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Greetings Life Alumni and Friends! At LIFE, we are constantly striving to thrive and meet the high goals that we set for our community. Right now is a time of excitement to see all of the things that we are doing at the University to push the profession of Chiropractic to the masses and create change. In 2006, the LIFE Board of Trustees and Administration created a plan for Life University, for they envisioned a dynamic, worldclass institution for the year 2020. Appropriately, the plan was called the “2020 Vision” and included multiple phases, each with specific goals that were aimed to help the University become the pre-eminent vitalistic healthcare institution in the world. Now in 2014, eight years after the vision was set, we have seen every project come to fruition from the early phases and are in the process of reaching even more of our goals. Along with these goals comes a commitment from not only those of us on campus—from the staff to the faculty to the students—but also from those who have once called LIFE home. As alumni of the largest chiropractic college in the world, it is up to you to help current and future generations of chiropractors and healthcare reformers continue to spread principled Chiropractic around the globe through your time and giving. Our cover story for the Spring 2014 issue of YEL features alumna Dr. Amie Bend (‘96) and her husband Mr. Rich Giuli, who are setting an example of giving in order for a huge project to be completed on the campus this year to recognize past and current families dedicated to Chiropractic. This groundbreaking project, called “Generations,” will be one more prominent feature on LIFE’s campus that honors the past while promoting the future. Check out this feature on page 4 of this issue to get all of the details on how



“We are very fortunate to have so many of the most qualified, successful chiropractors in the world as leaders and friends of the University so our students can learn from the best.”

you can be involved and support the project. I’m also excited to reveal the details on a groundbreaking international venture that LIFE has advanced with the country of Costa Rica that will bring far more opportunities for the spread and growth of Chiropractic within and beyond the heart of Central America. Check out the story on page 10 for more information about these innovative agreements that LIFE and the Costa Rican leadership have struck. Of course, at the heart of everything we do at LIFE is our world class, leading-edge curriculum. On page 8 of this issue, you will get an inside look at one more reason why LIFE is so awesome and is leading the way in Chiropractic—our unmatched practice management, business curriculum and of course, philosophy in every class concept. We are very fortunate to have so many of the most qualified, successful chiropractors in the world as leaders and friends of the University so our students can learn from the best. There is no purpose in doing things just for the sake of doing them, so at LIFE, everything we do is with the purpose to maximize the limitless human experience by bringing Chiropractic and Vitalism to the mainstream. We hope you will be inspired by our efforts both here and abroad and use the resources available to you to join the movement to see LIFE’s vision come to fruition. Yours in Chiropractic,

Guy F. Riekeman, D.C. President


2014 Your Extraordinary LIFE The Alumni Magazine of Life University

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Life University 4 “Generations”at Project under way to help LIFE recognize legacies of chiropractors and graduates.

Business Breakdown 8 LIFE’s Why Life University leads the way in practice management for chiropractic education.

Era in Costa Rica 10 ALifeNew University’s agreements with Costa Rica to bring chiropractic care and education to Central America

This is a rendering of what the Generations wall at Life University will look like when it is completed this fall (page 4).

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on the road

Updates at By Kelsey Donaldson and Mary Ellen Leffard

Grants to Green Awarded to LIFE Next time you visit the gymnasium at the Sport Health Science (SHS) building, look up. Life University recently received a $50,000 grant from the Community Foundation of Greater Atlanta to complete lighting retrofits and HVAC upgrades in this building. The Grants to Green project provides funding for non-profits to incorporate energy, water and environmentallyefficient improvements to create healthier work places. “This is the second Grants to Green award we have received, and I couldn’t be happier,” says LIFE’s Sustainability Coordinator Shannan George. “As enrollment increases, the cost to maintain and upgrade facilities also increases.” These funds will be also used to improve the energy efficiency and building comfort in the SHS building without sacrificing operational needs.” This building is one of the most widely used buildings on campus, and the positive impacts from this award will influence not only the LIFE community but also visiting sports teams, community partners and partners in higher education.

Annual Octagon Conference Yields New Goals for Chiropractic’s Future Last October, Life University hosted the fifth annual Octagon Conference on campus. The Octagon is a think tank dedicated to creating world-changing dialogue on health care and the human endeavor. Attendees came from nine states and two countries and represented industries such as Chiropractic, nursing, naturopathy, education, policy development and futures planning. The Conference explored a report from the Institute for Alternative Futures (IAF) entitled “Chiropractic 2025: Divergent Futures.” The report lists four likely scenarios for what the chiropractic profession will look like in 2025. The most optimistic scenario focused on “Vitalism and Value.” Initial recommendations of the conference will be presented to LIFE President Dr. Guy Riekeman and the Board of Trustees for advice and counsel on implementation of the outcomes.

Netbook 7” Tablet Giveaway The Alumni Relations Department has recently launched a tablet giveaway contest. If we reach 1,000 “likes” on our Facebook fan page by May 31, we will give away a Netbook 7” tablet to one lucky winner - drawn from all of those who have liked our page. Visit LIFEAlumniandFriends to participate in the contest and invite your friends.



The Executive Office and Advancement Division at LIFE are on the road year round, hosting several events to connect and engage with our vibrant alumni and friends all over the country. With alumni and friends practicing in all 50 states and territories, we are never too far away. We are especially grateful to those who have attended an alumni and friends event and stopped by the booth to see us. Here’s where we’ve been (SeptemberDecember 2013): OHIO Fall travel began with a bang. Greg Harris, vice president for university advancement, headed north to Columbus to attend the Ohio State Chiropractic Association’s (OSCA) Annual Convention. LIFE sponsored the Saturday evening Gala, where Harris spoke about a new initiative, “Buckeyes for LIFE.” There was a lot of excitement for the new partnership, and five additional doctors signed up for a total of 35 participants. MICHIGAN Director of Advancement Services Lauren Nielsen represented LIFE at the annual Michigan Association of Chiropractors (MAC) fall convention. It was a highly engaged and excited group at an earlymorning, LIFE-sponsored breakfast. Rob Scott, vice president for academic affairs, discussed more than 12 ways alumni and friends can connect back to LIFE. VIRGINIA Vice President for Enrollment and Marketing Dr. Cynthia Boyd represented LIFE at the Annual Unified Virginia Chiropractic Association (UVCA) fall

updates at life

convention in October. During the convention, Boyd announced a new partnership between LIFE and UVCA “Unified with LIFE.” Led by Dr. Sandy Elbaum (’90), the partnership will aim to bring young chiropractors to Virginia over the next decade. WASHINGTON Alumni Relations Coordinator Kelsey Donaldson ventured across country to Seattle for the Washington State Chiropractic Association Annual Convention. It had been many years since the LIFE team had been back, and we enjoyed meeting so many new faces, including Drs. John Jarolimek (’84), Rita Hughes (’86), Kenneth Frederick (’00) and Philip Kogler (’10). NEW YORK It was standing room only at the LIFEsponsored reception during a joint seminar held by New York Chiropractic Council (NYCC) and Parker Seminars. Many familiar faces were present, including NYCC’s President Dr. Robert Browne Jr. (’99). Mary Ellen Leffard, LIFE’s alumni relations manager, had many successful visits with alumni and friends in the neighboring state of New Jersey. She recruited Dr. David Fischer (’01) as a New Jersey State Rep and both Drs. Tom Sidoti (’84) and Michael Fox (’84) to serve as Class of 1984 reunion co-chairs. She also had lunch with Drs. David Moore and his partner Meryl Foster (’85), who will be serving as a Class of 1985 reunion co-chair in 2015.

GEORGIA The Georgia Chiropractic Association’s (GCA) 101st Annual Fall Conference & Tradeshow was all about building connections. Fittingly, over 50 alumni and friends came together to build connections during a LIFE-sponsored luncheon. Discussion was led by Dr. Ralph Davis, LIFE’s dean of the College of Chiropractic. Additionally, three of LIFE’s alumni assumed their new positions on the GCA Board of Directors – Drs. Edward Cordovado (’92), Edwin Davis Jr. (’93) and Matthew Ryan (’92). NEW JERSEY The LIFE team also attended a themed Halloween New Beginnings (NB) of Chiropractic Seminars Weekend in Long Beach. LIFE had a huge presence at this event, and not only did we host a Student Recruitment Event, but we also

sponsored the main lunch where Drs. Chuck Ribley and Jay Handt recruited six new President Circle members. One week later we headed back to New Jersey for the Association of New Jersey Chiropractors Annual (ANJC) Convention. Dr. Guy Riekeman was a featured speaker at both of these conventions and shared his new vision for the profession, “AmpLIFEied.” The LIFEsponsored luncheon and conclusion to the weekend was standing room only.


