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Women in the industry

BMG offers extensive range of Fluid Technology Systems

JUL/AUG 2019

Turning data into value

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JUL/AUG 2019

PUMPS Cape Town in a slow recovery from the worst drought ever 6 Turning data into value 8 Watson Marlow expands support level in South Africa


BMG Aro Pro series air operated diaphragm pumps


Hydraulically driven dewatering pumps added to Integrated Pump Rental fleet


Sulzer South Africa is a proudly service-oriented, solution-driven company


Successful demonstration test on large centrifugal diesel pump


Remote monitoring, control and analysis of pumping systems using 4IR technology


Mines convert to WarmanÂŽ froth pumps


Water flinger adopted by the pump manufacturer


Motor rehabilitation in Zambia keeps mine pumping


Not just any pump will do for a filter press


PRODUCTS & SERVICES Atlas Copco opens the doors to their Home of Industrial Ideas


VALVES Atlas Copco opens the doors to their Home of Industrial Ideas AC Valves cc – 21 Years in action Pressure Relief Valves: take the pressure of more than just storage tanks.

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WOMEN IN THE INDUSTRY Lorraine Smart, Xylem Water Solutions South Africa


Nadine Hazel Kemp, Klinger


Sindi Dlamini, Pamodzi Unique Engineering


Bianca De Kock, Macsteel Fluid Control




Crowd-pleasing KZN Industrial Technology Expo brings industrial technology solutions under one roof




Women in the industry

BMG offers extensive range of Fluid Technology Systems

Turning data into value

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Macsteel Fluid Control

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Pipes, Pumps and Valves Africa - Jul/Aug 2019


Partnering for success COVER STORY

Macsteel Fluid Control have added to their already impressive portfolio becoming the Sub-Saharan agent for L&T Valves, a leader in flow-control solutions for the oil and gas domain. Pipes, Pumps & Valves Africa spoke to Rowan Blomquist, Business Unit Executive for Macsteel Fluid Control to find out more. Several recent industry developments highlight what appears to be renewed confidence in particularly Southern Africa's oil and gas sector with some of the most significant discoveries in recent history having been found in the region. Gas, in particular, has the power to transform African nations' economies and energy industries. Laying out the necessary infrastructure to service this industry might be very capital intensive, but it is one that holds major opportunity for local companies, says Blomquist. “Considering all of the ongoing developments in the oil and gas sector, particularly in Mozambique, we identified it as a growth sector as far back as five years ago,” he says. Suppliers and stockists of a comprehensive range of valves, actuators, liquid level gauges, filter systems, valve interlock systems and a full range of steam products including traps, strainers and control valves the company has established itself as a leader in its field. "Macsteel Fluid Control is a key niche-focused business which operates throughout various industry sectors," explains Blomquist. "We are also the sole franchise holder in Southern and Sub-Saharan Africa for a wide range of well-known product brands." But it was particularly in the growing oil and gas sector that the company needed to improve its offering. “As we did not have an approved gate, globe and check valve in our offering it was imperative to find a manufacturer that we could partner with to be able to better service the oil and gas sector locally.” This saw Blomquist and his team engage with a range of suppliers over a period of six months before finally settling on L&T Valves, a subsidiary of Larsen & Toubro, an R260 billion ($17 billion) technology and engineering conglomerate. "We realised very quickly that this was the company we wanted to work with. Over the past five decades L&T has built an impressive installed base across the globe in onshore and offshore facilities, pipelines, and LNG and GTL projects," says Blomquist. Securing the deal L&T Valves, says Blomquist, understand the unique challenges that the oil and gas industry presents. "Their portfolio of high-performance solutions successfully addresses these challenges," he says. L&T’s wide range of gate, globe and check valves are all successfully tested to the most stringent industry standards, offering unmatched safety and reliability in risky operating conditions. The company prides itself on products that have been designed for severe services in hostile environments. Erosion and corrosion-resistant valves, in high, allows 4

Pipes, Pumps and Valves Africa - Jul/Aug 2019

and with specialised surface coatings that can endure any circumstances but are easy to maintain are exactly what is required in the robust African landscape. "As important as it is for us to have these products in our portfolio, it is just as critical for a manufacturer like L&T Valves to have a partner in Africa," says Blomquist. "It would be impossible for any company to be successful in the region without having feet on the ground. We are continuously onsite working with customers providing the best solutions to their needs be it the modification or adjustment of valves or finding new options to implement."He says operating that internation/ally while supplying stock would simply not be feasible. “We are very excited about securing this exclusive distribution contract with L&T Valves for Sub Saharan Africa,” he says. Meeting demand L&T Valves have a flexible manufacturing infrastructure


designed to address the variety of designs, sizes, pressure classes and materials in any world-scale oil and gas project. These products say, Blomquist, are now available across Southern Africa and can be on-site within days.

“These products are not only specialised for the oil and gas sector, but they are also unique as they are all approved by the major multi-national companies in this space,” says Blomquist. Macsteel has also committed to carrying a substantial amount of stock locally. “Much of the stock has already arrived in Johannesburg from where we will distribute across the region and continent.” This brings an end to long lead times waiting for valves to arrive. “Our stock order had a lead time of 30 weeks. Add to that shipment and transport times and one is looking at around 36 weeks before the stock is in South Africa,” says Blomquist. “The oil and gas sector cannot wait that long for a commodity product. Our ability to be able to have the valves to them within days is a major benefit.” Macsteel Fluid Control also employs only highly skilled technical personnel with expertise and detailed knowledge of product design and specifications. “We pride ourselves on being a solutions provider rather than just a valve supplier,” says Blomquist. “Too often when a valve fails it is just replaced. Our goal is to work with our customers and find solutions by understanding why it failed.” The company has also invested heavily in testing and quality control systems to service the oil and gas sector. “We have purchased our pressure test as well as PMI equipment and have a dedicated quality control team to handle this product almost exclusively.” Macsteel Fluid Control, Rowan Blomquist, Tel: +27 (0) 11 383-4000, rowan.blomquist@macfluid.co.za, www.macsteel.co.za Pipes, Pumps and Valves Africa - Jul/Aug 2019



Cape Town in a slow recovery from the worst drought ever The South African city is on its way back from serious water depletion. Even though things are moving in the right direction, alternative measures are still applied to protect and share resources. The mist flows down the rugged mountainside of Table Mountain, just above Cape Town, creating the iconic ‘Tablecloth’ image. As it nears the bustling, broiling city, it quickly evaporates and vanishes. Not much rain is falling on the dry land and the water-restricted city, and all 4 million citizens are regulated to living on a maximum of 70 litres of water per day. “The water level in our dams has increased. We are close to double the amount we had last year. This time last year, Cape Town had just been declared a National Disaster, as the city was critically close to running out of water,” says Grant Cannon, Sales Engineer from Grundfos South Africa. The authorities announced early in 2018 the arrival of ‘Day Zero'. A doomed date when the city would be forced to turn off the taps to all residents, who would then need to resort to queuing daily at 200 collection points within the City, to collect their daily quota. Emergency measures were enforced, and all citizens' water quotas were reduced to a mere 50 litres per day. In comparison, the world's average water consumption per person is 185 litres per day. Strict prohibitions were enforced on all non-essential municipal water usage. Gardens dried up as irrigation was banned, cars and buses covered over of grit and dirt as washing them were forbidden, public swimming pools were closed, and the many private household pools diminished and got covered. Hotels and guesthouses removed bath taps, and showers were restricted to a 2-minute luxury. Signs appeared everywhere throughout the city warning of Day Zero and encouraging everyone to keep to the daily restriction. At the same time, alternative methods of increasing water supplies were put into action. Boreholes increased capacity as groundwater was drawn, desalination plants were brought in from all over the world to assist with the emergency as businesses, tourism and agriculture struggled under the enormous pressure of the stringent rationing.


sufficient amount of water for the production of food.“We needed to find an effective solution, or we had to shut down our business. We decided to come off the municipal grid and use desalinated seawater to enable us to have a stable supply of water of high quality," says Cliffton Rajgopaul, Asset Care Manager, Sea Harvest. Cape Town receives most of its rainfall during winter, but oddly enough, has seen quite a lot fall during the South African summer and water levels are rising, but that has not lowered the awareness and caution as the city remains vulnerable. During 2018, many homeowners invested in water storage tanks and Grundfos pumps, to assist with alternative water solutions, and some to remove themselves completely from the grid.

“When the desalination plant at Cape Town Harbour was running at maximum capacity, it delivered 2 million litres of water per day, distributed by Grundfos pumps. The need is smaller today and the plan is to dismantle the desalination plants in about one year,” says Grant Cannon.

One example is a large apartment and office block in the upcoming area of Woodstock. Here developers hit an aquifer, as they were digging down for levels of basement parking. Now the aquifer delivers 360 cubic metres per day, more than enough to supply the whole building and also enough to provide 26 neighbouring schools with muchneeded water. This water is delivered to water storage tanks which have been installed at the schools, to ensure that they remain operational and sanitary when the municipal supply gets cut off, which is quite frequent in non-essential areas.

