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Greetings, LIFE Alumni and Friends! The calendar has turned to a new year since the last issue of Your Extraordinary LIFE, and there have been many exciting new ventures both on campus and in the community. As all of you who know me can attest, I am never one to become complacent, because if I’m not moving forward, I might as well be drudging backward. And the same thing goes for the University we love and treasure so much; therefore, new risks, challenges and endeavors are just normal attributes of our growing and innovative institution. One such new endeavor that you’ll read about in this issue is our partnership with Atlanta Birth Center, a state-of-the art birth and health facility currently scheduled to open this summer in beautiful Midtown Atlanta — only the second accredited birth center in Georgia and a major asset for pregnant women, new moms and their families in metro Atlanta. The 17,000-square-foot facility will also house Life University offices and classrooms, offering chiropractic care, kinesiology, functional neurology and positive psychology, giving us an extraordinary opportunity to expand our vitalistic vision in a terrific area with a diverse population. Don’t miss the full story inside. Also in this issue are the latest updates on the stunning growth of the NeuroLIFE Institute, Life University’s functional neurology facility located on campus. The NLI team of expert chiropractic neurologists works with individuals of all ages and backgrounds who suffer from concussions, PTSD, vertigo, balance issues and other symptoms. Many people they care for have devastating neurological cases and arrive at the NLI with their last scraps of hope for specialized care and recovery. With leading-edge techniques and equipment, as well as extensive knowledge in their field, the NLI staff creates countless success stories, especially in complicated cases where all hope was thought lost.

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‘New risks, challenges and endeavors are just normal attributes of our growing and innovative institution.’

The NLI will also be hosting a Concussion Awareness and Prevention Summit May 14 on the Life University campus. Expert speakers, researchers and presenters will discuss the signs, symptoms and what can be done to care for concussions and traumatic brain injuries. Learn more about the summit and the NLI’s tremendous impact in the LIFE community and beyond in this issue’s feature article. At home on our Marietta campus, we’ve also seen significant changes and improvements to make LIFE an even better place for the students who call our University home, as well as prospective students getting a peek at what life at LIFE is like. Such major additions and renovations include a bocce court, a new coffee shop and a revamped Life U Shop (can’t wait till the article? You can shop for all things LIFE at Learn more about the campus changes in this issue’s “LIFE Campus Updates” article. Spring is always a time of change and progress, new beginnings and continued growth. Our campus is gorgeous at every point of the year, but I have a certain fondness for the spring season when our lush green campus turns colorfully vibrant with all the season’s blooms. Make sure you take time out of your very busy schedules to enjoy this spring season, perhaps even by taking a long overdue trip back to campus. Regardless if it’s been decades or just a few years since you’ve visited, I know you’ll see for yourself the exciting changes and progress that is being made here at LIFE every single day. Yours in Chiropractic,

Guy F. Riekeman, D.C. President


You r E x trao r d i n a r y

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Improving Your Brain Health A look inside the NeuroLIFE Institute at Life University

ON THE COVER: The NeuroLIFE Institute is highlighting Life University’s work in functional neurology.



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The Executive, Enrollment and Advancement teams at Life University are on the road year-round, hosting alumni events and personally visiting alumni and friends to connect and engage all over the country. You may have seen these familiar faces at a recent convention or in your private practice. In the past six months, the Advancement Team has collectively visited more than 250 alumni and friends. To see where we are headed next, check out our events calendar at, and if you see us out and about, be sure to introduce yourself! Here’s where we visited from September to December:

the golf outing and were once again the winning foursome — thanks to Leffard’s winning Eagle! The Unified with LIFE partnership is thriving and has flourished to 45 doctors.


VIRGINIA Fall travel was officially underway as Alumni Relations Director Mary Ellen Leffard traveled to Williamsburg for the Unified Virginia Chiropractic Association’s fall convention. She was accompanied by Vice President of Enrollment and Marketing Dr. Cynthia Boyd and Student Recruiter Jasmin Collins. Boyd and Leffard joined UVCA President Dr. Tom Wetzen (’89) at

Wetzen, Leffard, Boyd and Dr. Bob Leib Spring 2016 |

mitten state a few weeks later to drop in on Dr. Denise Rassel (’99), who practices in Lansing. He presented her with a plaque for her tireless commitment to the President’s Circle over the past eight years. Thanks for all you do, Dr. Rassel!

Rassel, Jacquelince Rassel-Daigneault, (daughter) and Elam

MICHIGAN A few states over, Vice President for University Advancement Greg Harris and Director of Student Recruitment Erica Michaels headed north to attend the Michigan Association of Chiropractors’ fall convention. More than 25 LIFE supporters filled the room for an early-morning, LIFEsponsored breakfast. Harris led a presentation and discussion on various opportunities for alumni and friends to become actively involved with the University through the mantra of Lasting Purpose. It was very well received. Manager of Constituent Relationships Mark Elam returned to the

To kick off October, Director of Development Erin Dancer traveled to the Midwest to visit alumni and friends in Indiana. She had a wonderful meeting with Dr. Mike Vandersluis (’92), who practices in Highland and owns a second practice in Chicago. He eagerly agreed to Vandersluis co-chair his reunion in 2017! In addition, Dancer met with Drs. Ron (’84) and Annette (’83) Cargioli, who have a huge practice in Fishers, and Dr. Wayne Ladd (’96), who signed up to serve as our first Indiana State Rep!

