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January 2013 | COEUR D’ALENE NEWSLINE  1

Social Media Portals • Mobile Web Sites • Websites Email Hosting • Graphic Design • Printing Options What do more than 100 websites, social media portals, business cards, restaurant survey cards, home health care businesses, retail shops, non-profit associations and charitable groups all have in common?

THE KJOSA GROUP Are you an association executive or business owner that feels technologically challenged? Kjosa group can ease the pain. Mobile websites and social media portals are enhancements to an existing website not a replacement. Bryan Kjosa and his staff show you how to make the most of today’s technology and couple it with your print media or existing website or social media page to get the biggest bang for your buck. Driving more business to your doors and to your site is what you want isn’t it?

Bryan Kjosa has been a resident and business owner in the Post Falls and Spokane area since 1997. A former member of the wireless cable (aka satellite dish) engineering industry who saw where technology and the business world was going before social media sites even existed. Bryan Kjosa puts his expertise to work for you, and your business or association.


THE KJOSA GROUP CAN HELP DRIVING BUSINESS By Delivering Content To Customers Creating Viral Possibilites



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Healthy Tips for the New Year

Preventing Senior Falls Starts in the Bathroom Home Improvement Tips for the New Year

Make Your Money Go the Extra Mile

Staging Your Home for a Quicker Sale

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January 2013 | COEUR D’ALENE NEWSLINE  5

Good News

Regional School Districts to Hold Spelling Bees FOR SCHOOL DISTRICTS THROUGHOUT NORTH IDAHO


chool districts throughout North Idaho will hold spelling bees in January that qualify students for the North Idaho Spelling Bee scheduled for March 23 at North Idaho College. The winner of the regional bee will receive an all-expense paid trip to the Scripps National Spelling Bee in Washington D.C. in June. A total of 54 schools in 11 districts (including public, private and home school students across the five northern counties of Idaho) are involved in this year’s spelling bee, according to North Idaho Regional Spelling Bee Coordinator Mindy Patterson of NIC. District spelling bees will wrap up in January in preparation for the North Idaho Regional Spelling Bee at NIC in March.

District Bees: • Home School District (North Idaho Home Educators Association) -9am Saturday, Jan. 12 at Grace Bible Church • Boundary County School -Noon Wednesday, Jan. 16 (sixth grade) at Boundary County Middle School -11:50am Thursday, Jan. 17 (seventh grade) at Boundary County Middle School -12:25pm Thursday, Jan. 17 (eighth grade) at Boundary County Middle School -9am Saturday, Jan. 26 (fourth and fifth grade) at Free Methodist Church in Bonners Ferry

• Kootenai School District -Tuesday, Jan. 22 at respective schools • Plummer-Worley Joint School District -8:30am Wednesday, Jan. 23 at Lakeside Elementary • Lakeland School District -6pm Wednesday, Jan. 23 at Twin Lakes Elementary • West Bonner County School District -6:30pm Wednesday, Jan. 23 at Priest River Elementary gym • Lake Pend Oreille School District -5pm Tuesday, Jan. 24 at Sandpoint High School Auditorium • Kellogg School District -7pm Thursday, Jan. 24 at Pinehurst Elementary School • Private School District -9am Thursday, Jan. 31 at Lutheran Academy of the Master • St. Maries School District -9am (fourth grade) and 10:30am (fifth grade) Thursday, Jan. 31 at Heyburn Elementary -10am (sixth – eighth grades) Thursday, Jan. 31 at St. Maries Middle School • Coeur d’Alene School District -7pm Thursday, Jan. 31 at Coeur d’Alene High School

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Healthy Living


I’m going to get in shape this year by exercising more and eating healthier.”

Have these words ever left your lips during the beginning months of a new year? The Huffington Post says about 100 million Americans make resolutions every year, but only 45 percent follow through with them. Making healthy goals is a great way to promote your own well-being by lowering your risk of conditions like heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity and more. Here are some tips to help make your objectives doable: Tip #1: Make smaller, monthly goals rather than one lofty goal. One year is a long time to work on a goal, but it’s also a long time to fall behind on a goal. Instead of setting a New Year’s resolution for an entire year, break it up into smaller segments, like monthly goals. Tip #2: Buddy up. Making dual resolutions with a friend makes it easier to stick to them. If you’re both relying on each other, you’ll be less likely to back out or quit altogether. Partner up with a friend or family member with the same goals as you, then work together to make them happen. Tip #3: Give yourself a break. To make your goal more fail-proof, don’t set it up to be too difficult to achieve. Be realistic. If your goal is to eat healthier,

don’t make every food you enjoy off limits. Everything is better in moderation. Tip #4: Have a support system. Failure is more likely to happen if the people around you are pressuring you and tempting you to fail. Make sure your friends and family are on board with your resolutions to ensure they won’t try to steer you down the wrong path. New goals are a great way to gain lifelong health ( aspx) and lower your risk of disease. Healthy choices can be made any day of the year, so if you find yourself failing, start again or make new ones. It doesn’t have to be January to be the start of a healthier you.

Donating plasma is simple and can give a future to someone in need. Someone like Drew. VISIT BIOLIFEPLASMA.COM NOW TO SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT! RECEIVE UP TO $250 YOUR FIRST MONTH. 8300 N Cornerstone Dr • Hayden, ID 83835 • 208.762.2486

Sometimes, a life-changing event changes more than one life.



Must present this coupon total of $20 on your first prior to the initial donation to receive a successful donation. Initand a total of $80 on your second 2.28.13 and second donial donation must be completed by Coupon redeemable onl ation within 30 days. y upon completing successful donations. Ma with any other offer. Only y not be combined at participating locations.

January 2013 | COEUR D’ALENE NEWSLINE  7

Healthy Living

Olive Oil New Year Q & A MAKE HEALTHY CHOICES THIS YEAR Article by Joslyn Cox


appy New Year! I love the feeling of a clean slate that January and the New Year brings. It’s a good opportunity for us to take a look at what we accomplished over the year and get focused on what we want to make happen in the coming year. It is also a time that we see a LOT of new people in our store that are focused on making their healthier eating resolutions stick! As new people come into the store for the first time, we get quite a few questions about our products. Here are some of the most frequently asked: Q: Do you have any recipes or suggested uses? A: Absolutely! In addition to our website (, and our feature in this magazine each month, our employees are a wealth of ideas on how to use each of our products – from all of our oils and vinegars, to our pepper jellies, mustards, and olives. We ALL use our products in our own everyday home cooking, and that gives us a great opportunity to find out how they are used best! If you see something interesting in our store, please feel free to ask anyone working how to use it best. We are more than happy to give you our best ideas! Q: Is olive oil perishable? How long does it last? A: Yes, it is perishable. Like all fats, olive oil breaks down and goes rancid over time. You will likely be able to tell your olive oil has gone rancid by the smell before you even taste it! People describe the rancid smell in a number of different ways. To my nose, the rancidity smells like crayons or putty.

Depending on how you store your olive oil, it will last about 2 years from the harvest. Three things impact the time it takes for the oil to break down: 1.) Heat – Store your olive oil in a cool place away from your stove or other heat sources, but refrigeration is not necessary. 2.) Light – Store your oil in a dark place, like a cupboard or pantry. 3.) Air – Make sure your storage container has an air-tight seal to keep as much air as possible away from the oil. Proper storage will slow the spoiling process. Q: Where are these products made? A: As close to Coeur d’Alene as we can get them! Our olives oils, vinegars, and olives are produced in California. Gebardi’s pizza dough, pizza sauces and pasta sauces are made in Sandpoint, ID. AJ’s Mustards are from Tri-Cities, WA. Rose City Pepperheads Pepper Jellies are made in Portland, OR. Mountain Madness Soaps are made right here in Coeur d’Alene! As a small, locally-owned business, we feel it is really important for us to support other small, locally-owned businesses that make really great quality products! It is also a pleasure to be on a first name basis with the person or people that actually make the product – especially the fantastic people we do business with! If you’ve never been into our store, we invite you to stop in and see what we have to help you stay focused on your healthier eating resolutions!

Life is too short for bad olive oil! 117 South 4th Street Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814 208.765.0188


American Fruit Extra Virgin First Cold Press All Natural

Baked Cod with

Pesto & Olive C rust

• 4 tbsp Pesto • 2 Tbsp Lemon Infuse • 100g can Tomatoes d Olive Oil • 4 (225g) pieces cod loi • 1 clove garlic, peeled n and thinly sliced • 50g/2oz black olives, roughly chopped Place the pesto, lemon o il, ga oven to 400 degrees. Place rlic and black olives into a bowl and mix togeth er. Preheat the the cod loin pieces into a each with the pesto and o lightly oiled roasting tin and spread live paste. Bake in the pr eheated oven for 20 minut over the tomatoes for the fina es scattering with lemon wedges, a basi l 5 minutes of cooking. Serve on warmed servi ng p l mash drizzled with olive desired. Makes 4 servings oil and a crisp, lightly dre lates . ssed salad if





I want to be flexible, out of pain and active!

inter can be a challenge even for the healthiest of bodies. Our natural response to cold is for the body to conserve warmth at the core which decreases circulation and blood flow to the muscles. Resulting stiffness can put added strain on muscles and ligaments. Winter months generally reduce activity essential for a healthy body. Cold temperatures can trigger muscle spasms especially in kidney and pelvic areas. Hands exposed to cold, even for brief periods, start to stiffen, loose sensation and coordination. Also as we age, we become cold more easily as the circulatory systems slow and nerve endings become more sensitive. Skin becomes thinner, less elastic and insulating fatty tissue decreases. Activities such as snow shoveling, walking on icy areas, tension when driving over icy roads or reaching from a ladder to take down the last of those Christmas lights, can increase susceptibility to frostbite, chilling or injuries. Enjoy the cool weather, but bundle up with warm light weight clothing to keep muscles warm and flexible. Avoid exposing sensitive areas such as neck and low back to the cold. Heat can help keep muscles flexible – another good reason to use that hot tub! Also to keep muscles warm, stretch in the mornings, at bed time and intermittently throughout the day – especially before workouts. You may be stiffer than you think. Keep hydrated. The tendency in cool weather is to drink less water even though air tends to be much drier. Get a good night’s sleep to improve your overall stamina. Watch your activities. Reaching and twisting with a stiff back and slips on the ice are a major cause of wrist, shoulder and back injuries or fractures. Wear proper shoes with good traction or use some of the pull on tread devices to avoid slipping. If you must work from a ladder, make extra sure the equipment is stable. Warm up, stretch and take breaks when snow shoveling. Give yourself time! Things take a bit longer in the winter, so listen to Mother Nature and slow down a bit. If you fall, injure yourself or just feel stiff, listen to your body. If you are in pain, muscle relaxers and pain relievers may help, but often injuries result from stiffness, postural misalignment or soft tissue tightness. Therapy can help you release tightness, reduce pain and regain postural alignment. Your therapist can also help you learn body mechanics and how to modify activity or use a different tool to help you heal and reduce chance of re-injury.