Up on the west coast, in the city of Saldanha, the fishing company ‘Sea Harvest’ also uses desalination to provide a

"It gives us a great deal of security to have our source of water, and the fact that we can assist underprivileged

Pipes, Pumps and Valves Africa - Jul/Aug 2019

Just on the outskirts of Cape Town, within the informal township ‘Bloekombos’, lies Masibambane Secondary School. Over-subscribed, with 1900 learners, it is assisted with alternate water provision via a non-profit organisation ‘SOS’ that transports and distributes the excess aquifer water to needy communities. Now, Masibambane school, along with five other schools in the settlement, have a sustainable solution. They can now harvest rainwater and use groundwater from a neighbouring farm, ‘Mhudi’, and thanks to a donation from Grundfos, the taps and toilets for all students in the secondary school are running and flushing again.“

Access to water in rural areas is very difficult and a school like this often experiences long periods, sometimes days, where there is no water. It is a huge challenge for them to retain a consistent supply and, sadly, schools such as these sometimes have to send the children home, which of course impacts learning time and causes huge sanitation issues" says Shelley Humphreys, Executive Director, SOS.


schools that are struggling with supply is a huge benefit," says Justin Betts, Project Manager at Swiss Property Group. In the basement, the continuous water flows at constant pressure, before Grundfos equipment treats, purifies and distributes the water.

Right now, there are nine 5,000-litre water storage tanks installed at the school, and two Grundfos pumps ensure there is now a consistent supply of water to all the taps and toilets, as well as to the micro-gardens, where the children grow vegetables to provide provisions for their daily meals. Grundfos, Tel :+27 (0) 10 248-6000, lgradidge@grundfos.com, www.grundfos.co.za

Pipes, Pumps and Valves Africa - Jul/Aug 2019


Turning data into value Most company's key reason for an online advance analytics programme is for efficiency and performance monitoring, but it is just as valuable for identifying prefailure conditions providing significant benefits in a retrofit environment, says Seth Tate, Technical Advisor at Sulzer Rotating Equipment Services.


Advanced analytics allows delivers a safe, monitored equipment environment.

Accelerating one's facility in the 21st century's Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) without bogging down the engineering or IT resources is possible. The availability of smart software services can provide significant savings and substantial operational improvement increasing the efficiency, performance and reliability of pumps and pipelines.

move to action and remove the causes of failure and retrofit its operation and improve the availability of its equipment. "This allowed them to improve the availability of their equipment by 0,08% which in turn saw them recover 72 hours per year capturing around R9,6 million ($650 000) per annum," says Tate.

"Machine learning and anomaly detection can transform your asset life and plant efficiency," says Tate. "More so, it allows you to perform the right maintenance at the right time, monitoring common wear-out failure modes for early detection and correcting potential random failures before they cause irreversible damage." According to Tate challenges when it comes to pumping systems are often the same. "The goals are also similar. Availability and throughput, performance and efficiency as well as reliability and optimisation are what most pump operators strive to achieve." Case study 1 - availability Losing a single pump on a 300 000 barrel per day pipeline can result in significant financial losses. "In this particular case there was no redundancy in the system, so when the system loses a pump, it takes a massive rate cut," says Tate. "Conservative loss of profit was estimated at R3 million ($200 000) per day." The introduction of advanced analytics on the system, however, made a major difference. "It allowed the team to identify pre-failure conditions and plan its maintenance accordingly. They could also define opportunities to reduce risks to equipment uptime." Thanks to the data received the company in question could 8

Pipes, Pumps and Valves Africa - Jul/Aug 2019

Introducing an advanced analytics programme delivers long-term improvements and cost reductions to pump operations.

Case study 2 – efficiency According to Tate advanced analytics and subsequent retrofitting also improves the performance and efficiency of the equipment. "This particular business was running a 4000 horsepower pump," he explains. "But it was only operating at 43% of its optimal flowrate. The efficiency loss alone was about R4.5 million ($300 000) per year." This also did not take into account that as the equipment is

run further back on its curve the reliability and availability is dragged down, even more, increasing costs significantly.

regulatory compliance with a minimal IT footprint and was designed to be easily scalable," he says

Using advanced analytics the company was able to actively monitor hydraulic performance an identify ways to improve the pump performance. This led to it being able to improve the hydraulic efficiency and extend the normal life of the equipment."

Designed in such a way to be a flexible approach to accommodate any company's existing IT infrastructure, it has a minimal digital footprint and secure connection to process data that can be gathered without the need for additional hardware.

Ultimately improvements of 97% were achieved. "This saw them recover 42 efficiency points and capturing R4,3 million ($292 000) per year. Again a remarkable cost saving."

"Combined with our expertise in pump manufacturing and maintenance, this cutting-edge data analysis tool can deliver long-term improvements and cost reductions."

Case study 3 – reliability

According to Tate whatever the scale of a pumping installation these tools have been designed to deliver optimised pump solutions.

Reliability, says Tate, is arguably one of the most important factors for any pump operator. "Reliable equipment is central to a successful operation, followed by the ability to optimise that equipment," he says. Using the example of a company where chronic seal failures were experienced, Tate showcases how advanced analytics saves the day. "Coming in at R267,000 ($18 000) per occurrence it was critical for management to find a solution to this problem. The potential loss of profit was estimated conservatively at R2,1 million ($144 000) per occurrence."


Machine learning can transform your asset life.

Sulzer, Tel :+27 (0) 11 820-6000, www.sulzer.com

Thanks to the data acquired analysis to illuminate the cause of failure was possible. "This also provided the necessary statistics to justify the improvements," says Tate.This led to retrofit and a 15-month mechanical life improvement at the plant. "A total of 540 hours of labour was recovered per year and the business captured back R3,7 million ($252 000) per year." Implementing analytics According to Tate integrating of the IIoT into an existing production environment is not as difficult as many think. "There are three key actions to an IIoT advanced analytics programme starting with acquiring data. The physical data in the field has to then be digitised and following that, analysed. The final step is acting on the insights. This is by far the most difficult of the entire process as it involves the corporate culture and can be quite complex." Tate says products like Sulzer's Blue Box, a set of smart software services leveraging the Internet of Things for asset optimization and real-time predictive maintenance easy to implement."It is a cloud-based solution that simplifies Pipes, Pumps and Valves Africa - Jul/Aug 2019



Watson Marlow expands support level in South Africa

Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group (WMFTG) has reached a new milestone in South Africa with the opening of a new, larger office, servicing facility and “Wet Lab” demonstration area, situated in Laser Park, West Rand. WMFTG is a whollyowned subsidiary of Spirax-Sarco Engineering plc (LSE: SPX), a global organisation employing approximately 4800 people worldwide.

In South Africa, the new facility will be staffed by a team of 28 people led by Nico van Schalkwyk, General Manager, who has been with the company since 1989. The facility incorporates space for ‘clean’ product stores as well as dedicated receiving and despatch areas. WMFTG is the world leader in niche peristaltic pumps and associated fluid path technologies for the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and environmental industries. The product range comprises ten established brands, each with their area of expertise, but together offering customers unrivalled solutions for their pumping and fluid transfer applications. The principle of the peristaltic pump is that the medium that is pumped does not come into contact with any of the moving parts but is contained in a robust heavy-duty hose or a precision extruded tube. A rotating shoe or roller passes along the length of the hose or tube, totally compressing it and creating a seal between suction and the discharge side of the pump thus eliminating product slip. Upon 10

Pipes, Pumps and Valves Africa - Jul/Aug 2019

restitution of the hose or tube, a strong vacuum is formed drawing product into the pump. The design eliminates high maintenance costs, especially when pumping abrasive materials. The new larger premises, totalling more than 2300 sq metres will provide additional levels of technical support and service for the Bredel range of high-pressure hose pumps, MasoSine sinusoidal pumps and Watson-Marlow peristaltic pumps and tubing. Along with extra space for warehousing and pump servicing, the new facility incorporates a fully equipped training centre and test lab. This area has been designed to deliver operation and maintenance training to WMFTG's staff as well as distributors and customers. At the recent opening ceremony of the new premises, Nico van Schalkwyk welcomed guests and colleagues and made special mention of the overseas visitors who were present at this milestone. “Necessity is the mother of invention and after 16 years and three attempts later we finally received the green light to acquire

Further, Rachel Pallett, Sales and Marketing Manager, Europe, Africa and the Middle East, performed the opening ceremony and commented, "This is my first visit to South Africa and the help and support I have received has been overwhelming. I am privileged to be here on this occasion to see the work the team has done to place this facility on par with our top facilities around the world. There is no doubt

that this is a great platform that will take the business to the next level.”


these premises. This, I see as a great step in consolidating our business not only for our staff but for our distributors and customers as well. It is not only the financial side but the human spirit of our staff and the hard work of our management team which has helped to reach the objective that you see today”, said Nico van Schalkwyk.

