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From Our Chief Executive Officer

Anne Rieck McFarland Chief Executive Officer Dear Friends of LifeScape, I am so honored to serve the mission of “empowering children and adults with disabilities to lead fulfilling lives.” And, after 30 years at LifeScape and 40+ years in this profession, it is the right time for me, and I believe for the organization, to close this chapter in my life. I am pleased to share that my retirement will not happen immediately, and not until the right person has been selected for the position. The LifeScape Governing Board of Directors is doing a national search and will post the position in mid-March 2018. We do not have a fixed timeline for my transition, however, the goal is to have the selection made prior to January of 2019. Making this decision, and now sharing it with all of you, causes many emotions within me. I love my job. I love our LifeScape mission. I have such respect, admiration, and care for all of you and the people with whom I have had the opportunity to work and know throughout my career. I learned early in my career that serving a mission and impacting the lives of people with disabilities was my calling. At that time, though, I didn’t realize how much all of you, and the community relationships I would develop, would also impact and influence me. I have truly been blessed! LifeScape is very successful, and the Board will look for a leader who will appreciate working with our current team, continue our progress, and take on the initiatives adopted in our updated three-year strategic plan. These initiatives include achieving staff stability, so there is greater continuity and quality of service delivery and organizational effectiveness. We will focus on sustainability to ensure longterm financial and programmatic health and success. To achieve this, we have identified that we must begin doing business differently. Our areas of expertise provide opportunities for program expansion and new program development in some areas and position us well to continue promoting a learning culture at LifeScape and beyond. Technology is also an area we will continue to explore to improve health outcomes and service delivery. Our strategic plan is about improving the quality of service delivery to all patients, students, children, adults, and their families across the region, so they can lead fulfilling lives. Thank you for being a part of such an important mission!

Community Partner: Service First Federal Credit Union A new community partner for LifeScape is Service First Federal Credit Union. They first got involved by sponsoring the Sunny Radiothon for LifeScape in October 2017, and then by supporting the recent 24th annual MallWalk. “Service First FCU lives by the philosophy ‘People Helping People,’” says Mark Sundvold, Service First FCU Vice President of Operations. “We were able to put that motto into action again this holiday season with the creation of a “Giving Tree” for the children and adults supported by LifeScape.”

Santa and several children and adults got to meet at Service First Federal Credit Union this past Christmas season!

Service First FCU members and staff were able to fulfill many of the “Giving Tree” wishes, including one board member who generously purchased an iPad for a 16 year-old student at LifeScape, who had asked for that gift for the past three years. “That gift will fulfill so many needs for that young man – it is more than a gift; it’s a resource,” says Kim Haiar, Director of Development. “It was the perfect opportunity to give to those in our community, and we’re grateful to everyone who participated,” adds Sundvold. After the success of the “Giving Tree,” Sundvold is implementing casual days that will benefit LifeScape as well. Employees will wear their LifeScape Casual Day stickers, paying a small fee to participate. All funds will benefit the children and adults supported at LifeScape. Additionally, Service First FCU is excited about partnering with LifeScape again to provide a meaningful impact by hosting a personal hygiene and food drive for LifeScape during the month of March, Disability Awareness Month. “LifeScape makes it very easy for just about anyone to participate,” said Sundvold. “And Service First FCU is thankful for our opportunity to play a small part in the great work that they do.” Hygiene products and non-perishable food items can be dropped off at any Service First FCU branch beginning March 1, 2018.

Patrick Hughes, six, continues to develop his expressive language skills using his personal high-tech AAC device. With him is his speech-language pathologist, Jodi Sugrue, at LifeScape in Rapid City.

With Sincere Thanks,

Anne Rieck McFarland, CEO


Spring 2018 | The Journey

We walked, we rolled—we raised $92,000!