Healthy Living

Winter Weather Takes It’s Toll

We specialize in: • Repetitive Motion Injuries • Headaches & TMJ • Chronic Pain (neck, back sciatic) • Fibromyalgia • Breast Cancer Recovery • Hand Therapy • Therapeutic Exercise • Manual Therapy including • ADVANCED MYOFASCIAL RELEASE and CRANIOSACRAL TREATMENT



Take care of yourself now so you’ll be in great shape when spring does finally decide to come!!

Pain Free Helpline: 208.292.5240

Call if you have questions about your condition, therapy or want a free consultation.

2448 Merritt Creek Loop Coeur d’ Alene, ID 83814 208.644.2901 January 2013 | COEUR D’ALENE NEWSLINE  9

Senior Focus

Preventing Senior Falls Starts in the Bathroom NECESSARY SAFETY PRECAUTIONS


ore than one in three seniors over age 65 fall each year, and the National Institute on Aging (NIA) says 80 percent of these falls are in the bathroom. Due to the multitude of unforgiving and slippery surfaces, bathrooms are very hazardous for the home. Knowing how to get in and out of tubs and showers properly and equipping homes with necessary safety precautions can reduce senior falls, keep them out of the emergency room and possibly extend their life. According to research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1.6 million older adults seek emergency care each year for fall-related injuries, fractures or head trauma. In addition to potentially losing their independence, seniors 65 years old and up have a 25 percent chance of dying within six months to a year if they fall and break a hip. Seniors are vulnerable to falls for many reasons -- eyesight and reflexes aren’t as razor-sharp as they used to be, not to mention the balance issues posed by diabetes, heart disease, thyroid conditions and various medications. One of the most effective ways to preserve balance is to stay active with an exercise regimen. Ask your doctor about exercises designed to improve balance, stability and overall mobility, such as moderate yoga. But, another preventative method recommended by physicians is installing a shower or tub built around the unique needs of elderly adults. For example, Safe Step Tub Walk-In Tub Company’s new walk-in shower has a foldable

chair, flexible shower wand, grab bars, ultra-low step up and other senior-friendly features. And since the cost of retirement is high for many seniors, installation is included in the price. To find out more about these showers and walk-in tubs or to request a free brochure and DVD, visit Besides a customized shower or bath, NIA and the American Geriatrics Society advise the following bathroom safety precautions for seniors: • Non-slip rubber mats in front of sink, toilet and shower/bath. • Grab bars inside and outside of shower/bath and on either side of the toilet (these are much stronger than towel racks, which aren’t meant to support weight). • Bright lights that are easily accessible.

Idaho’s place for retirement living Garden Plaza of Post Falls offers the finest elements of a retirement community. From a dynamic social schedule to our hospitable staff, our goal is to promote an active, carefree lifestyle.

As a Continuum of Care Campus, Independent Living, Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitative Care are offered on-site. Call today to experience the Garden Plaza lifestyle!


545 N. Garden Plaza Court • Post Falls, ID 83854

7 Ways to Improve Energy Effeciency Via Lighting It’s easy to instantly trim your energy consumption and boost the ecofriendliness of your home. The key to easy energy savings is lighting, but for many homeowners and renters, knowing how and what to do to improve their home’s lighting efficiency can be confusing. To alleviate that confusion, the American Lighting Association (ALA) offers some easy energy-saving steps: 1. Replace incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescents (CFLs). To make an immediate impact on your energy consumption -- and your utility bill — swap out your most-used incandescent bulbs with CFLs. “It’s the easiest way to start improving your energy efficiency,” says Joe Rey-Barreau, education consultant for the ALA and an associate professor at the University of Kentucky’s School of Interior Design. To find the right CFL for you, look at the color temperature listed on the bulb package label. Choose a bulb labeled “residential color,” “warm” or “soft white.” 2. Replace dimmable incandescent bulbs with dimmable CFLs. As the color range of CFLs has improved, so has their ability to be dimmed, and dimmable bulbs are proven to decrease energy use. However, CFLs still do not have the dimming range of incandescents. 3. Buy name brands. It is frustrating to invest in a longer-lasting bulb only to have it burn out quickly. To avoid that, buy recognizable brands for improved quality and color. 4. Revamp outdoor fixtures. Your outdoor lighting fixture may be beautiful, but it may be an energy guzzler, too. Look for energy-efficient fixtures that use either CFLs or light-emitting diodes (LEDs), or those that activate using a motion sensor or photocell. 5. Buy Energy Star-qualified fixtures and bulbs. Energy Star is a U.S. Department of Energy certification most recognized on appliances — though also used on lighting fixtures and bulbs. 6. Retrofit recessed lighting with LED fixtures. While LED bulbs have a high initial cost, they will last the lifetime of the fixture. 7. Replace undercabinet lighting. With long life and super-high efficiency, some LED lighting also offers fairly easy installation, including pucks and strips used as undercabinet lighting. As an added bonus, LED lights will not give off the undesirable heat of incandescents.

Brought to you by

Visit your local ALA-member retail showroom to see the newest products and to talk to an expert about how to improve the energy efficiency of your lighting. To find your closest ALA-member lighting showroom, visit

What We Do:

Home Checks • Handyman Services • Snow Removal Yard Maintenance • Housekeeping “No job to big or to small.” DSS Home Preservation Services are unparalleled and unmatched. Backed by over 30 years of experience, we offer one call convenience. Whatever your needs, DSS will deliver. DSS Home Preservation Services 208.676.1222

January 2013 | COEUR D’ALENE NEWSLINE  11

At Your Feet FLOORING Flooring your home one step at a time

Aaron J. McCormick

Specializing in:

Hardwood • Tile • Carpet • Natural Stone Carpet:

Shaw, Mohawk, Tufftex California, Royalty Phx Carpet, HughesWestern

Natural Stone:

Cambria Stone, Artesian Stone Collection, Gargolye Natural Stone, Dale Tile and Stone, Direct Source Natural Stone, Sila Stone, Quartz Stone, Concrete Tops


T and A Supply, Pac Mat, Metro Floors, Arm Strong, Wilson Art, Max Windsor, Cronin Supply, Hardwoods, Colonial Craft, Owens Plank, National Wood Products, Max Windsor, Garrison Collection, Old Master Wood Products, Gallaher Wood Products, Intermountain Products, Metro Floors, Anderson Wood Products, Virgina Hardwoods, Royalty, Hughes Western


Dal Tile and Stone, Bedrosians Tile and Stone, Sierra Tile and Stone, Thompson Tile, Florida Tile, United Tile and Stone, Arizona Tile Stone, Imperial Tile and Stone, Longest Tile


Old Master Products, Max Windsor, Gallaher, Metro floors, T and A Supply

926 East Homestead Avenue | Coeur d’Alene, Idaho | 208.304.9970 | 12 WWW.NEWSLINESONLINE.COM



ho hasn’t pictured himself or herself snuggled up next to their “significant other” on a chilly winter’s evening, getting lost in the relaxing warmth and ambiance of a fireplace’s dancing flames and crackling sounds from burning logs. Or, perhaps, you’ve imagined your little ones racing downstairs to the living room, where surprise-filled stockings hanging on the fireplace mantel await their tiny eager hands. Or, maybe, you just get mesmerized watching the roaring flames wander every which way, as the day’s tensions dissolve right along with the burning wood logs.

The most popular types of fireplaces available today basically are comprised within three categories. Your choice will depend on factors such as room size, personal needs and desires – for example, will it be used primarily for ambiance or for heating purposes -- and, or course, budget. But, whichever you choose, you’re assured that it will help you realize a more profitable sale of your home later.

Home Improvement

Fireplaces Add to Home’s Charm and Salability

Specializing in:

Yes, there’s definitely something special about a fireplace that touches our inner core, often evoking feelings of nostalgia. There’s little doubt that having one (or more) in your home adds a quiet elegance, sophistication, and old-style charm that few other home features can claim. And, although you may have not realized it, many homebuyers will expect a home to have a fireplace. These buyers view it as a necessary element that can’t possibly be excluded – all of their friends have one in their homes, after all. Also consider – adding a fireplace to your home will most likely benefit your bank account when you put your home on the market to sell – for those of you who aren’t planning to stay put for life. In fact, the National Association of Home Builders recommends the addition of a fireplace as one of the best home enhancements for giving you a great return-oninvestment – to the tune of $12,000, roughly, or, according to other estimates, 10% additional in resale value for attractive, well-maintained ones. Many real estate experts also note that fireplaces are high on the list of desirable home features sought by homebuyers. Besides, think about the amount of enjoyment you and family will gain from it in the meantime. So, if you’re seriously ready to add a fireplace to your home, you may be surprised to learn there is more than one option available – unlike in your grandparents’ heydays, when your choice was limited to the old-fashioned wood burning-chimney combo, relatively unchanged for centuries. Today’s choices reflect consumer’s demands concerning creativity, design, size, and functionality. Gas, wood, pellet and even electric fireplaces have become a must have for many consumers.

Consider These Fireplace Types: Wood Burning or Masonry

The traditional type of fireplace we’re all familiar with; uses bricks or stones as a building material; has a chimney and usually a mantel; perhaps the most aesthetically pleasing -- the focal point of the room, and oftentimes, the home; uses a damper device to allow air in and smoke out; not as efficient of a heating source as other fireplace types – most of the heat radiates upward and ultimately, outside; higher maintenance – requires periodic cleaning – dark, sooty film eventually builds up on the stone or brickwork; more costly than other types – $10,000 or so is typical.


