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hope springs anew

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You ought to go to ottawa Capital must-sees tHis summer

be liberal with libations wonders to wHet your wHistle and ways to serve tHem

star power

new treatment for younger looking skin

celebratory styles

Canadian designers hit all the right notes

Like no other automobile on earth. A singular ambition drives the S-Class: to be the best car in the world. In performance and presence, it’s capable and confident. In accommodation and advancement, it perpetually sets and resets the standard. It’s the first modern vehicle without a single lightbulb. From its full-LED headlamps with Adaptive Highbeam Assist and Active Curve Illumination, to its multicolour ambient cabin lighting, nearly 500 more efficient, effective and enduring LEDs reveal that, once again, the S-Class stands above and ahead. See more at

Mercedes-Benz London | 35 Southdale Road East | 866-879-0768 |

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150 chic Reds and whites, blondes and ambers

Building hope Construction community comes together




Arts and crafts Art, literature, music, theatre and more



Tasty tapas Two Cs of summer: cheese and charcuterie


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Grand Bend goes Casual Home grown home accessories

Canada’s capital celebrates Ottawa shines this summer


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Canadian couture Delightful designs with a national flare

Appealing treatment Hollywood skin care comes to London



Sara Sohan

1673 Richmond St. North at Fanshawe, 519-667-3022

London, On N6G 2N3 July/August 2017

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4 Lifestyle July/August 2017

editor’s note “Our hopes are high. Our faith in the people is great. Our courage is strong. And our dreams for this beautiful country will never die.” – Pierre Trudeau, former Canadian Prime minisTer


t is summer time and the living should be easy. We should have oodles of time to relax and enjoy the cottage, the boat, the trailer, the pool, the backyard, the deck – wherever our happy place is. Right? Well reality sets in and summer slips by in a flurry of gardening, yardening, travelling, visiting and daily life-ing. This issue of Lifestyle Magazine celebrates summer, or at least what we hope summer can be. A time to kick back and relax and realize how lucky we are to have these few months of warm weather when we can sit outside – enjoying a sunset, chatting over the fence, digging in the earth or walking in the early morning sunlight. It also celebrates that most special of national events – Canada 150! We have information on celebratory fashions, feasting and festivals galore spread throughout this issue and marked with a maple leaf. In the words of Pierre Trudeau (above), ‘our dreams for this beautiful country will

Building Original HOmes fOr Original PeOPle We’ll make your next home as original as you are Why settle for a run-of-the-mill

never die,” so maybe it’s your summer to explore the nation’s capital. There’s big doings there all summer long to highlight Canada’s history and achievements in art, culture, trade, industry and international relations. See the story on page 18. The Lifestyle Magazine team wishes you and yours a safe and happy celebration of summer. May your living be easy.

Jill Ellis-Worthington

custom home when you can have an entirely original one? With a planning process that starts with nothing more than your dreams and a blank sheet of paper, you can be sure your riverstone Original Home will be every bit as unique and remarkable as you are. We’ve been building original homes for well over 20 years now, and each one has been entirely different than the one before it. and that’s exactly how it should be. 519 . 666 . 3537 Mike Loyens • Travis Loyens Photo credit: Caitlyn Peesker.

July/August 2017

Lifestyle 5


plates plat


By Jill Ellis-Worthington

It Is summertIme and the entertaInIng should be easy

6 Lifestyle July/August 2017


hen wiping down the outdoor table and chairs and pulling the unbreakable wine and beer glasses out of the back of the cupboard causes you to begin to perspire, who needs to sweat it when it comes to preparing food for your guests? Not you! So break out some of your nice platters and serving plates as the perfect way to dish up tapas (sharable food) in the form of cheese and charcuterie boards. Knowing what cheeses and charcuterie ingredients to serve together can be tricky but Rick Peori, owner of All ‘Bout Cheese, has some advice. “If you are having five to eight guests, start with three or four cheeses.” Add another variety of cheese with every one or two guests you add to the list. To ensure there are choices to please every palate, he recommends offering cheeses that contrast in their flavours, ages and types of milk they are made from: sheep, goat, cow and water buffalo. Pair them with complementary condiments, like spicy jellies, berries, honey, colourful peppers and/or premium

olives, like those from The Pristine Olive. Peori says to start building your selection with universal pleaser Gunn’s Hill Five Brothers. This Swiss/Gouda cross is produced by the award-winning artisanal cheesemaker, located outside Woodstock. “It’s the number one go-to recommended as a perfect companion to both wine and beer. It’s also great with fruit, so it’s a hit with kids, too,” says Peori. Next add a smoky cheese, like Applewood Smoked Cheddar from Britain or a smoked goat cheese from Blyth Farm Cheese. Then add a fresh goat cheese that is “soft and applies nicely to a cracker,” like C'estbon Chevre from St. Marys. “Serve it with olive tapenade or a tart jelly,” says Peori. Don’t make the mistake of adding salted or strongly flavoured crackers to your boards, as they will take away

from the flavours of the cheeses, he added, recommending bread sticks or baguettes. Contrast your cheese board with charcuterie, created from both smoked, preserved salamis and hams and fresh sausages that you pre-cook and allow to cool before slicing onto your serving platter. Miki Hambalek, The Hungary Butcher in London, makes and sells 54 international styles of sausage. He, too, recommends serving a variety of meats to be sure to please all your guests. “Andouille sausage, from Louisiana, is a spicy variety that pairs nicely with a fermented sauerkraut and Applewood Smoked Gouda,” advises Hambalek. Contrast that with a sweeter sausage, like Hawaiian with bacon, and serve with a dry white wine. He suggested that serving chorizo or steak-andonion sausage with hearty craft beers works well. Purchasing your hard sausages – German or Genoa salami, prosciutto, soppressata or capicola – pre-sliced will save you time but slicing them yourself, Continued on page 9


FRESH New Look! FRESH New Products!! FRESH New Location, to serve you




live Est. 2012

s away! e r t e m 0 0 8 y l n o t ... bu 884 Adelaide Street N. | London | 519-433-4444 | July/August 2017

Lifestyle 7

Let the Covent Garden Market

Gourmet hand made gluten free sausages Authentic Hungarian take out foods & pastries Pork, beef, lamb & chicken

The outdoor Farmer’s Market is open Thurs. 8 - 2 pm and Sat. 8 - 1 pm And while you’re there, visit our indoor market featuring: fabulous restaurants • unique gifts and jewellery foods from around the world • organic and vegan fare services that will surprise you… and so much more!

