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Scouting Report By Patty Hutchens

Coach Satini Puailoa, the Clarkston Bantams run multiple sets on offense and are averaging 125 yards per game rushing and 200 yards per game passing. Clarkston’s top receivers include Sophomore Trevor Sperry who at 6’4” and 180 lbs. has made 26 receptions and two touchdowns so far this season. Other players to keep an eye on include seniors Zac Dwyer, with a season total 8 touchdowns and 23 receptions, and Robby DeVleming who has made 26 receptions so far this season.



he Clarkston Bantams come into tonight’s game against the Sandpoint Bulldogs with a 2-5 record. They have posted wins against Colville and a one point victory (8-7) against Moscow in their season opener. The losses have come against Lewiston, Sutter (California), West Valley, East Valley and Pullman. The Bantams run a 4/4 defense with an attacking style. Their offense is led by 6’3” sophomore CJ Hansen at quarterback, who has averaged 188 passing yards per game and is also the Bantams’ leading rusher. According to Sandpoint Head

The Bulldog offensive line will have to keep their eye on Clarkston linebacker junior Carson Holman who has 50 total tackles this season. Clarkston is led by Head Coach Dave Curtis

Sandpoint High School Dance Team


he 2012 - 2013 Sandpoint HS Dance Team is under the student leadership of Captain, Summer Weidler and Co-Captains, Elaina Pignolet and Hailey Nutt. The team consists of 19 members, grades 9-12 with 8 returners and 11 new members. This is Coach Cindy Smith’s 10th year as the coach of the SHS Dance Team. The teams’ competitive season begins in January, but until then you can find us at all the home football games as your halftime entertainment. Go Bulldogs! 1st Row (left to right): Katie Maddux, Breylan Martin, Elaina Pignolet (co-captain), Hailey Nutt (co-captain), Kayla Kassa, Emily McKay 2nd Row (left to right): Sami Brown, Jordan Garrett, Aria Horowitz, Summer Weidler (captain), Hailey Dunn, Rio Pedersen, Jordyn Mathew 3rd Row (left to right): Madi Sleyster, Lexes Young, Hailey Hines, Savannah Hubbard,Katie Hernandez, Shania Lies


(left to right: Hailey Nutt (co-captain) Summer Weidler (captain) Elaina PIgnolet (co-captain) Coach Cindy Smith

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Sandpoint High School Roster # NAME HT WT GRADE POS 3 PAULL, CARSON 5’7” 150 11 QB/DB 5 HARRIS, TYLER 6’0 170 10 DB 6 FURY, TOMMY 5’9” 160 12 WR/DB 7 NEWHART, HARLEY 5’8” 170 11 DB 9 WARD,DAKOTA 5’11” 190 11 MLB 12 NELSON, NICK 6’1” 165 12 QB 13 RODRIGUEZ CHASE 6’5” 190 11 WR/DB 15 PRINDIVILLE NICK 6’0 175 12 QB, P 16 HILL, KEVIN 5’10” 165 12 WR/DB 18 MILLARD,CODY 5’4” 162 11 FB 19 CHARVOZ, ALEX 6’1 165 12 WR/DB 20 RYCKMAN,JUSTIN 5,11 158 11 DB 21 FAIRBANKS,DEVYN 5’10 154 11 DB 22 PELL, CLAYTON 5’10 160 11 DB 23 KNAGGS, DEAN 5’7 160 11 DB/TB 24 WILKERSON JUSTIN 6’2” 180 12 LB 31 & 49 HANCOCK, DEVI N 5’11 200 12 FB 33 WEINDL, ADAM 5’8” 180 11 LB 36 STORMO, MIKE 5’9” 180 12 RB 39 JOHNSON, ISAAC 5’10 180 11 LB 41 PERRY, TEVIN 6”2 185 11 MLB 42 BURATTO, AJ 5’11” 195 12 TB 44 MCGUIRE, JAKE 5’8 145 12 DB 48 PURYEAR Justin 6’ 1” 195 12 MLB 50 LUNDE, NATE 5’9 210 11 DT 51 DUBNICKA, ANDREW 6’2” 230 12 C 52 TALON, EGBERS 5’10” 195 11 DT 55 MILLER, McCALL 6’2” 240 12 LT 59 & 71 COOK, ANDREW 5’10” 175 11 DE 84 MAYNARD, JAKE 6’2” 180 11 DE 62 RADONICH,MARC 5’10 150 11 C 64 PAYS, TODD 6’4” 240 12 RG 65 BUSH, RYAN 5’10 183 11 LG/C 66 BYERS, JORDAN 5’10” 195 11 DT 67 PAYS, TIM 6’4” 240 12 RT 70 FEYEN, NIK 6’”0 280 12 LG 77 DAVAULT, JOHN 5’6” 280 12 DL 72 ABBOTT, JARVIS 6’0 185 11 DE/TE 73 REICH, SAM 6’0” 200 11 RG 74 GHISLLINE, NOLAN 6’1” 215 10 DL 75 CAMP, LOGAN 6’4” 240 11 LT 77 DaVAULT, JOHN 6’1” 250 11 RG 79 PAULUS, KYLE 6’ 230 11 DT 80 EDWARDS, THOMAS 6”1’ 170 11 WR 81 STEEN,JAKE 6’1” 170 11 WR 82 BREUNER, IAN 6’4” 165 11 DE/TE 84 PEARLSTEIN, QUINN 6’1” 185 10 WR 85 SMITH, TRAVIS 6’3” 195 12 DE/TE 86 TRAVERS, JOSH 6’5” 210 11 DE/TE 88 DIERCKS, AUSTIN 5’9” 181 11 DB 94 SLIPPY, PETE 6’0” 240 12 DT 95 LOUTZENHISER, JOSH 6’0” 235 12 DT 99 McCORMICK, JONATHAN 6’0” 180 11 LB