Alumni Relations Manager Mary Ellen Leffard met with several alumni, including ANJC Board Member Dr. Mark Magos (’84), Big Enchilada Winner Dr. Stephen Simonetti (’83), rugby alumnus Dr. Carmen Campisi (’84), and Tick Tock owner Dr. Susan Eisen (’84). ARIZONA Our very first LIFE state rep, Dr. Chris Colloca (’95), hosted an alumni and friends after-hours at his office in Phoenix. All in the surrounding area were invited for an evening of networking and camaraderie. For those who missed out, Colloca will be hosting the event on a quarterly basis, with the next one taking place in July. CANADA “Ecosystem of a Breakthrough” marked the theme for the 2013 Warrior Coaching Leadership Summit in Toronto, Canada. Greg Harris, vice president for university advancement, addressed attendees about how LIFE is advancing the profession and field. Additionally, the two-day summit featured all-star speakers Drs. Dan Murphy, Ed Quirk and Yuri Chewpa. FLORIDA Our Fall 2013 travel concluded with an alumni and friends after-hours in the Florida community of The Villages. Greg Harris and Lauren Nielsen, LIFE’s director of advancement services, spent quality one-on-one time with Dr. Reny Edelson (’86), who had recently signed on to be a LIFEforce 1000 doctor. The Advancement Division is eager to continue these afterhours moving forward in 2014.

Dr. Tom Sidoti




By Lindsay Field

Recognizing the past, present and future of Life University’s alumni and colleagues continues to be one of the school’s most important ways to honor its community. In doing so, LIFE has decided to build a “living” marker to recognize LIFE families, as well as chiropractors, that have dedicated their lives to the profession and the University. The Generations wall project will serve as a beacon to inspire other families to come to LIFE.

Dan Yachter, D.C.



G e n e r a t i o n s a t lif e u n i v e r s i t y

The wall, which will stretch about 90 feet in length and be located along the campus’ main walkway in front of the Learning Resource Center, will help LIFE welcome future students, campus visitors and dignitaries, while at the same time recognizing the importance of passing on the practice of Chiropractic and the significance of a LIFE education. “As LIFE is the thought leader for the chiropractic profession, it only makes sense for us to be the campus that has a recognition structure for the legacies of chiropractic families with LIFE connections,” says Greg Harris, LIFE’s vice president for university advancement. “It’s also just as important to be able to recognize families who believe in a LIFE education by having more than one graduate from the institution.” Harris says the project idea, which is quite unique to a university campus, came from a conversation he had in 2011 with University President Dr. Guy Riekeman. They anticipate unveiling the final project the first week of October during Fall CE. “There’s almost no place that recognizes chiropractic lineage. Where you find one chiropractor in a family, you usually find several,” Harris says. “At the same time, we also want to recognize families with multiple LIFE graduates who may or may not be chiropractors.” The $250,000 construction project, which is largely funded with the help of 1996 LIFE graduate Amie Bend, D.C., and her husband Rich Giuli, will feature interconnecting glass panels rising up from a bed of river rock. A continuous cascade of water will flow down the glass panels and into the rock pools. In front of the water will be suspended bronze nameplates that will be engraved with the family’s last name and the first chiropractor in that family. Below the first nameplate will be a second that will list other chiropractors


The Generations wall project (left) will stretch about 90 feet in length and be located along the campus’ main walkway in front of the Learning Resource Center (right). and LIFE graduates in the family. Future chiropractors and LIFE graduates can be added at anytime. The funds generated by the plates will support the campaign to build the William M. Harris Center for Clinical Education. Harris said they have raised a little over $5.6 million for the $7 million project to date and he anticipates LIFE raising an extra $600,000 or more toward the $1.4 million balance.

Donors make project possible This Generations project is made possible largely due to the support of a handful of LIFE alumni and donors who have made gift commitments to cover the cost of the wall. Dr. Bend, a third-generation chiropractor, and her husband Rich Giuli are the lead contributors. “Any project that you raise money for needs a lead donor, and we are blessed to have Amie and Rich step up and do that,” Harris says about the support LIFE has received from Amie and Rich. “They are young leaders that will serve as a good example for others to follow.” Amie says her family chose to be a part of Generations because it is a “great” way to celebrate the legacy of chiropractic families and LIFE graduates.

“This is so important to our family and for the profession,” Amie says. “It’s a good idea to celebrate generations in a family.” Amie says she and Rich also wanted to leave something behind that will forever stand as a symbol of the University’s lineage throughout the nation and world, while at the same time honoring the nostalgia of the field and what LIFE is doing for its students and those that came before. “People may not remember the adjustments I made, but they will remember this little symbol,” she adds. “Generations are what keep the philosophies alive. I’m so glad my family can be a part of this project, and I encourage other families to participate.” Amie, who is originally from Michigan where her father Richard Bend is also a chiropractor, is one of four children in the Bend family that have graduated from LIFE. “Time was great on campus,” Amie says when asked about her experience at the university in the mid-1990s. “LIFE was bustling with students, philosophy sessions were plentiful and well attended, there were parties weekly at the Tree House (now the Ian Grassam House), and everyone supported each other at the ‘wailing wall’ where you learned what grades you earned.” Dave Yachter, D.C.




G e n e r a t i o n s a t lif e u n i v e r s i t y

“Generations are what keep the philosophies alive. I’m so glad my family can be a part of this project, and I encourage other families to participate.” — Dr. Amie Bend

Amie’s parents, Richard and Barbara Bend, did not attend LIFE but they too have been heavily involved in the University’s growth and are contributors to the Generations project. Amie says they were associated with LIFE during its early years. Her mother was a member of Ladies for LIFE and a volunteer with Run for LIFE, and during the University’s Dynamic Essentials meetings that Richard Bend attended, Barbara Bend helped with the children’s program. Her father, with the help of many current and former LIFE professors and supporters, also helped recruit students to the University, and, Amie says he would attend classes to talk with students about the profession.

Dr. Amie Bend (’96) and Rich Giuli



“Both of my parents were very hands-on with the University’s growth,” Amie says. Family members practicing Chiropractic in Amie’s family date back before her father, though. In researching her family’s chiropractic history, Amie learned that 13 people practiced Chiropractic dating back to the 1920s. It’s said that her grandfather was a blind chiropractor and another family member once owned and operated the first chiropractic magazine, The Chiropractic Home. Like the generations before her, Amie says she knew at a young age that she wanted to be a chiropractor. “My father showed by example the chiropractic lifestyle, and I just never considered any other field,” she says. Today, Amie lives in California with her husband and their two children and owns and operates Bend Chiropractic Inc., which she opened in 1998 in Arroyo Grande, Calif. Her husband is not a chiropractor but like his wife respects and understands the need to recognize lineage like what will be depicted in the Generations wall. “Generational knowledge makes a huge difference in the up front experience, morals and values, knowledge and historic and philosophical understanding,” Rich says. “And it is even more important for Chiropractic because it’s about a philosophical approach to health.” Rich is a second-generation software engineer who attended California Polytechnic State University and has been programming computers since he was 14 years old. He previously worked at Stanford Research Institute – now SRI International – before joining Appleowned Siri Inc., where he is a software development engineer.


G e n e r a t i o n s a t lif e u n i v e r s i t y

How to make a donation To honor your family and be a part of this project, complete the plate form on this page and send to LIFE along with your payment to: Life University Office of University Advancement 1269 Barclay Circle Marietta, GA 30060

The inital family nameplate is $2,500. Additional names may be added at $500/ name on a second plate. These names would be added to a second or more nameplate and placed below the first nameplate.

Eligible families for the project must a) have mulitple family members who are LIFE graduates, b) have at least one family chiropractor that is a LIFE graduate or c) be a chiropractic family that has had some connection to LIFE or been influentional to Chiropractic. l

For more information, email or visit




LIFE’s Business Breakdown Why LIFE leads the way in practice management for chiropractic education By Will Brooks

At Life University, the science, technique and philosophy of Chiropractic are three of the most important and foundational elements of becoming a principled chiropractor that can impact the world. However, just having those key elements in the chiropractic education at LIFE are not enough to give everyone the chance at success with their degree, and that’s why LIFE understands the tremendous importance of including practice management and business courses in its curriculum.

