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Custom Home Expert

actor tr n o c e th , n o ti c u tr “Dana Cons ily� m fa d n a s d n ie fr r u you refer to yo Remodels | Additions | Custom Decks | Shops & Barns

Serving Bonner & Kootenai Counties John A. Dana 208.691.2042 Idaho Contractor RCE-32397

Make a Request for the Best! Locally Owned For Over 39 Years "For 35 years we have been a part of this wonderful community. Our goal has remained the same. Always strive to provide our customers’ with the highest level of service for the lowest price possible. This is achieved by understanding our customers needs and exceeding their expectations. Our goal remains the same today."

1450 Northwest Blvd Ste. 200 208.667.9431

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Gourmet foods


cheese and Italian meats

wine Kitchen Supply cooking classes | 2129 Main Street at Riverstone |

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2-8pm Large selection of local and regional beers


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Make-a-Wish Foundation

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Color Post with Quinn Essentials

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The Area’s Best Local Eats

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Traveling Veterans Memorial

Mr. Carson Goes to Washington

41  Healthy Living Eat Smart Idaho

Seattle, Washington

 imple Ways to Support S Your Animal Shelter

56  Calendar of Events September - October

At Nate's New York Pizza 920 N Hwy 41, Post Falls September 2013 | Coeur d’Alene Living Local   7

About the Publisher


Summer in Coeur d’Alene. It is nothing short of heaven on earth. With so many activities taking place and the beautiful lake and mountains which surround this town, it is no wonder that tourists flock to our area to enjoy that which we are fortunate enough to see each day. Summer is a time to share with others and show them the real Coeur d’Alene; the one that goes beyond the beautiful mountains and lake. While some may consider our town small, it is diverse and full of culture. We encourage visitors and locals alike to take advantage of the all that Coeur d’Alene has to offer – from the Art on the Green to the Coeur d’Alene Summer Theatre to the Wooden Boat Festival. There is something for everyone.

Kubota BX Series

Kubota BX Series

Kubota BX Series Kubota BX Series

As you stroll through the streets, relax by the BX Series lakeKubota and dine at the restaurants, Kubota BX Seriestake time to talk to one another. Share with others about our community and listen to the adventures Kubota BX Series of our visitors.

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Steve Russo

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©Kubota Tractor Corporation, 2013

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*$0 down, 0% A.P.R. financing for up to 60 months on purchases of new Kubota BX, B, L, M and TLB Series financed. 0% A.P.R. interest is inventory available to customers equipment is available to qualifi$1,000 ed purchasers from participating dealers’ in-stock through 9/30/2013. if no dealer documentation preparation fee is Example: A 60-month monthly charged. installment repayment term at 0%forA.P.R. requires 60 payments of $16.67 per be in accordance with state laws. Inclusion of ineligible Dealer charge document preparation fee shall $1,000 financed. 0% A.P.R. interest is available to customers if no dealer documentation preparation fee is equipment may result in a higher blended A.P.R. Not charged. Dealer charge for document preparation fee shall be in accordance with state laws. Inclusionavailable of ineligible for Rental, National Accounts or Governmental customers. 0%NotA.P.R. and low-rate financing not be available with customer instant rebate offers. Financing equipment may result in a higher blended A.P.R. available for Rental, National Accountsmay or Governmental customers. 0% A.P.R. and low-rate financing may not be available customer instant rebateU.S.A., offers. Financing is available through Kubotawith Credit Corporation, 3401 Del Amo Blvd., Torrance, CA 90503; subject to credit ©Kubota Tractor Corporation, 2013 Kubota Credit is available through Corporation, U.S.A., 3401 Del Amo Blvd., Torrance, CA 90503; subject to credit ctor Corporation, 2013 approval. Some exceptions apply. expires 9/30/2013. See us for details on these and other low-rate options approval. Some exceptions apply. Offer expires 9/30/2013. See us for detailsOffer on these and other low-rate options or go to for more information. **Optional equipment may be shown. or go to for more information. **Optional equipment may be shown.

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September - Think Stealthy

Article by Mike Beard

Auto Repair

Outdoor Pursuits


he fall in North Idaho is possibly the best time of year to be an outdoorsman of any type. So much so that it is very easy to spread oneself thin trying to take advantage of all the possibilities. The days are getting shorter and the nights longer and cooler, which is a signal of change for plants and animals alike. As hunters start entering the woods looking for big game, kids get back to school and everyone takes a breather from a busy summer, the pressure on the rivers reduces dramatically, making it not only a productive time to be on the water, but usually a little more serene as well. The cutthroat fishing on the North Fork of the Coeur d’Alene and the St. Joe will be some of the best of the year until the weather turns really cold and starts to snow. As the water temperatures start dropping from the cooler nights and the rain storms brings up the flow a bit, the fish will start feeding heavy. The rivers in general have made it through the summer in great shape. A few perfectly timed rain storms in the mountains spread out over August have kept the fish from ever getting too stressed out. Since mid-August the guides and shop employees of Northwest Outfitters have noticed the fish are starting to get fatter and healthier, which is a great sign for the next month. A lot of the same techniques in the low water conditions of the summer will still hold true throughout the fall especially in the first couple weeks after Labor Day. Long leaders, small sized tippet, small bugs and a stealthy approach will all still be important to fool the cutthroat; but instead of blind casting thru runs, the fish are more likely be feeding on the surface which

will give fishermen nice targets to try and land our fly next to. With the nights getting cooler the fishing won’t start as early as it did in August so getting to the river at sun-up won’t be necessary. The days continue to be warm enough that the terrestrial fishing should stay great until we get a couple hard frosts that put these insects down. Not only will the fish be looking for a big bite of food when they get the opportunity, but with the reduction of anglers they will be less likely to have seen as many big foam bug floating as they had the previous month. Along with the terrestrials, the mayfly and caddis hatches start coming back with a little more regularity and productivity. Blue Wing Olives, pmds, mahoganies, October caddis, and spruce moths are just a few of the better known hatches in the area that get the fish feeding. Another signal of fall coming to North Idaho is the return of the steelhead to the rivers around Lewiston. Steelhead are ocean going rainbows that live in the salt water for one to four years and return up to 400 river miles and over eight dams to return to the Snake and Clearwater river systems. Pursuing these fish, often referred to as “a fish of a thousand casts”, resembles hunting more than fishing. Methodical stocking and figuring these fish out is a whole new game that starts in September and goes all the way through the winter. The best way to fish for these fish is with a two handed switch or spey rod that opens up the river and challenges even the best single hand caster. While these fish can be elusive and frustrating at times, once you have one pulling on the end of your line you might find your Trout days slowly fading away!




A Comprehensive Fly Fishing and Guide Service Fly Fishing Equipment Instruction Guiding Information River Reports

2171 N. Main Street, Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814 (208) 667-2707 | (888) 347-4223

Our fly shop stocks top brands of fishing equipment, clothing and more!

September 2013 | Coeur d’Alene Living Local   9

H S eyond I B d W n a o A n Idah MAKEhildren i to C e p o H g n Bringi By Colin



I n 2010 the North Idaho chapter of the Make-AWish foundation granted six wishes to children battling life-threatening illnesses. Fast forward to today, and the group is on pace to grant at least 30 wishes in 2013. “We’ve never had to say no, and we’ll go into the negative before we tell a child no,” said North Idaho Regional Manager Melanie Lambrecht. Lambrecht began as a volunteer, but when the opportunity to oversee all the wishes in the area came up, she jumped at the opportunity. Today she works directly with doctors, social workers, and hospital administers to help bring hope to children who are in a fight for their lives. “When they’re going through rigorous medical treatment, we’re the light at the end of the tunnel. Their wish gives them something to look forward to and their wish is something they have complete control of.” said Lambrecht. The Make-A-Wish Foundation is a national organization, but nearly all of the funding for this region comes from donations from local individuals and businesses as well as fundraisers. The bottom line is the money raised in our community stays in our community. Typically, children’s wishes fall into four categories: To Be (a superhero, a firefighter, an author); To Meet (a favorite celebrity or athlete); To Have (a computer, a playhouse, a puppy); or To Go (to a theme park, Hawaii, a major sporting event). All of the expenses from food, travel, and even tips are 100% covered by Make-A-Wish. The foundation has built strong connections across the country allowing them access to discounted event tickets, restaurant gift cards, hotel stays, rentals, and more, allowing each dollar to go further. There are currently more than 200 volunteers across the state including Nicole. Nicole has been a wish grantor in North Idaho for three years. “As a wish granter you enter into the life of a family with the hope of bringing them a bit of cheer and anticipation for their future,” she said. 10   Coeur d’Alene Living Local |

Good News “The children I have met are so resilient, and it’s always fun to feed off the child’s imagination as you help fulfill their life’s wish!”

ne and eur d’Ale h is from Co y hic o w b , ia ld o m a 6 year hoblastic Leuke arrow and Aiden is p m e m y n L cute the bo c. He battlingA at originates in energeti k. th ing and r ee o e s g c td n u n a o a c a ery ide iden is v , play tag and h dinosaurs, e blood. A r id la run outs als, in particu go to the loves to es anim wish is to v ’s lo n e go to o id ls A He a affes. ls and to s, and gir e all the anima penguin e s o Zoo to San Dieg . D N A LEGOL

with a was born was d o o w rn h ey of Fe ey’s wis ld Rodn ondition. Rodn a computer o r a e y 9 c y ted to bu al heart congenit uly when he wan ew bike. J n a in s granted as well a ames on to play g

Make-A-Wish is always looking for volunteers to help grant wishes, fundraise, and event plan. You can also donate toys for hospital visits and even give your frequent flyer miles to the organization which will then never expire. Since 1986, Make-A-Wish has granted more than 1,000 wishes to deserving children across Idaho.



wine bar

“We want to continue to sustain and grow so we’re able to grant every wish we can,” said Lambrecht.

relax with friends. settle in by the fire. enjoy a menu of fine wines, light fare and hearty favorites.

For more information on the North Idaho chapter or volunteer opportunities visit or call 208.627.8254.

open daily live entertainment fridays & saturdays from 7pm

Why do we do it? • 89% healthcare referral sources surveyed say that the wish experience influences wish kids’ physical health.* • 96% of healthcare referral sources observe increases in wish kids’ emotional health.* • 98% of parents surveyed felt the wish experience gave them the opportunity to be a “normal” family again.* *Results from national wish impact study

ing ng & fish is a hunti eatment t rs u h e of Pin ing tr ld Dylan tly receiv oesn’t slow 14 year o Dylan is curren d t a th r, st! ve trip enthusia Sarcoma. Howe on a fly fishing o ’s g g wish in to ’s g n n la ti y n for Ew D a r. is n from w younger brothe e true th him dow nts and will com y re y fl a il p a m is fa n h with ith his to go o fishing w avels to Alaska y fl o g to tr when he summer ed tour. id u g fishing

ves lene lo oeur d’A receiving C f o an tly old Jord is curren cer. 11 year Disney! Jordan ma; bone can o g ue rc tr in a S th e ry m ’s e a g c ev r Ewin yworld fo e n on t is n e ts D n treatm go to and pri wish to ut her h ang p ’s h n d a to n t rd a o o J eg tars when sh like the movie s es! in June rhero d just e lv p B u s d o te o ri Hollyw her favo some of out with

311 north first avenue sandpoint 208-263-6971

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Financial Focus

All Seasons RE/MAX All Seasons 509 North Fifth Avenue, Suite E Sandpoint, Idaho 83864 208.255.7400 or 1.888.897.5073

Race for the Cure September 22, 2013

Please take a few hours of your time to walk with us in support of Susan G Komen. Register today at Events-Coeur d’Alene. Join the team “Who’s on 2nd?” Or Fun Family 5K for a great cause

IRAs Vital to Your Future Financial Health Contact A Financial Advisor to Help Plan For Your Future


n today’s economic climate, saving for retirement has become essential; opening an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) or contributing to an existing IRA account is vital to Americans’ future financial health. While financial advisors recommend that people open and contribute to IRAs as early as possible, it’s never too late to begin. Not sure where to start? The first thing you need to do is to decide what kind of IRA you would like to open. Traditional IRAs are taxdeferred accounts that allow you to invest earnings in certificates of deposit (CDs), stocks, mutual funds, or money market accounts (MMAs). Because contributions are pretax, they reduce your overall taxable income. However, if you withdraw funds before age 59, you may be subject to a 10 percent tax penalty on your withdrawal. Depending on your income and whether you’re covered by a retirement plan at work, you can contribute up to $5,000 per year into a traditional IRA (up to $6,000 if you’re over 50).

All Seasons Contact RE/MAX All Seasons today at 1.888.897.5073

12   Coeur d’Alene Living Local |

A second type of IRA, the Roth IRA, is funded through after-tax income. You have to earn an income to open a Roth IRA, but anyone can open one, so long as their income falls below the maximum specified by the IRS. You can withdraw your contributions to a Roth IRA at any time. To withdraw earnings tax-free, you must be at least 59 1/2 years old and have held the account for at least five years. If you withdraw funds before then, you may face an income tax and a 10 percent penalty. If you earn less than $100,000 per year, you can convert a traditional IRA to a Roth IRA, allowing your assets to grow taxfree. If you can’t afford to contribute to both a traditional IRA and a Roth IRA, many financial advisors recommend choosing the latter option, as Roth IRAs allow you to fund your retirement without paying extra taxes. Call a financial advisor today to learn more!



e first and most important change you will make on your quest for a lean and healthy body will be an increase in the amount of protein you consume. is applies whether your goals are to build muscle, burn fat, or just get into better shape. e reason for increasing your protein intake is simple—proteins make everything in and on your body healthy. at’s right, everything. Fingernails, hair, skin, brain, internal organs, and of course, muscle.

The TOP 5 reasons to drink protein shakes 1. Convenience

Our high quality protein powders taste great, and mixing them is as simple as pouring 4oz. of water into a shaker cup, shaking it and drinking. Proteins like Pro7ein Synthesis™ and ForzaPro™ contain no fillers, are lactose, gluten and sugar free, and they do not clump!

2. Keeps metabolism fired up!

Every time you ingest protein, your metabolic rate increases slightly. Keeping a steady flow of protein going throughout your day, every 3 to 4 hours, keeps your body’s furnace naturally fired up. It’s a great weight loss tool, and great tool for keeping the building blocks of muscle surging through your body.

3. Maintains stable blood sugar levels

Unlike carbohydrates, which negatively affect blood sugar, protein keeps blood sugar levels stable and steady throughout the day. In the presence of foods higher in carbohydrates, protein acts as a stabilizer that regulates blood sugar and prevents it from spiking.

