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ISSUE 509 | DECEMBER 5 - 11, 2013 CIRCULATIONS AUDIT BOARD - 27,600 copies

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Welcome to New Years Eve Mount Gambier 2013 Fun for all the family. See page 3 for details

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COVER Bringing Mount Gambier Community Events Management Inc. (MGCEMI) is thrilled to launch Mount Gambier’s fourth community New Year’s Eve celebrations. The event will again be held at Vansittart Park with the gates opening at 5pm and entertainment commencing at 6pm. The committee, despite a difficult year, is pleased it has been able to hold ticket prices at $30 per family, $10 for adults and $5 for social card holders and children over 15 years of age. Committee chair Steve Toope said it had been a difficult year to attract sponsors and the committee was fortunate to have the continued support

in 2014 with a raft of family fun and entertainment

of the City of Mount Gambier, District Council of Grant,, First Super, Gambier Print, The Border Watch, Win TV, K&S, UFS Chemist, Henri Post Jewellers, Kentucky Fried Chicken, GEBD, Kimberly Clark Australia, AMP, She’s Apples, DeGaris Lawyers and North Gambier Sportsmen’s Club. Mr Toope praised all members of the committee for their dedication and hard work. “Putting on the show is a year round task and the committee is all voluntary and they contribute countless hours and the community should congratulate them for their dedication,” he said. The committee

consists of MaxineTuffnell, MareeThompson, Matthew Byrne, Berndaette Duggan, Andrew Gower, Josh Lynagh and Krystyna Moore. This is a significant achievement for the committee for a number of reasons, including the value sponsors see in the event and the growth of the celebrations to the point it is now the region’s premier New Year’s Eve celebrations and a major event on the region’s events calendar. Without the support and assistance of sponsors, it would not be possible to hold the event or maintain affordability. Keeping prices at their lowest levels is a key goal of the committee and all the committee strongly believes the event delivers value for money for its target audience of the family unit. This year the committee is pleased to announce an increase in attractions and activities, extension to the operating hours of the children’s entertainment and a broader entertainment line up. The Mount Gambier Community Events Management Inc. is proud to present the 2014 headline act, Platinum Plus (pictured above), fronted by radio personality Barry Ion. The live entertainment also includes Mayfair Singers,

The Sweet Sensations, Streamlyne, Katie Slattery, Circus Elements and the Blue Lake Pipe Band. The kid’s entertainment includes jumping castles, kids gym, go karts, bungy run, merry go round, art tent, circus activities, bucking bull, giant slide, face painters, sand pit and giant games. The drawings completed by the children will be displayed after the event at the Mount Gambier Library and will be used as a fund raiser

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for the Mayor’s Christmas Appeal. The focus of the children’s art activity will be Wishes in a Circle, where using oil pastels children will draw their wishes, hopes and dreams for the world in 2014. The ever popular Riot City Wrestlers are back to entertain the crowd and ignite emotions within their supporters. Obviously, New Year’s Eve would not be complete without fireworks and there will be two displays - one at 9pm and another

at midnight. There will be food stalls and full catering. Mr Toope believes this is a good line-up of entertainment and there is something for everyone to enjoy. Providing a safe and family friendly environment has always been a key ingredient for the continued success of the event. The Mount Gambier Police have fully supported the event in the past and have again committed to providing man power on the night at the event.

Security personnel will again be in place to provide additional resources to ensure the event is incident free.The committee believes strongly that Mount Gambier’s weather will again turn on another fantastic night and this year expects the biggest crowd ever. For further information please see our facebook page mountgambiernew yearseve or phone Steve Toope 0438 230 770.

LOCAL Making Six months ago 15-yearold Dillon Berry was sleeping all day and sitting up all night playing Play Station 3 games. Today Dillon, from Portland, is actively re-engaged in education and working on a career plan for the future. Dillon is one of many young people in the Glenelg Shire who have turned their lives around by re-engaging in education. The shire has improved from having the second worst level of youth disengagement in Victoria to being ranked 47th among the state’s 79 municipalities. The number of young people aged 15-19 not engaged in employment or education has dropped from 132 to 72 between 2006 and 2011. After spending months out of education, Dillon is now enrolled in the Portland Secondary College Re-Engagement Program which he says has changed his outlook towards school. Dillon started having problems in mainstream school last year as a year 8 student. “I’m bigger than most 15-year-olds and got picked on a bit and didn’t feel comfortable at school,” he said. Dillon’s attendance was sporadic during year 8 before he

the most of a second chance

totally withdrew from school during term four. He started year 9 this year but just as quickly left and retreated to his own world. “I was sitting around doing not much; sleeping all day and playing PS3 all night,” Dillon said. He said he wanted to continue his education but didn’t want to return to a large class in a mainstream school. After being referred to the re-engagement program by his year level coordinator, Dillon returned to education in April. His attendance was initially around 70 percent but over recent months has improved to more than 95 percent. Re-engagement Program lead teacher Chris

Thomas said Dillon was an excellent example of someone making the most of a new opportunity. “His confidence and self-belief have improved substantially. Dillon is a very positive member of class and next year will be a leader of the school,” Mr Thomas said. “He is an awesome example of someone who has come from a base of no schooling to having a lot of success and a career plan.” Dillon is not only learning in his VCAL program, he is also enjoying his return to school. “It’s a more homelike environment,” he said. “We do basic maths and English but we also do a lot of practical stuff.”


Dillon is also planning for the future. He expects to return to the program next year and in the long term hopes to secure work as an apprentice plumber. Glenelg Southern Grampians Local Learning and Employment Network executive officer Anne Murphy said the improved engagement figures show the Portland Secondary College Re-Engagement Program was working and that other collaborative programs happening in the region were having a positive impact. Above - Dillon Berry and re-engagement program lead teacher Chris Thomas.

Best of the best

Two of Mount Gambier’s emerging young artists will have their creative talents put on show with some of the best in the state, after having their work selected for the 2014 SACE Art Show. Tenison Woods College 2013 Year 12 students, Jordanna Miles and Chelsea Burford, have had their work selected by SACE moderators to be displayed for a five week stint at Adelaide’s Light Square Gallery. The Art Show is one of the SACE Board’s biggest annual events with about 150 art and design works created by Year 12 Visual Arts students being shown, ranging from traditional painting and drawing to innovative multimedia pieces. Following the exhibition a number of students will also be invited to lend their work

for a year to be displayed at either the SACE Board office, office of the Teachers’ Registration Board, the AEU office and Department for Education and Child Development. Tenison Woods College art teacher Jane Van Eeten said it was an honour for Jordanna and Chelsea to have their work selected. Jordanna has had one piece selected for the Art Show while Chelsea has the honour of having both her pieces chosen. “Over the years, we’ve had many students who have had their artwork displayed at the SACE Art Show, but this is the first time one student has had both pieces of their artwork selected,” Mrs Van Eeten said. She said both girls’ artwork demonstrated a

high degree of mastery and conceptualisation in their artworks. For her selected portrait entitled ‘None is Righteous, No, Not One’, Chelsea painted a narrative of the human condition and its unique features. Her painting depicts three faces merged into one that explain how she perceives humanity covering idealism, physical and realism aspects. “I wanted my imagery to be personally relevant to demonstrate my views and opinions on the human condition in modern society,” Chelsea said. “My painting speaks of our inherent condition.” Chelsea said the aim of her second piece, ‘The Strata of Memory’ was to expose the unique beauty of Australian landscapes and to visually represent how my spirit and memories are now permanently connected with and etched into such spaces” “Using acrylics, oils, oil glazes and toning, papier mache, hard edge and natural products, my landscape was portrayed as the starting point for the texture of my life,” she said. Jordanna’s artwork was an example of conceptualisation which focussed on symbols relating to the character of her family members and what they liked. “As someone who loves symbols I felt that a painting of someone should have things that are close to them or things that represent them in some way,” Jordanna said. “The end result is something that I am very happy with and hope my family will be able to keep and cherish their own individual paintings.” Above - Tenison Woods College principal David Mezinec (left) and art teacher Jane Van Eeten congratulate Year 12 students Jordanna Miles and Chelsea Burford on having their work selected to appear in the SACE Art Show. - 004

LOCAL Powerful

message wins State prize Grant High School studnet Casey Donehue has won the prestigious annual Eden Prize. The 57-yearold prize is awarded to the Year 10 student who presents the most creative written response to “how to make the world a happier and better place”. DECD chief education officer Garry Costello said the department had

recently revived the 1956 award, which originally stemmed from a bequest left by John and Lydia Eden. He announced Casey Donehue of Grant High School, Grace Tulysewski of Heathfield High School, and Zoe Harrison of Urrbrae Agricultural High School as this year’s winners. “It is important for young

people to understand the true value of communication, which plays a core role in inspiring personal growth and development,” Mr Costello said. “I congratulate these students for displaying such a rich, philosophical insight which is far beyond their years. I hope this award will encourage

the winners to continue to strive for excellence in their creative pursuits and fuel their visions for a better world.” Each year, students from Year 10 are invited to join the competition which offers a cash prize pool of $2500. casey received her prize at Grant High School’s presentation evening last Tuesday.

CASEY DONEHUE’S AWARD WINNING ESSAY - CHAIN OF HAPPINESS There are over 7 billion people on this planet. But how many of these are happy? I mean truly happy? Not the kind of happy where a skinny, malnourished girl in Africa just got a full bowl of rice kind of happy. Not even the kind of happy that a young boy feels after he is finally allowed to begin lessons at a dance school rather than play football every week. I mean a happy where a person does not know what sadness is. They do not know what it is like to cry because they have never hurt themselves and have never been hurt. Is there such a person out there, somewhere in this world crawling with unhappy people? Is complete and utter happiness even possible? No. There will always be problems in this world, there is never something we all wish we couldn’t change or improve on. But for the 7 billion people on this planet who do not feel complete and total happiness, there are 7 billion things that can be done, just today, that could change the world for tomorrow. It all starts with one. One person who is willing to think about someone else. This person is just like any other, perfectly ordinary, your run of the mill kind of person. And just like any other person they can offer endless chances for change. Chances to make tomorrow better. This person may just be like any other but we can’t let them disappear into the darkness of all those others who are forgotten. This person and the endless others like them need to be treasured and appreciated. Because without them you do not know what tomorrow will bring, or if there will even be a tomorrow. These people are those willing to help another, and not expect anything in return. It all starts with one, this one person walks down the street and picks up the money the person in front of them drops and hands it straight back to them, they don’t walk away with it in their pocket. This person, who has just had their money given back to them, then places it down in the worn old case of a busker

on the street. This busker after a full day performing, counts all the change they have received after hours playing for the majority of people who walk past completely ignorant to the beautiful music being played before them. This busker then goes to a nearby shop and buys a fresh banana and a water bottle for the homeless man who has been crouched up against a wall all afternoon. This man has his hands raised with the hope of some form of help to get through the day without the constant ache of hunger in his stomach. As he receives the gift he lifts his head for the first time all week as a tear rolls down his face and smile begins to form, extending thanks to this busker who had little money himself but was still willing to help him. This smile is then passed onto the world as the chain of happiness begins. For the world to become better it starts with one, one person, one action. It can be a thought, gesture, helpful notion even a smile. That alone can change someone’s day. This positive change is then passed onto to another and another. And before anybody is even aware of it, they have created a chain of happiness and have begun the process of changing lives. Yes there is more than this simple chain of happiness required to make the world a happier and better place. The world needs to become equal. Equal share of food, freedom and wealth. This equality seems impossible, but we humans created this world to function the way is does now, so why can’t we change it into what it could and should be. This very idea may seem impossible to those who have forgotten how smile and laugh, those who have forgotten happiness or maybe have never even experienced it. But it is possible. If every person does one thing good and one less thing bad then maybe, just maybe tomorrow for people everywhere will be something to look forward to. A world full of complete and utter happiness. It is not something people can more than image, because imagination is as far as this idea has ever gone. There are over 7 billion people on this planet, how many can become happy? It is up everyone to help achieve this goal, so ask yourself what will you do today, to make the world a happier and fairer place for tomorrow?

Above left - Casey Donehue receives the Eden Prize for her essay from Robin Aukett, on behalf of DECD.

tempt the tastebuds Shortbread Melted butter, to grease 250g butter, at room temperature 100g (1/2 cup) caster sugar 300g (2 cups) plain flour, sifted 90g (1/2 cup) rice flour, sifted Method Preheat oven to 150°C. Brush 2 baking trays with melted butter to grease. Use an electric beater to beat the butter and sugar in a bowl until pale and creamy. Gradually add the combined flour, beating on low speed until almost combined. Use your hands to bring the dough together in the bowl. Turn onto a lightly floured surface and knead gently until smooth. Divide the dough into 2 equal portions. Use your hands to shape 1 portion of dough into an 18cm-diameter disc. Transfer to 1 - 006

of the prepared trays. Use a flat-bladed knife to smooth the surface. Pinch the edges to create a fluted edge. Use a small sharp knife to score the disc into 8 wedges and use a fork to prick the dough all over. Repeat with the remaining dough to make a second disc. Bake the shortbread in oven, swapping the trays halfway through cooking, for 40 minutes or until light golden. Set aside on the trays for 10 minutes to cool before transferring to a wire rack to cool completely. Cut into wedges to serve.

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DELIGHTFUL FAMILY HOME!! 10a Clarke Street, Penola The Attraction Is Instant! This stunning solid stone home exudes elegance, with its freshly painted character filled exterior and established well maintained garden on a generous allotment approximately 1827m2. The gorgeous verandah leads around the corner to a lovely north facing niche to entertain or to enjoy a quiet cuppa. Who wouldn’t want this enviable address within a short stroll to schools, cafes, restaurants and Penola’s main shopping precinct? A classically picturesque exterior is matched inside from the moment that you walk through the attractive leadlight door and sidelights, with glorious high ceilings, most with pressed tin, gracious proportions of all rooms and magnificent windows of the era.

Formal dining room has the modern convenience of gas heating and r/c a/c. Lovely light and bright kitchen which has lots of storage, breakfast bar and wall oven. The home provides three spacious bedrooms, bathroom with toilet and large shower, laundry with storage and outside access. Other features of this fabulous property are an equipped bore, rainwater, outside toilet and various shedding including single garage and double carport. This delightful family home requires your inspection and Jo is excited to show you though.

Address: 10a Clarke Street, Penola Auction: 13th December, 2013 - 2pm on site Contact: Jo O’Connor P: 0429 854 910 PPHS Real Estate

All rooms lead off the traditional wide hallway with high arch including lounge room which has a beautiful bay window with gorgeous window seat and open fireplace.

57 Church Street Penola, SA 5277 P: 08 8737 3155 F: 08 8737 3993 W: E: RLA# 146871

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Mt Gambier & District Community Bank® Branch - 007





2/119 Wehl Street Mount Gambier

• 3 bedroom stone home with entrance hall and lounge with gas heating. Kitchen/dining room with open fire place. • Additional porch at rear. • Large garage measuring 8mx6m plus car port.

• • • • • • •

• Land area of approx 753m2




18 Lasiandra Crescent Mount Gambier


24 Mitchell Street Nelson • • • • • • •

• Open plan kitchen/dining with second large living area • Timber kitchen, electric cook top, wall oven and W.I. pantry • Three good size bedrooms all boasting B.I.R. • Tiled bathroom with shower, bath, vanity • Double carport • Outside elevated entertaining area off family room • Bricked pergola area with built in BBQ Garden shed


Weather board home situated in Nelson Open plan kitchen / dining / family room Two bedrooms in the home Tiled bathroom with shower/bath, vanity and toilet Lovely north facing pergola Rain water to the home plus bore for garden Large 6m x 6m shed. Converted to large bedroom with ensuite plus storage area







4 Thurston Street Mount Gambier


• Four bedrooms plus office or fifth bedroom • Three of the bedrooms have built in robes • Good size lounge room with gas fire off • Open plan kitchen / dining plus extra living room kitchen. Double length carport with auto door and internal access - Single garage


37 Canavan Road Mount Gambier



• Three bedrooms, bedroom one and two both have B.I.R • Good size kitchen with electric cooking • Large open plan lounge / dining room • R/C Air con and open fire place. Single garage • Bathroom has bath, shower, and vanity & separate toilet • Manageable back yard with shed and wood shed

15 Victor Street Mount Gambier


• 3 Bedroom very well maintained home • Large main bedroom with built ins. • Lounge room with lovely open fire place. • Large very well maintained kitchen/dining. • Solid stone extra length garage, 2 separate rooms to the rear & a workshop/storage area.



1 21 Creek Street Mount Gambier • • • • • •

• • • • • • •


6 Sutton Avenue Mount Gambier


• Rear converted to a two bedroom unit • Unit consists of open plan kitchen/dining/lounge • Slow combustion wood fire • Two good size bedrooms, main has W.I.R. • Timber kitchen boasting gas cooking • Tiled bathroom with shower/bath and vanity • Front Chambers in need of renovations.

Buy one unit or both! Solid brick and tile unit close to the CBD Two large bedrooms main has B.I.R. Open plan kitchen and dining area Tiled bathroom and laundry Rental return $160 per week Under cover garage car parking R









44 Underwood Avenue Mount Gambier


4 2 Noora Court Mount Gambier

1 - 008


1A Coolabah Street Mount Gambier


entertaining area. • Single garage UMR + extra shedding



1 $229,500


to • Bedrooms with BIR’s, main with ensuite access the bathroom. • Lounge room with S/S R/C A/C • Large dining area has direct access to external


• 4 bedrooms, 3 with built-in robes • Large open plan living area with built-in bar of • Ducted gas heating, roller shutters to a majority the windows. • Covered & paved outdoor entertaining area. • Currently tenanted.



• Three bedrooms, main has walk thru robe and ensuite, other two bedrooms have built-in robes • Open plan kitchen / dining room • Separate dining area plus large lounge room • Tiled bathroom with shower, bath and separate toilet Single garage plus small garden shed • Currently leased periodic at $250 per week.


Main bedroom with walk in robe and ensuite Multiple living areas Great northerly aspect overlooking park lands Brand new gas hot water service






A true entertainers delight Check our website for new photos.

3/119 Wehl Street Mount Gambier













• Three bedroom home situated on the east side of Mount Gambier • Open plan kitchen/dining/lounge room • Second living area • Single carport plus large double garage • Neat tidy gardens and lawns • Council valuation $192,000





8 Tumut Drive Mount Gambier






• Solid brick and tiled home located in a great location • Close to Reidy Park and Tension Woods high school • Three good size bedrooms with the main boasting B.I.R. • Timber kitchen with electric stove, open plan dining area • Large lounge room with gas heating • Single garage U.M.R. with auto door with access to the rear pergola • Two carports, large shed plus small garden shed

Buy one unit or both! Solid brick and tile unit close to the CBD Two large bedrooms main has B.I.R. Open plan kitchen and dining area Tiled bathroom and laundry Under cover garage car parking Rental return $150 per week



2 Degaris Street Mount Gambier










1 1 3 3 Bertha Street AUCTION - On the property Mount Gambier Friday 20th December




19 Bellshire Place Mount Gambier


2 $259,000

• This living space is equipped with gas heating • The main bedroom has an ensuite & BIR second double bedroom with b/in robes and incorporated with a large bathroom and separate toilet • Well equipped kitchen offers all electric appliances • Garage/carport has drive through access to the backyard and garden shed.







51 Eldridge Drive Mount Gambier • • • •


68 Wehl Street North Mount Gambier


• Lower level: 2 bedrooms, 2way bathroom, kitchen/ dining, 2 living areas • Double garage with auto doors. Elevator • Upper level: Main bedroom boasting WIR & ensuite. 2nd bedroom, bathroom, impressive kitchen/dining, formal lounge - theatre room, office & outdoor entertaining

4 bedroom or 3 + a study, main with ensuite Stunning open plan living area & formal lounge Lovely alfresco entertaining area Double garage UMR + separate 7.5m x 12m

Colorbond garage • Conveniently located level ¾ area allotment

92 Billings Road Worrolong


• 4 bedrooms, 2 with WIR’s and one with BIR’s • 3 large living areas, Entertaining room with large BI bar, projection TV & surround sound • Large rear veranda, entertaining area, open fire



51 Riddoch Highway Tarpeena


• Build your dream home on this large allotment in this quiet country town approx 20km from Mount Gambier • Power and water on block • Ready to build on • Land approx. 1639m2





1-2 Bedrooms Open plan kitchen/dining/lounge Bathroom with shower, vanity and toilet Single Carport, 776 m2 allotment If you are looking for a weekender or a project this

45 Compton Street Port MacDonnell • • • •


Concrete block shed, Completely self contained Ideal Fishermans shack, 1 street back from beach Small kitchenette, bathroom & separate toilet Build up to obtain coastal views


30 Laffer Street Nangwarry

8 $189,000

• 3 bedrooms, main with floating timber floors. • Open plan kitchen/family area • Lovely bathroom with spa bath. • Large double garage plus a HUGE carport • Include workshop, woodshed & garden shed. • Immaculate gardens, with a lovely cubby house

could be the answer




1 $192,000

• 2 large bedrooms, main with plenty of built-ins. • Roomy lounge room with gas heating. • The home would be very easy to extend in the future should the need arise. • Solid stone garage, very neat gardens. • A short walk to the beach and shops






76 Meylin Street Port MacDonnell

7 Hill Street Donovans • • • • •

• Takeaway food • Liquor store • Freehold • Enquiries to Kevin 8739 7272




Nangwarry Deli Nangwarry

• Lots of shedding and car parking • Pool, 30 fruit trees + 100 bird aviaries approx 8 acres












20 Milstead Street Port MacDonnell


• Fantastic position close to local general store/post office • Large block just one street back from the beach front • 3 bay Colorbond shed with concrete flood • Water connected to the property • Option to purchase as a whole or divided into two. (Subject to planning approval)


Lot 10 Springs Road Glencoe



• 3 bedrooms with built in robes, S/C fire in lounge room, 2nd large living area with bar and wood fire • Garage UMR, room for extra bedroom, rear stone garage, rain water plus bore, enclosed backyard into • Chook run with fruit trees, approx 3.5 acres fenced three paddocks. walking distance to general store



1 1 3 Lot 11 & 12 Carpenter Rocks Road $295,000 Carpenter Rocks • Three bedrooms , main with B.I.R • kitchen with electric cooking. Gas hot water • Updated bathroom with spa , shower and vanity • Lounge room with s/c wood fire • Large shed 7m x 15m, rain water to house and bore to toilet and garden

4 Lot 5 Carpenter Rocks Road Carpenter Rocks


2 $320,000

• Four bedrooms - all with B.I.R. Open plan kitchen/dining + • Formal lounge room + games room with s/c wood fire bar. Large rear entertaining area • 5000 Gal rain water plus bore for toilet & garden • 2 bay stone shed with power, concrete floor & auto door • 9m x 7m Colorbond shed with power, concrete floor

Nelson Road House & Nelson Chalet Motel • Two long established businesses for sale on lease hold basis with long term lease. • Fuel sales/deli/takeaway food/fishing bait and tackle + motel operation which the businesses enjoy a turnover of approx $1.2million. • Great variety for a hard working couple to continue and profit from a great business. - 009


2 8 Shellsea Court Pelican Point


2 $239,000

• Three bedrooms. Open plan kitchen/dining/lounge room. • Tiled laundry. Tiled bathroom with shower, bath, vanity and separate toilet. Front and rear deck for entertaining. • Single garage UMR with internal and rear access • 5m x 7m (approx.) rear shed. 3 Bay shed. Bore that supplies the garden & 5000 gal rain water suppling house.

UNITS 5/54 Jubilee Highway West 3/36 Jubilee Highway West 4,5/8 Helen Street 1/35 O’Halloran Terrace 2/8 Lake Terrace West 4/48 Crouch Street North 6/7 Arbor Street 2/22 Underwood Avenue

$175,000 $210,000 $258,000 $375,000 $249,000 $132,000 $149,000


3 Gerloff Street ROOM TO MOVE


• Large three bedroom stone family home • Main bedroom with parents retreat • Two bedrooms with BIR’s • Formal lounge room • Modern kitchen with B/Bar to dining area Huge family room with s/c wood heater Main bedroom plus 2nd shower and w.c in laundry • Double garage and pa o area

• Brick home offering 3 Bedroom Master with WI Robes & ensuite • Plus an Office or 4th Bedroom • An open plan living area incorpora ng a gourmet white 2 pac kitchen • Casual dining • Separate Family Room

PRICED AT $265,000

PRICED AT $309,000

PRICED AT $209,000

27 Sunset Drive A BREATH OF FRESH AIR!


Chris & Mary’s Fish & Chips BUSINESS

• Three bedroom brick & le home adjoining to Council Reserve • Open plan kitchen / dining / family with gas hea ng & air condi oner • BI robes to all 3 bedrooms • Fabulous 3 way bathroom with double vanity • Separate shower and bath & separate WC • Sliding door to rear pa o & private rear yard with gazebo & bird aviary

• Tastefully renovated 4 bedroom stone home • Great loca on in quiet central se ng • Walking distance to the City Centre • New floor coverings throughout • Total Kitchen renova on plus huge Walk-In Pantry

PRICED AT $247,000

PRICED AT $219,950

PRICED AT $80,000

67 Pinehall Avenue 2 HOMES FOR THE PRICE OF ONE

14 Has ngs Avenue INSTANT APPEAL


• A rus c, split level pine log cabin on approx 3 acres within city limits • comprising of 4 bdrms + study, 3 with BI robes, a mber kitchen with elec cooking, dishwasher & lge pantry • Master bathroom plus ensuite to main • S/C hea ng & open fireplace • Including a second 3 bedroom home

• Modern brick & stone feature home • 3 double Bedrooms - Master with WI robe & direct access to Bathroom Dis nc ve 3 way Bathroom of generous propor ons • Includes Liness Press Separate Formal Lounge posi oned at the front Generaous Kitchen/Dining and Family Room situated at the rear overlooking the garage

PRICED AT $449,000

PRICED AT $242,500

5/22 Buronga Avenue STYLE AND POSITION • Gracious formal Dining Room overlooking a separate formal Lounge • Ducted hea ng throughout • Wrap around bull nose verandah • Lock up garage with direct internal entry • One for the discerning buyer

• Family Room with s/c wood hea ng & access to the rear pa o • Upstairs a c or extra bedroom • Master bedroom with BI Robes • Double carport • Huge poten al here!!

