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Aug – Oct 2012


Indian summer suggestions

School’s out! But not for long Do your homework and make sure you know what to stock Page 7

‘E’ Top-up – Make it ‘E’asy on yourself Our guide to ‘E’ Top-ups and payments Page 9

Category Focus Focus on Soft Drinks Focus on Tobacco Page 11

Halloween – A Retailers Treat

A spooky opportunity to increase your sales Page 12

The price is right New Core Range Best Sellers price listing for Summer/Autumn 2012 Pages 13 – 18 Retailer Matters 15_2012.indd 2

Indian summer suggestions Whilst weather-wise we can’t guarantee an Indian summer, as Retailers you can certainly do your best to make sure summer rolls on until the dark nights arrive. In spite of the poor weather, it has been one of the best Retail summers on record, largely due to the great events that have taken place over the summer months. As Retailers, it’s in your interest to ensure that spending levels remain at this height. So what can we do to ensure we get the most out of the late summer and autumn months before the Christmas spending frenzy takes off? We are sure the late summer sun will arrive and generate additional sales as Consumers look to capitalise on the summer they have missed so far.

Keep a close eye on the weather. Check those five-day forecasts and if it looks like being a warm and fine weekend stock up on those barbecue essentials. It may be worth pushing the boat out a little and reminding people how enjoyable eating outdoors really is, and, whilst you may need an extra layer, as long as the sun is shining eating al fresco can be lots of fun. continued on p4

Ce l w ebr it at h e

A late run of good weather could boost your sales Cover & Page 4


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Retailer Matters | 03


Summer! What summer? At the time of writing, the summer hasn’t yet arrived; I don’t need to tell you that we have been on the receiving end of some of the worst summer weather in history. In Convenience, Retailers trade is better when the sun shines so the constant deluge is having a severe effect across the Industry. With this in mind, when the sun shines, and I am confident it will, Consumers will be looking to make the most of the summer they haven’t had yet, and it could be a real opportunity to do some decent trade during a late Indian Summer.

Contents August and September are key periods of the year with the Bank Holiday Weekend, the barbecue season in full swing and then back to school.


3 Cover &4

The average number of barbecues held per family each year has risen from around 2.5 ten years ago to over 9 now. We are Europe’s leading barbecue nation, hosting over 120m barbecues and beating the Germans into 2nd place for the third year running!

Indian summer suggestions A late run of good weather could boost your sales. School’s out! But not for long Do your homework and make sure you know what to stock.


Value Zone Price Fighting Value range at a knockout 40% +POR.


We can’t rely on the weather, so many barbecues are planned at the last minute, this is great news for Independents; by stocking up on barbecue foods and making sure there are always plenty of cold drinks available, you can capitalise on these last minute decisions. Don’t forget, out of stocks are the main reason for shoppers not to purchase in Convenience Stores; so keep a close eye on the weather forecast and, if it’s going to be hot, (well warm), stock up ready for a leap in sales. Stuart Johnson Retail Controller, Landmark Wholesale

‘E’ Top-up – 9 Make it ‘E’asy on yourself Our guide to ‘E’ Top-ups and payments. Category Focus Focus on Soft Drinks. Focus on Tobacco. Halloween – A Retailers Treat A spooky opportunity to increase your sales. The price is right New Core Range Best Sellers price listing for Summer/Autumn 2012.


Dates for your Diary A guide to up and coming events.


12 13-18

For more information about Landmark Wholesale, their Members and Lifestyle Express please contact Head Office on: 01908 255300.

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04 | Retailer Matters

Indian summer

suggestions... continued from front cover

Late October and early November have Halloween and Bonfire Night to keep us busy, but there’s no reason why September can’t be a lucrative month. Be the first to suggest a ‘back to school party’ for the kids and with some children moving up to ‘big school’ they really have got something to celebrate. See our ‘back to school’ article on page 7 for some great tips on what to stock to capture more ‘back to school’ trade.

Summer may be over but the sun never falls on our appetite to party!

Autumn brings lots on which to focus. The start of the new football season could be cause for celebration and, when the first horse chestnuts hit the ground and the mild autumn evenings

begin, this could be the perfect opportunity to get the neighbours together over a few drinks and an autumn barbecue in the garden. Try and break the mould by suggesting an event

that may not have been tried before and why not run an In-Store competition for the best picture taken at an unusual end of summer event such as a football season kick-off party or a back to school bash?


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big CAN. * . big profits BIG CAN. BIG PROFITS. LiMitED EDitioN. trAVis pAstrANA HEro CAN.






B U LL 4 7



Red Bull generates more cash profit than any other energy brand*

launch the new 473ml price marked can. and Red Bull generating more cash There’s a big name currently on the *AverAge profit per SKU bASed on pUbliShed priceS in nAtionAl c&c oct 2011 WeeKly cAtegory Weighted Unit rAte of SAle (UnAffiliAted independentS 5W/e 1St oct) It’s also worth mentioning that 98% of profit than any other energy brand,** stunt rider circuit – the world renowned Travis Pastrana. He might not be a familiar your customers tell us they would rather the new Red Bull 473ml price mark buy a price marked soft drink.* face to you (yet) but he is to your big can can will be a hero on your shelves too energy customers, so it seemed only fitting With Sports & Energy now the largest – no stunts, just fact. that he should be the Red Bull hero to Red Bull Gives You Wiiings. and fastest growing category in soft drinks

RB_C&C_Travis_A2_poster_AW2.indd 1

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Retailer Matters | 07

School’s out! But not for long Stationery can be further broken down into two distinct areas: high volume e.g. ball points and pencils etc. and high value including fountain pens and propelling / mechanical pencils. With the UK back to school stationery market estimated at £68m, there is lots of potential. Furthermore, the Independent Retail Sector accounts for up to 30% of this market. With more and more children opting to take their own lunches into school in preference to school meals, lunch box fillers are an essential stock item. It’s important that you stock up on multipacks of soft drinks, crisps, snacks and sandwich items such as bread, bread rolls, cheese, salad items and cold meats including ham, beef and chicken etc. From early August until well into September make sure you have good stocks of back to school ranges so that parents know where to come to buy those must-have items. Those three little words back to school may have filled us with despondency as children, however, as Retailers the words bring with them an excellent sales potential. The market begins to grow almost as soon as the children break up for the summer holidays with, in some cases, parents preparing for their children’s return to the classroom before they leave for their summer hols. The lucrative back to school market has in the past been claimed by the supermarkets, but

Retailer Matters 15_2012.indd 8

Independent Retailers have a real opportunity to actively generate business and remember, busy parents means busy Convenience Stores. So if you’re prepared, the business will come through your doors.

Make sure you do your homework so that you know exactly what to stock. The two main areas to focus on are lunch box items and stationery.

Once you’ve decided on your stock, create an atmosphere In-Store by hanging banners to promote your back to school range. POS is essential to get parents’ and children’s attention so make sure you have plenty of posters, wobblers and shelf talkers. The lucrative back to school market is a real opportunity for Independent Retailers, so make sure you have everything the anxious parent and the despondent child needs to go back to school prepared.

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08 | Retailer Matters




Lifestyle Value products give you a knockout punch... ...just the thing you need where your local competition is fierce. Lifestyle Value is Landmark Wholesale’s price marked, economy range of everyday Groceries which complements the Lifestyle Brand and gives you the perfect combination of Value Own Brand, Own Brand and Brand. From the 27th August to the 15th September, the whole range is available at a knockout 40%+ POR from Landmark Wholesale Member Depots – just look out for the Value Zone In-Depot displays and stock up now. Lifestyle Value provides guaranteed low prices on quality basics and these days, with more and more Customers purchasing on price alone, the range has been a runaway success and has been extended to 41 products with further new products on the way.

