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Jade Wortmann & Josh Bone

Bone Wortmann Electrical VIP Platinum Members

“We have learnt that knowing your numbers inside out is a huge advantage to the health of the business. Since this, our profits are up more than 78%”

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uly is here… and that means the new financial year is upon us! It is also a great time to reflect on the year to date…What have you achieved in the first half of the year? Take a moment to reflect back… and then take another moment to pick up the phone and book an appointment with your accountant… I always drum in that you should meet with your accountant regularly to understand your numbers, but at this time of year, time it’s even more important. Nagging aside- let’s get into it! We all know that a healthy body impacts our overall lives positively… but what about a healthy brain? Majority of people will have some form of negative thought throughout the day, and it’s these thoughts that will bring you down. Learn how to train yourself to push aside these thoughts, and embrace happiness and success on page 16. People say that every single person is unique. This is true… to a certain degree. We all fall into four personality types, which influence our buying decisions, and more importantly our customer’s decisions. Knowing how to sell to each type of personality will become your greatest sales weapon. Find out more on page 10. Being a trade business owner means you are automatically delegated the task of being a leader. And being a GOOD leader means knowing how to motivate your team. We discuss 11 ways you can do this to become a Smart Leader on page 14. You probably finished school or TAFE and immediately thought to yourself, “Yes! No more studying!” Well… Sorry but I’m here to tell you the bad news. Research shows that there are major benefits to lifelong learning and continual study. Flip to page 9 to learn about how learning can make you Healthier, Richer, and more Popular.

Our member profile this month is Jade and Josh from Bone Wortmann Electrical on the sunny Gold Coast. These boys have had a massive transformation in their business in the last couple of years…PLUS they have even started up a second business! You can read all about it on page 6. Technology is changing the way we do business everyday. Whether it be new software, the next model of a mobile phone, or improved cloud accounting, you need to know about it and take advantage of it to stay in the race. On page 18 we discuss our Top 6 Tech Trends that you need to keep on top of. Speaking of tech… the phone application Snapchat is slowly making its rise to the top used application. And whilst it’s not the easiest platform to navigate, with over 100 million users, it sure is a great way to reach people. We go in depth on page 20 on how you can start using Snapchat in your social media marketing. Lastly, most trade business owners take every job that comes their way, no matter what it is. This needs to stop! If business is steady, why say yes to jobs that you’re not quite sure about, or clients that are an absolute pain. In the end, you’re only causing yourself more stress and trouble than it’s worth. We discuss when it’s okay to say NO on page 4. July R&R is so close! The team is soooo excited to catch up with everyone for the Energise. Expand. Explore. in the beautiful Port Douglas! Looking forward to seeing you there! To your success,

Andy Smith P.S - If you haven’t already, make sure you register your attendance for the Lifestyle Tradie R&R! Simply log into: > Events > R&R July 2017

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ISSUE # 46 JULY - AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2017 Turning Down Jobs… Get Used To It. It’s A Good Thing


Lifestyle Tradie Member Profile – Bone Wortmann Electrical


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Motivate Employees, The Smart Way

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Train Your Brain Healthy! Get Your Brain In Shape & Create A Healthy Mindset

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6 Techy Trends For Your Trade Business

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Tradies, Do You Snap Chat?

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#46 / July - August - September 2017


Lay it on the Plate

Turning Down Jobs… Get Used To It. It’s A Good Thing

down the road. (You know the kind of client right? We’ve all had them) On top of that, they’ll also expect their next job at the same meagre rates, and even worse, recommend you to their friends and tell them what you charged. Do yourself a favour and work with clients who are willing to pay you what you’re worth from the start. 2. When You’re Strapped For Time


hen you start your own trade business, you take every job that comes your way. And so you should. In those first few months or years, you cant be too picky. But as time goes by, you’ve got a growing list of clients and a constant stream of work, and you’re not worried about your business failing anymore… its time to start knocking people back. No one told you its ok to turn down work before? Well, we’re here to tell you, you can. And here’s when you should: 1. When The Price Is Wrong

You know this one… you get that dreaded feeling in your stomach as soon as the call comes through. ‘How am I going to fit this in’. The income would be nice, but you definitely don’t need the stress that comes with it. Just say no. 3. When It’s A Rush Job

Set your rates and stick to them. No exceptions. When you take less money than you feel you deserve, you will end up really resenting the job, and the client. Plus, you will probably find that clients who have haggled down a price, turn out to be a bit of a pain 4

“We need a full bathroom renovation in our house and it needs to be completed in 3 days time!” We’ve all had those inquiries.

