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The official magazine for LEEASA (Lifting Equipment Engineering Association of South Africa) and CMA (Crane Manufacturers Association of SA)

Nov / Dec 2017

New Recruitment Company Launched For The Lifting Lifting AfricaIndustry - Nov/Dec 2017



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Concord Cranes flexes its heavy-lift capability on Mthatha River bridge


The official magazine for LEEASA (Lifting Equipment Engineering Association of South Africa) and CMA (Crane Manufacturers Association of SA)

Nov / Dec 2017


Load Testing at 110% required or not? - What is required by OHS Act DMR 18.5



From the Chairman’s Desk LiftEx 2017 Report Back

9 10 New Recruitment Company Launched For The Lifting Industry


Shutterlock - Innovative and progressive industrial supplier Elebia expands range with automatic lifting clamp Trussed track, plain track, and I-beams On-site sling production made easy ‘Business as usual’ - with a renewed focus: New MD to ensure higher than ever service, product and technical excellence G.L.B. (Vic) Pty Ltd proudly announces an exclusive distribution agreement

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Wolffkran’s cranes relocated


Linden Comansa helps build Colombia’s largest hydroelectric power plant


Tower cranes reach new heights with local service provider



Western Cape customers see Johnson Crane Hire



Hyva Crane extends its range with new models cranes up to 165tm


Concord Cranes

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Hiab presents the world’s first electric powered MULTILIFT Futura skiploader 32 PK 135.002 TEC7 - Lifting capacity meets loading capacity



Konecranes & Demag Cranes - The strategy going forward



LTM 11200-9.1 mobile crane assembles special Liebherr construction crane for Max Bögl energy storage project 38 STRADDLE CARRIERS

Mobicon mini straddle carriers efficient container handling


Bauma ConExpo CJH Cranes Concord Cranes Group Cotac Oy



An exciting new chapter for CombiLift is about to begin!



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Crosby 5 Electra Mining


Preferred work-at-height, confined-space service provider in Africa

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Lifting Africa - Nov/Dec 2017


SETTING THE STANDARD FOR PREMIUM CHAIN FITTINGS Crosby is the leading manufacturer of premium accessories used in lifting, rigging and securement applications. Crosby has a reputation around the world for providing a broad range of products suitable for the most demanding of operating conditions with uncompromising quality. The Platinum Line: •

Is 20% to 25% stronger (size for size) than available Grade 80 fittings.

Can be used with either Grade 100 or Grade 80 EN818 chain.

Meets the performance, dimensional and functionality requirements of Grade 80 specification EN818 and EN1677. – Working Load Limit (meets industry standards) – Ductility (allows product to deform when overloaded) – Toughness (resistance to crack initiation and growth at all temperatures). – Fatigue (ability to withstand repeated applications of the load)

For more information about Crosby, please visit:



Scan this QR Code with your smart device to view the Platinum Line Brochure Lifting Africa - Nov/Dec 2017


Concord Cranes flexes its heavy-lift capability on Mthatha River bridge


The Mthatha River bridge project in the Eastern Cape is the maiden project for the heavy-lift capabilities of the new 750 t hydraulic crane from Concord Cranes, a crane hire and specialised transport service company in the Industrial Services Holdings (InServe) stable. The project for main client Haw & Inglis involved construction of a 90-m-long bridge comprising three 32-m-long spans, with an average height from ground level of 8 m. The substructure comprised two abutments and two piers. All foundations were founded on 1 050 mm piles augered and socketed into bedrock with an average depth of 7 m. The superstructure comprised 18 precast beams, each 29.9 m long and weighing about 60 t. These beams were constructed on a site adjacent to the bridge, from where they were transported and placed in position. An in situ concrete slab covered the beams in order to cater for two lanes crossing the river. The superstructure was completed by F-shape Type A parapets. The bridge deck and parapets have largely been completed, with


Lifting Africa - Nov/Dec 2017

concrete work 100% complete by the first week of September. Premix, joint installation, and road marking are on track for completion by end September, Haw & Inglis Contracts Manager Johan Ehlers explains. The civil engineering company contacted Concord Cranes regarding the transportation and placing of the precast beams to a radius of about 20 m. The height from the platform to the top of the deck was between 9 m to 10 m. The 750 t crane required for this project was sourced from group company Concord Castle, Concord Cranes CEO Herman van Staden points out. The original quote was based on a 550 t crane, the largest available in our fleet at the time, which would have necessitated construction of large platforms in order to extend the reach of the 550 t crane. These

platforms required stabilisation on the 3-m-deep silt riverbed. Concord Castle therefore proposed that its new 750 t crane be deployed on the project, which was still in Germany at the time. However, its delivery to South Africa was well in advance of the date when it would be needed. “This is a seriously impressive piece of machinery that is able to work with great accuracy,� Ehlers comments. The contract with Concord Castle was based on the site establishment of all required cranes, equipment, and trucks to complete the transportation and placement of the precast beams. Equipment supplied included

In addition, Concord Castle provided trained riggers and staff. “Our teams assisted with the manual labour, and supervised the exact positioning of the precast beams,” Ehlers confirms. Concord Castle submitted the required lifting and rigging studies, method statements, and occupational health and safety file to the satisfaction of the main contractor and engineer. Lastly, it oversaw the mechanical, maintenance, and back-up support for all of the machinery.

Once the beam was placed onto the truck, it was tied down with chains. The 40-m-long truck then drove to the bridge, which was about 300 m away from the precast yard. The main rigger then assumed charge of the operation, and supervised the lifting and placement of each beam onto the bridge.

While the 750 t crane travelled on its own to site, about 13 additional horse-and-trailer trucks were needed to transport some of its components and counterweights, which had to be erected on-site. The 750 t crane was operational in two days, along with a 90 t and 110 t mobile crane.

The truck stopped at a predetermined position, from where special slings were connected to the lifting hooks on each beam. Guide ropes were also tied to each end of the beam. Each rope was handled by a team of about five workers, and a leader employed by Concord Castle. Guide ropes were used to stabilise and steer the elements when these were up in the air. This was critical, as any wind or other external forces could cause the elements to rotate or swing out of control.

A qualified rigger supervised the lifting process at the precast yard, where the 60 t beams were lifted in tandem by the 90 t and 110 t cranes onto an extendable trailer. Two 32-mm-diameter steel lifting hooks were cast into each end of a beam. The cranes

The rigger communicated with the 750 t crane operator by means of a two-way radio, and supervised the guide-rope teams in securely lifting and placing the beams into position. Separate teams were positioned on top of the bridge to receive the beams

and steer them onto the bridge bearings.


all lifting slings, guide ropes, shackles, and chains needed to carry out the work safely.

were positioned at each end with the trailer parked next to the beam.

Before the crane released the load completely, the beams were secured to the bridge by the main contractor in order to prevent them from falling over. Once secured, the load was released and the slings untied. During the placement process, the extendable trailer travelled back to the precast yard, and the process was repeated for the next beam. “The service and supervision provided by Concord Castle was professional and safetyconscious,” Ehlers notes. “At no time were any risks taken. We had a sense of them being in full control all of the time. It was a technically difficult operation well executed within the planned time.” Van Staden concludes that the close collaboration between Haw & Inglis and Concord Castle, as well as the exchange of ideas and knowledge, was key in making this a successful operation.

Contact Concord Cranes, Herman van Staden, CEO, Tel +27 (0) 11 805-8071, Cell: +27 (0) 83 269-9497,, Lifting Africa - Nov/Dec 2017


ASK THE EXPERTS Load Testing at 110% required or not? - What is required by OHS Act DMR 18.5 1.

Since 1988 DMR 18.5 had the requirement that the examination and performance test be carried to a standard to which the machine was manufactured not exceeding 12 months: and only in the absence of the manufacturing standards does one test to 110%. Now we need to consider that back then there was no inspection and testing standard for in-use equipment or registered LMI’s, so 110% may have been appropriate back then.


Let move forward for 1988 to around 2005 to when LMI’s came into being and the amendments to DMR 18.5 where inspection and testing standards for in-use equipment, which I have very involved in, were put into place for this purpose, e.g. SANS 10388, SANS 10375, SANS 522, etc., etc. to ensure that the LMI works to these standards and get registered at ECSA according to the requirements of these standards. (This surly means that the required inspection and testing standards are no longer absent, and should be applied)


In 2015, DMR 2015 came into effect 30th September 2015. Following this, the regulator on the 24th June 2015 incorporated a list of standards for this purpose under section 44(1) of the OHS Act, this means that these standards are no longer for reference purposes but now surly become mandatory. (applying the incorporated mandatory relevant inspection standards for in use Lifting Equipment surly becomes a must where ever possible). If not applied the DoL could ask the question why these standards were not applied and an overload which could be proven under investigation, possibly caused damage to the equipment which could have led to equipment failure and resulted in a fatal?


We have another problem if it is still required to overload new in-use equipment is that it is a fact many types of new lifting machines are been supplied with computerised overload protection. This cannot be overridden in most cases by the LMI as the manufactures no longer allow this as part of their manufactures requirements to protect the user and the public that could be exposed to equipment been overloaded when in use.



