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LEWISTON COMMUNITY PROGRAMS Parks and 2011-2012 Recreation WINTER Library

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Lewiston Parks and Recreation Office

Lewiston Community Center, 1424 Main St., Open Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm Call for more information 208-746-2313 •

Lewiston City Library

428 Thain Road, Lewiston, ID 83501 Open Monday-Thursday 9:00am-7:00pm; Friday 9:00am-5:00pm; Saturday 10:00am-5:00pm Call for more information 208-743-6519 lewistonparks.recreation

Lewiston Parks and Recreation Info


Lewiston Parks and Recreation - 1424 Main Street City Hall – 1134 F Street Lewiston City Library – 428 Thain Road Community Development – 215 D Street Lewis Clark Valley Chamber of Commerce 502 Bridge Street, Clarkston, WA 99403


Lewiston Parks and Recreation Info ........................................................ 2 Rental Facilites .......................................................................................... 2 Park Amenties ........................................................................................... 3 Registration Form...................................................................................... 4 Special Events........................................................................................... 5 Special Programs...................................................................................6-7 Youth Activities & Sports ........................................................................... 8 Adult Sports ............................................................................................... 9 Adult Activities ....................................................................................10-11 Senior Activities ....................................................................................... 11 Senior Classes ........................................................................................12 Lewiston City Library..........................................................................13-16


Physical Address: 1424 Main Street, Lewiston, ID 83501 Office: 208-746-2313 Fax: 208-746-9110 Business Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00 am-5:00 pm


Questions regarding trees, bushes or tall grass that is causing sight distance problems for vehicles please call Kris Dugger 208-791-8453 or Merritt Donlon 208-791-2654. Questions regarding weeds on private property, public property or the right of way please call Steve Campbell 208-746-1318 x292. Questions regarding planting a new tree or removing existing trees from the right of way, please call Phil Shinn 208-791-9602. Questions regarding trees that are blown down into the street please call the Streets Division call out number 208-791-2311.

FACILITIES WILL BE CLOSED Friday, November 11 ..............................................Veteran’s Day Thursday, November 25 – 26 ..................................Thanksgiving Friday, December 23 ....................................................Christmas Monday, December 26 .................................................Christmas Monday, January 2 .....................................................New Year’s

STAFF MEMBERS Tim Barker ......................................Interim Parks and Recreation Director Corky Fazio ..........................................Grounds Maintenance Supervisor Jerry Michael ......................................... Building Maintenance Supervisor Lynn Welch ...................... Athletic Classes and Team Sports Coordinator Brandon Johnson (Beeg) .....Youth and Community Programs Specialist Linda Rape ...........................................................Administrative Secretary Phil Shinn.............................................................................Urban Forester


In case of inclement weather in which classes, games or activities may be cancelled, parents or a team representative will be responsible for calling 208-746-2313. Cancellation decisions for games will normally be made by 4:00 pm Monday – Friday. All games cancelled will be made up at a later date.


All participants in the Lewiston Parks and Recreation Department programs must have their own medical insurance to cover any injuries sustained while participating in any activity sponsored by the department. The City of Lewiston will not be financially responsible for any medical expenses.


Lewiston Parks and Recreation is an authorized vendor of recreational registrations for the Idaho State Parks and Recreation Department. Validation permits and stickers for boats, snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles and Park N Ski may be purchased at the department. *Lewiston Parks and Recreation is NOT connected via computer system to the Idaho State Parks and Recreation Department. As a result, patrons must bring vehicle/boat identification number (VIN/HIN) for Lewiston Parks and Recreation to process sticker.