Collection of wines, Prince Consort Spirits and V DGRAD, the very popular light spirit.


To help you put together the Best-Selling range of Own Brand and Value Own Brand products for your Store, Landmark Wholesale Depots have created Value Zone areas showcasing great value everyday Core Range Own Brand products. The In-Depot Value Zones feature all Landmark Wholesale Own Brand products from the Lifestyle and Lifestyle Value ranges, LSV Energy Drinks range and extensive Alcohol ranges including the Award winning Vintners

The products on the Value Zones offer great value everyday as well as all the current special offers on the Own Brand ranges. So why not group a range of Value products at the front of your Store and start your very own Value Zone and show your Customers you are serious about offering them great value, EVERYDAY!

Look out for further Value Zone activity coming later in the year. Our new Merry Zone will be focusing on Vintners Collection Wines from the 8th to the 27th of October.

LSV Energises Soft Drinks Sales



Landmark Wholesale’s Own Brand ranges include all of the Best Sellers and have been specifically developed for Independent Retailers to give Customers everything they would expect at great prices right across the store. Look out for our Must Stock Own Brand range In-Depot and put more profit in your pocket.

Landmark Wholesale Own Brands – Great Value Everyday

V Br alu Gre an e a d Owt fr n om

Put the sparkle into your Soft Drink sales with LSV Sport and Energy Drinks. Retailing at less than half the price of the leading Brands, the LSV range of 18 high quality products gives upto 50% POR across the range. Now with two NEW 250ml LSV Juiced flavours there’s even more reasons why LSV is a Must Stock Core Range for all Independent Retailers.

For more information contact your local Landmark Wholesale Depot or call Landmark Wholesale Central Office on:

01908 255 300 |

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Retailer Matters | 09

‘E’ Top-up – Make it ‘E’asy on yourself The most difficult challenge in today’s competitive Retail market is getting Customers through your door. It goes without saying that footfall is essential to sales and the more people you get to come into your Store the more you will sell. With this in mind it’s important to think about the services you offer just as much as the products you sell. More and more Retailers in the UK are installing systems to facilitate electronic payment methods offering utility bill payments, ‘E’ Topups for mobile phones and credit and debit card facilities. There are two main operators in the field namely Paypoint and Payzone. Payzone offers Customers a range of services from tickets for The Health Lottery to mobile phone top-ups, utility bill payments including gas, water and electricity, on-line gaming, local bus ticketing and even on-line shopping vouchers. The In-Store system also operates as a credit and debit card acceptance facility.

Retailer Matters 15_2012.indd 10

Research has shown that Customers who pay for their purchases with credit or debit cards spend more than Customers who use cash. Paypoint offers convenient, local payment of household bills and mobile top-ups. Customers are able to use the system to pay regular utility bills in cash. Top-up cards for household meters are available through the system and many Consumers use Paypoint to top-up their mobile phones. The system’s availability is a great plus point for Consumers. There are almost 23,500 places in the UK and Ireland where Paypoint facilities can be found including many Convenience Stores. The Paypoint system works with all major EPOS systems, and for those who prefer to shop with cash, the Company has recently launched self-fill LINK ATMs allowing your Customers to access money at your Store. Offering Paypoint or Payzone facilities in your Store will increase sales. When a Customer enters your Store for a phone top-up they are quite likely to buy other goods and increase their spending. Furthermore once the Customer

realises the service is available you should be guaranteed repeat Business. Depending on the service provider you choose it needn’t cost you anything to install the system and you could make money on each transaction. It’s important that you find the right deal which best suits your Business, so make sure you research thoroughly. Electronic payment systems are a great way to get people into your Store, so why not join the growing number of Convenience Store owners joining the ‘E’ revolution?

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10 | Retailer Matters

Retailer Matters 15_2012.indd 11

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Retailer Matters | 11

Category Focus - Soft Drinks Soft drinks perform better when the sun’s out – just a 1°C increase in temperature leads to a 3.5% increase in Soft Drinks sales so make sure you’re well stocked up and that your Customers know that you’ve plenty of cold Soft Drinks in the chiller – 76% of shoppers go straight to the chiller.

Research has shown that Customers only spend an average of 7 seconds choosing what to buy so help them to find what they want as quickly as possible to maximise sales.



August and September are key periods of the year for Soft Drinks sales with the Bank Holiday Weekend and the barbecue season in full swing.




5 top tips for maximising soft drinks sales

Shoppers recognise shapes and colours so stock the big Brands to ‘signpost’ different areas of the chiller Site ‘signpost’ Brands at eye level to help your Customers find what they want quickly i.e. Red Bull, Lucozade Energy & Coca Cola

04 05

Stocking the right range is key and all products should have at least 2 facings to help them stand out on-shelf

Where there are size variants, stock them next to each other to encourage Customers to trade-up 29% of all Soft Drink sales come from Sports & Energy drinks – one of the fastest growing areas – so make sure you’re well stocked with Branded and Own Brand lines.

Category Focus – Tobacco The tobacco display ban is a fantastic opportunity for Independent Retailers Many supermarket shoppers may choose to switch their cigarette and tobacco purchasing to smaller Stores where they can still view the tobacco display. On average, smokers visit their local Store 4.3 times per week – they’re the biggest generator of cash for Convenience Stores. 36% of adult shoppers buy cigarettes and tobacco and 66% buy other items such as gum, mints, confectionery, newspapers, etc.; in fact a cigarette shopper spends almost twice as much as a non-cigarette shopper, on average £9.05 per visit. Small Store Retailers have a fantastic opportunity to capitalise on this change in legislation and should ensure that they are meeting the needs of potential new Customers.

sold in the UK now being a value Brand; PMPs are increasingly important accounting for 58% of sales, so it is vital for Retailers to always have the correct range available in PMP where possible.

Roll your own is running second to value cigarettes, worth £1.7b in the UK, one in three adult smokers now choose to smoke hand rolling tobacco.

• 66% of adult shoppers agree PMP reassures them that they are not being overcharged


6 April 2015

• 52% of adult shoppers say knowing a Store has PMP would influence them to choose that particular Store


6 April 2015


6 April 2015


1 April 2015

• 30% of adult tobacco shoppers would use a shop more often if it sold more PMPs.

Tobacco Consumers are looking for quality and value for money, with one in three cigarettes

Smokers are very Brand loyal; if you don’t stock their Brand, they will go elsewhere.

Retailer Matters 15_2012.indd 12

Comparative Spends

Average Shopper

Cigarette Shopper

Basket spend per week



Frequency of visits per week



Annual spend



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12 | Retailer Matters

Halloween – A Retailer’s treat! Retailers should make the most of the phenomenon known as Trick or Treat by ensuring that the Halloween celebration is turned into a real Retail opportunity. Whilst the event is usually celebrated on 31st October, which this year falls on a Wednesday, there is at least a two-week build up and (similar to the Bonfire Night scenario which follows a week later) often events will take place throughout the week and into the following weekend. According to recent Industry statistics, Trick or Treaters and those celebrating Halloween, generate an estimated £235m in sales. Those sales have seen a twenty-fold increase in just ten years since the UK market adopted the American title and began to sell the event as a celebration. For Convenience Stores Halloween is the third largest event in the calendar after Christmas and Easter and, falling on 31st October, the celebration provides a welcome sales boost as the nights draw in. The Major Multiples have helped grow the demand for the wide range of goods which are now on offer to promote the event, however, Convenience Stores should take advantage and benefit from offering a range of products to their local Customers. Gone are the days when toffee apples and sweets were all that was on offer. These days the market is much more sophisticated and includes Halloween and Trick or Treat Branded Confectionery and toys, face masks, balloons, spiders, hats and fancy dress costumes.

parties will take place across the UK and the demand for related food and drink helps make Halloween one of the year’s most significant Retail events. Make sure you stock all the party essentials from Confectionery to Soft Drinks and something a little more potent for the special Halloween punches that will be mixed, to help the night go with a spooky swing!