4. Keeps nutrition honest

Rather than reaching for whatever snack is available on the road or in a convenience store, having shaker cups loaded with protein in your car, purse or workout bag prevents you from reaching for the wrong foods in times of hunger. It’s always better to reach for a protein shake than an empty-calorie candy bar!

5. Men and women cannot live by food alone

Sometimes it’s difficult to get all the nutrients we need by eating whole foods. Eating can be an arduous and time-consuming process, particularly for those trying to lose fat. Supplementing

the diet with protein drinks is an easy way to get the calories we need through “between-meal” protein supplementation. After all, who has time to sit down to eat 6 meals a day? A common question I receive from women is: “Why should I eat more often if I’m trying to lose weight? Shouldn’t I eat less? Won’t protein make me “bulky”? The answer is simply no. Protein doesn’t make you “bulky”, cupcakes make you “bulky”! In all seriousness, eating more protein will make you leaner, more toned, and less “bulky”. Probably the biggest mistake that people make who are trying to lose body fat is to not eat enough protein. The human body is designed to be fed every 3 to 4 hours—that’s how our metabolism burns. By eating only 2 or 3 times a day, you are putting your body into a fast state, or storage mode if you will. Waiting longer than 4 hours to eat, your body is more likely to store the meal, even a good meal, as body fat. On the other hand, if you eat every 4 hours, and your meal is in the right ratio of macronutrients (higher protein, lower carbs and lower fat), your metabolism will be kicked into high gear! Stop by NUTRISHOP Coeur d’Alene and try a free sample of some of our high-quality, lactose, gltuen, and sugar-free proteins. Mention Coeur d’Alene Living Magazine and get a FREE shaker cup. You will find that once you increase your protein intake, you will sleep better, recover faster, lose fat faster, and have TONS of energy!

Not valid on sale items, cooler drinks, bars, with VIP Cards or any other offers. Valid for 1 non-sale protein per customer, per purchase.

One shaker cup per customer. Styles and colors may vary from image shown.

One shirt per customer. Styles and colors may vary from those shown while supplies last.


3514 N. Government Way | (208) 292-4611 At Neider & Government, next to Elements Massage.

Nutrishop Coeur d’Alene

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Dining Guide

NORTHWEST’S BEST The Northwest’s Best Businesses

14   Coeur d’Alene Living Local |

Northwest’s Best


Northwest Supply Company Northwest Supply Company Northwest Supply Company is open to the general public and intends to be a one-stop source for cleaning chemicals, equipment, green cleaners, and janitorial supplies. NWSC stocks a complete line of chemicals, equipment, and cleaning and paper supplies including tools, vacuums, and more. Dan is pleased to help his customers upgrade their equipment or find the right product for the job. Coeur d’Alene—4951 Building Center Drive, Suite 108 208.665.5512

Trickster’s Brewing Company

Trickster’s owner Matt Morrow brings years of brewing experience to his new Coeur d’Alene brew house and is excited to release his new brews on a thirsty public. Stop by the taproom and try Cougar Bay Blonde, Bear Trap Brown, Coyote Morning IPA, or the aptly named Inspector Stonewall Amber Ale. There will also be a variety of seasonal offerings available throughout the year. Taproom hours are 11am 7pm. For events, special releases and more visit or check them out on Facebook. Coeur d’Alene—3850 North Schreiber

Hayden Independent Auto

Our goal is to offer the most complete and thorough repairs possible at a price that is affordable. Our facility is located on Government HAYDEN INDEPENDENT AUTO Way between Miles and Lacey Avenue. Hayden, Idaho—10643 N Government Way 208.762.8761—

Rocky’s Body Shop & Towing, Inc.

For over 20 years Rocky’s Body Shop has set the standard for honesty with excellence in craftmanship in North Idaho. Whether it’s a scratch or major body repair, you can count on Rocky’s to make your car or truck look like new. You can have complete confidence from the initial estimate to the final completion of the work that Rocky’s will provide you with the best customer service and highest standards of workmanship. Look for Rocky’s second location on the corner of 95 and Dakota. Rocky’s also provides 24 hour towing. Coeur d’Alene — Corner of US 95 & Dakota 208.762.BODY (2639)


Jason Duchow Photography

I am a local photographer serving communities surrounding Coeur d’Alene, Bonners Ferry, Sandpoint and Priest River as well as the communities of Eastern Washington, including Spokane. I specialize in Weddings, Event and Sport Photography, and Portraits. I also shoot a whole variety of sports, providing freelance photography for the Bonners Ferry Herald, the Priest River times, the Bonner County Daily Bee, the Coeur d’Alene Press, the Newport Miner and idahosports. com. You can view my portfolio at www. You can contact me by phone at 208.290.5810 or email me at

Bitterroot Mercantile

A short drive over the hill to Kellogg and you’ll have the opportunity to visit this unique store and experience an old fashioned way of shopping. Here you will find an incredibly unique selection of antiques, gifts, accent pieces, and items you simply can’t find anywhere else. Family owned and operated, Bitterroot Mercantile offers something for everyone. Inventory is always changing so stop by again to check out what’s new! Kellogg—117 McKinley 208.783.5491

Action Moving Services

Coeur d’Alene—2171 North Main Street 208.667.2707—

Vapor Outlet

Everything you need for smoke free living, you’ll find at Vapor Outlet. A large selection or e-cigarettes, pipes and accessories as well as just about any flavor you can imagine. E-cigarettes produce only water vapor, allowing you to take them just about anywhere. Stop in and try before you buy! Conveniently located across from Costco. Coeur d’Alene—188 East Neider Avenue

Tim’s Special Cut Meats

Looking for that perfect old fashioned butcher shop? Then look no further than Tim’s Specialty Cut Meats. Tim and his friendly staff are always Coeur d’Alene, Idaho ready to help you pick out that ideal roast, prime steak or fryer, cut to whatever size you’re looking for. Tim’s carries only the finest natural meats and can also handle custom orders. Featuring an extensive line of house made products from pickled garlic to specialty sauces, marinades, rubs, and salsas. Mobile butchering and wild game processing also available. Coeur d’Alene—7397 North Government Way 208.772.3327 pecial Cut M ’s S

ts ea

Orvis Northwest Outfitters - Our region is flush with rivers and streams that produce world class fly fishing, so let the local experts guide you to all the best spots! Northwest Outfitters is a full service fly shop that offers guided trips from the area’s most knowledgeable and friendly guides. Pick up a new rod, flies, waders, and any other gear you’ll need or just pop in and ask Mike or Pat what the fish are biting on. The staff at Northwest Outfitters are great teachers and truly enjoy helping others develop the passion for fishing that they have. Northwest Outfitters has the gear and knowledge that will help you land whatever catch you’re after. Conveniently located in the Riverstone Shopping Center.


Orvis Northwest Outfitters

Action Moving Services is a family owned business, participating in the most experienced moving network in the world (Bekins Van Lines, since 1891). Customers get hometown service at the local level and price & scheduling flexibility abroad. We move thousands of customers every month and Bekins Van Lines is experiencing record levels of customer satisfaction. We encourage you to involve us in your moving decision making process. We are confident that you will find our service to be superior. Call today for a moving quote! Spokane—10115 E Knox Avenue 509.922.1500—

September 2013 | Coeur d’Alene Living Local   15

MARTIN’S ALL SEASONS MOVING, INC. Real Movers • Real Trucks • Real Low Prices

MARTIN’S ALL SEASONS MOVING, INC. We Make It Happen! 208.265.8090 or 208.699.6538

Long Haul Residential and Commercial Moves Out of State and Local Moves Business to Business Moves

Call 208.699.6538 Free Boxes Free Cleanup After Move Out Call Today For Free Estimates

16   Coeur d’Alene Living Local |



Profitech Hospitality Group Point of Sale - One of the Most Important Tools for a Profitable Business By Colin Anderson


wo thoughts almost every small business owner contemplates each day are: time is money and what’s my return on my investment. The less time a business owner is required to spend on administrative tasks, the more time they can afford on the front end, interacting with customers and ultimately making more money. Savvy business owners also look at all expenses to gauge what their return profit is for the money they’ve invested - whether it be inventory, marketing, employees, and more. One simple way to increase efficiency, return on investment, and reduce hours of back office work is through an up to date Point of Sale system, and Profitech Hospitality Group has everything you need. Profitech was started by Bob White, a North Idaho College alum who started working at The North Shore Resort before it was renamed The Coeur d’Alene Resort and eventually managed The Dugout. White began the company 13 years ago in Helena, Montana and has seen many happy clients save time and money on a POS system. Profitech recently combined forces with Mercury Payment Solutions in the Coeur d’Alene area and is able to give its customers top notch technology, up to date transaction processing and support, all while improving efficiency and each client’s bottom line.

Future POS...

Bringing you the technology your customers are demandin

promotions, monitor security, and tell which employees are generating the most revenue for the business. This ultimately breaks down to less time in the office, more time with the customer, and a more efficiently run and profitable business.

Mission Statement:

arethe firmly committed to provide our Point of Sale customers with the hig “IWe have opportunity to personally program each system to meet the We also pride ourselves onspecific leading the industry in innovation, by constantly needs of each business,” said DeWitt. “My to improve our product. Lastly, we strive to bring this to our customers at a p goal is to show each business how to save time and money. Every business investment should have a good return on investment and that is what you get when you purchase a POS system from Profitech.”

Great features at your fingertips

Multi-Column Modifiers

Reduce ordering time with our fast, sim modifiers. Every option for an item can need to click from screen to screen or se

“If your system is four years or older you might be missing out on the benefits that the newer systems offer,” said POS system expert Jake DeWitt. “This includes social media advertising, mobile and online ordering, and manager rich features such as text alerts and emails of daily sales or labor costs.” “Restaurants, bars, and any quick service establishments can benefit from an integrated POS system with Mercury Payment Solutions,” said DeWitt. “24/7 customer support and gift cards are a few of the services that are included with sign up. We also offer the Berg liquor control system and video surveillance.” On a single system, businesses are able to process transactions, display pricing, create gift cards and loyalty programs, track

BERG’s Turbo-Flo™ Pump

Labor Scheduling Testimonials from Profitech’s satisfied clients: “I own a very busy drive-thru and have had my POS machine for several months now. Jake still checks on me! He is very professional and has superior people skills. I enjoy the built in time clock, daily sales texts, cancel sale and void texts. My only regret is not purchasing sooner!” - Melissa Valdovinos of Leopard Lattes in Post Falls.

The advanced Labor Scheduling featu staff for multiple jobs by pay period. Yo enter their vacations, and record day when employees are not available for sh office and posted by job code, making i Employees can also print their own sch 509.688.7959 local receipt printer. Hours and gross p 866.989.PTHG can forecast what the labor cost will be R

(Service and Supplies) 1324 North Liberty Lake Rd Ste 129 Liberty Lake, WA 99019

You need it customized?

September September 20132013 | Coeur | Sandpoint d’Alene Living Local   17


Home Improvement

Orange + Green This season’s hottest color amps up the positive energy in a room, and it just got hotter mixed with shades of green. These two colors paired together give a cozy, retro feeling and are a reminder that all things old are new again.

Create Your Home Working Area

Just About Any Space Can Be Used! Brought to you by: Quinn Essentials - Coeur d’Alene

Working area with storage: The working area can be shared with the living room.

original location of the cabinet was opened into the work area. Decorate the walls with floral wallpaper with a personalized photo wall landscaping, then add the appropriate work table. Maximize the small space for the working area.


This working area is located on the side corner in the living room. There will be small space maximization. The main feature is the wall storage design. A variety of shelves, hanging rods, hooks designed in this case has been used to the extreme.

Figure out ways to make space for the release of the greatest magic. The workspace is behind the sofa near the window. It does not significantly congest and discord. The bookshelves are placed on both sides of the window. The storage area is in place.

Inspirations for Your Home • Distinctively Unique Furniture • Home Decor & Accessories

Leave space for the enthusiasm in the working area. Working area can also be shared with the bedroom. The working area can be the corner in the bedroom. It is quieter. In this case, the

• Artwork, Lighting & Rugs • In-House Design Specialists

Locally Owned for 7 Years! 518 East 5th Ave, Post Falls

208.773.0140 18   Coeur d’Alene Living Local |

At Quinn Essentials we can help find the best use of space for a desk or small home office. We have many options that will fit the space you need which will allow you to feel at home while you work. We offer free design services and can also help with fun shelves for additional storage, and can expand your office space to try some cool new ideas that help you enjoy your new space while you work.

Home Improvement


Go Tankless To Resolve Hot Water Woes

“Today’s homeowners are realizing they don’t have to schedule their lives around their hot water anymore, and many also want to make wise long-term home improvement

According to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy website, tankless water heaters can be 24 to 34 percent more efficient than a traditional tank-style water heater, depending on a home’s daily hot-water demand. Some tankless units, such as those manufactured by Rinnai, allow homeowners to save up to 40 percent on energy bills because a tankless unit does not have to heat and re-heat like a traditional water tank does. “No one leaves their car on all the time, as -- among other things -- it would waste too much gas. Tankless technology is of a similar mindset. You’re using energy only when you need hot water,” adds Walker.


Come see us at our brand new location! 1701 N 4th St Coeur d’Alene, ID N. 4TH

This, among other reasons, is why so many homeowners are making the decision to go tankless. Rinnai tankless water heaters  give homeowners the flexibility of on-demand hot water whenever they need it. Because the water is heated only as needed, there’s always enough to meet the demands of hot showers, baths, laundry and dishwashing -even if these are done simultaneously. With a traditional tank-style water heater, however, once the stored water is depleted, it can take up to 33 minutes to heat the tank again.

investments with significant return. The decision to go tankless simply makes sense,” explains Kerri Walker, senior marketing manager at Rinnai.

N. 3RD


he average household has enough to worry about each day -- from deciding when to start dinner to which load of laundry to wash first. The last thing anyone needs to worry about is having sufficient hot water for giving the kids baths, washing dishes, doing laundry -- or, if you’re lucky -- relaxing in a long, hot shower.



In store financing with no interest for 1 year for your clients. OAC

Great values on all types of materials.

Free tool rentals with purchase.

In-store design services.

Expert installation available

Celebrating 7 Years in Business! September 2013 | Coeur d’Alene Living Local   19

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner waterfront views, live Music, full bar ...

