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Sept. 5, 2013


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Skateboarding to a stop:

New TV treats to watch for

University bans skateboarding on campus

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September 5, 2013

Olivia Beck: Lace Up For A Cause! Kate Hibbard Co-News Editor

After approximately a year and half of planning, building connections, and designing and ordering products, Olivia Beck, a junior communication major, launched her own charity in February of this year. “The hardest part was waiting for everything to be done and finalized,” Beck said. “I have to tell myself constantly ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day.’ Patience is definitely the tricky part.” Lace Up For A Cause is an organization that sells shoelaces and wristbands in order to raise money for a wide variety of charities, such as local food banks, clean water projects, and cancer-related projects. Beck’s largest donation was about $800 towards pediatric cancer relief. She hopes to someday be able to donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to multiple charities. Beck has been involved in charity work throughout her life and intends to turn Lace Up For A Cause into a full-time project, as well as become a motivational speaker. “I’ve always been huge in charity work,” Beck said. “It’s my biggest and only passion in life.” Beck sells solid-colored shoelaces for $3, printed shoelaces for $4, and wristbands for $2. She is currently working on a tee shirt as well. These will be the only products from Lace Up For A Cause.

Beck stands by a poster created to support Lace Up For A Cause.

Ads Manager

Nate Henderson

Staff Writers

Brooke Kibler Chris Fravel Chris Gill Gina Melasecca Lauren Waters Lisa Conner Spencer McCoy

Photo courtesy of Olivia Beck

Supporters of Lace Up For A Cause come together for a 5K.

Photo courtesy of Olivia Beck

“I want to keep it simple,” Beck said. Beck’s goal is to sell enough shoelaces to metaphorically wrap around the world over and over again. She imagines that the knots in the laces will block off the world’s largest problems, such as hunger and disease. “Helping people has been rewarding,” Beck said. “You think you’re having a bad day, but then you see what others might be going through. That’s what drives me.” Beck is currently hoping to start a club on campus for Lace Up For A Cause, and is looking for members. If you are interested in working with local charities, please contact Beck at If you would like to find out more about and support Lace Up For A Cause, you can visit You can search Lace Up For A Cause on facebook and access the project on twitter at @LaceUpForACause.


New ban: No boards, no blades on campus Spencer McCoy Staff Writer

With the new school year underway, old and new skateboarders are commuting back and forth to classes once again. However they will be met with a new ban that is being enforced this semester. The new ban, enacted by Public Safety, will result in warnings being given out to students riding their skateboards, scooters, or roller blades on campus. Director of Public Safety, Paul Altieri, said Public Safety will keep a record of how many times individual skateboarders are confronted when caught riding on campus and after a certain amount of verbal warnings the skateboarder’s name will be given over to Student Affairs where further action will be taken. “It is too much of a liability for the University to let students ride their skateboards around campus,” Altieri said. Public Safety and Student Affairs became increasingly concerned with the safety of the riders after they received many concerning phone calls from drivers that were afraid of hitting the riders when driving through campus. Drivers reported

that students were riding in between cars down North Fairview Street, and side streets around campus. Another concern that Altieri mentioned was damaged property such as handrails and walls around campus. Skateboarders were reported to be grinding on the rails and the walls along Ivy Lane as well as the fountain. Although Altieri mentioned that Public Safety would be cracking down on this ban, students will still be allowed to ride their skateboards, scooters and roller blades off campus. Their ban states that students are allowed to ride to campus but must dismount their boards and walk onto campus. There are many mixed reviews on the ban by the students on campus. Alec Eggerton, a sport administration major, rides his skateboard to classes every day. “The ban doesn’t bother me and if asked to get off my skateboard I would walk instead,” Eggerton said. “No one has stopped me yet and I don’t see a reason to not ride to class at the moment.” The new ban on skateboarding from Public Safety has started to provide some controversy between officers and students. Although the new ban will be enforced Public Safety wants to make it clear that this is not to single out any groups of Lock Haven students in particular. Their main

goal is to provide a safer atmosphere for students, passing drivers and pedestrians traveling through the University. Public Safety gave the official policy: “1. The use of skateboards, roller skates, or roller blades is prohibited within all buildings upon the campus of Lock Haven University. “2. The use of skateboards is not permitted anywhere on campus or at any time unless approved by the Office Public Safety as part of a scheduled program or demonstration registered through an appropriate administration office.” If you would like to read more of the university’s official police, see page five.


Photo courtesy of Alex Rago

September 5, 2013

Shuttle stops at super store Kyra Smith-Cullen Co-News Editor

Photo courtesy of Kyra Smith-Cullen.

Officials announced on September 4 that students will have a new trolley stop added to the schedule, provided they keep track of the time and don’t miss the bus. The new location will be businesses on Hogan Boulevard in Mill Hall, but students typically ask to be dropped off at Wal-Mart. Before, the only trolley destinations were those on campus and to the downtown area.

With the new stop, Wal-Mart can be reached once a day on weekdays. The bus will arrive at the shopping center at 4:40 p.m to drop students off and return at 5:30 only, and anybody that misses will have to find alternate means of transportation to get back to campus. “I think it is a good idea, especially for those who cannot have cars,” said Morgan Leek, a senior majoring in secondary education. “The university doesn’t have everything and adding Wal-Mart will give people a wider variety.” There has only been two trolleys operating in previous

years, one running between East Campus and the Trolley circle and the other traveling around campus. This year, however, the University added a third bus. University policy still prohibits having a car on campus unless you are a commuter, resident assistant or have earned 45 credits. “I think that [having the Wal-Mart stop] would be amazing! I can’t drive or afford a car, so that would help me out a lot and help me save some money,” Alli Bucher, a sociology major in her sophomore year, said.



