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Homestyle Merry and bright Festive décor trends

LHSF lottery home A dreamy abode for the whole family

Beach home rebirth Dolphin House rises from the waves

Awarding excellence ACE awards recognize London’s best

Bestlife Holiday entertaining NOLA-style New Orleans-inspired fare adds flair

Healthy holidays

brighten up the holidays!

Beat stress and keep on track

Present tense For those who have everything

Culturelife Art attack Explore local culture scene


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Drive time Tack coast to coast in Florida this winter

Experience F.I.N.E. Dining In Grand Bend





Holiday haute couture Party in style

Bizlife True North Homes

1673 Richmond St. North at Fanshawe, 519-667-3022

London, On N6G 2N3 November/December 2016

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Homes built for life.

Today she’s 8. Tomorrow she’s 18. Celebrate birthdays, achievements, and everything in between, with a home built by Sifton. From functional floor plans, to solid construction and high-end finishes, Sifton concentrates on craftsmanship, so you can concentrate on life. Energy Star® Homes. Private Décor Centre. Building in 8 Great Communities.


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November/December 2016

Lifestyle 7

editor’s note BUILDING ORIGINAL HOMES FOR ORIGINAL PEOPLE We’ll make your next home as original as you are Why settle for a run-of-the-mill custom home when you can have an entirely original one? With a planning process that starts with nothing more than your dreams and a blank sheet of paper, you can be sure your Riverstone Original Home will be every bit as unique and remarkable as you are. We’ve been building original homes for well over 20 years now, and each one has been entirely different than the one before it. And that’s exactly how it should be. 519 . 666 . 3537 Mike Loyens • Travis Loyens

8 Lifestyle

November/December 2016

The joy of brightening other lives, bearing each other’s burdens, easing others’ loads and supplanting empty hearts and lives with generous gifts becomes for us the magic of the holidays.

– W. C. JONeS


his is many people’s favourite time of year, with joyous music filling stores and homes, colourful decorations displayed nearly everywhere, lush menus offered at parties, donning one’s finest raiment and greeting guests or finding just the right present to present to a loved one. To others it is the bane of their existences. With people rushing and pushing, being hostile and greedy and the stresses of life exponentially heightened. As with all things, it’s a matter of attitude and gratitude. Some are appreciative of opportunities to do more and give more, while others find that they are strained to their limits. I want to be the first type of person, but sometimes find myself slipping into the second philosophy when circling the mall parking lot for a third time or deciding how much I can afford to spend on each gift. But as tempting as it is to be a Grinch at times during November and December, it’s always better to adopt an attitude of gratitude and take a moment to breathe. On page 36, two experts share their advice on how to manage seasonal stress while still maintaining one’s fitness and health routines. Breathing is

a big part of it, so keep on inhaling and exhaling… mindfully. When it’s time to hit the party circuit, turn to page 18. Heather Toskan will help you decide if your holiday style is glitz and glam or casual and cozy. Holiday time often means party time and if you’re just plain stumped as to ways to liven up your annual gathering, turn to page 10 for ways to elevate the usual into something extraordinary. Look south of the border and serve New Orleans-style food and drink. Add some Mardi Gras beads to your holiday home décor, and you have a gathering that will warm your guests’ memories all through the cold winter months. The Lifestyle Magazine team wishes you and your family the happiest and healthiest of holiday seasons!

Jill Ellis-Worthington

Photography by Kamini Le Capelain of silent Poetry Hair styled by Nina Badr of NU Hair and Makeup studio

is... et

Cove nt

rden Mar a G k

Affordably Fresh, Friendly & Local Market Hours Monday to Thursday: 8am — 6pm Friday: 8am ~ 7:30pm Saturday: 8am ~ 6pm Sunday: 11am ~ 4pm


November/December 2016

Lifestyle ď ‰


Celebrate the holidays Nola style

festivefete By Jill Ellis-Worthington


urprise your friends by throwing a cocktail party with a twist this holiday season. Enough of the ho-hum usual cheese balls and stuffed olives; try serving Cajun and Creole favourites from the Big Easy to excite your guests. Chef Dominic Raso has been cooking NOLA-style for 20 years. Having started his tenure in the kitchen here in London at the much-loved Latin Quarter in 1975, Raso moved west and enjoyed a successful career there until returning to London to open the Bourbon Street Cajun and Creole Kitchen and Bar two years ago. He loves the openness of the kitchen culture in New Orleans, and chefs there respond by sharing recipes with him. Raso travels to the Crescent City often to enjoy some professional development time at that city’s famous eateries. He’s especially enamored of Chef Paul Prudhomme’s and Emeril Lagasse’s takes on good eating. When setting the menu for Bourbon Street Cajun and Creole Kitchen and Bar, Raso followed the latter’s pattern. “Chefs like Lagasse are moving back to traditional Cajun-style food, like going back to using rice in jambalaya.” He explains that many New Orleans chefs reinvent traditional southern favourites and put their own stamp on it, like substituting pasta for rice in jambalaya and gumbo.

10 Lifestyle November/December 2016

“Crab cakes and hushpuppies can be made in advance, portioned and frozen. Then you can pan fry them up and they brown up really nicely.” Chef Dominic Raso

Fortunately, advises Raso, many of these traditional NOLA favourites can be made ahead so hosts have more time to enjoy their guests. “Crab cakes and hushpuppies can be made in advance, portioned and frozen. Then you can pan fry them up and they brown up really nicely,” he says. Gumbo and jambalaya can not only be made in advance but this also lets their flavours meld. For a cocktail party, try serving them in tea or coffee cups with demitasse spoons to allow your guests to keep circulating as they savour. To top off the evening with something sweet, a New Orleans favourite is Bananas Foster; try serving small portions in martini glasses. Adult libations are also an important part of celebrating New Orleans style, and who better than to advise on what to serve than two of NOLA’s finest. Sommelier Patrick Van Hoorebeek, of Patrick’s Bar Vin located in the heart of the French Quarter, says that the spiciness of a dish dictates its wine pairing, so white wine often goes nicely with hotter dishes. However, he enjoys turning that theory on its ear.

“One time I paired crawfish (which is a very spicy southern dish) and slightly chilled Chianti and it was the talk of the town; no one could believe it and they loved it,” he explains. Likewise, pairing iconic cocktails – like Sazerac, one of city’s most famous drinks – is elemental to any Big Easy feast, according to celebrated mixologist Cheryl Charming, of the Bourbon O Bar, located right on Bourbon Street and is the party district’s finest drinking establishment. Charming has a couple of tips for hosts to smooth their evening: serve two cocktails that feature different spirits as their bases and are different styles (not both creamy or fruity) to ensure that there’s something that everyone can enjoy. Serve them punch-style so guests can serve themselves. Have the bar and food service areas set up in different areas of your home to ensure good flow to the party. When it’s time to celebrate the holidays or bring in the New Year, do it New Orleans style and ‘laissez les bons temps rouler.’ (Lifestyle Magazine encourages readers to enjoy holiday parties responsibly.)

sCarlett o’hara 1.5 oz. Southern Comfort 4 oz. cranberry juice .5 oz. fresh lime juice Shake all the ingredients with ice for five seconds then strain into a chilled stemmed sour or juice glass. This drink can also be served on the rocks.



7 Southern Comfort was invented in New Orleans in the 1880s and the Scarlett O’Hara was created in honour of the 1939 film, Gone with the Wind.

Sommelier Patrick Van Hoorebeek, of Patrick’s Bar Vin, recommends these wines as the perfect accompaniment to traditional NOLA dishes.

