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The 2012 road ahead

Inspiration from Steve Jobs Toss the rule book?

Would your   team  know   what   to  do?

Whatʼ’s in  store?

Tony Welsh, H2-PRO Plumbing Issue #25 Jan 2012 Proudly Australian

Gold VIP  member Profit  margin   up  280%


4pt checklist marketing consistency

Cool iPhone apps for tradies

Eme in  the  world  to  do  what  they  love  -­‐  play  golf,   hang  out  with  their  grandchildren  and  travel.  

It’s 2012... and  a  new  day  is  dawning...    

  Happy  New  Year  to  you  all...  firstly,  we  want   to  thank  those  that  sent  us  emails,  texts  and  gi;s   over  Xmas,  we  really  appreciate  your  kindness.   Secondly,  we  really  hope  you’ve  had  a  relaxing   holiday  with  family,  you’ve  recharged  the  baCeries,   re-­‐ignited  the  fire  in  your  belly  and  now  it’s  Eme  to   get  busy!     What  will  2012  bring  you?  and  what  lessons   did  you  learn  reflecEng  on  2011?  

Talking lessons,  Ange’s  parents  reEred  at  the  end  of   2011  a;er  30-­‐odd  years  in  the  same  job.  It’s  preCy   amazing  to  think  they  dedicated  themselves  to  one   insEtuEon  for  such  a  long  period  of  Eme  and  one   day,  one  single  24  hour  period  became  such  a   defining  moment  in  their  life.  They  now  have  all  the  

The 2012 Road Ahead. Page 4

If you’ve ever had difficulty making decisions, but realise it is imperative to moving forward in 2012, then this *new* template is for you...

In saying  this,  it  made  us  stop  and  think  about  Eme   and  how,  exactly,  we  choose  to  use  it.    Or  perhaps  to   be  more  precise  -­‐  clarity.  Clear  and  disciplined  about   how  you  choose  to  use  it.  Do  we  use  our  Eme   producEvely?  do  we  make  the  right  decisions?  or   perhaps  we  get  bogged  down  doing  something  with   very  liCle  return  on  investment  (ROI).  Time  for   some  clarity  in  our  life!     Perhaps  you’ve  started  this  with  a  New   Year’s  resoluEon.    It  was  interesEng  to  read  the  two   highest  listed  new  year’s  resoluEons  are  1.Lose   weight  and  2.  Fix  finances.  If  you  have  one  of  these   in  your  list  I  suggest  including  ‘working  on  your   mindset’  and  conEnue  your  ‘personal  development’   through  the  investment  in  your  educaEon  because   o;en  the  first  2  will  follow  simply  because  you’ve  

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Gold VIP Member Tony Welsh shares his 3 top tips in business, plus, check out his replica 1965 AC Shelby Cobra... what a machine!

Lost In The Web Page 9

Did you know there are more things to consider with web hosting than you realise. We reveal 10 things to look for when making your decision.

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changed your  outlook  on  life  and  gained  the  mental   strength  and  tools  to  make  it  happen.   We’re  excited  to  get  our  teeth  into  2012  with   planning  for  Dr.DRiP  complete  and  the  team  more   moEvated  than  ever...  and  TIC  providing  the  pla^orm   in  both  Hamilton  Island  in  March,  the  Work  Shop  in   June  and  of  course,  MyTIC,  to  firstly  celebrate  the   year  gone  by  and  secondly,  stretch  our  mind  to  the   future.  (For  Diamond/PlaEnum  members,  it’s  not  too   late  to  book  Hamilton  Island). I  do  want  to  say  a  huge  thanks  for  your  posiEve   feedback  on  MyTIC  -­‐  we  too  are  excited  to  have  been   able  to  bring  this  to  you.

I    recommend  you  check  out  the  ‘best  of’  you   tube  video  on  page  12.  To  make  it  really  easy  we’ve   decided  to  include  a  secEon  in  MyTIC,  so  if  you  know   of  an  inspiring  or  moEvaEonal  video  that  you  think   we  could  all  benefit  from,  then  drop  me  an  email. And  saving  the  best  for  last,  check  out  what  Gold  VIP   member,  Tony  Welsh  from  H2-­‐PRO  Plumbing,  has   been  doing  in  Victoria  (page  7).  The  business  is  going   from  strength  to  strength.  Wonder  if  the  racing  is  the   same... So  what  have  you  planned  to  make  2012  your  very   best  year  yet?   This  is  your  year...

January  will  see  us  all  celebrate  one  of  the   most  important  days  of  our  history  -­‐  Australia  Day.  To   help  make  you  feel  even  more  like  an  Aussie,  we   share  2  really  cool  Aussie  iPhone  apps...check  them   out  on  page  6.  

dy n A

I had  a  good  laugh  when  I  read  Ange’s  top  3  holiday   iPhone  aps,  specifically  ‘for  the  ladies’,  but  decided,   for  the  ‘roaming  tradesman’  this  is  a  gem!  

Getting a lot done FAST Page 11

Consistent Marketing Page 13

Other articles include • My top 3 Essential Aussie iPhone aps - page 6 • My top 3 holiday iPhone aps - page 6 • Inspiration from Steve Jobs Creative mind and amazing leader page 10 • You tube ‘best of’ video Lost Generation with 15 million hits, it’s a must watch - page 12

The ‘fast new economy’ has moved in with a vengeance, and when your customer expects everything to happen yesterday, what are you doing to adapt?