Over the years the UK has adopted a party culture and Halloween provides another opportunity to celebrate. Trick or Treat

Be sure to enter into the ‘spirit’ by decorating your Store. Consider designating a specific Halloween location and remember Suppliers

and Wholesalers can help with specialist advice to ensure you get the most from your displays.

You can turn Halloween into a real treat for all the family and the trick is to take full advantage of this spooky Retail opportunity.

Bonfire Night could help boost profits Once the spirit of Halloween has left the building, Guy Fawkes follows closely on its heels!

Bonfire Night is the last event before the Christmas period so remember, remember to make the most of the 5th November!

Retailer Matters 15_2012.indd 13

And with 5th November falling on a Monday this year there are bound to be lots of bonfire parties going on over the previous weekend and even the weekend following, so there’s a double opportunity to sell all the party essentials. Make sure you stock up on Chilled Beers, Ciders and Wines and the Bonfire Night stalwarts of potatoes for baking and treacle toffee. Those organising bonfire parties will more likely look to provide outdoor snack food and, whilst the summer sunshine maybe a distant memory, bonfire barbecue’s are sure to be a favourite.

There’s obviously an added dimension to Bonfire Night and that is safety. Make sure your staff sell responsibly and adhere to all the rules and regulations surrounding the sale of fireworks (if you are planning on selling them). If you’re in any doubt speak to your local Trading Standards department to ensure you have all the correct and appropriate authorisation in place. You must be registered to sell fireworks during the permitted dates and it is illegal to sell fireworks or sparklers to anyone under the age of 18. The safest policy for you, your staff and your Customers is no ID no sale.

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Retailer Matters | 13

Core Range Best Sellers price list For Great Value Everyday, for you and your Customers, look out for Must Stock Own Brands from Landmark Wholesale. Item



Breakfast Cereals Kellogg’s Special K Kellogg’s Bran Flakes Kellogg’s Fruit ’n Fibre Kellogg’s Variety Pack Kellogg’s Frosties Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Kellogg’s Coco Pops Kellogg’s Cornflakes Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut Cornflakes Nestlé Shredded Wheat Nestlé Multi Cheerios Nestlé Shreddies Quaker Oat So Simple Original Alpen Weetabix Sugar Puffs

375g 500g 375g 8’s 500g 340g 295g 500g

£2.69 £2.19 £2.09 £2.45 £2.39 £2.09 £2.09 £2.19

375g 16’s 375g 500g 10’s 375g 24’s 320g

£2.65 £2.29 £2.49 £2.65 £2.36 £1.99 £2.59 £2.09

205g 400g 400g 400g 410g 400g 400g

£0.45 £0.60 £0.60 £1.07 £1.07 £1.07 £1.07

Canned Heinz Spaghetti Hoops Heinz Spaghetti Hoops Heinz Spaghetti Heinz Spaghetti with Sausages Heinz Ravioli Heinz Spaghetti Bolognese Heinz Macaroni Cheese Heinz Character Spaghetti As Stocked Heinz Baked Beans Heinz Baked Beans Heinz Baked Beans with Sausages John West Tuna Steaks in Brine No Drain John West Tuna Steaks in Oil No Drain John West Tuna Light Lunch French John West Tuna Light Lunch Mediterranean John West Wild Pink Salmon John West Wild Red Salmon John West Sardines in Rich Tomato Sauce John West Mackerel Fillets in Tomato Sauce John West Anchovies Smash Original Smash Original Glenryck Pilchards in Tomato Sauce Fray Bentos Meatballs in Tomato Sauce Princes Stewed Steak Tyne Chilli Con Carne Tyne Chicken Curry Tyne Beef Curry Tyne Irish Stew Fray Bentos Chicken & Mushroom Pie Fray Bentos Steak & Kidney Pie Princes 6 Jumbo Hot Dogs Princes 8 Hot Dogs Princes Ham Princes Corned Beef Spam Chopped Pork & Ham Princes Chicken & Stuffing Paste Princes Corned Beef & Onion Paste Princes Tuna & Mayonnaise Paste Batchelors Mushy Peas Batchelors Bigga Marrowfat Peas Chesswood Button Mushrooms Crosse & Blackwell Red Kidney Beans Crosse & Blackwell Chick Peas Green Giant Original Niblets Sweetcorn

Retailer Matters 15_2012.indd 14

Item Green Giant Naturally Sweet No Added Sugar Sweetcorn Branston Baked Beans Crosse & Blackwell The Full Monty Crosse & Blackwell All Day Breakfast Lifestyle Value Tuna Flakes Lifestyle Tuna Chunks in Brine Lifestyle Whole Carrots Lifestyle Sliced Carrots Lifestyle Processed Peas Lifestyle Garden Peas Lifestyle Mushy Peas Lifestyle New Potatoes Lifestyle Plum Tomatoes Lifestyle Chopped Tomatoes Lifestyle Baked Beans Lifestyle Value Baked Beans



340g 420g

£0.99 £0.65



415g 185g 185g 300g 300g 300g 300g 300g 545g 400g 400g 410g 400g

Must Stock Must Stock Must Stock Must Stock Must Stock Must Stock Must Stock Must Stock Must Stock Must Stock Must Stock Must Stock

£1.85 £0.59 £1.15 £0.55 £0.51 £0.38 £0.55 £0.41 £0.89 £0.55 £0.55 £0.55 £0.35


205g 200g 415g

£0.49 £0.53 £0.69









240g 213g 213g

£2.49 £2.49 £3.99



125g 50g 88g 176g

£1.55 £1.25 £0.99 £1.57



410g 410g 392g 392g 392g 392g

£1.19 £3.59 £1.29 £1.29 £1.29 £1.29

475g 475g 560g 400g 200g 340g 200g 75g

£2.55 £2.55 £2.29 £1.29 £1.39 £2.69 £1.85 £0.85



75g 300g

£0.85 £0.65

300g 290g

£0.59 £1.09

420g 420g

£1.09 £0.79



Nutella Carnation Evaporated Milk Hartley’s Best Strawberry Jam Hartley’s Best Raspberry Seedless Jam Hartley’s Best Apricot Jam Robertson’s Golden Shred Marmalade Sunpat Peanut Butter Crunchy Ambrosia Devon Custard Pot Hartley’s Strawberry Jelly Hartley’s Strawberry Jelly Block Ambrosia Devon Custard Ambrosia Creamed Rice McDougalls Self Raising Flour McDougalls Plain Flour Angel Delight Strawberry Marmite Yeast Extract Rowse Honey Pure & Natural Clear Squeezable Del Monte Peach Slices in Juice Del Monte Sliced Pineapple in Juice Del Monte Fruit Cocktail in Juice