From Our Foundation President

Energy and excitement filled the Empire Mall on the morning of February 3rd for the 24th annual MallWalk, hosted by the LifeScape Ambassadors. Wyatt Kruger of Watertown was the top individual fundraiser – with Jeff Horstmeyer finishing second and Kathy Hammond in third. The top fundraising team was the Smiley Goats, who won a Skyforce suite. The “We School You”  team had the most registered walkers, and won a pizza party. ALL of the money raised at MallWalk stays local. The LifeScape Ambassadors will review a Wish List of requests, including specialized equipment, funding for programs, and other resources necessary to provide meaningful services and opportunities for people with disabilities supported by LifeScape. A special thank you to all MallWalk sponsors, including First Premier Bank/ Premier Bankcard, Hot Stuff Foods, and The First National Bank. We hope  you can join us for the 25th anniversary of MallWalk on February 2, 2019!

Wyatt Kruger of Watertown, the top individual fundraiser, with Kathy Hammond, MallWalk Chair.

From the Cover Right now Christian is really working on his social skills, and is learning to shop, practice meal preparation, and do his own laundry. He is riding horses through Horsepower, and wowed his family recently by performing in a LifeScape musical production. “Never in my wildest dreams did I think we could make that type of progress,” says Kari. “Obviously there are still obstacles that we overcome. Some days are not the greatest, but we expect that. Walking through the halls of LifeScape, I can tell you that every single person – whether they are involved in Christian’s care or not – greets you with a smile. The way that they plan is very strategic. The goals that they set are very individualized, and they work very, very hard to reach those goals.” Kari continues, “You can definitely tell he is more confident. When he feels anxiety coming on or agitation, he copes with that. He’s so proud – you can tell. It makes me so happy to see that confidence finally starting to build in him. He’s got hopes and dreams.” Kari looks forward to Christian coming back home for good, and she wants him to be happy. “I want him to be successful, too,” she says. “I want him to contribute to the community. Whether that be bagging groceries or selling popcorn, if that makes him happy, then he’s successful. That’s what I hope and 3 pray for him. Confidence is really what he’s gained. And hope. He knows he’s going to have3a good future.”

Jessica Wells LifeScape Foundation President There is a whole lot of love in this issue of The Journey. We are grateful that so many of you chose to make a difference in the lives of the nearly 4,000 patients, students, children, adults, and families served by LifeScape across the region last year. Supporters like you helped meet needs in the areas of rent and food assistance, meeting the basic needs of nutrition and shelter. You helped provide a new school curriculum, so children can be more successful for their lifetimes. Your gifts purchased an online medication administration tracking system to reduce the risk of medication errors. Your donations purchased equipment ceiling lifts for increased safety during transfers, and scholarships for therapy and camps. You also empowered people through support of Center for the Arts’ performances and Camp Bravo, community activities, and LifeScape’s first-ever homecoming parade. Looking ahead, we’ve got big plans. We are updating our strategic plan, analyzing the sustainability of every program, and identifying facilities needed to support and continue growing services core to our mission. We need you. The building where children attend school and live in residential services is over 65 years old. This winter classrooms flooded from broken pipes due to a loss of heat in the school area. When it rains heavily, buckets sit in classrooms catching water. You can help provide a safe and nurturing school environment where children can learn and grow. The needs of the children we support in our residential services are changing. Their needs are more complex, and their living environments need to change to meet those needs. Sharing a room with three other children with complex needs isn’t ideal. And like any business, the quality of our services is reliant on having quality staff. LifeScape has amazing staff who every day give their best, doing work that is both physically and emotionally demanding—but equally rewarding. With our current reimbursement for services (we are highly dependent on Medicaid funding), we struggle to pay wages that keep our best employees from leaving for jobs in retail or fast food. You can help ensure caring, compassionate, and skilled staff are there for all we serve. These are our highest needs in the coming years. We need you. We also appreciate you. We value every dollar you entrust to us for the support of LifeScape’s mission. You make a difference with every dollar. Thank you for choosing LifeScape. With Deepest Gratitude,

Jessica B. Wells

“We are all equal”

Steven Prendergast

Steven Prendergast of Sioux Falls is the founder of the Arcade Bash for Autism, a fundraiser he established in 2015 to help people with autism spectrum disorders. It has been held each year since during April, which is Autism Awareness Month.