Our 4 point checklist will ensure you’re not wasting your marketing dollar, plus, we talk the benefit of a Style Guide, and with the template, design your own.

• Tech Talk with the iPad page 17 • Cool boys toys in the Man Cave - page 21 •

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Tradesman inner Circle Helping You On The Road To Success MEMBERS – You are never far from help. Unlimited phone support on 1800 704 822.

Lay it on the plate.........


   hat  does  the  2012  road  

ahead look  like  for  you  and  your   business? Have  you  had  the  chance  to  ‘lock   yourself’  away  to  write  down  your   thoughts,  your  dreams,  your   aspiraCons?  Perhaps  that  black  leather  

notebook that  santa  delivered  to  you  needs  some   aCenEon...  and  FAST!  Why?   ...because  every  day  of  not  knowing  your  goals  is  one   less  day  of  ACTION.  One  less  day  of  pufng  one  foot   in  front  of  the  other  in  the  direcEon  of  achieving   these  goals.    Now  is  the  perfect  Eme  to  re-­‐visit  your   plans  to  know  100%  what  you  want  to  achieve  in   2012  ,and  who  knows,  perhaps  they  have  changed   slightly  from  when  you  last  looked...   That  said,  it  is  fairly  easy  to  plan  the  road   ahead,  but  someEmes  more  difficult  to  make  the   decisions  one  needs  to  make  to  take  the  steps   required.  Enter  the  Pro/Con  template.    This  has   helped  many  in  more  ways  than  one. With  so  much  going  on  all  the  Eme,  the  Pro/Con   template  helps  you  focus  on  the  single  decision  you   need  to  make.  Whether  it’s  about  taking  on  a  new   employee  (apprenEce  versus  qualified)  or  if  you’re   thinking  of  moving  to  a  warehouse,  the  Pro/Con   template  will  help  you  decide,  once  and  for  all,  what   you  need  to  do!


In all  seriousness,  making   decisions  (and  quickly)  is  one  of  the   most  important  parts  about  being  a   successful  business  owner.   Business  progress  stalls,  team  dedicaEon  wavers  and   business  success  is  non-­‐existent  if  you  take  too  long   to  make  a  decision  -­‐  no  maCer  how  big  or  small. The  criEcal  steps  to  remember  to  make  your  decision   are  these;  1.  Consider  the  facts,  2.  your  gut  feel  and   3.  simply  decide. If,  in  Eme,  you  realise  you  made  the  wrong  decision,   at  least  you  made  one.  Now  make  a  new  one! If  all  else  fails,  use  this  template.  It  will  help  you   make  the  right  decision.  Then  your  problem  is   solved!  


Go to  MyTIC. tradesmantoolkit /gefng  started /How  to  be  more producEve effecEve  




Urgency: (circle) High Medium












































Total Pro (tally here):

Total Con (tally here):

Decision Made: (circle) Yes No Decision:

Action Required:

Making decisions can be one of the most difficult things to do. Using this template will help you make the right choice and your problem is solved!

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d fo r a o l n w o D ! FREE now

INTRODUCING THE  TRADESMAN  INNER   CIRCLE  IPHONE  &  ANDROID  APP Now  you  can  access  our  free  content  all  in  the  one   convenient  locaEon.  Allow  us  to  help  you  make  the  right   moves  to  ensure  your  business  and  life  success If  you’re  on  your  iPhone  you  will  find  it  in  the  app  store  by  searching   Tradesman  Inner  Circle.  For  Android,  search  for  us  on  your  handset  in  the   Android  Market.

My Top 3 Essential Aussie iPhone Apps EssenCal Phone  App  #1


Price: $1.99 A  small  price  to  pay  compared   with  being  caught  over  the  limit  by   the  boys  in  blue.   It  records  how  many  drinks   you’ve  had,  along  with  the  Emes  of  your  drinks  and  keeps  track  of   your  BAC  (blood  alcohol  content)!

EssenCal Phone  App  #2

Aussie Slang  DicConary

Price: $1.19 We  all  need  a  liCle  brushing  up on  our  Aussie  slang!

EssenCal Phone  App  #3

Aussie Insult  Generator Price:  $1.19

To bundle  with  the  slang  there  is  no   beCer  app  than  this.  Perfect  when you’re  trying  to  baffle  your  o/s  mates and  your  Aussie  ones  for  that  maCer!

My Top 3 Holiday iPhone Apps For  the  ladies...

Show  The  Loo  Price:  free  A  useful  app  when  you  find   yourself  in  unknown  territory that  shows  you  every                  public  toilet  within  a  10km  radius.   It  even  has  an  ‘i’m  busEng’  buCon   which  will  show  direcEons  to   get  you  there!

For the  men...

Flick  Footy  Price:  free Waste  your  holiday  hours  tesEng   your  footy  flicking  skills!

For the  kids...


Price:  free Learn  about  the  universe  a  whole   new  way!  ConstellaEons  fade  in   and  out  as  you  move  the  app   around  the  sky.

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Tradesman Inner Circle Member Profile “We have put systems in place that were non-existent before...we have new motivation and stride in the way we operate.” snowboarding and especially having a beer and talking crap with mates.


