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Customer Appreciation Sale STOREWIDE Thru December 24th


Open 7 Days a Week

December’s Birthstone is the Blue Topaz Custom Designs by Karl and Jason

Bonner Mall Ponderay, Idaho 83852

We believe in the home. We believe in the office park. We believe in the building and we want to help you make each one great. We operate more than 450 building material facilities all across the country, all devoted to those who create the buildings that shape America.

We are ProBuild. And we believe in the building.

We believe in the home. We believe in the office park. We believe in the building and we want to help you make each one great. We operate more than 450 building material facilities all across the country, all devoted to those who create the buildings that shape • Cabinets America. We are ProBuild. And we believe in • Cabinets • Decking

We believe in the home. We believe in the

• Decking • Doors www.probuild.com operate more than 450 building material • Millwork facilities all across the country, all devoted to • Siding & Trim Lumber Yard those who create the buildings that shape • Windows Sandpoint Living Local 1411 | www.sandpointliving.com N. Division Street, Sandpoint • 208.263.8224


• Cabine • Deckin • Doors • Millwo • Siding • Window

office park. We believe in the building and we • Doors

• Millwork


America. We are ProBuild. And we believe in


the building. want to help you make each We • Siding & Trimone•great. Windows 1411 N. Division Street, Sandpoint • 208.263.8224


Caribou ChiropraCtiC & Massage Gift Certificates Available


Ho ason


Ski S u

g Sat

tin Accep



&S rday



int Appo


1 HOUR Massage *Expires 12/31/13

513 N. 4th Ave Sandpoint, ID 83864

Dr toDD riCharDs KiMberly riCharDs, lMt

FesTival aTsandpoinT augusT 7 - 17, 2014 The

208.597.7177 208.597.7503 fax

The Perfect

Christmas Gift! Early Bird Season Passes

ON SALE NOW! If purchased by December 31,



* Plus sales tax and city park fees

Order Online:

www.festivalatsandpoint.com Or Call:

(208) 265-4554

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Does Driving Take The Holiday Spirit Out Of Your Back? Try A

Back Support.

McCarty’s Sacro Ease Inc. • 3279 West Industrial Loop • Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho 83815 • 800.635.3557 4   Sandpoint Living Local | www.sandpointliving.com

We’re Here When You Need Us!

208-263-0649 Open Daily | No appointment necessary Mon-Fri 9am to 7pm | Sat & Sun 11am to 7pm

400 Schweitzer Plaza Drive, just off HWY 95 in Ponderay, Idaho

Everyone Deserves a Great Smile!

Tired of Traveling to Coeur d’Alene or Spokane? We do most root canal treatments, implant surgery, and extractions including wisdom teeth in our office!



1323 Highway 2 Suite 301 | Sandpoint, Idaho 83864 3rd Floor of Mountain West Building | www.shamrockdds.com

Mention Sandpoint Living Local & Receive

25 OFF %

Your New Patient Exam & Initial Cleaning!

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SEARS PROVIDES YOU EASY PAYMENT OPTIONS : 1. Special financing with Sears card. 2. Layaway - make 8 easy payments.

300 Bonner Mall Way, Suite 102 • Ponderay, ID 83852 • 208-263-6090

- www.townspectacle.net -


100 Church Street (Next to Joe’s Philly Cheesesteaks)

Bohemian Chic for the Fancy Hippie

Santosha Imports www.santoshaimports.com

“Creativity is a wild beast. It feeds on harmony.”

One of a Kind Store! Gift Certificates Available for that Special Someone!

300 N. First Avenue | Sandpoint, ID 83864


6   Sandpoint Living Local | www.sandpointliving.com

Susan Wentz 504.554.0224 877.566.0008 susan@santoshaimports.com

The Spirit of Southeast Asia


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08  Living Local Publisher’s Page

10  Good News Goodwill

13  Business Spotlight NAPA Auto Parts

14  Best of Sandpoint Sandpoint’s Best Local Business


Business Spotlight


Home Improvement


Northland Communications

Get Organized for the Holidays

26  Hometown Experts Shop Local

48  Explore Ponderay The Little City With the Big Future

50  Weekend Getaway Talus Rock

52  Paw Prints

Consider Insurance for Your Pet

www.SandpointRentals.com (208)263-9233



54  Community

Christmas Traditions Around the World

56  Calendar of Events November Events

59  Kids’ Corner

Activities, Games & Jokes

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About the Publisher

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What does “Merry Christmas” mean to you?

If you would like to advertise with us please call 208.290.4959 or email info@like-media.com.


We hear it all the time. We see it written and used in commercials, songs and cards. For some of us, it’s a term we use to wish each other a joyful and light-hearted experience as we start a new year by celebrating the end of the current one. But for others, it’s a term that has been used to acknowledge the birth of Jesus Christ; and by his birth we are all presented with the opportunity to experience a new beginning. And with a new beginning, we all have new hope!

To submit articles, photos, nominations and events email us at events@like-media.com.

I will never forget the time when I wished someone “Merry Christmas,” and they simply stated they didn’t believe in that. My initial response was shock because I had never been told that before. How could that term be offensive to someone? In my mind I was wishing them well and expressing to them my desire for them to enjoy this time with the people that mean the most to them. I also was wishing them the best for the upcoming year! I initially thought that maybe we as a society have finally come to a place in time where even the mere words Merry Christmas have become taboo! But as I went through my day, something interesting happened. Each store I went into and each place I stopped by, fellow community members and friends greeted me with a joyful “Merry Christmas!” It was something I will never forget, and from my experience I learned it means different things to different people.

Advertising/Sales Jessica Kimble-Smith 208.290.4959 jessica@like-media.com

Director of Marketing/ Managing Editor Patty Hutchens 208.290.6553

The fact remains, Christmas day is December 25, and it’s the celebration of Jesus’ birthday; and no matter what we believe we still celebrate this time together with loved ones, friends and community. It’s a time to share joy, spread peace and hope. It’s a time when we can slow down, relax a little and take notice of the little things in life that matter most. And that is something I hope we all can relate to.


Graphic Design Whitney Lebsock Jessica Herbig

living local magazine We create community! We connect people! We build trust!

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ABOUTTHECOVER It is no wonder that Sandpoint was recently named one of the top 10 picture perfect mountain towns by USA Today. It is the beauty of freshly fallen snow coupled with the simplicity of our rural area that makes this a true winter wonderland. We chose this beautiful yet simple photo for our cover to reflect the beauty that surrounds us every day.







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a by Lind




ber 2013


| Sandp

oint Living



Living Local Magazine is published monthly and distributed freely throughout Bonners Ferry, Sandpoint, Dover Bay, Coeur d’Alene, Hayden, Rathdrum and the Spokane Valley. Opinions expressed in articles or advertisements do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the publisher. Living Local Magazine is not responsible for omissions or information that has been misrepresented to the magazine. Living Local Magazine is produced and published by Like-Media and no part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted without the permission of the publisher.

Cornerstone Physical Therapy


CrossFit Training A Total Body Workout For All Fitness Levels By Kenny Markwardt, NSCA-CPT, CF-L1


rossFit training is very similar to the functional movement pattern instruction that physical therapists provide injured clients in rehabilitation programs. The strength and conditioning benefits carry over to normal daily and work activities more than a traditional workout regimen such as running on the treadmill and doing weight machines. I’ve seen clients achieve faster results with CrossFit than most other types of exercise programs. - Christina Hefley, DPT” By now, you’ve probably heard of the CrossFit phenomenon. Perhaps you have seen the coverage of The CrossFit Games on ESPN, or maybe you just have a friend on Facebook who can’t seem to stop posting pictures of themselves doing handstands. As co-owner and head coach at CrossFit Sandpoint, I hope

that you’ve heard of our local affiliate. But what is CrossFit, and why should you do it? CrossFit training is based upon a workout system of constantly varied, functional movements executed at a high intensity. The functional movements utilized are natural, multi-joint movements that require the body to work as a unit instead of in isolated parts. After all, daily tasks such as picking up a bag of dog food or shoveling snow rarely involve a single joint moving independently. The CrossFit objective is for participants to become proficient in a wide range of skill categories. These categories include cardiovascular endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, accuracy, and balance. CrossFit is unique in its dedication to lack of specialization. Elite

athletes who specialize in certain sports often have large gaps in their overall fitness. The marathon runner dominates endurance, but can lack strength. The power lifter is incredibly strong but often lacks agility and endurance. CrossFit prepares participants to excel in their general physical preparedness, their ability to be ready for the unknown and the unknowable, with a main goal of improving their overall fitness and health. CrossFit’s greatest quality, however, is in the community that is created when men and women of all fitness levels, ages, and from all walks of life are able to participate in the same sessions. At CrossFit Sandpoint we have businessmen, housewives, teachers, children, high school and college athletes, and even grandparents who are all able to complete the same workouts but at their own level of difficulty and intensity.

Classes here always have two different levels of programming for the day’s classes, all conducted under the supervision of at least one CrossFit coach. Our Level 1 program is geared towards beginners and our Level 2 program is for more advanced athletes. These levels can be infinitely modified and tailored for an individual’s needs or limitations. A typical CrossFit class lasts an hour, with portions of class devoted to warm-up, strength, conditioning, mobility and stability. The best way to decide if CrossFit is for you is to drop in and try a class. Our 10am Saturday class is great for beginners, but generally any day is just fine for your first class. We just ask that you let us know before you plan on attending your first class. You are welcome to contact us via our website or email me at kenny@crossfitsandpoint.com.

Your Goals Are Our Priority!

Sandpoint’s Only Full Size Warm Water Therapy Pool

Christina Hefley, D.P.T. Jennifer Stevens, Office Manager Johnny Cook, BS in Exercise Science

Like us on Facebook! Scan the QR Code Below. www.facebook.com/sandpointpt

1301 North Division Sandpoint, Idaho 83864 Phone: 208.265.0610 Fax: 208.265.9192 cornerstoneaquatics@gmail.com December 2013 | Sandpoint Living Local   9


the O p l e H ys to a W s r e ll Off day Season i w d o o G Holi e h t g n i ck Dur o Give Ba ood t

It Feels G


er Alexa

By Heath


tesy of G

s Cour er | Photo

We’ve just spent the last several days remembering what and who we are thankful for in our lives. The turkey is likely gone now. The pie is but a memory. And most of us have already moved on to the excitement of giving and receiving over the coming holidays. For just a moment, let’s all take a pause. Remember all those people and things and experiences you expressed thanks for on Thanksgiving? For every 100 people who felt grateful they have a job in our region, 7 people did not have a job for which to be thankful. Nearly 80% of people with disabilities are unemployed. In Spokane County alone more than 1000 veterans are homeless. Nearly one quarter of all children in Idaho go hungry. More than 15% of people in Washington State are not sure where their next meal is coming from or sometimes miss a meal. Those may seem like daunting numbers, but they are not insurmountable. Is there something you can do? Yes, there is. You can “give back” a bit of what you are grateful for. Join Goodwill in several opportunities to Give Back this month.

Giving Tuesday:

Building on Goodwill’s belief that it feels good to give back, Goodwill Industries of the Inland Northwest is joining the Giving Tuesday movement on December 3rd. Giving Tuesday is a national and collective effort to transform how people take part in the giving season. Just as Black Friday and Cyber Monday have become synonymous with holiday shopping, the goal of Giving Tuesday is to be a national day of giving. “Goodwill® has been changing lives through job training, employment placement and other services for more than a century,” said Heather Alexander of Goodwill Industries. “It just makes sense for us to take part in a broader effort to give to others this holiday season.” Goodwill is asking residents in Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho to make a special tax-deductible gift on Giving Tuesday. You can make a secure gift online by clicking on the “Donate Now” button at DiscoverGoodwill.org. “Even a small amount can make a life-changing difference,” said Alexander. “During this time of economic uncertainty and high unemployment, the demand for Goodwill’s services has grown significantly. Thanks to the help of loyal supporters, we can continue to meet the diverse needs of people in our community.”

Good News Goodwill serves people who have disabilities, those who lack education or job experience, and others facing challenges to finding employment. Last year alone more than 216,000 people in the United States and Canada obtained meaningful employment through Goodwill job training programs. In 2012, our local Goodwill region served more than 6500 people. For more information about www.DiscoverGoodwill.org.




Donate. Shop. Change a life.

Reverse Santa Community Give Back Drive:

How many of you loved to play Santa on Christmas morning, handing out the gifts to your family members? This year everyone gets his or her chance to play Santa to Goodwill in the first-ever Community Give Back drive. December 26-January 3, you can play Santa to Goodwill and to the people they serve by donating used clothing, shoes, and toys at any Goodwill Donation Center or US Bank branch in Coeur d’Alene, Post Falls, or Spokane. It is the sale of donated items that funds local Goodwill programs. Local Goodwill organizations are not funded by Goodwill International. Goodwill® helps eliminate employment barriers through training, job placement, and other services. When you donate and shop Goodwill®, $.85 of every dollar directly supports these services. “We are very excited about our opportunity to expand donation capacity over the holidays through our site participation with US Bank,” says Alexander. Many people take the opportunity to de-clutter around the holidays, either throwing away or donating the clothing and toys they no longer want. This holiday season, it will be easier to donate your unwanted or outgrown items while you are already out and about running errands. For more information about Goodwill’s Reverse Santa Community Give Back Drive, email DiscoverGoodwill@giin.org, or visit Goodwill on Facebook at INWGoodwill.

p u ap y r W 13 b 20 ing giv ers a oth ghter bri ure. fut Donate your gently used clothing, shoes and household goods to Goodwill today. Or, donate online. Your donations REALLY DO make a difference. DiscoverGoodwill.org December 2013 | Sandpoint Living Local   11

Custom Home Expert

John A. Dana 208.691.2042 johnadana@frontier.com

Remodels • Additions Custom Decks • Shops & Barns

Serving Bonner & Kootenai Counties Idaho Contractor RCE-32397

Faster speed. Lowest price. Internet up to

Stream on !


FREE INSTALL! (208) 263-4070 getnorthland.com *Limited time offer. Speeds are approximate. Offer valid for new customers and existing customers adding service. May require credit check, deposit and/or payment by credit card. Equipment necessary for some services. Not available in all areas. Netflix and the Netflix logo are registered trademarks of Netflix Inc. All rights reserved. See getnorthland.com/offers for additional terms and conditions.

12   Sandpoint Living Local | www.sandpointliving.com



NAPA Auto Parts Experienced Professionals, Superior Customer Service And A Vast Inventory By Patty Hutchens


alk into Sandpoint’s NAPA Auto Parts store on Larch Street and you will not only find a vast inventory, but you will also have a chance to visit with one of their highly trained professionals.