MASCOT Bulldog


Principal: Becky Myer Athletic Director: Kris Knowles


Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator: Satini Puailoa Offensive Line: Crosby Tajan Running Backs: Steve Russo Wide Outs: Steve Miller QB’S: Ray Miller Assistant Head Coach and Defensive Coordinator: Chris Lassen Secondary: Paul Mauel and Scott Albertson Defensive Line: John Knowles and Shane Frank Special Teams: Martin Rodriguez Equipment Manager: Jarrett Robson Manager: Jason Roop


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Moscow High School Roster

Name Number Class Ht. Wt. Off. Def. Adam Babino 2 12 5’9 140 K Robby DeVleming 3 12 6’0 190 Slot S Jacob Dwyer 4 10 5’11 150 WR S Ronnie Weisner 5 12 5’6 160 WR C Cutlar Seubert 6 10 5’9 140 WR C Terrell Sells 7 11 5’8 140 WR C Austin Hansen 8 12 5’11 185 QB C Trevor Sperry 10 10 6’4 180 WR S Bruno Foust 12 11 6’11 155 QB S Aaron Guz 14 12 5’6 125 K Bronson Boardman 15 11 6’0 185 TE T CJ Johnson 17 10 6’3 190 QB LB James Weber 20 10 5’10 145 RB C Colby Ruark 22 12 6’0 215 RB LB Braedyn Head 23 12 6’3 190 RB LB Zac Dwyer 24 12 6’3 190 WR C Alex Downs 26 12 6’3 210 TE E Kyle Lohman 28 10 5’9 120 RB C Jacob Waller 30 12 6’1 210 RB T Dakota Cornish 33 11 6’0 160 TE E Braydon Pearson 41 12 5’8 150 TE LB Carson Holman 45 11 6’0 185 RB LB Cedar Seubert 51 12 5’10 210 C LB Kyle Briney 52 11 5’11 195 G LB Jordan Peters 55 11 5’10 200 C T Connor Morbeck 57 11 5’7 195 G T Cody Compton 62 12 6’1 210 T E Mike VanSolen-Morse 64 12 6’1 160 T E Keith Copeland 66 12 6”0 225 G T Jordan Scheuermann 67 11 6’5 225 T E Jonathan Wilcoxin 71 11 6’0 210 G LB Taylor Sanders 70 11 6’4 195 T E Kaleb Dagelen 75 12 6’3 265 T T JD Sharlp 77 12 5’11 210 G T Shawn Weisner 85 11 5’8 170 WR C Andrew Walker 88 10 6’1 180 Te LB




Dave Curtis Isaac Kelley Kyle Fox Mike Stilson Kyle Purcell Joe Williams Shaun O’Kelley Dan Randles



Eric Anderson

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Senior Spotlight


By Patty Hutchens

ick Nelson Senior Nick Nelson was an avid football player during middle school and his freshman year of high school. But when surgery sidelined him his sophomore year, he thought his football days were over.

