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A letter from the editor

Dear readers, Hello and a very warm welcome to LID Publishing’s 2016 Spring catalogue. LID Publishing is the home of boutique business books. LID Publishing does not publish fiction or leisure books – we are completely focused on sourcing, publishing and promoting high quality books that communicate the unique voice of our authors to the wider commercial world. Our collection furnishes businesspeople and entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skills needed to prepare our readers to do business successfully in today’s world, and to prepare well for tomorrow’s. We are hugely excited about the titles we have lined up for release from January to June 2016. As LID Publishing’s editorial director, I’m thrilled to share the details of our great new range of books with you. Please open up this catalogue and

take some time to have a closer look. Having published several excellent books in 2015, we include the very best of last year’s selection in this catalogue as well. I would like to take this opportunity to extend my thanks to all of our authors. I would also like to thank our upcoming authors whose books are due to be published, for adding to and expanding our publication list. There is great credit due to my colleagues in London and New York. Without their creativity and meticulous work, this fantastic new range of books would not be possible. Enjoy the catalogue.

Sara Taheri Editorial director

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Steven D’Souza and Diana Renner have more than 30 years’ experience between them working globally with all types of organizations.

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MANAGEMENT BOOK OF THE YEAR Not Knowing was awarded the Chartered Management Institute’s Book of the Year award 2015, the most prestigious prize for the best management writing in English.

This book re-frames the concept of Not Knowing, from being in a fearful place of weakness and ignorance, moving to something we must engage with personally. It introduces us to a new paradigm, where Not Knowing becomes an exciting opportunity, where we are no longer limited by what we already know and our habitual reactions to things that life throws at us, so that deeper knowing can emerge, full of rich possibilities and wisdom.

ISBN 978-1-910649-56-5 Publication date UK: June 2016 US: September 2016 Net price £12.99 / $19.99 Format 216 x 138mm Paperback 208pp Category Business/ Smart thinking Territories World Rights All

What creates the future? On the one hand, we have the grandiose, top-down stories of what we should believe in and should focus our resources on. On the other hand, we have a single, tinkering individual who, for all we know, might have been thinking about cheeseburgers whilst writing a song that would net him millions of dollars and spice up NHL Playoff games to boot - a bottom-up way of making a (small) difference. Usually, we tend to see the former as big, influential and important and the latter as lightweight, frivolous and more entertaining than impactful. What if we’re wrong? What if even the greatest historical events and discoveries were shaped more by tinkering individuals and accidents than by grand narratives? In Minifesto, a renowned futurist explores how the world can change at the hands of a single individual. –4–

Magnus Lindkvist is an international futurist and consultant. He is the author of Everything We Know is Wrong and When the Future Begins.

ISBN 978-1-910649-07-7 Publication date UK: September 2015 US: February 2016 Net price £12.99 / $19.99 Format 216 x 138mm Paperback 192pp Category Decision-making/ Problem solving Territories World Rights All (ex. Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish)

Ari and Mona Riabacke are consultants with Ph.D.s in risk and decision analysis. They are members of the Decide Research Group at Stockholm University.

Never before has the number of decision-demanding situations been so many and number of options to choose from been greater. Every day, we make up to 10,000 decisions at an ever-faster pace in an increasingly complex and fast-changing world. This is a book about how decision problems can change into decision opportunities. It can be as easy as simply resolving to make decisions, to stop postponing decision making – to dare. There is a global knowledge-shortage with respect to what it is that triggers people when they make decisions. This ground-breaking book will help close these knowledge gaps. The authors introduce the Pyramid of Decision Making, based on extensive research and experience within commerce and industry. Through following the steps outlined, you will make wiser decisions in both business and life. –5–

ISBN 978-1-907794-61-2 Publication date UK: January 2016 US: April 2016 Net price £12.99 / $19.99 Format 198 x 130mm Hardback 152pp Category Business/Culture Territories World Rights All

The realm of the “personal” is now increasingly touched by technology – especially the Internet. This readjustment has had one significant effect: it has taught individuals a range of skills that would normally be in the domain of businesses. Ordinary people now behave as businesses do by using buying strategies to get costs down. In fact, we have become so business-like as individuals that marketers need to get rid of the processes of “Business-to-Consumer” communication, and begin to adopt the rules of “Business-to-Business” when talking to consumers. Such change of our lives is an explosion of the new – new thinking, new business, new relationships, new selling, new buying, new leisure, new humans.


