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“I’ve met so many incredible women already, and also seen them

“ I ’ ve m e t s o m a n y i n c r e d i b l e wo m e n a l r e a d y, a n d a l s o seen them share such meaningful c o n ve r s a t i o n s a n d ex p e r i e n c e s w i t h e a c h o t h e r.”

share such meaningful conversations and experiences with each other,” Mauldin says, adding that in the future she envisions the possibility of local Daring Women chapters for each town in the valley. “This is my passion,” she adds. “The group is becoming exactly what I hoped it would be, for myself and for other women here who want to support each other.” For more about Daring Women, find the group on: Facebook and Instagram (@DaringWomenLLC) Meetup



Dare to say no. “We often say yes to things we don’t have time or energy for because we worry what other people will think. When we say yes for this reason, we betray ourselves in an attempt to fit in. Saying no requires developing a better relationship with ourselves by creating clarity around what’s truly important.”


Dare to embrace yo u r i m p e r f e c t i o n s .

“True connection requires a willingness to be vulnerable, to show up as our authentic selves. Instead many of us wear a mask of perfection, hiding our struggles, flaws and fears. I dare you to show up more fully yourself with those who have earned the right to see you.”


Dare to get uncomfortable. “Nothing changes if nothing changes. Many people have become complacent because it is comfortable. It’s comfortable to go home, have some wine and watch Netflix. It’s important to relax and be comfortable at times but you will never grow into your best self unless you are getting uncomfortable.”


Dare to dream big. “We all have something we’ve dreamed of that feels scary. We often look up the mountain we want to climb and feel so overwhelmed that we decide to not even take the first step. I dare you to take that first step by telling at least one person your dream.”


Dare to be vulnerable. “Vulnerability will always give us the answer we need, not necessarily the one we want. Someone may reject us for who we really are, which is extremely hurtful but also good information. This allows us to start surrounding ourselves with people who truly love us, shortcomings and all.” May 2019 | Roaring Fork Lifestyle


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Roaring Fork, CO May 2019  

May 2019 Issue of Roaring Fork Lifestyle

Roaring Fork, CO May 2019  

May 2019 Issue of Roaring Fork Lifestyle