58 bridge street at city beach, sandpoint, idaho 208.255.7558 • w w w . t r i n i t y a t c i t y b e a c h . c o m 20   Coeur d’Alene Living Local |

Dining Guide


Dining Guide The Area’s BEST Local Eats





eri Cat

R lo’s e g An


ty For


ou eS


Fisherman’s Market is a local favorite for an array of reasons, including the friendly staff, unbeatable atmosphere, and phenomenal food. Voted Best Seafood for 2012 in North ID. Their menu includes salads, fishwiches, taste of baja, fish & chips, smoked fish, fresh sushi bar and fresh fish market with live shell fish and lobster. 215 West Kathleen Coeur d’Alene, Idaho 83815 208.664.4800


& nte a r isto

’s M



er ish

et G k r a


us &S

“There is no substitution for quality.” Our food is prepared from scratch. We believe in using natural organic ingredients. ”Angelo. Authentic Italian Cuisine, Fresh Organic Food.” DINNER FOR 2 & A BOTTLE OF WINE $55. Choose from 15 Entrees & 10 Bottles of Wine. Open 7 days a week from 4pm-10pm. 846 North Fourth Street Coeur d’Alene, Idaho 83814 208.765.2850

A beautiful waterfront, fine-dining restaurant in a romantic lodge setting overlooking Lake Pend Oreille. Spectacular sunsets, innovative cuisine, full bar and extensive wine list. Reservations recommended. 41 Lakeshore Drive, Sagle, Idaho 83860 208.265.2000

September 2013 | Coeur d’Alene Living Local   21

Dining Guide



Nate’s New York Pizza

Coeur d’Alene Cellars

Rancho Viejo

Calypsos Coffee & Creamery

Trinity at City Beach

Shoga Sushi Bar

You’ll never leave hungry at this authentic New York style Pizzeria in Post Falls. Nate’s serves up the biggest pies in town including the famous 36” pizza challenge. Stop by on Wednesdays when an 18” pepperoni pizza is just $15, and don’t forget to try some of the best hot wings in town. Stay and enjoy a glass of wine, mixed drink, or regional craft beer on tap or call ahead and take your pizza to go. 920 North Hwy 41 Post Falls, Idaho 83854 208.773.6697

Rancho Viejo is a family owned Mexican restaurant offering authentic food from south of the border. Coupon for our Hayden Location: Get $5 OFF a second lunch or dinner with any purchase of a meal of equal or greater value! (And purchase of 2 beverages.) N. 8882 Government Way Hayden, Idaho 83835 208.762.3310

Sandpoint’s premier waterfront dining offers an extensive menu of American cuisine with an impressive wine list. Featuring a full service bar and beautiful views of Lake Pend Oreille. 56 Bridge Street Sandpoint, Idaho 83864 208.255.7558

Coeur d’Alene Cellars is celebrating their 10th year of making some of the best local wines. The winery creates 3000 cases of wine each year right here in Coeur d’Alene. Wine tastings, live music, appetizers, & more can be found at the winery’s swanky wine bar, Barrel Room No. 6. Visit the website for a listing of upcoming events. 3890 North Schreiber Way Coeur d’Alene, Idaho 83815 208.664.2336

At Calypsos you’ll find a combination of amazing coffee, which they roast onsite, ice cream, fantastic food and live music on a regular basis. They display artwork from local artists, offer free wifi, have a play area for the kids and also offer a Smart Room for meeting rentals! 116 East Lakeside Avenue Coeur d’Alene, Idaho 208.665.0591

Forty-One South brings sushi back to Sandpoint. Delicious sushi and Japanese cuisine. Beautiful, waterfront dining with spectacular sunset views. Professional and courteous service. Open in the evenings Wednesday-Sunday. 41 Lakeshore Drive Sagle, Idaho 83860 208.265.2001

Ricardo’s Baja Tacos

If you’re looking for a healthy, fresh made lunch for under $6, you have to check out Ricardo’s Baja Tacos! They serve up authentic Mexican favorites made from scratch each day. An excellent selection of tacos, burritos, quesadillas and more all come with homemade salsa and guacamole. Stop by on Taco Tuesday where if you buy 3 tacos, the fourth is free! Now serving fish tacos and burritos. 504 East Seltice Way Post Falls, Idaho 208.620.0132

Scan the QR Code for a Map of ALL Locations!

Both Restaurants Located at 41 Lakeshore Drive, Sagle, Idaho and Open 7 Nights a Week for Dinner. Like us on Facebook for Updates! Forty-One South:, 208.265.2000 | Shoga Sushi:, 208.265.2001 22   Coeur d’Alene Living Local |

Dining Guide

Fort Ground Grill

Part of the History of Downtown Coeur d’Alene


ucked away near the North Idaho Campus sits the Fort Ground Grill. It has had several owners and name changes since its humble beginnings as the Fort Ground Breakfast Shack and Sarsaparilla Bar in 1877, but still remains a “watering hole” favorite for many local residents.

will continue well into the future as current owner, Steve Widmyer, 52, recently threw his hat in the ring to run for mayor of Coeur d’Alene. Mr. Widmyer is mostly known as the owner of Fort Ground Grill, but he and his wife also own two women’s boutiques and several commercial and residential buildings in Coeur d’Alene.

With an ever evolving menu over the years, the current menu features items such as the Spicy Blue, a hamburger that offers a little bit of a kick in the pants, and salads called Blue Bay and Cougar Bay after popular spots in the Coeur d’Alene area for wildlife viewing and recreation. You can also order breakfast items until 3pm  every day, so you can get your omelet fix well after the breakfast hour has passed.

He said his reason for running was a telephone call from a local resident. “I got a call from an 80-year-old resident of Coeur d’Alene this week, and he told me that he was worried about the future of the city,” Widmyer said. “That’s when I thought I need to be paying attention to that.” There is plenty of history to be found in North Idaho, but we suggest if you want to find out more about the history of the area surrounding the Grill and Coeur d’Alene why not take the Living History Walking Tour facilitated by local historian Robert Singletary. Then, after burning off some calories and working up a thirst, you can make your way back to the Fort Ground Grill to wet your whistle and refuel. Tickets for the Living History Walking Tours are $15 per person and are available at the Museum of North Idaho, 115 Northwest Boulevard. The ticket price includes admission to the museum and parking.

Also with a full bar you can now find more than just Sarsaparilla to quench a thirst after a long day of exploring North Idaho, and they always seem to have at least one Idaho beer on tap! Since upgrades have been made to the roadways in preparation for the new Higher Ed Corridor that includes North Idaho College, University of Idaho and Lewis and Clark College, the Grill is even more accessible and has been able expand their parking options. You can now reach the Grill from two exits off Northwest Boulevard, and added bike lanes have made riding your bicycle for a hardy breakfast – light or heavy, lunch or dinner even easier. It appears that the history of the area surrounding the Grill and the Grill itself

If you are interested in finding out more about dining options in Coeur d’Alene or in other areas of the Inland Northwest, please go to (The Dining Out in the Northwest website and program is paid for and managed by Food Services of America of Spokane and includes their customer restaurants who meet a specific criteria to be in the Dining Out in the Northwest promotional program) Author:  Jamie Lynn Morgan Currently lives in Hayden Idaho. She moved to North Idaho (from Western Montana) in 1991 where she met husband Tom. They now share their lives with their three beautiful children, and are enjoying the great life they have here in the Inland Northwest. 




I Sushi · Seafood · Fish & Chips

Fresh Seafood Daily Specials

Fresh Fish Market with Live Crab & Lobster!

We offer a variety of fishwiches, fish and chips, salads, smoked fish, snacks and sushi. Stop in and dine with us today or take something TO GO!

208.664.4800 Mon - Sat: 11am-8pm 215 West Kathleen Coeur d’Alene, Idaho Locally Owned & Operated September 2013 | Coeur d’Alene Living Local   23


Dining Guide

Coeur d’Alene Cellars Explore The Fine Art of Wine By Victoria Peterson - Idaho Wine Merchants


s a wine region, Idaho is a baby in comparison to the rest of the wine producing territories of the world. Idaho has a new host of young people who are trained and who hold degrees in oenology and viticulture. “Viticulture and oenology” is a common designation for training programs and research centers that include both the outdoor and indoor aspects of wine production. An expert in the field of oenology is known as an oenologist. The word oenology is derived from the Greekoinos, “wine”, and the suffix, -logia, “study of ”. It’s true. I am guilty of being an oenophile. Wanting to dispel anyone’s fears that you have to be an oenophile to be passionate about anything that involves wine, an oenophile is  nothing more than a fancy word for one who enjoys wine.  However, I will say that you can’t consider yourself an oenophile until you become a part of our local CDA wine family at our local winery, CDA Cellars. We are so fortunate to have a local Idaho winery right here in our own backyard!  Kimber Gates Travis is the owner and general manager at CDA Cellars. Kimber graduated from Whitman College with a degree in French Literature. She also studied in Burgundy at L’ Universite’ de La Franche. In 1995 she was employed as one of two employees at Waterbrook  Winery. Somewhere between her experiences in France and Washington she was bit by the wine bug.  In 2002 Kimber returned home with the vision of creating her own winery. CDA Cellars is committed to producing the fine art of wine. Winemaker Dirk Brink is from South Africa. He grew up near and went to viticulture school in Capetown. In 2004 Dirk served as an intern at St. Michelle Winery. He then moved on to several well-known wineries including Bookwalter Winery, Kestrel Winery where he served as assistant winemaker and now CDA Cellars. In South Africa, harvest runs February and March. The growing region is coastal and much cooler with no potential for frost. In Washington, harvest runs September and October and it’s typically very warm, with temperatures averaging 90-95, cooler nights, and always a potential for frost. Dirk loves to focus on viticulture in the vineyards

24   Coeur d’Alene Living Local |

Dining Guide so he spends much of his time traveling between CDA and Washington to keep his pulse on the fruit. While there are obviously differences between the two regions, Dirk loves working with and continues learning how best to work with Washington fruit. With the potential of 16 hours of sunshine a day, cool nights and great terroir, (dirt), Dirk looks forward to producing his first vintages this year. I found Dirk incredibly engaging and willing

Dirk Brink


to share his experiences in and out of the vineyard and wine scene. He said, “wine is magical, a living organism. You get one shot to surprise and delight people.” I can hardly wait to enjoy and experience what Dirk produces. I am sure I will be delighted.   I have known Kimber for several years and have watched as both she and the winery have grown and changed.  Kimber is as beautiful inside as out and as quickwitted as she is brilliant. She is also very humble. Everything at CDA Cellars is about producing quality wines and creating rich, long lasting relationships. Sara Gates, an artist, mother and mentor to Kimber, creates the beautiful wine labels that will inspire you. Sara, a self-taught culinary expert, prepares and serves lunch every  Thursday  at the winery, using whatever is in season and fresh. Everything is so tasty and colorful. Sara’s philosophy is, “to find your passion and pursue it”. That is what these wonderful folks at CDA Cellars are all about pursuing and sharing their passion for making state of the art wine and sharing their love of wine, food, family, and friends.

Sariah Vierira, wine bar manager, welcomes every guest and friend with open arms. She returned to her home here in CDA after studying international relations abroad. She studied enology in France as a hobby. Sariah loves working for the small family owned winery and sees Kimber as a mentor and friend. Sariah takes pride as she teaches people to recognize what they enjoy Kimber Gates Travis about particular wines. She helps piece together people’s preferences so that when buying wine, they can best explain what they like. You can love any style of wine, there is no right or wrong answer regarding wine preferences. The only thing you must do is enjoy the experience.

All natural beef, pork, chicken and wild game. Custom mobile butchering also available.

Large selection of American Made smokers, grills, and locally made fire pits

As fall looms, take a moment to stop in and enjoy the patio at CDA Cellars. Over the next several weeks you can see the efforts of harvest and crush! Sarah Gates

Sariah Vierira

CDA Cellars has a wine club that you can join. The club enjoys three release parties to introduce new wines. Here you will enjoy meeting new folks and making new friends. Kimber, Dirk, and Sariah are always around just waiting for the opportunity to share their passion and make you a part of their family. I hope to be traveling to Washington soon to tag along with Dirk to continue learning about one of my passions: viticulture. I hope you take the opportunity to visit our very own CDA Cellars. I know you will love the experience. September 2013 | Coeur d’Alene Living Local   25

Bonneville Leather High Leg Recliner

Equestrian High Leg Recliner

Wayne Leather Low Leg Recliner

NOW ONLY $1089

NOW ONLY $1199

NOW ONLY $1269

Reg. $1449

Reg. $1599

Reg. $1689

Your BEST opportunity to SAVE! Yes! Even on CUSTOM ORDER upholstery!

Vail Sofa

$ 79 ON$LY 12 NOWRe g. 1699

Sleeper ional and Chair, Sect available. so al Loveseat, ic br her or fa ble. Sofa in leat ders availa Custom or

ional ther Sect Piece Lea 2 lk o ff Su $ 3849

LY NOW ON 5139

ather Sofa Dylan Le $ 2089

LY NOWReOg.N$2799



Ottoman d Cocktail ctional an om order! st cu ay 3 Piece Se m u ble. Yes! Yo la ai av so al

Reclining ation Sofa, r t, Convers al in leathe an, Lovesea and Section able. Chair, Ottom t, Rocker Recliner avail ers ord sea ve Custom le. Sofa & Lo ab ail av o or fabric als

Bay Bridge Sofa in NuvoLeather

Digby Leather Sofa

NOW ONLY $1699 Reg. $2299

NOW ONLY $1399 Reg. $1849 Loveseat, Chair and Ottoman also available.

Available in fabric and as a sectional.

Champion Sofa

NOW ONLY $1299 Reg. $1619 Chair, Ottoman and Loveseat also available.

We’re unique! We’re different! ...and we’re worth the drive! Yes! We Deliver to Coeur d’Alene!

26   Coeur d’Alene Living Local |

We Proudly Feature AMERICAN MADE FURNITURE! Visit our 18,000 Sq. Ft. showroom to see rustic furniture, lighting, taxidermy, mattresses, artwork, home decor, outdoor furniture and much more!


We’ll build it in our onsite factory! (Hwy 95 and Dalton Across from Tom Addis Ford) Coeur d’Alene | OPEN EVERY DAY



“Layaway, Financing & Delivery Available”


where you LIVE

Brad Leggat, Agent The Leggat Insurance Agency is a part of the Farmers Insurance Group. We are an “Award Winning” agency achieving the 2012 prestigious Toppers Club Award. We don’t just sell insurance - we offer you SOLUTIONS for your insurance needs.


8827 Government Way Hayden, Idaho 83835 208.772.5947

September 2013 | Coeur d’Alene Living Local   27

Not Just Your Ordinary Website! By Patty Hutchens


ike-Media and Coeur d’Alene Living are excited to announce our new online presence – More than just a website, it is a new concept in web design, offering those in the community an opportunity to contribute – whether through instagram, vine videos or your own personal blog.

