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fashion illustration & design

about. I could never imagine my life without visual thinking. It seems like my first language has always been an image instead of a written word. An image of context and aesthetic combined. Throughout my educational path I have gained conceptual and technical thinking as an architecture student. In the following years I continued my studies in fashion design and found a more unique and distinctive illustration style. Visual art is where I can get lost and find myself again - whether it’s an exquisite masterpiece or beauty found in ugliness. My illustration work is a mix of quick and sketchy lines to combination of more detailed graphic techniques. I am mostly interested in free-hand drawings where use of eraser is not necessary - the expression of imperfect lines is what defines my style. I work in mediums such as ink, pen and pencil and often crayons.


Drawing & Painting

Still life, 2014. Oil on canvas 80 x 60.

Salvador Dali “Metamorphosis of Narcissus “ reproduction, 2014. Oil on cardboard 70 x 50.

Fashion Design

Zero-Waste Collection designed for Jacquemus fashion brand

Digital Textile Print shirt design in custom-made fabric

SHIRT “ELEVEN“ Shirt Eleven is inspired by youth culture and rebellion. By combining elements of vintage photography, illustration and graphics the outcome gives a nostalgic, even romantic feel. Influences of racing cars and driver suits can be seen in usage of logos and texts in bright, primary colours. Photography elements such as the ski jumper, roses and architecture are all extracts from diapositives of a family archive dating back to 70’s - 80’s in Latvia which at that time was part of the Soviet Union. The playful hand-drawn illustrations are in contrary to the strict order of communism and celebrates the spirit of youth, beauty and freedom. The design can be worn on both sides with the long ends of the collar tied together or left open. The length allows the wearer to experiment by tying the straps around the body or even as a headband. The detachable straps are optional and can be tightened or loosened around the wrists and above the elbow. By playing with the shape and function the shirt Eleven can be worn in multiple ways. Shirt was printed on 100% cotton using the digital textile printer in KEA’s workshop “Makerlab”.

ELEVEN 0.__1

Wearable Technology designed for Norse Projects fashion brand

THE COLLECTION In collaboration with Norse Projects a collection of 12 pieces from clothing to accessories including wearable technoloy was designed. With casual sense and minimalistic approach these styles carry the idea Norse Projects stands by:

“ Created for life. Good for all seasons.“ Embedded light tape technology powered by solar cells provide extra safety tp the wearer during the dark hours. Suitable for dynamic and fashionable lifestyle where urban meets natural.

For more visit: lia-na.tumblr.com instagram.com/lia_.na instagram.com/lianapaberza issuu.com/lianapaberza linkedin.com/in/lianapaberza


Profile for Liana Paberza

Fashion Illustration & Design Portfolio  

By Liana Paberza 2017

Fashion Illustration & Design Portfolio  

By Liana Paberza 2017