Why put yourself in a position where you’ll be running against the clock from the very beginning? It’s up to you to educate the client on a reasonable time frame, and to turn the work down if they’re unwilling to budge.

reason to say ‘yes’ to a project that you simply find boring. Feeling bad about saying no is probably the biggest hurdle to overcome here. You can get around this by keeping a rolodex full of colleagues in your line of work that you can recommend in your place.

4. When The Work Doesn’t Fit Your Niche

6. When You Get That Icky Feeling

This is probably the trickiest of all. We all know what kind of work we’re best at - the kind that makes us excited to go to work on a Monday morning. The kind where we feel like we know our stuff, inside and out. As soon as the talk begins to head in a direction where you’re not comfortable completing the scope of work, or there is a specialist in this area that is better doing that work than you, we’ve learned to pull the plug. You have to focus on your true expertise and forget the rest. 5. When it’s just not interesting

When you’re just getting your feet wet, you’re going to have to take on some jobs that don’t make your eyes glisten. It’s part of the gig.

Ever had that client that sets off your ick-factor? You need to trust your gut on these ones! As long as you have explained the terms of using your business, such as the call out fee and payment on completion of the works, it us up to the customer to accept these. If they attempt to negotiate these or fight you on them, then they are not the customer for you… Trust your gut from the beginning and you will not find yourself in a compromising position! When you take the leap and start saying ‘no’ to work that’s not a good fit, you open the door (and your calendar) for your next perfect opportunity!


After you’ve established yourself, though, there’s no #46 / July - August - September 2017


Lifestyle Tradie Member Profile

Jade Wortmann & Josh Bone Bone Wortmann Electrical VIP Platinum Members

1.Tell us a little about your business, life and family. (If your partner is in the business, include when she joined and how she helps.) We have been operating as Bone & Wortmann Electrical (BWE) for 12 years. We both moved to the Gold Coast from country Victoria. We are both married to teachers and have young families.

2. What do you love most about what you do? We love the varied types of work. One day we could be working on a major school refit, the next day hanging chandeliers for a high-end renovation. We also love the flexibility of owning a business. Since joining LT we’ve equipped ourselves better to take holidays and step away from the business. It’s really important to keep that lifestyle balance.

BWE focuses variously on shop fitting, maintenance and renovations. This has been good because it diversifies our income streams. We’ve had some major clients since the business started which is testimony to having provided them with good service. A high percentage of our work is also referred to us from within the building trade. We have 5 trucks and 1 office staff. We have some key field staff that have been with us for years because they have a good attitude and are easy to work with – both for us, clients and colleagues. 6

3.Tell us a little about your life before joining Lifestyle Tradie? (What wasn’t working, what was holding you back or was in your way?) We had no idea about our numbers. We would be unorganised and not know what was happening day to day but we would be flat out. It felt as though the business had a momentum that was running us and it was hard to keep up. The business still has a huge momentum but now we manage it.

4. What specific results have you achieved since joining Lifestyle Tradie? Since joining we have really dug deep into the numbers and planning. We have learnt that knowing your numbers inside out is a huge advantage to the health of the business. Since getting our head around our numbers our profits are up more than 78% We’ve also just launched Impress Elec, a new business that we will run in parallel to the longstanding BWE brand.

Why? It cuts time and saves money. Tip 3: Enjoy yourself. Why? If you are enjoying your work your attitude will rub off on clients. That will make them easier to deal with. It will rub off on staff. That will make them easier to deal with. It will rub off on suppliers and everyone enjoys their day better. 7. Some say working with your partner is a challenge! How has being a member of Lifestyle Tradie helped with your relationship? We don’t work with our partners. However, it feels like you have a second wife with a business parter! The biggest thing is you have to work to each others’ strengths. Joining LT has helped us work out who should be doing what and when and it helps keep each other accountable.