Do you have questions regarding the Lifting industry? Send us your questions and we will ask the experts... Lifting Africa - Nov/Dec 2017

Greetings to all. The festive season is upon us once again. On behalf of the management team we wish all our members a peaceful break and happy new year. We ended the year with a SGM on the 8th of November 2017. We all know that we are all busy but our SGM’s and AGM’s only happen once every 2 Ken Greenwood. Chairman to 3 years so our turnout was disappointing. Because we did not achieve a quorum we will have to reconvene and hold the meeting again in the new year. Maybe we had not advertised the event enough which will be improved. The next SGM will be announced on our website and also in a direct mailshot to members timeously. The membership list is looking good and our accounts are up to date for the year end. So we anticipate our SGM to take place in January of 2018. Thank you to all executive and committee members for contributing to the success of our association. A special thanks to Surita, Elmarie and Jeanette for their effort. “Lifting Africa” is helping us with the next SGM and we thank them in advance for their help.

LEEASA WEB SITE It was obvious that members must be reminded that our new website must be used at least once a month.

ANNOUNCEMENTS Member’s meetings were held in Durban and Cape Town to bring members up to date with recent events in our industry. Both of these were successfully presented. The reconvening of SGM in Johannesburg will be announced soon. Please look out for further information on all these events on our web site and in “Lifting Africa”. Lifting Africa continues to make a difference! Hope to see you at our next SGM, Ken Greenwood. Chairman.

Lifting Africa - Nov/Dec 2017


LiftEx 2017

Lifting Africa had the privilege to attend LiftEx 2017, the Lifting Equipment Engineers’ Associations’ (LEEA), UK’s as the leading representative body for all those involved in the lifting industry worldwide. The 13th edition of t go-to event for the lifting industry, comprising of the Exhibition, Industry Conference and Innovation Fast Pitch industry professionals and end users from a


Lifting Africa - Nov/Dec 2017

Report Back

s leading lifting exhibition. The Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) is established across the globe the event took place at The International Centre Telford on the 29-30 November 2017. LiftEx has become the h over the 2 days. Over 80 exhibitors demoed their latest lifting products and services, and 1,000 dedicated a wide range of vertical markets attended.

Lifting Africa - Nov/Dec 2017



Shutterlock – Innovative and progressive industrial supplier In the 21st century, a lot of hard work, sacrifice and perseverance is required in order to maintain a sustainable business. There are many positive aspects of being part of a smaller company as opposed to a corporate environment in that the opportunity for innovation, risk-taking and entrepreneurship is innate to the organisation.


HUTTERLOCK, a family business which instils in its employees, colleagues and business partners its values, has in the past thirty (30) years established itself as a pioneer and industry leader and remained in the forefront of an ever changing landscape of industry standards and demands. SHUTTERLOCK is a leading provider of world-class brands to industrial markets of lifting and rigging supplies, steel wire ropes and slings, chain hoists, personal protective equipment, submersible pumps, winches and various branded industrial products. SHUTTERLOCK also has a trade mark under which it manufactures its own product range; marketed under the brand SALVA-VIDATM.

Stocking Distributor of CROSBY product

With a technical background, acquired in the military and subsequently the mining industry, Dean van Zyl, owner and Chief Executive Officer, has used his experience and knowledge to develop his market around lifting and allied equipment represented by top global brands. The breakthrough came in 1992 when SHUTTERLOCK acquired the distribution for Mckinnon Chain Products, a local manufacturer of chain and chain fittings. SHUTTERLOCK progressed as a distributor of industrial equipment and subsequently, as the demand grew, the SALVA-VIDATM range was extended. Textile slings are marketed under the SALVA-VIDATM brand name as well as other equipment such as beam crawls, beam clamps and related equipment. All products are 12

Lifting Africa - Nov/Dec 2017

Salva-Vida Beam Crawl and Beam Clamp Range

manufactured to acceptable industry and SANS (where applicable) standards with certification done inhouse to SANS standard.

The CROSBY range of rigging hardware is another product range from a world renowned manufacturer for the rigging and materials handling industry that forms the nucleus of the portfolio of quality products that is stocked and distributed by SHUTTERLOCK.


Stocking Distributor of BRIDON High Performance Crane Ropes

“A major milestone for SHUTTERLOCK came in 2010 when we became the sole distributor in South Africa for BRIDON-BEKAERT THE ROPES GROUP, for deep shaft mine winder rope and the major local stockist of BBRG high performance crane ropes. Mine winding rope has been sold to majority of the mining houses in South Africa, including shaft sinking companies. The commitment which Bridon has to the local market is supported by a team of six staff members (commercial and technical), based at our premises in Randfontein to provide backup and support,” said Dean van Zyl.

The company ensures a high level of conformity to the industry it services by the accreditations it holds: ISO 9001; BBBEE Level 3; Member of LEEASA; Member of the SABS technical committee for lifting and LME (Lifting Machinery Entity). Locally manufactured Webbing Slings and Snatch Blocks

Salva-Vida Beam Crawl and Beam Clamp Range

“SHUTTERLOCK attributes its growth to the highest dedication to family values including reliability and pride. SHUTTERLOCK has its name and reputation associated with all the products and services we represent. The combination of quality products, ethical reputation and ‘on time’ service are the hallmark of our business. We continuously strive to maintain a good relationship with all associates, customers, suppliers, employees and communities. This year alone we have contributed significantly to needy communities requiring disaster relief and welfare, through social and community activities.” added van Zyl.

Contact Dean van Zyl, Shutterlock, Tel +27 (0) 11 412-2918, Lifting Africa - Nov/Dec 2017



Elebia Expands Range with Automatic Lifting Clamp Barcelona, Spain-based automatic hook manufacturer Elebia has diversified its product range with the launch of the 5-ton capacity C5 Automatic Lifting Clamp, designed for working in pairs or multiples thereof to lift steel plates and other loads. The C5 boasts a 5,000kg (11,023 lb.) capacity and a safety factor of 4:1. It weighs 19kg (41.8 lbs.) and measures 345mm x 310mm x 133mm (13.58in x 12.20in x 5.23in). It is similar in size to manual products already in the marketplace; however, the C5, named after its shape and capacity, presents a number of safety and productivity advantages to alternative solutions. The launch marks completion of an extensive research and development programme. Esteve Fornells, marketing manager at Elebia, said that regular requests for products that fit specific lifting and manoeuvring requirements have been forthcoming since the first hook (the 5-ton capacity e5) was launched to remotely engage and release loads eight years ago. He said: “One such enquiry centred on a solution for lifting steel plates, specifically at ports. From designing a much larger automatic hook, to modifying and / or changing the tip of our hooks, we looked at a number of options. It was clear to us that there was market demand for a state-of-the-art automatic solution.” The C5 was more recently conceptualised following dialogue with one of Elebia’s clients in Singapore who, again, was looking for a solution to lift and manoeuvre steel plates— and tubes. Turning away from 14

Lifting Africa - Nov/Dec 2017

an initial idea to modify the tip of the 2,500kg (5,511 lb.) capacity e v o 2 automatic hook, engineers eventually arrived at the C5. Fornells explained that the clamps are designed to be used with a linear beam and chains, while a tagline can drag them to a desired point. Thereby, he added, “We’ve reduced the need to pick and carry the clamps, making operation safer, faster and easier. Once the clamps are fixed to the load, automation takes over. The C5 combines the safety and security of a clamp with the ease of use and productivity of a claw." He continued: “The crane operator uses our eMAX remote control to ensure the lifting clamps are all in the same position before every lift. This information is relayed in real time and should there be any discrepancy, the control informs the crane operator immediately. When handling pipes, the lifting clamp can be chained to the spreader with the hand grip acting as a second lifting point.” The principle advantage of the clamp, as is the case with Elebia’s range of hooks, is removing the requirement for personnel to

The C5 combines the safety and security of a clamp with the ease of use and productivity of a claw.

gain access to rig loads manually. The C5 adheres to the company’s failsafe principle, making it “impossible”, Fornells said, to drop a suspended load. The C5 is currently available in one size and capacity but it can be custom scaled to higher capacities to a short lead-time. To request more information about the product visit elebia. com/lifting-clamps/

Contact Esteve Fornells, Elebia,

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Lifting Africa - Nov/Dec 2017



Trussed track, plain track, and I-beams We’ve received a lot of recent inquiries about the difference between plain track, trussed track (often referred to as “workstation”), and standard I-beams for cranes.


opefully this post will clear up any questions you may have and provide readers with a clearer understanding about what differentiates each type of track/beam.

Let’s start by examining the difference between each type of track: The word workstation refers to a type of enclosed track, which most overhead crane manufacturers use to design their bridge cranes. We also make a workstation jib crane, which uses that same type of track profile. There are two types of enclosed track: trussed track (for workstation cranes) and plain track (often used for aluminum runways and bridges). They are both designed using the selfcleaning V-profile shape that maintains end truck and trolley alignment and allows for easy manual movement in any environment.

Fig. 1: Enclosed trussed track (workstation)

Enclosed trussed track (workstation): (see Fig. 1)

Enclosed plain track: There are several reasons why enclosed track is so beneficial, but perhaps most importantly, it prevents dirt accumulation inside the track and ensures smooth, ergonomic trolley movement. It’s also maintenance free and extremely easy to use. As we specified above, there are two types of enclosed track: the trussed workstation track (or boom for workstation jib cranes) and the plain enclosed track. (see Fig. 2)

Fig. 2: Enclosed plain track

Enclosed trussed track Trussed track is used for any workstation type of crane. It’s beneficial because it’s much sturdier than plain enclosed track, and the trussed steal allows for increased spans with fewer supports needed for runways. This reduces costs, provides multiple installation choices, and helps to keep overhead space clear for other larger cranes or overhead equipment.