Towards the end of Nick’s junior year, it was announced that Coach Puailoa would be taking over the football program. “I had Coach Puailoa for P.E. and he encouraged me to come back and play,” said Nick. He is thankful for that encouragement and said Coach Puailoa and his staff have brought the team together more than he ever imagined. “I like being part of a team,” said Nick. “It is like a big band of brothers.” He says the coaching staff helps to keep the players focused and on track. “Coach Puailoa is definitely a motivator,” said Nick, who adds that Coach emphasizes a good work ethic both on and off the field. In addition to football, Nick has played basketball since the third grade and made varsity as a junior and plans to play again this year. In middle school he also wrestled and was on the track team. In his free time, Nick said he enjoys hanging out with his friends and playing pickup games of basketball. One of six children, Nick said his love of football came from his dad who once played linebacker for a semi-pro team. When he graduates next spring, Nick plans to attend Boise State University and study engineering, but until then he wants to enjoy the present. “I like how close everyone on the team is and I’ve enjoyed getting to know people who are all interested in the same things,” said Nick. He said the advice he has for younger players on the team is to believe in the coaching staff and to persevere. “Keep doing what the coaches say to do. It will pay off,” said Nick who adds “Work as hard as possible. Strive to always do your best.”


ndrew Dubnicka Football has always been a big part of senior Andrew Dubnicka’s life. He started with flag football in the fifth grade and has not missed a season since. He has always played offensive line, typically at the position of center, but has also played guard in the past. When asked what he enjoys most about the sport, Andrew replied that he likes the competitiveness the sport offers. “I like giving it my all,” said Andrew. He said the coaching staff has given him a great deal of support and for that he is appreciative. “They really care about us beyond practice and games,” said Andrew. “They care about us as people.” Andrew is also on the Sandpoint Bulldog track team where he throws shot put and discus. His honesty shines through when asked what his favorite subject in school is “Lunch,” he responded with a smile. Andrew also enjoys being with his friends and said it has been interesting to see how he has changed over the years at Sandpoint High School. “I’ve matured a lot since freshman year,” said Andrew. After he graduates Andrew plans to go to Boise State and study business. When asked what words of wisdom he can offer the younger members of the football program, Andrew said it is important to never give up no matter how difficult things may be. “When it gets to the tougher times of the season, do not give up. Give it your all and you won’t regret it,”

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.J. Buratto Senior running back A.J. Buratto has been playing football since he was in the seventh grade. With the exception of his sophomore year when he attended University High School in Spokane, A.J. has always played for Sandpoint.

He said this year particularly stands out because of the lessons he has learned from the coaching staff. “I like the structure they give us,” said A.J. “They allow us to go with our instincts, and we know what we have to do to win.” He said he has gained a lot of confidence on the field this season and said what he enjoys most about the game is the intensity of the competition.“I have learned how to trust myself more when I am running,” said A.J. “We have learned how to use techniques in games that we have learned in practice.” During his years at Sandpoint High School A.J. said he has participated in many different sports including basketball, tennis and track. “This year I want to play golf and possibly lacrosse,” said A.J. One of his favorite hobbies is frisbee golfing. Next year A.J. plans to attend Bend Community College in Oregon where he will work towards an Associate’s degree in Culinary Arts. He eventually hopes to open his own restaurant. The best advice he said he would like to leave with the younger players in the Bulldog program is that while football may be only a small part of their high school experience,“they should take it seriously and work hard.”


ake McGuire In his previous three years at Sandpoint High School, senior Jake McGuire had not participated in any organized sports. That all changed this year when he decided to go out for the football team. “I’m a rookie,” said Jake. “But it’s the best experience I’ve ever had and something I will always remember.”