Owned by Andrew and Susan Fingel, NAPA has been a family tradition for over 30 years. Susan’s parents purchased it in 1981, and over 17 years ago Andrew and Susan purchased it from them. Almost 3 years ago, they added locations in Priest River and Newport, WA. “There is a great amount of knowledge among our staff and we have always had the philosophy that customer service is our number one priority,” said Andrew. His Sandpoint staff has over 225 combined years of experience in the automotive and parts industry. NAPA – Sandpoint has a tremendous inventory - from dress up items for the interior and exterior of your vehicle, to parts for your small engine, ATV, tractor, lawn mower, or boat. They have you covered from head to toe – or from bumper to bumper. Still, with that great inventory, if a part is not in stock, it can be ordered from any of the NAPA warehouses across the nation. In most instances, the local store will receive it the next day from the Spokane warehouse. Andrew and Susan take pride in their business and have worked

Gift Cards Available! Sandpoint 514 Larch Street - 208.263.2171

hard to build relationships with their loyal customers. “A loyal customer will go out of their way to come see you because you have taken care of them,” said Andrew, adding that loyalty is what he and his staff strive for every day. And it has paid off. Ten years ago NAPA national began to rate their stores on a five star rating system. Since then, Sandpoint’s NAPA store is one of only 58 nationwide that has received a five star rating 8 out of 11 times. “And we are on track to do it again this year,” said Andrew. The rating system is based upon customer service, inventory, knowledge of employees, and more. Susan and Andrew have two children, ages 12 and 14, and are very involved in the community. Andrew has coached each child in a variety of sports. Susan is the founder of the Sandpoint MOPs group, a group where mothers of preschool age children can connect, and involved in MOMSnext for mothers of school aged children. They love the people of Sandpoint and are proud to be a part of a business that has been a long-standing tradition in the community. “When they walk through our door, we want our customers to feel confident they are getting the best possible service. And with the NAPA national name they are covered wherever they go. Nationally known and locally owned, NAPA – Sandpoint will be here when you need us.” said Andrew.

Locally Owned & Operated

Priest River 5398 Highway 2 - 208.448.1412

Newport 300 South Union - 509.447.4515 December 2013 | Sandpoint Living Local   13

BEST OF SANDPOINT Sandpoint’s Best Local Businesses

DSS Home Preservation Services

We are a unique service for home owners, offering everything from weekly home watch to handyman services, housekeeping to snow removal, grocery shopping to remodels...anything you or your home needs we can take care of. You can feel confident that you are dealing with a fair, reliable, professional company that has been in the business of homes for more than 25 years. shambra@dsshomepreservation.com. Sandpoint—223 Cedar Street | 208.263.1572

What we do …

We keep only the most gently used items, re-donating the rest to area thrift stores, churches, missions, school & charity fund raisers, and special need situations. Someone in Bonner County benefits from Carey Spears Insurance every donation! My wish and hope to everyone is for a safe and joyous Christmas and New Years holiday. A big “Thank You” to my clients for trusting me with your business and Clothing is always referrals. God bless you all! clean and pressed when Sandpoint—102 South Euclid Avenue, Suite #113 it is put on the sales 208.265.2026 floor. We even make minor repairs! All profits stay in Bonner County, reaching the community through grants and scholarships. Weʼre neighbors helping neighbors. No paid employees,

manyB.dedicated Lewis & Hawn, Excellence in Dentistry -just James Lewis, DMD & CAL volunteers! Mark W. Hawn, DDS

Advanced Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry. Your health and smile is our top priority. Our entire team is dedicated to providing you with the personalized, gentle care that you deserve. Through advanced continuing education, we stay committed to new techniques, the latest products and the newest equipment that modern dentistry has to offer, including CEREC – one visit dentistry. Sandpoint—2025 West Pine Street | 208.265.4558

Advocate Insurance Service

At Advocate Insurance Service our goal is to offer seamless coverage for all of our clients’ insurance needs. We want to be your one stop shopping center for insurances to help remove stress from your life. We have been Sandpoint’s locally owned and operated independent insurance agency, since 1995. We believe that everyone should have a group of trusted professionals their side.forThis should include highly skilled attorney, We haveon something everyone. Apparelafor women, men, and kids 0 - 6; accountant, banker, doctor and insurance agent. We’dBooks; like to Music; apply for your and more Jewelry; Household items; Collectibles; Furniture; Movies insurance agent position No need to wait for a today! sale – our prices are low every day! Donʼt see what youʼr looking for? Check back often. Merchandise arrives daily.

Sandpoint—506 Alder Street | 208.255.2222 www.advocateins.com

Bizarre Bazaar

Bizarre Bazaar is Bonner County’s premier upscale resale shop. Owned and operated by the Community Assistance League, Bizarre Bazaar is staffed entirely by dedicated CAL volunteers. All profits are returned to the community in the form of grants and scholarships. Whether you’re looking for quality clothing, jewelry, household items, collectibles, books or furniture, make Bizarre Bazaar your first stop. We appreciate all donations and will even pick up furniture! Sandpoint—502 Church Street | 208.263.3400

Bizarre Bazaar upscale resale shop Taylor Insurance

Confused about health care reform? You’re not alone. The Affordable Care Act 502 Church Street, Sandpoint • 208-263-3400 • calsandpoint.org is full of new benefits, rules, penalties and projects, spread out over several donations greatly appreciated – pick-up available for furniture years. Taylor Insurance is a full-service agency that has taken a leadership role in transforming how individuals and businesses can adapt to and benefit from the rapidly changing insurance industry. We can offer information and assistance to help you navigate the recent Health Care Reform initiatives. www.taylorinsurancesandpoint.com | 208.263.2708 Sandpoint—1009 West Superior Street

Have Brush Will Travel K2 Inn

Located in the heart of Downtown Sandpoint within walking distance of all downtown shops, restaurants and events. Clean, comfortable and affordable, we’re the family owned alternative to corporate chains. All rooms include microwave, refrigerator, wifi, HDTV and continental breakfast. We accept all major travel cards and offer corporate and frequent guest discounts as well. For those here to ski or play in the winter, long term stays are available from October through March. Mention you saw us here and receive a 10% discount on your stay! info@k2innsandpoint.com | k2innsandpoint.com Photo from Sandpoint.com 14   Sandpoint Living Local | www.sandpointliving.com

Have Brush Will Travel

We specialize in power washing & painting homes. Experienced in both indoor and outdoor painting and washing. Extend the life of your siding and keep it looking nice with powerwashing! Call us today for an estimate or to schedule your yearly cleaning! Sandpoint—177 Woodland Drive | 208.263.5648


Taylor Insurance Inc.

Home Improvement

It's Not Too Late to Prep Your Home for the Holidays


he holiday season is here, and in no time family and friends will descend upon your home for divine meals and holiday cheer. Now isn't the time to panic, there's plenty of time to prep your house (and your family). Integrating a few of the tips below can help relieve some holiday stress and dress up your home.


Call TODAY For Your FREE Home Inspection.

• Test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to ensure they are functioning properly. Ideally, there are detectors on each floor of the house. • Place travel-sized toiletries in the bathroom -- someone will surely forget shampoo or toothpaste. • Purge your fridge. No need for ancient mustard or spoiled mayo, plus the extra space gives you room for your holiday platters and party trays. • Have your heating and water-heating equipment serviced. "One of the best ways to stave off unnecessary holiday stress is planning," said Kerri Walker, senior marketing manager at Rinnai. "Prior to holiday occasions, have your heating and water-heating equipment checked by a professional. If it's time to upgrade, this gives you the opportunity to select the ideal unit and have it installed before problems occur." Although the tips above won't ensure a stress-free holiday season, they will help you prepare. Involve the kids in some of these tasks as well, by making it a game. If it's time to upgrade your heating or waterheating equipment, act before Dec. 31, you may qualify for additional incentives.

• Buy new towels for the bathroom. This is the ideal excuse to replace threadbare towels, which can be done at a reasonable cost. • Place a runner in the entryway to help absorb slush and snow -- and protect your floors. • Sharpen your knives -- they are going to get a lot of use in the next month.

A Comprehensive Home-Care Program Let our 30+ years of custom home building work for you. We have the expertise to identify potential problem areas and the knowledge to repair them!

223 Cedar Street Sandpoint, Idaho 83864 208.263.1572 www.dsshomepreservation.com

• Fill scratches in the dining room table with colored wax. • Clean out the entry closet to allow room for guests' coats and winter gear. • Treat fabric furniture with protective spray. • Clean out guestroom dressers or closets. Guests shouldn't have to live out of their suitcases.

Home Checks Handyman Services Snow Removal Yard Maintenance Housekeeping December 2013 | Sandpoint Living Local   15


1424 North Boyer, Suite C-106-1A Sandpoint, Idaho 83864 208.255.4380

www.threeamigosplumbing.com Locally Owned & Operated


Music Conservatory of Sandpoint Accredited School of Performing Arts

FOR THE LOVE OF MUSIC! Music and Drama Instruction for all ages.

Private Lessons:

Voice, piano, violin, cello, guitar, flute, recorder, clarinet, drumming/percussion.

Winter Semester Begins January 6th, 2014 For more information call 208.265.4444 110 Main Street Sandpoint, Idaho mcs@sandpointconservatory.org

16   Sandpoint Living Local | www.sandpointliving.com

Group Classes:

Choir, youth orchestra, ensemble, musical theater, Shakespeare for youth, music theory, introduction to Latin, Little Mozart program: ages 3-5 and Instrument Carousel: ages 4-7.

Business SPOTLIGHT 509 Nth 5th Avenue, Suite B Sandpoint, Idaho 208.263.4070 www.northlandcabletv.com

Northland Communications Meeting The Technological Needs Of Businesses And Residences By Patty Hutchens

In an ever-changing world of technology, there is one business that has done its part by continuing to evolve to meet the increasing needs of its customers. When founded in 1981, Northland Cable Television was established to provide the highest quality cable television service to its customers. But as everyone knows, the world of technology has grown exponentially over the last several years. With that growth came changes for Northland Cable Television as well. They expanded to provide high-speed internet service and digital home phone service, and three years ago they transitioned to Northland Communications – a name that reflects the company’s vision of becoming a recognized leader in the communications industry for both business and residential customers. So just how have they managed to keep up with the changes? First, they have invested millions of dollars to build an expansive fiber optic network. The result of which is the highest quality digital technology available. This includes crisp digital high-definition television; fast high speed Internet and crystal clear digital home phone services. They also pride themselves on offering superior customer service and technical support. Not only does Northland Communications provide the fastest Internet speeds available in Sandpoint, but they also have Ethernet fiber solutions that include: • Customizable and symmetrical downstream and upstream between 10 Mbps and 1 Gbps • Dedicated bandwidth for secure Direct Internet Access (DIA) and point-to-point connections

• Flexible and scalable design • 24/7 monitoring and priority technical support • Email with 20 email accounts • Static IP address • Service Level Agreements • Flexible and competitive custom fiber-based solutions, including DIA and point-to-point Ethernet In an effort to offer the best product for its business customers, Northland Communications provides managed firewall support, email accounts that provide 25 GB of storage with enhanced spam protection, additional static IP addresses, and domain name support. And just because they may have a big corporate name, do not fool yourself by thinking they are not community oriented. In fact Northland Communications’ local customer service offices are staffed with employees who are well informed and provide exceptional personal service. The Sandpoint office staff enjoys giving back to the community and is involved in helping the Bonner Community Food Bank, Toys for Tots Toy Drive, the ChaFE 150 and Sandpoint Rotary. If the past couple of decades are any indication of growth in the communications industry, there is no doubt that Northland Communications will continue to expand as well. The possibilities are limitless and Northland Communications will continue to invest in their networks, implementing advanced technology to provide a broad selection of world-class communications services to the communities they serve.

December 2013 | Sandpoint Living Local   17


Home Improvement

James B. Lewis, D.M.D. Mark W. Hawn, D.D.S.

Get Organized for Holiday Entertaining Tips To Maximize Your Space


s you start preparing for holiday guests, take a look at your home. Is it crowded with clutter? If so, you might want to think about getting your home in order. After all, you need to make room for a Christmas tree, gifts and stockings!

2025 West Pine Street Sandpoint, Idaho 83864 Phone: 208.265.4558 Fax: 208.263.5721 info@sandpointdentists.com sandpointdentists.com Like us on Facebook at facebook.com/sandpointdentists

or scan the QR code with your smart phone!

Not sure how to start? Here are some tips from Shelving.com, where folks have been making space work better for almost 50 years. If you need more efficient storage space, they have the answer: • Maximize your space. If you have an old-fashioned closet with just one shelf and one hanging bar, install shelves and use all the vertical space you have. Most closets only utilize about 50 percent of their storage capacity. With a properly designed shelving system, you can use nearly all of the available space. • Make items easy to find. You don’t want to waste time pawing through closets or searching under beds to find what you need, so don’t just jam clutter out

18   Sandpoint Living Local | www.sandpointliving.com

of sight. Create a more efficient storage space. Use labeled bins in your closet. Box up and store off season items. Use shelves and drawers to categorize items. • Decorate with storage space. Put ottomans in the living room, and use them to store magazines or board games. Hang attractive shelves to decorate along your walls. Instead of end tables, use antique chests or drawers that also provide useable storage space. Keeping calm during the chaotic holiday season starts at home -- clutter creates stress and will certainly disrupt the peace and joy of the holiday season. Start with one project (say, a single room or closet) before tackling another. An efficient home is a happy home. Become happy and organized with the help of The Shelving Store. Visit their Web site at www. TheShelvingStore.com/small for ideas. They offer free shelving designs for just about any space in your home.

Looking for

Financial Focus


AffordAble CoverAge? blue Cross of Idaho has new plans to fit your budget. find out about our new low rates. dan Taylor An Authorized Select Independent Agent Taylor Insurance 1009 W Superior Street Sandpoint, ID 83864 208.263.2708 taylorinsurance@sandpoint.net Independent Authorized Agent of

bcidaho.com December 2013 | Sandpoint Living Local   19

© 2013 An Independent Licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

waterfront views, live Music, full bar ...