“This is a very exciting time for my team and I. We’re delighted that the investment in additional facilities allows us to offer a much deeper level of support to our many customers. I am particularly proud that we are offering the first peristaltic test lab in South Africa which will keep us one step ahead of our competitors,” concluded van Schalkwyk. Watson Marlow Tel :+27 (0) 11 796-2960 Nico.Van.Schalkwyk@wmftg.com, www.watson-marlow.com/za-en/

much more than just a pump in a


complete pumping solutions Email. info@pumptechnology.co.za


Pipes, Pumps and Valves Africa - Jul/Aug 2019


BMG Aro Pro series air operated diaphragm pumps PUMPS

BMG has been appointed by Ingersoll Rand as distributors of the ARO® Pro series diaphragm pumps. “ARO air-operated diaphragm pumps have been designed to pump virtually any type of liquid with ease - ranging from clean, light to medium viscosity fluids, to highly corrosive and abrasive fluids. ARO pumps can also transfer large particles without damaging the pump,” explains Joe Pinheiro, BMG’s National Product Manager, Pumps. “This range is suitable for general industrial and OEM installation applications in diverse industries, including chemical and petrochemical, manufacturing, energy, pharmaceutical, mining, oil and gas and water and wastewater sectors. “Notable features include a seal-less, self-priming design, with low material shear and minimal maintenance requirements. These portable pumps are easy-to-install and can run dry without damage. Most ARO diaphragm pumps are ATEX certified (CE Ex11 2GD X) enabling safe use in potentially explosive areas. This feature makes the ARO pumps ideal for underground applications, such as dewatering.” ARO Pro series air-operated diaphragm pump air motors, which are lubrication-free, have positive sealing characteristics and make use of a specially-designed unbalanced air valve to prevent stalling issues associated with operation at low pressures. Exhaust valves divert cold air away from components that are prone to ice build-up. ARO pumps allow users to vary the flow outlet and discharge pressure as low as 1 litre per minute, up to 1 040 litres per minute for larger sizes and to adjust fluid pressure up to 123 psi (8.5 bar) by using an air filter/regulator and a needle valve. Metallic and non-metallic air-operated diaphragm pumps are available from BMG in various materials and porting configurations to suit numerous applications, including transfer, loading/unloading/filling, re-circulation, system flushing and batching/blending in many industries. ARO metallic diaphragm pumps are manufactured in Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron and Hastelloy, while non-metallic units are available in Polypropylene, Acetal and PVDF. A full range of internal materials, such as Nitrile, Santoprene, PTFE, Hytrel and Neoprene are also offered. A range of speciality pumps is also available from BMG, including Stainless Steel sanitary pumps (FDA approved), 3:1 high-pressure pump, submersible diaphragm pumps, air-driven submersible pumps, anti-freeze blending pumps and UL-approved fuel transfer pumps. 12

Pipes, Pumps and Valves Africa - Jul/Aug 2019

BMG’s ARO air-operated diaphragm pumps have been designed to pump virtually any type of liquid with ease - ranging from clean, light to medium viscosity fluids, to highly corrosive and abrasive fluids. ARO pumps can also transfer large particles without damaging the pump.

All ARO fluid handling products have been engineered to deliver performance and serviceability, enabling users to achieve the best total cost of ownership. BMG supports this range with a technical advisory service to ensure the selection of the most suitable pump for every application. The company also supplies a full range of ARO diaphragm pump parts and accessories for standard repair and maintenance requirements. BMG World, Joe Pinheiro, Tel :+27 (0) 11 620-7372, josep@bmgworld.net, www.bmgworld.net

The third IFAT Africa, held from July 9 to 11, 2019, was able to reinforce its reputation as the leading trade fair for water, sewage, refuse and recycling at Gallagher Convention Centre. The growing numbers of exhibitors and visitors created a spirit of enthusiasm on the fair ground in Johannesburg, South Africa, as well as optimism with regard to the environmental technologies market in this part of the world.


Hydraulically driven dewatering pumps added to Integrated Pump Rental fleet No two pump rental applications are unlike, and it is this understanding that has positioned Integrated Pump Rental as one of the leading pump rental operations in South Africa. Managing director, Lee Vine, says that some dewatering applications are simple plug-and-play operations where access to electric power is not an issue, but others, especially in remote or difficult to reach areas, require the use of diesel driven pump sets. “Large diesel driven pump sets are not always the answer where electricity is not available and to provide customers with an effective solution we recently introduced the Quax hydraulically driven pump range into our fleet.” Not only will these hydraulically driven submersible pumps complement the existing Integrated Pump Rental fleet by filling the gap between the electrically operated submersibles and those powered by diesel, but it will also open opportunities for the company to extend its reach into other markets. Vine says these include dewatering on construction and infrastructure projects in built-up areas as well as in the wastewater treatment sector. “Quax is well proven in Europe. It is a reliable workhorse that can pump in all sorts of conditions. Apart from dealing with large particles and sludge, the pumps work particularly well where the suction lift can be an issue,” Vine says. The Quax range of submersible pumps includes a 2”, 3”, 4” and 6” unit, and all units are equipped with a run-dry capability, which is considered essential in dewatering applications. The pumps are simple to install and operate and offer reliable pumping even under challenging conditions. This, Vine, says enables end-users to dewater effectively in areas that are traditionally difficult to reach. The pumps are equipped with a range of impeller option, increasing the versatility of these units. This includes a twobladed impeller for dealing with large particles, a screw impeller for pumping in thick sludge, a stainless steel impeller for applications with a low pH and a high head impeller.Each hydraulic powerpack is well suited to the individual pump making it compact yet powerful, and each has an automatic shutdown feature should the installation operate outside of its set temperature parameters. The silent powerpack is fully enclosed which reduces noise during operation and makes these units suitable for operation in a suburban area. All pumps are supplied with the requisite accessories for the dewatering application at hand, and this includes pump hose flotation devices. 14

Pipes, Pumps and Valves Africa - Jul/Aug 2019

The robust Quax submersible pumps are hydraulically driven.

Quax hydraulically driven submersible pump are available from Integrated Pump Rental for outright purchase or rental. Integrated Pump Rental, Ruaan Venter, Tel :+27 (0) 11 894-2906, www.pumprental.co.za






Customer care: 0860 10 27 99 www.stewartsandlloyds.co.za

Sulzer South Africa is a proudly service-oriented, solution-driven company PUMPS

Specialising in finding an overall solution tailored to meet each client’s individual needs, the company has built a reputation of delivering fast and effective results. Pipes, Pumps and Valves Africa caught up with Robert Blignaut, Head of Sales, and David Landsberg, Sulzer Head of Services, to find out more. Power generation plays a critical role in the Sulzer South Africa portfolio considering its partnership with Eskom alone dates back to the early 1990’s when the first contracts were signed to supply and maintain a broad range of pumps to Eskom power stations. But, says Landsberg, it is not just in the Eskom sphere where the company operates. “Power generation is an important part of our business. It is a sector that we are very active in and that we service widely.” Be it fossil-fired, nuclear or renewable power generation, Sulzer has a high-performance pump for efficient operations. More so, its maintenance and repair services for turbines, pumps and generators make it a highly sought after service provider in the power generation sector. “Our business has definitely evolved with the adoption of new technologies particularly in the renewable power sector,” says Blignaut. “We have pump ranges suited for any power generation plant from nuclear to gas to fossilfired and renewables. More so, we can critically adapt our product and service to suit the exact requirements of a client – an offering that we are continuously expanding on.” Partnering for success In South Africa, Sulzer has traditionally been known as a pump company. Internationally, however, it is far better known for its ability to supply and service all rotating equipment and not just the pump itself, with its customers benefiting from a network of over 180 production and service sites around the world.

the criticality of the equipment it supplies and continues to supply.

Locally, it is in its partnership with Eskom that Sulzer has proven its power generation capabilities. It highlights the company’s track record. “We offer a complete plant solution to clients,” says Blignaut.

“We are responsible for the most critical pumps on Eskom power generation sites,” says Blignaut. “We pride ourselves on the fact that these pumps are maintained to international standards and operate to those same standards.”

Offering a wide range of pumping solutions, Sulzer customers benefit from extensive research and development implementing the latest industry standards and technologies. Its highly efficient products help reduce emissions and energy consumption, while the state-of-theart production and testing facilities around the globe ensure the most effective supply chain and highest quality, not to mention reliability.

The company have recently renewed their Eskom contracts – the first time it has won these in an open tender process.

Whilst Sulzer is not the only pump supplier to Eskom, it is the only pump supplier with the service agreement in place to maintain and keep its pumps going at all times due to 16

Pipes, Pumps and Valves Africa - Jul/Aug 2019

There are several reasons behind Sulzer’s equipment reliability says Landsberg. “It starts with a well-designed operation and the high quality equipment we supply. That is amplified by the maintenance and service that we offer maintaining the OEM standard throughout any refurbishments and/or upgrades.” “With regards to Eskom we have very good support structures in place and have a team of more than a 100

people in place, responsible for servicing the client and ensuring daily maintenance to equipment.” But, says Blignaut, it is their ability to deliver the same service to any client that makes the company stand out beyond that of the power generation field.


“We design specifically to the needs of a client for a specific purpose. These are not off the shelf solutions,” he says. “When it comes to a national electricity provider like Eskom it is understandable how reliable our equipment and service has to be. We cannot have a single pump go down.”There is no room for error, emphasizes Landsberg. “The availability of the pumps are simply not negotiable. If a pump has to be removed, refurbished and reinstalled it is all done without interrupting overall operations.” Making businesses competitive Technological advancements are a given in the modern business environment. Like any other OEM research and development plays a large role. “From a power generation perspective many of the large power stations were built in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s Technology installed has become dated,” says Blignaut. “We specialize in refurbishing and upgrading these power stations by bringing the pumps and rotating equipment into the 21st century.” The retrofit team of Sulzer Pumps optimizes and upgrades pump systems and rotating equipment improving overall performance. “There is a lot of emphasis on delivering solutions where equipment not only has to be fit to reduce energy and maintenance costs, but also contribute to a greener footprint.”

Sulzer pumps are operational across South Africa be it at the Koeberg nuclear power station, the Ankerlig Gas power plant or one of the coal-fired plants. “It comes down to our ability to offer our clients costeffective and competitive solutions that are bespoke. This comes with complete reliability and safety wherever they are.” Sulzer, Tel: +27 (0)11 820-6000, www.sulzer.com

Pipes, Pumps and Valves Africa - Jul/Aug 2019


Successful demonstration test on large centrifugal diesel pump PUMPS

The South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) conducted a successful 4-hour demonstration test on one of the country's largest centrifugal diesel pump systems.

