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At Liberty Law, we champion your success. We will equip you with the values, knowledge, and skills needed to inspire your peers, innovate your profession, and impact the world on the first day of your career.

Are you setting out to make a difference in the world by fighting for the oppressed, being a voice for the voiceless, and advocating justice? We want to support you in that mission. At Liberty University School of Law, we have a smaller, more intimate environment that helps you grow in your convictions while immersing you in the tenets of law. Through our uniquely tailored program, you’ll move beyond books and into courtrooms for the solid practical experience you need to make a difference right away.

Practicing law isn’t just a career: IT’S A CALLING

Join us and learn how Liberty Law can help you find your passion for law and your purpose for life.


We prepare you to become a lawyer of distinction by providing excellent skills training and promoting a culture of unparalleled integrity to ensure you are ready to lead in your community. Our program will help you: Why LIBERTY LAW ? ADEVELOPCAREERPASSTHEBARMANAGEDEBT With our unique Lawyering Skills program, we produce practiceready graduates prepared to take on the challenges of a career from day Withone.a9:1 student-to-faculty ratio supporting educational excellence, first-time takers achieved an 88% passage rate on 2021 bar exams. With generous scholarships and low tuition, we were named a Best Value Law School for 2021 by preLaw Magazine. of high bar passage rate for first-time takers: 95.65% (2018) | 92% (2019) 88.89% (2020) | 88% (2021) EMPLOYMENT RATE for 2021 graduates 90% 4 YEARSCONSECUTIVE 4

School of Law is approved by the Council of the Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar of the ABA, 321 Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60654, which can be reached at (312) 988-6738 Law Planning Property Taxation Advocacy Management Financial


• Trial


At Liberty Law, we’re committed to making sure you have a strong academic foundation that will drive you to become a confident and compassionate lawyer. We provide a quality legal education by integrating traditional courses of law with practical skills — all in a faith-based Libertycontext.University

We teach that the Western legal tradition is firmly established upon a foundation of faith because we believe the best lawyers possess both knowledge and character. We believe the law is best learned within the context of the Christian intellectual tradition and the integration of faith and reason, with Scripture standing alongside revered documents such as the Magna Carta, the Justinian Code, and the Mayflower Compact. We value the biblical foundations on which the concept of law was built and incorporate those Christian values into our program to teach students how to integrate faith and ethics into their pursuit of justice.

••••••Concentrations:AdvocacyAppellateAdvocacyBusinessLawConstitutionalLawCriminalJusticeFamilyandJuvenile Law • International


• Wealth


A legal education at Liberty, with its emphasis on faith, learning, service, and the search for truth, brings a sense of empowerment. Our students graduate with the ability to distinguish themselves with their work ethic, compassion, and honesty.

“My time at Liberty Law was among the most pivotal of my life. I learned there that why you practice law — your motivation — is as important as how you practice law. Law practice is fundamentally about service — helping people with their most intimate problems in their most trying times. Liberty gave me not only the practical tools to succeed as an attorney but also a grounding faith that reminds me that practical, caring service is truly a higher calling.”

TRIPP ISENHOUR Class of 2008, Attorney and Counselor at Law at Caskie & Frost


“Liberty University School of Law takes a markedly different approach to the study of law than many other law schools. Of particular interest, we openly explore how conservative principles, capitalism, and JudeoChristian values undergird the law’s foundation and liberty itself.”

TORY L. LUCAS Professor of Law Founder & Director of the Honors Program

Expand your career options with an additional degree through Liberty University. With five dual degree programs to choose from, you can combine credits toward the completion of another graduate degree and earn both a Juris Doctor (J.D.) and a master’s in as little as three years.


“Liberty Law is one of the only places in the world where future legal scholars, judges, and practitioners are trained to answer the challenges of the 21st century by learning Christian legal ideas that have served as a historical foundation for the creation of just and stable legal systems.”

DR. YURI G. MANTILLA Professor of Law

• Master of Arts in Theological Studies (M.A.T.S.)

• Master of Arts in Public Policy (M.A.P.P.)

Programs include:

• Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)

• Master of Divinity (M.Div.)

• Master of Arts in History (M.A.)


We know the transition into law school can be difficult. To help you succeed, we’ve developed our Systematic Approach to Integrated Legal Studies (SAILS) program. This required orientation helps you adjust to the challenges and demands of law school.