My pride and joy is my replica 1965 AC Shelby Cobra. I am an active member of the Cobra Car Club of Victoria. I take the car to club runs, car shows, historic race meetings and drive it in events on the race track myself. 2. What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced in the last 12 months?

Tony Welsh H2Pro Plumbing Gold VIP Member 1. Tell us a little about your situation, business, family etc. I completed my apprenticeship in 1999 with G.C Cooper Plumbing and stayed on as a subcontractor full time until 2002. We specialized in industrial/commercial maintenance and installations. It was a great company to work for as I gained priceless experience in many areas of plumbing and forged great friendships with coworkers. My boss was a stickler for perfection which played a major roll in how I perform my work and present my company today. After 18 months of working for J&R Jones Plumbing doing new homes, 6 years with G.C Cooper Plumbing doing industrial and commercial work, and 6 months with Australian Hot Water Services, I decided to open up shop myself. Over the course of 10 years we have experienced a few different phases and have taken different directions to what we specialize in. Today we are a branded company that specializes in Residential Maintenance/Renovations & Emergency Plumbing. The business consists of myself, Tristan (my wife plus book keeper, office manager), a 2nd year apprentice and a newly appointed tradesman. We have 2 trucks on the road and are hoping to expand to 3 within the next 12 months.

The biggest challenge we have faced in the last 12 months would have to be the restructuring of our whole business. E.g. Name change and new logo design, invoice and report books made up, marketing material, new uniforms, change of bank account names and supplier account names etc.

3. How have you tackled that challenge? How do you feel about it? We have put in the hard yards utilizing spare time effectively to get these things taken care of without eating into too much valuable income earning time. It has taken a while but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel now!

4. How have you and your business changed since joining TIC? Where do I start. We have changed in more than a thousand ways. We have new motivation and stride in the way we operate. We have changed our name and our business identity. We have put systems in place that were nonexistent before. We were always chasing money, and now we collect payment on the day for 80% to 90% of all jobs. We are more confident in business in general. TIC has opened up a world of opportunity and taught me to think outside of the square. Overall we are a more professional operation and bottom line our profit

margin is up by 280%!

I live in North Warrandyte, Victoria with my wife Tristan, son Ned 5, daughter’s Darcy 3 and Hazel 1. We have two dogs, a heeler cross called Pi, and what looks like a ridgeback cross kangaroo called Shelby. My interests are 60’s and 70’s muscle, sports and racing cars. I love spending time with my family, listening to music, eating good food, water skiing, 7 TradeTalk

Replica 1965 AC Shelby Cobra - my pride and joy!

“Happy family!”’

5. Where do you see your business in 5 years? In 5 years we hope to have expanded to 4 or 5 trucks with tradesmen in each, and 1 or 2 apprentices to help with the workload. I hope to stand back from being on the tools so I can focus solely on organising jobs and bringing in new clientel. By this time all of our kids will be at school so hopefully Tristan can take on the role of Office Manager full time. Away from work we hope to have completed our renovation.extension so that we can start to pay it off... We hope then to be able to rely on our staff to lighten the work load allowing us to spend time with the kids and entertain guests in our newly renovated home! 6. What are the top 3 things you have learnt about business that you would recommend to others, and WHY? (eg; life plan, watching numbers, customers first????) Tip1 and why: Be honest to yourself, and honest to your customers. You cannot go wrong! Tip2 and why:

Know your figures and your market. Know what you have to charge to earn a profit and know what to charge to be competitive and fair. You are not doing yourself any favors by plucking a figure out of thin air! Potentially you could run your business into the ground for either not charging enough or being branded as a rogue for over charging! Tip3 and why: Learn to delegate. Apprentice’s will not learn without hands on experience and throwing them in at the deep end every now and then. If you want your business to expand, you cannot do everything! There are other tradesman out there as good as you! 7. Favorite tool and why? Mini Excavator – Makes money, cheap to run and maintain. Turns a nightmare of a job on a shovel into an easy one.

8. Tell us something quirky about yourself that your buddies don’t know (eg. you have a favourite coffee cup that sings happy birthday!, you’re the only one in your extended family that is left handed) I own the box set of “Macleods Daughters”. 9. Who would you most like to have lunch with and why (eg. Richard Branson, just to say I’d had lunch with him! or to ask him how he gets so much stuff done) Carroll Shelby ( brainchild for the AC Shelby Cobra) He used his identity as a international racing driver and winner of the LeMans 24hr enduro race to persuade the Ford Motor Company to fit a Ford V8 pick-up truck engine into a already 30 year old English AC sportscar. His aim was to build a car that would beat the likes of Ferrari and Jaguar on the USA and International racing circuits. The outcome was his Cobra’s won everything there was to win in the USA and went on to be one of the most successful race cars ever produced. He then designed a streamline Cobra known as the Daytona Coupe which won LeMans 24hr and is the only American car to ever win a World Sportscar Championship. The 1965 AC Cobra 427 S/C has performance that can be compared with modern day sportscars. The AC Cobra is the most replicated and one of the most desired cars in the world. Carroll Shelby is the classic underdog, he had a larger than life dream that he turned to reality through sheer drive, persistence and passion. Sir Jack Brabham (Australian racing driver and race car designer/constructor) Formula 1 World Champion 1959, 1960 and 1966. Founder of Repco-Brabham Racing Cars. The only person to ever win a Formula 1 World Championship in a car bearing his own name. It is unlikely this will ever happen again.

