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Managing Multiple Bosses

Managing Multiple Bosses Introduction

 More and more people have been reporting of having more than one boss in their companies.  Then it is important to learn how to handle multiple bosses to succeed in your professional career and to face complex organizations.

Managing Multiple Bosses Main Reasons  As companies continue to flatten, organize work around specific projects, and use temporary teams to complete projects, many employees find themselves reporting to multiple bosses.  It can happen in bigger and more complex organizations, and familyowned businesses.

Managing Multiple Bosses Important

 If you are not careful, when dealing with multiple bosses, you can end up letting all of them down and consequently jeopardize your career.

Managing Multiple Bosses Main Problems When Dealing with Many Bosses  Overload:  Working for many bosses mean having too much to do.

 Conflicting messages:  The more bosses you have the more conflicting messages you get.

 Loyalty:  Some bosses want to know that they are your first priority.

Managing Multiple Bosses Ways to Deal with Multiple Bosses

 The first step is to know what you are up against.  Then you can take several steps to mitigate the risks and make your job, and theirs, easier.

Managing Multiple Bosses Step 01 – Ask Questions  Be sure to ask a lot of questions about the company structure.  Finding out who holds the most powerful position will help you in making decisions about how to act and behave.  While this may seem mercenary, it's important to know who can help and hurt your career.

Managing Multiple Bosses Step 02 – Inform your Activities  Be sure your bosses know what you have been doing.  You can create a shared document that lists all of your ongoing activities, or you can communicate these items in a weekly check-in meeting to your superiors.

Managing Multiple Bosses Step 03 - Get your Bosses to Communicate  When working for many bosses, it is wise to let them sort out their own contradictory situations.  The best approach is to get your bosses to talk with each other, rather than trying to represent them.

Managing Multiple Bosses Step 04 - Set up Boundaries

 If your multiple bosses frequently come to you with questions or to check in about their projects, establish protected times where you can work without disruptions.

Managing Multiple Bosses Step 05 - Get Sneaky if you have to  If you are in a fear-based environment, you have to figure out how to protect yourself.  The worse the environment the more sneaky you have to get.  You need to figure out which of the bosses you work with has the most power and priorize his assignments.

Managing Multiple Bosses Step 06 - Don´t take it personally  It can be easy to develop paranoid fantasies about how your bosses are out to get you.  Chances are they are simply pushing their own agendas and you are getting caught in the middle.  Try not to feel persecuted, and identify the conflicts to resolve them.

Managing Multiple Bosses Principles to Remember - Do  Be on the lookout for the most common challenges of having multiple bosses so you can proactively handle them  Keep a positive attitude and remember that the conflicts are most likely because of the situation, not because of you  Find out which of your bosses is responsible for making the decisions that affect your career.

Managing Multiple Bosses Principles to Remember – Don´t

 Don´t try to speak on behalf of one boss to the other, try to get them to talk with each other if possible  Don´t keep your workload and task list a secret from any of your bosses.  Don´t push for transparency if your organization doesn't reward it.

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Managing Multiple Bosses  

Our presentation introduces some aspects of managing multiple bosses.

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