7 Crab cakes pair well with Cava, Pere Ventura, Tresor Brut Reserva, Spain

7 Crawfish beignets are well matched with Pinot Noir Moises, Wahle Vineyards “Mes Amis,” Willamette Valley, Oregon (Serve slightly chilled)

7 Sweetcorn hushpuppies go nicely

Recipe courtesy of Cheryl Charming, Bourbon O Bar

with Cabernet Sauvignon, Liberated, Sonoma County, California

7 Seafood gumbo pairs well with Rose, Esprit Gassier, Cotes De Provence, France

Crawfish Beignets with spiCy remoulade

7 Traditional gumbo (chicken and

Yield: 8 servings

sausage) is good with Riesling, Fritz De Katz, Germany


7 Jambalaya is tasty served with

2 cups all-purpose flour 2 tablespoons baking powder 1/2 teaspoon ground ginger 1 teaspoon cayenne pepper 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon salt 1 lemon, zested 2 cloves garlic, finely chopped or minced 1 1/2 cups cooked and chopped crawfish tails 3 tablespoons chopped Italian parsley leaves 3 dashes hot sauce (recommended: Louisiana or Tabasco) 1 to 1 1/2 cups water or shrimp/seafood stock Canola or peanut oil

dIrectIONS Mix together all the dry ingredients in a large bowl. Add the lemon zest, garlic, crawfish, parsley and hot sauce. Mix gently to combine. Add the water or stock slowly until a loose dough is formed. Set aside for 15 minutes. In a deep-fryer or heavy-bottomed pot, heat enough canola or peanut oil to come halfway up the sides of the pot, to 350 degrees F. Spoon 1 heaping teaspoon dough into hot oil and cook in batches until deep golden brown, about 3 to 4 minutes. Remove from the oil and drain on paper towels. Sprinkle with salt while still hot. Let temperature of oil return to 350 degrees F between batches.

Viognier, St Cosme “Little James Basket” France (Pays D’oc)

7 Bananas Foster sits well beside

Sauvignon Blanc, Cap Royal France (Bordeaux)

remOuLAde 1 cup mayonnaise 1/4 cup Creole mustard 1/4 cup prepared horseradish, drained 1/4 cup fresh lemon juice 1 teaspoon salt, plus more for seasoning 1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper Dash cayenne pepper 1 tablespoon chopped Italian parsley leaves 1/4 cup chopped capers 2 green onions, chopped (green and white part)

dIrectIONS Whisk the mayonnaise, mustard, horseradish, lemon juice, salt, pepper and cayenne together in a medium bowl until well blended. Stir in the parsley, capers and green onions and mix well. Refrigerate until ready to use. Transfer the beignets to a serving platter and serve with the remoulade sauce. Recipe courtesy of Chef Dominic Raso, Bourbon Street Cajun and Creole Kitchen and Bar

Some of the above may not be available in Ontario. Similar varietals are available at the LcBO.

7 Crab cakes - Bohigas Reserva Brut Cava, Spain

7 Crawfish beignets - Flat Rock Pinot Noir, Ontario

7 Sweetcorn hushpuppies - suits a

sweeter Cabernet Sauvignon - Apothic Red, California

7 Seafood gumbo - Tawse Sketches of Niagara Rose, Ontario

7 Traditional gumbo - Dr. Loosen Blue Slate Riesling, Germany

7 Jambalaya - Bonterra Viognier, California

7 Bananas Foster - Cream liqueur

such as Rum Chata or Inniskillin Late Harvest Riesling, Ontario


• Bourbon Street Cajun and Creole Kitchen and Bar 519-667-2000

• Patrick’s Bar Vin • Bourbon O Bar



November/December 2016

Lifestyle 11

It’s time to let the Joneses keep up with you! Windows & Doors

Jennings Furniture & Design Since 1885

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12 Lifestyle November/December 2016


S H OW RO O M 535 First St., London Mon-Fri 9-5:30; Sat 10-2 Free in-home quotes


marketplace interior style

Festive crimson-chic porcelain dinnerware. Pier 1 Imports.

the colour

of Christmas

Crimson, scarlet, vermillion, rubicund, rosy, red as a reindeer’s nose – these are the hues that mean holiday cheer from far to near. for more information, see resources page 32

Tall cranberry glass vase. Heritage Garden Gallery.

Artificial red berry wreath. Heritage Garden Gallery.

Festive red plaid throw blanket. Heritage Garden Gallery.


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“I should have bought it the first time I saw it!”

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14 Lifestyle November/December 2016

marketplace interior style

Birch bark planters. Splash London.

Emma Bridgewater dinnerware Watson’s Chelsea Bazaar.

Artificial grey/white berry wreath. Heritage Garden Gallery.

all is calm

all is bright Lovely shades of silver and white highlight the home and bring warmth to the hearth. for more information, see resources page 32

Mercury glass lanterns. Splash London.

Antler oval bowl. Heritage Garden Gallery.


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Watford | Strathroy | London | ExEtEr | tiLLSonburg | MitchELL 16 Lifestyle November/December 2016

Set of four. Christmas animal-themed coasters Pier 1 Imports.

marketplace interior style

Christmas sentiments wooden tray Pier 1 Imports.


touches Bring the outdoors in and highlight both day and night. for more information, see resources page 32

Rustic sparkle fruit ornaments Quantum Interiors

Fresh balsam layered pillar candles. Pier 1 Imports.

Preseved boxwood square wreath. Splash London.

party on!


By Heather Toskan

Glam and Gloss or pretty and practical, holiday dressinG to suit your style

Celebrate the

holiday season in styles that are as understated or glamorous as you wish.

1 2

18 Lifestyle November/December 2016

1. Spark up your style with a white Elisa Cavaletti shirt, highlighted by stones, embroidery and taupe knit trim, from Life Styles Women’s Wear. Pair with taupe pants and fancy flat shoes or boots to ground your look. 2. An ivory beaded T-shirt with a whimsical black heart pattern and decorative stones, by Elisa Cavaletti from Life Styles Women’s Wear, ties into a seasonal rocker-chic vibe. Embellishments - like beadwork, embroidery, cut-outs, fancy stones and grommets - are all on-trend. The shirt is further embellished by its own bracelet.

5. A black and pearl grey asymmetrically striped sheath dress, with subtle ruching and cut out neckline, is easily dressed up and down. This Frank Lyman Design dress is available at Life Styles Women’s Wear.


6. A V-neck black crepe dress is highlighted by trendy grommet trim. An animal print mock turtleneck paired with slightly flared jeans, also celebrates the season. Both outfits are by Laurel from MODA di GIULIANA.



3. A striking black and cream, mesh and lace overlay dress - by Elisa Cavaletti from Life Styles Women’s Wear - features embroidery, which, along with mixed materials, is a popular style note. Add a hat, fur wrap, fancy jewelry and shoes to step out in the height of style.


4. A pink jumpsuit by Laurel from MODA di GIULIANA - with cross-over, surplice wrap styling, three-quarter length sleeves and flowing, drawstring pants offers an elegant one-piece look for the holiday season and beyond.



7. These mirrored leather pumps with stylish lug soles and a block heel, by Gadea from Mugford’s Shoes, go easily from day to night. 8. Black printed leather pumps feature the luxury of leather lining and offer the comfort and style of a platform sole and slim block heels. The shoes are by Hispanitas and are available at Mugford’s Shoes. 9. Lace up pumps with pointed and almond shaped toes, such as these pointy, black leather stilettos by Sam Edelman from Mugford’s Shoes, inspire fashionable foot notes. The shoes are easy to slip on via a back zipper.


Canadian made and designed Ladies Wear, Jewellery and Gifts

Christmas Open House Nov. 17 10 am - 8 pm Our gift to you... save the tax!


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GIFT SHOP 519-432-0434 174-1/2 Wortley Rd.London, ON N6C 3P7 November/December 2016

Lifestyle 1


Celebrating 30 Amazing Years

621 Richmond Street London • 519.601.2213 9 Main Street North, Bayfield www.Swim O n R

630 Richmond St. 519-672-3834 320 DUN DA S S TREE T LON DON 519 - 67 3 - M O D A

Visit Our New Downtown Location at Richmond & Carling

London | 515 Richmond St |

Richmond diamonds Fine JewelleRs 428 Richmond street, london, on 519-601-9099 b 20 Lifestyle November/December 2016


Closet Editing | Personal Shopping | Styling Events


PARTY ON! Continued from page 19



10. A black twopiece tunic top and fuchsia tank features trendy cut-out detailing and is paired with of-themoment, flared black dress pants. These knit coordinates by Joseph Ribkoff are from Life Styles Women’s Wear. Add a pair of glamorous T-strap stilettos, fancy earrings and you’re good to go.

FA S H I O NS • Simon Chang • Libra • French Dressing • Soft Works • Michael Tyler • Variations

2485 Main St., Lambeth



529 Talbot Street St. Thomas 631-1837


12 11. Turtleneck and mock turtleneck sweaters, flared pants and classic long wool coats are among the many classics that appear freshly updated. This striped mock turtleneck sparkles with hints of silver yarn to dress up fashionably flared jeans. A double breasted midi wool coat adds a warm outer layer. All by Laurel from MODA di GIULIANA. 12. Black printed leather boots with patent leather and buckle details. The boots are by Hispanitas and are available at Mugford’s Shoes.

