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Dear LGFB Volunteers, It is my pleasure to wish you all a Happy New Year! We hope 2020 is filled with wonderful moments of joy and vibrant health. It goes without saying that the women and teens we serve have always been at the heart and soul of our program, pushing us to do more and ensuring that every single one of them feels understood and supported during a vulnerable time. Because of you, we become part of a woman’s emotional support network, empowering her with knowledge, a sense of control and optimism. It’s priceless. Ensuring women facing cancer have mental, emotional, social and spiritual support is crucial, but is often overlooked or minimized. Look Good Feel Better helps to fill this gap in supportive care and improve the health outcomes for women, their mental health and self-esteem. As the new year unfolds, I am excited about what 2020 will bring. We will continue to update our resources based on volunteer and participant feedback and promote the workshop so that even more women across Canada are offered the much-needed care they deserve to help manage their diagnosis. You are making a real difference in the lives of women and teens facing cancer we have the honour to serve and we could not be more grateful for your gift of time, compassion and commitment.

Susan Larkin Vice President, Programs


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To our incredible family of volunteers, The New Year is a wonderful time to reflect on all we’ve achieved, as well as think about future plans. Be proud of all that we’ve accomplished together! The inspiring participant stories, the additions to our core program and the community fundraising – none of this would be possible without you, our dedicated and committed volunteers. For those of you who are new to the organization, welcome! You have joined an amazing group of volunteers who make a difference in the lives of so many women. For those of you who have been with us longer, thank you. We would not be in our 29th year of helping women across Canada without you. 2019 was a tremendous year for LGFB and I look forward to making 2020 just as incredible, as we continue to do what we do best: help women with cancer feel like themselves again. On behalf of the Board of Directors, thank you.

Lynda Rose Chair, LGFB Board of Directors



YOU DOUBLED YOUR IMPACT TO HELP MORE WOMEN FACING CANCER, LIKE KATIE AND KARIE Last year, Katie and Karie were sitting in a room with eight other women, all of different ages and backgrounds – all who had recently been diagnosed with cancer. The two young women had never met before, each travelling from different treatment centres to attend a Look Good Feel Better workshop. Both Katie and Karie had just begun losing their hair during chemotherapy and were eager to learn how to manage these changes, before the hair loss affected their eyelashes and brows.

I was told that I would lose all of my hair, including my eyebrows and eyelashes. That's when my oncology team informed me of the Look Good Feel Better program. I signed up right away and by the day of my workshop, I had already begun to lose my hair. It was kind of perfect timing. - Katie In their workshop, Katie and Karie discovered the magic of Look Good Feel Better the magic that as volunteers, you witness each and every workshop. As the women began practicing the techniques on themselves and each other, something beautiful began to transpire – and it wasn’t just the makeup. The women began to open up, smile, share stories and even laugh over shared challenges. Katie and Karie, who had been seated next to each other, bonded instantly over their similar age and experiences throughout treatment. After the workshop, they exchanged numbers to keep in touch. Throughout treatment and recovery, they became central to each other's circle of support. A year later, Katie and Karie remain close friends.

The workshop was one of the first times I connected with other women that actually understood what I was going through. That was when I realized I was not alone in this journey, - Katie I’m so grateful to have found Katie's friendship and received such meaningful, practical support from the volunteers. It was such a great experience, and at no cost for us! Before the workshop, I was afraid everyone in my life would see me as 'a cancer patient'. The workshop showed me I can still look and feel like me. And I still use those brow tips everyday! - Karie Katie and Karie believe every woman facing cancer deserves the same opportunity for support that they had. They shared their story during the holiday giving campaign, in which Mary Kay Cosmetics Ltd. matched all individual donations, so that the magic of LGFB can be brought to even more women.



A huge thank you to all of you who made a donation and helped spread the word about our Holiday Match Campaign with Mary Kay Cosmetics Ltd!

During the holiday season, Mary Kay Cosmetics Ltd. matched all individual donations to LGFB (up to $20,000) - and the LGFB community went above and beyond by generously donating a total of $36,710, unlocking Mary Kay's maximum contribution and more! Because of you, we raised $56,710 for women facing cancer during the campaign, meaning 150 more mothers, daughters, sisters and friends will be able to experience a LGFB workshop.