892 DunDas st., LonDon, on • 519.601.5525 emaiL:

Come and Taste Our Award Winning Cheeses! 1 30 K I N G ST. , LO N D O N /coventgardenmarket

The Heart of London

 Lifestyle July/August 2017

FREE high-speed wireless



PATiO PlATes Continued from page 7

Warm temperatures, cool breezes and good friends deserve to be celebrated during the all-too-short best season of the year. enjoying a libation that complements the food you’re eating is the perfect cap to a lovely day.

Save up to $300

John Blair, product consultant, LCBO Wonderland and Southdale Road, suggested the following perfect pairings.

on retractable Patio/deck awnings* *Call for details

• Gunn’s Hill Five Brothers Cheese goes well with Kolsch beer.

Showroom 2425 oxford St. w.

• Applewood Smoked Cheddar Cheese stands alongside oaked Chardonnay wine.

(just past Kilworth sign)


• Smoked goat cheese is complemented by black IPA beer.

Over 35 Years of Excellence

• C’estbon Chevre works with white/ wheat beer. • Andouille sausage is cooled off when served with India Pale Ale beer. • Genoa salami goes down well with Appassimento (Ripasso) red wine.


• Prosciutto’s flavour is complemented by Sangiovese Chianti. • Soppressata is yummy with Gose beer. • Capicola works well with dry Rose wine. • Hawaiian-with-bacon sausage pairs well with an off-dry Riesling.

arranging your cheese choices just right and sprinkling colour and texture throughout your plates and boards – in the form of condiments and fruit – will ensure your platters are true works of art created by you, the host or hostess who cares. n FOR MORE INFORMATION All ‘Bout Cheese • 898 Dundas Street 519-601-5225 • The Hungary Butcher • 892 Dundas Street 519-601-5525 • The Pristine Olive • 884 Adelaide Street North 519-433-4444 •




1682 Dundas St. E. London, Ontario N5W 3C7 Monday to Friday 9AM - 5PM Saturday 9AM - 4PM

Best of 2016 WINNER 3 TIMES





519.451.7663 OR TOLL FREE

1.855.838.9393 *Financing Available O.A.C.

Limited time offer. Promotion expiry Oct 31, 2017 Savings cannot be combined with any other offer. Some restrictions may apply, please contact us for details

July/August 2017

Lifestyle 


More than just a conversation starter kitchen islands are a great way to add more counter space to your kitchen, extra storage space and is the perfect place to just hangout.




A unique mobile service that offers handcrafted, deep cleaning quality, delivered by trained professionals without the dangers and toxic fumes of self-cleaning ovens and aerosol cleaners.


295 Wellington Street., St. Thomas • 519-631-8346


“my oven had bothered me for about a year but now its as if i have a new oven. Thanks ovenclean London for a wonderful job.”

Tilda & david King



Michele G

9 SO 0% LD







t. dle


r tte


1705 Fiddlehead Place Open Saturday-Tuesday, 1-5 PM




10 Lifestyle July/August 2017


• Customizable boutique condos • 10 & 12 ft. ceilings • Controlled building entry, underground parking, two elevators

• Luxury standard finishes; hardwood flooring, granite counters, custom cabinets, standard pot lighting • Gas serviced building to patio, stove, water heater, fireplace • Large outdoor balconies


Intimate low-density building with only 51 units on 4 floors


h Fans



marketplace exterior style

Ashworth wine rack. Urban Barn London.

From Cuisivin, Govino reusable, shatterproof and recyclable beer and wine glassware. Available at Bradshaws in Stratford.

sip in style

Wine and cheese go together, Well, like summer and outdoor entertaining – so dive in and enjoy. for more information, see resources page 21

Celebrate Canada 150

Watermelon metal serving tray. Pier 1 Imports.

Canada 150 commemorative glassware. Full colour or acid-etched. Think Drink Inc., Official Canada 150 Licensee. Online retail store: Free shipping in London, use code: LONDON150

Handmade maple and cherry live edge charcuterie boards. Canadian-made. Live-Edge Forest.

July/August 2017

Lifestyle 11

The Joneses will want to keep up with you!

NEW PRODUCT… Custom Embroidered Chenille Baby Blankets

b “Fit like a glove” Slipcovers b Cushions b Pillows b Outdoor Cushions b Light Upholstery b Attached Cushion Restuffing & Plumping

Jennings Furniture & Design Since 1885

432 Talbot St., DOWNTOWN St. Thomas • 519-631-0410 Open 7 days a week •

ginette minor • 519-494-0787 Certified Sewing Specialist

Outstanding quality

commercial and residential renovations Kitchens • Bath Cabinets • Fireplaces Built-ins • Closets Everything you need!

drop By oUr shoWroom or visit Us online


CommerCial and residential 519.851.6164 | 3551 White oaks road, Bldg 2, Unit 2, | london, on 12 Lifestyle July/August 2017

marketplace exterior style MasterBrew craft beer tasting flight. Cuisivin.

Brett beer holder. Urban Barn London.

Novelty beer glass collection. Urban Barn London.


a cold one

Craft brewers are getting more Creative, so piCking a favourite just got more Challenging. for more information, see resources page 21

Black Coal Stout dark ale. Bitter-sweet chocolate, elegant toasted notes reminiscent of coffee, slight undertone of freshly baked rye bread. Railway City Brewing Co.

Iron Spike Copper. Sweet caramel and butterscotch, biscuit graininess, fruit, vanilla, rye, and spices. Creamy and sweet with a lingering hoppy aftertaste. Railway City Brewing Co.

Dead Elephant ale. Sweet and fruity up front (apricot, mango) with a bit of candy, slight grassy notes, a hint of biscuit, pleasant grapefruit and perfume undertones. Railway City Brewing Co.

Express stout. Bright lemon, orange, pineapple, mango with pine notes over a crisp and light malt background, pleasant, lingering bitterness that’s not overpowering. Railway City Brewing Co.

Orange Creamsic ale. Cream ale. Hand zested fresh oranges, whole vanilla beans and oats create a full-bodied ale with a silky-smooth finish. Railway City Brewing Co.

July/August 2017

Lifestyle 13



RENOVATIONS Best GeneRAL RenoVAtoR/ContRACtoR CoVenAnt ConstRuCtIon

Best GeneRAL RenoVAtoR/ ContRACtoR


CoVenAnt ConstRuCtIon

Renovations • Additions • Custom Cabinets

View our project gallery at: ww

519.473.1500 17-105 Bessemer Road, London, ON 519 765-2666 • Member in good standing of the Tarion Home Warranty Program since 1997.