• Solid mber Kitchen with island bench/breakfast bar Bay window to compliment the Dining area Family Room with split system air condi oner • Ducted control gas hea ng system • Double garage with remotes & huge rear pa o So much to see!!

• Solid three bedroom home e high on the hill • Excellent flow and vision to the new ‘Woolies’ development • All bedrooms with BI Robes • North facing kitchen and living • Modern hostess kitchen with open plan dining & lounge • Private enclosed rear yard with detached lock up garage • Well presented spacious home e in a well regarded group

• An iconic local business with current owners for over 23 years wishing to re re • Open 6 days per week supplying the best takeaway fish n chips and Yiros’ in town • Ideal husband and wife or partnership opera on • Main street loca on with easy parking • Consistent healthy profit figures with a steady growth pa ern • Some vendor finance may be available to approved purchasers

• 3 Bedroom stone ex trust home • Great South Eastern loca on • Lounge & gas hea ng, Kitchen with dining nook • Office plus storeroom extension on the rear • Colorbond roof and aluminium windows • Two separate driveways • Spacious rear yard with access to public park PRICED AT $169,500


RENTALS 6/1 CARAPOOK STREET $100 PER WEEK Bedsi er unit, kitchene e & bathroom. Sorry - NO pets. 2/6-8 MONTGOMERY AVENUE $125 PER WEEK Two bedroom unit in a quiet group of six. Kitchen, with electric cooking. Lounge with electric hea ng. Separate laundry. Single lock up garage. Sorry, no pets.



• Approved SA Lo o Agency backed up by a solid morning tea & lunch trade • Great city loca on • Modern well presented layout perfect husband and wife opera on • Regular loyal customer base • Consistent trading figures over many years

• Solid brick and stone 3 bedroom home in the NW of the city • Facing the North with great views across the countryside • Extremely well presented with good space this home has lots to offer • New kitchen and stove with dining area & BI dishwasher • Formal lounge with split system R/C air condi oning plus gas log fire and BI’s


REDUCED TO $219,000

• Inground/ indoor solar heated swimming pool • 2nd shower< WC & vanity to serice the pool • Peaceful rear pa o BBQ area • Double enclosed carport with remote door • Enjoy some me out here with lots of op ons & a low maintenance lifestyle

Phone (08) 8723 2121 55 Commercial St East, Mount Gambier John Overmaat 0417 874 286 Steve Auld 0478 144 178 Kim Cawthorne 0418 807 596 RLA 240002 - 010

Mount Gambier

Phone 08 8723 3416

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32 Bay Road Mount Gambier RLA 185 456

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302 Commercial St West, Mount Gambier $195,000 RSD FE TE OFNVI I

7 High Street, Mount Gambier $399,000

OPEN FRI 5.15 - 5.45PM • 1st home buyers or investors needn’t look any further than this low maintenance stone home • 3BR, (main with BIR’s), lounge/dining with s/c heating, updated kitchen with gas cooking & large family/games room with s/c heating • BI BBQ area with fernery, 2 x DBL length single car garages (1 with workshop & 3 1 4 1 High Clearance)

19 Degaris Street, Mount Gambier $639,000

OPEN FRI 5.15 - 5.45PM • Unique chalet style 3BR home set amongst est. gardens on 2017m2 allotment • Well maintained tennis court with overlooking pergola • This is a rare opportunity to purchase ½ an acre of land so close to the city • Phone today for your private inspection of this exceptional property 3 1 2

OPEN FRI 6.00 - 6.30PM • Argent Construction’s Award winning 2 storey display home with spectacular views • No expense has been spared - Caesar Stone benches, Smeg kitchen appliances, butler’s pantry, handcrafted jarrah doors, floor-ceiling comfort glass, A-BUS s/system, 3 2 2 ducted r/c a/c & much more

26 Heaver Drive, Mount Gambier

4/90 Tollner Road, Mount Gambier





With fantastic street appeal, this quality 3 bedroom brick home offers an ideal investment opportunity or home for young couple or retiree. The home offers BIRs in two bedrooms, Lshaped lounge/dining with r/c air-conditioning, modern kitchen with pantry, electric cooking & breakfast bar overlooking tiled dining area, opening onto a large pergola with decking & blinds, spanning the width of the home. A single carport & garage are situated alongside a low maintenance enclosed yard, ideal for children & pets. An excellent investment proposition located close to city, schools & TAFE.





OPEN SAT 11.00 - 11.30AM

86 White Avenue, Mount Gambier $225,000

88 McKay Road, Compton 5 ES R AC



OPEN SAT 11.45 - 12.15PM

OPEN SAT 10.15 - 10.45AM

OPEN FRI 6.00 - 6.30PM • If you are after a great property in a highly desired location, you won’t find better than this • Situated at the front of the complex, offering 2BR (with BIRs) on the upper level & a separate bedroom/living area with ensuite on the lower level • Outstanding views over the city, single garage UMR & low maintenance courtyard gardens make this property an ideal investment. Previously 3 2 1 leased at $210/week.

Experience the peace & quiet of the country without all the hard work, in this stylishly renovated home, on over an acre. Just minutes from the city & Tenison Woods College, this 3BR/2 bathroom bungalow offers so much for the family & entertainer. A spacious living area with s/c heating & r/c air-conditioning welcomes you inside, seamlessly flowing to a stunning open plan kitchen/dining area comprising large isl bench, an abundance of cupboards & quality appliances incl. d/washer, bar fridge, gas & elec cooking, plus steam oven & convection oven. Glass doors open into a paved o/door entertaining area, the perfect spot for a BBQ while watching the children play. A formal lounge at the front of the home features character open fireplace, leadlight windows & built-in timber shelving and could easily be converted to a 4th bedroom, while the dedicated study makes it easy to work from home. Outside offers 3 Bay garage with 3 phase power, concrete, workshop and lean-to. A small paddock at the side of the property allows for extra hobbies. This could be your ultimate lifestyle property, don’t let it pass you by.

89 Ruwoldt Road, Yahl $449,500

1/7A Hedley Street, Mount Gambier $225,000 W SE NE EA L RE

OPEN SAT 12.00 - 12.30PM





OPEN SAT 11.00 - 11.30AM

433 Wireless Road West, Compton $525,000

OPEN SAT 12.30 - 1.00PM

• 1st home buyers & investors needn’t look any further than this fantastic renovated brick & tile home • 3BR, spacious lounge with polished f/boards, s/c heating & heat-shifters, new kitchen/dining area with elec cooking, games room with sliding glass door • Rendered & freshly painted throughout plus new floor coverings • Secure rear yard with low maintenance gardens, single garage with power & internal access 3 1 2

• Privately located on 5 Acres, with stunning views • Inviting solid brick, log cabin home with 3BR (master with ensuite), open plan kitchen/dining, lounge with s/c heating & 2nd living with r/c a/c • Self contained granny flat offers sep living arrangements • Established trees & gardens, tennis court, town water & equipped bore 4 3 2

• Stunning lifestyle property on 2 Acres just min from Mt Gambier • 4BR (plus study) rendered home with return bull nose verandah, 9ft ceilings, open plan living with s/c heating, formal lounge with bay window, master bedroom with WI robe & en-suite (incl shower & inviting oval spa bath) • Remote dbl garage UMR plus separate huge 12m x 10m x 4.3m clearance c/bond shed with phone, loft, pot belly fire, 4 2 6 3 phase power & concrete

• Magnificent lifestyle property - 4BR/2 Bath bluestone fronted, solid brick home on 5 Acres just min from Mt Gambier • Sunken family room with BI Bar, s/c heating & French doors to o/door entertaining, R/C A/C, open plan kitchen, formal lounge & dining • R/water & bore, remote dble garage UMR, 12mx9m Quaker Barn with mezzanine level 4 2 6

194 Vause Road, Wandilo

201 Wynham Road, Moorak

214 Wynham Road, Moorak

24 Yahl Main Road, Yahl



OPEN SAT 1.15 - 1.45PM • Spacious 4 Bed/2 Bath home offering a picturesque & private setting on 10 Acres • Huge living room with north facing bay window, brand new kitchen with b/fast bar, d/washer, double sink & elec cooking, open plan dining/family with low maintenance tiles • S/C heating, r/c air-conditioning, 4.8kw Solar power • 5000 gal rainwater tank, equipped bore, single garage, high clearance carport, plus 6mx15m shed with concrete 4 2 4 & power




OPEN SAT 1.00 - 1.30PM • Solid brick 4BR colonial home on easily maintained 5257m2 allotment with sweeping views • 9ft ceilings with ornate ceiling roses & cornices, two pack kitchen with Caesar stone benches, double oven, elec cooking & d/washer, casual dining/family & formal lounge • Remote double garage UMR, 7,000 gallon r/water & townwater complete the property 4 2 2



OPEN SAT 1.45 - 2.15PM • Set on 2.5 acres with sensational views over the district and beyond to Centenary Tower • C-Bus Home Automation throughout • Spacious main bedroom with WIR &Ensuite, 2 additional double bedrooms plus study or 4th bedroom • Beautiful living areas including stunninghigh end chef’s kitchen & lavish entertainers deck • Excellent array of shedding 4 2 7 for 7 vehicles - 011

• Unique property offering extra room for extended family or Bed & Breakfast (S.T.C.A.) • 3BR brick home & 5BR Blue Lake home on 4725m2 allot • Both homes connected to Blue Lake water & Envirocycle • Close to Yahl Primary School • Ideal opportunity to afford your own home and share living costs 8 3 2

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24 Hedley Street, Mount Gambier P.O.A.


23 Lexington Crescent, Mount Gambier $389,000 W SE NE EA L RE

27 Elder Street, Mount Gambier

13 Chute Street, Mount Gambier $299,000



Expressions of Interest by Fri 3rd Jan 2014 5pm (unless sold prior) • Magnificent inner city home offering only the best in modern living • Kitchen with granite benches, self cleaning oven & induction stove overlooking dining with views to balcony, 2 additional living areas • Opulent master bedroom with WIR, ensuite with his & hers vanity & corner spa • Double garage UMR with internal access, 12x6m garage with w/shop, plus 9x6m high clearance garage

• Four bedroom home nestled at the end of the culde-sac and adjoining a reserve • Main bedroom with WIR & ensuite, 2 additional bedrooms with BIR’s • Spacious open plan living area plus formal lounge • Lovely semi-enclosed patio & stunning private gardens • Gas ducted heating, pop-up sprinklers & double car 4 2 2 garage UMR

• Superbly presented 3-4 bedroom family home with huge storage UMR • Solid brick & tile home, large lounge with s/c heating & R/C a/conditioning, plus impressive blackwood timber kitchen with elec cooking & large dining area • Lower levels offer 2 living areas, large laundry with 2nd toilet (easy conv. to bathroom) plus huge secure storage areas • Dbl carport, sgl car garage & 1 3 elevated o/door entertaining area 4

• Charming 3BR/2 bathroom bungalow in a highly sought after street • North facing formal lounge/study with gas log fire, extensive built-in desk & bookcase • Stylish open plan family/dining room with timber mantle, gas log fire & dble glazed windows • 8mx7m garage with remote, hot-house with plumbing & peaceful garden setting 3 2 2

7 Comaum Avenue, Mount Gambier $399,500

4 Venice Court, Mount Gambier $425,000

1 Highland Drive, Mount Gambier $319,500

30 Hasting Avenue, Mount Gambier $294,000

• Architecturally designed 4BR family home on 1017m2 allotment in a quiet residential area • Stunning features throughout include 100 y.o. carved cedar staircase & timberwork, leadlight doors, 3 living areas, gas & s/c heating, sunken dining • Resort style master suite with striking marble tiled ensuite & french doors onto 4 2 2 private balcony

• Deceptively large 4BR home, offering everything you need for the family who like to entertain • Formal lounge with ducted gas heating, master BR with bay window, WIR & en-suite • Huge open plan living opening onto enclosed pergola with BI BBQ, bar & pizza oven • Remote dble garage UMR plus separate high clearance shed with power & concrete 4 2 4

• Located amongst quality homes on corner allotment • Formal lounge with bay window, open plan living with gas ducted heating, plus huge u/cover pergola • Immaculate 2pak kitchen with b/fast bar, elec cooking, plus abundant cupboard space • Remote dble garage, 2 2 plus 2nd d/way & rear yard access 3

• Located in a quiet cul-de-sac, with attractive street appeal, close to the Mt Gambier Hospital & Big W Shopping Complex • Formal lounge, spacious kitchen with elec cooking, double sink & d/washer, open plan living with gas ducted heating & low maintenance tiles • Double garage UMR with remote& internal access, plus rearyard access • Immaculately presented, low maintenance home, 4 2 2 leased @ $300 until Dec 2013

1 Jardine Street, Mount Gambier

89 Bay Road, Mount Gambier

17 Jardine Street, Mount Gambier $529,000

68 Wehl Street North, Mount Gambier $499,000

• Impeccably designed 50sq executive style home, offering 2 separate living arrangements • Upper Level – 2BR, master with WIR & ensuite, main bathroom with huge spa, open plan living, formal lounge, office, alfresco area & balcony • Lower Level – 2BR, two-way bathroom, kitchen/dining, 2 living areas & remote Dble garage UMR • Excellent location with income 4+ 3 2 possibilities






• Superbly presented Federation residence on a magnificent 1533m2 allotment in one of Mt Gambier’s prestigious streets • Features include brand new kitchen, 15ft ornate ceilings polished f/boards, Marble fireplaces, ducted under floor gas heating, 4 bay garage, 2 1 4 st access from Jardine & Mitchell St 4

 Truly impressive & imposing family home located in one of Mt Gambier’s most prestigious precincts  Meticulous restoration & renovation, including stylish new deck overlooking the city  Nothing to do except move in & enjoy for many years to come, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to purchase a piece of history 4 2 2

• Lovingly restored 4BR character home in the CBD • Stunning redgum kitchen/dining opens to exceptional o/door entertaining area • Sparkling solar heated inground swimming pool • In conjunction with Vicki Quinn Real Estate


11 Thompson Court, Moorak

1 Ambrose Court, Worrolong

5 Wandaree Court, Mt Gambier 612m2 $79,000 Lt 123 Colonel Light Pl, Mt Gambier 1035m2 $99,000 25 Bryan Street, Allendale 1363m2 $63,000 Lot 12 Nelson Road, Mt Gambier 2.5 Acres $155,000 Lot 2 Mount Percy Road, Compton 3 Acres $249,500 Lot 51 Buck Road, Moorak 5 Acres $179,500 Lot 5 Kirip Road, Glencoe 5 Acres $65,000 Lot 6 Kirip Road, Glencoe 10 Acres $105,000 Lot 21 Yahl Hall Road, Yahl 7 Acres $220,000 72 Yahl Hall Road, Yahl 4 Acres $250,000 Chuck Road, Tarpeena 20 Acres, 2 Titles $180,000 Sec 81 & 88 Bailey Rd, Tarpeena 20 Acres & 18.75 Acres $150,000 Each Lot 2 Old Kalangadoo-Penola Rd 340 Acres $760,000 Lot 5 Kellet Street, Nelson 867m2 $165,000 378 Stephens Rd, Gorae Wst 550 Acres$3,400/acre Earls Road, Nelson 144 Acres $341,000 Portland-nelson Rd, Nelson 251 Acres $690,000 (Owen Pettingill – Licensed Agent)





7 Thompson Court, Moorak $599,000

• Stylish 4BR (+ study) designer home, 44sq on approx. 3600m2 allot. • Beautifully appointed kitchen with granite benches & s/s app. • Home theatre room, built-in bar & enclosed alfresco area with o/door kitchen • Excellent shedding - dble garage 4 2 6 UMR & 15x9m c/bond shed

• Perfectly positioned on 1 Acre, with dual driveways, 40Sq executive family home • Magnificent floor plan includes 5BR, 3 Bath, 3 Living plus Huge Pergola • Sparkling solar heated pool alongside renovated 2 storey barn with BBQ area (providing a variety of uses) 5 3 4

91 Jubilee Highway East, Mount Gambier $165,000

30B Peppermint Drive, Mount Gambier $275,000 L GE H&KA C PA

83 Wireless Road West, Mount Gambier $232,000 WE NERIC P

• Bright & inviting 3BR Mt Gambier stone home on low maintenance grounds close to city • Timber kitchen with gas cooking & d/washer, lounge with polished f/boards & gas log fire • Renovated bathroom with floor to ceiling tiles • Very affordable first home or investment, previously leased at $220/week

• Quality House & Land package with well known builder SK HOMES • Modern open plan living, spacious kitchen with walkin pantry, r/c air-conditioning, private alfresco area • Purchase brand new, save on stamp duty & choose colours to suit your taste • Ideal first home, investment 3 2 2

• Big home looking for big family! • Neat & tidy double storey home with 5BR, 2 Bath & 2 living areas close to TAFE, school & hospital • Double length carport with rear yard access to a double iron garage • This large home offers everything for the extended family at a family friendly price 5 2 3



2 - 012


• Luxurious 2-storey family home with lovely rural ambience • Upper level - 4BR, including master with WIR & lavish ensuite • Lower level - stylish kitchen overlooking spacious open plan living & pergola, 3rd living & study • 5th BR or Guest room with ensuite • Huge dble garage UMR plus extra 5 3 5 shedding for caravan or boat

INVESTORS / FIRST HOME BUYERS 1/35 Eglington Tce, Mt Gambier 2 1/2 Davison St, Mt Gambier 2 229 Commercial St Wst, Mt Gambier 3 302 Commercial St Wst, Mt Gambier 3 58 Wehl St Nth, Mt Gambier 3 86 White Avenue, Mt Gambier 3 2 Burdikin Ave, Mt Gambier 3 2 Carapook St, Mt Gambier 3 83 Wireless Rd Wst, Mt Gambier 5 29 Gordon St, Mt Gambier 3 8 Bellshire Place, Mt Gambier 3 18 Montgomery Ave, Mt Gambier 3 18 Swan Street, Mt Gambier 3 24 & 26 Queens Ave, Mt Gambier 6

1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 2

1 1 2 4 2 1 2 3 2 4 2

$125,000 $165,000 $190,000 $195,000 $219,000 $225,000 $225,000 $229,000 $232,000 $235,000 $249,000 $249,000 $250,000 $259,000

Phone 08 8723 3416 32 Bay Road Mount Gambier RLA 185 456 Al Lamond 0418 849 266

Brooke Stephenson 0424 943 991

Owen Pettingill 08 8723 3416

Gail Richards 0409 268 199

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153-154 Lighthouse Road, Port MacDonnell

30 Racketts Road, Pelican Point



BEACHFRONT LOCATION ON 2 TITLES Watch the ships steam past, with ocean views from your lounge, dining room & bedrooms. Features include a well maintained 3 bedroom brick & tile home, offering s/c wood heating, r/c air conditioning, plus single car UMR with auto door & internal access. Outside improvements include solar panels, rain water tanks, equipped bore, plus 15m x 6m & 12m x 6m sheds with power & concrete. The position is unbeatable & presents a range of possibilities with the 2 titles on offer. Make the sea change & escape the cities summer heat, enjoy the brilliant coastal sunsets from the comfort of your own beachfront home.






5-7 Elliott Street, Port MacDonnell $259,000 W SE NE EA L RE

• Located in the peaceful beachside town of Pelican Point, this fisherman’s retreat makes a great holiday home or permanent residence • Low maintenance 2BR Mt Gambier stone home with open living, kitchen with elec cooking • Freshly painted inside & out, new roof, single carport & rainwater • Just a short stroll from the beach & minutes from the boat ramp, nothing to do, but move in and start enjoying that fresh 2 1 1 sea air

• Character Mt Gambier stone home situated on a corner allotment one street back from the foreshore • 2 allotments over 1000m2 with adjoining land for sale, giving buyers the opportunity to purchase 1800m2 with 2 titles • 3BR (all with BIRs),plus study offering easy conversion to a 4th bedroom • Don’t miss this opportunity to purchase your new holiday home or permanent residence, with the possibility of future 3 1 2 development (STCA).

4 Springs Road, Port MacDonnell $249,000

86 Meylin Street, Port MacDonnell $560,000

• Stone’s throw from the beach, well presented 2BR, 2 Bath home with easy conversion to a 3BR home • Open plan kitchen & dining area with elec cooking & d/washer • Large family room with gas heating & r/c a/c • Large 2bay high clearance shed, 2 2 4 plus adjoining 3 bay garage

• Superbly renovated & fully furnished holiday home • 6BR, 3 stunning bathrooms & 2 living areas provide accommodation for up to 19 people • Spectacular open plan living leads to an entertainers dream alfresco area • 3Bay high clearance c/bond shed 3 3 • Excellent figures & bookings 6

138 Sea Parade, Port MacDonnell $559,000

24 Compton Street, Port MacDonnell $149,000

Lot 75 Holloway Street, Donovans $239,500 WIWO

11 Stonehaven Avenue, Nelson

• Elevated allotment of 1423m2 at the end of a cul-de-sac • 18m x 7.5m c/bond shed, tastefully converted to 2BR home with decked BBQ area & 2 bay 3.5m high clearance garage • R/water tanks with pump, equipped bore, landscaped gardens, established trees 2 1 2 & shrubs

• Fantastic fisherman’s retreat perfect for permanent living or family Summer holidays • 3BR (main with BIR & flat screen TV), spacious lounge with new carpet & gas heating, kitchen/dining with polished f/boards & new elec cooking • North facing deck with café blinds, double garage & 2nd access point 3 1 2 Owen Pettingill - Licenced Agent

• Fully furnished, as new quality built 4BR home on corner allotment with rearyard access • Breathtaking views of Pt MacDonnell’s coastline from every angle • 3 living areas, 2 stunning bathrooms, striking kitchen, indoor & alfresco dining 4 2 2 • It’s got the lot!

• Summer holidays made easy • Affordable 2BR house on 610m2 flat allotment by the beach • Freshly painted throughout, new roof, new HWS, s/c heating, large rumpus room • Single iron garage plus tool 2 1 1 shed

173 Uphills Road, Kongorong 14 ES R AC

6174 Casterton Road, Mount Gambier 5 $560,000 7. RES AC

6332 Portland-Nelson Road, Nelson $459,000

7 Sydney Street, Nelson

18 ES R AC

• Magnificent lifestyle property on 7.5 Acres • Surrounding views of indoor pool, 3 living areas, 5BR (all with BIRS), dedicated study, 3 bathrooms • Detached 2BR self contained unit provides separate living • Excellent shedding incl dble garage UMR, 7Bay shed & more 3 8 • In conjunction with Gebhardts 5

• Colonial 4BR brick home with approx. 18 Acres • Massive sheds incl. 80’x90’ machinery shed, 36’x24’ c/bond shed & 14’x30’ c/bond shed • 13,000 gall r/water, equipped bore, solar HWS • Beautifully established gardens with an abundance of native wildlife • A magnificent country property for the family and so close to the river 4 1 8 Owen Pettingill - Licenced Agent

• Attractive family home with 30ft x 40ft high clearance garage – ideal for caravan or boat • Boasting 9 ft ceilings, formal lounge, modern kitchen, adjoining family/meals area, huge rumpus room, paved alfresco & gorgeous garden setting • S/S a/c, s/c heating, r/water 3 2 6 Owen Pettingill - Licenced Agent


• 4-5BR solid brick home tucked away in a beautiful rural setting on 14 Acres • Polished floorboards, formal dining & lounge, blackwood kitchen/dining with elec cooking & family room/5th bedroom • 4 main paddocks, plus house 5 2 7 & shed yards

574 The Springs Road, Glencoe

10 ES R AC


• 3BR Mt Gambier stone home on lovely rural setting of approx. 10 Acres with 2 titles • Polished Jarrah f/boards, large dine-in kitchen with Jarrah cupboards, isl bench, d/washer & elec cooking • Lounge with cast iron fireplace & gas heating, 2nd living area with s/c heating • Double garage with power, r/water connected, equipped bore 3 1 2


306 The Springs Road, Glencoe $369,000 13 ES R AC

• Brick & timber family home on 2 titles of approx. 13 Acres • Open plan living with high raked ceilings & sep family room • Fenced into 3 paddocks with 5 bay & 3 bay sheds • Rainwater connected plus 2 bores




89 Cram Road, Glencoe 37 ES R AC


• Escape city life to the affordable, quieter lifestyle of Glencoe • Brand new kitchen with gas cooking, family room, 4BR + office, elevated pergola • 4 bay iron shed plus various other sheds • Fenced into 4 main paddocks with 2 house yard paddocks 4 1 4 - 013


148 Burston Road, Glencoe 15 ES R AC



• Beautiful Federation style residence amongst attractive gardens on 15 Acres • 3BR, formal dining & lounge, sitting room, country style dine-in kitchen, high ceilings, striking leadlight, open fire places & timber mantles • Purchase your own magnificent piece of history & enjoy a rural lifestyle 3 1 LAND 6

Suite 2/14 Helen Street Mount Gambier SA 5290 Ph 08 8725 5766


41 Heaver Drive


bed rooms


bath rooms


car parking


Exceptional family home, elevated allotment with stunning views of the Mount, OPEN ultra spacious classy living – Great area FRI of the City – inspect 5.00 - 5.30 ASAP!