58 bridge street at city beach, sandpoint, idaho 208.255.7558 • w w w . t r i n i t y a t c i t y b e a c h . c o m 20   Sandpoint Living Local | www.sandpointliving.com

Dining Guide 1



The Best Local Eats Sandpoint Has To Offer

Turn the page to discover Sandpoint’s hidden jewels. December 2013 | Sandpoint Living Local   21

Dining Guide


Spotlight on

1 Trinity


City Beach

Sandpoint’s premier waterfront dining offers an extensive menu of American cuisine with an impressive wine list. Featuring a full service bar and beautiful view of Lake Pend Oreille. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week, our City Beach location is the perfect starting point for your day and makes a great final destination for the evening. Trinity at City Beach is ready to become your new favorite restaurant. www.facebook.com/trinityatcitybeach www.TrinityAtCityBeach.com 56 Bridge Street | Sandpoint, ID 208.255.7558

2 Forty-One South

Forty-One South is Sandpoint’s premier dining experience serving delicious American cuisine in a beautiful waterfront setting. Spectacular sunset views, roaring fireplaces, exquisite service, and a full service bar & lounge. Whatever the occasion, FortyOne South will cater to your dining needs. Forty-One South is located at the south end of Sandpoint’s Long Bridge, next to the Lodge at Sandpoint. Hours vary by season. Reservations are recommended. www.41SouthSandpoint.com 41 Lakeshore Drive | Sagle, ID 208.265.2000

3 Sweet Lou’s Restaurant & Bar Ponderay Location

Sweet Lou’s Restaurant and Bar proudly offers something for everyone, with specialties including chicken fried steak, smoked prime rib, bison ribs and grilled PB&J and bacon sandwiches. Both locations serve lunch and dinner, have full bars and offer outdoor seating. All menu items are reasonably priced, fresh and made to order. Sweet Lou’s would be happy to cater your next event! www.facebook.com/sweetlous www.sweetlousidaho.com 477272 HWY 95 | Ponderay, ID 208.263.1381

Ivano’s Ristorante

La Rosa Club

Miller’s Country Store

Evans Brothers Coffee Roasters

Kokanee Coffee

Shoga Sushi Bar

208.263.0211 102 S. First Ave. | Sandpoint, ID Fine Italian dining serving Sandpoint for over 27 years. Dinner served seven nights a week. Pasta, fresh seafood and steaks, veal, chicken and vegetarian entrees. Gluten free menu. Catering is available for weddings, family get-togethers and large gatherings. IvanosSandpoint.com.

208.263.9446 1326 Baldy Mtn. Rd. | Sandpoint, ID We now have homemade pies on Thursdays! Come experience the sensational smells of fresh baking bread, cinnamon rolls, pies and pastries. Pick up a deli sandwich on our homemade bread and hot bowl of soup with a fresh baked roll or cornbread. Open Monday-Friday, 8:30am5:30pm. Like us on Facebook! www. MillersCountryStoreSandpoint.com.

208.597.7831 509 N. 5th Ave. | Sandpoint, ID We micro roast and blend our organic beans to perfection every time! Our coffee is outstanding and our interior inviting, so come by and give us a try! We are open 7 days a week and have plenty of parking. We also offer fresh soup and pastries daily! Visit us on Facebook or our blog at kokaneecoffee.com. We post our specials daily! We cater too! 22   Sandpoint Living Local | www.sandpointliving.com

208.263.0211 105 S. First Ave. | Sandpoint, ID Tuscan Aperitivo Bar, Tapas Bar. Piadina (grilled Italian flatbread), cured meats & cheese, wines & beer and signature cocktails. Great place to meet a friend for a cocktail. Open Tues.-Sat. 4-10pm & 11pm on Fri. and Sat. Food served until 9pm, Tapas style menu.

208.265.5553 524 Church St. | Sandpoint, ID Full espresso bar, handcrafted single brew methods, gluten free pastries and burritos. Free WiFi, easy parking and aon the bike path. Offsite coffee, event space rental and office delivery. Fresh roasted coffee available for purchase. Open Mon-Fri 7am-5pm Sat 7am-4pm & Sun 8am-1pm. www.EvansBrothersCoffee.com. f

208.265.2001 41 Lakeshore Drive | Sagle, ID Forty-One South brings sushi back to Sandpoint. Delicious sushi and Japanese cuisine. Beautiful waterfront dining with spectacular sunset views. Professional and courteous service. Open M-F for lunch at 11am and 7 nights a week for dinner.

Dining Guide Tango Cafe

Sweet Lou’s

Cedar Street Bistro

The Pie Hut

Fiesta Bonita

Delightful Choices

208.263.9514 414 Church St. | Sandpoint, ID Fresh salads, scrumptious baked goods and a full barista bar featuring Evans Brothers coffee. Great place for meetings as well as a great space for private meetings. Try our Ahi Tuna sandwich, a Tango Specialty! Signature omelettes and original lunch specials. Open Mon-Fri 7am-5pm.

& Coffee Shop


208.265.4396 334 N. First Ave. | Sandpoint, ID A downtown favorite! European Style Bistro/ Cafe located inside the renowned Cedar St. Bridge. Experience exceptional (Organic) espresso, coffee & tea drinks, premium crafted gelato, delectable cakes & pastries, fine chocolates, and tasty grilled sandwiches, wraps, homemade soups, and dessert crepes. www.cedarstbistro.com. BEER & WINE. 208.263.6174 700 Kootenai Cutoff Rd. Ponderay, ID Authentic Mexican cuisine prepared fresh daily. Fiesta Bonita’s menu is full of many unique and authentic recipes. We have a full bar and outdoor seating. Open daily at 11am. Bring the family or make it a date night. There is something for everyone at Fiesta Bonita!



Open in the Summer | 208.264.5999 46624 Highway 200 | Hope, ID Summer hours: Tues-Sun 11am-10pm. By boat or car, you’re going to love it here! Lake and sunset views. Indoor/outdoor seating. Family friendly. Come for the RIBS thick and juicy with a choice of sauces. Steaks, salmon, salads and signature desserts. Full bar. www.facebook.com/sweetlous www.sweetlousidaho.com.

208.265.2208 501 Church St. | Sandpoint, ID Sandpoint’s secret gem, serving fresh pies and full lunch/early dinners. Best homemade soups in town with wide collection of panini sandwiches and others, hot and cold, including cubans. Chicken pot pie and quiche as well. Fun atmosphere, exciting food selections and ever-changing pie lineup.

208.290.9306 216 N First Ave. | Sandpoint, ID Sandpoint’s favorite Ice Cream Shop with over 16 flavors to choose from. We also have frozen yogurt and a 18+ condiment bar. Delightful Choices also offers Espresso Drinks, Hot Chocolate, Smoothies and Italian Sodas. Now serving food! So come in for a sweet treat. Monday-Saturday 10am-7pm and Sunday 11am-6pm.

December 2013 | Sandpoint Living Local   23


Dining Guide

41 Lakeshore Drive | Sagle, Idaho Like us on Facebook for updates!

We are now staying open 7 nights a week for dinner through the winter season! www.41SouthSandpoint.com | 208.265.2000

Herb Parmesan Monkey Bread Ingredients:

Live Music, Delicious Food, Fun Cocktails, Professional & Courteous Service

• 2 14-ounce cans “grand” or “jumbo” style refrigerated buttermilk biscuits • 3 Tbsp. Litehouse® Instantly Fresh Italian Herb Blend • 1 Tbsp. Litehouse® Instantly Fresh Red Onion • 1 Tbsp. Litehouse® Instantly Fresh Garlic • 1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese • 3/4 cup butter Directions:


1. Cut each biscuit into quarters and separate pieces. 2. Mix all herbs and parmesan cheese in a bowl. Add dough pieces and toss around to coat evenly. 3. Layer pieces in a 9” x 9” baking dish or Bundt pan. 4. In microwave-safe dish, melt butter on and pour over dough pieces. 5. Bake in 375 F degree oven for 25 – 30 minutes or until golden brown.

Buy $50 in gift cards, get a $10 gift certificate

for free.

Spread the love this holiday season.

Ponderay, Idaho » Next to Holiday Inn Express 208. 263.1381

Hope, Idaho 46624 Hwy 200 » 208. 264.5999

Sweet Lou says, “come hungry, stay late, eat well.”

24   Sandpoint Living Local | www.sandpointliving.com

Brought to you by Litehouse Foods

Sandpoint Chocolate Bear A Great Place to Fulfill Both Your Cravings & Your Gift List By Patty Hutchens


hether it’s a creamy hand crafted Belgian chocolate, a hot fudge sundae or a smooth tasty caramel that you are craving, Chocolate Bear in downtown Sandpoint is sure to satisfy your every desire.

the country. They have an online store, www. sandpointchocolate.com, and ship orders and gifts nationwide. In addition, they will prepare and deliver decadent chocolate platters to area offices and any special event you may be hosting.

The store is only closed three days out of the year, but when they do manage to get some time off the family enjoys being in the outdoors.

But don’t be fooled by thinking this is just a candy store. With recipes handed down through generations, Chocolate Bear handcrafts its Belgian chocolate, tasty homemade caramels, fantastic fudge and caramel kettle corn. And if it is a steaming gourmet hot chocolate or mocha you desire, they have that too. In addition to chocolate, Chocolate Bear always has the regionally favorite huckleberry ice cream as well as old-fashioned holiday favorites such as sea foam, sponge and decorative candies. Dennis said the store is very popular with not only Sandpoint residents, but people across

Now join us at Beyond Hope during Summer Dinner served 7 nights a week Corner of First and Pine

208.263.0211 www.IvanosSandpoint.com

The Powell family has been in Sandpoint for 14 years, moving from Upper Michigan where they had owned businesses similar to that of Chocolate Bear. They were enticed by the beauty, wildlife, and friendliness of the people in this area.

Dennis and Carrie Powell opened Chocolate Bear in May 2012. The store is truly a family owned and operated business with mom Carrie creating all the tasty chocolates and candies from scratch; their daughter Amber helping out in the summer and holidays when she is home from college; son Gage assisting in the store and maintaining the cleanliness of the front sidewalk area; and dad Dennis taking charge of the sales, marketing and management. Carrie also has an assistant, Erin, whom they say is a tremendous asset to their business.

Fine Italian dining serving Sandpoint for over 27 years.

LaRosa Club

Tues-Sat Open at 4pm 105 South First Ave. Aperitivo Style Menu Beer • Wine • Liquor Interactive, Fun, Casual & Social!

The Powell family also enjoys giving back to the Sandpoint community to whom they attribute much of their success, along with the tourists and the hard work they have put in. Some of the local organizations to which they contribute include Kinderhaven, Angels Over Sandpoint and Holly Eve. If you are looking for a unique gift, have a chocolate craving or just want to come and sample some of the delectable, mouthwatering chocolate, stop by Chocolate Bear at 204 North 1st Avenue in Sandpoint. In a hurry? You can call in an order as well at 208.304.8101. Like Chocolate Bear on Facebook and remember they ship nationwide. Like us on f! Happy Holidays from us at Chocolate Bear and Many Thanks for Your Business and Support!

Call Mario’s Today to order your tamale’s by the dozen for your holiday dinners!

Order your Homemade Tamales (by the dozen) Chicken, Vegetarian, Pork, Cheese & Jalapeno


6536 South Main Street Bonners Ferry, Idaho December 2013 | Sandpoint Living Local   25




Auto Parts


O’Reilly Auto Parts

Sandpoint Christian School

Oreilly Auto Parts has been a staple in Sandpoint for over 15 years. Walk through the door and you will be greeted by one of the team members. Questions? They will have the answer or will find out for you. Satisfaction guaranteed is a motto they stick to. We are enthusiastic, hardworking professionals who are dedicated to teamwork and excellent customer service. Parts, accessories, maintenance supplies, everything you need for your car and more. Come visit the team for all your car and truck needs. Ponderay—476866 US Highway 95

At Sandpoint Christian School, children from 3 years old through 8th grade can learn in a safe and loving Christian atmosphere. Students are provided with all the teaching instruction and curriculum they need to meet and exceed the Idaho State Standards for Education but at the same time, they are also provided with essential Bible teaching so that they can grow up in the knowledge of the good news of Jesus Christ! “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6 Ponderay—477954 Hwy 95


208.265.2697 www.sandpointchristian.com


Certified Public Accountants James Hutchens, P.A. James Hutchens, P.A. is a Certified Public Accounting firm dedicated to helping businesses and individuals with all their financial and tax planning needs. We are a full service CPA firm which includes corporate and individual tax returns, payroll services, bookkeeping services, QuickBooks consulting, preparation of financial statements and non-profit tax returns. Two locations: 1211 Michigan Street in Sandpoint and 6769 Main Street in Bonners Ferry. Sandpoint: 208.265.2500 Bonners Ferry: 208.267.1665 hutchenscpa.com

26   Sandpoint Living Local | www.sandpointliving.com

Electrical Contractor North County Electric North County Electric is the answer to your electrical needs. An electrical contracting company with over 25 years of experience, North County Electric specializes in everything electrical including service, repair, new construction, remodels, generators, home automation and lighting systems. Whether it is commercial, residential or industrial there is no job too big or too small. North County Electric Bringing Power to our Community and Service to Its People. Serving all of North Idaho. Call today for a free estimate. 208.255.7980


Sandpoint is buzzing with small businesses. The next time you are in need of a product or service, help yourself and your community by thinking LOCAL. You will be pleasantly surprised! Movers

Health Pend Oreille Health Care Pend Oreille Health Care is a family practice owned and operated by Michelle Anderson, FNP. Voted Idaho’s number one Nurse Practitioner for Clinical Excellence in 2013, Michelle’s services include diagnosing and managing acute and chronic illnesses and injuries for individuals, children and families. As a Nurse Practitioner, she takes pride in spending quality time with each of her patients to address his or her concerns. Michelle Anderson is able to order diagnostic studies and write prescriptions, and believes in treating her patients using both traditional and complementary practices to maximize each person’s health. Appointments are typically available within 24 hours. Sandpoint—1207 Michigan Street, Suite B & C 208.265.2221


Rod Miller and his staff are committed to providing top quality moving and handyman services at the best prices in town. If you are moving your home or business within Sandpoint and Bonner County or nationally, let us handle all your moving needs from complete packing service to loading and unloading your precious items. We have a Drug-free Workplace Program in place with Bonner General Hospital, and our employees are bonded and insured. Sandpoint—1326 Baldy Mountain Road 208.265.5506


Plumbing Three Amigos Plumbing

Home Improvement Panhandle Pool & Spa At Panhandle Pool and Spa we have over 25 years of experience in the pool and spa industry. We service and repair every brand of spa on the market today. We service the entire panhandle of Idaho, repairing heaters, electric and gas, pumps and motors, filters, blowers, alternative sanitation systems and accessories. We offer prompt, reliable and guaranteed service. Email Rory at rory@panhandlepoolandspa.com. We look forward to meeting you! Sandpoint—1309 Ponderosa Drive (On the north end of Division) 208.761.7100

Sandpoint Movers

Three Amigos Plumbing is committed to high quality plumbing services for customers in and around Sandpoint, Idaho. We are trained in the latest products and installation techniques. Let our team of dedicated professionals help you with all of your plumbing needs, such as sewer line maintenance and repair, faucet installation and repair, water heater repair and replacement, leak locating, line jetting, and remodels. Three Amigos Plumbing - Offering 24 Hour Emergency Plumbing Service! Sandpoint—1424 North Boyer, Suite C-106-1A Sandpoint: 208.255.8440 Oldtown: 208.437.2935 threeamigosplumbing.com

Like us on Facebook!

