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Liana Paberza Paberza KEA DT15

Liana sustainable fashion KEA DT15 2016

Content 1. Tools & Skills I Trend & Culture________________3 2. Tools & Skills III The Company____________________5 3. Tools & Skills IV Target Groups__________________9 4. Tools & Skills V Mood Board____________________11 5. DT. 1st Term Project Research______________________15 6. DT. 1st Term Project Concept development___________17 7. DT. 1st Term Project Business______________________19 8. DT. 1st Term Project Prototype Development_________21


Tools & Skills 1 trend & culture 3

Trend & Culture Torvehallerne and Israels Plads Video of everyday activities taking place in Torvehallerne and Israels Plads designed by COBE architects_


Tools & Skills 1 trend&culture

Tools & Skills 3 the company 5


SWOT analysis Strengths


_Low cost and fast distribution _Set in strategic locations _Elegant and minimal store design _Constant changes in collections based on demand and feedback _Good quality at low price _Trend monitor-daily sales analysis _Market leader

_Market share expansion _Improving the website, making it more interactive, user friendly _Provide membership with discounts _Become more sustainable _International expansion, especially in emerging markets



_Low inventory stocks _Poor to non-existing marketing campaign (0,3% advertising) _Use of toxic materials _Mostly centrally placed stores _Webshop available only in limited number of countries

_Though competition with other mass production brands _Manufacturing in Spain is becoming expensive _Lawsuits based on use of toxic materials _Possible imitation of goods


Boston Matrix Model

Brand personality archetypes Ruler Aggressive yet calm, shows confidence, adapts easily to the market and does a good job at satisfying customers. Also shows excellent leadership skills, one of the leading company at its category.


Brand identity The brand identity is very strong with simple, minimalistic logo designthat reminds customer high fashion brand. “No advertising” strategy is Zara’s strong side. The strategy is to get as close as possible to high end and luxury brands, but at the same time maintain its midrange affordable prices. Zara’s customers are mostly young individuals with a strong fashion sense and interest in the latest trends, but still cost-counscious.

With the leading time between designers and retailers it dictates at extreme pace, new models arrive twice a week and Zara employs many designers who are to predict customers’ needs and taste.

Lover Zara attracts customers by selling fashionable, affordable and good quality clothes. People tend to say “I love Zara!”. They do because it gives them a feeling of affording to get high fasion for a price related to the quality. The brand image since the beggining stays very strong, clear and that’s the reason why the brand has many loyal customers. To make them feel even more special and stay that way Zara needs some improvement.


Optimisation The proposal for an optimisation take an action by focusing on lover archetype as well as promotion from optimised parameter mix staying true to Zara’s “no marketing strategy”. The part of the Zara’s business that needs some improvement is responding to customer needs. One of the parts of proposal for optimisation is a membership card.

Optimized parameter mix Promotion - Club membership cards: two types (club & exclusive) - The Exclusive membership card: the goal is to make customers feel important and special - The Club membership card: the goal is to make loyal customers

Product - Creating full collection for pregnant women as a part of womens’ department - Patronising new designers - Showing the people who make the clothes-put a face on the company - Online retail developing - Improving the website

Price - Keeping penetration strategy - Product line pricing-similar products (different quality)in different prices - Membership card discount

Place - Expanding the market in smaller cities - Expansion to Nordic European countries - Free shipping from online website (make it more accessible)


ZARA membership

ZARA membership offers two options to choose from Zara club or Zara exclusive. As a member the customer gets special offers and is part of a bonus system. Invitation to special events is provided by Zara exclusive only.

Tools & Skills 4 target group 9

Jonas, 65 consultant

Target group: 60+

He loves gardening and swimming. He owns a summerhouse which he uses with his grandchildren every second weekend. Very conscious about the environment.

SMUK model conclusion Using the SMUK model on the two segments 35-44 and 60-69 we came to the conclusion that the 35-44 is more appealing to Tesla’s brand, we have a generation which is more focused on carrier and luxury brands and quality. Additionally, when we look at statistics it also shows that the segment 35-44 has a higher income than segment 60-69 which also is a factor because Tesla’s cars has a high cost price. In advertisement Tesla can use the social media to communicate with 35-44 segment which is easier and less expensive compared to making TV commercials. There is a higher competition in this segment because many car brands aiming for 35-44 ; cheaper electric car brands or other luxury brand as BMW, Mercedes, Audi etc.


Peter, 61 businessman He is very aesthetic, likes to travel a lot and loves speed. In the weekend he likes to go out with his friends. He often visits gourmet restaurants and he enjoys life.