Local Buzz News Sports

We look forward to bringing you local, state, regional and national news as well as forecasts so you can plan your weekend escape. Unsure of where that escape should be? We have great tips on destinations throughout the Northwest. If you missed the latest high school football game, we will keep you up to date with the score so you don’t have to wait for your morning paper to arrive. Whatever it is you are looking for, we have it. Be sure to logon today and sign up for our free newsletter.

Dining Health Deals

Adventure Entertainment

Your Go-To Publication.



Sandpoint’s Located at the Idaho Club

28   Coeur d’Alene Living Local |

Up to 50% OFF! Call or Email Now! Visit today!


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Inspiring Grace

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t was approximately eight years ago when Lindy Lewis’ world began to fall apart. In her mid-30s at the time, she was recently divorced and raising her three young children. A physically active person, Lindy also worked in a high paced corporate world, having been employed for ten years in public relations presenting Broadway shows in Spokane. Following her divorce, she moved back to her hometown of Sandpoint and worked in the real estate division at the Idaho Club – the Jack Nicklaus signature golf course in Sandpoint. But it was not long before her health began to decline. She found herself struggling with fatigue, what she describes as a cognitive fog, and noticed her left foot was dragging. She researched her symptoms and had an idea of what they may indicate. When she visited the doctor, her fear was confirmed – Lindy had multiple sclerosis. And so she began a journey that has led her to where she is today. It is a journey that has been met with many obstacles, but looking back Lindy is pleased with where the road has led “MS has been a gift to my health ironically forcing me to start living in the present and expand my spiritual awareness as I do things that bring joy to me,” said Lindy. “I have rediscovered peace of mind one can find in nature and the joy in connecting to my kids, nieces, and nephews.”

made modifications that made less demands on my body and energy.” It was then that her non-profit, Inspiring Grace, was born. Inspiring Grace is a program that helps teach grace in the mind and body to the younger members of the community in the classroom setting during the school day.

Lindy Lewis shares with teens her journey to self acceptance By Patty Hutchens

In the beginning, Lindy relied solely on her medication to help her manage her disease, but otherwise carried on with life as usual. “I stuck it (the disease) on a shelf and just kept going,” she said of her diagnosis. But 18 months after her initial diagnosis, the doctors found more lesions on the thoracic portion of her vertebrae. “That is the part that controls mobility and the lower part of your body,” said Lindy. “It was my wake up call.” She took a threemonth leave of absence from her job and began focusing on her health. She took up yoga and while she initially found it difficult to calm her mind and slow down, as time progressed she welcomed the opportunity that yoga gave her to meditate, relax and reduce her stress. From there she took up Pilates and became certified to teach both. The life skills she learned and the feeling she had from her now found way of life was something she wanted to share with the younger generation. She started volunteering her time during the

after school hours to teach yoga at Sandpoint High School. While there was a great interest among the students, Lindy quickly realized that when kids are pulled in many different directions – sports, homework, clubs, work and more - the first activity they give up is the self-nurturing piece. The result was diminished attendance at her class. And then during one of her sessions, she injured herself and ended up with a herniated disc. “This second physical condition finally penetrated my iron will,” said Lindy. “ I had to take a step back and make more changes.  In order to continue working with teens, I

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For the past two years Inspiring Grace volunteers, whom Lindy refers to as compassionists, have visited Sandpoint High School, the Forrest Bird Charter School and Clark Fork High School to share their knowledge on how to best manage the trials of every day life. “I am really called to give kids the tools of support and balancing as they meet life’s challenges,” said Lindy, who adds that the biggest part of her journey over the past eight years has been self-acceptance. “There are so many external measures that kids put on themselves.” The first year 25 classes were taught with it nearly tripling to 70 classes in its second year. A trend that Lindy hopes will only increase. With additional funding it is her hope that she can expand to not only the elementary school level, but also to the Coeur d’Alene schools as well. Inspiring Grace instructors and guest speakers are community members who have the knowledge, whether it is through yoga, empowerment workshops, or nutrition, to help teens open up to new ways of thinking. The classes are more than just instructional; they seek to engage the student in the very practice they are teaching. The goal is to expand the teens’ abilities to reduce stress through relaxation and to be able to live in a mindset that is free of judgment, expectations and competition. And that’s not easy to do when we live in a world filled with expectation at home, school, work or society in general. “Our students learn to center themselves and to recognize the profound impact of their own actions as they ripple out in the world,” said Lindy. For Sandpoint High School teacher Erin Roos, Inspiring Grace sessions have been a great addition to her curriculum. “Inspiring Grace has been a gift to my students,” said Roos. “This organization makes possible the opportunity for talented community members to work directly with our students in the classroom. The mentors are able to share with students their expertise and how to grow the personal tools necessary for a successful life.” Roos’ colleague Adam Tajan agrees. “Inspiring Grace has helped expose my

Cover Story students to a variety of topics related to health and wellness,” said Tajan. “From the physical and spiritual benefits of yoga to the importance of understanding what it really means to eat healthy, they cover it all.” When asked why she targets the younger generation, Lindy points out that the coping mechanisms children learn at a young age will help them with all the challenges they will meet as they go through life. The younger that the teens learn these skills, the easier life will be to manage. The stress management tools help with the

for the sessions they teach at the schools. Lindy said her disease is currently in a holding pattern. She has one three-hour treatment per month, which is instrumental in managing the multiple sclerosis. But she said it is not necessarily just the western treatment or the concentration on yoga and other stress reducers that keep her healthy. “It’s a combination of both,” she said. In fact her approach to managing her health was recognized by the drug company that manufactures the medication Lindy takes. At the request of the company, Lindy speaks


While the students do not pay for the classes, one thing that Inspiring Grace asks in return from them is to perform an act of kindness for another person, something which Lindy refers to as a ripple indicating the hope that one act of kindness will have a ripple effect to others. At the end of each class the students take a ripple card and pledge to perform the activity on it. Some examples include “Drop a kind note to someone who matters in your life;” “Donate a used book to the library;” “Use chalk to write a nice message on the

Photo by Marie-Dominique Verdier Photography & Inspiring Grace

daily drama that goes with being a teenager, explains Lindy. “Kids do a lot of comparing of themselves with others, and we are trying to teach them to accept themselves.” Lindy attributes much of her can do spirit and attitude to her upbringing and is grateful to her parents, long time Sandpoint residents Jerry and Pat Lewis. But she said she never expected when she was younger she would face the obstacles she has and wishes that she had learned these coping mechanisms at a young age. “My life looks completely different as I thought it would when I was a child.” Lindy’s work is strictly voluntary but she does have three employees for Inspiring Grace – a bookkeeper, public relations representative and a curriculum coordinator. The compassionists receive an honorarium

to others who are diagnosed with the disease and inspires them to participate in their own healing journey. Her story is featured on a website: and her hope is that more and more people will see that they too can take control back of their life. “Life is a journey and I can participate,” said Lindy. “ I am going to continue to take every effort to slow down and take care of not only my body, but also to take care of and nurture my spirit.” So far the funding for Inspiring Grace, which is a registered 50(c)(3) corporation, has come from private donations. Lindy said she hopes to eventually find a grant writer to help her expand her reach to children throughout North Idaho.

sidewalk;” and “Be kind to your own body and eat a healthy snack.” And the students also come up with ideas for future cards. “One child said wear a bike helmet,” said Lindy. In the end, it all about giving students the tools they need to become successful and meet life’s challenges with a sense of empowerment. “When you learn self-acceptance, you are naturally kinder to people,” said Lindy. “We are simply planting seeds for the kids’ own wellness.” To learn more about Inspiring Grace, visit their Facebook page or their website:

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Supporting the Fallen


Memorial Walls Visit Hayden By Patty Hutchens


housands from around the area stopped in Hayden last month to pay tribute to the fallen. For only the second time in history, both the Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial Wall and the Global War on Terror-Wall of Remembrance were displayed at the same place at the same time. The traveling monuments pay tribute to those who lost their lives during the Vietnam War as well as military and civilians killed as a result of terrorist acts including 9/11. Donations from the event went to the Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial Fund and Vision 2 Victory.

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Allen Pest Control Whatever pests are bothering you, contact us and our trained technicians will provide treatments using the safest products on the market.

Mr. Carson Goes To Washington

Carson Takes His Campaign to Capitol Hill By Colin Anderson

the number of shots and finger pricks Carson and those like him would have to take on a daily basis.

Allen Pest Control wants to thank you for your continuing business since 1996. We service residents and businesses of all kinds in protecting homes and businesses from pesky invaders. Like us on Facebook under “Allen Pest Control”.

140 East Spruce Avenue, Suite #2 Coeur d’Alene, Idaho | 208.664.8896


n our July issue we introduced you to a young boy in our community named Carson Magee. He’s 10-years old and was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 7. Carson takes upwards of 7 shots of insulin each day and has to prick his finger to check his blood sugar every couple of hours. What piqued our interest in Carson was his incredible spirit and his drive to educate others on his disease all while raising funds to help find a cure. Carson was selected to be a representative at the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Children’s Congress in Washington, D.C. this past July. While there he had the opportunity to meet some incredible people. Carson was introduced to all of Idaho’s delegates; representative Raul Labrador and Senators Mike Crapo and Jim Risch. Carson’s mom Fondra was along for the ride and shared with us a very special moment.



H.R.E.I. H.R.E.I.

“You could tell Senator Risch was having a busy day,” recalls Fondra Magee. “But when Carson told him it was an absolute honor to meet him, he settled in and said ‘it’s meeting kids like you that make this job great.’”


(208) 292-2359 208.292.2359

As part of the special weekend, Carson was able to sit in on a senate hearing where they discussed funding of the $150-million dollar Special Diabetes Program which accounts for about one-third of all federal funding of diabetes research. Researchers are working on an artificial pancreas that would better control insulin levels and would help limit

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Also at the conference were a number of celebrities living with Type 1 diabetes and some who have children battling the disease. Carson met former Miss America Nicole Johnson, Golden Girls star Jean Smart, American Idol Runner-Up Crystal Bowersox, and NBA All-Star Ray Allen. One night Carson and some friends were swimming in the hotel pool when a rather tall fit man challenged him to a race. Carson didn’t win, but losing a race to 10-time Olympic medal winning swimmer Gary Hall is still a pretty cool story! While meeting celebrities was a great experience, perhaps the greatest experience of the trip for Carson and his family was meeting so many others that are just like him. “It seemed like everyone in the world had diabetes,” Carson recalls. “It’s cool that there are so many others like me enjoying life.” Back at home Carson isn’t taking a break. He recently teamed up with Figpickles Toy Emporium in downtown Coeur d’Alene. There he dressed up in clown make-up, put on a show and accepted donations all of which will go to diabetes research. Carson also has his team “Carson’s Cruisers” organized for the ‘Walk to Cure Diabetes’ on September 22nd at Riverfront Park in downtown Spokane. Carson has learned how to unicycle and plans on riding the entire 3 miles on just one wheel. As he begins his 5th grade year at Ramsey Elementary, Carson has big goals. He wants to finish school and become a professional actor. After meeting so many accomplished people living with Type 1 Diabetes, he knows his dreams are up to him. You can keep up to date with Carson’s Journey on his blog; For more information on Type 1 Diabetes and current research visit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation at

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Gary Ha

• • •

Jean S


• • • •

Jim Risch

Coffee Roasted On Site Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner Meeting Room Available Family Owned & Operated Live Music Free Wi-Fi Ice Cream

208.665.0591 116 East Lakeside Ave.

Find us on Facebook!

Ray All e


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Community Spotlight


7pm 4pm

@West Linn HS @Bothell HS (Husky Stadium)

SEPT13 7PM Skyline




@Highland (Holt Arena)

SEPT27 7PM Minico OCT4 7PM Lewiston OCT18 7PM Skyline oct25


@Lake City

OCT31 7PM Post Falls *Home games







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@Rocky Mountain HS @Kennewick

SEPT13 7PM Hillcrest


@Eastside Catholic School @Post Falls HS @Sandpoint HS

OCT18 7PM Chiawana OCT25 7pm CHS OCT31 7PM Lewiston *Home games

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It’s Cool In Here.

SEPT5 7PM Sandpoint sept7


@Lakeland Tourney sept10 7pm @Lakeland sept12 7pm @CHS

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7pm 7pm

@Ferris HS @Post Falls HS

SEPT26 7PM Lakeland SEPT28 2PM Glacier OCT1 7PM Moscow oct3 oct4-5 oct8

7pm @Lewiston TBA @Crossover Tourney Spokane 7pm @Sandpoint

OCT10 7PM Post Falls OCT15 7PM CHS oct17 oct 22 24 26




@Volleyball A Districts


AUG31 4PM Sentinel SEPT6 5PM Gonzaga Prep sept10 sept12 sept14 sept17 sept19 sept24

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7pm 7PM 9am 7pm 7pm 7pm

@Lewiston Lake City @Lakeland @Post Falls Lakeland @Moscow

7PM Lewiston 7PM Sandpoint 4:30PM Flathead TBA TBA 7PM Moscow 7pm @Lake City 7pm @Sandpoint


@Volleyball A Districts


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Community Spotlight


Equine Assisted Equestrian Growth and Learning Empowering and Building Confidence Center Where the Spirit of the Healing Horse Runs Free The K2 Equestrian Center works with children and adults with physical, mental or emotional disabilities or special needs. Equine Assisted Therapy provides a unique experience with unconditional love. This interaction provides an opportunity for physical and emotional growth.

is to n o i s is ed Our m uine assist s e eq need d l i a v i o c r e p y to sp o cost to p a r e th n at n or their e r d l i l ch vidua . i d n i ies the famil

5723 East Dodd Rd. Hayden, Idaho 83835

(208) 762-9891 38   Coeur d’Alene Living Local |


he Equine Assisted Growth and Learning therapy program helps children with various diagnosed disabilities to experience emotional growth and develop better life-skills to help them grow and become constructive and productive adults. Through quality, oneon-one mentoring, we are able to empower the child by increasing positive behaviors and reducing negative behaviors. The child’s innate abilities are strengthened, individual communication styles are enhanced, and they learn to take care of things (the animals) that are larger than themselves. The effect on the child is an increase in self-esteem, better relationships with their families, friends, and community, as well as a stronger ability to face life’s challenges. Equine Assisted Therapy empowers and builds confidence in the child. It provides an excellent insight to the child’s perspective of others, as he/she interacts with the horse and gives children with behavioral and emotional problems a safe environment in which to work on specific issues of anger, fear, selfdoubt, poor communication and anxiety. Healing with Unconditional Love: Studies have shown that spending time with a friendly animal, even for 10 to 15 minutes, can increase the amount of endorphins that are released into the body and decreases the levels of the stress hormone, cortisol. Children who interact with animals learn the value of responsibility, and for a child with disabilities, this responsibility is invaluable. Animals provide an opportunity to connect and bond, which is an important part of a child’s normal development. Some children with disabilities are angry, hurt, defiant, and have little self-esteem. Other children are developmentally delayed due to mental and/ or physical disabilities. No matter what the disability, working with animals, especially horses, makes a significant improvement in their development. Animal-assisted therapy provides an experience with an animal that is nonjudgmental, provides unconditional love and affection, and provides opportunities for physical and emotional growth. This type of therapy also increases confidence and promotes self-esteem, while motivating children to communicate. Therapeutic Riding: Therapeutic riding, also known as “hippotherapy,” is any form of therapy that utilizes a horse as a life therapeutic tool. The K2 Equestrian Center provides a therapeutic equine riding program to physically and emotionally disabled children and adults through PATH International. The K2 team works along with area occupational