BMW London 519-685-2277

The Ultimate Driving Experience.

DRIVE FOR THE FUTURE. Experience the all-new BMW 5 Series at BMW London. Even when standing still, the BMW 5 Series creates a powerful impression. Sporty and stylish for every occasion, its athletic appearance puts the BMW 5 Series Sedan ahead of the competition. We invite you to come visit our new expanded and re-imaged showroom to explore the luxury and performance of the all-new BMW 5 Series for yourself. Call BMW London at 519.685.2277 to schedule your test drive today.

BMW London | | @BMWLondon 766 Wharncliffe Road South | London, ON | N6J 2N4 | 519.685.2277

14 Lifestyle July/August 2017

marketplace exterior style Handmade wine and dine boards. Suitable for fine dining at home, or on a rock by the lake for a picnic. Canadian-made. Live Edge Forest.

Turtle beverage tub. Pier 1 Imports.

Collective Arts Ransack The Universe Hemisphere IPA Made in Ontario. Hemisphere note refers to the use of Galaxy hops from Myrtleford, Victoria in Australia and Mosaic hops from Yakima, Washington, USA. Lightly malted yet refreshing, finishing crisp but flavourful. Collective Arts Brewing Ltd. LCBO.

gang’s all here

Kira acrylic wine glasses. Set of 4. Pier 1 Imports.

GatherinG friends to share a Glass of summer cheer is easy when you have the riGht Gear. for more information, see resources page 21

Celebrate Canada 150

Throw it back to when the get-togethers were groovy, the music was loud and the bottles were stubby. Celebrate Canada 150 with the Molson Canadian Stubby. Only at the LCBO!

LEFT TO RIghT • Bachelder Niagara Chardonnay. Fascinating and complex with intriguing minerality, apple, pear, orchard blossoms, vanilla, cinnamon and smoke. • Burnt Ship Bay Cabernet/Merlot VQA. Blackberry, cherry and baking spice notes abound in this full-bodied Cab/Merlot. • Pelee Island Lola Blush Sparkling VQA. Light & Fruity. • XOXO Pinot Grigio Sangria. White crisp & tropical fruit. All made in Ontario. LCBO.

July/August 2017

Lifestyle 15

G rand Bend1

and Area5


16 Lifestyle July/August 2017

Get to the Bend


for fabulous furniture Casual InDustRIes Is tHe name foR outDooR anD InDooR fuRnIsHInGs


ith the warm weather finally here, now is the perfect time to pay a visit to Casual Industries in Grand Bend for the finest in high-quality, comfortable and eyecatching outdoor and indoor furniture. “We’ve got everything you’re looking for,” said company president Doug Courtney. “So just drop by and our friendly staff will show you the great variety of top-notch collections to satisfy your needs for both furniture and accessories.” A popular family-owned operation since 1979, the company is a leading specialist in outdoor and casual furniture, offering one of the largest in-stock

selections of quality outdoor and indoor living products in Canada. With its spacious 35,000 square foot manufacturing and showroom facility, the unique company lives up to its reputation of offering its customers a “look beyond the ordinary.” Eager visitors come from near and far to see the beautiful line of P.V.C. Tubular Furniture, cushions in every size and colour and an extensive collection of umbrellas and furniture covers. “We manufacture outdoor cushions and umbrellas on site and also stock over 15,000 items in our warehouse from over 15 different suppliers,” says Courtney. “We assemble and deliver with our own trucks to most of southwestern Ontario.” Collections include: resin wicker, metal mesh, sling, cast aluminum and recycled plastic. There is an extensive selection for every room, including dining, lounge chairs, ottomans, chaise lounges, motion furniture, loveseats, sofas, sectionals, bars and counters and indoor bar stools. If you need aluminum and steel sling furniture with patented swivel rockers,

loveseat gliders, comfortable wicker furniture for sunrooms, solariums and covered outdoor areas with myriad cushion fabric colors, Casual Industries is the perfect one-stop-shop. There’s more – with the ultimate choice for indoor and occasional dining and seating areas, hammocks, benches, sun-shelters, planters and accessories like candles, placemats, alongside acrylic drinkware. In addition, Casual Industries’ unparalleled quality, choice and value and a fabulous Garden Teak line. b

FOR MOR E INFOR MATION Casual Industries 36525 Dashwood Rd., Hwy. 83 519-238-2110 •

July/August 2017

Lifestyle 17


wow Canada ottawa shows off for 150

Story by Jill Ellis-Worthington Photos by John Babulic

Celebrate Canada 150 LEFT The imposing Gothic Revival architecture of the Centre Block of the Parliament buildings belies its accessibility. ABOVE The locks beside Major’s Hill Park lower boat traffic from the Rideau Canal down to the Ottawa River. The Chateau Laurier is on the right; Parliament Hill is on the left, and Gatineau, Quebec is seen in the distance.


anadians have a lot to be proud of with a rich history of patience and persistence and a great way to really appreciate the breadth of the country’s story is to take in the free light show in Ottawa. Each night from July to September, the show – entitled Northern Lights – dynamically portrays Canada’s history using lights, lasers, sound and music projected on Parliament’s Centre Block. Times vary by month so check out the website to confirm: http://canada.pch. Come back the next day and stroll Parliament Hill to see all the flowers while taking in the majestic beauty of its buildings. Guided tours are also offered at no cost to visitors but with many touring Ottawa this summer to celebrate Canada’s 150 it’s expected to be busy, so plan accordingly. Several of the national museums have 150 displays planned. Two of these are the National Art Gallery and the Canadian Museum of History. Both have rooms being updated to showcase accomplishments over the past century and a half. Walking across the Alexandra Bridge to access the history museum provides a great photo opp of the Ottawa River and gives you a panoramic view of the city of Ottawa. To get a feel for the city, take a double decker tour bus (Lady Dive Tours). Sitting on the upper deck allows you to see all of the sites and the knowledgeable guide relays all pertinent info about places on the tour. It’s a hop-on/hop-off

1 Lifestyle July/August 2017

Sparks Street, between Lyon and Elgin Streets, is closed to vehicular traffic creating a pedestrian mall dotted with eateries, stores and government buildings.

