith, insurance and policy holder problems INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY JUVENILE DELINQUENCY LABOR RELATIONS Wage claims, sexual harassment, wrongful discharge, discrimination, general labor issues LANDLORD/TENANT Rental issues, evictions

MALPRACTICE Medical negligence against physicians, claims against other professionals MILITARY LAW MINING NEGLIGENCE Auto accidents, personal injury, libel/slander, property damage, harassment PATENT/COPYRIGHT PUBLIC INTEREST Claims in the interest of the public REAL ESTATE Buying/Selling, foreclosures, property deeds, title assistance, etc. SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY TAX Federal, state & local TRAFFIC Speeding, basic traffic violations TRUSTS/WILLS/ESTATES Probate, Trust funds, basic P.O.A. WORKERS COMPENSATION

Alaska Lawyer Referral Service