My name is Steven Prendergast. I have Asperger’s. I’m not afraid to say it. That is an autism syndrome disorder that sometimes makes social interaction and nonverbal communication hard. Sometimes in my past, people have treated me unkindly because of my disorder, but I’ve always thought we are all equal. I’m equal to you, you’re equal to me. And I can do anything that someone without Asperger’s can do, if I believe in it and have God’s help. Growing up, one of the places where I took refuge was Gigglebee’s arcade in Sioux Falls. My brother

By Guest Columnist Steven Prendergast

and I would play there and it was a place of fun and I wanted to share the fun and maybe also help other kids who have autism. I thought about this a lot for many years, and kept pestering my parents and my mentor at LifeScape, Edith Ellen Gale. I really wanted to do it, but for a long time I was too afraid and shy and scared of being shot down. Finally, I overcame my nervousness and talked to Tamara, the owner of the arcade about sponsoring a charity event. I didn’t believe it, but she agreed! It’s amazing that despite all the accounts you read in the media, there’s a lot of selfless people out there. So I also got some other sponsors, and put up flyers created by my brother. I was amazed that first year at the attendance. I thought we’d raise only a little, but imagine my surprise when the total was $1620. I talked to Julie Ashworth at Augustana and the proceeds among other things, sponsored a family to a family camp for kids with autism at Joy Ranch. I actually got to meet the family, and they were very grateful and very nice.

Last summer, we had the opportunity to come to Joy Ranch during the family camp and meet the staff and the families. It felt fantastic—I was proud and happy and it seemed we’d really made a difference in people’s lives. My best memories are how they helped the kids and made Joy Ranch a place where kids with autism, who many times can’t feel comfortable, could feel comfortable and their families could also feel comfortable because the kids felt comfortable. I liked the church service and the songs. The counselors handled everything and treated everyone equally—we were all together. I could tell the staff really cared about the campers. There was no technology to get in the way, and there was no bullying. If I could tell you anything about my experience, it would be no matter what—whether you have a disability or not—Never give up—Be brave— Hold your head up. You may get kicked along the way, but never give up. Eventually, you will succeed, and working together, we can make the world better.

As Dad said, each additional year, we’ve raised more and got more sponsors. We’ve become a thing on a Sunday each April at Electric Rainbow.

Communities Served By LifeScape Northeast Nebraska

Southwest Minnesota

South Dakota Children’s Services-Specialty Hospital, Residential and/or Day School: In addition to the 119* children served from South Dakota, we also served children from: Alaska - 1 ; Iowa - 13 ; Minnesota - 12. South Dakota At-Large - 7 (DSS Guardianship)

Northwest Iowa

Outreach/Outpatient Services: In addition to the 1,905* children and adults served from South Dakota, we also served people from: Iowa - 407 ; Minnesota - 86 ; Nebraska - 44 ; North Dakota - 5 ; Wyoming - 2. Adult Community-Based Services: 498

3,071 children & adults were served by LifeScape in fiscal year 2017. LifeScape provides services to people from 63 of the 66 counties in South Dakota.

An additional 1,991 patients were served through LifeScape affiliate Rehabilitation Medical Supply, from centers in Sioux Falls & Rapid City.

Out-of-State Outreach/Outpatient Services: (Out-of-State Totals) Iowa - 407 ; Minnesota - 86 ; Nebraska - 44 ; North Dakota - 5 ; Wyoming - 2. (Minnesota counties not represented on map) Chippewa - 1 ; Olmsted - 1 ; Renville - 1. Children’s Services-Specialty Hospital, Residential and/or Day School: (Out-of-State Totals): Alaska - 1 ; Iowa - 13 ; Minnesota - 12.

547 people out-of-state were served by LifeScape in fiscal year 2017. * People who have been served in the Children’s Specialty Hospital, Residential, Day School, or Adult Community-Based Services who also received Outreach/Outpatient Services within the same fiscal year may be counted twice above.