Andy Law is one of the world’s most respected and radical thinkers and practitioners in marketing and business. He is the author of Open Minds and Implosion.



ISBN 978-0-9860793-5-1 Publication date US: June 2016 UK: August 2016 Net price £19.99 / $29.95 Format 234 x 156mm Hardback 256pp Category Business/ Management Territories World Rights All

Peter Drucker is known worldwide as “The Father of Modern Management”. The methods developed by Drucker remain highly relevant and continue to be used in today’s organizations. This book, written by Drucker’s first executive PhD graduate of the program he developed, is the first book to reveal in detail Drucker’s methods and ideas as a consultant. Jack Welch noted that his success at GE was based on Drucker’s consulting advice. Bill Bartmann became the 25th wealthiest man in America at one point. He, too, credits Drucker’s advice in helping with his success. This book is an encyclopedia of Drucker’s consulting approaches and how and when to apply them. Consultants, executives and managers will also gain new insight into Drucker’s thinking and methods, and why they continue to have such tremendous influence over today’s organizations. –8–

William A. Cohen’s books have been published in 23 languages. As a speaker, Cohen has spoken on five continents, and executives from more than 50 foreign countries have attended his talks.

ISBN 978-0-9860793-3-7 Publication date US: November 2015 UK: January 2016 Net price £19.99 / $29.95 Format 234 x 156mm Hardback 256pp Category Business/ Management Territories World Rights All

Martin Echavarria is a consultant who specializes in business alliances. He is a regular commentator and speaker on the topic.

In the new millennium, business collaboration is the name of the game. Gone are the days when a singular company that housed all its value creating activities under one roof could succeed. Companies of all sizes now focus on their core competencies and work with a global network of strategic suppliers and partners to bring products and services consistently to market. The mission of this book is to improve the success rate of business alliances by providing the first-ever “how-to” guide for building successful business collaborations. This book is essential for any corporate innovator who is interested in driving tremendous value and success for themselves and their companies in this new world of global business alliances.


ISBN 978-1-910649-19-0 Publication date UK: November 2015 US: March 2016 Net price ÂŁ12.99 / $19.99 Format 216 x 138mm Paperback 208pp Category Business/Technology Territories World Rights All

Are we living in a time that is more exciting, more dangerous and more encouraging than any previous era in world history? We really do not know, but what we do know is that each new era and technological paradigm shift present particular challenges and opportunities. Knowing which path to take or what decisions to make in combination with these new developments is one of the greatest challenges facing business today. This book presents a framework on how to relate to these times of enormous technological uncertainties. The author, a leading futurist and successful tech investor, argues that by combining a historical perspective with a curiosity and understanding of technology, we can gain significant insight into possible, probable and/or preferable futures. – 10 –

Nicklas Bergman is a futurist, technology investor and entrepreneur. He is also an advisor to the TechCast Think Tank in Washington DC.

ISBN 978-1-907794-89-6 Publication date UK: November 2015 US: March 2016 Net price £19.99 / $29.95 Format 234 x 156mm Hardback 256pp Category Business/Economics Territories World Rights All (ex. Swedish & Danish)

Per Wimmer is an investment banker who specializes in mining, oil and gas, and alternative energy companies.

We are hopelessly addicted to energy. It holds our civilized world together and life without it would be unthinkable. That would be challenging enough in itself, but we have an additional problem. Our “drug” has unpleasant side effects – the emission of greenhouse gases and other pollutants associated with fossil fuels. This book answers the fundamental, urgent question: how do we keep the lights on in 2030, or 2040, or indeed 2050, while keeping our planet alive? Politics drives energy policy as much or even more than economics, and the two don’t always pull in the same direction. As a result, governments are offering “free money” to companies to come up with renewable energy sources. The author argues that the solution to our future energy demands and to controlling the environmental crisis lies in gas and, most controversially, in nuclear power. – 11 –

ISBN 978-0-9860793-2-0 Publication date US: May 2016 UK: July 2016 Net price £12.99 / $19.99 Format 216 x 138mm Paperback 208pp Category Business/Self-help Territories World Rights All

What is it about certain individuals that inspire not only themselves, but also the people around them, organizations and even whole nations to be more creative, innovative and transformational? The core premise of the book is that inspiring leaders are not successful because of what they do, but because of who they are. A certain sense of being comes with deeper levels of awareness, which turns ordinary people into inspiring leaders. Whether you are a CEO, a director, a student, a parent or merely someone who wants to inspire and make a positive difference in the world, reaching deeper levels of awareness is what will help you make that difference.