OHIO Just days after the LIFE Fall CElebration event concluded, Harris and Leffard ventured back north to Columbus for the Ohio State Chiropractic Association’s annual convention. In addition to the LIFEsponsored gala, a lunch was held for the Buckeyes for LIFE doctors, now 58 strong, to meet and receive updates regarding the program. Welcome aboard our newest Buckeyes, Drs. Thaddeus Bosman (’85), William Slater (’11) and Marie Hoying (’14)!



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Many of the new NYC LIFE doctors at NYCC




The following weekend, more than 150 alumni and friends packed the room at a LIFE-sponsored luncheon and presentation at the New York Chiropractic Council’s annual convention. The new partnership between LIFE and NYCC — NYC LIFE — was announced and lots of excitement was generated among attendees. In total, more than 27 doctors signed up to participate in the new program. It was a successful trip!

GEORGIA The LIFE team had a terrific time at the superhero-themed 103rd Annual Conference & Tradeshow for the Georgia Chiropractic Association, which was chaired by Dr. Leana Kart (’87). In addition to sponsoring the Welcome Reception and Superhero Lounge, Life University officially kicked off its new partnership, Georgia 4 LIFE. There was lots of excitement for the program and more than 30 doctors signed up to participate! IMPACT Tour Director Dawn Barton Cadwallader (’96), Kart and Leffard at GCA

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As November rolled around, Leffard and Collins headed to Pinehurst to attend the North Carolina Chiropractic Association’s fall convention. While at the conference, Leffard led a Tar Heels for LIFE meeting Saturday evening as an opportunity to provide updates and networking with our Tar Heel group. Congratulations to Dr. Sean Reese (’92), who was the lucky winner of a LIFE tailgating chair, and thank you to Drs. Tony Santangelo (’96), Salvatore Daniel (’01) and Dennis Royal (’01), who all agreed to co-chair their upcoming reunions!

and provide both your


maiden and married names.

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To close out 2015, Leffard made one final trip to Alabama. She spent quality time with Dr. Greg Kuhlmann (’88), who practices with fellow LIFE alumnus Dr. Ken Robinson (’86) in Daphne. She also met one of our new graduates, Dr. Sarah Beilke (’15), who has been working with Dr. Quinn Kennedy (’11) in Mobile while her husband, Cameron, finishes the chiropractic program at LIFE. | Spring 2016




For more information or to register, please visit or contact the Department of Alumni Relations at (800) 543-3203.

MARCH 2016 18-20 Cal Jam Booth Costa Mesa, California

APRIL 2016 1-3 North Carolina Chiropractic Association State Partner & Booth #14 Asheville, North Carolina

15-16 18-20 Florida Chiropractic Conferences Booth Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

LIFE Leadership Weekend Life University Register at

15-16 25 D.C. Graduation TIC Auditorium Life University

LIFE Vision Atlanta Register at

15-16 Career Vision Atlanta Register at

22 Running Eagles Scramble for LIFE Golf Tournament Marietta, Georgia Register at

29-1 Michigan Association of Chiropractors Booth #23 & LIFE Lunch Grand Traverse, Michigan Register at (517) 367-2225

Spring 2016 |


MAY 2016

JUNE 2016



Estate Planning Seminar Indian Paintbrush Ranch Lake George, Colorado

Collegiate Rugby Championship PPL Park Philadelphia

More information at EstatePlanning


LIFE Talks Life University More information at


The Octagon Conference Life University


Unified Virginia Chiropractic Association State Partner Richmond, Virginia



More information at

3-5 Alabama State Chiropractic Association Booth Birmingham, Alabama

17 Undergrad/M.S./D.C. Graduation TIC Auditorium Life University

23-26 South Carolina Chiropractic Association Eye Opener Sponsor Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Concussion Awareness and Prevention Summit Life University


Georgia Chiropractic Association State Partner & Booth #23 Hilton Head Island, South Carolina | Spring 2016



Improving Your Brain Health BY LINDSAY PENTICUFF

Recruited by Life University President Dr. Guy Riekeman in 2013, Dr. Michael W. Hall was hired to serve as the executive director of the NeuroLIFE Institute (NLI) on campus. His role is playing an integral part in spotlighting the University’s work in functional neurology, a discipline that when coupled with Chiropractic makes a dynamic partnership in health care today and in the future.

