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How to... Five tips to guide you. 1. Don’t go it alone. Bring along a friend or relative. “One of the most important steps you can take is to bring a spouse, family member or friend to the examination,” says Juliette Sterkens, an audiologist in Oshkosh, Wis. “Two people hear and remember more.” 2. Interview a provider. “The number one thing to remember is that the value you get out of your hearing aid is based on the skills and abilities of the hearing health professional,” says Sergei Kochkin of the Better Hearing Institute. Audiologists and hearing instrument specialists are both licensed to sell hearing aids, but audiologists hold a master’s or doctoral degree in audiology. Get referrals from health care professionals. The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and the American Academy of Audiology offer information on how to find a hearing professional.

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Get the Right Hearing Aid ing loss. When new patients come to him, Freeman quizzes them: “What do you want the hearing aid to do for you? Do you just want to be able to hear the television? Or do you hope to hear the sermon in church?” Knowing your priorities will help the professional determine what style and technology are best for you. 4. Have your hearing tested. During your visit, you should be given a hearing test in a soundproof booth. It will tell the audiologist or hearing specialist what type of hearing loss you have so a hearing aid can be programmed specifically for you. Not all devices will fit every person or every degree of hearing loss. And “these are custom-made devices,” says Linda Remensnyder, an audiologist near Chicago. “It’s not prudent to buy online or from a big-box retail store.” 5. Try before you buy. Ask for a demonstration of the hearing aids recommended for you. An audiologist may be able to put a disposable plug on the tip of a behindthe-ear hearing aid and program the device to your hearing loss so you can experience how it works. “This is way too important and costly a decision to make in a hurry.”

3. Know before you go. “Most people have had trouble by: Cathie Gandel | from: AARP Bulletin | May 1, 2011 with their hearing for years,” says Barry Freeman, an audiologist and chairman of the board of the National Council for Better Hearing. Yet they wait an average of five to Top experts in the field give seven years before buying a hearing aid. The worse the advice on how to shop for and hearing loss, the harder it is for your brain to adjust, so it’s choose a hearing aid. important to act as soon as you think you may have hear

S U N D A Y, J U L Y 2 4 , 2 0 1 1

l e w i s t o n t r i b un e


Out with the Old ... In with the New! FREE SERVICES: • 30 Day Trial Period • Audiometric Evaluation • Cleaning & Adjustment of ALL Hearing Aids • FREE Batteries for Life • 0% Interest Financing • Labor and Industries Provider • We Bill Insurance (where hearing aid benets are available)

Modern hearing aids are true miracles of technology

Modern hearing aids offer a wide range of functions and variety. Your hearing care professional will help you make the choice that is perfect for you. There are two basic types of hearing aids:

• Custom models (ITE or ITC and CIC models) • Behind-the-ear models (RIC and BTE models)

Phonak hearing aids exible forms, colors and styles

Hearing Aid Service

1850 Idaho St., Lewiston, ID 83501

(208) 746-6068 • 1-800-248-5049 Office Hours: Mon-Fri 9-5 Evening & Saturdays by Appointment



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How to... RENOVATE RIGHT: (NEW EPA guidelines for lead base paint on homes built before 1978) Federal law requires that individuals receive certain information before renovating six square feet or more of painted surfaces in a room for interior projects or more than twenty square feet of painted surfaces for exterior projects in housing, child care facilities and schools built before 1978. Homeowners and tenants: renovators must give you the, Renovate Right Pamphlet, before starting work. Child care facilities, including preschools & kindergarten classrooms, and the families of children under the age of six that attend those facilities: renovators must provide a copy of the Renovate Right Pamphlet to child-care facilities and general renovation information to families whose children attend those facilities. Also, beginning April 2010, federal law required contractors that disturb lead-based paint in homes, child care facilities and schools, built before 1978 to be certified and follow specific work practices to prevent lead contamination. Therefore be sure to ask to see your contractor’s certification. WHY VINYL IS THE KING OF WINDOW MATERIALS Vinyl has replaced wood as the number one material used in the windows of new homes and is already the leader in replacement of old or outdated windows. All major window manufactures now offer a vinyl window because of its many advantages. It is warm to the touch; vinyl windows can be made in almost any shape. Unlike wood, however, vinyl windows require no painting or reglazing. Most importantly, today’s vinyl windows are four times more energy-efficient than the state-of-the-art windows installed in new homes just a few years ago. HOW CAN I COMPARE ENERGY PERFORMANCE? There are many grades of vinyl windows, but it is easy to separate the good from the average. Companies producing the highest-quality windows are part of the ENERGY STAR® program, operated by the U.S. Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency. These windows are commonly 40 percent more

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choose vinyl windows & renovate correctly

energy=-efficient than building codes require and their performance is certified by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC). Reading the NFRC label allows you to compare the performance between brands of windows because it rates the efficiency of the entire window unit. ARE ALL VINYL WINDOWS THE SAME?