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615 Richmond St., London 519.663-1143 Free parking directly behind store November/December 2016

Lifestyle 21


Fashions accessories from canadian & european Designer collections


the difference a true boutique can make.

Visit us now!

PARTY ON! Continued from page 21


Elena Wan g

Fall Winter 2016

Cherryhill Village Mall, 301 Oxford St. W. 519.964.1006 • Mon-Fri 9-8pm • Sat 9-6pm • Sun 12-5pm

Bijou Boutique 1289 Commissioners Rd., West, Byron (next to Starbucks) • 519.472.0123

14 13. A cashmere cape, with a detachable fox fur collar paired with soft leather leggings, adds up to a luxuriously understated look by Magaschoni from MODA di GIULIANA. Fancy furry trim on tops and outerwear, and leather leggings are among the season’s style notes. 14. Step out in glitter-trimmed, black leather cocktail boots with slender toes and heels, by Fugitive from Mugford’s Shoes. Both glam and moto-cross inspired ankle boot - with plenty of details such as glitter trim, multiple straps and buckles perched on slender and block heels add some kick to cocktail dresses and more casual holiday ensembles. n FOR MORE INFORMATION

429 Talbot Street, St. Thomas Westmount Shopping Centre, London 204 Central Avenue, London

*clothing available at St. Thomas location only

22 Lifestyle November/December 2016

Available at*

MODA di GIULIANA 320 Dundas Street, London 519 673- 6632 • Life Styles Women’s Wear 615 Richmond Street 519-663-1143 • Mugford’s Shoes 429 Talbot Street, St. Thomas 519-631-0755 •


This dream home has someThing for everyone

All for the family By Ellen Ashton-Haiste


ver the years, Wastell Homes has built more than a dozen Dream Lottery homes for the London Health Sciences Foundation fundraiser and each one is different, with something to set it apart, says company president Doug Wastell. Wastell’s latest Dream Lottery project, in North London’s Sunningdale community, is designed as a family home with something for everyone. The big ‘wow’ factor will particularly delight kids and hockey fans. Working in partnership with the London Knights, Wastell has created a hockey theme on the lower level, complete with a

mini rink and décor items donated by the hockey club, including jerseys and posters. Knights members will also be on hand for a day of meeting-and-greeting. The lower level, with nine-foot ceilings and full-size windows, also includes a bar area, a comfortable TV room and a threepiece bathroom. Set on a large corner lot, the home takes up 4,689 square feet of finished space on three levels. The Woody’s Custom Cabinetry kitchen features black wood cabinets and a black-and-white European tile backsplash, with contrasting white Cambria quartz on the counters and island. Continued on page 24 Continued on page 24

November/December 2016

Lifestyle 2

pReVious pAGe Family-friendly features abound in this one-in-a-million dream home, which is fitting as it’s the focal point of the London Health Sciences Foundation fundraiser - Dream Lottery. Black wood, mirrors and other high-end finishes complete this home of a lifetime. The Woody’s Custom Cabinetry-designed kitchen features a black-and-white theme with black cabinets and a black and white backsplash to add drama to this area that is practical yet elegant. The dream home is one of Wastell Home’s Mike Holmes-approved houses.

top left ABoVe left And middle Hockey fans will adore the lower level practice space, complete with rink and London Knights memorabilia.

RiGHt Delivered fully-furnished, the common areas are ready to host a large family if they are the lottery winners. Continued on page 26


EXCEEDINGLY CAPABLE. EXCEPTIONALLY REFINED. The unmistakable Range Rover is an icon of automotive design. Exceedingly capable and at the same time beautifully refined, the Range Rover conveys confidence and sophistication.


starting from


1035 WHARNCLIFFE S., LONDON, ON • 519.681.9400 • *Includes freight and PDI, OMVIC, PPSA, OTS fee, admin fees.

24 Lifestyle November/December 2016

Building pride in your home ThE NEw TrENd iN AppLiANCE CLEANiNg

A unique mobile service that offers handcrafted, deep cleaning quality, delivered by trained professionals without the dangers and toxic fumes of self-cleaning ovens and aerosol cleaners. OVEN • BBQ • STOVE TOP RANGE HOOD • MICROWAVE

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“Thank you for an amazing job. It looks brand new and I feel the need to leave the oven light on! Who knew you didn’t have to live with the grease drip between the glass on the door?” Patricia S

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Blinds shutters drapery

Supplier for The Dream loTTery home




Nest Learning Thermostat and Nest Cam Indoor with purchase† of select window shadings with PowerView™.

297 Exeter Rd. London, ON N6L 1G3

Offer effective September 19 – December 18, 2016.

† Purchase a minimum of 5 Silhouette®, Piroette® or Duette® with Powerview™ and receive a FREE Nest Learning Thermostat and Nest Cam Indoor. Valid at participating retailers only. For full details, visit





† Purchase a minimum of 5 Silhouette®, Pirouette® or Duette® with PowerView™ and receive a FREE Nest Learning Thermostat and Nest Cam Indoor. Valid at participating retailers only. For full details, visit

Also available at COVERS: 1950 Hyde Park Rd. London, ON N6H 5L9 519-660-3661 •

November/December 2016

Lifestyle 2

16th AnniveRSAy cUsToM order sAle nov 7-12

All for the fAmily Continued from page 24

QUANTUM Your Home Lifestyle Store

487 Richmond StReet 519.438.5944

The master ensuite’s bath and shower both feature remote-controlled water temperature and spray features. This suite is both spacious and gracious, as are the other three bedrooms.

living • dining • bedroom • occasional • design

V i s i t o u r fa b u l o u s s h o w r o o m • Kitchens • Baths • Wall Units • cigar rooms • Wine cellars • BUilt ins and more Your Design & LifestYLe Centre 487 r ic h mo n d s t re e t

| 5 1 9 . 43 8 . 5 9 4 4

Everything you need for a Joyous Holiday! 1737 Richmond Street North at Fanshawe Park Road 26 Lifestyle November/December 2016

Black wood is a theme echoed throughout the house, in a focal TV wall in the family room and surrounding the gas fireplace in the formal living room, as well as in the trim and stairway banister. It’s complemented by a warm, brushed-gold finish on many accent pieces and light fixtures. The kitchen opens to a bright, airy dining area with oversized windows and a 15-foot ceiling, uniquely coffered to follow the roofline. A two-piece powder room features a mirror ceiling. Mirrors are another element repeated elsewhere, including on the ends of the kitchen island and the refrigerator door panel. The second-storey master suite features his-and-hers walk-in closets and an ensuite bathroom with a tile walk-through shower and freestanding tub, both with remote-controlled water temperature and spray. This level also includes a guest bedroom with ensuite bath, and two children’s bedrooms connected by a Jack-and-Jill bathroom. The home’s exterior is stone, stucco and brick with a rear-yard patio and wood and wrought-iron fencing around the property. The two-car garage, with extra storage space, has full doors front and back. n FOR MORE INFORMATION

Wastell homes 519-850-0020 •

Wrap it up at Rona, Goderich

Find hundreds oF beautiFul and unique home decor giFt ideas Visit ouR Recently expanded showRoom!


Delivery across ontario

121 huckins st. goderich, on 519-524-1778 • 1-800-667-0357

Independently owned and operated



Meet the new generation of Jaguar.

MSRP starting at


plus taxes.


1035 Wharncliffe S., London, ON • 519.681.9400 •

2017 XE R-Sport shown. *Supply of 2017 XE 25t at MSRP of $47,074 includes freight, PDI, A/C is limited. HST not included. Please consult the owner’s manual or your local authorized Jaguar Retailer for more details. Retailer price, terms and vehicle availability may vary. Jaguar retailer or approved lender may rescind or amend this offer without notice. © 2016 Jaguar Land Rover Canada.

