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Nuance Promotional Materials Nuance continually develops and refines an extensive suite of promotional materials for its Partners to use. These are designed to help Partners explain the advantages of Nuance products in simple terms, and provide common ground for discussing with customers a company’s challenges in relation to document management and printing. What are Nuance Promotional Materials? Nuance Promotional Materials are printed or on-line content developed to help make it easier for Partners to sell Nuance solutions. The materials contain text and graphics designed to convey information and messages about Nuance solutions in a simple manner and with high focus on real customer C-level concerns.

How are they used? Nuance Promotional Materials can be used freely by Nuance Partners in sales meetings, trade shows, seminar events, direct mail, etc. They can be used “off the shelf”, or as customizable elements for integration into the Partner’s online and offline communications. What types of Promotional Materials does Nuance offer? • Web banners – in web-based image formats: PNG, JPG, GIF • Direct mail campaign letters– PDF • Pull up banners – ready-to-print PDF files for large for- mat printing • Solution overviews, data sheets, brochures – in various languages – PDF • Leaflets and leave-behinds – in various languages – PDF • Decision support documents – in-depth white paper articles – PDF • Presentation Videos – subtitled in various languages

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How can you acquire Nuance Promotional Materials? • • •

Most materials can be downloaded from the Nuance Partner Portal - ENGAGE. Many are available as image files or PDF – ready for output on large or small format printers. Partners can always ask their Nuance represent- atives for information about available materials.

Customizing Promotional Materials for special use Nuance provides assistance in creating promotional materials with the partner’s logo, contact information, QR codes, etc. Interested Partners can send their requests to Nuance Marketing Support. Contact email:

Where can I learn more? • Brochure: “Nuance Partner Program”

Nuance Promotional Materials  

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