“I don’t think I would be able to do what I do half as effectively if I hadn’t had the training and education that I [received] at Liberty University School of Law. … I loved studying the development of law and politics throughout Western civilization, learning from history but being practical about what’s before us and how to apply principles.”

During the SAILS program, you’ll hone your legal writing and reasoning skills and prepare to actively participate in class discussions. Through the SAILS program, you’ll meet the faculty, get to know your classmates, and engage with others who will support you throughout your first year.



KERRI KUPEC Class of 2011, Washington Editor at Fox News Media

Liberty Law has earned a national reputation for academic excellence, service, and skills training. Our graduates positively impact numerous legal markets across the country. Our Honors Program enhances our legal education program and deepens its commitment to recruiting, developing, and placing high-performing students in the field of law. Participation in the Honors Program will help you to unlock your full potential as a high-performing law student.

Former U.S. Department of Justice Director of Public Affairs and Counselor to the Attorney General


SARAH GREEN Class of Associate2020,atDentons Sirote in Huntsville, Ala.



“Liberty Law gave me a strong grasp of the law, the practical knowledge to implement the law and its interpretations, and a heart for lifelong learning in the profession.”


Develop and enhance your writing techniques at the Center for Legal Writing to become a more persuasive communicator. Strong writing skills will benefit you at every turn of your academic and legal career.

At Liberty Law, we begin preparing you for the practice of law and the bar exam from day one. Our rigorous Barbri orientation program empowers you to meet the demands of the classroom. While in law school, you will have access to study and preparation resources through Barbri that get you ready for final exams. After completing your Juris Doctor (J.D.), we continue with you on this journey by supporting you through Barbri bar preparation and summer check-ins with faculty and staff.


Achieve your full potential with the Academic Support Program, designed to help you with class preparation, class participation, and postclass review prior to taking law school examinations. The program offers one-on-one tutorials to help you absorb course material and apply classroom knowledge to law school examinations. You can also participate in workshops on case briefing, note taking, time and stress management, outlining, and exam preparation.


can ReasonsophisticatedbeandbelieveinGod.andintellectarenottobelaidasidewheremattersofreligionareconcerned.”



You won’t find this anywhere else — the nation’s only exact replica of the U.S. Supreme Court bench. This 330-seat courtroom is used for Moot Court, law school Convocations, and special law-related events (c).



Gain practical experience through mock trials held in specialized classrooms. These courtrooms feature a six-member jury box and are used for both lectures and competitions (b).


As part of Liberty University, Liberty Law is able to offer the amenities of a large campus while maintaining the intimacy of a much smaller school. To help make that sense of community a reality, we’ve created a convenient, self-contained law campus (a). The main building includes classrooms, courtrooms, student organization offices, and the Ehrhorn Law Library.

Facilities That Reinforce Community



Our Lawyering Skills Classroom is designed to provide students the opportunity to engage in real-world simulations while professors can assess from observation rooms.


Liberty Law offers numerous study spaces for students within the law school as well as throughout campus. Study carrels are available for students who desire more private space. In addition, the law library has spaces that are designated for group discussion, quiet study, and even deep quiet for those who prefer silence.


A favorite study spot for students, the library features vast reference materials, including print, electronic, microform, and other nonbook titles; a wealth of research databases; and its own interlibrary loan system. You’ll find study rooms, a computer lab, individual student carrels, and comfortable seating areas — making the library an important student resource (d)

Law school classrooms are built with the student in mind. Each classroom is designed for student and professor engagement.


Students and alumni alike testify to our faculty’s success in merging exceptional academic training with support and encouragement.

“Perhaps Liberty Law’s greatest asset is its faculty, all of whom are second to none. Each one is a true scholar in his or her field, and each is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom, always ready to share with their students.”

JOSHUA HETZLER Class of 2015, Legislative Counsel at The Family Foundation

Accessible, Experienced Faculty

We pride ourselves on the relationship we foster between faculty and students. Our professors serve students as mentors and role models. A community of scholars, our faculty are deeply committed to the search for knowledge through meaningful legal scholarship, but never at the expense of the academic success and professional development of each student. Our professors have an open-door policy and look forward to meeting with students.