November/December 2016

Lifestyle 27


coaSt to coaSt Story and photos by Jill Ellis-Worthington


ip coffee while watching the sun rise over the Atlantic Ocean and enjoy a cocktail as it disappears in to the waters of the Gulf of Mexico on the same day when travelling from coast to coast in Florida this winter. In just under three hours, you can motor from one coast to the other. With so many travelers visiting the Florida Keys and Disney World, you may feel like there’s nothing new to experience in the Sunshine State but taking a few days to see some of its lesser lights is time well spent when escaping Ontario’s chilly temps. The crystalline sands of Clearwater Beach is one of the things that makes this one of the world’s best beaches, according to USA Today, which named it America’s best beach. While the sand is darker and a bit coarser on the Atlantic side, its rolling waves make water sports, like body surfing or boogie boarding, more adventurous. Hankering to get on the water or feeling a need for speed while in Clearwater? Take a ride on one of the several fast boat options, like the Thriller Power Boat Tour. It’s a hair-raising 60 to 70 MPH ride along the Gulf Coast. You may get to drive the boat or see dolphins during the tour. Or if something more TOP LEFT Enjoy sunset over Clearwater from the patio of Frenchy’s Rockaway Grill. Its crystalline white sands make Clearwater’s beaches some of the best in the world.

From Clearwater to CoCoa, beaChes oFFer Florida Fun leisurely appeals, the casual Calypso Queen or more formal Starlite Majesty offer dinner cruises at sunset that are as delicious as they are relaxing. It is fun to catch lunch or dinner while scanning the beach at Cocoa Beach from the pier; could you catch a glimpse of Jeannie (Barbara Eden) or her astronaut beau (Larry Hagman) in this community made famous by the show they starred in? There are several dining options on the pier to enjoy before heading over for a tour of the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral. Clearwater Beach’s Pier 60 hosts an artisans market each evening, inviting tourists and locals to do some shopping and enjoy entertainment as the sun sets. There’s a large, well equipped play area for the younger family members to enjoy. When you’ve had enough of sand and surf there’s so much to keep you busy in central Florida. Architecture buffs

TOP RIGHT Looking south from the centre of the Cocoa Beach pier at low tide proves the popularity of this vast beach, but be prepared as the beach gets much narrower at the end of the day when the Atlantic tide rolls in.


28 Lifestyle November/December 2016

BOTTOM LEFT Sturdy palm trees and umbrellas offer beach-goers some shady respite when the relentless sun becomes too much. Located next to change rooms and concessions, these oases provide great places to enjoy some cool ice cream.

Clearwater beach, Florida •

will want to see the largest collection of Frank Lloyd Wright-designed buildings in the world at Florida Southern College in Lakeland. Much of the construction work was done by students. And marvelling at nature should be on your must-do list while in central Florida. The Big Cat Rescue Sanctuary in Tampa, the Clearwater Aquarium and River Ventures in Crystal River will allow you to commune with lions and tigers, Winter the dolphin from Dolphin Tale and wild manatees, respectively. When in Florida, why not stay with one of Canada’s own? Frenchy’s Oasis Motel is owned by a former Quebecer, who also owns several area eateries. The hotel has kitchenettes and some rooms offer views of the Intracoastal Waterway, so you can watch boats glide by from your balcony. Frenchy’s South Beach Grill, Frenchy’s Rockaway Grill and Frenchy’s Seafood all offer fresh food in the fresh air. For special occasions, The Beachcomber Restaurant offers fine dining in a retro cool atmosphere, with classic tropical cocktails – like the Mai Tai – as specialties. When it’s time to escape southwestern Ontario’s winter cold, consider central Florida for a coast-to-coast adventure. n

BOTTOM CENTER Famed American architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s iconic bell tower punctuates the campus at Florida Southern College, rising above low-slung, single-storey campus buildings which reflect Wright’s prairie and Usonian styles. This campus boasts the |

largest collection of buildings designed by Wright. BOTTOM RIGHT The Cocoa Beach Pier penetrates far in to the Atlantic Ocean, but offers fisher-persons and visitors beach front shopping, open air and casual interior dining options along the way.

Cocoa beach, Florida •


Shopping Port Stanley PortStanley FestivalTheatre

7 2S E 01 ASON


CALL 519.782.4353

photo by Pam Vezina


Taking Christmas orders now for 250g & 600g jars. Try Port’s own Roasted Trail Mix, in Cherry, Cranberry and Blueberry. FEATURED PRODUCTS AT

Port’s Health Food Store

211 Main Street, Unit 2, Port Stanley 226.658.0122 •

r HOLIDAY Join us from 10-5 for ou 12 & 13th Open HOuse | Nov. 11, 194 Main Street, Port Stanley • 519-782-5108 OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK

Featuring fair trade crafts & gifts from around the world


Chique Shack boutique “Shop Chique this holiday season and feel fabulous every day!” 195 Main St., Port Stanley

302 Bridge Street (in Theatre Bldg), Port Stanley 519-782-7247 • OPEN YEAR ROUND!


A stylist at your fingertips – owner Tiffany Richter November/December 2016

Lifestyle 2


Shane Yerema and Colleen Jordan, of True North Homes, take real pleasure in turning their clients houses into dream homes with their combination of design flair and construction know-how.

The art of renovation True North Homes uses ‘different kind of canvas’ to create modern living spaces By John M. Milner

Everyone has a different idea of what the ideal place to live is,” says Shane Yerema of True North Homes. The company, collaboration between Yerema and Colleen Jordan, allows the client to “live where you want to live.” As long as the house “has decent structure, ‘decent bones,’ we can make it anything you want,” Yerema says. Jordan stresses they work towards creat­ ing a home they would want to live in. “We go right down to the nitty­gritty to make it a safe house,” she says. Both see design as a creative outlet but their focus is on functionality of the home. True North Homes began when Yerema and Jordan decided to “combine our talents and work for ourselves.” Yerema has operated True North Reno­ vations for 25 years, while Jordan has built and renovated several homes she lived in with her four children. The experiences taught Jordan what works in a home and she brings design expertise to the table. “(Colleen) has an eye for finish and colours that I just don’t have,” Yerema says. Meanwhile, his experience gives him the knowledge of whether the design is practical from a building standpoint.

0 Lifestyle November/December 2016

In two­plus years of working togeth­ er, True North Homes has completed three projects: one on Emery Street, another on Grand Avenue and their most recent project, on Windermere Avenue. “We’ve taken older homes and brought them back to their glory days,” Jordan says. “We want to maintain the character of the home,” Yerema says. “You’ve got to pay homage to the house itself.” Planning is integral part of to ensur­ ing client satisfaction. To help custom­ ers find elements that appeal to them, Jordan will often provide design mag­ azines to browse. “Not everyone can describe what they want, but if they can see us, they can show us,” Yerema says. Both Yerema and Jordan say they love what they do. For them, True North Homes is less about making money and more about “the joy we get out of creating,” Yerema says. He feels what he and Jordan do is akin to creating art. “It’s just a different kind of canvas.” b FOR MOR E INFOR MATION True North Homes 390 Hazel Avenue 519-495-2877 •





CHRISTMAS OPEN HOUSE November 11, 12 & 13 4171 Colonel Talbot Road Lambeth



SHOWROOM: 1682 Dundas St. E. London, Ontario N5W 3C7 Monday to Friday 9AM - 5PM Saturday 9AM - 4PM


519.451.7663 OR TOLL FREE


Best of 2016

Financing Available O.A.C.

Open 7 Days a Week

519 652-3539

Limited Time Offer. Promotion Expiry Feb 28, 2017. Savings cannot be combined with any other offer. *Some restrictions may apply, please contact us for more information.


Visit the LhsC Dream home anD View wooDy’s Premium Cabinetry at it’s finest The Dream home is locaTeD aT

2337 humbersiDe common, lonDon hours: 12-5 Pm 7 Days a Week including holidays

2016 Winners of Best new Kitchen and Bathroom in a home over 500,000! 1 4 9 1 Fa n s h a w e P a r k r o a d w e s t, L o n d o n


519.473.73 3 8


w w w.wo o dys m Fg .c o m November/December 2016

Lifestyle 1



For more detailed information on the marketplace products on pages 13, 15, and 17 please contact the appropriate business listed here. ✦ Heritage Garden Gallery 6867 Wellington Rd S, London 519.686.0027 ✦ Pier 1 Imports Masonville 94 Fanshawe Park Rd E, London 519.679.1548 White Oaks 1230 Wellington Rd, London 519.668.3989 •

40’ and 50’ treed and walkout lots available in North and South London

✦ Quantum Interiors 487 Richmond St., London 519.438.5944

Providing quality craftsmanship and a commitment to Customer Service for 20 years in London and area!