Karen Frenette, ON Joanna French, AB

Barbara Stiewe, BC

Amy Hollingsworth, NS Jennifer Tremblay, QC

"I've seen the power of "My family and friends "Volunteering is my "I believe that as women, LGFB as a volunteer know this beautiful cause passion - fundraising is it's important we actively and participant myself." is so important to me." a fun extension of that!" support other women." Before every workshop, Karen visits her site's oncology waiting room to let patients know LGFB is available to them as a resource for support, just as it was for her.

When Joanna got married, in lieu of gifts, she and her husband encouraged guests to consider supporting causes that mean a lot to them, like LGFB.

Barbara organized a fashion show fundraiser benefiting LGFB in her community. Volunteers from her workshop team supported as the models' makeup artists.

Both a beauty expert and a university student, Amy rallied her faculty, the Women in Business Association, to gather for a fitness fundraiser in support of LGFB.

"Providing a safe and loving space to feel beautiful is a vital factor in the road to recovery." As a beauty consultant and radiation oncology technologist, Jennifer helps spread awareness for LGFB in her every day, as well as at the annual Quebec Oncology Nurses Congress.



Each workshop site will receive a new grip band for wigs with instruction card in the January supply order.

Have you noticed the wash bags that were added to the workshop kits in 2019? These bags, donated by Anita Canada, are used to protect delicates (such as post-surgical bra options) when put through the laundry.

The grip bands were generously donated by Ottawa LGFB volunteer, Cat Foster.



The Olay Complete All Day Moisturizer with Sunscreen sample size expired Nov 30. You will receive new product in the January supply order to swap out with the expired. Please use the “first-in, first out” rule to ensure we are using oldest kits first.

LGFB added a purple bamboo buff to every workshop kit in 2019. Each buff has a card with instructions on the many ways they can be worn. Our favourite: participants can wear the buff like a headband to keep hair out of face during the workshop.



You will receive a small quantity of eye makeup remover with the January supply order. This product is not to be added to the kits, but is for volunteers to have onhand, should a participant need to use it.

New wigs and hair alternatives are now available! Most sites will receive these with the January supply order. If you did not receive any for your workshop. please contact your regional representative.

Have questions or concerns regarding the supply order or information above? Please contact your regional representative or email info@lgfb.ca.


NEW & EXCITING: TEEN PROGRAM UPDATE Imagine the impact of a cancer diagnosis for a teenager who is at such a formative stage of life, just building their self-confidence. As in the adult workshop, our teen program provides vital emotional and practical support. However, teens learn and interact differently. This year, our SIckKids workshop volunteers partnered with Child Life specialists and professional makeup artists to re-imagine our teen program. We then took our new approach and resources to the experts - the teens ay Camp Ooch, a camp for kids affected by cancer. After glowing reviews from the young campers, we are now in the process of rolling out the new program to teens across the country.

I liked the kindness and professionalism of the volunteers.

I liked the doing the makeup and trying on the wigs.

I 100% loved the program.

- Teen Participant, Age 16

- Teen Participant, Age 15

- Teen Participant, Age 16

THE ISSUE WE FACE: Emotional support is the most negatively rated dimension of cancer care in Canada with 25.1% of patients reporting negative experiences in this area. In contrast, only 3.1% of respondents gave physical discomfort a negative rating.


Canadian women were expected to be diagnosed with cancer

in the year of 2019.

OUR MISSION: In the face of cancer and its treatment, we help women recognize themselves.


of cancer patients have concerns with body image or appearance changes that have negative implications on their short-term and tong-term quality of life.

THE IMPACT YOU CREATE: We strive to narrow this gap in emotional supportive care. Participating in a workshop can increase confidence, reduce feelings of isolation and promote a positive self-image.


of LGFB workshop participants say the program helped restore their sense of self and face the challenges of treatment with greater confidence.


of LGFB workshop participants are glad they attended the program and would recommend LGFB to another women facing cancer.


Canadian women benefited from LGFB and the care and expertise offered by

our family of volunteers in 2019.


