Liang Gallery

Liang Gallery was founded in 1993 by Yu Yen-Liang. The gallery is located in one of the main art districts in Taipei, and is based in a three-story building up to almost 2000 square meters where every month holds exhibitions on different themes. Since its founding, Liang Gallery has been committed to promoting Taiwanese modern and contemporary art and academic research on it. It has held many large-scale retrospective exhibitions of artists such as Chen Cheng-po, Liao Chi-chun, Yang San-lang, Chen Chih-chi, Li Mei-shu, Chin Jun-tso, Pu Tien-sheng, and others. In order for private galleries to establish a strong position in the history of Taiwanese art, Liang Gallery regularly works with foundations and families of the artists to organize conferences and discussion forums, and hence, contributes to strengthening social education.