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ANNUAL PRODUCTION SALE Sunday, OCTOBER 30, 2022 At the Ranch

One of the most anticipated sales of the year. Watch for pictures and details in the October issue. If you are traveling through the area this summer, come by and get an early preview of the offering.

To be placed on the list for a sale catalog, contact: Sale Management: Randall O. Ratliff 615-330-2735

Paul Sisemore, Owner Manager: Elgin Elmore, 918-346-2438 11720 Overlook Dr. • Sand Springs, OK 74063 •

The Little Ranch with the BIG Genetics

2022 SEMEN DIRECTORY Office: 26406 470th Ave., Morris, Minnesota 56267 / Ranch: 89868 472nd Ave, Atkinson, Nebraska 68713 Office: (320) 392-5802 / Fax: (320) 392-5319 / Casey Fanta: (320) 288-6128 /

• JULY 2022


LIMOUSIN... Our Life Our Passion Our Family For the past 40 years, since we attended our first Junior Nationals in Wichita, KS, in 1982, the Limousin people have been our extended family. A member of our family has attended every Junior National since, developing countless friends and relationships. Watching the generations mature and get their own kids involved in Limousin cattle are some of our favorite and fondest memories. We applaud the parents who make the effort and sacrifices to travel to Amarillo to make this year’s show a success while making memories with your family that will last a lifetime. Best of luck to all the junior participants!

Hiram and Darenda • 806/375-2346 Bret, Hayley, McKinley & Boone • 806/375-2345 Box 110, Allison, Texas 79003

Homozygous Black, Homozygous Polled Bulls and Females for Sale Year Round.


• JULY 2022


est. 1970 Built to make bulls that work for you. We appreciate our customers for their tremendous support at our 44th Annual Production Sale this past spring. PETERSON L7 BAR LIMOUSIN

45th Annual Production Sale Wednesday, April 12, 2023 • At the Farm • Pukwana, SD

L7 Bar

ROD & WENDY PETERSON FAMILIES 34715 255TH STREET • PUKWANA, SD 57370 ROD: 605/730-4470 • CADE: 605/730-0705 • QUIN: 918/625-2500 • CEPETERSON@MIDSTATESD.NET • Like us on f




PINEGAR LIMOUSIN, A LIMOUSIN LEGACY........................................................... 28 KENNETH WAYNE HOLLOWAY.................................................................................. 34 HIGHER PRICES AROUND THE CORNER................................................................ 38


LENAPE LIMOUSIN, LEANS ON LIMOUSIN FOR SUCCESS................................... 46 ADD VALUE TO WEANED CALVES............................................................................. 54 LIMS: WHOLE HERD REPORTING.............................................................................56


DEPARTMENTS Around The Industry......................................................................................................................6 President’s Message........................................................................................................................10 Executive Summary.......................................................................................................................12 Member & Industry News............................................................................................................16 Riding Shotgun.............................................................................................................................22


You Just Never Know....................................................................................................................26 Performance Line..........................................................................................................................64 Junior Scene..................................................................................................................................66 Sales & Events...............................................................................................................................68 Advertisers Index ..........................................................................................................................71 Limousin365 • 2005 Ruhl Drive, Guthrie, OK 73044 405/260-3775 • Fax 405/260-3766 •

COVER... photo taken by Show Champions at Lenape Limousin in Telford, PA.


Limousin365 (ISSN-2771-9642) is a quarterly magazine published in the interest of the Limousin breed of cattle. Limousin365 seeks to promote the growth and development of Limousin, to publicize the activities of Limousin breeders, and to print news and educational material of use to them. Limousin365 is published quarterly by Limousin365, 2005 Ruhl Drive, Guthrie, OK 73044. Periodical Postage Paid at Guthrie, OK, and at additional mailing offices. Subscription rates for one, two and three years are $30, $40 and $52. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Limousin365, 2005 Ruhl Drive, Guthrie, OK 73044.

• JULY 2022

Grassroots Genetics sits in the center of the country and the center of the Limousin breed with a huge selection of Limousin and Lim-Flex genetics. We have more than 40 years in the Limousin business and feel our experience can make it easier for you to advance your program with minimum hassle. Shipping gets higher all the time, but with our large selection of bulls, you can pick and choose your genetics and we can get it to you, in OUR tanks, in a timely manner. If you want to talk bulls, or the Limousin business, we are always ready to get you the information you need to make valuable breeding decisions. If you need to split up your selections, we can do that, or if you want to work with your neighbor, we can put it all in one tank and split the costs for you. We’ve been selling semen for 31 years; we know the ins and outs from all angles. You have enough drama in your life, let us make ordering and receiving top flight genetics a one stop shop. We are proud to be working with Liberty Mutual with Full Mortality Livestock Insurance Coverage. If you want to mitigate the risk of a new herd bull or show heifer, give us a call and we can work you through the process. It’s simple and effective to cover your genetic purchases. Please visit for more information and easy bull comparison. Give us a call, we want to be your one stop supplier.

MARK & DEIDRE SMITH ph/fax: 515-965-1458 • cell: 515-229-5227 • All major credit cards accepted.

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elcome to the July Breeder Directory Edition. Within these pages, many of the breed’s most progressive and forward thinking operations are featured, along with an industry-wide crosssection of articles on a variety of topics. One such topic is the North American Limousin Research Foundation (NALRF). There are several articles and references to this important project later on in this issue. So as not to steal their thunder, I will simply hit a few high spots here. Much of the documented research on Limousin cattle is outdated and doesn’t represent the kind of cattle breeders are currently producing. The North American Limousin Foundation (NALF) board recognizes the improvement made by breeders and as such, set out to find avenues to update breed research while documenting the advantages the Limousin breed offers the rest of the industry. As you might expect, the ultimate goal is to attract more demand for Limousin genetics via the data collected and verified by an independent third party. What’s more, the data provided through this research will be used to guide breed improvement efforts and influence breed marketing and communications. The NALF board and members believe Limousin and Lim-Flex genetics can provide valuable economic traits to the commercial cattle industry and ultimately increase demand for Limousin genetics industry-wide. This new research is designed to document and verify what our EPDs and current harvest data have already told us. Once verified, we can convey these messages to the feedyard and commercial cow/calf sectors of the beef industry. The initial research, in concert with South Dakota State University, will focus on analyzing the supposed benefits Limousin and Lim-Flex genetics can provide in a crossbreeding program. Among other things, this research is expected to capture feed performance and harvest data on three different contemporary groups. After much discussion and planning, 449 cows were AI’d the first two weeks of June in the Great Falls, Montana, area. The resulting calves will be followed from birth to harvest, gathering data every step of the way. Stay tuned for updates as this project continues to move forward. My column in the April 2022 issue talked about the importance of “Vision”. Little did I know, that not long after that column was


published, the breed and the industry would lose one of the most visionary men in the business, Ken Holloway. Much has been made, and rightfully so, about Ken’s contribution not only to the Limousin business, but the beef cattle industry as a whole. His ability to “dream” up an idea and then do whatever it took to make that dream a reality, is a gift few of us have. Given Ken’s myriad of talents, he could have been successful in virtually any breed or in many other walks of life. We, as a breed, are fortunate to have been able to reap the benefits of many of his endeavors. For that, we owe the Ol’ Coyote a debt of gratitude as well as a promise to build upon what he and many others who came before us started. On a personal note, the sage advice Ken imparted on me throughout my professional career was not only immensely appreciated, but looking back, helped get me to where I am today. I had to replace a tie or two he cut off in jest, but that is a small price to pay for the wisdom he imparted and the lessons I learned. In closing, I would like to take this opportunity to commend all of the juniors for their hard work and dedication as it relates to our Regional Junior Shows as well as the National Junior Limousin Show. For decades, Junior Nationals has been the breed’s premier summer event and we all know these things don’t just happen organically. From the junior members, to their parents, siblings and other members of their support team, to NALF, to the junior and senior boards, to the members of the Texas Limousin Association, it truly is a team effort and an event the entire breed can be proud of. You don’t have to show to realize the many positives an event like this brings to the table. Many successful professionals today attribute much of their success to the hours they spent in the barn at home and the lessons learned traveling to shows and exhibiting their cattle. Much has changed since the breed’s first Junior National in 1976 in Des Moines, Iowa—the type and quality of the cattle being foremost. But it is also reassuring to look back through 46 years of results and recognize many of the same names and faces. Of course, now many of them are parents or grandparents. I commend each and every one of you for keeping this breed’s tradition not only alive, but thriving.

• JULY 2022


The Magness Land & Cattle program has always been about producing the best Limousin and Lim-Flex seedstock possible, while standing behind those genetics with honesty and integrity.

UNIQUE GENETIC OPPORTUNITY June 28 • 7 p.m. • Amarillo, Texas

D: Ratliff Google (Silveiras Style x Riverstone Charmed) S: ELCX King’s Landing (MAGS Xyloid x WLR Prada) Take advantage of this opportunity to combine the genetics of the Grand Champion Female at the Inaugural Cattlemen’s Congress with one of the most talked-about bulls in the breed. The results will be next-level.

Stay tuned for more information regarding our sale offerings held in conjunction with the National Western Stock Show. We will be featuring our very best bred and open heifers, as well as a select group of elite herd sire prospects. Contact us for more information regarding our upcoming offerings.

Best of luck to the juniors and their families at the breed’s premier summer event.

Your visit to the ranch is always welcome.

Trust Magness Land & Cattle for all of your genetic needs.


Office, 970-785-6170 John Pence, 970-396-3584 Austin Gottschalk, 970-396-0115

The Brand You Trust...The Results You Expect • JULY 2022



Generations of

PROVEN GENETICS These mainstays of our operation exemplify the cattle we proudly produce. We build on generations of proven genetics to provide our customers with a reliable product and quality they can trust.

COLE Beauty 276Z

COLE Genesis 86G - owned with Symens Brothers

g J Bar J


COLE Miss Zone 5110C- owned with Glendennin Miss Production 104Y-owned by Moser Limousin

COLE Homerun 51H - owned with Linhart Limousin

COLE Miss XRated 354A- owned with BCV Farms

COLE Fortune 12F - owned with Fuchs Limousin


• JULY 2022

Thank You

Thank you to everyone who showed interest in our 44th Annual Bull Sale this spring. The sale was a great success with 89 bulls averaging $5,650. We sincerely appreciate your business and look forward to working with you. COLE GENESIS 79J

Het Black • Homo Polled • 81% Limousin COLE Genesis 86G x COLE Miss Zam 6112D BW: 0.7 WW: 82 YW: 125 MK: 28 MB: 0.43 $MI: 72 Purchased by Whitewater Limousin of West Harrison, IN


Homo Black • Homo Polled • Purebred CELL Envision 7023E x COLE Miss Tuff Enuff 512C BW: 0.5 WW: 96 YW: 147 MK: 23 MB: 0.01 $MI: 62 Purchased by Hayhook Limousin of Lexington, OK


Het Black • Homo Polled • 82% Limousin COLE Cadillac 05C x COLE Miss Zodiac 994G BW: -2.4 WW: 66 YW: 98 MK: 20 MB: -0.07 $MI: 51 Purchased by Faidley Farms of Colfax, IA

Larry & Anita Coleman (406) 644-2300 Trent & Melissa Coleman (406) 644-2707 53717 Gallagher Rd. Charlo, MT 59824

COLE Envision 81J

COLE Cadillac 04J

COLE Jurassic 01J


Het Black • Homo Polled • 75% Lim-Flex COLE Genesis 86G x COLE Miss Envision 922G BW: -1.3 WW: 79 YW: 119 MK: 30 MB: 0.33 $MI: 69 Purchased by Brehm Farms of San Antonio, TX


Homo Black • Homo Polled • 81% Limousin CELL Envision 7023E x COLE Miss Xrated 354A BW: 2.7 WW: 87 YW: 136 MK: 25 MB: 0.3 $MI: 71 Purchased by Wieczorek Limousin of Mount Vernon, SD

• JULY 2022

COLE Jackpot 38J ET




y the time most of you read this, the 2022 Texas Two Step National Junior Limousin Show & Congress will be well underway in Amarillo, Texas. I would like to personally thank all of the Texas Limousin Association members who have helped plan and organize this year’s National Limousin Junior Show. This will be the fifth Junior Nationals that Bret Begert and myself have been CoChairs of since 2000 in Amarillo and it continues to amaze me at the support the Texas Limousin Association receives from its membership. On a sad note, this will be the first National Junior Show held without one of North American Limousin Junior Association’s (NALJA) biggest cheerleaders and supporters. We will miss Ken Holloway in so many ways, but his vision for ways to support NALJA in their financial endeavors was as keen as any man, in any breed. The word immeasurable comes to mind. Ken was a visionary for the Limousin breed in many ways since the beginning of the North American Limousin Foundation (NALF). With these things being said, I would like to encourage each of you to step up to the plate and find ways to continue to grow the Limousin breed as Ken and other breed leaders have done before us. In the last issue, I talked about the NALF Research Project that your board of directors has planned. I am happy to report that 449

cows were AI’d the first two weeks of June in the Great Falls, Montana, area. I would like to personally thank our Executive Director, Mark Anderson, and his wife, Tammy, for going to Montana and helping make sure this project got off to a great start! We are still raising money to support this project, so if you would like to help support this financially, or have any questions, feel free to contact any of your board of directors for more information. I would also like to remind each of you that if you have calves to register and have not yet done so to be sure and try to get that done before NALF’s fiscal year ends August 31. In closing, I would again like to thank all of our NALF staff for all they do for the NALF membership.

2022 NALF BOARD OF DIRECTORS PRESIDENT, Bruce Lawrence........................................ Anton, TX

806-790-2535 •

VICE PRESIDENT, Wade Beckman...................................... Roberts, ID

208-313-0235 •

SECRETARY, Ronn Cunningham....................................Rose, OK

918-629-9382 •

TREASURER, Randy Corns........................................ Altoona, KS


620-750-0924 •

AT-LARGE, Jerry Wulf................................................ Morris, MN

320-491-1390 •

IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT, Dan Hunt............................Oxford, NE

308-991-3373 •

EX-OFFICIO, Curt Wieczorek................................... Mount Vernon, SD

605-999-1298 •

DIRECTORS Rob Brawner, Wood Lake, NE, 402-376-4465, Joey Freund, Elizabeth, CO, 303-840-1850, Troy Gulotta, Independence, LA, 985-662-1561, Austin Hager, Karlsruhe, ND, 701-626-2345, Bart Mitchell, Wauzeka, Wisc, 608-553-8070, Joe Moore, Raphine, VA, 540-569-6219, Kevin Ochsner, Kersey, CO, 970-396-5525, Lance Sennett, Waynetown, IN, 765-366-4894, Jay Wilder, Snook, TX, 979-268-5491,


• JULY 2022

. . . e m o c l e W TO THE LONE STAR STATE

We welcome all juniors from across the nation to Amarillo for this year’s Junior National. This is the classic event of the summer show season and we wish all juniors the best of luck.

WFL Jordan 010J ET

WFL Juicy 011J

WFL Miss Howdy 004H

WFL Miss Holly 018H

WFL Jackie O 007J

We always welcome your visit to Texas and hope you will consider us as a top source for show heifer prospects. Watch for future details on our upcoming online sales where we will be offering some of our top prospects. WFL Homegirl 017H

WFL Hurricane 005H

Your call or visit is always welcome. Jay, Molly, Jayce & Spencer Wilder Snook, Texas Jay: 979.268.5491

Joe and Jay Wilder Box 551 • Snook, Texas 77878 Joe: 979.268.4843

• JULY 2022


EXECUTIVE SUMMARY by Mark Anderson Executive Director North American Limousin Foundation

NALF Report: July 2022


e are heading into the spring breeding season at the time of this writing. Tammy and I are in Montana at our two commercial ranch cooperators that are participating with the NALRF research project as we synchronize and AI Angus cows to Limousin bulls. They will be used in the research project the board had envisioned nearly two years ago to document the advantages of using Limousin and Lim-Flex® genetics in a crossbreeding program for the commercial cow/calf operator. Individual breeder donations and contributions from NALF the last two years are funding the project. Progeny from the matings will be shipped to South Dakota State in the fall of 2023 to go on feed for gain, intake and dry matter conversion data and eventually capture individual carcass data on all nine represented AI sires. With two commercial ranchers each contributing approximately 225 Angus cows to the project, we will be breeding three Angus sires, three high percentage or purebred Limousin sires along with three Lim-Flex® sires for the test progeny to be shipped to SDSU. These sires will run head-to-head to document differences in performance and carcass data with the oversight and results evaluated by Dr. Robert Weaber at KSU and Dr. Zach Smith from SDSU. Both Dr. Weaber and Dr. Smith have been heavily involved in the setup and structure of the research trial and we appreciate their help on this project. Dr. Weaber oversaw selecting representative sires to be used that allowed us to use bulls equivalent in their EPD profile for each of the three contemporary groups. EPDs were evaluated not only across breeds through the IGS evaluation, but AAA EPDs were adjusted by USMARC breed adjustments to gain equivalency as well for the trial. The project was designed to reflect the advantages of using cattle in a crossbreeding program to gain heterosis for economic value to the commercial cattlemen on a variety of traits in today’s competitive cattle market. Differences in feed efficiency will be documented with the cattle to be harvested at three different kill dates. This will allow us to show differences in feeding cattle to larger outweights on their performance, but hopefully exhibit the ability of cattle to grade while potentially reducing yield grade 4 and 5 cattle with the


Limousin and Lim-Flex® sired calves. Individual carcass data will be captured on the progeny that will be able to be tied back to all nine sires as well. At the end of the day, we will better learn our advantages or deficiencies with the documentation of third-party research on our cattle. Hopefully, at the end of the trial, this will better inform us about our cattle with hard data capture. Potentially, we may be able to utilize the results of the research to help market more Limousin and Lim-Flex® genetics for our breeders across the country to the commercial cattlemen throughout the United States. Thank you to all our board, breeders and staff who are helping with this project over the next two years. It would not be possible without the teamwork and support we are getting from all involved with this project. We will keep membership posted as things progress. I was also fortunate to visit Lubbock, Texas, in early May, along with Kevin Ochsner, Jerry Wulf and Bruce Lawrence, to attend the beef on dairy conference conducted by Dr. Dale Woerner and his crew at Texas Tech University. The three-day conference was one of the most informative meetings I have attended the last ten years, with a tremendous amount of information shared by qualified speakers and producers. We were able to tour large feedyards and calf ranches engaged in the production of beef on dairy finished cattle. Limousin cattle are widely used in this terminal cross given their superior ability to add carcass yield, ribeye and feed efficiency advantages in a market that continues to grow and capture more marketshare throughout the U.S. Thank you to Dr. Woerner and his students at Texas Tech for conducting a first-class conference that was as informative as any I have attended. We look forward to seeing many of you in Amarillo late June at the National Junior Limousin Show & Congress with strong entries posted there as well. We are also excited to see the inaugural Neogen Ultimate Show for Genomics this year and appreciate the work the junior board has put into this new event. Thank you to the Texas crew for putting this year’s NJLSC together and the time that the Begert and Lawrence families have contributed to make this a success, along with the entire crew at the Texas Limousin Association

• JULY 2022

FounDational Females That Are Building Our Brand These are a few of the industry-leading females laying the foundation for our program.

