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MAY 2023
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Cheers to the Ladies

As we welcome the month of May, Amy and I are filled with the excitement and joy for all the wonderful things that come with this time of year in East Tennessee. We love the warmer weather, the flowers and dogwoods are bursting with color, and our community is alive with events and activities that make Knoxville such an amazing place to live. We hope you will join us in embracing the spirit of May and all the good things it has to offer. And, of course, we can't forget about Mother's Day. For me, this will be the first Mother’s Day since losing my mom this past year. I dearly miss her. We hope you take the time to honor and celebrate your mother and all the other amazing women who have shaped us into the people we are today.

Essentially, we love any opportunity to recognize the women who make life richer and more beautiful. Connecting with women in the community is one of our favorite things as publishers. We want to champion Knoxville’s leaders, creators, and builders, both seen and unseen.

Speaking of leaders, we are so pleased to spotlight Catherine Porth of Let Her Speak this month. Talk about a woman who goes after what she wants! When Catherine moved to Knoxville, she immediately got to work connecting businesswomen with one another, encouraging them, and helping them hone their skills. She is an inspiration all her own.

We also interviewed real estate agent Julia Hurley, who’s one of the hosts of “Selling Knoxville” on American Dream TV. She is passionate about pitching her hometown to great people around the country. Her energy is infectious!

Also in this issue is the backstory to Southern Skies Music Festival, which is scheduled for May 20 and 21 at the World’s Fair Park. Special thanks to Dogwood Arts, Born and Raised Productions, and Knoxville’s own Dirty Guv’nahs for creating a fantastic festival for music lovers.

We are so grateful to our readers and business partners for their continued support. We hope you’ll engage with us on social media, submit story ideas, or reach out to become an advertising partner. Together, we can continue sharing positive stories of creativity, ingenuity, and fervor for our great city.


May 2023


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1: The 15th Annual Dogwood Arts Chalk Walk took place on April 1 in downtown Knoxville. 2: The Chalk Walk featured hundreds of artists and teams who worked all day on their pieces. 3: Categories were divided by age and grade: elementary, middle school, high school, college, family, and adult. 4: Artists of all ages participated in the event. 5:Thousands flocked to Market Square on Saturday to view the works-inprogress. 6: Cash prizes and awards were given to select artists who created imaginative pieces. 7: The Best in Show Winner was Cole Davis for his astronaut creation. Photography by Carol AuBuchon


We are here to serve as friends, allies, loyal and trusted advisors during what is often a difficult time for our clients, their families or their business.

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The word Amicus is synonymous with what sets our attorneys apart and truly defines the weight we place in our relationship with our clients.

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local experiences

The best places and things to do in our area.

Grab your gal pals and plan a relaxing or upscale day, weekend, or girls' night out with any one of these local experiences fit for the ladies.

Our Picks for The Gal Pals

BOARD & BRUSH : Have a girl's night out with wine and painting when you book a workshop with Board & Brush. No experience needed! 11113 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN

RADIUS ROOFTOP LOUNGE: The Radius Rooftop Lounge has a nearly 360degree view of the Knoxville skyline and is the perfect spot for a cocktail with your girlfriends! 507 S Gay St, Knoxville, TN

POINT B: Nothing starts the day better than a great brunch! That's exactly what you'll experience at Point B with great food and drinks.  1020 Ebenezer Rd, Knoxville, TN

LIVE WELLNESS FROM WITHIN: Look and feel your best with a spa day at Live Wellness From Within.  7015 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN

CULTIVATE COFFEE + FLOWERS: From latte art, murals, and floral arrangements, Cultivate Coffee & Flowers is the place to enjoy a laugh, good conversation, and pick me up with your girlfriends.  5221 N Broadway St, Knoxville , TN


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MAY 2023
Board & Brush
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How Whole-Home Power Protection Works

The average home can experience hundreds of potentially damaging power surges and spikes each year, and with today’s technology, electronics are becoming more vulnerable to these unavoidable electrical events. Replacing or repairing equipment costs thousands of dollars and is not covered under equipment warranty or service agreements.

Power surges and spikes are temporary and instantaneous events that increase “normal” electrical line voltage. Fluctuating power sources continually hammer against a home’s electrical systems and appliances and may lead to poor performance and early failures. While a point-of-use surge protector offers some basic, low-level protection, one significant voltage spike is all it takes to damage the power strip and leave the home unprotected. And they do nothing to protect the more complicated household systems and appliances, such as HVAC units and refrigerators.

A whole-house surge protector should be the first line of defense for your home. The device looks like a small box that is installed between the meter and breaker box and protects against electrical spikes and surges by diverting excess power into the ground before it reaches the home’s appliances or electronics.