Drs. Ralph Davis and Janice Hughes



life’s business breakdown

In fact, LIFE provides more hours of practice management and business courses than any other Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) program in the world. Not only are these courses offered, but they are required as a part of the DC curriculum, and according to Dr. Ralph Davis, dean of LIFE’s College of Chiropractic, each student in the DC program is required to take at least one course in practice management in each of their first 12 quarters. There are three main areas of focus within the practice management curriculum that essentially cover the student’s first three years in the program. In year one, courses are oriented toward individual development concerning professional identity. This allows students to explore the unique paths and careers available to a Doctor of Chiropractic. “Some students may not realize the marketplaces for a DC degree, so it’s good for the students to get an idea early on what path they may want to pursue to help them choose corresponding electives and seminars down the line,” explains Davis. In year two, courses are oriented more toward patient management. Everything from being able to relate to a patient, educate a patient on what your services are and explaining and conducting those services to the patient are covered during the second year. In year three, courses are geared toward the more granular aspects of business, such as business ethics, employment law, working with insurance companies and writing a business plan to get funding from a bank. “These courses are so significant for the students because it is right before they are about to do their PEAK (Practice, Excellence, Art and Knowledge) internships, these are their last courses

on practice management before going out to the real world,” notes Davis. “Without knowing these essential business strategies, students wouldn’t be prepared to even get started in opening a practice, much less operate a successful one. LIFE’s curriculum provides its students with the tools necessary to both start and run a productive office.” Not only is LIFE’s on-campus curriculum the most extensive, barnone, but its off-campus curriculum and available resources are at the highest level as well. After the first 12 quarters of the DC program, LIFE allows its students the opportunity to participate in its PEAK program, which is designed to allow senior interns to complete their clinic requirements under the direction of an off-campus chiropractor. LIFE has on-campus clinics where students can opt to work, but over 90 percent of DC students go off campus to apply their skills — not only in technique and philosophy of Chiropractic, but also in the three focuses of practice management – that they have acquired in their first 12 quarters to see its affects in the real world. LIFE offers PEAK opportunities in over 27 states in the United States, in addition to more than five countries abroad. Think that all of this is impressive? We haven’t even covered LIFE’s new Capstone seminar program that began just last year. LIFE has partnered with Dr. Janice Hughes, owner of 2Inspire consulting firm, to help LIFE’s students have even more resources available to them for a stronger and more extensive business overview. Her firm provides expertise in business building and growth, scalability and new product development. “We are giving LIFE’s students access to some of the best experts in a multitude


of fields including Chiropractic, success coaches, finance coaches and marketing gurus,” says Hughes on the purpose of the seminars. Along with Drs. Davis and Hughes, the instructors over the first year of the program include: • Dr. Brett Axelrod • Dr. Dean DePice • Dr. Timothy Guest • Dr. Brett Penager • Dr. Tom Preston • Dr. Guy Riekeman • Dr. Brian Ruteki • Dr. David Yachter These one-day, capstone seminars, which are led by Hughes, allow LIFE students in their fourth, eighth and 12th quarters to interact with the expert instructors and not just listen to them lecture. “By making the seminars engaging and interactive, we are educating rather than teaching,” Hughes says. “The students have the opportunity to break out in small groups with their peers and instructors and gain a lot more knowledge that they can apply to their careers than in a typical teaching format. It makes it fun and gives them more oppportunity for instructor feedback.” LIFE’s practice management curriculum and resources reflect the high standards that LIFE has become known for in the chiropractic community. As the largest chiropractic college in the world, LIFE is committed to provide the most comprehensive and practical business training to better ensure the long-term success of its students. “No higher-ed program can ever guarantee graduate success,” notes Davis. “What we can do, however, is give them the tools for success, which I think LIFE is doing better than any other chiropractic program.” l




A New Era in Costa Rica

By Craig Dekshenieks

At some point during your tenure as a student at Life University, you may have heard about our involvement in Costa Rica. You may have even questioned the reasons for spending resources in this small Central American nation. In November, the years of hard work and the commitment of resources culminated in two landmark agreements that will completely alter the healthcare landscape in Costa Rica, and by extension, further establish LIFE as a thought leader in health care globally. The agreements are the result of more than 20 years of relationship cultivation by Life University. A delegation, which included LIFE President Dr. Guy Riekeman, Board of Trustees Chairwoman Dr. Deborah Pogrelis and Trustee and Chairman of the International Committee Dr. Kevin Fogarty were on hand to witness the historic occasion. The first agreement is between LIFE and the Universidad Nacional Costa Rica (UNA), one of the most prestigious colleges in Central America – and it calls for the following collaborations between the colleges:



1. Development of chiropractic education within UNA’s School of Human Movement Science. This degree will be the first Doctor of Chiropractic awarded in Costa Rica. 2. International exchange of research, students and faculty between the colleges. The collaboration allows Costa Rican nationals to come to LIFE to study; Life University students to study at UNA in either a studyabroad scenario or a PEAK (Practice, Excellence, Art and Knowledge) program opportunity; LIFE faculty teaching chiropractic sciences at UNA;

UNA faculty coming to LIFE to enhance their knowledge of chiropractic sciences in order to return to UNA with more expertise; and case studies and baseline research collaborations among the students and faculty at both universities. 3. Establishment of a chiropractic clinic at UNA for their students, staff and the general public to increase awareness and to complement the chiropractic education students will receive in the classroom. It is also possible that the clinic could become an international PEAK opportunity for late-quarter LIFE students seeking this type of hands-on experience. Dr. Zoila Rosa Stewart, a LIFE graduate and former Olympic track star from Costa Rica, will be working with UNA personnel as the process unfolds. The second agreement is between LIFE and the Costa Rican government. The government delegation included representatives from the Costa Rican President’s office, the Minister of Sport, Minister of Sport and Recreation (ICODER) and the Minister of Health. The agreement includes the following:

a n e w e r a i n c o s t a ri c a

“If our profession is to flourish outside of North America, we need to work at the government level in order to establish guidelines ...” —Life University President Dr. Guy Riekeman

1. Chiropractic care will be available to the federation’s athletes and general public. 2. Establishment of a Life University Chiropractic Clinic inside the new, state-of-the-art Costa Rica Olympic stadium and training center. This will also serve as a PEAK clinic that provides care to elite-level athletes such as Olympians and the Costa Rican National Futbol (soccer) team. Stewart will be heading up the operations for this clinic as well. Perhaps the most important aspect of these agreements is that Chiropractic

will officially be recognized at the government level within the Ministry of Health. If one considers the implications of recognition and partnership at that level, the positive impact is immeasurable - having Chiropractic ingrained into the consciousness of generation upon generation of citizens. This is something chiropractors have fought for in the United States for more than 100 years, and now we have it in the “gateway to Central and South America.” Dr. John Downes, Director of International Initiatives for Life University, says of the agreements,


“This is one example of Dr. Riekeman’s vision to create a sustainable network of partnerships for health care and chiropractic education around the world.” With similar initiatives underway in more than 40 countries, LIFE is committed to establishing worldwide access to chiropractic care and education for anyone who wants it. That is, in fact, the mission of LIFEforce 1000. “If our profession is to flourish outside of North America, we need to work at the government level in order to establish guidelines for things like scope of care, educational requirements and accreditation, as well as licensing for doctors,” says Riekeman. Those things require a commitment of time, resources and leadership to accomplish. Patience is also paramount since governments can change every few years. What makes Costa Rica so significant as a starting point is its high education and literacy rate – the highest in Central and South America. Costa Rica is often times referred to as the educational capital of Central America and is a leader in the region for modernization and progress. As your alma mater looks toward future international opportunities, it will remain true to its mission of graduating highly-skilled and highlyprincipled practitioners, dedicated to the detection and correction of the vertebral subluxation complex. However, the grander vision is to promote vitalism and affect healthcare policy at a global level. This will not only help the profession but also raise Life University’s profile. Costa Rica is just the first of what will likely be many more to come. l




Upcoming Events For more information or to register, please visit or contact the Department of Alumni Relations at or 800-543-3203.


1-4 Alumni & Friends Visit Chapel Hill, N.C.



Real World: DCs At the office of Dr. Dale Callaway (’11)

Student & Alumni Cookout LIFE Campus





LIFE Presentation Unified Virginia of Chiropractic Association

Alumni & Friends Lunch Michigan Association of Chiropractors

Real World: DCs At the office of Dr. Sharon Gorman (’84)



Alumni & Friends After Hours Philadelphia, Pa.

Collegiate Rugby Championship Philadelphia, Pa.

We need help planning our Philadelphia and Long Island Alumni & Friends After-Hours Events. Please email for more information.




Alumni & Friends Reception South Carolina Chiropractic Association

Alumni & Friends Breakfast Alabama State Chiropracic Association

Long Island Alumni & Friends After Hours Long Island, N.Y.




Alumni and Friends Update

Keep in Touch with

Dr. Randall Hammett (’79), who is celebrating his 35th reunion this fall, has published his 18th book on Amazon Kindle, “Anxiety, the Curse of the Modern World.” In addition to being an established author, Hammett maintains a practice in Kenosha, Wis. He currently has four more books in the pipeline. Dr. Miguel Cruz (’81) was recently appointed by the governor of North Carolina to the Board of Chiropractic Examiners to represent Yancey County. Cruz owns and operates Cruz Chiropractic in Burnsville, N.C., with his wife Dr. Leisa Cruz.



diplomate status in behavioral medicine. Over the course of his career, he has published 20 professional papers and lectures. His works can be viewed at

Corner.” Currently in his 29th year of practice, Rajeckas still loves adjusting his patients, recording and producing. He maintains a private practice in Lake Hopatcong, N.J.