TMCK Gaspacho 743G

COLE Miss Envision 017H

MAGS Bertha 865B

50% Lim-Flex • Homo Polled • Homo Black MAGS Cable x MAGS Bethany CE: 14 BW: 2.9 WW: 84 YW: 130 MK: 24 CM: 10 SC: 1.20 DC: 13 YG: -0.01 CW: 49 RE: 0.57 MB: 0.20 $MI: 63

68% Lim-Flex • Homo Polled • Homo Black CELL Envision 7023E x COLE Miss Product 3126A CE: 10 BW: 0.4 WW: 84 YW: 128 MK: 20 CM: 6 SC: 1.50 DC: 20 YG: -0.21 CW: 42 RE: 0.88 MB: 0.32 $MI: 69

50% Lim-Flex • Homo Polled • Homo Black MAGS Winston x MAGS Zamera CE: 10 BW: 2.7 WW: 79 YW: 131 MK: 18 CM: 6 SC: 0.10 DC: 11 YG: 0.00 CW: 58 RE: 0.54 MB: 0.53 $MI: 73

Wulfs Hadith 0017H

Wulfs Hard Cider 0028H

Wulfs Genista 9712G

50% Lim-Flex • Polled • Red Bieber Gladiator C386 x Wulfs Favianna 8066F CE: 12 BW: -1.1 WW: 80 YW: 130 MK: 30 CM: 7 SC: 1.44 DC: 15 YG: -0.24 CW: 53 RE: 0.91 MB: 0.40 $MI: 71 Owned with Wulf Cattle

50% Lim-Flex • Homo Polled • Red Bieber Hard Drive Y120 x Wulfs Enchilada 7368E CE: 11 BW: -1.6 WW: 71 YW: 112 MK: 24 CM: 4 SC: 1.43 DC: 17 YG: -0.43 CW: 35 RE: 1.07 MB: 0.45 $MI: 71

75% Lim-Flex • Polled • Red Wulfs Xcellsior X252X x Wulfs Extravaganza 7562E CE: 12 BW: -1.0 WW: 76 YW: 116 MK: 25 CM: 6 SC: 0.68 DC: 16 YG: -0.45 CW: 40 RE: 1.13 MB: 0.13 $MI: 62

These females are being used in our extensive AI and ET programs. Come see their progeny and watch for them in upcoming sales and events.

Your call or visit is always welcome.

PUREBRED & LIM-FLEX “Better Genetics for Bigger Gains” • JULY 2022

JAMES D. HERR 17329 S. Nebo Dr. - Versailles, MO 65084 ph: 573/378-0500 - fax: 573/378-5137 - 13

From assisting with breeding decisions, to sale preparations, to long after the final gavel falls, MC Marketing Management stands shoulder-to-shoulder with their clients every step of the way.

Best of Luck to all the participants at the National Junior Limousin Show & Congress. For a complete sale listing and links to catalogs, visit 14

• JULY 2022

KILEY McKINNA • 402-350-3447 WILEY FANTA 320-287-0751

Tried & True

For more than four decades, the philosophy of our multi-generational operation has been simple­­— take care of our customers while building a quality product. We continuously strive to create productive, functional, eye-appealing cattle that will add value to seedstock and commercial operations alike. We are grateful to our customers for the opportunity to fulfill your seedstock needs. With this tried and true philosophy, we can pass down this lifestyle for many more generations to come.

Hunt Limousin Ranch

Heritage Online Bull Sale February 8, 2023 •

Limousin and Lim-Flex bulls and females available year-round private treaty.

Your Visit is Always Welcome HUNT LIMOUSIN RANCH

Charles & Nancy Hunt • Dan, Melinda, Jenna, Adeline & Houston Hunt 10329 Hwy. 136 • Oxford, Nebraska 68967 308/991-3373 (Dan) • 308/920-1120 (Charlie) • WWW.HUNTLIMOUSIN.COM

• JULY 2022


MEMBER AND INDUSTRY NEWS BRIEFS NALF Office Closed July 4 & September 5

The North American Limousin Foundation office will be closed Monday, July 4 in observance of Independence Day. The NALF office will also be closed Monday, September 5 for Labor Day. Regular office hours of 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday will resume July 5 and September 6.

Nominating Committee Announced

The date for interested members to contact the nominating committee is until July 15. The by-law updates for the process are listed below. 10. Nominating Procedures A. All prospective candidates must express their interest to the Nominating Committee by July 15 each year, and if the committee does not slate those interested persons, supporters then may add their candidates’ names to the ballot via the at-large nomination process. (effective beginning with the 2010-2011 election cycle) B. To qualify as a member-at-large, the candidate must have at least 15 qualifying signatures from lifetime, founder or active annual members on either the petition style form available on the NALF website or 15 individual qualifying letters of support from lifetime, founder or active annual members, or a combination thereof to be received in the NALF office no later than September 1.

Is your Contact Information Up to Date?

Members are encouraged to log in to their member site on the NALF-DigitalBeef Platform to review the contact information listed. It is a good practice from time-to-time to look this information over to make sure it is correct and complete. The tabs to review are: Addresses, Phones, Contacts and Associated Herds. Use the edit or delete buttons under the options header on the right hand of the screen to change or remove information. To add your website address, click on [edit] in the tan General Profile Information bar in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Also, check out the Prefs tab. Under this tab you may edit your member preferences, such as allowing non-members to see your profile when using the Ranch Search tool, an option to store registration certificates electronically, plus more.

AI Sire/Dam Information

AI sires and donor dams born on or after January 1, 2015 are required to have a GGP-HD 150K genomic profile on file in addition to parent verification for sires and sire verification for donor dams. Animals born prior to 2015 do not require the genomic profiles but need to have the respective parentage. They must also be tested for any genetic condition (AM, NH, Proto, etc.) they are a potential carrier


for. AI Sire Permits are recommended on any new AI sire and can be added by contacting Alison Jones at or Tammy Anderson at

Who’s Who at NALF MARK ANDERSON Executive Director, Ext. 51 Hometown: 55-year resident of Eaton, CO Education: B.S. in Animal Science from Colorado State University Mark’s responsibilities: Organizational leadership and direction; Liaison between the board of directors and staff TAMMY ANDERSON DNA Processing & Accounting Assistant, Ext. 57 Lives in: Eaton, CO Education: Attended Colorado State University Background: Northern Colorado native; 29 years of experience working in the accounting and insurance business; Involved with NALF the past seven years Tammy’s responsibilities: Accounts receivable for NALF members; DNA sample submissions; Assist with DNA results; Assist with accounts payable MALLORY BLUNIER Director Of Media & Activities or, Ext. 61 Hometown: Speer, IL; Moved to Colorado in 2016 Education: B.S. in Agriculture Communications and Leadership from Illinois State University Background: Grew up on a farm in rural Illinois; active in 4-H and FFA; worked for the National Western Stock Show as the open cattle show coordinator Contact Mallory for: NALF communications and press releases; Marketing coordinator; website manager and updates; blog manager; design services; E-Partners e-newsletter; social media; state association communications liaison; sale catalog downloads; junior programs; Medal of Excellence (MOE) shows; NALJA board of directors

• JULY 2022

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We’re Not Partial

Randall O. Ratliff 615.330.2735 Paislee King Photo taken by Donna Willingham Stewart Family Limousin/ Willingham Limousin

• JULY 2022


continued from page 16 TAYLOR DORSEY Media & Activities Assistant, Ext. 54 Hometown: Eaton, CO Education: B.S degree in Animal Science with focus in Business from Oklahoma State University Background: Family runs a Maine-Anjou breeding operation; showed competitively around the nation; served on a breed association’s junior board; worked at the Tulsa State Fair as an agribusiness event coordinator. Taylor’s responsibilities: Assist the Director of Media & Activities; NALF communication and press releases; website editor and updates; blog contributor; Limousin Latest e-newsletter; social media accounts; state association communication liaison; sale catalog downloads; summer regional shows; NALF events; Medal of Excellence program.


Through our years in the Limousin business, we have always put quality Limousin cattle above all. We are proud of the herd we have built. To optimize our progress, we have carefully selected the best AI and natural service sires. Our breeding emphasis focuses on calving-ease, muscle, growth and calm dispositions. We are thankful for the customers who support our program.

ALISON JONES Director of DNA Processing & Accounting Operations, Ext. 59 Location: Grew up in Vancouver, WA. Moved to Colorado in 2007 Education: B.S. in Animal Science, minor in Business Administration from Colorado State University Background: Grew up around horses; Always loved cattle but never showed; Judged a little at CSU; Worked at the CSU vet hospital in food animal and equine barn Contact Alison for: Paying your NALF bill; Membership questions; Bill discrepancies; Request statements; All DNA services; LIMS program; Herd EPD downloads; International import/export paperwork

2022 Born Heifer Calf 2022 Born Bull Calf

Check Out These 2022 Spring Born Calves AI Sired GAAN Murphy Gibralter 79K, GAAN Archie Diamond 80K, Bulls: GAAN Audie Gibralter 81K, GAAN Yoeman Junior 82K Natural Sired G AAN Adam Rocky G 83K, GAAN Brain SPRY 84K, GAAN Leo SPRY 88K, Bulls: GAAN Mylo SPRY 87K, GAAN Ken Rocky G. 85K, GAAN James SPRY 89K, GAAN Ben SPRY 91K, GAAN Stephan Rocky G. 90K

STEPHANIE KRAMER-BEDDO Registry & Member Services Specialist, Ext. 27 Lives in: Highlands Ranch, CO Education: Office Specialist Degree Background: Grew up on family ranch in Nebraska; 28 years of experience working with breed associations and their breeders Stephanie is your go-to person for: Registering natural and foreign animals; Recording weaning and yearling weights; Transfers of live animals and embryos; Bull and cow leases; New memberships; NALF-DigitalBeef Member Site questions; Ultrasound results and Barn sheets; Mailing certificates, supplies, and promotional materials

AI Sired GAAN Gabriela Diamond 10K, GAAN Sierra Gibralter 17K, Heifers: GAAN Kimberly Gibralter 23K Natural Sired G AAN Wanda SPRY 19K, GAAN Hana SPRY 25K, GAAN Flower SPRY 46K, Heifers: GAAN Sue Ann SPRY 22K, GAAN Kathy Rocky G. 20K, GAAN Ruby Rocky G. 12K, GAAN Zoe Rose Rocky G. 30K

Our annual calf crop will be available privately beginning in September. Our calves sell out quick, contact us today!

A special thank you to Walter (Buck) Burns, who, at 83 years old, decided to go back to Fullblood Limousin and purchased our entire 2021 heifer calf crop.


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• JULY 2022

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RUNL Compass 341C RUNL Encore 371E


Service & Herdsires

The Running Creek Advantage

Level 4 Johne’s-Free Certified Herd

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Joey Freund - 303/475-6062 Pat Kelley - 303/840-1848 Casey Kelley - 720/480-6709


We have gone to great lengths to acquire herd sires on the leading edge for breed improvement and meeting industry demands. From the proven to the progressive, these bulls are shaping the future of Fuchs Limousin. Put them to work in your herd as well.


Fortune 12F

Homo Polled • Black • 81% Limousin COLE Cadillac 05C x COLE Miss Austin 3157A CE: 21 BW: -5.0 WW: 68 YW: 110 MK: 22 CM: 12 SC: 0.0 DC: 12 YG: -0.17 CW: 24 RE: 0.79 MB: 0.09 $MI: 55

WZRK Hercules 5005H


Hercules 5005H


Jack Black 9048J

Homo Polled • Homo Black • 75% Lim-Flex TNGC Empire 736E x WZRK Catalina 5005C CE: 12 BW: 0.7 WW: 87 YW: 145 MK: 26 CM: 8 SC: 1.30 DC: 20 YG: -0.29 CW: 48 RE: 1.19 MB: -0.28 $MI: 49

Homo Polled • Black • 82% Limousin Wulfs Gallagher 7056G x WZRK 9048G CE: 14 BW: -0.8 WW: 73 YW: 104 MK: 23 CM: 7 SC: 0.60 DC: 14 YG: -0.28 CW: 47 RE: 1.11 MB: 0.23 $MI: 63 Semen available through Grassroots Genetics at 515-965-1458.

WZRK Jack Black 9048J

Texas is proud to welcome NALJA members from across the nation to the Lone Star state for Junior Nationals. Best of luck to each of you. We look forward to a fun-filled week.

Gary & Susan Fuchs • Stephen, Nathan & Emily P.O. Box 81 • Cameron, Texas 76520 254/482-0611 • Stephen Fuchs, manager 254/482-0052 • • JULY 2022


Riding Shotgun Once Upon A Time As we travel the highways and by-ways of the Limousin family and breed, we often cuss and discuss the cattle business, sports, politics, great cheeseburgers and most of the time, the promotion and marketing of Limousin cattle. Through “Riding Shotgun” we invite you to join us in the righthand seat, so that we can let you in on what we find to be our marketing pet peeves, shortcuts and some of the favorite habits of top-flight professional producers. Grab a cup of coffee and take the ‘shotgun seat’—we are pleased to have you riding along.


n January of 1977, myself and college friends, Jay Purchase and Mike Shrewsbury, borrowed Shrew’s parent’s car and headed to Denver for the National Western Stock Show. I know the climate has changed, but we encountered the same weather we have today as we found ourselves in a blizzard outside of Salina, Kansas, and as the last car through the blockade, we promised the Kansas Highway Patrol we would faithfully follow the semi in front of us and for about 10 hours we did. Arriving in Denver half a day late, we put on our Stock Show clothes and released ourselves on the Greatest Livestock Show of all time. By the time Jay and I had finished our trip, we had decided the world needed more “Livestock Field Editors” and a path to that end was planned. Another visit in 1978 led to my first job in 1979 with the Record Stockman. In January of that year I spent 15 days training, learning to wear a tie and a cowboy hat, how to know when the bid was in my section, what my money was and what to do when I had three guys and they all thought they had the bid. I also learned how to write a sale report (Thanks Bill Angell), load a camera (Thanks Andy Rest) and celebrate a successful sale (Thanks JC Barr, Doug Paul and Jay


Purchase). When Stock Show was canceled in 2021 by the dreaded Covid, it was the first Denver I had missed since 1977. By a casual count of my 44 saved datebooks, that is roughly 375 days on the bricks of the National Western, one year of my life, and a good year it has been. Through the years I have been lucky to work with the best Colonels in the livestock industry. Men like Jim Baldridge, Pat Goggins, Stanley Stout, Eddie Sims, Jim Birdwell, Kenny Trout and many more too numerous to list. These guys let me know if my man was out and which of the three men in my section was actually in, sometimes politely, sometimes more pointed than that. In 1981, I was lucky enough to be offered a job with Bob Crook and the Limousin World and spent the next 40 years working with two of the best to ever rap a gavel, C.K. “Sonny Booth” and Bruce Brooks. I hope the Limousin breed knows how lucky they are to have had two talented, honorable and fun gentlemen that believe in and sell your product. I don’t know how many miles I have traveled with these two friends, but I know it has never been boring and sometimes it has been downright exciting. As time has gone on it has been my privilege and pleasure to watch Ronn Cunningham and Chisum Peterson join the breed and I can tell you that the Limousin breed is in good shape for years to come with a pair of the top young auctioneers in the seedstock business. Sale managers like Ken Holloway, Keith Kissee, Randy Ratliff and Kiley McKinna have been the lifeblood of Limousin marketing and the kindness and trust each have shown me will long be appreciated. The time away from their families will never be repaid and I hope we all appreciate the sacrifices they have made to promote the Limousin breed. The North American Limousin Foundation has been there through it all and they and their employees also

• JULY 2022

continued on page 24


Selling 75

13th Ann

aF ll Harvest Sale






1 p.m. CST Saturday, October 22 • , Iowa


At The Farm • Leon


Progeny from these two historic donors sell. RIVERSTONE CHARMED


CELL JADE 1157J This daughter of ELCX Kings Landing out of CELL Fascination 8231F was the top-selling lot in our 2021 Fall Harvest Sale going to Sara Sullivan of Dunlap, IA.