By eliminating spikes and providing a constant source of power, whole-home surge protectors improve performance and extend the life of all the electronics in the home. Even whole-house protection cannot handle 100 percent of the most powerful surges, so adding a second layer of protection at the point of use may be important for the most sensitive equipment.

Whole house power protection requires an electrician like Mr. Electric of Knoxville to properly install and is more expensive than simple strip protectors. But considering the cost of replacing just one of your major appliances as the result of a major power surge, a whole-home power protection device can more than make up the difference in cost and provide peace of mind in knowing your home is protected.

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Speaking Success into Women’s Lives

By the time Catherine Porth was 13 years old, she knew she wanted to be a businesswoman, a natural inclination since her family is full of entrepreneurs. The Iowan went to college in South Carolina, and after moving back to the Midwest to build her career in sales, Catherine left seven years later to return to the South, this time to Tennessee. It was December 2016, and she was looking for a new way to express her passion for business.

“My last role was in commercial furniture sales for a large company in the Midwest.

I was part of a team that was really Bro Culture – we didn’t talk about our feelings or burnout; we worked more hours than everyone else; we didn’t leave before the execs; we stayed out late with clients and came in early the next day… It’s like hustle culture,” she says. “What I experienced was that the women in the sales department were some of the most phenomenal people I’d ever met. Women were supportive, worked harder, and had better outcomes in sales than male counterparts because they were so good at developing relationships.”

BY |
Photo by Jasmine Newton

Despite their success, Catherine noticed that these women weren’t making it to the top, and when her female mentor was let go, the hyper-masculine culture increased and suddenly it was a domino effect of women leaving the company left and right.

“Whenever I looked at moving into another department, it made sense to leave corporate America altogether. It wasn’t a healthy relationship for my mental health,” says Catherine. “I was great at my job, and I felt great traveling, but coming back to the office I felt terrible.”

Now settled in Knoxville, Catherine returned to school for her MBA at the University of Tennessee. The break from the high-pressure, hustle environment was restorative, but her interest in business had only increased. In the quietest parts of her days, Catherine considered all she’d been through and realized she wanted to focus on mentoring women in business and bolstering the kind of relationships that lead to success.

“It’s in that space where Let Her Speak came to me,” she says. “I’d connected with Knoxville Entrepreneur and met Booth Andrews. She’s a huge reason I took the leap. She is someone who I pitched the idea to and was fully supportive, and she hardly knew me. I’d only been in town six months.”

Let Her Speak began as an avenue for women to network in a low-pressure environment where everyone gets a turn to toss around ideas, share a story, and connect in powerful ways beyond sharing one’s resume. Since the traditional framework for networking is rooted in how men bond with other men, Catherine wanted to create a place for women to build relationships on qualitative data, not quantitative.

“Men typically want stats and graphs, but women need more substance and context. We need to form a bond, and as soon as we do, we recommend you to everyone we know,” she says. “And once we do that, we can light a fire that’s fierce.”

Catherine’s experimental passion project caught wind, and soon she’d hired Maranda Vandergriff to help her create a logo and start the branding process. She started interviewing businesswomen in the community to see what their biggest struggles were. She wasn’t looking to recreate the wheel. Instead, Catherine wanted to parse out what women in Knoxville needed to succeed.

The answer? Other women.

“The first event was on March 14, 2018, and I’d hosted the event during my spring break. I’d seen a study that said when crowds are more than 75, people are less inclined to stand up and share. So, I capped the first event at 50,” she says. “The other goal was to make sure every woman met every other woman there, so one woman could make 49 connections. This event became a catalyst for other things.”

By other things, she means more events that year and the year after that, inviting women to be inspired by one another and bond over shared experiences. Despite its growth, Catherine still didn’t view Let Her Speak as anything more than a hobby, a thing she did out of interest. As her grad school was coming to an end, Catherine had every intention of going back into the corporate space as a managerial consultant.

Then, she got connected to a startup in Knoxville and took a position as the director of business development for Survature. There, Catherine strengthened her research skills, which ultimately allowed Let Her Speak to become even more “data-infused.” After two years with the company, Catherine stepped away, and then the pandemic hit.

“I was planning for the third annual summit the third week of March, and then came lockdown. I took that time to rest and look at the next step. Right away, I developed a pen pal program for women across the country, a She Speaks series that spoke to what we were collectively going

“We need to form a bond, and as soon as we do, we recommend you to everyone we know.”

through,” says Catherine. “During the pandemic, it was the women who took on the extra work – we had to maintain our jobs while also being teachers and health care workers. A lot of women left their jobs to stay home. We did our first and only Let Her Speak Summit virtually.”

