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ELIANA CRAVENS: ELIANA CRAVENS has been on the varsity cheerleading squad since she was a freshman. It is something she thoroughly enjoys and plans to continue at the collegiate level. “I enjoy stunting and tumbling because I love the fact that I can lift others and myself up to do things that defy gravity,” said the Sandpoint High School junior. In addition to cheer, Eliana also participates in track and field, something she began her sophomore year. When asked about her future plans, Eliana shares that she plans to attend Boise State University to study anthropology. “I really want to be an archaeologist because I find it to be an interesting career. Also, I’ve always wanted to be like Indiana Jones,” shared Eliana, who added she also plans to cheer for Boise State University as well. Eliana said that when it comes to life challenges, she has found that the biggest hurdle for her to overcome has been leadership. “On the sidelines, in the classrooms and in the community, leadership is a vital component. I overcome this challenge by staying positive and representing my school to the best of my ability,” said Eliana.



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As with any sport, coaches do more than teach about a given sport. They also impart life lessons to those on their teams. For Eliana, the lesson she will carry with her throughout all that she does in life is that of accountability. “One lesson that I’ve learned from my coaches is to hold myself and others accountable for their actions.”

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PATRICK ROCKWELL: A THREE-SPORT ATHLETE, Patrick Rockwell knows what it takes to excel. “I have been playing basketball, tennis and soccer since I was very young. This includes two years of varsity soccer, two years of varsity basketball and four years of varsity tennis,” said Patrick. That alone takes a great deal of commitment, but add on top of that the fact that Patrick is able to maintain a 4.27 GPA, and it is nothing short of impressive. One thing he has learned through athletics is endurance. “Nothing else in life has pushed me to my physical extremes like sports,” shared Patrick, who adds that what

April 2017 Sandpoint 360  

April 2017 Sandpoint 360

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