Philosophy Major To Be Placed in Memoratorium Chris Gill Staff Writer

A major that has been in place since 1972, over 40 years, is coming to an end. Recently it has been decided by the administration that the philosophy major will be placed in moratorium beginning at the start of the 2014 fall semester. Moratorium means that students will no longer be able to choose philosophy as a major at Lock Haven for two years. Those students currently enrolled with a philosophy major will be allowed to finish with their degree and any students who may wish to enroll before the moratorium period may do so. The philosophy minor will be unaffected by this decision. After the moratorium period the major has a chance of returning but only if the program is reconfigured to meet the PASSHE requirement of 15 majors, something highly unlikely after a moratorium period. One reason for the moratorium is the increasingly fewer students majoring in philosophy. In 2007 there were 15 philosophy majors; that number has since declined to six. One of the reasons for this decline in students is likely linked to the decreasing number of professors in the department. “The main reason our program has declined is, in our estimation, because we went in two years from four and a half professors to two and a half professors,” Dan Shaw, a philosophy professor, said. For those remaining professors this meant they were expected to provide almost as many slots for general education as they had with twice as many professors, and there became fewer upper level courses available for an individual to take. Shaw discussed the prospect of five incoming freshmen

who were interested in majoring in philosophy for this fall semester but due to the lack of upper level courses declined to enroll at LHU. Another factor affecting the number of philosophy majors is the backlog of students needing to fulfill their general education requirement. “Students don’t come in majoring in philosophy, they don’t take philosophy in high school, and they don’t know what philosophy is. They have to take a course, get hooked by it, then major in it,” Shaw said. “As there has been a greater and greater backlog of students who need to fulfill their general education requirement in philosophy, those students can’t get into the course until later and later in their study career. Right now almost all of our students in introductory courses are juniors. The earliest they can get in is second semester sophomore year, by then they have declared a major,” Shaw added. Another large factor that contributed to the choice to place philosophy in moratorium is the budget constraints handed down from the state assembly. “A lot of what’s happening right now is we have a state legislator and, unfortunately, a governor that really doesn’t seem to place a priority on funding postsecondary education in Pennsylvania. So it puts our administrators in a tough spot,” Matthew Girton, chair of the philosophy and communication department, said. Girton went on to explain that the board of governors policy states each major has to have at least 30 graduates over a period of five years. According to Shaw the moratorium is also a cost cutting method in order to help with a projected budget deficit of 2 million dollars for the academic year of 2014-2015. Along with this cost saving measure comes a price, as long time temporary professor Heather Erb will be let go at the beginning of the moratorium.

This leaves the Philosophy Department with only two professors. “Heather is an excellent professor, she has done a whale of a job for us, and we don’t think it irrational to sustain three philosophers at a university of five thousand people,” explains Shaw. The administration’s reason for this cut was to avoid retrenchment - or the firing of - tenured professors. Current philosophy major Jason Piper is disappointed about the news. “Last year they cut down philosophy as a requirement, which was kind of the lead in to putting the major on moratorium. I think we anticipated it but not as soon as it came. Early August I got an email from Professor Shaw saying they had put the major on moratorium,” Jason Piper, a philosophy major, said. “It wasn’t a good night, that’s for sure.” Piper has a passion for philosophy and believes that the critical thinking and questioning skills fostered by the major is an invaluable asset that will be a shame to lose. “We live in the age of information; the advent of google goggles is upon us…information is no longer our problem. How to decipher and question that information is,” he said. “And I think philosophy teaches that the best out of any major.” Philosophy has had a valued history at the university and professors and students who are a part of the major are all passionate about the current sad state in which it has been placed. “What’s happening here is an indictment to post-secondary education, especially in terms of these state schools in the system, and you know you guys should be a little vigilant about it,” Girton said, addressing students. “In terms of what’s happening to your general education curriculum and why. And what’s happened to the amount of faculty on this campus, and why.”

September 5, 2013 Photos courtesy of Kyra Smith-Cullen

“I don’t think we should go. I’m not willing to throw the military into a war, because we know the consequences. Especially against Syria when they’re being backed up by Russia and other big countries. We have the highest amount spent on the military and I’m not willing to send ours to Syria when we don’t need to,” Marquis Ivey, sophomore criminal justice major.

“What do you think of Obama’s plans to launch a strike against Syria?”

“I don’t know a lot about it, but from what I’ve heard, it sounds like it might be a good idea. But it might also be a bad idea because it could cause another war and we don’t need that,” Sarah Phillips, undeclared sophomore.

Reporting on the Run

September 5, 2013

5 Police Reports New Public Safety Policies The Lock Haven University Public Safety Office wish to notify responsible parties of the following new policies regarding the prohibition of SKATEBOARDING, ROLLER SKATING AND ROLLER BLADING. Policy: To minimize the risk of personal injury and property damage upon the campus of Lock Haven University: 1. The use of skateboards, roller skates, or roller skates, or roller blades is prohibited within all buildings upon the campus of Lock Haven University. 2. The use of skateboards is not permitted anywhere on campus or at any time unless approved by the Office Public Safety as part of a scheduled program or demonstration registered through an appropriate administration office. Procedure: 1. Any University personnel observing a violation of this policy should immediately inform the violator of this policy. In the event that property damage has occurred, a call should be placed for Public Safety personnel to respond and investigate the incident. Officers shall identify the parties responsible for the property damage and if necessary, file the appropriate legal charges for such damage. 2. The offices of Student Life and Housing, Public Safety, and University External Relations and Communications shall communicate this policy annually to residents living on campus, commuting students, and visitors to campus via various communications and media outlets. 3. The Offices of Facilities shall erect and maintain signs at the entrances to the University advising that these activities are prohibited upon the property. 4. Public Safety shall forward all reports concerning violations of this policy to the appropriate judicial official through the Student Affairs Office for review and follow up as appropriate. 5.Responsible parties wishing to schedule a demonstration, show, or program pertaining to the titled activities must meet with the Director of Public Safety to review safety regulations and suitability of the request of a multipurpose facility. EFFECTIVE AS OF: August 23, 2013

Arts & Entertainment


September 5, 2013

The best new distractions on television By Kayla Marsh A&E Editor

these shows premiering around the same time how do you know which ones to watch and which ones to skip over on the DVR recorder? Here are some of the ones that sound the most appealing:

There are two things we can always count on when fall rolls around: the leaves changing color and television networks premiering a ton of television shows. So with all

Super Fun Night (ABC October 2, 9:30p.m.) A situation comedy starring “Pitch Perfect’s” Rebel Wilson. The series follows three best friends who set aside every Friday night as a super fun girl’s night. With Rebel Wilson taking the lead on this one, it’s sure to be a super fun night for everyone.