400g 410g 340g

£2.19 £0.85 £1.75

340g 340g

£1.75 £1.75

454g 227g 150g 125g 135g 425g 425g 1.5kg 1.5kg 59g 125g

£1.89 £1.75 £0.67 £0.68 £0.85 £1.15 £1.19 £1.85 £1.85 £0.79 £1.55

340g 415g

£2.79 £1.09

432g 415g

£1.09 £1.09

300g 250g 280g 100g 200g 300g 10’s

£1.99 £1.79 £2.09 £3.74 £1.39 £2.09 £3.00

10’s 100g 100g 100g 1kg

£3.00 £4.19 £3.29 £3.39 £1.09

250g 40’s 40’s 80’s 80’s 40’s 80’s 80’s 80’s 40’s 80’s

£3.14 £1.59 £1.35 £2.45 £2.59 £1.45 £2.51 £0.99 £2.51 £1.29 £2.29

Hot Beverages Horlicks Cadbury Drinking Chocolate Cadbury Hot Chocolate Kenco Decaf Coffee Mate Nesquik Strawberry Nescafé Cappuccino Nescafé Cappuccino Unsweetened Nescafé Gold Blend Nescafé Original Nescafé Decaf Silverspoon Granulated Sugar Douwe Egberts Real Coffee Cafetieres Medium Tetley Decaf Tetley Teabags Tetley Teabags Yorkshire Tea PG Tips PG Tips Lifestyle Teabags *Scottish Blend *Nambarrie *Nambarrie

Must Stock

Sauces Heinz Salad Cream Heinz Tomato Ketchup HP Original Sauce HP Classic BBQ Sauce Amoy Dark Soy Sauce

460g 460g 255g 425g 150ml

£2.09 £1.89 £0.85 £1.59 £1.39

Item Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce Uncle Ben’s Medium Chilli Sauce Uncle Ben’s Original Sweet & Sour Sauce Dolmio Original Bolognese Sauce Dolmio Bolognese Extra Onion & Garlic Dolmio Bolognese Extra Mushroom Dolmio Creamy Tomato Pasta Bake Uncle Ben’s Express Egg Fried Rice Uncle Ben’s Express Long Grain Rice Uncle Ben’s Express Basmati Rice Haywards Traditional Onions Branston Original Pickle Branston Small Chunk Pickle Oxo Cubes - Beef Oxo Cubes - Chicken Bisto Gravy Granules Bisto Chicken Gravy Granules Paxo Sage & Onion Stuffing Branston Hot Chilli & Jalapeno Relish Sarson’s Malt Vinegar Homepride Curry Sharwood’s Rogan Josh Sauce Sharwood’s Tikka Masala Sauce Sharwood’s Korma Sauce Sharwood’s Green Label Mango Chutney Batchelors Pasta ’n Sauce Chicken & Mushroom Batchelors Super Noodles BBQ Beef Batchelors Super Noodles Chicken Batchelors Savoury Rice Golden Colman’s English Mustard Colman’s Bramley Apple Sauce Colman’s Classic Mint Sauce Hellmann’s Mayonnaise Hellmann’s Mayonnaise Light Pot Noodle Chicken & Mushroom Pot Noodle Curry Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce Baxters Sliced Beetroot Blue Dragon Sweet Chilli Sauce Tabasco Sauce Chicken Tonight Spanish Chicken Chicken Tonight Honey & Mustard Tilda Basmati Rice Old El Paso Fajitas Dinner Kit Lifestyle Salt Lifestyle Spaghetti Lifestyle Pasta Twists Lifestyle Vegetable Oil Lifestyle Sunflower Oil

Must Stock



150ml 500g

£1.25 £1.85

500g 500g

£1.85 £2.35











250g 454g 360g 360g 12’s 12’s 170g 170g 85g

£1.70 £1.99 £1.69 £1.69 £1.39 £1.39 £1.25 £1.25 £0.69

380g 250ml 500g 420g 420g 420g

£1.70 £0.85 £1.59 £1.85 £1.85 £1.85







100g 120g 100g 250ml 250ml 400g 400g

£0.86 £1.09 £0.99 £1.29 £1.29 £1.83 £1.83

90g 90g 190g 340g 190ml 57g

£1.10 £1.10 £1.09 £0.99 £1.25 £2.15



500g 500g Kit 750g 500g 500g 1ltr 1ltr

£2.01 £2.49 £3.49 £0.59 £0.65 £0.65 £1.79 £1.99

Must Stock Must Stock Must Stock Must Stock Must Stock

Soup Heinz Chicken Soup Heinz Mushroom Soup Heinz Oxtail Soup Heinz Tomato Soup Heinz Vegetable Soup Heinz Lentil Soup Heinz Minestrone Soup Heinz Big Soup Chicken & Vegetable Heinz Big Soup Beef & Vegetable Batchelors Cup a Soup Chicken Batchelors Cup a Soup Minestrone Batchelors Cup a Soup Tomato

400g 400g 400g 400g 400g 400g 400g

£0.85 £0.85 £0.85 £0.85 £0.85 £0.85 £0.85



400g 4pk

£1.09 £1.75

4pk 4pk

£1.75 £1.75

30/07/2012 17:40

14 | Retailer Matters




Batchelors Cup A Soup Mushroom Lifestyle Tomato Soup *Heinz Chicken Noodle *Heinz Scotch Broth *Baxters Chicken Broth *Baxters Scotch Broth *Baxters Lentil & Bacon *Baxters Minestrone

4pk 400g 400g 400g 400g 400g 400g 400g

£1.75 £0.55 £0.85 £0.85 £1.25 £1.25 £1.25 £1.25

Must Stock

Baby Heinz Mum’s Creamed Porridge Heinz Mum’s Sweet Potato & Mince Heinz Mum’s Cottage Pie Heinz Country Veggies & Chicken Heinz Sunday Beef Dinner Heinz Rice Pudding Heinz Egg Custard with Rice Farley’s Original Rusks Huggies Pure Baby Wipes Huggies Super Dry Size 3 Huggies Super Dry Size 4 Huggies Super Dry Size 5 Pampers Baby Dry Size 4 Pampers Baby Dry Size 5 Sudocrem J&J Baby Shampoo J&J Baby Bath J&J Baby Lotion J&J Baby Powder SMA Gold RTU SMA White RTU



128g 200g

£0.65 £0.85

128g 128g 128g 128g 150g 64’s 18’s 16’s 14’s 20’s 16’s 60g 200ml 200ml 200ml 100g 250ml 250ml

£0.49 £0.49 £0.49 £0.49 £1.49 £2.49 £3.49 £3.49 £3.49 £4.49 £4.49 £2.32 £1.19 £1.19 £1.49 £1.00 £0.56 £0.56

Feminine Hygiene Kotex Maxi Pad Normal Tampax Regular Tampax Super Always Ultra Normal Always Ultra Normal Plus Always Ultra Long Plus Always Ultra Night Lil-Lets Super Bodyform Ultra Normal + Wings

16’s 20’s 20’s 16’s 14’s 12’s 10’s 10’s 14’s

£1.15 £2.79 £2.79 £2.17 £2.17 £2.17 £2.17 £1.60 £1.49

Household Lenor Concentrated Spring Awakening 750ml Ariel Liquitab Biological 11’s Daz Auto Regular 680g Bold 2 in 1 Lavender & Camomile 800g Bold Tablets Blue/Crystal 16’s Ariel Biological 800g Fairy Wash Up Original 433ml Fairy Wash Up Lemon 433ml Flashguard Bathroom Spray 500ml Flashguard All Purpose Liquid Lemon 500ml Flash Wipes Lemon 48’s Flashguard Spray with Bleach 500ml Febreze Airspray Cotton Fresh 300ml Comfort Fabric Conditioner Original Blue 750ml Comfort Fabric Conditioner Pure 750ml Surf Small & Mighty Liquid Tropical 630ml Persil Small & Mighty Liquid Non Bio 630ml Persil Capsules Non Bio 10’s Surf Tropical 800g Persil Non Bio 850g Domestos Original Bleach 750ml Cif Cream Lemon 500ml Vanish Oxi-Action Multi 500g Finish All in 1 13’s Dettol Surface Trigger 500ml Mr Muscle Lemon Kitchen 500ml Mr Muscle Oven Cleaner 300ml Mr Muscle Sink & Plug Unblocker 500ml Mr Muscle Window 500ml Mr Sheen Original 300ml Vanish Carpet Powershot 600ml