Contact one of our comfort specialists to find out more at 208.762.9857 9443 North Government Way | Hayden, Idaho 83835

The most popular choice – most builders install this type of fireplace in new homes; uses ceramic logs to simulate real ones; visually appealing; low maintenance; flame action resemble wood burning flames; much less costly than its traditional counterpart – some units can be installed for around $1,000; some models are actually designed to effectively heat a room; can be installed within an existing traditional type fireplace; some come with remote controls, complete with thermostats, uses natural gas or propane; more economical to operate than the traditional type; no extra space needed to store wood logs.


A good option for condo or townhome owners, as they require little space; low maintenance; no venting system needed, some units provide realistic fire-like characteristics; some units provide heat, while other don’t; inexpensive – attractive units can be found for under $800

Web: Email: January 2013 | COEUR D’ALENE NEWSLINE  13

Northwest’s Best



Northwest Supply Company




Northwest’s Best, Your Local Guide to the Area’s Best Businesses! MAKE YOUR MONEY GO THE EXTRA MILE Is the cost of household items getting you down? During tough times, families are forced to cut their spending down to only the bare necessities. Yet, even the basic essentials can take a big bite out of a financial budget. The key to trimming your bottom line doesn’t mean skimping on necessities; it means saving money on them. So when shopping for your must-haves, make your dollar stretch even further with these money saving tips:

sure you’re getting the quality and reliability you’re paying for. A recent study found that HP ink cartridges print on average up to two times the pages of refilled cartridges tested. And while HP ink cartridges had no failures, the overall failure rate for the refilled cartridges was 72%, according to a study at Additionally, ink cartridge recycling programs, such as HP Planet Partners (www., help reduce the environmental impact by diverting cartridges from landfills.

1. 1 Coeur d’Alene Olive Oil Company

Install a programmable thermostat. This handy device is a crucial addition to your long-term money-saving strategy. Ranging in price from $30 to $130, it allows you to automatically regulate your home’s temperature at certain times of the day. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, you can save 10 percent on energy costs a year by setting your thermostat back 10-15 degrees for 8 hours a day. Buy HP Ink. When stocking up on office supplies, make

2 2.


Trickster’s Brewing Company

Northwest Supply Company

Northwest Supply Company is open to the general public and intends to be a one-stop source for cleaning chemicals, equipment, green cleaners, and janitorial supplies. NWSC stocks a complete line of chemicals, equipment, and cleaning and paper supplies including tools, vacuums, and more. Dan is pleased to help his customers upgrade their equipment or find the right product for the job. Coeur d’Alene—4951 Building Center Drive, Suite 108 208.665.5512

Luxury Rentals at the Idaho Club Ski There

Stay Here | 208.946.0901 14 WWW.NEWSLINESONLINE.COM

Orvis Northwest Outfitters

Cooking with olive oil is fun, easy, and good for your health. Coeur d’Alene Olive Oil Company offers a wide variety of flavored and nonflavored oils. We also offer gourmet foods such as pizza sauce, vinegar, and pepper jellies with just the right amount of kick, all made right here in the northwest. Stop by our downtown location just off Sherman Avenue and try a sample so you can find just what’s right for you. Visit our website for more recipes and ideas at: Coeur d’Alene—117 South 4th St. 208.765.0188

Switch to LED lightbulbs. The electricity used over the lifetime of a single incandescent light bulb costs five to ten times the original purchase price of the bulb itself. LEDs last up to 10 times longer than the typical bulb, and although they’re more expensive than others, the cost is recouped over time and in battery savings. Invest in a water filter. A quality water filter can cut the costs of your water-drinking tremendously. A Brita filter costs around $20, but you must refill when it runs out. A family of four who drinks two gallons a day combined can save upwards of $2,500 a year by using a filter.


Orvis Northwest Outfitters - Our region is flush with rivers and streams that produce world class fly fishing, so let the local experts guide you to all the best spots! Northwest Outfitters is a full service fly shop that offers guided trips from the areas most knowledgeable and friendly guides. Pick up a new rod, flies, waders, and any other gear you’ll need or just pop in and ask Mike or Pat what the fish are biting on. The staff at Northwest Outfitters are great teachers and truly enjoy helping others develop the passion for fishing that they have. Northwest Outfitters has the gear and knowledge that will help you land whatever catch you’re after. Conveniently located in the Riverstone Shopping Center. Coeur d’Alene - 2171 North Main Street 208.667.2707 Trickster’s Brewing Company – The wait is over and Coeur d’Alene’s Newest Brewery is open and pouring great craft beer! Trickster’s owner Matt Morrow brings years of brewing experience to to his new Coeur d’Alene brew house and is excited to release his new brews on a thirsty public. Stop by the taproom and try Cougar Bay Blonde, Bear Trap Brown, Coyote Morning IPA, or the aptly named Inspector Stonewall Amber Ale (there’s a story behind this one) all coming soon to a watering hole

Lundin’s Violins






pecial Cut M ’s S


help you find the perfect home for your family!

Coeur d’Alene—910 North Third Street Phone: 888.208.2112, Fax: 208.665.060

Jason Duchow Photography

I am a local photographer serving communities surrounding Coeur d’Alene, Bonners Ferry, Sandpoint and Priest River as well as the communities of Eastern Washington, including Spokane. I specialize in Weddings, Event and Sport Photography, and Portrait’s. I also shoot a whole variety of sports, providing freelance photography for the Bonners Ferry Herald, the Priest River times, the Bonner County Daily Bee, the Coeur d’Alene Press, the Newport Miner and You can view my portfolio at You can contact me by phone at 208.290.5810 or email me at



Like-Media consists of professionals that are dedicated to building powerful approaches and developing cost effective, proficient and effective marketing campaigns in a unique way. We do this by focusing on your unique selling position. We save you time, money and we produce results. Our strategies are focused and effective so that your company can stand out from the competition. Sandpoint, Idaho 208.904.3838


Welcome to “Junk” a shop with a few select vendors coming together to bring you a FABULOUS shopping EXPERIENCE! The merchandise changes each month, a bunch of people make it happen, providing as many ideas as they do affordable finds. Wednesday-Saturday, 10am4pm. Coeur d’Alene—802 North 4th Street 360.689.5622

Place Your Ad in the Next Newsline! Rates for Every Budget

4. 9 Tim’s Special Cut Meats, Inc.

Looking for that perfect old fashioned butcher shop? Then look no further than Tim’s Specialty Cut Meats. Tim and his friendly staff are always ready to help you pick out that ideal roast, prime steak or fryer, cut to whatever size you’re looking for. Tim’s carries only the finest natural meats and can also handle custom orders. Featuring an extensive line of house made products from pickled garlic to specialty sauces, marinades, rubs, and salsas. Mobile butchering and wild game processing also available. Coeur d’Alene—7397 North Govt. Way 208.772.3327

3. 7 Lundin’s Violins

A hand selection of fine violins, violas, cellos, basses, mandolins and music supply! Family owned since 1971, owner and repair specialist Arvid Lundin. Specializing in high-end stringed instrument sales, repair and appraisal. Now servicing and repairing fretted instruments. Hours are Mon-Fri, 10am-5pm. Saturday: Call for appointment. Find us on Facebook! Coeur d’Alene—3202 North 4th St. 208.665.7074

Absolute Property Management

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

near you. Taproom hours are 11am-7pm. For the latest info like Trickster’s on Facebook or visit Coeur d’Alene—3850 N. Schreiber



ts ea


Northwest’s Best

Direct Marketing Social Media Marketing Website Development

5. 10

Absolute Property Management

We are a full-service property management company located in beautiful downtown Coeur d’Alene. We manage residential and vacation properties in the greater Kootenai County area. We would love the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your personal needs and concerns about your rental property–or to

For more information contact Colin @ 509.263.9248 or Cynthia @ 240.538.4971 or email

local is...


Distinctively unique furnishings and accessories at incredible prices!

Inspirations for your home including: One-of-a-Kind Furniture Decorative Accessories Artwork and Area Rugs Specialty Candles, Soaps and More!

Locally Owned for Seven Years

518 East 5th Avenue | 208.773.0140 |

Carrying Top Names in Furnture including: Kincaid (a La Z Boy Company) Rowe, Ashley, Luke Leather, Stanton, Palliser, and more! January 2013 | COEUR D’ALENE NEWSLINE  15


oreclosures and high maintenance costs mean that new homes go up for sale faster than you can say “down market.” And what is great for buyers – more homes to choose from – means that sellers need to distinguish their properties from the rest of the crowd. Home staging, or temporarily redesigning a home to appeal to buyers, can give homeowners an edge in an overcrowded market. Staged homes look bigger,

All Seasons 509 North Fifth Avenue, Suite E Sandpoint, Idaho 83864 208.255.7400 or 1.888.897.5073

WE NEED YOU! We want YOUR listing! 85% of all residential in house listings have sold in 2012. No one in the world sells more real estate than REMAX! What are you waiting for?

newer and warmer. They invite buyers to see themselves living in the home.

scratches and removes buildup, fingerprints and grease from cabinetry, wood floors and fixtures. Hard water stains on glass shower doors and windows look unattractive, so remove them with a specialized product like

Staging projects include inexpensive tasks, from rearranging furniture, to renting contemporary living room sets. Here are some tips for staging homes: Declutter. When buyers see overcrowded book shelves and wrinkled towels, they focus more on the dingy details than the architecture. But staging means more than a thorough cleaning – sellers should also remove personal items, like family photographs. Buyers should picture their families living in the home, not yours. Make things look new. A little paint can go a long way. Light colors make rooms look larger and brighter, so use them to make your home appear spacious. Wooden floors and cabinetry make big impressions, so make sure that they shine. If any wood looks dry or dirty, apply an orange oil for a quick restoration job. Touch of Oranges Wood Cleaner and Restorer ( hides small



CLR, Lime Away or Bring It On Cleaner (, which uses oxygen bleach to clean minerals from glass and tile. Some hard water stains will often yield to scrubbing with white vinegar and a non-scratch pad. If you find that vinegar is ineffective, a paint scraper or razor blade can be used to remove the bonded stains before resorting to harsher chemicals. Add small details. In the kitchen, bowls filled with fresh fruit create an attractive, colorful eyepiece. Place vases filled with fresh flowers in the bedrooms and dining room. Put candles in the bathroom. Small touches make homes feel more inviting.