Property Management Legal Services

Panhandle Management

Featherston Law Firm Featherston Law Firm is an experienced, fullservice law firm. Our combined experience of over 70 years serves our clients well, both outside the courtroom or representing them in Magistrate, District, Appeals or the Idaho Supreme Court. Our areas of practice include, but are not limited to; Civil Litigation, Family Law, Personal Injury, Estate Planning, Real Estate, Criminal Defense, and Small Business. We provide effective, affordable services with compassion and integrity. Sandpoint—113 South Second Avenue 208.263.6866

Whether you are a homeowner looking for a management company, or a potential renter searching for that perfect home, consider Panhandle Management. Homeowners, you can trust your home will be well cared for and that responsive service is our strength. We also manage Homeowners Associations throughout North Idaho. Call us today for more information. Ponderay—30336 Highway 200 208.255.1645 panhandlemanagement.com


December 2013 | Sandpoint Living Local   27

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License 39463

Green Builder Certified

Serving all of North Idaho

Testimonial “Sean and Mike from NCE worked on several projects both inside and outside our new home in Sandpoint, Idaho. We appreciated their responsiveness in scheduling and follow-up. They were consistently prompt and thorough in completing their work. We also appreciated how clean they left the job site, we never even knew they were here.” Vicki and Ross Longhini Sandpoint, Idaho

Happy Holidays from North County Electric!

“Bringing Power To Our Community And Service To Its People”

North County Electric provides a vast array of services including electrical service, repair, new construction, remodels, generators, home automation and lighting systems. The company services residential, commercial as well as industrial clients. True to its name, North County Electric has a presence throughout North Idaho. North County accepting all opportunities to forging relationships customers.

Electric is currently electrical bidding and looks forward excellent working with all their

Electrical Contractor Specializing in:

Service, Repair, New Construction, Remodels, Generators, Home Automation and Lighting Systems

Commercial | Residential | Industrial | Free Estimates: Call 208.255.7980 | www.NCEidaho.com

Come Visit Our Newly Expanded Natural Foods Store • In-house deli and bakery • Fresh juice & smoothie bar • New meat department featuring local beef, bison, chicken and pork • Expanded organic produce section • Renowned supplements & health and beauty department • Extensive grocery items and bulk foods • Espresso service & fireplace seating area • Friendly, caring and knowledgeable staff 703 W Lake Street at Boyer St. Sandpoint, ID 208-265-8135 • www.WinterRidgeFoods.com

28   Sandpoint Living Local | www.sandpointliving.com

Shop|Local Sandpoint

Shop Local This Holiday Season! The Benefits Will Be More Than You Realize! By Patty Hutchens

A recent poll on ABC news revealed that online shopping is up 10 percent this year from the 2012 holiday shopping season. It is not a surprising statistic given people’s busy schedules. After all, why not shop at night after the kids are in bed, the dishes are done and the laundry is put away? The thought is appealing, especially when merchants are making it easier with the lure of free shipping. But before you decide to sit down at the computer and begin your shopping experience, take a moment to realize how that may be taking away from the economic well being of the community. Many small business owners in our town rely heavily on the patrons who come through their doors during the summer months when tourists are abundant. But it is also the holidays that help keep their doors open during the slower months.

Business owners plan far in advance for the holiday season, going to market to determine the best inventory for their stores. The other piece of the puzzle you will want to consider is the impact your money will have not just on the local business owners, but on the community as a whole. Anyone who has lived here knows there is an abundance of non-profit organizations that exist to help the less fortunate. Whether it is Community Cancer Services, Kinderhaven, Love Inc., Bonner County Homeless Task Force or Bonner Community Food Bank, one of them is always falling short of what they need to help our neighbors in need. There is never a shortage of fundraisers and local businesses are approached constantly for donations to help raise money. A poll by the group Sustainable Connections revealed that non-profit organizations receive an average 250% more support from smaller business owners than they do from large businesses. During this holiday season, take some time away from the chaotic moments and enjoy all that Sandpoint has to offer. Set aside a day to stroll through the streets of downtown and check the items off your gift list. The dollars you spend will have far reaching effects in our community. December 2013 | Sandpoint Living Local   29

Sandpoint Chocolate Bear Sandpoint’s Very Own Chocolate Store!

Charity of the Month - Kinderhaven -

Recipe Contest Up to 5 winners. Submit your best recipe for a chance to win $100! Enter by Facebook, Online or Drop by the Shop!

unique|finds Zany Zebra

317 N. 1st Ave. | Sandpoint, ID Zany Zebra is the place to go if you want something that you won’t find just anywhere! Clothing for women who want style, comfort and value. Gifts and cards (some are crazy), jewelry, scarves, boots, hats, gloves, starlights - you will certainly discover something for yourself or a friend at 317 N. First Ave. There is even a funky garage sale upstairs!


The Corner Book Store

106 Main Street | Sandpoint, ID The Corner Book Store is located at 106 Main St. in downtown Sandpoint. The Corner Book Store stocks new and used books: THERE ARE HUNDREDS of NEW BOOKS at 50% OFF. Also: guide books, audio books, crafts, cooking, gardening, fiction, post cards and more. Special orders are always welcome. Everything 15-50% off through Tuesday, December 31st. Holiday hours: Mon-Sat 10am-6pm, Sun 11am-5pm.


Sharon’s Hallmark

306 N. 1st Ave. | Sandpoint, ID

Open 7 Days a Week 11am-7pm 204 North First Avenue Sandpoint, Idaho Order Online FREE Shipping

go to www.sandpointchocolate.com

208.304.8101 Like us on Facebook! 30   Sandpoint Living Local | www.sandpointliving.com

In addition to a wide assortment of Hallmark products, Sharon’s Hallmark features a great souvenir area for out-of-town visitors with huckleberry products, souvenir shirts and hats as well as other unique souvenir gift items. There is also a garden area; a kitchen section, jewelry, home décor, and a kids and baby section.


Touchstone Integrated Massage Therapies

krystle.touchstone@gmail.com Massage is often seen as a luxury, but the truth is massage provides an opportunity to relax, rejuvenate, and recover from every day maladies. Krystle Shapiro, a licensed medical and therapeutic massage therapist, specializes in massage for elders, lymphatic drainage for cancer patients, sports rehabilitation, energy therapies, and an integrated protocol for addressing PTSD. She holds a Masters of Science in Holistic Nutrition and educates people on making positive lifestyle choices.



If you are looking to enjoy some holiday festivities this month, Sandpoint is the place to be!

at the Panida Theater on December 16th. This performance has truly been a Sandpoint favorite of many over the years.

The weekend of December 6th through December 8th downtown shops will be filled with people enjoying what is being called Get Your Jingle On. The weekend kicks off Friday night with a Girls’ Night Out. Shops will be open later than usual and merchants will be offering specials, door prizes and more all weekend long. So grab your girlfriends and head downtown for a fun night out Friday and bring the whole family downtown to enjoy the entire weekend festivities. It is sure to put you into the holiday spirit!

For the guys there will not be any excuse to put off Christmas shopping until Christmas Eve. Guys’ Night Out will be held downtown on December 20th with late evening shopping and specials throughout the area. Not sure of what to get that special person in your life? Don’t worry, guys, the downtown merchants will have the perfect gift suggestions for everyone on your list!

A tradition in Sandpoint for many years, the performance of the Nutcracker, sponsored by Pend Oreille Arts Council, will take place

Lastly, it would not be Christmas without a visit with Santa Claus. Bring the kids (and their lists!) to visit Santa Claus at the Cedar Street Bridge each Saturday from 11am to 3pm. While there be sure to bring the kids by Creations on Cedar Street Bridge where

they can create their own holiday ornament for free! There is also free parking at the City lot through New Year’s Day. Come, shop and explore our beautiful downtown this holiday season!

stylish|gifts Evans Brothers Artisan Coffee Roasters & Cafe 524 Church St. | Sandpoint, ID

Use this coupon for 10% off any order of $20 or more at Evans Brothers Coffee this Holiday Season. You’ll see a newly renovated cafe and lots of new merchandise to choose from, including hats, shirts, mugs, custom pourover brew stations, special holiday coffees and more – all with our newly updated branding! Café and Roastery Open Mon-Fri, 7am-5pm, Sat 8am-4pm. www.EvansBrothersCoffee.com. f Follow us on Facebook!


Carousel Emporium

In the Historic Cedar St. Bridge 334 N. 1st Ave. | Sandpoint, ID See what everyone is talking about - visit Carousel Emporium and see their fantastical array of whimsical gifts, fanciful fashions and beautiful antiques! Make it easy for your husband this year and come in and sign our gift registry. We also offer gift wrapping for purchases over $100. For name brand selection at affordable pricing choose Carousel Emporium this holiday season.


December 2013 | Sandpoint Living Local   31

making|memories Snow River

102 Cedar St. | Sandpoint, ID Your store for UGGs! We carry authentic UGG boots, UGG slippers, clogs and shoes and other fine brands of sheepskin footwear. Check out our sheepskin rugs and many other comfortable sheepskin products. On our website we offer free shipping on orders over $50! Buy online and rest assured that we also offer free returns as well! www.snowriver.com. 208.263.4472

Zandoozles Toys

400 Schweitzer Plaza Dr. | Ponderay, ID Put old-fashioned, honest-to-goodness fun under the tree this year with toys powered by imagination from Zandoozles. Our collection of puzzles, games, doll houses, train sets, science kits, arts and crafts, construction toys and much more are hand-picked for their quality, value and play factor. DECEMBER SPECIALS throughout the store. JOIN US Dec 15th at 3pm for “Who Stole the Sprinkles,” a free puppet show for all ages. Open Mon–Thur 10-5:30, Fri-Sat 9:30-6, Sundays 11-5. Like us on f. www.zandoozles.com.


thoughtful|essentials NAPA Auto Parts

514 Larch Street | Sandpoint, ID | 208.263.2171 The NAPA Auto Parts store in Sandpoint has been locally family owned for over 30 years. The Priest River and Newport, WA stores were added to better serve the community. The local staff is knowledgeable, friendly and ready to help you with your automotive needs. The stores carry performance parts and accessories, along with marine, farm, and heavy duty parts available. The stores are open 7 days per week. Priest River, Idaho | 5398 Highway 2 | 208.448.1412 Newport, Washington | 300 South Union | 509.447.4515


223 N. 1st Ave. | Sandpoint, ID Natural-fiber fashions, luxury yarns, fine jewelry, gifts in a friendly atmosphere. Pedro’s is a destination for discriminating shoppers who want unique, top-quality products. Pedro’s is named for an Alpaca, symbol of softness, durability and luxury. Pedro’s selection reflects the owner’s success as a fiber artist and eye for great products, which now include Plus Sizes. lisa@pedrospride.com. www.pedrospride.com.

208.263.6200 32   Sandpoint Living Local | www.sandpointliving.com

unique|gifts Petal Talk

120 W. Cedar St. | Sandpoint, ID Petal Talk resides inside a recycled 1940’s corner gas station. Fuel your senses with fabulous fresh flowers, unique and exotic plants and a diverse selection of clever gifts. Our dynamic shop creates stunning bouquets and breathtaking centerpieces that are meticulously crafted and beautifully presented to leave a lasting impression. We specialize in horticultural novelties. Our addiction to perfect plants brings you the amazing choices for the holidays. Petal Talk’s holiday gift selection ranges from elegant to woodsy. Just take a peek in the door to see more! www.petaltalk.com.


Make it a Holiday!

Great Stuff

313 N. 1st Ave. | Sandpoint, ID Tourists from all over the globe visit downtown Sandpoint for its unique, friendly shops. Treat yourself this holiday season. Discover this shopping gem right in your own backyard! Get Your Jingle On! Dec 6-8 with specials, games and chocolate sampling. Dec 20th is Men’s Night – we’ll help find the perfect gift and wrap it for free! Don’t forget the truffles and other goodies from our chocolate counter. Open Mon-Wed 10-5:30, Fri-Sat 9:30-6, Sun 11-5. f Like us on Facebook.

It Starts at MeadowBrook Open 7 Days a Week on the Historic Cedar Street Bridge!

Furniture, Decor & Gifts


334 North 1st Avenue, #101 Sandpoint, Idaho 208.255.2824 | Like us on f www.meadowbrookhomeandgift.com info@meadowbrookhomeandgift.com December 2013 | Sandpoint Living Local   33

downtown|finds Finan McDonald Clothing Company 301 North 1st Avenue | Sandpoint, ID 210 Sherman Avenue | Coeur d’Alene, ID

Finan McDonald carries many brands of outdoor and lifestyle clothing and footwear for men and women from brand names such as Tommy Bahama, Columbia, Ex Officio, Dansko, Patagonia, The North Face, Born, Mountain Hardwear, Kuhl, Merrell, Birkenstock, Prana, Keen, Sorel and many more. In our men’s clothing, we carry all the favorite lines that ensure you have the right clothing for the task at hand. Our women’s fashion ranges from sportswear to upscale outfits for that special occasion. If you’re shopping for a gift, you can always be assured to find that perfect item! Come see us for all your Christmas shopping needs! www.finanmcdonald.com.


Syringa Salon

502 Cedar St, Ste B | Sandpoint, ID The friendliest staff welcome you with a smile. A warm and inviting space to relax. Environmentally friendly products. Haircuts, Styling, Color, Waxing, Skincare, Pedicures. Now meeting your beauty needs with a new line of makeup and skincare products, products for men and simple, fashionable jewelry.


unique|gifts All Seasons Garden & Floral

31831 Hwy 200 East | Sandpoint, ID All Seasons Garden & Floral is Holiday Central for all your gift giving this year! Find Home Decor, Indoor Growing Supplies and Custom Floral, Wreaths, Swags and Centerpieces to fit every personality. Open Monday thru Saturday from 9am-5pm or call All Seasons at 208.265.2944 for delivery nationwide.



300 Bonner Mall Way, Suite 10-105 | Ponderay, ID Sears Appliance & Hardware, your official home for Craftsman tools! Looking for that special gift? Sears home appliance and hardware store in Ponderay has that and much more! Locally owned and operated, Sears is your Hometown Store. Craftsman Tools, Snow Blowers, Power Tools and more. Come check it out and like them on Facebook to stay up-to-date with all the latest promotions.


34   Sandpoint Living Local | www.sandpointliving.com


WHAT’S INSIDE 36......SHS Cedar Post 40......Athlete of the Month Sam Levora

41.........Athlete of the Month Darbey Scrimsher

Photo by Jason Duchow Photography

We Set the Standard! 624 Larch Street | Sandpoint, Idaho 208.255.2417 December 2013 | Sandpoint Living Local   35


at the Ranch

Sandpoint High School’s Cedar Post Excellence in Journalism and Beyond By Patty Hutchens


rior to this year Alicia Walker had never taken a journalism course. But that did not stop her from applying to be on staff for The Cedar Post, Sandpoint High School’s student run newspaper. A senior, Alicia said that during her high school years she always saw what a tight knit group the Cedar Post staff was and wanted to be part of that. “They are like a big family,” said Alicia who admits she enjoys reporting the news because she likes being the first to know what is going on.