✦ Splash London 57 York St., London 519.672.7171

Select from one of our existing plans or let us help you custom design your dream home.


1345 Driver Lane, London





2 Lifestyle November/December 2016

✦ Watson’s Chelsea Bazaar 84 Ontario St., Stratford 519.273.1790

This holiday season shop

This Holiday Season avoid long lines and crowded parking lots by doing your shopping in the idyllic towns and villages of Elgin County. Shopping locally will save you time and give you the opportunity to purchase original, hand-crafted products while supporting small business.

Deck the halls with a ceramic art sculpture or stained glass window or choose an expertly framed piece of art from one of Elgin’s many galleries and studios.

The main streets of Elgin County’s towns and villages are the perfect places to pick up gifts that are truly one-of-a-kind and are sure to please everyone on your list.

A culinary gift is a perfect choice for that hard to buy for person. Help the chef in your life spice up their cooking with locally grown herbs or delicious jams, jellies and salad dressings.

Explore quaint boutiques for trendy clothing and jewellery pieces, select fine local wines, pick up handcrafted home décor pieces, fresh flowers, natural skin care products, hand-made pottery, homemade fudge, sweet local honey, artisan candles and more!

For those that prefer to be catered to, try a gift certificate to one of Elgin’s quality restaurants or bakeries that offer everything

Check out our website for unique Elgin County shopping ideas. 1-877-GO-ELGIN x168

from delightfully sweet treats to hearty country fare to fine dining opportunities – all using local ingredients. A round of golf at one of Elgin’s many courses or tickets to a live theatre performance are always appreciated gifts. Shop Elgin this holiday season and wow everyone on your list.


Art With

London & area

Panache Audrey Cooper Gallery Owner & Artist


Winn Wonders and Winter Wanders

The ciTy offers deLighTfuL diversions as TemperaTures cooL

Talbot Centre, 140 Fullarton Street Corner of Fullarton & Talbot, London

~ 226.378.2587

t h e


4300 sq ft gallery of regional contemporary artists


art scene


By Beth Stewart


ne exhibit is out of this world, the other explores the magic winter brings to Earth. Both shows, displaying the work of area artists, are in London this season. Structural Impressionism: Paintings by Jack Winn is on at London’s Fringe Custom Framing and Gallery until December 2. This is a large exhibition for the prolific Winn who is particularly eager to draw public attention to his two newest pieces. “Planet Locator” and “Intersection of Time and Space,” which Winn describes as spectacular and intriguing, both reflect his ongoing interest in space, the cosmos, time, and quanta. And they show a little bit of heaven here on earth. “I have read that Stonehenge was a type of key to differentiate planet earth from other places in the


(519) 204-0404 1742 Hyde Park Road, London

DaviD Milne, “Grey ClouDs, TeMaGaMi,” (DeTail) 1929, oil on Canvas, 1929.

galaxy,” Winn says. “The planet locator is sending the codex. The intersection is the beginning of the flow of time and is either being created by or is creating an overseeing consciousness.” He must be headed in the right direction, as two of his related dark matter pieces were purchased by the quantum computing department at the University of Waterloo. Chill Art Show is on at Art With Panache Gallery until December 15. Described by owner Audrey Cooper as a collection that expresses the beauty and

Contemporary Fine art

364 talbot Street St. thomas, on


4 Lifestyle November/December 2016

1. The Desire To Acquire: London collects, Sept. 3-Jan. 8 p.m. museum London, 421 ridout st., n. This exhibition highlights almost 200 intriguing pieces acquired by local collectors motivated by the “ingenuity of art, and its changing roles, content, and character.”


2 DaviD Monahan aT The wheel.

DeTail of posTer.


Art A Fire in the Art

excitement of the winter season, Chill presents the thrills and spills of our most challenging season. Cooper says she named the show Chill because it was a word that could be played with. It could mean chill as in cold and snowy; it could also mean “to chill” as in relaxing while sipping hot chocolate in front of a toasty fire. “Canadians seem to be cranky about wintertime, when really it is a glorious time,” says Cooper. The first snowfall of the year is magical; it changes our world completely.”

2. LonDon PoTTers GuiLD: Twisted, Nov. 3-12 London clay art centre, 664 dundas st. This biennial exhibition, subtitled “form and function,” highlights the ceramic works of artists residing in southwestern ontario.

3. WesTern ArTs & humAniTies & The DePArTmenT of enGLish PresenT q1 hAmLeT Nov. 9-12, 8 p.m. Less than half the length of more familiar editions of the play, Q1 hamlet features live original music and includes a bonus short Tudor interlude, John rastell’s “four elements.” www.uwo.caenglish

Cajun And Creole Cuisine

New Orleans-Inspired Deliciousness

OPPOSITE PAGE Cathy Groulx, “Around the Corner,” oil, 30 by 60 inches. ABOVE Jack Winn, “Intersection of Time and Space” mixed media, 6.8 by 10.8 feet. rIGhT Vera Graham, “rotary Memorial Park, Cottam,” acrylic on board, 16 x 20 inches.

Cooper put out a call for works that conveyed the feeling of “braving and conquering yet another winter. She wanted people to remember how it felt when you went out and it was so cold your nostrils stuck together. Cathy Groulx and Vera Graham are two of the talented artists who answered Cooper’s call. Groulx’s oil painting “Around the Corner” shows a hushed winter land-

scape done in blue and mauve that exudes solitude. Whereas Graham’s acrylic painting “Rotary Memorial Park, Cottam” with its colourfully clad skaters strikes a more whimsical chord. They are two examples of the diversity Chill has to offer. Two shows, and a smorgasbord of artistic styles. It just doesn’t get better than that. n


Fringe Custom Framing and Gallery • 1742 hyde park road • 519-204-0404 • Art With Panache Gallery • 140 fullarton street •


4 peter Hysen

Detail of poster by anDrew lewis Design


An unbeatable setting, food and jazz for all to enjoy!

ReseRve Now foR youR Christmas events and New year’s Celebrations

Mark Henning

music 4. The Wizard of oz, Nov 22-Dec 31, grand Theatre, 471 richmond st. follow the yellow brick road to this family friendly adaptation of l. frank Baum’s classic tale. With all the beloved music and memories from the oscar-winning movie score, this is the perfect holiday show.

5. Jazz for The PeoPle PresenTs PeTer hysen sePTeT, Nov. 23 7:15 p.m., Wolf performance hall, central library, 251 dundas st. hysen is a freelance trombone, bass trombone, tuba, acoustic bass player; prepare to be entertained. This is part of a free concert series featuring local and regional jazz musicians.

6. london Jazz socieTy PresenTs Mark henning, Dec. 4, 2 p.m., mocha shrine centre, 468 colborne st. mark has been playing and teaching guitar and singing in the london and surrounding area for 25 years. This is one of a series of monthly jazz gigs at the shrine center.

587 Oxford Street E. London

519-667-2000 November/December 2016

Lifestyle 


The healthy you

StreSS leSS thiS holiday SeaSon Jill Ellis-Worthington

Truth in advertising can be as amusing as it is telling. A few years ago, a television commercial featured a woman in a room with an exquisite looking Christmas tree surrounded by perfect packages; there was a sumptuous meal on a table sporting lovely place settings. She was coiffed, made up and dressed to the nines . . . except when her back turned to the camera, viewers could see that she had forgotten to put on pants or a skirt under her festive apron.

Women have to give themselves permission to practice self-care, which can be especially difficult at this busier-than-ever time of the year. ď ƒ6 Lifestyle November/December 2016

Dr Moore.pdf

That sums up what many of us experience during November and December’s weeks leading up to the festive season. Frazzled activity in an effort to present the perfect picture to our families, friends, business associates and the world. But in all this frenetic activity, we may be losing some of the joy of the season. We may even be endangering our health. To reverse this, according to Tasha Hughes - who has worked in the health industry for 25 years as a yoga instructor, registered massage therapist, personal trainer and who holds a black belt in karate – women have to give themselves permission to practice self-care, which can be especially difficult at this busier-than-ever time of the year. Working with women in her Diva Defense program, she encourages them to say, “I’m on the priority list here, and I can’t be my best for others if I don’t make myself a priority alongside everybody else.” As partners, mothers and co-workers we tend to say yes a lot, she adds. “Saying yes to yourself needs be be a priority.” Saying yes is also something that Tara Green, of Green T Wellness, also advises. “Some people tend to isolate themselves at times of stress, but saying yes to an invitation to be with others is a good thing during the holiday season,” she says. She reasons that since isolation is a form of punishment – for instance giving children a time out – being with supportive, like-minded people is a reward for someone who is stressed. Sticking to your fitness routine is difficult during the weeks leading up to the


12:52:07 PM

face lift/brow lift eyelid surgery liposuction breast enhancement tummy tuck Botox® injectable fillers sclerotherapy for spider veins specialty skin care products

Continued on page 39 November/December 2016

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Beautiful smiles. From Brian Kyle DD & Janice Chang DD

Denture Specialists • Free Consultations • Full Denture Services • Wheelchair Accessible • House Calls available • ODSP & OW Accepted • Korean Speaking • Denture Laboratory on site


$1499 Dentures

Set of Upper & Lower Acrylic Dentures set of Cast Metal Dentures $1899 10% off Any other ServiceS Mention this ad at time of booking, then bring it in upon first visit and take advantage of these great deals!!