Property search made easy! Visit or! 16 WWW.NEWSLINESONLINE.COM



Find superior service with PayneWest Insurance®

on’t let the fact that Inland Marine Insurance has an odd name stop you from considering it as part of a comprehensive business insurance plan. Originally created to cover the transportation of goods over water, it has expanded over the years to cover goods in transit on land as well, including:

Financial Focus

Protect Your Goods In Transit with Inland Marine Insurance

We know this type of insurance seems a bit tricky. Our agents can work with you to help you understand the benefits of Inland Marine Insurance. Contact PayneWest Insurance for more information and a free quote.

• Property being transported • Buildings under construction • Computer equipment and data • Accounts receivable • Fine artwork

Does your business need Inland Marine Insurance? Depending on the type of small business you own, this coverage can be essential to protecting business property. Think about the items you place in your car or truck on a daily basis to get your work done or the valuables, including data, you own or are responsible for. Most property policies limit or exclude coverage for these items. Or perhaps you are in the construction trade or are building an addition to your office. Inland Marine Insurance can protect the building materials—and a contractor’s tools and equipment. If you clean, repair, service or perform work on property of others, Inland Marine Insurance can work for you. It can cover losses to goods that occur at your premises, while being transported to or from your premises or in storage.

PayneWest Insurance Our Company In June 1980, Fred Harris & Spencer Dean started Harris/Dean Western States Insurance, a modest company with two employees, however today - 18 employees! We recently joined forces with PayneWest Insurance. Our Professionals Our staff of knowledgeable insurance professionals will work with you to design an insurance program to meet your needs. As an Independent Insurance Agency, we have access to a wide array of competitive companies and specialty programs. Providing the flexibility needed to tailor an insurance program especially for you. Our Future Our clients are our future. We provide protection for tomorrow’s challenges - that’s peace of mind!

Auto • Home • Business Recreational • Health • Life

703 Lakeside Avenue Coeur d’Alene, Idaho 83814 Phone: 208.667.9406 Fax: 208.664.6707 Email: January 2013 | COEUR D’ALENE NEWSLINE  17

Business Spotlight

Miracle Ear Article by Mark Banks Hearing Loss

Reconnect with the sounds and the voices that make life fuller and richer. Because straining to hear and repeatedly asking “pardon me?” gets tiresome. So instead of saying “What?” ask instead, “What will my miracle sound like?” Learn more about your type of hearing loss and which hearing solution is right for you.

Hearing loss exists when there is diminished sensitivity to the sounds normally heard. The terms hearing impairment or hard of hearing are usually reserved for people who have relative insensitivity to sound in the speech frequencies. The severity of a hearing loss is categorized according to the increase in volume above the usual level necessary before the listener can detect it. Deafness Deafness is defined as a degree of impairment such that a person is unable to understand speech even in the presence of amplification. In profound deafness, even the loudest sounds produced by an audiometer (an instrument used to measure hearing by producing pure tone sounds through a range of frequencies) may not be detected. In total deafness, no sounds at all, regardless of amplification or method of production, are heard. Speech Perception

208.930.4288 916 Ironwood, Suite 2 Coeur d’Alene, Idaho 18 WWW.NEWSLINESONLINE.COM

Another aspect of hearing involves the perceived clarity of a sound rather than its amplitude. In humans, that aspect is usually measured by tests of speech perception. These tests measure one’s ability to understand speech, not to merely detect sound. There are very rare types of hearing impairments which affect speech understanding alone. The Truth These are the technical aspects of hearing. The truth is, hearing loss effects

the listener as well as the speaker. Regardless of your level of hearing loss it is frustrating and embarrassing to have a hearing loss. The easiest way to keep from being embarrassed by hearing loss is to withdraw and eventually withdrawal becomes isolation. Technology Today Hearing aids are not like the old days. Hearing aids have become more sophisticated, they are digitally programed to an individuals specific needs. Hearing aids today are individually personalized for your active life style. They are discrete so only the wearer knows they have them on. Hearing aids can be programed to different listening environments, so every experience can meet the listening demands, regardless if the environment is quiet or noisy, today’s hearing aids can meet your needs and demands. The cost can be a factor, so different payments plans are available to meet your budget. Miracle ear has been in business for more than 60 years, offices around the country are available, without charge so you can visit all locations and know you are getting the service you need and want. Miracle Ear 916 Ironwood, Suite 2 Coeur d’Alene, Idaho 208.930.4288 Call us today to learn more about your type of hearing loss and which hearing solution is right for you!

Business Spotlight

MARTIN’S ALL SEASONS MOVING, INC. We Make It Happen! 208.265.8090 or 208.699.6538

Martin’s All Seasons Moving, Inc. Article by Patty Hutchens

MARTIN’S ALL SEASONS MOVING, INC. Real Movers Real Trucks Real Low Prices

Specializing in: • Long Haul • Residential • Office • Complete Packing Service

*Free Boxes *Free Cleanup After Move Out *Call Today For Free Estimates

208.265.8090 OR 208.699.6538


hen Martin Rodriguez opened All Seasons Moving in Sandpoint in 2002, he also wanted to do something to enable both him and his customers to give back to the community. “My business gives twenty percent of the money made on a transaction to a community organization of the customer’s choice,” said Rodriguez. But that is not limited to Sandpoint; he offers the same to all his customers regardless of their location. Whether it is the Senior Center, a homeless shelter, a program in your local school district or a struggling non-profit, Rodriguez said the ability to help facilitate donations to organizations that desperately need funds helps everyone out in the end. “It keeps the ball rolling,” he said of his pay it forward philosophy. All Seasons Moving has established a good reputation over the last decade and Rodriguez attributes that reputation to not only his experienced professional staff but also the loyalty of his customers. “Without them I would not be where I am today,” said Martin of his customers. All Seasons Moving provides a wide range of services, many of which are not offered by other moving companies. In addition to full packing, loading, unloading and local moves, the company provides free packing supplies. “We are unique in that other companies charge for boxes and other supplies,” said Rodriguez. In addition to the free packing supplies, Martin said the company will do long haul moving anywhere in the continental United States. He has clients not only in Sandpoint but has many from the Coeur d’Alene and Post Falls area as well – something he

considers a testimony to the superior customer service he provides. Having served in the United States Marine Corps, Martin believes in the importance of recognizing those who have served our country. In accordance with that he offers not only discounts to seniors but also a veteran discount. Rodriguez also owns Martin’s Alignment Center in Sandpoint as well as Sandpoint Mobile Tire, providing a wide variety of vehicle repair and maintenance services by certified mechanics. The Mobile Tire service will come to one’s home or business and repair or change tires as well as provide maintenance which can be done away from the shop. This service alleviates the customer from having to take time away from his or her busy day to attend to vehicle maintenance. Both Martin’s Alignment Center and Sandpoint Mobile Tire also offer the opportunity to have twenty percent of one’s bill donated to a local charity or organization. Martin is active in the football programs in Sandpoint, serving as an assistant coach on the Sandpoint High School varsity football team and on the board for Sandpoint’s Junior Tackle program. He said he enjoys working with the people of North Idaho and says it is his customers who make his job so enjoyable. “They help make things happen,” he said. For more information please contact Martin Rodriguez at 208.265.8090. You can schedule your move, receive free packing supplies and donate to your favorite charity all with one phone call. January 2013 | COEUR D’ALENE NEWSLINE  19

Valentine’s Day



very February 14, in the United States and around the world, candy, flowers and gifts are exchanged between loved ones, all in the name of St. Valentine.

Valentine’s Day started in the time of the Roman Empire. In ancient Rome, February 14th was a holiday to honour Juno. Juno was the Queen of the Roman Gods and Goddesses. The Romans also knew her as the Goddess of women and marriage. The following day, February 15th, began the Feast of Lupercalia. The lives of young boys and girls were strictly separate. However, one of the customs of the young people was name drawing. On the eve of the festival of Lupercalia the names of Roman girls were written on slips of paper and placed into jars. Each young man would draw a girl’s name from the jar and would then be partners for the duration of the festival with the girl whom he chose. Sometimes the pairing of the children lasted an entire year, and often, they would fall in love and would later marry. A Frenchman, Charles, Duke of Orleans is credited with writing the first Valentine card. He was captured by the English while at the battle of Agincourt in 1415. On Valentine’s Day, he sent his wife a rhyming love letter from the tower of London, where he was imprisoned. And from that single letter sent, approximately 141 million Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged annually, making Valentine’s Day the second most popular card-mailing holiday only behind Christmas.



Other Interesting Valentine Day Facts: Famous people born on Valentine’s day: Jimmy Hoffa—born 1913 gangster, Merl Saunders-jammed on the keyboard with grateful dead,Raymond Teller-Magician/ comedian, Florence Henderson—born in 1934 the mother off of the Brady, Rob Thomas—born 1972 singer of Match Box Twenty, and Mike Bloomberg—108th mayor of New York City as the tenth richest person in the United States with a net worth of $18 billion in 2010. Children receive 44 percent of all Valentine’s Day candy and gifts. Following them are wives/mothers with 40 percent, fathers/husbands 11 percent, grandparents 3 percent and pets 1 percent. On average, men shell out $130 each on candy, cards, jewelry, flowers and dates. That’s more than double what women commit to spending.

Valentine’s Day Jokes What did Frankenstein say to his girlfriend? “Be my valenstein!” Do skunks celebrate Valentine’s Day? Sure, they’re very scent-imental! What did the painter say to her boyfriend? “I love you with all my art!”


What do you call a very small valentine? A valentiny! Why did the pig give his girlfriend a box of candy? It was Valenswine’s Day! What did the cholcolate syrup say to the ice cream? “I’m sweet on you!” Why is Valentine’s Day the best day for a celebration? Because you can really party hearty!




Valentine’s Day

Who is Your Valentine?


Chiara Lehman: My Big Brother, James

Jayda Chubb: My Mom


s Romantic Winter Get-Away! • Private Horse Drawn Sleigh Rides • Your Own Log Cabin in the Woods • Comfy Bed and Breakfast Stays • Groomed Cross Country Skiing From Your Door • Snowmobile, Ski & Spa Packages • Romantic Valentine Dinner – February 14th • Sleigh Ride/Dinner/Concert Event - February 16th

For Reservations: 208.263.9066 or 888•863•9066 January 2013 | COEUR D’ALENE NEWSLINE  21



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Place Your Ad in the Next Newsline! Rates for Every Budget

For more information contact Colin @ 509.263.9248 or Cynthia @ 240.538.4971 or email

localIN! is...