Spring 2016 |


“Functional neurology is a highly sought-after service by both practitioners and patients alike,” says Hall, a Parker University graduate who has been practicing functional neurology for more than 25 years and served as a professor of functional neurology for nearly 20 years. “For the practitioners, having the services of a functional neurologist adds tremendous expertise, knowledge and clinical insight to the management of complex clinical cases, which are often refractory to traditional methods of health care. And for the patient, functional neurology provides the opportunity to restore and revitalize neurological pathways in such a way as to allow the patient to attain a level of vitalistic health, which had been all but forgotten.” Life University became the first university to have a functional neurology clinic on its campus. “There are more chiropractic neurologists on the campus of LIFE and in the classroom and teaching clinics than anywhere else in the world,” Hall says. “This is a testament to the futuristic vision of Life University.” It is located at 1415 Barclay Circle, just at the end of the C-HOP clinics, and five fulltime functional neurologists serve on the staff. The NLI is a facility in which its doctors utilize a team-based collaborative approach to improve the outcomes in complex neurological cases. The center receives referrals from local doctors, as well as from other states and countries, and services include neurological evaluations and treatment, concussion management, Gyrostim trainer/rehabilitation, functional neurology screens, athletic sports performance, brain imbalance disorders, developmental delays, movement disorders, whiplash and auto related injuries, and peripheral neuropathies. Treatments consist of using technologies like the Gyrostim, an off-vertical rotating chair device, which is an emerging technology that can be utilized in the activation of vestibular, optomotor and brain areas that have been injured and require rehabilitation; in addition to VNG (vestibulonystagmography), CAPS (computerized posturography), IM (interactive metronome), Rebuilder (peripheral nerve repair), cognitive training, evoked potentials, whole body vibration and other neurological tools to address patient needs. The NLI is funded mostly by its patients. “We are designed to basically self-fund from our patients, but because we are on a campus like Life University and provide care to the staff and student-athletes as well, we have set up a program that may want to help pay for the care of others,” he adds. “Grateful Patient is for patients who do really well in their treatment and want to contribute money to help pay for the care of other people who may not be able to afford the care.” Hall says their most popular patients are individuals who suffer concussions. “For years, we didn’t really know


‘It’s all about restoring life, and an abundant life.’ – Dr. Michael W. Hall, NeuroLIFE Institute

NLI Executive Director Michael W. Hall (right) and NLI Chiropractic Neurologist Dr. Jonathan Vestal review X-rays with a patent at the NLI.

what to do about concussions, other than to just wait, and then allow an athlete to return to playing, but we now have technology, such as the Gyrostim, and methods that we apply neurological principles with rehabilitative applications that allow us to awaken areas of the nervous system previously injured, damaged or non-functioning and basically restore people to a level of health they may not have been able to attain before. It’s very, very exciting.” They also work with patients who have suffered from whiplash, such as in a car wreck, as well as children who have aspects of ADHD, Aspergers and Autism. “We have some applications and techniques to activate those symptoms of the brain to improve their strength in tone, which has shown to have a favorable affect on those conditions,” says Hall, adding that they also work with individuals suffering with memory issues. “We can look at the ways to create strategies that greatly benefit and reduce some of the symptoms in those types of conditions.” Another exciting avenue for NLI doctors includes working with professional executives. “There are a lot of great people throughout the country who have high | Spring 2016



To support the NeuroLIFE Institute, contribute online by visiting

positions in various companies, and they want to improve the ability of their thinking process and ways in which they solve problems,” Hall says. “We are measuring various aspects of their reaction times and their conscious processing skills, and working to put into place a program in which the executive can have an even better functioning brain. It all centers around your brain health. And when you look at that, everyone can be a candidate for the type of programs that we are involved in.”

GROWING BY LEAPS AND BOUNDS “While relatively young in operation, the institute’s presence is quickly taking on an international awareness,” Hall says. “The NLI is working to develop and provide satellite clinics in and around metro Atlanta and eventually across the nation and internationally.” Because of its work, LIFE will also be hosting its firstever Concussion Awareness and Prevention Summit in conjunction with the Concussion Summit on the Gyrostim in May, and Hall says they are working to establish internships for students through the University’s PEAK program beginning this summer or fall. “We are also creating a master’s program in applied neurosciences that should come out in the fall that will allow students to go from their chiropractic education or another field and continue their training in functional neurology and to work in the center that we’re establishing,” Hall adds. “Functional neurology is a specialty that has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. It allows opportunities for patients who haven’t responded to traditional care, whether it’s medical or Chiropractic, to now look at their nervous system and the technologies and applications that we use have been quite successful, so there is a growing demand and need,” Hall says. “Life University is really about letting people live the very best life they can live. And what I really appreciate about Dr. Riekeman and Life University is his and the Board of Trustees’ commitment to a vision that allows us to create a facility that can really be used for all populations to ensure maximal health,” Hall adds. “As we grow and our database grows, the idea is that we can see who a person is now and can follow them for years and years. That comes from a preventive standpoint. It’s all about restoring life, and an abundant life. We have a group of very passionate doctors and the program is growing. I expect the master’s program to be fully packed as we begin to take functional neurology around the world.” Spring 2016 |

‘It all centers around your brain health. And when you look at that, everyone can be a candidate for the type of programs that we are involved in.’ – Dr. Michael W. Hall, NeuroLIFE Institute

Vestal monitors a patient during innovative Gyrostim care.


Hall (right) observes as NLI Chiropractic Neurologist Dr. Michael Longyear reviews VNG results with a patient.


