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Linda Shooting Staar Ross delights in extending a personal invitation to you to join me and become a Member of the most elite networking group in the world –

“The Circle of Beautiful People” Sophisticated, elegant, warm and humanitarian, this is an excellent place to join hearts and minds with introductions into First Class Circles around the Globe reserved for only a few. Lifelong friendships are easily made within this group for business and pleasure. There are endless opportunities to make difference to our World if you wish; or simply attend fashion shows, party in elite jets across Europe; or attend special Polo matches in Sweden or Royal Ascot with your new set of friends. Membership is Strictly Invitation Only.

Linda Shooting Staar Ross

“CIRCLE OF BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE” MEMBER “CIRCLE OF BEAUTIFUL LADIES LEADERS CLUB” MEMBER “CIRCLE OF BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE – LADIES PRAETORIAN CLUB” MEMBER “EXECUTIVE PRAETORIAN CLUB” MEMBER ☜®☞CBP PRAETORIAN DIAMONDS ☜®☞" "Probably today one of the most select groups on Earth. Where real and powerful friends connect, brought together for their beauty and elegance as well as dreams, high aspirations and wish to share their heart and spirit with the rest of the world!... Some control a disproportionate amount of wealth, privilege, and access to decision-making of global consequence. From the Business/Corporate Community; Academia; Politicians; Nobility; Media editors; high-profile journalists; and Stars. "The Circle WAS created to be able to build a network of high profile individuals connecting with each other worldwide. To be able to support members by given them the opportunity to improve and upgrade their own contacts, create real friendship, advise and DEVELOP BUSINESS between each other.

This overview gives merely a glimpse of what lies behind the Circle of Beautiful People curtain.

EUROPE’S MOST EXCLUSIVE POLO CLUB! [Limited membership — By invitation only]

Dear PPC Members, I welcome you to this most elite of all my groups. I’m looking forward to personally greeting and being your host at all of our polo events in Sweden throughout the coming year. As you know, the first is the Stockholm International Invitational on September 4th. We have a spectacular tent designed with the finest in Praetorian hospitality for you, your family and your guests. A day of Champagne, gourmet lunch, fine wine, incredible shopping and lots of activities for “kids of all ages”. And, of course, exciting internationally competitive polo. Don’t forget to take advantage of our special concierge service to book your hotel rooms, dinner reservations and any sightseeing or other activities you want to undertake while you are in Stockholm. Don’t hesitate to email me if you have any special needs or requests for the event. See you September 4th! Best regards, Philippe

There are Endless Events held all over the World for Circle of Beautiful People members to Network together and establish and grow their business contacts.

Opportunities exist to have fun with friendly “Circle of Beautiful People� all over the World


Wealth Masters International, a private wealth management investment group based in Houston Texas, with over 20,000 elite members in 142 countries around the globe.

Specialties We show people how to make money in boom or bust global economies.

Membership is Strictly by Invitation Only.

A glimpse at Members of the Executive Praetorian Club

Suresh Gupta (India) ☆☆☆ Member of Circle of Beautiful Praetorian Club Managing Director of India Investments PLC, President of India Welfare Society, Director & Treasurer of Kensington Masonic Council and Kensal Community Association. Director of S. Gupta Financial Consultants, Also with many charitable Societies.

Tobias (Sweden) ☆☆☆ New Senior Director within CBP Scandinavia Entrepreneur, business-developer, gay-marketer and public speaker as well as the IGLTA-Ambassador in Scandinavia - when I´m not trading on the stock market or going to interesting places. Always open for new ideas.