January 2013 | COEUR D’ALENE NEWSLINE  23

MARTIN’S ALL SEASONS MOVING, INC. 208.265.8090 OR 208.699.6538

Real Movers • Real Trucks • Real Low Prices Specializing in: Long Haul • Residential Office • Complete Packing Service

Free Boxes * Free Cleanup After Move Out * Call Today For Free Estimates

Lake City Timberwolves Lake City Enviromental Club Seeking Donations


ake City is excited to be constructing its own school garden this year!

Current students are encouraged to join the Environmental Club to get INVLOLVED IN THE PROJECT! All skills are needed in the creation of this garden: whether you are an artist, gardener, or an interested volunteer! Environmental Club meets every Wednesday after school, and has plenty of work planned for the garden. From tail work to removal of invasive species, there are lots of ways to get involved to prepare for spring planting.

singers (LCHS Navy Blues), games and the play “A Knight to Remember.” The evening begins at 6pm with a greeting by the court Jester, followed by the Royal Procession. Our royal court includes Tom and Carol Mollgaard as the King and Queen of the realm. We invite you to come in your best medieval/renaissance wear, though it is not necessary to attend the event. Tickets are on sale now for only $20 per person. Contact Lake City High School for tickets.

As this is a recent addition to campus, the Environmental Club is continually seeking charitable donations to help in the construction of the garden. From cash donations to equipment or landscaping donations, the club is in need of the following items to make this a successful project: Shovels, rakes, small hand trowels/shovels, work gloves, dimensional lumber and fasteners, compost and soil, loppers and shears, seeds and/or transplantable plants, weather-resistant artwork If you are able to make any charitable donations to the garden project, please contact Jamie Esler, Lake City Science Teacher: Environmental Club is pleased to announce its gratitude and thanks to Tumble Stone of Hayden for its charitable donation of crushed gravel for the school garden trail network. Thanks to Tumble Stone, Environmental Club students will have a network of trails throughout the garden space install. The Lake City High School Drama and Vocal Music departments are teaming up to present a Renaissance Feast and Faire on Friday, January 25th. This delightful event will include tasty foods reminiscent of renaissance times, madrigal

Compact $799

30” Deluxe $1,399 28” Deluxe $999

28” Pro $1,999


Coeur d’Alene Vikings Fundraising Event for Coeur d’Alene Athletics & Activities

Lakeland Hawks 25th Anniversary - 1988 State Championship Wrestling Team WHEN: TUESDAY, JANUARY 29TH, 2013

A Very Viking Valentine! A Fundraising event benefiting Coeur d’Alene High School Athletics and Activities

Saturday, February 11th, 7:00 p.m. 1321 E. Lakeshore Dr., Coeur d’Alene (Overlooking Sanders Beach)

This semi-formal event will include a wine tasting featuring the wines of Coeur d’Alene Cellars. You will also enjoy premium beer tasting, hors d’oeuvres, cheese, chocolate and desserts from local eateries. There will be a few silent auction items available including: • Lifetime Viking Booster Club Membership • Handmade Viking Quilt • Autographed State Champion Viking Football • A Romantic Get-A-Way!


Please call Chris Costa for tickets: (208) 818-4543

$50 per person

A Viking Booster Club Event

Downtown Coeur d’Alene The Plaza Shops 208.765.4349

Downtown Sandpoint 301 N. 1st Ave. 208.263.3622 Celebrating 25 Years in Business! January 2013 | COEUR D’ALENE NEWSLINE  25

North Idaho College

Cardinal SportS National-Caliber Athletics Right Here at Home


orth Idaho College is a national contender in its nine athletics programs that compete in the most competitive conference of the National Junior College Athletic Association (the NCAA equivalent for junior colleges). For the first time in the illustrious history of NIC athletics, NIC’s sports programs have earned a top ranking in three sports in the same season, including wrestling, women’s basketball, and volleyball. The women’s basketball team is looking to repeat its 2011 national championship, wrestlers have their sights set on earning their first title since 2003, and the volleyball team placed eighth in the nation in 2012, earning its third consecutive top 10 national finish. There is still time for more national recognition with men’s golf ranked No. 10 at press time, and men’s basketball ascending the polls to No. 18 with a 16-3 record. Women’s golf is ranked No. 17 and softball appears ready for another exciting season. Enjoy the best of college athletics right here in Coeur d’Alene! Tickets are $5 for adults and $3 for seniors. Children under the age of 10 are free! Order tickets now for the men’s and women’s Region 18 Tournament hosted by NIC at

North Idaho College Cardinal Sports 2012-2013 Home games only (except end of season tournaments) Wrestling Jan 31 Feb 9 22-23

Simon Fraser University Region 18 Tournament (OR) NJCAA National Tournament (IA)


Men’s Basketball Jan 17 Utah State University - E. Utah 7:30pm 19 Colorado Northwestern C.C. 5pm 24 Snow College 7:30pm 26 Salt Lake C.C. 5pm Feb 2 College of Southern Idaho 5pm 7 Utah State University - E. Utah 7:30pm 9 Colorado Northwestern C.C. 5pm Feb 28-Mar 2 Region 18 Tournament (CDA, ID) Mar 19-23 NJCAA National Championships (Kansas) Women’s Basketball Jan 17 Utah State University - E. Utah 5:30pm 19 Colorado Northwestern C.C. 3pm 24 Snow College 5:30pm 26 Salt Lake C.C. 3pm Feb 2 College of Southern Idaho 3pm 7 Utah State University - E. Utah 5:30pm 9 Colorado Northwestern C.C. 3pm Feb 28-Mar 2 Region 18 Tournament (CDA, ID) Mar 18-23 NJCAA National Championships (Kansas) Live web streaming at

r umme S r o tf open! llmen Enro ll 2013 is Fa and


49 Degrees North

Just a 40 minute drive from downtown Spokane, this mountain is popular with families and a great place for beginners to learn. Mount Spokane also keeps 16 runs open for night skiing which costs just $20. The lodge has undergone a major overhaul and now includes an additional 1,200 square feet and 100 more places to park yourself after carving up the mountain. There are nearby cross county, snowshoe and snowmobile trails as well as tubing hills so everyone leaves happy.

Known for its expansive glade skiing, 49 Degrees North is even bigger this year with the addition of a new lift taking visitors to Angel Peak. The new chair gets skiers and boarders access to 10 more runs and an additional 200 acres. If downhill isn’t your thing 49 North also has 25 kilometers of groomed cross country ski and snowshoe trails. Passes are $12 Friday –Sunday and $7 during the week. Rentals also available.

Lookout Pass

Chewelah, WA Adults full day $52 midweek/ $57 weekend and holiday/ $45 half day Youth full day $46 midweek/ $48 weekend and holiday/ $39 half day 2,325 Acres, 82 trails, 7 lifts, summit elevation 5,774ft.

Silver Mountain

Kellogg, ID Adult full day $52/ holiday $55/ half day $43 Youth full day $37/ holiday $40/ half day $32 1,600 Acres, 73 trails, 6 lifts, summit elevation 6,300ft. Before even setting foot on the slopes, visitors are given a great ride. Silver is home to North Americas longest gondola. The 3.1 mile lift takes skiers and riders from the base to the top of the mountain and back down again at the end of the day. Silver Mountain also boasts a large indoor waterpark and offers numerous ski and stay packages. The convenience of just a 30 minute drive from Coeur d’Alene makes this mountain a local favorite.

Mount Spokane

Spokane, WA Adult full day $36 midweek/$49 weekend and holiday/ half day $32 midweek $38 weekend and holiday Youth full day $29 midweek/$39 weekend and holiday/half day $24 midweek $28 weekend and holiday 1,425 acres, 45 trails, 5 lifts, summit elevation $5,889ft.

Ski Northwest


Mullan, ID (Montana/Idaho border) Adult full day $35 midweek/$38 weekend and holiday/$30 half day midweek $33 weekend and holiday Youth full day $25 midweek/$27 weekend and holiday/$21 half day midweek $23 weekend and holiday 540 Acres, 34 runs, 4 lifts, summit elevation 5,650ft. Lookout Pass is always one of the first to open and last to close thanks to its annual snowfall of 400 inches. Located halfway between Spokane and Missoula Lookout draws people from all over the region. The powder here is light and legendary and despite its smaller size, a day cruising through consistent fresh snow will leave you gassed. Another fantastic ski school can be found here and for $99 beginners receive 3 lift tickets, 3 lessons, and 3 rentals.

Schweitzer Mountain

Sandpoint, ID Adult full day $68/ half day $58 Youth full day $50/ half day $40 2,900 acres, 92 trails, 9 lifts, summit elevation 6,400ft. It will take you much more than a day to cover all the terrain Schweitzer Mountain has to offer. One of the most popular resort destinations in the Northwest, the mountain offers a host of lodging options, shopping, restaurants, bars, and breathtaking views of Lake Pend Oreille. Schweitzer has everything from beginner groomers to tight tree terrain and steep open bowls. Be sure to take advantage of Sunday Solutions where a Sunday afternoon ticket is just $25 when purchased online, $35 at the ticket office.

Famous FREE Ski School & Snow Bus Start January 12th!

Make the most of Lookout’s Legendary Powder skiing! LOOKOUT Advantage Card Only $59

6-Pack Advance Purchase Program Visit our web site for details!

Order On-line

LEGENDARY POWDER 208.744.1301 1-90 at the Idaho/Montana State Line January 2013 | COEUR D’ALENE NEWSLINE  27

Happy New Year from all of us at


We are having our BIGGEST Sale Ever!

Save 10 - 50 throughout the store! %


• Over 5,000 Sq. Ft. of quality antiques and collectibles to choose from • Shipping & delivery services available • We accept all major credit cards & have gift certificates available for your shopping convenience

212 N. 4th Street in Downtown Coeur d’ Alene • (208) 640-0708 28 WWW.NEWSLINESONLINE.COM

Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner


Breakfast • Lunch • Dinner fresh seafooD • steaks • saLaDs

58 bridge street at city beach, sandpoint, idaho | 208.255.7558

Live Music

every tuesDay & friDay night!