Call, text or email any member of our marketing team with questions. MC MARKETING MANAGEMENT Kiley McKinna, 402.350.3447 • Wiley Fanta, 320.287-0751 R&R MARKETING Randy Ratliff, 615.330.2735 HELTON CONSULTING Bill Helton, 256.962.0256 CHARLES LINHART 641.340.1306 • AARON LINHART 641.414.5060 27195 175TH ST • LEON, IA 50144 • JULY 2022


continued from page 22

attend a sale for one reason or another. I don’t know how many cattle I have purchased for others through the years, but I know I deserve a pat on the back for the time and professional dedication they appreciated your trust and your interest whether we were successful, exhibit on behalf of Limousin breeders. One thing I am very proud of, ran a strong second, or a distant third. I also want to thank everyone is that I think I am one of the few that has been a breeder, Limousin that has hired me to represent them at ringside. I wish I could tell World representative, NALF Employee, National Board Member and you how many Limousin animals I have helped sell. Let’s just say National Board President. It took 44 years, but as Baxter Black told it has been several, all hopefully handled in a professional manner me once, what’s time to a ringman. meant to best represent you and your One of the best side effects of the past product while getting the most money 44 years ringside has been the lifelong collected for you and your family. I am Through the years I have been friends and professionals whose names also proud of the fact that for some, I will always be in my datebook. Guys have worked all your sales—some more lucky to work with the best like Dan Wedman, Andy Rest, DeRon than 30 years and for a few, 40 or more. Colonels in the livestock industry. Heldermon and Thad Combs have I have watched sons and daughters take represented the Limousin breed proudly over for their parents and know the and professionally. The heart of the Limousin breed is stronger than it has industry, while I have been lucky enough to travel it, are friends like ever been, both genetically and with strong breeder involvement. Tom Rooney, Doug Paul, Jay Purchase, Delvin Heldermon, Kirby As you can probably see, all of this has led to a time for a change Goettsch, Terry Robinson, Alan Sears, Jim Gies, Bruce Bradley, in business plans. With more expensive travel and the desire to Scott Manley, Tim Lackey, John Meentz, Phil Stoll, Ralph Means, spend more time with the only one who ever wanted to have a fullChisum Kinder, Joel Edge and Don Birk. Working back-to-back time seat riding shotgun, we have decided to take down our “bid with these men has been a pleasure and made the whole thing a little spotter” shingle and retire our Hampton Inn Diamond Status and easier. Knowing they always had my back and were willing to bail devote more time to Grassroots Genetics & Consulting and Semen me out of any jam was a comfort few get to experience. Business and to Grassroots Insurance and our partnership with Most importantly has been you, the breeders. I so appreciate your Liberty Mutual. We plan to be every bit as involved in the Limousin trust and backing through the years. One of the things I took the breed, helping with matings, soliciting the best bulls and making most pride in was buying cattle on order for those who couldn’t sure you have an avenue to purchase frozen genetics from a longtime reputable dealer and sales team. We will also be able to insure your purchases and mitigate the risk that comes with owing quality seedstock cattle. If you’ve ever ridden shotgun with me, you know that George Strait is always on play. I’m reminded of one of my many George favorites.


“Sometimes I feel like Jesse James Still trying to make a name Knowing nothing’s gonna change what I am I was a young troubadour, when I rode in on a song I’ll be an old troubadour, when I’m gone” We still may show up at your gate from time-to-time, but we’ll probably be carrying our fishing rods, our shotguns or our golf clubs. Also, when you call, don’t be surprised if it sounds sunny. Because you see, I really hate blizzards and don’t plan on driving in one again. The road has been a long one, but a great one. We hope to meet you out there soon.


Mary Gates • Gary, Brandi & Avery Gates PO Box 123 • Roscoe, MT 59071 406/328-4393 •


CONTACT THE AUTHOR Mark A. Smith email: phone: 515-229-5227

Our unwavering focus continues to be on producing docile Limousin and Lim-Flex cattle with growth and performance, perfectly suited for the commercial cattleman. Please inquire about the genetic options available at the ranch. • JULY 2022

Unwavering Commitment Since 1971, when the first Limousin sired calves hit the ground at our operation, we have had an unwavering commitment to breeding excellent Limousin Seedstock for our customers. We are proud that our cattle can be found in top herds across North America and for our reputation of superior customer service. Come see a program dedicated to providing genetics that will improve your bottom line.

43rd Annual Production Sale FEBRUARY 23, 2023 Your visit is always welcome!

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YOU JUST NEVER KNOW by Randy Ratliff


s I approach nearly 33 years in the marketing business, a phrase consistently in my thoughts, is “You just never know.” The meaning for me, is that in business you just never know what new client you might connect with. In life you never know what might or might not happen to you in terms of your health. You just never know what great things can happen if you keep your head down, work hard and treat people the way you want to be treated! As I watched the horse named “Rich Strike” win at the Kentucky Derby this year, it was a magical moment. It was unexpected, it was exciting, and it was a sight to see. Then when you read the story behind “Rich Strike”, it makes you sit back and think about so many things we all go through in life. Here is the story behind the 2022 Kentucky Derby winner: • Rich Strike won $1.86 million • Entered the race 30 seconds before the deadline • Only got in the race because the 20th horse had to scratch • Started from the worst post position on the outside of the track • Had to make his way through the field of 19 other horses from the back • His race career; 7 starts, one win • His jockey, Sonny Leon, had never been to the Kentucky Derby • His trainer, Eric Reed, had never raced a horse in the Kentucky Derby • Eric Reed tragically lost nearly two dozen racehorses in a barn fire a few years ago and struggled with quitting • Eric Reed lost his two assistant trainers last year to cancer • His owner, Richard Dawson, bought his first horse in 2019 and has won less than 10 races • Rich Strike was purchased in a claiming race last fall for only $30,000 • 80-1 odds • Rich Strike wins the 148th Kentucky Derby! What an incredible success story! You can never give up on your dreams! When I put the story of “Rich Strike” in perspective I see that it is so much more than just a horse that ran fast. The horse is simply one piece of the puzzle. Through his energy, so many people were connected from all walks of life. Because of all their trials and tribulations, they are now experiencing a new sense of worth and determination along with a sense of pride and appreciation for their work. We see this same scenario in the cattle business all the time: a breeder comes to the show or markets their animal, and the interest


and demand is off the charts; a bull’s semen is used and the resulting calves are way more than expected so the bull’s perception now becomes a true reality; a daughter of a specific female is near perfect, and we see the value and demand of that cow’s future progeny escalate. I merely wanted to share the “Rich Strike” story as an example of what can be achieved if we just keep breeding the right kind of cattle, keep connected with old and new customers and keep the “synergy” with your family and/ or team that will be there for you at the finish line no matter how you place. The “win” is great only if there is someone there with you to celebrate!

Sincerely, Randall O. Ratliff Ratliff & Co.

Photo Credit: Scott Serio/Eclipse Sportswire

• JULY 2022

• Reserve Supreme at the Black River Spring Thaw • Reserve Supreme Black RiverHastings, Spring Thaw • ShownatbytheBeau Peine, MN • Shown by Beau Peine, Hastings, MN

• 2022 Cattlemen’s Congress Grand Champion and • 2022 Cattlemen’s Congress GrandLimousin Champion and Supreme Champion Female Supreme Champion Limousin Female • 2022 Cattlemen’s Congress Reserve Grand Champion • 2022 Cattlemen’s Congress Reserve Grand Champion Lim-Flex Heifer Lim-Flex Heifer • Shown by Sarah Sullivan, Dunlap, IA • Shown by Sarah Sullivan, Dunlap, IA

Branding and Marketing ... Branding andRandall Marketing ... O. Ratliff

Randall O. Ratliff 615.330.2735 615.330.2735

• 2022 Houston Stock Show Junior Supreme Champion Heifer • 2022 Houston Stock• Shown Show Junior Supreme Champion Heifer by Kylee Gaston, Bridgeport, TX • Shown Kylee Gaston, Bridgeport, TX • A daughter of TASF Crownby Royal from Riverstone Charmed • A daughter of TASF Crown Royal from Riverstone Charmed

• Reserve Grand Champion Female, 2022 Denver • ReserveNational Grand Champion Female, Western Junior and2022 OpenDenver Show National Junior and Open Show • ShownWestern by Emma Anderson, Hays, KS • Shown by Emma Anderson, Hays, KS

• Reserve Overall Supreme Heifer at the • John Reserve Overall SupremeProspect Heifer at the George Memorial Show John Show GeorgeSupreme Memorial ProspectHeifer Show • GCM Cool Down Champion • and GCM Cool Show Supreme Champion Heifer Lone StarDown Showdown and Lone Star Showdown Supreme Champion Heifer • Grand Champion Heifer Battleground Showdown • Grand Champion Battleground • Shown byHeifer Ben Knowlton, DeerShowdown Park, TX • Shown by Ben Knowlton, Deer Park, TX

• Reserve Champion Heifer Gillepsie, • Reserve Champion Gillepsie, CountyHeifer Livestock Show County Livestock Show • Shown by Jace Walber, Harper, TX • Shown by Jace Walber, Harper, TX

12500 Hwy 279, Brownwood, TX 76801 12500 Hwy 279, Brownwood, TX 76801 Brad Davis | | 325.647.7681 Brad DavisBlair | | 325.647.7681 General Manager, Davis | | 325.998.6296 General Manager, Blair Davis|| | 325.998.6296 Ranch Manager, Corey Sanchez | 325.792.8439 Ranch Manager, Corey Sanchez | | 325.792.8439

• JULY 2022


n i s u o Lim A

by Cheryl Kepes


he AUTO prefix signifies one of the most recognizable herds in the Limousin breed. The four-letter combination gives a nod to its owner’s occupation and denotes decades of devotion to the cattle industry. Ed Pinegar, a car dealership owner, fittingly chose AUTO to designate his Pinegar Limousin herd through the years. From its beginning in 1992, until the present, Pinegar Limousin has held a place of prominence with breeders in the United States and Canada. People in the cattle industry have come to rely on the genetics of Pinegar Limousin for herd sires, seedstock, commercial cattle and elite show prospects.

True to Their Roots

Ed Pinegar passed away on May 23, 2020, but his passion for Limousin cattle and the people in the business lives on through Pinegar Limousin. As his family and farm managers move forward with operating the cattle business, they hold tight to the foundation, strategies and principles Ed maintained during his ownership. One of Ed’s prevailing principles was to always remember the herd’s roots. “Ed had a saying, ‘You don’t ever want to lose your identity,’” Ty Heavin, Pinegar Limousin Farm Manager, recalled. This philosophy has kept the farm grounded in all its decisions through the years.

Farm Origins The operation started on the Pinegar family farm in Ebenezer, Missouri. The homestead, located near Springfield, served as the spring board for the growing cattle business. The original family farm always held a special place in Ed’s heart. “That farm was somewhat sacred,” Ty explained.


• JULY 2022

y c a g Le Ty and Susie Heavin, farm managers, have worked on the farm for almost 30 years. The operation started with registered fullblood Limousin cattle. As Pinegar Limousin grew and the Limousin breed diversified, the operation started to add purebreds, Lim-Flex and commercial cattle. “Ed always said that even though his love was fullbloods, you have to have what your customer wants or needs, or they would just go down the road and buy from someone else,” Ty said.

Maintaining Balance

of utilizing common sense and planned genetics to give customers the most predictable product possible.

Elite Genetics The Pinegar herd exhibits decades of genetic progress. The reliance on proven cow families the farm has either raised or selected, has created a foundation of elite Limousin genetics. Annually, Pinegar Limousin flushes at least 10 of its donor cows. The embryo transfer work opens the door for the next generation of foundation dams and sires. “It allows you to take a cow that you really like and allows you to try different bulls on her to see what those offspring are like. What she is or isn’t going to do for you or what that bull did or didn’t do for you,” Ty explained. Additionally, Pinegar Limousin uses IVF and reverse sorts the semen for female calves. These matings are created with the hopes of making future show heifer prospects.

Cattle in the registered and commercial part of Pinegar Limousin’s program must exhibit a balance of key traits. Instead of chasing volatile industry trends, farm managers focus on a balanced animal. Ty looks for animals that move well, possess eye appeal, produce enough milk, and have moderate birth weight calves. In addition, Ty assesses the animal’s pedigree and EPDs. “I think a balanced product of one that has a pedigree that you like, an appearance that you like, and one that is sound and good uddered. I think that will take you further down the road than extremes will, that’s my opinion,” Ty explained. Through the years the percent of fullblood, purebred, LimFlex and commercial cattle have fluctuated. Though the first Limousin at the farm were red, now the herd is mostly black. Currently, the herd reflects 10 percent fullblood, 30 to 40 percent purebred, and close to 50 percent Lim-Flex. Pinegar Angie, Tad, Carol, Ed, Abbi and Ashlie Pinegar Limousin operates with the motto • JULY 2022

Success on the Show Circuit The AUTO prefix can be found in champion bulls and females at shows throughout the country. Pinegar Limousin and its customers have garnered much success in the show ring. Pinegar Limousin’s awards are many, including championships at national shows. Most recently, AUTO How It’s Done, was selected as 2021 Cattlemen’s Congress Grand Champion Limousin Bull. Though Pinegar Limousin appreciates the grand champion continued on page 30


continued from page 29 wins, it’s other awards that carry the most meaning. “Premier Exhibitor and Premier Breeder are the ones I hold nearer and dearer, because that represents what you did that week at that show and for the last two years in your program,” Ty shared.

Commercial Herd The operation’s Limousin-influenced commercial herd includes a large number of heifers. Pinegar Limousin either raises the commercial heifers or buys them from its bull customers. “We have never bought a lot of commercial cows. But we have bought a lot of commercial heifers, because that is what Ed always wanted to do,” Ty said. He wanted to improve the longevity of his investment. Pinegar Limousin breeds its commercial heifers via AI. “You need to AI them, in my opinion, to calve them, because you need to stay really focused for short periods of time,” Ty stated. By breeding the heifers AI, it shortens the calving window to 10 days with a few stragglers on either side. If a herd bull is used, the calving window stretches to 21 to 28 days, and possibly another month after that. The abbreviated calving

period, due to AI breeding, makes it easier to check the heifers every three to four hours without getting burned out. Another benefit of a shortened calving window, is the calves are similar in size due to their close birthdates. This is beneficial when feeding and growing them out. In addition, when they are yearlings and ready to be sold, they can sell as a complete set. “On yearling weight day, when you run them all across the scales and they don’t sort anything off, or maybe only sort one off, you have a load. That buyer can check that box—he bought a load,” Ty said.

Improvements to the Breed Though Pinegar Limousin holds its identity and foundation close, it remains flexible to meet the demands of its customers and the cattle market. “I think the breed has done a pretty decent job of modernizing itself to fit today’s meat market and also fit the momma cow market,” Ty commented. Pinegar Limousin joined the breed’s efforts to highlight Limousin’s lean meat and stayability, while working to improve marbling, depth of body, calving-ease and docility. continued on page 32

Rock and Rolling

We are excited to be rocking and rolling with one of the breed’s most talked about young sires. Guns N Roses combines two of the breed’s most influential individuals, TASF Crown Royal on the top side and Riverstone Charmed on the bottom. He adds flawless structure, incredible eye-appeal and a well-balanced set of EPDs. He ranks in the top 20% or better in four EPD traits. SSTO

Guns N Roses 9408G

Purebred • Polled • Homo Black TASF Crown Royal 960C ET x Riverstone Charmed (Larissa) CE: 6 BW: 3.6 WW: 70 YW: 99 MK: 26 DC: 8 RE: 0.99 MB: -0.43 $MI: 38 We have calves on the ground by SSTO Guns & Roses 9408G, ROMN Floyd Mudhenkey 101F, RUNL Stetson 850S, Royal Eros RBG 704E, CELL History Buff 0245H, Wulfs Compliant K687C ET and Wulfs Xtractor X233X. We are excited to have Royal Jester RBGL 103J join our bull battery. Call or stop by to see the outstanding set of bulls and females available private treaty.

ALLEN AND ANNA LYON & FAMILY home: 320/387-2794 • Allen, cell: 320/267-3125 • 13208 105th Ave. NE • Foley, MN 56329 •


• JULY 2022

More Than

50 Years

of Experience Owning Limousin cattle since 1969, you could say we’ve been around the block a few times. When it comes to knowing the ins and outs of Limousin cattle, you would be hard pressed to find anyone who knows the breed and its history any better. We take pride in providing serious herd bulls for serious cattlemen. By purchasing our cattle, you are putting more than 50 years of knowledge and experience to work for you.

25 Fall Bred Females For Sale Private Treaty Groups of Females of Any Size Available Herd Bulls Available Year Round Many Half Brothers Available

MARK & SHERYL LEONARD 1362 Hwy. 59, Holstein, IA 51025 712-368-2611 work • 712-830-9032 cell In the Limousin Business Since 1969

Contact Mark today to schedule a viewing appointment. • JULY 2022


Leading T he Charge

We are using only the breed’s top sires to lead the charge in keeping our program at a top level. These sires represent both the proven and progressive we are using in our extensive AI program. CJSL Dauntless 6257D Homo Polled • Homo Black 56% Lim-Flex S: MAGS Zodiac D: LLJB Absolute Style 3056A CE: 13 BW: -0.2 WW: 67 YW: 101 MK: 24 MB: 0.28 $MI: 60

SSTO Guns N Roses 9408G Polled • Homo Black Purebred S: TASF Crown Royal 960C D: Riverstone Charmed CE: 5 BW: 3.5 WW: 71 YW: 99 MK: 26 MB: -0.42 $MI: 39

J6 Call To Action 131J

continued from page 30

Herd Builder Sale Some of the best genetics in the Limousin business have made their way through the sale ring at Pinegar Limousin. The females and herd sires have gone on to be production champions for their new owners. Pinegar Limousin held its 28th Annual Herd Builder Sale on March 19, 2022, at the farm near Springfield. The Pinegar is known for digging deep into the replacment pens, letting go of some of the genetics at the heart of the program. Annually, the sale features spring bred heifers, fall bred heifers, fall pairs, December and January pairs, and show heifer prospects.

Ed Pinegar’s Limousin Legacy Whether he was running his businesses, spending time with family, or making decisions at the farm; Ed poured his heart and soul into it. “He was very passionate about whatever he was doing,” Ty reflected. Ed Pinegar spent decades promoting the Limousin breed. He loved cattle and the people in the cattle industry. He was especially compelled to help and encourage juniors and their families. He started an offer at his sales more than 10 years ago, that remains today: If a junior purchases a show animal from Pinegar Limousin, the farm pays its entry fee for Junior Nationals and picks up the weeklong hotel bill for the youth and their family. Though the captain of Pinegar Limousin is no longer at the helm, his philosophies still guide the ship. The course has been set and Pinegar Limousin plans to continue operations in a way that honors Ed’s legacy. Pinegar Limousin moves into the future with one of the leading Limousin herds in North America and with the passion of its founder. Editor’s Note: Reprinted with permission from The Stockman magazine.