Dr. Andy Rajeckas (’83) released his music CD, “Peacework,” and had the privilege of performing one of the songs from the record at the United Nations in 2008. He has had numerous appearances on cable television and radio and writes a monthly column on Chiropractic entitled, “Chiropractic

Dr. Kim Stetzel (’84) was recently appointed to the Board of Trustees of Sherman College. As a founder and active member of the League of Chiropractic Women, Stetzel is very active within the profession as a regular speaker at chiropractic seminars and gatherings across the country.

Congratulations to Drs. Julie Mayer Hunt (’81) of Crystal Beach, Fla., Danita Heagy (’82) of St. Augustine, Fla., and Chris Fox (’97) of West Palm Beach, Fla., for their appointments to the Florida Board of Chiropractic Medicine by Florida Gov. Rick Scott. Dr. Vincent Perri (’81) recently published a textbook, “Advancing the Conjugate Gaze: Advanced Concepts in Reflex MindBody Therapy.” Perri maintains a fulltime practice in Waterbury, Conn., and is certified in clinical psychotherapy. He has also recently been granted full

Drs. Richard Cobb (’82), Al Latronica (’85), Steve Elliott (’86), Tim Trax (’87), J. Zimmerman (’87), Stu Katzen (’97) and Jason Weeks (’98) returned to PPL Park in Philadelphia, Pa., on Nov. 9, 2013, to cheer on The USA Eagles v Maori All Blacks rugby match. Three of LIFE’s own students, Cam Dolan, Phiel Tiel and Joe Cowley, play for the USA Team.




Alumni and Friends Update

We’d like to send our condolences to the family of Dr. Barry Vitow (’84) who passed away suddenly on Oct. 5, 2013. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Vitow family. Dr. Ed Frisbee (’85) is enthusiastic about teaching his community the tremendous value of eating nutritious but still delicious foods through Café Organic in Fort Walton Beach, Fla. The café, which opened in May 2011, is part of Frisbee’s Center for Healthy Living. The center is an integrated health care facility offering chiropractic, postural correction, nutritional counseling, exercise prescription, yoga, meditation, acupuncture and massage therapy. It is also the proud home of the Emerald Coast Non-Profit Organic Food Co-op. Frisbee believes that the culmination of all ventures is the key for a healthier, happier lifestyle. For more information about the center, visit cafeorganic. net Dr. Tim Kelly (’85) was recently featured in Simply Buckhead magazine’s August/September issue. The article, “No ordinary chiropractor,” describes one patient’s first visit with the applied kinesiology doctor. In addition to his article, Kelly recently partnered with author and psychotherapist Dr. Jane Page to present a seminar called “Eat Right for Your Mind, Body & Heart” on Sept. 23, 2013. Kelly maintains his private practice in Buckhead, Ga.



Dr. Thomas Wetzen (’89) was re-elected in October for a second two-year term as President of the Unified Virginia Chiropractic Association. He was elected President in 2011 in the first open election after the unification of the two state associations. Tom is also the VicePresident of the East Coast Associations Independent Providers Network, which was formed along with the Maryland Chiropractic Association and runs two busy practices in Northern Virginia. Dr. Danny Gambino (’89) was recently presented the Doctor of the Year Award for the San Diego District of the California Chiropractic Association (CCA). The San Diego District has won District of the Year two years in a row. This is a follow up to the October 2013 presentation Doctor of the Quarter for all of CCA. Gambino is presently the Chairman of the Membership Department in the CCA, vice president of the San Diego District and founder and host of the San Diego Area Pechora Club.

Dr. Tony Rump (’90) recently gave three presentations during a Career Day in Ohio. He hopes they are inspired to check out Chiropractic as a profession.

Lisa Engle, a 25-year CA for Philip Hurd (’91), has launched a health coaching company to support mothers. Her company, OptiMOM Coaching, is designed to increase a mother’s commitment to her own health and well-being as well as her family’s health. Dr. Jill Goldberg (’93) recently opened Seattle Family Chiropractic – – in Seattle after selling Milford Family Chiropractic in Milford, Wash., and then Central Park Family Chiropractic in New York City. Drs. Kenneth Eagle (’95) and Russell Lamboy (’00) have been awarded board certification in Clinical Neurofeedback by the Biofeedback Certification Eagle International Alliance (BCIA) in recognition of their compliance with strict didactic education and clinical training requirements set forth Lamboy by the alliance. Both doctors are authorized BrainCore practitioners who specialize in neurofeedback training of abnormal brain-wave patterns that trigger a wide range of neurological disorders including ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, anxiety, depression, pain, insomnia and memory issues.

Alumni and Friends Update

Dawn Cadwallader (’96) recently competed in the 2013 Midwest Natural Bodybuilding, Fit Body & Figure Championships held in Madison, Wis. She placed second in the Masters Class (over 40 group) and fourth in the Open Medium Height Class. This was her third figure competition.

We’d like to send our condolences to the family of Dr. David Craig (’97) who unexpectedly passed away in December. “Dr. Craig was a tremendously positive spirit and powerful representation of the great things that a chiropractor and person can do for their community and our profession,” Dr. David Klayman (’97) reflected. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Craig family.

Congratulations to Dr. Jennifer Jaffe-Finn (’96) of Clarks Summit, Pa., who was randomly drawn to win an iPad mini for participating in the annual alumni survey issued each fall.

Dr. Stu Katzen (’97) competed in the Masters Madness CrossFit competition in Philadelphia on Dec. 14, 2013. He finished in the top 10 competitors while sporting his LIFE U jersey.

We’d like to send our condolences to the family of Life University Trustee Dr. Eddy Diaz (’96) in the passing of his father, Eddy Diaz Yanes. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Diaz family. Dr. Marc Taczanowski (’96) was on tour with the U.S. Boblsled and Skeleton Foundation as the only chiropractor on staff. He traveled to Sochi, Russia, with the team for the Olympic Games. “ I can certainly help spur interest in Sports Chiropractic at Life University,” says Taczanowski. “It is a honor to be selected to such a position, and I feel it would motivate some students to pursue a similar path.”

Dr. Keith Crowe (’98) celebrated his 16th anniversary of Crowe Chiropractic on Dec. 20, 2013. Crowe has continued the long-standing tradition established by Dr. Hugh Crowe. Crowe Chiropractic originally opened its doors in College Park, Ga., but has been located in Stockbridge, Ga., the last 13 years. We’d like to send our condolences to the family of Dr. Keisha Kirkland (’00) who recently passed away after a long battle with lung cancer. Most recently, Kirkland was working as a beloved weathercaster for News 4 in Greenville County, S.C. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Kirkland family.


Dr. Bibhu R. Misra (’01) was named “2013 Chiropractor of the Year” by the Virginia Chiropractic Association (VCA) at its fall convention in Richmond, Va. Recognized as one of Loudoun’s Best Chiropractors, Misra is one of only a handful of chiropractors in Virginia who is certified as a Rehabilitation Specialist by the American Chiropractic Rehabilitation Board. A widely published researcher and practitioner, Misra’s center provides Chiropractic, physical medicine, massage therapy, yoga and Reiki. He maintains a private practice in Ashburn, Va. Drs. Anthony and Nicole Distano (’06) returned to campus on Dec. 6, 2013, to share the LIFE community with their in-laws. The Alumni Relations Department was eager to give the family a tour and highlight how the campus has grown and developed since their departure. Congratulations to Dr. Faye Golden (’09) of Bradenton, Fla., who was randomly selected to win a customized drop table courtesy of Dr. Dennis Ostrowski (’92) of Sunshine Tables.




Alumni and Friends Update

Dr. William Lawton Allen (’10) is the new chiropractor and owner of Mid-South Chiropractic & Therapeutic Massage in Olive Branch, Miss., which is located just south of Memphis, Tenn. He has quickly earned the reputation by patients as “The Best Chiropractor in Desoto County and Shelby County” for his caring abilities to take time to listen to and help everyone he meets. Dr. Shane Vincent (’12) married Leesha Gabhart Aug. 10, 2013. Gabhart worked in the Admissions Office at LIFE and met Vincent while he was a student. After graduation, the two returned to their home state of Kentucky where they opened their own practice in Hartford. Drs. Maria and Caleb Fisher (’13) celebrated their 10-year wedding anniversary on Dec. 27, 2013. Since graduating from LIFE, the pair has headed back to sunny Florida to open Jubilee Chiropractic in Naples. Here’s to wishing both of them many more years of happiness and success.



Dr. Patrick Stephens (’12) opened his clinic, House of Health Chiropractic in Westminster, Colo., in February 2013. The ribbon cutting ceremony included members of the Colorado Chamber of Commerce. In addition to being an adventurer who loves the outdoors, Stephens has a passion for serving his community.