RENTAL FACILITIES Lewiston Community Center 1424 Main Street, Lewiston, ID Situated in beautiful downtown Lewiston, the Lewiston Community Center is an ideally located rental facility in the Lewis – Clark Valley. The Lewiston Community Center is a perfect location for your upcoming event. Book this great facility for Weddings, Receptions, Auctions, Corporate Parties, Dances, Reunions, Retirement Parties, Holiday Events, Birthday Parties and much more…! Currently the Lewiston Community Centers offers free Wi-Fi. Room prices varies from $19 - $63/hour. For additional information contact Lewiston Parks and Recreation at 208-746-2313. Fenton Gym 1203 8th Ave, Lewiston, ID If your basketball, volleyball, softball, or baseball team is looking for a place to practice or you may have a youth group or organization that needs gym space for a special activity, Fenton Gym is available to be reserved for your event or activity. Gym rental is $17 per hour and reservations may be made at the Parks and Recreation office at 208-746-2313.



Lewiston Community Center .......................1424 Main Street Fenton Gym........................................................ 1203 8th Ave Normal Hill Cemetery......................................1122 7th Street

A late fee will be charged to participants that do not pay by the Registration Deadline. Late fees will be determined by cost of program, i.e. Adults Athletics - $50 and Classes - $5.




City of Lewiston Park Amenities PARK NAME




Airport Park

528 Cedar Ave



Baughman Park

102 Snake River Ave



Brackenbury Square

605 Main St.



Clearwater Park

3rd Ave N & 24th St



Community Park

1239 Warner Ave



Demolay Park

1402 Prospect Ave



East End Boat Ramp

3212 N & S Highway



Fenton Park

716 13th St



Hathaway Field

414 Bryden Ave


10 Hereth Park

1534 Powers Ave


11 Jewett Park

408 22nd Ave


12 Kiwanis Park/Mtn Dew Skate Park 806 Snake River Ave


13 Locomotive Park

2102 Main St


14 Modie Park

1035 21st St


15 Pepsi Park

2130 1st Ave N


16 Pioneer Park

203 5th St


17 Prospect Park

814 Prospect Ave


18 Rettig Square

117 12th St


19 Rose Garden

2031 N & S Highway


20 Sunset Park

2602 11th Ave


21 Syringa Park

3423 Syringa Dr


22 Trevitt Park

510 8th St



contains. We have many new ideas and programs that we would love to hear your feedback on that have been implemented over the past year, or if you have any ideas that you may have for future offerings. Feel free to email me your thoughts, comments, ideas or suggestions or find us on Facebook and become a friend for up-todate information on programs and events. There may be no better time to get started than right now, explore what we offer, because with parks and recreation the benefits are endless! Sincerely, Tim Barker Interim Parks and Recreation Director

Ball Field s Bas ketb all C ourt s BBQ Gar den Plot s Pon d/Riv er A cces Picn s ic S helt er Picn ic Ta bles Play Area Pub lic A rt Res troo m Ska te P ark Ten nis C ourt s Trail /Pat hwa y Disc Golf Cou rse

Welcome to the Lewiston Parks and Recreation winter programming season. I hope that you find this guide helpful as you read through and learn about the Department and some of the many things that happen through our programming and around the City. I encourage you to get involved and be active in your daily lives. We have plenty of opportunities to explore classes, get in shape and have some fun. Our Community Center offers great activities, and the parks, ball fields, and trails afford you a diverse set of options. Whether you live here or are hosting visitors to our community, we invite you to take advantage of the services we provide. I am very proud of our facilities and the dedicated staff we have that make our entire system work. We continue to work hard and strive to give our patrons the best we have to offer, now and into the future with ongoing developments. Enjoy perusing this brochure and what it

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Park Amenities

Registration 4 ways to pay With Visa/Master Card only. Please have

24 hour convenience.

Mail form and payment to: Lewiston Parks and Recreation PO Box 617 Lewiston, ID 83501

Fax form with Visa/Master Card payment

Office: 208-746-2313

Fax: 208-746-9110

Bring form and payment to: Lewiston Parks and Recreation 1424 Main St Lewiston, ID 83501

REGISTRATION FORM (Not for Sports League Registration)

W Regi INTER st Nov ration B embe e r 7, 2 gins 01 1 You can register by using this convenient mail-in/fax-in registration form for each participant.