Homo Polled • Double Black 55% Lim-Flex S: WLR Final Call D: PBRS 79E CE: 11 BW: 1.7 WW: 66 YW: 102 MK: 19 MB: 0.0 $MI: 51

Ashlie Pinegar stands with farm managers Susie and Ty (far right) Heavin and fellow Missouri breeders Jack and Vicky Glendenning.

As a Texas breeder, we are proud to host Junior Nationals this year and wish all exhibitors the best of luck. We always welcome your call or visit when you are in the market for show heifer prospects, herd bulls or replacement females.

CJO Ranch “CJOR” Jimmy & Cori Onstead • (903) 744-2734 • Prosper, TX • Ralph Hawkins, Manager • (940) 367-4633


• JULY 2022




North American Limousin Foundation Limousin Today - Profit Tomorrow

• JULY 2022




January 14, 1944 - April 3, 2022

en Holloway, 78, of Chattanooga passed away on Sunday, April 3, 2022 at Oklahoma Heart Hospital North in Oklahoma City. Funeral services were Friday, April 8, 2022 at the Chattanooga School Gerald Gravlee Center with Jim Birdwell, Fletcher, Oklahoma, and Larry Shelley, Minister of the Chattanooga Church of Christ, officiating. Burial followed at the Chattanooga Cemetery. Ken was born January 14, 1944 in Frederick, Oklahoma to Ralph W. and Irma Murle (Miller) Holloway. He married Sue Ann Kinder on June 28, 1963 in Chattanooga, Oklahoma. He served as the Oklahoma State 4-H President in 1962-63. A 1966 graduate of Oklahoma State University, Ken earned his degree in Animal Husbandry and while at OSU, was active in department activities and livestock judging teams. Ken was also inducted into the Livestock Marketeers in 2002. Upon college graduation, he went to work as a field representative for the American Shorthorn Association. Following that he served as a livestock industry coordinator for the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture. He and Edgar Hamm then began Southwest Sire Evaluation Center near Frederick, Oklahoma in the late 1960s. Ken Holloway was as dedicated a Limousin breeder as any man could possibly be. That dedication was also extended to his family, fellow breeders and friends in the cattle business across the country. He served as the North American Limousin Foundation (NALF) President from 2002-2003 and served two full terms on the NALF board beginning in 1997. Ken was the fourth inductee to the NALF Hall of Fame in 2009. Ken served in many different roles in the Limousin breed. He was the owner and operator of American Cattle Services and traveled throughout the country annually to assist breeders with the marketing


and promotion of their cattle. Ken started ACS in 1971. He was a leader in the production of Limousin genetics to the commercial cattle industry through his Coyote Hills Ranch. Paying attention to detail and adapting to change in the cattle business, Ken was always willing to apply new technology available in the industry to make better cattle for his customers and friends. Ken was president of the Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Association from 1999-2001 and OCA Cattleman of the Year in 2006. He was also instrumental in the organization of the Oklahoma Junior Cattlemen’s Association. Most of all he was a great friend and family man who deeply cared for all involved in the United States cattle business. He will forever be remembered and greatly missed. Ken is survived by his wife Sue Ann of the home, daughters both of Chattanooga, Oklahoma, Shari Holloway, Shana Holloway and her friend Michael Selby of Era, Texas, grandson Ross Turner of Oologah, Oklahoma, his brother David and wife Janice Holloway of Chattanooga, Oklahoma, sister-in-law Arlene Holloway of Lawton, Oklahoma, two nieces, four nephews and a host of great nieces and great nephews. Ken was preceded in death by his parents, infant brother Eldon Ray Holloway and brother Jerry Holloway. Contributions can be made in Ken’s name to the Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Foundation, PO Box 82395, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73148; the North American Limousin Junior Association, 6205 S. Main Street, Suite D-280, Aurora, Colorado 80016-5370; the Tillman County Historical Museum, PO Box 833, Frederick, Oklahoma 73542; or to the Chattanooga Cemetery Association, PO Box 173, Chattanooga, Oklahoma 73528.

• JULY 2022


he oversight committee for the All-American Limousin Futurity

April to discuss the renaming of the scholarship program generated out of Genetics On Ice and the Genetics On Ice Benefit Auction itself in honor of Ken Holloway. Ken Holloway was as dedicated a Limousin breeder as any man could possibly be. That dedication was also extended to his family, fellow breeders and friends in the cattle business across the country. Ken was also the breed’s most dedicated supporter of the North American Limousin Junior Association since its inception. Ken started the Genetics On Ice Program in 1984 to provide the vehicle that not only financed the junior association’s activities annually, but additionally helped run the All-American Limousin Futurity until its conclusion 2020 marked the end of the All-American Limousin Futurity after 36 years. 100% of the funds generated by the Ken Holloway Genetics On Ice Benefit Auction will go to the North American Limousin Junior Association and will continue as a fundraiser for the NALJA summer event. $17,500 of the funds to be earmarked for scholarship awards to show winners as follows: Grand Champion Purebred Heifer Res. Grand Champion Purebred Heifer Grand Champion Lim-Flex Heifer Res. Grand Champion Lim-Flex Heifer Grand Champion Bred & Owned Purebred Heifer Res. Grand Champion Bred & Owned Purebred Heifer Grand Champion Bred & Owned Lim-Flex Heifer Res. Grand Champion Bred & Owned Lim-Flex Heifer Grand Champion Bred & Owned Purebred Bull Res. Grand Champion Bred & Owned Purebred Bull Grand Champion Bred & Owned Lim-Flex Bull Res. Grand Champion Bred & Owned Lim-Flex Bull Grand Champion Purebred Cow/Calf Pair Res. Grand Champion Purebred Cow/Calf Pair Grand Champion Lim-Flex Cow/Calf Pair Res. Grand Champion Lim-Flex Cow/Calf Pair Champion Sweepstakes Winner Res. Sweepstakes Winner

$2,500 $1,000 $2,500 $1,000 $1,000 $500 $1,000 $500 $1,000 $500 $1,000 $500 $1,000 $500 $1,000 $500 $1,000 $500

scholarship scholarship scholarship scholarship scholarship scholarship scholarship scholarship scholarship scholarship scholarship scholarship scholarship scholarship scholarship scholarship scholarship scholarship

Scholarship money to be held in an interest-bearing account until recipient/winner completes educational requirements, basically one semester or six months in college or career tech with satisfactory grades. Military service will also qualify for scholarship proceeds. Interest accumulated in the account does not have to be added to the winner payout. Oversight committee shall consist of Bruce Lawrence, Ty Heavin, Ronn Cunningham, Chuck Barton and Shana Holloway.

in 2020. The Genetics on Ice Benefit Auction has raised more than $1.75 million in revenue for the Limousin Junior Association. Today, thanks to Ken’s foresight and passion for juniors in the Limousin breed, the proceeds that previously funded the Limousin Futurity show were diverted to fund more than $17,500 of scholarships annually to juniors. The remainder of the proceeds help fund the juniors’ annual operating budget. “Ken was one of those people you wanted on your side. His love for young people in agriculture and the future of the Limousin breed did not go unnoticed. We are forever grateful for his time and contributions to the junior program,” stated Shelby Hubbard, NALJA president. As we move forward, the $17,500 of annual scholarships awarded at the National Junior Limousin Show & Congress out of the Genetics On Ice allotment will be named the Ken Holloway Memorial Scholarship Awards. The Genetics On Ice Benefit Auction will be renamed as the Ken Holloway Genetics On Ice Benefit Auction. Ken Holloway will never be forgotten, and his legacy will continue to live on as we continue to develop leaders in the Limousin breed and the cattle industry.

COLE Genesis 79J Select show heifer prospects available this fall. Bulls available privately year-round. Sires include SSTO Guns N Roses, TMCK Fios, WWLU Frazier, RLBH Air Force One and TASF Crown Royal. Thank you to those who purchased bulls and heifers from us. A special Thank You to Rolling Acres Limousin, Brookville, IN, for purchasing WWST Huey, the 2021 National MOE Bronze Medal Bull. 3150 Sharptown Rd. West Harrison, IN 47060 513/300-2009 (mobile) 513/739-7576 (Luke)

HP/HetB • 81% Limousin COLE Genesis 86G x COLE Miss Zam 6112D BW: 0.7 WW: 82 YW: 125 MK: 28 MB: 0.43 $MI: 72 Contact owners for semen. One of the first ever COLE Genesis 86G sons to sell, COLE Genesis 79J was our pick and the top-selling bull from the Coleman Limousin Ranch 2022 Production Sale. Extremely eye appealing on the profile, he casts a nearly fault free silhouette. Numerically, he ranks in the top 5% or better for WW, MK, DC and $MI and top 10% for YW.

WHITEWATER — LIMOUSIN — Andy, Connie, Clay, Zach, Luke and Jack Stirn

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More Than 35 Years Strong Hayhook Limousin is one of the nation’s most proven and longest ongoing programs. We have long been a source for black, polled Limousin and Lim-Flex cattle that work for our registered and commercial customers alike. WE HAVE BEEFED UP OUR HERD BULL BATTERY!

CE: 12 BW: 0.5 WW: 96 YW: 147 MK: 23 CM: 8 SC: 1.55 DC: 16 YG: -0.36 CW: 53 RE: 1.28 MB: 0.01 $MI: 62

TENTATIVE 2023 CATTLEMEN’S CONGRESS LIMOUSIN SCHEDULE December 31 – January 4 Thursday, December 29 Noon

Begin Arrival

Saturday, December 31


Purebred • Homo Polled • Homo Black CELL Envision 7023E x COLE Miss Tuff Enuff 512C

These two sons of CELL Envision represent what we demand from our herd sires. They are purebred Limousin with impressive performance and EPDs. When you are in the market for black, polled bulls and females, come to a proven source.

Noon Cattle In Place 6:00 p.m. Show Committee Meeting @ Embassy Suites

Sunday, January 1

9:00 a.m. cattle)

Check-In (Jr. and Open Cattle followed by Pen

Monday, January 2

7:30 a.m. Annual Meeting 6:00 p.m. Membership Banquet & Ken Holloway Genetics on Ice Auction National Limousin Sale

CE: 14 BW: -0.6 WW: 79 YW: 123 MK: 21 CM: 8 SC: 1.30 DC: 18 YG: -0.36 CW: 46 RE: 1.10 MB: -0.05 $MI: 55

Tuesday, January 3

8:00 a.m. National Junior Limousin & Lim-Flex Show 2:00 p.m. National Limousin Pen Show

Wednesday, January 4 COLE ENVISION 77J

Purebred • Homo Polled • Homo Black CELL Envision 7023E x COLE Miss Xerox 470B

8:00 a.m. National Limousin MOE Show 3:00 p.m. Begin Release

Thursday, January 5

5:00 p.m. All cattle must be out

Judy Bugher 405/306-1315 Edna Manning 405/306-1316 9700 Slaughterville Rd. • Lexington, OK 73051 Ranch Office: 405/527-7648 • email: Bulls and females for sale year round at private treaty.


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Watch for our cattle selling in these events:

SummerSplendor If you are looking for a “get away” that features fishing, canoeing and relaxation, plan a trip to the resort. Cattle and comfort are two things we specialize in. We would love to have you stop by anytime you are in the area.

November 19, 2022

December 15, 2022

Royal Jester RBGL 103J

Wulfs Emprize 2424E

L7 Humdinger 0035H

• JULY 2022

JACK & VICKY. • JAMYE & STUART. JOSH, KAYLA, EASTON, HUDSON & BODE. JASE, SHAWNA, KADEN & BENNETT. 24300 McDonald Dr. • Lebanon, MO 65536 • Jack (417) 588-6121 Josh (417) 664-0913 • Jase (417) 664-1186


Higher Prices Around The Corner by Wes Ishmael


ose-bleed high input costs, drought-forced cow culling and earlier calf marketing continued to constrain calf and feeder cattle price potential through the spring. That’s before considering the volatility and uncertainty wrought by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. However, continued cow liquidation and aggressive feedlot placements suggest higher prices as the year unfolds. “The futures market has begun to regain some optimism for feeder cattle heading through the summer, as it should,” according to Andrew P. Griffith, agricultural economist at the University of Tennessee, in early-June weekly market comments. “The number of cattle placed on feed from December through April is 2.4% or 229,000 head more than the same five months the previous year. Given the smaller calf crop in 2021 compared to 2020, the increase in cattle on feed is an even bigger deal. This simply means there will be fewer cattle to place in coming months, which should provide feeder cattle a boost moving through the summer and into the fall months. The question is if this expectation will come to fruition, and even the largest players in the cattle business cannot answer that question.” USDA’s Economic Research Service (ERS) projects cattle prices next year to increase for a second consecutive year and approach the record-high levels of 2014, when the U.S. cattle inventory was the least since 1952. “With a smaller 2022 calf crop and higher anticipated beef cow slaughter in 2022, calf supplies are expected to contract in 2023,”

3 Sales - 3 Opportunities We appreciate the support and confidence shown in our program. We look forward to making new connections and renewing old ones.


ROM’N Pasture Bid Steer Sale


ROM’N Limousin Fall Spooktacular Online Female Sale 20129 450th Ave. • Arlington, SD 57212 f • ROBERT “COOKIE” & MARY NIELSON 605.203.0903 • 605.203.0904 ADAM, MICHELLE, GREYSON & PALMER NIELSON 605.203.0733 • 605.203.0732


continued on page 42


ROM’N Limousin “Where Class Meats Carcass” Online Bull Sale Come Find Us & Our Consignments at the National Western Stock Show and the Black Hills Stock Show.

• JULY 2022

say ERS analysts, in the May Livestock, Dairy and Poultry Outlook (LDPO). “The average annual feeder steer price is expected to climb to $198.00/cwt. in 2023, $35 (+22%) than the projection for 2022.” So far this year, ERS analysts point out the faster pace of placements and slower than expected fed cattle marketing resulted in the largest on-feed numbers recorded for the month of April. “This has likely kept feeder calf prices restrained, given late-2022 fed cattle prices implied by the futures market for late 2022,” say ERS analysts. “The third-quarter 2022 price forecast is raised $1, but the fourth-quarter 2022 price is lowered $2, for an annual forecast of $162.80/cwt., 20¢ lower than last month’s forecast.” Specifically, ERS projects feeder steers prices (basis 750-800 lbs. in Oklahoma City) at $159 in the second quarter, $166 in the third quarter and $170 in the fourth quarter. Price for the first quarter of next year is projected at $168.

That’s with a forecast season-average farm price for corn of $6.75/ bu., according to the May World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE). The price would be 85¢ more than the previous year and the highest average price since $6.89 in 2012-13.

Fed Cattle Prices Face Summer Challenge

Negotiated cash fed cattle prices continue to chop mainly sideways and likely will be challenged by plentiful summer supplies before turning the corner higher. ERS increased the annual average five-area direct fed steer priced for this year by 60¢ to $140.10/cwt., in the WASDE. That was based on current prices and expectations of tighter supplies in the second half of this year. Average prices were projected at $140 in the second quarter, $136 in the third quarter and $145 in the fourth quarter. continued on page 40

PUT TO THE TEST Utilizing only the best bulls has been a core value of our operation since we began producing seedstock more than 30 years ago. Our extensive experience running a feedlot helps us learn first-hand what genetics work best for our customers. We take pride in the ability to improve our genetics year after year, and are confident these genetics can do the same in your herd.

Wulfs Gameboy C911G ET Black • Homo Polled • 80% Limousin S: Wulfs Xcellsior X252X D: MAGS Dealing Magic CE: 8 BW: 3.8 WW: 98 YW: 150 MK: 20 SC: 0.40 DC: 15 YG: -0.46 RE: 1.38 MB: 0.11 $MTI: 67 Top 2% WW, YW • Top 10% RE, $MI • Top 25% DC, MB Owned with Wulf Cattle and Gameboy Syndicate Semen $40 • Grassroots Genetics Gameboy is the outstanding high-selling bull from the Wulf Cattle Opportunity Sale of 2020. He is the perfect outcross for many of the most common pedigrees in the breed. His calves highlighted our 2022 Bull Sale with their long spined, attractive profile in a powerful package. Let us be your Western Genetic Source. Call Today.

Blue Collar Bull Sale March 7, 2023 • Toppenish, WA

BRAD BEUS Pasco, WA 99301 • 509/727-2082 • • JULY 2022


continued from page 39 The average annual price next year was forecast to be $153, lifted by tighter supplies. ERS increased expected beef production slightly for this year, compared to the previous month, to 27.84 billion lbs. That would be 106 million lbs. less than last year (-0.4%). “Beef production is raised, with more cattle placed in feedlots sooner than normally expected due to drought conditions, supporting higher annual fed cattle slaughter,” say ERS analysts. “Additionally, cow slaughter is forecast higher.” Beef production next year is forecast at 25.95 billion lbs., which would be 1.89 billion lbs. less (-6.8%) compared to this year and the least since 2016. Total red meat and poultry production this year is projected to be 106.38 billion lbs., slightly more than the previous month’s estimate. The total would be 431 million lbs. less than last year (-0.4%). Total red meat and poultry production next year is forecast to be 105.34 billion lbs., which would be 1.04 billion lbs. less than this year (-0.97%) less than this year.

