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Maintaining Revenue With Customer Service


A Customer Centricity Limited PublicationŠ 2013

- Onyinye Eronini

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Maintaining Revenue With

Customer Service

The millions of business establishments out there today make for tough competition between companies. Businesses go to great ends to get in the good graces of their customer base. Customer service is the key that allows many companies to jump ahead of the competition. According to U.S. News and World Reports, “82 percent of customers leave one business and go to another because of a Customer Service issue.� If this is so, providing quality Customer Service should not be taken lightly by any business. A good Customer Service system is one of the best value-added services a business can offer to its customers. A quality customer experience plays a huge role in customer preferences, leading to customers choosing a company even if they don’t necessarily have the lowest prices.

A dissatisfied customer who leaves your establishment can cause a lot of harm. According to Small Business Success, a person who experiences unpleasant service tells at least nine more people about it. On the other hand, a person who is pleased with your service will serve as a good advertising medium for your business, enticing others to come to you because of the excellent Customer Service rendered. It will be a bit redundant at this point to say Customer Service is imperative to maintaining revenue in any organisation, its already quite glaring. Now, I ask again, do your customers feel like you give them something a bit more special? Are your customers loyal? Are your customers raving fans?


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Of Logos and Lingos I remember hearing it said that “Clothes maketh a man!” I also remember the number of arguments that usually trail behind the statement after it has been made. Those in support use further quotes like, “Perception is reality” and “Perception is everything”, to buttress their points while those against it quote the ever so popular, “Bathe a pig. Clothe a pig. A pig is always a pig!”. The same is true of Branding and Organisational Culture. When the different elements within the organisation do not also fit the Brand Message then the message falls flat on its face. You are better off not communicating a message that your organisation is not ready to live up to. Why? Because it becomes a breach of promise! We teach our participants that the customer is usually minding his own business when organisations begin to build his expectations through diverse communication methods. The management or mismanagement of these expectations happen at various customer touch points. This experience is referred to in Customer Service as the Moment of Truth. The logo is the first and most visual communication that a corporate organisation projects. Sometimes it is accompanied by a Corporate name and /or a pay-off line, and sometimes not. The logo communicates. It speaks. The question is, “what is it saying?” Most people who know ensure that these logos and the different elements of the logo are consumer-tested to ascertain that communication and perception match. Colours for instance connote different meanings and should therefore be applied with caution. Red, for instance signifies strength, war, danger, passion and desire. Blue mostly signifies depth, stability, trust loyalty and wisdom. Did you know that yellow speaks of joy and energy and green; freshness and fertility? The combined usages of some of these colours therefore also tell a story. The same is true of certain symbols and shapes. We must be careful to portray what we mean, not just what looks nice. But the crux of the matter is, when we have communicated this “larger than life” or desired image of ourselves, do our staff speak the same language in their attitude and in their service? Does the Customer Experience match the Brand Message? For most customers, either consciously or unconsciously, the disconnection between message and culture causes them to judge the organisation! They feel cheated. Taken for granted. Lied to even. Branding is a through-the-line effort and must be pulled down to the staff who offer the actual story-telling opportunities to the Customer (Customer Experience) through service delivery interactions at various touch-points. It must indeed become a way of life! A culture of Branded service.

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