UPCOMING EVENTS: FEBRUARY World Cancer Day, February 4, 2020

APRIL Oncology Nursing Day, April 2, 2020 Make sure to thank a nurse on Oncology Nursing Day! 60% of our workshop participants are referred by their oncology teams. National Volunteer Week, April 19-25, 2020 Keep an eye-out for an e-communication with details on how you can help us celebrate this year's National Volunteer Week! Town Hall, April 21-23, 2020 We will be sending out Town Hall invites shortly! Charity Events at Hudson's Bay, April 17 - May 2, 2020

MAY Bold Is Beautiful with Benefit Cosmetics, Month of May 100% of proceeds from waxing services at any Benefit BrowBar will be donated to charities that empower women and girls, like Look Good Feel Better!

STAY CONNECTED Stay up to date with all things LGFB by following us on social media! Be the first one to learn about events, read inspiring stories and stay connected to the community you create in each workshop:



#WINKDay, June 11, 2020 You all know what day this is! Post a picture of yourself WINKing on social media with #WINKDay on June 11 and Shoppers LOVE.YOU. will donate $5 for each post!


Do you have a great workshop story to share? We'd love to hear it! Please send us an email at info@lgfb.ca.


My mother and I were diagnosed months apart. LGFB was one of the first programs we attended together. We felt so supported in the workshop, I can only imagine how important that is for someone who is going through this alone. Everyone in the room left feeling beautiful and uplifted. Melissa & Marie-Paule LGFB workshop participants

As a mother of two young kids, I knew I would have to explain to them what the physical side effects of cancer were going to be. It wasn't until I went to LGFB that I felt some control over my appearance. It made it more manageable for my kids to understand and accept. I am very thankful for the volunteers who gave me that gift. Jutta LGFB workshop participant

Thank you to the very special LGFB volunteers. The workshop is a place where we felt safe, cared for and connected to a network of support at a time when we didn't yet realize how critical that would be. All women facing cancer deserve to have this moment for themselves. Lan & Yvette LGFB workshop participants


VOLUNTEER MILESTONES Thank you for volunteering your talents and compassion to do something beautiful for women facing cancer.

25 YEARS Christine Piuni, Ontario Dale Dumanski, Ontario Donna McLean, New Brunswick Gisèle Dumais, Quebec Jennifer Jacobi, Ontario

Jenny-Lynn Sather, Saskatchewan Joan Scott, Alberta Joanne Taylor-McKinnon, Ontario Lynn Hubley, Ontario Nadine Wakelin, Prince Edward Island

Patricia Cassidy, Ontario Patricia Peterson, Alberta Phyllis Hansford, Newfoundland and Labrador

20 YEARS Adrianna Toogood, Saskatchewan Anne Dyk, Alberta Barabara Knowles, Ontario Beatrix Schaly, Alberta Brenda Thorpe, Ontario Cathy Oliverio, Ontario Cherry Anne Harris, Saskatchewan Daisy Brookes, Alberta Deborah Ranger, Ontario

Donna DeSchulthess, Ontario Hinda Goodman, Quebec Janet MacNeil, Nova Scotia Janet Taylor, Ontario Joanne Tremblay, Quebec Leanne Eastgate, British Columbia Linda Grimard, Quebec Lise Larose, Quebec Lorina Takeshima, Ontario Lorraine Upwards, Newfoundland and Labrador

Mae Watson, Ontario Magdalena Bracer, Ontario Margaret Rycroft, Manitoba Martine Faucher, Quebec Maryse St-Louis, Quebec Nancy Loire, Saskatchewan Patricia Smith, Ontario Sattie Vanelli, Ontario Shari Mogg, Ontario Thelma MacKillop, Nova Scotia

15 YEARS Agnes Murphy, Newfoundland and Labrador Alison Hogan, British Columbia Anab Abdi, Quebec Andrée Fallu, Quebec Barbara Robbins, Newfoundland and Labrador Brigitte Tremblay, Quebec Céline Simard, Quebec Cheri Lynn Curtis, New Brunswick Colombe Ouellet, Quebec Deb Cosgrove, Nova Scotia Denise Savard, Quebec Denise T.Ruest, Quebec Dominique Racine, Quebec

Else Frost, Manitoba Eve Anderson, Ontario Fern Vincent, Newfoundland and Labrador France Laliberté, Quebec France Pruneau, Quebec Helena Neustater, Manitoba Hélène Martel, Quebec Hermance Bélanger, Quebec Jan Naismith, Manitoba Jane Babe, Ontario Joan Gillingham, Newfoundland and Labrador Kay Locke, New Brunswick Lisette Théberge, Quebec Lori DiBona, Ontario Lori Mitchell, Ontario