“Both Coeur d’Alene and Lewiston have great journalism programs,” said Cedar Post Editor-in-Chief Tyson Bird of Sandpoint High School’s competition. In advance of the event, Bird submitted three articles written by Alicia in his nomination of her for Journalist of the Year. Among them were a story she wrote on the Lake Pend Oreille School Board’s discussion on arming teachers with guns in area schools, an article highlighting Sandpoint High School crosscountry and track star Sam Levora and a story

Western Pleasure Guest Ranch offers: • • • • • • •

Christmas Party Packages Winter Sleigh Rides Cross Country Skiing Snow Shoeing Bed & Breakfast Cabin Rentals And Much More!

Cedar Post staff celebrate after receiving three awards at a recent competition at North Idaho College.

Only a couple of months into the year, Alicia’s talent has been evident not only to Sandpoint readers, but to those throughout North Idaho. Several of the Cedar Post staff attended a conference and competition at North Idaho College earlier this fall where they took part in breakout sessions and met with several other students from Coeur d’Alene High School, Lewiston High school and Montana schools.


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Following the daylong event, it was the Cedar Post students who returned home proudly having received three awards. Alicia received Journalist of the Year; The Cedar Post was selected as the Best Newspaper; and senior Tanner Sheffield took home the award for Best Website.

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on technology. Alicia, unaware that Bird had submitted the stories, was shocked when her name was announced. “I thought we were just going for the conference,” said Alicia, unaware of the competition component of the event. Like many media publications nowadays, there is much more to the Cedar Post than words and photos on paper. There is the technology side. After all, everyone seems to have their own website these days. That’s where SHS senior Tanner Sheffield comes in. Tanner not only maintains the Cedar Post website, keeping it fresh with new information and making it fun and informative, but he designed the award winning site as well.

“We made one last year, and it was a beginning,” said Tanner who spent a good part of his summer redesigning the entire SHS Cedar Post website. The new layout displays all the articles, weather and informative polls conducted by the Cedar Post staff. “We could not do that with the last layout,” said Tanner who added more images and thought up captivating ways to capture people’s attention. The website certainly caught the attention of the judges at NIC. When Tanner won the award for Best Website, SHS Cedar Post advisor Will Love said that those at North Idaho College commented that the Cedar Post website was a better product than they had at NIC – something this self taught web designer should be very proud of.

For Alicia, she said being on the Cedar Post staff has given her an avenue to become more involved in the community. She attends school board meetings, following up on her story on the gun policy, and keeps current on the topics she is covering for the Cedar Post. Alicia, like many journalists, said the most challenging part about writing is remaining objective and not interjecting her own personal views into the story. In the few short months she has been on the Cedar Post, Alicia said it has also shaped her plans for the future. “Before coming into this class I wanted to be a doctor, but now

As Website Editor, Tanner is responsible for a variety of tasks including gathering and writing the content for the website, taking photos and graphic design. “I edit the content and pictures and have to know certain codes,” said Tanner who taught himself everything he knows about web design and built his first website at the age of 9.

design. Writing has to be the foundation,” said Bird who outside of class devotes about 90 minutes a day to the Cedar Post. “Writing has to be number one followed by design and photography.” The Cedar Post publishes 10 issues each year and is truly a student run newspaper. There is no administrative review of the paper prior to publication, giving the students freedom to publish the stories that they feel are important to the school, no matter how controversial the subject may be. The class is part of the Professional Technical Education department at Sandpoint High School. The mission of the program, which includes several different course offerings covering a wide variety of career interests, is to provide students with technical skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary for successful performance in the workplace and beyond.

“I grow off of everything I learn each month,” commented Tanner who would like to freelance as a web designer and attend the Cedar Post staff work on the many projects it takes them to publish University of Idaho. their monthly award winning newspaper. Tyson Bird said the breakout sessions the staff attended during the day were very beneficial and will serve him well as he will continue his journalism studies at Ball State next year. While at NIC, Bird met with their marketing department and also had an opportunity to learn from those involved in the NIC paper. “We had a question and answer session with the NIC Sentinel student editors,” said Bird. Another highlight for Bird was meeting with the Public Relations Officer for the Coeur d’Alene police department who talked to them about ways for journalists to obtain factual information from the police department when writing a story.

I am thinking of also going into journalism,” she said referring to her plan to become a physician and also write about medical issues. She enjoys the freedom the staff has to choose the topics about which they write and said she appreciates what a team effort it takes to publish the Cedar Post. For Tyson, being involved with the Cedar Post has taught him a great deal about journalism and what goes into each publication. “There is so much more to a newspaper than the

Some of the areas of study offered in the program at Sandpoint High School include business technology, culinary arts, innovative design (CAD), health professions including a CNA program, individual occupational training, information systems technology, natural resources management, welding technology and journalism / media technology.

For many students enrolled in the professional technical classes at SHS, they are also able to earn college credits during their high school years. Although many of the professional technical classes have evolved over the last several years, The Cedar Post has been around for nearly one hundred years. “Our school and the community have supported the paper for 91 years,” said Bird. He also said the fact that it is entirely free press is an important element to its success. The paper does not receive any financial support

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Cedar Post staff review the publications from other North Idaho and Montana schools at the conference at North Idaho College.

from the school and instead is supported one hundred percent by advertising dollars. Bird also credits Cedar Post faculty advisor Will Love with the great success the paper has had over the past few years. Before Love, the paper had four different advisors in four years. “Mr. Love rebuilt this program,” said Bird. When asked about whether he believes that the newspaper industry is “dying out in a world where technology is becoming increasingly dominant,” Bird says nothing could be further from the truth. “Journalism is changing, it is more digital and more rapid. But story telling is as strong as ever,” said Bird who explains that while people may receive

initial news over the web or social media, that does not give them the whole story. “You do not pick up a newspaper to learn new things. You do so to learn different perspectives.” Each year the students attend the National Journalism Convention where they are judged against schools their same size. The caliber of competition is extremely high, and the students have brought home several awards over the years. This year’s competition will be in San Diego, and the students are working hard to raise money to pay for their expenses. If anyone would like to donate to the students’ trip, they can send their check made out to SHS/Cedar Post to Sandpoint High School, Attn: Will Love, 410 South Division, Sandpoint, ID 83864.

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Staff of the Cedar Post record and broadcast the daily announcements at SHS.

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NOVEMBER 2013 Domino’s Delivers the...

Sam Levora By Patty Hutchens | Photo by Jason Duchow Photography


f you follow SHS track or cross-country, Sam Levora is a very familiar name. Sam first began running in 8th grade and found he had a hidden talent for the sport. He decided to pursue it in high school.

During his freshman year, he broke the all time freshman record for the 5K. “I decided to train very hard and see what I could accomplish with hard work and talent,” said Sam who went on to break the 3 mile and 3200 meter track and field record his sophomore year. “Junior year I built off this success and was able to break the standard 5,000 meter cross country record as well as my coach’s (Matt Brass) mile record in a 4:19,” said Sam who has was awarded the North Idaho Cross Country runner of the year for 2012 as well as MVP in track and cross country his Sophomore, junior and Senior years. He is also the two time State runner up in cross-country and the state runner up in track for 2013. With a full load of honors and AP classes, it is amazing that Sam is able to maintain a 3.98 GPA. With college just around the corner, Sam said he will definitely continue to run competitively. He is currently in the recruiting process with Washington State, Boise State, University of Montana, Utah Valley University and Montana State University.

have come and all that I have accomplished.” He said he enjoys the fact that in his chosen sport the success he achieves is due solely to his effort alone.

“One letdown doesn’t undo how far I have come and all that I have accomplished.”

Unsure of what his major will be, Sam said he is interested in history and political science and would like to one day work for the government, even at a local level. As successful as he has been through high school, Sam said his biggest challenge has been dealing with setbacks and not being able to fully accomplish his goals. “I would have loved to have broken a 9:30 two mile by my senior year, but it just did happen,” said Sam who said he has not let the obstacles hinder his enjoyment of the high school experience. “I remind myself that one letdown doesn’t undo how far I

“I also enjoy the sportsmanship my team and other teams seem to have in this sport,” said Sam. “It’s not always just about beating others as much as it is improving yourself.”

Sam said his coach has instilled in him the importance of hard work and being honest with yourself. “He has taught me that excuses only hurt yourself. I try to keep myself accountable and leave the excuses at the door. This policy has made me work hard and it has never failed me. “ Favorite food: Pesto Pasta. Favorite teacher: Mr. Gooding. “I really enjoy his classes, and I enjoy the way he teaches them. He uses a lot of creative techniques.”

***To nominate an Athlete of the Month, email Patty Hutchens at patricia@like-media.com. Selection is based upon a variety of factors including leadership qualities, dedication to both athletics and academics and athletes who portray good moral character not only in an athletic setting but in his or her everyday life.***

Merry Christmas

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eP i

e aD z z

Darbey Scrimsher By Patty Hutchens | Photos by Tina Stevens, Valley Studio & Jason Duchow Photography


ver the course of her life, As a junior, it is still early to make a final Sandpoint High School junior decision as to where she would like to attend Darbey Scrimsher has learned college, but Darbey said she has her sights set what it takes to achieve goals. on the University of Colorado at Boulder. As Whether it is in the classroom, on for volleyball, she said she would the volleyball court or helping enjoy playing at the college her special needs younger level and at the very least “My favorite part brother, she knows she plans to play on an dedication and hard work intramural team. about volleyball is does pay off. Being the older working together “Being involved with sibling of a special and competing as sports, I have learned needs child, Darbey you have to work hard has seen her brother a team.” to achieve your goals,” said face new challenges Darbey, whose determination each and every day. It is has obviously served her well. But he who has inspired her and that does not mean it has always been easy. has motivated her to dedicate her life to “The biggest challenge that comes with helping kids like him. sports is how time consuming it can be. I “I wish to become a pediatric occupational have had to learn how to balance my social therapist or pediatric physical therapist,” said life and homework on top of it. Darbey. “I love working with children and Darbey was the captain of the junior varsity after going to some of my brother’s sessions, volleyball team this year and also played on I feel like I would really enjoy those careers.” varsity. She said that her most memorable Favorite food: Cheese pizza “moment” in sports was more than just one play or match – it spanned the period of four Favorite teacher: Mr. Love – “He lets his years when her team went undefeated through students be themselves and has a great sense middle school and during her freshman and of humor. I also love the environment of his sophomore years of high school. She and her classroom, and I look forward to going to teammates have continued to work together Cedar Post everyday. “ and it is that aspect of volleyball she enjoys the most. “My favorite part about volleyball is working together and competing as a team,” said Darbey. In addition to volleyball, Darbey played on the varsity golf team as a freshman and plans to do so again this year.

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Keep your family on track and incorporate a few simple rules for healthy living into your busy lives.

Managing Stress & Depression this Holiday Season Helpful Tips



appy Holidays! The holiday season can be a time filled with joy, family and friends. We gather for lovely meals, sharing gifts and spending quality time together. However for some, it can be overwhelming with additional time and energy involved in preparation while simultaneously living up to your normal responsibilities. The true heartfelt graciousness we intend to share can inadvertently be cast aside due to physical fatigue and/or mental

By Laura Sferna, MA, LCPC, RYT exhaustion. For others, the holidays can lead to increased worry, stress and depression. Concerns about finances, family chaos, having to prepare large meals and social isolation are often factors that contribute to anxiety and depression this time of the year. Expectations become overwhelming and inability to be with family can lead to loneliness. Creating a wellness plan beforehand will provide the skills to cope and the opportunity to truly experience the joy of the holiday season. There are many simple wellness practices

that can help. By engaging in the following practices prior to and during the holiday season, you will be capable of approaching the holidays with a lifted mood and a calm, open outlook. Tune in to your body: Go for a walk, exercise at the gym or take yoga classes. Restorative yoga poses bring balance to the nervous system and calm the mind. Legs-up-the-wall is a simple pose you can practice at home. Sit sideways next to a wall. Extend your legs up one at a time while moving your trunk around and lie December 2013 | Sandpoint Living Local   43

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down on your back. Adjust yourself to get your buttocks against or close to the wall. Stretch your arms along your sides and turn your palms up. Remain in this position for five minutes or as long as you’re comfortable.

when you are eating out of hunger or for emotional reasons. Although we are surrounded by excess food during the holidays, select your favorite treats and dishes while avoiding excess sugar, fats, caffeine and alcohol.

Deepen your breath: According to the teachings of yoga, when the breath is disturbed or agitated, the mind will also be agitated. Establishing a steady, easy flow of breath will cause the mind to become steady and calm. A simple home practice begins by sitting quietly and noticing your breath. Gradually extend your inhale and exhale completely. Work towards making your exhale longer than your inhale, which is a technique that deepens relaxation.

By making small additions or changes to your daily routine, you can incorporate some of these simple practices which can lift your mood and decrease anxiety, stress and worry this holiday season. Enjoy the goodness of the holidays!

Become aware of your thoughts: Notice the stories you are telling yourself and become aware of your expectations for yourself and others. Once we become aware, we have the opportunity to shift our thoughts in a positive direction. An affirmation such as, “I breathe in calmness, I breathe out worry” or “I let go of expectations” can be repeated as a reminder of your intention. Express gratitude and volunteer: Studies have shown a decrease in depression in individuals who wrote down what they were grateful for on a daily basis. Keep your own journal and note what you are grateful for or express your gratitude by volunteering at a food bank or soup kitchen during the holidays. This social opportunity can prevent loneliness as well. Eat mindfully: Be aware of which foods support your energy and mood. Notice

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Laura Sferra is a licensed counselor in private practice and a registered yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance. Laura weaves the many benefits of yoga into her counseling practice, offering alternative ways of managing stress, anxiety, depression and other emotional concerns. She specializes in eating disorders and offers yoga classes through Garden Street School of Yoga in Coeur d’Alene. For more information, go to www.SferraCounseling.com.


The Holiday Does Not Mean Sacrificing Healthy Habits Substitute Yogurt in Your Recipes



ating healthier does not mean one must deprive him or herself. Instead, how about replacing low-nutrient foods with healthy substitutes. Incorporating yogurt into basic recipes is the perfect way to start.

Vanilla Cheesecake Made with Vanilla Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt

By using yogurt instead of sour cream, cream cheese, whipped cream or mayonnaise, meals become not only lower in calories and fat, but also higher in calcium and protein.

In baked goods, yogurt can improve texture and keep foods moist. When it's not heated, yogurt provides live active cultures, which can aid digestion and provide immune system support.

