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traditional wedding is full of the usual pomp and circumstance. The planning and execution of the “Big Day” can be physically and mentally taxing for both the bride and groom along with their family. There are 2.3 million couples married every year in the United States, which equates to 6,200 weddings per day, according to SoundVision. For every wedding, there are rules (etiquette) of engagement. There are certain cultures and traditions that dictate wedding rituals and customs. However, there are ten etiquette tips that should be followed in order for today’s modern bride and groom, to triumphantly navigate their wedding day and reach their “Happily Ever After.” 1. The Budget: Traditionally, the bride’s family is responsible for expenses of the wedding and the groom’s family is responsible for the license, rehearsal dinner, officiant fee and the honeymoon. However, all expenses and fees are negotiable for both parties. 2. The Invitations: Mail 4 to 8 weeks before the wedding and Save the Dates notices should be sent to out-of-town guests at least 4 to 6 months before the wedding. 3. The Announcements: Designate a family member to mail 1-2 days after the wedding. 4. The Attire: Include what to wear, such as (White Tie, Black Tie, Formal/Semi Formal, Casual etc.) on the invitation in order for guests to be properly prepared. 5. The Guest List: Invite guests that are supportive of both bride and groom. If there are ex’s and family members that are sure to make the “Big Day” a “Big Flop” do not include on the guest list. Ultimately, the day belongs to the happy bride and groom. 6. The Bridesmaids: Be respectful of expenses for small jewelry and overpriced dresses that may not be worn again. Remember, that dresses should be chosen according to body types. 7. The Wedding Gift: It is appropriate to return six of the seven toasters you received as a wedding gift. Announce gift registry via blog, wedding Facebook page or by word of mouth and not on the formal invitation. 8. The Cake: The groom will place his right hand over his bride while she cuts the first slice of cake. The bride and groom will eat a piece of cake together. 9. The Reception: The best man will propose the first toast and bride will be seated at the right of the groom. 10. The Thank You Note: Please send a written “thank you” note to guests instead of a group text or email. Rhonda Hudson is the executive director of The Treasure Box School of Etiquette in Atlanta. She is a graduate of Spelman College and an Atlanta native. Her company is one of the South’s leading protocol specialists, providing premier business and social protocol training for youth and adults with an attention to impression management and public speaking for today’s 21st Century learner. Visit for more details. Follow the Treasure Box School of Etiquette on Twitter @TreasureBoxATL and Facebook @ The Treasure Box School of Etiquette. 20

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