By 2021, Catherine started building workshops focused on different areas where women struggle, such as Imposter Syndrome. She developed the Let

Her Speak Superhero League which helped women celebrate their strengths through the lens of superhero qualities. By 2022, she launched the She Speaks Podcast, which had carried over from the pandemic, and Let Her Invest, a series focused on the financial aspects of business and how to discern personal worth.

This year, Catherine released the Let Her Lead Program, which is composed of both established and aspiring leaders.

“We’re focusing on women who’ve been in the workplace a long time but don’t have the skills to lead. There’s no program that exists once you’re no longer a young professional. Given that there are so many leadership positions out there, shouldn’t there be more women in these positions?”
en Espanol. Photo by Jalynn Baker.

“We’re focusing on women who’ve been in the workplace a long time but don’t have the skills to lead. There’s no program that exists once you’re no longer a young professional,” she says. “Given that there are so many leadership positions out there, shouldn’t there be more women in these positions?”

Word is getting out about Let Her Speak. While Catherine’s passion for women in business sparked in Knoxville, it doesn’t end here. She’s looking at secondary and tertiary cities, like Lexington, Kentucky and Columbia, South Carolina, where Let Her Speak events can flourish and help women network with one another. In the meantime, she’s continuing her partnership with Knoxville Entrepreneur Center, who sponsors Let Her Speak, and brainstorming new ways to connect women with one another, identify their barriers to success, and build more avenues for collaboration.

“One initiative we experimented with last year is doing more collaborative events with other organizations. We partnered with the Free Women Waltzing Club to do two events celebrating women in music. Another collaboration, which was supposed to kick off in 2020, was Let Her Speak en Español. We partnered with Raquel Leal of Latinas Time, and we’ll do that one every year.”

“Women from all over the country are finding us. I’m not going to paint a broad picture and say no matter where you are or where you come from, this is it. I want to cater to specific communities and go to cities that aren’t as well known or don’t have support for women who are trying to impact their communities,” says Catherine. “The hope is that Let Her Speak can expand to other cities and even countries.”

Learn more at LetHerSpeakUSA.com
2022 Summer Songwriter Soiree. Photo by Taryn Faro.
Catherine at the 2022 Women's Summit. Photo by Maranda Vandergriff.
Photo by Eli Johnson Photography
Photo by Kristi Parson



“We started in 2006, so our band has been around a long time. Some of us were still in college at UT, but some of us had graduated. We were in a period of life where some had started jobs, some hadn’t figured it out, and some of us were just living together,” says James Trimble, lead singer and spokesperson for the band. “There was an opportunity to be in a music festival, and the organizer needed an opening band, and they were out of budget. So, they asked if anyone wanted to play for 30 minutes for no money, and Justin Hoskins looked the guy in the eye and said, ‘yeah, I’m in a band.’ There was no band. He came home and said we needed to start a band. So, we started on a whim. We had 11 days to figure out how to be a band and open for Sister Hazel.”


If there is a singular music band connected to the city of Knoxville, it has to be The Dirty Guv’nahs. What began as a joke has morphed into a close-knit, faithful relationship between the city and the band. The natural next step was to start a music festival.
Photo by Kristi Parson
Photo by Eli Johnson Photography

Indeed, they figured it out. Within a few months, word had spread, and the band was invited to play at a few more local events. By the fourth show, enough people suggested booking their own show instead of opening for other people. So, they booked Preservation Pub, and according to the owner, that show drew in the most people to see a band that had no real followers.

“We’d play Barley’s Taproom downtown, and it got to the point that 500 people would show up. So, the Bijou invited us, and we sold that out too. Then we got invited to Bonnaroo in 2008, and we realized this little thing turned into something else, so we wanted to record music,” says James. “We got invited to Woodstock, New York to record an album, and by 2010 we had a booking agent, a manager, and had recorded a legitimate album.”

Then came the 100-city tour. Between 2010 and 2015, the Dirty Guv’nahs took their music around the country, opening for Zac Brown Band and making an appearance at South by Southwest. While the band received recognition around the country, Knoxville music lovers continued to embrace them, selling out the Tennessee Theatre and the Bijou time and again. They were voted Best Band in Knoxville nearly a dozen times.

By 2015, some members were getting married and starting families, so the appeal of band life started to wane. They agreed to pull back on full-time touring, selected their ten favorite cities, and kicked off a Farewell Tour. Every single show sold out, and they all came home for a change of pace.

“By 2018, we all had more kids, a few more people got married, and we’d figured out other jobs,” says James. “But people kept emailing us for events. We said let’s just do two shows, so we put them on sale, and they sold out in an hour. Then we picked three or four more cities, and those sold out. It was the Comeback Tour.”

When that tour concluded, the band – James Trimble, Aaron Hoskins, Justin Hoskins, Michael Jenkins, Cozmo Holloway, and Kevin Hyfantis – realized they’d missed playing

Photo by Eli Johnson Photography
Photo by Kristi Parson

together, so they created a new model for a musical life with more balance. They agreed to write a few new songs each year and limit themselves to no more than ten concerts. This concept carried them a couple of years, and then came the next idea.