– 12 –

Bahriye Goren is the co-founder of Art of Branding, a global branding consultancy, as well as a lecturing professor of Marketing and International business.

ISBN 978-1-910649-01-5 Publication date UK: September 2015 US: February 2016 Net price £12.99 / $19.99 Format 216 x 138mm Paperback 184pp Category Self-help/Business Territories World Rights All

Claire Fox is a high profile HR director with 14 years experience internationally and locally. She spent a significant period of time in a professional multinational FMCG, but started her career in a dynamic, entrepreneurial, fast growth, start-up.

In a world of ever-increasing work demands, coupled with a greater expectation to have a holistic life embracing elements outside of work, help is needed. This book draws on the author’s practical Work–Life Symbiosis model, real life stories and examples, and tools to enable people to understand what is really important to them in life and help them align their choices with this. The model allows the reader to clearly identify and understand factors that enable them to make work “work for them”. It allows readers to ensure their lives are aligned to their most important priorities. It provides simple tools to make a change and is illustrated with real life examples and stories.

– 13 –

ISBN 978-0-9860793-1-3 Publication date US: October 2015 UK: February 2016 Net price £16.99 / $24.99 Format 216 x 138mm Hardback 256pp Category Business/Marketing Territories World Rights All

We live in the Age of Aging – no other global trend will do more to impact public policy, health and human welfare. The world’s Baby Boomers are marketing’s most valuable generation and exploiting an opportunity this significant requires the smartest thinking from the marketing community. Getting Better With Age is based on the premise that as the world ages, marketers need to improve the way that they market to people of ages. This groundbreaking book has insights, examples and intelligence to help marketers more effectively connect with aging consumers and to realize the fast business growth associated with this massive but under-leveraged target market.

– 14 –

Peter Hubbell is the Founder and CEO of BoomAgers, an industryleading advertising agency dedicated to the Baby Boomer generation and global aging. He was recently named a 2014 Global Agency Innovator by The Internationalist Magazine. He is the author of The Old Rush (2014).

ISBN 978-1-910649-40-4 Publication date UK: October 2015 US: October 2015 Net price £19.99 / $29.95 Format 234 x 156mm Hardback 256pp Category Business/ Management Territories World Rights All

Kai Engel, is a Partner and MD of Germany, Violetka Dirlea is a Partner and Jochen Graff is a Principal at AT Kearney, one of the world’s most influential management consultancy firms.

Masters of Innovation is the manual for creating a sustainable innovative organization – because innovation is not an art. It’s a capability. The past 15 years have brought a flood of how-to books about innovation, most of them stuffed with stories of startling eureka moments and charismatic leaders. These stories have little to teach business leaders their own innovation capability. But Masters of Innovation clearly and concisely explains how managers make innovation more than just a “breakthrough moment”. This book offers the real experience of the world’s best innovators. These are not just the hot “tech” companies of the moment, but companies growing in traditional sectors, where slow growth would be expected. Being innovative is a repeatable process that can be studied and learned, one that will sustain a company’s profitable growth for decades. – 15 –

ISBN 978-1-907794-91-9 Publication date US: June 2016 UK: August 2016 Net price £19.99 / $29.95 Format 234 x 156mm Hardback 224pp Category Business/ Management Territories World Rights All

More than ever, organizations need dynamic strategic leaders who can think unconventionally, beyond the boundaries of the “core business”. Drawing on Dr Kuhn’s ground-breaking research on strategic mindsets conducted at Columbia University, as well as his years of experience helping executives elevate their thinking and reinvent their businesses, Beyond the Mirage sheds light on the fundamental shifts in language, lens and mindset that are needed to cross the chasm from operational management to strategic leadership. Packed with examples and uplifting leadership portraits, Beyond the Mirage offers generations of leaders a touchstone text that paints a compelling picture of what it means to think and lead strategically, and provides proven principals and tools for escaping the operational trap of today to create the growth of tomorrow. – 16 –

Dr Jeffrey Kuhn is the founder and CEO of GrowthLeaders. He is an acclaimed columnist, business advisor, and speaker. He holds a doctorate from Columbia University and has served as an adjunct professor at Columbia Business School.

