Sussex Business Times - Issue 403 2016

Page 33

Get CareerAhead

The University of Sussex has become the first university to take on a brand new scheme to help international students develop the best employability skills possible Employability is key in the eyes of a student; for their future, for Education their continued success and for all that hard work to be worth it. They need to come out of education feeling like they have the right skills to get the job they want, or at least the means by which to develop those skills. A recent survey showed that 97% of students recognise the importance of developing employability skills, so once they’re out of the system, they quite rightly expect to put their developed skills to good use; 79% of students expect to be in a graduate-level job within six months after graduating. So how do they go about developing those skills? Most often, they gain employability skills through going out and getting work experience or undergoing an internship. Over 90% of students describe gaining an internship or work experience during their studies as either ‘essential’ or ‘somewhat important’ in

called CareerAhead, which is the helping secure a job in their preferred first programme of its kind, focusing sector. on improving international students’ Equally, as the job market gets more employability skills, aiding the fact that and more competitive, the education more and more students across the sector has to up its game; to keep up globe are looking with the market and outside their home to battle against country for quality others in the fight “A recent survey education that to win students. At showed that 97% of will give them an this point in time, students recognise the advantage over students come importance of developing others in their to the UK in their employability skills, chosen career thousands to get so once they’re out of path. a good education, CareerAhead is and post-education the system, they quite a service designed employability must rightly expect to put their to do just that reflect that. developed skills to good to give students Study Group, use” a head start in a Brighton this competitive based global graduate leader in Higher employment market by helping them Education for international students become confident, highly skilled and works closely with universities and extremely employable graduates. With education partners around the world more and more universities and schools to create and market innovative study looking to attract international talent, pathways for students. They recently such a service that stands out from launched a new employability scheme 33