Spring 2018 | The Journey

Generous Groups Provide Brighter Lives It’s been said that the greatest gift you can give someone is your time, your attention, your love, and your concern. The past year has seen those gifts in action, with organizations dedicating their time, talents and treasures for the more than 3,000 children and adults supported by The Helmsley Trust gave Christmas gifts and a LifeScape. We are monetary donation. so grateful! So many groups have chosen to brighten the lives of those supported at LifeScape through activities like bowling, sporting or music activities, car and motorcycle shows, making blankets – the list goes on and on! Thank you to the many groups that volunteered at LifeScape, including: ABATE of Sioux Falls, O’Gorman High School, Therapy Dogs International, LifeScape Ambassadors, Sonya Sotomayor Elementary, Central Church Middle School, Serve Sioux Falls Ministries, EmBe, Linwood Church, Lana Feekes & Youth from Pipestone, Central States Manufacturing, FCCLA State Leadership High School Students, Highest Health Chiropractic, Girl Scouts, Wells Fargo, Kate Patrick’s Women’s Group, Chandler Sewing Ladies, Church of the Resurrection Inspiration Singers (CORis), First United Methodist Church, Risen Savior Church, For the Love of Children Daycare, Immanuel CRC Church, El Riad Shrine Clowns, Recycled Rainbow, Sioux Falls MEPS, Robin & Kevin Baum Garretson Group, CNA Surety, Augustana Psychology Club, Augustana Recreational Services, Augustana Freshmen, AB Business Solutions, Abiding Savior Church, All City Elementary, Augustana University, Boy Scouts, Great Plains Street Rodders, Celebrate Church, Edison Middle School, Khartum Shriners, Premier Bankcard, Ransom Church, SALSA & YAC members, St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, University of Sioux Falls, and Live to Serve Project. Many community organizations collaborated with LifeScape to provide meaningful experiences for the children and adults we support, such as SD Game Fish & Parks, Camp Pointer’s Ridge, Sioux Falls Balloonists, and Dell Rapids Bowl, Haugo Broadcasting hosted the “Hope for the Hills” plus a special thank you Radiothon in Rapid City. to Trent River Ranch for hosting children and adults weekly during the summer months, providing opportunities for horseback riding, fishing, wagon rides, cookouts, and feeding farm animals! Additional organizations providing meaningful experiences included: Swan Lake, Camp High Hopes, Joy Ranch, Sioux Falls Canaries, Sioux Falls Stampede, Jesse James Boat Rides, Orange City Tulip Festival, My Fishing Pond, Outdoor Campus, Horsepower, Avera Sports Dome, Midco Aquatics Center, Dow Rummel, Galaxy Gaming, Old Courthouse Museum, Empire Bowl, West Mall 7 Theatres, and Thunder Road.

First Premier Bank, Sanford Health: Population Health Group, Delaware Reformed Church, Lloyd Companies, St. Mary’s Script Program/Dell Rapids friends. Due to a significant change in state and federal funding, LifeScape adults experienced a cut Therapy Dogs International brings smiles all around in food funding amounting every time they visit! to approximately $250,000. Answering the need, many groups banded together to help fill the void by doing personal hygiene and food drives. Those community angels included: Harrisburg Elementary Schools, Select Specialty Hospital, Missouri Valley Energy Services, Sunshine Foods, BVHS SALSA, Kreisers Inc., CNA Surety, DOVIA, Lampert Lumber, Vanessen’s Hair Design, Augustana Campus Life, Center of Hope, and TH Grey. The community response has been overwhelming and thankfully, continues, with more organizations organizing drives in the coming year. And of course, we are so thankful for the organizations that continue to plan special fundraisers to support children and adults with disabilities at LifeScape. From sporting events like the ColorVibe 5K races in Sioux Falls and Rapid City, golf tournaments like that executed by Sioux Falls Specialty Hospital, the Annual Elks Rodeo in Winner, SD, and the Professional Bull Riders event in Sioux Falls to unique events like the Annual Mountain Oyster Feed hosted by East River Electric; two radiothon events in Sioux Falls, the Sunny Radiothon for LifeScape and the Hope for the Hills Radiothon for LifeScape hosted by Haugo Broadcasting in Rapid City; several activities hosted by Fourteen Foods/ Sioux Falls DQ Grill & Chill locations to support from the Mountain Man Fruit & Nut Company, as well as year-round efforts by Hamsters USA and the LifeScape Ambassadors. LifeScape is blessed by such wonderful support from our statewide community. A heartfelt thanks also to long-time supporters, the Scottish Rite Foundation and the South Dakota Elks Association. The Scottish Rite champions projects to help children with communication disorders in western South Dakota. The Elks Lodges, BPO Does, Winner Elks Rodeo and SD Elks Association make our Outreach Program possible by providing funding to send therapists to help children in homes, schools and daycares across the state. While it’s true that the good you do today will often forget tomorrow, we do good anyway. The gifts made to LifeScape, whether time or monetary, are not forgotten and are so very valued. They all help to create a better life for a child or adult with disabilities. Thank you for your support of LifeScape! If you, your club, organization, or business is interested in helping people with disabilities by hosting a fundraiser, volunteering, or providing other assistance, please contact the LifeScape Foundation office at 605-444-9800 for a Third Party Fundraising packet or more information.

