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HAPPY SPRING, FRIENDS! Wow, I was READY for Spring this year, were you?! Nashville was a city of ice storms and closings this winter, so the bursting green everywhere is a welcome invitation to get outside! We’ve had an incredible 2015 so far. I’ve been hard at work on some cool projects that will release later this year, and done a good bit of traveling. And, while the LL Shop remains in Illinois (where my incredible shop manager Mindy runs the show) I’ve moved in to a studio here in Nashville with my wonderful friends at That team makes my heart sing, and it’s a joy to go to work along side them every day! As for our family, Dugan recently finished writing a book that will release early summer, and Eva is three and just about ready to be sent off to study at Julliard. Almost. And, we have another litte surprise I can’t wait to tell you about soon!... This 2015 Spring/Summer Collection has been a long time in the making. Two of the new canvases – It is Well (page right) and 1st Corinthians Thirteen – have been on my heart and to-do list for quite awhile, but it took this long for me to get them just right. The Farmer’s-Market-inspired pieces have also been on my mind since I opened the shop, as have the French watercolors. I was so humbled and excited by how well the abstracts were received after the Holiday launch, I just couldn’t wait to create more! So, this is a line that truly has been on my heart and I’m so excited to finally get it out there, for all of you. I hope when you see it you feel like it’s a breath of fresh air, and you’re inspired to throw open your windows, breathe in the Spring air, and thank Jesus you’re alive! Grateful for you! xo, lindsay LINDSAYLETTERS.COM P H OTO G R A P H Y & S T Y L I N G I N C O L L A B O R AT I O N W I T H L A R K P H O T O G R A P H Y. © 2 0 1 5 L i n d s ay L e tte r s, L L C . A l l R i g h ts R e s e r ve d .

RELAX CANVAS W H I T E w i th b l a ck l e tte r i n g, R e g e n c y G old frame

FARMER’S MARKET Letter pre ss A rt Pri nt , 8 x 1 0


BOUQUET ABSTRACT CANVAS Gall e ry Whi t e f ram e, 3 0 x 3 6

MILK & HONEY CANVAS HONEY LETTERIN G O N WH I T E , Ga l l er y wr a p p ed , 2 0 x 2 5


1ST CORINTHIANS THIRTEEN CANVAS WARM G REY, G al l e ry G ol d f r a me, 2 4 x 3 0

RAW WOOD VASE BY AXELCO. Availabl e o nl i ne at ax e l cou s a . c om

THE BOMBS These colored smoke bombs, photographed by Lark Photography exclusively for Lindsay Letters, were created with the interior trend-setter in mind. Oh, if you could see the entire process and lengths my incredible photographer and friend Laura went to in order to capture these beautiful, etherial photographs. Any one of these beauties is sure to be a topic of conversation, no matter the space. SMOKE BOMB CANVAS COLLECTION BY

LARK PHOTOGRAPHY S ee L a u r a ’s Wed d i n g p h o to g r a hy a t L A R K P H O T O S . C O M

PINK BOMB CANVAS VERT ICA L, A nt i que G o l d Fr a me, 1 1 x 1 4

SWISS CROSS CANVAS BEET, G al l e ry Wal nut f r a me, 1 2 x 1 2

BEAUTY FROM ASHES CANVAS Galler y G o l d f ram e, 2 4 x 3 0

PINK CLOUD CANVAS 50 x 4 0, gal l e ry w rapp ed Fram e d i n a cust o m A xel C o. f r a me, cont act A XELCOU S A . C O M for d et a i l s.

LAVENDER CLOUD CANVAS Unfram e d, 1 6 x 2 0

AMETHYST ABSTRACT CANVAS Anti que G o l d f ram e, 3 0 x 3 6

SWISS CROSS CANVAS TRA DITIONA L, G al l er y Wa l n u t f r a me, 1 0 x 1 0

SWEETER THAN STRAWBERRIES Letterpre ss A rt Pri nt , 11 x 1 4

SPECKLED PEAR D ow n l o a d a b l e P r i n t, C a r d s a n d G ift Tag s



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