Advancements in vinyl extrusions allow the best manufacturers to offer structural rigidity without the need for any additional reinforcements. Windows made of lower quality vinyl are reinforced with steel or wood in a attempt to provide strength. The wood is often too thin to provide real rigidity or is exposed to the elements, absorbing moisture and rotting over time. While steel offers strength, it can reduce the energy efficiency of the window by conducting heat and cold. If you have any question about the architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) label on the product. A gold label means that the product passed strict tests for load strength and air or water infiltration. THE GLASS The energy-efficiency rating of the window is referred to by its U-factor and 80 percent of the U-factor rating comes from the performance of the glass. The lower the Ufactor, the more energy-efficient the glass and the more comfortable you will be in your home. Dual-pane glass filled with argon gas and coated with multiple microscopic layers of metals and non-metals (a Low-E coating) perform the best. Some brands of Low-E glass reflect infrared heat waves back to their source. This means that in winter, heat from your home reflects back inside, and during the summer, outside heat is reflected away from your home. Even basic Low-E glass lowers your heating and cooling costs by 30

percent compared to plain dual-pane glass. The home featuring Milgard vinyl windows and SunCoat Low-E glass showed a 27% savings in summer cooling costs compared to the home with ordinary clear glass. The average summer afternoon demand for air conditioning in the SunCoat house was 30% lower due to reduced solar heat gain. SunCoat also produced significant savings on winter heating bills. WARRANTY REFLECTS THE CONFIDENCE OF THE SELLER Warranties are only as good as the product covered and the company that stands behind them. Window warranties should not be prorated and should cover seal failure, parts, labor and installation for as long as you own your home. Replacement windows are a job you should only have to do once. KNOW THE COMPANY YOU KEEP Over 20 percent of window companies in this year’s Yellow Pages will be gone or will change their name in the next year’s book. The most important decision you will make might not be the windows you buy but the company from whom you buy them. The company should be able to provide you with proof of licensing, EPA lead certification, proof liability insurance and be in business for over 10 years. (Companies in business more than 10 years are usually the ones that last.)

HOW-TO TIPS Look for a company that custom manufactures, installs and guarantees their product. This way you get the best tting window and you only have one number to call for any needs with the product. Look for 3rd party certications/endorsements on windows such as ENERGY STAR®, NARI®, AAMA, Good Housekeeping, etc. Their support means the window means the window has net or exceeded their high standards. A quality company with a quality product will offer a lifetime guarantee on their window. Don’t settle for anything less. A quality vinyl window will be made from nonrecycled vinyl, have welded corners for strength The glass used in the window should be coated, double-pane, insulated glass enhanced with an inert gas for additional insulated and noise reduction.

S U N D A Y, J U L Y 2 4 , 2 0 1 1


l e w i s t o n t r i b un e

From Craftsman to Contemporary we have a window to match. The right Milgard replacement window can greatly enhance the look and value of your home. With many choices from Craftsman to Contemporary, we’ve got your style covered. With outstanding construction and a Full Lifetime Warranty for as long as own and reside in your home, it’s no wonder so many people choose Milgard. For warranty details visit

Windows, Doors and More... Store “Where Our Doors Always Open” Your Specialty Building Supply Headquarters. 523½ Thain Road, Lewiston

(208) 746-9000 website: Email:

Find your style at Milgard. Call us today.




BEWARE Of air duct cleaning companies that only clean a portion of your HVAC system and ductwork. To properly clean a system to standards set by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA), every part of your ductwork (especially the main trunk line (s) and your furnace must be cleaned.

S U N D A Y, J U L Y 2 4 , 2 0 1 1

choose a Air Duct Cleaning Company


on’t waste your money only having part of your system cleaned. Many companies out there only clean a portion of your ductwork and You Get what don’t even touch You Pay for your main trunk line(s), where a majority of the debris is. You may think you are getting a good deal on the price but without all of the parts of your HVAC system cleaned once you turn your sys-tem back on you will re-contaminate your entire system. The cleaning will have been for nothing. Here are some helpful hints when looking for an HVAC system cleaner:

• Ask for references, ask your neighbors, or co-workers who they have used for this type of cleaning. • Check the company’s licensing, are they certified to do this? • How long have they been in business? Check with your local Better Business Bureau for their rating. • Is this a side line service or do they sub contact this service out? • Find out what the cleaning involves and make sure you get your money worth..