The test was conducted today, in Pretoria at the SABS' pump test facility. The pump weighs 32 000 kg, can pump water at a rate of 2 800 m3/h (cubic meters per hour) and is used under emergency conditions for the suppression of Hydrofluoric Acid vapour. The performance test forms part of a customer process to demonstrate the functional capability of diesel and pump combination to its end user. The SABS pump test facility can test several rotodynamic pumps which include centrifugal, mixed flow or axial pumps. The tests are conducted according to the specifications referenced in the South African National Standard (SANS) 9906-2016. "These large pumps with their huge capacity are required in the mining, petrochemicals and power sectors when large volumes of water are needed to be pumped. Using a diesel engine ensures that they can be used when an emergency occurs, such as fire or vapour release. The SABS has conducted many tests at this facility since 1978 and this is the largest system in recent years." says Johan Louw, Executive of SABS Laboratory Services. The SABS test facility has a water tank and sump that is 5 meters deep and contains 735 000 litres of water. "The SABS is the ideal choice for testing and certifying of rotodynamic pumps. Our test equipment allows us to test submersible pump systems as well. Some of the regular tests that we conduct include pressure, flow and torque tests against SANS 9906: 2016," says Erich Seeger, Senior Manager: SABS Laboratory Services. 18

Pipes, Pumps and Valves Africa - Jul/Aug 2019

SABS has a large 300m2 laboratory which is capable of configuring various sizes of equipment and pipe systems. Line limits on the water flow include: • 80 mm line up to 114 m³/h • 150 mm line up to 350 m³/h • 250 mm line up to 850 m³/h • 400 mm line up to 2000 m³/h • 700 mm line up to 8000 m³/h The test facility also has the following valves available: • 150 mm actuated valve • 200 mm manual valve • 250 mm actuated valve • 300 mm manual valve • 400 mm butterfly manual/actuated valve "Most of the high volume pumps are manufactured by international companies and are then assembled in South Africa. Having a South African test facility that offers independent test facilities for the benefit of local manufacturers and importers. Since November 2018 the SABS has enabled customer-specific requirements (CSR) testing which will also support the local manufacturers' development and export objectives. The SABS is recognised for their independent and reputable test facility and has plans for further enhancing its capabilities', says Seeger. www.sabs.co.za

A.C. Valves cc: The owners Andrew Bergstorm and Collin Scott established A.C. Valves cc from very humble beginnings in 1998 with the aim to recondition valves, and since has grown into a medium sized enterprise, based in Wadeville, Germiston. A.C. Valves cc, manufacture and supply Knife Gate Valves to the Mining Industries, Department of Water and Sanitation, Paper and Pulp, and Chemical Industries. We also manufacture on customer request and specification. At A.C. Valves cc we are constantly striving for product excellence, working hand in hand with customer at all times.

Local Manufacturing: A.C. Valves cc manufacture all of its valves locally.

Quality Control: To provide quality products and services, we have very strict internal quality control, there for testing is done to all valves manufactured by us.

6 Dame Street, Wadeville, Germiston P.O. Box 13557 Elspark 1418 Tel: +27 (0)11 822 2358 Fax: +27 (0)86 504 2119 Cell: +27 (0)82 467 1200 Andrew Cell: +27 (0)82 467 1196 Collin E-mail: acvalvescc@mweb.co.za Website: www.acvalvescc.co.za

Remote monitoring, control and analysis of pumping systems using 4IR technology PUMPS

Lyon van der Merwe, Product Manager at Franklin Electric SA, presented a paper at INDUTEC’s 11th edition of its Pumps, Valves & Pipes (PVP) Africa Conference. The 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) – what is it? When answering this question there are three viewpoints to consider: • The technological view, which may be biased towards technology push and may result in premature technology application. Threatening users with new technology and uncertainties is a most inviting and interesting viewpoint since it lends itself to so many fast and interesting developments with incredible "future fiction" scope such as connectivity of all devices and needs, leading to the Internet of Things (IoT) which makes “Big data” collection possible and can result in artificial intelligence (AI), the core of which is the brainpower behind the next generation robots, robotics and other technologies such as 3D printing, blockchain software, wearable technologies and even genetic engineering. • The ideological view focuses on ideological shifts towards healthy ecosystems, healthy workers, healthy consumers and in the case of pumping systems even “optimized water for all". This viewpoint is almost too far removed from daily reality to consider but where life-threatening water security questions remain unanswered, as is the case today, this viewpoint becomes a reality. • The third and almost philosophical view (meaning that it is even further removed from reality) is one of “free energy” (renewable energy) today and “free water” tomorrow.

So, the question of what 4IR is, remains mostly unanswered but in a nutshell, and from all viewpoints, at least as far as commonality is concerned, it can be defined as an era in which we see the emergence of cyber-physical systems or physical systems (including water pumping systems) that have a distinct amount of self-thinking and autonomous decision-making capabilities and that can communicate with human users, operators or other interested parties. The remaining futuristic part of this new cyber-physical systems world is contained in one simple question: "When will these systems start doing a better job without human interference?” What causes industrial revolutions? There are mainly two components to the answer, in this case, being an increase in labour costs and secondly when the efficient scaling of technologies becomes possible. In the case of pumping systems labour costs can be reduced (and are reduced today) by designing systems that require fewer site visits and manual intervention, systems with self-diagnosis and self-control features, such as water level, water pressure and start/stop control decision-making capabilities. Additionally, services are included in water pumping systems offerings today as part of the product purchase. Designs to securely scale up technologies using the cloud and blockchain mechanisms, standardising on complexity

Figure 1 Efficiency of old - 37% wire-to-water


Pipes, Pumps and Valves Africa - Jul/Aug 2019

by pooling expert knowledge, manufacturing with increased repeatability and embracing connectivity and communication through IoT technologies are all factors leading to ever-increasing scaling opportunities, which eventually fuels the next industrial revolution. Franklin Electric is utilising their commitment to and understanding of complex dewatering applications together with cutting edge scientific methodologies to offer specialised dewatering solutions in South Africa that are 40% - 80% more cost-effective than any other on the local market.

Figure 2 Integrated water pumping system - improved wire-to-water efficiency of 62%

Franklin Electric’s specialised dewatering solutions are based on a highly functional data collection, control and communication system to ensure smooth flowing operations, from the necessary protection mechanisms and settings to deal with submersible pumping conditions, right through to data accumulation and control. Additionally, the highest efficiency borehole motors available today compliment the offer to deliver the costefficient solutions.

Figure 3 Integrated water pumping systems, making the most use of Quality, Availability, Service, Innovation and Cost

Efficiency – an often-ignored factor in the latest industrial revolution This aspect is best described by the potential energy savings possible when considering water pumping systems’ integration. Figure 1 illustrates a typical wireto-water efficiency situation where non-ideal conditions exist, resulting in a 37% overall efficiency. Systems approach through vertical integration of components and functionality, realizing that the whole is more than the parts and observing the complete picture result in demonstrated gains that cannot be ignored anymore. In pumping terms, it means integrating the supply, the control gear, the motor, the pump and the piping. The net result is shown in figure 2. Partial motor loading, maintaining the best

applied to submerged motor borehole and deep-well pumping were produced by Franklin Electric Inc.

ve Agents of:

.lvsa.co.za PUMPS

Figure 4 Simple remote monitoring and control anywhere

efficiency operating point of the pump, pipe leak detection and reservoir level measurement are factors that enhance overall efficiency to a staggering 67%.

ipes, Valves and Fittings

g To:

NS 191 NS 664 NS 665

The soft side of the 4IR water systems approach results in SERVICE The neglected soft side of the 4IR also assists in the understanding of where it all might be heading. Quality in the production and handling of goods, operating repeatably at micron dimensions and ensuring Availability of goods are key components to completing the circle towards the 4IR. Innovation that leads to Cost reduction has a major influence on the direction the future holds. The above-mentioned factors, however, can do little on its own, if not tightly knit by a single emerging irreducible component in the modern product offering, being Service. Figure 3 is a summary of this very important interplay that turns unpersonal loosestanding water pumping systems into 4IR IoT connected, intelligent, reduced cost (minimum cost of ownership) selfmanaged and self-controlled systems, ready for the next industrial revolution.

SANS 1551 SANS 1849

Figure 5 Franklin Electric makes the job easy and cost-efficient

Intelligence at your fingertips – convenient and available 24/7/365 Franklin Electric’s specialised dewatering solutions are based on the latest technologies available in the required fields of application including motors, pumps, controls, field instrumentation and communication - an approach that offers durability, friendly user interfacing and ease of operations and maintenance, resulting in increased uptime and an overall reduction in cost of ownership by providing the correct pumps, motors, monitoring equipment and accessories to increase product life-span and reduce problems which result in downtime. Franklin Electric is a leading manufacturer of world-class borehole pumping and other systems since 1944, providing innovative products for a multitude of applications across the globe. The very first patents, products and technologies 22