Community Spotlight and physical therapists and speech and language pathologists. The program should not be confused with “horseback riding,” as participants do not steer or direct the horse, but are led by a PATH certified instructor, as the therapist and an assistant work with, and aide the rider, from each side of the horse. Therapeutic riding benefits almost any disability, including: cerebral palsy, autism, Down syndrome, head injuries, hearing impairment, visual impairment, multiple sclerosis, seizure disorders, speech & learning disabilities, and sensory integration dysfunction. The benefits of this therapy are both mental and physical and include normalization of muscle tone, increased balance and coordination, developments of speech and language, and improvements in body awareness and self-esteem. As the horse moves through different gaits, the rider experiences a wide range of sensory input. The rhythmic motion and warmth of the horse stimulates and exercises the rider’s muscles, increasing mobility of the pelvis, hip, and spine. At a walk, the rider benefits from the calming effort of the rhythmic, three-dimensional movement. The rider experiences weight shift and trunk mobility as if he were walking on his own. As the horse moves to a trot, the rider’s alertness is increased, his posture aligned, and he becomes more aware of his own body. Bal-A-Vis-X: Bal-A-Vis-X (BAVX) is a series of Balance/ Auditory/Vision eXercises of varied complexity, which are deeply rooted in rhythm.  Exercises and movements are done with sand-filled bags and/or racquetballs, sometimes while standing on a balance board. All movements require full-body coordination and focused attention.  The goal of the program is to enable the mind-body system to experience the natural symmetrical flow of a pendulum, which brings about a state of systemic integration, which enables one to see, hear, attend, process, produce – in essence, to function at one’s best. Trauma and Grief Therapy: Working through trauma can be a scary, painful, and potentially re-traumatizing process, especially for children. However, when a child (or adult) works through their trauma with equine assisted therapy, the process can become empowering and motivating.  The K2 Equestrian Center is able to provide a unique form of therapy for individuals of trauma and loss. Each session is individualized to benefit the person as they regain personal power and self-confidence. The sessions allow the person to build strength within themselves, to move on in life as a productive and happy individual.


Katherine is certified by the Institute of Trauma and Loss in Children and is trained in Structured Sensory Intervention. With this training she understands how a grieving or traumatized person experiences life, and how they view themselves, other people, and the world around them. Grounding is one skill that can help an individual with recovery.  Grounding consists of a set of skills that help a person to manage overwhelming trauma-related emotions, and to stay present in their body.  Equine therapy is beneficial for these individuals because it is difficult not to be present when doing exercises with, or on, a horse.  The power, yet gentleness of the animal, provides an avenue for the individual to build self-confidence and inner strength. Meet Our Team Katherine Wacholz MEd, CTC Katherine has over 30 years experience in the field of education and has taught all age groups and subjects, but her passion and specialty is in Special Education. She holds two Masters degrees and is currently working on her doctorate degree in education. She is nationally certified by EAGALA, an equine assisted growth and learning program that provides special needs children with a unique experience of physical and emotional growth through horses. These powerful animals promote confidence and self-esteem, motivation and interaction. The K2 Equestrian Center is a place of survival; survival of the spirit. It is the place of the “healing horse.” She is also a Certified trauma and Grief specialist through the Institute of Trauma and Loss in Children. She is a national trainer for the Institute as well. Keith Wacholz

Keith is a graduate of San Jose State University receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Performance and a minor in classical music. Looking to follow in his father’s footsteps as an educator, Keith continued to attend SJSU, earning a teaching credential and a specialist credential for teaching the learning handicapped. When a teaching position opened up in an alternative school that required working with emotionally handicapped students (of which no candidates could be found), Keith accepted the position and has since been teaching in special education, elementary, middle and high school. September 2013 | Coeur d’Alene Living Local   39


Community Spotlight

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Keep your family on track and incorporate a few simple rules for healthy living into your busy lives.

Eat Smart Idaho Offers Nutrition Education U of I Program Educates Limited Resource Clientele By Colin Anderson


ith obesity, heart disease, and diabetes at historic highs, it’s more evident than ever that Americans aren’t watching what we eat. The convenience of dollar menus, as well as canned, boxed, and microwaveable dishes, has contributed to make us one of the heaviest populations on the planet. One reason many people turn to these processed foods is because they are cheap and don’t spoil. While this is convenient in the short term, the long term effects of little fresh food in our diets can have disastrous results. One part of the population that is seeing especially high rates

of obesity is low-income citizens, but one local program is hoping to change all of that. Eat Smart Idaho is in its 19th year of helping educate fixed or low income community members on how to eat healthy on a limited budget. The program is run by the University of Idaho extension office in Coeur d’Alene. Program Director Kali Gardiner says Eat Smart started as primarily one on one training but has transitioned into group settings and youth education as well. “Our goal is to simply show people how easy it is to prepare healthy foods,” Gardiner said.

One of the ways Eat Smart has decided to attack unhealthy eating habits is to educate local children. It’s not widely known but in some of our area schools, up to 50% of the children are either on the free or reduced meal plan. Eat Smart travels to Coeur d’Alene, Post Falls, Lakeland, Sandpoint, and many other districts bringing a fun presentation with them. As part of a hand washing exercise, kids walk through “Germ City” and get fake germs rubbed on their hands. They are then instructed to go wash their hands and when they walk back through, they see the areas they missed. Classes also go over the recently updated “Food Plate” and the September 2013 | Coeur d’Alene Living Local   41

HEALTHYLIVING SEPTEMBER 2013 importance of including fresh fruits and veggies in their daily diets. Eat Smart is also focused on keeping kids active. “In the youth classes we try and get the kids up and moving, no matter what the topic is,” said Gardiner. Cooking classes for low income adults are held at the local food banks, North Idaho College, Headstart and other places around the northern counties. Participants are given instruction and also have the opportunity

“In the youth classes we try and get the kids up and moving, no matter what the topic is.”

to make a meal themselves using donated items from food banks, Super 1 Foods, and the University of Idaho’s Master Gardeners program. Gardiner says she especially enjoys when parents bring their children along. “Watching them learn and work together is fun and rewarding, but more important it’s great for their family,” said Gardiner. Eat Smart uses two easy points of emphasis

that everyone can benefit from: eat more fruits and vegetables than you think you need, and read the labels on the food you buy so you know what you’re putting in your body. There are numerous classes and workshops held each month across North Idaho. For an up to date schedule and more information on the Eat Smart program, visit or call the extension office at 208.446.1680.

2 Easy Points of Emphasis:

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• Eat more fruits and vegetables than you think you need • Read the labels on the food you buy so you know what you’re putting in your body.

Located at the Idaho Club! Call for deals on stay and play packages.

Back to School Treat

How to Prep a Fun Treat For School


ome parents look forward to the back-to-school rush, handling it like the school-shopping, scheduling pros they are. Even planning school snacks is part of the agenda. When it comes to school snacks, one easy place to start is watermelon. Watermelon is 92 percent water, meaning those dribbling, sweet juices are hydrating as well as delicious. According to registered dietitian and author of “Eat Your Way to Happiness” Elizabeth Somers, the tasty fruit is also low in or free of cholesterol, fat and sodium. What’s more, eating watermelon increases free arginine, which helps maintain cardiovascular function. Resources like the National Watermelon Promotion Board also list other health benefits, such as a positive impact on immune systems. The juicy fruit is loaded with vitamins that enhance the infectionfighting capacity of white blood cells and help immune systems produce more antibodies. Basically, watermelon is Mother Nature’s perfectly engineered snack. By incorporating it into breakfasts before a long day of school,

extracurricular activities or athletics, you can feel good about what your children eat, and not worry that they will complain. Consider all of the finger-licking possibilities by trying the following simple watermelon push pop recipe -- it’s healthy and quick, making it ideal for back-to-school breakfasts.

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208.946.0901 Visit


To find more watermelon recipes, from homemade sorbet and watermelon ice cubes to watermelon grilling sauce, visit the National Watermelon Promotion Board website at BREAKFAST PUSH POPS Ingredients: • Push pop molds (sold at most restaurant supply stores) • Granola • Diced watermelon chunks • Yogurt of choice Instructions: Layer the watermelon, yogurt and granola and top with yogurt and watermelon chunks. Freeze push pop molds, and enjoy the Breakfast Push Pops when you’re on the go. September 2013 | Coeur d’Alene Living Local   43





Measure your body mass index, or BMI, and talk to your doctor about the results to get on track to a healthier you!

Your Weight Matters

Take the Pledge to Talk to a Healthcare Provider


ould you lose even that small amount of weight if you knew it might improve your health and reduce your risk of certain diseases?

Well, experts say it’s true. And with an estimated 72 million people in the U.S. affected by obesity, and nearly one out of three affected by excess weight, a new campaign called “Your Weight Matters” aims to do something a bit novel -- without haranguing anyone -- when it comes to drawing attention to how vulnerable such individuals are to diseases like diabetes, hypertension and sleep apnea. “The point is to prompt a conversation about weight between patients and their healthcare providers,” explains Joe Nadglowski, president and CEO of the Obesity Action Coalition (OAC), which developed the campaign. “Right now, unfortunately such regular conversations rarely occur.” More specifically, the OAC is encouraging individuals to measure their weight and take the Campaign Challenge by making an online pledge to talk to their healthcare provider about the results. The

44   Coeur d’Alene Living Local |

campaign’s website ( makes the first part of that easy by including a calculator for measuring body mass index, or BMI, which is found by dividing your weight by your height squared. That number places you in one of the four main categories healthcare professionals use when assessing weight -- “normal,” “overweight,” “obesity,” and “severe obesity” -- with a detailed description included to better understand the ramifications of each. Besides all that, what do you actually get by taking the pledge? Well, first, a free toolkit replete with useful information on things like proper nutrition, emotional issues, wellness tips and weight-loss options and their benefits. And second -- and this may be the neatest part, given how intimidating that first healthcare provider-patient conversation can sometimes be -- sample questions for you to actually pose during your appointment.


The Summer Staple We Can’t Live Without


s Labor Day approaches and the end of summer nears, we are, dare we say, a bit excited to trade in our capris and camis for our favorite boots, scarves, and cozy sweaters. But with all the positive changes fall brings, there’s one summer staple we can’t live without - a glowing tan! Slick Rock Tanning & Spa offers a variety of skin care options that will keep your skin glowing through the chilly, fall months. Sun tanning provides your skin incredible bronze color, Vitamin D, and just the right amount of relaxing “me” time for your day. Slick Rock features four levels of industryleading sunbeds, so finding the perfect match for your skin and tanning goals is our top priority. As a Master Smart Tan Certified salon, we use a process called skin-typing to determine what category your skin falls under, and based on your skin type, we will help you develop a personal tanning plan which may include a variety of UV and nonUV equipment and skin care products to keep your skin glowing year-round! Among our non-UV services, you’ll find a detoxifying Far Infrared sauna, which purifies your skin and removes acid waste, metals, and other toxins from your system, leaving you refreshed, cleansed, and revitalized. The sauna is also a popular choice for pain relief and weight loss. You can burn up to 600 calories using Far Infrared radiant energy because it heats your core body temperature, not just the ambient temperature. This results in a much deeper, more detoxifying perspiration from a cellular level, allowing fatty cells to discharge toxins and promote long-term weight loss, not just water loss.

Staying hydrated is one of the best ways to keep your skin looking great. The Hydration Station is another popular choice for maintaining your skin’s youthful, dewy appearance. It combines infrared radiant heat, vibratory massage, LED light effects, and a vitamin infusion that engulfs your entire body with hydrating steam to help restore balance and improve moisture levels in the skin. A golden rule of tanning is that moist skin accepts and dry skin reflects, so while the Hydration Station is incredibly nurturing for all skin types, it is especially useful for tanners. This 20 minute session will revive and rejuvenate dehydrated skin, leaving you feeling baby soft to the touch. Lastly, our Sunless is the perfect option for achieving an instant glow. We suggest getting your Back-to-School bronze on with a California Cocktail, which combines the Sunless with one of our UV sunbeds, boosting your skin tone a few shades in mere minutes. Our Sunless is a fully automated system, which allows for privacy, but simulates a hand-held session, so color and coverage are never compromised. It is not just a tan, the sunless is a healthy skin treatment, too. Skin firming formulas build and restore the skin’s matrix, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while highly concentrated antioxidant blends combat the daily signs of skin damage. You don’t have to settle for fair skin come fall. While there may be less sun outside, there is no shortage of the essential sunshine vitamin indoors. Regardless of the season, we invite you to enjoy affordable luxury, state-of-theart equipment and stellar service at Slick Rock Tanning & Spa in Post Falls.

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Music & Accessory Trends For Today’s Active Women

Finding The Right Fit Could Help Increase Motivation

M working out.

usic and exercise have always complemented one another well, and there are good reasons why. Recent fitness trends and research indicate there are real, quantifiable benefits to listening to music while

Regardless of how you work out, music and how you get it, seems to be a must-have to complement your exercise routine. According to Costas Karageorghis, deputy head of research at the School of Sport and Education at Brunel University in London, music at the right tempo can increase motivation and lower the perception of physical exertion.