Longyear (left) and Vestal help a patient retrain motor patterning and initiation using the Interactive Metronome.

SERVING LIFE AND ITS COMMUNITY LIFE students, staff and faculty also utilize the NLI’s services. “A functional neurological screen is provided at no charge for all students and staff,” Hall says. “Each athlete that participates in one of LIFE’s athletic programs is offered a baseline concussion screen before every season begins.” Dr. Dawn Barton Cadwallader, IMPACT Tour Director at LIFE, considers the treatment she received at NLI a success after having a traumatic brain injury in 2015. “They have not only given me stellar care with the best chiropractic adjustments I have ever received in my life, but have also helped me fix underlying neurological issues that had been looming that I was unaware of until I started care. Now that they have helped my body heal itself, I feel that I have my life back after years of wondering if there was something wrong that I couldn’t seem to repair with chiropractic care alone,” she says. “By the use of state-ofthe-art equipment and loving care from all of the doctors, I feel like a new person.” Cadwallader says the NeuroLIFE Institute is taking the University and Chiropractic to the next level of optimal health care by utilizing the school’s vitalitstic philosophy of restoring health by allowing the body to heal itself through natural methods. “NeuroLIFE is a leader in improving lives by combining functional neurology, chiropractic care, nutrition and positive psychology to improve brain and nerve system function,” she says. “Through these methods, the NeuroLIFE doctors are vastly helping Life University and members of the community, as well as worldwide.” She adds that by combining chiropractic care and functional neurology, Dr. Hall is a phenomenal leader in finding answers to many disorders that have gone undiagnosed or were thought to be incurable and unsolvable. “As part of a lifetime wellness program, every individual should not only receive regular chiropractic adjustments, but they should also have a neurological check up on a regular basis and an individualized treatment plan to follow if necessary,” she says.

Dr. Gilles LaMarche, Vice President of Professional Relations at LIFE and a patient of NLI who is a community advocate for the work and services it offers, agrees. “The NLI practitioners offer professional diagnostic and treatment services that truly are cutting edge in relationship to brain and neurological function,” he says. “After suffering a severe concussion (he hit a tree at 55 miles per hour while snowmobiling), I suffered major neurological/ brain injury, which led to cognitive and language issues. I am bilingual and could be speaking English while including French words in the conversation without any awareness that I was doing so. A few weeks of care at NLI served to reconfigure my neurological pathways and deal with these issues. Now, months later, I am completely well. I often ask what I would have done had NLI docs not been here in Atlanta to assist me. They are here to assist any docs with their complicated cases.” In addition to his successful care, LaMarche says he’s met countless others from all over the United States who went to the NLI for care, all with great satisfaction. “I even met a young lady from China who flew here for care,” he says. “What amazed me was seeing her Day 1, unable to utilize her left hand since birth, and by the fifth day, she was texting on her iPhone with both hands.” LaMarche, who has known Hall for about 10 years and has heard him speak numerous times at seminars around the world, also says that Hall always draws a large crowd and shares his advance knowledge of neurology with passion and accuracy. “On any survey the attendee response is always positive,” he continues. “He is a man of great knowledge, passion and compassion; always reading and studying the latest research to help him better understand neurology and patient care, all with the purpose of sharing his knowledge to support practitioner development and help patients get well. His focus is brain function and neurological integrity.” l | Spring 2016





This past year saw big changes on Life University’s campus, including updates to how the LIFE community shops, sips and unwinds between classes. Read on to learn about the new hub of Life U apparel, a convenient coffee shop and the latest outdoor escape on campus.

LIFE U SHOP Right in time for Fall CElebration 2015, LIFE’s Marketing Department transformed the former bookstore into the Life U Shop, a dynamic one-stop shop for LIFE apparel, accessories and school supplies. The LIFE community will look sharp in this new line of

Spring 2016 |

apparel, which ranges from golf polos, Nike baseball caps and vintage-style letter jackets, to comfy pajama pants and tees representing LIFE’s growing athletic programs. Accessories like folding chairs, Life U vanity plates and cozy blankets promise a tailgate-ready set-up.

“We are a self-sufficient operation,” says Taz Graves, Auxiliary Services Supervisor of the new Life U Shop. “It is our mission to grow the Life University brand through merchandise, gifts and apparel.” For alumni and friends interested in shopping at the Life U Shop online, visit





“Eagles’ Landing has proven to be a staple in just its first quarter of operation,” says Graves of the new Eagles’ Landing coffee shop located in the main hallway of the College of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies. Serving Starbucks coffee and tea, alongside an assortment of graband-go snacks, Eagles’ Landing directs traffic away from the already-buzzing Socrates Café, allowing customers to snag a cup on their way to class. Even better? Coffee and tea fanatics alike can use their Eagles’ Landing VIP Card to earn a free drink.