Retailer Matters 15_2012.indd 15

£1.69 £4.59 £2.97 £3.29 £2.99 £3.49 £1.19 £1.19 £2.02 £1.20 £1.00 £2.02 £2.69 £2.73 £2.73 £2.99 £4.41 £3.49 £2.63 £3.99 £1.17 £2.34 £4.59 £3.87 £2.03 £2.24 £2.59 £3.95 £1.99 £1.11 £4.49




Duck Liquid Fresh 750ml Bloo Acticlean Original Twin Shake ’n Vac Citrus Blossom 500g Lifestyle Cling Film 300mm 10m Lifestyle Kitchen Foil 300mm 5m Lifestyle Heavy Duty Refuse Sacks 10’s Lifestyle Firelighters 14’s Lifestyle Concentrated Fabric Conditioner Jasmine & Sandalwood 750ml Lifestyle Auto Biological Washing Powder 780g Lifestyle Wash Up Liquid Original 500ml Lifestyle Thick Bleach 750ml Lifestyle Disinfectant 500ml

£1.45 £1.15 £1.15 £0.55 £0.65

Must Stock Must Stock Must Stock Must Stock

£1.00 £0.80

Must Stock

Must Stock Must Stock Must Stock Must Stock

9’s 90’s 100’s 56’s 4 Roll 2 Roll 4 Roll 4 Roll 2 Roll 2 Roll

£0.99 £1.25 £0.89 £0.85 £0.69

£0.43 £1.99 £2.34 £1.59 £2.82 £1.61 £2.85 £2.85 £1.29 £1.39

4 Roll

Must Stock


2 Roll

Must Stock


2 Roll 120’s 2 Roll

Must Stock Must Stock Must Stock

£0.99 £0.59 £1.19

Pet Food Whiskas Pouch Simply Steamed Salmon 85g Sheba Turkey & Chicken 150g Pedigree Dentastix 7’s Pedigree Jumbone 2’s Whiskas Pouch Simply Grilled Poultry 12 x 85g Whiskas Pouch Fishermans Choice 12 x 100g Cesar Turkey & Lamb 150g Whiskas Salmon in Jelly 390g Pedigree Original 400g Pedigree Original 1.2kg Catsan Cat Litter 5ltr Whiskas Temptations Chicken & Cheese Clipstrip 60g Pedigree Schmackos Chicken Clipstrip 10’s Felix Pouch As Good As It Looks Chicken 100g Felix Pouch Mixed Favourites in Jelly 12 x 100g Felix Pouch As Good As It Looks Favourites in Jelly 12 x 100g Felix Chicken in Jelly 400g Winalot Chicken in Jelly 400g Go Cat Complete Duck, Rabbit & Chicken 375g Go Cat Complete Tuna, Herring & Veg 375g Bakers Complete Beef & Veg 1.5kg Bakers Complete Chicken & Veg 1.5kg Butchers Tripe 400g Lifestyle Value Dog Food Chicken 1.2kg Must Stock

£0.42 £0.60 £2.03 £1.88 £4.49 £4.21 £0.85 £0.76 £0.68 £1.79 £2.99 £1.38 £1.00 £0.48 £4.09 £5.06 £0.70 £0.65 £1.35 £1.35 £3.99 £3.99 £0.68 £0.99

Toiletries Head & Shoulders Shampoo Classic Clean Pantene Shampoo Smooth & Sleek Silvikrin Hairspray Firm Gillette Blue II Fixed Disposable Razors Gillette Shave Gel Sensitive Lynx Showergel Africa Sure APA Active for Men Lynx Bodyspray Africa



Sure APD Crystal Clear Aqua Dove Cream Bar VO5 Mega Hold Gel Carex Handwash Original Radox Showergel Fresh Moisture Colgate Toothpaste UCP Colgate Toothbrush Twister

150ml 100g 200ml 250ml 250ml 100ml Single

£2.49 £0.59 £2.80 £1.63 £2.59 £1.00 £1.00

330ml 70cl 4 x 275ml 250ml 250ml 250ml 70cl 70cl 4 x 275ml 70cl 250ml 70cl

£2.55 £3.75 £4.59 £2.09 £2.09 £2.09 £3.49 £3.49 £5.99 £2.99 £2.09 £3.49

75cl 75cl 75cl 75cl 75cl 75cl 75cl 75cl 75cl 75cl 75cl 75cl 75cl 75cl 75cl 75cl 75cl 75cl 75cl

£6.89 £6.89 £5.99 £5.99 £6.89 £6.89 £6.89 £7.29 £7.29 £7.29 £7.29 £5.99 £5.99 £5.99 £7.69 £7.29 £7.29 £7.29 £7.29

75cl 75cl

£5.99 £8.29



75cl 75cl 75cl 75cl 75cl 75cl 75cl 75cl 75cl 75cl 75cl 75cl 75cl 75cl 75cl 75cl 75cl 75cl 75cl 75cl

£7.99 £5.99 £5.99 £6.79 £6.79 £6.79 £6.89 £6.89 £6.89 £6.89 £6.89 £6.89 £6.49 £5.79 £6.49 £5.79 £9.15 £8.39 £8.39 £8.39

75cl 75cl 75cl 75cl 75cl 75cl

£8.39 £8.39 £10.99 £8.49 £8.49 £9.49

75cl 75cl 75cl 75cl 75cl 75cl 75cl

£9.49 £6.29 £5.89 £5.89 £10.39 £4.19 £4.49


Paper Kleenex Balsam Pocket Tissues Kleenex Balsam Regular Kleenex for Men Kleenex Collection Cube Andrex White Andrex White Andrex Quilts White Andrex Natural Andrex Natural Fiesta Kitchen Roll White Lifestyle Softest Toilet Tissue White Lifestyle Softest Toilet Tissue White Lifestyle Softest Toilet Tissue Warm Natural Lifestyle Value Facial Tissues Lifestyle Kitchen Roll White




250ml 250ml

£2.27 £1.96

5’s 200ml 250ml 150ml 150ml

£1.79 £2.49 £2.54 £2.61 £3.25

Jack Daniels & Cola Smirnoff Ice Smirnoff Ice Gordon’s Gin & Tonic Smirnoff & Cranberry Smirnoff & Cola WKD Iron Brew WKD Blue WKD Blue *Bacardi Breezer Orange *Morgan’s Spiced & Cola *WKD Red