Enclosed plain track Plain track is not reinforced like trussed track, but it also has some benefits. Plain track systems—like our aluminum bridges and runways—are lightweight and don’t put as much stress on overhead beams and support centers. For workstation bridge or monorail systems, plain track is a great option depending on the needs of your application. They are cost-effective, but don’t achieve the same span as reinforced trussed track systems. Still, plain Alu-track is perfect for lighter loads, and are made from maintenance-free, non-corroding, spark-resistant, aluminum enclosed track. 16

Lifting Africa - Nov/Dec 2017

Fig. 3: I-beams

I-beams I-beams are often used for gantry cranes and most jib cranes. They are capable of handling heavier loads, but aren’t often used for ceiling-mounted systems because they’re weightier than enclosed plain and trussed track. In some instances, like our ceiling/bridge-mounted articulating jib cranes, they can be installed overhead, which is not only cost-effective but also highly ergonomic. Even so, traditional I-beams weigh more than enclosed track/ booms, and don’t provide the same ease of movement, quick operation, and maintenance free benefits that come with enclosed track systems. (See Fig. 3).

Contact Spanco,

On-site sling production made easy


The life time of slings when used for loading and un-loading pipes/tubes is very restricted and short. Sling wire is worn out due to bends and knees on the wire caused by the loading and unloading procedures. Very rarely a sling can be re-used from one stack of tubes to another. Sometimes the sling will not last for the transport of one stack

• •

The specific slings are made from steel wire ropes with soft eyes (without thimble) fastened with ferrules. Even though more and more companies handle wire ropes and accessories all over the world the access to factory manufactured slings is limited. Slings needs to be transported from where they are produced which might be in a different part of the world. At all reloading stops of the transport itinerary of the tubes you will see loads of scrapped slings representing vast amounts of money. In fact the major cost is not in the material but in the costs of having e.g. a vessel remaining in harbor just because it cannot be unloaded.



IronGripis the world leader in wire rope fixations for on-site applications. With wire clamps and wire clips, hand-powered ratchet cutters, adhesive wire tape and pre-set torque wrenches production of a sling can be done in 10 minutes at any location in the world.


Produce slings where the load and unload of pipes are taking place using only hand-tools! With a stock of steel wire ropes, IronGrip cutters, wire clamps, torque wrenches and easy to use instructions anyone can produce new slings on-site in a very short time. Applying a method where local staff can produce slings at the site where they are needed can either replace or at least complement the need for factory produced slings. Sling can easily be produced at the time and place they are needed = real flexibility. The material needed for producing slings can easily be transported to several locations and staff can be instructed to operate the tools in a matter of hours. A pair of new slings can be produced within twenty minutes.


Produce the slings you need on-site with correct length and diameter Reuse of clamps from scrapped slings over and over again, not possible with ferrules Utilize local manpower Avoiding long delivery times of ordered slings Avoiding costly waiting times for vessels when running out of slings Avoid the need for excessive stock of slings on-site All wire rope fixation products from IronGripare approved according to EN standard for ferrules EN 13411-3 and withstand minimum 90% of the wire rope breaking load.

Contact Leif Schiavone,,

Lifting Africa - Nov/Dec 2017



‘Business as usual’ – with a renewed focus: New MD to ensure higher than ever service, product and technical excellence Renttech South Africa has a proud 20-year track record of providing a combination of high-quality local and international branded equipment for rental or purchase, allied to superb customer service and business integrity. After two decades, a new Managing Director, Duncan Whitehead, has taken up leadership of this well-known business.


enttech SA is the preferred supplier of welding, power generation, lifting and rigging equipment for rental or purchase to the engineering, industrial, construction, pulp and paper, petrochemical, power generation, agricultural - and many other sectors - across Southern and subSaharan Africa.

overall Renttech experience,” he continues. He emphasises that buy-in of the company’s key stakeholders – from staff to customers and suppliers – is essential in order to effect these future growth strategies. “We are fortunate in having a highcalibre team on board, as well as an enviable portfolio of locally and internationally branded products and solutions developed over the past 20 years. So we have all the right elements in place to move forward successfully,” he observes.

Whitehead, who took over as Managing Director in March this year, brings 3 decades of senior management experience in the aviation, industrial and mining sectors, to bear in his new role. “Our strategy moving forward, in a nutshell, is one of ‘business as usual’ – with a renewed focus,” Whitehead states. He emphasises that a pivotal aspect of this renewed focus pertains to Renttech’s valued customer relationships; and that, as such, the company will strive to improve its service both to new and existing customers. “From our side, we greatly appreciate the continued strong support that we have had from our customer base,” he comments. Regarding the acquisition of Renttech SA by the Bidvest Group, Whitehead is very positive. “With all its acquisitions, Bidvest adopts a decentralised, entrepreneurial 18

Lifting Africa - Nov/Dec 2017

Duncan Whitehead, Managing Director

approach. This allows the businesses within the Group the flexibility to develop and grow their own brands, while being responsible for their own success,” he explains. “While there are no plans to change the successful business model which has seen Renttech grow into a robust and sustainable company, we will continue to investigate innovative ways in which we can offer our technical expertise and cutting-edge products to the market; thereby improving our customers’

Given that industry and technology are constantly changing, there are a number of opportunities that Whitehead is keen to pursue in order to improve customer service. “As Renttech is very much a solutions-driven company, we need to be ‘ahead of the curve’: taking advantage of new technology in order to make our customers more productive, energy-efficient and cost-effective – with the end-goal of improving their bottom line and return-oninvestment,” he explains. “The advanced technology we offer also has other advantages, such as helping to address the skills shortages that some of our customers are experiencing

through its level of innovation and user-friendliness,” says Whitehead.

Renttech SA is also scrutinising its rental fleet to make sure the equipment on offer meets the company’s high standards. “We will be embarking on a fleet renewal and enhancement drive to ensure that when a customer rents equipment from us, they get that ‘as new’ experience; and that they are assured of renting the latest – and best - technology the market has to offer,” he adds. In terms of internal efficiencies and process flows, Renttech has

“This process has been a very positive one for us,” says Whitehead. To this end, the company has been busy upskilling and developing new and existing staff members; as well as empowering the inherent management abilities of its middle management. He comments further that while there are still many unexploited opportunities within South Africa, Renttech is also ‘cautiously keen’ to consider business opportunities in the rest of Africa. The company already has a successful operation in Walvis Bay, Namibia. “We will adopt a cautious approach and evaluate the potential of each pan-African business opportunity on a case-by-case basis,” he continues, remarking that this type

of expansion requires a thorough knowledge of the local market and substantial groundwork prior to any kind of engagement. “In summary, we realise that as a country, we are in for some rough economic weather going forward. However, South Africans are resilient and are very good at leveraging their innate innovation and entrepreneurialism: to not only survive, but, even thrive during adversity. At Renttech SA, we are committed to continue working closely with our customers, ensuring that we lead the market with innovative products and service, which will help them to develop and sustain their businesses, moving towards a more prosperous future,” he concludes.

Contacts Renttech, Tel: +27 (0) 11 824-0410,

Lifting Africa - Nov/Dec 2017


A further advantage is that when a customer is contemplating buying a major equipment item such as a latest-technology industrial welder or generator, they are able, first-of-all, to rent a similar unit from Renttech, to ensure that it meets their expectations before purchasing.

been engaging with its staff on how to take the company to the next level of excellence.



G.L.B. (Vic) Pty Ltd Proudly Announces An Exclusive Distribution Agreement G.L.B. (Vic) Pty Ltd proudly announces the signing of an exclusive 2-year distributor agreement with Elephant Lifting, a division of Torre Holdings (Pty) Ltd. This agreement is effective as of November 1st 2017 for the promotion and sale of the Black Snake recovery strops in all countries of Africa. The agreement covers the following Black Snake products; • Black Snake 4WD Recovery Strops. (all sizes / lengths). • Black Snake Heavy Vehicle Recovery Strops with Nylon Inner (all sizes / lengths). • Black Snake Heavy Vehicle Recovery Strops with Kevlar Inner (all sizes / lengths).

About G.L.B. (Vic) Pty. Ltd. G.L.B (Vic) Pty.Ltd was established in January 2002 as an Australian manufacturer of recovery strops designed specifically for 4WD vehicle recovery and towing.

and durability.