Mailing Address Home Phone(

Work Phone(


Grade (If Youth)

School (If Youth)





Cell Phone(


Parents Name (If Youth) Class Session

Class Name

Class Dates

Class Fee

Class Day/Time

Class Location

$ $ $ $ Visa/MasterCard #___ ___ ___ ___ -___ ___ ___ ___ -___ ___ ___ ___ -___ ___ ___ ___ Exp. Date ____/____ T-Shirt Size (If Applicable)

E-Mail Address



The Lewiston Parks and Recreation DOES NOT provide medical or accident insurance coverage. The participant is responsible. If participant is a minor, parent/guardian is responsible. HOLD HARMLESS CLAUSE: I/we assume all risks and hazards incidental to such participation and do hereby waive, release, absolve, indemnify, and hold harmless the Lewiston Parks and Recreation for any claim arising out of injury to myself or my/our minor child. I grant the Lewiston Parks and Recreation permission to photograph myself and/or my child/ward and use the photos in displays and promotional materials. This document shall serve as a release for me, my child/ward and our heirs. I have signed this release voluntarily, with full understanding, under perjury, under laws of the State of Idaho. 



REFUND POLICY The purpose of this policy is to provide customer satisfaction in every program and activity offered by the Lewiston Parks and Recreation and to allow for refunds in an efficient and timely fashion when satisfaction cannot be guaranteed or circumstances beyond the Department’s control prevent participation in the scheduled program or event. This policy applies to all leases of the community center; swimming pool admissions, lessons, and passes; and recreation program participation fees. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Full refunds will be made on any programs cancelled or altered by Lewiston Parks and Recreation. Full refunds will be made on any one or two session programs with request made within five working days following the event or class. Full refunds will be made in programs with more than two games or classes scheduled with request made prior to the third session. Half refunds will be made on requests prior to the start of the second half. No refunds will be made once the second half of a program begins. With the above qualifications, refunds will be granted for any reason with no questions asked. However, participants will be encouraged to continue participating if dissatisfied with the program in an effort to eliminate the dissatisfaction when possible. If they are still dissatisfied, the refund will be processed as if it was done at the time of the original request. All participants who request a refund will be asked to fill out a brief voluntary questionnaire to assist Lewiston Parks and Recreation in developing a higher level of service. When possible, Lewiston Parks and Recreation will offer cash refunds at our office upon request. If necessary, due to the refund amount or cash available, refunds may need to be processed through City of Lewiston Finance Department, which makes payments twice a month. Checks returned for insufficient funds may require a $25.00 service fee.


Registration for Winter programs begin November 7, 2011 at the Lewiston Community Center located at 1424 Main St. M-F 8am—5pm. Preregistration and payment of fees in advance is required for all programs. Registration will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. GOOD INTENTIONS … register early. Nothing kills a class faster than waiting to sign up. Coming in the day the course begins won’t resurrect it, so please register early. Don’t make “Last Minute Lewiston” true!



Select class and complete registration form printed on this page. Please include all information requested in order to assure being registered for the correct class and session. Registrations will be processed on a first-come, first-serve basis. If the class is filled prior to receiving the registration form, you will be notified. If you are accepted for the class for which you register, no further notice will be sent.


Breakfast with Santa, Rudolph, and Friends

Gather all of your family and friends for an unforgettable morning at the Lewiston Community Center, and come visit with Santa, Rudolph and his friends. Breakfast with Santa includes a catered breakfast, holiday activities, entertainment and photo opportunities with Santa and Rudolph! Professional photo packages will be available for purchase with Santa or you may take your own photographs. (NOTE: No personal pictures allowed on our stage with Santa, you must purchase one from the photographer, but you can take pictures of Santa when he visits your table or walking around.) Tickets go on sale 8am Monday, November 14th @ the Lewiston Community Center. All Ages Day Time Location Saturday Dec. 10th

9am – 10:30am

Special Events

Lewiston Community Center

Fee: $10 per person (2 and under – Free) (When buying tickets specify exact number of kids even if they are 2 & under) Registration Deadline: Monday, December 5th or when tickets are sold out