Jake, who plays defensive back and special teams, said he enjoys being part of something and feeling so accepted by the team and the coaching staff. A good student, Jake also keeps busy working at Mick Duffs in downtown Sandpoint. He plans to attend college after graduation and said his dream is to play college ball. “Coach Puailoa has inspired me to go to college and try to play college ball,” said Jake, who is interested in studying psychology. He has appreciated the support the entire coaching staff has provided him both on and off the field. He says one thing people do not realize is that the coaches highly stress that it is important to do one’s best academically. He said the coaches’ philosophy is that by excelling academically, a student will achieve higher self-esteem and will gain confidence in all aspects of his or her life. Jake was very impressed with the coaches’ attitudes and how they are always in a good mood and happy to be there coaching the students. “They show up and walk through that door for us every day,” said Jake. “And they are always happy.” He credits the coaches with teaching him to always be positive. “I turn my frown upside down,” said Jake, who adds the coaches have taught him lifelong values and the importance of never putting anyone down but instead of always picking others up. “Many of these kids would not be here if it weren’t for these coaches.” Jake has learned that vision is an important part of life. “You have to see yourself doing it before you do something,” said Jake. Most of all, he praises Coach Puailoa for helping him through some difficult times. Jake lost his father when he was young and Coach Puailoa has become a father figure to him. “He has taught me that I can go and do anything in the world I want to,” said Jake. “He has been there for me whenever I need him and has taught me something new each and every day.” Jake said that the best advice he can give the younger football players on the team is to stick with the program.“There is meaning behind everything he says.”


EMADS: Overcoming Health Challenges for Football By Patty Hutchens


hen freshman Jake Timothy told his parents monitoring of the oxygen level in his blood. The medical he wanted to play football, his mother, like staff at the outpatient clinic tried five different machines many parents, was – all of which showed an alarming 88 nervous. After all, it is percent oxygen level. A normal level is a very physical game and can result in typically a minimum of 98 percent. The injuries. But for Jake and his brother, clinic told them to go to the hospital sophomore football player Matt where Jake had chest x-rays. When a Timothy, the dangers of the game can cardiologist reviewed the films, he asked be more than a torn ACL or a broif Jake ever had nosebleeds, a prominent ken bone. The brothers suffer from symptom of people with HHT. Living Jake and Matt Timothy a genetic disorder called Hereditary in New Jersey at the time, they were reHemorrhagic Telangiectasia (HHT), ferred to Columbia Presbyterian in New an abnormal blood vessel formation which is often found York City and within two weeks Jake was undergoing a lung in the lungs, liver and brain. If symptoms are left untreated, embolization. the result can be death. Jake describes a procedure that repaired 12 malformations Matt has not had any significant health challenges due to in one of his lungs and one in the other. The surgery took the disorder, but unfortunately that is not the case for Jake. five hours, and afterwards it was required that he be moniThe boys’ mother, Nichol, and their grandmother also have tored every 6 months. the disorder, but were not diagnosed until Jake was 7 years old, the same time Matt was diagnosed. While some deem “If my oxygen level gets below 90 percent then they said we it rare, it actually affects one in 5000 people. Nichol explains would have to do another surgery,” said Jake. that capillaries provide oxygen to the body and filter bacteria. Since his diagnosis, the 14 year old has become very aware of his body and knows the importance of monitoring his “Our bodies, however, grow a bridge over the capillary,” she symptoms and sharing them with his parents. If he had not said describing how the body is then deprived of oxygen. done so when he was 10, he would very likely have died. “The blood can end up rushing to the heart in search of He woke up one morning with a bad headache. He had oxygen and that rushing motion can cause a stroke.” bumped his head a couple days before so at first the family thought that was the reason for the headache. But by the When Jake was born he had five bilirubin tests, all of which end of the day his head was facing downward, and he was came out fine. Nichol was told the yellowing of her newunable to raise it. He was immediately taken to the emerborn’s skin was simply his natural skin tone. When Jake was gency room where a CT scan was performed. One doctor two years old, there were four different occasions when he had told them to go home and come back another day for gasped for breath, passed out and Nichol rushed him to the an MRI, but another doctor did not feel comfortable doing doctor, only to be told he was doing this as a way of getting that. His intuition saved Jake’s life. attention. The ends of his fingers and toes were also curved, a malformation referred to as clubbing, which is a result of “I had a brain abscess that went from the size of a dime to lack of oxygen to the extremities and another sign of HHT. the size of a golf ball in one day,” said Jake. But when Jake was 7, answers started coming their way. Jake was having an unrelated procedure which required