In the past we have turned up our nose at taking on residential work. However, Impress Elec will deal exclusively with this market segment and have different systems, processes and pricing structures to the rest of the business. The whole Impress Elec business model has been entirely planned prior to launch through different things we have learnt from LT.

8.Tell us something quirky about yourself that your buddies don’t know? Josh: Deep down loves the nick name Blinky Bill

5. Where do you see your business in 5 years? In 5 years we see the business running itself. We will continue to invest in systems so we can achieve this.

“We have learnt that knowing your numbers inside out is a huge advantage to the health of the business. Since getting our head around our numbers our profits are up more than 78%”

9. If we were sitting here one year from now celebrating what a great year it’s been, what have you achieved (together)? (business/life).

Our role will be checking the numbers, working with some reliable team members to plan and control the business and networking.

We would hope we have had a full year of Impress Elec and it is ticking over nicely.

6. What are the top 3 things you have learnt about business that you would recommend to other tradies and WHY?

We would also have our systems for both Impress Elec and BWE set up and documented. This will reduce the time to induct new staff, enable us to expand the team easily and ensure that consistent processes and standards are maintained.

Tip 1: Know your numbers. Why? Because you might think you are flying but you really are not. Tip 2: The power of technology in business is huge.

The next 12 months will get us closer to our 5 year goal.

#46 / July - August - September 2017


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We are excited to be able to share with you 2 of our awesome Special Guest Speakers:

Daimien Patterson

Rebekah Hurworth

Leadership In Crisis How To Lead When The Situation Is Critical

Networking Made Easy


hether you are the CEO, or on the frontline of service and sales, Daimien will share with you practical things that anyone can do to immediately start getting better results from their staff and their clients. Daimien’s approach to teaching leadership is unique, with a focus on practical “rubber meets the road” things a leader can do now to get results from their team, rather than academic theory. Daimien’s leadership experience in the military in peace and war, in business, and in all-volunteer community groups makes him a highly valued speaker on the topic. We cannot wait to welcome Daimien back to our stage!


ebekah started Your Architect in 2008 as a sole practitioner, and in the past 8 years has grown to a team of 10. She not only survived but grew every year during the GFC, during a time when every week another architecture practise closed. Rebekah is also heavily involved in BNI, the biggest networking organisation in the world. Rebekah has been president of her chapter twice, top performer in her region three times this year, is a Director with BNI supporting other chapters, and also sits on the International Board of Advisors. Rebekah will be sharing her insights about Networking and how it can benefit your business.

PLUS…so much more… ALSO…Don’t forget about the Lifestyle Tradie Dinners! So if you haven’t already RSVP TODAY at> Events > R&R July 2017 Cannot wait to see you all very soon :) 8

Learn To Be Healthier, Richer &

More Popular


ounds too good to be true doesn’t it… but if you make time for Learning, it will make you healthier, richer, and more popular, and who doesn’t want that! And these are just some of the impressive benefits of lifelong learning. It’s scientifically proven that the end of school shouldn’t mean the end of learning, and why you should make more time in your life to nourish your brain. There are studies to support that continual study is the cure for manly of life’s most pressing problems. Here are a few of the most impressive: You’ll be richer It’s a fast moving world, but if you can stay on top professionally, you can maximize your earning potential and this will require lifelong learning to stay ahead of the game.

You’ll be healthier Reports have shown that simply reading a small amount each week is linked with greater health. But there is also a well-studied relationship between longevity and education. In essence, the more you learn, the longer you’re likely to live. You’ll be more popular There is conclusively less evidence for this one, but he asserts that in his experience, curiosity and social success tend to go together. There are few studies, but it appears that people who dedicate themselves to learning and show curiosity are almost always happier, and more socially engaging than those who don’t. You’ll be happier. It kind of goes without saying… if you’re richer, healthier, and popular… you’re going to be pretty happy aren’t you? There may not be solid evidence linking learning and mental well being, but there are studies showing that a regular reading habit boosts your happiness. So, find some time for learning Now that we’ve convinced you to keep learning, you just have to find the time to do it. The most important step is to make a commitment to continuing to study, and find a little time for education each day. You’ll be grateful for it! #46 / July - August - September 2017


The Tradesman’s Secret Sales Weapon. In order to build better customer relationships, you have to be able to tap into buyer behavior. You have to understand not only your own personality type and how you roll, but understand your customer’s personality types too, and how they roll. Once you do, its like being in their heads, and it becomes your ‘secret sales weapon’.