Pipes, Pumps and Valves Africa - Jul/Aug 2019

Franklin Electric’s specialised dewatering solutions have been available in South Africa since 2014 and are used primarily in the mining industry to control water levels to ensure that mining operations are secured and safely undertaken. The pumps that are used for mine dewatering must be able to operate in extremely hostile conditions and are often situated deep underground which can adversely affect the operation of the pumps and make servicing difficult and time-consuming, negatively affecting the viability of the mine. Franklin Electric has incorporated specially developed and patented technology into their pumps, motors and control systems to ensure that repairs are quick and cost-effective while a state-of-the-art monitoring and control centre uses a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) system to integrate water flow and water level and measurements. All parameters are recorded, logged and made available for operational and management purposes. Data and operational information can be accessed remotely via satellite (BGAN), cellular (GSM), WiFi or radio systems. The VFD system is pre-programmed to manage and protect the motor and pump, accept transducer signals to ensure that the operation is controlled as well as collecting all information, linked to the Remote Terminal Unit (RTU). The SCADA control system developed by Franklin Electric for dewatering, monitoring and control applications makes use of an RTU strategically placed in the mine dewatering field that is configured to collect direct and indirect VFD data such as voltage, current, frequency, torque, consumed power, operating time, pressure and flow rates. Franklin Electric manufactures the motors and pumps as well as designs and supervises the assembly of the control panels used in this field. Franklin Electric has expert knowledge in selecting the correct pumps and motors, programming controls and drives for successful operation as well as servicing installed equipment and collecting and managing site data using the Franklin Electric SCADA control system. The specialised dewatering solutions that Franklin Electric offers also address the challenge of integrating sensor networks with current SCADA systems due to limited interoperability, as users can access all data by physically going to the master well or connecting to its RTU via remote satellite or GSM network. Also, the Franklin Electric dewatering and monitoring control centre utilises real-time interaction between all wells’ VFD systems, sensor data and users in the field, allowing the RTU to detect and report a problem without delay.Dewatering in the complex and harsh mining environment is tough but crucial and requires a combination of expert performance together with minimal operating expenses. Franklin Electric’s broad range of pumping solutions coupled with full control, monitoring and remote SCADA systems delivers complete specialised dewatering solutions that ensure durability, reliability and performance. Contact Franklin Electric, Gideon Swanepoel, Tel +27 11 723-6500, GSwanepoel@fele.com, www.franklin-electric.co.za




. Telephone : +27 (0) 11 680 2005 Email : sales@lvsa.co.za

Solid Handling Specialists With more than 50 years in manufacture of dry bulk materials handling equipment, AMDROTOLOK is proud to continue the supply of quality equipment to our many long standing and valued both local and international clients

Tel: +27 (0) 11 674-1166/7 Cell: +27 (0) 82 411-8658 Fax: +27 (0) 11 674-4372

Our partial product range includes: • • • • •

Rotary Valves Flap Valves Knife Gate Screw Conveyors Bucket Elevators, etc. Repairs & reconditioning on all the above products including other brands

theo.sherman@amd-rotolok.co.za www.rotolok.co.za

Mines convert to Warman® froth pumps PUMPS

The value of Weir Minerals’ Warman® AHF pump range in pumping frothy, high density and viscous slurries has been successfully proven at two mines in South Africa’s Limpopo province – one in platinum and the other in phosphates. Handling froth in some process circuits can be very challenging, as froth will airbind a conventional slurry pump. In froth applications, the Warman® AHF inducer impeller solves this problem, producing far less surging. The inducer impeller and oversized inlet enhance the movement of the froth, high density or viscous slurries into the impeller, facilitating effective transportation. In addition, its higher efficiencies mean a smaller pump will deliver the required results. At the platinum operation, a Warman® AHF 2 pump was commissioned in early 2016. It has met the specified flow rate of 40 m3/h with no pump-related stoppages, repairs or replacements. A 12 month trial period showed that the unit saved the mine over R200,000 when compared to the cost of the competitor pump installed previously. Based on this, the mine replaced another eight competitor products with Warman® AHF pumps. It has approved the Warman® AHF 3 pumps as standard for all frothy applications at the plant’s first flotation section, and Warman® AHF 2 pumps for the second flotation section. The Warman® AHF pumps – with Hi Seal® expeller (dry gland) design – were also tested in a viscous slurry application at the phosphate mine for six months. They demonstrated that they could continuously pump the high density viscous underflow slurry at relative densities above 1,90. As a result, the customer purchased the pump and began upgrading all the remaining concentrate thickener underflow pumps to the Warman® AHF pump technology. This reduced the plant’s operational costs significantly, reduced dewatering and concentrate moisture extraction operations, improved filtration efficiency and increased concentrate throughput to the dryers. The Warman® AHF pump also extended the underflow pumping boundaries and the overall reliability of the thickener underflow pumping system. Other field and laboratory tests have proven that the Warman® AHF pump has largely overcome the problem of high density viscous underflow slurries, with negligible effects on head at slurry yield stresses up to 200 Pa. “The approach to solving any thickener underflow pumping 26

Pipes, Pumps and Valves Africa - Jul/Aug 2019

The Warman AHF inducer impeller solves the problems experienced with pumping froth with a conventional pump.

problem must be based on a thorough understanding of the entire application, the mineralogy and rheological behaviour of the slurry,” says Jacques Pretorius, Weir Minerals Africa’s pump product development specialist. “Successful thickener underflow pumping projects are only achievable through involving a team of thickener engineers, pumping engineers and rheological consultants. Weir Minerals’ pump trial campaigns confirm the successful operability of the Warman AHF pumps in viscous slurry applications,” he concludes. Weir Minerals, Rajen Govender, Tel :+27 (0) 11 617-0700, rajen.govender@mail.weir, www.global.weir

Water flinger adopted by the pump manufacturer A Southern African pump manufacturer has received its order for Vesconite low-swell hard-wearing water-flinger polymer bearings for four of its pump sizes.

“The manufacturer designed a water flinger (deflector) solution that would attach to the release collar on the shaft,” describes Vesconite Bearings technical sales consultant Phillip de Villiers.“This would mean that excess water from the gland packing would be deflected with the rotation of the shaft,” he says. However, the initial solution employed a phenolic laminated material, which was found to absorb water and delaminate. To eliminate these problems the company then called on De Villiers, who suggested Vesconite as an alternative material that would not swell or delaminate and had the added advantage of being suitable in dirty environments because of its excellent wear-resistant properties. “Samples were produced and tested and, proving successful, the manufacturer ordered water flingers of various designs for its different pump sizes,” reports De Villiers. “The whole process from sample production to first-order


The manufacturer found that its horizontal centrifugal pumps, as a result of high pressure, had a problem of water escaping from the gland packing - the material that should form a watertight seal around the shaft.This resulted in dirty water being sprayed on to the non-drive-end bearing assembly and, in turn, resulted in the seizure, failure, and a high maintenance and downtime cost to replace the bearing assembly.

Two of the different water flingers that have been produced

took three months,” he says. The pump manufacturer intends to use Vesconite water flingers in all of its pumps, which are used in a variety of applications. It is active in a multitude of African countries, including South Africa, Zimbabwe and in the DRC, in which some of the first Vesconite water flingers will be installed in a dewatering pump in the mine. Vesconite, Phillip de Villiers, Tel :+27 (0) 11 616-1111, phillip@vesconite.com, www.vesconite.com

2019 10-11 SEPT 2019 | 9AM-5PM & 12 SEPT 2019 | 9AM-3PM GABORONE FAIRGROUNDS | BOTSWANA

One Platform.Multiple Industry Solutions.


2019/05/13 14:42

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Motor rehabilitation in Zambia keeps mine pumping Marthinusen & Coutts’ Cleveland Engineering Services Division, a division of ACTOM (Pty) Ltd, recently teamed up with the Marthinusen & Coutts Kitwe facility in Zambia to rehabilitate medium voltage pump motors in one of the wettest mines in Africa. A pump OEM had approached Marthinusen & Coutts, the largest after-market service provider of electrical and mechanical rotating machines in Africa, to assess several underground pump motors. There was an urgency to the situation due to the risk of flooding should there be any undue interruptions in pumping operations. Investigations revealed that the motors driving the pumps were in a poor condition, with this severely affecting the availability and the performance of the pump chambers. This required the initiation of a detailed refurbishment programme, involving the procurement of spare parts, the setting up of an on-site bearing store, and taking the lead in returning the motors to full service. Where possible, the motors were repaired in situ – thus avoiding any possible crisis of underground flooding – while others were removed for full refurbishment. The highest level of engineering practices was followed during repairs, re-installation and commissioning. Ongoing support is also being provided, including the training of mine maintenance staff, the development of installation and commissioning specifications, conducting of regular site inspections, management of spares, and continual engagement with mine engineering management.










Pipes, Pumps and Valves Africa - Jul/Aug 2019

Marthinusen & Coutts operates six state-of-the-art repair and manufacturing facilities – in Johannesburg, Benoni, Sasolburg, Rustenburg, Harare and Kitwe. Supported by a network of technically equipped partners throughout Africa, it provides services not only in Africa but globally. Contact Marthinusen & Coutts, Tel: +27 (0) 11 607-1700, support@mandc.co.za, www.mandc.co.za

6th edition

11 - 12 September 2019 Sun Exhibits, GrandWest, Cape Town

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The leading services expo for the Maritime, Offshore, Marine and Oil & Gas Industries Join over 1500+ of your industry colleagues at Cape Industries Showcase taking place from 11 - 12 September 2019 at Sun Exhibits, Grand West in Cape Town. THE show for marine/offshore, maritime and oil & gas industry professionals! info@capeindustriesshowcase.com (CPT) +27 21 700 5500 / (JHB) +27 11 783 7250


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Not just any pump will do for a filter press


As a mission-critical system in the mineral concentration process, the filter press demands a carefully selected pump to ensure optimal performance and uptime.

Technical backup for the slurry pump range is readily available through the extensive branch network throughout the region.