ISBN 978-1-910649-53-4 Publication date UK: March 2016 US: May 2016 Net price £12.99 / $19.99 Format 216 x 138mm Paperback 224pp Category Business/Self-help Territories World Rights All

Myles Downey is an expert in human potential. He coaches executives and leadership teams and is the author of the bestselling Effective Modern Coaching.

Definition of “genius”: someone who has exceptional intellectual or creative power or other natural ability. Doing or creating something truly creative will be the defining feature of success in the 21st century. This requires us to seek out our abilities and the innate resources born to us, raise our performance and fulfil our potential – in other words, to enable our genius. This fascinating book examines the nature of genius in human beings and what it takes to go beyond mediocrity and ordinariness. Written by a leading thinker and consultant in human performance, together with contributions from other experts in the field, the book identifies four specific kinds of genius that are within everyone’s reach: unique individual genius; genius in any discipline, craft or skill set; moments of genius; and collective genius. – 17 –

ISBN 978-1-910649-14-5 Publication date UK: September 2015 US: February 2016 Net price £12.99 / $19.99 Format 216 x 138mm Paperback 192pp Category Business/Culture Territories World Rights All

“I was never really a big coffee drinker and, of course, tea is the thing in China. But I just can’t help myself. Also, the place I have now landed in, and my favourite, where most of my meetings and conversations seem to take place, is an eclectic mix of Chinese tea house and Western coffeeshop”. Thus, begins Notes from a Beijing Coffeeshop, in which the author provides a series of fascinating observations of today’s fast-changing China. Jonathan Geldart has spent the past five years in Beijing. His conversations with Chinese business leaders, opinion formers and ordinary Chinese provide deep insights into Chinese life, business and culture. Engaging and enlightening, the stories and profiles in this book are a gateway to seeing how people are really doing business and living in the new China. – 18 –

Jonathan Geldart is Executive Director of Markets Development at Grant Thornton International Ltd., one of the world’s leading accountancy groups. He has spent the past five years working in China.

ISBN 978-1-910649-42-8 Publication date UK: January 2016 US: February 2016 Net price £24.99 / $29.95 Format 234 x 156mm Hardback 292pp Category Business/ Management Territories World Rights English language

Jianlin Wang is the founder and chairman of the Wanda Group. Prior to that, he spent 17 years in the Chinese army, rising from border guard to regimental commander.

In 1998, Jianlin Wang formed a property company in the north-eastern Chinese city of Dalian using a loan of $80,000. Today, Dalian Wanda is China’s largest private property developer, generating revenues of $40 billion globally, and owning some 9-million square metres of investment property. In 2012, Wanda acquired AMC Theatres and became the world’s largest theatre owner, with a view to becoming a global entertainment colossus. Wang has become Asia’s richest man. This book, by its founder and Chairman, provides unprecedented insight into the ethos and activities that have created the success that is the Wanda empire. Wang describes his managerial philosophy and the essence of his business ideas to “make Wanda a brand like Walmart or IBM or Google – a brand known by everyone in the world”, and that led The Economist to call him “a man of Napoleonic ambition”. – 19 –

ISBN 978-1-910649-51-0 Publication date UK: June 2016 US: July 2016 Net price £29.99 / $39.95 Format 234 x 156mm Hardback 292pp Category Business/ Management Territories World Rights English language

In 2012, the Chinese company Huawei Technologies overtook Ericsson to become the world’s largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer, firmly establishing itself on the world business map. Today, it has over 170,000 employees worldwide and in 2014 the company generated a remarkable profit of $5.5 billion. Whilst research and development and the technology that results from it are core drivers of Huawei’s success, the company’s amazing growth is also determined by its human resource strategy. This is based on a “customer-first” attitude, the belief that obtaining opportunities is through hard work and, above all, “a dedication to do the best in anything we do”. How Huawei promotes this dedication amongst its workforce is the subject of this important book. – 20 –

Weiwei Huang is a professor of business at Renmin University of China. He has served as senior consultant to the Huawei board and Huawei’s founder Mr. Zhengfei Ren since 1996. He is currently Chief Management Scientist at Huawei.