London • Sunday, May 7, 2017

Brian Kyle DD & JaniCe Chang DD 575 Waterloo St. at central 519.432.7711

MEDICAL MEDICAL ESTHETICS ESTHETICS Look and feel your very best with our medical esthetics. Look and feel your very best with our medical esthetics.

Hello Hello Beautiful. Beautiful.

• FRACTIONAL SKIN RESURFACING • LASER HAIR REMOVAL • FRACTIONAL SKIN RESURFACING • LASER HAIR REMOVAL For sun-damaged skin, hyperpigmentation, For sun-damaged skin, hyperpigmentation, skin texture, wrinkles and treatment of skin texture, wrinkles and treatment of acne scars. acne scars.

ENDYMEDPRO PRO SKIN TIGHTENING • •ENDYMED SKIN TIGHTENING Promote the production of new, healthier Promote the production of new, healthier collagen leading to a skin tightening collagen leading to a skin tightening effect with reduction in wrinkles. effect with reduction in wrinkles.

SILKPEELDERMALINFUSION DERMALINFUSION • •SILKPEEL Tone, tighten and improve scarring. Tone, tighten and improve scarring.

579Richmond RichmondSt.St. • 519.433.8129 579 • 519.433.8129 8 Lifestyle November/December 2016

Smooth, beautiful skin. Smooth, beautiful skin. You will love your results. You will love your results.



Whiter in only 1 hour Whiter teethteeth in only 1 hour using using LEDLED light.light.

the healthy you Continued from page 37

holidays, and rewarding yourself with the company of others while working out is the perfect answer to both issues. Hughes recommends getting a few friends together and working out together to defeat isolation and stay on your fitness track at the same time. The holidays also have many obligations that can be turned around to help keep you on track. Wondering what to get folks on your list? Window shopping while mall walking gets your workout done while getting ideas for gifts. Park far from the mall when shopping (like you have a choice) or dance the night away at the company holiday party. Thinking of these as your daily workout will also give you the mental break you need from the guilt of eating too many cookies. Meditation can help with stress during the holiday season but having a window of time to practice it can be problematic. Both Hughes and Green recommend taking brief breathing breaks, during which you concentrate on your breath as a way to focus thoughts and energy on relaxation and positive feelings. “Breathe in for a count of four; hold for four; breath out for four,” says Hughes, in describing the process. Green adds, “Giving yourself permission to take a two to four minute break between clients or tasks while sitting at your desk will have a positive cumulative effect.” n


tasha hughes • tara Green •



1673 Richmond St London • 519.850.8383 •


to rejuvenate your skin this holiday season!

RADIOFREQUENCY MICRONEEDLING – skin tightening & wrinkles – acne scars – excessive sweating Belkyra for double chin Botox & Fillers Chemical peels & facials Fractional laser skin resurfacing Laser for brown spots & melasma Tattoo removal Laser hair removal Laser for facial & leg veins Medical grade skin care & make-up Photodynamic therapy for sun damaged skin Complimentary skin care consult

Dr. Wei Jing Loo (Dermatologist) BSc(Med), MBBS, MRCP(UK), FRCPC

1560 Hyde Park Road, London, ON • 519.472.8686 November/December 2016

Lifestyle 

London’s largest selection of beauty suppLies


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Vitamin E

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Vitamin Centre

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519-672-3340 52 Grand Ave., London

Discover a Luxury Country Spa Retreat without leaving the city Be transformed through our many restorative treatments and therapies performed by our highly trained anti-aging specialists and medical staff.

Offering TwO kinds Of yOga classes Please call for details.

lily seed, owner, member of The american academy of anti aging Medicine.

40 Lifestyle November/December 2016

• nonsurgical cosmetic enhancements including advanced facials, chemical peels, cosmetic injectables, & various laser treatments

• all our treatments are physician directed for customized and safe care • redefine your natural youthful appearance in a work-of-art spa atmosphere.

1541 Hyde Park Rd | London | 519.667.1212 |



Stratford • Largest selection of coffee beans in town Fabulous Selection of Fine Olive Oils & More! Great Christmas and hostess gifts! 519.508.1757 21 York St. Stratford

• Gourmet Foods • Humidor 519-273-6768 17 York St Stratford, On




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love these



All the finest, most original, outstanding and unique brand name products you’re looking for are right here in The Green Room! Check us out on Facebook!

The Artful Badger Classic Shaving Goods and other Gentlemanly Luxuries

96 Downie Street - Stratford (Opposite the Avon Theatre)

The Green room

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40 Ontario Street, Stratford • 519.271.3240

The Gift of Fashion for Men 56 Ontario Street STRATFORD 519.305.3555

christmas open house Sat . Nov 19 . 2016 | 10 am - 6 pm Live Music & hors d’oeuvres

November/December 2016

Lifestyle 41


Grand Bend

and Area


HOMES OPEN TO TOUR Friday November 18 5:00pm - 9:00pm Saturday November 19 & Sunday November 20 11:00am - 6:00pm

Professional Audiological Care HEARING TESTS • HEARING AIDS SALES and SERVICE for all BRANDS 22 Ontario Street North, Grand Bend 519-238-1385 42 Lifestyle November/December 2016

Sonya Croker, B.Sc., GIT Hearing Instrument Specialist



for taste

This fine resTauranT worTh a Trip To grand bend By Kathy Rumleski


hile F.I.N.E A Restaurant in Grand Bend has a reputation for great food, it has also become a destination as it offers more than just a good meal. As a reviewer on TripAdvisor noted, “The staff, the food, the atmosphere – all perfect!” Located on Ontario Street in a renovated home, F.I.N.E A Restaurant is warm and comfortable. It also offers a “comfort menu” as the weather turns colder, says owner and chef Erryn Shephard, who works alongside chef Ben Sandwith. She mentions braised short ribs, lamb shanks, beef tender-

loin, the always-popular Caesar salad and desserts, using regional resources. “It’s slower food and still comfortable. We try to keep it as local as we can.” F.I.N.E A Restaurant offers daily specials and sumptuous fall desserts, including Pumpkin Spice Pot Du Creme and Caramelized Apple Tart. In its thirteenth year of business, Shephard agrees the restaurant has become a destination onto itself. “We have our regulars and they are very faithful.” Part of the reason, too, is that some customers will request something off the menu and are obliged. “If we have

the stuff, we can do it. We’re homegrown, and we work really hard. We love what we do.” Shephard is a patron of River Road Artist’s Co-op Gallery and features its paintings on her walls. “It’s just like a little miniature art show,” she says. She has added catering to the business and has been involved in some high-profile events, including Tastings, a fundraiser for the London Health Sciences Centre. b FOR MOR E INFOR MATION F.I.N.E. A Restaurant 42 Ontario Street South, Grand Bend 519-238-6224 •

2017 Season

March 1 – April 2

Dunfield Theatre Cambridge

May 17 – June 3

Drayton Festival Theatre

June 7 – June 24

Huron Country Playhouse, Grand Bend

Aug 10 – Sept 2

King’s Wharf Theatre, Penetanguishene November/December 2016

Lifestyle 4


Port Stanley’S DolPhin houSe reborn By Ellen Ashton-Haiste

TOP and InSET A beach house feel is achieved with the use of cool whites and creamy tones. High ceilings and big windows ensure that views are uninhibited from any angle. TOP RIGHT Coastal blue siding with white trim gives the home’s exterior a beachy feel from top to bottom aBOVE Multiple decks on all floors help blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living. This one is semi-circular shaped and lets homeowners easily enjoy a morning cup of coffee while watching the sunrise as it is just off the kitchen.