• •

Greek yogurt -- a thick strained yogurt -- is especially versatile in cooking. It can be used in dips, spreads and low-fat desserts, or in any recipe that calls for cream, cream cheese, ricotta cheese, sour cream or other fats. You can even use Greek yogurt as an egg extender by replacing one egg with one-fourth cup yogurt. For a decadent, reduced-fat dessert, try this recipe:

Makes 10 Servings Ingredients:

• •

• • •

2 1/2 cups shortbread cookies, finely ground 1/2 stick unsalted butter melted 1 1/2 cups vanilla Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt 4 large eggs 2 8-ounce packages low-fat cream cheese 1 cup super-fine sugar 1 tablespoon cornstarch Juice and zest of 1 lemon

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Directions: In a medium-sized bowl, mix cookie crumbs and butter. Press into a 9-inch spring form pan and refrigerate for 15 minutes. Preheat oven to 300 degrees. Add all ingredients for filling in bowl, and combine using food processor or hand mixer. Pour into cooled crust. Bake for 2 hours. Let cool overnight in refrigerator. To find other recipes, or to use an online ingredient-substitution calculator that will compute how much yogurt to use in place of your original ingredients, visit stonyfield.com/recipes/substitutioncalc.cfm.

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The Cost of Being Sick Chiropractic Care - A Journey to Wellness By Dr. Joe Tessendorf

Unique and Wonderful Clothing and Gifts... ...from A to Zebra!

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n the 14th Century “Black Death,” also known as “The Black Plague,” killed roughly 30% of the European population. Those numbers are staggering, but what if I was to tell you we are facing the greatest threat today? Chronic illness in today’s society is now killing 80% of the industrial world.1 We as a human species have literally become the sickest species on the planet. Never in history has a species suffered so much illness, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, infertility, and the list goes on.2 Chronic illness is the leading cause of personal, corporate, and government debt and bankruptcy. By 2017 chronic illness will cost 4.3 trillion dollars in the U.S. alone.3 This represents nearly 8 million dollars per minute-EVERY DAY. Chronic illness is responsible for up to 91 days of lost productivity, per employee, per year and 9 days of absenteeism per employee, per year.4 Clearly the current system is not working. Perhaps we should quit debating on who should pay for “healthcare” and start discussing what type of “healthcare” we should be paying for.

lifestyle-centric wellness and prevention paradigm.

Since 1900 rates of chronic illness have risen exponentially while our genes have remained virtually unchanged. Remember, success leaves clues. How can we ever get the right answers if we don’t ask the right questions? So what questions should we be asking? Instead of asking how to diagnose and treat the symptom, we need to be asking why are we getting so sick and what do we need to do to get and STAY healthy. The reasons traditional researchers and clinicians have not asked or answered these questions is not due to a lack of caring, intelligence, or effort. It is due to the gene-centric sickness and treatment paradigm. We as clinicians and people need to shift towards a more accurate

Beyond any financial burden or fiscal number, the greatest cost of being sick is loss of quality and quantity of years. The inability to enjoy the loved ones around you, hobbies, and other activities you are accustomed to enjoying without being encumbered with poor health. Take health into your hands today, live it to its greatest potential. Chiropractic is not about creaks and strains, eeks and pains. It is a health, wellness, and preventative encompassing form of care. We look forward to helping you on this journey. Start dictating your health today, so your health doesn’t dictate your lifestyle tomorrow.

The greatest determining factor in your overall health and wellness is LIFESTYLE choices. So who is your health and wellness coach/confidant/source? From where are people getting lifestyle advice? Is it scientifically sound or dogmatically biased? For example, did you know the RDA amounts on the back of every label are the minimum amount necessary, not the amount necessary to be sufficient and pure? Did you know grains (the base of our food pyramid!) are acid, leach calcium and phosphorus from your bones, and spike stress hormones like cortisol that negatively affect your health? Documented benefits of a brisk 30 minute walk daily include; reducing risk of breast cancer up to 60 %, preventing up to 50% of all stroke deaths, prevent up to 50% of colon cancer, prevent 91% of cases of obesity and type II diabetes and the list goes on.5 What pill, drug, or surgery could ever compete with that? How much does a walk cost? How many lives could it save?

Eaton et al., is Stone Agers in the Fast Lane: Chronic Degenerative Disease In Evolutionary Perspective. (1998), pp. 739-749 2 “Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease,” Almanac of Chronic Disease, (2009) 3 Collins JJ, Baase CM, Sharda CE, et al. “The assessment of chronic health conditions on work performance, absence, and total economic impact for employers,” Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. (2005) pp.547-557. 4 “Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease,” Almanac of Chronic Disease, (2009) 5 Booth et al. Waging war on physical inactivity: using modern molecular ammunition against an ancient enemy J Appl Physiol 93: 3-30, 2002 1

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For that Special Someone Article Courtesy of Coeur d’Alene Hand Therapy & Healing Center


hether you have arthritis, have overused your hands, or have another hand or upper body condition, daily tasks may be slower and more difficult. Stiffness, pain and numbness often increase with the weather and seasonal tasks like snow shoveling or even wrapping packages. Rather than giving the same old gifts, there are many simple and inexpensive gifts that will be used and remembered throughout the year. Heat helps to relieve stiffness and increases blood flow. There are a variety of warming mitts and heating pads available. Hot cold packs are reasonable in price. We offer Kozy Pillows and Kozy Koolers which are effective, attractive and locally made. Paraffin units coat the hand to hold in heat and needed moisture. They are available at department stores or on line. Okay – here is one old standard – gloves. Yes you do need to wear them. There are many varieties available that have thinsulate™ or other insulation, some that have warming packs or even batteries. Be sure gloves fit well and that they are non-slip. Especially for weak hands, too tight of a grip can cause additional pain and damage to joints. In fact, larger grips are a way of “saving” your hands. Using a steering wheel cover can make your steering wheel larger, warmer and easier to grip for comfort and safety. Limiting forceful or extra tight grip and forceful pinch and twist

movements, as with a standard can opener, is critical. Look for larger and ergonomic handles on kitchen utensils, snow shovels and other tools. Many people do more cooking during the holidays. Using electric food choppers, mixers and can openers can help. However you want to find ones that are easy to operate – these are not all equal so these should be tried out. Jar openers are a good stocking stuffer and are available many places. One simple and inexpensive tool is a spring loaded scissors – the self sharpening ones are best. Kept in the kitchen these can be used to open packages (which is often a challenge). Holding the bowl still when mixing can be as simple as putting a damp towel under it, or using a nonslip piece of matting.

HEALTHY NAIL LASER CENTER Got Fungus? Well we can fix it!

Also there is nothing better than a truly sharp, easy to use knife with a handle that feels good in your hand. It is far better to have one really great knife than a large variety. Many chefs use only a medium size knife, paring knife, cleaver and a bread knife. Swedish knives, often used by meat cutters, have a vertical handle so you don’t have to bend your wrist.

• Most effective, safe treatment for toenail fungus

Just being aware of these tips can open your eyes to other possibilities. Check out the links on the cdahandtherapy.com or google adaptive equipment for hands, arthritis etc. If you are having continued pain in your hands or body, therapy can help by providing you with treatment specific to your needs and goals, so you can start out with a great 2014!

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Through our "Pain Free Living" program we make a donation to local charities as our way of giving back to the community.

AFTER 30544 Hwy 200, Suite 102 Ponderay, 83852 T: 208-265-9817 • F: 208-265-4533 Mon-Fri 8:00am – 5:00pm www.HealthyNailLaserCenter.com December 2013 | Sandpoint Living Local   47


Gifts that Help Your Hands

Brown’s Northside Machine & Gear, Inc.

Brown’s can do your custom metal machining, welding and fabrication. Plus driveline & hydraulic repairs and parts in stock. Our Parts Specialists will make your u-bolts and hydraulic hoses while you wait. Transmission and engine rebuilds and exchanges. Brown’s ASE and Cummins Certified Diesel Mechanics are on duty 6 days a week. No job is too big or too small. Ponderay—1100 Triangle Drive 208.263.4643

KBM Enterprises, Inc.

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brought to you by: WHEN YOU THINK RECYCLING, THINK PACIFIC. Pacific Steel & Recycling purchases and processes more scrap iron than any other company in the region, which means we offer the best prices. With recycling facilities and services that are second to none, we make it easy for commercial and consumer recyclers. When you think green, think Pacific.

A Northwest Tradition Built on Trust. 208-263-2584 • 1000 TRIANGLE, PONDERAY • PACIFIC-RECYCLING.COM YOU THINK RECYCLING, THINK PACIFIC. Pacific Steel & Recycling purchases and processes more scrap iron than any other company in the region, which means we offer the best prices. With recycling facilities and services that are second to none, we make it easy for commercial and consumer recyclers. When you think green, think Pacific.

A Northwest Tradition Built on Trust.


Brown’s Northside Machine & Gear, Inc.

Metal Machining, Welding & Fabrication Custom U-Bolts & Hydraulic Hoses while you wait!

Driveline Rebuilds & Repairs Transmission & Rear-End Rebuilds & Exchanges

REPAIR • PARTS • SERVICE EQUIPMENT • TRUCKS • RVS 1100 Triangle Drive • Ponderay, Idaho


Monday-Saturday 7:00 a.m.—5:00 p.m.

48   Sandpoint Living Local | www.sandpointliving.com


Computer network and server management as well as residential and professional computer repair. The very best professional service at the best rates. KBM has a client base spanning from home users to small and medium sized businesses. We provide a range of services that include, computer repairs, upgrades, sales, Microsoft support, virus/spyware eradication, & remote support services. KBM provides excellent computer services at affordable prices within the shortest downtime possible. www.KBM.us Ponderay—401 Bonner Mall Way, Suite K 208.265.0902

Bad Boys Body and Paint

If you’re looking for perfection on your boat, RV or vehicle give Bad Boy Customs a call. Located out in Ponderay on McGhee Road, Bad Boy Customs specializes in collision repair, boat and RV’s. You can rest assured that they will take care of your needs working with all insurance companies. Bad Boy Customs has stood behind its name for over 12 years. Open Monday through Friday 9am-5pm. Give Chuck Corless and his crew a call and you will not be disappointed. Ponderay—31656 Highway 200 208.263.4762

Zandoozles Toys

Are you starting to think Christmas? Check out Zandoozle’s NOVEMBER SPECIAL. Pre-order and pre-pay for any Melisa & Doug item priced $99 or more this November, and Zandoozles will take 25% off the price, and deliver it to you in December. Dollhouses, play kitchens, project workbench, large plush animals, play castles, stables, wooden trains and more all qualify. Find us behind the Guest House Lodge on Schweitzer Plaza Dr. in

Floor Show

880 Kootenai Cutoff Road


Providing the Best In: carpet • wood • counter tops window fashions • stone • tile



ligh t o p S s ines


Ponderay. Open M-F 10am-5:30pm and Sat 10am5pm. Open Sundays 11am-5pm starting Nov. 24th. Ponderay—400 Schweitzer Plaza Drive 208.265.7242

Sandpoint Storage

Climate Controlled Storage, Heated RV/Boat Storage, and covered Outdoor Storage for RV’s, Boats and Trailers. Sandpoint Storage offers security, our property is fenced with 24 hour security cameras and security code controlled gate. We make moving in easy, we offer Penske truck rentals, we require no deposits and we offer a month to month lease, same day service. Our units are clean and move in ready! Stop by our office and our friendly staff will be happy to show you our units and answer any questions you may have. Open Monday Saturday 9AM - 6PM and Sunday, 9AM - 3PM. www.sandpointselfstorage.com. Sandpoint—32607 Highway 200 208.263.7276


The Curves circuit, designed especially for women, provides a total body workout with strength and cardio components, and it takes just 30 minutes! We also offer Curves Complete, a 12 week weight management program designed by the Cleveland Clinic. Our Curves Complete Coaches have been certified through a training program provided by the Cleveland Clinic. Come in to Curves, too, and experience our Curves Circuit with Zumba, offered Wednesday afternoon and Saturdays. Call 208.255.1661 to schedule an appointment. Ponderay—110 Tibbetts Lane #2 208.255.1661

Sunrise Salon

M, W, F, 9am-6:30pm. & Sat. 9am-1pm. Get that beautiful bronze tan on and stop in and see us! Sunrise Salon offers a clean and friendly atmosphere offering: 2 premium beds, 1 stand-up premium, and two 20min beds. Rejuvenating You Massage: Jolie @ 208.660.5484. Haircut and Color: Tanja @ 208.610.5816. Like us on Facebook! Ponderay—110 Tibbets Lane, Suite #1 (across street from Co-Op) 208.263.5484


Like-Media consists of a team of committed professionals who are dedicated to building powerful approaches and developing cost effective, proficient and effective marketing campaigns in a unique way. We take you where you want to go quicker and more efficiently. We do this by focusing on your unique selling position. We save you time, money and we produce results. Our strategies are well thought out, focused and effective so that your company can stand out from the competition. Sandpoint, Idaho 208.946.0901

PacWest Parts

Stop in and check out or in-store specials. For all your snow removal needs and home appliances, think Pac West Parts. We specialize in chainsaws, weed eaters, leaf blowers, generators, pressure washers, push and riding lawn mowers. Including small engine repair, sales and in-home services for all! Your local Husquarna and Echo dealership. Come see us at our new location! We also do blade & chain sharpening. We have expanded and have lots of new Inventory! Come check us out! Kootenai—21 McGhee Road, Suite #105 208.265.5500 or 1.877.866.9175

Crescent Electric

Crescent Electric Supply (established in 1919) is family owned and your number one local electrical distributor. Conveniently located in Ponderay they have over 120 distribution facilities in 27 states, serving contractors, original equipment manufacturers, and the operational needs of commercial, industrial, institutional and utility customers nationwide. With their 24 hour emergency service line and over 500,000 different products including energy efficient lamps & lighting, switchgear, controls, data communication and more, Crescent Electric is your go to place for all electrical needs. Please view the website www. cesco.com or visit the local branch 7am- 5pm Monday to Friday. 24 hour emergency service 800.397.3900. Sandpoint—89 McGhee Road 208.263.9513

208-255-1661 Tibbetts Driv Sandpoint Dental 110 Cosmetics Ponderay, ID Dr. Joseph Johnson, DMD

Expanded days and hours for your convenience. New Patients Always Welcome! Dr. Johnson utilizes the newest and greatest dental techniques, enabling him to provide biocompatible materials and save natural tooth structure. He likes to deliver the advantages of New members only. Valid only at participating clubs. Free week may be exchanged for a special first visit discount. Not valid with any other offer. International, Inc.� Zumba Zumba Fitness , and hometown. the Zumba Fitness logos are registered trademarks of Zumba Fitness, LLC. Used with perm the “big city” in ,his new Learn more about Dr. Johnson and our flexible payment options. Visit SandpointDentalCosmetics.com. “Like” us on Facebook to stay up to date on our latest offers, or call to hear about our new and returning patient specials. Ponderay—Hwy 200 By the Elks Golf Course 208.946.4329 ®

Endorsed by the American Association of Public Health Physicians!