ISBN 978-1-910649-41-1 Publication date UK: March 2016 US: March 2016 Net price £12.99 / $19.99 Format 216 x 138mm Paperback 280pp Category Non-fiction/ Leadership Territories World Rights English Language

On December 22nd 1972, the world discovered that 16 of the 45 passengers of the Uruguayan Air Force plane that had crashed in the Andes 70 days earlier were still alive. Pedro Algorta has never spoken of his experiences; in this book he breaks his silence of over 40 years and gives a first-hand account of one of the Pedro Algorta is one of the most incredible stories of human survival and team survivors of the Uruguayan spirit. Pedro delves into how he personally lived those plane that crashed in the Andes in 1972. After the 70 days in the cordillera, the day-to-day struggle to accident, he graduated with survive, and how with difficulty, a lot of hard work a degree in Economic Sciences from the University and strong team spirit the group created a survival of Buenos Aires, and then machine in the mountains. Each one of us has our went on to get an MBA from own mountain – our own story – and understanding it Stanford University. He has helps us make sense of our path in life and to see the had a successful business career as an executive at way ahead. We are all capable of surviving our Andes. various companies.

– 21 –

ISBN 978-1-910649-25-1 Publication date UK: February 2016 US: April 2016 Net price £12.99 / $19.99 Format 216 x 138mm Paperback 224pp Category Business/ Management Territories World Rights All

This book explores and demonstrates the transformative learning experiences that organizations and their leaders can derive from the arts. The central role of the arts is accepted in everyday life, but the implications of this are not typically extended to the world of business. The authors argue that, to the contrary, the methodologies and approaches that are fundamental to performing artists can provide the inspirational, people-centred and performancerelated techniques that are missing from much of the typically mechanistic, and process-driven training and development of managers and executives. Technical proficiency and expertise are not enough to deliver awardwinning results; what enables outstanding performance is the elusive but entirely recognizable element of artistry – the spark that transforms a technically good performance into something extraordinary. – 22 –

Mark Powell is a Partner at leading management consultancy firm AT Kearney and Jonathan Gifford is a business coach and writer. They specialize in management development.

ISBN 978-0-9860793-4-4 Publication date US: January 2016 UK: March 2016 Net price ÂŁ19.99 / $29.95 Format 234 x 156mm Hardback 256pp Category Business/ Management Territories World Rights All

Moe Glenner is an experienced senior manager in the supply and logistics sector with Global Logistics for Steel Warehouse (a $2-billion company). He is much in demand as a consultant in creativity and keynote speaker.

This book melds together the two most critical elements to organizational viability: change and creativity. More than simply a how-to book or a technical tome, +Change provides the working knowledge, strategies and tactics necessary to not only be more creative and more innovative, but also to implement change more effectively. +Change introduces the ICI Formula (Ideas + Change = Innovation). This critical formula for sustainable innovation within an organization allows for systemized ideation, unbiased idea selection, better change management methods and finally, sustainable innovation. This is a book for managers and executives in an era where innovation and change have become key competitive advantages to any company.

– 23 –

ISBN 978-1-91649-55-8 Publication date UK: June 2016 US: September 2016 Net price ÂŁ12.99 / $19.99 Format 216 x 138mm Paperback 224pp Category Business/ Smart thinking Territories World Rights All

We live in a world of hyperspecialism. We construct our own localized, closed system. Our system then fails, our specialism suddenly rendered redundant. The expertise we valued so highly has served to narrow and shorten our vision and blinded us to opportunity. There is the need and place for both specialist and the generalist. Currently, it feels the balance is tipped too far towards specialism, which results in too much blinkered decision-making. The authors call for people to develop into generalists. These are people who possess both a breadth and depth of skills, knowledge and experience. These are most definitely not jack of all trades, masters of none. Rather, they are people who have the potential, the attitude and the aptitude to specialize in more than one discipline, and are adept at navigating the digital, networked world we inhabit today. – 24 –

Kenneth Mikkelsen and Richard Martin are consultants who specialize in organizational design and corporate culture.