NEW! Winter Clean - Community Yard Sale

Clean out the house before Christmas presents take over. We are looking for individuals who want to sell gently used items they no longer use such as: toys, children’s clothing, tools, furniture, sports equipment, etc. Cost is $10 per 12’ x 4’ space which includes an 8’x 3’ table if needed. Day Time Location Saturday, Dec. 17th 8am – 1pm Lewiston Community Center Fee: FREE for the Public Registration Deadline: Monday, December 9th

NEW! Daddy Daughter Valentine’s Dance

Brand new to Lewiston Parks and Recreation, this event is for girls and their fathers or special adult male in their life. You will enjoy great dance music, games, crafts, and complimentary snacks and beverages! Tickets go on sale 8am Monday, November 14th @ the Lewiston Community Center. Ages: Girls 5-12 Day Time Location Friday, Feb. 10th 6:30pm – 8:30pm Lewiston Community Center Fee: $7 per person Registration Deadline: Monday, February 6th

Holiday Cookie Decorating for Kids

This is a family favorite! Come decorate holiday cookies for friends and family. You will enjoy holiday music, games, and complimentary holiday movie! All materials will be provided. Parents are more than welcome to join in the fun with their child. Ages: 4-10 Day Time Location Tuesday, Dec. 13th

6:30pm – 7:30pm

Lewiston Community Center

Fee: $10 per person Registration Deadline: Wednesday, December 7th



NEW! Beginning Sign Language I

Special Programs

Have you ever wanted to communicate with a person using sign language? This is the class for you--an introductory course in American Sign Language (ASL) as developed and used by the Deaf community in most areas of North America. This course introduces the fundamental elements of ASL with an emphasis on the development of basic expressive and receptive skills through the use of finger spelling, vocabulary, basic grammar and conversational skills. Information about the Deaf Community and Deaf Culture will be introduced as well. Ages: 10 and older Day


Mondays 6pm – 7:30pm November 14, 21, 28 December 5, 12

Location Lewiston Community Center

Fee: $30 Registration Deadline: Thursday, November 10th

Hula Dancing – Session 1

Nancy “Mokihana” Schumm, a 16 year Hula veteran, will teach students the art of Hula dancing. Nancy will pass on her knowledge and provide an understanding, everlasting impression of the beauty in the gentle gestures, and movements of Hula. Ages: 10 and older Day Time Location Mondays 6pm – 7:30pm November 14, 21, 28 December 5, 12, 19

Lewiston Community Center

Fee: $30 Registration Deadline: Session 1 – Thursday, November 10th

Hula Dancing – Session 2 Day Mondays January 9, 16, 23, 30 February 6, 13

Time 6pm – 7:30pm

Location Lewiston Community Center

Fee: $30 Registration Deadline: Session 2 – Friday, January 6th

Introduction to Spanish

Spanish is one of the most-used languages in the world, and it’s one that is relatively easy for English speakers to master. Whether you are studying Spanish at school, learning the language on your own, or just wanting to pick up Spanish to make your travels more enjoyable, this collection of lessons and articles is designed to help you gain a fuller understanding of the language. All Ages Day Time Location Mondays 6pm – 7:30pm Lewiston Community Center January 9, 16, 23, 30 February 6, 13 Fee: $35 Registration Deadline: Friday, January 6th



Lewiston Teen Late Night

Scheduled Friday night’s Lewiston Parks and Recreation will host Lewiston Teen Late Night events. Stay up late and experience a night filled with many great activities, including dances, basketball, volleyball, dodgeball, board games, card games, foosball, and pool. Ages: 7th – 12th Grades – Must have High School ID Day Time Location Fri., Jan. 27th – Golden Throne Dance 9:30pm – 12am Friday, Feb. 17th – Out 8pm – 10:30pm


Lewiston Community Center Lewiston Community Center


Fee: $3 per participant – Out, $5 per participant – Golden Throne Dance

NEW! Corporate/Team Building

Lewiston Parks and Recreation is now offering Corporate /Team Building to groups, agencies, businesses to the LC Valley. We develop highly professional customized corporate seminars that make a difference and create real change while meeting the specific needs of our corporate clients. For more information and pricing please call Brandon Johnson at 208-746-2313.