tour so start early in the day and get off at some of the places that fascinate you, such as the Canadian War Museum or the stables where the RCMP horses for the musical ride are housed and trained. Take a pleasurable 90-minute cruise on the Rideau Canal tour to see the city from water level. You’ll learn the story of the canal’s beginnings as a route between Kingston and Ottawa after the War of 1812 and Colonel John By’s navigation of the many construction challenges. By is also remembered at the Byward Market, named for him. This eclectic mix of restaurants and retailers culminates as an open air market cum entertainment district. To get a feel for the depth of talent, visit some of the small but inspiriting galleries, like Alpha Art Gallery. Food stalls, open air eateries and sleek upscale restaurants, like Mezzanote Bistro Italiano, will satisfy your hunger no matter what you crave. At the west end of Byward Market is

Inspiration Village with its interactive displays showcasing each province and territory as part of the Canada 150 celebrations. Visit Sparks Street when your feet are worn out from wandering Parliament Hill. Just a block over, this closed-to-traffic street entertainment district has a plethora of eateries, including the Bier Markt. Stop in to try flights of six Ontario craft beers or try something from further afield. They have 150 beers available from 30 countries so the choice might be difficult but choosing food isn’t. Go for the schnitzel; hands down the best yet. Another Sparks Street favourite is 3 Brasseurs. Enjoying a beer and a bite (try the hot pretzel) seated on the expansive patio or on its glassed-in second floor give great views of this busy downtown walkway. For those who want to see Ottawa but feel more comfortable outdoors, there are 150 kilometres of bike and walking trails around the city in the National Capital Greenbelt. Bring your own or rent bikes to do your exploring. When you’ve absorbed all the history, culture and information about Canada and explored Ottawa so much that you’re feet and back are beginning to complain, it’s definitely time to take a short drive across the river to Quebec’s Nordik Spa to relax in style. North America’s largest spa, this sprawling property is set among the Gatineau Hills and takes full advantage of its beautiful surroundings. A quiet and relaxing venue, there are three areas encouraging different

levels of interaction (one for complete quiet, one for whispering and one for socializing). The salt water flotation pool provides complete relaxation in a totally quiet underground atmosphere. The pool in the Panorama area offers an amazing view of the hills, allowing you to enjoy a beer and sit in the sun. There are aroma therapy steam rooms and several dry saunas to enjoy. The restaurants are worth the trip in themselves. Try the Reso, a full-service bistro where you can dine in your bathing suit (please wear a cover and shoes). When in Quebec, why not sample some of the famous local cheeses? The warm artichoke dip is a flavourful start to the meal, as well. For a main, the smoked steelhead trout is a must-try. The menu covers all taste preferences, there’s an extensive wine selection and the service is unparalleled. There are so many water features to try and nooks to read a book or lie in the sun that this is a full-day destination. Stay until into the evening and see the forest come alive with lights in the trees and bask in the reflected light of the pools. Staying near the action – Parliament Hill, Byward Market and Sparks Street – only makes sense and the Marriot Downtown is a great choice. It has a pool and saunas to relax in after a long day of walking. Upgrading to the concierge lounge and enjoying not only the spectacular views but also hot breakfasts and appetizers before you head out for the day or evening will enhance your visit. During Canada Day Weekend, it may be difficult to get accommodations (though hotels indicate they are not full as of yet), so the city is opening up some city parks and parking lots to campers. Go to news/urban-camping-comes-ottawa-canada-day-2017 for details. Ottawa is on the must-see list for many Canadians and visiting now, while the capital city is in celebration mode is a truly inspiring experience. n FOR MORE INFORMATION See more photos on our Facebook page.

7 2S E 01 ASON

CALL 519.782.4353

PA I N T I T B E A U T I F U L !

Photo Credit: Nordik / Photolux

The infinity pool at Nordik Spa-Nature, in the Gatineau Hills, offers magnificent views of the countryside, with the city of Ottawa skyline on the horizon.

PortStanley FestivalTheatre MADE IN CANADA

Little Beach Featuring Fusion Paint Products

181 Main St., Port Stanley, ON

519.643.8211 Ann Stevens, Proprietor

RIVERTOWN We f Art, rame... Spor Mirror ts Jer s. Need seys. lewor and m k uch more !


Exce Prici ptional Fram ng! Quot ing are F es ree!


Boler Rd. at Byron Baseline Rd., London original paintings • prints • gifts July/August 2017

Lifestyle 1


hope lives


It takes a communIty to raIse a famIly up By Ellen Ashton-Haiste


ABOVE Angela, Luke and Aleida Noreen are all smiles on building day. TOP Teams celebrate the completion of the home and the culmination of Project Hope. “Watching the teams come together . . . It’s just magical,” says Angela Noreen. RIGHT Raising the roof on Project Hope.

20 Lifestyle July/August 2017

ohnny Nooren always planned to build another home for his wife, Angela, and their young children Luke and Aleida. That dream ended when Johnny lost his battle with lymphoma and passed away in July 2016. But, on a weekend in June this year, a house was built for the family. Although they won’t be living in it, the home will change their lives in countless ways. Project Hope, the brainchild of real estate developer Doug Tarry, brought together hundreds of building industry tradespeople and community members. These volunteers used their expertise to build the house in

just three days, with the intent to sell it and donate the proceeds to the Nooren family. A building inspector, Johnny Nooren was well-known and respected in the industry and the community and people readily stepped up to participate, Tarry says. Angela was blown away when she heard the proposal. “Who does this?” she says incredulously. “A stranger steps up and offers to save your life! I’d never met Doug until he sat me down in his model home and said it would be his great honour to help me with this project.” She also knew that it was something Johnny would have heartily embraced.



For more detailed information on the marketplace products on pages 11, 13, and 15, please contact the appropriate business listed below.