In late 2015, LIFE added yet another asset to its beautiful campus: a bocce ball court. Located alongside the College of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies building, just steps away from Socrates Café, the natural gravel, full-size bocce court beckons students to enjoy a relaxing match between classes. This Italian game shares a common ancestry with ancient games played during the Roman Empire, with players throwing the balls in an underarm motion, much like bowling, aiming for favorable positions on the court. Now the LIFE community has yet another favorite outdoor destination on campus. | Spring 2016



Building Momentum BY WILL BROOKS

Dr. Jana Holwick joined Life University Nov. 2, 2015, in the role of Dean of the College of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies. She brings a varied background to the role, including 20-plus years in the area of finance within health care, industry and higher education. Within the last decade, she has migrated from the financial side of the house into the academic arena, having served as VP for Institutional Education and Research, Interim Dean of Education and Vice President for Academic Affairs. Her work in the area of accreditation is extensive, having served as a peer reviewer for both the Higher Learning Commission and the Council on Chiropractic Education Holwick has been a friend of LIFE for several years, having interacted with the University and various faculty and administrators in relation to the D.C. program while serving for the past year as a Councilor for CCE, as well as serving on various CCE committees, including the current Standards Review Task Force. Her passion for the value of education is noted in the various professional activities in which she participates. “It is an exciting time to be at Life University, and I am thrilled to be here,” Holwick says. “In the short time I’ve been on campus, each day is a reaffirmation of my initial impression of the University; as a community,

LIFE knows who they are and works tirelessly toward accomplishing the mission and vision of the institution. Within the CGUS, I consistently find connections between our academic programming, student internship opportunities and extracurricular activities that weave a thread throughout the college, supporting Dr. Jana Holwick, Dean of the College of Graduate and LIFE’s core values and Undergraduate Studies specifically working toward the mission of the college to Culinary Nutrition; Positive Human empower students to achieve successful Development and Social Change; our careers within a vitalistic philosophy Center for Compassion and Secular that provides a means for positive Ethics; and a new focus on positive social impact and change.” leadership within our business As she becomes familiar with the program, and I want to build on that college and the institutional strategic momentum,” Holwick explains. “At plan, Holwick has been reflecting the end of the day, everything we on how best to support institutional do is about helping our students to strategies while providing focus grow in their knowledge and skill and clarity within the CGUS. To set in order to have a positive impact that end, she will be working within their respective communities.” with academic leadership, faculty She’s looking forward to the days and staff to grow enrollment and and months to come, knowing that the explore new programs that provide individuals that collectively make up additional venues in which to further the LIFE community are ready for the University efforts regarding social challenge ahead and will continue their change. “We have a number of efforts toward helping LIFE’s students new initiatives, such as degrees in reach their optimum potential. l




Time to Dust Off Your Golf Clubs and Support LIFE! We are pleased to announce that the 3rd Annual Running Eagles Scramble for LIFE golf tournament will be held Friday, April 22, at City Club Marietta. The tournament is presented this year by Maximized Living, and the format is a four-player scramble (best ball). A hole-in-one on a par-3 will win you a Wheego LiFe, an electric car from Wheego of Georgia (retail price $35,000). Proceeds from the event will benefit the General Athletic Fund at Life University. Plan to arrive at 1 p.m. for registration, a box lunch and free range balls. The shotgun start at 2 p.m. begins play, followed by drinks on the veranda overlooking the golf course at the Hilton Atlanta/Marietta Hotel next door, and then a delicious dinner buffet, awards, raffles and a silent auction will also take place beginning at 6:30 p.m. Included in the cost is a four-hour CE course, taught the following morning on LIFE’s campus, and tickets to a rugby match following the course (CEUs approved for Georgia and Florida, inquire for other states). You get all this for only $175 per golfer or $700 per team. The Hilton adjacent to the golf course is offering a special $99 room rate to event attendees. Not a golfer? You can still partake in the fun by joining us for the post-tournament drinks, dinner and silent auction for $50. You may also purchase the dinner, CE course and rugby for $75, or just take in the CE course and rugby Saturday for $50. We are currently signing up players, teams and sponsors, and looking for great items for our auction and raffles. We are happy to match up players in foursomes. For more information about the event or to signup, visit, or contact Mark Elam at (770) 426-2660 or

PRESENTED BY | Spring 2016



FALL REVIEW Life U kicked off the 2015-16 year with the addition of volleyball to its growing list of intercollegiate opportunities for student-athletes. Building any program from the ground up is a daunting task, but Head Coach Steve Wilcosky did an amazing job! In their first-ever match on the new volleyball court in the upper gymnasium, more than 300 fans watched the Running Eagles earn a three-game sweep over Reinhardt University. The volleyball team developed quite a following, with the Life U wrestlers and rugby players showing up in face paint and costumes, creating some new chants, and even traveling on the road to cheer on the girls. The team finished the year with a winning record, which is quite an accomplishment for a firstyear program. The women’s cross-country team had another banner year, finishing third in the Mid-South Conference. A team score in cross-country is the sum of the placement of your top five runners, thus the lower the score, the better. But not to be forgotten are the next two runners on your team. Although their placement number does not count toward the team score, they can displace runners from other teams by bumping their placement lower. At the conference championship, it was Life U’s sixth and seventh runners who allowed the Running Eagles to take home third place by a single point, proving that every member of the team counts. Three Life U runners also earned Academic All-Conference.