Wine Echo Falls Chardonnay Echo Falls Pinot Grigio Echo Falls Rose Echo Falls White Echo Falls White Zinfandel Echo Falls Cabernet Sauvignon Echo Falls Merlot Hardys VR Chardonnay Hardys VR Rose Hardys VR Merlot Hardys VR Shiraz Kumala Cape Classics White Kumala Cape Classics Red Kumala Rose Stamp Shiraz Cabernet Stowells Chenin Blanc Stowells Pinot Grigio Italy Stowells Merlot Stowells Tempranillo Turner Road ChardonnayPinot Grigio Asti Martini Casillero Del Diablo Sauvignon Blanc Casillero Del Diablo Cabernet Sauvignon Isla Negra Red Isla Negra White Barefoot Pinot Grigio Barefoot Merlot Barefoot White Zinfandel Gallo Cabernet Sauvignon Gallo Sauvignon Blanc Gallo White Zinfandel Gallo Summer Red Gallo White Grenache Gallo Pinot Grigio Blossom Hill Chardonnay Blossom Hill White Blossom Hill White Zinfandel Blossom Hill Red Campo Viejo Crianza Jacob’s Creek Grenache Shiraz Jacob’s Creek Shiraz Cabernet Jacob’s Creek Chardonnay Jacob’s Creek Semillon Chardonnay Jacob’s Creek Shiraz Rose Jacob’s Creek Sparkling White Lindemans Bin 50 Shiraz Lindemans Bin 65 Chardonnay Wolf Blass Yellow Label Shiraz Wolf Blass Yellow Label Cabernet Sauvignon Black Tower Rivaner JP Chenet Cabernet Syrah JP Colombard Chardonnay Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc La Flamenca Crisp Dry White La Flamenca Delicious Rose The Narrows New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc Vintners Australian Chardonnay

75cl 75cl

Must Stock Must Stock

Must Stock Must Stock

£6.29 £5.39

30/07/2012 17:40

Retailer Matters 15_2012.indd 16

30/07/2012 17:40

Retailer Matters 15_2012.indd 17

30/07/2012 17:40

Retailer Matters | 17

Item Vintners Italian Pinot Grigio Vintners Californian Chardonnay Vintners Californian White Vintners Californian White Zinfandel Vintners Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon Vintners Chilean Sauvignon Blanc Vintners Australian Shiraz Vintners Californian Merlot Vintners Californian Red









Must Stock

£5.25 £5.25 £4.99


Must Stock



Must Stock


Captain Morgan Spiced Gordon’s Gin Gordon’s Gin Smirnoff Smirnoff Smirnoff Glenfiddich Three Barrels Brandy Disaronno Tia Maria Courvoisier The Famous Grouse Sourz Apple Jameson Malibu Russian Standard Glens Vodka Glens Vodka Jagermeister Prince Consort Brandy Prince Consort Whisky Prince Consort Whisky Prince Consort Vodka Prince Consort Vodka Prince Consort Gin *Drambuie *Bacardi *OVD Rum *The Famous Grouse *The Famous Grouse *Whyte & Mackay *Whyte & Mackay *Glenmorangie

70cl 70cl 35cl 70cl 35cl 20cl 70cl 70cl 50cl 70cl 70cl 70cl 70cl 70cl 70cl 70cl 70cl 35cl 70cl 35cl 70cl 35cl 70cl 35cl 70cl 70cl 35cl 70cl 35cl 20cl 70cl 35cl 70cl

£15.99 £15.69 £9.25 £15.29 £9.05 £5.85 £31.29 £16.69 £14.29 £14.99 £25.70 £16.59 £13.45 £20.69 £14.55 £16.30 £11.49 £6.59 £22.45 £6.79 £11.99 £7.49 £10.75 £6.59 £10.99 £27.10 £8.75 £16.99 £9.39 £5.75 £16.50 £9.45 £36.20

Red Bull Red Bull Red Bull Sugar Free Vimto Fizzy Vimto Still LSV Energy LSV Energy LSV Isotonic Tropical Berry LSV Isotonic Orange LSV Isotonic Tropical LSV Glucose Orange Lifestyle Sparkling Water Lifestyle Orange Juice Lifestyle Apple Juice *Irn Bru Sugar Free *Irn Bru Wee Bru *Irn Bru *Irn Bru Sugar Free *Barr’s Limeade *Barr’s Cream Soda *Highland Spring

355ml 250ml 250ml 500ml 500ml 500ml 250ml 500ml 500ml 500ml 380ml 500ml 200ml 200ml 500ml 250ml 330ml 330ml 500ml 500ml 500ml

£1.89 £1.35 £1.35 £1.00 £0.95 £0.69 £0.35 £0.50 £0.50 £0.50 £0.45 £0.30 £0.32 £0.32 £1.07 £0.50 £0.73 £0.73 £0.69 £0.69 £0.49

75cl 75cl 75cl

75cl 75cl 75cl 75cl

Must Stock Must Stock

Must Stock Must Stock Must Stock Must Stock

£5.25 £5.39 £5.25 £4.99

Cider Stella Cidre Bulmers Original Bulmers Pear Jacques Fruit des Bois Scrumpy Jack Strongbow Strongbow Strongbow Magners Original Magners Pear Magners Can K Cider Merrydown Dry Merrydown Medium Koppaberg Mixed Fruit Koppaberg Strawberry & Lime Frosty Jacks Eridge Vale White Storm White Storm White Storm

568ml 568ml 568ml 750ml 4pk 4pk 8pk 2ltr 568ml 568ml 4pk 4pk 750ml 750ml 500ml 500ml 2ltr 2ltr 500ml 1ltr 2ltr

Must Stock Must Stock Must Stock Must Stock

£2.15 £2.01 £2.01 £4.59 £5.16 £4.25 £7.89 £3.79 £2.23 £2.23 £6.45 £5.87 £2.79 £2.79 £2.55 £2.55 £3.87 £2.65 £0.95 £1.59 £2.89

Beer Budweiser Bottle Budweiser Can Becks Bottle Stella Artois Bottle Stella Artois Bottle Stella Artois Pint Can Stella Artois Can Stella Artois Can Tennent’s Super Can San Miguel Bottle Carlsberg Export Bottle Carlsberg Can Carlsberg Can Carlsberg Special Brew Can Guinness Draught Can Newcastle Brown Ale John Smith’s Extra Smooth Can Kronenbourg 1664 Can Foster’s Gold Bottle Foster’s Pint Can Foster’s Can Foster’s Can Peroni Bottle Peroni Bottle Tyskie Can Cobra Bottle Corona Bottle Coors Light Can Grolsch Bottle Carling Chrome Bottle Carling Pint Can Carling Can Carling Can Crabbie’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer Old Speckled Hen Red Stripe Can *McEwan’s Export Can *Tennent’s Pint Can *Tennent’s Can *Tennent’s Can *Tennent’s Special Ale Can *Miller Genuine Draft Bottle

6pk 4pk 660ml 660ml 6pk 4pk 4pk 8pk 500ml 4pk 8pk 4pk 8pk 500ml 4pk 550ml 4pk 4pk 6pk 4pk 4pk 8pk 330ml 660ml 4pk 4pk 6pk 4pk 4pk 4pk 4pk 4pk 8pk 500ml 500ml 4pk 4pk 568ml 4pk 8pk 4pk 6pk

£6.49 £6.15 £2.25 £2.19 £5.49 £6.59 £5.69 £8.99 £2.39 £4.59 £6.25 £4.25 £7.25 £2.30 £6.36 £2.19 £4.25 £5.25 £5.50 £5.00 £4.25 £7.89 £1.39 £2.67 £6.36 £4.99 £9.19 £5.99 £4.99 £4.79 £5.29 £4.29 £7.79 £2.39 £2.25 £4.99 £5.56 £1.65 £4.50 £7.50 £4.45 £7.99

Spirits Jack Daniels Jack Daniels Southern Comfort Bacardi Bell’s Whisky Bell’s Whisky Baileys Captain Morgan