Tools & Skills 5 mood board 11

Mood Board Minimalism-PopArt Pop Art was a movement established in the 1950’s with the idea to make usual, everyday pop-culture objects iconic and perceived as a piece of art. Instead of using only artworks which everyone is familiar with, I decided to combine them with contemporary images that capture the mood of the particular art movement and develop a vision of how it could be interpreted in today’s world. In the examination process I looked for images with bold, primary colours, as well as pastel tones with the focus on colour blocking. The yellow and blue coat is a perfect example of the bright colours used in the works of Roy Lichtenstein. People were also a huge inspiration for Andy Warhol, some of his most famous works are known to be the iconic celebrity portraits, so to resemble the same idea, I chose to show a portrait of a young American actress, who in my opinion could be a Warhol muse today. Pop Art is also known to be playful in a way and the comic wallpaper pattern adds the feeling of it. The Campbell’s Soup Cans and the illustration of a banana for The Velvet Underground cover art are iconic works that just speak for themselves. On top of all the layers I created an old TV pattern to give the impression of a retro filter to the images. Like Warhol always said: “In the future everyone will be world famous for fifteen minutes”.



m inim alism m inim alist

reduct ivism

m inim alism

m inim al art


m inim al art

art m ovem ent reduct ivism

art ist ic m ovem ent NOUNS

NOUNS minimalism, minimal art, reductivism

minimalism, minimal art, reductivism

an art movement in sculpture and painting that began in the 1950s and emphasized extreme simplification of form and color

an art movement in sculpture and painting that began in the 1950s and emphasized extreme simplification of form and color



Hudson River school deco agism rom ant icimrealism Ashcan school artaldeco m inim art art nouveau lake poet s fut urism Ash Can lum inism m inim alism Im pressionism fauvism van point illism const ruct ivism reduct ivism new wave

dadaism expressionism

natneorom uralismant icism

Eight dada Ashcan School surrealism

avant -garde vanguard Pop Art realism suprem at ism New Wave Nouvelle cubism Vague

artovem ist ic ent m ovem ent art m

sezession secession sym bolism

act ion paint ing Abst ract Expressionism

m ovem ent front social m ovem ent

NOUNS art movement, artistic movement


a group of artists who agree on general principles

3 steps using Visual Thessaurus The three steps using Visual Thessaurus illustrate how the art movement Pop-Art is derived from the noun minimalism.

“A form of art that depicts objects or scenes from everyday life and employs techniques of commercial art and popular illustration.” -American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language

Photoshopp Layers Palette

Screenshot from the Photoshop layers pallete show the various tools used in creating the moodboard.


DT 1st Term Project research 15

Research Cradle to Cradle

Cradle to Cradle garment industry

The term “cradle to cradle” was first used in the 1970s by Walter R. Stahel. From the very beginning, he aimed to emphasise the importance of the holistic approach and the economic, ecologic and social advantages of the loop economy. In the concept materials defined as nutrients with the unique characterisation that such materials could be continually reused in biological and technical cycles. William McDonough: “Of course, you’re not going to find the beginning, middle and end; that’s the point. The irony extends to the issues of design itself because we are designing for endlessness, and that’s really interesting.” Cradle to cradle is not a new idea, it is a new concept which aims to a sustainable future in the economy, industry and society by integrating natures’ already existent patterns and solutions. The Cradle to Cradle principle is getting more and more integrated into the design process and the production, and investments that do not only pay off on the long run but highly beneficial for everyone. As the list, far from being exhaustive, shows more and more companies realise that and join the list of sustainable companies of which Cradle to Cradle is one of the strictest contributors. The more Cradle to Cradle gets integrated with recent technology such as social media etc, the more companies we are going to have adapting to the module and it that way it is going to create a bigger influence and more awareness for the every day consumer to choose differently while making daily purchases etc.


The cradle to cradle life cycle show a concept on how biological and technical metabolisms can avoid toxic processes when creating materials so it can be either decomposed into the nature or recycled and used again.

DT 1st Term Project concept development 17

Concept development H&M case Idea in brief Pop-up store with promotional video, app and membership card. Fashion Capital Experience - Copenhagen, Milan, London, Paris

Target group

16-35 female & male

Screening and idea

We asked different people from different cultures, background and ages. A large number of them was not properly informed about the H&M conscious collection and didn’t feel like H&M was transparent enough. SEE THE VOX POP:

Concept product dimensions

It is a Pop-up store where you can buy the conscious collection, return your used clothes and get a conscious membership card. In the store fashion design students are making new garments from collected clothes.

Validation of the idea

We found out by using the 6 thinking hats that we need a more innovative idea. Maybe an idea on how we can develop this concept to make it is a blue ocean strategy; also, the idea is realistic, but is it going to be something that will give a profit for H&M. We found out that a good idea is to make a membership card and app connected to H&M’s conscious label and the pop-up store to market the product.


The launch will be supported by promotional video, app and membership card. Social media such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter is used to promote our concept and reach the target group


Technical drawings and 3D model of the H&M Sustainable Pop-Up store, H&M Conscious mobile application membership cards. Promotion video:

DT 1st Term Project business 19

Business H&M case

Price calculation One of the products H&M could sell exclusively is an upcycled denim shirt made by the fashion students in the Pop-Up store


DT 1st Term Project prototype development 21

silhouettes On the right: black cutout silhouettes and detail drawings made on manifold. Below: Silhouettes made using Rorschach method


remade t-shirt and shirt 22

dogme 1

dogme 2

dogme 3

method of repetition from dogme 3 was used in creating the final garments- t-shirt and shirt


draping from dogme 1,2 and 3 workshops and sketches from the silhouettes drawn on manifold

colour story Shades of blue are used in both of the designs, taking inspiration from water. Garments are made out of second-hand denim, upcycled plastic bottles are used in the shirt design as an accent.

material card

colour card



Liana Paberza sustainable fashion KEA DT15 2016

Portfolio Liana Paberza DT15 Sustainable Fashion  
Portfolio Liana Paberza DT15 Sustainable Fashion  

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