92 Orchard Road


bed rooms


bath rooms



car parking 3,648m2 approx

2 Bodey Street

bed rooms


bath rooms

bed rooms


bath rooms


car parking

car parking


Beautifully upgraded throughout – two living areas and outdoor entertaining – a wonderful family home that is sure to impress!



Celebrate Christmas here and see 2014 in under the Bali Hut, around the fire pit with your friends. OPEN An Entertainers Dream. Only an inspection will FRI reveal how fabulous 5.45 - 6.15 this home is.


bed rooms


bath rooms


car parking



Wow! What a beauty this lovely family home is. Elevated and North facing a very OPEN short stroll to a stunning SUN reserve – Do your family 10.15 - 10.45 a favour – Move In!

22 Tumut Drive


9 Ridgeview Crt


63 Wehl Street North

28 Tweed Crescent

Stunning tranquil setting on the city outskirts – the perfect family home that OPEN offers the lot a true SAT value package! 11.45- 12.30


14 Roanoke Court


bed rooms


bath rooms



car parking


Perfect start for the first home buyer or those sizing down – picture perfect and exceptional shedding – a fantastic entertaining area, bonus study – inspect immediately – you have been warned!

42 Canavan Road



bed rooms

1 Hartley Court



bath rooms

car parking

This impressive home has plenty to offer and is in excellent order throughout. Providing a versatile layout on a 2170m2 (approx) allotment with OPEN extra shedding and private rear access. Simply SAT an amazing home that 9.30 - 10.00 offers tremendous value.

4/20A Wyatt Street



bed rooms

bed rooms


bath rooms


car parking


car parking

Be quick, this Funky Inner City pad will not last long. The perfect start, walk to OPEN absolutely SUN everything! 11.00 - 11.30

83 Lake Edward Road, Glencoe


Perfectly presented and loaded with features. 2 bathrooms, 2 living areas, outdoor entertaining, 2 car OPEN garaging. Quiet cul SAT de sac and a fantastic tenant. A solid investment. 10.15 - 10.45

16 Glenferrie Close


bath rooms




bed rooms


bath rooms


car parking



Exceptional in all respects, superb cul de sac location, north west area of the City and sheds galore. Room for absolutely everything – Including the van.

4 Knight Court

23 Tanglewood Cres


bed rooms



bath rooms

car parking


A beautiful family home offering open spacious kitchen and dining and two large areas offering flexible layout. Comfort is OPEN assured with R/C Split aircon, gas central heating SAT all set amongst manicured 11.00 - 11.30 grounds in quiet cul de sac.

20 Mark Street

x3 x2 units bed


extra rooms parking


A well maintained group of units offering a great opportunity to expand your portfolio. Bonus Inner City location- very appealing!

10B Old Kent Court





bed bath car rooms rooms parking

$350,000 5 acres approx

This beautifully maintained and well designed property has everything you could ask for to live a healthy, self sufficient lifestyle – heavenly!

9 Ramsay Avenue


bed rooms


bath rooms


car parking


This deceptively spacious family home (34 sqm) has to be inspected to fully appreciate the sheer size of this stunning property – view the fantastic floor plan online! In conjunction with Ray White Keatley

10 Venice Court


bed rooms


bath rooms


car parking


You will be surprised by the size of this stunning & sophisticated townhouse – located in a quiet cul-de-sac location close to the city centre.

27 Brolga Street


bed rooms


bath rooms


car parking


bed rooms

Perfect for a large family or a travelling retiree – a wonderfully spacious home and great shedding – low maintenance living!

50 Wireless Road East


bed rooms


bath rooms


car parking



bath rooms


car parking


Great north facing home in excellent area, offers plenty & awaits new owner – value buying!

1 Shellsea Court


A popular (Grigoli) built home offering comfortable living and space. Fastidiously maintained inside and out- currently leased with a great tenant.


bed rooms


bath rooms




Large stone industrial workshop – total building area approx 292 m2 - plus office & toilet area – high clearance doors – two truck pits in main area – for further details contact agents

2/46 Derrington Street

$198,000 798m2 approx (block size)

Listen to the ocean – Trendy renovation throughout, a fantastic home or weekender just back from the beach. So much potential – Affordable Holiday Home!


bed rooms


bath rooms


car parking


bed rooms


bath rooms


car parking


No expense spared in this quality built home that offers quiet living – outstanding views – solar panels – rainwater – solid construction and the list goes on. Inspect and expect to be impressed!

373 Cafpirco Road, Compton


Lovely brick and tile unit in a quiet group of three –close to all amenities. - 014



bed bath rooms rooms


car parking

$385,000 20 acres approx

Lovely character home offering beautiful rural views only minutes from the city. Great affordable country living. Set amongst established grounds awaiting new owners.


bed rooms


bath rooms


car parking


A spacious split level home fit for family living, 2 living areas and great shedding – popular Birdsville location!

97 Meylin Street, Port MacDonnell


bed rooms


bath rooms


car parking


Immaculate coastal home offering sea glimpses. Large rooms, great under cover entertaining and extra car accommodation. Expect to be impressed!

Paul Chuck 0409 541 113

Jo Campbell 0409 240 223


Ph 08 8724 8088

RLA 1903

1/1 Powell Street


bed rooms


bath rooms


car parking



Modern, trendy townhouse – close proximity to city centre. Spacious living throughout. Quiet location and quality group of community title units.


5/3 Powell Street


bed rooms


bath rooms


car parking

The size of a house, security of a unit, 3 generous bedrooms, solid construction, secure fenced yard and pet friendly! Don’t miss this.


4 Albatross Terrace


bed rooms


bath rooms


bed rooms


bath rooms


Lot 12 Bodey Circuit


car parking


Overlooking a reserve this exquisite home is bursting with style – three living areas – immaculate inside and out – inspect and fall in love!

Unit 5/55 Bertha Street


bed rooms


bath rooms


A little piece of Country in the City, exceptional family home with timeless appeal & many superior features

car parking 4000m2 approx

17 Glenmont Crescent



car parking


3851m2 approx

Great size allotment of 3851 m2 (approx) in popular Calula Industrial estate – prime opportunity - true value buying!

89 Ruwoldt Road


Perfectly located a short stroll to the city centre and the lakes area – this lovely unit will be sure to impress – currently tenanted.


bed rooms


bath rooms



bed rooms


bath rooms


car parking

Well presented solid home in popular lakes location. A great family home or investment, walk to the lakes, walk to quality schools and sporting grounds!


4 Hill Street, Donovans


$180.00 pw

$210.00 pw • 3 bedroom home two bedrooms with BI Robes • Eat-in Kitchen with elec cooking • Lounge with gas log fire • Single carport umr/entertaining area • Low maintenance yard • Walking distance to street • No Pets • Available Now

Fantastic investment property – currently leased - great return – prominent location – further details on request

An enviable lifestyle awaits the lucky purchasers of this superb 2 acres (approx) property – magnificent!

bath rooms


6 Chantilly Place

7 Foote Street




49 Sturt Street

3/2 West Street

• 2 bedroom unit • Both with built in robes • Lounge with gas wall furnace • Kitchen/ dine with electric cooking • Bathroom with bath • Separate toilet • Garage umr with internal access • No Pets • Available Now


bed rooms

$155.00 pw • 2 bedroom unit • Built in robe in main • Kitchen with gas cooking • Lounge with gas heating • Bathroom/toilet/laundry • Single garage detached • No Pets • Available Now

$85,000 1 roomed weekender - fantastic 790m2 (approx) flat allotment, rustic & cozy - don’t let this one get away - walk in walk out!


$105.00 pw •Two bedroom flat both with BI Robes •Eat in Kitchen with elec cooking • Lounge with free standing electric heater • Bathroom/ toilet • Good location • No Pets • Available Now

790m2 (approx)

This beautiful country property a short drive to the city is everything you have dreamed of – inspect to appreciate all that is on offer!


• Workshop approx 19m x 6m • Roller door clearance 3200 • 3 phase & single phase power • Toilet & hand basin • Side door access

Starting From $59,000 DEVELOPER SLASHES PRICES – BE QUICK! Take advantage of this fantastic deal – the Developers of the Stella Place Subdivision will reduce allotments by up to $10,000 on contracts signed before the 31st December. Don’t delay – enquire today and take advantage of up to $23,500 in Government Grants extended to December 2013.  Beautiful area close to schools, shopping and reserves  Tremendous views from some allotments  Great selection of sizes and prices  Side and rear fences included  All services provided Contact Gebhardts for further details.


Seafarers Way, Port MacDonnell

6 Sinclair Street


Lot 62 Bruning Place


5 Ash Court


6 Cobblestone Court


Lot 92 Eyre Court


Lot 2 Chute Street


Lot 2/56 Bay Road


310 Wehl Street North


• • • • • • •

1/7 Holder Street 1/3 Kilsby Place 7/5 Shepherd Street 2/20 Kurrajong Street 3/84 Bay Road 9/22 Buronga Avenue 3/2 West Street

RENTALS - HOMES $93.00 pw $105.00 pw $120.00 pw $150.00 pw $155.00 pw $180.00 pw $180.00 pw



Starting from $83,500

Coastal allotments – swim, surf and fish at your doorstep! Fully serviced and ready to go.

21 Calula Drive • Storage/Workshop facility • Secure complex • Approx 102 square metres • Separate toilet & h’basin

RENTALS - UNITS Stella Place

• 3 bedroom home • Main with WI Robe & ensuite others with BI Robes • Kitchen/ dine/family with gas & elec cooking, r/c air conditioner & dishwasher • Formal lounge • Single garage umr • U/cover patio area • Det double garage with one door access • Pets Negotiable • Available 18/12

26 Oak Street


car parking 16.94 Ha approx

$280.00 pw

$220.00 pw • 2 bedroom home both with BI Robes • Kitchen/dine with elec cooking • Lounge with r/c air conditioner • Single garage umr • Small patio area • Low maintenance yard • Walking distance to shops and great location close to popular Lakes area • Pets negotiable • Available Now


212 Fern Road, Mil Lel

car parking 2 acres approx

3/84 Bay Road

1/3 Kilsby Place


11A Calula Drive

$227,500 + GST



2 Degaris Street

• Harrold Street • Cnr James Street and Bay Road • Law Street • 96 Commercial Street East • 165-167 Commercial Street East • 46 Commercial Street West • 9 Ramsay Avenue • 5 Allan Drive • Oak Street • Calula Drive

• 13 Wilson Street

$185.00 pw

• 12 Hanson Street

$185.00 pw

• 49 Sturt Street

$210.00 pw

• 70 Cardinia Street

$215.00 pw

• 7 Foote Street

$220.00 pw

• 6 Chantilly Place

$280.00 pw

• 43 Lake Terrace West

$340.00 pw

• 1 Jardine Street

$380.00 pw

Gebhardts Property Management I 2/14 Helen Street, Mt Gambier Ph 08 8724 8088 / Fax 08 8724 8099 Lic Agents RLA 1903 ACN 008075027 - 015

08 8723 0633 98 Wehl St South, Mount Gambier


17 Balambool Ave, Mount Gambier $284,000

5 Vivienne Avenue, Mount Gambier $249,000



5.00 - 5.20PM

5.30 - 5.50PM


• Every room is a great size throughout • 3 double bedrooms (bed 2 & 3 with BIR) • Walk to Big W and specialty shops RIDAY TWILIGHT OPEN • Ensuite & walk-in robe in master bedroom • 2 large separate living areas Web Id. 5933367 3 2 2 Charmaine Russell 0407 268 098

WEB Id. 5967706 Charmaine Russell 0407 268 098

16 Kywong Court, Mt Gambier

8 Flinders Terrace, Mount Gambier $299,000

12 Twila Grove, Mt Gambier



• • • • •

Freshly renovated throughout Covered parking for 7 vehicles Vehicle access to workshop with slow combustion heating RIDAY TWILIGHT OPEN Large covered BBQ courtyard area 2nd covered pergola area






OPEN FRI DEC 6 5.00 - 5.20PM

OPEN FRI DEC 6 5.30 - 5.50PM

OPEN SUN DEC 8 11.45 - 12.10PM

6.00 - 6.20PM

• Original Lead Light timber windows and timber floors • Original solid architraves, detailed cornice and ceiling rose • 3 queen sized bedroomsTWILIGHT plus separate study RIDAY OPEN • Formal dining room flowing with traditional features • 3 queen sized bedrooms plus separate study WEB Id. 5826425 3 1 2 Charmaine Russell 0407 268 098


1/142 Sea Parade, Port MacDonnell $399,000




 Outstanding design to capture sea views from the upstairs open plan family room & kitchen  Bedroom 2 & 3 along with the main bathroom, entry and lounge room all occupy the lower level  Spacious master suite complete with two way ensuite WEB Id. 5397684 3 2 2 Charmaine Russell 0407 268 098

30 Eglington Terrace, Mt Gambier

OPEN FRI DEC 6 6.00 - 6.20PM


OPEN SUN DEC 8 1.00 - 1.20PM

• 4 bedrooms all with robes • Ornate cornice & ceiling roses in master bedroom & living areas RIDAY TWILIGHT OPEN • Spacious formal lounge • Lovely open plan kitchen/meals/family WEB Id. 5457465 4 2 2 Barry Ritter 0408 853 180

3 LIVING AREAS • 4 Bedrooms all with robes, 2 bathrooms th • Formal lounge/4 bedroom, 2 extra living areas RIDAY TWILIGHT OPEN • Double remote garage WMR, ducted R/C air conditioning • Private rear patio entertaining area, one fit for the family, not to be missed WEB Id. 5816541 4 2 2 Barry Ritter 0408 853 180

• 4 spacious bedrooms all with robes • 2 bathrooms and private study • Huge family room andTWILIGHT separate formal lounge RIDAY OPEN • Under cover parking for 4 cars • Secure rear yard Web Id. 5439452 4 2 4 Barry Ritter 0408 853 180

• Recently renovated • 3 Bedrooms 1 with robes • Remote Carport plus new colour bond garage • Stunning rear private decked patio • Beautifully land scaped gardens WEB Id. 5292594 3 1 2 Barry Ritter 0408 853 180

145 O’Neil Road, Worrolong

16/17 North East Tce, Kalangadoo

Allendale General Store

11 Howland Street, Mt Gambier








$450,000 + SAV




• 8 acres of country living with tennis court • 3 bedrooms + study & 2 updated bathrooms • 2 living areas with formal dining • Patio entertaining area & Self-contained Granny flat • numerous shedding & private lifestyle WEB Id. 5235386 4 3 6 Barry Ritter 0408 853 180

WHY PAY RENT • 3 spacious bedrooms • Open plan living with gas and s/c heating • Updated bathroom with spa, updated kitchen • Double garage with power, covered patio/ deck area • Double length carport, great affordable home WEB Id. 5948176 3 1 3 Barry Ritter 0408 853 180

• Freehold business • 3 bedrooms, stone home • General Store, Post Office, Fuel, Diving & Fishing Supplies • This property has loads of potential to expand the business • The only general store in town WEB Id. 5958335 3 1 2 Barry Ritter 0408 853 180

• 4 Bedrooms3 with robes • Formal lounge with reverse-cycle air and slow combustion heating • Upstairs kitchenette and large family room • 3 Toilets WEB Id. 5237084 5 2 2 Barry Ritter 0408 853 180

17 Gladigau Road, Mount Gambier $199,000

5 Pinecrest Court, Mount Gambier

Unit 2, 7 West Street, Mount Gambier $98,000

2/24 Powell Street, Mount Gambier $205,000






• 3 bedroom family brick home • New kitchen with dishwasher, stainless steel appliances & splash back • Master suite has mirrored robes, R/C air con and gas heating • Great outdoor entertaining home with BBQ area • Huge shed 12m x 6m & large carport 11m x 4m WEB Id. 5861184 3 1 2 Graeme Cleves 0419 806 410

• Built by Mt Gambier City Lions Club for fundraiser • Large 4-5 bedroom family home on 756sqm allotment • Formal lounge & family room & separate dining • Stylish soft floor coverings & curtains WEB Id. 5591764 4-5 2 2 Graeme Cleves 0419 806 410

• Renovated 2 bedroom flat, new carpets and curtains • Freshly painted throughout, modern stylish renovated bathroom & laundry • 2 large bedrooms, master with floor to ceiling robes • Renovated kitchen in modern colours WEB Id. 5932733 2 1 1 Graeme Cleves 0419 806 410

WEB Id. 5638464 Graeme Cleves 0419 806 410

13 Doughty Street, Mount Gambier $285,000

34 Laird Street, Mount Gambier

76 Wehl Street South, Mt Gambier

691 Nelson Rd, OB Flat



NEW PRICE • Renovated family home renovated in 1910 • 3 good sized bedrooms • Formal lounge carpeted throughout • Modern kitchen with electric appliances • Dining room with bay style window seat • Low maintenance yard on 598m2 WEB Id. 5864946 3 1 Graeme Cleves 0419 806 410









IT WON’T LAST LONG CALL TODAY • Solid brick & stone home unit • R/C air conditioning in lounge with brick feature wall • Stylish kitchen with under bench electric oven and hot plate

• 3 bedrooms • Updated kitchen • Great car accommodation • Good size separate shed • Fantastic size outside entertaining Web Id. - 5017987 Annette McLaughlin 0418 855 376




ONE OF THE LARGEST SHEDS IN A RESIDENTIAL HOME IN MOUNT GAMBIER  Renovated 3 bedroom home  Stunning red, white & black kitchen/dining rooms  Lounge room complete with big screen TV  Built-ins in all good size bedrooms WEB Id. 5891692 1 + 2 T 10+ Graeme Cleves 0419 806 410 3

HOUSE, SHED, LAND • Large solid stone family home • 3 to 4 bedrooms with gas heating • Huge lounge room with polished timber floor • Games room or family room • Renovated stunning bathroom WEB Id. 5343420 2 HEAPS Graeme Cleves 0419 806 410 3-4






0419 806 410

0407 268 098

0408 853 180

0418 855 376

0428 849 882

9 B a y Ro ad , Mou nt G am bier

m tg a m b i e r @e l d e r m .au - 016

RRLA L A 662833 2833

08 8723 0633 32 Millard Way, Kalangadoo


33 William Street, Allendale East


17 Lila Crescent, Nene Valley


95 Glencoe Road, Glencoe






 8 Year old brick family home on large allotment  2 Living areas & smart modern kitchen  Master suite with ensuite, spa & walk-in robe  Large undercover BBQ entertaining decked area  Huge rear yard for the kids & dog  Huge shed 18m x 6.5m x 2.6m man shed

• Approx 2.9 acre property on 2 titles • 3 bedroom home • Lounge with gas heating • Horse stables with power • Brand new gas hot water system WEB Id. 5159311 Graeme Cleves 0419 806 410



2 Poole Street, Millicent 3





WEB Id. 5890071 Graeme Cleves 0419 806 410


13 Degaris St, Millicent 3

3 1





• 3 Bedroom family home by the sea • Stunning black wood timber kitchen • Floating timber floors throughout for easy cleaning • Large open plan lounge/kitchen/dining • R/C Air conditioning plus gas heating WEB Id. 5953419 3 1 4 Graeme Cleves 0419 806 410

• • • •

Split rock limestone cottage style home 3 good size bedrooms two with built-ins Large lounge room with s/c wood heating Eat in kitchen with convection micro with electric oven & gas hot plates • 8 Acres with loads of sheds • 3 car garage + extra 2 car shed with workshop WEB Id. 5969431 3 1 5 Graeme Cleves 0419 806 410

29464 Princes Hwy, Glenburnie

15 Coombe Street, Nangwarry






NEW RELEASE • TIME TO BUY YOUR FIRST HOME?? • Well presented solid stone home with brick footings on corner allotment • Freshly painted interior & new blinds throughout • 3 bedrooms all with new carpet • Lounge with polished timber floors & electric heating WEB ID. 5938010 Kerry Smith 0419 803 836

• • • • •

Solid stone duplex, colourbond roof 3 bedrooms, lounge with electric heating New carpet& blind throughout Kitchen with elect oven& lino flooring New Instant gas HWS, enclosed back yard, double garage • Good long term tenant, rented out at $130 p/week WEB ID. 5882120 Kerry Smith 0419 803 836

• 3 Bedrooms • 2 living areas • Plenty of car parking • Renovated with Patio • Garaging and carport WEB Id. 5931753 Annette McLaughlin 0418 855 376

• Prominent location, 3 bedroom home on 8.5 acres • Great north facing entertaining area • Large workshop/garage & other sheds • Easy access for trucks & machinery • Comfortable home with 3 living areas WEB Id. 5385761 3 2 8 Bruce Auld 0428 849 882






0419 806 410

0407 268 098

0408 853 180

0418 855 376

0428 849 882

9 B ay Roa d, Mo un t G am bier




m tg a m b i e r @e l d e r m .au RRLA L A 662833 2833

Gary McFarlane

140 Thompson Street, HAMILTON. Gary 0408 528 428



Dion 0428 598 354

03 5571 1440 Fax 03 5572 4442


110 JENNINGS ROAD, HAMILTON - $450,000 All Reasonable Offers Considered








• 4BR’s 2 Bathrooms • Plenty of Sheds • Alternate Energy Supply

• 2 Bedrooms Large Rooms • Gas Heat. & SS Air conditoning • Carport, Shed, Big Block

• 3 Br’s 2 Bathrooms • Carport Garage & Sheds • 2+ Acres Stunning Gardens

• 3 Bedrooms BIR’s • Large Living Area • Double L-up Garage












• Large rooms, Wood heater • Modern Bathroom • Carport & Brick Shed

• 3 Large Bedrooms • Gas Heater High Ceilings • Art Deco Features

• 3 Bedrooms • Gas Heating • Lock-up garage

• 4BR’s Bir’s & Ensuite • 2 Living Areas • Carport & L-up Garage - 017

50-52 Boandik Tce

$585,000 - $625,000

24 Lee Court

$229,000 - $239,000 - 018

36 Ferrers St, Mt Gambier $249,000 - $269,000

22 Hilltop Avenue, Mount Gambier


45 Ferrers Street




37 Dalkeith Drive



FOOTSTEPS TO THE MAIN Character stone home located very close to city centre. Beautiful central passageway with timber flooring. Four bedrooms with two having large built ins. Large formal lounge with gas log fire + family area. Renovated main bathroom + handy 2nd toilet with vanity. Decked pergola overlooking private gardens. Double garage with panel lift door that opens to handy side access. Extra parking alongside of home. A unique home in a great location.

10 - 12 Dohle Road

11 McArthur Street


BEDROOMS, BATHROOMS & A GOOD PRICE Stone home located on corner allotment with handy access from side street. Four bedrooms, main with large ensuite that has corner spa bath & separate shower + WIR. Open plan kitchen/ dining & lounge. Renovated kitchen with gas stove, dishwasher, pantry & handy island bench. Separate rumpus room that has folding doors opening to office. Main bathroom with separate shower & bath. Gas heating + reverse cycle a/c. Private enclosed yard, carport & single stone garage.

8 Sunnyside Drive


YOU’LL LOVE THE EXTRAS Fantastic St Martins location. 4 bedrooms, main with walk in robe and ensuite. 3 remaining rooms are double size with built in robes. Separate formal lounge. Open kitchen/dining/family. Internal access from single garage UMR. Also carport UMR with height clearance elevated of approx 2.5m. Lovely outdoor entertaining. In addition, the best man shed we’ve ever seen complete with bar, heating & cooling. And if that’s not your scenetinker in your own workshop. This could be full of boy’s toys.

12 Wallace Street NEW PRICE OFFERS BETWEEN $399,000 - $409,000

LOCATION: YES, SPACE: YES Generous four bedroom, brick solid home set on a 1500m2 allotment in the Lakes area. Plenty of living areas with separate lounge, family, office, pergola & private alfresco area. Large kitchen; gas h/plates, elec oven & WI pantry. Ensuite & WIR to main. Ducted gas heating/ S/C heating + split system A/C. Double garage opening to enclosed carport with vehicular access to rear yard.

124 North Terrace



VENDORS RELOCATING LUXURY COUNRTY LIVING Set on an allotment measuring just over 5000m2. Stunning 4 bedroom home offering a large home theatre room. Spacious open plan kitchen, dining and family areas. Gas Gourmet cooking and stainless steel dishwasher. Built in robes in bedrooms 2,3, & 4. Walk in/built in robes to main bedroom, and an opulent ensuite featuring a double shower 2 home offices, ideal for someone working from home. Delightful outdoor entertaining with spa. Ideal for a family, located next to Blue Lake Sports Park.

7 Shaughnessy Court


SITTING HIGH IN THE LAKES AREA Enjoy the city view from the renovated 2 storey home. Ground floor has 2 double size bedrooms, both with BIR’s. Plus a small living area. Second bathroom and laundry combined. Under stairs storage. Double garage with internal access, with a workshop + a gabled carport. Open plan living on the first floor comprising of a stunning kitchen with smeg appliances and stone bench tops. The main bedroom is also located on the first floor with loads of BIR’s, a luxury ensuite and an office. Enjoy a wine on the top balcony while soaking up the superb views of the city.

ITS ALL CLASS Stunning home, designed with modern French Provincial themes. Luxurious and quality fittings through out. Four bedrooms with main featuring beautiful ensuite and huge walk in robe. Gracious formal lounge and dining room with French doors opening to private yard with established gardens. Open plan living with very well appointed kitchen and massive walk in pantry. Fourth bedroom currently utilized as studio. Third shower and toilet to service in ground pool and spa. Over 100sqm of garaging with high clearance doorways. Set on an allotment of approximately 1909sqm. Too much to describe.

214 Wynham Road, Moorak


35 Dalkeith Drive




Colonial style brick home. 3 good size bedrooms. Open plan kitchen, dine and family. Spacious formal lounge and dining. Walk in robe and ensuite to the main bedroom. 3 way main bathroom. Modern kitchen with gas cooking. Large rear pergola. Centrally located in a quiet pocket of the city. Leased at $270 p/wk.