Santi Smedile (Italia) ☆☆☆ Member of Circle of Beautiful Praetorian Club Depending some Sicilian Region with the Executive qualification of Official • President of Us-Cral Confederation International Recreational Circles and Cultural Associations• President of the Direction Sicily of Assocral Europe• Secretary Provincial Organizational dell' National Institute For the Guard D' Honor to the Real Graves of the Provincial Pantheon Delegation of Messina• Provincial Person in charge of the Criticized COBAS-CODIR• Component the Executive Regional one of the Criticized COBAS-CODIR• President of the C. R. TO. L. Subordinate Region Sicily you Dissect of Messina• President of the Kiwanis club Tyrrhenian year 2005/2006; 2006/2007• Component of the Regional Coordination of the CRAL of the Region Sicily Responsible of the Tourist Area• President of the Advice dell' Professional Institute of State for the Commercial Services Tourist and Hotel "Antonello "of Messina dall' academic year 2000 re-elected for the 2003/2006• President of the INTERNATIONAL CONFEDERATION CIRCLES RECREATIONAL AND CULTURAL ASSOCIATIONS• Already Surveyor Discipline Rangers D' Italy Dissect Provincial of Messina • Provincial President dell' Etsi AUTHORITY TOURIST SOCIAL Italian from the 03.04.1993 to the 24.09.2001.• Component dell' ETSI Authority Tourist Social Regional Italian Sicily from 1995 to the 24.09.2001.• tourist Correspondent for the Sicily and the Calabria dell' INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY OF THE SCIENCES.• Secretary of the International Federation of the Straight dell' Man (advisory body of the Advice d' Europe, dell' UN and dell' UNESCO) Sez. "Magna Carta 1215 "; Person in charge of the Tourist Area and of the social politics.• Head Patented dell' AGESCI (Association Guides and Catholic Scout Italians) in given 04.04.1976 • Advisor 1995/1997 C. d. TO. Aapit BUSINESS AUTONOMOUS PROVINCIAL TOURIST DEVELOPMENT OF MESSINA• Commissioner BUSINESS AUTONOMOUS STAY AND TOURISM OF MILAZZO YEAR 1999/2001• Person in charge for the safety of the working dell' Special Office Defence and Preservation Ground and Natural Environment of Messina• Head Pack, Head Department, Head Group, guiding Spirit of Co. AC., Head Group Messina 1° dell' Agesci, putting on other assignments to provincial and regional level.• Head Patented international De L' World Organisation du Mouvement Scout in date 22.09.1979.• Partner of the Association of voluntary service "PITY from 1980 to 1996. "• Partner donor of the blood of Donors of Group "FRATRES".• Tourist Consultant dell' Association Defended Consumers ADICONSUM from 1997 to 2001.• Component of the Executive Regional REGIONAL DISTRIBUTION of the CISL 1984/1988• Component I Advise General Union Union Territorial of Messina of the Italian CONFEDERATION CRITICIZED WORKING from 1993 to 2001.• Component the Executive Committee dell' Union Union Territorial of Messina of the CONFEDERATION Italian CRITICIZED WORKING from 1993 to 2001.• Partner and Person in charge of the Tourist Area of the Recreational Circle Cultural "TOCE CLUB of Messina. "• Advisor for l' Italy dell' UNIVERSITA' OF European CULTURE• VOLUNTEER OF THE BLOOD OF DONORS GROUP PITY "FRATRES" FROM 1988.• GENERAL LIEUTENANT OF THE BIG PRIORATO OF SICILY AND CALABRIA DELL' SOVEREIGN ORDER SOLDIER OF THE TEMPLE OF JERUSALEM.• KNIGHT DELL' ORDER TO THE CIVIL MERIT OF HOUSE SAVOY• KNIGHT DELL' TEUTONIC ORDER.• KNIGHT DELL' You ARRANGE OF S. GIORGIO.• COMMANDER DELL' ORDER OF S. GIOVANNI OF MORTAR KRAC.• KNIGHT DELL' ORDER OF S. ANDREA OF THE Normen.• AMBASSADOR ALL' CONSTITUENT ASSEMBLY AND COMPONENT OF THE BIG GENERAL CHAPTER OF THE INTERNATIONAL PARLIAMENT OF THE CROSS-SHAPED KNIGHTS (TAORMINA – PALACE CORVAIA 30.10.1999).

Julie (USA) ☆☆☆ Member of Circle of Beautiful Praetorian Club

Mrs. Anna (Canada) ☆☆☆ Member of Circle of Beautiful Praetorian Club

☆☆☆ Mr. Kien (Singapore) ☆☆☆ Member of Circle of Beautiful Praetorian Club Founder and Managing Director, SENATUS.NET Mr. Kien graduated with honors from Yale College, with a Bachelors of Arts degree in Economics (distinction) and started his career in 2001 in Merrill Lynch's Mergers and Acquisitions Investment Banking group, based in New York. Notable transaction experiences include Immunex's acquisition by Amgen for US$18BN. To date this remains the biotech industry’s largest transaction. In 2002, Kien was selected to join ML's Global Relationship Management team where he devised and executed strategies, and identified opportunities to better serve, penetrate and grow existing client base. The group (consisting of 4) raised an incremental $4.4BN in assets to the firm. In 2004, Kien was promoted to Associate in the Corporate Finance/Treasury group, reporting to the CFO's office. In this role as essentially “investment banker” to ML itself, he participated in the bank’s core capital management initiatives, which included restructuring/consolidation of legal entities, funding & capital allocation to business units, and issues relating to regulatory & risk management In 2005, Kien joined Deutsche Bank as business and client strategy officer/advisor reporting directly to the Americas CEO, Seth Waugh, where he advised on all aspects of business and client related issues (assessed organizational, regulatory/legal, management, and financial impacts on growth/re-organization initiatives and potential acquisitions). Kien is currently founder and managing director of SENATUS.NET, a private network built around an online/offline global community of influencers and aspiring individuals. Kien’s experience in social network and web applications include his portfolio of Facebook applications which had an installed user base of 1.4 million. With the focus now on developing SENATUS.NET, he has reduced his company’s presence on Facebook to predominantly two community applications pertaining to Formula 1 and Singapore.