✦ GOvinO prODUcTS avaiLabLe aT: braDShaWS 129 Ontario St., Stratford ✦ raiLWay ciTy breWinG cO. 519.271.6283 130 edward St., St. Thomas 519.631.1881 cUiSivin ✦ pier 1 impOrTS masonville ✦ LcbO 94 Fanshawe park rd. e, London 519.679.1548 ✦ Live eDGe FOreST 226.236.0415

White Oaks 1230 Wellington rd., London 519.668.3989 •

✦ Think Drink inc., Official canada 150 Licensee London, Ontario 519.686.5559 x 250 Large quantity orders, volume pricing contact Online retail store:

✦ Urban barn LOnDOn 3189 Wonderland road South 519.686.6600

“It’s so crazy; he would love it,” she says. “He always wanted to do the impossible. He also loved to do things for me to get my reactions – crying and laughing. He was the most romantic man I’ve ever known, and the great love of my life.” Angela was involved in each step of the year-long planning process. At 6 a.m. on Friday, June 9, the teams were ready to roll. The foundation was already in place and six framing crews and a roofing crew got to work. By mid-afternoon, the walls were up. The roof had been framed and craned Continued on page 23 July/August 2017

Lifestyle 21

your window and door


Call Marv Stephenson for a free quote 519.521.6278 Specializing in North Star, Gentek, and Pella windows and doors

Lifetime labour guarantee on all our work

ARTISAN MADE, LOCALLY SOURCED... Vegan, vegetarian, gluten & dairy free, versatile, healthy and delicious! Available at over 100+ stores across Ontario including, REMARK in London.


Canada’s 150 th



on the water! • Vintage • RetRo • Cottage ChiC • antiQUeS • hoMe DeCoR all at great prices! oPen: 9am - 5pm, tuesay - Saturday

1705 Wharncliffe Road S, London, ON N6L 1J9

519.685.8045 | 1.888.706.5436 22 Lifestyle July/August 2017

2284 Wharncliffe Road South Lambeth, ON


where hope lives Continued from page 22

Doug Tarry, a builder with years of experience, was impressed with the way each of the team members used his or her expertise to make an over-the-top final product while constructing the house.

on top and workers were busy installing the shingles. By early afternoon that Sunday, the two-bedroom, 1,440-squarefoot home was finished ahead of schedule. It was complete with landscaping, backyard deck and indoor staging. Asked her feelings as the undertaking wound down, Angela says: “I think my son said it best” and quotes seven-year-old Luke: “I feel excited sad. I didn’t know you could feel both those things at the same time.” What impressed her most throughout the entire process, Angela says, was the way “people bonded in such unique ways.” She adds, “I’ve made friends I know I’ll have for many years. Watching the teams come together this weekend - workers who would normally be in competition, smiling and laughing and helping each other - it’s just been magical.” Tarry agrees. “It’s beyond a sense of accomplishment,” he says, summing up his feelings at the end of the day. “It’s how the community came together and the bonding that happened.” According to Tarry, the way the work moved seamlessly through the building stages seemed almost choreographed. He notes that it prompted Uptop Films director Ryan Grams, who’s documenting the experience, to comment: “It’s like Cirque du Soleil with bricks and wood.” Tarry says the success of the endeavour was assured by having “the best of the best” working on it. “I’m so grateful for the opportunity to do this,” he adds. Continued on page 24

July/August 2017

Lifestyle 23

where hope lives Continued from page 23

AUG 10-12, 2017

OXFORD’S BIGGEST STREET PARTY! Dozens of entertainers & bands on 3 stages. Pop, Rock, Rhythm, Country & Blues! August 10 - Rik Emmett of Triumph (Acoustic Duo Performance)

August 11 - Whistler Creek, Chelsea Crites and JAYDEE BIXBY August 12 - JACk DEkEYzER, Geoff Masse Band, Thorn and Roses

Offering high quality natural gas, propane and wood-burning fire pits and fire tables. Our granite stone products are beautiful, durable and economical – all made from 100% genuine granite stone. 

OLG Main Stage in Museum Square

THE ULTIMATE FAMILY FESTIVAL Dundas Street • Downtown Woodstock Downtown Woodstock BIA – 519-537-5721 @WoodstockBIA

Sunday, August 13, 9am - 3pm

by tHe numbers

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• 600: number of volunteers • 39: number of hours it took • $1,800: amount raised from auctioning a seven-night vacation at a boutique hotel in La Cruz Mexico • $45,000: total value of donations including cash, product and labour

Great Shops • Vendors & Sales • Artisans Fabulous Restaurants • Licensed Patios Food Trucks • Fun Stuff for the kids!



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Tarry is proud of this historymaking project, noting that other teams have built houses in three days but this is the first time for a Net Zero Ready home to be finished in that timeframe. A Net Zero home - constructed within a tight building envelope, highly insulated, and with right-sized mechanical and plumbing systems and solar energy - will create as much energy as it uses over the course of a year. Net Zero Ready homes do not include the solar panels but are set for their installation, based on the number the homeowner feels will be needed to meet his/her family’s energy requirements. Net Zero homes are normally a longer build due to the necessary attention to detail and to ensuring that it meets building code standards. In this case, the home not only came in under the code’s maximums but also lower than Doug Tarry Homes’ averages. Most of the energy used at the site during the weekend build was also solar powered. Tarry hopes this exposure will create awareness of and increased interest in what he calls “the home of the future.” n FOR MORE INFORMATION

Doug Tarry homes •519-637-6819 24 Lifestyle July/August 2017


Kilworth T h e Wo o d h u l l S e t t l e m e n t

art scene

London & area

far LEfT cover oF KilwortH: tHe wooDHull settleMent LEfT KilwortH Hall, Built in 1855 By tHoMas BateMan, is a House witH a lengtHy History.

A Fire in the Art Contemporary Fine art

364 talbot Street St. thomas, on


wr it ten a nd compiled by Eliz a beth A . Moy er

Come Visit our


Kilworth endures

The persisTence ence of memory

By Beth Stewart Delving into history is like digging for buried treasure at “X marks the spot.” You know there’s something down there, but what it is remains a mystery until the end. So it is when writing a book. Elizabeth Moyer spent four years digging through archives and interviewing older people willing to share their stories. Her treasure is Kilworth: The Woodhull Settlement, published by Pinpoint Publications in London. The book began as a labour of love and was spurred by a sense of urgency; soon after she began her project, Moyer soon found herself racing area development and felt the need to preserve before it was consumed. Kilworth, initially known as the Woodhull Settlement and located in the gore of Delaware Township, was founded in 1796. Moyer (nee Sinasac) was born and raised on a farm in Delaware Township. Growing up, Moyer says she was inspired by “the physical beauty of the area, the personalities of the local people and the unique stone buildings.” In her book, Moyer invites her readers to journey back to the 1790s through stories that bring to life the First Nations and early settlers, their dwellings, and their pastimes. Now the once bustling village consists of a few stone cottages, a church and a cemetery. Soon one of the earliest settlements in Western Canada, will disappear. What will endure is Moyer’s book. n

Daniel HutcHinson, Painting For coloureD ligHt (cyan anD Magenta), 2012-13 (Detail), oil on canvas witH Fluorescent ligHt anD wooD.