Herd Contraction Continues

Cow slaughter through the first 20 weeks of this year was 6% more than last year, according to the Livestock Marketing Information Center (LMIC), in the late-May Livestock Monitor. “The U.S. has processed about 150,000 head more than the same time in 2021,” say LMIC analysts. “Beef cow slaughter has been

the primary driver, averaging over 75,000 head a week this year compared to last year’s 65,000 head. Drought is listed as one of the key reasons…” LMIC analysts note the current pace of beef cow slaughter implies an annual reduction in the national beef cow herd of more than 2%. By any measure, Derrell Peel, Extension livestock marketing specialist at Oklahoma State University says national pasture and hay conditions got off to their worst start in 35 years as drought continued to grip various parts of the country. “The latest Drought Monitor has a Drought Severity and Coverage Index (DSCI) of 183 (out of 500 possible) for the nation, the highest DSCI in mid-May for any year of the data back to 2000,” Peel explained in late-May market comments. “This includes over 63% of the country abnormally dry or worse, with 21.6% percent of the country in extreme (D3) to exceptional drought (D4). USDA reported pasture and range conditions starting in May have the highest percentage of poor to very poor conditions this year in data back to 1995.” At the same time, Peel noted national hay stocks May 1 were 15.1% less than the average for 2012-2021; hay stocks in the 17 western states were 21.7% less. “High fertilizer and fuel prices are adding to the extraordinary cattle industry challenges in 2022. High input costs are causing some producers that are not facing drought conditions to reduce or skip fertilization of pastures and hay fields. This will result in continued on page 42

With our first ever online sale behind us, we want to express how appreciative we are of everyone who showed interest, bid and bought from the sale. Our customers inspire us to strive to increase the quality of the livestock we produce. We are thankful for each and every one of you.

lot 9 SSTO 1801J sold to Jamie Watts of Fairfield, NE.

lot 2 TF Jackrabbit 115J sold to Michael Fastnacht of Wessington Springs, SD.

lot 6 TF Jade 122J sold to Linhart Limousin of Leon, IA.

We have an outstanding set of calves on the ground by CELL Guard House 9300G and TMCK Fleetwood 577F. We welcome your interest in our program. PJ, Meghan, Harper, Henley & Hunter Torgerson - 41146 221st St. - Artesian, SD 57314 - (605) 350-7488 - Kaylee White, Woonsocket, SD


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Grand Champion Bull, 2022 American Royal Stock Show


Hennessy 011H

Homo Black • Homo Polled • PBRS Bunk House 48B x Riverstone Charmed He is our main natural service sire and his first calves look tremendous. Semen available at Grassroots Genetics

Our genetics have us on the right path to be a main supplier of Limousin seedstock. With each new calf crop, it is fun to see the results and success of mating decisions. These individuals illustrate the caliber of genetics being used in our program.

We are ecstatic about our spring calf crop including: Gladiator x Absolute Style; Guns N Roses x AUTO Cali; Riverstone Crown Royal x PBRS Heavenly; PBRS Guard House x AUTO Glory Girl; and many others. We always welcome your call or visit and look forward to seeing you at the major shows and sales this fall.

Grand Champion Bull, 2022 National Western Stock Show


High Time 065H

Homo Black • Homo Polled • ELCX Kings Landing x ELCX Elevate 684E One of the most talked about young sire prospects in the breed. We anxiously await the arrival of his first calves.

ELCX Chase, Harlan, Karen, Karlee, Kay & Kevin Wilson Marshfield, MO • 417-880-0710 •

Highness 056H

Homo Black • Homo Polled • ELCX Kings Landing x ELCX Elevate 684E We are currently campaigning this sister to High Time and have been IVF flushing her to some of the breed’s most popular sires.

• JULY 2022


Genetics That Stand the Test Of Time With Founder Membership #3, our family is proud to have been a part of the Limousin business since the breed’s arrival in North America. We focus on raising Limousin and Lim-Flex cattle that combine calving-ease and performance with above average docility and carcass merit. Our commitment has, and always will be, to produce a quality product backed with the highest level of customer service. We have calves on the ground by AHCC Earning Power, CELL Heavy Hitter, MAGS Cable, MAGS Federal Reserve and ROMN Floyd Mudhenkey 101F. Come see what a 53 year commitment to the Limousin business looks like.

AVAILABLE PRIVATE TREATY: - Fall Yearling Bulls - Spring Yearling Bulls - Open Replacement Heifers

continued from page 40 additional forage reduction and push herd inventories even lower,” Peel says. From January through April, Peel explains beef cow slaughter equated to 4.2% of the Jan. 1 inventory. It was 3.0% for the same period from 1986 though 2021. “The highest previous culling percentage for the January through April period was 3.7% in 1986,” Peel says. “The beef cow herd decline this year may well be the largest since 1986, when the beef cow herd decreased 4.7% year over year, a drop of 1.65 million head in one year.” Likewise, in the LDPO, ERS analysts say drought and high operating costs lifted beef cow culling in the first quarter to levels unseen for decades. “Based on USDA Agricultural Marketing Service reports for actual weekly slaughter under federal inspection, April 2022 showed the highest number of beef cows slaughtered for the month since 1996,” ERS analysts say. “There were over 5 million more beef cows on January 1 of 1996 than January 1 of this year. Subsequently, the outlook weakens for the potential calf crops in 2022 and 2023, further reducing potential cattle placements year over year in late 2022 and early 2023. “As more calves are placed in feedlots sooner than normally expected due to drought conditions, marketings in 2022 are pulled forward into the second and third quarters, partially offsetting an expected decline in marketings in late 2022.”

Inflation Weighing on Consumers

Raising Limousin Seedstock for 53 Years

Brad and Janet Waddle 440 Road 161 • Pine Bluffs, Wyoming 82082 307/245-3599 Phone/Fax •


So far, domestic beef demand remains resilient in the face of steamy inflation, but some cracks are beginning to appear. For instance, food inflation and rising costs contributed to a yearover-year 4% decline in consumer visits to U.S. restaurants in April compared to a year ago, according to The NPD Group. Restaurant traffic in April was 11% below the pre-pandemic level in April 2019. The 1% increase in consumer spending at restaurants in April versus a year ago was more a reflection of higher prices than increased use of restaurants, according to NPD’s daily tracking of the U.S. foodservice industry. Those analysts note the price of a foodservice meal was 9% higher than April of 2019. “For many consumers, it’s more affordable to eat at home,” says David Portalatin, NPD food industry advisor. Rising restaurant prices have had the most impact on lower-income households and households with kids, according to NPD. For consumers in households with annual incomes of less than $50,000, restaurant visits declined by 11% in April 2022 compared to the same month a year ago. Traffic from households with kids younger than 6 was down 8%; traffic decreased by 9% for households with kids ages 6 to 12. Also, LMIC analysts note total red meat in cold storage has risen since the start of the year. There were nearly 1.1 billion lbs. of red meat in cold storage at the end of April. That was up 10% from the start of the year and 16% more than the same time last year. “Higher red meat in cold storage was due to above-normal beef stock levels,” say LMIC analysts. “In April, there were 531.7 million lbs. of beef in cold storage, up 18.5% or 82.9 million lbs. from a year

• JULY 2022

ago. The typical seasonal pattern for beef in cold storage is for levels to generally decline during the first part of the year before rising the second half of the year. This year, beef in cold storage stayed above 525 million lbs. for the first four months.”

The retail broiler price in March was the second highest on record at $1.72/lb., an increase of 11.7% or 18¢ from a year earlier. The retail broiler composite price was record high at $2.32/lb., up 15.5% (+31¢) year over year.

Retail beef prices are near record high as consumers grapple with inflation.

Beef Exports Continue Strong


“However, all proteins are higher priced and the ratio of retail beef price to retail broiler chicken and pork prices is actually lower now compared to six months ago,” Peel says. “Still, we watch for indications that consumers are ‘trading down’ from the most expensive beef cuts to cheaper value cuts.” For perspective, according to LMIC, retail beef prices were $7.67/ lb. in March, up $1.20 or 18.6% from a year earlier. Retail pork prices were record high at $4.84/lb. in March, which was 16.1% or 67¢ higher than last year.

For over 50 years, O’Connor Farms has focused on efficiency at all levels of the production chain. From the bulls and replacement females we market, to our custom feedlot and meat business, our Limousin genetics are built to be efficient every step of the way.

Even so, international demand for U.S. beef remains on a blistering pace, setting another new value record in March, according to data released by USDA and compiled by the U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF). Beef exports totaled 126,285 metric tons (mt) in March, up 1% from a year ago, the third most on record, while value climbed 33% to a record $1.07 billion. First-quarter exports increased 6% to 353,852 mt. Value in the first quarter was 41% more than last year at just over $3 billion. continued on page 44



“Where function meets quality.”

Purebred • Red • Homo Polled S: HUNT Credentials 37C ET D: WZRK Miss Tuffenuff CE: 12 BW: -0.8 WW: 70 YW: 108 MK: 32 CM: 8 SC: 1.2 DC: 18 YG: -0.36 RE: 0.97 MB: 0.24 $MI: 63 With milk, marbling and mainstream terminal index in the top 1% and five other traits within the top 5%, this red, homozygous polled, Credentials son will sire stout and powerful cattle. Semen $40 • Grassroots Genetics

FOR SALE PRIVATELY FRANK PHELPS • cell: 937/539-1442 8807 Township Rd. 98 • Belle Center, Ohio 43310-9551 email: “Home of the OCNR Prefix” Breeding Performance Limousin Genetics Since 1971 • JULY 2022

• Stout Spring Yearling & 2-Year-Old Bulls • Bred Females & Pairs • Red & Black – Many HOMO Black • All Polled/Double Polled • Limousin & Lim-Flex


continued from page 43

Global Economic Growth Softens

“Global demand for U.S. beef has eclipsed anything I have seen in many years in the meat business,” says Dan Halstrom, USMEF President and CEO. “While this momentum is fueled by mainstay markets such as South Korea, Japan and Taiwan, demand is also very strong in China/Hong Kong and key Latin American markets, while exports to the Middle East have rebounded impressively.” March beef export value equated to $472.73 per head of fed slaughter, up 36% from a year ago. The first quarter average was $474.10 per head, up 41%. Exports accounted for 14.7% of total March beef production, up from 14.5% a year ago, while the ratio for muscle cuts was steady at 12.7%. Halstrom cautions that first-quarter results do not fully reflect the impact of recent COVID-19 lockdowns in China that slowed product movement and forced many restaurants to suspend or limit service. These obstacles are likely to have a greater impact on April and May export data. He notes that while beef demand has been very resilient, inflation represents a potential headwind. “Consumers throughout the world have shown how much they value the quality of U.S. beef, but disposable income is under increasing pressure as they pay more for energy and other daily needs,” Hailstorm says. He adds that pork, beef and lamb exporters continue to face logistical obstacles and delays when moving product overseas. The situation is especially challenging for chilled meat shipments to key Asian markets.

Outcross African Genetics We have been a mainstay in the Fullblood business and have recently added purebreds to the herd. As an added bonus, we have imported genetics from South Africa we have infused into the herd.

Supply chain disruptions associated with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine are adding extra lift to inflation and more pressure to postpandemic economic recovery. “The global economic outlook for 2022 remains positive, but previous growth projections are moderated due to trade disruptions, rising energy costs, rising inflation rates, and commenced tightening of monetary policy,” according to the latest quarterly Outlook for U.S. Agricultural Trade from USDA’s ERS and Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS). Compared to the previous Outlook, ERS and FAS analysts lowered projections for this year’s world gross domestic production to 3.6% from 4.4%. “The Russian invasion of Ukraine has presented new challenges to global economic growth,” analysts say. “The conflict and resulting response have further elevated energy prices, most immediately impacting the European market. Continued supply chain constraints and complications remain a significant global growth headwind. Central banks are expected to respond to rising inflation rates by implementing contractionary monetary policy. The tightening of monetary policy typically presents challenges to economic growth in the short term.” U.S. GDP was forecast at 3.7% versus 3.8% in the previous report. Even so, U.S. agricultural exports in fiscal year (FY) 2022 are forecast at a record $191.0 billion, up $7.5 billion from the February forecast, led by increases in corn, cotton and soybeans. Overall U.S. livestock, poultry and dairy exports are projected to increase by $1.2 billion to $40.4 billion, with gains across all major commodities except pork. Beef and veal exports are projected to increase by $700 million on higher unit values as demand in East Asia is expected to remain firm. “To date, demand for U.S. red meat has been as strong as I’ve ever seen in all my years in the meat business, and remarkably resilient,” Halstrom explained during USMEF’s Spring Conference. “But the question in my mind is, at what point do these inflationary pressures start to constrict disposable income for the global consumer? At what point will we see a crack in demand?”. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Wes Ishmael has been involved with livestock publications since 1983. Wes grew up in Colorado and has always been in and around the livestock business. He now lives in Benbrook, Texas.


A herd sire that shows the kind of Limousin characteristics we like in our cattle. When you are in the market for Fullblood, Purebred or Outcross Limousin Genetics give us a call.

Kraig and Rhonda Withers - 918.724.9002 - 44

• JULY 2022

BRED for BANNERS Our track record speaks for itself at junior and open shows on the national level. We keep building and improving each new generation and are ecstatic about the current spring calf crop we will be offering this fall.



50% Lim-Flex • Polled • Homo Black Schillings R&L Classified x Schillings Beautician CE: 12 BW: 0.2 WW: 58 YW: 74 MK: 16 CM: 8 SC: 1.00 DC: 10 YG: -0.14 CW: 14 RE: 0.58 MB: 0.06 $MI: 51 Grand Champion Bull, 2020 American Royal Reserve Champion Bull, 2021 Cattlemen’s Congress His calves will be a featured in our fall sale.

Purebred • Homo Polled • Double Black ROMN Floyd Mudhenkey 101F x Schilling’s Yoki CE: 8 BW: 0.1 WW: 60 YW: 93 MK: 20 CM: 4 SC: 0.40 DC: 12 YG: -0.52 CW: 23 RE: 1.16 MB: -0.26 $MI: 43 Reserve Calf Champion, 2021 Cattlemen’s Congress We will be offering full sib heifers to this great bull this fall as well as the standouts from his first calf crop

These highlights from our 2021 offering show the kind of quality you can expect to find in the sale this year.


50% Lim-Flex • Double Polled • Homo Black Schillings R&L Classified x Schilling’s Yashaswini CE: 9 BW: 2.6 WW: 71 YW: 101 MK: 17 CM: 6 SC: 0.95 DC: 9 YG: -0.15 CW: 33 RE: 0.72 MB: 0.11 $MI: 57 Grand Champion Female, 2022 Cattlemen’s Congress Jr. Show We are selling maternal sisters to this great champion this fall.


78% Limousin • Horned • Black FWLY Can Do x Schilling Arielle CE: 8 BW: 2.3 WW: 59 YW: 91 MK: 17 CM: 4 SC: 0.80 DC: 12 YG: -0.29 CW: 24 RE: 0.79 MB: -0.06 $MI: 48 2021 top-selling heifer.

SCHILLING Join The Party

69% Lim-Flex • Homo Polled • Black ROMN Floyd Mudhenky 101F x Schillings Exclusive CE: 13 BW: -1.5 WW: 64 YW: 96 MK: 20 CM: 8 SC: 0.60 DC: 12 YG: -0.12 CW: 38 RE: 0.61 MB: 0.25 $MI: 59 2nd top-selling lot in our 2021 sale.

We welcome your call anytime.

Join the long list of exhibitors who have made the winner’s circle with Schilling genetics. Watch for details on our spring show heifer prospect online sale to be held this fall.

6885 Rd. 32 • Edson, KS 67733 • Ron & Marsha Schilling - 785-694-3589 Cash, Amanda, Kaelyn, and Chasyn -785-694-3586 Clay, Kaycie, Cogan, and Kambrie - 785-694-4589 Chance Stout - 620-803- 9494

• JULY 2022


Beef Farmers Lean on Limousin for Success by Tom Venesky


arb Moyer spends most of her day working with her family’s herd of Limousin cattle on their farm in Telford, Pennsylvania. But it’s the hours that Moyer spends at the computer that are the key to managing the operation. The Moyer family took over the farm from Harris and Marge Mosher in 2016. The Moshers spent more than 30 years building a fullblood Limousin herd that was known internationally, and after Harris died, the Moyers were ready to fill the big shoes left behind. When they bought the farm, known as Lenape Limousin, from Marge, she transferred nine cows and a bull to the Moyers to give them a start. Today, the 106-acre farm is home to 35 cows, four bulls and a treasure trove of Limousin genetics in the form of more than 6,000

Baccarat x 1-Way Crown Royal


semen straws and embryos that includes genetics dating back more than 40 years. To manage it all, Barb spends countless hours at the computer, scrutinizing genetic data to match up bulls and cows for breeding. “I look through all the bulls I have in my inventory to make the best selection for each cow,” she said. “We work hard to improve genetics every breeding, and it takes a lot of time, but I enjoy it.” Moyer also enjoys promoting the attributes of the Limousin breed, something she believes has been lacking in the wake of the successful marketing campaign for Angus beef. Limousin can hold their own and even outperform other beef breeds on several metrics, Moyer said, and it all begins with the carcass.

GHR Polled Aftershock x SVL Liberty Belle

• JULY 2022

Ray and Barb, Mason and Kelly, with daughters Maddy, Jojo, Cassie; Molly and Dustin Luu with Oliver (Lucy is not pictured).

Limousin display great feed efficiency, producing a heavily-muscled carcass with less fat. While other breeds such as Angus have noticeable fat waste when processed, Moyer said, a Limousin will yield 60% or more, from the hanging weight of take-home beef. While the Moyers mainly raise their cattle for genetics and breeding stock, the animals they do butcher produce an average hanging weight between 840 and 875 pounds, resulting in 625 to 650 pounds of beef. “It’s a big carcass and the meat is lower in cholesterol and leaner,” Moyer said. “People are coming back to Limousin because of the carcass waste with an Angus. They want the Limousin influence in their herds.”

The Limousin breed originated in France and didn’t arrive in North America until 1968, when a bull was brought to Canada, then the United States. When those first Limousin bulls were brought to the U.S. via Canada the breed rapidly gained popularity, particularly in the Midwest, according to Moyer. She has sold registered animals to farms in Maine, Texas and southern California—a tribute to the genetic improvements that Moyer has made in the six years since the family took over Lenape Limousin. continued on page 48

Baccarat x 1-Way Crown Royal

• JULY 2022


continued from page 47 The farm was also recently designated as the first Limousin breeder with Powersource Genetic Alliance, a group of commercial beef seedstock producers representing every major cattle breed. In addition to fullblood Limousin, the Moyers also raise purebreds (at least 87% Limousin genetics) and Lim-Flex (25% to 75% Limousin cross, typically to Angus). Fullblood animals remain a priority for Moyer, however. “You’re always going to need fullblood to do crosses. We don’t have any problem selling our fullblood genetics,” she said. In addition to the carcass attributes, Moyer said Limousin cows are extremely maternal, produce plenty of milk and have exceptional calving-ease. Years ago, the breed was known to have a somewhat ornery disposition, but Moyer said breeding and genetic improvements have turned that around. “We work with them and walk among them every day with no problem,” she said. “I can clean and brush them without having to put them in the chute.” Despite all the positives, Moyer said marketing of the breed needs to improve. That’s why she always welcomes visitors to the farm and is eager to raise awareness of Limousin cattle. “The Angus breed has done, by far, the best job of marketing,” Moyer said. “The word needs to get out about Limousin and we encourage people to come to the farm and see for themselves what this breed has to offer.”

