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Going Beyond  The  Call  Of  Duty  –  The   Kind  Of  Service  That  Works!  

-­‐ Myles  Makafui  

Customer Service  Training  And  It’s   Challenges.     -­‐  Nneka  Obuotor  

A Customer  Centricity  Limited  Publication©  2014  

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Hello friends, How has the month of January been to you? Have you gotten right into the swing of things or is it starting off a bit late? Either ways, we are here to spice things up a bit for you by sharing some interesting and educative materials. This month, we’ll be sharing some notes from a few of our facilitators, Nneka Obuotor is a fantastic facilitator with a special ability to connect with her audience whoever they are, she’ll be sharing some insights with us. Myles Makafui is our dynamic facilitator who always has an anecdote guaranteed to crack you up so sit back, relax and enjoy. Remember, we look forward to your feedback so please share! Check us out on Facebook and do take the time to like us.

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“Literally everything  we  do,  every  concept  perceived,  every   technology  developed  and  associate  employed,  is  directed  with  this   one  objective  clearly  in  mind  –  pleasing  the  customer.”     -­‐  Sam  M.  Walton,  CEO  Wal-­‐Mart  

How you  personally  de>ine  a   word  subconsciously   in>luences  to  a  great  extent   how  you  respond  to  that  word.   For  instance,  the  words  ‘Local’   and  ‘Indigenous’  literally  refer   to  the  same  thing  i.e.  anything   that  relates  to  a  particular   locality  or  neighbourhood.   However,  these  words  have   different  kinds  of  feelings   associated  with  them.  If  I  were   giving  a  speech  in  support  of   ‘Made  in  Nigeria’  products,  I   would  use  the  word   ‘Indigenous’  to  refer  to  them.   On  the  other  hand,  if  I  were   giving  a  speech  against  ‘Made   in  Nigeria’  products,  I  would   use  the  word  ‘Local’.   ‘Indigenous’  has  a  patriotic  feel   to  it  but  ‘Local’  has  inferiority   feel  to  it.    

The way  we  personally   de>ine,  perceive  and  feel   about  service  is  very   important  because  it  shapes   every  interaction  we  have   with  our  customers.  When  we   de>ine  service  based  on  the   exchange  of  monies  for  goods   and  services,  we  miss  the   overall  point  of  Customer   Service.  Service  is  beyond  the   delivery  of  a  product  or  a   service  –  it  is  about  the   experience  that  the  customer   takes  away  from  the   encounter.     For  a  lot  of  service  providers,   service  is  simply  giving  the   customers  want  they  want   and  meeting  their   expectations.   4  

There is  nothing  wrong  with   meeting  our  customers’   expectations  only,  however,   except  you  have  monopoly  of   your  industry,  you  have  stand   out  amongst  your  competitors.       The  recent  war  going  on  within   the  telecoms  industry  that  has   witnessed  Telcos  creating   adverts  that  are  clearly  aimed  at   their  rivals  using  subtle   pointers  such  as  brand  colours   and  numbers  ,  just  goes  to  show   how  far  some  companies  are   ready  to  go  to  attract  rival   customers  –  it’s  a  jungle  out   there!  A  jungle  where  the  rule   that  works  is  not  necessarily-­‐   ‘the  survival  of  the  >ittest’  but   rather,  ‘the  survival  of  the   smartest!’.  

When we  provide  service  exactly   how  customers  want  it,  it’s  cool.   However,  when  we  go  beyond   what  is  expected,  when  we   choose  to  put  in  extra  effort,   when  we  decide  to  use  our   initiative  and  engage  proactivity,   we  cannot  go  unnoticed  –  we   must  be  talked  about!  Our   customers  will  be  thrilled  and   can’t  help  but  tell  others  about   the  great  experience  they   received  from  us.     We  live  in  a  society  where   circumstances  such  as  poverty,   deprivation,  crime  and   leadership  neglect  has   conformed  many  to  not  being   nice.  It’s  so  bad  that  when   someone  seems  overly  nice,  it   becomes  strange  to  people.  