Over the years G.L.B. (Vic) Pty. Ltd. has developed and grown its range to include the Black Snake Kevlar® and Nylon recovery strops. Blacksnake recovery strops are a unique product constructed with a fibre core and heavy duty rubber casing, they are specifically designed for their high strength

Uniquely engineered manufacturing equipment allows G.L.B. (Vic) Pty. Ltd. to construct custom-made recovery strops for most mining, industrial, military and recreational requirements, ensuring our position in a busy and strong niche market. Product development is at the forefront of our business allowing us to customise our products to suit specific customer needs and provide a safe, strong and reliable product. Our new production facility and recently increased capacity allows us to expand our business and take it to new and exciting places with international export opportunities. Black Snake website:

About Elephant Lifting Started in June 1982 in Pretoria, as a small enterprise trading in engineered goods, Elephant Lifting Equipment has grown into one of the largest and most technically able suppliers, designers and manufacturers of lifting equipment in southern Africa today. Over three decades of continuous growth, underpinned by innovation and an engineered approach to lifting safety, has made Elephant Lifting Equipment a highly respected lifting equipment supplier throughout Sub Saharan Africa and the Middle East. The company, staffed by mostly long serving employees, is highly valued by its local and international suppliers for its loyalty and professional representation, and serves a prestigious customer base in the Extractive and Metallurgical Industry, Construction, Infrastructure, Energy (power generation, oil and gas) and Project E.P.C.M. The company’s financial strength, coupled with its in house engineering expertise, allow it to carry substantial stockholdings of both locally and internationally manufactured products, as well as to design and fabricate special attachments and cranes per order, thus enabling it to fulfil the needs of its clients in a very thorough and timely manner. Innovation is driven by a team of mechanical and industrial engineers, supported by state of the art design programmes with integrated manufacturing equipment, and highly experienced personnel operating in a modern and spacious production facility. Elephant Lifting Equipment’s mission statement, along with its continuous drive to exceed client expectations, defines its guiding principles of operation. Elephant Lifting Website: We at G.L.B. (Vic) Pty Ltd are very excited to partner with Elephant Lifting, and to be introducing our full range of Nylon and Kevlar® recovery strops to their distributor network. This new relationship with Elephant Lifting offers us an exciting opportunity to expand into new regions and promote our Blacksnake brand. 20

Lifting Africa - Nov/Dec 2017


Balancer 130-300 t

Material Handling 20-160 t

Duty Cycle Crane 30-300 t

Telescopic Crane 8-120 t

Crawler Crane 80-300 t

Babcock International Group Tel +27 (0)11 230 7300 Fax +27(0)11 230 7892

Lifting Africa - Nov/Dec 2017


Wolffkran’s cranes relocated


In 2016 we saw a need to relocate a W1250B crane from between Boiler 1 and 2 to the east side of Boiler 6. After considering all factors we decided to erect the crane in a freestanding configuration as the structural Tie-in onto Boiler 6 bunker house would not be available for another 9 months. Location: Kusile Power station Construction site

Owner/User: MHPSA - Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Africa (Pty) Ltd.

MHPSA Crane Representative: Raymond Joubert MHPSA Crane Coordinator (Planning, Coordination and Engineering)

MHPSA Civils Representative: Marius Rabe Civil Engineer

Companies involved: • SVK Holdings (Local skilled labour and Supervision) • Wolffkran (Manufacturer’s Technicians) • LMI Academy (Ken Greenwood Load test and Inspection)

Crane: W1250B Tower Crane

Configuration before relocation: 60m Jib, 118,7m Tower height, KRE4120 base 17,5m x17,5m, 110tons Ballast weights with Structural Tie-in at 57,3m

Configuration after relocation: 60m Jib, 88,7m Tower height, KRE4120 base 17,5m x17,5m, 180tons Ballast weights freestanding 22

Lifting Africa - Nov/Dec 2017

The Team members as per picture: Back from Left to Right: Walter Staake - SVK HSE Officer, Christoph Poller - Wolffkran Technician, Jens Bodenhausen - Wolffkran Technician, Raymond Joubert - MHPSA Crane Coordinator / Task Leader, Michael Rosenberger - Wolffkran Technician, Henrico Van Eck - SVK Expeditor, Michael Sauer - Wolffkran Lead Technician, Johan Minderon - SVK Site Manager Front Left to Right: Roje Van Der Riet - SVK Expeditor, Ryno Reynders - SVK Rigger, Andrew Madihlaba - SVK Rigger Assistant, Sakhiwo Maxhangasana - SVK Rigger, Moses Maelane - SVK Rigger Assistant, Thulani Matshabe - SVK Rigger Assistant, Sabelo Zulu - SVK Rigger Assistant. Absent: Willard Kateguru - SVK Snr Supervisor, Patson Mooko - SVK Rigging Supervisor, Stephan Scheepers - SVK Snr Supervisor, Robert Meijer - Shanahan Crane Operator. Special Thanks to: Marius Rabe - MHPSA Civil Engineer, Ken Greenwood - LMI Academy LMI, Ryno Opperman - MRPE Surveyor.


Crane Capacity: • • •

60tons capacity with 3 falls 40tons capacity with 2 falls 21tons capacity at maximum radius of 60m

Duration of relocation and erection: 21days MHPSA working together with Wolffkran’s technical support department, developed a crane concept that envisaged the relocation of one of the W1250B cranes to Unit 6 of the Khusile Power Station. In 2016 we saw a need to relocate a W1250B crane from between Boiler 1 and 2 to the east side of Boiler 6.

After considering all factors, we decided to erect the crane in a freestanding configuration as the structural Tie-in onto the Boiler 6 bunker house would not be available for another 9 months. We did the planning and engineering calculations and then confirmed it with the Manufacturer, Wolffkran. In January 2017 we started to break down the Crane by Jacking it down section by section. After reaching a 30 metre tower height, we used a mobile crane to remove the crane sections up to the base section. We decided to lift and transport the complete Base section with ballast weights (weighing around 200tons), on a 18 liner SPMT, in order to save time and this cut the relocation period by 4 days.

Instead of jacking it up again, a CC2500 Crawler crane SWSL with a 72m luffer and a 48m main boom was used to erect the crane. This saved us 8 days of erection time. The Crane was then Inspected by an LMI and load tested at maximum capacities in minimum and maximum radiuses with almost no changes or increases in the deflection to its Tied-in counterparts. In February 2018, it will be a full year that the Crane is standing and lifting an estimated 200 - 400tons of Structural steel, Ducting, etc. per month.

Contact Raymond Joubert Tel: +27 (0) 60 970-4589

Electra Mining Africa is over 80% sold with 10 months to go

10-14 September 2018, Nasrec Expo Centre

Electra Mining Africa is recognised as the best attended trade show in Southern Africa and is ranked as one of the world’s largest mining shows. It’s long history and credibility has ensured that it has consistently attracted an average of 34,000 visitors and with over 850 local and international exhibitors across 33,000 m2 net indoor and outdoor exhibition space. Lifting Africa - Nov/Dec 2017



Linden Comansa helps build Colombia’s largest hydroelectric power plant Three Linden Comansa tower cranes are being used to help build the Ituango hydroelectric power plant, set to become Colombia’s biggest power plant and currently the largest infrastructure project under way in the country.


nce the plant starts operating at the end of 2018, it will generate up to 2400 megawatts of clean energy, nearly twice that of the San Carlos power plant, currently the country’s largest with a generating capacity of 1240 megawatts. The CCC Ituango Consortium, made up of the Colombian construction companies Conconcreto and Coninsa Ramón H, as well as the Brazilian construction company Camargo Corrêa, are carrying out the main civil works on this project for EPM (Empresas Públicas de Medellín, Colombia’s main utilities company), which will involve a 70 km long reservoir. There are currently three Linden Comansa tower cranes installed on the side of the dam that is being built, which will reach a breath-taking height of 225 metres. Two of them, one model 21LC450 and one 16LC185, are being used to build a controlled spillway with a design flow of 22,600 m3/second. Both these cranes have been set up to reach a height of 60 metres and have been assembled on a folding cross base with travelling system so they can be moved on tracks installed on the ground. Therefore, they are able to cover a greater area of the construction site much more quickly than if they had to be dismantled and assembled each time they are moved, thus meaning savings in terms of time and costs. The 21LC450 has a maximum load capacity of 20-tons and a height under hook of 54.6 metres, whilst the 16LC185 can handle a load of


Lifting Africa - Nov/Dec 2017

Two cranes, a 21LC450 and a 16LC185, being used to help build the spillway.

The hydroelectric power plant is located in the canyon of the Cauca River, far from any towns or cities.

up to 8-tons and has a height under hook of 59.5 metres.

The three cranes were sold to the CCC Ituango Consortium and were initially assembled at the construction site by Gigacon, Linden Comansa’s official distributor in Colombia. The modular structure of the cranes, comprised of parts which are light and easy to handle, thus making them easy to transport and assemble, was fundamental given that the power plant is located in the canyon of the Cauca River, in an area excavated from the mountain, where there is little flat ground, far removed from any towns or cities. Medellín is the closest city, located at around 170 km or 5 hours from the power plant.

A large section of the mountain had to be excavated in order to build the power plant.


The third Linden Comansa crane, an 11LC160, with a maximum load capacity of 8- tons, has been in three different locations, always very close to the other two cranes. It was initially installed in an area higher than the spillway in order to be used to help build the tunnel, which will provide road access to the spillway. Once this initial work was completed, the crane was moved to a slightly lower area to be used to help build the two intake tunnels, which will take water from the reservoir to the machine room and turbines, which will turn the mechanical energy into electrical energy. At all these locations, the 11LC160 was set up with a height under hook of 40 metres and, like the other two cranes, on a folding base with travelling system in order to be able to be moved quickly. This way it can also lift the different loads over a larger area than a stationary crane would be able to, thus making the very best use of resources.

The cranes have been assembled on a folding base with travelling system so they can be moved on tracks, thus making the best use of resources.

An 11LC160 crane being used to help build the intake tunnels, just by the spillway.

Gigacon provides its services throughout Colombia from its offices in Bogotá, Medellín and Cartagena. Its expert team of highly trained engineers and technical personnel are always on hand to handle its clients’ needs quickly and reliably.

Contact Richard Fletcher, Linden Comansa, Tel: +27 (0) 11 865-3202

Linden Comansa cranes working on the Ituango project, soon to become Colombia’s largest hydroelectric power plant.