DEBRA BEALE Class of 2007, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Law

The Honorable Ed Burnette spent 23 years practicing law at Edmunds & Williams, the oldest and largest law firm in the Lynchburg area. As an active member of the Virginia State Bar, Burnette held various positions during his years of practice and served as president from 1993-94. In 2001, Burnette was appointed as a judge in the General District Court, and in 2015, he ascended to the bench of the Lynchburg Circuit Court. As Liberty Law’s first Jurist in Residence, he acts in an advisory role to both faculty and students, steadily sharing his wisdom and experience in the classrooms and programming to continue Liberty Law’s success in training the next generation of law professionals.

JOEL HESCH Professor of Law


“Liberty Law provides excellent internship, externship, and experiential learning opportunities to its students. As an alumna, I greatly benefited from opportunities that helped prepare me for my future as a criminal prosecutor, guardian ad litem, and practicing attorney in family and criminal law.”

Jurist in Residence

A leading national expert in the area of fraud against the government and whistleblower reward programs, Joel Hesch spent over 15 years as a trial attorney with the Civil Fraud Section of the United States Department of Justice in Washington, D.C., and led numerous fraud investigations affecting 20 different federal agencies. One of these False Claims Act cases settled for $641 million, while the combined recoveries for all his cases exceeded $1 billion and paid out more than $250 million in whistleblower rewards.

Faculty Spotlights


• Taking depositions and making discovery requests

At Liberty Law, we believe a quality legal education can only be achieved when traditional courses are integrated with a comprehensive practical skills curriculum built on the solid foundation of a Christian worldview and a stable understanding of the Western legal tradition. We know that while understanding the theory behind the law is critical, you also need the skills necessary to apply it effectively. We’re committed to making sure you have a strong academic foundation that will drive you to become a confident and compassionate lawyer.

• Engaging in oral argument and client interviewing sessions

• Business Organizations

• Drafting memoranda, pleadings, contracts, legislation, and communication documents

A quality legal education at Liberty means integrating traditional courses of law with practical skills — all in a faith-based context. Our unique curriculum bridges the foundations of law theory with the

• Government Agencies

• Public Defenders Offices

• Law Firms

• Nonprofit and Public Interest Organizations

• Judicial Clerkships

• Prosecution Offices

We’llpractice.challenge your analytical and problem-solving skills through:


Practice locally, regionally, or nationally in a variety of legal settings with Liberty Law’s comprehensive for-credit externship programs.

Get real-world legal experience with externships and internships in:



Liberty Law takes you beyond textbooks with a wide variety of opportunities to get real-life training. Through our recognized practical skills program, you can get hands-on experience through publishing opportunities, externships, competitions, and more. The dedicated clinical space affords law students and professors classroom and office spaces to truly blend theory and practice.

Preparing for Practice


• Litigation, mediation, and dispute resolution simulations

• In-house Counsel Offices

Recognized as one of the premier co-curricular activities available to all law students, judges and legal employers agree that Moot Court is the best activity to prepare you for the practice of law. Here you develop the analytical, writing, and appellate oral advocacy skills that are crucial to your legal career.


Learn to conduct effective opening statements, direct and cross-examinations, and closing arguments by competing in mock jury trials and competitions around the country. Discover how to craft an effective trial strategy and become proficient in the use of the rules of evidence by arguing both sides of an objection.

Liberty is recognized as a powerhouse in negotiations, having placed 5th in a World Negotiation competition and winning tournaments including the International Transatlantic Negotiation Competition, National Basketball Negotiation Competition, National Entertainment Law Competition, and National Environmental Law Competition. Liberty has also won the ABA Regional Competition numerous times and has been ranked in the top 20 nationally 10 times since 2007. Liberty has developed its own negotiation system, which it teaches to all of its students, and sends 8 teams of 2 students to competitions each year.

Build a résumé that will attract future employers by developing practical skills in oral advocacy, alternative dispute resolution, client counseling, and mediation by joining our competition teams. For the third consecutive year, Liberty Law finished in the top 10 for ABA competitions. COURT

Increase your understanding of utilizing the law to counsel clients while you develop interviewing, planning, and analytical skills by acting as an attorney in a simulated law office consultation. Experience the counseling process while interviewing clients for the purpose of discovering the facts, advising them about relevant law, providing options for proceeding, and helping them make informed decisions.