11 Woodcrest Close


DON’T GO PAST ME... Solid construction family home. 3 bedrooms + large office that could easily be a 4th. Main bedroom has ensuite & built ins, bedrooms 2 & 3 have built ins & both have unique direct access to main bathroom. Spacious formal lounge & dine + open family, dine & timber kitchen. Sliding doors from family area to private pergola. Double garage with rear roller door access to enclosed back yard.

MODERN RURAL LIVING Simply stunning 3 to 4 bedroom home situated in Moorak. Situated on approx 2.5 acres offers state of the art living. Comprising of a home theatre room, elegant living areas, 3 double bedrooms, the main bedroom has a WIR and an opulent ensuite with double vanity and offering underfloor heating. A stainless steel cooker takes pride of place in the gourmet kitchen that features Caesar stone benchtops. Stacker doors lead from the dedicated games room with built in bar to the outdoor alfresco area. C Bus wiring throughout means the lighting, music and climate control are all automated offering energy efficiency and flexibility. Ducted Reverse cycle heating/cooling. Double garage with i/access. Separate colorbond shedding with toilet & shower measuring approx. 7.5 x 20 metres with a 3 mtre high clearance.

1 Rymill Place


8 Wehl Street North

THIS WILL TICK THE BOXES Well kept 4 bedroom home located in the popular St Martins area. Ensuite with WIR to spacious master bedroom. BIR in remaining bedrooms. Large formal lounge- ideal home theatre and superb views from the open plan living areas. Lovely 2 pack kitchen with walk-in pantry and stainless steel gas cooking. Warmed with ducted gas central heating and cooled with reverse cycle split system. Internal access from the double garage UMR plus an additional single garage with vehicle access- ideal for a boat or car enthusiast. Neutral décor throughout, ready for a family to enjoy. Close to St Martins and McDonald Park schools


STOP RENTING & CONSIDER THIS LITTLE BEAUTY Well kept 3 bedroom stone home. Located in a quiet cul de sac, only a 10 minute walk to the main street. Good size bedrooms. Spacious lounge with gas heating. New kitchen, yes that’s right, a sparkling new kitchen with dishwasher, walk in pantry and s/s gas cooker. The bathroom has a sep shower/bath. Largest enough for the biggest parties is the rear pergola, and ideal area for kids to play in winter and Extremely private. Low maintenance front and rear yards. Stone single garage with power plus carport

THROW AWAY YOUR CAR KEYS Cute and cosy 3 bedroom cottage, located just off the main street. Warmed by gas heating, open plan kitchen/ dining with dishwasher, bathroom with separate toilet. Lovely outdoor entertaining, enclosed rear yard with single garage w/power, ornate character features throughout. This could be a lovely starter or investment.

+ r/c air con. Electric appliances, Courtyard with shed & lawn area. Single c’port. Avail now @ $225 p/wk 24 Ehret St – Centrally located 3 bdrm stone home. 2 living areas, lounge w/ gas heat and polished wood floors. Near new kitch w/ elect cook, family area w/ wood heat. Enclosed rear yard. Sgle lock-up garage. Outside pets on app. Avail 30/1/14 @ $230 p/wk. 5A/184 Jubilee Hwy West - Finchley Grove. 2Bdrm, BIR, elec s/s app w/gas cooking in kitch, S/S cent’l heat/cool in dining, gas heat in lounge. Sgle garage w/ int access. O’door entert. Avail Now @ $240 p/wk 2/7A Hedley Street- Central location brick t’house w/ 3 bdrms, 2bthrms, open plan kitch/dine/lounge. Sgle garage UMR with extra parking. Avail 30/12/13 @ $250 p/wk 2B Clezy Cres – Almost new 3 Bdrm exec. c’yard unit. BIR, 2-way Bthrm w/ powder rm & sep toilet, open plan kitch/dine/ lounge. r/c a/c. Garage UMR w/ int access. Sorry no pets. Avail Now @ $255 p/wk 3B Coolabah St- Almost new 3 bdrm exec courtyard unit. BIR, 2 way bthrm w/ powder rm & sep toilet. Open plan kitch/dine/ lounge. Gas cooking, dishwasher, r/c air con. Garage UMR w/

internal entry. Sorry no pets. Avail 8/1/14 @ $265 p/wk 16 Saint Martins Drive - Neat and tidy brick home in excellent location, 3 bedrooms all with BIR’s, separate lounge, galley style kitchen with electric cooking and walk in pantry, open dining/family area with gas wall heater plus air conditioner, bathroom with bath and shower, separate toilet, single garage UMR plus double garage at rear, well fenced yard with access to rear, close to schools - Sorry no pets. Avail Now @ $270 per week 2 Coral Court – Spacious 4 Bdrm, 2 Bthrm situated in Conroe Heights. Main w/ WIR & ensuite w/ spa. Theatre rm & sep games rm, sep office. Outdoor entertain area. Gas duct heat. D’ble garage. Avail 11/12/13 @ $350 p/wk. 6 Max Young Drive – Brick & tile 4/5 bdrm, 2 bthrm family home. Main bdrm w/ WIR & ensuite. Bdrms 2,3 & 4 have BIR’s. Formal carpeted family rm or 5th bdrm. Lge lounge w/ BI cupboards, Kitch w/ d/washer,. Lge pergola area, large yard w/ garden shed. Low maintenance. Avail 6/12/13 @ $350 p/wk

5-7 Salesyard Rd, Allendale East

THE BEST OF ALL WORLDS Executive living brick family home with rural vista and all close to the coast. Three double bedrooms + large office. Main bedroom with WIR to ensuite. Formal lounge, separate dining & family room. Spacious kitchen with walk in pantry, dishwasher and plenty of cupboards & bench tops. Main bathroom has separate bath & shower + separate shower. Single garage UMR with remote door + 9m x 6m approx garage. Rainwater tanks & bore.

10 Millard Street, Donovans

RENTALS 3/102 Wehl St - Freshly painted 2 bedrm unit. Lounge & kitch w/ gas heating & cooking. Bathroom w/ new vanity. Sorry no pets. Avail Now @ $150 p/wk 48 Ewens Pond Rd Eight Mile Creek-Close to the beach. 3 Bdrm stone home. Gas cooking, dine in kitch, formal lounge w/ wood heat. Bthrm w/ shower over bath, sep toilet. O’door entertain. area. Avail Now @ $180 p/wk 5/113 Sturt St – 3 bdrm unit near showgrounds & shops. Good size bdrms, 2 living areas. Wood heating. Small rear yard. Garden shed. Off street parking. Avail 30/12/13 @ $190 p/wk. 3/56 Brownes Rd-2 bdrm- main w/ WIR, 2nd with BIR. Gas heat + r/c s/s. Timber kitch w/ elec cook. Hallway w/ BI linen press. Bthrm w/ shower & sep bath. Sep toilet. Small courtyard. Garage UMR. Rear unit. Avail now @ $220 p/wk 77 Wireless Rd West – 3 Bdrm stone home close to TAFE, shops and school. Polished f/boards in living areas. Spacious lounge w/ gas heat. Dine in kitch w/ near new gas stove. Updated bthrm. Semi-encl c’port w/ additional parking & side access to rear yard. Sorry no pets. Avail now @ $220 p/wk. 4/10 William St- 3bdrm unit in the heart of the city. Gas heating


SALES Jamie Sutherland 0458 231 506 Vicki Quinn 0417 804 782

PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Emma Beare 0437 902 438


Picture perfect brick home. Massive lounge with built in bar, room enough for lounge suite & 8 Ball table. Slow combustion heating + R/C A/C. Three bedrooms all with built ins. Generous dining area + well appointed kitchen with gas hot plates. Corner spa and separate shower in bathroom + separate toilet. Paved driveway to double garage. $7,500 Purchaser incentive - conditions apply.

I Lisa Yeates 08 8725 4225




RECEPTION Carolyn Gazzard 08 8725 4225

10 Commercial Street West, Mount Gambier - 019


I RLA 204710 - 020


What’s so fun about a fun run? by Robbie Tansel

at the gallery Until December 6 - Dreams & Aspirations - PORTLAND ARTS CENTRE, PORTLAND - Dreams & Aspirations is a collective exhibition of works by artists with a disability who reside in the Glenelg Shire. This exhibition is a celebration of ability, dreams and aspirations that encourage people with a disability to express themselves through their art.

As you read this, I will have recently completed the Blue Lake Fun Run. To be honest, that might be a little too optimistic a statement to make. There are other possibilities that are much more likely than me completing the fun run. One possibility that I think is much more likely is that I’ll jog for a few hundred metres before collapsing, vomiting a couple of times and then spending some time at the hospital. Another more likely possibility is that several days after the run began I am still somewhere around the back of the Blue Lake, staggering deliriously hoping to one day reach the finish line. Either way, I can’t say I’m feeling all that confident that I’m going to be crossing the finish line. Some of my lack of confidence in myself stems from the fact I haven’t trained at all. Just to be clear that in no way indicates that I think my fitness is at such a level that I am of the opinion that training is not necessary. In fact quite the opposite - I’m more of the opinion that it wouldn’t matter how much training I did, the damage I have done to my body over the last few years is almost irreversible. I will say I’ve convinced myself that I’m going to be able to fight my way through the 6.8 k’s based on the size of my heart. By size of my heart I mean the amount of courage and intestinal fortitude I will display, not the fact that it is grossly swollen due to clogged arteries from my atrocious diet and lifestyle. Both are true though. So what would motivate me to enter myself in a 6.8 kilometre fun run? Am I one of those peculiar human beings who think running is fun? Definitely not. In fact I think the combination of the words fun and run is an oxymoron on a similar level to fast snail, intelligent blonde, rational woman and Tupperware party. Does anyone really enjoy running? Dating back to the famous run that lead to the modern marathon, people weren’t running for fun. It was out of necessity. Pheidippides ran from the battle of Marathon to Athens to relay a vital message. If

he had a car or a mobile phone, the Olympics would have a totally different event. I understand people might like the physical fitness that comes from running but I’m pretty sure people don’t like the actual act of making themselves run. If they could get the physical benefits of running by playing connect four, no one would be running. I have ended up in the position of potentially putting my life at risk, participating in an activity that doesn’t particularly interest or motivate me, as usual because of a big mouth. I’m one of these people who like to make big statements and then don’t have the sense to back down from the outrageous statement I’ve made. You’ve noticed? I have actually participated in a fun run before. At about age ten or eleven, I believe Barry Maney Ford organised a fun run travelling from the

main street to the current Ford dealership. From memory I think it was five kilometres and famed ultra-marathoner Cliff Young either participated or signed autographs at the finish. I came 72nd if my memory serves me at all well. I just wish I could get Robbie from then to run it. He was so

young and full of hope for his future. What happened to you, little Robbie? If you’ve got any ideas of how I might be able to get the use of my lower extremities back or what the best meals to order at the hospital are, email me at


Mount Gambier’s ONLY centrally located Nursery

save the date DECEMBER 8 Mount Gambier Harness Racing Club - Season kick off Twilight meeting - 5.30pm start. Full race program & catering on site & a fun family night out. Coming up... December 27 - First feature race event - Bill Shepherd Memorial Race

tempt the tastebuds Chorizo Sausage Rolls 4 thick fresh chorizo sausages 1 sheet frozen butter puff pastry, partially thawed 1 egg, lightly beaten 2 teaspoons milk 1 teaspoon sesame seeds Tomato relish, to serve

Champagne with a Cosmopiltan Twist 250ml (1 cup) cranberry juice 2 tbs Cointreau liqueur 2 tbs fresh lime juice 6 sugar cubes 1 x 750ml btl chilled pink Champagne or sparkling wine

Method Heat a non-stick frying pan over mediumhigh heat. Add sausages. Cook, turning often, for 10 minutes or until cooked through. Cool. Preheat oven to 220°C /200°C fan-forced. Line a tray with baking paper. Cut pastry into quarters. Trim ends of cooled sausages. Place 1 sausage on each pastry square. Roll to enclose. Place sausage rolls on prepared tray. Combine egg and milk together in a bowl. Brush


Place cranberry juice in a medium saucepan and bring to the boil over high heat. Cook, uncovered, for 10 minutes or until reduced by two-thirds. Remove from heat and set aside for 30 minutes to cool. Combine the cranberry juice, Cointreau and lime juice in a small jug. Place a sugar cube in each serving glass. Pour the cranberry mixture over the sugar. Top with Champagne or sparkling wine and serve immediately


3 5 1 8 2 6 9 4 7

9 6 2 4 5 7 3 8 1

8 4 7 3 9 1 6 2 5

1 8 6 9 7 5 4 3 2

7 9 3 2 8 4 5 1 6

5 2 4 1 6 3 8 7 9

2 7 8 5 3 9 1 6 4

4 3 5 6 1 2 7 9 8

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How to play: To solve this puzzle each 3x3 box, each row and each column must contain all the numbers from 1 to 9.

Heywood Patchwork

trivia quiz sausage rolls. Sprinkle with sesame seeds. Bake for 20 minutes or until golden. Cut each roll into thirds. Serve with relish.

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1. Who is the Federal Education Minister? 2. What is the capital of Portugal? 3. Who won the 2013 series of Dancing With The Stars? 4. Who was man of the match in the first Ashes Test of the Australian summer? 5. Who wrote the classic novel The Catcher In The Rye? 6. In what year was John F Kennedy Jr assasinated? 7. How many Grand Slam singles titles did Martina Hingis win? 8. Who was the trainer of champion, undefeated sprinter Black Caviar? 9. What fruit has varieties Jazz, Sundowner and Braeburn? 10. Who is the Prime Minister of Britain? 11. Who was the voice of Puss In Boots in the Shrek franchsie? 12. What is the national currency of Switzerland? 13. Who played off the in the weekend’s Rugby League World Cup final? 14. Who is the captain of the English Test cricket team? 15. Who is the voice of long running TV series character Homer Simpson? 16. How many ARIA nominations did Guy Sebastian have this year? 17. She won again this year - how many times has Taylor Swift won Artist of the Year at the American Music Awards? 18. How many Oscars has Dame Judi Dench won? 19. What is the official language of Mexico? 20. Who won the 2002 Brownlow Medal?

1. Christopher Pyne 2. Lisbon 3. Cosentino 4. Mitchell Johnson 5. J. D. Salinger 6. 1963 7. Five 8. Peter Moody 9. Apple 10. David Cameron 11. Antonio Banderas 12. Swiss franc 13. Australia and New Zealand. 14. Alistair Cook 15. Dan Castellaneta 16. Five 17. Three 18. One 19. Spanish 20. 2002

51 Edgar Street, Heywood | Phone/Fax: 03 5527 2221 - 022

at the gallery Until December 6 - Dreams & Aspirations - PORTLAND ARTS CENTRE, PORTLAND - Dreams & Aspirations is a collective exhibition of works by artists with a disability who reside in the Glenelg Shire. This exhibition is a celebration of ability, dreams and aspirations that encourage people with a disability to express themselves through their art.

LOCAL Hamilton Hamilton based agricultural consultant Dr Steve Cotton has quickly ascended through the ranks of the Grassland Society of Southern Australia. Dr Cotton (pictured), a senior partner at Livestock Logic, only joined the society earlier this month after attending a meeting to reactivate the Western Victorian branch. Now he has been elected president of the branch. “I am a new recruit so it is a bit daunting but exciting at the same time,” Dr Cotton said. The society has almost

consultant secures presidency

300 members across Western Victoria but the branch has been inactive for the past two years. It was reactivated with the formation of a new committee following a dinner in Hamilton earlier this month. Dr


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How to play: To solve this puzzle each 3x3 box, each row and each column must contain all the numbers from 1 to 9.

Cotton sees strong opportunities for the branch in promoting and publicising local pasture research. “There is a lot of good work done by the Department of Agriculture in Hamilton in years gone by, but a


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Challenge a Will Make a Will Inheritance Claims CHOOSE ANDERSONS

5 Gwendoline Street Mount Gambier

Wattle Range COUNCIL

8723 4000 5105-LS-W

this message is brought to you by Offices across metro Adelaide and regional SA - 024

lot of that information has fallen by the wayside,” he said. “We hope to share that information but also update local research, particularly in areas north of Hamilton. We want to get data for different farming conditions and supply something more practical to producers across the region. We have a diverse region and we will be pushing for more trial work and evidence-based information that will be valuable for local producers.” Dr Cotton said the society had a strong history in the transfer of information and technology related to grasslands farming. “The Grassland Society is an ideal avenue for helping farmers to address local issues,” he said. “For example, we have been asked about water logging affecting Lucerne in the Balmoral area so that is the type of issue we could look into.” Coleraine-raised Dr Cotton said his first priority was to seek the views of members about reactivating the branch. “We will be distributing a survey to members to find out more about what they want from the society,” he said. As part of his role at Livestock Logic, Dr Cotton consults clients on nonveterinary matters such as pasture management and utilisation. He has a Bachelor of Agricultural Science from Latrobe University and completed his PhD at the same university while studying new diagnostic tests for sheep worms. “I have a real interest in how well livestock do on certain pastures so the Grassland Society is a perfect fit,” he said. Agronomist Mark Rouse has been elected vicepresident and Georgie Rees secretary of the branch. Members can contact Dr Cotton directly if they have ideas for activities throughout the year on 0447 352 321.

ADVERTORIAL I GARDENARIUM Here at Gardenarium and The Pot Shop we are bursting at the seams with Christmas gift ideas and with less than four weeks to go you should be well underway with Christmas shopping. We have the whole family covered, not just for gardeners, but from children’s outdoor table and chair settings, wall plaques for the cubby house and tools, right through to fruit trees, berries and ornamental trees and then on to quality outdoor furniture settings, bar chairs and tables and, as ever, a whole new range of outdoor garden benches, fountains and birdbaths. This season we have also become the stockists for the Limestone Coast region for Devon Lifestyle, a New Zealand company which is renowned for their high quality teak outdoor furniture, expanding in to outdoor wicker and other hardwoods. They have a warranty second to none and we are seeing people come in for replacement parts for products they have had for more than 20 years. This spring we have been busier than ever, and being the largest nursery in the region and only nursery in Mount Gambier, the business’s expansion is continuing to accommodate the increases in our ranges as we are now the only full line, proper nursery in the city and, of

Sleigh Loads of Christmas gift ideas

course, service the large regional areas right in to Western Victoria. We have put on extra staff to deal with all of our shipments of garden giftware, outdoor furniture, birdhouses, wall art and so on and the range I found on my travels has been amazing. The pre-Christmas sale that ended last Sunday has been continued, so the good news is if you missed out on any of the hundreds of specials throughout the entire Gardenarium and Limestone Coast Group specials then there is still time. Obviously stocks are selling out daily as the heat intensifies towards Christmas, so don’t leave it too long or you will miss out. Much of our stock is one-offs found on our buying trips and specialist, small amounts of products are only available. To keep our ranges unique, current and exclusive we do not rely on the run of the mill gift lines found around, instead we aim to offer you, the shopper, exclusive products, many from poor and underdeveloped countries, which we try to support as much as possible. With reclaimed teak birdhouses from India, to wrought iron and cast iron ware from within Australia, statues from Indonesia, the range is overwhelming. Stock is handpicked from small batches and we will never have them again - a great gift

idea for that someone special, safe in the knowledge that no one else will have them. The Pot Shop section is still undergoing expansion and as the days roll on more and more Christmas stock is being put out. You can lay by now for Christmas and leave picking up until Christmas Eve if you wish. A new shipment of real wicker furniture has just arrived along with our 2014 range of outdoor tables in travertine and marble, cast aluminium, PVC German wicker with three year warranty, as well as ranging Devon Lifestyle Outdoor Furniture. This blends well with our own imported ranges of furniture to offer the widest selection in the Limestone Coast and Western districts. If you would like a new setting for Christmas don’t leave it too late as all of our containers have landed and been unpacked. We are hoping to have most of this on the website, as soon as possible, for ease of viewing for those unable to come in. We can freight throughout the readership area and right across Australia on most of our giftware and furniture, so don’t stress if you can’t come in to the store and browse or if you would like something sending to someone across Australia, we can take care of this with our unbelievably low freight rates that we have

with national couriers. Recently we sent one of our outdoor furniture settings to a customer in Sydney, who could not find anything that she liked, and similar but lesser quality products were nearly double our price with a $250 freight quote to deliver across Sydney. We sent the whole order from Mount Gambier for less than $130. Some of the newest stock to arrive includes glass terrariums in two sizes, new cast iron firepits, ponds or planters, a whole host of new farm yard animals in much bigger sizes than those we have previously stocked and a new range of gardening gloves, right up to long arm gloves in soft leather to protect from rose thorns. Our second shipment of driftwood Christmas trees, wreaths and stars from the Phillipines, as well as planters and windchimes etc will not be coming due to the typhoon, however we urge you support this cause and decorate your house with the current stock. These poor villagers have had such a hard run in recent years. The villagers are allowed to harvest set amounts of driftwood from the beaches following the tidal wave a few years ago and cleverly handcraft it into these wonderful items. Last year this happened again, and, of course, the recent one which has been just

devastating for these communities. The farmyard and corrals are full again with an array of pigs, sheep, cows and chooks, right through to our metal oil drum animals that are intricately made by AIDS affected orphan children in Zimbabwe. The cats and dogs, herons, brolgas and emus in all shapes and sizes are half price in the sale also and have been selling fast. Our huge brass and copper weathervanes are $100 off in the sale and are ideal for mounting on houses and outbuilding due to their size with a new delivery of flat brass ones due in by the time this goes to print. The Pot Shop has also brought in a fantastic new range of wrought iron arbours and tree seats (see advert), garden arches, rose towers, obelisks, cast iron wall art and decorative rose poles and wisteria rings to complement any garden. These structures are heavy duty and designed to last and age gracefully to blend in to most gardens. We also have cast aluminium weathervanes for those in coastal areas. And of course if it all get too hard then we have the good old gift vouchers in any denomination and they are valid for 12 months. The Limestone Coast Roses and Limestone Coast Advanced Trees part of the company is

also as full as ever. Of course, the roses are all in full bloom at present, even with the strange weather we have been having. All of the 2013 new release roses, including the R.S.L. Rose, are looking stunning. We are the last remaining grower to have stocks of the Black Caviar rose with orders again being taken for next season in both bush and standard rose forms. The Wedgewood rose, new from David Austin, has also been flowering away generously and the perfume is incredible. This year we have increased the numbers of trees in most categories, especially mop top style and

weeping trees, which you just can’t get enough of. We have also expanded our retail and holding area on Bay Road, so that more stock is on hand in bigger numbers, especially handy for those impulse purchases on weekends where it is hard for us to go to our other growing paddock to bring in additional stock. We have up to 50% off mop top trees in all our range, which includes approximately 14 different varieties of mop tops or designer trees. The new weeping cherry Pink Snowshowers (see website) has been a huge hit, with its narrower habit and long flowering branches followed by stunning Autumn foliage. Our range of Espalier fruit trees, citrus and dwarf fruit trees are looking great and the new dwarf nectarines and apricots released this year are still proving popular. If you think you missed out, you haven’t, we have great numbers ready to plant now. With all of this great rain and the best soil moisture in years, don’t hold off and get some maturity in to your fruit before winter comes. So, whatever the gardener or non gardener in your life is hoping for this Christmas be sure to make a trip to Gardenarium and The Pot Shop and Limestone Coast Roses and Advanced Trees and wander through the amazing array of goodies. As one of our customers said “it’s a lolly shop for adults, without the calories.” Open every day except Monday to 5.30pm and 5pm on Sundays. Bay Road, (Riddoch Hwy) Mount Gambier, see the website for details. P.S. Our Chocolate Calla lillies are going off at present - a good alternative to the Christmas stocking. - 026

Open 10am - 5.30pm Tues - Sun & Monday Public Holidays til 4pm


Lynette Martin has been Mount Gambier Chamber of Commerce president for seven years and the question she is most often asked is “what does the chamber do?”. “It’s a valid question, totally understandable,” Mrs Martin said. The good news is, the president has plenty of reasons for businesses to become part of the city’s peak body. From financial to social, from educational to emotional, the chamber provides a range of support, information and opportunities to its members. This week’s advertising feature in Lifestyle1 is a case in point, with the Chamber of Commerce being able to negotiate a group deal for its participating members, as well as subsidising the campaign. The recent visit of the Great Victorian Bike Ride is another case of the chamber working for its members – not only keeping them up to date with the influx of riders and support crews and the business opportunities it would provide, but also providing a free shuttle service from the main camping area at Hastings Cunningham Reserve to the city centre where they inundated the cafes and restaurants in the CBD. Anyone who was in the vicinity of Commercial Street on Friday night or early Saturday morning could not have missed the huge influx of cyclists, adding vibrancy to the city centre despite the gloomy weather. Add to these recent examples is a raft of other services including enews and regular breakfast meetings, that include networking opportunities and relevant business related speakers. The chamber also launched a website earlier this year which is a wonderful marketing opportunity for members, giving them an extra online presence, and perhaps, most importantly, the chamber gives the Mount Gambier business community a voice – a strong voice at the table of many local, State and Federal government meetings. “We are always attending meetings as chamber representatives,” Mrs Martin said. “Whether it is to learn new information or to advocate for our members just to ensure the voice of business, small, medium or large, is heard when important decisions are being made.” In the end, an energetic and pro-active chamber, should translate to a successful business community and flow through to a vibrant community, which people want to live in, or at least visit, and in turn, invest. - 028



499 SAVE











799 - 029 - 030

MtGambier Gambier Mt - 031

Fragrance Lamps - 032 - 033

Your ďŹ rst choice in recruitment needs

Wishing everyone in our South East community a very Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year. We look forward to working with you in 2014.