“That’s when we started talking about hosting a music festival,” says James. “We needed partners, so we talked to the Dogwood Arts Festival people, and Born and Raised Productions. We named it Southern Skies, a nod to a former album, and it was announced in December 2019. Of course, it was canceled two years in a row.”

Finally, May 2022 came around and Southern Skies was on – minus one major attraction. The scheduled headliner was the 1990s hit band Blues Traveler, and the night before the festival, they called to cancel because the lead singer tested positive for COVID-19.

“We wrote an email to everyone who bought tickets and let them know we’d give a full refund if needed, but we also decided we’d play two sets – about three hours. There were fewer than 50 refunds, so the inaugural year was a success,” says James.

Despite the initial rough start caused by the pandemic, Shannon Herron, marketing and creative director of Dogwood

Arts, says the festival is exactly what Knoxville needed.

“Southern Skies is right on mission for Dogwood Arts. It's a celebration of music, art, and community that highlights local and regional talent alongside national touring acts,” says Shannon. “It was a natural fit working with The Dirty Guv'nahs on the festival. We wanted to create something that was 'uniquely Knoxville,' a hometown, homegrown festival that feels more like a family reunion than anything else. The Guv's have a loyal local and regional following. It's been great to see their fans come out and support this new endeavor.”

This year’s line-up is packed with wellknown acts – St. Paul and the Broken Bones headlines on Saturday, while Grace Potter headlines on Sunday. With two full days of music, along with food and drink vendors and activities for kids, Southern Skies is shaping up to be a fixture on Knoxville’s calendar for years to come.

“The whole idea is to make it a fun experience that’s hospitable and introduces people to Knoxville,” says James.

Southern Skies Festival takes place May 20-21 at the World’s Fair Park. To buy tickets or view the line-up, visit SouthernSkiesMusicFestival.com

“The whole idea is to make it a fun experience that’s hospitable and introduces people to Knoxville.” - James Trimble

Welcome to Live Wellness from Within–

We all live such busy lifestyles, pushing through stressful situations, skipping meals, forgetting to hydrate when, in fact, our bodies just need a reset. Feeling your best on the inside helps promote physical and emotional wellness.

We are a med spa offering an array of services in the health and wellness industry. Our wellness approach is therapeutic and holistic covering a multitude of treatments that have shown to be safe and effective. Our own wellness journey has brought us to this place, a place where we want to share our knowledge and experiences to help treat the body as a whole.

As a seasoned nurse, Rebekah promotes health and wellness through IV therapy administration and intramuscular injections. She is certified in IV Nutritional Therapy administration and has an extensive background in surgery and orthopedics. To promote healing from within, our infrared sauna with chromotherapy provides restoration and relaxation as a part of your wellness journey.

As a licensed esthetician and skin care specialist, Kristine specializes in facials, microneedling, dermaplaning, micro facial cupping, and Gua Sha therapies. As a life coach, she is very passionate and strives to promote overall wellness with all her clients. She provides a relaxing and inviting atmosphere so you can enjoy your customized pampering session!

a more active role in your health. 865.409.9760 | LIVEIVKNOX.COM | 7015 KINGSTON PIKE KNOXVILLE, TN Your wellness journey starts with Live Wellness from Within. 10 HEALTH-SPECIFIC IV THERAPIES | FACIALS | SUNLIGHTEN SAUNA Join us for a healthier you. Live well. Live happy.
Wellness from Within Take
Rebekah McCulloch Kristine Griffin 18K white gold and multi-shape diamond halo pendant

Connecting Knoxville to the Nation

“My family founded Knoxville,” Julia Hurley begins, then laughs. “I’m not kidding. I’m a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution. You must be able to trace your lineage back and prove it, and I have 24 trails of lineage. I’m 1000% from here.”

Julia grew up in Lenoir City and attended Maryville College. Early on, she was encouraged by her mentor, Harry Wampler, former CEO of Family Brands, to make a living in real estate. He threw a few listings her way, taught her how to invest, and showed her how to look for opportunities to work hard.

It wasn’t long before Julia started reaping the rewards as a real estate agent, working for a big firm and coaching other agents locally and nationwide. That’s why, when she got wind that The American Dream, a

national TV show and Emmy-nominated production team, was looking for Knoxville real estate agents to kick off a new show, Julia wasted no time.

“My plan is to make Knoxville look good. I’ve been in this business for nine years. If you bring the right people here, you keep your community. We want to bring Knoxville to the Nation. That’s actually my tagline,” says Julia. She has a podcast based on the same concept called ConnectTheKnox.