Never compromise quality for price. To stay motivated, invest in a quality-designed product known for its craftsmanship. A study published in the Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology found that treadmill walkers showed more endurance when listening to high-tempo music. Unfortunately, in the marketplace today, women often find few headphone products that really are designed for their needs. For today’s active woman, not only must you have the right playlist, but you also need to find a headphone that matches who you are 46   Coeur d’Alene Living Local |

as a person. Finding the right headphones can be challenging, but consider these tips: 1. Comfort is critical. When wearing headphones for hours on end, it’s important to have a comfortable product that sits nicely in or around your ear. Test what the market has to offer to find a set that’s both secure and comfy. 2. Find the right fit. Most headphones are made in standard sizes. But for many women, they’ve found this to be challenging. Companies have recently introduced headphones just for women, like the Koss Fit Series Headphones, which are 33 percent smaller than the average headphone. Make sure your headphones fit you. 3. Variety is key. Avoid the challenges of rushing to the gym and realizing your headphones are at home by having multiple pairs. Also consider the attributes of the headphones. Are they sweat-resistant yet still cool looking? The right products will help bring variety to every aspect of your workout. 4. Make them fun. Music is fun and gets you going, so make sure your headphones reflect your energy. Consider the color and look to match your personality. 5. Never compromise quality for price. Five-dollar earbuds won’t produce the same quality of sound and likely won’t last long. To stay motivated, invest in a quality-designed product known for its craftsmanship. Don’t turn to overnight sensations. Go with companies that have been in the business for decades. To learn more about finding the right headphones for today’s active women,



ain is a fact of life – and also a necessary part of life. We all feel old when we hurt, are stiff and cannot do the things we want to... and it doesn’t matter if you are 19 years old or 90! Pain is a teacher and a friend, although it may be hard to see it that way at times. We tend to ignore pain, force through it, or a combination of the two until we cannot stand it anymore. However, pain is the early warning system that lets us know something is not right or that we are in danger. Often, if pain is not severe, we tend to just brush it off because we are busy, don’t want to seem weak or just have blocked it out. Pain limits our activity. In addition, studies have shown that pain can reduce our mental focus and lowers our immune responses. Many of us get into a pain-tension-pain cycle. It becomes a downward spiral. We hurt, so we move less, which makes us tighten up and hurt more. This affects us not only physically, but emotionally, by increasing irritability and depression. Awareness is the key. If we are unaware of what are bodies are telling us and ignore those signs we cannot make a choice to get better. You have heard of the “no pain – no gain” approach. Of course you may have discomfort, but it is important not to force through pain, as our bodies will only tighten down more. If pain says stop, we need to respect that. However, that does not

I want to be flexible, out of pain and active!

mean we have to shut down. Finding the right balance between activity and rest is critical. Myofascial Release uses long slow stretch and movement to your tolerance to gain more pain free movement and release dysfunctional holding patterns that may have kept you limited for a long time. Your Pain Free Living session includes a brief screening to help us understand what your concerns are and identify any additional issues. Sometimes you may think “Oh it is just my neck that hurts”, but on closer examination it also becomes obvious that the low back is involved, that you have headaches or tingling in the hands which all can relate to that neck pain. In addition, assessment of work station or home activities can give clues about what triggers pain. Adapted techniques or equipment may be necessary. A strong home program can assist in progress as well as helping to maintain gains made in therapy. That is the value in a hands-on, whole body and lifestyle approach to healing – we want to see the whole picture. If you learn to listen to your bodies and heed those first warning signs, not only can you feel better in the short term, but avoid future problem and live a happier, more productive life.

We specialize in:

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Repetitive Motion Injuries Headaches & TMJ Chronic Pain (neck, back sciatic) Fibromyalgia Breast Cancer Recovery Hand Therapy Therapeutic Exercise Manual Therapy including ADVANCED MYOFASCIAL RELEASE and CRANIOSACRAL TREATMENT


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Pain Free Living


Stress, Health and the Potent Medicine of Your Own Mind By Steve Gajewski, MS, LPC

A New Counseling & Coaching Practice in Coeur d’Alene. Mind-Body Health • Mindfulness & Stress Reduction • Chronic Disease & Pain

Couples in Conflict • Commitment Clarity • Transforming Conflict • Focused Problem Solving

Lifework • Authentic Career Discovery • Career Troubleshooting • Life Balancing

A decision to work together always begins with a no-fee introductory meeting.

“To help people create their best possible lives”


o you sometimes think that stress is just killing you? You might be right. Fortunately, this is usually a slow process and there is a lot you can do about it, including preventing or even reversing some disease conditions. Health experts estimate that 70-90% of all visits to the doctor are for stress related illnesses. Stress is now implicated as a contributor in virtually all leading causes of death. The link between chronic stress and heart disease is well known, and research increasingly suggests an important link between chronic stress and other chronic diseases including rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, and cancer. Chronic stress depresses the immune system, which lowers our defenses to infection and internal disease processes and contributes to obesity, depression and anxiety. Stress is not all bad. Who would want to live in a world without challenge and excitement? Athletic competition and educational and occupational activities that challenge our ability to perform at high levels and achieve goals contribute greatly to our sense of meaning, accomplishment and wellbeing. Likewise, our ability to summon up emergency levels of attention and effort in the face of real physical threats like such car accidents, a fire in the house, or combat, is essential to survival. Strictly speaking, stress is not the external event (the “stressor”), but rather the cascade of mental and physical reactions we have

Steve is a Licensed Professional Counselor. He is trained as a mental health counselor, lawyer, mediator and lifework coach. He has over 25 years of experience in applied environmental health science and policy, confict management & career development.

Stephen Gajewski MS, JD, LCP, LLC 2448 Merritt Creek Loop Ste. 4E Coeur d’Alene, ID 208.640.3323 | 48   Coeur d’Alene Living Local |

to those events. Humans have evolved the capacity to trigger internal alarms even when there is no physical emergency that warrants mobilization of the body’s fightor-flight (acute stress) system. We also have an excellent capacity to form and recycle traumatic memories. By contrast, once a zebra escapes from a lion it calms down pretty quickly. As Stanford neuroscientist Robert Sapolsky explains in his fascinating book “Why Zebras Don’t get Ulcers,” zebras don’t spend time worrying about their VISA bill, their passive-aggressive boss, the economy, a meteor hitting Earth, or their own mortality. We do. The advanced thinking parts of our brains (the prefrontal lobes), send ongoing emergency messages to the fight-orflight (“reptilian”) part of the brain which then unleashes adrenaline and the “stress hormone” cortisol, even as we pound away on that late final report, install plumbing, watch NCIS, check Facebook (which can cause plenty of stress), and go shopping. The resulting chronic stress is something like biological rust attacking a vast array of systems in our bodies. This is more than a metaphor – the value of antioxidants in our diets is precisely to combat “oxidative stress.” The Good News – Your Mind is a Pretty Good Physician We can train our prefrontal lobes to send different messages about real and imagined threats to the reptile brain. Reframing

We can learn to actively manage some stress related physiological functions, such as blood pressure, skin temperature, and even brain wave activity, through the use of biofeedback techniques. By watching the output from a measuring instrument while practicing relaxation techniques, we can gain a remarkable degree of control over normally involuntary functions. Scientists are not sure exactly how it works, but biofeedback can be a helpful supplemental therapy in management of stress-related conditions including headaches, chronic pain, high blood pressure, and anxiety. We also have access to an innate capacity to summon a mind-body response that directly counteracts the stress response. Called the “relaxation response” by eminent Harvard cardiologist Herbert Benson, this natural counterattack on stress is mobilized by taking time out to be quiet with one’s self and to pay attention to one’s body and breathing instead of the constant stream of thoughts that typically race through our minds. Repetition of personally meaningful words or phrases or repetition of simple body movements, including the rhythmic stride of running or simple exercises, are also part of the formula for “mindfulness” based stress reduction. Most yoga styles, meditation, prayer, mindful walking, and other activities that incorporate the above elements all mobilize the relaxation response. Fortunately, one does not have be a Zen master or a marathon runner to take advantage of these “mindfulness” techniques. Mindfulness practices reduce respiration rates, oxygen consumption,

blood pressure, and activation of brain areas associated with stress. Research also shows beneficial changes in gene activity related to oxidative metabolism, cellular death, and cancer processes in regular mindfulness practitioners, as well as dramatically lower hospital visits and medical costs. Diligent mindfulness practitioners are often able to reduce or suspend their use of blood pressure and anxiety medications under their doctor’s careful supervision. Hook up with a health

• Be social. Positive interaction with family and friends is a major stress reducer.

care provider who specializes in mindfulness approaches, take a yoga class or check out the writings of Jon Kabat-Zinn, creator of the nation’s leading stress reduction program at the University of Massachusetts medical school.

• Laugh. Take a minute and look up funny pictures or jokes of the day on the internet (when your passive-aggressive boss is out to lunch, of course). Laughing also stimulates the relaxation response.

Mount Your Counterattack on Multiple Fronts:

• Do something good for someone else. Altruists are healthier!

• Get up and move around! Just 30 minutes a day of virtually any kind of exercise that isn’t pushing the button

on your remote control can have terrific health benefits. This can be spread across three 10 minute intervals throughout the day without significant loss of benefit. Can’t do it? Try 15 minutes a day. A 10 minute exercise break coupled with a brisk 5-minute walk can make a world of difference.

Yes, you still need to see your health care providers regularly, but the power of your mind, coupled with some surprisingly modest changes in your life, can dramatically improve your health and happiness. By the way, if you really do feel like stress is killing you – be sure to see your doctor and take action. The U.K.’s long term Whitehall II study, which has followed several thousand civil servants for almost three decades, found that people who believe stress is affecting their health “a lot or extremely” had more than double the risk of heart attack compared to those who didn’t believe stress was effecting their health. Health professionals interested in citations to the relevant scientific literature please contact Steve at

September 2013 | Coeur d’Alene Living Local   49


our interpretation of outside events and replacing inappropriate negative thoughts with more positive (and usually more realistic) interpretations can help us grow calmer and more confident about our journey in a complicated world. Cognitivebehavioral approaches to stress management work largely in this dimension.

Quality, Service, Dedication. Serving all of North Idaho

License 39463

- Testimonials “Sean and Mike from NCE worked on several projects both inside and outside our new home in Sandpoint, Idaho. We appreciated their responsiveness in scheduling and follow-up. They were consistently prompt and thorough in completing their work. We also appreciated how clean they left the job site, we never even knew they were here.” Vicki and Ross Longhini Sandpoint, Idaho

“If you want a job done fast and right, Pacific Steel & Recycling calls North County Electric. Sean and his crew are very professional and straight up. When dealing with NCE, you are dealing with a friend and they treat you like family, you can always expect a phone call back from them. What else can you ask for? Thank you Sean and crew for your expertise.” Larry O’Connor, Branch Manager Pacific Steel & Recycling Sandpoint, Idaho

“Sean worked with me extremely well to help me fully understand the differences between the various grades of lighting. It is so important to really understand the idea of “getting what you pay for”. Sean did a great job of supplying me with data and explanations of performance vs. cost. So I was able to order the best product for our application, with very little doubt. That is special to me. I have had quite a few construction jobs done in my life. My experience with NCE was a very pleasant and valuable experience for me.” Thomas P. Webb, President Paragon Sourcing, Inc.

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Green Builder Certified 50   Coeur d’Alene Living Local |

“Bringing Power To Our Community And Service To Its People” Electrical Contractor Specializing in:

Service, Repair, New Construction, Remodels, Generators, Home Automation and Lighting Systems Commercial | Residential | Industrial

Free Estimates: Call 208.255.7980

North County Electric provides a vast array of services including electrical service, repair, new construction, remodels, generators, home automation and lighting systems. The company services residential, commercial as well as industrial clients. True to its name, North County Electric has a presence throughout North Idaho. With employees living and raising their families in Coeur d’Alene, Hayden and Post Falls, North County Electric has expanded its service to those areas as well as to the Spokane Valley and looks forward to being an important part of the communities in which they work. Sean and Lauren Behm moved to North Idaho from the Los Angeles area in 2008 and opened North County Electric in January 2009. A family run business, Lauren owns North County

Electric offering a unique perspective to what is typically thought of as a male dominated field. Sean, a master certified electrician, has over 25 years of experience and is one of the few electrical contractors who is also certified as a green builder; a specialty an increasing number of clients are requiring of their contractors. The company works closely with North Idaho builders and general contractors providing exceptional sub-contracting services. “We build relationships with our clients, architects and real estate professionals through credibility and honesty,” said Lauren, adding that her company also provides lighting design and is a retail lighting specialist.

forging excellent working relationships with all their customers. Members: NIBCA (North Idaho Building Contractors Association), Sandpoint Chamber of Commerce / Women in Business, PBCA (Panhandle Building Contractors Association), IBCA (Idaho Building Contractors Association) and the NAHB (National Association of Home Builders). ---------------For more information, feel free to contact us at 208.255.7980 or email us at:

North County Electric is currently accepting all electrical bidding opportunities and looks forward to September 2013 | Coeur d’Alene Living Local   51


Get Out of Town

Weekend Getaway

Seattle - Adventure Is Just a Short Drive Away Article by Colin Anderson


asily the largest city in the northwest, Seattle has so much to do it would be hard to tackle even a fraction of it in a long weekend. But let’s try anyway. About a four and a half hour drive from Coeur d’Alene, the best part of the journey is when almost instantly the landscape turns from dry desert to the towering mountains of the cascades. As you descend down Snoqualmie Pass, you’re greeted with huge peaks, forests and waterfalls trickling down the mountainside. As you get closer to downtown, it’s easy to see why it’s called the Emerald City as Seattle is almost always green. The weather is far from perfect here with rain and clouds a real possibility every weekend out of the year, but the rain is usually light and temperatures are pretty mild year round. It rarely snows and also rarely hits the ninety degree mark. Most visitors choose to stay downtown as it’s close to all the action. Much of downtown is on a steep hill making it not the most pedestrian friendly, but you can still manage getting to the nearby sites on foot. If you’re in town during a home Seahawk football or Sounders soccer game, downtown really comes alive. Both teams boast some of the loudest crowds in professional sports. You can also enjoy a relaxing day of baseball at Safeco Field located directly across from Qwest Field where the Seahawks play. The Mariners have had their