Dr. Keith Bennett, LIFE’s Kentucky State Rep and an active LIFEforce 1000 doctor, spoke to 14 members of a preprofessional club at Kentucky Wesleyan College on Oct. 14, 2013. Many of the club members enjoyed his presentation and were interested in learning more about chiropractic. Welcome aboard to our newest state reps – Drs. Phillip Barnwell (’82), Michael Fortune (’86), Drew Rubin (’89), Daryl Schleifer (’90), Linda Hunter (’91), Lisa and John Morris (’97), Mary Ann Luckett (’98), Martin Hahn (’00), David Fischer (’01), J. Michael Bennett (’04), Jeffrey Russell (’05), Zeudiann Coleman (’06),

Theresa Harris (’07), Bryant Mays (’11), Sarah Prater-Manor (’11) and Addison Nelson (’12). As state reps, they will serve as a liaison between their state alumni and friends and Life University. We are building a tribe across the country. To join this initiative, email

Don’t be shy! We’d like to include your personal and professional news and photos in upcoming editions of Class Notes. Send your information to

Alumni and Friends Update


Puerto Rican Chiropractor Sailing Group As chiropractors, we have studied, understood and lived day to day the concepts of “Universal Forces” and “Universal Intelligence” and how they manifest and co-exist in our bodies and those of the patients we care for. Few experiences in life allow us to come in such direct contact with universal forces and intelligence as does the sport of yacht racing. In 2013, a group of chiropractors in Puerto Rico and their spouses – mostly LIFE graduates – integrated the sailing team, “Grupo Vela Q.” Chiropractor in Spanish is, “Quiropractico,” thus the “Q” in the name stands for “Chiropractor Sailing Group.” The idea of the team came as a way to get a group of chiropractors together to enjoy the sport but equally as important, fulfill a higher mission – to represent the profession through the sport in all the local and Caribbean-wide yachting events. Puerto Rico and its neighboring islands offer some of the best, if not the best, yachting playgrounds in the World, which adds to the opportunity to sail and race year-round. Due to this, the yacht racing community in the island is highly competitive and well respected throughout the Caribbean and mainland U.S. The team members clearly understand the value of coaching, both in practice and most predominantly in the case of competitive sports, so they have hired Capt. Mariano Richiusa as race instructor and coach. All team

members are highly committed to the team and consistently practice and train under the guidance of Richiusa. In 2013, Grupo Vela Q participated in three major events - Heineken Cup, Discover the Caribbean Series and Round Culebra Race – and proudly won first place in all three events in the category of “Jib & Main.” In 2014, the team of chiropractors has a full schedule of races, with the biggest challenge being an international competition, St. Thomas Rolex Regatta. “Truly, just the logistics involved in getting the team ready to

race and to physically make it to St. Thomas for the event is a daunting task,” says team director Carlos Selles, DC (’94). Other team members include Drs. Ricardo Alvarez (’11), Alfredo Diaz (’11), Siro Gutierrez (’99), Hernan Lopez (Parker), Jose Marcano (’13), Federico Osuna (’03), Ishi Rodriguez (’03), Glorimar Serrano (’98) and Melvin Torres (Cleveland) and Michelle Rodriguez (spouse). To keep up with the team, follow Grupo Vela Q on Facebook by “liking” their page at




Scholarship Winners Named for Fiscal Year 2013-2014 In the fall, students are given the opportunity to apply for several scholarships and are individually selected by a scholarship committee that includes representation from all programs at LIFE. We are delighted to report that we received 185 applications and awarded 23 scholarships to 56 students this fiscal year. Thanks to our generous alumni and friends for your investment in our future graduates. We would like to congratulate the following students upon receiving these scholarships, which will be dispensed in varying quarters throughout the school year depending on the criteria of each scholarship. Below is a list of the scholarship funds and the scholarship recipients (17 students wished to remain anonymous): •• Albert Grabovschiner Ph.D, Multi Radiance Medical Functional Rehabilitation Scholarship – Hailey Coonrad •• Dr. Cameron Cassan Memorial Scholarship - Anonymous •• Dr. I.N. and M. Louise Toftness Scholarship – Michael Brown, Kristin Paouncic, Michael Santina •• Dr. James L. Chestnut – Innate Choice Wellness Nutrition Inc. Endowed Scholarship – Lydia Bell •• Dr. Kathryn L. D’Amelio Scholarship – Anonymous •• Dr. Max L. Harris Scholarship – Daniel Continenza, Anonymous •• Dr. Ralph Ungerank Scholarship – Michael Butler •• Dr. Richard S. Lord Scholarship – Anonymous (2) •• Dr. Robert H. Hatch Memorial Scholarship – Brooke Forringer •• Dr. Tom Retherford Memorial Scholarship – Cameron Gentile, Ashley Johnson, Brian Sass, Anonymous



•• Get the Big Idea: Discover Principled Chiropractic – Everett Tucker •• Harvey Lillard Scholarship – Lavoryette Cannon, Samantha March, Brieanna Merriwether, Nikita Nichols-Holmes, Everett Tucker, Anonymous (4) •• International Alumni Association of Life University Scholarship – Tygue Arvidson, Austin Chase, Russell Harris •• Julian Ho Research Scholarship – Katrice Shannon •• Langford Family Scholarship Fund – Anonymous •• Life Chiropractic Scholarship – Danielle Chiu •• Life Memorial Scholarship – Zachary Angerett, Lydia Bell, Brett Cavazos, Latoya Cheeseman, Stephanie Davidson, Aaron Javadi, Joel Koeppen, Sievee Pinkney, Anonymous •• Life University International Scholarship – Carolina Bulla, Thuridur Gudmundsdottir, Julia Inneo, Mackenzie Korthuis, Takura Tela, Nnaemeka Ugwu, Anonymous (3) •• Michigan Chiropractic Foundation Scholarship - Anonymous •• Psychology Scholarship - Anonymous •• Red Hat Scholarship – Esther Widjaja •• Sid Williams Ribley Scholarship – Andrea Diaz Rivera •• UG/GR Merit Scholarship – Emily Godsey If you are interested in establishing or contributing to a scholarship at Life University, please contact Erin Dancer, Director of Development, at (770) 426-2974 or

L a s t i n g P u r p o s e : DONO R S a n d s p o n s o r s


List of Donors and Sponsors LIFE extends its heartfelt appreciation to these individuals, companies and foundations for their donations and/or sponsorships between July 1 and Dec. 31, 2013. ($300 - 499) Drs. Laurie and Louis Briegel Mrs. Daisy Buckner Dr. Winston K. Carhee, Jr. Dr. David Covey Dr. Jason Deitch Dr. Tanya Dejkunchorn Dr. Philip B. Delport Dr. Daniel A. DeReuter Dr. Lydia L. Dever Drs. Eddy L. and Neia Diaz-Valero Dr. Patrick S. Gallagher Mr. Garrett Gunderson Dr. Stuart E. Hoffman Dr. Jonathan R. Holtzman Dr. Leslie M. King Lupo Chiropractic Life Center, PC Dr. Leif A. Martensson Dr. Troy M. May Dr. Katrina S. Mayes Ms. Christine Nadine Dr. Faheem Nasir New Freedom Chiropractic Dr. James H. Oppenheim Dr. William Reddy Dr. Ruth A. Ross Dr. Marc P. Schneider Dr. Frank K. Schwitz Dr. Robert D. Shire Dr. Michael D. Smith Dr. Debrah K. Swanberg-Grossman Watts Chiropractic Center Dr. Randall C. Williams Dr. Kathryn K. Wilson ($500 - 799) APEX Energetics Dr. Adam J. Apfelblat Bluffton Family Chiropractic Dr. Randall Boutwell Dr. Erik J. Brower Dr. Kristen T. Burke Card Connect Chiro Futures Malpractice Program Dr. Austin L. Cohen Dr. Michael Cohen Drs. Anthony and Patricia Colasurdo Dr. Christopher J. Colloca Dr. William S. Cook Dr. Hank Cousineau Drs. John and April Cowan D’Andrea Chiropractic Center Designs For Health Dr. James A. DiBlasi Digital Chiropractor Inc. Dr. Paul L. Donaldson, Jr. Dr. Vince J. Erario