☆☆☆ Mr. Mads Holger (Denmark) ☆☆☆ Member of Circle of Beautiful Praetorian Club His famous European party concept is coming to Beirut. On the first of May 150 European jets setters will be landing in Beirut, arriving on their own plane with their own DJ onboard the Jet plane is bound for Beirut. Previous JET events have taken place in places such as The Opera House of Stockholm and on their private island in The Bosporus Straight in Istanbul with participation of international celebreties and world famous artist such as Lionel Richie and members of European nobility. The party will this time be held at Lebanese nightclub Le Palais with an after-party onboard a private yacht. Find included this mail pictures from previous events, which can be published free of charge. Club JET takes place in collaboration with The Worlds Finest Club Association in Zürich, Switzerland.

☆☆☆ Mr. Ersin Faikzade (Turkey) ☆☆☆ Member of Circle of Beautiful Praetorian Club Director Circle of Beautiful People Turkey Singer/Actor/Model/Author(Turkey) Cover Model Circle of Beautiful People - Turkey.

☆☆☆Mrs. Patricia (USA) ☆☆☆ Member of CBP Praetorian Diamonds. (PDM) Vice President Maier & Company, Inc. Published Author, Biblical Counselor, former Mrs. FLA Globe, Mrs North Dakota USA, Press Secretary to a United States Congressman during his political campaign. Former Print Model, Marketing Director Imaging and Surgery Center. Media Director ALLHUMANITY.TV. Board Director BBITV. Regional Director CBP- North America, Africa, United Kingdom.

In my life God has allowed me to achieve and to do some extraordinary things only to learn one thing; that true beauty; the type that lasts forever, and makes a person who they are comes from within. By that truth God had shown me what matters, what lasts, and what keeps relationships growing is God's love! In His Spirit living within our hearts. For it's then can we start to receive a beauty that will stand the test of time. In such, there is no comparison. Truth is, with God do we become real, powerful, and can change the world into a better place. God and His plan for me and my husband Bob, has given us a special love for the people of Africa. Our work then got noticed by a major Humanitarian Organization to ask us to sit on its board of advisors in relief efforts for those in Africa. Only God could have done such a thing. That opportunity has helped launch a new humanity organization called ALLHUMANITY.TV. Features my work, along with others around the world. In all this, I still intern as a Biblical Counselor for the women’s ministry at my church of over nine thousand at CCM. During this time, I also became an author, with a book written for teens and the young adult entitled: "God Says...Desire Wisdom." Survival Thinking In Today's World. A story that interlinks a profound message about life and Biblical truth that is important for every teenager. It keeps the reader encouraged to stop and think about life, and to see the world from an important perspective, God's. It explores the questions we all ask. Is God truly in control? Are there real consequences to the choices we make? In my book, I not only reveal these Biblical truths, but also expose a spiritual law that many break everyday without knowing. For more information go to for more details. I am married to the man of my dreams and together, we have raised two amazing children: T.J. age 27, married and just completed his training to become a Pilot from Delta Connection. We have a daughter, 21yrs, Sherrea, who is married and a new mother to my grandson, Chase Taylor. He turns 1 soon. My life keeps revolving as God takes my husband and I, from one stage to the next according to God's plan which has now become the greatest adventure of my life. I was honored as chosen as the woman featured for the newly launched website called “Women and Hope" and soon to be magazine. And nominated in the 2008-2009 Cambridge "Who's Who "Executives & Professional Women."