TradeTalk 8


10 Things to Look for in a Web Hosting Service


hese days I think we would all agree that having a website is critical for most businesses. That means that choosing a reliable web hosting service has become just as important. But that can be easier said than done given the hundreds of options out there that range from local mom-and-pop providers to international providers like Go Daddy and Rackspace, all of which range in terms of their price and service offerings. But how do you know whether you need to spend $10 a month versus $100? What follows are 10 tips, from business owners and experts alike, about the kinds of questions and issues you want to think about before deciding where to host your website.

1. Support Ask yourself what type of support will you need, the worst thing that can happen is for a website to go down, or having an email issue. Nobody can prevent glitches 100 percent, so if and when you find yourself in the middle of one, its best to have someone you can call on to get immediate resolution. That means looking for providers that provide 24/7 free phone support with customer service reps who speak your language and actually pick up the phone when you need them to.

2. Parking Service Find out if you can easily park your company's other domain names. Most companies buy their .com, .net, .org, hyphenated versions of their domain name, misspellings, service names, and more. It's most efficient and convenient for brand management to have these in one control panel and know that you're not going to lose any traffic.

3. Backup Make sure your web hosting service provides adequate backup. Find out what your host's disaster recovery

9 TradeTalk

plan is, as well, to ensure that they are backing up their backups.

4. Uptime Guarantee The last thing you want your customers to experience is a blank screen when they type in your URL, so you'll want to shop for a hosting service with a strong reputation for uptime and redundancy. Your site can't be seen if the host constantly has server outages. Look for an uptime guarantee of 99 percent or more. Also make sure the server has multiple backup locations (mirrored servers) so that if one goes down, they have another already online and ready to go."

5. Accessibility You might find that some hosting services make it difficult to make changes to your site. If so, avoid them. Make sure the host you choose gives you access to the server so that you can easily create new email accounts, make changes to server settings. That goes double for ensuring that you can get access to your email online and not just through Outlook. Most hosts provide this, but some do not. Make sure you will have the ability to login online to check your email from when you are away from your computer, and in case of emergency like when Outlook crashes.

6. Blogability Another staple of most company websites these days is a blog, in addition to other social media tools. Even if

you don't blog, you might in time, so make sure that the hosting service meets the minimum requirements for WordPress, the leading blogging platform. So many small businesses are utilising WordPress for blogging and or for their entire website, and not all hosts yet support this.

7. To Share or Not to Share One of the ways that you can save money on hosting your website is by turning to something called "shared hosting," which basically means that your site is being hosted along with dozens (if not hundreds) of other sites which is why you might pay as little as $5 a month for hosting fees. The downside, though, can be that troubles with one of those sites could lead to problems for all the sites hosted on that server. Having a fast website response time is crucial so that your visitor doesn't grow impatient and click away and that Google uses page load speed as one of its many factors in determining whether your page will be show high in search results. You may better off paying for more for access to a Virtual Private Server (VPS)—also called a Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS). "VPS is a bit more complicated to set up, but at $40 to $50 a month, you have a much higher quality web server and faster performance.

9. Scalability While you might be shopping for a hosting service for your small business, you should consider partnering with a service that can scale with you as you get bigger. That can mean that the service offers different tiers of service based on the number of expected visitors you receive each month where, as your business takes off, you can easily upgrade your plan. Just as importantly, you may want to evaluate providers based on how they deal with unexpected "spikes" that tear into your available bandwidth.

10. Exit Strategy Even if you're excited about everything your new web hosting service has to offer, make sure you read the fine print about what they have to say if you decide to take your business elsewhere. Ref Darren Dahl

8. Watch for Add-ons Even if you like the price a web hosting service quotes you, make sure you know what you're paying for. Hosting services often grab you with a low start-up rate. But then it's, 'Oh, you want an email account too? That's extra. You want to forward the email to your existing email account? That's extra. And you want a blog? That's extra too.' You get the idea."

Inspirational Steve Jobs Quotes Apple has lost a visionary and creative genius. “I’m convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance”

“We don’t get a chance to do that many things, and every one should be really excellent. Because this is our life. Life is brief, and then you die, you know? And we’ve all chosen to do this with our lives. So it better be damn good. It better be worth it” Fortune

“Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me...Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful... that’s what matters to me” Wall Street Journal 1993

10 TradeTalk

My 7 Step Formula to Getting a Lot Done FAST...

Tick, Cck,  Cck...  the  noise  of  

Cme escaping  us  one  second  at  a   Cme...    and  when  the  world  is  only   speeding  up,  the  ‘dinosaur  ways’  of   the  past  just  won’t  cut  it  anymore.  

Yes, you  guessed  it...  the  ‘fast  new  economy’  has   moved  in  with  a  vengeance  -­‐  fast  internet,  fast   conversaEons  (a.k.a  email/text),  and  when  your   customers  expect  everything  to  happen  yesterday,   what  are  you  doing  to  adapt?

Well, this  is  were  I  step  in  to  share  with  you   my  7  Step  Formula  to  gefng  things  done   fast...  