NEW! Mommy and Me Playgroup

Lewiston Parks and Recreation is starting a brand new playgroup at the Lewiston Community Center. During this time, the children play together and learn invaluable social skills while the parents can talk and provide much needed support for one another. Come join other parents from the LC Valley! Also, the goal for this program is to be a free activity for all parents and children to enjoy. As a result, Lewiston Parks and Recreation is looking for gently used infant and toddler toys to be donated for the Mommy and Me Playgroup. If you have donations please contact Brandon Johnson for more information 208-746-2313. Ages: Baby – 5 Day Time Location Fridays

9:30am – 11:30am

Lewiston Community Center

January 6 – June 1


Lewiston Youth Volunteer Program

Join the Lewiston Youth Volunteer Program as we find new and exciting ways to serve our community! Lewiston Parks and Recreation brings this volunteer program to all Lewiston young people in grades 9-12. Find a volunteer opportunity that suits your interests and abilities, meet new friends and do good things for others. Anytime is a great time to volunteer. If you are interested in children, city beautification, literacy, health care or the environment, the Lewiston Youth Volunteer Program has a volunteer opportunity for you. Doing volunteer work makes you eligible for many national, state, and local scholarships, and gives you a chance to explore different careers. If you are looking for a meaningful and fun way to be involved, consider volunteering with the Lewiston Youth Volunteer Program. Contact Brandon Johnson, for details. Please call 208-746-2313 for this amazing opportunity.



Youth Sports and Activities

Hand Prints Children’s Art Studio – Session 3

Instructor Judy Parry will be offering a five week mini course including classes in crafts, clay, drawing, and watercolor. Class size is limited to the first 30. (The same art concepts are taught in each session but different projects are made.) Ages: 1st – 6th Graders Day Time Location Thursdays 6pm – 7pm December 1, 8, 15 January 5, 12

Lewiston Community Center

Fee: $65 Registration Deadline: Session 1: Friday, November 25th

Hand Prints Children’s Art Studio – Session 4 Day


Thursdays January 26 February 2, 9, 16, 2

6pm – 7pm

Location Lewiston Community Center

Fee: $65 Registration Deadline: Session 2 – Friday, January 20th

Sports Skills Camp

The Lewiston Parks and Recreation Department will be offering Sport Skills Camps for 3-6 year olds. This camp requires parent participation. We will conduct a very basic introduction of skills in Basketball, Soccer, and Baseball/Softball. The child and parent will learn age appropriate skills and games at 5 stations to help breakdown specific skills for each child. For the Baseball/Softball session, participants will be required to bring a glove. Ages: 3-6 Day Time Location Saturdays

10am – 10:45am (3 & 4 year olds) 11am – 11:45am (5 & 6 year olds) January 14, 21 – Soccer January 28, February 4 – Basketball February 11, 18 – Baseball/Softball

Fenton Gym 1203 8th Ave.

Fee: $30/session or $15/sport Registration Deadline: All Sports or just Soccer – Wednesday, January 11th, Basketball – Wednesday, January 25th, Baseball/Softball –Wednesday, February 8th

Girls Drill Team

This program is one of our winter favorites for girls. Our instructor Sharon Rodgers, offers instruction in basic drills, commands and dance movements set to music. Participants are taught in age groups with the program ending with march downs and performances. Ages: 5-14 Day Time Location Saturdays

10am – 12:30pm (5, 6, 8 & 10) 1:30pm – 4pm (7, 9 & 11-14)

Sacajawea Jr High

January 14, 21, 28 February 4, 11, 18

Fee: $30 (includes t-shirt) Registration Deadline: Monday, January 9th



Adult City Basketball League

All leagues are divided by playing ability with games held weekday evenings with Sunday afternoons/evenings at area gyms. Pre-season play will begin November 20th with each team playing at least 15 games during the season. Team rosters and information sheets are available now. Each team must consist of a minimum of eight players with a list of individuals looking to play on a team kept at the office. Ages: 16 (not currently participating in high school sports) and Older Day Time Location Monday-Sunday