Photo courtesy of

Marvel’s Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC September 24, 8p.m.) Follows the missions of the strategic homeland intervention, enforcement and logistics division. Most people will recognize Agent Coulson from the film “The Avengers.”A perfect show for all comic book fans, whether you prefer Marvel or DC. Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (ABC October 10, 8p.m.) Any fan of ABC’s Once Upon a Time will love this new spin-off of the original. The show follows Alice, trapped in an insane asylum telling stories of the land down the rabbit hole. No one believes her until the Knave of Hearts and the White Rabbit rescue her. Fans of Wonderland and fairy tales will love this action packed new series.

Almost Human (FOX November 4, 8p.m.) From “Star Trek” and “Fringe” producer J.J. Abrams, this show follows a group of cops in the future who team up with androids to serve and protect. Great show for sci-fi and action lovers. Dracula (NBC October 25, 10p.m.) Jonathan Rhys Meyers from “The Tudors” stars as the most famous vampire in history. No we’re not talking about Edward Cullen. It will be a refreshing twist to the old legend. A good choice for fantasy lovers and twihards. Trophy Wife (ABC September 24, 9:30p.m.) Malin Akerman stars as Kate, who just so happens to be wife number three to her new husband played by Bradley Whitford. What she didn’t expect was the three stepchildren and two ex-wives. Sleepy Hollow (FOX September 16, 9p.m.) A modern re-telling of the old urban legend, “Sleepy Hollow.” Icabod Crane died and is reborn in modern day Sleepy Hollow along with the Headless Horseman. The headless horseman wrecks havoc all through the town. Icabod has to team up with the local sheriff to save the small town. Crazy Ones (CBS September 26, 9p.m.) James Wolk stars as Zach Cropper, a copywriter at an ad agency that just happens to be run by Simon and Sydney Roberts, played by Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Horror movie proves to be plotless gore By Nate Henderson Ads Manager

Looking for that summer horror movie blockbuster that will keep you on the edge of your seat with a plotline that won’t disappoint? Don’t expect it from You’re Next. This odd and jumpy film seems to be just an excuse to show excess amounts of gore and random death scenes. Just imagine your typical ‘out in the middle of nowhere and there are people trying to kill us’ works, add homemade killing devices, and PRESTO! You’ve got You’re Next. We’re taken to the middle of

nowhere, where a family is gathering for a little reunion. The characters are shown, however nothing is really learned about them throughout the entirety of the film. Besides little nuances, such as certain characters being silent, others being obnoxious and some that don’t exactly like their family, the characters are just objects. Then come the killers. Why use guns when you can use crossbows and axes? I’m not sure! But these bada** killers sure wanted to make things interesting. Once arrows start flying, you discover the lead character, Erin (Sharni Vion) was raised by doomsday enthusiasts, and miraculously knows everything about surviving a crisis...being attacked by

killers in animal masks is included in these crises. A few people have to die before they actually start to listen to Erin, however. I mean, who wants to listen to a girl? KIDDING! At first the killers seem to be the macho murderers, until Erin is given the opportunity. She brutally and skillfully starts picking off the offenders one by one. Just give her a blender and a pocket knife and she’ll make due, that paired with odd 80’s Street Fighter sounding music. If you’re searching for a film that has little character development, random, brutal deaths, and an Australian, a**-kicking machine, then this movie is for you.

Photo courtesy of

September 5, 2013

Arts & Entertainment

Top 5 upcoming movies to get excited about

By Gina Melasecca Staff Writer

copes with the death of their mother Addie as they travel across Mississippi to bring her body home for the funeral. Along their journey they face several disasters including a flood, a fire, injuries, and their own heartbreak.

“Insidious: Chapter 2” – Coming to theaters 9/13/13 The sequel to 2011’s popular horror movie ‘Insidious’ follows the Lambert family as they search for answers as to what is connecting them to the terrifying spirit world. The first movie was popular for its supernatural plot with a gripping storyline, and the sequel is expected to be just as scary.

“Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2” – Coming to theaters 9/27/13 This family-friendly animated comedy follows up on Flint Lockwood and his infamous machine. Only this time, the machine is producing food-animal hybrids, forcing Flint to leave the job he loves. Starring Bill Hader, Anna Faris, and Will Forte.

“Walk of Shame” – Coming to theaters 9/20/13 From the director of ‘Without a Paddle’ and ‘Mr. Deeds’ comes a comedy about a young reporter (Elizabeth Banks) whose career is on the line after a one-night-stand with a handsome stranger (James Marsden) when she is left stranded in downtown L.A with only a few hours to make it to the most important interview of her life.

“Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa” – Coming to theaters 10/25/13 The makers of ‘Jackass’ are at it again; this time with a hidden-camera movie featuring Johnny Knoxville who plays an 86 year old man traveling across America with his 8 year old grandson. They experience inappropriate situations and shock innocent strangers during their travels. The cameras capture the pair’s exploits and the strangers’ horrified reactions.