44 Lifestyle November/December 2016

Beach house S beauty

ometimes the best way to fix a problem is to start from scratch. Such was the case with a Millennium Construction and Design renovation of a home on Port Stanley’s Main Beach. The layout of the original home was broken up with separate rooms and low, beamed ceilings and small windows fronting the lake that created a closed-in feeling. The new homeowners wanted to open it up to create a more airy beach-house ambiance. After exploring various options, including expanding the space, Millennium’s Mark Vaandering suggested a more economical solution – taking down the existing structure and rebuilding. The new three-storey home has exceeded expectations, say the homeowners, who are pleased they were able to capture the essence of a lakeside home. High ceilings, simple lines, light colours – creamy off-whites and soft

pastel tones – plus the warm, weathered look of distressed hickory flooring blur the boundary between indoors and out. The main level encompasses an open-concept kitchen, dining area, and living room anchored by a gas fireplace with a cast stone mantle and surround. Floor-to-ceiling windows offer panoramic beach and lake views. Sliding patio doors lead to a wooden deck off the living room and a semi-circular deck off the kitchen, the lower level of a turret-shaped extension with balconies off each level. The kitchen’s focal point is a 5-by-10foot island topped with a single slab of granite, in brown tones that echo the beach sand. Cream-coloured Shaker cabinets and bead board backsplash convey a timeless simplicity but hide some unique conveniences. For example, one cupboard contains a cooking counter, for appliances like a toaster or slow cooker, with an electrical outlet that is live only when the doors are open. Continued on page 47

ABOVE And InSET The kitchen’s focal point is a large island that offers guests ample seating to chat with the chef as a special meal is prepared. Shaker cabinetry, a bead board backsplash and traditional-style furniture continue the solid, calm ambiance of this beach house.

Continued on page 47 LEFT On chilly nights, friends and family members can gather round this large fireplace and still enjoy the view of Lake Erie through the floor-to-ceiling windows.


Craftsmanship! Proudly offering high qualit y, custom renovations, and the building of custom infill homes since 1996.

519.850.7830 Supported by…

46 Lifestyle November/December 2016

beaCh house beauty Continued from page 45

594 Wharncliffe Rd South, London

519-686-0499 |

The soothing sounds of waves rolling against the sand send homeowners and their guests into a night of restful slumber.

A pantry and beverage centre are tucked beneath the front stairway. With an eye to the future, a central shaft was created to eventually house an elevator. The stairway winds around the shaft, which currently offers extra storage space. The second level comprises three guest bedrooms, a bathroom and laundry facilities. The upper level houses the master suite, including a home office area and another laundry closet. Stretching across the back, the bedroom features oversized windows plus a cathedral ceiling with porthole window at the apex. It also showcases a double-sided gas fireplace and expansive his-and-hers walk-in closets. The ensuite bathroom includes a free-standing tub, glassed-in shower and double basin vanity topped with Carrera marble. The exterior vinyl board and batten siding is a distinctive bright Costal Blue, with contrasting white trim. The home had been known locally as the Dolphin House, due to dolphin figures embedded in the original stucco. In a nod to that, the new home sports dolphin images in two street-facing windows on the stairway landings. n










Millennium Construction and Design 606 Upper Queen St 519-850-7830 •

November/December 2016

Lifestyle 47


New avenues for excellence

AwArds give profile to good work

By Ellen-Ashton-Haiste


BuilDER Of tHE YEAR – WAStEll HOMES Accepting: Adam Talbot, Tim Trelford, Vince Galera, Julian Novick, Sue Wastell, Colin Hoover, Doug Wastell, Brad McClelland Presented by Andrea Barendregt, Rogers Communications Inc.

RENOvAtOR Of tHE YEAR – DuO BuilDiNg liMitED Accepting: John Relouw, Mark Malouin, Patrick Malloy, Keelan Malloy, Gayle White-Malloy Presented by Garrett Graham, Libro Credit Union

ew directions and trends in the housing industry were recognized this year by the London Home Builders’ Association in its Awards of Creative Excellence. This year’s new home categories expanded to include multi-family homes, reflecting “a new energy in that form of housing,” says LHBA executive officer Lois Langdon. She says multi-family projects, such as townhouses, are getting innovative upgrades and taking on non-traditional forms, including stacked blocks. “There are different design options and some really creative products.” Langdon is enthusiastic about another “totally new and exciting”

2016 SPEciAl AcHiEvEMENt AWARDS ✦ ormAh gibson AwArd The Ironstone Building Company JLC Homes; Southside Construction, for Homes Unlimited ✦ builder of the YeAr Wastell Homes

PROjEct Of tHE YEAR – DuO BuilDiNg liMitED WitH PROjEct PARtNER BluEliNE iNc. Accepting: Mark Malouin, Simon Coles, Keelan Malloy, Patrick Malloy, John Relouw, Gayle White-Malloy Presented by Jake Draper – Copp Building Materials Limited

✦ renovAtor of the YeAr DUO Building Limited ✦ mowbrAY sifton AwArd Richard Sifton, Sifton Properties Limited ✦ lifetime Achievement AwArd Alan Churchill, Fusion Homes ✦ supplier of the YeAr Strik, Baldinelli, Moniz Ltd. ✦ sub-trAde of the YeAr Sloan Stone Design

SuB tRADE Of tHE YEAR – SlOAN StONE DESigN Accepting: Allie Courtney, Christie Taylor, Vanessa Cabral, Derek Sloan, Kelly Sloan, Jamie Nagy Presented by Cathy Newnham, The London Free Press

48 Lifestyle November/December 2016

✦ heAlth And sAfetY AwArd Adam Johnson, Forest Hill, Sifton Properties Limited ✦ enerQuAlitY environmentAl stewArdship AwArd Sifton Properties Limited

award. The Ormah Gibson Award, resulting from a partnership between LHBA and the city’s Housing Development Corporation, acknowledges the evolution of affordable housing projects, targeting households with moderate incomes. Unlike other ACE awards, this one is not competitive but recognizes three local projects. More than 40 awards were handed out in October to London builders, renovators and designers. These are beneficial for consumers, inspired by what they’re seeing in the marketplace, and for industry members, encouraging them to “think outside the box and research new materials, technologies and trends,” Langdon says. ✦ sAles Achievement Sue Wastell, Wastell Homes

NEW HOME AWARDS ✦ best new kitchen in A home up to $500,000 Domus Developments Inc. ✦ best new kitchen in A home over $500,000 Bridlewood Homes Project Partners: Orchard Design Studio, Woody’s Premium Cabinetry ✦ best new bAthroom in A home up to $500,000 DUO Building Limited Project Partner: GCW Custom Kitchens and Cabinetry Inc. ✦ best new bAthroom in A home over $500,000 Oke Woodsmith Building Systems Inc. Project Partner: Woody’s Premium Cabinetry ✦ best new exterior Oke Woodsmith Building Systems Inc. ✦ best new multi fAmilY home up to $350,000 Johnstone Homes

✦ Best New Multi FaMily HoMe over $350,000 DUO Building Limited Project Partners: Blueline Inc., GCW Custom Kitchens and Cabinetry Inc. ✦ Best New siNgle FaMily HoMe up to $400,000 McKenzie Homes

Elmira Stove Works 2100 - Unit 41, Oxford St. E. 519-451-2124

✦ Best New siNgle FaMily HoMe $400,000-$550,000 Sifton Properties Limited Project Partner: Meagher’s Drafting and Design Services ✦ Best New siNgle FaMily HoMe $550,000-$700,000 Patrick Hazzard Custom Homes Inc. Project Partner: Orchard Design Studio


✦ Best New siNgle FaMily HoMe $700,000-$850,000 Oke Woodsmith Building Systems Inc. ✦ Best New siNgle FaMily HoMe over $850,000 Bridlewood Homes Project Partner: Orchard Design Studio ✦ project oF tHe year DUO Building Limited Project Partner: Blueline Inc. BETTER ORGANIZATION

DESIGN AWARDS ✦ Best outdoor liviNg space Oke Woodsmith Building Systems Inc.

It shouldn’t be this hard!