The ‘Leader’ or Dominant personality is a customer that likes to make decisions quick. They’re focused, driven, and don’t like small talk … just cut to cut to the chase. This personality type is extremely assertive, they like to take control and be in charge. They’ll most likely tell you what they want, and what needs to be done. They’ve done their research, and they’re prepared to buy, right now. They’re looking for immediate results. How do you sell to this personality type? First of all you need to be able to tune into this kind of behavior. You need to be prepared and have all the right answers as this customer wont be keen to wait around…. Be up front, give them the answers they need and give them space to make their decision.

The People Type

Most people’s personality types fall into four basic primary styles. ‘Primary’ being your customer’s most dominant type, and the one which will influence their decision to buy. So how do you sell to each type of personality? Lets have a look at their differences, and some clues on how to help them decide to buy:

The 4 Personality Types of Most Buyers The Leader Type

These are the ‘People people’ of the bunch. They have good interpersonal skills and value peace and harmony. They’re good listeners, talkative, sometimes excitable and extroverted. This personality type values social interaction and service that is special with a ‘personal touch’. They are looking for a connection with the salesperson (tradesman) How Do You Sell To This Personality Type? Remember, these people are all about the ‘people’ and the relationship. Its important to let this type of customer know how your product or service is going to help people, bring value to them, and make their lives better. Don’t be salesy, just be friendly. Create a relationship with them, and not only will they purchase from you, but they’ll talk about you to others… put lots of business cards in this customers hand : )


The Free Spirit Type

type will be cautious, and you will need to give them reassurance… over… and over again. And you will need to be on your game. Cross every T and dot every I, they will meticulously annalyse every. Single. Thing. Be dependable and reliable, and do what you said you were going to do. Your credibility and trust will eventually win them over. Mastering Your Own Personality Type First

Otherwise known in other studies as the ‘influencer’, the Free Spirit personality type is fun-loving one, that likes to have a good time. These people value freedom and are extremely independent. They also have little patience, and may not want to do ‘the standard’, they like to take risks and will like to feel like they’re in control of the way things are done and implemented… they need freedom. How Do You Sell To This Personality Type? Make them feel like what you’re selling them is a little ‘out of the box’. “it’s something a little different”. They want something new and exciting and creative…. So even if it isn’t, make them feel like it is. “not many of our customers go this way, but we think its really innovative” - SOLD

The Task Type

Understanding your customers personality type wont mean anything, unless you understand your own personality type and how the relationships work together. How the different types naturally respond to each other is the first step to being effective. Eg, if you’re dealing with a Task Type customer and you’re a Leader Type sales person (who operates with urgency, some level of aggressiveness, and a will to get results), you’ll want to be understanding of his or her incessant need for information and step off the gas to avoid friction. If you’re dealing with a Leader Type customer and you’re a People Type sales person (who is naturally bubbly, outgoing, and loves to personally connect with customers), you’ll want to adjust to your customer by keeping the small talk to a minimum, getting to the point, being straightforward, and selling on rationale and logic, not emotions. If you know and can understand these things ahead of time, it will immediately change the way you ‘sell’ to your customers. Begin to integrate your understanding of each type into your sales process, and will take the stress out of working out how to approach a situation. You’ll know what to expect, and the process will be much less complicated and frustrating.

Probably the most challenging one to deal with, these personality types are meticulous. Punctual, structured, and extremely detail oriented. The polar opposite of the free spirit. Their priorities when dealing with a tradesperson are dependability and reliability. How Do You Sell To This Personality Type? Go slow and steady, and be patient. This personality #46 / July - August - September 2017



he Future Tradie event was created after thousands of conversations with trade business owners who are struggling with the same challenges... • Too many tradies hit an income ceiling and never make the kind of money that they are capable of. It’s time to earn what you are worth. • Most tradies think that working harder and longer will reap rewards - But the reality is, this is not the case. It’s time to work smarter. • So many tradies say they are ‘stuck in a rut’ but aren’t sure what to do to get out of it. It’s the BUSINESS MODEL that needs to change.