“As I Lay Dying” – Coming to theaters 9/27/13 James Franco stars in this drama based on the 1930’s novel written by William Faulkner. The Bundren Family


9/6 Riddick Salinger


9/3 Blancanieves Now You See Me

9/10 Star Trek Into Darkness Peeples

Film Box Retrospective: “Prince Valiant” with Kathleen Ellison

Growing up I always loved to read the Sunday comics. One of the comic strips that I grew up reading was “Prince Valiant”. Filled with dragons, sorcerers, and adventures, this comic, set in the time of King Arthur’s Camelot, never failed to dazzle me. Consequently I was excited beyond belief when amidst channel surfing I discovered the 1997 movie version. Directed by Anthony Hickox and starring Stephen Moyer, Katherine Heigl and Joanna Lumley, this movie is about a squire named Valiant (Moyer) who ends up pretending to be the knight, Sir Gawain, while accompanying the Welsh princess, Lady Ilene (Heigl) back to her home. When Vikings steal the sword Excalibur, with the help of the evil sorceress, Lady Morgana (Lumley), the two become entangled in a fight for power. I regret to say, to the few of you who are fans of the original comic that this movie is not true to the source. Regardless, this movie is a treat, a sugary bad treat. It’s


Creativity Corner

Soundtrack By Lauren Waters If everyone had a soundtrack to their life playing, Would silence be loud? Like a hive of bees buzzing so chaotically, Would we even notice the music? Or would that be our way of recognizing one another? Recognizing our soulmates? Our friends? Our family? Would god be the musician who formulated these tunes? Tunes which would probably scatter and diverge into differently similar melodies, Growing over time as we ourselves age and flourish, Yet still be recognizable to people around us, still uniquely our own, Would these soundtracks change our sight? The way we view the world around us? Would colors be more lyrical? Textures become more texturized? Would all our senses change or none at all? Would we simply have a new sense? A new sense of who’s who and what’s what.... I keep pondering this, And pondering and pondering, Such a depth I can go, So philosophical and deep, Like trying to explain the mysteries of life and death, And everything in between, So if these soundtracks were real, What would mine sound like?

incredibly corny and the acting is not the best. Despite this, the movie manages to sparkle with humor and adventure and a unique plot. The characters were well formed and wonderfully portrayed even if the acting was somewhat bad. Heigl and Moyer are entertaining together. Moyer’s portrayal of Valiant was humorous; while Heigl’s saucy Ilene made me smile. The special effects weren’t the best, Lauren Waters is a sophomore majorbut I did love the transitions and ing in English and can be contacted at how they used the comic strips. The costumes were amazing and the plot engaging. This movie is perfect for a lazy Saturday morning (that’s how I watched it). The scenery is superb which helps counteract the bad special effects. Its heartwarming tale and action are sure to en- Have a poem you want tertain, especially for those like me to see in print? Email it who love bad fantasy films. Though to lockhaveneagleeye@ it’s not a five star film, this movie is still worth a watch if for a laugh or two.


Arts & Entertainment

September 5, 2013

Laughter invades the pubs in epic sci-fi comedy Kathleen Ellison A&E Editor I cannot adequately express my excitement at getting to see the final installment of the great Cornetto Trilogy. For those of you who don’t know (I shed a tear at the thought) the Cornetto Trilogy is a series of comedy films directed Edgar Wright and starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. The films are “Shaun of the Dead”, “Hot Fuzz” and “The World’s End” which has just came out in theatres. The films aren’t related plot wise. “The World’s End” is a science fiction comedy starring Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Paddy Considine, Martin Freeman and Eddie Marsan. Five friends get together to redo an epic pub-crawl after twenty years in their hometown. Things start to go sour though when they notice odd activity in their town, which turns out to have been invaded by aliens. This movie was surprisingly emotional, exploring the concept of growing up and clinging to the past. Simon Pegg’s portrayal of a fractured and humorous Garry King was both moving and hilarious. Nick Frost was also amazing, his character acting as a marvelous

foil that developed both characters beautifully and created the ground for a comedic goldmine of one-liners and sarcastic exchanges. The humor within the movie was off the wall and marked with tastefully good slapstick comedy. The cinematography was similar to past movies, with clipped, fast-paced transitions, and the special effects were spectacular. The fight scenes were also well shot and choreographed amazingly (I wish action movies were more like it). The plot was suspenseful and filled with little twists and turns. This comedy masterpiece was filled with drama and action and easily lived up to its predecessors (although I wouldn’t say it surpassed them). It also contained humorous commentary on humanity and society that is not found as much in today’s comedies. This movie is well worth the money because it will take you for a wild ride that will leave you breathless from laughter and suspense. I have to say this is probably the best comedy I’ve seen all year.

Photo courtesy of

New Percy Jackson movie meets rough waters By: Kayla Marsh A&E Editor

Photo courtesy of ohnotheydidn’

It has been almost three years since “The Lightening Thief” and Percy Jackson fans have been patiently waiting. Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters was released on August 7, 2013 much to fans anticipation. The second installment of the major book series focuses on the adventures of a young demi-god, Percy Jackson, son of the Greek God Poseidon. In order to save the camp that trains young demi-gods like Percy he has to find the Golden Fleece from myth. Percy and his friends Annabeth, Grover and Clarisse have to fight monster after monster to get the Golden Fleece safely back to camp. The second movie was a major improvement on the first. More action and more myth seemed to equal happier fans. Being a huge Percy Jackson

fan myself I was eager for “Sea of Monsters.” Most of the other fans I talked to were equally as eager and as happy as I was with the second movie. They liked the action packed adventure coupled with the Greek Mythology. Although most fans were happy with “Sea of Monsters” some were upset with the changes made from page to screen. The ages of the actors and the changing of some content made fans unhappy. However the true heart of the story remained the same and the actors stayed true to their characters, so what more could a true fan ask for? “Sea of Monsters” successfully followed up “The Lightening Thief” and set up the story for the many sequels that are likely to come.