$3 OFF

any Dinner appetizer with the purchase of a Dinner entrée.*

*now through feBruary 12th, 2013. coupon must Be presenteD to server, offer gooD on the foLLowing appetizers: portuguese cLams, steameD musseLs, puLLeD pork enchiLaDas, craB cakes, frieD caLamari, coconut shrimp, anD caprese. Limit one coupon per taBLe. no cash vaLue.

58 Bridge Street at City Beach Sandpoint ID • 208.255.7558 •

January 2013 | COEUR D’ALENE NEWSLINE  29

Dining Guide

Area’s Best Local Eats

your local dining guide

Tomato Street

Trinity at City Beach

Forty-One South

Shoga Sushi Bar

Fisherman’s Market

Cricket’s Restaurant & Oyster Bar

A beautiful waterfront, fine-dining restaurant in a romantic lodge setting overlooking Lake Pend Oreille. Spectacular sunsets, innovative cuisine, full bar and extensive wine list. Reservations recommended. 41 Lakeshore Drive, Sagle, ID 208.265.2000 $$/$$$



Scan the QR Code for a Map of All Locations!

Angelo’s Ristorante & Catering

Voted North ID’s #1 Italian Restaurant 3 consecutive years in a row. Said to have the best kids meal in town. Distinctive and entertaining atmosphere for everyone; using a wood fired oven to bring back many memories of the past. Beer, wine, full bar. 2012 BEST ITALIAN RESTAURANT. Coeur d’Alene—221 West Appleway 208.667.5000 $/$$


$ - Less than $10 $$ - $9-$20 $$$ - $16 and up - Wi-Fi Available

Calypsos Coffee & Creamery

At Calpsos you’ll find a combination of amazing coffee, which they roast on-site, ice cream, fantastic food and live music on a regular basis. They display artwork from local artists, offer free wi-fi, have a play area for the kids and also offer a Smart Room for meeting rentals! Coeur d’Alene —116 East Lakeside Avenue 208.665.0591 $


Price of Entree for One Person

Fisherman’s Market is a local favorite for an array of reasons, including the friendly staff, unbeatable atmosphere, and phenomenal food. Voted Best Seafood for 2012 in North ID. Their menu includes salads, fishwiches, taste of baja, fish & chips, fresh sushi bar and fresh fish market with live shell fish and lobster. Coeur d’Alene—215 West Kathleen 208.664.4800 $/$$

Coldwater Creek Wine Bar

The perfect place to unwind, Coldwater Creek Wine bar features more than 30 different bottles and happy hour Monday-Friday from 5-7pm. Enjoy tapas, meats, cheeses, and deserts as well as espresso and craft beer. Cozy up by the fire on Fridays and Saturdays and listen to live, local musicians. Conveniently located above the Flagship store in downtown Sandpoint. Sandpoint—311 North First Avenue 208.263.6971 $/$$ 30 WWW.NEWSLINESONLINE.COM

“There is no substitution for quality.” Our food is prepared from scratch. We believe in using natural organic ingredients. ”Angelo. Authentic Italian Cuisine, Fresh Organic Food.” DINNER FOR 2 & A BOTTLE OF WINE $55. Choose from 15 Entrees & 10 Bottles of Wine. Open 7 days a week from 4pm-10pm. Coeur d’Alene—846 North Fourth Street 208.765.2850 $/$$/$$$

Sandpoint’s premier waterfront dining offers an extensive menu of American cuisine with an impressive wine list. Featuring a full service bar and beautiful views of Lake Pend Oreille. Sandpoint —56 Bridge Street 208.255.7558 $/$$/$$$

Forty-One South brings sushi back to Sandpoint. Opening in May. Delicious sushi and Japanese cuisine. Beautiful, waterfront dining with spectacular sunset views. Professional and courteous service. Dinner 7 nights a week and lunch Mon-Fri. 41 Lakeshore Drive, Sagle, ID 208.265.2001 $/$/$$$

Serving Lunch, Dinner and Late Night Fare. Family friendly! Free WiFi! Made from fresh ingredients in our kitchen. Open everyday 11am-2pm. Dining room for Holiday Banquets. Coeur d’Alene—424 East Sherman Avenue 208.765.1990 $/$$/$$$

GW Hunters

Our mission is to bring customers “The best quality foods and service, at a fair price.” We only buy the freshest ingredients and cook every meal to order and we always strive for perfection. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Post Falls—615 North Spokane Street 208.777.9388 $/$$/$$$

Forty-One South Expands Menu INCLUDING COMFORT DINING AND AFFORDABLE PRICES Cassandra. “With these new menu items and a broader price range, they can come to Forty-One South more often and not just on those special occasions.” Cassandra emphasizes that Forty-One South will continue to offer its signature items such as salmon and filets, for those desiring the formal dining experience of a special night out.

Article by Patty Hutchens


eople choose a restaurant for many reasons. Some may like a particular dish that is offered, while others enjoy the atmosphere or location of a particular place. Patrons of Forty-One South, located at the south end of the Long Bridge in Sagle, are often citing both reasons for it being their restaurant of choice. Offering outdoor seating, a view of the river and mountains, and a place from which to watch breathtaking sunsets, it is a favorite of many during the warm summer months. But that same view is a perfect setting for spectacular sunsets while sitting by the restaurant’s warm cozy fireplace in the winter as well. It was just over two years ago when Cassandra Cayson purchased FortyOne South Restaurant. Since then she has successfully grown her business, continually meeting the desires of the diverse community. The latest change is an expansion of the menu to include what she refers to as comfort foods, a craving of many during the snowy winter months. Some of the newer items include pasta dishes, buffalo meatloaf, and black cod, which has increased in popularity due to the wide press it has received regarding its health benefits. Also added to the menu are a variety of appetizers including homemade soft baked pretzels and crab croquettes. But it is not only the offering of her menu items that has changed, her price point has also lowered to make it more affordable for many who want to enjoy a night out. “We want families to be able to join us for dinner whether it is after a day up at the mountain or because they just would like a night off from cooking,” said

Another feature of the popular restaurant was the addition of Shoga, a sushi restaurant located between FortyOne South and the Lodge next door. But Shoga offers much more than sushi, it also offers dishes such as sweet and sour pork, orange chicken, chicken teriyaki and various noodle dishes. Like FortyOne South, it too offers affordable prices which start at $9 an entrée. Whether its Forty-One South or Shoga, one is not disappointed when they visit this beautiful setting. Like most businesses in this area, much of their success depends upon the tourists, but Cassandra said she would not be where she is today if it were not for the strong local following the restaurant has, and for that she is grateful. When you visit, be sure to take a moment and enjoy the beautiful creations of local artist Connie Scherr that adorns the walls of the restaurant. Forty-One South is open in the winter Tuesday through Saturday with the bar opening at 4pm and the restaurant at 4:30pm. Enjoy Happy Hour in the bar/ lounge weekdays from 4-6pm. Shoga is open Wednesday through Sunday at 4:30pm. Both restaurants will be open Christmas Eve and New Years Eve. For a look at their complete menu, visit them on the web at and

Check out our new menu and Winter Specials! Wednesdays - All sushi rolls, buy one, get one 50% off! Sundays - 1/2 off all SAKE! Available for private parties and off-site catering. We also offer an extensive menu of nonsushi options, Asian-inspired entrees such as orange chicken or beef & broccoli! 208.265.2001 / Shoga Sushi: Wednesday-Sunday, Evenings

Find us on Facebook!

“The Icing on

the Lake!”

waterfront dining / bar and lounge /catering

Reservations Recommended Come check out our NEW MENU and enjoy a cozy winter escape next to the fire!

Forty-One South: Tuesday-Saturday, Evenings

41 Lakeshore Drive | Sagle, Idaho | 208.265.2000 Like us on Facebook for updates! January 2013 | COEUR D’ALENE NEWSLINE  31

get local!



2013 Still rockin’ our winters after... ...39 years! For a complete schedule go to

SANDPOINTWINTERCARNIVAL.COM Winter Crazy Days Live Music Daily Ski Joring Sleigh Rides Schweitzer Extreme XC Race Scavenger Hunts Snowshoeing Tubing & Zipline Sessions Night Skiing RAIL JAM! Winter Cirque Du Sandpoint Nordic Skiing K9 Keg Pull Themed Dinners at Area Restaurants KPND Ski & Board Party Taste of Sandpoint Dodgeball Tournament for All Ages 8th Annual Adult Spelling Bee AND SO MUCH MORE!!!


Every year in the dead of winter, Sandpoint, Idaho, cooks up a sure antidote to cabin fever. It’s the Sandpoint Winter Carnival, pure fun celebrating the best of the snowy season ... indoors and out.

Presented by:



inters in Sandpoint back in the day were less than they are today: less fun, less active, less for our economy. Winters were a time when little went on in Sandpoint before Schweitzer Mountain became a ski resort. Our area economy was buoyed mainly commercial fishing, mining, and logging. Much of our economic engine shut down during the winter months.

year with over 20 area restaurants and eateries participating. It has been successful, offering great food, beer, wines and entertainment during what used a be a gloomy month for Sandpoint. From the beginning, prizes have been awarded to the diners, with the Grand Prize of a dinner once a month for two at the best restaurants in town. You can learn all about Dine Around Sandpoint at

Escape to Sandpoint

Escape to Sandpoint

So,16, what used to be a gloomy time of year is now our best Feb 17 - Marchtourist 2012 season. While many consider us a lake and summer

It is very different today. Schweitzer has achieved international acclaim as a ski resort, and the season is peppered with events starting in October with the Harvest Wine Walk, then Winter Carnival, the Follies, and Dine Around Sandpoint.

town with gigantic 148-square-mile Lake Pend Oreille being our dominant feature, the most dollars from tourism, and for many, the most fun, comes during winter: a magical time in America’s Most Beautiful Small Town.