Dr. David P. Eugster Dr. Denise G. Evans Family Chiropractic Center of Wellington Family Chiropractors of Montclair, LLC Dr. Catherine E. Franklin Dr. James Gregg Dr. Tim Gross Drs. Michael and Cara Hall Dr. and Mrs. Jay Handt Dr. Anthony Hardnett Mr. Gregory R. Harris Dr. and Mrs. John A. Hofmann, Sr. Dr. Marc Hudson Dr. Kreg D. Huffer JuicePlus Dr. Stuart E. Katzen Dr. Christopher B. Kent Dr. William G. Kessel Mrs. Kim Klapp Dr. Thomas M. Klapp The Landi Wellness Center, LLC Dr. Kevin L. Lenahan Dr. Douglas Leon Dr. James A. Louro Dr. Jeffrey J. Lupo Dr. and Mrs. Lorenzo E. Marchese, Jr. Dr. Eric T. Markson Dr. David Mayer Dr. Paul D. McCartney Dr. Matthew McCoy Merry X-Ray Metcalfe Street Chiropractic and Wellness Center Dr. Fred A. Miller Dr. Tom and Mrs. Mary Ann Morgan Dr. Michael Nathanson Drs. Ronald and Mary Oberstein Drs. Tom and Jeanne Ohm Dr. T. Shane Palmer Dr. Christina Panella Mr. Jesse Panuccio Dr. Palmer M. Peet Dr. Meg Pickering Dr. Deborah A. Pogrelis Power On Chiropractic, Inc. Ms. Karen Preston Dr. Denise A. Rassel Drs. Daniel and Kristin Ribley Dr. Bradbury N. Robinson Dr. Corey B. Rodnick Drs. Drew and Lisa Rubin Drs. Patrick and Geraldine Ryan Dr. Bruce L. Salzinger Dr. Steven Schram Dr. Rob M. Scott Dr. Ronald C. Sinagra Dr. Gary Sullenger Dr. William J. Voyce Drs. Claire and Stephen Welsh Dr. James M. Whillans Dr. Daniel S. Yachter Dr. John F. Zimmerman, Jr. ($800 - 1,199) Abundant Life Family Chiropractic Active Body Chiroractic Back Talk Systems, Inc. Dr. Lindsay A. Bourque Capital X-Ray, Inc. Care Medical Billing, Inc. CBP Seminars Chiro Touch Chiro Write ChiroMatrix Chiropratique Du Pont Alonzo Dr. Craig Cocek Crossfields Dr. and Mrs. Ralph D. Davis Document Plus Technologies Dr. Julie Donoso Dr. John W. Downes Eclipse Practice Management Software Elmsdale Community Chiropractic Center, Inc. E-Z Bis, Inc. Foot Levelers, Inc. Future Health Software Drs. Daniel and Kimberly Gambino GJTA Enterprises, Inc. Dr. Sharon R. Gorman and Mr. Ron Gorman Dr. Kelly Graham Dr. Jerry L. Hardee Dr. and Mrs. Bruce J. Harman Dr. Karen Henard Dr. Jerry I. Hochman Mr. and Mrs. Bill Jarr Jeremy Throness Professional Corporation Dr. Diane L. Johnson Dr. Albert Kim Dr. Ronald O. Kirk Dr. and Mrs. David B. Koch Lifelong Health Family Chiropractic Dr. Joel E. Margolies The Masters Circle, Inc. Dr. Trevor Middleton Mr. Trevor S. Miller Mr. Thornton Muir Dr. Sean Murphy NCMIC Group, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Joshua Nikkanen Dr. Brad Norman

Now You Know, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Alan O’Connor Performance Health ProMassagers, LLC Dr. John Rae Richard Wolf Medical Instruments Dr. Diana Salzmann Dr. Marc C. Saulnier Sigma Instruments, Inc. Smithers Family Chiropractic, Inc. Dr. Kevin Snelgrove Dr. Fredric So Dr. Dmitri Sokolov The Joint...the Chiropractic Place Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Timmerman United Chiropractic Center Dr. Dave Vecchio Dr. Alana Way Dr. Tim Wood Dr. David E. Yachter York X-Ray, Inc. Z Technologies, LLC ($1,200 - 1,973) Dr. and Mrs. Richard L. Bend, Sr. Dr. Gerard W. Clum Dr. and Mrs. Robert Crystal Drs. Dean and Jen DePice Dr. Jean-Claude Doornick Dr. Paul Groulx Dr. B. J. Hardick Dr. Judith L. Hatch Dr. Danita T. Heagy Drs. Kevin Jackson and Selina M. Sigafoose-Jackson Dr. Michael T. LaRocca Mr. Daniel Payne Dr. Gary R. Pennebaker Dr. Charles E. Ribley Dr. Guy F. Riekeman Dr. Stephen Simonetti, Jr. Dr. Gary Stewart Dr. Michael L. Ungerank Vitamix Drs. Gary and Susan Walsemann ($1,974 - 4,999) Advanced Comfort Technologies, Inc. Advanced Provider Solutions, LLC Align Life Systems, LLC Almonte Chiropractic Centre Andersen Family Chiropractic, P.C. Beyond Organic BodyPartChart LLC Dr. Louis Pierre Brunel ($1,974 - 4,999) continued Dr. Brian O. Burns Continued on next page.




L a s t i n g P u r p o s e : DONO R S a n d s p o n s o r s

List of Donors and Sponsors Continued Dr. Clarise Chan Chiropractic Leadership Alliance Drs. Norman Colby and Cathy Wendland-Colby Dr. Justin Coop Elevation Health EMSA Fund, Inc. Erchonia Corporation Florida Chiropractic Society Dr. and Mrs. Kevin G. Fogarty Dr. Mark Foullong Healingpoint Chiropractic and Acupuncture Dr. Jeremy A. Hess Impac, Inc. ITG Diet Dr. Tyler Kong Dr. Mark D. Lagerkvist Dr. James W. Langford Dr. Gregory D. Loman Magnaceutical Health Multi Radiance Medical NeuroInfiniti Neuromechanical Innovations Nordic Naturals Patient Media, Inc. Sense Technology Inc. Dr. Andrew T. Scott Scrip Hessco Sorrels Insurance Agency, Inc. The Family Practice, Inc. The Pettibon System Dr. Darryl Thomson Dr. and Mrs. Steven Warfield ($5,000 - 9,999) Dr. Amanda L. Apfelblat Dr. Debra S. Flynn Drs. Jay LaGuardia and Pamela Stucky-LaGuardia Drs. Gilles and Melissa LaMarche Drs. Steven and Cynthia Mickelson Dr. and Mrs. Bradley S. Rauch ($10,000 - 24,999) Allied Professionals Insurance Company Apple Matching Gifts The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta, Inc. Dr. Irene Gold Standard Process, Inc. Dr. Roy W. Sweat ($25,000 - 49,999) Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Lupo ($50,000 - 99,999) Mr. Richard Giuli and Dr. Amie Bend ($250,000 - 499,999) William M. Harris Family Foundation



Faculty and Staff DONORS

Dr. Lydia L. Dever Dr. Paul L. Donaldson, Jr. Dr. Michael P. Abbatinozzi Ms. Kelsey Donaldson Dr. John W. Downes Mrs. Patricia Abbott Mrs. Sue Dudt Ms. Alberta Abercrombie Dr. Kenneth S. Earley Dr. Shahla Abghari Mr. Donald Mark Elam Dr. Salman Afsharpour Dr. Linda E. Elkins Dr. Mark A. Amos Dr. Eva V. Elsangak Ms. Tara L. Atkins Dr. Vince J. Erario Mr. Mario Bailey Dr. Susan Esposito Mrs. Kathy Bannister Ms. Sandy Everage Mr. John P. Barrett Dr. Edgard Figueroa Mrs. Melody Barton Mr. William Firnbach Mrs. Shelly Batcher Dr. Richard Franz Mrs. Vickie Baxter Ms. Kay Freeland Mrs. Jeanette Bhaskar Dr. Steven J. Garber Dr. Debra W. Bisiacchi Dr. Gwendolyn Gardner Ms. Zakiya Blake Ms. Karen Gates Ms. Darlena C. Blalock Dr. Stephen A. Bloomingdale Mrs. Shannan George Ms. Sailaja Goli Dr. Krista Boline Dr. Abigail Gonsalves Ms. Brenda R. Boone Mrs. Latashia D. Graves Dr. Cynthia A. Boyd Dr. Tim Gross Ms. Rachael Boyd Dr. Joseph Guagliardo Dr. Jill G. Bradshaw Dr. Tim D. Guest Ms. Simone Branham Mrs. Phyllis Haines Dr. Morris Braum Dr. Roohieh Hamrang Mr. William Brooks Dr. Lawrence H. Hansen Ms. Winfrey Brown Dr. Jerry L. Hardee Dr. Deloss Brubaker Dr. Bruce J. Harman Dr. Ralph E. Bucci Mr. Aric Harp Mrs. Daisy Buckner Ms. Krystal Harris Mr. Melvin Burton Mr. Gregory R. Harris Dr. Roxanne Caron Dr. Carol Hoban Ms. Edna Clark Dr. Jerry I. Hochman Ms. Malissa K. Clark Dr. Cierra Hoffman Dr. Gerard W. Clum Dr. Ronald S. Hosek Dr. Michael T. Clusserath Dr. Laura L. Huber Dr. Alena Coleman Mrs. Rebekah Janiak Dr. Cherry Collier Mr. Bill Jarr Ms. Patricia Correa Dr. William G. Kessel Mrs. Jennifer Craig Mr. Paul Ketcham Mrs. Magi Cunningham Dr. Leslie M. King Ms. Erin L. Dancer Ms. Charletta A. King Dr. Ralph D. Davis Dr. Ronald O. Kirk Ms. Jaleh Dehpahlavan Dr. David B. Koch Mr. Craig Dekshenieks Mrs. Rebecca Koch Ms. Deidre DeLoach Dr. Kerry A. Kramer Dr. Beverley Demetrius Dr. Christie Kwon Dr. Samuel Demons