September 5, 2013

Freshman 15 Danielle Miccio Design Manager

Tips to avoid the dreaded freshman fifteen. Eat breakfast Join an intramural sport Avoid fast food Work out Daily Eat until your full Choose diet soda Eat fruits and vegetables Walk when you can Eat only when you’re hungry Keep healthy snacks on hand Get active on the weekends Splurge once a week Drink water Don’t skip meals Get healthy with a friend

App of the week The app Paper, by 53, allows users to draw, sketch, write and color in a sleek and user-friendly design. Even better it’s free on the app store. Create your next masterpiece on your iPad or iPhone.

Photo courtesy of


Kyra Smith-Cullen News Editor Students at East Campus will no longer need to rely on vending machines for food between classes, thanks to the Nano Bytes eatery. But it doesn’t stand out from other campus restaurants. Like the other eateries, NanoBites has meal deals to allow students an affordable option. With a meal swipe, a sandwich and drink can be bought, though any extras can be paid for in other manners. Like Lower Bentley, there is a selection of bottled drinks and pre-made food for people in a rush, but it comes at the typical Bentley cost.


Because I am a broke college student, I did decide to stick to the meal deal. A friend, though, has more expensive tastes and got a chicken cordon bleu panini. It made my toasted ham and provolone sandwich look pitiful, but only earned a ‘I’ve had better’ from her. For a few extra dollars, she even got potato chips, which she also didn’t like. My food was yummy, toasted to perfection (which is hard for me, as a picky toast person), but I was intrigued by the advertised bruschetta. I also want to try the macaroni and cheese because I don’t like the stuff in Upper Bentley, and I love the cheesy goodness of Mac n’ Cheese. When we went it was slightly disorganized but it was opening week and the workers are still getting used to the new food and equipment. Hopefully, things will develop into a smoother operation. Also in the same space there is another Starbucks location that sells the café’s popular beverages. I can grab hot chocolate on cold mornings and make it to class in the science center on time. Besides the food, NanoBites offers a space for students to gather and socialize between classes. It has seating for couples, groups and the solitary scholar. Finding it may be difficult, since it is in the detached building next to the Science Center, but it promises to be a haven for those looking for food or a place to hang out.

Photos courtesy of Danielle Miccio.

Green Dor m Decor

Lisa Connor Staff Writer

If this is your first semester on campus I bet there is something that you have noticed living in these residence halls: white walls everywhere. With it being my third year living in the halls on campus, I know how bland those white brick walls can be. Living on a college budget is not easy, so not everyone has money to splurge on posters. Here are the most effective and affordable ways to make your dull walls more original and enticing: Recycling old magazines is an effective and green way to decorate your room. Find any magazine of you choosing, prefer-

ably something of your personal interest. Cut or tear the pictures out and use masking tape to stick them to your walls. Use the pictures to create a unique collage on your wall. Feel free to cut the magazine pages into fun shapes or even tear at the pages to give your collage an edgy design. If you’re really crafty you can create one large picture out of multiple magazine pictures. Not only is this decorating idea cheap it is fun and good for the environment. Get your friends together or team up with your roommate. Put this plan into action and your room will stand out from everyone else’s on campus.



Jaimee Kester Lifestyles Editor

September 5, 2013

Get busy this fall

This past Tuesday kicked off the start of fall group fitness classes at the Student Recreation Center. Students have the opportunity to experience a variety of classes targeted at different fitness and experience levels. In addition to daily fitness classes the Rec Center has also added more equipment and machines to their facility. Student Recreation Center director, Brad Dally, said “We purchased new Precor AMT’s, upright bikes, and recumbent bikes, two new Keyser spinning bikes and two new Expresso fitness bikes.” A small weight training area was added upstairs that has new dumbbells, kettlebells and a Precor FTS glide workout machine. The Rec Center is also offering intramural sports this fall in flag football, tennis, men’s basketball, women’s field hockey, women’s basketball, racquetball, co-ed volleyball, co-ed outdoor soccer, table tennis, co-ed dodgeball and bowling. Students interested in participating can pick up registration

packets in the lobby of the SRC. This list describes each of the classes offered. The chart identifies the day, time and instructor for each class.

Tone Up- Energetic, intense fitness class for targeted toning Complete Core- 45 minutes of core targeted training Strength and Conditioning- Incorporates free weights, stretches, and core to get a full workout Zumba- Latin-inspired, cardio-fitness dance party Training Club- Based on the Nike Training Club app Fit and Firm- Twist on aerobics to tighten up Yoga- Build strength while meditating Cardio Kick- Cardio fueled kickboxing HIIT- High Intensity Interval Training Anything Goes-More-than-just-step,aerobics class