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The Residential Property Management Specialists


Servicing the South East for over 50 years

New Properties Welcome ...let us manage your tenants & manage your investment properties

Mount Gambier Property Management offer a comprehensive service for owners & • • • •

Superior tenant selection Merry Christm Regular visits to your property as & A Hap py Ne Property maintenance service available w Yea r We manage your accounts & maximise your returns

Quality solar systems and installations Conversion of existing lighting to low cost energy efficient lighting

Call us today to discuss a complete energy saving solution for your home or business 8725 1595 Fax: 8723 1398 16 White Avenue, Mount Gambier Email:

Maree Thompson 0418 807 428

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Ph: 08 8723 2927 - 041

Jen Considine

e-mail: 36 Commercial Street West, Mt Gambier

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fresh local produce on offer


Fuss Wellness Spa

December 7 Festive Food Fair – Kalangadoo Farmers Market - 10am-2pm - Eliza Street Phone Sandra Young (08)8739 3245 for more details.

“The Western Tavern is committed to ensuring responsible service and promotion of alcohol & gambling in our venue”

Bootcamps are the new fitness frontier, with people looking to get their bodies in shape for summer through intensive training programs that range from weekend sessions to 12 week challenges. The same care we take with whipping

our bodies into shape should be afforded our skin and Fuss Wellness Spa has instigated a 12 step program to ensure you end up with the best results possible for your skin. Taking full advantage of Fuss Wellness Spa’s newest technology – Dermafrac


– consultants can tailor a 12 step program for you that is non-invasive, non-surgical and with no pain. Fuss has always prided itself on being at the forefront of the health and beauty industry and Dermafrac is the latest innovation in skincare,

C. Johnson & Design

arriving in store late last month. The Fuss Skin Fit Bootcamp follows a program of microdermabrasion, Dermafrac skin needling, medifacials, LED and cosmecutical home care to ensure you end up with great looking skin that is healthy. Dermafrac targets pigmentation, acne, acne scarring, dehydration, rosacea, premature ageing, fine lines, wrinkles and large pores and Fuss now boasts this stateof-the-art technology, which also incorporates botanical science, as part of its holistic approach to skincare. “When you come in we will go through a thorough consultation for 45 minutes to an hour to be sure we are totally familiar with your history and what you want to achieve,” Fuss owner Mardi Goodes said. cont. opp. page Above - The expert, friendly team at Fuss Wellness Spa (from left) - Cassie Wolfe; Lauren Olsen; Jenny Saffin; Melissa Hawke; Dani Foreman and Mardi Goodes. - 042


come & celebrate

Fuss Wellness Spa “We provide you not just with the Dermafrac treatment but with home care advice and the products you will need to make sure you get the best results possible. We know that beautiful skin doesn’t just happen with one treatment, so usually a course is recommended.” And that’s why Fuss has designed the Skin Fit Bootcamp, to ensure every client gets the best results. When you sign on to the Skin fit Boot Camp – 12 steps to great skin, you will receive the $99 introductory treatment, a thorough consultation, before and after photos and a treatment protocol to follow. Dermafrac is recommended for all skin types and Mardi has undergone further intensive training to ensure her knowledge of just how the skin works and what it needs to be at its best so she can provide the best advice, treatments and results for all her clients. The Skin fit Bootcamp – 12 steps to great skin

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offers a combination of treatments such as Dermafrac micro channeling, microdermabrasion, LED, Medi Facials, lactobotanical peels to create real change in your skin. Fuss has designed special treatment protocols to ensure they are treating your desired issue. These must be taken at certain intervals to obtain the best long lasting results for you. Ezypay is also now available in salon. Fuss Wellness Spa is an award winning Mount Gambier business, taking out the Mount Gambier Chamber of Commerce Outstanding Business Award for the best small business (under five employees) in 2007 and also being a finalist in the 2013 Brand South Australia Limestone Coast Awards for best small business. So head into Shop 4, 26 James Street (next to Cafe Melzar) or call (08)8725 9368 to book your initial consult today.

Below - Before and after examples of the difference Dermafrac and an intensive 12 step Bootcamp can make for your skin.


1. New range of Baylies Epicurean Delights from Strathalbyn. All natural ingredients starting from $6.00.

Budz Ph (08) 8733 5090

2.Pleasure State Favoloso Balconnet Bra $79.95. Sizes 10-14 A,B,C & D. Matching Brazilian Brief $44.95 or G-string $39.95.

Bare Necessities Lingerie Ph (08) 8723 9573 Stockists: 1. Budz. 75 George Street, Millicent. 2. Bare Necessities Lingerie. 69 Commercial Street West, Mount Gambier.


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Office 1, 20 Penola Road Mount Gambier Ph: (08) 8724 7111

December 8 Southend Community Centre Celebrates 40 years. Come along to help celebrate the centre’s 40th birthday from 6pm onwards. Phone (08)8735 6185 for more information.

The team at Homecare Plus wish all their customers and friends an enjoyable festive season

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on this day December 3 1910 - Modern neon lighting is first demonstrated by Georges Claude at the Paris Motor Show. 1967 - In Cape Town, South Africa, a team of surgeons headed by Dr. Christiaan Barnard (pictured), performed the first human heart transplant on Louis Washkansky. Washkansky only lived 18 days.

LOCAL Christmas The Carpenter Rocks Progress Association will be holding their inaugural Twilight Christmas Market on Saturday, December 14. The market will be held at the Carpenter Rocks Hall and will run from 4pm until 7pm. There will be a number of variety stalls at the market and children are encouraged

LOCAL Respite The Wattle Range Respite Centre is ready to support people with a disability over the coming summer period. This is the eighth year the centre has been able to offer families a well deserved break from their caring role and people with disabilities a chance to have fun and get out and about in our community. “Council is very pleased to be able to utilise the home it built for medical student accommodation, for this very important community project,” Mayor Peter Gandolfi said. Overnight respite is available for people with

market by the sea

to come along dressed up as their favourite Christmas character. Face painting and glitter tattoos will also be available for kids on the night, along with several outdoor fun activities. A barbecue tea, fruit salad and cold drinks will be available for purchase, so why not make this a fun night out for all the family? A Christmas raffle will also be drawn during the evening with the major prize including a $200 food hamper. Second prize will be a toy hamper worth over $100 and there will be several other minor prizes. Don’t miss out. The highlight for the evening however, will be the long awaited

arrival of Santa to the seaside town, at about 6pm. The children can give him their “wish list” while they collect their free lollies and iceblocks. Stallholders are welcome and all enquiries

may be directed to Wendy on (08)8738 0118 or 0403 028 418 Come and join in the festive spirit and help us celebrate our coastal Christmas.

centre open for business again disabilities from December 6, 2013 to January 31, 2014. Thisperiod coincides with the end of the academic year when it is not required by medical students. This year there will be three integrated respite programs delivered from the Wattle Range Respite Centre. Throughout the eight weeks, overnight and weekend respite will be available, with a maximum of two people in care at any one time. During the school holidays, a Summer Fun, day activity program will be run for children with a disability 5-15 years of age. In January the Summer

Do Program will be run by Class Inc, and will provide recreational opportunity for people with a disability aged 16-45 years. Both activity programs can be combined with overnight respite. Mayor Gandolfi commended the efforts of all involved saying council had been overwhelmed by the commitment of its partners to put this project together each Christmas. “This is very much a cooperative project with each of our partners bringing their expertise, goodwill and enthusiasm,” he said. The Wattle Range Respite Centre is

a community partnership between Wattle Range Council, Disability SA, Carers SA - Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centre, Millicent and District Hospital, Home Care Plus and Class Inc. Bookings can be made by phoning Carers SA - Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centre on 1800 052 222.

at the gallery Until December 15 Annette Bezor- Iconic Works 1997-2013 RIDDOCH ART GALLERY, MOUNT GAMBIER

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Annette Bezor’s studies of female subjectivity are inspired by classical portraiture, popular culture, media and the erotic. Bezor interrogates the male gaze undermining existing power relations between subject and viewer. Much of Bezor’s work references the sexualisation of Asian women. Several works in this survey are large scale adding further immediate impact to the exhibition. Bezor has been the recipient of numerous awards and prizes and is routinely a finalist in the Archibald, Sulman, Moran and Portia Geach competitions.




FREE Christmas Raffle

2 fantastic push bikes - see in store for details

Drawn Christmas Eve

Closed Christmas Day

a very happy festive season 27 Church Street, Penola SA

Phone 08 8737 2205

Open 7am - 7pm - 046


State success for Titans Top row (from left) - Year 8 Girls State Champion ship innings team and Year 9/10 Boys State Championship winning tem. Bottom row (from left) - Year 9/10 Boys team member Brad Rathjen goes for the layup with Luke Black and Stephen Sochacki in support and Lauren Ross from the Year 8 Girls team lines up her free throw shots.

Tenison Woods College’s reputation as a basketball powerhouse continues to gain momentum with the College returning from the recent SSSSA State Basketball Championships with two State Knockout titles. The Year 8 Girls and Year 9/10 Boys teams are both officially number one in the State after defeating some of the best teams in South Australia to earn their titles. The Year 9/10 Girls finished runners-up in the State after coming agonisingly close, losing in overtime by a heartbreaking two points, while the undersized Year 8 Boys finished fifth. For the Year 8 Girls team this is the second consecutive year they’ve taken out the title, adding salt to the wounds of their Cabra Dominican College rivals by repeating their 2012 campaign and again defeating them in the grand finals. Coach of the Year 8 girls’ team, Daniel Stratford said it was a fantastic team effort throughout the day that saw the girls earn their victory. However, he admitted the campaign began slowly with the team losing to Unley High in their first game before adjusting to the increase in intensity and going on to defeat Thomas More College by 56 points and Cabra by 32 points. The team met Unley again in the semi-final and were keen to turn the tables on their earlier result and went on to record a good 10 point win. “This led to a rematch with Cabra College in the grand final and an excellent first quarter saw the girls dominate the game and jump out to a 20 point lead,” Mr Stratford said. “The girls then set about extending this lead throughout the next three quarters to go on and record

a convincing 41 point win.” Team members included Olivia Fuller, Lauren Ross, Mary Wilson, Madison Turner, Jasmine Croser, Lauren Fensom, Maddison Pulmer, Ashleigh Widdison, Victoria Lucas and Sarah Harrap. “These girls should be very proud of themselves, they were awesome all day,” Mr Stratford said. Year 9/10 Boys coach,Matt Paton said his team was regarded as the surprise package of the tournament, with opponents paying a high price for underestimating the Tenison Woods College

team. After the preliminary rounds, Tenison Woods College was the only undefeated team, having recorded victories over Sacred Heart College (4634), Trinity College (52-37) and Unley High School (22-20). “The semifinal was a dogged affair, with the Titans having to come from seven points down with 90 seconds remaining in the game to force overtime before eventually running out two point winners (4644),” Mr Paton said. The championship game was a rematch against Unley High School, however,

thanks to a consistent team effort and some flashes of individual brilliance, the Titans maintained scoreboard control for most of the match. “Despite a late surge from Unley, the Titans eventually ran out deserving State Champions 54-51, bringing Tenison Woods College its first Boys State Championship in over 20 years,” he said. Team members included Stephen Sochacki, Brad Rathjen, Jed Telfer, Aidan Schultz, Josh Jenner, Jordan Ross, Luke Black, Bradley Close, Todd Lockwood and James Dukalskis. - 047

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MOUNT GAMBIER - Premium 2 and 3 bedroom apartments centrally located in the heart of city. Ph 0438 224 626. F ------------------------------------------

PORT FAIRY BEACHFRONT - Luxury house with fantastic ocean views. 3 bedroom, spa, Austar. Ph 0448 652 586. F ------------------------------------------

ROBE BEACHFRONT - New two storey home on main beach. 4 bedrooms, amazing views. Ph 0448 652 586. F ------------------------------------------


BAYSIDE HOLIDAY COTTAGES – Port MacDonnell. Fully furnished. $65 per night. Pets negotiable. Available now. 0400 391 712 or 08 8725 7952. 509 -----------------------------------------LUCKY STRIKE - Pelican Point no frills beach shack. Cheap & Comfy!! Off Peak $50pn for 4 people - visit: www.luckystrik or call 0408 974 444 OL - 515 ------------------------------------------


CLUB 2007 ESCAPE OFFROAD Hard-floor camper. Awning, shadecloth, extension pantry lockers, canvas cover. $1700 Ph: 08 8738 5215. 512 -----------------------------------------FAMILY CARAVAN: WINDSOR Entice 2012 Triple bunks/ ensuite. Near new. Many extras. Ph: 0438 924 448 Hamilton OL - 510 ------------------------------------------


COLLECTORMANIAC - Buying and selling rare ANTIQUES & COLLECTABLES including Militaria, Kitchenalia, Tin & Diecast toys, Live steam Toys, Garagenalia, Enamel & Tin signs, Vintage electrical, Pottery, Porcelain and Jewellery. Open everyday 12-4pm, 4.5km south of the Blue lake, 21684 Riddoch Highway (Bay Road). Look for signs situated on right at the former “Hills Blue Lake Plant Nursery”. Ph 08 8726 8340, email, facebook page Collectormaniac for map. 509 ------------------------------------------


1985 POPTOP JAYCO CARAVAN V.G.C 15”, $6000 O.N.O. Must Sell! Ph: 0401 496 280 510 ------------------------------------------

Free to homes in South East SA & South West Victoria Online Classifieds Phone 08 8724 7111 or 03 5561 3141 CARAVANS

MAZDA CAMPERVAN 1985 Model, A.I Condition, fridge, stove, D/B, 12 Volt Lights, Big Anxexe, $5500 O.N.O. Phone 8725 4185 or 0417 836 081 511 ------------------------------------------


PLATTERS for all occasions including business luncheons & functions, wakes etc. Hot, cold, savoury & sweet. Pick up or delivery (fee applies) Shepherdson Road Deli 08 8725 3701. 512 ------------------------------------------


GLIDE-ON CAMPER, FOLDS UP or down in seconds. 2 single beds, 80Ltr 12vt 240 Engel fridge. 2 burner cooktop. Never been used. $9000 Ph: 03 5562 6442 512 -----------------------------------------GOLF CARAVAN 17 FOOT Twin beds, awning, annex, aircon, plus extras. Reg 8/14. $8,500. Ph: 0400 574 734 510 -----------------------------------------JAYCO 2004 FREEDOM POP top, Tandom Axle, AC, Full Annexe, New Tyres, 12 Months Rego, Good condition, Many extras included. Ph: 08 8762 1816 M: 0408 621 815, $19,000 OL - 510 ------------------------------------------

FOR PROBLEM septics, leachfields, greasetraps and drains, Use FLUSH-IT(R) and let nature do the work. Ph 1300 657 570 or 03 5158 1248. W ------------------------------------------


STAR DRESSING ROOM - Wide range of quality hire costumes for men & women. Noon - 7pm Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday. 23014 Bay Road (Riddoch Highway). Outskirts of Allendale East approaching from Mount Gambier. 0438 466 342. On Facebook. 509 ------------------------------------------


“The Western Tavern is committed to ensuring responsible service and promotion of alcohol & gambling in our venue”

$11.90 MEALS EVERY DAY - 12.00 - 2.00pm & 6.00 8.00pm. Available in bistro and $9.90 in front bar. Monthly beer & premix specials. 178 Jubilee Highway West, Mount Gambier. Ph 08 8723 1200. 508 ------------------------------------------


SILK & FRESH At Lennons on Lake Terrace, orders welcome. Also at the Whistling Cat, 97 Commercial Street West Mount Gambier. 509 ------------------------------------------


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Above - Melbourne teenager Thomas Hynes became the first multiple winner of the Blue Lake Fun Run when he successfully defnded his 2012 title. See page 54 for more fun run news and photographs.



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cruises into one day cup final Left - South skipper David Somerfield played yet another entertaining innings as he led his side to victory in Sunday’s one day cup semi final against West Gambier. He made 75 of his side’s 98 to clinch the win. The innings included 10 fours and one six. The Maroons will now take on North Gambier in teh title decider on December 15. Full cricket scoreboards on page 50 & 51.

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Above - Kelly Cawthorne takes this pitch cleanly during the weekend softball action. Full wrap of the rouund on page 52. Photo courtesy of Karen Cawthorne. - 049


Highlights galore across all grades J. McCrae c. Golebiwoski b. Abely 21 R. Hosking c. O’Connor b. Clark 15 P. Harding b. Chapman 3 N. Easterbrook c. Humphries b. Chapman 7 J. DeJong not out 25 D. Sargeant c. Humphries b. Chapman 2 S. Dycer not out 11 Extras 16 Bowling - Chapman 3/37; Abley 2/39; Clark 2/41; Allen 1/17; Golebiowski 1/41. West Gambier won by 109 runs.


Mil Lel v North Gambier Mil Lel 1st innings (7/145) J. Fox c. M. McInerney b. Young 7 T. Currie c. Edwards b. M. Silvy 16 c. Walmsley-Pace b. N. McInernery 2 K. Wingard M. Smith c. Edwards b. M. Silvy 10 T. Carpenter b. M. Silvy 51 J. Fidler b. M. Silvy 32 C. Lock b. N. McInerney 10 J. Smith not out 3 C. Hale not out 2 Extras 12 Bowling - M. Silvy 4/22; N. McInerney 2/33; Young 1/12. North Gambier 1st innings (6/150) M. Johnston c. Lock b. J. Smith 28 J. Schutz c. M. Smith b. Lock 12 M. Lewis b. Lock 1 M. Silvy not out 52 D. Silvy c. J. Smith b. Lock 4 M. McInerney c. M. Smith b. Taylor 0 M. Walmsley-Pace run out (J. Smith) 14 T. Edwards not out 20 Extras 17 Bowling - Lock 3/10; J. Smith 2/27; Taylor 1/28. North Gambier won by four wickets. Below (top) - West paceman Kayne Badman searches for a breakthrough as South cruised to victory and a place in the One Day Cup final. Below (bottom) - South Gambier’s Alex Hentschke picked up three wickets despite nursing a bad ankle during Sunday’s One Day Cup semi final at Frew Park.

A. Marlow b. Williams 0 B. Tweddle b. Smith 0 S. Walker b. Milstead 19 E. Bronca b. Milstead 39 N. Cory c. Smith b. Feast 15 A. Agnew b. Milstead 0 C. Smith b. Milstead 0 P. Whiting b. Milstead 0 A. Peacock not out 0 Extras 3 Bowling - Milstead 5/13; Smith 3/11; Z. Williams 1/12. Allendale East 1st innings (7/408) R. Stanton b. Dowdell 71 Z. Williams b. Tweddle 3 R. Chant lbw Bronca 2 J. Reed b. Whiting 14 J. Howard not out 131 T. Smith not out 50 M. Milstead not out 26 Tim Sullivan not out 55 J. Feast b. Smith 12 Tom Sullivan b. Bronca 0 B. Chant b. Bronca 1 Extras 28 Bowling - Bronca 3/41; Dowdell 1/29; Whiting 1/24; Smith 1/58; Tweddle 1/39. Allendale East won by 322 runs.


Above - West wkipper Bray Stephenson got away with this pull shot but skied the very next attempt and holed out to Josh Thompson. Penola v South Gambier Penola 1st innings (5/144) M. McGurk c. Thompson b. Drenthen 10 M. Merrett b. A. Somerfield 11 J. Bateman c. Drenthen b. Ashby 56 G. Kidman c. A. Somerfield b. Ashby 31 O. March run out 0 B. Vaughan not out 16 D. Redman c. Cruise b. Ashby 10 C. Evans not out 5 Extras 6 Bowling - Ashby 3/30; A. Somerfield 1/27; Drenthen 1/19. South Gambier 1st innings (6/166) D. Somerfield c. Wenham b. Evans 4 M. Bowering lbw Kidman 9 K. Ashby b. Maney 67 A. Somerfield c. Maney b. Kidman 47 P. Glynn b. March 2 J. Thompson not out 6 N. Cruise run out 20 Extras 7 Bowling - Kidman 2/28; Maney 1/24; Evans 1/28; March 1/27. South Gambier won by 22 runs. Kongorong v Kalangadoo Kongorong 1st innings (7/221) J. Mullan lbw Kilsby 3 T. Glynn c. and b. Lowe 1 J. Blackwell b. Casey 30 B. Hentschke c. Auld b. Kilsby 13 M. Leese c. Dowdell b. Kilsby 0 O. Gordon c. Casey b. Opie 30 J. Wright not out 96 D. Lloyd not out 29 M. Waters c. Kilsby b. May 6 A. Maidment not out 0 Extras 13 Bowling - Kilsby 3/22; Lowe 1/21; Casey 1/39. May 1/23; Opie 1/34. Kalangadoo 1st innings (113) B. Auld st. Blackwell b. Hentschke23 M. Lowe b. Waters 4 D. Dowdell b. Maidment 27 M. May c. Blackwell b. Maidment 20 S. Giddings c. Blackwell b. Maidment 11 A. Kilsby lbw Maidment 10 J. Opie c. Lloyd b. Mullan 1 C. Jorgenson c. Blackwell b. Maidment 2 D. Barlow st. Blackwell b. Mullan 6 J. Casey not out 3 B. Casey c. Wright b. Maidment 1 Extras 5 Bowling - Maidment 6/18; Mullan 2/14; Hentschke 1/27; Waters 1/10. Kongorong won by 108 runs.

West Gambier v Penola Penola 1st innings (8/186) J. Schulz lbw Lock 37 S. Hill c. and b. S. Singh 50 N. Fulton c. T. Geddes b. S. Singh 19 T. Clayfield lbw M. DeJong 22 J. Doyle lbw M. DeJong 5 M. Fatchen c. Hann b. S. DeJong 24 W. Clayfield c. Bone b. M. DeJong 6 P. Harmer not out 7 J. Mansell b. M. DeJong 0 T. Murphy not out 3 Extras 12 Bowling - M. DeJong 3/24; Lock 2/20; Singh 2/23; S. DeJong 1/7. West Gambier 1st innings (5/128) D. Brown not out 48 D. Lock b. Ferguson-Lane 0 J. Hann run out 0 J. Geddes run out 0 c. W. Clayfield b. Ferguson-Lane 4 T. Geddes N. Bone c. and b. Doyle 17 M. DeJon not out 41 Extras 19 Bowling - Ferguson-Lane 2/11; Doyle 1/24. Penola won by 58 runs. Yahl v Mil Lel Yahl 1st innings (7/172) T. Clarke b. Blachut 0 M. Feast b. Blachut 4 D. Pick c. T. McInerney b. Blachut 4 N. Brown b. Lamont 15 P. Walters c. and b. Miller 37 R. Murdoch b. Miller 10 J. Dawe c. Lamont b. Clayton 7 J. Clayton not out 56 A. Hopgood not out 35 Extras 7 Bowling - Blachut 3/35; Miller 2/24; Clayton 1/28; Lamont 1/12. Mil Lel 1st innings (8/174) S. Grigg c. Feast b. Pick 4 E. King c. Feast b. Pick 8 Simon Radley st Close b. Clayton 70 J. Lamont b. Dawe 1 T. McInerney lbw Dawe 3 N. Clayton c. Walters b. Hopgood 35 Scott Radley lbw Feast 0 N. Blachut c. Clarke b. Clayton 34 J. Lock not out 4 Extras 6 Bowling - Dawe 2/19; Pick 2/16; Clayton 2/15; Feast 1/30; Hopgood 1/61. Mil Lel won by two runs. Below - South paceman Jack Capewell finished the final with an impressive 2/10, including the prize scalp of Shane Stevens.

Above - South allrounder Kieran Ashby looks to work this ball away for runs as South easily chased down West’s 97. South Gambier v North Gambier North Gambier 1st innings (6/244) R. Keeley b. D. O’Neil 18 Damien Kenny not out 146 G. Coon c. Whicker b. Barrett 28 T. Hole c. D. O’Neil b. Shanahan 10 N. Wilson b. Cappelleri 2 S. Walters st. Sullivan b. Neshoda 3 A. Medhurst c. Whicker b.Cappelleri 1 B. Johnson not out 25 Extras 11 Bowling - Cappelleri 2/35; O’Neil 1/60; Barrett 1/37; Shanahan 1/33; Neshoda 1/33. South Gambier 1st innings (9/111) D. Barrett lbw S. Kenny 36 J. Christian lbw walters 8 D. O’Neil c. Keeley b. Medhurst 50 S. Shanahan lbw Johnson 0 L. Neshoda b. Keeley 0 B. Whicker b. Johnson 0 C. Cappelleri c. Coon b. Damien Kenny 2 A. Mulraney b. Damien Kenny 5 A. West not out 1 M. Sullivan b. Medhurst 0 S. Whicker not out 0 Extras 8 Bowling - Johnson 2/12; Medhurst 2/9; Damien Kenny 2/0; Walters 1/18; Keeley 1/8; S. Kenny 1/14. North Gambier won by 133 runs.