ISBN 978-1-910649-54-1 Publication date UK: June 2016 US: September 2016 Net price £12.99 / $19.99 Format 234 x 156mm Paperback 224pp Category Business/Marketing Territories World Rights All

In their quest to maintain market position and improve profits, organizations need to become more and more customer driven in today’s fastpaced, competitive market place. A customer-driven organization maintains a base of loyal customers by recognizing that customer service and product Oke Eleazu is the Managing quality are fundamental to achieving competitive Director of the consulting advantage. The purpose of this book is to explain business, think outside in. Oke has held several senior how the environment and culture created in some of roles in major organizations the world’s greatest customer-focused companies all centered on improving the experience of customers, resembles the mindset created by a cult. It is by most recently the Director of understanding the “anatomy” of such companies Customer Service Strategy that we, too, can embark upon a journey of customer for Sainsbury’s. excellence within our own companies.

– 25 –






The Diagrams Book • The Impact Code • The Productivity Habits The Ideas Book • The Networking Book • The Visual Communications Book The Smart Thinking Book • The Future Book • The Storytelling Book £9.99 / $15.95 – 26 –

ISBN 978-1-910649-21-3 Publication date UK: September 2015 US: March 2016 Net price £9.99 / $15.95 Format 180 x 120mm Hardback 128pp Category Business/ Smart thinking Territories World Rights All

Kevin Duncan is a business advisor, marketing expert and the author of several successful business books, including the bestselling The Diagrams Book (LID). He previously worked in the communications and advertising sector for over 25 years.

Plenty of people are intelligent and have the right qualifications. But in business, to be successful, you also have to be smart and creative. This book contains 60 pieces of distilled wisdom to help you think smartly and creatively, and to enable you to stand out from the others. By the author of the bestselling The Diagrams Book (12 languages licensed), each piece of advice can be read in one minute or the entire book in one hour. Divided into six main sections (Growth, Communication, Innovation, Creativity, Relationships and Thinking), this powerful little book draws from a range of disciplines and perspectives to enable readers to transform the way they approach work and life.

– 27 –

ISBN 978-1-910649-24-4 Publication date UK: December 2015 US: April 2016 Net price £9.99 / $15.95 Format 180 x 120mm Hardback 128pp Category Business/ Smart thinking Territories World Rights All

“The future” plays a dominant role in everybody’s lives. But for many, it is a blur and mystery, a wall of fog in which we struggle to see beyond what is immediately in front of us. This book, by leading futurist Magnus Lindkvist, provides the means and tools to plan for and navigate a path into the long term that is to your advantage. Anyone who wants to have a better, more inspiring life in the future has to plan for it – to future-proof it. In this powerful little book, Lindkvist presents a set of practical and easy-to-apply tools that will help you to create a mindset and path for tomorrow.

– 28 –

Magnus Lindkvist is an international futurist and consultant. He is the author of Everything We Know is Wrong and When the Future Begins.

ISBN 978-1-910649-57-2 Publication date UK: June 2016 US: September 2016 Net price £9.99 / $15.95 Format 180 x 120mm Hardback 128pp Category Business/ Management Territories World Rights All

Dawn Sillett has been designing and delivering training workshops and executive coaching for over 15 years.

Maintaining performance today is no longer simply about having an annual appraisal and telling employees “you must try harder”. Research demonstrates that regular discussions about performance and providing feedback to the people you manage is a more effective way to motivate them and keep them on track. Distilled into this single, handy-sized volume are 50 tips, advice and techniques to help any manager become quickly skilled at regularly discussing performance, setting goals and objectives and providing the necessary feedback to ensure individuals and teams thrive in the company. Structured into five key parts, each of the 50 concise chapters also contains a practical exercise to help the reader understand and implement the concepts and ideas of this book. – 29 –

ISBN 978-1-910649-52-7 Publication date UK: May 2016 US: July 2016 Net price £9.99 / $15.95 Format 180 x 120mm Hardback 128pp Category Business/ Personal finance Territories World Rights All

One of the biggest enemies of our general wellbeing is stress; and one of the biggest causes of stress is concern about money. This book provides a simple and practical guide to planning your daily and longterm finances by understanding your objectives and motivations. In doing so, it offers respite from the anxiety and stress caused by money problems. The author, an experienced financial adviser, argues that the key to financial wellbeing is to “know thyself” in order to allow decisions to be made, and to ensure those decisions are the rights ones for you. This is underpinned by having control of your daily finances, the ability to cope with a financial shock, to be able to have options in life, to have identifiable goals and a clear path to achieve them, and to ensure clarity and security for those we leave behind. – 30 –

Chris Budd is a FCA authorized financial adviser and Managing Director of Ovation Finance.