Understand and utilize the mediation process to serve your clients with excellence. Prepare for real-world mediation as you learn effective problem-solving techniques in competitions where you will represent clients in a mock mediation. Liberty Law is actively involved with the annual National Representation in Mediation competition sponsored by the ABA.

Competition Opportunities


Help real clients solve intellectual property problems by assisting startup businesses, veteran-owned businesses, and Christian ministries with trademark, copyright, and trade secret issues. Intellectual Property (IP) students also have the opportunity to counsel on product naming, brand identification, protecting creative works (literature, music, movies, artwork, and software), and protecting client lists and other confidential information. The IP clinic is also certified by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for trademark practice.

Take advantage of Liberty Law’s partnership with the Virginia Legal Aid Society (VLAS) and gain courtroom experience under a third-year practice certificate while earning credit and gaining a greater understanding of pro bono, low bono, and legal aid work. Students have the opportunity to work on numerous legal issues, including Virginia landlord and tenant law, public benefits denials and terminations, the Virginia Employment Commission and unemployment law, debt collection and defenses, and permanent protective orders in domestic violence cases, while providing legal services to clients who could not afford counsel otherwise.

Clinical Opportunities

attorneys in the Bedford and Lynchburg, Va., Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Offices. You’ll develop case strategy, conduct legal research, write motions and briefs, interview witnesses, and give oral arguments under the direct supervision of a former criminal prosecutor and a local commonwealth’s attorney.


Add real-life experience to your résumé with the Constitutional Litigation Clinic, where you can represent actual clients and share the responsibility of managing a case under the direct supervision of constitutional litigation attorneys. You’ll learn civil procedure, evidence, substantive constitutional law, law office management, ethics, and professional



“My participation in the Virginia Legal Aid Clinic prepared me well for my practice in law. As a thirdyear student, I represented clients in serious and stressful situations and worked with opposing counsel, co-counsel, and court personnel on actual cases. I highly recommend participation in one of Liberty Law School’s clinics to every student.”

• Mock interviews

SAMANTHA NICODEMUS Class of 2020, Brooklyn Defender Services employee

• Information regarding job fairs and networking strategies

• Liberty Law Fellowship Program to provide monetary subsidy for summer internships and externships

We’re committed to helping you achieve your goals and fulfill your calling, which is why the Center for Career & Professional Development exists — to equip students and alumni with the tools essential for career development. Our program is designed to help you explore potential areas of employment, discover your practice area preferences and obtain positions in those areas, and cultivate a lifelong commitment to professionalism and community service.



Services include:

• Information on law firms, corporations, clerkships, government agencies, and other employers

• Software for posting of internships, externships, and postgraduate employment

• Hosting interactive panel discussions with attorneys working in various areas of the law

• Résumé and cover letter preparation, review, and evaluation

• Interviewing techniques and strategies

• Individual counseling sessions

As a scholarship recipient, you must accept any institutional aid and private grants for which you are eligible. Institutional and private grants, when combined with scholarships, cannot exceed tuition. If an excess occurs, your scholarship will be reduced.



To qualify for a full or partial scholarship award, you must be accepted into the School of Law, meet scholarship criteria, submit your confirmation deposit, and enroll in our J.D. program.

Sign and return the Admissions Acceptance Agreement

Claim Liberty University ID/Email

• Law students can also apply for FAFSA and Grad PLUS loans.

Submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)*


Sign and return the Scholarship Acceptance Agreement (if applicable)

Complete Financial Check-In (FCI) after you have been registered for classes


At Liberty Law, we believe your investment in a quality legal education will last a lifetime, but your student debt shouldn’t. We’re committed to making your Liberty Law education affordable — our generous, merit-based scholarship assures that virtually every admitted student is awarded a scholarship.

*The FAFSA is only required if the student plans to take out federal student loans.

• Scholarships are awarded up to full tuition.

• Scholarship awards are renewable for subsequent terms based on continued eligibility.

Pay Confirmation Deposit ($300)



Individual visits

VISIT US! At our Admitted Students Weekend, you can: • Attend class • Meet faculty and staff • Talk with current students • Tour the law school To show how much we value you, we are covering all of your travel and lodging expenses.


If you can’t attend an Experience Law event, we’d still love to show you around. Please feel free to make an appointment for a private visit by calling (434) 592-5300. more to HERE

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