(Con:nued overleaf)  


This simply  means  that  any  organization  that   To  make  this   pays  the  price     to  consistently  deliver  uncommon,   happen,  we  have   unusual  and  u  nequalled  Customer  Service  will  be     to  make  them  see   on  the  lips  of  everyone.   what  they  have     Remember  that  the  objective  of  exceptional   never  seen   before,  hear   Customer  Service  is  loyalty,  advocacy  and  long-­‐ what  they  have   term  relationship  building.     never  heard     To  make  this  happen,  we  have  to  make  them  see   before,  feel  how   what  they  have  never  seen  before,  hear  what   they  have  never   they  have  never  heard  before,  feel  how  they  have   felt  before  and   never  felt  before  and  experience  what  they  have   experience  what   never  experienced  before.  Therefore,  the  capital   they  have  never   responsibility  lies  on  us  to  begin  to  do  the   experienced   things  that  we  have  never  done  before.  We   before.     have  to  think  and  act  outside  the  box  and  break   free  from  the  ‘Conventional  Service  Mind-­‐Set’.       To  achieve  this  dimension  of  stellar  service  delivery,  three  key   things  amongst  others  must  be  engaged.     The  ability  to  take  INITIATIVE.  Initiative  is  the  difference  between   adequate  Customer  Service  and  Customer  Service  that  wins  you  a   customer  for  life.  It’s  the  ability  to  act  before  you  are  prompted  to.     Initiative  is  when  a  plumber  >ixes  a  broken  tap  and  calls  back  a   week  later  to  see  if  it’s  functioning  well.  It’s  when  a  petrol  station   attendant  washes  your  window  and  checks  your  oil  while  you  buy   fuel,  it’s  when  the  power  company  tells  its  subscribers  beforehand   of  an  intended  maintenance  that  will  result  in  a  power  outage  and   humorously,  it’s  when  Uche  or  rather  ‘Usey’  is  told  “face  ya  work”   when  she  calls  a  customer  who  just  ported  to  her  network  to  know   if  he  has  any  complaints.  



2 ATTITUDE.  It’s  important  to  have  the  right  attitude  to  reinforce  


it. Attitude  is  something  that  will  always  be  talked  about  again   and  again  in  every  Customer  Service  situation  because  it  is  the   most  important  element  of  service  delivery.  Initiative  on  its  own   may  not  be  effective  because  what  you  do  is  not  as  important  as   how  you  do  it.     A  positive,  ‘Can  do’  and  ‘desires-­‐to-­‐do’  attitude  reinforces  the   greeting,  the  conversation  etc.  and  demonstrates  both  a   willingness  to  help  and  thoughtfulness  in  meeting  the  customers’   needs.      EXCEED  CUSTOMER  EXPECTATIONS.    It’s  important  to  Under-­‐ Promise  and  Over-­‐Deliver.  Under-­‐promising  helps  to  reduce   customer  expectations  and  when  expectations  are  low,  it’s  easy   to  meet  and  ultimately  exceed  them.  When  we  Over-­‐Deliver  what   we  Under-­‐Promise,  it  heightens  the  impact  of  our  service   delivery.   Under-­‐Promising  and  Over-­‐Delivering  creates  the  perception   that  we  are  more  effective  and  ef>icient  than  we  really  are  –  and   it’s  all  about  perception!     Always  remember…….  There  is  only  one  boss,  and  whether  a   person  shines  shoes  for  a  living  or  heads  up  the  biggest   corporation  in  the  world,  the  boss  remains  the  same.  It  is  the   CUSTOMER!  The  customer  is  the  person  who  pays  everyone’s   salary  and  who  decides  whether  a  business  is  going  to  succeed  or   fail.  In  fact,  the  customer  can  >ire  everybody  in  the  company  from   the  chairman  (CEO)  on  down,  and  he  can  do  it  simply  by   spending  his  money  somewhere  else.     Keep  making  your  customers  happy  and  keep  the  service  >lag   >lying.    -­‐  Myles  E.  Makafui  |  Growth  Strategist™  


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The  ability  to  communicate  the  need  for  excellence  in  Customer   Service  delivery  in  most  cases  is  met  with  a  lot  of  road  blocks.           In  my  experience,  I  have  noticed  a  "closed  mindedness"  in  some   participants  when  we  try  to  impart  the  importance  of  treating  every   customer  like  a  king.       This  attitude  is  very  common  with  mid  level  management,  they   always  feel  that  they  already  know  everything  and  therefore,  there's   nothing  else  you  can  teach  them.  They  feel  jaded  about  their  jobs  and   that  there's  nothing  you  can  add  to  their  wealth  of  knowledge   especially  concerning  handling  dif>icult  customers         It  is  always  an  exhilarating  challenge  to  get  them  to  change  their   mindset  about  excellent  Customer  Service  delivery.  It  requires   con>idence,  patience,  and  in  some  instances  relating  true  life   experiences,  to  get  them  to  sit  up  and  listen  and  then  consequently   put  to  practice  what  was  taught.       It  can  also  be  nerve  racking  at  times  when  they  bring  up  scenarios   that  seem  to  have  no  solution  and  then  look  at  you  to  provide  an   answer.    For  some  of  these  examples,  there  are  no  clear  cut  answers.   In  the  end  the  customers  issues  might  not  even  be  resolved  but  the   attitude  that  the  service  provider  puts  out  there  can  make  or  break   the  customer;  and  consequently  alter  (good  or  bad)  the  customer’s   perception  of  the  company’s  image/brand.     11  