According to Marnus Koorts, product manager for slurry pumps at Weir Minerals Africa, the role of a filter press in recovering valuable saleable product is an important consideration for a mine operator. The high pressures associated with operating a filter press, however, often lead the pump to underperform. “The operation of a filter press involves a wide spectrum of pressure and flow conditions within each cycle,” Koorts says. “This ranges from high-flow, low-pressure conditions when the slurry is initially being pumped into the press, to low-flow and high-pressure when full.” He emphasises that it is not enough to simply specify a pump for the average of this range of conditions. Rather, it is vital to establish the minimum and maximum values on the spectrum and to specify accordingly. “Filter presses in the market can demand pressures of up to 45 bar,” he says. “In many cases, therefore, the application requires high-pressure pumps such as the Warman AHPP high-pressure range. Where lower pressure requirements are present, the newer technology of the Warman WBH could be used as it is generally a more efficient pump with longer wear life of spare parts.” Failure of the pump to deliver enough pressure to the filter results in the solid-liquid separation process being inefficient. The selection of the right size of the pump is, 30

Pipes, Pumps and Valves Africa - Jul/Aug 2019

therefore, an important starting point in ensuring optimal operation. With decades of experience in this field, Weir Minerals Africa has developed the expertise to advise on the best selection. It also offers a wide range of pumps suitable for application with filter presses. The next key aspect of the customer’s selection, Koorts says, is the choice of sealing arrangement. This aspect of the pump can often lead to issues in the plant when a valuable product is lost through leakage. “An expeller seal is not usually recommended, as the pressure it generates to seal the pump is generally not sufficient in a filter press application,” he says. The stuffing box option can be used under certain conditions. However, the pressure of the surface water needs to be higher than the pressure inside the pump. This means that it would usually be suitable on a low-pressure pump for a low-pressure filter press. “When the filter press requires higher pressure, then the plant will have to provide a water line with a higher pressure to feed the gland, or it will not seal properly,” he says. The preferred sealing option is a mechanical seal. While more costly, the mechanical seal can offer the customer substantial savings by preventing a product being lost and

downtime being incurred. “While the benefits of a mechanical seal far outweigh its cost, it must be properly installed by a specialist,” he warns. “It is a unique piece of equipment and we see plenty that fails due to incorrect installation." A further consideration is the level of corrosive aspects of trace elements in the slurry. This can lead to rapid corrosion of mild steel pumps, and many applications require stainless steel options. The comprehensive technical backup needs to underpin each step in this process, emphasises Koorts. For Weir Minerals Africa, this begins with its high-quality local manufacturing process. This integrated process includes

The local manufacturing process at Weir Minerals includes foundry and assembly capacity for producing slurry pumps.

foundries for casting components, through to local componentry manufacture and assembly capability.


Pressure tests are conducted on slurry and dewatering pumps to ensure the quality of Weir Minerals' locally manufactured products.

“This quality control and capacity feeds into our spares availability and service exchanges for refurbished pumps,” he says. “The result is quick supply through our strategically located branch network with 12 offices in South Africa and eight through the rest of Africa.” Weir Minerals, Rajen Govender, Tel :+27 (0) 11 617-0700, rajen.govender@mail.weir, www.global.weir

100% South African BEE Compliant

Different operations producing great results Support and save with local manufacture Range of Eco progressive cavity pumps and spares including explosive emulsion dispensing pump units. Wilflo DD25 and DD50 Eco friendly, non-hazardous lube free double diaphragm pumps and spares. The Eco BG Deep Lineshaft Borehole pump range including spares for agricultural, municipal and dewatering on mines.

Tel: +27 (11) 826 6111 Fax +27 (11) 826 6162 Email: sales@uniqueeng.co.za Website: www.uniqueeng.co.za

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Atlas Copco opens the doors to their “Home of Industrial Ideas” Atlas Copco has solidified its position as a global pioneer in sustainable productivity solutions by delivering innovative cutting-edge technology, products and services to customers across Sub-Saharan Africa for over seven decades. The industrial engineering giant recently hosted of an annual press conference. Aptly themed to convey Atlas Copco’s new corporate brand message - The Home of Industrial Ideas – the event showcased the company’s vast capabilities in an informal, personal and homely environment. Frans van Niekerk, Managing Director and Vice President of Atlas Copco Holdings Sub Sahara, took a trip down memory lane and provided a brief overview of the company’s illustrious African history. Atlas Copco’s South African success story started some 124 years ago when in 1892 two brothers established a Pretoriabased manufacturing company, Gebroeders Delfos (Delfos Brothers) which produced a variety of goods such as printer process blocks and electric lighting plants. They became renowned for their Delfos Jackhammer which steered the business into becoming a rock drill spare parts specialist. Delfos formed an alliance with Swedish company AB Atlas Diesel in 1946 and a decade later became Delfos & Atlas Copco (Pty) Ltd. Fast forward to January 2014 when the company relocated to its current purpose-built premises in Jet Park, Johannesburg, in a move to accommodate its four rapidly developing business areas, Compressor Technique, Power Technique (then Construction Technique), Industrial Technique as well as Mining & Rock Excavation Technique, under the same roof. Operations are centralised in this state-of-theart facility that features a 6 100m2 office administration building, the Distribution Centre which contains a 9 600m2 warehouse and a 7 600m2 workshop as well as a 1 100m2 training facility known as the Academy. The next notable date on Atlas Copco’s evolution calendar is 01 November 2017 when globally the Mining & Rock Excavation Technique business area and the Construction Tools division split from Atlas Copco to form Epiroc. The industrial segment, represented by the three business areas, Compressor Technique, Power Technique and Industrial Technique, continues to operate under Atlas Copco Industrial South Africa (Pty) Ltd. and shares the Jet Park facilities with Epiroc. The three business areas take the value proposition of delivering world-class, reliable, Industry 4.0 compliant solutions to customers, from a one-man-operation to a multi-faceted plant, so that they can take their productivity and profitability to the next level.


Pipes, Pumps and Valves Africa - Jul/Aug 2019

Compressor Technique brings Smart AIR Solutions to industry. This business area’s extensive portfolio includes industrial compressors, expanders, blowers, boosters, air dryers, coolers, nitrogen generators, filters, energy recovery as well as monitoring and control systems. These solutions address across-the-board efficiencies in energy consumption, operating pressures, flow rates, air quality, delivery systems and service. Power Technique provides trailblazing technology in portable air (compressors), power (generators), light (light towers) and flow (pumps) solutions as well as handheld tools. Encompassing clean drive technology, connectivity and versatility, these product innovations are ideally suited to customers and end-users in the construction, quarrying, oil and gas and exploration drilling industries. Through its global network, Industrial Technique designs and manufactures advanced industrial power tools, bolt tightening solutions, air motors, airline infrastructure, hoist and trolleys, assembly systems, software and location and positioning solutions, underpinned by superior service support to the mining, oil and gas and automotive sectors.

Over 25 years of experience in designing and manufacturing a complete range of centrifugal pumps for a broad spectrum CSO/CP of industrial, process and general applications.

CP 7




ww w.sa meng.co.za


Atlas Copco South Africa, Tel: +27 (0)11 821-9800, www.atlascopco.com/en-za

P -C

“Atlas Copco has galvanised engineering and manufacturing excellence, environmental consciousness, expert service and customer-centricity into holistic solutions. We are The Home of Industrial Ideas and will continue to enhance our technology, product and service suite in order to remain customers’ preferred productivity solutions provider,” concludes Van Niekerk.

• Horizontal Split Water Pumps • CPX/HMX Type • SP Type • Vertical Turbine • CPW Type • CSR Type


Also holding vital importance to Atlas Copco are the communities within which it operates. The company displays solid support for community upliftment by providing skills development programmes and supporting various CSR initiatives. Supported by local employees for approximately ten years, Water for All, a non-profit Atlas Copco employeerun initiative, has assisted in providing clean water for disadvantaged communities around the world.


Atlas Copco’s sustainable goals approach includes people, their well-being and safety, ethics, products and services, as well as the environment. Employees are the lifeblood of Atlas Copco and a culture of collaboration, respect, transparency and ethical behaviour is encouraged. With the goal of promoting a healthy working environment, the company regularly offers employee wellness programmes and supports Health Awareness Days. Placing safety as a key priority, Atlas Copco ardently implements an OHS & E (SHEQ) programme.

• CP/CPO Series • CP7 Type • Vertical Spindle/ Cantilever Pump • HM Process Pumps • CSW Type • CSY Type • Process Pumps



Our range of pump products include: In conjunction with Atlas Copco’s drive to deliver top-class solutions, the company is passionate about manufacturing products in a sustainable, environmentally conscious manner. Dedicated to remaining a sustainable productivity partner, the company is constantly searching for new ways to reduce its carbon footprint as well as to assist customers in reducing theirs.


Providing customised pump solutions to various industries

Pump design techniques that ensure our pumps are manufactured to last

High performance - high quality products, excellent service

Alloys to suit all applications Proud Manufacturers of SAMCO® Pumps


BMG offers extensive range of Fluid Technology Systems BMG’s extensive range of industrial slurry valves, which has been designed to cope efficiently in harsh conditions, includes robust butterfly and knife gate valves, as well as diaphragm and pinch valves. “These industrial slurry valves - which meet stringent quality and safety specifications - are highly efficient for the control and isolation of abrasive slurries in many industries, including power generation, chemical and petrochemical, cement handling, water treatment, mining, quarrying, pulp and paper,” says Willie Lamprecht, national product manager, Valves, BMG. “Failure of a valve and subsequent leaking of corrosive media can have devastating effects on the safety of personnel and equipment, leading to premature system failure and costly downtime. It is critical that the correct valve is selected for every application, for maximum safety, ongoing operation of the plant and minimum unscheduled maintenance. “BMG’s highly-skilled team has a thorough understanding of the processes where valves are installed and supports every component with a dependable solutions service, to ensure optimum safety, efficiency and the extended service life of each system. The selection of the correct industrial slurry valve is based on factors that include the size and shape of particles, pressure, temperatures and chemical content.” Polyurethane-lined knife gate valves are available from BMG in standard sizes between DN 50 and DN 600, with manual, pneumatic and electric actuation. These knife gate valves have a wafer pattern and are manufactured from cast and ductile iron, with Stainless Steel discs. They can withstand operating temperatures of between - 20˚C and +80 ˚C as standard, with higher temperatures on request. Polyurethane liner abrasion-resistant butterfly valves – in a wafer pattern or with a lugged design - are used for on-off and control of abrasive slurries. Butterfly valves are available from BMG in standard sizes between DN 50 and DN 400. Locally-manufactured KLEP BMG diaphragm valves – between DN 50 and DN 350, with manual or pneumatic actuation - are designed for abrasive slurry applications. These flanged diaphragm valves have a body pressure of PN 10 and can withstand temperatures between -10°C and +80°C. Long-lasting rubber and jumbo rubber linings are suited for full-bore diaphragm valves with a high flow capacity and an efficient sealing capability, which shuts off any flow and prevents leakage. Full bore diaphragm valves also have a low pressure drop because there is almost nothing obstructing the flow of the fluid when the valve is fully opened. This creates little resistance to flow, which makes these valves 34