Lifting Africa - Nov/Dec 2017


YOUR LIFTING SPECIALISTS Our comprehensive services include:


Lifting Africa - Nov/Dec 2017

Lifting Africa - Nov/Dec 2017


Tower cranes reach new heights with local service provider


The services industry in South Africa is growing, year on year, driven by an increasing need for expertise in a number of industries especially in the construction and allied sectors.


xpertise in the maintenance of highly specialised equipment is a priority on any construction site, in the interest of safety and maintaining a high productivity level. Entrepreneurs have, during the last few years taken the initiative and capitalised on their hard earned experience while being employed by major manufacturers to establish themselves as specialists to provide the required services to major infrastructure developers. A prime example is the proactive approach of M H Dawood Plant Services, a company dedicated to meeting the specific needs of its customers by providing solutions to all facets of the tower crane market. Established some 27 years ago by sole owner, Mohamed Dawood, the company has evolved into a leading ‘One Stop Crane’ service provider with a proud traceable history. “Over the years efficiencies and employment levels have been mainly driven by the services industry which has grown exponentially year on


Lifting Africa - Nov/Dec 2017

year especially in the construction industry which has offered attractive business opportunities. This has opened the door for us and today we offer; tower crane sales, service, repairs and refurbishment, erection and dismantling, tower crane rentals, spare parts and transportation”, said Mohamed Dawood. “We realised that our portfolio of services to our clients required enhancement, so we took an additional step, this time into the transport business by registering Theta Construction, Plant and Truck Hire which enables us to transport our own cranes and mixers to site as well as offering the service to the industry for moving equipment and site offices. This has resulted in considerable cost savings and time consuming waiting periods for the equipment to arrive on site as was the case when using outsourced transport”, added Mr Dawood. MH Dawood Plant Services has a dedicated staff of 25 personnel including qualified riggers and

electricians all LMI certified. Personnel are trained on a regular basis, ensuring a high competency level, especially for the commissioning process. “The company has established an erstwhile reputation in the tower crane market so much so that we have now been appointed an agent for Liebherr Africa and will be providing sales, service and parts for the product line. The opening of a depot in Durban has further enhanced our capabilities to service our high profile portfolio of clients amongst which are Aveng-Grinaker, Murray & Roberts, Barrow Construction, Adamson &Nielsen, to say the least. Thanks to our competitive prices, modern fleets and dependable service, businesses are able to access the crane technology they need to take their businesses forward”, concluded Mohamed Dawood.

Contact Mohamed Dawood. MH Dawood, Tel: +27 (0) 11 496-1007,

Western Cape customers see Johnson Crane Hire Lifting solutions leader Johnson Crane Hire showcased its latest fleet addition – a large Liebherr LTR11200 narrow track mobile crawler crane – at a customer open day in Cape Town recently, reminding the market why they remain a key and trusted partner locally and nationally.



s an indication of the fleet’s popularity, this new 1200-ton capacity unit had already been kept busy on projects for over 18 months, and this was the first opportunity the company had to bring it into the yard for other customers to witness. The company has been active in a range of sectors including construction, renewable energy (both wind and solar), conventional power stations including coal fired, oil and gas, film-making, mining and petrochemical. Customers at the event at Johnson Crane Hire’s Epping facility received insights into the company’s vision for 2020 from managing director Lalith Senarathne. He reconfirmed the commitment of the company to continue delivering marketleading service to Cape Townbased customers, strengthening the relationships of trust on which the success of the business has been built. In addition to the LTR11200 unit, there were also 35-ton and 60-ton mobile cranes on show which are available in Cape Town to service the regional market. Exciting news from the firm is that they have added a 180-ton and a 440-ton mobile crane to the fleet in Cape Town – to cover a wider range of projects. Johnson Crane Hire also offers value added services including upfront engineering and technical support, project management,

The new 1200t crane that Johnson Crane Hire added to its already extensive fleet.

heavy and specialised transportation, heavy rigging services and alternative lifting solutions including jacking and sliding options.

Contact Elmari Snyman, Johnson Crane Hire, Tel: +27 (0)11 455 9242, Lifting Africa - Nov/Dec 2017



Hyva Crane extends its range with new models cranes up to 165 tm Hyva has introduced new big truck-mounted cranes which will extend the Hyva Crane range up to 165 tm.

The new models – HC951, HC1151 and HC1651 – with lifting capacity class from 95 to 165 tm, are ideal for the Rental Service sector for multipurpose loading activities with specialist driver operators,” explained Davide Catellani, LoB Director, Cranes. “They also meet the requirements for heavy equipment and materials lifting in the Oil & Gas, Mining, Logistics, Defence and Construction sectors”. The principal features of the new cranes are: •

Automatic turning stabilizers, hydraulically operated for quick, easy and safe set-up • Endless slewing rotation system with bearing: the large diameter ball bearings join the lower and upper structures of the crane. Electrical and hydraulic connections pass through a swivel at the centre of the bearing. The presence of the two external gear motors guarantees double slewing torque to operate in rough conditions, always delivering high precision and durability • Liftrod Articulating System (LAS) which provides constant lifting capacity and efficiency in confined or restricted spaces such as narrow streets on indoor locations • Extra Extension Speed (EES) and Smart Extension Sequence which facilitates faster operating speed, shorter load/ unload cycle times, and more precise and safer operation The integral base allows the installer to mount the crane directly on the truck frame, reducing the total height of the crane and lowering the centre of gravity of the vehicle. This permits the crane to rotate endlessly in both directions. 30

Lifting Africa - Nov/Dec 2017

All cranes are available in CE (EN12999 Standard) and NOT CE versions, and are equipped with multi-function radio remote control. One of the cranes, the HC1151 E8, has been displayed at Solutrans, the biennial international trade fair for haulage and urban transport professionals, in Lyon, France, on 21-25 November 2017. The HC1151 (115 tm class) crane, displayed at the exhibition is equipped with 8

hydraulic extensions, allowing a reach of 19.52 meter. Included is the automatic lubrication system which simplifies the crane maintenance and secures a long value retain. The crane is available with multifunction radio remote control.

Contact John Hendry Bowman, Lift & Shift,


A trusted industry leader For more than 90 years, Scaw, a South African industry leader, has been a preferred supplier to the lifting and rigging industry. From wire & strand products, Haggie® Steel Wire Rope, chain products as well as fittings and attachments, Scaw continues to design and deliver the highest quality products to customer specifications. Highly qualified teams with extensive experience in all aspects of the application of our products are on call to advise and support the selection, handling, installation and maintenance of products vital to driving safety, productivity and profit in the lifting and rigging industry.

More than steel.

Lifting Africa - Nov/Dec 2017



Hiab presents the world's first electric powered MULTILIFT Futura skiploader Hiab, part of Cargotec, presented the world's first electric powered skiploader concept vehicle at the Freight in the City Expo, London, in partnership with Dutch electric vehicle manufacturer EMOSS. This fullyintegrated electric solution matches the load handling capabilities of a diesel skiploader truck.


At Hiab, as part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability, we have developed, in partnership with EMOSS, a 100% electric concept truck featuring the latest-generation MULTILIFT Futura 12 skiploader and an ePTO (electric Power Take-Off) solution. As it operates silently and with no CO2 or nitrogen oxide emissions, this fully-electric skiploader is ideal for businesses that involve urban deliveries or out-of-hours operations," says Henri Janhonen, Director, Sales and Product Business Management, Demountables, Hiab. Together with the skiploader, Hiab also presented the HIAB loader crane with an ePTO at the Freight in the City Expo, London as well as the MOFFETT E-Series truck mounted forklift, which is the world's first lithium-ion powered truck mounted forklift and is completely emission free. The ePTO loader crane was launched on the market in 2014 and the MOFFETT E-series the year before. "The pioneering spirit at Hiab is never idle; and as the demand for more environmentally-friendly and emission-free products grows, we want to stay in the driver's seat. We know that our customers are facing a tougher and more demanding load handling environment, especially in the larger cities, with emission regulations not easing the demand for logistics. Legislation is demanding it and our customers' customers want it. In order to stay customer focused we presented these three fully to partially electric


Lifting Africa - Nov/Dec 2017

product and product combinations at the Freight in the City Expo," says Keith Quigley, Senior Vice President, Truck Mounted Forklifts, Hiab. Recently, Hiab, together with its UK-based customer Pets at Home, was awarded the Noise Abatement Society's Quiet Logistics Award, also known as the "Noise Oscars", for their partnership approach to reducing noise associated with out-of-hours deliveries. As Pets at Home often works with nighttime deliveries, the emissionfree and silent MOFFETT E-Series truck mounted forklift enables them to enhance their night-time deliveries, saving money on fuel, reducing their carbon footprint and no longer being a nuisance to the neighbours of their stores. For this major investment in low-noise technology to reduce environmental noise and improve customer service, the quiet

delivery partnership of Hiab and Pets at Home won the John Connell Quiet Logistics Award 2017. "Rules and regulations to limit noise and exhaust emissions have already been established in some cities. Congestion charges are already a reality, and additional fees for exhaust emissions are likely to be set in the near future. Furthermore, limitations exist for nigEmissions (noise or pollution). These limitations will steer truck operators towards the usage of electric vehicles in densely populated areas. At Hiab, we want to be fully prepared for the growing popularity of electric trucks, and also be the preferred partner for load handling solutions in the future," continues Mr. Janhonen.

Contact Saras Hemraj, Hiab, Tel: +27 (0) 11 865-1425,,

PALFINGER is expanding its comprehensive product portfolio in the heavy-duty crane segment to include another TEC-series model. The new PK 135.002 TEC 7 offers an outstanding ratio of lifting capacity to dead weight.


he new PK 135.002 TEC 7 offers an outstanding ratio of lifting capacity to dead weight. This new crane can be equipped with three different fly jibs and features a full range of sensor technology, which allows it to achieve reaches and lifting capacities comparable to cranes one or two classes higher.