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Talus Rock A North Idaho Retreat Where You Can Rejuvenate, Congregate And Celebrate By Patty Hutchens

But the Retreat is much more than a place of spectacular craftsmanship. It is a place where individuals, families, business associates and more can enjoy the peacefulness and beauty of North Idaho. “Here marriages are healed, people are rested and re-energized and we even have pastors who come here to write sermons,” said Heather. Son Selkirk said he enjoys meeting the interesting people who come from across the world to stay at the Retreat. They have counted the CEO of AT & T and the puppeteer for the movie E.T. among their guests. “We have everyone from celebrities to missionaries,” said Heather. “But I would say the missionaries are the celebrities.”


The Pedersen family believes it is the little things that make their place so inviting – from the greetings the visitors receive to the warm inviting fireplace and the animals roaming the grounds. But they also strive to provide their guests with a high level of privacy. “We let them have their space but yet provide full service in a casual atmosphere,” said Heather. ust one mile from the quaint downtown streets of Sandpoint, one can find a hidden magnificent treasure. Sitting on an expansive 31 acres, Talus Rock Retreat is a place where people can enjoy the beauty of North Idaho and relax and rejuvenate their souls.

They enjoy hosting small intimate weddings and offer a three-day wedding package where families can spend time together over the wedding weekend in private yet open spaces.

The Retreat was completed nearly six years ago after two decades of saving, planning, designing and building. It took owners Bruce and Heather Pedersen 15 years to save enough money for the groundbreaking, eight years to purchase the additional five acres needed to ensure they maintained the expansive mountain view, and four years of design work and land clearing. The completion of Talus Rock culminated with 388 days of working 7 days a week before the Pedersens and their three children moved into the home in February 2008. And for anyone who has visited Talus Rock Retreat, they know it was well worth the wait.

They also offer an Elope and Escape package for $650 that includes a room, champagne, flowers and officiates for a couple’s private nuptials.

The 8300 square foot retreat has six bed and bath suites and can house up to 24 guests. Decorated with beautiful and unique items they have picked up through their world travels, no room is the same. From the Old World Tuscan façade to the hand carved front entrance door, the craftsmanship is unique and will leave visitors mesmerized at the intricate detail throughout the entire Retreat. Constructed from stained concrete, authentic stone, hand-troweled stucco, hydronic radiant heated maple floors and knotty-alder doors and cabinets, the main portion of the Retreat is a timber frame that took more than a year to design, scribe and erect. Perhaps one of the most unique things one will find is the double-headed tree shower in the master suite. In designing the master suite, Bruce and Heather wanted to build something reminiscent of their travels to the jungles of Mexico, India and Australia. The tree, while appearing to be real, is actually constructed of rebar, chicken wire and concrete and includes two branches from felled trees on the Talus Rock Retreat property. As you walk through the beautiful structure, there are hidden surprises along the way. A stop at the beautiful stained glass window, Heather encourages one to see if they can find the hidden three dragonflies within the creation – a tribute to Heather and Bruce’s three children, Kipling, Rio and Selkirk. 50   Sandpoint Living Local | www.sandpointliving.com

In addition to small weddings, Talus Rock is also a popular venue for corporate retreats. There is a large downstairs recreation and dining area where up to 30 people can enjoy a sit down dinner in a private, comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. With an outdoor pool and hot tub, a captivating view and the convenience of a one-mile trip to downtown Sandpoint, Talus Rock Retreat is a favorite of many for family reunions. With the expansive 31 acres where one can explore, the Retreat’s many animals and the beauty and spaciousness of the home itself, it is a wonderful place for all members of the family to enjoy a getaway. Because Talus Rock Retreat is also the Pedersen’s home, the question of where the family stays when there are guests is often asked. “We share a closet and each of us have shower caddies,” said Heather of the family’s movement to unoccupied rooms. If they are totally full, they will often retreat up to Schweitzer Mountain and enjoy a getaway of their own. “Every night is an adventure,” said Heather who said her family is always willing to open up their home for most any occasion. “An empty room is

Weekend Getaway


a terrible thing to waste.” When they set out to build Talus Rock Retreat, Heather and Bruce did so with the desire to offer others, including friends and family, a place where they could find solace, refuge and reprieve from the stress and pressure of day to day life. Their hope was that visitors to Talus Rock would leave feeling rejuvenated and renewed. While they always wanted to share Talus Rock with others, Heather and Bruce did not envision doing so as a Bed & Breakfast. But by turning their home into a Retreat, they and their children are able to do much more for the less fortunate worldwide, something which is near and dear to their hearts. They use the money earned from Talus Rock to support causes worldwide. One of those causes is the International Children’s Network whose mission is to provide as many orphaned children as possible worldwide an opportunity for a complete education through their country’s highest university or vocational school. The hope is that those children will return to their villages to help others and break the cycles of despair and instead provide these young children with hope for a better future. The family is also involved with the International Children’s Network’s Matsiko World Orphan Choir. Heather is the International Director of Asia for International Children’s Network and she along with her family help to audition and select seven children per country that will represent their homeland in the Matsiko World Orphan Choir. The Chior travels throughout the United States sharing their voices and warming the hearts of all who meet them. But don’t get the impression that the Pedersen’s international travels are luxurious. They sleep in orphanages, on church floors and Heather tells stories of rats running across her while she tries to get some much needed rest at the end of the day. They also only take one carry on piece of luggage and only a few changes of clothes. To fill up their baggage with more of their own belongings would leave little room for the pencils, papers and other gifts they bring to the children on their visits. The love and warmth one feels when they enter Talus Rock Retreat is evident from the moment you step out of your car and it continues throughout your visit. And knowing that the money being spent to stay there will have a ripple effect worldwide is invaluable. So if you are looking for the perfect getaway in the most beautiful small town in America, be sure and put Talus Rock Retreat at the top of your list. You will leave with not only many memories, but some incredible new friends in the Pedersen family. “We always wanted to build something to give back (to the world),” said Heather. “Talus Rock is our love letter.”

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Paw Prints


Are You Ready for Your New Puppy? Doing Your Research & Preparing Your Home are Keys to Success


any families buy puppies during the holidays, only to become overwhelmed.

Bringing a dog home can be a 15-year commitment, not to mention a huge financial and emotional responsibility. Many families do not realize how much work raising a puppy entails. Sadly, many holiday puppies end up in shelters come January. Animals can bring joy into their human's lives, but only if people are ready to keep a canine companion healthy and safe. Here are some tips for anyone considering getting a puppy for the holidays: • Make sure that a dog will fit into your lifestyle. Do you have the money to pay for food, routine and emergency vet bills and training costs? Will you be home to care for your puppy? If not, will you be able to find or hire a sitter? Can you handle paw prints on your floors and dog hair on your furniture? If you answer "no" to any of these questions, you might want to get a lower-maintenance pet instead. • Puppy-proof your home before you bring Fido home. Puppies will chew on anything in reach. Some people hide or bundle loose cables and wires as a preventative measure. Place house plants out of puppy-reach, and keep floors clear.

• Make sure your puppy has a kennel or a bed - it will need its own space. • Owners can also use Invisible Fence to keep their new dog safe. "A lot of people don't realize our products can be used inside the home," says Mark Thomas, the Senior Brand Manager for Invisible Fence Brand. The company's Shields In-Home Safety Solution is an ideal gift to keep a new puppy safe. The system features a small, portable transmitter and a special computer collar worn by the pet. The system is gentle enough for puppies as young as eight weeks, so it can help young pets stay out of trouble. • Do your research before getting your puppy. Many pet stores are fronts for puppy mills, where ill dogs face horrendous abuse. Consider adopting from an animal shelter - one out of every four shelter dogs is a purebred animal. If you really don't want to adopt, look for a reputable breeder who will let you see their breeding facilities and meet your puppy's parents. To give an Invisible Fence Brand Solution as a gift these holidays, you may visit www. invisiblefence.com and find your local Invisible Fence Brand dealership.

52   Sandpoint Living Local | www.sandpointliving.com

Paw Prints


Consider Purchasing Pet Insurance Protect Against Unexpected Veterinary Bills


he holiday season is a popular time for spending and gift giving, there's no doubt about it. Spending on pets is no exception. According to cat and dog breeders, mid-December is their busiest time of year. Families plan for the arrival of new puppies and kittens during their school-aged child's winter break from school, to give them ample time to spend with their new four-legged friend. When welcoming a new puppy or kitten into your home, it's imperative to plan for their health expenses, too. You wouldn't want to ruin your holiday budget on an unexpected veterinary bill for the new addition. Puppies and kittens are prone to accidents and illnesses in their first year of life as they explore the new world around them. Trupanion reports they have paid over 15,000 claims related to new puppy and kitten accidents and illnesses. These cost pet owners across North America over $1 million in 2013 alone. Trupanion shares the three most common health issues for new puppies and kittens that could cost pet owners almost $3,000: Most common health issues for puppies. 1. Foreign body ingestion. Average cost: $1,400. 2. Cruciate rupture. Average cost: $2,400. 3. Injuries sustained after a traffic accident. Average cost: $1,750. Most common health issues for kittens. 1. Foreign body ingestion. Average cost: $1,400. 2. Urethral obstruction. Average cost: $1,000+. 3. Upper respiratory infection. Average cost: $200. It's best to enroll the critter in pet health insurance at a young age, which can soften the blow of veterinary expenses to help give families peace of mind — especially during the already stressful holiday season. For more information on pet health insurance for your new puppy or kitten, please visit Trupanion.com/mynewpet.

Cold Noses...

...Warm Hearts

208.265.5700 320 S. Ella PO Box 1021 Sandpoint, ID Mon - Fri 7am - 5:30pm (Thurs til 7pm) Saturday 8am - 1pm www.idahovet.com ask@idahovet.com Custom Care to Fit Your Budget

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Christmas Traditions are Not Always Santa & Sleigh Rides A Look at Traditions Around the World By Patty Hutchens


hristmas. A day of celebration throughout the Christian world; a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. And while Christians worldwide recognize the meaning of the day, the traditional celebration will take on a very diverse look depending upon where in the world one lives. Although the decorations and shopping may begin long before Thanksgiving for some, throughout the United States Christians traditionally begin preparing for Christmas with advent. Advent begins the fourth Sunday before Christmas, falling anywhere between November 27th to December 3rd. It is a time the church prepares for the celebration of the birth of Jesus. Advent wreaths with four candles adorn the churches with a new candle being lit each

Sunday in anticipation of the celebration of Christmas. Traditions, both secular and religious, are many. Visits with Santa Claus, Christmas caroling, exchange of gifts, Christmas parties and reenactments of the nativity take place at churches and Christian schools throughout the country.

While snow is synonymous with Christmas for many in the Northern United States, in Australia the holiday falls during the summer months. Accordingly, much of their celebration takes place outdoors. One such celebration is called Carols by Candlelight, a time when many gather outside to sing Christmas songs and light candles in celebration.

In England, children eagerly anticipate the arrival of Father Christmas. But they don’t mail their letters to the North Pole as do children in the United States. Instead, they place their letters into the fire in their fireplace, believing that their wishes will go up the chimney – the path they, like American children, believe that Father Christmas will enter their home bestowing upon them gifts and fulfilling their wishes.

In Sweden the eldest daughter plays a significant role in the pre-Christmas celebration. December 13th, St. Lucia’s Day, marks the beginning of the Christmas season in that country. On that sacred day the eldest daughter rises early and dresses in a long white dress and a crown of leaves – a symbol of Santa Lucia, the Queen of Light. Singing Santa Lucia, a traditional Swedish song, she then wakes up the remaining

54   Sandpoint Living Local | www.sandpointliving.com

Community family members and serves them coffee and specially made treats. For Christians in Ethiopia, one of the oldest countries in Africa, they celebrate the sacred holiday on January 7th. This is due to the fact they follow the ancient Julian calendar. In this country, the Ethiopian Orthodox Church’s celebration of Christ’s birth is not called Christmas but instead is referred to as Ganna. The people of Ethiopia fast the day before Ganna, rising early the next day to attend mass at 4am. Unlike many other countries that celebrate Christmas, Ganna is not marked by gift giving. Instead the holiday focuses on religious significance of the season, with feasts and games playing a large part in their tradition. The holiday season in Ethiopia does not end with Ganna. On January 19th the Christians there engage in a three day celebration known as Timkat, which commemorates the baptism of Christ.



wine bar relax with friends. settle in by the fire. enjoy a menu of fine wines, light fare and hearty favorites. open daily live entertainment fridays & saturdays from 7pm

If you are in Spain, the Christmas celebration commences with the Feast of the Immaculate Conception on December 8th. This is the day when Christians celebrate the conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the womb of Saint Anne. In Spain there is a weeklong observance of this holy day. Places of worship and outdoor markets are decorated with evergreens. One need not look far to find musical instruments such as tambourines, castanets, and miniature guitars for sale, all adding to the lively celebrations that include singing and dancing in the streets. In Spain it is also customary for children to travel to various homes singing Christmas carols or reciting Bible verses in exchange for receiving a small instrument, toy or a holiday treat. In Israel only two percent of the population is Christian, and for that reason businesses and shops are open and ironically there is little hint of a sacred celebration in this land where Jesus was born. But in Jerusalem one need only travel to that part of the Old City known as the Christian Quarter to find holy celebrations of the birth of Jesus Christ. A mere six miles away is Bethlehem – the city of Jesus’ birth - the streets to Manger Square are filled with tourists and security. Manger Square is outside of the Basilica of the Nativity, which is believed to be the place where Jesus was born. In the end, no matter if it is Buon Natale, Froehliche Weihnachten, God Jul, or Merry Christmas, the meaning is still the same as Christians around the world unite to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

311 north first avenue sandpoint 208-263-6971

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December – Crowell’s Land of Christmas. Looking for something different for the family this Christmas? Crowell’s Land of Christmas in Sandpoint is for you. Located at 579 Upland Drive off Baldy, this familyowned farm offers over 40,000 Christmas trees in 7 varieties and heights for any ceiling. Up to 24 feet, in fact! Christmas carols can be heard in the background, and there is usually plenty of hot chocolate to make the time even more enjoyable. Weather permitting, the hay wagon and tractor help to bring your tree and family back to the main farmhouse. So come on out and make some Christmas memories that the family will never forget! 5 – Family Night. Kinderhaven’s Festival of Trees Family Night is from 4-6:30pm at the Sandpoint Events Center and free to the public. View the decorated trees while enjoying cookies and hot cocoa. Santa will be there too!