Customer Service is not a Department, it is all about the attitude. Not just any attitude but the “RIGHT” attitude

Attitude  to  work  is  so  vital!  When  one  comes  to   work  with  a  positive  attitude  it  goes  a  long  way  in   helping  one  handle  even  the  most  dif>icult   situations       At  this  point  I  would  like  to  say  that  sometimes   when  we  facilitate/train  mid  level  staff,  threats  are   also  used,  we  remind  them  that  if  they  cannot  bring   the  right  attitude  to  the  job,  the  organization  will   look  for  people  who  can  bring  it  and  then   consequently  they  will  be  replaced.         At  the  end  of  the  training,  it’s  usually  heartwarming   to  see  people  change  their  preconceived  ideas  and   become  open  minded  to  try  out  new  approaches  to   handling  and  dealing  with  customer  objections  and   dif>iculties.         This  is  the  beauty  of  what  we  do  and  the  source  of   the  passion  behind  our  job  and  success.    

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APTITUDE>ATTITUDE>ALTITUDE© The  beauty,  and  challenge  too,  of  the    field  we  operate  in  is  that  like  all  other   THE  

behavioural sciences,  it  is  ever  evolving.  Customer  Experience  Management   is  one  of  those  few  organisa:onal  competences  that  must  always  stay  on  the   “up”.  There  cannot  be  an  off  day!  You  must  always  strive  to  go  beyond  what   the  customer  expects.  In  serving  the  customer,  we  must  always  reach  for  the   sky  and  hope  to  end  up  on  a  treetop  at  the  least,  because  aiming  for  the   treetop  may  mean  that  you  never  leave  the  ground!  In  our  classes,  we  make   it  clear  that  Customer  Sa:sfac:on  is  not  Customer  Service…  It  only  becomes   Customer  Service  when  the  customer  is  absolutely  delighted!  That  demands   a  stretch  on  the  part  of  the  service-­‐giver  and  usually  results  in  a  Moment  of   Magic  (for  the  customer)  who  therefore  happily  shares  his  wonderful   experience  with  up  to  9  –  12  people.       APTITUDE   A  service  giver  can  only  give  what  he  has.  This  is  a  sec:on  that  ensures  that   the  par:cipants  understand  what  is  right  and  what  is  wrong.  Knowing  the   fundamentals  establishes  a  standard  Ground  Zero  and  therefore  what  the   employers  can  begin  to  build  expecta:ons.  It  is  really  a  “breaking  in”,  a  series   of  “aha!  moments”    that  begin  to  help  the  par:cipants  view  service  from  the   point  of  view  of  customer  experience.       ATTITUDE   Service  is  all  about  aWtude.  When  the  aWtude  is  wrong  the  service  will   definitely  go  bad.    The  larger  chunk  of  our  training  goes  prac:cal  with   ac:vi:es  and  role  plays  that  aim  to  achieve  convic:on  that  aWtude  can   change.  We  tell,  we  show  and  then  we  get  them  to  demonstrate  that  a   change  in  aWtude  starts  from  a  change  in  thinking.  Posi:ve,  solu:on-­‐ oriented  thinking  will  always  breed  good  service.       ALTITUDE   The  overriding  inten:on  must  always  be  to  not  only  meet,  but  surpass   customer  expecta:ons  every  :me.  I  borrow  from  a  friend’s  expression  here.   Briefing  us  on  the  amendments  required  in  the  training  content  for  the   bank’s  orienta:on  class  the  Head  of  the  Training  Academy  said  to  us,  “I  want   grace  under  fire.  No  ma^er  what  may  have  gone  wrong  and  is  yet  to  go   wrong…  stay  calm  and  giving”.  The  trick  is  in  refusing  to  accept  the  actual   situa:on  as  “out  to  get  you”,  but  to  insist  that  a  posi:ve  story  can  s:ll  be   told!       Uloma

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