Pipes, Pumps and Valves Africa - Jul/Aug 2019

BMG’s extensive range of industrial slurry valves, which has been designed to cope efficiently in harsh conditions, includes robust butterfly and knife gate valves, as well as diaphragm and pinch valves.

suitable for fluids with abrasive particles. Also in the range, are unlined diaphragm valves, which are suitable for water treatment and general industrial applications. FPV pinch valves – featuring a design where the sleeve is pinched to close mechanically or automatically by means of hand-wheel or actuator - are ideal for the control and isolation of abrasive slurries. Open frame pinch valves are available from BMG with a short and long frame design, in sizes between DN 50 and DN 600.


The body is made from mild steel, but Stainless Steel is also available for specific applications. These valves, with soft rubber sleeves, have manual, hydraulic and pneumatic actuation and can withstand temperatures between -20°C and +80°C. BMG’s extensive range of components for fluid technology systems and general industrial applications encompasses valves, hydraulic hoses and fittings, accumulators, cylinders, heat exchangers, pneumatics, hydraulic motors and hydraulic plumbing, as well as pumps and reservoir accessories.

The company also offers a total process and lubrication management solution, to meet exact market requirements. BMG World, Willie Lamprecht, Cel : +27 (0) 72 326-4832, Tel :+27 (0) 11 620-1581, williaml@bmgworld.net, www.bmgworld.net

CAPE 11 - 12 September 2019 | Sun Exhibits, GrandWest Cape Town

The MUST ATTEND event for construction professionals in the Western Cape region

Book your stand for 2019 Get in touch to get a tailored exhibiting or sponsorship package to ensure that you achieve the maximum benefits from the expo. Info@capeconstructionexpo.com +27 21 700 5500 www.capeconstructionexpo.com

Organised by:

Pipes, Pumps and Valves Africa - Jul/Aug 2019


AC Valves cc – 21 Years in action VALVES

Controlling the amount of flow through a pump is imperative for any operation in the mining, paper & pulp and chemical industries. With a complete range of DN50 – DN1200 size valves, AC Valves cc offers these industries a full range of one hundred per cent locally manufactured valves. Starting from humble beginnings, partners Andrew Bergstrom and Collin Scott established the brand of AC Valves cc in South Africa after they realized the need for a quality, cost-effective valve offering best turnaround times. Now, orders are flowing in from Sub-Saharan Africa and, because of their success and well-known brand name, they are supplying numerous valves to international operations as well. To meet the requirements of their ever-growing order book, the company have now relocated the business to new, larger premises in Wadeville, Germiston. “Locally manufactured”, puts the business at an advantage against some of their competitors who mostly import. “Not only is our manufacturing turnaround time less than that of our competitors,” says Scott, “but the quality of our product is far better”. “Added to this,” he emphasizes, ‘is our ability to offer off-the-shelf spare parts, which the larger facility’s storage space has enabled us to increase, and, of course,” Scott says with pride, “our well-respected reputation”. The business has three distinct arms to its operation: • Manufacturing of AC Valves. • Assessment and problem solving with solutions that may result in the supply of alternative brands. • A spares and refurbishment division for their OEM parts and they also have the capability and know-how to refurbish / service other brands.

The SKG Range is a flanged version of valves which are better suited to heavy, aggressive applications like magnetite or coal. The SKG Range offers better abrasion resistance due to the differing gum rubber liners used. These liners are manufactured to suit customers’ needs dependent on their different operational methods. Wafer Check Valve

AC Valves cc can boast three main product lines in their stable which have met the specification requirements for the mining industry as well as the Department of Water and Sanitation, these include : RF (ring flange) Knife Gate Valves The RF Knife Gate Valves offer between a DN50mm nominal bore to a DN1200mm. The Department of Water Works specifications require the valves to be epoxy coated with FBE (fusion bonded epoxy) and a minimum thickness of 250 microns.The mining industry, on the other hand, requires a rubber (most popular), or a polyurethane lining. 36

Pipes, Pumps and Valves Africa - Jul/Aug 2019

These one-way valves in sizes ranging from DN50 – DN500, prevent flow from returning and are often manufactured using different materials such as stainless steel or SG42 cast iron.All-in-all, AC Valves cc offers a locally manufactured product that meets industry specification requirements, off-the-shelf parts and service back-up and support from a team of problem-solving individuals whose passion it is to offer the best product at an affordable price, on-time. AC Valves cc, Tel: + 27 (0)11 822-2358, Andrew Bergstrom - +27 (0) 82 467-1200, Collin Scott : +27 82 467 1196, collin@acvalvescc.co.za, www.acvalvescc.co.za

Pressure Relief Valves: take the pressure of more than just storage tanks The oil and gas industry, as well as many other industries, use storage tanks. Due to the nature of oil and gas, it is no surprise that the strictest rules govern the materials, manufacture and maintenance of storage tanks. The American Petroleum Institute’s API 650 standard, outlines minimum requirements for the: design, materials, fabrication, erection, and examination of welded storage tanks. These standard outlines, protect the structure, safety of people and environment of the storage tanks. If a storage tank fails during an act of God or in an emergency the results could be fatal. On the second of April 2015 around 10:00 am, a fuel tank storage facility in Santos near Sao Paulo went up in flames. It took over 80 firefighters with 22 fire trucks almost 5 days to put out the blaze. The facility stores up to 301,300 cubic meters of fuels, chemicals, vegetable oils, ethanol and corrosive products. An estimated 8 tanks were destroyed and many others damaged in the fire. Fortunately, no lives where lost. Are there products that can stop or even prevent disasters like this? Yes, Pressure relief devices are major emission control devices. These devices can take more than just the pressure of storage tanks. Relief valves protect against damage from pressure or vacuum and reduce losses from product evaporation. Deflagration and detonation arresters reduce the risk of damage or injury from fire. Blanket gas regulators maintain a constant gas pressure inside the vapour space of a tank to protect against fire or evaporation. LVSA Group is the proud agents of Groth Corp Valves.


The oil and gas industry produces enormous amounts of fluids daily. These products must be stored, (usually for a short period) before transportation or further processing.

Groth is a global leader in manufacturing pressure/vacuum relief valves, flame and detonation arresters, blanket gas regulators, and other low pressure relief products. Groth's products have been protecting refineries, chemical processing plants, and any facility with atmospheric, fixedroof storage tanks: from tank farms down to single storage tanks - for more than 40 years. LVSA Group provides solutions for oil and gas, Chemical Processing, Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage, and Bio Gas Processing. LVSA, Tel :+27 (0) 11 680-2005, sales@lvsa.co.za, www.lvsa.co.za

Pipes, Pumps and Valves Africa - Jul/Aug 2019


WOMEN IN THE INDUSTRY Lorraine Smart, Marketing Manager, Xylem Water Solutions South Africa Academic Qualifications The school of very hard knocks in the pump industry that I worked my way through, on the job hands-on training, I would rather strip and build a pump than read about it, and a BA in communication (almost complete). First Employer Huck South Africa (specialized fastener company) – PA to sales manager/Girl Friday. First Salary R243.00/month before taxes (surprising what you could do with that low income) Achievements Proving to myself that anything is possible – exclude the noise and focus on the job. When I started in the pump industry there was only 2 women selling pumps and look where we are today – women are capable of doing what they put their minds to. Challenges faced in the Pumps & Valves industry As women we still have the challenge of the glass ceiling, lower pay scale or openly questioning our abilities (especially on the sales side), but it has gotten better over the years and something we need to actively drive to ensure that we are rather measured on our capability or experience rather than our gender. I suggest to women in this and other male-dominated industries – grow a thick skin. Something few people know about you My creative side – when I get time I love sewing or doing crafts or teaching either one but not much time to do this anymore and love rock ‘n roll 60’s music the louder the better (must be the era I was born in). Management style Roll up my sleeves and help to get the job done – teamwork and very much an open-door policy. Personal best achievement Being able to overcome shyness and standing my ground 38

Pipes, Pumps and Valves Africa - May/Jun 2019

to the men in the industry early in my career – it has taken a lot of personal drive. Professional best achievement There have been a few but I think for the women in this industry mine would be being voted by my peers as the first and only (to date) female Chairman (past) for both SAPMA (South African Pump Manufacturers Association) and SAPSDA (South African Pump Systems Development Association) Person who has had the biggest influence on your life and career I would like to give my father some credit, who always encouraged me to do my best and desperately wanted a son so I was more around to help fix cars and working with tools rather than play with dolls. In my career a dynamic MD who seemed to have a great idea every day, who made me think on my feet and “maak ‘n plan” – Johnathan Hamp-Adams – Grundfos. He was great at encouraging you to learn on the job and open your eyes to different concepts or processes – his favourite saying was “you will never have a dull moment while I am your Boss” and he was right – as a team we all worked hard and long hours but I definitely had lots of fun. I must also give credit to the many women I have worked alongside within this industry there have been some really inspirational ones as well. What Women’s Month means to you and what advice you have for young women starting out in the industry? Women’s month should be every month there should be no distinction or difference towards women for the other 11 months of the year, we actively contribute to society every day of the year, although it is nice to get spoilt now and again. Never let society tell you that you can’t do it, are not equipped for the job or that women should not be in this industry. Anything is possible no matter what they think, just be willing to learn and work hard, very hard. As a woman in this industry, you have to prove yourself every day to others and to yourself. The pump industry has served me well over the past 37 years and one I would not change, well - not easily. It has been both interesting and challenging having been in sales and then later Marketing, I went so far as to marry a man from the industry. I have seen many good and bad installations, interesting projects, concepts and designs in my time. There have been projects I have incubated and handed over, which today are successful and profitable for those companies. I survived sanctions which made us more innovative and creative in our approach to get things done. I have worked for a number of key pump companies and even returned to some. I should write a book about the 37 years of change in this industry and how the local industry has evolved, from Babyboomers to Generation Z. Over and above the time spent in the pump industry I have also sold specialized hosing, valves, pipes and fittings. My first job being the only one not in the business of moving liquid. Always keep an open mind and a positive attitude.