Marketing is less of an issue with Lim-Flex because those animals are black due to the Angus cross, she added. The biggest issue for some with a fullblood Limousin is the red color. While there is a preference for black cattle in the market due to the popularity of Angus, Moyer believes the color of the hide has no bearing on what’s underneath. “Once the hide is off, the benefits of a Limousin are apparent. Our butcher called us after he did a steer and he was impressed with the difference of the Limousin carcass hanging next to an Angus and Charolais,” she said. “Those carcasses had a lot of fat covering, but with our Limousin you can see the meat and you know there’s going to be less waste.” Whether it’s quality with the carcass or genetics, Moyer and her family remain dedicated to improving the breed and raising awareness. The demand for Limousin genetics is high, she said, but it takes plenty of work, either in front of a computer researching breeding records or in the barn working the cattle. “I was in the barn the other night until 2 a.m. making sure a heifer was going to calve without any problems. It went fine, I went inside and got three hours of sleep and was back at it,” Moyer said. “I would do that every day if I had to.” Editor’s Note: Reprinted with permission from Lancaster Farming,

Hit it Out of the Park BEUS Homerun 194H

79% Limousin • Homo Polled • Black • 1/23/20 MAGS Aviator x BEUS Fresca 190F CE: 13 BW: 0.2 WW: 77 YW: 121 MK: 27 SC: 0.03 DC: 20 YG: -0.22 RE: 0.88 MB: 0.11 $MI: 59 Eye-appeal, power, calving-ease and growth­— Homerun has it all! With an actual birthweight of 70 lbs., and WW & YW EPDs in the top 10%, he is a true outlier with his combination of calving-ease and growth. Hit it out of the park with BEUS Homerun 194H. Jim & Amy Anderson 8325 Boe Rd • Stanwood, WA 98292 425-238-4772 •


• JULY 2022

Cattle available for sale private treaty. Your call or visit is welcome anytime! Limousin locker beef also available.

North American Limousin Junior Association

The purpose of NALJA is to develop knowledgeable, motivated beef industry leaders, while promoting the Limousin breed through fellowship, leadership and education. The initial cost of a junior membership is $50. This fee activates the Junior membership for the current year and the following calendar year. After this time, Junior members pay a $50/year activity fee to qualify for active member rates and to show at NALF and NALJA sponsored events.



Leadership • • Facebook • Instagram • Mallory Blunier • • JULY 2022


The NALF Board Moves Forward with Establishing the North American Limousin Research Foundation (NALRF)


hen the breed switched its National Cattle Evaluation to IGS a few years ago, it became apparent to the industry what Limousin breeders have known for quite some time. The Limousin breed offers the ability to make superior females with a solid set of maternal traits that can benefit the beef industry as a whole. This fact, combined with superior feed performance and desirable carcass traits, should make Limousin cattle an evident choice to utilize in commercial crossbreeding programs. The current North American Limousin Foundation (NALF) board sees the improvement made by breeders of both Limousin and LimFlex® in recent years. They are intently focused on finding a vehicle

and process to update research on our cattle which will document these advantages through targeted research. The ultimate goal is to attract more demand for Limousin genetics verified by an independent third party. To accomplish this, the board has approved the formation of the North American Limousin Research Foundation, (NALRF). Potential research projects will be funded by a combination of Founders and Contributors in addition to supplemental funding by the NALF. The mission of NALRF is as follows: continued on page 52

BULLISH ON THE BUSINESS These young sires show the kind of quality genetics we are propagating.

Proud to introduce... Excel Polled

Jet Stream 22J

He is a big time herd sire that offers an outcross pedigree and powerful performance. U.S. semen rights owned by: Excel Ranches and Minor Limousin. Canadian partners: Nordal Limousin & Angus and Greenwood Limousin & Angus. LIMITED SEMEN PACKAGES AVAILABLE



Wulfs Eisenhower 3616E x AUTO Freedom 200F We have powerhouse bulls like Justified for sale year round private treaty. These bulls have been bred for phenotype, performance and disposition.

Ron, Barb, Cody, Amy Lincoln, Avery & Brooks Miller RR 1, Westlock, AB T7P 2N9 Cody: 780-349-0644


Trevor, Lauren, Braxton & Kinsley Miller 595 Leisure Ln. Perryville, MO 63775 540-808-3868

We always welcome your call or visit to see the exciting things going on in our program.



• JULY 2022

Riding For The Brand

These are two of the main sires riding for the brand at Rafter DP. They illustrate the kind of performance, phenotype and EPDs we are striving for. These sires are handling the natural service duties behind our extensive AI program.


Eight Ball 011E

50% Lim-Flex • Homo Polled • Homo Black HA Cowboy Up 5405 x PBRS Touch Me Gently 798T CE: 7 BW: 3.3 WW: 78 YW: 135 MK: 16 CM: 1 SC: 1.20 DC: 14 YG: -0.15 CW: 38 RE: 0.54 MB: -0.08 $MI: 52 Co-owned with Coyote Hills Ranch


Hard Rocks 151H

64% Lim-Flex • Homo Polled • Homo Black MAGS Faultless 154F x CHR Cricket 161C CE: 12 BW: -0.2 WW: 88 YW: 142 MK: 25 CM: 7 SC: 1.20 DC: 14 YG: -0.01 CW: 49 RE: 0.55 MB: 0.65 $MI: 80 Co-owned with Coyote Hills Ranch

SEMEN WILL BE AVAILABLE NEXT SPRING. We welcome you to come see our current calf crop and the progress we are making.

Rafter DP Farm & Ranch • David and Jennifer Phillips 405-627-7886 • 12750 N. Chisholm Rd., Geary, OK 73040

• JULY 2022


Generations Of Progress

continued from page 50 “To serve the beef industry through targeted science-based research efforts designed to advance, improve and promote the Limousin breed.”

EF Xclusive

ALYN Bacardi Black

ALYN Jewel 155J

ALYN Jewel 155J

74% Lim-Flex • Homo Polled • Homo Black CELL Envision 7023E x ALYN Duchess 600D CE: 12 BW: 1.6 WW: 81 YW: 134 MK: 18 CM: 7 SC: 1.50 DC: 16 YG: -0.14 CW: 50 RE: 0.82 MB: 0.15 $MI: 61 It was exciting to post another supreme champion win for the Limousin breed this spring at the competitive 2022 Blackout Show in Colorado. ALYN Jewel 155J is a granddaughter of ALYN Bacardi Black, Ashlyn’s Reserve Champion Lim-Flex female at the 2015 NJLSC, and a great – granddaughter of EF Xclusive, the Supreme Champion Breeding Female at the 2013 Nebraska State Fair. She is the culmination of 50 years of experience breeding Limousin cattle and represents the high-performing, sound and attractive Limousin and Lim-Flex cattle we strive to produce.

Give us a call if you’re in the market for performance-oriented and functional cattle that are also easy on the eyes!

Kevin & Julie Ochsner and Family 30300 WCR 388 • Kersey, CO 80644 M: 970-396-5525 • Conveniently located 60 miles northeast of Denver, CO.


Research conducted through universities and other entities can be rather expensive, but much of the documented research on Limousin cattle is outdated and not reflective of the kind of cattle breeders are currently producing. The NALF board strongly feels that updated research on our cattle is needed to help increase demand and value for members’ cattle. Much of the membership has expressed similar views as well. Data provided through future research will be used to guide breed improvement efforts and inform breed marketing and communication strategies. Initially proposed research at South Dakota State University will focus on analyzing the supposed benefits Limousin and Lim-Flex® genetics can provide in a crossbreeding program. This research is expected to capture feed performance and harvest data on three different contemporary groups. Updated EPDs and actual harvest data on fed cattle have indicated the highly profitable potential of utilizing Limousin genetics in an English-based cow herd. The proposed research is intended to capture and document that data. The ability to make cattle that have the power to not only provide more red meat yield and lower external fat in combination with maintaining the Choice quality grade and higher is of major economic relevance. Cattle that can produce this kind of quality grade while only laying down 0.3-0.5 backfat with larger ribeyes and carcass weights leads to superior yield grade as well, which enhances profitability at both the feedyard and packing house sectors of the industry. In addition, utilizing Limousin genetics in a crossbreeding program with English-based cows allows feedyards to buy feeder cattle they can project and feed to larger out weights while maintaining feed efficiency resulting in lower cost of gains and provide lower break evens on fed cattle. This is also a major economic factor when deciding which feeder cattle to purchase, but as to also determine how much more one can pay for feeder cattle. It is estimated that the cost of feed is the number one cost to the beef industry annually (65% the cost of beef production). The NALF board and member breeders believe Limousin and Lim-Flex® genetics can provide these valuable economic traits to the commercial cattle industry and ultimately increase demand for Limousin genetics. We now just need to document and prove what our EPDs and current harvest data are telling us to market and convey this message to the feedyard and commercial cow/calf sectors of the beef industry. If you have an interest in helping fund future research for the Limousin breed and would like to be a part of the Founders and Contributors of the NALRF effort, please contact the NALF office in Aurora for details on how to make a fully tax deductible contribution to this important effort. For further details on NALRF and its mission, visit https://nalf. org/nalrf • JULY 2022

Working for You!


405.260.3775 • • Like us on f

NORTHERN TERRITORY • Will Bollum • 507.244.0833 • SOUTHERN TERRITORY • DeRon Heldermon • 405.850.5102 •

• JULY 2022


More Pounds More Profit

Add Value To Weaned Calves by Mark Z. Johnson

Oklahoma State University Extension

A Master BRUN Onyx 3873G (pictured) P . DB . PB S: R&R Beefmaker 116D D: Lady BRUN 2459A

BW WW YW MK SC DC RE MB $MI EPD 2.1 89 144 20 1.25 9 1.73 -.26 54 Rank 70 1 1 75 4 80 1 80 20 Semen Available Through Cattle Visions

P . B . PB S: R&R Beefmaker 116D D: Lady BRUN 3014D

Master BRUN Hallelujah 4048H BW WW YW MK SC DC RE MB $MI EPD 1.5 93 150 26 1.8 12 1.53 -.22 56 Rank 55 10 15 15 1 65 1 70 10

Master BRUN Gunrunner 4334J BW WW YW MK SC DC RE MB $MI HP . HB . PB EPD 2.8 96 152 23 1.8 18 1.09 0.13 68 S: CELL Envision 7023E Rank 85 1 1 40 1 3 55 3 1 D: Lady BRUN 2492A

P . B . PB S: CELL Envision 7023E D: Lady BRUN 3181D

Master BRUN Otis 4311J BW WW YW MK SC EPD -0.5 90 142 23 1.8 Rank 20 1 1 40 1

DC RE MB $MI 20 1.34 0.0 61 1 10 10 2

P . B . PB S: CELL Envision 7023E D: Lady BRUN 2298Z

Master BRUN Dilligaf 4308J BW WW YW MK SC EPD 4.7 100 161 22 1.6 Rank 95 1 1 35 3

DC RE MB $MI 19 0.96 0.01 64 1 35 65 20


All calves must be: • Raised from the ranch of origin • Bull calves must be castrated and healed • Dehorned and healed • Weaned a minimum of 45 days • Vaccinated with 2 doses of a 5-way respiratory vaccine • Vaccinated with 2 doses of at least a 7-way clostridial vaccine (blackleg) • Vaccinated with 1 dose of Pasteurella/Haemolytica (shipping fever) • Identified with an OQBN program ear tag • Must follow one of three vaccination protocols • Producers must be Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) certified • Third-party verified by OSU Extension personnel

E. JOHN BRUNER & FAMILY 605.482.8202 (o) 22289 442nd Ave. • Winfred, SD 57076

For spring calving herds, now is the time to castrate, dehorn, implant and get the first round vaccinations into calves when they are two to four months of age. The second round of vaccinations can be given at, or prior to, weaning. Act now to add value at weaning and beyond.

Semen $25/Unit on All Bulls, Min. Order 5 Units, Contact Owners “We didn’t come to take part, we came to take over”



dded value can be captured through marketing preconditioned weaned calves or retained ownership past weaning. Along with weaning at least 45 days, preconditioning includes several practices that add value to cattle for the buyer and seller. Beyond this, additional weight gain can be added by growth implants, adding further value to your calves. Bovine respiratory disease is the biggest issue for stocker operators and feedlots. Fully vaccinated and preconditioned calves have been shown to have reduced sick pulls in the receiving pens by 90% and decrease chronics by more than 70%. Castrated steers bring $5-10/cwt. more than bulls, and as they get bigger discounts for bulls increase. Intact bull calves are 1.5 to 2.5 times more likely to get sick, and total gain during receiving is reduced, affecting total performance for the entire ownership period. Dehorning adds value to horned cattle. Often discounts for horned cattle can match or exceed discounts for bull calves. Discounts for horned bulls can reach up to $25/cwt compared to dehorned or polled steer calves. Implants can increase gains by 10 to 20%. For the cost of $2 or less, the 18 pounds of added weight at sale can be worth over $25. Producers often think they can leave bull calves intact and increase weaning weights due to natural testosterone. Testosterone production is very low until puberty, so weaning weights are not heavier for intact bulls compared to steers. Weaning weights of implanted steers is often much heavier than intact bull calves. Requirements to enroll calves in the Oklahoma Quality Beef Network marketing program are as follows. Many states have similar programs with similar requirements.

• JULY 2022

CHANGING OF THE GUARDS We have beefed up our bull battery this Spring with promising young sires that are on the leading edge in terms of phenotype, performance and EPD profiles. These bulls offer fresh genetics to our program as we move forward in our quest to continue to be a leading supplier of Limousin seedstock.

CELL Jarhead 1113J

Homo Polled • Homo Black • 50% Lim-Flex TNGC Empire 736E x MAGS Yeomen CE: 11 BW: 1.2 WW: 88 YW: 138 MK: 17 CM: 6 SC: 1.65 DC: 15 YG: -0.07 CW: 48 RE: 0.74 MB: 0.25 $MI: 67

Wulfs Jamboree 0171J

Homo Polled • Red • Purebred Wulfs Garfield T937G x Wulfs Fairy Circle 8171F CE: 10 BW: 1.2 WW: 83 YW: 120 MK: 32 CM: 5 SC: 1.20 DC: 18 YG: -0.36 CW: 55 RE: 1.09 MB: 0.18 $MI: 65

DANH Johnny Walker 11J

Homo Polled • Red • 78% Limousin COLE Fortune 12F x DANH Guiliana 46G CE: 17 BW: -2.9 WW: 71 YW 109 MK: 25 CM: 11 SC: 0.60 DC: 12 YG: -0.23 CW: 32 RE: 0.84 MB: 0.17 $MI: 60

WZRK Jackhammer 4015J

Homo Polled • Red • Purebred Wulfs Eisenhower 3616E x WZRK Miss Tuffenuff 4015B CE: 10 BW: 2.5 WW: 76 YW: 116 MK: 29 CM: 7 SC: 1.35 DC: 16 YG: -0.42 CW: 41 RE: 1.23 MB: -0.11 $MI: 53

AR Howitzer 0252H

Homo Polled • Red • Fullblood AR Colonel 531C x AR Awe Uh-Huh 361A CE: 7 BW: 4.7 WW: 60 YW: 83 MK: 25 CM: 5 SC: 0.10 DC: 6 YG: -0.66 CW: 24 RE: 1.32 MB: -0.21 $MI: 46

Make plans to attend our production sale:



Watch for more details in the October issue.

204 Express Lane, Leslie, AR 72645 (H) 501/745-8728 - (M) 501/757-1088 - (O) 501/745-8484 -

We welcome your call or visit anytime.

• JULY 2022


LIMS: Whole Herd Reporting W

ant to save money on registrations, transfers and genomic profile testing? Looking to spend less time on the computer and more time outside? Tired of handwritten forms and paperwork? Want more reliable EPDs? Then the LIMS program is for you! The Limousin Inventory Management System (LIMS) is an optional, web-based, whole herd reporting program for active members (Founder, Lifetime, Junior and Annual members) of the North American Limousin Foundation (NALF). The program was first launched in 2006. The current LIMS program is a culmination of many years of trials, breeder feedback and the addition of new tools available in the Digital Beef registry platform. The LIMS program is mutually beneficial for both members and NALF. There are incentives to capture unbiased, complete performance and reproductive data for more accurate EPDs. Members

A pioneer source for Lim-Flex seedstock.

benefit from a simplified and lower cost way of conducting business. One question we get asked a lot is “Isn’t my herd too small for LIMS?” The short answer: absolutely not. There is no herd too big or small for the LIMS program. Small to medium sized herds can see a cost benefit from moving to the LIMS program almost immediately. If you are curious about the exact dollar figure for your herd, reach out to the staff and we can break down the program for you in a way that makes sense and is not overwhelming. We can determine if the LIMS program is right for you.

Cost savings Among the many benefits LIMS has to offer, what stands out most among members is the cost saving aspect of the program. LIMS members are required to enroll 100% of their females, at a rate of $32 per active cow each year. The $32 cost to enroll each cow each year includes the free registration and transfer (up to 30 months of age) for that year’s calf crop. With NALF’s current pricing structure, the least costly registration and transfer is $62 per animal. But with LIMS, it’s all covered in one fee of $32, which is at least a $30 savings for members.


Nearly 40 years ago we recognized the advantages of Limousin crossed with Angus cattle and have been breeding them ever since. When you are in the market for reptuable Lim-Flex seedstock, give us a call or visit Breeding-age bulls and females for sale at all times. Reasonably priced on a first come, first served basis.


