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AMERICAN DREAM I’ve had this little line on my heart for over a year now. There is something about classic Americana, patriotic songs and stars and stripes that makes me feel so grateful and blessed. Maybe it’s knowing all the hardships and lives sacrificed for our freedom and this beautiful country... people who gave (and give) their lives to serve us and keep us safe. Grandparents and great grandparents that fought in epic wars and lived through depression, so that we could bask in a land of possibility. And plus, you can’t quite see red white and blue without getting a sweet taste of summer – I can almost hear the fireworks and smell the grill! As I started creating this line, I couldn’t help but notice that I am in a town that just shouts “American Dream!”. Nashville is the Birthplace of Country Music and a big melting pot of people from all over the US who have come here with optimism and a dream (and a guitar). Gusts of creativity are practically bursting through the doors of every coffee shop! Although our stay in Nashville will have been a short one, I am so thankful the Lord brought us here. I have gotten to send time with the most genuine and beautiful people, eaten the most delicious food, and gotten to know myself all over again – realizing for the millionth time that it’s shaky ground to find my identity in the things around me, instead of the Holy Spirit within me. I’ve laughed a lot, and cried a lot, watched Dugan become an even greater man and watch Eva learn to love in ways I could have never taught her. And so Nashville, this little line is for you. I hope y’all love it, and that the Lord uses these words and pieces bring a smile to your face and joy to your heart! Grateful for your love and support! xo, lindsay LINDSAYLETTERS.COM PHOTOGRAPHY & STYLING IN COLLABORATION WITH @APRILMWALKER © 2 0 1 5 L i n d s a y L e t t e r s , L L C . Al l Ri g h t s Re s e r v e d .


H O L LY H O U S E , N A S H V I L L E We had the pleasure of getting to do this photoshoot at the most perfect home in East Nashville. The owner, Carly, has an exceptional eye for design and loves helping local clients stage and style their homes. Planning a stay in Nashville? This space is also available at! I N S TA G R A M : @ C A R LY _ L I F E O F P L E N T Y / L I F E O F P L E N T Y B L O G . C O M

AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL CANVAS T his page: 16 x 20, Curry

P ages 11 & 12: 30 x 38, L inen

M Y C O U N T R Y, ‘ T I S O F T H E E C A N VA S 2 0 x 25 , H o l i d a y R e d

SOUTHERN CHARM PRINT 8 x 1 0, G o l d F o i l


When we moved from Illinois to Arizona, I was so grateful that I made the drive with my husband. It was so, so cool to watch the landscape of America literally change before our eyes. From golden cornfields to great planes and then driving through the mountains and desert. As someone that experiences God through creation, I fell even more in love with Him during that trip. I think that America the Beautiful is the perfect homage to our incredible country.

ONE NATION CANVAS 2 4 x 30 , N a v y

STAR CANVAS 1 4 x 14 , m o re c o l o r s a v ailable

L E T T E R P R E S S & F O I L A R T P R I N T S , 8 x 10

AMERICAN PIE PRINTS 11 x 1 4 , d i g i t a l

My most favorite thing about my time in Nashville was getting to share a studio space with the fashionABLE team. It was truly a match made in heaven and such an inspiring group to work with. The scarves pictured on these pages (including the one used as a table runner, below) are available at Photography by the lovely April Walker. FOLLOW ALONG ON ISTAGRAM: @LIVEFASHIONABLE / #SLOWFASHION

CHICKEN FRIED PRINT 8 x 1 0, L e t t e r p re s s




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