Adult Sports


Fee: $850/Team Registration Deadline: Monday, November 14th

Adult Volleyball

Get your gym shoes on and pump up your volleyball, another winter volleyball season is upon us! Each team will be scheduled for a 12 match season. Ages: 16 (not currently participating in high school sport) and Older Women’s Recreation Day Time Location Monday/Wednesday League Tuesday/Thursday League

6pm – 10:30pm Fenton Gym 6pm – 10:30pm Fenton Gym

Fee: $150 Registration Deadline: Thursday, January 5th Co-Ed Recreation Day Time Location Monday/Wednesday League Tuesday/Thursday League

Fee: $150

6pm – 10:30pm Fenton Gym 6pm – 10:30pm Fenton Gym

Registration Deadline: Thursday, January 5th

Slush & Mush Co-Ed Softball Tournament

The Parks and Recreation Department will be offering a Winter Co-Ed Softball Tournament on January 21st. This will be a daylight tournament with three games guaranteed. We will play with a 12” safety ball and bats will be available. Grab your cleats and join us for the first softball tournament of 2012. More details will be available in early January. For more information, contact the Parks and Recreation office at 208- 746-2313 or check out our website

Ages: 16 and older Day



Saturday, January 21st

9:00 am - Dark

Airport Park

Fee: $200

Registration Deadline: Monday, January 16th

2012 End of the World Dodgeball Tournament

The world is coming to an end so why not play Dodgeball? Teams will play 6-on-6 co-ed with no maximum number of players on your roster. All teams must start each game with a minimum of 2 female players. Limited number of teams accepted, so register early! Winning team will receive custom made t-shirts as proof that they are a force to be reckoned with on the court. The tournament will be a round robin format. Ages: 16 and older Day Time Location Saturday, January 7th

1pm - Done

Fenton Gym

Fee: $80 1203 8th Ave. Registration Deadline: Wednesday, January 4th



Yoga – Session 2 (5 Weeks)

Adult Activities

Experience greater health, flexibility, strength, peace and joy through the ancient art of classical Yoga. Small classes with emphasis on balance, posture and spinal flexibility. This is an on-going class that participants are welcomed to join at any time. Wear comfortable clothing and bring a mat, towel, or blanket. A minimum of six participants is required to hold the class. Ages: All Day Time Location Wednesdays 6:15 pm – 7:30 pm November 9, 16, 30 (no class 11/23) December 7, 14

Lewiston Community Center

Fee: $40/Single $75/With a Friend $10 Drop-in (must pay before 6pm day of class) Registration Deadline: Wednesday, November 9th

Yoga – Session 3 Ages: All Day


Wednesdays 6:15 pm – 7:30 pm January 11, 18, 25 February 1, 8, 15

Location Lewiston Community Center

Fee: $50/Single $90/With a Friend $10/Drop-in (must pay before 6pm day of class) Registration Deadline: Wednesday, January 11th

Tai Chi – Session 3

Tai Chi can result in better balance, relaxation, a stronger immune system, and a sense of serenity and well-being. This is an on-going class that participants are welcomed to join at any time. Wear comfortable clothing and heavy socks or light-soled slippers. A minimum of six participants is required to hold the class. Ages: 18 and Older Day Time Location Fridays 11am – 12pm January 13, 20, 27 February 3, 10, 17

Lewiston Community Center

Fee: $50/Single $90/with a friend Registration Deadline: Friday, January 13th

Fitness Through Movement

Instructor Kristin Delka will invigorate you with cardiovascular, strength training, balance and flexibility workout to burn excessive fat calories, tone and strengthen muscles and to repair, restore and strengthen the respiratory system. The workout will be choreographed with traditional floor aerobics and Yoga exercises. Ages: 16 and Older Day Time Location Thursdays 6pm – 7pm January 5, 12, 19, 26 February 2, 9