Lorna Finner, Ontario Marie Cyr, Quebec Marie-Josée Cloutier, Quebec Marilyn Stockwell, Ontario Marna Brownlee, Ontario Maureen Stewart, Ontario Michelle Simard, Quebec Patricia Wilson, Alberta Sarah Yocum, Ontario Sharlene Bukurak, Saskatchewan Sharon Robstad, Saskatchewan Shelley Morley, Ontario Susan Urie, Ontario Tanya St.Jean, Ontario Valerie McSheffrey, Ontario


VOLUNTEER MILESTONES Thank you for volunteering your talents and compassion to do something beautiful for women facing cancer.

10 YEARS Agnes Carrière, Quebec Andrea Stewart, Prince Edward Island Aneeza Kimferdeen, Ontario Barb MacEachern, Prince Edward Island Bev Krueger, Ontario Bonnie Witbeck, Ontario Celia Wilson, British Columbia Chantale Banville, Quebec D'Arcy Hall, Saskatchewan Darlene Yurchuk, Manitoba Deanna Heckbert, Prince Edward Island Debbie Wiseman, Ontario Diane Squair, Manitoba Dianna Higgins, Alberta

Dianna Hutt, Nova Scotia Dorethy Mingram, Ontario Doris Buryn, Alberta Elizabeth Grinberg, Ontario Gillian Hillyard, Nova Scotia Ginette Brodeur, Quebec Gloria Phillips, Ontario Heather Motz, Ontario Jennifer Paquin, Saskatchewan Joan Rose, Ontario Karen Perry, Alberta Kari Faa, British Columbia Linda Gingrich, Ontario Linda Harvey, Quebec Lise-Anne James, Ontario Liz Stewart, Ontario Margaret Wolf, Ontario

Marie Evans, Alberta Marjolaine Haoult, Quebec Marlene Nelson, Alberta Mélanie Pilote, Quebec Michelle Savard, Quebec Noreen Thompson, Saskatchewan Patricia Pinsent, Ontario Pauline Desgagné, Quebec Sandra Moore, Ontario Sue Ehrlander, New Brunswick Susan Wener, Ontario Suzanne Potvin, Quebec Tammy Komarychka, Saskatchewan Tracey Davis, Ontario Tracey Walls, Alberta Tracey Laginski, Ontario Veronica Spanton, Ontario


Abigail Field, Ontario Alex Smith, Ontario Angie Buydens, Manitoba Ann Wright, Ontario Anne Sabourin, Ontario Baley Oleksyn, Saskatchewan Caralee Kambeitz, Alberta Cheryl White, Ontario Christianne Gouzopoulos, Quebec Crystal Taylor, Ontario Debbie Bauer, Ontario Deborah Taschuk, Alberta Donna Blackwell, Saskatchewan Elaine Morton, Ontario, Emilie Savard, Quebec Erinn Danyluk, Alberta Fiona Mcgrath, New Brunswick Francine Leung, British Columbia Gail Baird, Newfoundland and Labrador

Heather Furey, Nova Scotia Janette Berthelot, Ontario Jessica Temple, Newfoundland and Labrador Jessie Jamias, British Columbia Johanne Boudreau, Quebec Karen Lovrics, Ontario Karen Salmon, Newfoundland and Labrador Kennedy Koren, British Columbia Kimberly Lougas, Ontario Kristin Armstrong, Quebec Lauren Smilski, Alberta Laura Bruce, British Columbia Letitia Robinson, Ontario Lisa-Marie Franks, Alberta Lucie Bourgeois, Quebec Marianne Holland, Ontario Martha Hall, Ontario Mathias Gomez-Tyo, Quebec

Mélanie Thibault, Quebec Pamela Price, Ontario Patricia Roy-Pagé, Quebec Preet Ajwani, Alberta Sarah Ivany, Newfoundland and Labrador Sharon Coghill, British Columbia Sharon Gilbert, Ontario Sheila Hamilton, Ontario Sherry Sadeghi, Ontario Stephanie Plaitin, Manitoba Tamara Shaw, Alberta Tammy Mooney, Prince Edward Island Teresa Buss, Manitoba Trudy Lowe, British Columbia Valerie Johnston-Way, Ontario Vicki Magnacca, Ontario Yolande Lecomte, Quebec