52   Coeur d’Alene Living Local |

Get Out of Town


struggles of late, but sitting in an open-air stadium with a hot dog and a beer on a sunny summer day or fall evening just can’t be beat. If college football is more your game, the University of Washington just underwent a major renovation to Husky Stadium. A stroll through campus is worth the trip as well as it features some incredible architecture and views of the surrounding landscape. Heading back downtown you are also pretty much obligated to make a stop at the World Famous Pike Place Market. Here you can watch the fish markets put on a show; tossing huge salmon across their storefront. Fresh seafood is available everyday as well as crafts, flowers, fruits and vegetables, and other regional specialties. If you’re a fan of Starbucks coffee, the original location is just down the street from the market. Families also shouldn’t pass up an opportunity to ride to the top of the iconic Space Needle for an incredible view. The Space Needle was built as the symbol of the 1962 World’s Fair and the fairgrounds are now a sweeping park with fountains, rides, museums, arenas, and plenty of places to relax. Not far away, adventure seekers can also stop in and visit REI’s flagship store which will leave your jaw dropping and your wallet a little lighter. Seattle is also especially proud of its food and nightlife culture. Many restaurants incorporate fresh catch of the day into their menus, and due to a large influx of AsianAmerican immigrants there are literally hundreds of Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, and Japanese eateries. As with much of the west, the popularity of craft beer is exploding in Seattle and you can find a local brew on tap just about anywhere you go. If you do choose to dine out, be prepared to pay a bit higher price than you are accustomed to. If music is what you are looking for, you won’t be disappointed. As Seattle is the birthplace of Jimmy Hendrix and the ‘grunge’ rock scene of the 90’s, there are plenty of concert houses filled with bands hoping for their next big break. For those looking for a little more adventure, kayaking the nearby San Juan Islands or climbing the trails around Mount Rainer will get your heart rate going. If you’re interested in learning more about the local fishing culture, head into Ballard and stop by the locks. Here you can see huge boats coming and going, and if you’re lucky an up close look at Salmon making the journey inland. Many of the crab boats from Discovery’s ‘Deadliest Catch’ also use Ballard as their home base. Whether its sports, history, music, food, sites, or shopping, a trip to Seattle has a little something for everyone. Fresh food and plenty of entertainment await you. All you have to do is pick up the keys and start driving. September 2013 | Coeur d’Alene Living Local   53


Pet Pals

5 Simple Ways to Support Animal Shelters It’s staggering to think that each year an estimated 5-7 million companion animals find their way into the care of animal shelters across the United States. Despite the best efforts of thousands of shelter workers, keeping up with the care of abandoned animals is a daunting task for even the most well-funded rescue organizations. While you may not be able to donate tons of money or time, supporting animal shelters with small contributions can make a huge difference. Here are some simple ways you can help: • Lend Your Expertise. Shelters often have limited funds to hire individuals capable of

setting up websites, writing articles for newsletters, taking pictures of available pets, landscaping the grounds or providing legal advice. Consider your skill set and how you could be a valuable resource for your local shelter. Get Social. Shelter animals come from diverse backgrounds, and socializing them can be key in making them more attractive candidates for adoption. Animal rescue organizations often need volunteers willing to dedicate a little time to playing with a cat or teaching a dog to sit. Foster a Pet. Since overcrowding in animal shelters is a constant challenge, many rescue organizations look for foster homes that may help

socialize and prepare certain pets for adoption. Contact your local shelter and see if you qualify. Turn Your Trash into Treasure. Animal shelters go through lots of food bowls and towels each year. While your old blankets and dinnerware might seem ready for a trip to the dump, they could be put to good use. Think before you toss them, because your trash could be treasure to a pet in need. Click Away. Want to help shelters acquire the essentials without dipping into your wallet? Major pet brands are harnessing the power of the Internet to help pet lovers support animal shelters without spending a dime.

A recent GiveLitter campaign saw more than 60,000 voters visiting to donate 100,000 pounds of World’s Best Cat Litter to shelters across the country. Shelters everywhere are looking for help, so see which simple act can ma ke you feel good while doing good! Keep these handy tips in mind as Pet Adoption Month draws near.

Pest Protection The season’s warmer weather brings increased risk from exposure to pests, particularly ticks, fleas, mosquitoes and stinging insects. Safeguarding dogs and cats begins with discussions with your veterinarian, but in addition to prescribed healthcare repellents and preventatives, there are several things that can be done to make your yard inhospitable to the stinging, biting troublemakers. Ticks are endemic with various species posing different health threats, such as Rocky Mountain spotted fever, ehrlichiosis, babesia and Lyme disease. Tick-borne illnesses generally present with lethargy, weakness, anemia and even organ failure. Henriksen suggests pet owners minimize the risk of ticks in yards by regularly trimming grass and

other vegetation. As nuisance wildlife and rodents are common tick carriers, seal trash cans, remove brush piles and keep firewood two feet off of the ground to keep them away. Mosquitoes also pose health risks to dogs and cats as their bites can transmit heartworm, a parasitic roundworm that can infect a host and result in a potentially serious disease. To help keep these pests at bay, Henriksen advises homeowners to repair any torn screens and eliminate mosquito breeding grounds by removing standing water in the yard. “Empty wading pools, toys, grill covers flower pots, clogged gutters and other places that tend to gather water. Bird baths should be changed every week

54   Coeur d’Alene Living Local |

to keep water fresh,” Henriksen says. “Mosquitoes only need half an inch of stagnant water to develop from eggs to pupae to adult mosquitoes that can then live out of water, so a thorough check of the yard is essential.” Fleas are tiny pests, but they cause big problems. Not only can they infest an entire home quickly, flea saliva can cause anemia and dermatitis and transfer tapeworms to dogs and cats. Avoid walking dogs in tall grass where there is a greater chance of flea exposure, wash dogs after walks and puppy play dates, and launder bedding, collars and stuffed toys. For more information on summer pests and your pets, visit

Pet Pals


Five Ways Frugal Pet Owners Can Save For many pet owners and their pets, money is no object. But expenses like food, grooming, routine vet care, toys and kenneling can add up quickly, making it difficult for budget conscious pet owners to afford their shaggy partners.

catch minor problems before they become major health issues. If check-ups or vaccinations are out of your budget, look out for clinics, where vets will vaccinate or spay and neuter pets at reduced costs.

According to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association, the average annual cost of keeping a dog exceeds $1,200. For frugal pet owners who want to provide the best possible care to their furry friends while keeping costs low, here are five tips:

* Take care of your dog’s mouth. Teeth cleanings at the vet are very costly and can be avoided completely if pet owners choose to take oral care into their own hands by brushing their dogs’ teeth. If a dog’s teeth are healthy, oral care probiotics are a good substitution to brushing to offer fresh breath and whiter, cleaner teeth. Pet owners simply sprinkle the odorless, tasteless probiotics on their dog’s food once a day.

* Stay on top of your dog’s medical needs. Some owners may attempt to cut costs by visiting the veterinarian less often, but this may cost more in the long run. Routine check-ups can

* Buy in bulk. Buying large amounts of pet food at once can help you save, not only on the food itself, but also on the gas needed to get to the store. Just be sure to purchase a high-quality dog food, as poor nutrition can negatively affect your dog’s health. If you are unsure of which kind to buy, consult your vet. * Groom your pet at home. Grooming expenses can add up quickly. Trimming nails and washing pets yourself can lead to big savings each month. Just be sure to do your research first to avoid mistakes that could be detrimental to your pet’s health. * Treat common ailments yourself. You may want to talk to your vet to develop the best treatment plan for your specific pet for fleas, ticks and heartworms. This will also require a bit of research, but it will be much less expensive to order the treatment yourself than to consult a vet for each individual ailment.

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Let Your Pets Vacation While You Vacation! M-F 6:30am-6:30pm Sat. 8am-2pm & 5-6pm Sun. 9-10am & 5-6pm

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Overnight Boarding • Outdoor Play Yard Multiple Play Areas • Luxury Suites Cat Condos & Play Area Professional Dog Training Handmade Dog Treats Full Grooming Spa

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LOCAL PICKS Texas Roadhouse 402 W. Neider Ave. Coeur d’Alene, ID 83815. 208.664.1903 The Breakfast Nook 1719 N. 4th St. Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814. 208.667.1699 Dockside Restaurant 115 S. 2nd St. Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814. 208.765.4000 Meltz Extreme Grilled Cheese 1735 W. Kathleen Ave., Ste 3, Coeur d’Alene, ID 83815. 208.664.1717 Syringa Japanese Cafe & Sushi Bar 1401 N. Fourth St. Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814. 208.664.2718 Caruso’s Sandwich Company 202 W. Ironwood Dr., Ste. A Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814. 208.765.1001 Come see for yourself why we are consistently voted ‘’best sandwich anywhere’’. Fresh baked bread! Highest quality meats & cheese. Salads, pasta bowls,Kids meals, $2 pints! Delivery & catering Scratch Restaurant 501 E. Sherman Ave. Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814. 208.930.4762 Roger’s Ice Cream & Burgers 1224 E. Sherman Ave. Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814. 208.930.4900 CDA’s favorite ice cream & burger destination est in 1940 is Open Year Round! Enjoy a 100% fresh ground beef burger, homemade french fries and huckleberry shake in a nostalgic, family friendly rest. Michael D’s Eatery 203 Coeur d’Alene Lake Dr. Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814. 208.676.9049 The Wine Cellar 317 Sherman Ave. Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814. 208.664.9463 Crickets Restaurant & Oyster Bar 424 Sherman Ave. Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814. 208.765.1990 Hudson’s Hamburgers 207 E. Sherman Ave. Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814. 208.664.5444 Jonesy’s 819 Sherman Ave. Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814. 208.666.1644 Tony’s on the Lake 6823 E. Coeur d’Alene Lake Dr. Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814. 208.667.9885 Broken Egg Cafe 3646 N. Government Way, Ste. D Coeur d’Alene, ID 83815. 208.966.4399 The Fedora Pub & Grille 1726 W. Kathleen Ave. Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814. 208.765.8888 The Iron Horse 407 Sherman Ave. Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814. 208.667.7314 Wolf Lodge Steakhouse 11741 E. Frontage Rd. Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814. 208.664.6665 Bistro on Spruce 1710 N. 4th St., Ste.102 Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814. 208.664.1774

SEPTEMBER Through October 31st – “Shaping the Handle: Idaho Territory 1863 – 1890” at the Museum of North Idaho. This exhibit commemorates the 150th anniversary of the creation of the Idaho Territory. Museum open Tuesday through Saturday 11am – 5pm. 208.664.3448. April through December: Art Walk - The Coeur d’Alene Arts and Culture Alliance presents Art Walk! Every second Friday of each month from April to December, stroll through beautiful downtown Coeur d’Alene and enjoy local and nationally acclaimed artists. View the wonderful variety of art styles that North Idaho has to offer. Whether you like contemporary art or classic paintings, there is something for everyone. A free downtown event to enjoy with your friends and family!  For more information visit 5-8pm. Learn to Skate – Stay cool this summer with Frontier Ice Arena learn to skate classes. Classes are going on all summer long and students will learn from local experts. Courses offered include both figure skating and hockey skating. Check out the June special - four 30 minute lessons for just $20, including skate rental! For more information visit or call 208.765.4423. Route of the Hiawatha - The trail is open and an incredible bike ride awaits you. The trail is nearly all downhill and flat making it perfect for families. Shuttle service is available to the top of Lookout Pass. There you can purchase trail passes and rentals. Raft for a Cause with Coeur d’Alene Adventures - Have fun on the water and help support a local non-profit. Now through September, book a rafting trip with Coeur d’Alene Adventures and 5% of the total will be donated to a local non-profit. 208.918.2082. Tango Night in Coeur d’Alene - Every Tuesday Night, 6-9 pm at HREI (414 W. Mullan Rd., CdA) for a FREE night of tango dancing in the institute’s beautiful and historic main gallery. Tango Night leader David Parker has eight years of tango instruction experience. Everyone from beginners to experts will have a good time at this event. Learn new steps or just come to practice your skills. Activities available for non-dancing children. Come by yourself or bring a partner - either way, you’re sure to have fun! Labor Day Weekend – Diamond Cup Racing on Lake Coeur d’Alene. National Racing returns to Lake Coeur d’Alene as H1 racing presents a weekend of hydroplane racing. Stop by and see the boats up close on Friday night and then get ready for two days of racing with a champion being crowned on Sunday. Tickets available online at or call 208.691.1612. Labor Day Weekend – Paul Bunyan Days in St. Maries. Celebrate the unofficial end of summer with a carnival, food, logging events, parade and more at this annual festival. Don’t forget to stop by Idaho’s biggest Topless

Bar; The Blue Ox (it’s a beer garden without a roof). Stay for the fireworks Sunday night which are some of the best in the region. September 1-30 - As Seen in the Northwest. Art show featuring local and regional landscapes by Inland Northwest artists. Gallery hours Mon-Sat 10 am-6 pm, Sun 10 am-5 pm. Free. Gallery Northwest, 217 E. Sherman Ave. 208.667.5700. September 2 - CDA Symphony Labor Day in the Park. The symphony invites you down to City Park for a day of free music. Concert begins at 1pm. September 3 & 4 -Auditions for NIC’s production of ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’. The North Idaho College Theatre Department is holding open auditions for the play “The Diary of Anne Frank,” at 5:30 p.m. Sept. 3 and Sept. 4 in the Schuler Performing Arts Center. Production dates are Oct. 24-26 and Oct. 31, Nov. 1-2. Rehearsals will be Monday-Thursday evenings. Auditions will involve cold readings. Scripts will be available in Boswell Hall Room 214. Five actresses and five actors total are needed. For More Information contact NIC Theatre Instructor Joe Jacoby, 208.769.3220 or September 5 – 8 - Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus at the Spokane Arena - Tickets are $20 and $25 for adults and just $10 for kids with VIP seating available for $35 and $45. Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® is proud to present FULLY CHARGED, Gold Edition, an all-new powerful surge of circus entertainment! Experience the excitement as Ringling Bros.® transforms energy and power into megawatts of thrills and turns spectacles of superhuman athleticism and displays of animal magnificence into sparks of wonder for Children Of All Ages. Tickets available at the arena or through September 7– Open House at the Kootenai Humane Society. Volunteers will be giving tours and answering your questions about the shelter. You will also get a chance to meet the animals and a free hot dog lunch is also included! Noon – 4pm. The Shelter is located at 11650 N. Ramsey Road in Hayden.