Dr. Gilles LaMarche Dr. Jeffrey Lander Mr. LaDerrick Langham Dr. Bernadette J. Lavender Mrs. Mary Ellen Leffard Dr. Alana Levy Ms. Brianna Lightbown Ms. Cynthia J. Lund Ms. Tanisha Macc Dr. Mark R. Maiyer Dr. Doug L. March Dr. John F. Markham Dr. Ronald G. Mayne Dr. Matthew McCoy Mrs. Amy McIlvane Ms. Deborah McKinley Dr. Deidre Meiggs Dr. Daniel L. Michel Dr. Maria Michelin Dr. Steven D. Mirtschink Ms. Valerie Mitchell Dr. David L. Mjoen Dr. Michael Montgomery Mrs. Bridgette Morris Mr. Thornton Muir Ms. Tammye Murray Ms. Christine Nadine Dr. Thomas E. Nicholas Mrs. Bonnie Nicholson Mrs. Lauren M. Nielsen Mr. Brett North Dr. Karen L. Numeroff Dr. Tracy L. Olson Dr. James H. Oppenheim Mrs. Robin Parker Mr. Daniel Payne Dr. Vivek Penumetcha Dr. Mariana J. Perosino Ms. Stella Peterson Ms. Tiffany Peterson Dr. Kerith H. Powell Mr. Raj K. Pradhan Ms. Karen Preston Dr. Michael A. Pryor Dr. Keith G. Rau Dr. Vinnavadi Ravikumar Ms. Kelly A. Reade Dr. Robert J. Rectenwald, Jr. Ms. Shamere Reynolds Dr. Paula C. Rhodes

Dr. Guy F. Riekeman Dr. Florence Rigby Dr. Frances Roberson Dr. Drew Rubin Dr. Lisa Rubin Dr. Frank Ruechel Dr. Jeffrey Rupp Dr. Brent D. Russell Dr. Peggy Samples Dr. Joyce A. Sayers Dr. Jerry R. Schar Dr. Marc P. Schneider Dr. Frank K. Schwitz Dr. Rob M. Scott Dr. Susan Sharkey Dr. Brian M. Sheres Dr. Fredrick J. Sherkel Ms. Ellen G. Siepser Mrs. Nicole Smart Dr. Michael D. Smith Mrs. Virginia Smith Mr. Robert Sterling Dr. Anquonette Stiles Dr. Teri L. Stockwell Dr. Victoria L. Strong Dr. Gary Sullenger Mrs. Camille Sullivan Dr. Stephanie Sullivan Mr. Steve Sullivan Ms. Nancy Sutton Dr. Roy W. Sweat Dr. Beatrice Tapia Ms. Sandra Terry Dr. George Teston, III Ms. Amanda Timberlake Dr. Michael L. Tomasello, Jr. Mr. Adam Townsend Mrs. Jennifer Valtos Dr. Kent D. Vanderslice Ms. Kimberly Wagner Ms. Laura Wallace Mr. Bruce Wampler Mr. Ronald Ware Ms. Melissa Waters Mr. John S. Wheeler Ms. Channon Williams Mrs. Sharie Williams Dr. Peter J. Wilson Ms. Shelia Wood Dr. Winfield S. Zehrung

Lasting PurposE: Dedicated to LIFE


Dedicated to LIFE Life University is dedicated to the idea of ensuring the world has access to vitalistic health care. This encompasses access to both chiropractic and integrated care and to an education rooted in chiropractic and vitalistic philosophy. To that end, we would like to recognize those alumni and friends who have assisted us with our mission by referring a student to LIFE – whether to our world – renowned chiropractic program or any of our vital health and science-based degrees. Dr. Miranda Abbott – L Dr. Michael Adamets Ms. Terry Adams Dr. Frank Altenrath Ms. Sahar Amouzegar-Asli Ms. Amy Anderson Mr. David Anson Dr. Larry Arbeitman Dr. David Armor Dr. John Azzatori – L Mr. Tim Bahan Mr. Marcus Bakkar Mrs. Valarie Bakkar Mr. Jason Bang Mr. Eryc Barnes-Jones Mr. John Barrett Dr. Scott Barron Mr. Colin Bartoe Dr. Thais Bermudez – L Dr. Carol Billingsly Dr. Goar Blanco – L Dr. Sebastian Bonnin – L Dr. Mark Botha Ms. Erin Brick Dr. Laurie Briegel – L Dr. Louis Briegel – L Mr. Derek Bruno Dr. Robert Buis Mr. Javier Cabanas Dr. Dawn Cadwallader – L Dr. Pete Camiolo Dr. Howard Carey – L Joseph Castelli Dr. Rashida Chambers

Referring students to Life University helps advance our objective in three ways: •• Raise awareness of chiropractic and vitalism around the world •• Increases the number (L-R): Ms. Rachael Boyd, A. Cierra Hoffman, Dr. Gilles LaMarche, of vitalistic-oriented and two LIFEforce students. professionals worldwide student enrolling in the summer and •• Makes a difference with Last fall 2013 quarter are listed below. These Purpose: To Give, To Do, To Serve, Out names were provided by students upon of a Sense of Abundance. their application for admission. Alumni and friends who referred a

Dr. James Chapman Dr. Patricia Chelenyak Ms. Lisa Chunn Dr. Dennis Cirone – L Mr. Seth Clement Dr. Norman Colby – L Dr. Cherry Collier Dr. Blaine Crevar Dr. William Crews Dr. Steven Davis – L Mr. Daniel Day Mr. Michael Dean Dr. Beverley Demetrius Dr. Eddy Diaz – L Ms. Jill Driver Dr. Jean-Francois Dubuc Dr. Errol Effatt – L Mr. Jonathan Eldridge Dr. Victor Estevez Mr. Joseph Estrada Dr. Marilyn Everett Dr. Mary Faust Ms. Kayla Feltz Dr. Kevin Fogarty – L Mr. Ben Follas Ms. Adlean Ford Dr. Heather Forry Dr. Robert Forry Mr. Daniel Fowler Dr. Ronald Fulmore Mrs. Leesha Gabhart Dr. Ransom Gaby Diana Galish-Frasier Ms. Elizabeth Geisz

Dr. William Gerwig Dr. Mark Ghali – L Ms. Carla Gibson Dr. Douglas Giles Mr. Brian Gipson Dr. Tod Goldbury Mr. Ron Gorman – L Dr. Sharon Gorman – L Dr. Tracy Green Dr. Janna Gresham Ms. Tasha Griffin Dr. Joseph Grise Mrs. Claire Griswold Dr. Jennifer Grochowski – L Dr. Mark Guarino Dr. Mark Gulyas Dr. Morgan Handt – L Dr. Jerry Hardee Dr. Anthony Hardnett Mr. Mackel Harris Dr. Thomas Hartey Mr. Michael Hastings Dr. Joseph Heinecke Dr. Matt Herba Dr. Thomas Herchakowski Ms. Patrice Hinnant Dr. Jared Hoffman – L Ms. Erin Hope Dr. Kreg Huffer – L Dr. Alejandra Irizarry Dr. Byron Jackson Ms. Rebekah Janiak Dr. Jorge Jarrot – L Dr. Deron Jester – L

Dr. Jennifer Jester Ms. Kim Johnson Mr. Keith Jordan Ms. Casey Kallenbach Mr. Edwin Kamara Dr. Stuart Katzen – L Dr. Timothy Kehrig Ms. Amy King Todd Knight Mr. Joshua Korten Dr. Michael Lagana Dr. Moshe Laub Dr. Gail Lauro Dr. Ralph LeBlanc – L Dr. Frank LeDonne Dr. Benjamin Leverenz Dr. Brent Levin – L Ms. Brianna Lightbown Dr. Linda Lindley – L Dr. Andrew Linial Dr. Peter Lipnack Dr. James Louro – L Dr. Joseph Lupo – L Dr. Jonathan Lyons Dr. Eric Marshall Dr. Paul McCartney Dr. Terry McCoskey – L Dr. Bryan McDonald Dr. Lisa McHugh Dr. Lisa McKently Dr. Rodney McLane Dr. Matthew McNabb Sean McWilliams Continued on next page.