Lewiston Community Center

Fee: $30 Registration Deadline: Tuesday, January 3rd



Thanksgiving Floral Arranging Class

Adult and Senior Activities

Learn secrets of floral arrangement from the LC Valley’s consummate flower professional and make your own Thanksgiving flower arrangement! Amaze your friends and family in the process because Mike Hollenbeck, owner of Floral Artistry, will provide the materials and instruction for the class allowing you to make your own fresh flower arrangement. Ages: All Day Time Location Tuesday, Nov. 22nd

6:30pm – 8:30 pm

Floral Artistry 1008 Main Street

Fee: $45/Single $80/with a friend Registration Deadline: Monday, November 21st

EAT SMART/MOVE MORE during the Holiday Season

University of Idaho Extension is offering a series of FREE seminars to help make any time the right time to EAT SMART and MOVE MORE! All seminars—Heart Health, Reduce Cancer Risk, Bone Health and Holiday Season Safety are sponsored by Addus Health Care, Area Agency on Aging, Burrell Street Station and Lewiston Parks and Recreation. Look for the series to be repeated in 2012. The Holiday Season seminar includes information on Food Safety and Storage—learn 4 simple steps to avoid foodborne illness when purchasing, preparing, serving and storing food; Balanced Living—understand key elements of time and stress management, Fire Safety—learn about potential fire hazards in your home and what to do about them. Please call Judy Floch at the Nez Perce County Extension office at 799-3096 to reserve your space. *Participants will receive food thermometers, water bottles, and food pyramid tote bags. Day Time Location Tuesday, Nov. 15th

1pm – 3pm

Lewiston Community Center




FREE Senior Activities

Senior Classes

Lewiston Parks & Recreation continues to offer a variety of FREE activities for valley seniors. Ages: All Line Dancing

Monday Mornings

10:00 am

Multi-Purpose Room


Wednesday Evenings

6:30 pm

Senior Lounge

Line Dancing

Thursday Mornings

9:00 am

Multi-Purpose Room

Painting Group

Thursday Afternoons

12:00 pm

Activity Room 1

Bridge Play

Friday Afternoons

1:00 pm

Senior Lounge

Senior Lounge & Senior Nutrition

The Senior Lounge is open each day from 9:00 am until 4:00 pm for our senior’s enjoyment. The coffee pot is always on so come down and enjoy the company, a game of cards, or a rousing game of pool in the game room. The Lewiston Parks and Recreation Senior Nutrition Program serves lunch Monday-Wednesday at 12:00 noon. Be sure to plan your day around other activities and join us for lunch.

Fit-N-Fall Proof

Fit-N-Fall Proof is a low impact exercise class that works to improve Balance, Flexibility and Strength to help prevent falls. Ages: 55 and Older Day


Monday/Thursday 11:30am –12:15pm December 12 – February 9

Location Lewiston Community Center

Fee: $20 Registration Deadline: Monday, December 12th

NEW! Introduction to Computers for Seniors

Are you ready to learn the basics of computer use? Join computer instructor Andrew Davis for this brand new class. Andrew will teach Seniors how to use computers in a class room setting. This is not a hands on class, but an introduction on to how to use your own computer. Ages: 55 and Older Day Time Location Tuesdays November 15, 22, 29 December 6, 13, 20

6:30 pm –8pm

Lewiston Community Center

Fee: $30 Registration Deadline: Monday, November 14th



Discover, Explore, Grow @ Your Library

428 Thain Rd., Lewiston, ID 83501 • 208-743-6519 Fax: 208-798-4446 The mission of the Lewiston City Library is to provide the people of Lewiston with free and open access to knowledge, ideas and information and to support them in their pursuit of learning.

Welcome to the World of Digital Reading! Overdrive Lewiston City Library has expanded its services! Audiobooks and eBooks are available to download. Users may browse the library’s website and download digital books and audiobooks to their PC, Mac®, Kindle, Nook or other mobile device. Titles will automatically expire at the end of the lending period. There are no late fees! This service is free for patrons with their library card. To get started downloading audiobooks and eBooks visit

Sony Readers Do you wonder what’s all the fuss about e-readers? What if you could carry over a 100 books in your pocket or purse? The Lewiston City Library is now offering Sony eReaders for check-out! Each eReader is preloaded with over 100 bestselling digital books such as The Help, The Hunger Games Trilogy, and Unbroken along with authors such as Stieg Larsson, C.J. Box, and Debbie Macomber. Stop by the library, ask about our new e-readers and start enjoying a new and exciting approach to reading!