Upcoming LifeScape Events! April 20, 2018: ArtAbility. LifeScape artists will display and sell their works at this annual exhibit sponsored by the Sioux Falls Mayor’s Disability Awareness Commission. The event starts at 6:00 p.m. at the Museum of Visual Materials, 500 N. Main Ave., Sioux Falls

Additionally, the holidays provide more opportunities for organizations to come together to share their time, talents and treasures. The LifeScape Ambassadors, Fourteen Foods’ Sioux Falls DQ locations, and Service First Federal Credit Union, TH Grey, and barre3 did special fundraising for #GivingTuesday and/or held clothing and Christmas gift drives, encouraging their patrons to give back by providing special gifts for children and adults with disabilities at LifeScape. Other organizations also sharing Christmas cheer by providing gifts or activities were Sioux Falls Firefighters Local 814, The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust, the Jerry Foy Caroling Group, Santa’s Elves Caroling Group, Sioux Falls Children’s Choir, ABATE of Sioux Falls, Tuba Christmas, Central States Manufacturing, CNA Surety, Deadmen Motorcycle Club, GrayBar, Midco, Faith Mennonite Church Members, Ghost Bonnets Motorcycle Club, NAWIC, Sioux Falls Cares, TCF Bank, Wells Fargo, 3Win Logistics, DeWitt Design Inc., Lighting a New Way Counseling Services, Faini Designs, Howalt+McDowell Insurance - a Marsh McLennan Agency, Orion Foods,

June 17-22, 2018: Camp Bravo. Mystery at Joy Ranch! Registration is now open for this theatre and outdoor fun camp for children and adults of all abilities, ages 9 to 21. Hosted by the LifeScape Center for the Arts and Black Hills Playhouse Jr. at the fully accessible Joy Ranch, near Watertown, SD. Contact Jamie Richardson at (605) 444.9631 or

October 14, 2018: Pancake Benefit. 7:30 am-2:00 pm. Sioux Falls Convention Center.

Get details on all these events at, or call the LifeScape Foundation at (605) 444-9600.


Chief of Medical Staff Michelle Van Beek Pediatrics

Greg Alvine, MD

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Scott Boyens, MD

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Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery

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Hospice & Palliative Care

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Orthopedic Surgery

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Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Tracy Jones, DO Pediatrics

Mark Sternhagen

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Member at Large

Foundation Board of Directors

Jessica Wells

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Anne Rieck McFarland

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Foundation President


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Samuel Schimelpfenig, MD Pediatrics, Sports Medicine

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Shari Eich, MD David Ermer, MD

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Salaries Benefits Supplies

7% 64%






Professional Fees/Contract Labor


Support and Other


| 2017 Financial Picture









Professional Fees/Contract Labor Salaries 4% Support and Other Benefits Depreciation 7% Supplies We do not budget for unrealized market gains and losses or the sale of investments. 3%