Before I  share  this  with  you,  I  want  to  ask  you   a  quesEon.  It’s  one  thing  to  get  a  lot  done  fast,  but   what  exactly  are  you  trying  to  do? For  starters  let  just  say  ‘to  stay  a  step  ahead  of  your   compeEtor’  because  surely  you  want  to  ‘be  the   hunter’  not  ‘be  hunted’.    To  do  this  you  need  to   answer  5  very  basic  quesEons  about  your  business: 1. Who,  exactly,  is  your  customer?  Where  do  they   live?  How  much  do  they  earn?  Where  do  they   ‘hang  out’?

2. Who is  your  biggest  compeEtor?  How  do  they  get   customers  and  how  do  they  look  a;er  them? 3.  What  are  the  results  of  your  markeEng?  Your   ROI?   4. Why  should  a  customer  buy  from  you  instead  of   your  compeEtor? 5. What  plans  do  you  have  for  the  future  for  the   business?  Where  do  you  see  the  business  in  1-­‐5   years  Eme? Talking  with  the  number  of  trade  business  owners   that  we  do  around  Australia,  it  is  surprising  how   many  do  not  know  the  answer  to  these  5  quesEons.   They  are  certainly  the  ‘hunted’  not  the  ‘hunter’.  But   you  do!    Armed  with  this  informaEon  it’s  Eme  to   take  acEon  with  knowledgable  speed. This  is  step  #1.  To  know  your  business   through  these  5  quesCons.  For  armed  with  this   informaEon  you  are  far  ahead  of  many  tradies   around  you  (trust  me,  we  know...).  

Step #2  Work  on  what  is  most  profitable  and   most  important  to  your  business.  At  the  expense   of  other  things.  Yes,  it  means  certain  jobs  will  not   get  done,  and  that’s  okay.  I  generally  have  about  6   ‘priority’  jobs  on  the  go  at  one  Eme.  Mind  you...

Step #3  Work  only  on  one  thing  at  a  Cme.  

Although you  might  have  6  top  priority  jobs  to   complete,  work  on  only  one  at  a  Eme.  Now  only  you   can  decide  which  of  these  top  priority  jobs  makes  it   to  the  top  of  the  list  to  be  done  first.  Perhaps  base  it   on  length  of  Eme  to  complete?  ROI?

Step #4  Work  like  you’re  heading  on  holidays   tomorrow  -­‐  with  speed.  It’s  funny  isn’t  it  how  

11 TradeTalk

much you  can  get  done  in  a  week,  a  day  when   you’re  heading  away  and  things  just  have  to  be   done  before  you  go.  Imagine  what  you  can  get  done   when  you  work  like  this  all  the  Eme!

Step #5  Good  is  good  enough.  This  one  took  a  

while for  me  to  grasp,  the  perfecEonist  that  I  am.  I   swear  it  pays  off,  because  believe  me,  perfecEon  is   overrated!

that are  ‘qualified’  to  take  you  along  for  the  ride,   who  have  learnt  their  lessons  ‘on  the  street’.       Because  the  rules  have  changed   dramaEcally  in  the  past  few  years  -­‐  the  old  ways  of   doing  business  have  been  laid  to  rest  (R.I.P)  and   there’s  a  new  breed  on  the  block...and  it’s  only  just   gaining  momentum...

moEvaEng than  to  complete  a  task  ahead  of   schedule  or  at  worst,  to  deadline.  The  feeling  of   accomplishment  is  very  fulfilling.  Ensure  those     around  you  are  aware  of  the  Ecking  clock  too.

There is  one  thing  we  can  all  be  thankful  for...  being   a  small/medium  sized  business  owner,  we  can  all  be   very  flexible  to  change.  We  are  adaptable  and  can   implement  change  with  speed.  We  only  need  to   know  WHAT  we  are  changing  and  have  a  big   enough  reason  to  do  it!

Step #7  this  is  the  most  important  step  of  all...   to  keep  your  eyes  open  to  the  ‘fast  new   economy’.  To  be  a  successful  business  person  it  is  

Armed  with  the  7  Step  Formula  to  Gefng  a   Lot  Done  Fast,  no  maCer  what  you  decide  to  do,   you  can  do  it...and  fast.

Step #6  Work  to  deadlines.  Nothing  is  more  

imperaEve that  you  see  the  dangers  and  the   opportuniEes  on  the  horizon  so  that  you  can   prepare  for  them  and  respond  to  them  quickly  and   efficiently,  if  you  want  and/or  need  to.  

As you  are  well  aware,  this  is  not  a  passing  fad,  nor   a  short  term  interest...  it  is  here  to  stay,  it  will  gain   massive  momentum  over  Eme,  and  together,  we   will  be  ready!

Make sure  you  jump  in  the  boat  with  those   moving  with  the  current  of  change.  With  those  

You Tube  ‘Best  Of’  Video

‘Lost Generation’

has had over 15million hits since it was loaded on You Tube and won 2nd place in the AARP U@50 Video Contest, and when you watch this video you’ll know why! Talk about encouragement to get our act together.

A little motivation goes a long way and this short but powerful video certainly does the job! This 1:45 minute video shares with us: ★ Hope for the future ★ Confirms the belief that WE can make a difference If you’re feeling a little down and out and need a new view on the world, then check out this video now... you won’t be disappointed!

