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connected, Sketches from Spain, Edible Arts. TEN10 Studios 10-10 47th Rd 917.449.9539



As a painter of the urban landscape, I strive to capture the texture, detail and light of the city. My work documents what is so familiar that you can walk by without noticing it, and yet tomorrow it may be gone. sjfnewyork.

Reception May 14 // 6-8pm May 17-18 // 12-5pm Exterior neon by Kenny Greenberg and interior corridor artwork by Beth Williams Garrett, William Garrett and special “house guests” TBA.,, Garrett residence 47-08 Vernon Blvd




May 14-18 // (runs thru July 12) Reception May 14 // 6-9pm JK Sundquist reignites the Long Island City representational art scene. His continued inspired vision of finely wrought architectural images compel a new appreciation of a timeless New York City landscape. Matted LIC Gallery 46-36 Vernon Blvd 718.786.8660


May 14-31 // Tues-Sun 8am-11pm Reception May 14 // 6:30-8pm Paul Otto Kramm was an essential part of our community here in Queens; his passing is more of a loss than many of us know. He was a resident of Queens for more than 45 years, and in that time contributed works that can only be described as masterpieces. The greatness of Paul’s work wasn’t appreciated while he lived, but this exhibition aims to change that. It is time for us to give him his due, and the easiest way we can do that is simply by looking. After all, he left us so much to see.


Prints by Mary Teresa Giancoli. Manducatis Rustica 46-33 Vernon Blvd 917.991.1145

5 SOLOS @ TFCornerstone

May 14-18 // 8am-8pm (until Aug 31) Reception May 14 // 5:30-8pm The LIC Arts Open was generously offered 4 adjacent bare studio apartments to showcase 5 local artists for 3 months in the brand-new TFCornerstone apartment building along the East River.

ORESTES GONZALEZ LIC Artists  & Artifacts

A synopsis of the 2012 LIC ARTIST series of local artists in their studio settings, plus a series of iconic objects and scenes I shot around NEW YORK City between 2011 and 2014. My photos are not solely representational, but symbolic of spirit and emotion. Trying to show the zeitgeist of our place and time is what I try to convey in my photographs. Orestes Gonzalez is a photographer, architect, curator and writer. His photography column in the LIC COURIER, «ORESTES› LIC›, brings you an image of our community in all its evolving formations, every month.


Since I moved my studio to Long Island City, I have become more aware of how buildings may be construed the same way as my mountainscapes and tree lined horizons. Mountains fade into the distant mist in a landscape; buildings fade into the distant mist in a cityscape. LIC offers spectacular skies, as it is not yet overdeveloped. For this exhibit, I have tried to capture the beauty of these skies in both black and white and color pastel. Clouds offer a “24-hour art gallery” in Long Island City, and there is never a shortage of interesting shapes dotting the horizon.

My paintings are best described as abstractions, but invariably refer to aspects of the external world. I treat my acrylics like watercolor to attain a potency of color and to create a fluid and transparent environment, underpinning images, which are both abstract and associative. My work is inspired by things that show the passage of time and their histories with external stimulus such as layers in canyons accumulated and exposed over many years, weathered abandoned buildings, repasted and faded advertisement posters on city walls, a squashed can in a road, layers of paint peeling off of a wall, and so on. These visual encounters influence my aesthetic sense and concepts in my work. Clay that has formed over time in a stratum of the earth and then was dug up to become a glazed art piece in a kiln bears conceptual resemblance to the aforementioned. TFCornerstone 46-10 Center St, 8th FL 718.606.9440


May 17-18// 12-6pm Reception May 14// 5:30-8:00pm The Holocenter has four main objectives: production, exhibition, research and education. Holocenter staff work closely with artists to develop their concepts and provide access to a number of holography studios. 5-25 46th Ave


May 14-18 // 12-6pm Reception May 14 // 5:30-8:00pm This project is presenting artists who have one big thing in common: they all work in the Matthew Barney Studio. With this group exhibition, they are presenting themselves to the community as individual artists, but also as a collective. They are showing sculptures, drawings and installations. Their art practice is a reflection of everyday life within imaginative aspects. It is a statement, critique and observation on social structures and today’s environment. Authors will intervene in exhibits with live action, so in that way, this show will have a form of interactive happenings with the audience. Marko Markovic, Tyler McPhee, Nicholas Broujos, Kevin Lips; Kanoa Baysa; Andre Ponticello. David Jackson Smith, Keith Riley, Adam Cowll, Jade Archuleta Gans, Matt Ryle 5-25 46th Ave


May 14 – 31 // 12-6pm Reception May 14 // 8 pm Tony Vaccaro is a photography legend and a pride and joy of Queens. He has been working in photography since he served in the army in 1944, and we are privileged to be hosting an exhibition displaying some of his amazing work, the Golden Age of Formula One, spanning the 1950’s, in conjunction with some of the amazing things Tony has seen through his lens over the years. His work is introspective and beautiful, and through it we can see life, love, and human nature. Evandro Tech Motors 10-01 45th Ave (entrance on Vernon Blvd) 718.389.0430

PERU ART SHOW May 14-18 // 12-6pm