5 - Student Serenade. Music Conservatory’s end of the quarter student recital at the Panida Theater. Shows are at 5pm for the young student group and 7pm for the advanced adult student groups. Donations are appreciated. 208.265.4444 6 – Into the Mind. Sherpas Cinema Ski and Board Film being shown at the Panida at 7pm. 208.263.9191 7 - Art Works. 5-8pm. The gallery hosts its annual Holiday Reception. Come meet the artists, enjoy the new “Winter Wonderland” exhibit, and browse our amazing variety of local art, perfect for holiday gifts. 214 N. First Ave., Sandpoint, ID. www. sandpointartworks.com; 208.263.2642 8 – World Famous Popovich Comedy Pet Theater. The World Famous Popovich Comedy Pet Theater is a family-oriented blend of the unique comedy and juggling skills of Gregory Popovich and the extraordinary talents of his performing pets. Each of the show’s 15 cats and 10 dogs were once strays, rescued from animal shelters. Now they love to show off onstage – by performing a variety of stunts and skits! This show will be held at the Panida at 3pm. 208.263.9191

MUSIC *Call to confirm as schedules are subject to change.*

FORTY-ONE SOUTH Live music in the lounge on Thursdays and live music in the dining room on Saturdays. EICHARDT’S PUB Join us for Blues Jam every Monday with host Truck Mills. The Charley Packard Band plays every Wednesday. ***Text “livemusic” to 35819 to sign up for pub updates. TRINITY AT CITY BEACH Spend Tuesdays with Mike and Friends from 5pm to 8pm. Come down to Trinity at City Beach every Tuesday at 5pm to enjoy wonderful food and live music. It’s a great night to go out with the family. Also join us Fridays for the sounds of Bruce Bishop. For more information and updates on events visit us on Facebook at facebook.com/trinityatcitybeach. PEND D’OREILLE WINERY 12/6 - Jake Robin 5-8pm 12/13 - Ninjazz 5-8pm 12/20 - Bridges Home 5-8pm 12/27 - Scott Reid 5-8pm 12/28 - Robert Beadling Group 5-8pm COLDWATER CREEK WINEBAR 12/6- One Street Over 7-10pm 12/7- Brother Music 6-9pm 12/13- Closed for private party 12/14- Devon Wade 6-9pm 12/16- Roxy Fuller 5-7pm 12/17- Roxy Fuller 5-7pm 12/20-Mike and Shana Thompson 7-10pm 12/21- Ray Allen 6-9pm 12/27- Slag Dog 7-10pm 12/28- Emily Baker 6-9pm

A Simple Christmas

15 – Sun Fire, Soul Fire. A dance performance held at the Sandpoint Events Center at 102 S. Euclid at 4pm. Created by Moondance Productions and includes local dancers and Musicians, Gypsy Diva’s Dance Troupe and Jr. Troup. Tickets on sale at Eichardt’s for $5 or $8 at the door. 16 – The Nutcracker. Eugene Ballet’s, The Nutcracker, will be performed at the Panida at 7pm. 208.263.9191 18 – Open Mic at Café Bodega. An open mic on the third Wednesday of every month at Foster’s Crossing, 504 Oak Street. Original material only please! Open mic begins at 6:30pm, come early for dinner at 6pm. 18,19 – The Jazzy Nutcracker. Studio One presents this entertaining holiday show at the Panida at 6:30pm. 20 – Danceworks Christmas Show. Come out to the Panida at 7pm to be entertained by these talented dancers. 22 – The Story Telling Company’s Annual Christmas Show. Featuring the music and humor of John Hastings. This show will mark the release of Caleb’s Miracle, an illustrated Christmas story by head storyteller Sandy Compton, illustrated by Sally Lockwood. The new book will be available at the show. At Di Lunas Cafe at 5pm. Cost is $10 plus dinner and beverage.

EVENTS & ACTIVITIES December – Crowell’s Land of Christmas. Looking for something different for the family this Christmas? Crowell’s Land of Christmas in Sandpoint is for you. Located at 579 Upland Drive off Baldy, this familyowned farm offers over 40,000 Christmas trees in 7 varieties and heights for any ceiling. Up to 24 feet, in fact! Christmas carols can be heard in the background, and there is usually plenty of hot chocolate to make the time even more enjoyable. Weather permitting, the hay wagon and tractor help to bring your tree and family back to the main farmhouse. So come on out and make some Christmas memories that the family will never forget! 6,7,8 – Girls’ Night Out. Late night downtown shopping including specials, door prizes and more all throughout the downtown all weekend long! 7, 14, 21 – Bring the kids to the Cedar Street Bridge to visit Santa from 11am-3pm Saturdays. While you’re

Wednesday- Dec 3

Join the Chamber?

No brainer question. Just ask Barb of Selle Valley Construction, Marcia of First American Title, Jeremy at Northridge Property Management or Justin at Trinity at City Beach.

Women In Business Luncheon Holiday celebration and networking. High school choir. Cold weather clothes drive for Blue Haven. Tango Cafe. Noon-1:00pm

Thursday- Dec 12

Annual Holiday Luncheon Toys for Tots fundraiser, entertainment and more. Tango Cafe. Noon-1:00pm

More info and registration: 263-2161 or www.Chamber7B.com

2013 there, stop by Creations and create your own holiday ornament for free! December - A Simple Christmas – Sleigh Rides and Christmas Trees. Gather the family together, bundle up and get ready to enjoy this family outing at the Western Pleasure Guest Ranch. Load up on one of our horse drawn sleighs and enjoy a scenic ride to the tree lot. There you will pick out a fresh cut locally grown Christmas tree. Then gather the family and your tree and ride the sleigh back to the lodge where you will be served fresh popped popcorn, hot chocolate, and coffee. Call for reservations and pricing, 208.263.9066.

Festival of Trees catered by Ivano’s and the live auction of fabulous trees! (Tickets are $75, or a table sponsorship is $1000 - seats 8 people.) Tickets are available by contacting Jacinda Bokowy at 208.610.2208 or email jbokowy@mac.com. 7 - Christmas Fair. Come out to the Bonner County Fairgrounds and enjoy this annual Christmas Fair from 9am- 4pm. Free admission and parking! 8 – Christmas for Swaziland Gala. You are invited to the 6th annual Christmas for Swaziland Africa Gala at the Event Center from 5-8pm. Tickets are $35 per person. www.lukecommission.org.

The Nutcracker

Guys’ Night Out

5 – Family Night. Kinderhaven’s Festival of Trees Family Night is from 4-6:30pm at the Sandpoint Events Center and free to the public. View the decorated trees while enjoying cookies and hot cocoa. Santa will be there too! 7 – Kinderhaven’s Festival of Trees Progressive Gala. Doors open at 5:30pm at the Sandpoint Events Center. This evening’s events will feature virtually 2 events in one. Guests will be directed to the 3rd floor auditorium where the silent auction will take place with hors d’oeuvres and a no host bar. Once the silent auction is over, guests will head downstairs for the remainder of the evening with a wonderful dinner

13 – Community Ski Day. Ski for just $10 at Schweitzer and give to a good cause! 100% of lift ticket proceeds will benefit area Non-Profit organizations. www.schweitzer.com 14 – Founders Day. Celebrate Schweitzer’s 50th anniversary with $19.63 lift tickets and an apres party in Taps where the 25 year old time capsule will be opened! www.schweitzer.com

Comedy Pet Theater

18,19 – U of I Workshop. This workshop is being offered to help farms plan for the next generation. This workshop is from 1-5pm. This is the first of two

Nor thern Lights Show

Photo by Downtown Sandpoint Business Association December 2013 | Sandpoint Living Local   57



sessions. A follow up session will be held January 26 to go over the plans that farmers are encouraged to develop after the first session. Cost is $20 per person or $35 per farm and will be held at the U of I Extension office at the Fairgrounds. 208.263.8511

31 – New Years Eve Parties at Schweitzer. Parties for all ages including the rockin’ concert by Strictly Business in Taps, the tubing party and the everpopular “tween” party for the kids. These parties sell out - be sure to purchase your tickets early!

20 – Guys’ Night Out. It’s your turn men! Come on out for some evening shopping specials and take care of those last minute gifts!


22,23 – Holiday Celebrations at Schweitzer. Come and celebrate the holidays up at Schweitzer Mountain. The festivities include carolers, hot chocolate and cookies in the village! www.schweitzer.com 23,24 – Ski With Santa. Santa skis on the hill and passes out treats from 11am - 1pm with Mrs. Claus.

18,19 – Northern Lights Show. Schweitzer has a Northern Lights show for you, North Idaho style! We’re starting it off with a torchlight parade, followed by a massive fireworks show in the village, then music and partying up in Taps afterwards! 23,24,25 – Banff Mountain Film Festival. The first big party of the year is back! Always a sold-out event so get your tickets early! Will be showing at the Panida at 7pm. 208.263.9191

WE SERVICE WHAT WE SELL LOCALLY OWNED FOR 64 YEARS 6632 Main Street Bonners Ferry, Idaho 83805


merry christmas!



Open 5 Nights a Week for Dinner Wednesday-Sunday 41 Lakeshore Drive | Sagle, Idaho Like us on Facebook for Nightly Specials!

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check out our fresh friday specials! Corner of Bonner Mall Way and Highway 95 212 Bonner Mall Way | Ponderay, Idaho 83852 208.263.4613 | www.yokesfoods.com

Jokes & Games



Q. What’s white and goes up? A. A confused snowflake!


Q. How long should a reindeer’s legs be?A. Just long enough to reach the ground!


Q. What is the best Christmas present in the world? A. A broken drum, you cant beat it!


Q. What says, “Now you see me, now you don’t, now you see me, now you don’t?” A. A snowman on a cross walk!


Q. What do you get if you cross Santa Claus with a duck? A. A Christmas Quacker!


Q. Which of Santa’s reindeer has bad manners? A. Rude-olph! Q. What do cows say at Christmas? A. MOOey Christmas!























































































































































































































































An Academic Daycare

Pre School | Day Care Multiple Child | Family Discounts Scan the QR code to visit our website!














Q. What is green, white, and red all over? A. A sunburnt elf.



7 7 5


Find and circle the words below in the puzzle grid. The words may read down, left to right, right to left, up, or diagonally.



“Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” -Proverbs 22:6

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Drop in rate of for a FULL DAY - ANY AGE -

30736 Highway 200, Suite 101 | Ponderay, ID 83852 | Hours: M-F, 7am-6pm | 208.265.6180 | www.stknoxacademy.com December 2013 | Sandpoint Living Local   59

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Martin’s Automotive

Full Service Automotive Shop! Locally Owned & Operated For All Your Automotive Needs

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20% of total purchase goes towards any athletic club or program of your choice!


                 MARBLE & GRANITE

Service Calls Lube/Oil/Filter Alignment Engine Electrical Tire Repair/Replacement Shuttle Service Available Engine Repair Alignments Tune-Ups Brakes Tires

Make an appointment or drop in! 425 North Division, Sandpoint (at the old Swede’s shop, next to the Library)


263-5777 ~ 335 McGhee Road


A ddison EntErprisEs llc “Time is valuable, use yours for more important things...let the experts do it!”

Snow & Ice Removal

More information on our facebook page!

Leo Addison | 208.610.3144 December 2013 | Sandpoint Living Local   61

Listing#: 20132286

This mountain & lake view home offers North Idaho living at its best. The beauuful parked out property tells you that you're somewhere special. $679,500.00

Listing#: 20131236

Looking for a quality South Sandpoint home? Don't miss this immaculate 4 bedroom 2.5 bath home with white vinyl picket fenced-in yard. $298,000.00

Listing#: 20132825

VERY FEW North Idaho homes can boast of Lake & Mountain views like this immaculate home located in Hope, Idaho. $650,000.00

Listing#: 20131035

Enjoy 3.9 acres of waterfront property in Boole Bay on Lake Pend Oreille just minutes from Downtown Sandpoint. $725,000.00

Listing#: 20133013

Stay in this great barn with a 1 bedroom 1 bath apartment while you build your North Idaho Dream Home on this 5 acre parcel on a paved county road. $165,000.00

Listing#: 20131633

Great Bonners Ferry home just a few miles from downtown. This 5 bedroom 3 bath home features a SEPERATE LIVING QUARTERS on the lower level. $260,000.00

Listing#: 20133010

Don't miss seeing this beauuful Timber Frame home on 5 useable acres only 10 miles from downtown Sandpoint Idaho. $380,000.00

Listing#: 20131202

Great buildable property located in a very preey seeng of nice homes and great mountain views, with pasture area, hillside and trees. $75,000.00

2 Homes on 20 Acres!

Listing#: 20131836

You'll be amazed by the expansive views from Lot 2 of Whisper Ridge. Lot 2 features a large private pond which is fed by seasonal creek. lot is almost 2.16 acres $195,000.00

Listing#: 20122405

Great Mull-Family property with 2 spacious, well maintained homes! Main 4 bedroom 3 bath home just went through a major remodel in 2011 / 2012. $420,000.00

Listing#: 20130890

You'll enjoy this great 3 bedroom 2 bath cabin feeling home on Live More Lake. Bring your fishing poles, rumor has it there is some good fishing on the lake! $196,000.00

Listing#: 20132051

Very spacious 4 Bedroom 3 Bath home in desired Kaniksu Shores Subdivision with private community beach access and boat launch just a walk away! $329,500.00

Buy Them Together!

Listing#: 20131712

5 Acres - Lot #3 in the Winterhaven Subdivision for sale on Baldy Mountain in Sandpoint Idaho! This lot offers plenty of healthy trees, wildlife. $110,000.00

Listing#: 20131713

5 Acres - Lot #4 in the Winterhaven Subdivision for sale on Baldy Mountain in Sandpoint Idaho! This lot offers plenty of healthy trees. $110,000.00

Listing#: 20130245

Great home with large bedrooms and landscaped yard in town on Bonners Ferry's South Hill. Home is handicap accessible. $95,000.00

Listing#: 20130188

Enjoy 4.55 acres of level and useable land in Saddle Ridge Estates. With great mountain views and paved roads. Ask about more available lots. $86,500.00

Eric Skinner, Agent (208) 290-6314 Eric.Skinner@Sandpoint.com 2010 - MLS President 2011 - REALTOR® of the Year Selkirk Association of REALTORS® & Multiple Listing Service


62   Sandpoint Living Local | www.sandpointliving.com

Bonneville Leather High Leg Recliner

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Harmony $ 679www.sandpointfurniture.com 719 Accent Chair



Accent December 2013 | Sandpoint Living Local   63 Chair




Bonners Ferry, Idaho


Get a New Sleigh for Christmas! 2011 Hyundai Sonata - Loaded

2010 Ford Ranger 4x4

2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo

2010 GMC Acadia




2002 Dodge Durango

2009 Subaru Legacy Sedan - AWD


2012 Nissan Altima


2001 Pontiac Grand Prix


1999 Chevy K1500



2012 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid



2006 Dodge Ram 1500


We work with all extended warranties/service contracts! Call Ed at 208.267.3100


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