1 Art

2 theAtre

Clovermead Adventure Farm, Wanna Bee day, July 8 (come dressed as a bee); Buskers Day, July 22, 11302 imperial road north, aylmer. other sweet treats are the honey festival days, every saturday in august, when you can: inspect an open bee hive, dip your own beeswax candle, and more. for information, visit

2 Bees getting Down to “Buzz-ness” in tHeir HoneycoMB.

3 HoMe county’s welcoMing logo.

Glass Art Studio

Museum London, sparrow night: artists Working with n Light, runs to August 27, 421 ridout street north. ““sparrow night” is a term from folklore that describes a night storm featuring intense sheet lightning. The exhibition features light-based works, including experimental projection and textile. for more information, visit

Visit Our & GiftCome Shoppe

GLASS Rare, Unique,ART BeautifulSTUDIO Pieces & Designs & GIFT SHOPPE

Rare, Unique Beautiful Pieces & Designs 235 Colborne St. Port Stanley, ON 519-782-7443 235 Colborne Street, Port Stanley 519-782-7443

JULY 14,15,16 2017 Victoria Park London, Ontario, Canada

Home County Music & Art Festival

3 music

44th Home County Music and Art Festival, July 14 to 16, Victoria park, London. celebrate summer with live music, arts and crafts, and food. This year’s headliners are royal Wood (friday), dione Taylor (saturday) and The once (sunday). Workshops and demonstrations add to the festivities. for more information, visit

Royal Wood • The Once Dione Taylor & The Backsliderz Susan Aglukark • Lisa LeBlanc Trent Severn • Tribe of One …and many more! PLUS: Children’s Entertainment

Craft Food & & Beer Craft more! Garden Vendors


Elizabeth Moyer • 519 686-0951 •

July/August 2017


Landscaping, Ponds, Waterfalls, Perennials and Watergardens 11353 Longwoods Rd., Delaware, ON 519-652-2911 Check us out on Facebook HOURS: Mon. to Sat. 9am - 5pm; Sunday 11am - 4pm


1026 Talbot St., St Thomas, ON N5P 1G3 ph 519-631-8428

26 Lifestyle July/August 2017


made in


by Heather toskan

Hail our country’s fashionable contribution

Why not celebrate the nation’s big birthday in style by wearing some of the many designs made right here in canada? TOP A floral print short sleeve dress, fashioned from polyester crepe, is outfitted with a fitted bodice, a flared skirt and soft side pleats. The dress (style: Emmanuelle) is by designer Annie 50 and is from Curiosities. RIGHT A natural toned, tailored vest, made of bamboo rayon (style: Kamran) with long rounded lapels and a lower hem at the front, is paired with uniquely styled flowing pants with overlapping front panels (style: Shea) for an elegant look. These Miik coordinates are from Bijou Boutique. MIddle This V-neck bamboo rayon jumpsuit, with an adjustable drawstring waist line (style: Jojo), is topped by a cropped singlebutton jacket (style: Claire) for a dressier look. These and other Miik coordinates are available at Bijou Boutique.

FaR RIGHT A striped, stretch silk blouse (style: Clara) is worn with a pair of dark blue relaxed fit blue silk trousers (style: Lindsay). Stylish bows adorn the sash-tie pants, and the blouse also features a bow at the back. These coordinates, by designer Miriam Baker, are from Hangar 9.

July/August 2017

Lifestyle 27

made in canada Continued from page 27


Copyright © 2015 Joseph Ribkoff Inc. All rights reserved. Any reproduction and/or use of the Joseph Ribkoff logo for commercial or promotional purposes is forbidden without the written authorization of Joseph Ribkoff Inc.

Proudly Canadian! 655 FANSHAWE PARK RD W LONDON

Unique ladies

fashions in


Copyright © 2015 Joseph Ribkoff Inc. All rights reserved. Any reproduction and/or use of the Joseph Ribkoff logo for commercial or promotional purposes is forbidden without the written authorization of Joseph Ribkoff Inc.

Bijou Boutique 1289 Commissioners Rd., West, Byron (next to Starbucks) • 519.472.0123

2 Lifestyle July/August 2017

A pair of patterned blue and white cotton and polyester stretch slim pants (style: Rhapsody) paired with a blue cotton denim shirt (style: Lucy) make waves. These Lisette L. coordinates are from Curiosities.

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Closet Editing | Personal Shopping | Styling Events

䈀䔀䄀唀吀䤀䘀唀䰀 䈀䔀䄀䌀䠀 䴀夀 䠀䄀䤀刀℀

䜀䔀吀 匀唀䴀䴀䔀刀 刀䔀䄀䐀夀 圀䤀吀䠀 唀匀℀

㄀㘀㜀㌀ 刀䤀䌀䠀䴀伀一䐀 匀吀⸀ 簀 㔀㄀㤀⸀㠀㔀 ⸀㠀㌀㠀㌀ 簀 䴀䄀刀䤀䄀䈀䤀䬀䄀匀匀䄀䰀伀一⸀䌀伀䴀

10th Annual

Walk alone or walk with a friend ...or enter a team! Come and have fun ...get free stuff prizes!

We pRovide the shoes!

Once around Victoria Park ...are YOU man enough?

saturday - sept . 30, 2017 Register at:

or contact Walk Coordinator, Pamela Coray at: or call: 519.642.3003 ext. 2252 or Jean Meilleur at:

621 Richmond Street London • 519.601.2213 formerly


9 Main Street North, Bayfield www.S wim O n R ichmOnd .com July/August 2017

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made in canada Continued from page 28

Model wears a gauze weight soft wool scarf (style: Arctic) as a halter top. The scarf by GOBLE is part of “THE CANADIANA COLLECTION,” created to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday. Available at and through Hangar 9.


Choose a round or square spout, cross (X or +) or lever (L or J) handle, and from seven different finishes (chrome, brushed nickel, polished nickel, black*, chrome/black, brushed nickel/black, or polished nickel/black).