Lasting PurposE: Dedicated to LIFE

Dedicated to LIFE Continued Dr. Matthew Meccia – L Dr. Sherry Meeks Dr. Jeffrey Miceli Mrs. Erica Michaels Ms. Monica Mikan Mr. Michael Miller Dr. Casey Millis Dr. David Mjoen Mr. Travis Moore Dr. Daniel Moss Dr. Bobby Myers Ms. Christine Nadine Dr. Cynthia Neri – L Dr. Adam Nieves – L Dr. Ronald Oberstein – L Mr. Carlos Ochoa Diaz Dr. Raymond Omid Dr. Nathaniel Oncken Mr. Alex Osorio Classen Dr. Kevin Pallis Dr. Eugene Paouncic – L Mr. Daniel Payne Dr. Edward Peacock Dr. Palmer Peet Mr. Frank Pendleton Dr. Jay Perniciaro – L Dr. Danielle Pichette

Dr. Timothy Pierce Mr. Mark Poehlman Dr. Steve Pollack Dr. Linda Rassel – L Dr. Kristina Ring – L Dr. Raymond Roberts Dr. Corey Rodnick – L Dr. Jose Rodriguez – L Ms. Maria Rodriguez Dr. Dale Rollette Dr. Randy Roman Ms. Courtney Rose Mr. Tony Rosser Dr. Jeffery Russell – L Dr. Anthony Santangelo Mr. Kevin Sarich Dr. Christopher Sayers Ms. Kristine Schmierer Dr. Arthur Seiden Dr. Carlos Selles – L Dr. Jacob Seng Dr. Joseph Sennebogen Dr. Glorimar Serrano Dr. Jamie Settimi Matthew Shell Ms. Jeffranic Shivers Dr. Jeremiah Shriver

To learn more about LIFEforce 1000: Visit: Email: Phone: (770) 426-3031 Dr. Craig Silberstein Ms. Teshia Sims Dr. Kirk Skinner Mr. Derek Smith Dr. Michael Smith Dr. Steven Smith Ms. Tangriana Sole Dr. Young-Sung Song Dr. Linda Stevens Dr. April Stratford Dr. David Streng Dr. Pamela Stucky LaGuardia – L Mr. Austin Surmont Mr. Derek Surmont Mr. Devon Surmont Ms. Amanda Timberlake Dr. Aaron Tressler Dr. John Vatistas

Dr. Greg Waldrop Dr. Rachel Waldrop Dr. Brian Wallace – L Dr. Michael Warnars – L Dr. Garry Warner Randy Weiner Dr. Cathy Wendland-Colby – L Mr. Demarlo West Ms. Joyce White Dr. Kathleen Whitmore – L Dr. Sandra Whitson Dr. Terry Wiley Ms. Kawanda Williams Dr. Daniel Wise Mr. Russell Wright L = LIFEforce 1000 Doctor

To submit a correction: If you see an error in our list, please contact the Development Department at or 800-543-3436.

Buckeyes for LIFE The Ohio State Chiropractic Association (OSCA) has a five-year plan to see 60 percent of Ohioans under chiropractic care by 2015. With an estimated 11 million Ohioans, Ohio needs more chiropractors in order to reach this goal. Life University and the OSCA have created a partnership that will help reach this goal by attracting new students, mentoring current students and encouraging graduates to practice in Ohio. Buckeyes for LIFE representatives are listed below. Dr. Merle S. Auck Dr. Nathan Baxter Dr. Gordon Byrne Dr. Michael Cafaro Dr. Brian Cecil Dr. Cratia Cetz Dr. Adam D’Amato Dr. Nicholas Deignan Dr. Mark J. Demalio



Drs. Anthony and Casey DeMarla Dr. Dustin Detrick Dr. Patrick Ensminges Dr. Dwaine M. Everett Dr. Jason Feltz Dr. Greg Goffe Dr. Kreg D. Huffer Dr. David Klosterman Dr. Patrick Lalama

Dr. Jonathan D. Laux Dr. Joe Lindeman Dr. Chris Mabry Dr. Dannielle MacDuff Dr. Terry McCoskey Dr. Kimberly Mehlencamp Dr. John Mistretta Drs. William and Jennifer Ramsey Dr. Tony Rump

Dr. William Schneider Dr. Jay D. Smith Dr. Brandy Spaulding Dr. Joshua Steinke Dr. Stephanie Winegardner Dr. Jeff Zaika

Lasting Purpose: dedicated to LIFE


Life University Board of Trustees Deborah Pogrelis, D.C., Chair Henry Cousineau, D.C. Eddy Diaz, D.C. Shawn Ferguson, D.C. Kevin Fogarty, D.C. Aaron Gagnon, C.P.A.

Sharon Gorman, D.C. R. James Gregg, D.C. Jay Handt, D.C. J. Peter Heffernan, D.C. Marc Hudson, D.C. Thomas M. Klapp, D.C.

Joseph Lupo, D.C. Rhonda Newton, B.A. Randolph O’Dell, D.C. Jesse Panuccio, J.D. James Tompkins, Ph.D.

Alumni Association Board of Directors Dr. Larry Marchese, President Dr. Stu Katzen, Vice President Dr. Dave Eugster Ms. Deb Lancaster Dr. Rachel Weimer Anthony Umina, Student Representative

Life University Board of Trustees From left to right: Mr. Aaron Gagnon, Mr. Jesse Panuccio, Dr. Randolph O’Dell, Dr. Henry Cousineau, Dr. Jay Handt, Dr. Eddy Diaz, Dr. Deborah Pogrelis, Dr. J. Peter Heffernan, Dr. Joseph Lupo, Dr. Kevin Fogarty, Dr. Thomas M. Klapp, Dr. Larry Marchese, Dr. James Thompkins, and Dr. Sharon Gorman. Not pictured are Dr. Shawn Ferguson, Dr. R. James Gregg, Dr. Marc Hudson and Ms. Rhonda Newton.

Board of Visitors Members 2014 Mr. Don Barbour Mr. Tony Britton Dr. Jason Deitch Dr. Dean DePice Mr. Charles DuBois Mr. Kent Greenawalt Dr. Jeremy Hess Dr. Kreg Huffer Dr. Thomas Klapp Mr. Jason Kos Dr. Karen Mathiak Mr. Greg Morgan Mr. Mark Nemec Mr. RJ Patel Dr. Eric Plasker Mr. Mike Quinlan Mr. Tom Ratchford Dr. Tina Sigafoose Jackson Dr. Joseph Teff

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Women’s Advisory Group Ms. Kyethea Clark Ms. Erin Dancer Dr. Cris Eaton-Welsh Ms. Crystal Folta Mr. Greg Harris Ms. Caroline John Dr. Leslie King Dr. Cheryl Langley Ms. Mary Ellen Leffard Ms. Sharon Mason Dr. Lisa Rubin Dr. Susan Sharkey Ms. Jennifer Valtos Dr. Rebecca Wampler

Business Advisors Group (Pictured L-R) Dr. Janice Hughes Ms. Shawna Theriault Dr. Rob Scott Mr. Tom Hill Mr. Greg Harris, Administrator Mr. Bharon Hoag (not pictured)




Ne w s f r o m A l u m n i Re l a t i o n s

Call for Volunteers Join your friends – and the fun – in volunteering for your reunion, October 1-5 By Kelsey Donaldson

Class reunion committees are now forming from the classes of ’79, ’84, ’89, ’94, ’99, ’04 and ’09. Co-chairs are responsible for helping us connect with their classmates and raise funds for a specific class gift. If you are interested in participating in the planning for your class reunion and would like to get in touch with your friends and classmates, let us know. Thank you to the following individuals who have signed on as reunion co-chairs for their respective reunion years as of Jan. 1:

Class of 1979

Class of 1989

Class of 2004

Class gift goal of $30,000 for the William M. Harris Center for Clinical Education Dr. Mark Anthony Dr. Richard Hodish Dr. Frank King Dr. Tom Klapp Dr. James Murdock Dr. Richard Olson Dr. Michael Petrie Dr. Richard Schlampp Dr. Michel Terrault

Dr. Mark Daniel

Dr. Larry Lawicki Dr. Tara Lawicki Dr. Kathryn Wilson

Class of 1984 Class gift goal of $30,000 for the William M. Harris Center for Clinical Education Dr. Franca Alterman Dr. Leisha Espy Dr. Dave Eugster Dr. Michael Fox Dr. Sharon Gorman Dr. Donald Reno Dr. Tom Sidoti Dr. Jean-Marc Slak Dr. Linda Slak Dr. Vicki Swenson Dr. Carleen Thum



Class of 1994 Dr. Glen Azzari

Class of 1999 Dr. Scott Brunengraber

Contact Information: Class of 1979 Erin Dancer, Director of Development at (770) 426-2974 or For all other classes Contact Mary Ellen Leffard at (770) 426-2917 or

Artistic rendering of Harris Center lobby.

Class of 2009 Dr. Jeff Getbehead Dr. Faye Golden Dr. Deana Lajiness Dr. Sean O’Flaherty

Life University

Important Contacts:

Alumni & Friends 1269 Barclay Circle Marietta, GA 30060 800-543-3203

Update Your Information: Office of Alumni Relations 800-543-3203

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