“Selling Knoxville” is only one part of a larger series produced by The American Dream. Other cities in the series include Denver, Miami, Las Vegas, and Nashville, to name a few. The entire family of episodes can be viewed online, as well as on TV affiliate stations through CBS, Fox, ABC, and NBC. CONTINUED >


For her pitch, Julia was clear about the message she wanted to send. Instead of spotlighting hot real estate in the area, she wants to introduce potential newcomers to the best people, businesses, and nonprofits in Knoxville, starting with the University of Tennessee. She hired Big Slate Media to produce her segments and immediately got to work.

“I want to showcase Knoxville, not me. If someone is flipping through the Travel Channel, what can they learn about Knoxville? The first word that comes to mind for me is community. It’s not just a city you drive through,” says Julia. “Immediately, I wanted to bring in the Tennessee Vols. The Sunsphere is easy b-roll, but the UT football team is a passion for so many, so I wanted to get on the field.”

And that’s exactly what she did. Julia started making phone calls and reaching out to people she knew and didn’t know, including Michael Galyean, who’s likely more recognizable by face than by name. He was the faux security guard who joined the dance team on the field during the football game against the University of Tennessee on October 29, 2022. The entire event went viral. Julia joined members of the University of Tennessee Dance Team and Michael Galyean to recreate a portion of the dance for her first segment on “Selling Knoxville.”

While there’s plenty of fun to be had with the content Julia seeks to produce, she’s mindful of how she’s choosing to sell Knoxville to the rest of the country.

“I’m showcasing major nonprofits and people who are starting important conversations in Knoxville. I want to put the right people in front of the camera,” she says. “I don’t know anyone in Knoxville who doesn’t want a better future for our city. I’ve not once heard someone sit at a table and say, ‘What can I do to get more money out of people for myself?’ It’s always about contributing back to the community to make people better. That’s the true identity of Knoxville.”


more about “Selling Knoxville” at AmericanDreamNetwork.tv
Michael Galyean with the UT Dance Team

Do You Crave Community?

I know I’m getting older, or hopefully I’m just a really fun guy because “time flies when you’re having fun!” I say this because it seems to me that there is always another article, ad, presentation, or message due, and I respond the same almost every time. “Are you sure? It seems like I JUST did that!” So, although it seems that I just wrote something yesterday (slight exaggeration), here we are again, and I find myself struggling to think of what it is that I really want to share with you.

The thing that I’ve been obsessed with recently, is the fact that we all need to be part of a supportive community. I have been blessed to be part of several wonderful communities over the years, from soccer teams to church groups, and whenever I’m not a part of one I find that I really crave it!

So, it would seem that I am about to propose that getting your hair done at RTB will make you feel part of a supportive community, and although I can’t promise that…I really hope it’s true! We have clients that have been coming to the same stylist for over 40 years, so we are hopeful that you will have that same sense of belonging when you come visit one of our salons. Our purpose is to create an environment where people can experience professional excellence and genuine love.

So, we’d love to see if you fit our imperfect, but supportive environment!

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stress-free when you leave.

Shoebox Collection



At the nonprofit Knoxville History Project, we are always on the lookout for old images for our Knoxville Shoebox digital collection. If you have interesting photographs, postcards, or brochures, from any era, we’d love to hear from you so we can preserve the visual history of Knoxville and make it available for researchers of the future. Old family photos might show interesting scenes or buildings. Posters and photos from musical shows here in Knoxville also have fascinating stories to tell. We are interested in all eras, especially more recent decades not yet covered by local archives and collections, and images of South Knoxville for our current book research.


The Hippodrome Amusement Company was a short-lived name for the Auditorium, located at Main Avenue and Gay Street, as seen here in this artistically enhanced postcard from the early 1900s. The distinctive building with its domed roof later served as a streetcar barn until the late 1940s. On the right is the Lamar House, which originally opened as a tavern in 1816 and proved to be one of the city’s bestknown hotels, hosting U.S. Presidents and masquerade balls during the 19th century. The Bijou Theatre, now one of two historic theatres within two blocks of each other on Gay Street, was built into the back of the Lamar House in 1909. (Shared by Alec Riedl.)

Auditorium Skating Rink


This rare postcard, dating from 1907, shows the interior of the Auditorium during the time it served as a skating rink. Four years later, the building was hosting high-profile events, including a visit by President William Howard Taft who addressed a large biracial crowd after touring the Appalachian Exposition at Chilhowee Park in 1911. After his speaking engagement here, Taft briefly visited Eliza Brownlow, the widow of “Parson” William G. Brownlow, at her home a few short blocks away on E. Cumberland Avenue where Taft viewed “souvenirs of the life of the great-pastor-politician.” (Shared by Merikay Waldvogel.)