EMADs in the Community is Brought to You By: PAGE 8   2012 SANDPOINT HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL

After surgery on his right temporal lobe, Jake was on heavy antibiotics for 2 ½ months. They were administered through

208.263.8597 | 606 North Third Avenue, Suite #201

a peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC) which required that Jake miss a significant amount of school. He was out of school for 48 days that year yet finished on time and with good grades.

change in pressure that occurs in both activities. Jake has 33 platinum coils in his lungs and two titanium bolts in his head. Yet, with the exception of when symptoms arise, the fear has gone away. He is grateful for the opportunity to play football and would not trade it for anything.

Last spring Jake required yet Jake and Matt Timothy at HHT Awareness Booth another surgery, this time to repair more malformations in both lungs. While Jake’s brother Matt has not had any Nichol said the key to the disorder is to stay on top of the surgeries or significant symptoms, he too is closely monisymptoms. “We do the prevention so there is never a risk of tored for any drop in oxygen levels that may signal a probrupture,” she explains. “The disorder is completely reverslem with his lungs. Yet, doctors caution that Matt, now 15, ible if caught early.” The family has made it their mission to may require surgery by the time he reaches 17 or 18. Matt make sure the medical community, including dentists and has a lot of nosebleeds and it is important for both boys to orthodontists, are well-versed on the symptoms and signs make sure the athletic coaches are aware of their disorder of the disease. In their lips, tongues and gums there are red and to educate them on their symptoms. Jake always carries dots which are ruptured capillaries, something they want a dog tag with a USB that holds all of his medical records. dentists to be aware of. “That should be the first level of When he played junior tackle the family started the practice diagnosis,” she said. of placing an extra copy in the team’s first aid kit. In addition to attending national conferences, Nichol has Nichol states that many of the doctors who are familiar with been to Washington D.C. to lobby for mandatory testing for HHT have stated that they believe many of the deaths of newborns. She also said that if Jake’s oxygen level had been young, otherwise healthy athletes who suffer strokes, could checked as a newborn, it would have signaled something largely be due to undiagnosed HHT. Nichol said giving her wrong. sons the permission to play contact sports was not a decision the family took lightly. But in the end they decided After each of his surgeries, it is evident that Jake’s level of that it was their lives and they had to have some say in it. oxygen is increased. “His clubbing of his hands and feet were gone soon after the first surgery and each time he has Jake said his dad told him if Jake was to play, he could not had surgery he has grown four inches within six months.” be afraid of being hit and be willing to hit. “He told me injuries happen more often when people are afraid,” explains Jake said it is extremely important to know his body and to Jake. listen to the signs of possible problems. Yet, he said education is the key and he and Matt will do what they can to When he first started playing in sixth grade Jake admits help their parents educate people. to having a lot of fear. “I was scared and I cried,” said the well-spoken young man. The doctors have cleared the boys “33,000 people die from this each year,” said Jake. “And to play contact sports and only impose two restrictions on many of those people do not even know they have it.” activities – skydiving and scuba diving – due to the rapid

Ty C. Corbridge, D.M.D.


Players of the Week - Lake City Photos courtesy of

# 15 - Nick Prindiville, Quarter Back

# 64 - Todd Pays, Offensive Line

# 22 - Dean Knaggs, Special Teams

# 5 - Tyler Harris, Defensive Back

# 94 - Pete Slippy, Defensive Line

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Come Hungry, Stay Late, Ponderay: 208.263.1381 | Hope: 208.264.5999 Eat Well! PAGE 10   2012 SANDPOINT HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL

Players of the Week - Moscow

# 34 - Tyler Harris, Defensive Back

# 70 - Nik Feyen, Offensive Line

# 6 - Tommy Fury, Wide Receiver

# 7 - Harley Newhart, Defensive Back

Photos courtesy of Jason Duchow Photography

# 67 - Tim Pays, Offensive Line


Go BulldoGs!

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SHS Football Program Insert #5 October 2012  

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