West Gambier v East Gambier East Gambier 1st innings (91) A. Schultz b. Hosking 4 D. Holman c. McCrae b. Stephenson 19 T. O’Connor c. Easterbrook b. Hosking 0 P. Kerr c. Dycer b. Hosking 1 E. Humphries b. Stevens b. Stephenson 8 M. Markiewicz lbw Stephenson 2 B. Clark c. McCrae b. Stephenson 4 K. Chapman b. Stephenson 26 S. Golebiowski not out 21 S. Allen c. Badman b. Sargeant 3 R. Abley st. McCrae b. Sargeant 1 Extras 3 Bowling - Stephenson 5/30; Hosking 3/10; Sargeant 2/21. West Gambier 1st innings (9/200) B. Stephenson lbw Allen 12 N. Martin b. Golebiowski 35 S. Stevens c. Golebiowski b. Clark 52 K. Badman lbw Abley 1


East Gambier v Kongorong Kongorong 1st innings (122) A. Little c. Halleday 0 B. Ellis b. Saunders 8 A. Ellis b. Halleday 9 D. Bald not out 17 A. Harding b. Halleday 2 T. Barry b. Saunders 0 D. Bell b. Parham 14 H. Evans run out 13 B. Gordon lbw Halleday 11 R. Langley not out 19 P. McInnes b. Halleday 2 Extras 8 Bowling - Halleday 5/9; Saunders 2/25; Parham 1/18; Ongley 1/18. East Gambier 1st innings (6/154) D. Whitehorn b. Bald 42 T. Ongley lbw Harding 0 C. Parham not out 31 B. Williams b. Barry 7 C. Lynch b. Bald 30 M. Saunders b. Bald 0 M. Ferguson b. Bald 0 B. Humphries not out 27 Extras 13 Bowling - Bald 4/30; Barry 1/25; Harding 1/21. East Gambier won by 32 runs. Kalangadoo v Mil Lel Kalangadoo 1st innings (5/230) D. Ousey b. Reid G. Boyanton b. Reid T. Lepley b. Barker S. McManus c. Millhouse b. Wirth S. Turner not out B. Newton b. hann D. White not out Extras Bowling - Reid 2/33; Barker 1/18; Wirth 1/23; Hann 1/31. Mil Lel 1st innings (135) M. Dethmore c. Lepley b. McManus M. Reid c. Ousey b. McManus J. Agars c. Stone b. Dunn C. Bachmann c. Stone b. Newton M. Hann run out N. Graney lbw Ousey M. Tregoweth c. Lepley b. Ousey J. Wirth c. Ousey b. Stone B. Millhouse not out D. Gregory c. Ousey b. Stone B. Barker b. Stone Extras Bowling - Stone 3/20; Ousey 2/40; McManus 2/26; Dunn 1/16; Newton 1/6. Kalangadoo won by 95 runs.

23 16 39 5 72 30 21 22

6 4 1 85 0 9 0 9 2 0 2 9


Yahl v Dartmoor Dartmoor 1st innings (106) R. McLeod lbw J.J Wilson 1 H. Milich b. Bartlett 23 c. Younghusband b. J.J. Wilson 0 R. Lovekin K. Spencer b. J.J. Wilson 0 D. Piper c. Younghusband b. Ellis 34 D. Evans b. Ellis 3 C. Hatfield b. J. L. Wilson 12 st. Younghusband b. Patzel 10 R. Rees C. Howlett c. Balshaw b. J. L. Wilson 11 C. Cook b. J. L. Wilson 0 T. Firth not out 2 Extras 8 Bowling - J. L. Wilson 3/6; J. J. Wilson 3/7; Ellis 2/11; Bartlett 1/26; Patzel 1/26. cont. opp. page.

Left - South Gambier opening bowler Robbie Drenthen removed the dangerous Nick Martin and finished the day with 2/30.

Allendale East v Glencoe Glencoe 1st innings (86) M. McIntyre c. Stanton b. Smith D. Dowdell c. Sullivan b. Smith

Tarpeena v East Gambier East Gambier 1st innings (48) G. Vaughan c. Stewart b. L. Thomson 7 I. Humphries c. Peak b. L. Thomson 9 R. Johncock lbw J. McKeon 4 R. Munn c. C. Thomson 0 C. Vaughan b. Seager 0 R. Fisher not out 2 M. Illman c. and b. J. McKeon 0 J. Burnett b. Seager 1 J. Clayfield b. Seager 1 D. Norman b. Seager 6 D. Queay lbw P. McKeon 0 Extras 19 Bowling - Seager 4/10; L. Thomson 3/7; J. McKeon 2/10; P. McKeon 1/0. Tarpeena 1st innings (9/134) L. Thomson b. Burnett 19 R. Jewell c. umphries b. Burnett 0 N. Seager c. Queay b. Johncock 3 P. McKeon c. Johncock b. C. Vaughan 9 J. McKeon b. Johncock 0 W. Baird not out 35 A. Thomson c. Munn b. Illman 35 A. McPhee c. and b. Fisher 0 D. Stewart b. G. Vaughan 4 S. Peake run out (Clayfield) 8 S. McDonald not out 5 Extras 15 Bowling - Burnett 2/29; Johncock 2/10; C. Vaughan 1/27; G. Vaughan 1/11; Clayfield 1/6; Illman 1/1; Fisher 1/25. Tarpeena won by 86 runs.

5 5


Highlights galore across all grades McLean b. Carlson 10 J. Geddes not out 17 c. Tyson Modra b. Tegan Modra 19 A. Boksem N. Bone c. Stott b. Marshall 20 B. Hosking retired 19 B. Hewson not out 15 D. Mayson b. Stott 0 Extras 24 Bowling - Stott 2/16; McManus 1/12; Bottomley 1/12; Carlson 1/12; Tegan Modra 1/12. Kongorong/Kalangadoo 1st innings (91) S, McManus c. Hewson b. DeJong 15 L. Hay b. DeJong 15 P. Davies b. Hewson 6 L. Carlson b. Hewson 5 L. Walker not out 31 L. Bottomley c. McLean b. Geddes 13 Tyson Modra c. Bone b. Mayson 2 B. Stott lbw Geddes 4 Tegan Modra lbw Mayson 2 K. Marshall c. Boksem b. Geddes 0 Extras 24 Bowling - Geddes 3/10; Hewson 2/10; Mayson 2/15; DeJong 1/9. West Gambier won by 46 runs.


Yahl 1st innings (8/151) M. Jacquelin b. Rees 9 S. McCrae lbw Rees 32 J. J. Wilson b. Rees 19 S. Balshaw b. Rees 25 T. Younghusband b. Milich 7 T. Bartlett b. Howlett 5 J. Ellis b. Hatfield 15 B. Bryant b. Hatfield 19 J. L. Wilson not out 14 T. Patzel not out 7 Extras 9 Bowling - Rees 3/25; Hatfield 2/15; Milich 1/20; Howlett 1/28; McLeod 1/22. Yahl won by 45 runs. Above - Young West allrounder Ryan Hosking toiled hard with no reward. Below - Shane Stevens lofts this delivery for runs on his way to 21. Along with Nick Martin, he looked the only West batsmen likely to compile a competitive score.


Yahl v South Gambier South Gambier 1st innings (7/95) J. Capewell retired N. Laube lbw Walters H. Richards b. Gibbs L. Neshoda c. sub b. Lockwood A. Mulraney b. Ambrose-Pearce M. Morgan run out (sub) H. Capewell c. Close b. Nankivell J. Hatt not out J. Whicker c. Lockwood b. Brown

41 3 0 17 12 0 2 4 0

K. Giddings not out 0 Extras 16 Bowling - Gibbs 1/9; Lockwood 1/9; Nankivell 1/22; Ambrose-Pearce 1/13; Brown 1/6; Walters 1/6. East Gambier v Mil Lel East Gambier 1st innings (7/61) N. Wilke lbw Barker 5 c. Millhouse b. Schoenfisch 4 R. Rolph B. Williams b. Barker 0 R. Glynn b. Barker 0 H. March not out 16 C. Vaughan b. Robinson 7 R. Timms c. Jantosh b. Miller 11 C. Just c. and b. Robinson 2 B. Thiel not out 1 Extras 16 Bowling - Barker 3/13; Robinson 2/10; Miller 1/7; Schoenfisch 1/6. Mil Lel 1st innings (3/117) J. Jantosh lbw Glynn 2 M. Reid retired 40 D. Gregory c. C. Vaughan b. Just 28 J. Miller not out 15 B. Robinson c. Thiel b. Steen 10 B. Millhouse not out 8 Extras 15 Bowling - Glynn 1/4; Just 1/14; Steen 1/13. Mil Lel won by 56 runs. Kongorong/Kalalngadoo v West Gambier West Gambier 1st innings (6/137) B. Walker c. Hay b. Stott 6 L. Gibbs c. and b. McManus 4 S. DeJong b. Bottomley 2 K.

North/Mil Lel v West Gambier North/Mil Lel 1st innings (7/79) c. Nieuwerkerk b. C. Megaw 2 Bachmann Stafford retired 12 Wirth b. C. Megaw 0 McManus not out 7 Fisher c. and b. Nieuwerkerk 4 Lewis retired 10 Boksem retired 7 Hann c. Brown b. Holland 0 Henderson not out 7 Carlson run out 1 Whan b. Brewster 0 Edwards b. S. Megaw 1 Extras 27 Bowling - C. Megaw 2/17; S. Megaw 1/2; Brewster 1/1; Holllands 1/10; Nieuwerkerk 1/6. West Gambier 1st innings (7/94) S. Megaw c. Lewis b. Wirth 4 F. Brewster retired 9 L. Brown not out 5 S. Von Duve b. Henderson 3 L. Gray retired 9 C. Megaw retired 5 T. Walker retired 8 S. Ross run out 9 R. Hollands c. Bachmann b. Whan 2 H. Riddoch run out 0 L. Jones b. Whan 12 T. Nieuwerkerk b. Edwards 6 Extras 21 Bowling - Whan 2/13; Henderson 1/5; Wirth 1/6; Edwards 1/13. West Gambier won by 15 runs. Penola v East Gambier East Gambier 1st innings (119) N. Humphries b. Moore 0 E. Marks run out (Abbey) 14 H. Karsten lbw Redford 10 D. Carmody retired 31 T. Miles b. Gartner 16 J. Sherrard retired 8 T. Boxall b. Merrett 0 J. Read retired 11 J. Richards b. Robbie 2 L. Allen not out 2 J. Read retired 4 Extras 21 Bowling - Moore 1/13; Redford 1/7; Abbey 1/3; Robbie 1/13; Merrett 1/11. Penola 1st innings (6/95) A. Honner b. Humphries 31 L. Merrett lbw Richards 13 S. Klemm b. Sherrard 13 T. Abbey c. and b. Karsten 0 D. Moore b. Allen 7 J. Foggo run out (Read) 5 Extras 21 Bowling - Allen 1/8; Richards 1/8; Humphries 1/9; Sherrard 1/10; Karsten 1/9. East Gambier won by 24 runs.


South Maroon v Yahl Yahl 1st innings (9/49) H. Case not out 2 B. Howard retired 0 D. laslett b. Winterfield 0 B. Braithwaite b. Sullivan 0 C. Richardson b. Sullivan 0 T. Howard c. E. Sims b. Winterfield 0 T. Laslett b. Yates 0 W. Boston not out 0 B. Facey b. E. Sims 0 E. Carpenter b. Yates 0 B. Klintberg c. E. Sims b. H. Mitchell 0 H. McBain b. S. Sims 2 Extras 45 Bowling - Sullivan 2/3; Winterfield 2/4; Yates 2/7; E. Sims 1/1; S. Sims 1/5; Mitchell 1/7. South Maroon 1st innings (4/109)

J. Stevens c. Case b. T. Laslett 0 J. Sims retired 3 E. Sims c. B. Laslett b. T. Laslett 0 T. Yates retired 6 H. Winterfield retired 8 N. Yates c. and b. Case 0 C. Fielding run out (Richardson) 0 S. Sims retired 0 H. Mitchell reitred 0 J. Sullivan retired 4 M. Sims not out 15 N. Sims not out 5 Extras 66 Bowling - T. Laslett 2/5; Case 1/3. South Maroon won by 60 runs. North Black v East Red North Black 1st innings (3/63) E. Fisher not out 25 A. Stafford b. Thiel 0 T. Michielan b. Marks 0 M. Harrold b. Carmody 0 N. Bonney retired 7 J. Bryant retired 2 H. Fisher retired 1 J. Laney retired 0 Extras 28 Bowling - Thiel 1/1; Marks 1/3; Carmody 1/2. East Red 1st innings (1/109) E. Marks retired 19 B. Thiel retired 13 B. Stratford retired 10 B. Carmody retired 22 J. Arthurson retired 2 L. Turley c. Bryant b. Laney 0 T. Bignell retired 4 H. Snell retired 2 J. Whittaker retired 2 L. Stratford retired 0 Extras 34 Bowling - Laney 1/6 East Red won by 46 runs. Mil Lel Gold v East Gambier East Gambier 1st innings (73) A. Creasey c. and b. Firth 11 T. Sweet b. Virtanen 6 M. Harris b. Thompson 2 L. Gale run out (B. Dethmore) 2 T. Hales b. A. Dethmore 5 T. Harris b. A. Dethmore 0 M. Kenny c. B. Dethmore b. Dinnison 2 W. Vaughan c. B. Dethmore b. A. Dethmore 4 R. Turnbull b. A. Dethmore 0 M. Godrick c. Firth b. B. Dethmore 0 R. Turnbull not out 1 Extras 38 Bowling - A. Dethmore 4/8; Virtanen 1/6; Thompson 1/5; Firth 1/9; Dinnison 1/7; B. Dethmore 1/9. Mil Lel Gold 1st innings (6/153) W. Thompson retired 25 J. Virtanen retired 25 C. Dinnison c. Harris b. Gale 2 A. Dethmore retired 25 M. Thompson c. Hales b. Vaughan 4 E. Firth b. Godrick 0 J. Nattrass b. Creasey 4 H. Smith b. Harris 3 B. Dethmore not out 5 T. Dinnison c. Hales b. Harris 4 T. Smith not out 3 Extras 55 Bowling - Harris 2/7; Gale 1/22; Vaughan 1/18; Godrick 1/15; Creasey 1/3. Mil Lel Gold won by 80 runs. East Black v Kongorong East Black 1st innings (3/85) I. Parsons retired J. Hutchesson b. Allen C. Little retired J. Geraghty retired B. Hann retired T. Button retired N. Miatke retired L. Buckley not out E. Stratford b. Sutherland G. Parson c. Vickery b. Sutherland B. Miatke not out Extras Bowling - Sutherland 2/15; Allen 1/3. Kongorong 1st innings (3/76) W. Vickery retired J. Oppelaar retired B. Bisnov b. Parsons H. Allen retired B. Allen c. Little b. Parsons J. Miller c. Hann b. Buckley R. Phillips retired L. Smith retired D. Wright not out M. Sutherland not out Extras Bowling - Parsons 2/0; Buckley 1/11. East Black won by nine runs. - 051

20 8 20 12 4 2 0 1 0 0 0 18 21 8 4 7 0 4 0 3 1 0 28



South Gambier v West Gambier West Gambier 1st innings (97) N. Easterbrook b. Hentschke 3 N. Martin c. Thompson b. Drenthen 25 S. Stevens b. Capewell 21 R. Hosking b. Hentschke 2 J. McCrae b. Hentschke 2 B. Stephenson c. Thompson b. Drenthen 2 P. Harding b. Capewell 5 J. DeJong b. Ashby 8 K. Badman lbw Cruise 14 D. Sargeant c. Bowering b. Cruise 0 S. Dycer not out 0 Extras 14 Bowling - Hentschke 3/21; Drenthen 2/30; Cruise 2/6; Capewell 2/10; Ashby 1/18 South Gambier (4/98) M. Bowering c. McCrae b. Dycer 10 D. Somerfield b. Badman 75 K. Ashby b. Stevens 5 P. Glynn b. Stevens 0 D. O’Neil not out 0 J. Thompson not out 3 Extras 5 Bowling - Stevens 2/20; Dycer 1/28; Badman 1/26. South Gambier won by six wickets.

Penola v North Gambier Penola 1st innings (111) M. Merrett b. N. McInerney 2 O. March not out 39 J. Bateman c. and b. M. Silvy 34 G. Kidman run out 1 c. Walmsley-Pace b. Kenny 0 T. Clayfield D. Redman c. and b. Walmsley-Pace 0 N. Fulton lbw Walmsley-Pace 0 c. Edwards b. Walmsley-Pace 18 C. Evans J. Doyle b. Kenny 0 D. Wenham c. Walmsley-Pace b. Young 5 L. March c. and b. Young 3 Extras 8 Bowling - Walmsley-Pace 3/18; Young 2/25; Kenny 2/15; M. Silvy 1/14; N. McInerney 1/21. North Gambier 1st innings (3/113) J. Schutz lbw Evans 7 D. Kenny b. Merrett 51 M. Lewis c. Wenham b. L. March 19 M. Silvy not out 19 D. Silvy not out 12 Extras 7 Bowling - Evans 1/26; Merrett 1/6; L. March 1/30. North Gambier won by seven wickets.

Above - West Gambier wicketkeeper batsman Jason McCrae was unable to keep this delivery from Alex Hentschke from claiming his wicket on what was a tough day at the officer for West Gambier. The Roos only managed 97 and it was never enough to trouble South Gambier, especially as Dave Somerfield was in fine form, compiling an entertaining 75 to almost singlehandedly chase down the paltry target.


Last weekend was a round for the ages in terms of cricketing feats with the Butchart Shield clash between Allendale East and Glencoe providing a raft of highlights. Mark Milstead led the way with 5/13 as Allendale routed Glencoe and then had his thunder stolen by John Howard, who compiled an unbeaten 131 that included 15 sixes and six fours. Cox Bros action then saw D. Bald pick up a hat trick over two overs but three consecutive deliveries on his way to 4/30 but it wasn’t enough to get his team. Kongorong, over the line against East Gambier. And then in Crouch Shield Damien Kenny made an unbeaten 146 for North Gambier. His innings included 12 fours and eight sixes and he backed it up on Sunday in North’s One Day Cup semi final winning team with a quickfire 51. In State cricket news, Nick Clayfield and Jack Pudney are flying the flag for the South East in the Under 19 State team, while the news last week that Matt Allen had earned selection in the State Under 17 team, the same week he signed a contract with the Adelaide Strikers for the Big Bash, was then added to with the news he has been appointed captain of the team, which includes fellow South East developed played Ryan Hosking and Patrick Page.


East Gambier Football Club has appointed Brendan Little as its senior coach for 2014, after having to search for a replacement for Phil Carman who parted ways with the club only weeks ago, halfway through his two year deal. Check out next week’s Lifestyle1 for our chat with Brendan as he looks to acclimatise to life in the Western Border Football League.


the greens

Lower South East Bowls Association results Men’s pennant Division one Mount Gambier RSL Red 87/14 d Naracoorte 57/2; Port MacDonnell 71/14 d Millicent 70/2; Mount Gambier Red 76/14 d Mount Gambier Blue 64/2; Mount Gambier RSL Blue 93/16 d Naracoorte RSL 57/0. Division two Mount Gambier RSL

88/16 d Kalangadoo 41/0; Millicent 83/16 d Port MacDonnell 69/0; Mount Gambier 81/13 d Penola 64/3; Kingston 87/16 d Robe 60/0. Division three Kingston 88/15 d Naracoorte RSL 51/1; Millicent Red 73/14 d Millicent Blue 63/2; Frances 80/15 d Lucindale 51/1; Naracoorte 76/14 d Mount Gambier RSL 55/2. Division four

SURPRISE FREE ROUND OF SOFTBALL Mount Gambier RSL Red 91/14 d Naracoorte 54/2; Millicent 75/14 d Port MacDonnell 68/2; Lucindale 85/14 d Mount Gambier 61/2; Beachport 71/14 d Mount Gambier RSL Blue 66/2. Division five (North) Robe 60/14 d Naracoorte RSL 32/0; Kingston 46/12 d Frances 42/2. Division five (South) Kalangadoo 59/12 d Penola 48/2; Mount Gambier 62/14 d Port MacDonnell 34/0; Mount Gambier RSL 51/13 d Millicent 34/1. Ladies pennant Division one Mount Gambier 42/12 d Millicent 39/2; Mount Gambier RSL 49/12 d Kingston 48/2; Naracoorte 52/13 d Mount Gambier RSL Blue 36/1; Port MacDonnell 48/12 d Kalangadoo 35/2. Division two Millicent Red 52/14 d Millicent Blue 44/0; Mount Gambier RSL 47/12 d Kingston 39/2; Lucindale 48/12 d Mount Gambier 39/2; Penola 75/14 d Port

MacDonnell 38/0. Division three Naracoorte RSL 58/13 d Robe 46/1; Naracoorte 76/ 14 d Mount Gambier RSL 25/0; Beachport 53/14 d Port MacDonnell 43/0. Saturday Ladies Pennant Millicent 54/14 d Mount Gambier RSL 26/0; Mount Gambier 45/12 d Port MacDonnell 41/2.

Left - Kingston skipper Maureen Sanderson in action during Friday’s ladies pennant. Above - Mount Gambier RSL skipper Eileen Cruise delivers this bowl during Friday’s ladies pennant action at tghe Mount Gambier & District RSL Bowls Club.

TOP SIDS EMERGE COMFORTABLE WINNERS The results for round five of the Mount Gambier Touch Association A grade were as expected as the favourites all cruised to comfortable victories. Hornets Red had the daunting task of trying to contain one of the best attacking teams for the season in the form of the Henley Sharks. Brock Egan continued his early season form busting through the Reds defence twice to open up a handy lead for the Sharks. It seemed it would be business as usual, but somebody forgot to tell the Hornets that. They continued to fight back and Tom Dolan was at his consistent best for the Hornets as he found the score line twice. Rosie Collins then added to the Sharks tally to help them to 3-2 lead at the end of the half. Once play resumed though, it was the Sharks, who stuck to their structures and with disciplined play making blew the game open with five second half tries to take the game 8-3. In other games, the Suns easily accounted for an improving Tiki Blues outfit 10-1. Nick Moretti a standout with four tries. The Tiki Roos beat the MC Hammers 13-2 in a lopsided affair with Matt Pilven starring, adding six tries to his season tally and Megan Von Duve scoring a hat trick. MOUNT GAMBIER TOUCH ASSOCIATION ROUND THREE RESULTS A Grade Henley Sharks 8 (B. Egan 5; R. Collins, A. Campbell, A. Flett) d Hornets Red 3 (T. Dolan 3); MF Suns (N. Moretti 4; A. Kilsby 2; M. Hensel, A. Pietsch, E. Telford) d Tiki Blues 1 (A. Armandi); Tiki Roos 13 (M. Pilven 6; M. Von Duve, D. Watson 3; S. Fulton) d MC Hammers 2 (C. Long, C. Evans). B/C Grade TWC Titans 5 (J. dent, W. Lewis 2; B. Edwards) d MT Blacks 1 (C. Saint); Bored Stiff 5 (M. Bueti, J. Gilbert 2; B. Hodge) drew with Vestas Vikings 5 (D. Coombe, A. Coombe, A. Ashby, J. Millhouse, K. Heaver); All Sorts 9 (C. Button, T. Gibbs 3; R. Turner, D. McMahon) d Hornets Gold 1 (B. Loef).

AUSSIE CROQUET CHALLENGE Millicent Pink 4 wins 142 hoops d Millicent White 2 wins 139 hoops. Game 1: Rosey Pounsett/Kathleen Staude 24 d Rosa Morello/Audrey Harding 23; Helen Hutchesson/Bill Cattanach 21 lt Heather Vanderheul 26. Game 2: Rosey Pounsett/Helen Hutchesson 25 lt Sue Hateley/Rosa Morello 26; Kathleen Staude/Bill Cattanach 23 d Audrey Harding/Heather Vanderheul 22. Game 3: Rosey Pounsett/Bill Cattanach 23 d Heather Vanderheul/Rosa Morello 22; Kathleen Staude/Helen Hutchesson 26 d Sue Hateley/Audrey Harding 20. Mount Gambier Blue 3 wins 143 hoops d Mount Gambier Red 3 wins 142 hoops. Game 1: Wendy McDonald/Shirley Laslett 18 lt Sandra Edlington/Des Laslett 26; Janette Page/Isobel Phillips 24 lt Len Stidwill/Anne Cotton 26. Game 2: Wendy McDonald/Janette Page 26 d Sandra Edlington/Len Stidwill 23; Shirley Laslett/Isobel Phillips 26 d Des Laslett/Anne Cotton 22. Game 3: Wendy McDonald/Isobel Phillips 26 d Sandra Edlington/Anne Cotton 19; Shirley Laslett/Janette Page 23 lt Des Laslett/Len Stidwill 26.

SOUTH EAST COAST BASKETBALL LEAGUE RESULTS Men Cougars 70 (S. Stafford 26; K. de Wit 19; B. Tremelling 11) d Panthers 55 (M. Mott 21; D. Brown 13; R. Hein 6); Wizards 81 (B. Rathjen 25; M. Parslow 23; P. Loring 16) d Bulldogs 74 (S. Berkefeld 28; M. Berkfeld 16; J. Ryan 14); Roos 87 (M. Bachmann 24; M. Markiewicz 22; L. Blicavs 20) d Millicent 81 (C. Gallio 29; J. Walker 13; B. Wilson 11) (in overtime). Women Cougars 63 (G. Green 26; M. Russell 12; B. Watson 10) d Panthers 45 (B. Walters 23; K. Lockwood 10; K. Loughhead 4); Millicent 68 (S. Allen 19; H. Agnew 18; A. Walker 16) d Roos 55 (M. Markiewicz 25; C. Weir 12’ L. Ross 7). - 052

Results went to script in this week’s games in the bright sunshine at Blue Lake Sports Park. After the previous weekend, where rain made every skill difficult to execute, players were treated to spectacular conditions for this weekend’s crossover games between the A and B grade sides. In the first match of the day, Warriors Under 17 took on Demons A, looking for the breakthrough win against the top side in the competition thus far. It was not to be this week though, as Demons pitcher Maggie Breen was in brilliant form, striking out 10 batters and only allowing three safe hits over seven innings. It took Warriors until the fourth innings to get a runner onto base, which came from a two base hit from Yazmin King, but Warriors were unable to score her as Breen continued to completely dominate the young Warriors batters. Breen was also the best with the bat, getting two out of three safehits and scoring two runs. Demons were able to score three other runs from a combination of Warriors errors, and safe hitting by Annie Breen and Grace Millard. Warriors finally got on the board in the sixth innings, through an error from Demons, and Eleanor McClintock was able to bat safely to push the base runner home. Demons had this game under control throughout, and ran out winners 5-1. The next game saw Warriors A take on Concordes B, and this turned out to be a good showing for the young B grade side. Concordes never looked over-awed by their more experienced opponents, and while their skills were not in the same league as Warriors, they showed plenty of determination and managed to stay close to their opponents until Warriors really broke the shackles in their last at bat. After the first innings the score was 2-1 to Warriors, after safehits to Maree Pollock and Amanda Winkley scored lead off batter Di Patzel, for Concordes, and Tanya and Amber Hood combined hits to score two runs for Warriors. Concordes kept on getting base runners on, but could not score again until the fourth, through a pair of walks and a few errors by the Warriors fielders. In the meantime, Warriors had put on another eight, and with the score at 10-3 it was a good showing by the B grade side, but Warriors were not to be denied and put on eight runs in their final at bat to assert their class and come away winners 18-3. In the next game, Concordes A took on Demons Under 17. It was a one sided affair from the start, with Concordes scoring four runs in the first innings and seven runs in the second to essentially put the game out of reach early on. Demons toiled hard in the field but had no answers for the safe hitting and aggressive base running of Concordes, and their batters were well held by the accurate pitching of playing coach Allana Jones. Demons scored from two errors in the second innings, but from then on they had just the two safehits, coming off the bats of Brenda Scott and Kelly Millard. Conversely Concordes had seven safehits, including 2two from Olivia Pratt and Jo Hart respectively. The final score saw Concordes 14 defeat Demons 1.