Spring 2016 |


WHAT’S NEW? Life U added four new sports in 2015-16. In addition to volleyball, men’s and women’s bowling, and men’s swimming commenced play this year, and all are fully immersed in their respective seasons as of press time. If you’ve never seen collegiate bowling, add it to your bucket list. Most tournaments are conducted over two days and feature five bowlers on a team rolling six individual games on the first day, and then competing in a true team competition on the

second day in a format called “Baker.” Baker is when bowler No. 1 rolls the first frame, bowler No. 2 the second frame, and so on. Teams will typically bowl 10 or 12 games of Baker on Day 2. At the end of two days, the total number of pins decides the winner. It’s an exciting event to watch, and the atmosphere is electric! Also announced this year will be the addition of four more sports for the 2016-17 year, bringing Life U’s total offerings to 16 teams – nine for women, six for men and one


co-ed sport. New for next year will be women’s basketball, men’s and women’s soccer, and co-ed competitive cheer. We are pleased to announce that our head coach for women’s basketball is Life U alumnus Anthony Maxwell (’99). If you know any prospective students who would be a great fit at Life U and are interested in pursuing their sport at the collegiate level, please direct them to

2016 CRC It’s about that time again, as the Collegiate Rugby Championship is right around the corner, and you can be sure that the Life U men’s and women’s rugby 7s teams are primed and ready for another tournament of action in Philadelphia. Life U has built a reputation at this event for having not only an amazing product on the field, but also a tremendous base of rowdy rugby fans in the stands. Let’s make sure that in 2016

we uphold that reputation. In fact, let’s have more alumni and fans of the premier Life U rugby program in Philadelphia this year than ever before to watch our teams contend for the title. Mark your calendars now (June 4-5) and keep your eyes out for more information about fan packages coming soon! Wait until you see Life U’s new uniforms this year.

More information can be found at Book your hotel room now and take advantage of the special Life U Rugby rate at | Spring 2016



Introducing New Enrollment Leaders Robyn Rambo Stanley

Erica Michaels

Robyn Rambo Stanley joins the Life University team after an extensive career in enrollment management, which zigzags between her roots in the Southwest, and coast to coast. She has previously served in enrollment leadership roles at the University of Arizona, California State University, Long Beach, Georgia State University and Agnes Scott College, but says she feels that Life University “fits like a glove.” Stanley appreciates the authenticity of the LIFE community, as well as the shared passion for wellness. “It is wonderful when you can say, as I can say, I’m at the right place at the right time, with the right people,” she says. Her goals at LIFE include advancing the University’s strategic goals, vision and mission, as well as challenging and coaching her enrollment team to succeed in reaching not only their enrollment goals, but also be able to tell the LIFE story in a way that inspires and catches the attention of prospective students. She says, “I am extremely honored and absolutely thrilled every day to work, learn and serve in this amazing role at LIFE, and with such talented, dedicated and caring colleagues.”

Michigan native Erica Michaels returns to Life University in the role of Director of Student Recruitment. She first came to LIFE 10 years ago, when her husband enrolled in the D.C. program and she fell in love with the campus and culture. “Standing there, I had a job interview lined up at Turner and I told them I wasn’t going to that interview — I was getting a job at LIFE,” she remembers. She began as the Assistant Director for Recruitment and changed roles over the next decade, working to increase enrollment in LIFE’s growing programs. She left LIFE to have children, but it wasn’t long before she was ready to return, this time as Director of Student Recruitment. Her goal is to see the University progress in every aspect, growing enrollment in every department. “We have some amazing programs and a lot of unique offerings that can really help to change a person’s life,” she says. She knows from experience — her husband, Kevin, and their three children, Rielly, Kaden and Zethen, embrace the chiropractic philosophy with their lifestyle. She says of her experiences at LIFE: “It’s changed my life in so many ways that I never thought a job could affect a person or family.”

Executive Director for Enrollment Management

Director of Student Recruitment


Spring 2016 |



Life University and Atlanta Birth Center BY WILL BROOKS

Targeted to open this June, Atlanta Birth Center (ABC) is set to provide the Atlanta area with its first accredited birth and health facility that honors the individual’s wish for a natural birth process, offering a home-like environment with a program of familycentered care before, during and after pregnancy, labor and birth. It will be a holistic program with comprehensive midwifery care; a nurturing environment, where expecting mothers will feel supported, respected, safe and secure; and personalized, family-centered care from highly qualified holistic healthcare providers, such a naturopathic doctor and family psychology professionals. There is currently only one other accredited birth center in Georgia, located in Savannah. Understanding that pregnancy and

childbirth is an area where Chiropractic is effective, yet far too underutilized, Life University and President Dr. Guy Riekeman partnered with ABC to have their own complete branch clinic within the 17,229-square-foot facility. The facility will be located in Midtown Atlanta at 1 Baltimore Place NW, Atlanta, GA 30308. “The ideals of Atlanta Birth Center and the core values and vitalistic approach to health care that Life University models could not be more congruent,” Dr. Riekeman explains. “This dynamic healthcare facility is an incredible vision that is soon to be a reality, and I can’t wait to see it come to fruition.” The LIFE clinic will be a full chiropractic practice, complete with the most modern equipment and