Specialist for heavy-duty loads and high outreaches


PK 135.002 TEC 7 – Lifting capacity meets loading capacity

The PK 135.002 TEC 7 can be put to an impressively diverse range of uses: whether performing heavyduty operations, precision assembly work, operations requiring long reaches, container handling, lift system installation or roofing work, the crane is in its element. Three different fly jibs on three different extension booms can be fitted to extend the reach of the PK 135.002 TEC 7: The fly jibs PJ 240, PJ 190 and PJ 150. The last two are brand-new designs and, like the PJ 240, they are technically based on the application of the new P-Profile.

Exceptionally cost-effective In a direct comparison with the Palfinger PK 150002, the rigorously lightweight design and the P-Profile make this new model some 2,000 kg lighter – all while offering up to 35% higher lifting capacity when used with the fly jib.

Designed for payload reserves Two choices are available when it comes to choosing the carrier vehicle for the PK 135.002 TEC 7. A four-axle truck with a permissible total weight of 32-tons leaves 2,500–3,000 kg of free payload. A five-axle truck with a total weight of 40-tons leaves as much as 8,000 kg of free payload. The customer benefits are obvious. No permissions are required for special transport operations with back-up vehicles, nor are there any route restrictions. Nonetheless, customers benefit from a universally deployable vehicle with payload.

Innovative developments Thanks to MEXT, TOOL and WEIGH, the PK 135.002 TEC 7 features a range of additional innovative options. MEXT allows one or two mechanical extensions to be monitored by sensors and as a result to be integrated into the overload protection system. TOOL allows various additional devices, which are connected via the multifunctional

The PK 135.002 TEC 7 – an all-rounder for diverse applications.

adapter (MFA), to be included in the calculation of the stability limit. And finally, WEIGH allows crane operators to weigh the load directly with the crane, thereby getting an overview of the positions which can be reached.

Tried-and-tested options Operators can also choose from a wide range of triedand-tested options such as P-Fold, DPS-C and HPSCPlus GEOM. With the P-Fold assistance system, crane operators can fold and unfold the crane quickly and easily using only finger movements. The intelligent controller coordinates the movements of the crane and fly jib up to a predefined working position. With semi-automatic controls, the process is quick and comfortable. DPS-C increases the lifting power on the fly jib tremendously by including the centres of gravity of the load and dead weight in the Paltronic calculations. HPSC-Plus GEOM uses the same effect, resulting in a reach-dependent and therefore optimised stability monitoring. In situations where the vehicle is not fully supported or the reach is limited, the lifting capacity is increased significantly.

Contact Tony Mota, Palfinger Africa,. Tel +27 (0) 11 608-3670,, Lifting Africa - Nov/Dec 2017



Konecranes & Demag Cranes - The strategy going forward The acquisition of Demag Cranes by Konecranes holds big prospects for 2018 as the two crane giants pool their considerable combined knowledge and technology to the benefit of the lifting community across SubSaharan Africa. Lifting Africa spoke to John MacDonald, service, sales and marketing director of Konecranes about the strategy going forward.


017 was a big year for both crane companies involving a lot of change on all accounts. Whilst change often comes with upheaval this merger, by all accounts, has seen few teething problems in South Africa and it is really all systems go as they combine forces. “It’s a merger that makes sense on several levels,” says John when asked about the deal that became official several months ago. “The market has reacted extremely well to the acquisition and we have really only had positive feedback on all fronts.” Both companies have solid track records in South Africa with Demag Cranes having been in the country since 1958 and holds a substantial footprint of hot metal handling cranes. Konecranes, albeit the new kid on the block when compared to Demag Cranes having only first entered the country in 2009, has also built up a sturdy reputation for itself. “Konecranes has really seen tremendous growth in South Africa over the past few years,” says John. “Both companies are renowned for reliability and so it is understandable that the market has not found the merging of the brands challenging at all. It brings very real benefits to our local operations.” Few companies hold the international footprint of these two giants. “One can really feel the strength of the combination of these two crane companies and the offering they now bring to the lifting industry not only South Africa but across the continent.” According to John South Africa has really taken the lead internationally within the group integrating the respective head offices as well as several branches around the country. “We have now merged all of our offices,” he says. “In Johannesburg, we moved over 120 employees as well as factory equipment and machinery from Konecranes base of the past ten years in Germiston to Demag’s premises in Atlas Road in Boksburg.” It’s a task that took some doing but, says John, it was accomplished with great success. “We spent months talking with our counterparts and staff to ensure the


Lifting Africa - Nov/Dec 2017

The new branding on the Konecranes and Demag vehicles.

move would bring minimal disruption not just to our operations but also the private lives of our staff – many who now have to travel longer distances to work and back.” According to John there is no doubt that South Africa surprised their international colleagues with the speed of the integration. “It was done in true South African style,” he says. “We just got on with it.” He says four of the countrywide branches have also completed the combining of premises. Along with the Gauteng branch, Cape Town moved from Killarney to Epping, whilst the Demag branches in Richards Bay and Durban moved to the existing Konecranes premises. The branches in Port Elizabeth are set to move to new premises in Greenbushes soon.

Future growth There is a firm belief that the company, now officially known as Konecranes and Demag through the pooling of resources will grow the service side of the business even more. Already a stronghold of the company in Sub-Saharan Africa, Konecranes has been conducting routine service inspections, repairs and refurbishment of Demag cranes

and technology. It is in the sharing of this that we will be able to develop solutions that will improve the productivity and safety of all our cranes. He says the service business has continued to see growth despite the current downturned economic climate and whilst many projects in Africa are still on hold, they are committed to increasing their market share on the new equipment in Southern Africa as well.

Countries like Zambia, Ghana, Tanzania and Nigeria are showing real promise for new equipment sales. “The service business is one that is not as affected by the economy as cranes have to be services and maintained. In this industry, we have seen exponential growth in recent years.” With strategically placed branches in the region and an improved service offering more growth is on the cards. Konecranes and Demag now operate from the same premises at their various hubs and offices across South Africa.

for several years already. “As one company, we are able to create better synergy and deliver a better service,” says John. He says together the business has become a force to be reckoned with in the crane service business. “Our business is very much two-fold,” explains John. “On the new equipment side, we are keeping the branding separate simply because these cranes represent the top brands in the industry. It is, however, on the service side where we are really combining our knowledge

“The trend across Sub-Sahara Africa is still to modernize and refurbish cranes. It is a growing market for us and one that we can now really service well thanks to the merging of Konecranes and Demag.”


“There are projects taking off again. Especially in the port sector there is a lot of development as well as in platinum and copper mining we are seeing some new projects.”

Asked about challenges John says that a declining business confidence in South Africa has raised concern, but this is against an improving business confidence across the rest of the continent. “It really is business as usual for us with a renewed focus on growth in the region,” he says. “The changes within our organisaiton has resulted in the improved utilisation of the two companies’ resources that in turn increases overall productivity within Konecranes and Demag’s services.”

Contact John MacDonald, Konecranes and Demag, Tel: +27 (0) 11 898-3500;

Lifting Africa - Nov/Dec 2017



LTM 11200-9.1 mobile crane assembles special Liebherr construction crane for Max Bögl energy storage project Ehingen / Donau (Germany) November 2017 – Tower cranes were assembled in September on the natural electricity storage site at Gaildorf, an innovative energy storage project being completed by the Max Bögl Group in southern Germany. •

Liebherr mobile crane assembles 630 EC-H on foundations 40 metres high • LTM 11200-9.1 also positions the lower concrete segments of the system tower • The highest wind turbines in the world will be erected by the end of the year • The water battery combines wind turbines with a pumpedstorage power plant The contractor erected the highest wind turbines in the world there. Max Bögl is combining the wind turbines with a pumped-storage

power plant. A Liebherr mobile crane was used to assemble the 630 EC-H top-slewing cranes from the same manufacturer. On the site near Schwäbisch Hall, the LTM 11200-9.1 assembled the three massive construction cranes on the 40-metre high foundations of the wind turbines which are also used as water storage basins. The assembly of each of these large special cranes for wind turbines, with which Max Bögl has erected a large number of wind turbines over the last five years, took around two days. On the current site the cranes

reach hook heights of 190 metres above the ground. One of the four LTM 11200-9.1 cranes operated by the construction group placed the construction cranes on the 40-metre storage towers for the system. The heaviest component of the tower crane was the main jib which weighed around 23 tonnes. The mobile crane had to manage significantly larger load cases, namely up to 90 tonnes, during the construction of the lower system tower. A radius of 26 metres was required for this work as a result of the large storage basin around

An LTM 11200-9.1 operated by the Max Bögl Group assembles a Liebherr top-slewing crane on the energy storage project site at Gaildorf. 38

Lifting Africa - Nov/Dec 2017

MOBILE CRANE The maximum support base of 13x13 metres provides the LTM 11200-9.1 with the stability it needs. In the background you can see an LTM 1130-5.1 acting as an auxiliary crane.

it. As from a height of 76 metres above the ground, the construction crane then took over the assembly of the remainder of the tower. These systems, which are currently under construction in Gaildorf and are due to come online by the end of the year, are being erected by Max Bรถgl, a construction, technology and service company based in Sengenthal in Bavaria, and will be the highest wind turbines in the world. The rotor blades will catch the wind at an altitude of

246.5 metres. The special feature of the wind turbines built on a mountain ridge is their positioning on giant storage basins. At a later date, these will be connected to a modern hydroelectric power plant and a water storage basin in Kocher Valley. This will enable the system to compensate for the fluctuating power generation capacity of the wind turbines. In high winds, when more electricity is generated than can be fed into the network, water will be pumped from the lake at

the bottom into the high storage basins. When there is little wind, electricity can still be generated in the pumped-storage power plant. In addition to mobile and tower cranes, Liebherr machines supplied by the Special Foundations and Earth Moving Divisions are also in action at the energy storage project in Gaildorf.