✦ Best iNdoor liviNg space Oke Woodsmith Building Systems Inc. ✦ Best KitcHeN caBiNetry GCW Custom Kitchens and Cabinetry Inc. ✦ Best BatHrooM caBiNetry Woody’s Premium Cabinetry


RENOVATION AWARDS ✦ Best reNovated KitcHeN up to $50,000 Vandermolen Homes Inc. Project Partner: Casey’s Creative Kitchens Inc. ✦ Best reNovated KitcHeN over $50,000 Melchers Construction Limited. Project Partners: Braam’s Custom Cabinets, Design Matrix Inc. ✦ Best reNovated BatHrooM up to $25,000 Old Castle Renovations ✦ Best reNovated BatHrooM over $25,000 DUO Building Limited Project Partners: Blueline Inc., GCW Custom Kitchens and Cabinetry Inc. Continued on page 50


Custom designed, built and installed pull out shelves for your existing cabinets. For a FREE home consultation call your London, Ontario experts at 519 642-2677 or 519 641-2270 • November/December 2016

Lifestyle 4

aCe aWaRds Continued from page 49


Accepting: Dave Stimac, Carmen Sprovieri, Allan Drewlo, Jim Foote, Vito Frijia, Jon Leahy Presented by Steve Giustizia – Housing Development Corporation, Trevor McKenzie- LHBA President

✦ Best Renovated exteRioR Medway Homes Inc. Project Partner: Design Matrix Inc.

Warehouse 74

✦ Best Renovation undeR $30,000 DUO Building Limited ✦ Best Renovation $30,000-$80,000 CCR Building and Remodeling Inc. ✦ Best Renovation $80,000-$150,000 CCR Building and Remodeling Inc. Project Partner: Dynamic Kitchens ✦ Best Renovation $150,000-$250,000 Melchers Construction Limited Project Partner: Design Matrix Inc. ✦ Best Renovation oveR $250,000 Melchers Construction Limited


MARKETING AWARDS ✦ Best PRint CamPaign (BuildeR oR RenovatoR) The Ironstone Building Company Project Partner: Orchard Design Studio

Serving London and surrounding area since 2005

Committed to providing a full range of cost effective, quality, electrical services to residential, commercial and industrial consumers since 2005.

✦ Best PRojeCt BRanding The Tricar Group

Our highly trained & licensed service technicians provide, fast, friendly and knowledgeable electrical services. Our modern fleet of well- maintained service vehicles are stocked with the right equipment and materials FULL SERVICE to suit your job and complete it promptly! Bus:

519 461-1050

Fax: 519 461-1338

0 Lifestyle November/December 2016

✦ Best PRint CamPaign (suPPlieR oR suB tRade) Braam’s Custom Cabinets


✦ Best inteRioR meRChandising Bridlewood Homes Project Partner: Orchard Design Studio ✦ Best WeB PResenCe BuildeR oR RenovatoR Fusion Homes ✦ Best shoWRoom oR design CentRe The Tricar Group n


presents Perplexing

Choosing a gift for your favourite senior simplified


By Kathy rumleski

he holiday season is a wonderful time of year and exchanging gifts is an important part of the traditions. However, finding that perfect present for someone can be stressful, particularly if that person has practically everything. For the senior on your list, who has received many gifts over the years, it can be even more challenging. Here are some ideas you might not have thought about. A gift doesn’t have to be an object. Why not a service or a membership? At Ramona’s Cleaning Services, manager Melissa Smith suggests giving the gift of a clean home. Continued on page 53

Be Santa

to a senior

For seniors who will be alone over the holidays, a great program helps to ensure all will get a gift. Home Instead Senior Care locally organizes Be A Santa to a Senior.

Participating businesses decorate trees with paper bulbs that have a senior’s gift request. You can select one and then bring your bulb and unwrapped gift back to the business.

A wrapping party will be held on December 13 and the presents are distributed at Christmastime. FOR MORE INFORMATION

November/December 2016

Lifestyle 1


Dine in Style this Holiday Season Whatever your style – classic, urban sophisticated, country, traditional – we have them all!

Canadel Dining sets now up to 70% off!


Choose your style, finish, fabric and table size.

You shouLd know aBout thE ChaMBERs oF CoMMERCE GRouP InsuRanCE PLan 1. You choose the coverage, you control the cost 2. Online system and mobile app 3. Business Assistance Service with access to legal, accounting and HR consultants 4. Retirement plan for owners/key executives providing drug, health, travel and dental coverage 5. No minimum firm size

Your Group Benefits London – Exclusive Advisor for Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan

Canadian made

44 Meg Dr. (@ Exeter Rd) London, On 519.668.1200 1.800.265.1208 Mon-Fri 10-8 Sat 10-6 Sun 11-5

2 Lifestyle November/December 2016

6. Stable rates - claims averaged over more than 30,000 companies just like yours with a unique pooling approach 7. Guaranteed renewable as long as you pay your premiums 8. Guaranteed approval options for all firms (1+) 9. No industry restrictions 10. Not-for-profit – Chambers Plan operates under the direction of the not-for-profit Chambers of Commerce Insurance Corporation of Canada

Catherine Rice, President/Broker 519.963.0351

562 Waterloo St. London

PERPLEXING PRESENTS Continued from page 51

Baskin Fabric Centre

Since 1960

Other gift ideas include tickets to the theatre, a fitness membership or a gift certificate to dine out. “It’s actually a very wonderful gift. It’s something that you don’t really think of. Most people think of material things,” Smith says. “You don’t realize how much the elderly really appreciate something like that.” Smith says she has many senior clients, who are thankful for the help. “They seem to be the most happy to see us; they really enjoy the company.” Smith says the frequency of the cleaning is up to the client or family member. She meets with each one and does a walk through of the home. “I like to customize a cleaning.” Another present that you could schedule for your loved one is regular delivery of a flower bouquet. Geraldine Peters, owner of Jim Anderson Flowers, says whether they live at home or in a retirement residence, flowers brighten everyone’s day. “It gives them something to enjoy.” She says when seasons change, their flower arrangements change as well. As the cold weather approaches, bouquets are particularly appreciated. “Seasonally, there are times of the year when they are very important for the health of the elderly. The endorphins you get with flowers are second to nothing.” Other gift ideas include tickets to the theatre, a fitness membership or a gift certificate to dine out.

Fresh Meats b Bulk Foods Bird Seed, Pet Food & so much more!


Quality Window Treatments • Specializing in Custom Blinds, Shades & Drapery Installation • Shop at Home Service

637 TalboT STREET

ST. ThomaS

1030 Talbot St., St. Thomas, ON 519-633-9691




Remar trenD #18




AWARD WINNING Renova Design+Build


Learn more at



Jim Anderson Flowers 451 Dundas Street, London 519-434-3266 • Ramona’s Cleaning Services 99 Tumbleweed Crescent 519-670-9788 •

“Stefanie, John and their team are SO knowledgeable and talented… We are already planning our next renovation with CD3!” – Melissa 519.633.6233 November/December 2016

Lifestyle 

The New Volvo XC90

The most awarded SUV of the century. The award-winning XC90 has redefined the luxury SUV. Step in to experience uncluttered design, cutting-edge innovations and handcrafted materials that create a calming, Scandinavian sanctuary.

Interior pictures from XC90 Excellence Edition.

VOLVO OF LONDON 1035 Wharncliffe S., London, ON • 519.690.1600 •

OV E SO R 6 LD 5%












• Luxury standard finishes; hardwood flooring, granite counters, custom cabinets, standard pot lighting • Large outdoor balconies • Pricing starts at $429,900

ise d.


luxurious one floor condos


• Customizable boutique condos • 51 units on 4 floors; 10 & 12 ft. ceilings • Controlled building entry, underground parking, two elevators • Gas serviced building to patio, stove, water heater, fireplace


h Fans






Luxurious Features Included • 55 one floor units 2,300-2,400 sq ft • 2 + 1 bedrooms and 2 baths • Second floor loft with 700 sq ft of space • 10 ft main floor ceilings vaulting to 18 ft in great room

• Custom kitchens with granite counters • 8 ft doors • Gas fireplace and hardwood in living room • Pricing starts at $399,900


le R




s nd wla ado s Me Way

2227 Callingham Drive Model hours: Weekdays 9-12 & 2-4, Weekends 1-4




race Waterside Ter








519.652 . 31 0 0

3392 Wonderland Rd. S., Building 2, London, ON • email:

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