SATURDAYS: 9AM-1:30PM May through October at the SE Corner Hwy 95 & Prairie Ave. Hayden, Idaho WEDNESDAYS: 4-7PM May through September at Sherman Ave. & Fifth Street, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

2013 September 7 – 4 Annual Brian Williams Memorial Bike Ride. North Idaho College will honor the memory of former student Brian Williams with a memorial bike ride at 1 pm Saturday, Sept. 7 at O’Shays Irish Pub and Eatery in Coeur d’Alene. The poker ride is appropriate for riders of all ages and will include prizes for the best (and worst) hand at the end of the ride. The event will also include live music, door prizes, a silent auction and a barbecue from 4 to 7 pm on O’Shays’ patio. A $20 donation covers the barbecue, live music, long-sleeve T-shirt and poker ride entry. Williams was 28 years old when he was killed in a plane crash in 2010 while flying over Glacier National Park. He participated in NIC Outdoor Pursuits trips and was involved in a variety of outdoor programs offered through the college.To sign up, call the NIC Outdoors Center at 208.676.7169. September 7 – 2nd Annual Coeur d’Alene Music Festival. The White House Event Center plays host to this annual celebration benefitting Coeur d’Alene School District arts programs. Music from local and regional groups will carry you from 10am – 10pm. 805 E. Sherman Ave. 208.362.0013. September 8 – Trace Adkins & Brett Eldredge at Northern Quest Casino. The country legend will be stopping in Spokane for one night only. Adkins will perform many of his 30 chart topping hits. Tickets available at the casino box office or online at September 11th - ‘Unusual Varietals.’ Gourmet Way in Hayden is hosting a wine tasting event featuring non-traditional and unique varietals. $10 or free for wine club members. 5pm - 7pm. Enjoy food accompaniments and take home recipes. Gourmet Way, 8222 N Government Way, Hayden, 208.762.1333. September 13 – Coeur d’Alene Opera presents ‘Rigoletto; An Opera in Three Acts.’ Opera Coeur d’Alene presents Verdi’s masterpiece “Rigoletto”. Metropolitan Opera Tenor Raul Melo returns to the NIC stage as The Duke of Mantua. Joined by an outstanding cast of nationally recognized artists, this new production is sure to delight audiences of all ages. Show starts at 7pm at the North Idaho College Schuler Auditorium. Tickets range from $19 - $59. September 13 – 2nd Annual Coeur d’Alene Chamber Fall-O-Rama Golf Scramble. Your $80 entrance fee gets you 18-holes and a cart, lunch from Texas Roadhouse, and beverages from Trickster’s Brewing Company. Prizes awarded for lowest score, highest score, closest to the pin and more. There are also plenty of fun games along the course. Avondale Golf Course. For more information and registration, contact the CDA Chamber. September 14- Iron-Core Racing and Silver Mountain Resort have teamed up to bring you the most intense Iron-Core Racing endurance event to hit our schedule. We’ve provided you with three (3) competitive options: Run the MOUNTAIN SOB: Run to the summit of Kellogg Peak, then enjoy the Gondola ride back to

the start line. ($45.00). Team MOUNTAIN SOB, Dual Sport: Teammate #1 runs to the Summit of Kellogg Peak and while enjoying the Gondola ride, Teammate #2 enjoys the rush of an adrenaline laden mountain bike ride to the bottom on Silver Mountain Resort’s “Intermediate” mountain bike course. ($90.00/ $45.00 each).Individual MOUNTAIN SOB, Dual Sport: If you think you’re tough enough for the challenge, you can run to the summit of Kellogg Peak AND mountain bike down. ($75.00) September 14 - 15 - Bike MS. Join us for this two-day, one hundred fifty-mile ride along the Idaho Panhandle benefiting the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. $50. 208.482.2022. September 20 - 7th Annual Rolly Williams Classic Golf Tournament The NIC Booster Club presents the 7th Annual Rolly Williams Classic Golf Tournament. Four-person scramble. Shotgun start at 1 pm at Avondale Golf Course. Dinner provided by Qdoba Mexican Grill, NIC shirt. Entry deadline Sept. 13. $75 per person $300 per team. Proceeds benefit the NIC golf program. To register, call 208.769.3348 or go to September 20 – 22nd - International Wooden Boat Show. 38th annual International Wooden Boat Show and meeting hosted in Coeur d’Alene at the Resort Boardwalk. Stop by and see an impressive array of wooden boats many of which are made right here in our region. Free. September 21 - Coeur d’SUP - Stand Up Paddleboard Races & Festival. Sign up now for the first ever Stand Up Paddleboard Races and Festival hosted by the Coeur d’Alene Chamber. There are 6 different races for paddleboarders of all abilities. The event is being held in conjunction with the International Boat Show taking place at the Resort Boardwalk. First races begin at 9am. $29 for individuals and $80 for teams of four. September 21 – Kid Rock at Northern Quest Casino. The Detroit Rap Rocker is putting on a show as part of the casino’s outdoor concert series. Tickets available at the casino box office or online at Tickets: $89 - $159. September 22 – 14th Annual Susan G. Komen Coeur d’Alene Race for the Cure. The walk and run both begin on the North Idaho College Campus. There will be 5K and 1 Mile run/walk. Register at www.komenidaho. org - registration is $25 for adults and $10 for youth (12 & under). Online registration closes September 18th at Noon. Since 1999 the Idaho Affiliate has invested over $5.1 million dollars in community grants and national research. Join us in the fight against breast cancer! September 27 &28 – Inland NW Craft Beer Festival for 2013. The Inland NW Craft Beer Festival will welcome 30 craft breweries pouring over 70 different types of beer, including a selection of pumpkin beers. Live music and food will also be part of this celebration of the Inland NW craft beer scene. Friday 4pm-8pm, Saturday Noon-8pm. Riverfront Park in downtown Spokane. September 2013 | Coeur d’Alene Living Local   57

SEPTEMBER September 28 – Rathdrum Lions Annual Health Fair. Open 10am to 4pm, this free event will include local health experts and other vendors with plenty of information available. The Rathdrum Lions Clubhouse is located at HWY 53 & Meyer Road.           September 29 - Gin Blossoms at the Coeur d’Alene Casino - The 90’s alternative band makes a stop at the Casino for what promises to be a great show. Tickets available at the casino or any TicketsWest location. General admission $30 – Reserved $40.

1st Annual River City Brewfest

Coming to Nate’s New York Pizza in Post Falls


iver City Brewfest is the brainchild of Glenn Gatherer, owner of Nate’s New York Pizza in Post Falls. A fan of the craft beer scene, Glenn decided to put together a fall brewfest for those who appreciate great beers and a great time. “I wanted to give something back to Post Falls and have a fun event for the community,” said Gatherer. “I enjoy craft beer and this is always something I’ve wanted to do.”

UPCOMING EVENTS October 4-5 - ProWest Rodeo Finals - The Professional Western Rodeo Association, Inclusive of Idaho, Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia, will have over 200 of the best cowboys in the region competing to become top dog. The rodeo is open to the public for both performances. Get your tickets before they sell out!

An impressive list of breweries has been assembled including locals like Selkirk Abbey, Bi-Plane, and Wallace to go along with Ironhorse, Northwest Brewing, Firestone Walker, Pyramid, Samuel Adams, and more. There will be dozens of beers to sample including some not typically available in our area. There is

October 6 - BON JOVI Because We Can. As part of their Because We Can Tour throughout North America, the legendary rock n’ rollers will make their way to the Inland Northwest for the first time since 1987 to headline an unforgettable concert in Spokane. Tickets $59.50 - $179.50 October 6 – “Running for the Angels” 5k benefitting the Inland Northwest SIDS Foundation. The 5K Run/Walk along the Centennial Trail helps bring awareness to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and to raise funds. Please meet at Riverstone Park Gazebo in Coeur d’Alene, ID. Registration is $25 for adults and $15 for children 14 and under. This includes a race packet and shirt. Check in time will begin at 2:00 PM and the race will begin at 4:00 pm. To register for the run, visit, or call 208.557.4371. November 2 - Punkin Chunkin Fall Festival Hosted by ElderHelp of North Idaho. Come out to the fairgrounds and watch pumpkins fly through the air and smash far away targets. Bring your leftover Halloween pumpkin and give it a good smashing as well. There will be plenty of other activities for the kids and plenty of food available. All proceeds go to help low and fixed income seniors in our community. Event begins at 10am, Kootenai County Fairgrounds. 58   Coeur d’Alene Living Local |

no admission fee, and you can purchase individual samples and pints. Designated drivers will get free water and soda as well. There will also be food specials and music. Glenn is excited for the first event and hopes to keep growing each year. “We eventually want to include a car show, live bands, and even more breweries, just grow it a little more each year.”

River City Brewfest Saturday, September14th 2pm – 8pm Nate’s New York Pizza 920 N Hwy 41 Post Falls, ID 83854

For more information call 208.773.6697 or visit

Girls Pint Out Craft Beer Organization for Women

Pint Night Out

Craft Beer - It’s Not Just For Men


irls’ Pint Out is a national craft beer organization for women. With chapters all over the country, Girls’ Pint Out brings together women who are interested in craft beer. Through monthly events and online collaboration, women involved with Girls’ Pint Out have the opportunity and resources to become active the in the craft beer community. Girls’ Pint Out originated in Indianapolis, Indiana in early 2010. The Girls’ Pint Out movement quickly spread to Arizona and Texas with charter chapters. Today, Girls’ Pint Out has more than 10 chapters

nationwide, giving women the opportunity to socialize and learn more about craft beer. While educational events are planned with women in mind, our social events are coed to encourage craft beer drinkers, both male and female to further their journey into the craft beer community.

The Idaho Chapter will have its first event September 20th 6-8pm at Enoteca in Post Falls, Idaho. For more information go to

The Idaho Chapter of Girls’ Pint Out will have its first event on September 20TH,  6-8pm at Enoteca in Post Falls and is looking forward to more events to come! Email  or find more information here:

September 2013 | Coeur d’Alene Living Local   59


Activities & Fun

Jokes & Games

Q: What are prehistoric monsters called when they sleep? A: A dinosnore!


Q: What is the fruitiest lesson? A: History, because it’s full of dates! Q: What language do they speak in Cuba? A: Cubic! Q: Why did the stupid racing driver make ten pitstops during the race? A: He was asking for directions! Q: What illness did everyone on the Enterprise catch? A: Chicken Spocks! Q: What is a myth? A: A female moth!

BACK TO SCHOOL WORD FIND Find and circle all of the School related words that are hidden in the grid. The remaining letters spell a Mark Twain quotation.



Kids Corner


The Naked Egg

Brought to You by Mobius Science Center This month at Mobius Science Center we are looking at a very cool chemical reaction using just a couple common household-cooking ingredients. We’ll be dissolving substances, glimpsing the normally unseen, and even producing a gas. Get your safety goggles ready because we are about to make some naked eggs!

Over the time the egg spends in the vinegar, the shell is completely dissolved, leaving the flexible membrane surrounding the innards of the egg. Once the shell is gone, you can carefully remove the egg from the vinegar and feel how rubbery and soft the membrane is. You can even (very carefully) bounce it.

You will need: • • • • •

A raw egg (or more depending on the size of your container) White vinegar A jar or covered container A day or two

Try This:

Carefully place the egg into the container. Cover it with vinegar. That’s it! Now you need to let it sit undisturbed in the refrigerator for 24 to 48 hours while you make occasional observations. At the end of that time you will have a naked egg.

Why this works:

Vinegar contains acetic acid. The acid breaks the calcium carbonate that comprises the eggshell into calcium ions (calcium missing an electron) and carbonate. You can see this happening almost immediately upon adding vinegar to the container. The egg looks as if it is coated in bubbles. That’s carbon dioxide gas forming.

Brought to you by:

Now Try This:

Make two naked eggs. Once they are completely soft, take them out of the vinegar and wash them off carefully. Place one naked egg in a container and surround it with water. Place the other naked egg in a container with corn syrup. Leave them alone for another day or two and then observe what has happened to the eggs. We don’t want to spoil the surprise but we can say that a process known as osmosis causes the effect.

Visit us online at and on Facebook at September 2013 | Coeur d’Alene Living Local   61

Coeur d’Alene Taxi


oeur d’Alene Taxi is a different kind of company. It was created by Blaine and Svetlana Svetich on January 1, 2012. With a little help from Vocational Rehab, Blaine and Svetlana have transformed Coeur d’Alene Taxi into a “higher class” transportation company. Coeur d’Alene Taxi is much more than just your run of the mill taxi company. Blaine and Svetlana created Coeur d’Alene Taxi with bigger things in mind. Coeur d’Alene’s DUI rate was ten times per capita than that of Boise. By strategic marketing, hard work and astronomically low flat rates of $5.00 Local Rides, Coeur d’Alene Taxi nearly single handedly lowered Coeur d’Alene’s DUI rate by 50%.

Moving forward, Coeur d’Alene Taxi did not stop there. Coeur d’Alene Taxi continues and will always continue to offer bigger, better and more affordable services. Last year Coeur d’Alene Taxi launched the areas only “legal” car & driver service. That is where they use two drivers to not only get you home safely, but your vehicle as well . That means there are no excuses to drink and drive. Taking your car home eliminates DUI’s, parking tickets, theft, vandalism and any other

62   Coeur d’Alene Living Local |

problems that occur by leaving your vehicle behind. Coeur d’Alene Taxi also works closely with Vocational Rehab, Commission for the Blind, Head Start, many local and state agencies, hotels, The Coeur d’Alene Resort and many other businesses in the local area to transport our local community and traveling visitors safely throughout the area. Coeur d’Alene Taxi is going to re-innovate the transportation in the area as we know it. They are adding shuttle buses, party buses, limousines, more taxis and other transportation vehicles on a regular and continuous basis. With the newest and most amazing innovation in the area yet….Free, that’s right!... FREE RIDES HOME! It is called Choose Your Ride. It is part of Coeur d’Alene Taxi’s role in the zero DUI-zero fatality campaign. They are launching their half taxi/half police crown victorias. These cars take you safely from the bar to your home absolutely free of charge. “We care about life and our community. We promise to continue to provide the safest, cleanest and most reliable transportation services for many more years to come. We will continue to upgrade and provide the most comfortable experiences possible. Currently we offer shuttle services, party buses, airport shuttles, limousines, taxis, car and driver service and now Choose Your Ride with more services to come!” Choose Your Ride is sponsored by Coeur d’Alene Taxi, beYOUtiful nails, Svetich Construction, National Bail Bonds and Victoria Mallett with Windemere Real Estate.

Turning Dreams Into Reality 5299 W. Green Court #12 nd Living Enjoy Year-Rou

la Drive 1043 W. Peninsu

Coeur d’Alene Lake Waterfront

4151 Boisen Loop

2870 E. Red Cedar

4760 N. Troy

Victoria Mallett, Realtor 208.818.5586 Direct Court


You can "Turn your Dreams into Reality"... The "extra mile" for me is just part of the trip!

September 2013 | Coeur d’Alene Living Local   63

Something for Every Lifestyle & Budget

Spokane’s Oldest RV Dealer Becomes Idaho’s Newest Idaho’s Newest RV Store

6520 N Government Way, Dalton Gardens, ID


A brand new team and a brand new location. Keep your eyes open for the shows we are doing in the North Idaho area. Lots of unbelievable deals to be had. We offer Aljo, Stellar Toy Haulers, Fox Mountain FW, Snow River Travel Trailers, together with lot’s more new and used RV’s

The Valley Store 18919 East Broadway Spokane, WA


North Store

10006 North Division Spokane, WA


The Consignment Corner

1-90 & Barker Rd exit 293


All of our stores close on Sundays, because we put family before profit.

We’re not perfect...

64   Coeur d’Alene Living Local |

...but this is.

September 2013 Coeur d'Alene Living Local