We’ve been asked ‘how did you win the title of #1 Trade Business In Australia 2015’ for your trade business? We’re going to share with you EXACTLY what we have done to streamline our business and transform our life. No secrets. For the last 7 years we’ve been working with a select group of trade business owners across many different trades, taking them from Chaos to Control. We’re going to share the very best of what is working for them in The Future Tradie Event




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It’s simple really...any trade business owner who Has ever wanted ‘more’ Doesn’t believe they should settle for average results Are winners, with a ‘can-do’ attitude and the determination to match. If you’re serious about transforming your trade business to take it to another level then THIS is your moment of truth. This is your life, your decision. Make the right one.





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go to to gain access to them now! #46 / July - August - September 2017


Motivate Employees, The Smart Way. “My boss totally motivates me through fear and control,” said no employee ever.

say what you don’t really mean, of your staff will start to question you and distrust will creep in.

Motivation can come in many different forms, but all towards achieving something good. If you’re a leader, then you hold the key to unlock the power of motivation to get the effort you require from your team.

2. “I have good news and bad news.” Smart leaders tell the truth. Being an open communicator can go a long way toward motivating employees. It means you can be trusted to tell your team the truth. We all know honesty goes a long way!

Motivating your team towards a common goal, just wont happen with negativity, or fear. It all starts with what you say, and how you say it. Here are some examples of how smart leaders motivate their teams: 1. “I’ll follow up on that and get back to you by Tuesday.” As a leader it’s up to you to set a clear plan of action, within an agreed timeframe. You set the direction and the proper expectations, and follow through on your promises. Your teams success relies on it. Don’t 14

3. “Here’s what we’re dealing with, and what this means for you.” Your team just want to know where they stand. When something happens that disrupts things, communicate what’s really going on with your team, reset expectations, and keep your team focused. You will keep motivation high in your team by being positive, but realistic. 4. “I want you to know how the work you’re doing aligns with our company’s objectives.” Smart leaders let their people know regularly how

they’re regularly hitting their goals and how their work is hitting company goals as well. This gives their work meaning and higher purpose – a great motivator.

above and beyond, especially if it makes a leader or manager look good, reinforces a strong team culture. This simple act of encouragement is a real mental booster.

5. “I’m really not sure where to go with this. What would you do in my situation?” Everyone needs help or input from other people sometimes. It’s not a sign of weakness, in fact it’s the opposite. It’s honest, and will give you more of a connection with your team. It will also encourage your employees to speak up when they need help.

9. “Here’s what’s working well.” Start with the positive when you need to discuss an area that needs improvement with your team. Don’t jump right into the hard part, it will just put your team straight into defence mode. Acknowledge what is already working, and what you appreciate about your team member’s strengths. Then ease into how you’d like to see performance specifically improve in the areas of concern

6. “Come and see me anytime.” Don’t just say it, but follow through with it. If you offer an open door policy to your staff, then let them come and see you, talk to you, whenever they feel it necessary. 7. “I want you to know how much I appreciate you.” The most important performance motivator – is praise and recognition. It should be given at least once a week. Praise in front of others in the team is gold, it gives that team member value to everyone. Your employees wont just be more motivated, but more committed and loyal. 8. “I couldn’t have done it without you.” This is quite possibly the highest form of saying thank you. Acknowledging someone else’s effort for going

10. “I trust your judgment.” Smart leaders find ways to rely on others for their input. Trust is a two-way street. By extending it as a gift to employees, they’ll be more inclined to return the favour and trust you back. It also brings your team closer together to produce excellent, cohesive work. 11. “You are right.” The smartest leaders are also humble by nature. Don’t let your ego get in the way of finding a different, and better solution to a problem. Ultimately you wont get anywhere with your employees with negativity. It’s all about the positives. Motivation comes from positivity, and your business will drive with a positive motivated team behind it. #46 / July - August - September 2017


