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In Her Words: The Path to Recovery TESTIMONIAL

“I arrived here in the valley hopeless and full of shame, certain that no person or place could ever help me. Thirty days later, I can wholeheartedly say that I found myself in a safe, secure, nurturing home—a place like none I have ever felt in my life. I am surrounded by staff and housemates who show me unconditional support and have taught me what love and true belonging really mean. I’m now 68 days sober, and continue to gather the tools, support, and healing offered by Momenta Recovery. I finally feel secure with this foundation for recovery, which I never thought possible for someone like me.” — “JC,” March 2019

where shame thrives. The antidote is clear:

relationships, mindfulness and spirituality,

Healing occurs in community. We cannot

and a very robust family program offering.

do this alone, but together we can heal and

Our clinical team provides world class care

move into lives of service, love, well-balanced

for women from both our local community

productivity, and purpose. We become sig-

and the nation as a whole.

nificant parts of the solution rather than con-

We focus on rewriting the story we tell

tributors in the problems that ripple through

ourselves about who we are and where we

communities across our nation.

fit in this world. We can put behind us the

Our philosophy at Momenta is simple:

shadows and darkness of the disease of

Lead with love while providing a safe,

addiction and the stigma of mental illness.

clinically sound environment for women

We do this through uncovering, discovering,

to heal. Momenta’s treatment modalities

and moving through life’s paralyzing expe-

include attachment therapy, DBT/CBT,

riences so we can discard them by moving

EMDR, Somatic Experiencing, nutritional

our energy into the light of recovery.

counseling, relapse prevention, 12-step facilitation, life skills, shame resiliency,

Dirk Eldredge is the CEO and president of Momenta


Recovery. He can be reached at 970.930.6355 or



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Roaring Fork, CO May 2019  

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