technology systems, closed and open adjustment areas, D.C. offices and an educational space. The LIFE clinic will also have professionals from the fields of functional neurology, kinesiology and positive psychology in the space, offering an array of vitalistic healthcare services to families, the business community, colleges and athletes in the Atlanta area. Chiropractic and childbirth are a natural complement to one another, and LIFE’s partnership with ABC will go a long way to making Chiropractic more accessible and acceptable for expecting mothers. It will also give LIFE a major presence in the Atlanta community, which could ultimately increase awareness for not only the flagship chiropractic program, but also the booming undergraduate and graduate programs. l

atlanta birth center

atlanta birth center

atlanta birth center | Spring 2016




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LIFE Reunions 2016 Special thanks to our team of more than 50 alumni who have signed up as your class reunion co-chairs and committed themselves to ensuring that this is the best reunion possible. Reunions are a place to celebrate successes! Join us in an effort to reach out to your classmates and become a reunion co-chair. Contact Alumni Relations Director Mary Ellen Leffard at (770) 426-2917 or for more information. Class of 1981 Dr. Jay Di Vagno Dr. Frank Etlinger Dr. Stu Hoffman Dr. Joseph Mills Dr. Vincent Perri Not pictured: Dr. Kenneth Simpson Class of 1986 Dr. Regina Bennett Dr. John Chait Dr. Philip Day Dr. David Hall Dr. Joseph Hornberger

Dr. Diane Johnson Dr. Cris Langheier Dr. Kevin Lenahan Dr. Sharon Roth Dr. Ralph Templeton

Dr. Gary Willis Dr. Daniel Wise Not pictured: Drs. James Davis, Blaise Glodowski, Tim Liszewski, Michael McClellan, Joyce Paulk, Roger Romano Russell Smith, Paul Veal Class of 1991 Dr. Theresa Dunton Dr. Daniel McClellan Dr. Daryl Mitruska Dr. Jay Perniciaro Dr. Matthew Stockstad

Dr. Craig Wehrenberg Not pictured: Drs. Mark Deitch, H. Dennis Harrison, Linda Hunter, Chad Jacobs

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Class of 1996 Dr. Dawn Barton Cadwallader Dr. Paul Donaldson Dr. Patrick Kelley Dr. Edward Reilly Dr. Jeffrey Saffir Dr. Tony Santangelo Dr. David Scheiner

Class of 2001 Dr. Nikoleta Alexander Dr. Christopher McDaniel Dr. Marisa Mikals Dr. Leonard Roberts Dr. Dennis Royal

Dr. Craig Schulman Dr. Douglas Sims Not pictured: Drs. Salvatore Daniele, Claudia Martinez, Terese Stefan, Mia Walker

Class of 2006 Dr. Lisa Michel-Green Dr. Lisa Plesa

Class of 2011 Dr. Victor Dees Dr. Quinn Kennedy Dr. Leanne Smith Dr. Jonathan Stevens Not pictured: Dr. Jennifer Lieder | Spring 2016


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LIFE Graduates ®

Dr. Jay Zimmerman (’87) was featured in the Press of Atlantic City for his community contributions through the Jersey Shore Rugby Club. Zimmerman serves as the president of the Board of Directors, head coach of the Men’s Club team and director of youth rugby for the club. He advertises in weekly newspapers and distributes posters and flyers in local areas to gather talent for the club. He is in the process of organizing a men’s rugby team at Stockton University.

Dr. Rob Jackson (’82) was once again named the 2016 Chiropractor of the Year by the Parker Foundation at the Las Vegas Parker Experience Event. Jackson maintains a private practice in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, and enjoys spending time with his wife Martha and their 11 children and nine grandchildren (so far).

Dr. Kevin Lenahan (’86) and Dr. Robert De Bonis (former Trustee) participated in the 16th annual Love City Triathlon in St. John, U.S. Virginia Islands, Sept. 7, 2015, in the SUPathlon and Aquathlon respectively. Lenahan received an honorable mention in the SUPathlon, while De Bonis placed sixth in the men’s division of the Aquathlon. The pair proudly sported their Life U gear!

Spring 2016 |

Dr. Arthur LeVine (’87) was chosen as the 2015 Chiropractor of the Year at the National Florida Chiropractic Association’s Convention in Orlando, Florida, August 2015. He was also elected Chairman of the Board for Florida’s new Independent Physician’s Association, SecureCare of Florida. In addition to serving on FCA’s Board of Directors for more than 21 years, Levine serves as chairman of the Insurance Relations Committee, representative to the Congress of Chiropractic State Association and insurance liaison to the American Chiropractic Association.

1990s We thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Dr. Craig Wehrenberg (’91) and Melissa Peterson while giving them the grand tour of campus last fall. While touring, Wehrenberg ran into Dr. Harry Harrison (’91), who was visiting the campus bookstore — what a small world. Both will co-chair their class reunions in 2016!