Photo Courtesy of





8:00-8:50 Tone Up Haley

12:30-1:30 HIIT Jill

8:00-8:50 Tone Up Haley

12:30-1:30 HIIT Jill

9:00-9:45 Complete Core Jonyull

4:00-4:50 Anything Goes Kelci

9:00-9:45 Complete Core Jonyull

4:00-4:50 Anything Goes Kelci

9:00-9:45 Complete Core Jonyull

2:00-3:00 Strength & Cond. Carly

4:10-5:00 Zumba-Court 3 Ryan

2:00-3:00 Strength & Cond. Carly

4:10-5:00 Zumba-Court 3 Ryan

2:00-3:00 Strength & Cond. Carly

4:10-5:00 Zumba- Court 3 Mallory

5:00-5:50 Cardio Kick Jackie

4:10-5:00 Zumba-Court 3 Mallory

5:00-5:50 Cardio Kick Jackie

4:10-5:00 Zumba-Court 3 Mallory

5:00-5:50 Training Club Kelci

5:10-6:00 Zumba- Court 3 Nikki

5:00-5:50 Training Club Kelci

5:10-6:00 Zumba-Court 3 Nikki

5:00-5:50 Training Club Kelci

6:00-6:50 Fit and Firm Steph

6:00-6:50 Fit and Firm Steph

6:00-6:50 Fit and Firm Steph

6:00-6:50 Fit and Firm Steph

6:00-6:50 Fit and Firm Steph

7:00-7:50 Yoga Rebecca

7:00-7:50 Yoga Izzy

7:00-7:50 Yoga Rebecca

7:00-7:50 Yoga Izzy

7:00-7:50 Yoga Rebecca

Friday 8:00-8:50 Tone Up Haley

September 5, 2013


Lock Haven Love Brooke Kibler Staff Writer

When picking and choosing which college you would attend did you consider distance from your boyfriend or girlfriend? Did your boyfriend or girlfriend come to college with you? Did you leave them behind and try to make it work, or did you break up and enter college a new person? Many people come to college to be nearer to the ones they love, others try and make a long distance relationship work. College is a tricky situation when it comes to relationships. New experiences, finding yourself, they all happen in college, and through finding yourself…things change. I got in touch with some students from various years at Lock Haven and got their advice on people coming to college in and out of relationships. Keyana is a freshman who came to Lock

Haven with her girlfriend of three years. “If [a couple] is going to the same college just give each other space, but still make time for each other. If [they are at different schools] try your best to communicate and never them a reason not to trust you while you’re away.” A freshman named Hannah Knepp has been in a relationship for a year and a half. She came to school, leaving her boyfriend back home. Her advice to people coming to college in a relationship is “trust and communication are key. You need to both understand that even though you can’t talk 24/7, that you both are still thinking about each other and are in love. Remember the feelings you have when you’re together and you can get through lonely days.” An anonymous male entered Lock Haven with a boyfriend of eight months. His advice to students coming to college with a partner is “Think over any decision you two would make; don’t just out of the blue decide to take it to the next level

Welcome back from the Eagle Eye Staff The staff of the Lock Haven Eagle Eye is back in the newsroom and excited for yet another year. We have some new and returning staff members and can’t wait to be write back in your lives.

11 Photo courtesy of

because you will regret it if you don’t talk to your significant other about it.” David Savage is a freshman who came to college leaving his girlfriend of over a year back at home. His words of wisdom for coming to college in a relationship are: “make sure your relationship is solid. Make a skype date night and plan to make time for each other.” Senior Kyle Goodman has started each semester single. Coming to college single “leaves you open to new kinds of people,” he says. If you are coming to college single “keep an open mind and be social. Try to do new things and participate in activities and meet new people. There are always people out there to meet and befriend, just open your eyes and ears.”


In September of 1983 the Student Cooperative Council fought to sensor films shown on campus.



September 5, 2013

Don’ t sweat the school stuff

Sarah Eckrich Opinion Editor

By the second week of the semester, college life is well underway for all of us, along with all of the perks. For the duration, none of us will sleep enough, eat properly, or have anything bearing the semblance of a life. That’s just what we signed up for, though. We knew we were hauling ourselves back into this hell. That being said, I couldn’t believe how many shocked announcements of homework and exclamations of surprisingly busy schedules I’ve heard polluting the air on Ivy Lane. Of course you have a paper due the second or the third week of school. Of course you’ve suddenly got much less time to shoot at your friends on Xbox Live and paint your toenails. Call me callous, but grow up. Stress is not meeting the exact circumstances one expects to encounter. These displays of screaming and crying (complaining loudly amongst the general population is basically the same thing after all) are best likened to outrage at the red lights and stop signs we all know to anticipate when driving--a nuisance certainly, but hardly a surprise worthy of bothering your friends, or more aptly of rolling down your windows and commiserating with fellow drivers.

Don’t get the wrong idea here; I expect everyone to participate in their fair share of venting this semester. I burden my loved ones fairly regularly with pained moans of daily life. They love me, thus the universe dictates that they must listen patiently and with empathy. The rest of the world has done nothing to indicate to me a commitment of caring or listening. Likewise, this campus has made no such promise to any of its students. If you get hit by a car or fall down the steps of Raub and break your leg, please yell and scream. I expect your cries and complaining then, and pledge to personally serve any of you in such situations. Meanwhile, save the drama for the events you’ll remember for the rest of your days. Emergencies, dying friends and relatives, and otherwise life-altering circumstances make the cut. The imposing due date of a research paper and being less than elated with your Bentley experience do not. In fact, saving such cries of discontent for the public sphere is just the kind of thing that might drive out favorite forums for general complaining. Where would Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr be if we heartlessly abandoned them in pursuit of the selfish and simple solution? Do yourselves a favor and compile some reasonable expectations for the semester. Not only can we clean up the negativity on campus--you might find these coming weeks a little easier to swallow if you know just what it is you’re dealing with.

S Y R I A - O U S L Y ? Cartoon Corner Spencer Mccoy Staff Writer

Unless we need to defend ourselves, war is not the answer. The problems in Syria have been occurring for quite a while now but have escalated with the use of chemical weapons. President Obama thinks that we as Americans should take action against Syria and use military force. He has stated that no soldiers will be sent over to Syria but that Drone strikes will be used. David Cameron (Prime Minister of England) proposed to Parliament to use military action in Syria, however he was denied and England stands for now as not using military force. I don’t think it is in America’s best interest entering into to war in Syria. According to the UN Security General Ban Ki-Moon, an attack on Syria would be illegal unless in self defence. However since Syria used chemical weapons, it is now an international matter and outside countries should intervene if necessary. I believe that even though Syria is in a civil war and civilians have been dying, it is still in our best interest to not get involved through the use of military force. We will only cause more conflict by choosing a side in the war. I

suggest we look at how countries such as Russia, England, and the US can communicate with both the Syrian government and the Syrian rebels as a way to solve the conflict between them and put an end to the fighting. Obama stated the US has “high confidence” that Syria used chemical weapons and the government has concrete proof that they know chemical weapons were used. Countries all over agree that the regime used chemical weapons but the UN insists that no actions can be made until their own intelligence comes in. The US senate approved Obama for a military strike plan. President Obama still hasn’t shown concrete proof of what side used the weapons. For my opinion to be moved, I feel as if concrete evidence of who used the weapons and a proper plan of action would be needed. If we wanted to get involved in the Civil War in Syria than we should have been involved years ago when there were even more deaths than previous intelligence tells us. We should have acted upon a resolution of peace before fighting between the two sides escalated to a level where they felt a need to use chemical weapons. I believe that more death will not serve a purpose and only bring more division between the countries themselves.

featuring the artwork of Cody Shaub No, no we are still going in.