14% 7%

2017 LifeScape Audited Revenues Total: $57,699,406 64%


4% 4% 64% 14% 7%




Occupancy Professional Fees/Contract Labor Medicaid Support and Other School Districts Depreciation Operating Areas




7% 14%

4% 64%


3% 1%

3% 1%





Earnings and 2017 LifeScape FoundationInvestment Audited Revenues Change in SplitMedical InterestSupply Rehabilitation Total: $5,079,963 43% Trusts and Bequests 45%



43% 45% 8%






Investment Earnings and Other Income Change in Split Interest


Trusts and Bequests

3% 1% 73%

Contributions 5%

Events Medicaid Other Income School Districts


2017 LifeScape Foundation Audited Expenses Total: $3,648,508 Operating Areas 64%


3% 1%

Support andEarnings Other and Investment Change in Split Interest Depreciation Trusts and Bequests Contributions



Occupancy Professional Fees/Contract Labor


Operating Areas

Operating Areas

Foundation Salaries Other Benefits Rehabilitation Medical Supply Supplies


Other Medicaid Rehabilitation Medical Supply School Districts




2017 LifeScape Audited Expenses School Districts Total: $58,310,062






Foundation Administrative - Occupancy, InvestmentManagement, Legal Other and Audit, Rental Property Administration,Medical Supplies Rehabilitation Supply Fundraising - Event, Annual and Planned Giving,Marketing and Communications, Training, Professional Services, Database Administrative - Staff Salaries and BenefitsEarnings and Investment Change in Split Interest Distribution and Grant Support to LifeScape Trusts and Bequests


Administrative - Occupancy, Investment Other Income Legal and Audit, Rental Property Management, 43% Administration, Supplies 14% 45% Contributions Fundraising - Event, Annual and Planned Giving, Of the total expenses, $1,990,263 is a distribution to the Marketing service provider LifeScape. This amount isTraining, determined by the LifeScape Foundation’s spending policy of distributing 4% of the 16 quarter-rolling average and Communications, of the endowment market value. The policy protects the endowment from inflation, provides for endowment growth, and makes possible a distribution amount for program support. The sale of investments, Events Professional Services, Database 73% 8% realized positive market gains over time, and above budget revenues have allowed for a distribution 8% that is above planned budgeted revenues. 5% Other Income Administrative - Staff Salaries and Benefits Administrative - Occupancy, Investment Management, Legal and Audit, Rental Property Distribution and Grant Support to LifeScape Administration, Supplies 14%

Chris Rokeh, Durable Medical Equipment SpecialistFundraising - Event, Annual and Planned Giving, Marketing and Communications, Training, at LifeScape Subsidiary Rehabilitation Medical 73%Falls, assembles and custom Professional Services, Database Supply (RMS) in Sioux fits a power wheelchair. Our Seating & Positioning Team includes physical therapists, occupational therapists, equipment specialists, and equipment technicians to get the right fit for comfort and function.



Administrative - Staff Salaries and Benefits


Distribution and Grant Support to LifeScape


Administrative - Occupancy, InvestmentManagement, Legal and Audit, Rental Property Administration, Supplies Fundraising - Event, Annual and Planned Giving,Marketing and Communications, Training, Professional Services, Database Administrative - Staff Salaries and Benefits Distribution and Grant Support to LifeScape


Uncertainty of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act “Non-profits Are Biggest Losers Under New Tax Law” “TCJA: $13 Billion Lost” “The End of Charitable Giving as We Know It” These were some of the news headlines following year-end passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA). It was hailed by supporters as an early Christmas present to taxpayers, while opponents called it an unnecessary gift to big corporations. All personal feelings aside, the TCJA is the first comprehensive tax reform of individual, estate, alternative minimum tax, and corporate taxes since 1986. How does the TCJA affect you? Most notably, it simplifies filing and doubles the standard deduction, which will leave the itemized charitable deduction out of reach for more than 9 in 10 taxpayers. Congress failed to include a universal deduction that could have corrected this. As a result, the Joint Committee on Taxation estimates that itemized deductions will drop by $95 billion in 2018! Add to this a reduction to deductions for state income taxes and local property taxes, which could pressure state and local governments to reduce social service funding or eliminate programs altogether. This leaves many nonprofit advocates concerned about the potential loss of key services to millions of people in need because without the money there is no mission.