Train Your Brain Healthy! Get Your Brain In Shape And Create A

M y i n h d t l s et. a e H Everyday you have roughly 70,000 thoughts, and that’s 70,000 times you have the opportunity to either lift yourself up, or bring yourself down. A negative mindset will not only hinder your daily performance, it can also put your physical and psychological health at risk. All you have to do to avoid the negativity and self doubt, is change the way you think. You can train that brain for happiness and ultimate success. Here are five exercises that will train your brain for happiness and success:

1. Don’t Dwell, Stay Focused, Or Move On. Problem solving is one thing, but going over and 16

over things that have already happened or predicting situations you cant control is a waste of time and thought. Working out strategies that will get you over an obstacle is helpful… but take a minute to work out whether you’re dwelling on something for an extended period, and if you are, get up, change the channel, get your mind off the issue and focus on something more productive.

2. Be Kind To Yourself. Give yourself the same advice you’d give to a trusted friend. Most people can be overly critical of themselves. But beating yourself up wont do anyone any favours, it will just bring you down. Make it a habit to speak to yourself in the same way you’d speak to a trusted friend.

3. Recognise Your True Emotions. If you’re feeling sad about something in your personal life, or you’re worried about something going on in the office, your emotions will spill over into other areas of your life if you aren’t aware of the emotions you’re feeling. Try and spend some time each day really acknowledging how you’re feeling, label them, and consider how those emotions are effecting the decisions you’re making.

4. Be Logical With Your Emotions Whatever dilemma you’re facing, you wont make your best decisions if you’re emotions are running high and you’re not thinking rationally. You have to balance your emotions with logic, for example

The Best of

making a list or pro’s and cons and take some of the emotion out. It’s the balance of logic and emotion that will help you make the best decisions.

5. Be Thankful Did you know that grateful people are 25% happier? Apparently so. Gratitude has been linked to a whole lot of physical and psychological benefits – the best one being HAPPINESS! So, train that brain to see the good things in life, there’s always a silver lining. This is probably the simplest way to increase your well being. Build you mental muscle to enable you to reach your greatest potential. Exercise your brain ‘happy’ everyday and it will have a profound effect on your life.

So if you haven’t already checked it out… there’s a 360 degree video section on YouTube that is well worth a look. Everything from a look at Yosemite National Park, to a tour around the inside of your body. Manatees in florida, and travelling underneath the ice. There is some amazing footage, watched by Millions. Check out the link below to 250 of the “best of 360’ videos… that should keep you entertained for a while. playlist?list=PLU8wpH_LfhmsSVRA8bSknO42wXvYXS4C

GoPro VR: Swimming with Wild Dolphins in the Ocean Video by GoPro #46 / July - August - September 2017


6 Techy Trends For Your Trade Business


o you might think that Trade businesses have nothing to do with technology, but in fact all businesses are strongly influenced by technology trends. Not only are the tools we use changing, so are the business processes we use as a result of new technology. Things like mobiles, cloud computing and wearables. Technology is driving and transforming business every single day. Businesses are in a constant race to adapt and take advantage of new technologies. Here are six trends that you might need to embrace to stay ahead of the game: business right now is ensuring that those holes are closed and all systems are adequately protected. Payments Get Even Easier This is taking the form of encryption during both These days accepting credit cards as payment is data transport and at rest, enterprise mobility pretty old school, and even your Grandma knows management for mobile devices, and adoption of how to pay via paypal. There is now such a range cloud solutions that make security a fundamental of mobile payment solutions flooding the market, priority. Being up to date with the latest security that making and accepting payments just gets easier technology is key to ensuring you don’t get burned. and easier. Applepay, Googlepay the list goes on… its as easy as the click of a smartphone button. Its Communication Gets Embedded definitely a business led technology this one, and why Along with easy, embedded payments, wouldn’t it be, the more ways your customers can communications are now also being embedded pay you instantly, the better. directly into apps and web sites. Security Becomes Nonnegotiable You don’t leave your front door open at night do you…. But, you’re probably leaving your digital windows wide open…

So we’ve all used Skype and WhatsApp and the like, and while these are great, you still have to use their dedicated app to communicate.