Check it out and let me know what you think. Go to and type in to your address bar: Lost Generation OR head to MyTIC for You Tube ‘Best of’ Videos

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Are Your Marketing Messages Consistent?

“Our 4  Point  Checklist  will    

ensure you’re  not  wasCng  your   markeCng  investment  dollars”   It  concerns  me  that  so  many  small  (and  some   large)  businesses  waste  their  markeEng  dollar  on   inconsistent  markeEng. It’s  like  the  business  owner  was  sleeping  when  they   decided  to  spend  money  on  communicaEon  with   their  customer..  Let  me  give  you  some  recent   examples  so  you  know  what  I  mean: * The  local  butcher  recently  won  an  award  and  took   out  an  ad  in  our  local  paper  to  announce  the  fact.   On  entering  the  store  the  following  day  there  was   no  menEon  of  the  win  across  the  front  window  and   the  award  was  tucked  behind  the  cash  register   almost  out  of  sight.   * Dining  in  a  chinese  restaurant  that  adverEses   ‘authenEc  chinese’  whilst  we  ate  listening  to  ABC   talk  back  ~  nothing  authenEc  about  that! * Washy  company  colours  that  use  different  font   styles  in  every  piece  of  communicaEon  -­‐  vehicle,   website  to  uniform  are  all  inconsistent.

It is  no  wonder  we  don’t  immediately  recognise   the  business  or  believe  their  key  message.

So how  do  we  make  sure  our   customers  immediately  connect  to  our   business  when  they  see  our  logo   (brand  recogniCon),  believe  every   word  we  say  about  our  business  and   happily  build  a  strong  relaConship   with  our  business  that  conCnues  for   many  years  to  come?  

13 TradeTalk

It starts  with  markeCng  consistency... MarkeEng  consistency  begins  with  a  strong  brand   idenEty  and  key  message.  The  brand  idenEty  is  made   up  of  three  elements  -­‐  a  logo  being  the  focal  point,   specific  colours  and  a  specific  type  face  (font  style).   Let’s  begin  with  a  4  Point  Checklist  to  see  how     consistent  your  markeEng  is: 1. Do  you  have  a  company  logo?   a. Is  it  text  only  or  does  it  include  an  image? b. do  you  use  the  company  logo/image  in  the   exact  same  style/format  every  Eme? c. are  there  opEons?  if  so,  what  are  the  rules? 2. What  are  your  company  colours  (PMS  &  CMYK)? a. are  your  colours  consistent  across  all   markeEng  material?  For  example:  is  the  blue   the  same  on  your  business  card  as  it  is  on  your   website? 3. Do  you  have  specific  type  face  (font)  that  you   need  to  use/incorporate? 4. What  is  the  key  message  for  your  business? a. Is  the  message  and  branding  consistent?  eg  -­‐   does  your  website  talk  about  ‘one  topic’  and   your  magnets  ‘another’?  is  the  music  in  the   restaurant  a  complete  mis-­‐match?   Seems  simple  right?  RIGHT...  but  if  that’s  the   case,  then  why  aren’t  more  businesses   communicaEng  a  consistent  message  to  their   customers? And  you  know  what,  it’s  not  just  you  who  needs  to   know  these  rules.  It’s  any  graphic  designer  you  work   with  or  any  new  (office)  employee.    This  is  done  with   a  Style  Guide...  get  to  this  in  a  minute...

Let’s put  this  into  perspecEve  using  Dr.DRiP  as   an  example.

Your Business’.  Search  for  ‘How  to  Write  Your  Own   Style  Guide’.

Company logo  -­‐  Recognisable  company  logo.   Includes  both  text  and  an  image.  

The image  is  always  represented  in  the  colours  as   above.  At  Emes  we  add  a  santa  hat  for  example,  but   the  general  rule  is  the  ‘man’  is  untouched. Company  Colours  -­‐  The  colours  are  orange  (PMS021)   and  blue  (PMS  Reflex).  They  are  the  strongest  blue   and  orange  on  the  colour  chart  available. Company  Font  -­‐  The  font  style  is  specific  with  the  use   of  lower  and  upper  case  text,  and  the  style  font   doesn’t  change  to  ‘tahoma’  or  ‘lucida  calligraphy’. Key  Message  -­‐  our  business  is  known  for  ‘FAST,  same   day  service  guaranteed’.  That  said,  our  reputaEon   could  be  completely  ruined  if  we  didn’t  offer  this.

The consistency  of  the  use  of  the  company   logo  above  assists  to  build  brand  awareness.  

The measure  by  which  a  brand  springs  to  mind,  if  for   example,  the  vehicle  was  seen  driving  down  the   street,  a  customer    would  immediately  connect  the   logo  and  the  colours  with  our  business  and   memories  about  their  posiEve  customer  experience.   Okay,  so  that  said...  how  do  you  ensure  you   ALWAYS  communicate  this  informaEon  to  your  team?   With  a  STYLE  GUIDE. Basically  a  set  of  standards  for  design  or  wriEng  of   documents  to  be  followed  by  the  enEre  team.  It   seems  like  a  no  brainer  seeing  the  graphic  designer   can  simply  be  supplied  with  the  logo,  but  let  me  tell   you,  it  is  amazing  at  how  they  can  ‘tweek’  your  logo   Ell  it  no  longer  looks  like  yours...    the  Style  Guide   provides  the  boundaries. Check  out  MyTIC  to  download  the  Style  Guide   template  -­‐  under  ‘ Tradesman  Toolkit’,  ‘MarkeEng  