Retailer Matters 15_2012.indd 18

70cl 35cl 70cl 70cl 70cl 35cl 70cl 70cl

£21.60 £11.99 £19.95 £17.85 £16.99 £9.69 £15.00 £16.90

Must Stock Must Stock Must Stock Must Stock Must Stock Must Stock

Soft Drinks – Chilled Irn Bru Boost Mountain Dew Can Mountain Dew Pepsi Pepsi Max Diet Pepsi 7Up Free Lipton Ice Tea Lemon Juicy Drench Orange & Passionfruit Juicy Drench Cranberry & Raspberry Fruit Shoot No Added Sugar Blackcurrant & Apple Fruit Shoot No Added Sugar Orange Tango Orange Tango Cherry Relentless Monster Monster Ripper Coca Cola Diet Coke Cherry Coke Coca Cola Diet Coke Dr Pepper Dr Pepper Fanta Fanta Fruit Twist Sprite Oasis Summer Fruits Oasis Citrus Punch Capri Sun Orange Powerade Berry & Tropical Volvic Touch of Fruit Strawberry Volvic Volvic Sportscap Evian Evian Sportscap Lucozade Energy Orange Lucozade Energy Original Lucozade Energy Cherry Lucozade Energy Cola Lucozade Sport Orange Lucozade Sport Raspberry Lucozade Sport Lite Orange Ribena Blackcurrant Ribena Strawberry Ribena Blackcurrant Ribena Strawberry Buxton Red Bull

500ml 500ml 440ml 500ml 500ml 600ml 600ml 600ml 500ml

£1.07 £0.95 £0.99 £1.35 £1.29 £1.29 £1.29 £1.29 £1.09







300ml 600ml 600ml 500ml 500ml 500ml 500ml 500ml 500ml 330ml 330ml 500ml 330ml 500ml 500ml 500ml 500ml 500ml 330ml 500ml 500ml 500ml 1ltr 500ml 750ml 380ml 380ml 380ml 380ml 500ml 500ml 500ml 500ml 500ml 288ml 288ml 500ml 473ml

£0.79 £1.15 £1.15 £1.59 £1.59 £1.59 £1.17 £1.17 £1.17 £0.75 £0.75 £1.10 £0.75 £1.10 £1.10 £1.10 £1.12 £1.12 £1.12 £1.25 £0.84 £0.46 £0.91 £0.52 £0.85 £0.95 £0.95 £0.95 £0.95 £1.10 £1.10 £1.10 £1.03 £1.03 £0.65 £0.65 £0.50 £2.19

Must Stock Must Stock Must Stock Must Stock Must Stock Must Stock Must Stock Must Stock Must Stock

Soft Drinks – Ambient Irn Bru Rubicon Mango Boost J20 Orange & Passionfruit Robinsons Fruit Shoot Blackcurrant & Apple Robinsons No Added Sugar Blackcurrant & Apple Robinsons No Added Sugar Orange Pepsi Pepsi Max Diet Pepsi Schweppes Indian Tonic Water Schweppes Slimline Indian Tonic Water Schweppes Lemonade Coca Cola Diet Coke Dr Pepper Fanta Orange Volvic Touch of Fruit Strawberry Volvic Ribena Blackcurrant Lucozade Energy Orange Lucozade Energy Original Shloer White Grape Vimto Cordial Highland Spring Sparkling Lifestyle Cranberry Juice Lifestyle Apple Juice Lifestyle Orange Juice LSV Energy *Irn Bru Sugar Free *Red Kola

2ltr 1ltr 1ltr 4pk

£1.59 £1.47 £1.29 £3.69





1ltr 2ltr 2ltr 2ltr 1ltr

£1.59 £1.99 £1.99 £1.99 £1.62

1ltr 2ltr 2ltr 2ltr 2ltr 2ltr 1.5ltr 1.5ltr 600ml 1ltr 1ltr 75cl 725ml 1.5ltr 1ltr 1ltr 1ltr 1ltr 2ltr 2ltr

£1.62 £1.59 £2.25 £2.25 £2.09 £2.09 £1.35 £0.92 £1.99 £1.99 £1.99 £2.49 £1.65 £0.99 £0.89 £0.95 £0.99 £0.89 £1.59 £1.49

Must Stock Must Stock Must Stock Must Stock

Tobacco Hamlet Hamlet Miniatures Amber Leaf Amber Leaf Mayfair KS Mayfair KS Benson & Hedges Gold Sterling KS Sterling SK Classic Golden Virginia Golden Virginia Lambert & Butler KS Lambert & Butler KS Richmond KS Richmond SK JPS Blue KS Windsor Blue SK Windsor Blue KS Café Crème Blue Café Crème Cutters Choice No.3 RYO No.3 KS No.3 KS No.3 SK No.3 SK

5’s 10’s 12.5g 25g 20’s 10’s 20’s 20’s 20’s 5’s 12.5g 25g 20’s 10’s 20’s 20’s 20’s 20’s 20’s 10’s 10’s 12.5g 12.5g 20’s 10’s 20’s 10’s

Must Stock Must Stock Must Stock Must Stock Must Stock

£4.55 £4.30 £3.80 £7.41 £6.70 £3.46 £7.54 £6.18 £6.25 £9.15 £4.06 £7.91 £6.94 £3.56 £6.60 £6.67 £6.10 £6.15 £6.10 £4.48 £4.48 £3.80 £3.15 £5.99 £3.05 £6.05 £3.07

30/07/2012 17:40

18 | Retailer Matters




Crisps & Snacks Sensations Thai Sweet Chilli Sensations Thai Sweet Chilli Doritos Tangy Cheese Doritos Tangy Cheese Doritos Chilli Heatwave Doritos Chilli Heatwave Doritos Cool Original Doritos Hot Salsa Dip Doritos Mild Salsa Dip Monster Munch Beef Monster Munch Beef Monster Munch Flamin Hot Wotsits Quavers Quavers Walkers Max Paprika Walkers Snaps Tomato Walkers Cheese & Onion Walkers Cheese & Onion Walkers Ready Salted Walkers Salt & Vinegar Walkers Prawn Cocktail Walkers Cheese & Onion Walkers Ready Salted McCoy’s Flamegrilled Steak McCoy’s Flamegrilled Steak McCoy’s Salt & Vinegar McCoy’s Cheddar & Onion Hula Hoops BBQ McVitie’s Mini Cheddars McVitie’s Mini Cheddars KP Salted Nuts KP Dry Roasted Nuts Space Raiders Beef Transform-a-Snack BBQ Mr Porky Pork Scratchings Pringles Sour Cream & Onion Pringles Original Pringles Salt & Vinegar Pringles Texas BBQ *Walkers Pickled Onion *Walkers Tomato Ketchup *Golden Wonder Cheese & Onion

Sharing Std Sharing Std Sharing Std Sharing 150g 150g Sharing Std Std Std Sharing Std Std Std Sharing Std Std Std Std 6pk 6pk Sharing Std Std Std Sharing Sharing Std 90g 80g Std Std Clipstrip 165g 165g 165g 165g Std Std

£1.29 £0.73 £1.29 £0.49 £1.29 £0.49 £1.29 £1.29 £1.29 £1.29 £0.73 £0.73 £0.49 £1.29 £0.49 £0.73 £0.39 £1.29 £0.49 £0.49 £0.49 £0.49 £1.94 £1.94 £1.00 £0.69 £0.69 £0.69 £1.00 £1.00 £0.69 £1.00 £1.00 £0.20 £0.30 £0.80 £1.99 £1.99 £1.99 £1.99 £0.49 £0.49