ISBN 978-1-910649-08-4 Publication date UK: September 2015 US: February 2016 Net price £9.99 / $15.95 Format 180 x 120mm Hardback 128pp Category Business/Self-help Territories World Rights All

Anthony Tasgal spent 15 years as an ad agency planner before setting up POV, a strategic brand consultancy. He is a Training Director for the CIM and a Visiting Lecturer at Buckingham, Nottingham Trent and Beijing Normal Universities.

Business presentations could be simpler, more engaging and so much more effective, and our business lives so much more rewarding, if we remember to restore the emotional power of storytelling. In an age that is Data Rich but Insight-Poor, this book shows that the time has come to restore the lost art of storytelling; to put the “author” back in “authority”; to write less and think more. Through a simple step-by step approach, the author shows that we need to change how we communicate in our day-to-day lives, and that if we revert to our inherent role as storytellers, we are likely to be both more effective and productive, and a lot less frustrated into the bargain.

– 31 –

Dialogue is a quarterly business journal for senior managers and leaders across the world, covering global business issues, distributed in both print and digital formats Dialogue is a space where ideas are shared, where a network is developed and where brands are taken to a global audience Dialogue can arrange for the digital issue of the journal to be sent to your members We can offer advertising, sponsorship and collaboration opportunities on special projects designed for your brand Make sure your organization is the talking point among a global audience of engaged business managers and thought leaders

Contact us for more information Niki Mullin, Business Development Manager | +44(0) 77 649 895 99

– 32 –

Author: Michael Farmer

ISBN 978-1-910649-20-6 Publication date UK: September 2015 US: December 2015 Net price £12.99 / $19.99 Format 216 x 138mm Hardback 192pp Category Business/Self-help Territories World Rights All

The advertising industry has reached a critical, even dangerous point in its development. Agencies are destroying themselves with growing workloads and declining fees, a “recipe for disaster”. So what are the logical consequences of the failure to act? For the first time, Michael Farmer offers a solution to avoid this seemingly inevitable disaster. This book offers the world’s first effective definition of “the real agency problem”. Once the problem is understood, then the author offers corrective solutions.

Everyone has something important to say. Unfortunately, most do not know how to communicate effectively – to cut through the chatter, get their message across and make a sustained impact. This original and powerful book will help readers overcome this problem by exploring simple, practical steps to take any message and make it memorable and lasting. – 33 –

ISBN 978-0-9860793-0-6 Publication date UK: September 2015 US: September 2015 Net price £19.99 / $29.99 Format 234 x 156mm Hardback 200pp Category Business/Marketing Territories World Rights All

Author: Michael Gobran, William Greenwald & Derek Roberts


LID Speakers are proven leaders in current business thinking. Our experienced authors will help you create an engaging and thought-provoking event.

A speakers bureau that is backed up by the expertise of an established business book publisher.

– 34 –

Author: Lars Tvede

ISBN 978-1-907794-98-8 Publication date UK: May 2015 US: August 2015 Net price £19.99 / $29.99 Format 234 X 156mm Paperback 264pp Category Business/Entrepreneur Territories World Rights All

Human creativity has been one of the fundamental drivers of civilization and progress. Western civilization is now suffering from serious internal decay. This important and fascinating book explains why internal decay is normal. It shows how and why solutions can be found by countries and companies enabling more creativity and adaptability than ever before. It’s through the power of creativity that society and business can overcome the challenges and crises of today.

ISBN 978-1-907794-88-9 Publication date UK: February 2015 US: August 2015 Net price £19.99 / $29.99 Format 234 x 156mm Paperback 424pp Category Business/Economics Territories World Rights All (except Danish)

Crowdfunding’s time has arrived! Through the power of the Internet, it is one of the most exhilarating ways to raise funds for your dream project. This book provides unrivalled explanations and frameworks to help any entrepreneur or business to prepare and execute a successful crowdfunding campaign and raise the capital they need. It contains expert insights and advice from the major players in the sector, including the leading crowdfunding sites, on how success can be achieved. Author: Chris Buckingham

Contact: US Andrew Mueller UK Martin Liu

– 38 –



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