14 TradeTalk

Now that  we  have  the  brand  design   sorted  out,  how  do  we  know  we’ve  applied   it  consistently  across  all  of  our  markeCng? In  short,  if  there  was  a  change,  would  you  remember   every  facet  to  apply  it? Have  you  incorporated  that  new  look  to  your: * website *  business  cards *  leCerhead *  email  signature *  newspaper  adverEsement *  vehicle *  introducEon  kits * invoice  books * thank  you  cards * membership  cards *  statements  (accounEng) * uniforms  (hat,  shirt,  shorts) * building  signage *  or  any  other  means  of  markeEng? Perhaps  it  is  a  good  idea  to  block  out  some  Eme  to   audit  your  markeEng  material  using  the  the   ‘MarkeEng  Audit  Checklist’  on  MyTIC.  You  can  find   this  in  the  same  locaEon  as  the  Style  Guide.   You  wouldn’t  be  the  only  one  ever  to  forget  to   update  an  email  signature  a  month  a;er  the  fact!   This  checklist  will  simply  ensure  you  don’t  miss  a   beat  to  communicate  a  professional  business   ALWAYS!

Ange & Andy's GIGANTIC Success Secret of the Month Reading and  applying  these  constantly  provide  focus  and  clarity  in  every  aspect  of  our   life  –  both  personal  and  business.  We   hope  they  have  a  similar  effect  in  yours.

Cherish time - it is your most valuable resource. You can never make up the time you lose. Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever! To waste time is to waste your life as it is the only limitation to all your accomplishments. Remember: the most important choice you will ever have to make is how you use your time.

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Hamilton Island  is  calling  your   name  for  9-­‐11  March  2012

Time to review, rejuvenate and reward yourself

Call Verity  at  Flight  Centre  on   (02)  9997  6924  

No one steal my spot, I saw it first!

Tech You've taken the plunge and invested in an iPad. Like millions of others, you love it. It's light and keeps a remarkable 10-hour charge. Use it with a wireless Bluetooth keyboard and you can type just as fast as ever. So, is it possible to ditch your laptop altogether? An abundance of apps are tempting people to give it a try. "Pages and Numbers are two of them," Keller says. "I'm able to do a lot of Word document work on Pages and spreadsheet work on Numbers as part of the general rhythm of the business day. I'm not printing anymore. I'm just reading and editing right on the iPad."

17 TradeTalk

Talk You can also use GoodReader to view / PowerPoint presentations and iAnnotate to make comments on PDF files.

WebEx and GoToMeeting are popular apps for holding virtual meetings.

Keynote for giving presentations to clients or customers could be a huge advantage. It can also play your PowerPoint slides with a few tweaks.

There is no doubt that iPads are much easier to carry than a laptop. It's got 10 hours of power so you don't have to worry about finding an outlet to plug it in. You bring out the iPad and it's a much more sophisticated presentation device. You don't want to hand out pieces of paper anymore.' Dragon Dictation is a voicerecognition app that allows you to speak and instantly see your text or email messages, a process that the company says is up to five times faster than typing.

Evernote lets you save things like notes, Web pages, business cards, photos, and screenshots, then indexes them so you can find what you saved later.

File backup, sharing and syncing apps such as Dropbox and SugarSync are also popular with SMBs that want to have access to their files all the time, whether they're using a desktop computer, laptop or mobile device.

Will using the latest and greatest apps let you give up your laptop altogether? The experts generally think not, although they say it comes pretty close as a replacement, and even does things the laptop can't. So, the jury is still out on this one.

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Tradesman Inner Circle Helping Tradesman Australia Wide Since 2008 To our  Members, You  are  never  far  from  help. Unlimited  Phone  Support  

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Would They Toss the Rule Book?


   ou  know  who  I  mean...  the  

staff. Would  they  ever  simply   abandon  the  rule  book  and  make   up  their  own?  

Recently I  was  at   the  hairdresser  

enjoying a  social  chat   and   a   cappuccino  when   our   relaxing   environment   was  ruined   by   a  70-­‐ish  year   old   client   walking   through   the   door   complaining   about   the   troubles  of   parking   her   car.   Yes,   it   is  a   busy   street,  and  yes,  there  is  only   one  spot  in  front   of   the   shop   for   customers   which   she   seemed   to   think  she  owned,  and  of  course  was  taken   (no  less,   by  me...).   It   took   a   hot   cup   of   tea   and   the   enEre   salon   listening   to  her   long   list   of  troubles  for   the   day   to   calm  her  down.  Then,  the  most  extraordinary  thing   happened...   The  apprenEce  asked  for   her   car   keys   and  le;  the  building.  Yes,  she  had   taken  the  liberty   to  move  the  liCle  old  ladies  car  for  her!     Does  that   ever  happen  anymore?   the   beauEful  gesture  of   a  staff   member   to   help   out   a   customer   like   that,   AND   more   specifically   the  fact   that   she   had   used   her   own   iniEaEve,   not   by   direcEon  of  her  boss.