CHANDLER, OK 5-1/2 MILES NORTH OF I-44 ON HWY. 18 John & Justin Ball Cell: 405/258-3616 • Office: 405/258-1511


Work smarter, not harder! Time is one thing we all wish we had more of, especially during calving and breeding season. Enrollment in the LIMS program breaks your herd out into spring and fall calving cows, with each set having their own data tab. This concentrates all calving records in one place in Digital Beef, allowing you to see exactly what calves have been registered to which cows, and who is missing data. Each cow enrolled in LIMS will need to have a calf recorded or a reason for no calf (example, calf died before weaning) for each calendar year, and each calf will need a weaning weight recorded or a reason for no weaning weight. The LIMS tab will help you identify these females or calves that are missing records. Complete performance and reproductive information required for inventory-based recording is submitted online. The more specific you are recording this data, the easier and quicker your registrations will be later on. In addition, managing your herd through the many tools on the NALF-DigitalBeef platform will also be easier and more comprehensive. Digital Beef has the capacity to keep all these records for members, so that you can look back on historical calf crops, not having to worry about losing data. • JULY 2022

More reliable EPDs This total herd reporting program contributes more complete and comprehensive production information, helping to position breeders and the Limousin breed as a whole for future improvements. By reporting all your animals, you allow your top animals to stand out. The combination of performance data, genomic testing and NALF’s partnership with International Genetic Solutions has allowed for the most up-to-date EPDs on animals. As an IGS partner, these EPDs are comparable across 16 other breeds. These tools have helped Limousin breeders identify areas of improvement and become more competitive in the seedstock industry.

Be Certified LIMS members have access to the LIMS certified seal. This seal signifies commitment to providing whole herd performance data. This

means that 100% of the registered cows in your program are enrolled in LIMS and requires you to report complete and comprehensive data on all of your cows and calves. This total herd reporting program signifies to other members and commercial producers that you are committed to providing more and better information on the genetic merit of your cattle. The certified LIMS seal appears on your member site and on the animal view screen of every animal in your herd. It is also available to all LIMS members and can be used to further promote the herd in sale catalogs, advertisements, etc. With the ever-changing cattle industry, NALF strives to maximize profit for its members. LIMS members have seen more precise EPDs and have saved time and money. You are encouraged to look into the program and see how it can benefit your cattle operation. continued on page 58

HONORING COMMERCIAL PRODUCERS The Heartland Limousin Association welcomes all Limousin enthusiasts. HLA is passionate about the growth of the breed and connecting seedstock producers with commercial cattlemen.

Application for Membership

Who can join? Any reputable supporter of Limousin cattle is welcome as long as you fill out the application form and send $50 membership dues each year.

Name Address Phone

City/State/Zip e-mail

The undersigned herein applies for membership in the HLA with all rights and privileges outlined in the HLA constitution and bylaws.


Make check payable to the HLA and return this membership form and $50 payment to: Dean Summerbell, HLA, 619 139th Ln. NW, Andover, MN 55304

• JULY 2022

Dean Summerbell, HLA Executive Secretary 619 139th Ln. NW, Andover, MN 55304

(612) 963-3799


continued from page 57 If you want to enroll in the LIMS program, contact Alison Jones,, or Tammy Anderson,

Official Publication of the North American Limousin Foundation 2005 Ruhl Drive • Guthrie, OK 73044 405/260-3775 • Fax: 405/260-3766 Publisher: L365 PUBLISHER EMERITUS—Dan Wedman PUBLISHER EMERITUS—Dale F. Runnion EDITOR—Kyle Haley ADVERTISING MANAGER—Lindsey Meyer CIRCULATION—Jeri Duerr ART DIRECTOR—Ricki Rookstool

LIMS CALENDAR December 1 - February 15 • • • • • • •

Enroll Spring inventory Designate any animals that need to be moved to Fall season Enter disposal codes for females no longer in herd Mark any foreign, recipient females and donor dams appropriately All calving data due for previous year’s Spring enrollment No progeny code required if no calf was born All weaning data due (weight/docility) for previous year’s Spring enrollment

February 23

• Late deadline for any add/removal to your Spring inventory • No late period allowed for weaning and calving data

February 25

• First half SPRING cow assessment and second half FALL cow assessment invoices mailed out

May 1 - July 15

FIELD STAFF: NORTH REGION—Will Bollum 507/244-0833 • SOUTH REGION—DeRon Heldermon 405/850-5102 • U.S. ___ $30 (1 year) ___ $40 (2 year) ___ $52 (3 year)

INTERNATIONAL ___ $40 (1 year, Canada) ___ $50 (1 year, Surface Mail) ___ $100 (1 year, Air Mail)

• • • • • • •

Enroll Fall inventory Designate any animals that need to be moved to Spring season Enter disposal codes for females no longer in herd Mark any foreign, recipient females, and donor dams appropriately All calving data due for previous year’s Fall enrollment No progeny code required if no calf was born All weaning data due (weight/docility) for previous year’s Fall enrollment

Spring Season: January 1 through May 31 Fall Season: June 1 through December 31

All payments to be paid in U.S. Dollars

continued on page 60 Member

LIVESTOCK PUBLICATIONS COUNCIL L365 reserves the right to refuse any advertising or copy at its sole discretion. L365 assumes no part in guaranteeing the integrity or character of any advertiser. L365 accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of any photographs except those of the staff. L365 cannot be held responsible for the content of submitted advertising. Freelance Manuscripts & Photographs: L365 publishes news and educational material about Limousin cattle, of use to and about their owners. Contributors are invited to submit material of this nature. Preference will be given to material that is accompanied by photographs or appropriate illustrations. Manuscripts accepted for publication are subject to editing and revision to meet requirements for publication. Send manuscripts to: Editor, L365, 2005 Ruhl Drive, Guthrie, OK 73044.


• JULY 2022

40 YEARS STRONG As we celebrate our 40th year in the Limousin business, we feel better than ever about the direction of our program. The results of our breeding program have never been better and we believe they are the kind that can be profitable for years to come. These sires were featured in our most recent Cyber Monday online sale.

BBPB HOMEPLACE 037H 51% Lim-Flex • Homo Polled • Homo Black CE: 13 BW: -2.5 WW: 59 YW: 98 MK: 19 CM: 8 SC: 0.10 DC: 19 YG: -0.05 CW: 25 RE: 0.45 MB: 0.39 $MI: 63 A big time herd sire prospect that offers calving-ease, performance and longevity. Co-owned with Pounds Livestock, Lubbock, TX. Semen available, contact Grassroots Genetics (515) 229-5227.

BBPB KRISTIN 038Z 50% Lim-Flex • Double Polled • Double Black CE: 12 BW: -0.6 WW: 63 YW: 91 MK: 17 CM: 6 SC: 0.80 DC: 17 YG: -0.29 CW: 21 RE: 0.64 MB: 0.11 $MI: 55 The dam of Homeplace is pictured here as a nine-year-old and her dam was in production for 21 years. It is great brood matrons like this that are the foundation of our program.

BBPB Homeplace 037H

BBPB Kristin 038Z

LDIL HARLOW 044H 57% Lim-Flex • Homo Polled • Homo Black CE: 14 BW: -0.1 WW: 75 YW: 129 MK: 22 CM: 8 SC: 0.57 DC: 9 YG: -0.11 CW: 28 RE: 0.68 MB: 0.33 $MI: 66 Co-owned with SH Cattle Co., Osceola, MO. Another example of the kind of herd sires we are producing. Study what this bull offers the industry and call us about the semen packages we have available.

AUTO CALLIE 403D 62% Lim-Flex • Homo Polled • Homo Black CE: 12 BW: 3.2 WW: 80 YW: 132 MK: 22 CM: 7 SC: 1.45 DC: 11 YG: -0.17 CW: 29 RE: 0.53 MB: -0.04 $MI: 54 The dam of Harlow is playing a major role in our herd. We have two of her daughters in our current showstring and currently have her in our embryo transplant program.

LDIL Harlow 044H AUTO Callie 403D

These are the kind of individuals you can expect to find in our annual sale. Mark the date:


NOVEMBER 28, 2022 • hosted on Your call or visit is always welcome.

• JULY 2022


continued from page 58

The North American Limousin Foundation would like to recognize the following breeders for their commitment to whole herd reporting through LIMS participation during the past year: Official Publication of the North American Limousin Foundation 2005 Ruhl Drive • Guthrie, OK 73044 405/260-3775 • Fax: 405/260-3766

BREEDER ADVERTISING RATES FULL PAGE....................................................................................$1,150 2/3 PAGE..........................................................................................$950 1/2 PAGE..........................................................................................$775 1/4 PAGE..........................................................................................$500 All advertisements are 4-color process




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Lewis Limousin Farms Linhart Limousin Locust Lane Limousin Lonely Valley Limousin Long and Sons Lura Limousin Lyon River Front Farm Magness Land and Cattle McCann Farms Meckley Family Farms Middleton Limousin Mill Road Limousin Misty Morning Limousin Mitchell Farms Nelda Hanzi Ochsner Limousin Parkinson Cattle Co. Reid Cattle Co. Richard and Susan Little Ridgeway Family Farm Rob A. Brawner Rops Limousin Running Creek Ranch Schock Limousin Shari Holloway Sleiter Limousin Spade Limousins Stanley W. Schrock Super C Limousin Symens Bros Limousin T Hart Cattle Tom Vaughn Trails End Cattle Treftz Limousin Tubmill Creek Farms Tyler Landreth Van Horn Limousin Farm Voigt Cattle Vorthmann Limousin Waddle Limousin Ranch Inc Wade W. or Vicki Beckman Whitby Bros. Cattle Co. Wieczorek Limousin Willow Brook Cattle Willowcreek Farm Wulf Cattle

DL Hoity Toity 546H 65% Lim-Flex Double Polled Homozygous Black ELCX Kings Landing X RITO 1I2 of 2536 RITO 6I6

Every building is a prototype. No two are alike. ~ Helmut Jahn

Just as it is in our construction business.


GBBL Royal Debonnaire 208D Polled Fullblood Baccarat X 1-Way Crown Royal daughter


RJKF Fan-N Dream 50E Fullblood Harvest Olympus X WRC Punch daughter

Marketing & Branding ... Randall O. Ratliff 615.330.2735

Ray and Barb Moyer | 267.718.0574 41 Fretz Rd. | Telford, PA 18969 | 61 • JULY 2022

Vytelle Announces The 2022 Top 150 Proven Bulls


ytelle has released its Top 150 Proven Bulls list. Together, with more than 30 of their network partners, Vytelle is sharing high accuracy bulls that have risen to the top of more than 94,000 animals of 25 different breeds and more than 289,000 RFI EPDs. “Cattle producers need to be able to replicate the right genetics now,” said Kerryann Kocher, chief executive officer for Vytelle. “Through Vytelle’s integrated technology platform, the reality of making reliable data-driven decisions is now. Vytelle and our network partners, are publishing this list of feed efficient bulls to assist cattle producers globally in driving a more accurate mating selection decision.” As expected, again this year, Limousin bulls were well represented with Wulfs Xcellsior X252X coming in first on the the list. Other Limousin bulls making the top 10 were: Wulfs Aerosmith 0556A, Wulfs Xtractor X233X and RUNL Stetson 8505. An additional 10 Limousin bulls made the top 150 list. Bulls appearing among the Top 150 Proven Bulls list must meet the following criteria: • A minimum of a three-generation pedigree • Residual Feed Intake (RFI) EPD accuracy of 0.6 or higher • Animal or progeny were tested on a Vytelle SENSE system


Vytelle curates the world’s largest multi-breed database. Each phenotyped animal strengthens the database, providing producers insight to make profit-bearing decisions regarding selection for feed efficiency and performance. “The selection possibilities for breeders across the globe are endless,” said Lisa Rumsfeld, vice president of international commercial operations for Vytelle. “As part of a balanced program, selecting cattle for feed efficiency using residual feed intake, can directly impact the bottom line as 70% of a beef producer’s total cost is feed. Our partners are enjoying a growing interest in their programs, identifying marketing premiums associated with feed efficiency and methane emissions reduction claims.” Phenotypic data captured through the Vytelle SENSE system measures both individual animal feed intake and weight in parallel while cattle remain in their pens. The Feed Intake Nodes measure feed disappearance every second an animal is feeding, each time an animal feeds, to a 10-gram resolution. The In-Pen Weighing Positions measure individual animal partial body weight and growth. It weighs every second an animal is standing at the water trough, which can equate up to 450 weights a day. To find the full listing of the 2022 Top 150 Proven Bulls, visit

One of the most valuable things in this business is cattle that can produce predictably year in and year out. Whether those results are in production or in the show ring, those that can do it generation after generation are the ones that pay the bills.

Here is an example of the predictable results from LLKT genetics:


LLKT Arizona 303A

Purebred • Homo Polled • Homo Black MAGS Sasquatch x LLKT Yvonne 102Y CE: 10 BW: 3.4 WW: 49 YW: 71 MK: 23 CM: 7 SC: 0.27 DC: 6 YG: -0.40 CW: 6 RE: 0.60 MB: -0.07 $MI: 45 Supreme Champion Female, 2015 San Antonio Junior Show This female was part of our run raising seven grand and reserve champion heifers in San Antonio over a nine year period.


LLKT Miss Carolina 511C Purebred • Homo Polled • Homo Black AUTO Black Coffee 512A x LLKT Arizona 303A CE: 10 BW: 2.6 WW: 55 YW: 80 MK: 22 CM: 7 SC: 0.43 DC: 10 YG: -0.34 CW: 16 RE: 0.71 MB: -0.11 $MI: 45 Grand Champion Limousin Female, 2016 & 2017 San Antonio Junior Show

Son & Grandson...

LLKT Houston 011H ET

81% Limousin • Homo Polled • Homo Black RLBH Air Force One x LLKT Miss Carolina 511C CE: 12 BW: 0.1 WW: 59 YW: 87 MK: 16 CM: 8 SC: 0.77 DC: 13 YG: -0.15 CW: 24 RE: 0.57 MB: 0.21 $MI: 57 We want to thank Begert Limousinm Allison, TX, for buying half interest in this big time herd sire. He is the perfect example of the predictability in our program.

Give us a call when you are in the market for cattle that will produce predictable results. Best of luck to all junior showmen at Junior Nationals. 10510 CR 1100 • Wolfforth, Texas 79382 • 806/777-0230 Leonard & Betty • 806/786-7428 Lyle & Shana • Kurt Thomas, Herd Manager • 406/239-5113

Leonard & Betty Keeton Lyle & Shana Keeton • Jacob, Nikki & Cole


• JULY 2022

BULLS WITH GRIT Through trying times we must persevere. This past year has given us our fair share of challenges, from severe drought to monumental blizzards and everything in between. Our cattle withstand any and all weather North Dakota throws at them. When they survive in our environment, they’ll thrive in yours. Remember Hager Cattle Company as Your Source in the North for Lim-Flex Bull Power.

AHCC Hemi 0901E ET

HP/HB • 50% Lim-Flex • SAV Resource 1441 x LVLS 9066U BW: 2.7 WW: 94 YW: 157 MB: 0.33 $MI: 71 Owned with Graven, Magness, Wulf, Tubmill Creek & Diamond Hill

MAGS Federal Reserve ET

HP/HB • 50% Lim-Flex • MAGS Cable x CJSL 4357B ET BW: -0.6 WW: 73 YW: 107 MB: 0.75 $MI: 79 Owned with Magness Land & Cattle

AHCC Easy Rider 5594E

HP/HB • 56% Lim-Flex • ELMW Alfalfa 103B x AHCC Miss Y Axis C5594 ET BW: -1.0 WW: 84 YW: 132 MB: 0.43 $MI: 73 Owned with Jones Bros

MARK YOUR CALENDARS 17th Annual Hager Cattle Co. Bull Sale

AHCC Earning Power 900E ET

HP/HB • 81% Limousin • MAGS Anchor x LVLS 9066U BW: 0.9 WW: 84 YW: 140 MB: 0.35 $MI: 70 Owned with Buff Beef Ranch

Contact Austin Hager for Semen Austin, Leah, Bailee, Pitch, Tripp & Remmi Hager 4651 2nd Ave. NE • Karlsruhe, ND 58744 • 701/525-6363 701/626-2345 mobile •

April 11, 2023 • At the Ranch • Karlsruhe, ND

Your Source in the North for Lim-Flex Bull Power

• JULY 2022



by Alison Jones NALF Director of DNA Processing & Accounting Operations

s I write this, it’s hard to believe we are almost halfway done with 2022. With historically high corn, diesel, and fertilizer prices, as well as volatile weather throughout the country, it is a particularly challenging time in the cattle industry. Global political concerns, coupled with high inflation, have left many of us wondering what the future will hold and how to determine the best course forward for our families and operations. By now, hopefully most of you are wrapping up planting and breeding. Before you know it, harvest and weaning will be upon us. This spring marked the completion of my 10th year with NALF, and I can honestly say I have never been more excited for the future of this breed than I am right now. The National Junior Limousin Show and Congress in Amarillo is here, and with it comes the introduction of a new show: the Neogen Ultimate Show. This is an incredible opportunity not only for exhibitors to obtain genomically-enhanced EPDs on their animals at no cost, but also to relay the importance of genotype alongside phenotype. We are hoping this will serve as an educational event

for all participants and spectators. The judge will rank these animals based 50% on genotype and 50% on phenotype. The first question you may ask: Why genomically test cattle in the first place? When DNA information is available on an animal through genomic testing, the accuracy of EPDs is improved. Genomic testing, combined with pedigree, performance and progeny data will help provide the best estimate of an animal’s genetic merit as a parent. With increased costs in today’s market, genomics can provide a quicker way to add information about the genetic potential of an animal. For example, you have a newly weaned bull calf that shows potential based on his pedigree and conformation. Genomically enhancing his EPDs would be the same as adding over 25 calving records, 22 birth weights, and over 25 weaning and yearling weights on his progeny. We would even have equivalents of stayability records on 15 of his daughters, all before he has ever bred a cow. Prior to genomic DNA technology, we did not have a way to measure the productivity of a bull until his first calf crop was weaned. Now, with testing, combined with reporting phenotypic data, we can potentially save high input

WULFS HAT TRICK 7183H LIMITED SEMEN PACKAGES AVAILABLE Morris, MN Office: 320.392.5802 Casey Fanta: 320.288.6128

PUREBRED(100/88.9) HOMO POLLED (T) 4/2/2020 • NPM2289534 S: WULF COBRA D: WULFS ELIZA 7183E MGS: HUNT CREDENTIALS 37C ET ACT. BW: 90 • ADJ. WW: 764 ADJ. YW: 1423 • ADJ. SC: 40.9 ADJ. REA: 16.18 • ADJ. IMF: 1.93

Ron Garrison Osceola, MO 417.838.1872



12 35


2.1 70


87 2


133 2


26 15


6 50


1.6 1


13 55


-0.42 80


18 75


0.82 95


0.01 10


60 3

Wulfs Hat Trick 7183H was the Top-Selling Lot at the Wulf Cattle Production Sale at $66,000. He combines a notable pedigree, a balanced EPD profile and eye-catching phenotype. His impressive 205-day-weight combines with top EPDs for WW. YW, TM, SC, MB and $MI. He is a paternal brother to Wulfs Genius 5293G, the top-selling lot in the 2020 Wulf Sale. Phenotypically, Hat Trick is heavy structured and level topped with extra muscle expression and one of the largest scrotal measurements Wulf’s have ever recorded on a purebred bull! When set into motion, he is free moving off both ends of his skeleton and sets down on a large foot. Don’t miss this opportunity to invest in this remarkable individual.