Dr. Jay Perniciaro (’91) represented LIFE at the Louisiana State University Career Fair, where he spent time talking to senior students interested in attending the University. Perniciaro is a proud LIFEforce 1000 member and will be serving as co-chair for his 1991 reunion this year. Dr. Chris Colloca (’95) graduated from Arizona State University Dec. 14, 2015, with a Ph.D. in kinesiology. He had


the honor of carrying the College of Health Solutions Banner, leading the procession of colleges at the commencement ceremony. Colloca originally enrolled at ASU in 2003 in the master’s program of the Department of Kinesiology to improve his research skills. He took courses part time in between directing a full-time chiropractic practice and overseeing Neuromechanical Innovations. With the completion of his Ph.D., he aims to increase his research activities while continuing to develop new technologies to help his colleagues advance the chiropractic profession.

Dr. Marc Taczanowski (’96) has once again been selected to travel with the U.S. bobsled and skeleton teams during their World Cup Competition. In 2014, Taczanowski was one of two chiropractors from the U.S. to serve on the medical staff that traveled to Sochi, Russia, for the Spring Olympics. His skill set and abilities are still one of the most requested on tour by the athletes, coaches and medical staff. He will be traveling to Park City, Utah, and Whistler, Canada. The bobsled and skeleton races are televised on NBC Universal Sport, so it’s likely that you will see him with the U.S. squad. Dr. Stuart Katzen (’97) spoke to the kinesiology class at Temple University Nov. 2, 2015. Of the 240-plus in the class, more than 20 requested more information about Life University!

Dr. Joshua Hirsch (’95) and his son participated in a 10-day expedition to summit Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa. He served as the team’s chiropractor and adjusted others along the mountain as the need arose. Hirsch has a goal to summit all 48 of New Hampshire’s 4,000-foot peaks. As of today, he has summited one-third of them with 16 down and 32 to go.

Crowe Chiropractic celebrated 63 years Dec. 20, 2015. Started by Dr. Hugh L. Crowe (Palmer, 1951), the tradition continues with his son, Dr. Keith H. Crowe (’98). Keith Crowe continues to be on the leading edge of the natural healing arts and carries on his father’s skills and expertise to help people of all ages achieve optimum health and confidence.


2000s Congratulations to Dr. Faheem Nasir (’04) of Atlanta. He was randomly selected to win a customized drop table courtesy of Dr. Dennis Ostrowski (’92) of Sunshine Tables. Find us at an upcoming event or convention for your chance to enter to win — we draw twice a year! Dr. Josh Wagner (’10) was featured by in a podcast interview detailing how to communicate with current and future patients, and increase patient compliance. Wagner maintains a successful practice in Manhattan, New York, and through the Perfect Patient Funnel System, he is able to help other chiropractors generate more referrals with far less stress and energy.

Lyndsy Holman (’12) opened Heartland Clinic of Chiropractic in March 2013 in Monticello, Georgia. In 2015, her practice was named Business of the Year for 2015 by the Jasper County Chamber of Commerce. They were nominated by the citizens of Jasper County and received the award with great appreciation. | Spring 2016



FRIENDS WE’VE LOST Dr. David Ehrman (’92) passed away unexpectedly June 22, 2015. He followed his heart from Long Island, New York, to Atlanta, where he practiced Chiropractic for more than 25 years. He had a warm smile, a good heart and was a committed friend. He is survived by his daughter, Alexis, who he loved dearly; his brother, Jeffrey; and his parents, Robert and Carol. Dr. Amanda Lockhart Holland (’93) passed away Oct. 5, 2015 in Madison, Alabama. She is survived by her husband, Stephen, and their three sons, Garrett, Andrew and Grant, along with a host of other family and friends across the country. She will always be remembered by all who knew and loved her, and she will be greatly missed.

Dr. Albury Gardner (’86) passed away Sept. 10, 2015. He practiced in the Chamblee and Dunwoody, Georgia, areas for more than 28 years. He had a huge heart for others and kept many of his patients and their subsequent generations coming back to him. He is survived by his wife, Denise, and their three sons, Jason, Kevin and Curtis. As many who knew him, he had an insatiable hunger to learn, grow and share whatever he set his heart and mind to do in order to benefit himself and others. He will be greatly missed. Dr. Peter Gordan Cutler (’87) passed away in April 2015. He is survived by two beautiful daughters, Brittany and Sidney. Dr. Raymond Racioppo (’92) passed away March 24, 2015, in Yonkers,

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New York. He was an accomplished chiropractor and loved riding his motorcycle and driving his cars. He is survived by his wife, Gina, the love of his life, and stepchildren, Ashley and Anthony. He is remembered with love and admiration from all who know him. Dr. Christine Renee Dalhauser (’00) passed away Nov. 17, 2015, in the comfort of her home and surrounded by family after an 18-month battle with brain cancer. Known affectionately as “Dolly,” Christine impacted numerous lives as an anatomy teacher and cross-country and track & field coach at a high school in Marietta, Georgia. She is survived by her husband, Jeff, and their children, Ryan, Paul and Hannah.

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