Emails are not usually secure, employees mobile devices are, in most cases unprotected, and websites have gaping holes.

But now, we’re starting to see more click-to-call buttons embedded directly into apps. When a customer has a question while shopping within or just using an app, they can just press a button and connect instantly to a customer service rep.

Businesses are starting to wake up to this liability. Hence why one of the biggest technology trends in 18

Sounds like technology reserved for the big

companies right, but new technologies are ensuring that this kind of communication is possible for almost any business with an app, with an easy to implement click to voice call and video chat.

ground for second-by-second inventory updates. Others are using them internally to see how their corporate employees interact… how do you think you could use this in your trade business?

Connected Devices Bring Real-Time Updates Imagine your inventory could self report to you when its low, your equipment and tools could signal you when something is wrong, your trucks could self track… ‘the internet of things’ revolution is promising that the connection of devices is real. Businesses in 2017 need to figure out how they can take advantage of devices that can report and communicate with each other.

The Cloud Envelops Everything Nearly every trade business uses the cloud for all or some of its business software. The cloud enables connectivity with other systems and reduced maintenance and mobility among other benefits. But figures show that businesses use the cloud for less than a 5th of their applications, which is quite low considering the necessity for connected systems and interaction with connected devices. This year businesses will move ALL systems to the cloud and rely entirely on cloud solutions to run their businesses… so, get on board.

Wearables Reach Employees It feels like just a few years ago we were all introducing tablets for use by our employees… but this year we’ll see ‘wearables’ integrating into our business processes. For quick and constant feedback, wearable technology will play a noticeable role. Wearables make it easy for employees to interact with real time data from connected devices throughout the course of the day. Some companies are giving wearables to their employees on the

Of course there are other business technology trends, but we reckon these six will represent some of the biggest changes in this next year. Trade businesses would be wise to take note, make some improvements and advance your tradie technology toward the future. #46 / July - August - September 2017


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o you actually even know what it is? Maybe not.. their social media marketing, here are some of their You will if you’re a woman aged 16 – 35, because strategies: that’s its core demographic. So what’s it got to do with you and your trade business then you ask? Well, Go Behind The Scenes lets have a look… People love a behind the scenes of people and companies they care Not every trade about. Snapchat offers a business needs to go much more immersive big on social media, video experience than and even fewer on the other social media Snapchat. But, if your platforms, more powerful trade business targets than a tweet or an that demographic, or instagram photo. Your would like to, then clients can get a real this is for you. Think glimpse into the lifestyle receptionists, PA’s, Tech Tradie Australia | 2503 of your company, and property managers, they love it. busy young mums… all of whom would be Added Me Empower Your the ones to book a Employees tradie, so take note. Add Friends ‘Not another platform to use’ we hear you Snapchat began My Friends say. Snapchat, like other infamously as a one-toforms of social media one mobile messaging can be time consuming. app known for sexting, But there are options: this was because its you can delegate your messages disappeared official account to others, in seconds, BUT today a strategy many of the it’s a one-to-many companies who have been early adopters of Snapchat. platform used daily by more than 100 million users. For example, different employees at different job Its now easier to use, is a much richer media experience, sites, giving small insights into what is going on. This combining photos, videos, along with fonts and filters helps to keep the content fresh and engaging. You do and digital crayons . It now also contains news updates, have to be careful though, and there should be some agreements in place in terms of content before passing and advertising. the account over to your staff. Every social media platform is different, and Snapchat is perhaps the most different of all and maybe the Be Candid hardest to figure out. But some early adopters have On Instagram and facebook, brands often try to had some great success including snapchat as part of project the perfect image or video, taking a lot of time 20

to select a shot and run it through Photoshop or After Effects to perfect the ideal shot. While it’s obviously important to keep up quality, the whole purpose of Snapchat is to be candid. You don’t need to be as obsessive, and it allows you to have much more fun. Nothing ever goes away once its online, but snapchats images and videos delete after viewing. It allows you to take more risks, try new things and create a real human feel. It’s important to note though that while Snapchat messages disappear, users are still able to take screenshots of your photos or videos to save and share. This means that you need to avoid any image that, if taken out of context, could have a negative effect on your business. Keep It Fun Snapchat is the most casual social media platform, and followers are likely to be a little younger than on the other platforms. Audiences want to see color and action and people having fun, and that means keeping it upbeat.