PHOTO By yannick-Abain Gauthier. Fashionistas celebrate sesquicentennial By Jill Ellis-Worthington






Polished Nickel

Polished Nickel/Black

Brushed Nickel

Brushed Nickel/Black

*Integral black finish (spout and handles) is available for lavatory faucets only.

learn about apparel past as part of your celebrations of the country’s 150th birthday this summer. the canadian Fashion history Museum in cambridge shows how clothing has changed and adapted to reflect the needs of canadians throughout the century and a half since confederation. From dresses worn by women living during the days of confederation to present day preferences, tastes have changed and they are all on display at this small museum. achievements in fashion from beaver pelts to Botox to the Wonderbra and the wire hanger are celebrated during this display until December of this year. a separate exhibit showcases canadian designers and one special dress on display was worn by sophie Grégoire-trudeau at a White house dinner with the obamas, during a state visit to Washington. two special displays - one showing the designs of the house of Dior and the other exhibiting the dresses of Jane austen’s World (1792 to 1817) - are also offered. Visit the Fashion history Museum’s website for more information. www.fashionhistorymuseum FOR MORE INFORMATION Bijou Boutique 1289 commissioners Road West 519 -472-0123 • curiosities 174-1/2 Wortley Road 519- 432-0434 • 30 Lifestyle July/August 2017

GOBle – 519- 670-4144 • Hangar 9 515 Richmond street, london 519-672-0073 •



like the stars

TreaTmenT offers hope for aging skin


By Jill ellis-Worthington

trip to the spa is always a luxurious thing. Being pampered and fussed over a bit is such a tonic for the soul in our busy world. But a trip to the spa that results in real change to one’s appearance was an experience that I was totally on board with. At DermEffects, carbon peel, or Lutronic Spectra (laser) peel, is just one of several sophisticated treatments offered that goes deeper than

regular facials. Sometimes referred to as the ‘Hollywood peel,’ it is said that the stars often use this treatment in the weeks leading up to an important appearance, like the Oscars. Laser technician/medical esthetician Chassidy Pazitny cleansed my face and then advised that I’d be wearing eye protection as she’d be using a sophisticated laser to work the Spectra lotion into my face. True to its carbon moniker, it’s black and made of a blend of microscopic carbon particles and mineral oils. Continued on page 32

July/August 2017

Lifestyle 31

spa like the stars Continued from page 31

TRY OUR CARBON PEEL ANd LOw LEvEL LighT ThERAPY to rejuvenate your skin! BELkYRA FOR dOUBLE ChiN RAdiOFREQUENCY MiCRONEEdLiNg • skin tightening & wrinkles • acne scars • excessive sweating Botox & Fillers Chemical peels & facials Fractional laser skin resurfacing Laser for brown spots & melasma Tattoo removal Laser hair removal Laser for facial & leg veins Medical grade skin care & make-up Photodynamic therapy for sun damaged skin Complimentary skin care consult

Dr. Wei Jing Loo (Dermatologist) BSc(Med), MBBS, MRCP(UK), FRCPC

1560 Hyde Park Road, London, ON • 519.472.8686

face lift/brow lift eyelid surgery liposuction breast enhancement tummy tuck Botox® injectable fillers sclerotherapy for spider veins specialty skin care products

At DermEffects, carbon peel, or Lutronic Spectra (laser) peel, is just one of several sophisticated treatments offered that goes deeper than regular facials.

Pazitny explained that the “Spectra peel is a powerful, controllable, yet gentle protocol that allows for complete clinical management of the skin rejuvenation process for a wide range of indications and skin types, like inflammatory acne, post-acne redness, large pores, skin rejuvenation/photo damaged skin, fine wrinkles, seborrheic skin (yellow/oily skin), post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) and melisma.” She applied the lotion and then used the Spectra Lutronic laser to work it into my skin. I did feel some heat as the laser was being used but not to an uncomfortable level. There is also a snapping noise associated with the laser. Pazitny has worked in the medical and cosmetic spa industry for more than two decades and was knowledgeable about the results that I might see after one treatment, as “three to five treatments between two and four weeks apart are recommended for optimum results.” After the single treatment, my skin felt softer and smoother. Some of the fine lines that bother me were less noticeable as well. I received a couple of compliments during the day on how fresh my skin looked (unsolicited), so I think results were definitely notable. The stars think this is the way to go, and I tend to agree. n FOR MORE INFORMATION

Dermeffects 1560 Hyde Park Road 519-472-2929 •

32 Lifestyle July/August 2017

Dr Moore.pdf


12:52:07 PM

best hair day guaranteed


ExcEptional SavingS on Professional salon Products! CheCk out our red hot deals the opEn to pUBlic

45 oxford street West • london


Candor Vision

Hylo Lubricating Drops




Vitamin Centre 519-672-3340 52 Grand Ave., London

Mention this ad and save $5.00

MEDICAL ESTHETICS Look and feel your very best with our medical esthetics.

Hello Beautiful.

• FRACTIONAL SKIN RESURFACING For sun-damaged skin, hyperpigmentation, skin texture, wrinkles and treatment of acne scars.

• ENDYMED PRO SKIN TIGHTENING Promote the production of new, healthier collagen leading to a skin tightening effect with reduction in wrinkles.

• SILKPEEL DERMALINFUSION Tone, tighten and improve scarring.

• LASER HAIR REMOVAL Smooth, beautiful skin. You will love your results.


• TEETH WHITENING Whiter teeth in only 1 hour using LED light.

579 Richmond St. • 519.433.8129 July/August 2017

Lifestyle 33

Lasting impressions that Make a house a hoMe

Make it a destination! Visit us in beautiful lakeside Goderich for all your lifestyle needs. We have a large display of patio furnishings as well as sporting accessories.

Delivery across Ontario

G O D E R I C H Independently owned and operated

121 Huckins St. Goderich, ON • 519-524-1778 • 1-800-667-0357 • •

september/OctOber 2017

Reach 75,000

Home renos


new Homes








potential customers every issue. AdveRtise in our September/october iSSue Committed to providing a full range of cost effective, quality, electrical services to residential, commercial and industrial consumers since 2005.


September October 2017

Wilma Van Vaerenbergh, Assistant publisher/Sales manager 519.476.5571 •




Your Space Saving Sleep Solution Visit our Facebook Page: Sleep Factory London


CabinetBedINC. Our highly trained & licensed service technicians provide, fast, friendly and knowledgeable electrical services. Our modern fleet of wellmaintained service vehicles are stocked with the right equipment and materials to suit your job and complete it promptly!

