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THURSDAY Nov. 1 | 10:30 am Lied Center Main Stage GRADE LEVEL Pre-K– 4 CURRICULUM CONNECTIONS Science, Music,Theater, Movement, Social Studies

Jugglemania’s Rhys Thomas has taught circus physics from the sultry coast of Trinidad to the frozen Bering Sea. Accompanied by tap dancing saxophonist Shoehorn, it’s 55 minutes of educational fun! Students observe gravity’s constant acceleration through bowling ball juggling, gyroscopic stability through spinning glass bowls, centripetal force with cowboy lariats, center of balance atop a six-foot unicycle, and inertia using the classic tablecloth pull. Combined with more tricks, volunteers, and the irresistible force of levity, students’ learning is extraordinary!


CREOLE FOR KIDZ FRIDAY Feb. 1 | 10:30 am Lied Center Main Stage GRADE LEVEL K–6 CURRICULUM CONNECTIONS Music, Social Studies/History, Language Arts, Cultural Studies,Visual Arts

Terrance Simien brings Creole culture and Zydeco music to the Lied Center’s main stage with his dynamic show Creole for Kidz.With accordion in hand, Simien brings Louisiana to Nebraska, blending the traditional music of the Creole culture with reggae, Cajun and funk to create a one-of-a-kind experience. Teachers have a rare opportunity to link this performance to Mardi Gras (celebrated in early February), and especially to explore the unique music, history and tradition of Creole culture.

HITLER’S DAUGHTER WEDNESDAY April 3 | 10:30 am Lied Center Main Stage GRADE LEVEL Grade 4 and up CURRICULUM CONNECTIONS Theater, Dance, Social Studies/History, Language Arts, Cultural Studies

Australia’s Monkey Baa Theater for Young People brings Jackie French’s novel, Hitler’s Daughter, to the stage in a play that captures the heart. In a downpour in modern-day Sydney, Australia, four friends huddle under shelter telling stories while they wait out the storm. Anna begins with a fictional story about Hitler’s daughter, Heidi. Switching between 1940s Germany and contemporary Australia, the story inspires Anna and her friends to question society’s fears and prejudices and their civic responsibilities with a glimpse into the history and social issues surrounding World War II. An educational exhibit will accompany this show.



SATURDAY | Jan. 26 10:00 am–2:30 pm For teachers grades 4 –12, all subjects REGISTRATION DEADLINE Monday, January 21, 2013

In this workshop, teachers explore the genius of powerful questioning using theater, movement and visual arts.Through exercises in character development and “voice exploration,” students experience first-hand the power of questioning, examining what life may have been like for Hitler’s Daughter at the time of WWII compared to life today.This workshop is designed for teachers— to prepare students to attend the matinee performance of Hitler’s Daughter on Wednesday, April 3, 2013. (See matinee description.)

TEACHER WORKSHOPS READERS THEATER— DRAMATIZING THE CONTENT Rosalind Flynn, Kennedy Center Teaching Artist For teachers grades 4–9, all subjects (arts, math, science, language arts, social studies) Date: Spring 2013 Designed to help students practice fluent reading, retain information, and perform better on assessments, this Readers Theater workshop merges theater and content learning, while incorporating the theatrical skills of vocal volume, expression, and gesture. Teachers plan, write, rehearse, and stage scripts to both inform about a specific curriculum topic, while also fully engaging students in learning! Sample scripts, a guideline for developing scripts, and examples of performancebased assessments will be provided. This workshop is a web-based class and is available to any Nebraska school or school district.

BUILDING MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS FROM RECYCLED MATERIALS John Bertles, Kennedy Center Teaching Artist For teachers Grade K–8, all subjects Thursday, March 21, 2013 | 4:30–8:00 pm No musical or science background required! In this workshop, teachers explore how to guide students in creating musical instruments inexpensively from recycled materials and use the instruments to make direct connections to science and literacy. A novel way to teach physics, engineering, and the science of sound. REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Monday, March 18, 2013

The Lied Center’s mission is to transform lives by educating, inspiring and entertaining the people of Nebraska through the performing arts. THE KENNEDY CENTER PARTNERS IN EDUCATION PROGRAM This national program assists arts organizations throughout the nation to develop and/or expand educational partnerships with their local school systems. The purpose of each partnership is to establish or expand professional development programs in the arts for all teachers. The program is based on the belief that educating teachers is an essential component of any effort designed to increase the artistic literacy of young people. There are currently just over 100 such partnership teams across the nation. For more information: ARTS INTEGRATED TEACHING AND LEARNING The arts are effective tools for teaching core subjects such as math, science, and reading/language arts. Through this approach, general classroom teachers learn how to engage students using arts integrated strategies, directly addressing students’ needs in literacy, computation, fluency, and other critical thinking skills. K–12 TEACHERS AND TEACHING ARTIST WORKSHOPS Classroom teachers, arts specialists, instructors and teaching artists may choose to participate in workshops, seminars and/or summer institutes led by Kennedy Center teaching artists. Addressing K–12 national and state education standards in arts and non-arts subjects is an essential aspect of this approach. NEBRASKA’S 2001 PARTNERS IN EDUCATION PROGRAM Since 2001 the Lied Center has collaborated with the Umonhon Nation School in Macy, Nebraska and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s College of Education and Human Sciences in Lincoln, Nebraska to develop ongoing professional development for K–12 teachers. This program is unique among the Kennedy Center’s National Partnerships programs in that it partners a Native American school district with a performing arts center and education college. A planning team develops a partnership agreement and program objectives annually and meets quarterly to plan activities, review goals, evaluate progress and celebrate success. Research results from this program were recently featured in a national publication as one of six success stories selected from more than 100 Kennedy Center Partner in Education programs. Similar partnerships have been formed with minority-majority schools/ communities including Crete, Madison and Gering, Nebraska.

PROGRAM SUPPORT: Sarah Lahr’s Sarah’s Kids Dr. Phillip Engen Umonhon Nation School

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Lied Center 2012/2013 Student Matinee Booklet  

Lied Center 2012/2013 Student Matinee Booklet