Sir, it seems the UN is calling off the invasion of Syria.

Office Space


September 5, 2013

You know what really ruffles my feathers? Chris Fravel Staff Writer

While walking through our quaint little college with other people, there are many different kinds of “walkers”, and after getting a chance to speak with some of the students on campus, I found there are a few primary “breeds” of pedestrians that seem to be the most irritating. Jarrod Watts, a junior at Lock Haven University, said that he can’t stand it when there is “a group walking around taking up a whole sidewalk or hallway thinking they have the right to all of it.” This does become problematic for some, because as the saying goes: there’s power in numbers. Even so, is it really that hard for you and your friends to form a single-file line to allow other people to pass by in a convenient fashion? Aaron Fleegle, a freshman on campus, takes issue with the walking smokers. I have to agree; while this doesn’t necessarily slow my progress down, it is blatantly inconsiderate. Is it so hard to stay stationary when you smoke? Because the constant stream of cigarette smoke in my face is not appreciated.

Senior, Kyleigh Garbrick said, “The most annoying thing to me is when people walk really slow in front of me when I’m in a hurry to get to class.” This perpetual-slowmotion could be caused by a lot of factors: they have short legs, an injury, they’re trying to enjoy the walk, or maybe they’re just incredibly slow in general. Either way, I need them to step aside so I can get to where I need to be in a timely manner. I can empathize with Kyleigh, and we’ll call these people “Crawlers.” I’m also going to make an honorable mention here, and it is: “Couples-Who-Hold-Hands-AndTake-Their-Sweet-Time-StrollingDown-Lover’s Lane.” I can bypass one person, but it gets a bit touchy when you have to break the bond of “true love” to get to World History on time. So if you fall into any of the aforementioned categories, please be aware of the predicaments you could be causing for other walkers around you and adjust accordingly. Otherwise, you’re bound to ruffle some feathers.


Editor expects promising year Angela Fries Editor-in-chief ‘Newspapers are a dying art form.’ All communication majors and many that are not have heard this phrase uttered a thousand times. With the age of the internet upon us, we all have access to information at the click of a button. Although this can be our downfall, it can also be our advantage. As a society we are always adapting; I believe the newspaper industry should be constantly adapting as well. Everything about a newspaper is a form of art, from the graphic design work to the reporters pouring their hearts into an article. Just as artists have changed their styles of work from the times of the caveman to now, newspapers should be doing the same. Large cities and high schools across the country are losing their newspaper programs.

As a small college we have the opportunity to reach everyone with both meaningful articles and light-hearted commentary. After going through old editions of the Eagle Eye that span

from the ‘70s to now, I am proud to be a part of something so huge. Going through those old editions, it saddens me to think that we could lose that. Those crinkly old yellowed pages, the sensation would not be the same.

At the Eagle Eye, we are working to create a fun and funky newspaper for our readers to enjoy both aesthetically and intellectually. We try to maintain the integrity of a traditional newspaper. We are students; we will and we do make mistakes, but we try our hardest to make this the best paper it can be. As many you know, I’m always harassing students to work at the paper. I have become obsessed with making the Eagle Eye successful. This paper has become my baby, our staff members are like family and our advisor, Dr. Stringer is a proud mama duck. Our presence at LHU enriches the campus community. We are hopeful that print media won’t become a thing of the past. We are here to make our stake. We are the voice of the students and without this paper, our voice, your voice, would be silenced.

Have a comment? Write a letter to the editor! Everyone has an opinion. Make yours count with the Eagle Eye! Remember to include your full name and a phone number Send it to with “Opinion Letter” in the subject line.



September 5, 2013

LHU falls to UNC, triumphs over Bucknell Ariel Guerra Design Manager The Lady Eagles started off their Field Hockey season this past weekend going head-to-head with the #1 Ranked UNC Tar Heels in a close match that ended in a 2-1 win by the Tar Heels. Though their efforts were not futile, the Lady Eagles came back and won their Sunday afternoon match against Bucknell 1-0. In the first-ever meeting between Lock Haven and the University of North Carolina, LHU senior, Kelly Harsh, scored the first point by diving and hitting home a loose ball eight minutes into the game. Directly after the Lady Eagles’ goal, UNC began to

Photos courtesy of Sports Information

step up their offence, pressuring LHU until Tar Heel, Samantha Travers, converted off a penalty corner, tying the game at 1-1 before the clock ran out in the first half. The Eagles’ goalie, junior Elaina White, made 12 saves during the game, helping her team maintain a close game. Despite White’s efforts, the Tar Heels scored the game winning goal from Casey Di Nardo. The Tar Heels have won back-to-back ACC titles, but lost to Princeton, 3-2 in last year’s National Title game. Sunday marked Lock Haven’s first win of the season thanks to freshman Kiersten Cepeda, who made her first career goal against Bucknell. Defense also proved to

be a deal maker in Sunday’s match as White made four saves and had help from the Lady Eagles’ strong defensive duo of sophomore Jenna Felice and freshman Rebekah Hershey. Lock Haven University’s Lady Eagles field hockey team gained a 1-0, hard earned shut-out over Bucknell bringing up LHU’s 35-63 all-time against their challengers. The Lady Eagles will be going up against Cornell this Friday at 5 p.m. in Ithaca, New York. For those unable to attend the away game, come out and support the ladies this Sunday at 12 p.m. as they go head-to-head against Georgetown at Charlotte E. Smith Field.