• JULY 2022

costs on an animal that will not meet your seedstock requirements. With advancements in DNA technology, if we can know more about an animal that could add to our bottom line, why not test? It is important to identify where your herd excels, and where there is room for improvement. A heifer that comes back with a lower WW EPD than we would expect does not make her a bad heifer, but instead suggests that mating her to a calving-ease bull that also has above average growth numbers could improve her progeny for growth traits. On the other hand, a balanced set of numbers will not matter on a bull that is not sound enough to get around the pasture to breed cows. Look at genetics as another tool available to you to market your cattle. By finding the balance between phenotype and genotype, you can help better meet the demands of your customers.

Thank You...

Remember, genomic testing does not take the place of reporting actual weights and measurements! As we move forward, genomics is the way of the future in the seedstock industry. Herds that have genomically-enhanced all their females and replacement heifers can see faster progress. This show is a unique opportunity for our youth to be introduced to the world of genomics, and I could not be more excited for that. I encourage you to ask questions and explore the resources available to you. I am very much looking forward to seeing many of you in Amarillo, and I am happy to answer any questions you may have. I can’t wait to see what the next 10 years hold for this breed!

These donors are making it happen at Cross Creek Farm. They are at the forefront of our program being flushed to ATNF Higher Revenue, Conley Express, Silveiras Style and ELCX Kings Landing 599 D.

for the tremendous acceptance of our genetics in our most recent sale.

AUTO Harp 217H 50% Lim-Flex • Polled • Homo Black Silveiras Style 9303 x AUTO Fedora

THANK YOU TO THESE BUYERS 4H Limousin Brad Kidd Brent Yarski Byron Evans Cole Atkinson

Heiskell Winstead Joseph Moore Josh Winslow Mike Cunningham Minor Limousin

Pinegar Limousin Tadd Thomas Wayne Hodges Wesley Hornback Zach Snyder

We appreciate all those who supported our program and saw the value in the genetics we offered. We are planning another event this fall featuring some of our most prized genetics.

AUTO Solo 419E 75% Lim-Flex • Homo Polled • Homo Black Riverstone Crown Royal x AUTO April 202A

AUTO Fly Girl 252F 79% Limousin • Polled • Homo Black MAGS Aviator x AUTO Luckie Too 423Y

Watch for details on our fall sale. We welcome your call or visit anytime. JIMMY & CATHY BYERS • DAVID, BEVERLY, ALEAH & ABBI BYERS GRAY, TENNESSEE (423) 963-2744 David • (423) 817-1796 Jimmy

ELCX Elevate 684E 62% Lim-Flex • Homo Polled • Homo Black EF Xcessive Force x DFLC HBHPC 1S

• JULY 2022


JUNIOR SCENE by Landry Kleman NALJA Director

Don’t Be Afraid To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone


ello everyone, it’s Landry Kleman from the Texas Panhandle. I will be attending Kansas State University in the fall, where I am going to major in Animal Science and Industry with a focus on Beef Production and Management. I grew up in a small German Catholic town on my family’s farm. Over the years our farm has seen many changes from my Grandpa growing sugar beets and grain to my raising my own cattle. As I kept thinking of what I was going to write about, the only thing that kept coming to mind was getting out of your comfort zone. Ever since I was old enough to start showing, my family has shown market barrows throughout Texas. Despite being successful, I always had this desire to raise and show cattle. After several failed attempts


of convincing my parents to let me show cattle, I somewhat gave up because dad always gave the same response, but I never lost that desire to one day raise cattle. My freshman year of high school, I was sitting in the pig barn at the San Antonio Livestock Show when a man came over the speakers saying that they needed alternates for the calf scramble that night at the rodeo. Earlier in the year, I had considered signing up for the scramble but then changed my mind. So, when I heard this, I decided that I was just going to try it. So that night, I competed against 24 other kids for a chance to catch a calf. By the end of the night, I found myself sitting in the calf scramble room with 12 other kids being awarded our certificates for successfully

We are excited about our recent purchase of AHCC Growth Fund from Hager Cattle Company!



HOMOZYGOUS BLACK • HOMOZYGOUS POLLED 1/30/2020 • TNGC Empire736e x BL Uma 819U CED BW WW YW MK TM CEM SC DOC 11 0.7 89 147 24 68 Act. BW 82 • Adj. WW 652 • Adj. YW 1324







15 -0.05






Hager Cattle Company purchased Possession and 2/3 Semen Interest

Calves are on the ground and they are INCREDIBLE! Wade & Vicki Beckman • 208.313.0235 // Sedar & Danna Beckman • 208.521.4628 // JOIN US FOR OUR HEIFER SALE THE LAST SATURDAY IN OCTOBER


• JULY 2022

catching a calf. Each year, the scramble committee awards their winners a certificate to purchase a breeding animal of their choosing and return the next year to show their animal. Immediately, I knew I was going to buy my first heifer. Fast forward three years later to the summer before my second time attending NJLSC. I saw a post on the Limousin Facebook page saying that Junior Board applications were open. I glanced over the application and realized I was old enough to apply. So once again, I decided to just go for it. Now I’m wrapping up my first year on the board and have loved every second of it. So, if I had any piece of advice to give a junior, it would be to step out of your comfort zone. Join that judging team, be the friend, take the leap. You never know what life is going to throw your way. When you have the chance, take it. It might be the best decision of your life.

EXCLUSIVE POSITIONS—annually Association, Youth, Commercial, Events, Online-Contact for Pricing PREMIER PROMOTION POSITIONS—annually Featured Ads, Catalogs, Breeder Directory-Contact for Pricing FEATURED AD LISTING—$750 per 30 day-cycle SALE CATALOG LISTING—30 day-cycle $250 if accompanied by Featured Ad or Premier Spot • $1,000—Stand Alone BREEDER DIRECTORY LISTING—$450 annually Business Card Ads BULL PEN SIRE DIRECTORY—$835 Four Month Placement

“The further you get away from yourself, the more challenging it is. Not to be in your comfort zone is great fun.” -Benedict Cumberbatch

2020-2021 NALJA BOARD PRESIDENT, Shelby Hubbard ................................................Miami, OK • 918-541-5276 VICE-PRESIDENT, Wiley Fanta .......................................... Starbuck, MN • 320-287-0751

eBlast SERVICES—$195 per blast eBlast PREFERRED POSITIONS—Contact for Pricing ONLINE SALE HOSTING—Contact for Pricing

4-Time Contract Print Ad Discount - 5% Annual Contract Digital/Print Discount - 15% NORTH REGION Will Bollum 507/244-0833

SOUTH REGION DeRon Heldermon 405/850-5102

SECRETARY, Riley Smith ......................................................Macomb, IL • 309-333-7772 TREASURER, Zane Gavette ................................................ Everson, WA • 360-389-7105 EX-OFFICIO, Clayton Schowe ....................................... Boonsboro, MD • 636-377-3100 DIRECTORS

Samantha Moore..................................................... Staunton, VA • 480-338-8597 Colton Barton ....................................................................... Jarrell, TX • 512-966-2617 Brady Edge ...................................................................West Branch, IA • 319-540-2830 Landry Kleman......................................................... Nazareth, TX • 806-673-8331 Mikayla Askey.................................................... Queen Creek, AZ • 540-290-4339

• JULY 2022


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Davis Ranches Show Heifer Online Sale,


Jones Brothers Limousin Online Sale,


Davis Ranches Show Heifer Online Sale,


Edwards Land & Cattle Co. ßFall Production Sale, Beulaville, NC


Lenape Limousin Inaugural Online Sale,


KLS Farms “It’s a Southern Thing” Edition IV,


Davis Ranches Online Sale,

OCTOBER . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8

Keystone International Livestock Exposition Open Limousin Show, Harrisburg, PA


Keystone International Livestock Exposition Junior Limousin Show, Harrisburg, PA


Linhart Limousin 13th Annual Fall Harvest Sale, Leon, IA


KLS Farms “It’s a Southern Thing” Edition V,


Beckman Land & Livestock Sale, Idaho Falls, ID


P Bar S Ranch Annual Production Sale, Sand Springs, OK

NOVEMBER . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1

Davis Ranches Show Heifer Online Sale,


KLS Farms “It’s a Southern Thing” Edition VI,


Thomas Farms Annual Production Sale, Leslie, AR


Heart Of Missouri Sale, Lebanon, MO


Boyce-Dill Cyber Monday Sale,

• JULY 2022

I ts’ All Coming Into F ocus

WATCH FOR OUR CONSIGNMENTS AT: SALE OF SALES, June 28, 2022, Amarillo, TX HEART OF MISSOURI, November 19, 2022, Lebanon, MO A NIGHT ON THE TOWN IV, December 10, 2022, Las Vegas, NV NATIONAL LIMOUSIN SALE, January 2, 2023, Oklahoma City, OK

Andy & Tammy Schmalshof Adam, Jonelle, Peyton, Carrina & Dixon Schmalshof Karen, Griffin & Drake Reese 436 140th St. • Avon, IL 61415 Andy, cell: 309/333-0029 • Adam, cell: 309/333-3044

Follow us on f ATAK Limousin • JULY 2022


24018 STATE HWY. 5 CHATTANOOGA, OK 73528 (580) 597-3006 (office)

C.K. Sonny Booth Auctioneer

PO Box 1172 Miami, OK 74355

(918) 533 5587



Chisum Peterson



office 605.234.4214 mobile 605.730.4214


310 sorensen drive » po box 498 chamberlain, sd 57325

PO Box 146 • Rose, OK 74364 918/629-9382

Cody Lowderman Auctioneer

13400 N 1150th Rd. Macomb, IL 61455 (309) 313-2171

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___ MC ___ DISC

PRINT FORM SUBSCRIBE BY PHONE 405.260.3775 SUBSCRIBE BY MAIL L365 Magazine 2005 Ruhl Drive, Guthrie, OK 73044



RECIPIENT INFORMATION ___ Mail to Billing Address

_____________________________________________________________________ NAME

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• JULY 2022

ADVERTISERS INDEX American Cattle Services............................................................... 70

KLS Farms.................................................................................... 19

Anderson Cattle Co....................................................................... 48

Lawrence Family Limousin........................................................ OBC

Anderson’s Red Limousin Farm..................................................... 18

Lenape Limousin........................................................................... 61

ATAK Limousin............................................................................ 69

Leonard Limousin & Angus.......................................................... 31

Ball Ranch..................................................................................... 56

Limousin365................................................................................. 53

Beckman Livestock & Farming..................................................... 66

Linhart Limousin.......................................................................... 23

Begert Limousin.............................................................................. 2

Lowderman, Cody ....................................................................... 70

Beus Cattle Co.............................................................................. 39

Lyon River Front Farm.................................................................. 30

Booth, C.K. “Sonny”..................................................................... 70

Magness Land & Cattle................................................................... 7

Boyce/Dill Cattle.......................................................................... 59

MC Marketing Management......................................................... 14

Bruner Limousin........................................................................... 54

Misty Morning Limousin.............................................................. 13

CJO Ranch................................................................................... 32

North American Limousin Foundation......................................... 33

Coleman Limousin Ranch........................................................... 8, 9

North American Limousin Junior Association............................... 49

Cross Creek Farm.......................................................................... 65

O’Connor Farms Limousin........................................................... 43

Cunningham, Ronn...................................................................... 70

Ochsner Limousin......................................................................... 52

Davis Ranches............................................................................... 27

P Bar S Ranch............................................................................. IFC

Diamond R Cattle Co................................................................... 44

Peterson, Chisum.......................................................................... 70

Dorran, Ryan................................................................................ 70

Peterson’s L7 Bar Limousin............................................................. 3

Edwards Land & Cattle Co.........................................................IBC

R&R Marketing Co...................................................................... 17

Excel Ranches................................................................................ 50

Rafter DP Farm & Ranch............................................................. 51

Fuchs Limousin............................................................................. 21

ROM’N Limousin........................................................................ 38

Garrison Limousin........................................................................ 64

Route 66 Cattle Co....................................................................... 41

Gates Limousin ............................................................................ 24

Running Creek Ranch Co............................................................. 20

Glendenning J Bar J...................................................................... 37

Schilling Cattle.............................................................................. 45

Grassroots Genetics & Consulting.................................................. 5

Symens Brothers............................................................................ 25

Hager Cattle Co............................................................................ 63

Thomas Farms.............................................................................. 55

Hayhook Limousin....................................................................... 36

Torgerson Farms............................................................................ 40

Heartland Limousin Association................................................... 57

Waddle Limousin Ranch............................................................... 42

Hunt Limousin Ranch.................................................................. 15

Whitewater Limousin.................................................................... 35

J & J Cattle Co............................................................................. 11

Wieczorek Limousin..................................................................... 72

Keeton Limousin........................................................................... 62

Wilder Family Limousin............................................................... 11

Keystone International Livestock Exposition................................. 67

Wulf Cattle............................................................................... 1, 64

• JULY 2022


Each Piece Has Its Place We have learned many lessons in our 50 years in the Limousin seedstock business. None more important than the ability to multi-task, knowing that each task plays an important role in a program’s ability to thrive and prosper. Calving Ease Phenotype Maternal Ability Performance Genomics Feed Efficiency Individual Carcass Data Customer Satisfaction Industry Service CURT & LEANNE WIECZOREK 605-227-4601 • 39768 267th St. • Mount Vernon, SD 57363



If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. • JULY 2022

ELCX Kings Landing 81% Limousin, homozygous polled and homozygous black son of MAGS Xyloid


MAGS Xyloid 75% Lim-Flex, polled, homozygous black son of DHVO Deuce

BULL & FEMALE SALE Limousin | Lim-Flex | Angus | Red Angus

Saturday, September 10, 2022 Beulaville, NC

Dexter and Nicholas Edwards

Sale Management ... Randall O. Ratliff 615.330.2735

Dexter, 910.385.6192 Nicholas, cell: 910.290.1424 314 Willard Edwards Road, Beulaville, NC 28518

Industry Wide Acceptance

We know it is a lofty goal but as the years have progressed we have set our sights on producing cattle that have the traits to be acceptable in many facets of the industry. Breeding cattle with a balance of docility, calving-ease, true performance and carcass traits is not easy but it is a challenge we take head on with each mating and decision at Lawrence Family Limousin.

These sires, along with leading AI sires, are being used to help accomplish our goals. LFL DELUXE



50% Lim-Flex • Homo Polled • Homo Black Jindra Acclaim x LVLS 9066U CE: 13 BW: -0.7 WW: 90 YW: 154 MK: 21 CM: 10 SC: 1.45 DC: 15 YG: 0.03 CW: 78 RE: 0.58 MB: 0.65 $MI: 81 BW: 63 • Adj. WW: 816 • Adj. YW: 1,301 UREA: 15.64 • UIMF: 6.86 • SC: 36.5 Co-owned with Hunt Limousin


We welcome all Limousin families to the Lone Star state for this year’s Junior National. We hope you enjoy your stay and wish the best of luck to all junior members. When you are in the market for bulls and females bred for industry wide acceptance, call to see what we have available and watch for our cattle selling in upcoming sales.

57% Lim-Flex • Homo Polled • Homo Black MAGS Cable x AUTO Bliss 265Y CE: 10 BW: 1.6 WW: 74 YW: 128 MK: 17 CM: 7 SC: 0.70 DC: 18 YG: -0.08 CW: 46 RE: 0.63 MB: 0.53 $MI: 73 BW: 77 • Adj. WW: 524 • Adj. YW: 1,310 UREA: 12.63 • UIMF: 3.99 • SC: 32.0


Bruce, Paula & Lee Roy Lawrence Jonny, Amber, Tucker & Colt Parkinson P.O. Box 299 • Anton, TX 79313 806/997-5381 • Bruce: 806/790-2535 Amber: 806/773-6043 • Lee Roy: 806/778-0548 email: •


65% Lim-Flex • Polled • Homo Black RLBH Air Force One x LFL Zha Zha 2075Z CE: 10 BW: 0.7 WW: 64 YW: 90 MK: 13 CM: 6 SC: 0.60 DC: 14 YG: 0.02 CW: 17 RE: 0.11 MB: 0.30 $MI: 60 BW: 70 • Adj. WW: 821 • Adj. YW: 1,337 UREA: 13.40 • UIMF: 2.56 • SC: 34.5 Co-owned with Parkinson Limousin

60% Lim-Flex • Homo Polled • Homo Black COLE Deputy 37D x AUTO Bliss 265Y CE: 10 BW: 2.5 WW: 86 YW: 144 MK: 16 CM: 4 SC: 0.10 DC: 16 YG: 0.01 CW: 40 RE: 0.54 MB: 1.07 $MI: 95 BW: 94 • Adj. WW: 747 • Adj. YW: 1,443 UREA: 15.04 • UIMF: 9.70 • SC: 37.0 Limited semen shares available