36g 23g 37g 45g 39g

£0.55 £0.55 £0.50 £0.50 £0.79

50g 66g 43g 37g 40g

£0.52 £0.52 £0.49 £0.50 £0.55

35g 32g 86g 29g

£0.68 £0.59 £1.19 £0.42

150g 150g 150g 154g 6pk 150g 150g

£0.99 £1.39 £0.99 £0.99 £1.00 £0.49 £1.55



300g 300g

£2.49 £2.49

300g 300g 300g 300g 6pk

£2.49 £1.19 £1.36 £1.36 £1.19

Sweet Snacks Kellogg’s Coco Pops Bar Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Squares Mallow Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Squares Totally Chocolatey Kellogg’s Special K Cereal Bar Kellogg’s Nutri-grain Strawberry Kellogg’s Elevenses Raisin Lu Mikado Belvita Breakfast Milk & Cereal Biscuits Oreo Snack Pack Cadbury Snack Shortcake Tracker Bar Chocolate Chip McVitie’s Medley Hobnob Go Ahead Yoghurt Break Strawberry KP Milk Chocolate Dips McVitie’s Galaxy Muffin Alpen Strawberry & Yoghurt Bar

Biscuits Maryland Choc Chip Cookies Cadbury Milk Chocolate Fingers Jammie Dodgers Oreo Vanilla Roll Kit Kat Patersons Shortbread Fingers McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes McVitie’s Milk Chocolate Digestives McVitie’s Plain Chocolate Digestives McVitie’s Caramels McVitie’s Milk Chocolate Hobnobs McVitie’s Digestive McVitie’s Rich Tea McVitie’s Hob Nobs Penguin Original

Retailer Matters 15_2012.indd 19




Cheddars Original Jacob’s Cream Crackers *Tunnocks Caramel Wafer *Tunnocks Teacakes

150g 300g 4pk 6pk

£1.41 £1.30 £0.79 £0.99

T16 Std Std Std Std 400g Bag/Pouch Bag/Pouch Large Bag Large Bag Large Bag 140g/ Large Bar 140g/ Large Bar 140g/ Large Bar 140g/ Large Bar Std Std Std Std Std Duo Std Std Std Std Std Std Std Std Std Std Std Std Std Std Std Std Std 120g 420g Bag/Pouch Bag/Pouch Bag/Pouch Bag/Pouch 125g 135g Duo Duo Xtra Std Std Std Std Std Std Std Std Std Std Big Bag Std Std 110g/ Large Bar Large Bag Std Std Std Std Std Std Std Std Std Std Std Std Std

£4.49 £0.75 £0.62 £0.65 £0.55 £7.30 £2.03 £2.03 £1.49 £1.52 £1.52

Confectionery Ferrero Rocher Kinder Surprise Kinder Bueno White Kinder Bueno Tic Tac Mint Milk Tray Cadbury Giant Buttons Twirl Bites Cadbury Eclairs Maynards Wine Gums Bassetts Jelly Babies CDM Caramel CDM Fruit & Nut CDM Wholenut CDM Dairy Milk Picnic Starbar Boost Double Decker Wispa Wispa Twirl Fry’s Turkish Delight CDM Wholenut CDM Fruit & Nut CDM Dairy Milk CDM Caramel Crunchie Flake Cadbury Buttons Cadbury Freddo Cadbury Fudge Daim Maynards Wine Gums Trebor Extra Strong Mints Trebor Softmints Peppermint Trebor Softmints Spearmint Halls Soothers Blackcurrant Maltesers Celebrations Galaxy Minstrels Maltesers Revels M&M’s Peanut Galaxy Galaxy Caramel Mars Snickers Twix Mars Snickers Twix Galaxy Ripple Galaxy Galaxy Caramel Bounty M&M’s Peanut Galaxy Minstrels Maltesers Maltesers Milky Way Stars Milky Way Crispy Rolls Aero Milk Chocolate Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles Kit Kat Chunky Kit Kat 4 Finger Yorkie Aero Mint Aero Milk Chocolate Smarties Nestlé Milky Bar Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles Rowntrees Fruit Gums Polo Spearmint Polo Randoms Toffee Crisp

£1.00 £1.00 £1.00 £1.00 £0.57 £0.57 £0.56 £0.56 £0.58 £0.77 £0.61 £0.65 £0.59 £0.59 £0.59 £0.59 £0.56 £0.58 £0.52 £0.20 £0.20 £0.54 £0.47 £0.47 £0.47 £0.47 £0.67 £1.73 £4.79 £2.09 £2.09 £2.09 £2.09 £1.39 £1.39 £0.69 £0.71 £0.69 £0.51 £0.51 £0.51 £0.57 £0.57 £0.57 £0.54 £0.56 £0.56 £0.56 £0.77 £0.53 £0.38




Lion Bar Munchies Aero Caramel Rolo Skittles Skittles Starburst Lockets Honey & Lemon Haribo Starmix Haribo Tangfastics Lifestyle Value Milk Chocolate

Std Std Std Std Bag/Pouch Std Std Std Large Bag Large Bag Must Stock 100g

£0.55 £0.70 £0.58 £0.57 £1.28 £0.45 £0.45 £0.54 £1.12 £1.12 £0.50

10’s 10’s 10’s 10’s 10’s 14’s 25’s 10’s

£0.40 £0.40 £0.40 £0.45 £0.45 £0.69 £1.00 £0.49





Chewing Gum Extra Peppermint Extra Spearmint Extra Cool Breeze Airwaves Menthol Eucalyptus Airwaves Blackmint Orbit Complete Spearmint Extra Peppermint Handy Box Extra Ice White Microgranules Extra Ice Peppermint Microgranules Extra Ice Spearmint Microgranules * Scotland only

All RRSP’s listed are correct at the time of going to press, 1st August 2012. We must stress that this is a recommended guide to pricing, and you must use this guide in conjunction with your knowledge of your Store and your Customer base. E&OE.

£1.00 £1.52 £0.54 £0.54 £0.56 £0.58 £0.58 £0.47 £0.47 £0.48 £0.48 £0.47 £0.47 £0.48 £0.55

30/07/2012 17:40

Retailer Matters | 19

Dates for your Diary Make a note of these major dates so you can build In-Store activity/promotions and make sure you have enough stock to maximise sales at these key times. August 2012

27th Olympics 12th 29th Aug – 9th Sept Football 12th 18th Cricket 16th

September 2012 School Summer Holidays Continue Summer Bank Holiday Closingc eremony Olympic Games Paralympic Games

Charity Shield Chelsea v Manchester City Football Season Starts Englandv South Africa 3rd Test

Rugby League 25th Challenge Cup Final Tennis 27th

US Open Grand Slam

Retailer Matters 15_2012.indd 20

Back to School Motor Racing 2nd Belgian Grand Prix 9th Italian Grand Prix 23rd Singapore Grand Prix FIFA World Cup Qualifiers 7th Moldova v England Wales v Belgium Russia v Northern Ireland 8th

Scotland v Serbia


England v Ukraine Serbia v Wales Scotland v FYR Macedonia Northern Ireland v Luxembourg

October 2012 28th 31st 8th – 14th

Half Term Clocks go back Halloween National Curry Week

Motor Racing 7th Japanese Grand Prix 14th Korean Grand Prix 28th Indian Grand Prix Horse Racing 20th British Champions Day November 2012 5th 11th 13th 16th 30th

BonfireN ight Armistice Day Diwali Children in Need St Andrew’s Day

Motor Racing 4th Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 18th United States Grand Prix 25th Brazilian Grand Prix Tennis 16th

Davis Cup World Group Final

Horse Racing 29th – The Sportingbet Winter 1st Dec Festival 1st Dec Hennessy Gold Cup

30/07/2012 17:40

Retailer Matters 15_2012.indd 1

30/07/2012 17:38

Retailer Matters 15  
Retailer Matters 15