Contact Liebherr, Tel: +27 (0) 11 365-2000,

Lifting Africa - Nov/Dec 2017



Mobicon mini straddle carriers efficient container handling Mobicon mini straddle carriers from BLT SA, which are designed for lifting containers onto and off trucks and for moving loads around sites, significantly reduce onsite congestion, making the yard a safer workplace.

The Mobicon TF2 and 2T series increase operational efficiency and reduce demurrage costs for trucks waiting to be loaded and unloaded. These mobile container handlers efficiently move loads around sites, through warehouse doors, effectively taking the container to the stack or the receiving point,” says Charity Gumede, marketing director, BLT SA, specialists in materials handling equipment. “One of the biggest problems associated with using conventional equipment to load and unload containers is damage caused to yards and pavements that are not suitable for carrying heavy weights. “Mobicon container handlers have a 4 axle, single tyre design, with eight separate load centres, which enables them to utilise all parts of the yard and to operate on pavements and in restrictive areas where a forklift or heavy equipment cannot go. With the Mobicon system, there is no damage to yards and therefore no need for costly repairs. “These mobile container handlers have excellent manoeuvrability to turn in tight spaces and are also able to travel inside warehouses, under awnings and up to docks. This flexible system requires very little maintenance, unlike conventional container handling equipment, where ongoing maintenance is expensive.


Lifting Africa - Nov/Dec 2017

The Mobicon 2T series, which stacks containers one high, can operate in an area as small as 5 m wide. This machine carries containers safely inside a building and under awnings and to save operation time, it can also load road vehicles.

The Mobicon TF2 mini straddle carrier, which stacks containers two high and has a drive speed of 9 km/per hour, is perfect for operations where space is at a premium and where speed is a priority.

These robust mini straddle carriers incorporate two independent towers and utilise the container as the structural component linking the two towers. This two-tower design provides the flexibility for the machine to be able to operate on sloping or uneven surfaces. The container is lifted from the bottom, which allows the operator to easily handle flat beds, tank containers, half heights, over heights and curtain sided containers. The lightweight Mobicon system has a 33-ton lift capacity and is able to carry any type or size ISO specified container, without the need for modifications or additional lifting equipment. The low centre of gravity of this system enhances stability, preventing it from rolling over like conventional forklifts. Safety has been critical in the design of these compact machines. The operator has a clear view of the working area and instead of staff having to work at a trailer height of 1,5 m, they are able to work safely at ground level. These container handlers do not need to travel with a container, 3 metres in the air, as with conventional systems. Cabins are fitted with CCTV cameras for improved operator visibility. Other safety features include front and rear strobe lights, audible movement alarms and failsafe switches.

The Mobicon 2T series, which stacks containers one high, can operate in an area as small as 5 m wide. This machine carries containers safely inside a building and under awnings and to save operation time, it also loads road vehicles. The lift height is 1,75-metres, lift speed is 2-metres per minute and the cycle time is approximately 3,5 minutes. Fuel usage is also less than 5 litres of diesel per hour. The Mobicon TF2 machine, which stacks containers two high and has a drive speed of 9 km/per hour, is perfect for operations where space is at a premium and where speed is a priority. These machines have a lift height of 3,4-metres, a lift speed of 4-metres per minute and a cycle time of approximately two minutes. Fuel usage is less than 8 litres of diesel per hour. Mobicon mini straddle carriers for safe and efficient container handling, which are manufactured in Australia, are available exclusively in South Africa from BLT SA as rental machines, or for purchase. Other container handling equipment from BLT SA includes Taylor empty and loaded container handlers and reach stackers, as well as Meclift variable reach trucks for swift and safe container stuffing and handling. Capacity terminal tractors can be customised for specific handling tasks required. BLT SA offers a technical advisory, parts and support service throughout the country.

Contact Charity Gumede, BLT SA, Tel: +27 (0) 31 274-8270,,


“Other advantages of this mini straddle carrier system include easy handling of ramps and speed bumps, faster container handling times in all weather conditions and minimal damage to contents normally caused by long lift truck runs. The investment in a Mobicon system also reduces capital investment costs. Conventional forklifts, reach-stackers, side loaders or self loading trailers are more costly to operate.”

OUR SERVICES INCLUDE: • Sales of New & Used SANY mobile & crawler cranes • Workshop & On-site Servicing • Calibrations & Load Testing of mobile cranes • Customised branding & Spraypainting • Training & Certification for operators • Refurbishing of equipment • Breakdown Call-outs • New Parts • Trade-in’s accepted • Spare parts

New Cranes (Pricing on request)

• Sany STC200

(20t) x2

• Sany STC500


• Sany SRC250 (25t)


• 1997 Grove AT990E (80t) • 2013 Sany STC500 (50t)

R 1 950 000 R 3 350 000

55 Harris Ave • Isandovale • Edenvale Tel: (011) 823 2028

Lifting Africa - Nov/Dec 2017



Preferred work-at-height, confinedspace service provider in Africa Skyriders Access Specialists (Pty) Ltd. aims to become the preferred work-at-height and confined-space service provider on the African continent. It offers various solutions to all heavy industrial sectors, including mining. A particular achievement of the company to date is its zero-fatality rate, in line with OHSAS 18001:2007 and Institute for Work at Height best practice. “Safety is paramount in any industry. Mining, for example, is an inherently dangerous environment, as it encompasses both work-at-height and confined spaces,” Skyriders Marketing Manager Mike Zinn comments. “Mines often select the more traditional means of access for inspection purposes, maintenance projects, and shutdowns. This means they pay a premium, and end up using a large portion of the project programme to erect and break down these access systems. Rope access offers a safer, quicker means of carrying out many of these tasks, resulting in significant time- and cost-savings,” Zinn elaborates. Skyriders employs teams of highly experienced and trained rope-access technicians. “The career path of a ropeaccess technician is ongoing from a skills’ development point of view. One needs to bear in mind that rope access is just a means of moving from one work point to another work point. This requires renewal every three years, which poses the challenge of progressing from Level 1 to Level 2 and, ultimately, to Level 3, depending on the experience in the form of hours logged,” Zinn stresses. Apart from the rope-access discipline itself, Skyriders’ technicians also require trade skills such as welding, Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and inspection, grit blasting, Ultra-High Pressure (UHP) washing, protective coating application, and rigging, among others. Current projects and contracts being undertaken by Skyriders include ongoing work on new power station builds, inspection and maintenance of industrial smokestacks in Indonesia and a gold mine 42

Lifting Africa - Nov/Dec 2017

in West Africa, telecoms tower maintenance in Johannesburg, and ongoing maintenance and inspection work at a large petrochemical company in Mpumalanga, in addition to work at Eskom’s existing fleet. “When the cost of access is disproportionate to the scope of work, when time is of the essence, and where height or confined space poses a challenge, that is when Skyriders can offer the optimal solution,” Zinn concludes.

Contact Mike Zinn, Skyriders, Tel: +27 (0) 11 312-1418,,

An exciting new chapter for CombiLift is about to begin!


Combilift is a world leader in the design, innovation and manufacturing of multidirectional forklifts and handling solutions for all industries. Established in 1998, we are acknowledged globally as being at the forefront of our market and are renowned for our customized, reliable products. Combilift now exports to more than 75 countries and there are over 36 000 units in operation in a wide range of sectors.


ombilift, the Irish manufacturer of multi-directional forklifts and long-load material handling solutions is set to open its new purpose-built factory on 25th April 2018. An estimated â‚Ź46m (R736,840 million) has been invested in the new 46 500sq.m / 500 000 sq.ft factory. This momentous occasion will happen as we celebrate 20 years in business and will coincide with the launch of a new product range.

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Lifting Africa - Nov/Dec 2017




Tips & information for our customers

Electronic position switch ERC 40 Saves commissioning time while increasing accuracy at the same time. Immediately available following installation/device replacement Optional real-time position data (4-20 mA output)

Significantly shorter downtimes

Status verification via error output possible

Lower overall operating costs

Switch test function integrated

Up to 15 relay outputs

Less settings to be made

High switching accuracy

User-friendly calibration via preset input

Configuration software simplifies parameter assignments Save and import parameter data sets

The ERC 40 is available in design version B35 with flange and foot (see image above) and B5 with flange.

Secure termination: double-tier terminal blocks encapsulated in a terminal box. USB port serves as interface for configuration software.