The rule   book   of   the   salon   was   literally  thrown  out  the  window!   But   here’s  the   thing...   I  am   quite  sure   that   not   only   was   Mrs.   Trouble   suitably   impressed   (which   calmed   her   down   considerably   that   she   actually   cracked  a  smile!),  but  the  rest  of   the  room,   customers   and   the   owners   alike,   were   impressed   with   the  apprenEce  for   taking  the  maCer   into  her   own  hands. I’m   a   big   fan   of   having   an   employee   manual,   but   someEmes  you  can’t  cover  every   situaEon  that   will   arise   in   your   business.   So   what   direcCon   do   you   give   your   team   for   situaCons  where   they  need   to   use  their  own  judgement?

Although   we   provide   our   team   with   a   manual,  and  talk  about  every  possible  scenario  they   could  ever  encounter,  the  short  of  this  is  the  simple   fact  that  you  will  never  cover   them   all.  There  has  to   be  a  point   where  you  push  the  Rule  Book  aside  and,   in   one   sentence,   communicate   how   you   wish   for   them  to  behave. The  team  didn’t  necessarily  need  a   rule  book;   they   needed  a  business  philosophy.   In  the  situaEon  of  my   hairdresser,  one  would   imagine  their   guiding   philosophy   would   have  been   something  like:   treat   every  customer  like  they  were   a  friend  in   your  home.   It  is  for  this  reason  a  smiling   face  and  a  warm  welcome  is  the  first  greeEng   you   are  given,  the  tea/coffee  is  made   to   order  and   you   can  be  guaranteed  a  heart-­‐felt  conversaEon.   That   said,   I  personally   believe   that   this  apprenEce   took   the   business   philosophy   too   literally   and   moving   a   customers   car,   is   perhaps,   a   liCle   too   generous.  If  I  was  the  business  owner,  I  don’t   think  I   would  be  too  happy  about  this...  but  her  heart   was   in  the  right  place!   So,   what   guidelines   do   you   provide   your   team?   Do   they   understand   the   vision   of   the   business?  The  values  of  the  business?   How  o;en  is   it  communicated?  Is  it   printed  and   features   on  the   walls  of  the  office  in  plain  view? Do  your  employees  know  when  to  toss  out   the  rule   book  and  let  your  philosophy   guide  their   responses   to  the  unexpected?

20 TradeTalk



MAN CAVE? This is where we talk about all cool things that should or could be in the man cave. Gadgets, new tech, cool tools, new inventions or big boys toys, if it’s cool and fun we’ll talk about it. Ever wanted to look like a pro surfer but simply lack the energy? this awesome electric powered surf board could be the answer... I love to surf, and with the beach only a stones throw away, to be honest, I’m shocked that I’m not out there more often. That said, I tell myself that competing for waves with the 20 year olds and the exhaustion simply from paddling out is enough to keep me away. BUT... finally I’ve found something that could come to my rescue. The team at Wavejet have actually cracked the problem of inserting a water jet into a surf board that is small enough not to weigh it down or have a

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negative impact to the shape and performance of the board. WaveJet Pod is operated from a waterproof controller powered by Seatooth® technology that is worn on the wrist. Powered by a lithium-ion battery, it can be recharged using a standard outlet or car lighter. If you are separated from your board, the drive shuts off instantly. The drive, or Pod, makes up to 12 miles per hour, which is 3 to 4 times faster than paddling, and it is fully modular, so you can pop it out of your surfboard and into any other WaveJet-ready PWC you own. For a cool 5K, this could make it your man cave.

As you would have noticed all of the modules, 1 through 6, are being recorded to audio and uploaded to the My TIC Member site.

sound quality is so much better than your standard ear buds supplied with your device. You can also answer and hang up calls by clicking a button on the lead.

The team here at TIC went through a painstaking process to find you 2 of the best sounding voice talents in the business. So in order to really enjoy their sultry tones you should download them to your MP3 player and ask the New Year santa for a new set of head speakers.

Option2 whilst gardening or running etc is the Sennheiser PX 200. They are not 100% noise canceling but cut out enough sound and are comfortable and light. This is a cheaper alternative on head phones.

There is plenty of choice out there so I will narrow it down for you. Here are 2 of the best; For in and around the home and office, option 1 is the Bose ear buds (pictured below). They are inexpensive and the


That said, if you want the best of the best, you can’t go past the Senheiser HD 800. Supposed to be the worlds best headphones for a tiny $1,500.

I couldn't imagine a better way to take in all of the mind blowing strategies within the modules and take your business to the next level.


Cool iPhone  Apps  for  Tradies Skype  for  iPhone  or  iPad Description: Free Skype to Skype calls & text. This is a must have, no longer are you tied to your desk top, walk away and continue calls including video on your iPone or iPad. Features: • free Skype-to-skype calls over 3G & wi-fi • video calls to iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, MAC, Skype enabled TVs • low rate Skype to mobile or landline calls TradeTalk 22

NEXT ISSUE NEXT ISSUE: Avoid business burnout. How do you know if you’re on the edge plus 5 simple and straightforward tips you can implement today to prevent this from happening to you! Why I’m not ashamed of my failures and why you shouldn’t be either... Alright crew, time for us all to get busy… To our DIAMOND and PLATINUM members, remember to book your next ‘Staying On Track’ meeting via MyTIC. Look forward to speaking soon. Smith a l e g An ew & r d n A

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