Thirty-nine years ago, Sandpoint had its first Winter Carnival. Over the years the events and happenings have changed. Treat a meal out! meal out and other specials and While yourself the ice andto snow carvings andEnjoy paradeaare things of the past, the new the venues, featuring the Canine events atevents over pack 20 participating Sandpoint area restaurants from Keg Pull, Rail Jam, Fire Dancers, and16, Ski 2012. Joring. There is is something for every February 17 through March There shopping, music, and fun all around town, with sleigh rides taste and budget. Check our website weekly and Schweitzer providing additional merry-making. At the end for details, of one of the busy Saturdays, everyoneatrides up the mountain menus and events participating restaurants. to witness fabulous fireworks and the torchlight parade: a locals favorite. Find more info at

Forty-One South Arlo’s Ristorante Four yearsBab’s ago several of us were setting around one ofIvano’s the Pizzeria Ristorante local bars visiting with the owner of the bar and a restaurant Bangkok Thai Cuisine Jalapenos in town. Someone asked if we had ever heard of Dine Around Bistro Rouge atand the Seattle or Dine AroundCafe the Bay would something like La Rosa Club that Pend work in d’Oreille Sandpoint? The concept is simple, have many of Winery MickDuff’s Brewing Co. the local restaurants and eateries in Sandpoint offer prizes, Second Avenue Pizza specials,Cedar discounts,St. liveBistro music and fun for a month and kick Photo from itColdwater all off during the start ofWine Sandpoint’s Creek Barannual Winter CarniSecret Thai Cafe val. With the help of a small cadre of area restaurants Dine Connie’s Cafe Spud’s Around Sandpoint began four years ago. It has grown each Rotisserie & Grill Di Luna’s Cafe Sweet Lou’s Tango Cafe Earth Rhythms Natural Market & Cafe The Hydra Steakhouse The Loading Dock Eichardt’s Pub & Grill Treat yourself to a meal out!at Enjoy a meal out and other specials and events at over 20 Trinity City Beach Elk’s Cafe

Come Join Us! Feb 15 - March 15, 2013

participating Sandpoint area restaurants from February 15th through March 15th, 2013. There is something for every taste and budget. Check our website weekly for details, menus time out for andyou eventsdine at partcipating restaurants!

Every breakfast, lunch or dinner at a participating Every time you dine out for breakfast, lunch or dinner at partcipating DINE AROUND

DINE AROUND SANDPOINT SANDPOINT restaurants, you’ll be entered in a drawing to win some terrific prizes!

you’ll be to win the to GRAND restaurant, you’ll bePLUS, entered ineligible a drawing win PRIZE: A monthly meal for two for a year at 12 different participating DINE AROUND SANDPOINT restaurants! some terrific prizes! PLUS, you’ll be eligible to win the


Grand Prize

Arlo’s Ristorante • Bangkok Cuisine Thai Restaurant • Bistro Rouge Cafe at the Pend d’Oreille Winery Cedar St. Bistro • Chimney Rock Grill • Coldwater Creek Wine Bar • Connie’s Cafe • Di Luna’s Cafe Earth Rhythms Natural Market & Cafe • Eichardt’s Pub & Grill • Forty-One South • Ivano’s Ristorante Monthly Meal for Two for a Year at 12 different participating Jalapenos • Joe’s Philly Cheesesteaks • La Rosa Club • Little Olive • MickDuff ’s Brewing Company DINE SANDPOINT restaurants! SecondAROUND Avenue Pizza • Shoga Sushi Bar • Spud’s Waterfront Grill • Sweet Lou’s • Trinity at City Beach Many thanks to our sponsors!

Specials change weekly, so don’t forget to check out the website:

January 2013 | COEUR D’ALENE NEWSLINE  33

Calendar of Events Local Picks

Razzle’s Bar and Grill Pool and darts. Daily drink special 5-7pm. 21+ only and Wi-Fi. 10325 Government Way, Hayden. Calypsos Coffee & Creamery 116 East Lakeside Avenue, CDA. 208.665.2464. DOC HOLIDAY’S Saloon and Grill 9510 Government Way, Hayden. 208.449.1562. 315 Martinis And Tapas 315 Wallace Street, Coeur d’ Alene 208.667.9660. Kelly’s Irish Pub 726 North 4th Street, Coeur d’ Alene 570.645.2000.

JANUARY / FEBRUARY EVENTS October-March - Cheer on your Spokane Chiefs all winter long. See the next great crop of young hockey players at a family friendly environment. For tickets and complete schedule visit spokanechiefs. com or call 509.535.puck. Upcoming home games in January: 18th, 19th, 23rd, 25th, 26th. Through February 25 - Bald Eagle Boat Tours. Take a two hour cruise along lake Coeur d’Alene guided by an experienced captain. Our 26 ft boat has a heated cabin with a rear open viewing deck. Enjoy a hot drink and light snack as you tour the lake.

Moon Dollars Twin Lakes Village. 5416 West Village Boulevard, Rathdrum 208.777.7040.

Moon Time 1602 East Sherman Avenue, Coeur d’ Alene 208.667.2331.

Java On Sherman 324 East Sherman Avenue, Coeur d’ Alene. 208.667.1717. The Fedora Pub and Grille 37914 South Kathleen Avenue Coeur d’Alene. 208.765.888.

The BEST Local Deals

Deal It Local is a brand new magazine for Coeur d’Alene providing moneysaving coupons and the hottest local deals in town! The best part is, the deals come straight to your mailbox. In Deal it Local you will find discounts, specials, announcements, and unique opportunities, all from local business owners. Not only is there a new magazine, but a great new website where you can find even more local deals. 34 WWW.NEWSLINESONLINE.COM

January 19 - Youth 4 On 4 Indoor Soccer Registration Deadline. The KROC Center 10am–Noon, Ages 4–6, Saturdays (8 classes). Gold $30 | Silver $35 | Public $44. Girls and boys will learn fundamental soccer skills each week, followed by a mini game. This fast paced game encourages creative decision making and strategic thinking. Each session will be one hour, and will include 30 minutes of instruction skills and 25 minutes of a mini game. Teams will have a minimum of six players and a maximum of eight players. Teams will be formed from individual player registrations. All players participate in each mini game. January 19 - Black & White Ball Formal. Event benefiting the Coeur d’Alene Symphony Orchestra with dancing, no-host bar, silent auction and more. Jan. 19 from 7-9 pm. $25. Best Western Coeur d’Alene Inn, 506 W. Appleway Blvd. 208.765.3200.

The Wine Cellar 317 Sherman Avenue, Coeur d’ Alene

Gig’s Landing 204 South Coeur d’Alene Avenue Coeur d’Alene. 208.667.9600.

specials featuring Captain Morgans, Smirnoff Coconut and Banana Bread and Chocolate Stout beers by Young’s. Costume contest at Noah’s Canteen.

Thursdays in January - Creative Cooking Series. 5:30pm–7:30pm. Each week learn a new healthy cooking skill from main courses and brunch to appetizers and desserts. Sandra and Stephanie will show you how to make a fabulous meal for 10 guests. Classes will be held at the Blackwell Hotel at 820 E. Sherman Ave. For more information call 208.277.8371 or email January 16 - Blues Guitarist Matt Andersen. 7:30 pm. $15-$20. The Jacklin Arts & Cultural Center, 405 N. William St. Post Falls. 208.457.8950. January 17 - Poetry Out Loud. National poetry recitation contest hosted by the Classical Christian Academy. Jan. 17 from 6-9:30 pm. $2. The Jacklin Arts & Cultural Center, 405 N. William St. Post Falls. 208.457.8950. January 18 - March 1st Virginia Carter Pottery and Sculpture Exhibit. Artist reception Jan. 18 from 5-7 pm. Free. The Jacklin Arts & Cultural Center, 405 N. William St. Post Falls. 208.457.8950. January 19 - Silver Mountain Pirate Festival Themed Party. Food and drink

January 19 - Schweitzer Northern Lights Show. We’re starting it off with a torchlight parade down Jam Session, followed by a massive fireworks show in the village, then music and partying up in Taps afterwards! That’s right, North Idaho style is all the good stuff in life. Visit to see how you could be party of the parade. January 20 - Winter Carnival at Lookout Pass. Events for the entire family including a Wife Carrying Contest! January 21 - United States Air Force Band of the Golden West The Commanders Jazz Ensemble Concert. 3pm Matinee, 7pm Evening Performance, FREE, KROC Center. Under the direction of Senior Master Sergeant Rick Thorp, The Commanders Jazz Ensemble carries on the American musical tradition of the great traveling big bands, yet offers a lot more than the big band sounds. This energetic group of highly-trained, professional airmen-musicians plays everything from traditional jazz, cool, bop and swing to Broadway favorites, popular tunes, Latin rhythms, and patriotic music. January 24 -The Clumsy Lovers Bluegrass/Celtic Rock Concert. Jan. 24 at 7:30 pm. $10. The Jacklin Arts & Cultural Center, 405 N. William St. Post Falls. 208.457.8950.

Calendar of Events January 25 - Nathan Belt as Elvis at the Coeur d’Alene Casino. 7pm show, tickets from $15. January 26 - Easton Corbin. Easton Corbin, is a hugely successful new country music artist lauded for his traditional country sound. USA Today calls Easton “a country music throwback with an easygoing, old-school style.” Tickets on-sale through Northern Quest Resort & Casino Box Office at 509.481.6700 or to purchase online at January 27 & 28 - The Banff Mountain Film Festival 2012-2013 World Tour. 6pm, $14 in Advance, $15 at Door at the KROC Center. Each year after the Banff Film Festival ends in November, a selection of the best films go on tour across Canada, the United States, and internationally. The films travel to 32 countries reaching more than 245,000 people at over 635 screenings. Tickets are available for purchase in Coeur d’Alene at Vertical Earth, Camera Corral, Two Wheeler Dealer, Zip’s on Sherman Ave, or online at February 9 - Aw$um Auction. The event begins at 4:30pm at the Coeur d’Alene Resort. This year’s theme is “How the West was Fun!” with Chris Copstead acting as guest emcee. There will be the return of the Wine Grab, the Puppy Package, the Wild Walla Walla Women’s Wine Weekend and some new, exciting packages. Plus; a lucky winner will walk

away with $500 CASH that very night. Must be present to win! Come dressed in your favorite Western outfit, Saturday, Feb. 9th at the Coeur d’Alene Resort for a HUGE night of fun! February 16 - Gabriel Iglesias at Northern Quest Casino. Witty, electrifying and talented comedian Gabriel Iglesias delivers a uniquely hilarious comedy experience. His highoctane show is a sure-fire hit: a mixture of storytelling, parodies, characters and sound effects that bring all his personal

experiences to life. Gabriel’s unique and animated comedy style has made him popular among fans of all ages and his appeal continues to expand worldwide. February 19 – After House Business Fair. The After Hours Business Fair is Tuesday, February 19, 2013 from 5-8pm at The Coeur d’Alene Resort Convention Center. Don’t miss your chance to get in on the biggest marketing opportunity of the year with over 3,000 attendees and 120 Business Booths! Build a year’s worth of business in three hours! One booth is $199

or two for $375. You can also promote your business by being a Major Sponsor for $365, or a Corporate Sponsorship for $3,000. Toyota Ski Free Days SCHWEITZER MOUNTAIN - January 25 SILVER MOUNTAIN - February 1 MT. SPOKANE - February 8 LOOKOUT PASS - February 15 49 DEGREES NORTH - February 22 The DRIVER of any TOYOTA who comes to the designated Ski the NW Rockies ski area on the designated day will receive a FREE lift ticket VALID FOR THAT DAY ONLY. No vouchers or passes are required. Just drive your Toyota to the mountain on that day.