West Knoxville Lifestyle reader

Karen Chesney shared a photograph of her grandfather James Buford Nichols’ grocery store, which was located on the southwest corner of East Jackson Avenue and S. Humes Street, an area just east of the Old City, now under construction for the planned baseball stadium. In the photograph, James Buford Nichols is on the right, with his son Jimmie on the left.

Nichols owned the store in this location for at least 23 years. Karen’s mother recalled that the store was “divided into two large rooms, connected by a door with each having an entrance to the street.” Years before, this area was known as “East Knoxville,” a distinct area that was first incorporated in 1856 and consolidated within the city of Knoxville 12 years later.


By the early 20th century, Burlington was a suburban community in East Knoxville with its own business district, clustered around the eastern terminus of the streetcar line, which lasted until the summer of 1947. By the late 1920s, the Burlington Barber Shop was a community gathering place, especially for athletic organizations. The man at the far back on the right is believed to be a businessman, politician, and local

legend, Cas Walker. An old-fashioned barber shop is still there today and is run by Ernie Barnes who has been cutting hair there since the 1950s. (Shared by Ernie Barnes.)

If you have interesting photographs, postcards, or brochures, from any era, we’d love to hear from you so we can preserve the visual history of Knoxville and make it available for researchers of the future.
Burlington Barber Shop
Nichols Avenue Grocery


The mission of the Knoxville History Project (KHP) is to research, preserve, and promote the history and culture of Knoxville, Tennessee. Donations to support the work of the Knoxville History Project, an educational nonprofit, are always welcome and appreciated. KHP’s best-seller,

Knoxville Lives IV KHP’s latest publication, Knoxville Lives IV, features stories of several remarkable Knoxvillians, including the talented but lesser-known sister of a famous impressionist painter; Knoxville's most industrial filmmaker; a thespian whose monocled face is familiar to lovers of Golden Age movies; a major figure in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park movement who became its first historian; and the dramatic story of the elopement of two mixed-race lovers in the months just before the Civil War. A longer story reviews Knoxville's significant associations with major international expositions both in America and overseas: precedents, perhaps, of the 1982 World's Fair.

Historic Knoxville: The Curious Visitor’s Guide and the latest collection of stories, Knoxville Lives IV, is available at KnoxvilleHistoryProject.org and local bookstores, including Union Ave Books.

Contact KHP at (865) 337-7723 or email Paul@ KnoxHistoryProject.org.

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Healthy Humility: Why Women Excel as Investors


Countless times I’ve been in a room with a female client who hesitantly says she doesn’t know much about money, let alone investments. She may also say she’s embarrassed that she hasn’t looked at her investment account in years. I always make it clear that what she feels as a negative may actually be a very GOOD thing. Let’s talk about why.

Research shows that we, as women, tend to doubt our knowledge and abilities when it comes to investing our money for the future. But the same research shows that women are BETTER investors than men, even though we tend to doubt ourselves. Fascinating, right? We tend to underestimate our abilities, yet our investment portfolios outperform men’s. And conversely, men overestimate their abilities, and their investment portfolios underperform ours.

If we dig in a little deeper, the research tells us that we generally trade less in our accounts, whereas men trade more. The former – sticking to a strategy – pays off in the long run. Additionally, we choose less risky investments (boring and stable), as compared to men (they tend to jump in more quickly to “flashy” or “fad” investments). Here, again, the former tends to pay off over time. In the investment world, making superior returns with less risk is the gold standard. So, how can we flip the script and resist feeling insecure in this space?

I think what we feel as a lack of confidence should be reframed into healthy humility. Unless you’re a dentist, you probably don’t care about the brand of tools your dental hygienist is using. Similarly, unless your job

is in the world of personal finance, you probably don’t care much about the individual investments in your portfolio. And that’s OK! You have enough on your plate. Humility serves someone in that position well. After all, it’s not “humility” that comes before the fall, right?

In my experience, women tend to be more comfortable with what they don’t know regarding personal finance. They’ll seek out an expert, ask thoughtful questions and then trust the guidance they’re given, rather than seeking to know more than the expert they’ve hired.

My intent here is not to make generalizations about the way men or women approach investing. But, rather, to point out that as women, we should NOT feel insecure or inferior if we don’t know much about investing or if we simply don’t care to know much about it.

PYA Waltman Capital, LLC (“PYAW”) is an investment adviser registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Registration does not imply a certain level of skill or training. More information about PYAW’s investment advisory services can be found in its Form ADV Part 2, which is available upon request.  PYA-23-15.

Sources: "Boys Will Be Boys: Gender, Overconfidence, and Common Stock Investment" by Brad M. Barber and Terrance Odean; "Women and Investing: 30 Years of Research and Statistics Summarized" by Lyle Daly; "Op-Ed: If Female Investors Have Any Weakness, It's Their Mistaken Belief that They're Not Good Investors" by Meghan Railey.