Playaway View (for KIDS!) Playaway View is the first all-in-one video player, designed exclusively for public libraries. Each view is pre-loaded with multiple story books, so kids can simply press play to watch their favorites wherever they go. Stop by the library and ask to see these brand-new players.

Library Hours: Monday—Thursday

9:00—7:00pm Friday 9:00—5:00pm; Saturday 10:00—5:00pm LEWISTON CITY LIBRARY


Lewiston City Library

Lewiston City Library

What’s Happening @ Your Library? Let’s Talk About It Jan 10 – Mar 13, 2012 Tuesdays at 6:45 pm Let’s Talk About It brings together scholars and readers to read and discuss literature. The theme for the LTAI series is “Across Continents and Cultures.” The library has 25 copies of each title to checkout. January selections include: January 10: Eva Luna by Isabel Allende and January 24: Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress by Dai Siejie.

Operation Wish Book begins November 1st Help put brand new books into the hands of area youth this holiday season. Operation Wish Book‘s mission is “To promote literacy and the love of reading by providing new books to area children.” New donated books will be accepted. Operation Wish Book boxes are located at all area schools and public libraries in the valley, as well as Hastings and Kling’s bookstores.

What’s going on with the new library? A lot of background work has been taking place in the last two months. Citizens of all ages provided exciting ideas through focus group discussions and an open house. The structural conditions of the building have been re-examined by engineers, the building has been tested for hazardous materials, and investigative demolition is taking place. Members of the Downtown Historic District Review Committee and the State Historical Preservation Office have been consulted for ideas and suggestions and sustainable design opportunities (think LEED) are being discussed! Library staff has spent time defining interior spatial and functional relationships with the goal of providing efficiency and comfort for our patrons.

What’s Next? A preliminary design of the building will begin in October and demolition of the interior of the building will start later this fall. If you would like to keep up with the project on a regular basis, let us know your email and we’ll add you to the email list! Fundraising continues - make a donation to the Lewiston Library Foundation at

Grzimek’s Animal Life Encyclopedia Database Want to know the habitat of the duckbill platypus? How about the life cycle of earthworms? Find this and more from Grzimek’s Animal Life Encyclopedia. There you will find full-text articles, complete with full-colored illustrations. Access is free at the library or remotely from your home at Choose “Online Resources” from the E-Library menu.

Follow Lewiston City Library on twitter!



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Nov 1 Nov 2/3 Nov 8 Nov 9/10 Nov 10 Nov 12 Nov 15 Nov 16/17 Nov 22 Nov 30

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Jan 25/26

NOVEMBER Pajama Storytime Storytime: Counting Conversando Storytime: Squirrels Author CJ Box @ Orchid Room Let the Games Begin! (Families) Pajama Storytime Storytime: Yummy Food Conversando Storytime: Mittens DECEMBER Storytime: Mittens Pajama Storytime Storytime: Cookies Holiday Crafts Family Program Conversando Valley Bookies: By the Lake Storytime: It’s Cold Outside Conversando Pajama Storytime Conversando JANUARY Pajama Storytime Storytime: Snowmen Conversando Valley Bookies: LTAI Eva Luna Storytime: Winter Winter Birds Family Program Pajama Storytime Storytime: Sleepy Bedtime Conversando Valley Bookies:LTAI Balzac & the Little Chinese Seamstress Storytime: Beach Party

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Everybody Reads Blue Heaven by C.J. Box

Schedule of events: Wed, Nov 9th 10 am: LHS Library Thurs, Nov 10th Noon: Asotin County Library 6 pm: Beer and wine tasting with the author at the Orchid Room, Morgan’s Alley, Downtown Lewiston 7 pm Presentation: Orchid Room, Morgan’s Alley, Downtown Lewiston



Lewiston City Library



Winter Parks and Recreation 2011  

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