UPCOMING EVENTS March 3rd – Bill Engval at Northern Quest Casino. Originally known as a member of the “Blue Collar Comedy Tour,” Bill Engvall spun on-stage success into a flourishing solo career. His plain spoken manner finds humor in everyday life and his one-of-a-kind charm connects with audiences. His wit, style and uncanny ability to interact with fans have led him to become one of the more popular comedians working today.


Specializing in Time Critical & International Packages Ship It Now! - FedEx Authorized Ship Center 12510 E. Sprague Ave. #2 Spokane Valley, WA 99216

Phone: 509.720.7053 Toll Free: 1-855-RU-FedUP January 2013 | COEUR D’ALENE NEWSLINE  35

Kid’s Corner

Whiz Kids

Visit Whiz Kids on the Skywalk Level in River Park Square! Don’t forget to like us on Facebook!


THE ADVENTURES OF THE FLYNN TWINS Part 7: Let It Snow By Jan St. George Recently, Tyler and Arianna Flynn have helped to solve the mystery of stolen artifacts from a local tribe and got to take porcupine quills, which had been pulled from their dog’s muzzle, to school for show and tell. In the last part, they had gone to their Grandma’s house to help bake holiday cookies. Arianna set her picture on the hot stove, and it was curling up in a ball and smoking. “Grandma! Fire!” yelled Arianna and Tyler. “Help!” Suddenly a sharp, piercing sound came blasting from the hallway, drowning out their yelling voices. Their grandma came racing into the kitchen. “What’s going on? Are you okay?” She coughed and looked over at the stove. The brown, smoking ball of Arianna’s picture burst into flame. “Oh fudge biscuits!” Grandma exclaimed. She flung a cupboard door open, grabbed a box of baking soda, and started pouring it on the flame. Through her tears, Arianna saw a mound of white powder where her picture had been sitting a few minutes before, and there was no sign of any more flames. “I’m sorry, Grandma,” she whimpered, barely over the sound of the screeching smoke alarm. “Here, Tyler. Take this,” Grandma said, handing him the box of baking soda. She flipped on the fan above the stove on her way to the refrigerator. She pulled out another box of baking soda and handed it to Arianna. “Here’s one for you, too, sweetheart,” she said. “Keep an eye out in case you see any more flames.” Finally, the smoke alarm stopped its warning. Grandma sat at the table. “Come here,” she said. Arianna climbed up on her lap and buried her head in her Grandma’s shoulder. “I’m so sorry, Grandma,” she sobbed. “I didn’t mean to do it.” “I know,” said Grandma, rubbing her back. “Accidents happen. Why didn’t you put your picture on the counter like I suggested?” “You did?” Arianna replied. “I guess I wasn’t paying attention.”

“I’ve used it before when I’ve had stuff boil over and start smoking. In that case, I turn off the burner first and then start pouring the baking soda. It works well. My neighbor used a lid to smother a small fire she had on her stove.” “Why does it work?” Arianna asked. “I’m not sure,” Grandma replied. “It looks like everything is fine here now. Let’s go find the answer on the computer.” Arianna climbed off her lap, and they all wandered into Grandma’s den. She typed in “baking soda to put out fire” and found a site about everyday chemistry. “It says baking soda is chemically known as sodium bicarbonate. When it is heated, it produces carbon dioxide and removes oxygen. A fire needs oxygen to burn.” “So if the oxygen is gone,” said Tyler. “Then so is the fire,” finished Arianna. “You’re so smart,” said Grandma, shutting the computer off. “Now let’s go see what the kitchen looks like.” Arianna watched her Grandma go over to the stove with its dusting of white powder and the larger pile. Then she heard a strange noise. “Are you okay, Grandma?” she asked. Grandma turned around, and Arianna realized she was laughing. “What so funny, Grandma?” Tyler asked. “I have real snow in my yard, and the baking soda looks like snow on the stove.” “You’re right,” Arianna said with a giggle. Tyler joined in. “I’ll get this cleaned up,” Grandma said. “I’m sure your picture was wonderful, Arianna. Why don’t you make another one, and we’ll keep it away from the stove this time.” “Thanks, Grandma,” Arianna said. “I won’t forget today.” “Me neither,” said Grandma, giving Tyler and Arianna a hug before turning to the stove.

“How did you know to grab the baking soda?” asked Tyler. “It sure worked fast.”

Did You Know? Baking soda is most commonly used in baking to make cookies and other treats light and puffy. There are many other uses for baking soda. It can make your hands smell better, especially after handling fish, stop sunburn pain, and even be turned into modeling clay by adding water and cornstarch.

mmmm... perfect!

River Park Square (509) 456-TOYS 36 WWW.NEWSLINESONLINE.COM

The End.


Every snowflake is unique. Can you draw your own special snowflake?

Kid’s Corner



his month at Mobius we’d like to show you how to make one of our favorite concoctions for whiling away the winter weeks. It may bear a resemblance to a popular store-bought child’s toy and, in fact, the fun comes from making your own at home. So with no further ado, we present...Not So Serious Putty. You Will Need: • White School Glue • Food Coloring • Borax Laundry Detergent • Water • Stir sticks • Small cup or bowl (for mixing) Directions: In the small cup, pour one to two ounces of school glue (we typically prefer Elmer’s but it is not necessary). Add food coloring to make the color you desire. In a separate cup mix the Borax detergent into water until no more Borax will dissolve in the water. Pour a small amount of Borax solution into the colored glue and mix with the stir stick. Immediately the glue will clump together and adhere to the stick.


Keep stirring until there is no more liquid left in the cup and all the glue is clumped onto the stir stick. At this point you’ll need to pull off the glue clump with your hand and continue working it like you are kneading clay to make it soft. Add more Borax solution to your glue clump until it becomes smooth and no longer sticks to your hand. This is your putty. It will bend, flex, roll, and even bounce if you shape it into a ball. It should be kept in an airtight container when not in use and you should wash your hands before and after playing with it. The Science: This putty is a polymer. A polymer is a molecule or compound made of repeating parts (poly=many, mer=parts). A polymer molecule can bend, twist, and even stick to other molecules, creating substances that also have these characteristics. Plastics, rubbers, and even the collagens that make our skin are polymers.

Mixed Ingredients

Glue itself is also a polymer. Imagine it as a number of long strands, like spaghetti. The strands can slip past each other relatively easily, making glue pourable. When we add the Borax solution, it creates connections between the strands, making them stick to each other. Enough connections and you have putty!

Brought to You By:

Your Very Own Putty!

January 2013 | COEUR D’ALENE NEWSLINE  37

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Activities & Fun! NEW YEAR’S EVE

On New Year’s Eve, Marilyn stood up in the local pub and said that it was time to get ready. At the stroke of midnight, she wanted every husband to be standing next to the one person who made his life worth living. Well, it was kind of embarrassing. As the clock struck, the bartender was almost crushed to death.


At a friend’s wedding, everything went smoothly until it was time for the flower girl and her young escort to come down the aisle. The boy stopped at every pew, growling at the guests. When asked afterward why he behaved so badly, he explained, “I was just trying to be a good ring bear.”


Jemima was taking an afternoon nap on New Year’s Eve before the festivities. After she woke up, she confided to Max, her husband, “I just dreamed that you gave me a diamond ring for a New Year’s present. What do you think it all means?” “Aha, you’ll know tonight,” answered Max smiling broadly. At midnight, as the New Year was chiming, Max approached Jemima and handed her small package. Delighted and excited she opened it quickly. There in her hand rested a book entitled: “The meaning of dreams”.


On New Year’s Eve, Daniel was in no shape to drive, so he sensibly left his van in the car park and walked home. As he was wobbling along, he was stopped by a policeman. “What are you doing out here at four o’clock in the morning?” asked the police officer. “I’m on my way to a lecture,” answered Roger.

THE FOOTBALL GAME As in many homes on New Year’s Day, my wife and I faced the annual conflict of which was more important – the football games on television, or the dinner itself. To keep peace, I ate dinner with the rest of the family, and even lingered for some pleasant after-dinner conversation before retiring to the family room to turn on the game. Several minutes later, my wife came downstairs and graciously even bought a cold drink for me. She smiled, kissed me on the cheek and asked what the score was. I told her it was the end of the third quarter and that the score was still nothing to nothing. “See?” she said, continuing to smile, “You didn’t miss a thing.”


Jim was in a bad mood, and anyone who got in is way was going to regret it. Jim walked into his favorite restaurant and plopped himself down on a chair. “Get me a steak well done with mashed potatoes.” Three minutes later when his order came, Jim screamed “DIDN’T YOU HEAR ME SAY WELL DONE?!” “Why thank you sir” the waitress smiled, “that was the first compliment I’ve gotten all day!”


One semester an art-student asked a friend if he could paint his portrait for a class assignment. The friend agreed, and the art student painted and submitted the portrait, only to receive a C minus. The art student approached the professor to ask why the grade was so poor. The teacher told him that the proportions in the painting were incorrect. “The head is too big,” the professor explained. “The shoulders are too wide, and the feet are enormous.” The next day, the art student brought his friend to see the professor. He took one look at the friend and said, “Okay, A minus.”

“And who on earth, in their right mind, is going to give a lecture at this time on New Year’s Eve?” enquired the constable sarcastically. “My wife,” slurred Daniel grimly.




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