Introduces cabInetbed, a space-savIng solutIon for small spaces. • no installation required. free standing. • transforms in 30 seconds. • 6" trifold gel infused memory foam mattress for excellent sleeping comfort. • all wood construction. no mdf or particle board. • High grade finishes with multiple stain and hardware options. • large drawer for plenty of store space. • supports up to 500 lbs. • Queen and double size available. • cabinet dimentions are: (closed) Queen size: 42.5" high x 66.5" wide x 25" deep double size: 42.5" high x 60.5" wide x 25" deep

Folds in 30 seconds NO PARTICLE BOARD


Stain options Bus: 519 461-1050 Fax: 519 461-1338 For reference only. Actual colours may vary.



Truly Made in Canada 4300 Wellington Rd., South of Hwy. 401, across from Costco


July/August 2017

Lifestyle 35


Cheers to fashion

Customer-first philosophy generates loyal clientele for Sara Sohan

By Ellen Ashton-Haiste


e all like to go where everybody knows our name. That’s why women choose to get their fashion fix at Sara Sohan, a fashion boutique in London’s Cherryhill Village Mall. Great customer service is the key to success, says owner Vinod Singhal. Store manager Marian Bentley agrees. “We enjoy the people, and we like to form friendships with our customers,” she said, adding that the store’s professional and experienced staff are proficient at getting to know their customers’ tastes and helping them find the perfect ensemble for any occasion. “We are a modern store with old-fashioned values,” Singhal said of the family-owned and operated business. This philosophy results in a loyal clientele of repeat customers, Bentley says. And that loyalty is rewarded with VIP incentive cards, which offer tax-free FOR MORE INFORMATION

36 Lifestyle July/August 2017

purchases for returning customers. Singhal and his wife, Laxmi, opened their first ladies’ wear store, Just For You, in the Cherryhill shopping centre 35 years ago and it’s still popular, particularly with community residents. Six years ago, Bentley says, a demand was identified for “a more fashion forward look” and Sara Sohan was launched with imports from designers around the globe, including France, Italy and Australia, as well

as Canada and the United States. The 3,000-square-foot store is bright and welcoming with an extensive bank of windows along the mall showcasing merchandise. Fashions range from casual chic to evening finery and are complemented by an assortment of accessories – jewellery, scarves and handbags. The store carries brands such as Treska hand-crafted and on-trend jewellery, as well as handbags from the Canadian leader Joanel, noted for its unique styles. Sara Sohan is definitely a destination store, said Bentley, drawing a clientele from across the region. Customers represent a wide age range from young professionals to mature women who like to maintain a stylish persona. “Keeping up with the latest in new fashions keeps us going and keeps our customers happy,” she said. n

Sara Sohan • Cherryhill Village Mall 301 Oxford Street West • 519-964-1006 •

WAREHOUSE 74 Quality Home Furnishings & Decor Just a short drive to Lucan - 269 Main Street

519 227-0074 NEW! Portland SOLID MAPLE Bedroom Suite

Now Offering Mattresses from

2” Natural Talalay Latex

3” Open cell memory foam infused

2” Soy Bio Foam with heat channels

with Lavender essential oil

7” Soy Bio Foam Core

5” Soy Bio Foam with heat channels 3” Soy Bio Foam Core




Tydan Story

Since 1998, award winning Tydan haS been exTending The wallS of homeS To creaTe ouTdoor living SpaceS ThaT reflecT and enhance people’S liveS.

MeMber of these professional associations

Tydan is renowned for their innovative design and build projects, and specializes in water features, rainwater collection systems and interlock paving.

recipients of the following awards

Family owned and operated by Paul and Anne Marie Rancourt, and their two children, Tyler (the Ty in Tydan) and Danielle (the Dan), the Rancourts are passionate about great design. Senior Design Associate with our company for landscape design assignments is Vince Long who provides valuable indepth experience and knowledge for our clients. Through a personal, interactive process they evaluate the site to see your vision then design a plan appropriate for your lifestyle and budget. Tydan employs experienced staff, seasonal workers, and a construction crew. Using leading industry technology, they work with you to create a professional landscape plan for your property, which illustrates all plants, structures, and gardens. Then they build the project from the ground up with help from their experienced and certified installers.

• Landscape Ontario • ICPI – Interlock Concrete Paving Institute • Aquascape Certified Contractors • Canadian Nursery Landscape Association

• 2016 Best Multiple Booth Exhibit Award Home & Garden Show • 2016 Award of Excellence JPII Urban Garden Project Water Conservation Award • Landscape Ontario Awards of Excellence 2014: Water Conservation Award (Non-Potable Water) • Award of Horticultural Excellence from the London Horticultural Society • The 2004 London Home Builders’ Association Award for the Best Concept Display at the Lifestyle Home Show • 2nd Place for the 2001 London Spring Home & Garden Show’s theme garden display, “The Lawnless Garden.” oUr serVices • Landscape Design + Build • Water Features • Rainwater Harvesting • Decks + Patios • Walkways, Paths + Driveways • Drainage Solutions • Fencing + Gates • Custom Design + Build • Design Projects for Large or Small Spaces

655 Fanshawe Park Road East, London | 519.672.5558 | 519.672.3098 | |



INTRODUCING THE XE SPORTS SEDAN The Jaguar XE combines distinct British design and dynamic handling, with advanced aluminum architecture and an available 340 hp V6 engine. Given its compelling price, the Jaguar XE is poised to rule the roads. Graciously, of course.

MSRP from $47,695† Meet the new generation of Jaguar. JAGUAR LONDON

1035 Wharncliffe S., London, ON • 519.681.9400 •

JAGUAR LONDON freight, $600 PDI, $495 Admin and $100 AC Tax. All applicable taxes and licensing fees are extra. See your local authorized Jaguar Retailer or for details. ©2017 2017 Jaguar XE R-Sport shown. †Supply of 2017 XE 2.0L Diesel at MSRP of $45,000 is limited. All prices shown are Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price. Includes $1,500

JAGUARWharncliffe LAND ROVER CANADA, ULC 1035 S., London, ON • 519.681.9400 •


Say hello to London’s first neighbourhood powered by the sun. Welcome to West 5, a SMART, active community surrounded by nature. Where every home comes fully equipped for high speed internet and cable. Where your stainless steel fridge, stove, dishwasher and in-suite washer and dryer are all ENERGY STAR ® certified and powered by solar panels. Where you can charge your electric car right from your garage. Where you can take in the expanse of greenery from your balcony, terrace or quartz breakfast bar. Where you can feel the future.

Stainless Appliances

Vibrant Park

Quartz Countertops

Reserve your suite today.

Balconies & Terraces

In-suite Laundry

Feel the Energy.

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