September 5, 2013



Lock Haven coaches go live Sports Information

Tomorrow (Thursday, Sept. 5) night marks the first live edition of the LHU Coaches’ Show on ESPN 1600 and The Bald Eagle Sports Network. The show, featuring Lock Haven University coaches, student-athletes and more will begin tomorrow night at 7 p.m. and air live from Haywood’s on the Green. Join host, Jonathan Schwab, the voice of Bald Eagle sports every Thursday for the show. Tomorrow’s guests include head football coach John Allen, head men’s soccer coach Doug Moore and head men’s & women’s cross country coach Aaron Russell. Each week, the show will be broadcast live and locally on ESPN 1600 (Jersey Shore/Lock Haven), ESPN

Williamsport 1050 & 104.1, as well as online at (Stream 6). Replays of the show will also air on Bear Country Radio WQBR (99.9) and WQKK-FM 106.9. Last week, the LHU Coaches’ Show was pre-recorded and aired in the afternoon leading up the Williamsport Cross Cutters game. Tentative Broadcast Schedule for September:

Thursday, Sept. 5 at 7 p.m. (John Allen, Doug Moore & Aaron Russell) Thursday, Sept. 12 at 7 p.m. (Lynnette Reitz, John Allen & TBA) Thursday, Sept. 19 at 7 p.m. (Pat Rudy, Dan Kreiger & John Allen) Thursday, Sept. 26 at 7 p.m. (Doug Moore, Aaron Russell & John Allen)

Get in the game Chris Fravel Staff Writer Intramural season is gearing up and sign-ups are happening now! Whether it’s basketball, volleyball or dodgeball and more, there’s something for everyone to participate in. Intramurals have become a big deal on campus, getting more competitive than some of the intercollegiate teams. Who doesn’t want to stand on the opposite end of their buddies and play them night in and night out for bragging rights in the dorm, at the lunch table and on the way to class?

With the integration of IMLeagues, the experience is becoming even more intense, as players can keep track of their record, stats and their schedule of play too! All you have to do is visit and register your team under the Lock Haven University umbrella. This year the intramural leagues are introducing bowling to their options for prospective intramural athletes. Signups are open until Sept.19 at 11:30 p.m. Make sure you get your friends signed up too and check back during the season for intramural scores in the Eagle Eye!

Do you like sports? Need a résumé boost? Join The Eagle Eye as the Assissant Sports Editor

Contact Erika White at



September 5, 2013

Fall 2012 Eagle highlights

Women’s Soccer: 6-7-4 last season

WSOC @ Mercyhurst 5 p.m.

No events scheduled

Field Hockey: 11-9 last season (2-5 in conference and 9-4 in non-conference) Look out for: Kelly Harsh (Lancaster, Pa) led the team last season with 7 goals and 5 assists. Elaina White (Etters, Pa) had 59 saves last season. Kiersten Cepeda (Lititz, Pa) was named Atlantic 10 Rookie of the Week after she scored her first career goal against Bucknell on Sunday. The Haven’s next game is scheduled Friday (September 6) at Cornell at 5 p.m.

Information collected from


Football: 1-10 last season (0-7 in conference and 1-3 in non-conference) Look out for: Brandon Brader (Bethlehem, Pa)- the running back had 33 carries for a total of 168 yards against Edinboro and was named one of three to the PSAC West Second Team. Marc Olivo (Bethlehem, Pa) had 47 tackles, one interception, forced one fumble and broke up two passes last season. He was ranked second on the team. First home game is scheduled this Saturday (September 7) at 1 p.m. against West Virginia State.

(16-3 in conference and 10-8 in non-conference) Look out for: Bailey Farthing (Dublin, Ohio) had an impressive 315 kills last season. Alex Brehony (Mertztown, Pa) had 172 kills Bethany Burns (Erie, Pa) had 294 digs. Volleyball will be kicking off their season at the Shepard Tournament this weekend in West Virginia.

WVB vs Pace--12:30 p.m. & vs. Shepherd University 8 p.m. in West Virginia FH @ Cornell--5 p.m. WCC vs Dolan Duals--6 p.m. MCC vs Dolan Duals--6:30 p.m.


FH vs Georgetown 12 p.m.



Events Events this week week this


(3-7-4 in conference and 3-0 in non-conference) Look out for: Madison Taylor (Monaca, Pa) has scored 19 goals in her three years at LHU. Jaime Hunter (Marietta, Pa) had 3 goals and 5 assists last season. The Women’s Soccer team will be in Erie, Pa on Thursday (September 5) to start their season off against Mercyhurst.

Women’s Volleyball: 26-11 last season

MSOC vs GoldeyBeacom 7:00 p.m.


Look out for: Alex Monroe (Lewistown, Pa) was the 2012 United States Track and Field and Men’s Cross Country Coaches Association Atlantic Region Division II Men’s Athlete of the Year last season. Monroe also came in fifth at the 2012 NCAA National Championships and is Lock Haven’s first three-time Cross Country All-American. Jess McDonald (Marietta, Pa) finished last year’s NCAA Division II Atlantic Region Championships in 36th place, finishing the 6K with a time of 22:23.5


Women’s & Men’s Cross Country

Men’s Soccer: 6-10-1 last season (2-7 in conference and 4-3-1 in non-conference) Look out for: Jacob Oldaker (Elliotsburg, Pa) had six goals and two assists on the season. Adam Supple (New Holland, Pa) had three assists and three goals last season. Men’s Soccer has their first home game on Tuesday (September 10) at 7 p.m. vs. GoldeyBeacom.

WVB vs Bowie State University 11:30 a.m. & vs. Barry University 3:30 p.m. in West Virginia FB vs West Virginia State--1 p.m. WSOC vs Gannon--6 p.m.

FH vs Penn State 7:00 p.m.

Eagle Eye (09.05.2013)  
Eagle Eye (09.05.2013)  

The first issue of the Fall 2013 semester