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Make an Impact for Mom

Memorable ways to celebrate the mother figure in your life

The moms and the mother figures in our lives mean everything to us. They deserve the best every day, of course. But at least one day out of the year, we get to shower them with the same love and thoughtfulness they give to us so selflessly.

This year, we hope you’ll consider some memorable ways to make lasting memories with the mom or mother figure in your life. If you haven’t already planned something special, take a look at our list of ideas and circle your favorites. If you have kids, let them join in the fun too!

Whether you decide to spend a day at home or enjoy a day on the town, these innovative celebration ideas will include fun for the whole family and make Mom feel loved. Whatever activity or surprise you land on to show your mom, wife, sister or maternal figure your appreciation for all they do, the most important thing is that you all get to spend some quality time together.


Take a Flower Arranging Class

Mother’s Day arrives just as spring is in full bloom. Take advantage of the season by going to a flower arranging class with mom.


Plan a Spa Day For Her and Her Friends

Mom will truly appreciate you going out of your way to set her up with a massage or facial appointment. Invite her friends along, too!

Craft the Perfect Playlist

Songs about mothers and mom’s favorite songs can come together into the perfect playlist to put on during brunch or dinner. You can either make it for her or take turns being DJ and alternate picks.

Have a Make-Your-Own Pizza Party

DIY pizza: It’s a craft (depending on how artfully you place the toppings), an activity and a meal all at once! Start with basic pizza dough, then everyone gets to add their favorite toppings. Mom gets the first pick, of course.

Hold a Lawn-Game Tournament

Croquet, cornhole, bocce, outdoor Jenga or horseshoes — what’s your family’s game of choice? Split into teams and drum up some friendly rivalry — while soaking in rays — with a backyard challenge. Make it an annual event, and pass around a trophy to the winner each year.

Visit an Amusement Park

For the mom who’s always seeking adventure, a trip to your nearest amusement park will be a welcome surprise. Not only will you be able to treat her to her fill of funnel cakes and caramel corn, but she’ll enjoy all the rides and attractions her heart desires. If you ask us, it’s a win-win.

Have a Backyard BBQ

Sure, backyard barbecues are often associated with Father’s Day, but Mom loves her burgers and dogs, too, so why should Dad get all the fun? If the weather cooperates, fire up the grill!

Make Something Totally Unique

If you do a DIY craft project, write a poem or come up with a silly dance, you know mom will love it because it is 100% you. No one can one-up a one-of-a-kind experience! You can make them for her and present them to her, or involve her in their creation.

Spruce Up The Garden

Gardeners know that Mother’s Day is the perfect time to start planting seeds. Get the whole family outside and dig in the dirt together. Every time she sees them, she’ll be reminded of the special day — it’s the gift that keeps on giving! Some flowers that are fairly easy to maintain include sunflowers, marigolds and sweet peas.

Make Pottery

Not only will you leave with a one-of-a-kind piece, but you’ll also be able to bond as you explore a new activity.

Head to the Farmers Market

There’s nothing like waking up with the sun and going to the farmer’s market on the weekend. Pick fresh produce and discover new favorites with mom, coffee in hand.

Watch Home Movies

Whether this involves digitizing old VHS tapes or getting video files off your phone and onto the TV, dig into the family archives and host a home-movie marathon. She’ll get emotional seeing how much everyone has grown.

Check Something Off Her To-Do List

Dad knows - Mom has a to-do list a mile long. Whether it’s tasks around the house or a DIY project, find out what has been nagging Mom and help her cross it off her list by doing it for her!

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07 10
Make a Memory Book or Scrapbook Together Before Mother’s Day, go through everybody’s camera rolls and Instagram feeds and choose her favorite photos. Get them printed ahead of time so you can make a memory book. You might just love it so much you make it a yearly tradition. 14 You Dream It, We Build It Call Us Today (865) 742-7704 or Visit Us Online EvergreenInfo.org V evergreendesignconstruction @evergreendesign TN State Lic.#71254 47 | CITYLIFESTYLE.COM/WESTKNOXVILLE MAY 2023
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A curated selection of the most intriguing upcoming events in our area.

Martinis at the Mansion


Hosted by MollyJo Events, come enjoy an evening in the garden socializing with your friends and community whilst moving about Blount Mansion’s beautiful, historic garden, lovingly maintained by the women of the Knoxville Garden Club. Partake in delectable hors d‘oeuvres, desserts, or perhaps even a cigar or two, all while sampling an array of specialty cocktails provided throughout the night.