I prefer animals to people.

Management style • Somewhere between paternalistic and democratic – I believe it’s important to find each other’s strengths when working in a team, once these strengths are shared, we all learn how to lean on one another and always get the best results. • Building people up to the point where they are able to make the right decision quickly and confidently regardless if it’s right or wrong.

Personal Best Achievement My children – when you realise your kids are turning out to be awesome human beings… nothing beats that.

Professional Best Achievement

Nadine Hazel Kemp, Business Development Manager, Klinger SA Academic Qualifications

• Running major African projects with huge success and; •Opening a new branch for an international company, handling sales/HR/recruitment and everything inbetween…making a profit within the first year.

Person who has the biggest influence on your life and career This is a difficult one, as I am partially against the idea of role models, I believe we should strive to be the best versions of ourselves, and perhaps only take bits of strength from others that we might admire or respect. In the same breath, many people that have had a negative influence on my life and career have had some of the largest influences on me… teaching me how not to be and honing emotional maturity.

• Mechanical Engineering – N3 • AA Associates of Arts – Fine Art & History • Project Management – Diploma • Business Management – Diploma • Various Psychology Certificates • Various Sales & Marketing Certificates

What Women’s Month Means to Me and Advice for Women Starting in the Industry ?

First Employer Law Firm – Receptionist

First Salary R1, 500pm – no benefits

Achievements • Motivating the importance of social responsibility, completed various projects for kids, the underprivileged and animals. • Managing multimillion ZAR projects while studying and being a fairly awesome Mom.

Challenges • Being taken seriously as a woman in a male-dominated industry • Making forward-thinking changes, people are generally scared of change – there are few that strive under chaos and change… and this is where the magic happens. • Travelling with a family – it’s not easy to be a handson Mom and a dedicated employee… there is a balance that many of us are still trying to find.

Woman’s month is an opportunity to highlight the accomplishments of women around the world. It is an opportunity for women to have their voices heard and stand together and celebrate all of the hurdles we have overcome, and to celebrate all that woman do for us. Women starting in the industry need to understand off the bat that they are not the same as men… and that’s OK… you need to remember that we all have strengths in different areas and are all equipped with a unique set of skills that we will need to hone every day. One of the most important skills to learn in a maledominated industry in my view is to control your emotions. Emotional maturity, consistency and hard work are the keys to success… work on yourself every day, and remember it’s still OK to put your family first! We are NOT entitled to anything… WORK HARD, STAY YOUR PATH, AND DON’T GIVE UP… keep learning and growing and be a better person tomorrow than you were today! None of us is too good for any task!! HAVE FUN… love yourself and all of your twerks and imperfections.

Wishing you a happy Women’s Month


Something that few people know about you


Sindi Dlamini, Chief Executive Officer, Pamodzi Unique Engineering Academic Qualifications B Com Honours CA (SA) First Employer Tongaat-Hulett Sugar in Durban. First Salary R3,500 Achievements Being instrumental in the acquisition of Unique Engineering and concluding the deal in less than 2 months. Challenges faced in the Pumps & Valves industry Companies importing products ending up being BBBEE level 1 to 4 competing with companies like ours who are 100% black-owned local manufacturers level 2 with high local content. However, I do complement government’s intervention with pumps being a designated product

and expect to see some support for local manufacturers. Something few people know about you I hated school when I was in grade 1 and cried on my way to school and didn’t do very well. Management style Democratic with a pinch of authority. Personal best achievement Facing my fears by doing bungee jumping and testing my resilience by running the comrades marathon. Professional best achievement Making a move from a corporate finance environment to industrial manufacturing and moving the company in a positive direction. Person who has had the biggest influence on your life and career From a career perspective Mr Ndaba Ntsele giving me an opportunity and Dr Felicia Mabuza-Suttle for the nurturing support through challenges. Life’s perspective the love and support from my family and friends. What Women’s Month means to you and what advice you have for young women starting out in the industry? It is a reminder to reflect on how far we’ve come as women and appreciate the women who were courageous enough to pave a way for us and for us to do the same for those who are following us. For young women, I would say believe in yourself, there’s nothing you cannot achieve if you put your mind and work hard towards it. You will encounter some challenges but don’t give up, move forward.

Bianca De Kock, Group Procurement & Inventory Manager, Macsteel Fluid Control Academic Qualifications Currently Completing B.Com Honours Logistics First Employer Midas Hi-Performance First Salary R4500 Achievements • Successfully transitioning Macsteel Fluid Control’s Procurement Team from an in-house EPR to SAP • Completing my studies in Logistics

• Overcoming my fear of heights by doing a bungee jump Challenges faced in the Pumps & Valves industry A steady decrease of engineering and applications expertise as well as a loss of technical talent Something few people know about you I only had my first ever flight when I was 30 years old Management style Diplomatic Leadership Style Personal best achievement I am a qualified advanced scuba diver and completed among other dives; a night dive and a 40-meter dive with sharks present. I have a grave fear of open water. Professional best achievement Successfully interviewing for my current position as Group Procurement and Inventory Manager Person who has had the biggest influence on your life and career On my life, Duncan Baldie and on my Career, Rowan Blomquist What Women’s Month means to you and what advice you have for young women starting out in the industry? Women’s month is a chance for women to showcase how powerful, resilient and courageous we are. Do not let someone with a negative predisposition influence you to become the same.

Pipes, Pumps and Valves Africa - May/Jun 2019







Crowd-pleasing KZN Industrial Technology Expo brings industrial technology solutions under one roof Once again proving that it’s the definitive platform for its 145+ exhibitors to showcase their industrial technology solutions, the KwaZulu-Natal Industrial Technology Exhibition (KITE) attracted a captive audience of over 4 200 industry decision makers in late July. In addition to the exhibition, various educational and training opportunities were available to the visitors. The organisers are already planning KITE 2021, which will mark 40 years since the show was launched.


Walter Meano Engineering VersaFlo VSE Pumps T: +27 (0) 11 873-8620 F: +27 (0) 11 825-1401 E: wme@mweb.co.za W: www.versaflo.co.za BOREHOLE PUMPS

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Invincible Valves (Pty) Ltd was established in 1982 and since has grown to a medium sized enterprise located in Knights, Germiston Invincible Valves prides itself on service excellent and flexibility by striving to enhance our customer’s bottom line. Our 6,500m² facility in Knights is made up of 4,500m² under roof being our stores and workshop. The facility is fully equipped to offer a one-stop resource for valves and ancillary equipment which we transport globally. As an approved BBBEE Level 2 supplier to all major industries within South Africa, we maintain expertise and experience across a broad spectrum of industries and applications with a wide range of products. We offer a comprehensive range of local and imported valves and accessories for the mining, petro-chemical, power generation, water, sewerage and general industries. We have agents in all major centres around the country and service all four corners of the globe. We offer an in-house rubber lining service for valves, pipes, fittings and vessels which is utilized by many of the country’s major valve manufacturers. In addition we offer complete service, repair and valve reconditioning services for all types of valves. Our Core Values: We believe in treating our customers with respect. We grow through creativity, invention and innovation. We integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business functioning. Our Mission Statement: Build long term relationships with our customers and clients, to provide exceptional customer services by pursuing business through innovation and advanced technology. Our Purpose: To be a leader in the Valve Industry by providing enhanced services, customer service and profitability. Our Vision: To provide a quality service that exceeds the expectations of our esteemed customers. Invincible Valves is a proud supplier of quality valve products and ancillary equipment backed by service excellence around the globe. It is the combination of these values that allows us to form lasting business relationships.

Invincible Valves (Pty) Ltd Your BBBEE Level 2 partner

If it's not INVAL®, it's not Invincible 33 Shaft Road, Knights, Germiston TEL: +27 (0) 11 822 1777 | FAX: +27 (0) 11 822 3666 EMAIL: enquiries@invalve.co.za | WEB: www.invalve.co.za

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There’s good news for you who work with mining. Ensival Moret is now part of Sulzer, which brings two leading portfolios together in one rock-solid offering. With our integrated expertise, we can provide a full line of pumping solutions for your process applications. As our valued customer, you’ll benefit from an expanded range of pumping products and services – provided through a truly global network for delivery and support. What won’t change is our commitment to your needs, or the peace of mind our combined years of experience will bring you. To learn what you can gain from our partnership, visit www.sulzer.com

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