MOUNT GAMBIER SOFTBALL LEAGUE ROUND FIVE RESULTS A/B Grade Demons A 5 (M. Breen 2; C. Selleck, A. Breen) d Warriors Under 17 1 (Y. King, E. McClintock, G. Hood); Warriors A 18 (T. Moretti (HR), A. Hood 2; T. Hood, N. Howard, G. Hood) d Concordes B 3 (M. Pollock, A. Winkley, K. Coulsen); Concordes A 14 (O. Pratt, J. Hart 2; J. Hopgood, A. Jones, E. Hart) d Demons Under 17 1 (B. Scott, K. Millard). C Grade Demons 5 (J. Chant, L. Ploenges 2; J. Williams) d Concordes 4 (A. Griffiths, L. Dodds, E. Reppin, C. Jones); Warriors 18 (T. Mullen 4; N. Mullen, I. Walker 3; J. Burston, M. Hann 2; G. Hood, N. Domaschenz. Under 13 Warriors 10 d Demons 8.


Top grade continues to produce even contests

From top - Gambier’s Eddie Cook looks to drive this backhand back into play during A1 tennis action at the weekend; Gambier Green’s Therese Speck during A2 women’s singles action at the weekend; Gambier Blue’s Melissa Attiwill lines up this backhand during A2 singles action on Saturday and Gambier’s Brock Egan helped his team to victory with a win over Jonathon Bruhn in A1 singles action at the Gambier courts on Saturday.

Mount Gambier and District Tennis Association results A1 Mount Gambier 7-76 d West Gambier 5-77 Men’s singles: O. Griffin d R. Bushell 9-6; A. Van Den Hurk d M. Jolley 9-4; E. Cook d F. Kacirek 97-; B. Egan d J. Bruhn 9-5. Women’s singles: H. Heemskerk lost to W. Cook 7-9; R. Cameron lost to K. Cornolo 2-9; H. Kentish lost to J. Sealey 2-9; G. Hinge lost to A. Suva 2-9. Men’s doubles: Griffin/Ven Den Hurk d Bushell/Jolley 9-5; Cook/Egan d Kacirek/Bruhn 9-1. Women’s doubles: Heemskerk/Cameron d Cornolo/Cook 9-4; Kentish/ Hinge lost to Seaey/Suva 0-9. Glencoe 7-81 d Uniting Church 5-74 Men’s singles: D. Childs lost to R. Williamson 1-9; B. Mitchell d I/ Hopes 9-7; M. Kasparian lost to D. Mathews 1-9; C. Childs lost to M. Stark 6-9. Women’s singles: L. Edwards d C. Walker 9-2; C. Edwards d K. Mitchell 9-2; C. Watson lost to V. Maxwell 8-9; M. Watson d J. Oldfield 9-4. Men’s doubles: Childs/Kasparian lost to Williamson.Hopes 2-9; Mitchell/Mitchell d Mathews/ Stark 9-7. Women’s doubles: Edwards/Edwards d Walker/Mitchell 9-3; Watson.Watson d Maxwell/ Oldfield 9-4. A2 Mount Gambier Green 8-77 d Mount Gambier Blue 8-67 Men’s singles: G. Jones d R. Attiwill 6-3; T. Driver lost to A. Pitson 3-6. Women’s singles: J. Carey d C. McKinnon 6-1; T. Speck lost to M. Attiwill 5-7; R. laslett lost to L. Mullan 3-6; L. Burston d A. Hancock 6-0. Women’s doubles: Carey/ Speck d McKinnon/Attiwill 6-3, 6-1; Laslett/Burston lost to Mullan/Hancock 5-7, 3-6. Glencoe 12-90 d Reidy Park 6-73 Men’s singles: T. Biggins lost to S. Dunn 4-6; T. Clasohm lost to T. Snell 2-6; S. Auld d W. Scheidl 6-2; S. Hentschke lost to A. Weddell 4-6. Women’s singles: A. Cocks lost to T. Megaw; S. Edwards d A. Bullock 6-0. Men’s doubles: Biggins/Clasohm d Dunn/Snell 6-3, 6-4; Auld/Hentschke d Weddell/ Scheidl 6-2, 3-6, 7-6.

Women’s doubles: Cocks/ Edwards d Megaw/Bullock 1-7, 7-6, 7-6. A3 Mount Schank 13-91 d Gelncoe 3-50 Men’s singles: B. Pitts d J. Henderson 6-02; J. Gladman d D. Cleggett 6-0; G. Jenkinson d W. Hann 6-0; A. Waye d C. Cleggett 602. Women’s singles: D. Lewis d C. Cleggett 6-3; A. McKinnon d C. Meyer 7-5; E. Cole lost to A. Meyer 4-6; S. Waye d A. Childs 6-4. Men’s doubles: Pitts/Gladman d Henderson/Cleggett 6-3, 7-5; Ralston/Waye d Cleggett/Hann 6-0, 6-2. Women’s doubles: Lewis/ McKinnon d Guerin/Meyer 6-4, 6-1; Cole/Waye lost to Meyer/Childs 2-6, 5-7. Mount gambier 9-82 d West Gambier 7-60 Men’s singles: B. Ferguson d E. Schultz 6-1; D. Ferguson lost to J. Wilkinson 5-7; R. Nicholson lost to P. Wilkinson 5-7; D. Moretti lost to L. Bull 3-6. Women’s singles: B. McKinnon d L. Day 6-4; A. Venning d G. Ballintyne 6-1; G. Ferguson d I. Slattery 6-1; A. Beer d C. Lewis 6-3. Men’s doubles: Ferguson/Ferguson d Schuktz/Wilkinson 6-2, 6-2; Nicholson/Moretti lost to Wilkinson.Bull 4-6, 4-6. Women’s doubles: McKinnon/Venning d Day/Ballintyne 6-2, 6-0; Ferguson/Nicholson lost to Slattery/Lewis 3-6, 4-6. Tarpeena 10-83 d Mil Lel 7-75 Men’s singles: N. Childs d M. Robinson 6-2; J. Irving d B. Douglas 6-4; P. Mansell lost to D. Lynn 3-6; A. Terry lost to Z. Pearson 2-6.

Women’s singles: J. Pitt d S. MacDonald 6-4; L. Irving lost to P. Bruorton 2-6; N. Pitt d K. Dougals 6-1; B. Neill d M. Dickins 6-3. Men’s doubles: Irving/Childs d Robinson/Douglas 6-2, 6-4; Mansell/Terry lost to Lynn/Pearson 6-7, 6-5, 6-7. Women’s doubles: Irving/ Pitt d MacDonald/Bruorton 6-4, 6-2; Neill/Pitt lost to Douglas/Dickins 1-6, 3-6. B1 Reidy Park 11-72 d Suttontown 1-34 Men’s singles: G. Edwards d I. Czaban 6-4; K. Edwards d S. Bain 6-4; T. McDonald d N. Foot 6-0. Women’s singles: T. Widdison d T. Doyle 6-2; R. Williams d R. Hart 6-4; C. Jolly d M. Domaschnez 6-0. Men’s doubles: Edwards/ Edwards d Czaban/Bain 7-6; Edwards/McDonald lost to Bain/Foot 4-6; Edwards/McDonald d Czaban/Foot 7-5. Women’s doubles: Widdison/Jolly d Doyle/Hart 6-3; Widdison/ Williams d Hart/Donschenz 6-0; Jolly/Williams d Doyle/ Domaschenz 6-0. Moorak 9-61 d Saints/ Reidy 3-40 Men’s singles: T. Pettingill d J. Radley 6-3; D. Coombe d J. Wewer 6-2; P. Kenny d T. Saudners 6-4. Women’s singles: J. Wight d B. Stark 6-3; A. Gordon lost to J. O’Neill 4-6; S. Lynch d N. Dicenso 6-3. Men’s doubles: Coombe/Kenny d Wewer/Saudners 6-2; Pettingill/Coombe d radley/ Wewer 6-3; Pettingill/Kenny d radley/Saunders 6/2. Womens’s doubles: Wight/ Gordon d Stark/O’Neil 6-2; Gordon/Dicenso lost to O’Neil/Lynch 0-6; Wight/ Dicenso d Stark/Lynch 6-1. - 053

Mount Gambier 7-59 d Centrals 5-50 Men’s singles: P. Griffin lsot to P. McKenzie 4-6; A. Mcgregor d J. Thome 6-3; Y. Akita d S. Pycroft 6-0. Women’s singles: K. Griffin d D. Pycroft 6-2; C. Egan lost to A. Manser 6-7; H. Greenfield d M. McBain 6-1. Men’s doubles: Griffin/McGregor lost to McKenzie/TRhome 3-6; Akita/McGregor d Thome/Pycroft 6-2; Akita/ Griffin d McKenzie/Pycroft 6-2. Women’s doubles: Griffin/Egan lost to Manser/ Greenfield 2-6; Egan/MBain d Greenfield/Greenfield 6-4; McBain/Griffin d Manser/ Greenfield 7-6. B2 Uniting Church 12-71 d Moorak 0-16 Men’s singles: B. Budarick d D. Saffin 6-2; I. Sanderson d S. Sabot 6-3. Women’s singles: A. Hogg d M. Bonham 6-1; S. Murray d T. McKinnon 6-0; J. Harradine d M. Bozic 6-0. Men’s doubles: Budarick/ Sanderson d Saffin/Sabot 6-2. Women’s doubles: Hogg/Murray d McKinnon/ Bonham 6-0; Murray/ Harradine d McKinnon/ Bozic 6-0; Hogg/Harradine d Bonham/Bozic 6-2. Mil Lel Green 7-55 d Mount Gambier 5-47 Men’s singles: J. Wilkinson lost to G. Duver 2-6; L. Davies lost to R. Moretti 3-6; B. Gaffney lost to A. Mandrix 0-6. Women’s singles: V. Lassaline d M. Colbert 6-3; K. Gaffney d J. Rayner 6-1; K. Pearson d L. Clarke 7-6. Men’s doubles: Wilkinson/Davies lost to Duver/Moretti 3-6; Davies/ Gaffney d Moretti/Mandrix 6-4; Wilkinson.Gaffney lost to Duver/Mandrix 3-6. Women’s doubles: Lassaline/Gaffney d Colbert/Rayner 6-1; Gaffney/Pearson d Rayner/ Clarke 6-1; Lassaline/ Pearson d Colbert/Clarke 6-1.

Mil Lel Yellow 10-68 d Centrals 2-29 Men’s singles: C. Hoggan d S. Harrison 6-3; C. Baker lost to M. Ellis 3-6; S. Fairlie d S. Ruth 6-0. Women’s singles: R. Layley d K. Carraill 6-4; D. Anderson d S. Gilbertson 6-0; S. Jantosh s J. Mills 6-0. Men’s doubles: Hoggan/ Baker d Harrison/Ellis 6-2; Baker/Fairlie lost to Ellis/Ruth 5-7; Hoggan/ Fairlie d Harrison/Ruth 6-3. Women’s doubles: Layley/Anderson d Carraill/ Gilbertson 6-2; Anderson/ Jantosh d Gilbertson/Mills 6-1; Layley/Jantosh d Carraill/Mills 6-1. Mount Schank 11-70 d Tarpeena 1-28 Men’s singles: T. Nisbet lost to S. Hurling 4-6; M. Samuel d D. Duff 6-1; J. Williams d J. Willis 6-0. Womens singles: A. Chesson d T. Martin 6-3; M. Telford d H. Meyer 6-4; S. Ralston d T. Aston 6-4. Men’s doubles: Nisbet/ Samuel d Hurling/Duff 6-2; Samuel/Williams d Duff/ Willis 6-0; Nisbet/Williams d Hurling/Willis 6-3. Women’s doubles: Chesson/Telford d Martin/Meyer 6-2; Telford/ Ralston d Meyer/Aston 6-0; Chesson/Ralston d Aston/Martin 6-3. Ladies doubles Saints United Red 6-36 d West Gambier 0-5; East Gambier 3-29 d Uniting Church White 2-37; Allendale East 4-28 d Suttontown Blue 2-19; Suttontown Green forfeited to Glencoe; Uniting Church Red 3-31 d Saints United Black 3-30. Left - Felix Kacirek in action for West Gambier on Saturday. Above - Jonathon Bruhn does a great job to get this forehand volley back into play during men’s A1 singles action.


makes history

The start of the 2013 Blue Lake Fun Run for the serious competitors tackling the 10.4km course. Melbourne teenager Thomas Hynes made history by becoming the first runner to clinch the men’s title on more than one occcasion, successfully defending his 2012 title and again setting a new record of 35:01. The women’s 10.4km event was won by Warrnambool’s Ella Gill in a time of 38.51, which was a new race record for the female event, with 2012 champion Nikki Smart, from Lucindale, finishing second and breaking her own mark of 2012 by 20 seconds as well. Both Gill and Smart finished inside the top 10 with Gill fifth overall nad Smart seventh. The men’s event saw David Staehr again finsh runner-up to Hynes in a repeat of last year’s placings, with Mike Boundy finishing third. Locals Kingsley Clark and inaugural champion Danny Habets also finished inside te top 10.

Above (from left) - 2013 winner Thomas Hynes; 2013 female winner (10.4km) Ella Gill and second placed Nikki Smart. Below (from left) - Second placed runner david Staehr, who was also runner up in 2012; Brooke Hines takes out the 6.8km female event and Clinton Hall, crossed the line first in the men’s 6.8km. See next week’s Lifestyle1 for more photos fom the day. - 054


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SEVEN SA TEN SA WIN SA ABC 1 6.00 Sofia The First 6.00 Life Today With James 6.00 Bubble Guppies 6.30 6.00 rage 6.30 Children’s 6.30 Mickey Mouse Robison 6.30 Hillsong 7.00 Weekend Today 9.00 Financial Programs 9.00 Weekend Clubhouse Destined To Reign 7.30 Review Sunday 9.30 The Breakfast 11.30 Songs of Praise 7.00 Weekend Sunrise Good Chef Bad Chef 8.30 Ashes: Second Test - Australia 12.00 Best of Landline 1.00 10.00 The Morning Show Everyday Gourmet 9.00 V England: Day 4 Morning The Paradise 2.00 Salt 2.30 11.00 Kochie’s Business What’s Up Down Under? Session 12.30 The Cricket The Book Club 3.00 Football: Builders 9.30 Places We Go 10.00 Show 1.00 The Ashes: Second W-League: Canberra United V 11.30 V8 Supercars: Delivering The Pandas 11.00 Test - Australia V England: Day Brisbane Roar Sydney 500 The Doctors 12.00 Australian 4 Afternoon Session 5.00 Midsomer Murders 6.00 Seven News Rally Championship 1.00 Pat 5.30 South Aussie With Cosi 6.30 Compass 6.30 Border Security Callinan’s 4x4 Adventures 7.00 ABC News 6.00 National News 7.00 Coastwatch 2.00 NBL: Melbourne Tigers 7.30 Dingo: Wild Dog At 6.30 Christmas With The 7.30 Wild Planet: North V NZ Breakers 4.00 The Next War Australian Women’s America Wave 5.00 Ten Eyewitness 8.30 Miss Marple: A Weekly 8.30 Bones News 6.00 The Simpsons 6.30 7.30 60 Minutes Caribbean Mystery 9.30 Castle David Attenborough’s Natural 10.00 Pina 8.30 The Mentalist 11.30 Family Tools Curiosities 7.00 Have You Been 9.30 Unforgettable 11.40 Hockey: Women’s 12.00 Young, Dumb and Paying Attention? World League Final 10.30 CSI Living Off Mum 1.10 Movie: The Last 11.30 Weeds 7.30 The Sunday Movie 1.15 Harry’s Practice Tycoon (M) Kung Fu Panda 2 (PG) 12.00 Deep Water 2.00 Home Shopping 9.30 Graham Norton Show 12.30 Financial Review Sun. 3.10 rage 7 MATE 3.00 Plane Xtreme 3.30 ELEVEN 2.00 Infomercial 2.30 ONE HD 4.00 Adventure Angler 4.30 Wild Justice 4.30 Monster Nation 5.30 Neighbours - Special Encore Haute Route 2013 5.00 Golf Getaway Mythbusters 6.30 Man Made Marvels Presentation 5.00 Fashion Star 6.00 5.30 I Fish 6.00 M*A*S*H 6.30 Wild 7.30 Outback Truckers 8.30 America’s Sabrina 6.30 Everybody Loves Raymond Racers 7.00 Hook, Line and Sisters Hardest Prisons 9.30 Movie: Jackass: 7.30 Come Date With Me 8.30 Dancing 7.30 Extreme Fishing 8.30 Movie: Alien The Movie (AV) 11.30 Movie: Idle Hands On Ice 10.30 Wilfred 11.00 Everybody Resurrection (M) 10.40 Hell’s Kitchen (AV) 1.30 Movie: Motorama (M) Loves Raymond 12.00 Frasier 12.40 Ross Kemp: Afghanistan

SBS ONE PRIME SC TEN WIN VIC 5.00 World Watch 6.00 Home Shopping 6.00 Creflo Dollar Ministries 6.00 Bubble Guppies 1.00 Al Jazeera News 7.00 Weekend Sunrise 6.30 Hillsong 7.00 Fishin Trip 6.30 Dora The Explorer 1.30 ADbc 10.00 The Morning Show 7.30 Good Chef Bad Chef 7.00 Weekend Today 2.00 Speedweek 11.00 Kochie’s Business 8.30 Everyday Gourmet 9.00 9.30 Financial Review Sunday 4.00 FIFA World Cup 2014 Builders What’s Up Down Under? 10.00 The Ashes: Second Magazine 11.30 T.B.A. 9.30 Places We Go 10.00 Test - Australia V 4.30 UEFA Champions 12.00 V8 Supercars: Delivering The Pandas 11.00 England: Day 4 League Magazine Sydney 500 The Doctors 12.00 Australian Morning Session 5.00 Living Black 5.30 T.B.A. Rally Championship 1.00 Pat 1.00 The Cricket Show Conversations 6.00 Seven News Callinan’s 4x4 Adventures 1.30 The Ashes: Second 5.30 Mythbusters 6.30 Border Security 2.00 NBL: Melbourne Tigers Test - Australia V 6.30 World News Australia 7.00 Coastwatch V NZ Breakers 4.00 The Next England: Day 4 7.30 Lost World 7.30 Wild Planet: North Wave 5.00 Ten Eyewitness Afternoon Session 8.30 Meet The Romans America News 6.00 The Simpsons 6.30 6.00 National News Behind Closed Door 8.30 Bones David Attenborough’s Natural 6.30 Christmas With The 9.35 Lennonyc 9.30 Castle Curiosities 7.00 Have You Been Australian Women’s 11.40 Film: The Storm (PG) 11.30 Family Tools Paying Attention? Weekly 1.25 Film: The Charlemagne 12.00 Young, Dumb and 7.30 60 Minutes 7.30 The Sunday Movie Living Off Mum Code (M) Kung Fu Panda 2 (PG) 8.30 The Mentalist 1.30 Home Shopping 3.35 Weatherwatch 9.30 Graham Norton Show 9.30 Unforgettable 5.30 Seven Early News Overnight 10.30 Have You Been Paying.. 10.30 CSI GO 2.00 The Crew 3.00 The Bachelor GEM 1.00 That’s Entertainment II 3.30 7 TWO 11.30 Economy Gastronomy 5.00 Nitro Circus Live 5.30 iTunes Movie: Mister Roberts (G) 6.00 To The 12.45 Movie: Annie (G) 3.30 Monarch Specials 6.30 Teen Mom 2 7.30 The Manor Born 6.30 Domestic Blitz 7.30 Of The Glen 6.30 Seconds From Middle 8.30 The Big Bang Theory 9.30 The Great British Bake Off 8.40 Movie: Disaster 7.30 The Border 8.30 Escape Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents 10.30 The Other Man (M) 10.30 Nothing Trivial To The Country 10.30 Homes Under The The Magaluf Weekender 11.30 The 11.30 Movie: Main Event (M) 1.30 To The Hammer 11.45 Revenge 12.45 Bargain Catalina 12.30 iTunes Specials Manor Born 2.00 TV Shop 4.00 Nopalea Hunt 2.00 Monarch Of The Glen


SEVEN SA TEN SA WIN SA ABC 1 6.00 Today 6.00 Sunrise 6.00 TEN Eyewitness News 6.00 ABC News Breakfast 9.00 Mornings 9.00 The Morning Show Early 6.30 Early Wake Up 10.00 Catalyst 10.30 The Bionic 9.30 The Ashes: Second 11.30 Seven News 7.00 Wake Up 8.30 Studio 10 Vet 11.00 Shamwari 11.30 My Test - Australia V 12.00 The Midday Movie 10.30 Studio 10 You 11.00 TEN Family 12.00 Midday Report England: Day 5 After The Rain (M) Eyewitness News Morning 12.30 As Time Goes By 1.00 Morning Session 2.00 The Daily Edition 12.00 Dr Phil 1.00 The Doctors The Abbey 2.00 Parliament 3.00 The Chase 2.00 Come Date With Me 3.00 12.30 The Cricket Show Question Time 3.00 Children’s 4.00 Seven News at 4 Judge Judy 3.30 Entertainment 1.00 The Ashes: Second Programs 5.30 ABC News: Test - Australia V 5.00 Deal Or No Deal Tonight 4.00 Huey’s Kitchen Early 6.00 The Gook Cook England: Day 5 5.30 Million Dollar Minute 4.30 Bold & The Beautiful 5.00 6.25 Antiques Master 7.00 ABC Afternoon Session 6.00 Seven News TEN Eyewitness News 6.00 News 7.30 7.30 (SA) 5.30 Hot Seat 6.30 Today Tonight The Simpsons 8.00 Family Confidential 6.00 National News 7.00 Better Homes And 8.30 Rick Stein’s India 6.30 The Project 6.30 A Current Affair Gardens Summer 9.30 Rake 7.30 Modern Family 7.00 The Big Bang Theory 10.30 ABC News: Late 7.30 Dog Patrol 8.00 New Girl 8.30 2 Broke Girls 8.00 Air Rescue 10.40 Hockey: Women’s 8.30 Homeland 9.00 Two And A Half Men 8.30 T.B.A. World League Final 9.30 Blue Bloods 10.30 Suits 12.10 Parliament Question 10.30 TEN Eyewitness News 9.30 T.B.A. 11.45 Nikita 11.30 Mistresses Time 11.15 The Project Encore 12.40 Nitro Circus Live 12.30 30 Rock 1.10 Movie: The Slender 12.00 The Late Show 1.10 Extra 1.00 Home Shopping Thread (M) 1.00 Home Shopping 7 MATE 1.00 V8 Supercars: Sydney ELEVEN 2.00 Judging Amy 3.00 ONE HD 12.20 NFL (Live) 3.30 500 3.30 Dream Car Garage 4.30 Infomercial 3.30 Cheers 4.00 The King Omnisport 4.00 The Biggest Loser 6.00 Seinfeld 5.30 Minute To Win It 6.30 Aust. of Queens 4.30 Laverne & Shirley 5.00 M*A*S*H 6.30 Get Smart 7.00 Cops 7.30 Smashes Guinness World Records 7.00 Happy Days 5.30 The Brady Bunch 6.00 Hardliners 8.00 American Digger 8.30 Pimp My Ride 7.30 Inside West Coast Beverly Hills 90210 7.00 Raymond 7.30 Movie: Along Came A Spider (M) 10.35 Customsj8.30 Pawn Stars 9.30 American Come Date With Me 8.00 Futurama 8.30 48 Hours 11.35 The Ultimate Rider 12.05 Restoration 10.00 Cash Cowboys Supernatural 9.30 American Horror Story Bellator MMA 2..05 Lumberjacks

SBS ONE PRIME SC TEN WIN VIC 5.00 World Watch 1.00 Robin6.00 Sunrise 6.00 Today 6.00 TEN Eyewitness News son Crusoe’s Treasure Island 9.00 The Morning Show 9.00 Mornings Early 6.30 Early Wake Up 2.00 Quest For The Lost Maya 11.30 Seven News 10.00 The Ashes: Second 7.00 Wake Up 8.30 Studio 10 3.00 France 24 News 3.30 Al 12.00 The Midday Movie Test - Australia V 10.30 Studio 10 You 11.00 TEN Jazeera News 4.00 The Journal After The Rain (M) England: Day 5 Eyewitness News Morning 4.30 FIFA Futbol Mundial 5.00 2.00 The Daily Edition Morning Session 12.00 Dr Phil 1.00 The Doctors Massive Moves 5.30 Global 3.00 The Chase 1.00 The Cricket Show 2.00 Come Date With Me 3.00 Village 6.00 The Dales With 4.00 Seven News at 4 Judge Judy 3.30 Entertainment 1.30 The Ashes: Second Ade Edmondson 5.00 Deal Or No Deal Test - Australia V Tonight 4.00 Huey’s Kitchen 5.30 Million Dollar Minute England: Day 5 6.30 World News Australia 4.30 Bold & The Beautiful 5.00 6.00 Seven News Afternoon Session 7.30 Engineering Giants TEN Eyewitness News 6.00 6.30 Today Tonight 6.00 The WIN News Hour 8.30 Fighting Cancer The Simpsons 7.00 Better Homes And 7.00 The Big Bang Theory 9.30 Small Time Gangster 6.30 The Project Gardens Summer 8.30 2 Broke Girls 10.00 Swift And Shift 7.30 Modern Family 7.30 Dog Patrol 9.00 Two And A Half Men Couriers 8.00 New Girl 8.00 Air Rescue 9.30 T.B.A. 10.35 World News Australia 8.30 Homeland 8.30 T.B.A. 11.45 Extra 11.05 The World Game 9.30 Blue Bloods 10.30 Suits 11.35 Hellfjord 10.30 TEN Eyewitness News 12.10 WIN News Hour Late 11.30 Mistresses 1.10 Nikita 12.10 Shorts On Screen 11.15 The Project Encore 2.00 The Avengers 12.45 Freddie Flintoff Versus 12.30 Home Shopping 12.00 The Late Show 5.30 Seven Early News 3.00 Danoz The World 1.00 Infomercial GO 2.00 The Middle 3.00 Extra 3.30 GEM 1.50 Domestic Blitz 2.50 The 7 TWO 2.00 Movie: The Man Who Max Steel 4.05 Ben 10 4.30 Scooby Great British Bake Off 4.00 The People’s Would Be King (PG) 4.30 Mad About You Doo! 5.00 Commando 6.00 Auction Court 5.00 Ellen 6.00 Friends 7.00 A 5.00 Shortland Street 5.30 Coronation Hunters 6.30 The Crew 7.00 The Middle Current Affair 7.30 RBT 8.00 Rapid Street 6.00 Bargain Hunt 7.00 Seven 7.30 Auction Hunters 8.00 Top Gear Response 8.30 Embarrassing Bodies News 7.30 Mega-Tanker Makeover 8.30 9.30 Movie: The Enforcer (M) 11.30 The 9.30 16 Kids And Counting 10.30 Nothing Jonathan Creek 9.30 Wire In The Blood Inbetweenders 12.00 Auction Hunters Trivial 11.30 The Closer 12.30 Friends 11.45 Dangerfield


Outback Truckers Sunday, 7.30pm In Perth, lone trucking operator Steve Grahame is preparing for an epic journey - a 3000 kilometre trek to the top of Western Australia.