Assign parameters in just a few steps: 1. Calibrate the position system 2. Set switching points 3. Save data

Contact Derek Colyn, Huebner Speed Monitoring, Tel.: +27 (0) 11 482-0088, Johannes Hübner - Fabrik elektrischer Maschinen GmbH • Siemensstraße 7 • 35394 Gießen • Germany Fax:Lifting +27 (0) • Tel.11 +49 6 41 79 69, • Fax +49 6 41 7 36 45 • E-Mail: 44 Africa -482-8939, Nov/Dec 2017



Tips & information for our customers Example dimension drawing with max. 6 relay outputs

If there are more than 6 relay outputs, additional module housings increase the overall length cable gland




Technical data Supply voltage

15-27 VDC to IEC 60364-4-41, SELV/PELV

Termination technology

Screw terminal 0,25 mm2 - 1,5 mm2

Switching voltage / current

Programming interface Resolution singleturn Resolution multiturn Max. speed

Operating temperature range Degree of protection Shock resistance

Vibration resistance

AC: max. 250 VAC / 500 mA DC: max. 230 VDC / 180 mA; max. 120 VDC / 300 mA; max. 30 VDC / 500 mA USB 2.0

0,044° (360°/8192 steps); 13 bit 32.768 revolutions; 15 bit 2.800 rpm

-25 °C to +70 °C IP66

25 g to DIN EN 60068-2-27 5 g to DIN EN 60068-2-6

Type key




Electronic position switch Series Optional current output (4...20 mA) I: with current output -: without current output Number of position switches (relay outputs) Options: 3, 6, 9, 12 or 15

Contact Derek Colyn, Huebner Speed Monitoring, Tel.: +27 (0) 11 482-0088, Johannes Hübner - Fabrik elektrischer Maschinen GmbH • Siemensstraße 7 • 35394 Gießen • Germany Fax: +27 (0) 611 Lifting Africa - Nov/Dec 2017 Tel. +49 41482-8939, 79 69 0 •, +49 6 41 7 36 45 • E-Mail: •





Lifting Africa - Nov/Dec 2017


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HIGH PERFORMANCE ROPE Stocking Distributor of High Performance Crane Rope

Elephant Lifting Equipment Elephant Lifting Equipment

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Insu Tech Corporation Irongrip T: +46 866 19170 M: +46 707 505787 E: W:

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Shutterlock Shutterlock

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600 SA

Elephant Lifting Equipment T: +27 (0) 12 661-6105 F: +27 (0) 12 661-6104 E: W:

CJH Cranes Equipment & Plant


Searle Hoist & Tool


Cleveland Crane Hire T: +27 (0) 11 626-1029 E: W:

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Cranemec Group S.A T: +27 (0) 16 366-1393 F: +27 (0) 16 366-1392 E: W:

Elephant Lifting Equipment

Searle Hoist & Tool T: +27 (0) 11 882-2000 F: +27 (0) 11 882-2037 E: W:


Magnet Service Binder T: +27 (0) 11 791-3460 F: +27 (0) 11 791-3464 E: W:

Stocking Distributor of Dynamometers

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JCB Industrial Equipment

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Load Testing & Inspection Specialists

DYNAMOMETER T: +27 (0) 12 661-6105 F: +27 (0) 12 661-6104 E: W:

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Morris Material Handling SA T: +27 (0) 11 748-1000 F: +27 (0) 11 748-1093 E: W:


Elephant Lifting Equipment

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Yale Lift


T: +27 (0) 11 571 0200 E: W:

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Shutterlock T: T: +27+27 (0)(0) 11 11 412-2918 412-2918 F: +27 (0) 11 692-3826 F: +27 (0) 11 692-3826 E: E: W: W:

South African Load Test Services T: +27 (0) 11 397-7890 C: +27 (0) 74 405-3955 E: W:          


Yale Lift T: +27 (0) 14 577-2607 F: +27 (0) 14 577-3534 E: W:

Water Weights Inspection, Proof(TVL) Load Testing &

Lifting Equipment T:Certification +27 (0) 11of425-0015/6602 Weights (TVL) CC C:Water +27 (0) 82 891-5285 Tel: 011 425-0015/6602 E:Cell: 082 891 5285 W:Email:




600 SA T: +27 (0) 11 966-2000 F: +27 (0) 86 601-2607 E: W:

MMS Mobile Cranes



CJH Cranes Equipment & Plant T: +27 (0) 11 963-0670 E: F: +27 (0) 86 619-7755 W:

T: +35 840 069-9469 F: +35 842 016-6959 E: W:

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Cranes Direct

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Materials Handling Lifting Equipment

MH Dawood Plant Services T: +27 (0) 11 496-1007 F: +27 (0) 11 496-1198 E: W:

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Elephant Lifting Equipment T: +27 (0) 12 661-6105 F: +27 (0) 12 661-6104 E: W:

Cranemec Group S.A


T: +27 (0) 11 421-6577 E: W: www.mmscranes.coza T: +27 (0) 12 661-0830 F: +27 (0) 12 661-0816 E: W:


South African Load Test Services T: +27 (0) 11 397-7890 C: +27 (0) 74 405-3955 E: W:

Park Lifting and Mining T: +27 (0) 17 687-0236 M: +27 (0) 84 512-6812 F: +27 (0) 17 687-0239 E: W:

Yale Lift T: +27 (0) 14 577-2607 F: +27 (0) 14 577-3534 E: W:

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By Carpel SRL - Italy T: + 39 (0) 39 532-0952 F: + 39 (0) 39 532-0825 E: W:


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Saxeni Equipment T: +27 (0) 11 823-2028 F: +27 (0) 86 594-6533 E: W:

Condra Cranes


Demag Cranes

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TESTING Renttech

Morris Material Handling SA T: +27 (0) 11 748-1000 F: +27 (0) 11 748-1093 E: W:

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T: +27 (0) 11 824-0410 E: W: www.

Elephant Lifting Equipment Scaw Metals SA T: +27 (0) 11 601-8400 F: +27 (0) 11 601-8405 E: W:

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HIAB T: +27 (0) 11 865-1425 F: +27 (0) 11 866-1092 E: W:


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Elephant Lifting Equipment

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STRADDLE CARRIER J Express Crane Services T: +27 (0) 11 864-8402 F: +27 (0) 11 864-8408 M: +27 (0) 83 425-5535 E:

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Irongrip Authorised Stocking Distributor

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Elephant Lifting Equipment


Elephant Lifting Equipment

Gunnebo Industries CJH Cranes Equipment & Plant


Park Lifting and Mining

CJH Cranes Equipment & Plant

Elephant Lifting Equipment T: +27 (0) 12 661-6105 F: +27 (0) 12 661-6104 E: W:

Combi Lift T: +27 (0) 11 900-8010 E: W:

Park Lifting and Mining T: +27 (0) 17 687-0236 M: +27 (0) 84 512-6812 F: +27 (0) 17 687-0239 E: W:


CJH Cranes Equipment & Plant T: +27 (0) 11 963-0670 E: F: +27 (0) 86 619-7755 W: Contact to advertise Lifting Africa - Nov/Dec 2017


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Phakamisa Safety Consultants T: +27 (0) 11 462-9620/1 F: +27 (0) 11 462-9620 E: W:

Transvaal Training MH Dawood Plant Services


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600 SA T: +27 (0) 11 966-2000 F: +27 (0) 86 601-2607 E: W:

Tower Cranes Africa T: +27 (0)61 245 6799 E: W:


HIAB T: +27 (0) 11 865-1425 F: +27 (0) 11 866-1092 E: W:

600 SA T: +27 (0) 11 966-2000 F: +27 (0) 86 601-2607 E: W:

Palfinger Africa T: +27 (0) 11 608-3670 E: W:

WINCHES Cranemec Group S.A T: +27 (0) 16 366-1393 F: +27 (0) 16 366-1392 E: W:

Dymot Engineering T: +27 (0) 11 970-1920 F: +27 (0) 11 970-1979 E: W:


Lifting Africa - Nov/Dec 2017

LMI Academy


T: +27 (0) 11 475-5876 F: +27 (0) 86 605-7522 E: W:

T: T: +27 +27 (0) (0) 11 11412-2918 412-2918 F: +27 (0) 11 692-3826 F: +27 (0) 11 692-3826 E: E: W: W:


Cape Town, South Africa


5-8 February 2018


PROVIDING THE FOUNDATION FOR SUSTAINABLE JUNIOR AND MAJOR MINING GROWTH IN AFRICA No longer just a trade show – a fully focused investment event

What changed in 2017?

71% 41% 166 more investors

more mining companies

Find out what is new in 2018 at

junior mining companies 70 of which were listed

28 African ministers & delegations – A record government attendance

Lifting Africa - Nov/Dec 2017



Higher working load limits (7 to 60 %, in most cases around 30 %) Hexagon screw for easy mounting and dismounting Rotates 360 degrees Pivots 160 degrees


• Stay-up”-function allows the link to stay in any position the user leaves it in • Ideal for narrow spaces such as corners or edge position, as the housing has a compact design • Can be stowed away by folding the link over the housing • Rotates 360 degrees • Pivots 0–110 degrees (area of use) • M8 to M16 and NC 5/16”, 3/8”, 1/2“and 5/8” available in June • Larger sizes available in November


Compact and robust Ideal for top-mounting Hexagon socket on the bolt for easy mounting and dismounting Rotates 360 degrees M8 to M16 in stock UNC 5/16”, 3/8”, 1/2“ and 5/8” in stock Larger sizes available in November

BALL-BEARING LIFTING POINT - BLP • • • • • • • TEL: 011 614 6078 52

Lifting point with ball-bearing housing Versatile lifting point Can rotate 360 degrees under load Drop-forged housing for extra strength Hexagon shape of housing for easy mounting and dismounting M8 to M20 and UNC 5/16”, 3/8”, 1/2“, 5/8” 3/4“ and 7/8” available in July Larger sizes in November

FAX: 011 624 1300

Lifting Africa - Nov/Dec 2017



Lifting Africa Nov/Dec 2017  
Lifting Africa Nov/Dec 2017