watch all at once. Staying with any one still photo for more than a few seconds in story mode can turn off your audience, and views will fall after that. Keep your still photos to a couple of seconds each, and your whole story compilation to under a minute or two. Adding Followers Is Tough Snapchat doesn’t make it easy to follow brands—the app doesn’t recommend users to follow or even let you search for people. Users have to know your exact Snapchat name to follow you. The best method for adding followers is to cross promote your account on your other social media platforms and in physical locations, too. One tool Snapchat does provide is a special QR code. Your customers can take a photo of the QR code with their phones to automatically enroll as followers.

Promotions Are Difficult, But Doable Unlike Facebook, Snapchat doesn’t yet offer opportunities for local or niche advertising. Its current paid advertising options are really only suitable for the big brand, as they Understand Sharing reportedly cost up to Unlike Twitter and $750,000 per day. Plus, Facebook, Snapchat was there’s no targeting of built on private, rather specific demographics than public messaging, or communities, as which means there on Facebook. Instead, are no tools as yet to you have to be more re-share content with creative and appeal friends. Which also directly to the followers means that the basic you already have. Its do metrics of the other able though… you just platforms like ‘shares and likes’ etc aren’t available. You have to be creative… for example, you can encourage currently have to rely on ‘opens’ or ‘views’ to track viewers to take a screenshot of a coupon that appears engagement. As mentioned earlier, users can screenshot at the end of a Snapchat ‘story’ or get a codeword your posts, and Snapchat notifies you when someone from a story etc does so. You can assume if someone takes a screenshot, they’re going to share it. So as yet, Snapchat is not the easiest platform for an advertiser, however, that demographic is steering Keep It Short slowly away from the likes of facebook, and the early Individual videos taken with Snapchat are limited to ten adopters of their chosen platforms are appealing seconds, but over the course of a day you can collect to them… definitely worth a look for your trade multiple snaps into an overall “story” that viewers can business… So Tradies, get Snapping. #46 / July - August - September 2017


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Coffee Tables Are SO Last Year… You don’t need a new coffee table… no no no… you NEED a Sobro. It’s a coffee table, a fridge, and a charging station all in one. The table can connect to your TV, comes with BlueTooth speakers, LED lighting on the underside, a tempered glass top, touch controls and USB power outlets.

Seriously, who wouldn’t want one of these! You will never miss a minute of the footy this season, or have to pause your movie to grab a drink… it even looks nice! Go get one… now… for the bargain price of $650

Why Raft, When You Can

Hammocraft? Want to lounge on the water, soaking up the sun, and relaxing in a hammock at the same time? Der! Who doesn’t?!?! Well the Hammocraft is the thing for you! The entire set up can hold up to five hammocks, should you want to hang out with your mates too… It’s easy to set up, and compact to store. You can always set it up on dry land too. Super cool, and yours… coming soon!



App for Tradies

Not all of us are cinematographers, but these days we all need to be able to create short videos, with a degree of professionalism. Magisto helps you do that, without the stress and expense of an editing studio. Cause who has time to edit their own videos right? You don’t need to be an expert photo or video editor, Magisto will create a professional looking video story from as little as a few photos or a video. Easy! The app takes your photos and videos and uses artificial intelligence to edit them together into videos you can share. Download Free from the App Store

Google Trips Holidays are great, but planning them isn’t. Instead of using a range of apps to keep track of hotels, airlines and destinations – you can just power up Google Trips. Google Trips is the perfect application if googles’ extensive search powers. See your flight, hotel, rental car, and restaurant bookings in one place without having to search for them individually. The app will automatically gather your reservations from Gmail and organize them into individual trips, including day plans, things to do, food and drink suggestions and more. Plus, when you don’t have internet, its no problem, its available offline too! Download Free from the App Store Get the app.

#46 / July - August - September 2017


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