New Girl Monday, 8.00pm Jess invites Nick and Angie to spend a couples’ weekend with her and Sam. Once there, however, she quickly discovers that two’s company and four’s a crowd. - 056


SEVEN SA TEN SA WIN SA ABC 1 6.00 Today 6.00 Sunrise 6.00 TEN Eyewitness News 6.00 ABC News Breakfast 10.00 9.00 Mornings 9.00 The Morning Show Early 6.30 Early Wake Up Catalyst 10.30 The Bionic Vet 11.00 National News 11.30 Seven News 7.00 Wake Up 8.30 Studio 10 11.00 Shamwari 11.30 My Fam12.00 The Midday Movie 10.30 Studio 10 You 11.00 TEN 12.00 Ellen Degeneres Show ily 12.00 Midday Report 12.30 Balmain Boys (M) Eyewitness News Morning Compass 1.00 Rick Stein’s 1.00 Prime Suspect 2.00 The Daily Edition 12.00 Dr Phil 1.00 The Doctors India 2.00 Parliament Question 2.00 Extra 3.00 The Chase 2.00 Come Date With Me Time 3.00 Children’s Programs 2.30 Alive And Cooking 4.00 Seven News at 4 2.30 Everyday Gourmet 3.00 5.30 ABC News: Early 6.00 3.00 National News Now 5.00 Deal Or No Deal Judge Judy 3.30 Entertainment 4.00 National News The Good Cook 6.30 Antiques 5.30 Million Dollar Minute Tonight Master 7.00 ABC News 7.30 5.30 Hot Seat 6.00 Seven News 7.30 (SA) 6.00 National news 4.00 Huey’s Kitchen 6.30 Today Tonight 6.30 A Current Affair 4.30 Bold & The Beautiful 8.00 Kitchen Cabinet 7.00 Better Homes And 5.00 TEN Eyewitness News 7.00 The Big Bang Theory 8.30 Stephen Fry’s Key To Gardens Summer 8.00 Super Fun Night 6.00 The Simpsons The City 7.30 T.B.A. 8.30 T.B.A. 6.30 The Project 9.25 At The Movies 10.30 Suits 7.30 Jamie’s 15 Min. Meals 10.50 Embarrassing Bodies 10.25 ABC News: Late 11.30 Cougar Town 11.50 20/20 8.30 NCIS (M) 10.35 Orbit: Earth’s 12.00 It’s Always Sunny In 12.40 Extra 9.30 NCIS: Los Angeles Extraordinary Journey Philadelphia 10.30 TEN Eyewitness News 1.05 Skippy 11.35 Criminal Jutice 12.30 30 Rock 1.30 Adventures in 11.15 The Project Encore 12.35 Parliament Question 1.00 Home Shopping Rainbow Country 12.00 The Late Show Time: The Senate 7 MATE 3.30 Dream Car Garage ELEVEN 2.00 Judging Amy 3.00 ONE HD 4.00 The Biggest Loser 6.00 4.30 Seinfeld 5.30 Minute To Win It 6.30 Infomercial 3.30 Cheers 4.00 The King M*A*S*H 6.30 Get Smart 7.00 Cops Aust. Smashes Guinness World Records of Queens 4.30 Laverne & Shirley 5.00 7.30 Python Hunters 8.30 Cops 9.00 7.00 Pimp My Ride 7.30 World’s Craziest Happy Days 5.30 The Brady Bunch Cops: Adults Only 9.30 Ross Kemp: Fools 8.30 Family Guy 9.00 American 6.00 Beverly Hills 90210 7.00 Raymond Afghanistan 10.30 Fight Master MMA Dad 9.30 Family Guy 10.30 American 7.30 Come Date With Me 8.00 Rules of 11.30 The Defenders 12.30 48 Hours Dad 11.30 Sportsfan Clubhouse Engagement 8.30 Don’t Trust The B 1.30 Cops 2.00 Cops: Adults Only

SBS ONE PRIME SC TEN WIN VIC 6.00 Sunrise 5.00 World Watch 6.00 TEN Eyewitness News 6.00 Today 9.00 The Morning Show 1.00 Celtic Woman: A Early 6.30 Early Wake Up 9.00 Mornings Christmas Celebration 11.30 Seven News 7.00 Wake Up 8.30 Studio 10 11.00 National News 12.00 The Midday Movie 2.05 Celtic Thunder: It’s 10.30 Studio 10 You 11.00 TEN 12.00 Ellen Degeneres Show Balmain Boys (M) Entertainment Eyewitness News Morning 1.00 Prime Suspect 2.00 The Daily Edition 3.00 France 24 News 12.00 Dr Phil 1.00 The Doctors 2.00 Extra 3.00 The Chase 3.30 Al Jazeera News 2.00 Come Date With Me 2.30 Alive And Cooking 4.00 Seven News at 4 4.00 The Journal 2.30 Everyday Gourmet 3.00 3.00 National News Now 5.00 Deal Or No Deal 4.30 PBS Newshour Judge Judy 3.30 Entertainment 4.00 National News 5.30 Million Dollar Minute 5.30 Global Village Tonight 5.30 Hot Seat 6.00 Seven News 6.00 The Dales With Ade 6.00 The WIN News Hour 4.00 Huey’s Kitchen 6.30 Today Tonight Edmondson 7.00 The Big Bang Theory 4.30 Bold & The Beautiful 7.00 Better Homes And 6.30 World News Australia 5.00 TEN Eyewitness News 8.00 Super Fun Night Gardens Summer 7.30 56 Up 8.30 T.B.A. 6.00 The Simpsons 7.30 T.B.A. 8.30 Surgery Ship 10.50 Embarrassing Bodies 6.30 The Project 10.30 Suits 9.30 Coppers 7.30 Jamie’s 15 Min. Meals 12.00 WIN News Hour Late 10.30 World News Australia 11.30 Cougar Town 1.00 20/20 8.30 NCIS (M) 12.00 It’s Always Sunny In 11.00 Masters of Sex 2.00 Seaway 9.30 NCIS: Los Angeles Philadelphia 12.00 Prisoners of War 10.30 TEN Eyewitness News 3.00 Danoz 1.00 The War You Don’t See 12.30 Home Shopping 3.30 Good Morning America 11.15 The Project Encore 5.30 Seven Early News 12.00 The Late Show 2.50 Weatherwatch 5.00 Early Morning News GO 2.30 The Middle 3.00 Extra 3.30 GEM 3.00 Anna’s Wild Life 3.30 RBT 7 TWO 4.30 Mad About You 5.00 Max Steel 4.05 Ben 10 4.30 Scooby Doo! 4.00 Rapid Response 4.30 The People’s Shortland Street 5.30 Coronation Street 5.00 Adventure Time 5.30 Regular Show Court 5.30 Ellen 6.30 Friends 7.00 A 6.00 Bargain Hunt 7.00 Seven News 7.30 6.00 Auction Hunters 6.30 The Crew Current Affair 7.30 Frozen Planet 8.30 When Weather Changed History 8.30 7.00 The Middle 7.30 The Bachelor 9.30 The Mentalist 9.30 The Blue Rose Air Crash Investigations 9.30 Aftermath 11.30 The Closer 12.30 Friends 1.00 10.40 I Shouldn’t Be Alive 11.45 Revenge Revolution 11.30 Fringe 12.30 Auction Dangerman 2.00 TV Shop 12.45 Sinbad And The Eye Of The Tiger Hunters 1.00 The Crew 2.00 TMZ Live


SEVEN SA TEN SA WIN SA ABC 1 6.00 Today 6.00 Sunrise 6.00 TEN Eyewitness News 6.00 ABC News Breakfast 10.00 9.00 Mornings 9.00 The Morning Show Early 6.30 Early Wake Up Catalyst 10.30 The Bionic Vet 11.00 National News 11.30 Seven News 7.00 Wake Up 8.30 Studio 10 10.15 Waterworks 10.45 Nile 12.00 The Midday Movie 10.30 Studio 10 You 11.00 TEN 12.00 Ellen Degeneres Show 11.00 Shamwari 12.00 Midday Buying The Cow (M) Eyewitness News Morning Report 12.30 Nat. Press Club 1.00 Hostages 2.00 The Daily Edition 12.00 Dr Phil 1.00 The Doctors Address 1.30 Desert Heart 2.00 2.00 Extra 3.00 The Chase 2.00 Come Date With Me 2.30 Parliament Question Time 3.00 2.30 Alive And Cooking 4.00 Seven News at 4 Everyday Gourmet 3.00 Judge Children’s Programs 5.30 ABC 3.00 National News Now 5.00 Deal Or No Deal Judy 3.30 Entertainment ToNews: Early 6.00 Poh’s Kitchen 4.15 National News 5.30 Million Dollar Minute night 4.00 Huey’s Kitchen 4.30 6.25 Antiques Master 7.00 5.30 Hot Seat 6.00 Seven News Bold & The Beautiful 5.00 TEN ABC News 7.30 7.30 (SA) 8.00 6.00 National News 6.30 Today Tonight Eyewitness News 6.00 The Would I Lie To You? 8.30 QI 6.30 A Current Affair 7.00 Better Homes And Simpsons 6.30 The Project 7.00 The Big Bang Theory 9.00 The IT Crowd Gardens Summer 7.30 RBT 9.55 A Moody Christmas 7.30 Modern Family 7.30 Mighty Planes 8.30 Hostages 10.25 ABC News: Late 8.00 New Girl 8.30 T.B.A. 9.30 CSI: Crime Scene 10.35 Young James Herriot 8.30 Movie: The Back-up 11.00 Travel Unravelled Investigation 11.35 Criminal Justice Plan (M) 11.30 Cougar Town 12.35 Parliament Question 10.40 TEN Eyewitness News 11.30 Dallas 12.00 The Cult 12.30 Extra Time: The Senate 11.25 The Project Encore 1.00 Home Shopping 1.00 Skippy 1.35 Movie: Shane (M) 12.10 The Late Show 3.30 Sons And Daughters 1.30 Gideon’s Way 3.30 Football: W-League 1.00 Home Shopping 7 MATE 3.30 Dream Car Garage ELEVEN 1.00 Star Trek 2.00 Judging ONE HD 4.00 The Biggest Loser 4.30 Seinfeld 5.30 Minute To Win It 6.30 Amy 3.00 Infomercial 3.30 Cheers 4.00 6.00 M*A*S*H 6.30 Get Smart 7.00 Aust. Smashes Guinness World Records The King of Queens 4.30 Laverne & Cops 7.30 White Collar 8.30 Law & 7.00 Pimp My Ride 7.30 North Woods Shirley 5.00 Happy Days 5.30 The Brady Order: UK 9.30 Sons of Anarchy 10.30 Law 8.30 Hardcore Pawn 9.30 American Bunch 6.00 Beverly Hills 90210 7.00 Vegas 11.30 Terriers 12.30 Bellator Pickers 10.30 Classic Car Rescue 11.30 Raymond 7.30 Come Date With Me 8.00 MMA 2.30 Omnisport 3.00 Aust. Rally Sportsfan Clubhouse Futurama 8.30 The Simpsons Championship 4.00 Nascar Sprint Cup

SBS ONE PRIME SC TEN WIN VIC 6.00 Sunrise 5.00 World Watch 6.00 UEFA 6.00 TEN Eyewitness News 6.00 Today 9.00 The Morning Show Champions League 8.30 Early 6.30 Early Wake Up 9.00 Mornings 11.30 Seven News Weatherwatch 8.40 World 7.00 Wake Up 8.30 Studio 10 11.00 National News 12.00 The Midday Movie Watch 1.00 James May’s 10.30 Studio 10 You 11.00 TEN 12.00 Ellen Degeneres Show Buying The Cow (M) Eyewitness News Morning Toy Stories 2.00 Richard 1.00 Hostages 2.00 The Daily Edition Hammond’s Engineering 12.00 Dr Phil 1.00 The Doctors 2.00 Extra 3.00 The Chase Connections 2.00 Come Date With Me 2.30 2.30 Alive And Cooking 4.00 Seven News at 4 Everyday Gourmet 3.00 Judge 3.00 National News Now 3.00 France 24 News 5.00 Deal Or No Deal Judy 3.30 Entertainment To4.15 National News 3.30 Al Jazeera News 5.30 Million Dollar Minute night 4.00 Huey’s Kitchen 4.30 5.30 Hot Seat 4.00 The Journal 6.00 Seven News Bold & The Beautiful 5.00 TEN 6.00 The WIN News Hour 4.30 PBS Newshour 6.30 Today Tonight Eyewitness News 6.00 The 7.00 The Big Bang Theory 5.30 Global Village 7.00 Better Homes And Simpsons 6.30 The Project 7.30 RBT 6.00 The Dales With Ade Gardens Summer 8.30 Hostages Edmondson 7.30 Modern Family 7.30 Mighty Planes 9.30 CSI: Crime Scene 6.30 World News Australia 8.00 New Girl 8.30 T.B.A. Investigation 7.30 Lions On The Move 8.30 Movie: The Back-up 11.30 Extra 8.30 24 Hours In Emergency 11.00 Travel Unravelled Plan (M) 11.30 Cougar Town 10.40 TEN Eyewitness News 12.00 WIN News Hour Late 9.30 Borgen 1.00 Dallas 11.25 The Project Encore 10.35 World News Australia 12.00 The Cult 1.00 Home Shopping 2.00 Nitro Circus Live 12.10 The Late Show 11.05 Prisoners of War 5.30 Seven Early News 2.30 Danoz 1.00 Infomercial 12.10 Film: Outrage (MAV) GO 2.00 Auction Hunters 2.30 The GEM 2.30 Mad About The House 7 TWO 4.30 Mad About You 5.00 Middle 3.00 Extra 3.30 Max Steel 3.30 Frozen Planet 4.30 The People’s Shortland Street 5.30 Coronation Street 4.05 Ben 10 4.30 Scooby Doo! 5.00 Court 5.30 Ellen 6.30 Friends 7.00 A 6.00 Bargain Hunt 7.00 Seven News 7.30 Commando 6.00 Auction Hunters 6.30 Current Affair 7.30 Customs 8.00 Rapid Four Rooms 8.30 Fantasy Homes In The The Crew 7.00 The Middle 7.30 The Big Response 8.30 RPA 9.30 Major Crimes City 9.30 Australia’s Best Houses 10.00 10.30 Nothing Trivial 11.30 The Closer 60 Minute Makeover 11.00 Homes Under Bang Theory 8.30 The Originals 10.30 12.30 Friends 1.00 Gideon’s Way The Hammer 12.15 The Bill Movie: Resident Evil: Afterlife (AV)



Sit In & Relax, Takeaway or Drive Through

Monday, 8.30pm Brody’s loyalty to the mission wavers when he meets a ghost from his past. Meanwhile, Lockhart’s confirmation looms; and Saul stares into the precipice between success and failure.


Film: Chopper (MAV) Saturday, 9.30pm Based on his autobiography which was written during a jail sentence in prison, this film tells the intense story of late legendary criminal, Mark “Chopper” Read. Starring Eric Bana, Simon Lyndon and David Field. - 057







Joe D’Agostino & Associates Accounting, Taxation & Bookkeeping

Chartered Accountants Tax & Business Advisors

Certified Practising Accountant Small Business Specialists Personal Tax Returns from $115

Phone: 08 8725 0711 7 Penola Road, Mount Gambier SA Email: Office 08 8339 4950 | Mob 0403 905 120 Servicing clients in all country areas

Email: Website:

YOUR LOCAL ADULT RETAILER Spice up your life and find something to tantilize

- For all air-conditioning installation, service and repairs - Domestic refrigeration repairs - Domestic and commercial electrical installations and maintenance - Electrical test & tag


After hours by arrangement Ph/F: 08 8725 5329 E:

Discreet parking & entrance at the back of the building

88 Commercial Street East, Mount Gambier SA

Geoff’s Fuel Pump Service Pty Ltd ARCtick Licence # AU26303 Electrical Contractor Licence # PGE242132

Ph 08 8723 2375





Kerry’s Dog Groom

ing Service

Need your dog pampered?

Installation, Maintenance, Service and Repair

• Reverse Cycle Ducted Airconditioning

BREEDERS OF MALTALIER PUPPIES Bathing, Clipping and Defleaing Pick up and drop off Dog care also available

• Central Gas Ducted Heating


AIRCONDITIONING • Split Systems All Brands

Clipping/Grooming Hydrobath|Defleaing|Nails Ear Cleaning Breeder of Shetland Sheep Dogs

Over 25 years experience 13 Worrolong Rd, Mount Gambier (1/2km from Marketplace) Ph 08 8723 3327 or 0429 133 858


• Cool Rooms • Freezer Rooms


• Display Cabinets • Ice Machines • All Commercial Refrigeration

BLD 233106 BLD 233105 BLD 233109 BLD 233108 ABN 29 882 203 372

Servicing the Limestone Coast BRENDAN 0406 876 176 DANIEL 0439 900 326 EMAIL



Open Monday to Saturday Call Ann on (08) 8724 9592 Mobile: 0437 851 404






weedon springs • Electrolysis/Face & Body (permenant hair removal) • Waxing/Face & Body • Facials & Deep Cleansing • Manicures/Pedicures • Lash & Brow Tinting • Ear Candling • Foot Spa Detox

Phone - (08) 8725 3340 BRICKLAYING


• Clipping • Washing • Defleaing • Drying • Nail Trimming • Free pick up & drop off Shop 5/16 Swallow Drive, Mt Gambier Ph: Michelle on (08) 8725 5152 BOOK KEEPING

• Bookkeeping Services • Consultancy (WHS) • Training Please contact


Springs Road, Glencoe

0488 440 422




(08) 8724 8577 1a Hedley Street, Mount Gambier



epairs mputer R ailable TPOS av

Want to advertise your business here? Phone Lifestyle1 on 08 8724711 today!

Mobile EF ice liable serv Prompt ret Gambier to M s ea ar g ndin & surrou

• On site service • Install & upgrade • Hardware/software • Setup office network • Anti-Virus software • Custom built computer • No fix, no pay • Competitive hourly rate

Damien Ferguson - 0407 438 461 DENTURE CLINIC

• Quality individual & personalised dentures • Over 30 years experience • Prompt same day repairs & relines • Metal partial dentures, Mouthguards • After hours appointments










AMAS ELECTRICAL Licence No: PGE217 639

BLD241370 & RTA - AU27791


0410 599 515

08 8726 8263 0427 095 792

BL R152982


Please call for free measure & quote


Contact Paul Lawrence

PHONE ON 08 872 8725 2979 MOBILE 0435 935 222


Karan Muller Designs

0417 889 979 or A.H. 8724 8574


BLD 232361

2B Keegan Street Mount Gambier Ph: 08 8725 1099 F: 08 8725 1277 E:


just drive thru...


Vacancies forle 2-5yrs availab

250 Jubilee Hwy West, Mt Gambier Ph (08) 8725 2826 sales ww

o Ferg’s C



Your home away from home

Caravan & Trailer Repairs Including boat trailers and horse floats Lights, Wheel Bearings, Brakes


0418 819 676

The Neighbourhood Childcare Centre Inc.

for your



• Digital Antennas • Problems with reception • Set top box set-up • Government approved antenna installer

PHONE LYNTON 0402 615 746

MARK A SOLLY P.O. Box 2978, Mount Gambier Mobile: 0417 809 511






The Exhaust Specialist • Custom systems • Standard & performance exhausts • Exhaust systems for perfomance & economy

CREATE A WOW FACTOR IN YOUR GARDEN with Daylilies, Cannas, Miniature Agapanthus’ & Kniphofias. Call in & see the extensive range we have on offer in our sales area. Let our gardens inspire you. Open every weekend 10am - 5pm November - April

Phone (08) 8724 9989 339 Commercial St West, Mt Gambier GARDEN EDGING



s c o lo u r s a n d m o lds ava ariou i la b le •V veways i r D • s t e a a o l c & Hot M •2 ix • FREE QUO TES

12 Roses Rd (Off Flacks Rd) Heywood, Victoria (Signs out on highway near Heywood Stockfeed Mill)

Ph (03) 5527 2030 JEWELLERS



Portland Motor Mechanics FOR HIRE Ensuring the safety of your vehicle



11 - 15 Beverley Street, PORTLAND (off Fern Street)

Watch, clock & jewellery repairs Free pick up & delivery Millicent & Tantanoola

03 5521 7666

Phone 08 8725 6486 45 Commercial Street East Mt Gambier NATURAL MEDICINE



Mini Loader Dingo

Want to advertise your business here?

Hourly rate available. Operator plus machine. Suitable for confined spaces.

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Martins defends title

Students from St Martins Lutheran College and across Victoria put pedal power into action late last month. More than 6000 students from more than160 schools, consisting of about 350 teams, headed to Maryborough, Victoria, to take part in the RACV Energy Breakthrough. Schools participate in a number of different categories for Human Powered Vehicles (HPV), Hybrids and Pushcarts. This year was special for the St Martins Lutheran College team because, from first competing in 2008 with one cart, this year they had three human powered vehicles entered and one pushcart team. It was also the first time they were attending as defending champions after their senior Triathlon team won last year.

revving into action 2013/14 Borderline Speedway Calendar

With students, school support and parents, a contingent of around 70 people attended from Mount Gambier. St Martins HPV teams were all entered in Triathlon classes which consist of an obstacle course and time trial event where all riders, maximum 8 per cart, have to complete one lap each of the designated courses and are timed and penalised if they hit obstacles as well as compete in an eight hour endurance

event. They also have the carts scrutineered and do a presentation to a panel of judges, all of which is judged and goes towards final scores. The endurance event starts at 1pm on Saturday and the senior Triathlon team started to get excited. They were 12th on the grid, only the second HPV cart amongst a number of hybrids, and had won their heats in both the obstacle and time trial events. All they needed was a clean run in the endurance event

and they had a strong chance to defend their title. Both the junior teams had qualified mid pack and showed promise too. Eight hours and 255kms later the senior cart were named both track champions and overall champions for open class and the junior teams both scored well in their own categories. Pushcarts use a similar program of events and are designed to encourage younger participants to be involved and to develop them into

HPV riders in years to come. From a field of 42 pushcarts in their class St Martins team finished a very credible sixth. Maryborough estimates this event brings 20,000 visitors to their town over the four day period and an injection of $4.4m to the local community. A committee of dedicated parents and staff of St Martins are holding the first competitive event in Mount Gambier on Sunday, March 9, at the showgrounds – the Mount

Gambier HPV ‘Crank It’ Six Hour. Planning is well underway and the organising committee is hoping to get between 50-60 teams to this first event and if all goes to plan they may form part of the SA Super Series in future years which will bring many visitors to the city. They are still looking for sponsors of this unique event and anyone interested in sponsoring this unique event can contact the college for further information.

Above (left) - HPV Open Winning Team members after the presentation of the trophy. Above (top) - The full contingent of St Martins students . Above (bottom) - Rori Perryman pushing her pushkart partner James Grant in the sprint event.

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