Spring Marketplace at the Historic Ramsey House


Artisans and Vintage curators from across East Tennessee converge on the beautiful grounds of the Historic Ramsey House to offer visitors unique, one-of-a-kind shopping experiences. Pottery, weaving, seasonal wreaths, furniture, unique home (indoor and outdoor) decor items, knitting, blacksmithing and more will be featured along with many more artisans. Food vendors will also be onsite along with musical entertainment.

Stevie Nicks in Concert


Don't miss legendary singer, songwriter, and storyteller Stevie Nicks at Thompson-Boling Arena.  Tickets are on sale now through Ticketmaster.

Southern Skies Music Festival


The 2nd Annual event will feature St. Paul & the Broken Bones, Grace Potter, The Dirty Guv’nahs, Black Joe Lewis, Jackie Venson, The Stews, Cruz Contreras, Doc Robinson, Cece Coakley, EG Vines, Kelsi Walker & the Nervous Kids, Brian Clay with Lauren Arp, and Ben McLaughlin & the Mystic Marauders.

The two-day event features thirteen musical acts across two stages, food trucks, craft beer, cocktails, a Maker Market, and more.

The Wood Brothers


The Wood Brothers have learned to trust their hearts. For the better part of two decades, they've cemented their reputation as freethinking songwriters, road warriors, and community builders, creating a catalog of diverse music and a loyal audience who’ve grown alongside them through the years. That evolution continues with Heart is the Hero, the band's eighth studio album.

Rhinestone Fest

OLD CITY | 7:00 PM

The Old City Association is hosting its 3rd annual Dolly-themed festival June 2-4, reimagined this year as “Rhinestone Fest, for the Love of Dolly!” The festival celebrates all the artists, musicians, and do-gooders that Dolly has inspired throughout her rhinestone-studded career! This is a family-friendly event, and free to attend. Learn more at OldCityKnoxville.org/RhinestoneFest

Want to be featured?

Get in touch by heading over to our landing page to connect: CityLifestyle.com/WestKnoxville

NEIGHBORHOOD ORIGINAL PRICE SOLD PRICE %SOLD/ORIG DOM BDRMS BATHS 810 Fairway Oaks Ln, Gettysvue $2,500,000 $24,750,000 99% 2 6 8 9750 Clingmans Dome, Northshore Town Center $1,295,000 $1,295,000 100% 0 4 3.5 1029 Gettysvue Dr, Gettysvue $1,450,000 $1,270,000 88% 19 4 4.5 9737 Lantern Way, The Gates at Franklin $1,036,370 $1,186,203 114% 0 4 4.0 1436 Enclave Way, The Enclave $1,075,000 $1,075,000 100% 6 3 3.5 7120 Cheshire Drive, Deane Hill $950,000 $880,000 93% 207 4 3.5 1219 Ansley Woods Way, Ansley Woods $789,900 $805,000 102% 0 4 3.0 535 Brunello Way, Lusso Villas $769,900 $769,900 100% 38 4 3.5 7019 Rotherwood Drive, Rotherwood $749,000 $746,640 99% 0 3 2.5 1053 Westland Creek, Westland Creek $672,215 $672,215 100% 0 4 3.0 1213 Park Glen, Forest Brook $639,900 $630,000 98% 119 4 3.0 8206 Tamarack Rd, Rocky Hill $599,000 $595,000 99% 98 3 4.0 1233 Harrington Drive, Lyons Crossing $560,000 $560,000 100% 1 4 2.5 820 Normandy Drive, Kingston Woods $415,000 $430,000 104% 3 3 2.5 Realty report information obtained from Knoxville area association of realtors (KAAR) MLS information from April 2023. realty report A sample of recently sold properties in West Knoxville. MAY 2023 abetterwayhome.com Cell: 865-386-0661 @abetterwayhome @megansellsknox Connect with Us 865-588-3232 | 124 N. Winston Rd. Knoxville, TN 37919 helping you find... a be er way home 51 | CITYLIFESTYLE.COM/WESTKNOXVILLE MAY 2023
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This month, get inspired by stories of grit, resilience, and strength. Visit Union Ave Books and peruse the shelves for more must-reads this month.


A novel based on the life of a remarkable (and real) medieval French woman, Marie is exiled from court to become a nun and we follow her gripping transformation of the convent she is forced to occupy. You’ll want to read Marie de France’s Lais when you finish --  and you should.

America’s Women

An excellent gift to any woman in your life. It is a fascinating and often horrifying look at 400 years of the day-today lives of women in early America. It will make you grateful to be alive in the year 2023!

No Place for the Weary Kind: Women of the Smokies

A collection of biographical essays about women from the Smokies. The women you’d expect to be there are, but I really enjoyed discovering some amazing characters I’d never heard of.

Shop locally at Union Ave Books, 517 Union Ave. or visit UnionAveBooks.com 54
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