Needs & Dreams Wish List

Mark Millage

Development Officer

So what will be the impact of the TCJA on non-profit organizations like LifeScape? Nobody knows for certain. But we are confident that most who support LifeScape do so because they believe in our mission of empowering adults and children with disabilities to lead fulfilling lives. An itemized deduction is not the primary reason people give. Even before the TCJA was enacted last year, adults supported at LifeScape suddenly experienced a federal funding cut of $250,000 that had helped to pay for their daily meals. Many of you generously responded to our appeals on their behalf. While food security and other basic needs should not be threatened by the whims of Washington, the reality is it happens on a recurring basis. LifeScape will continue to problem-solve when and where we have greatest needs. But we can’t do it alone. This is why your financial gifts, large or small, are important now more than ever. Many of us make charitable gifts at the end of the year. Why do we wait? Out of habit, perhaps. But immediate needs will occur at any time with little to no warning. Then add to that the uncertainty of future funding created by the TCJA. Together we will do our best to always expect the unexpected.

Leave a Legacy Imagine leaving a legacy that will help provide lives of dignity and fulfillment for countless people with disabilities. Through your estate planning, you can make a difference far into the future, while providing tax advantages now for yourself and your family. As you review or write your will, consider including a charitable bequest for the LifeScape Foundation. The assets you provide will be carefully invested, and only the interest is used. In this way, your gift will continue to provide for individuals with special needs indefinitely. Your attorney can advise you on the language to use. It is commonly worded as below:

I give, devise, or bequeath to the LifeScape Foundation, a South Dakota corporation, for its real purposes, all (or a fraction) of the rest, residue, or remainder of my estate whether real or personal. For more information on how you can help those supported by LifeScape—even beyond your lifetime—please call the Foundation office at (605) 444-9800.

Occupational therapist Megan Aesoph helps 5-year-old Beckett Hanks put on shoes at his weekly therapy session at LifeScape AbleKids in Sioux City.

Your gift helps change lives. Here’s what your gift can buy for the kids and adults supported by LifeScape:

Big Dreams

❏ Indoor Playset ❏ Touch Screen Game System ❏ Ultra Sound Machine ❏ Center for The Arts


❏ Accessible Home Modifications ❏ Healthy Activities Program ❏ Therapy Exercise Equipment


❏ Protective Head Gear ❏ Medical Bills Assistance ❏ Aquatics Scholarships ❏ iPad ❏ Scooter Board Ramp


❏ Hearing Assistive Device ❏ Rental Assistance ❏ Horsepower Fees ❏ Cajun Drum for Music Classroom ❏ Camp Bravo Theatre Camp Scholarships


❏ 3-Person Gazebo Swing ❏ Communication Device ❏ Furniture Needs ❏ Portable Gait Analysis


❏ Tablet ❏ Baby Gates & Playpens ❏ Utilities Assistance ❏ Electrodes for Vital Stim therapy ❏ Assistance with Out-of-Town Trips


❏ Bedding ❏ Treatment Tables ❏ Small Appliance ❏ Specialized Footwear ❏ Food Assistance for 1 Month


❏ Wellness Center Membership ❏ Zoo or Wild Water West Passes ❏ Gift cards (HyVee, Target, etc.) ❏ Paratransit Tickets ❏ Camp Fees


❏ Therapy Toys ❏ Taxi Cards/Bus Passes ❏ Restaurant Gift Cards ❏ Educational Games

If you wish to donate for one of the above needs, please circle the dollar amount and check the need you’re interested in funding. Clip this form and include in the attached envelope with your gift.

Thank you!

For your generous support

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The Journey - Spring 2018  
The Journey - Spring 2018