☆☆☆ Mrs. Dorina (USA) ☆☆☆ Member of CBP Praetorian Diamonds (PDM)

Dorina is CEO of White Tiger, LLC and has been a professional in the network marketing industry since 1993. In 1996 Dorina earned the top rank of Blue Diamond Executive with NuSkin Enterprises [NYSE: NUS], a $1.3 billion leader in anti-aging technology and products based in Provo, UT. She has built international organizations of over 10,000 distributors and executives and has helped dozens of people generate passive 5 and 6-figure incomes and hundreds generate 4-figure incomes worldwide. Ms. Lanza travels regularly to Korea, Thailand, Europe and within the US and Puerto Rico to mentor and recruit for her teams. Dorina was featured in the December 2006 issue of Success from Home magazine. She was a keynote speaker at NuSkin's most recent Woman's Conference. Dorina served on the Distributor Advisory Board for NuSkin in 2006. Additionally, Dorina has had over twenty years of broad business experience as Vice President of RossCrosslandWeston [now Mirus] a Boston Mergers and Acquisitions firm and as a Senior Management Consultant at Arthur D. Little, Inc. Before entering the business world, Dorina was an aeronautical engineer at Draper Lab [MIT]. She was a medical physicist in the Radiation Oncology Department at Rhode Island Hospital and was on the research faculty at the Brown University Medical School. She was also an adjunct professor at Northeastern University for 20 years, first in the mathematics department and then in the Business School. She has published peer reviewed papers in medical and aeronautical engineering journals, some of which are still being referenced. Aside from her business and technical strengths Dorina has become known for her ability to create a compelling vision that breaks new ground, her ability to communicate that strategic vision and be a role model for energizing others to work towards that vision. She leads by example, having inspired teams ranging from very small to very large. She is bilingual in Italian and English and has a working knowledge of French and Spanish. Dorina is founding President and Chairman of the Board of Beta Gamma Sigma [BGS] Boston. BGS is the international honor society founded to recognize and encourage scholarship and accomplishment in the field of business studies and has approximately 625,000 members worldwide. She is also an Officer of the Executive Praetorian Club. Dorina is a Certified Pistol Instructor, Tactical Range Officer, Ski Instructor, and Pyrotechnician. She is also a competitive sailor having sailed in the IOD World Championships. Dorina is known as an art collector. She has lent a number of her pieces to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, DeCordova Museum and others. She is also a collector of gems, jewelry and silver and was a silver and goldsmith. Her pieces and designs have been featured in numerous galleries. Dorina was born in Italy, is married and has a daughter who is a senior at Syracuse University in Computer Engineering

☆☆☆ CAROLYN ST. CLAIR (USA) ☆☆☆ Member of Circle of Beautiful Praetorian Club

ATTORNEY & REGISTERED NURSE / THE HOWARD L. NATIONS LAW FIRM Trial Lawyers representing people injured by defective drugs, accidents and children brain damaged in birth. Exciting profession, fulfilling mission and purpose in life. Like living CSI and Law and Order. Carolyn is President of the University of Texas School of Nursing at Houston Alumni Association and serves on the University of Texas Health Science Center Development Board for the medical, dental, public health and nursing schools. She holds board positions and contributes to the Melvin Belli Society, Baylor College of Medicine Partnership, Rose Ribbon Cancer Reconstruction Foundation, Michael Bolton Women and Children at Risk Project, March of Dimes, Vogel Alcove Homeless Women and Children Foundation, Leukemia Society, End Hunger and Citizens for Animal Protection. She is a Lifetime Fellow of the Texas Bar Foundation, Southern Trial Lawyers Association, American Association for Justice, Houston Trial Lawyers Association, Houston Bar Association and the Association of Women Attorneys.

☆☆☆ Mr Philip Houtekier. (France) ☆☆☆ Member of Circle of Beautiful Praetorian Club SENIOR DIRECTOR ASIA & PACIFIC CBPI / ELCI (Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, Australia) CEO of More Options Inc. is a service company "Helping our clients from marketing research to strategic business development" CEO of Pure Sophistication Inc. is a company manufacturing Luxury Apparel "A new lifestyle company for you" Mr. Philip Houtekier operate and live in China / Shanghai

By invitation Only

Circle of Beautiful People

A very small secret group of Golden Elite members. To be one of the THE EXECUTIVE PRAETORIAN CLUB you must be THE VERY BEST! In order for one to be admitted as a member of the THE EXECUTIVE PRAETORIAN CLUB ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ ( Level 4 ) you must be already a member and accepted within Circle of Beautiful Gentlemen Leaders Club, Circle of Beautiful Ladies Leaders Club, and the Circle of Beautiful People Elite.

If you wish to request membership Please contact me here. Linda Shooting Staar Cell Phone: +61 400168156 Email:

The Circle of Beautiful People  

This is the most prestigious networking circle in the world, with members including Royalty, Hollywood Celebrities, Models, Actors and some...

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