S U N D A Y, J U L Y 2 4 , 2 0 1 1


l e w i s t o n t r i b un e

Air Duct Cleaning by

WE CLEAN • Central HVAC systems • Heat reclaim



B&F Power Vac’s Source Removal Cleaning

• Improves air quality by removing dust and airborne irritants • Improves air flow on HVAC systems • Reduces risk of dryer fires

step 1

Timely arrival of trained technicians

Our technicians arrive on-time, uniformed and ready to work.


step 2

The cleaning system

• Boilers • Dryer vents Various chimneys WE REMOVE • Most blown-in insulation • Production debris

Our equipment is among the best and most powerful available. our MONSTER truck-vac system incorporates a 50 CFM/250PSI air compressor and a powerful vacuum with 12,500 CFM of suction.

step 3

Careful set-up

Our technicians wear shoe covers inside the house and protect all working areas, including corners, with drop cloths.

step 4

Vacuum hook-up

A 10-inch vacuum hose is hooked up to both supply and return sides of the duct system. From these points the debris is transferred to the dirt collection box in the truck, ensuring that no contaminants are released inside your home.

step 5 Sealing each register

Each register is sealed with light-tack plastic to maximize suction and ensure that no debris is released into your living space.

step 6

Scrubbing each supply line

Using a rigid high-pressure line, air-operated brushes and air nozzles are used to ensure that debris is scrubbed loose and taken in the vacuum stream back to the truck.

step 7

Hand cleaning

each register cover and duct boot is hand-cleaned by our technicians.

step 8

Cold air returns

When finished with the supply lines, we proceed to the air return registers and lines and use the same procedures used to clean the supply lines.

step 9

Supply & Return truck lines

Once the ducts are completed, we move to the main trunk lines, where all the debris has been pushed. We use special air-operated whips to clean the lines.

step 10

Furnace cleaning

We clean the inside of the furnace by ”air-washing” the blower blades, motor, coil and filter.

step 11

Sealing access points

We seal all access points with special 1” plastic plugs where necessary and galvanized access panels where larger openings are needed.

step 12


Our work areas are thoroughly cleaned, including vacuuming the floors.

~ Locally owned service since 1971, Cleaning is all we do... ~ A+ rating with Better Business Bureau, long standing member ~ First Air Duct Company National Certified in the Idaho & Washington

LEWISTON 208.746.1461 OR MOSCOW 208.882-7575



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The perfect partnership. The Lewiston Tribune

The Lewiston Tribune

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Full of juicy features like breaking news, local video clips, story comments, community photos, blogs, weekly polls, archived stories and more.

print edition

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Together they provide a tasty blend of local news, information, and entertainment. Online access is free to subscribers and $8 a month for non-subscribers. Call today, (208) 746-8742, or visit and click on the “subscribe� link at the top of the page.


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Make your goods and services available to your customers 24/7 For as little as $125 a month you can feature your business with its own customized Web page. Here’s what our Gold Package includes: • • • • • • •

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Contact Information Map Hours of Operation Business Profile Photo Gallery (unlimited photos) Showcase on The Lewiston Tribune’s and The Moscow-Pullman Daily News Directory Home Page • Premium placement in searches • Web Site links • Link to Directory Listings • Showcase Files and YouTube(tm) Video • Coupons and Specials • Testimonials • Unique URL

Ask about our Platinum Package and receive even greater value. Talk to your account executive today about one of our Business Directory packages. Or call Dan White at 208-848-2225.



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12 Questions to Ask When Choosing Your REALTOR® Make sure you choose a REALTOR® who will provide top-notch service and meet your unique needs. 1. How long have you been in residential real estate sales? Is it your full-time job? While experience is no guarantee of skill, real estate — like many other professions — is mostly learned on the job. 2. What designations do you hold? Designations such as GRI and CRS®, which require that agents take additional, specialized real estate training, are held only by about one-quarter of real estate practitioners.

S U N D A Y, J U L Y 2 4 , 2 0 1 1

choose a realtor Why You Should Work With Us!

Our Seller’s Service Pledge

As an independently owned and operated CENTURY 21 office, we are dedicated to providing you with service that is professional, courteous and responsive in helping you market your property. To fulfill this commitment, we agree to provide you with the following services:

1. Dedicate ourselves to making the process of selling your home as easy and successful as 3. How many homes did you and your real estate bropossible. kerage sell last year? By asking this question, you’ll get 2. Respect you and your needs a good idea of how much experience the practitioner and be honest and forthright, in has. accordance with Fair Housing regulations and ethical real 4. How many days did it take you to sell the average home? How did that compare to the overall market? estate practices. The REALTOR® you interview should have these facts 3. Hold your best interests in the on hand, and be able to present market statistics from highest regard throughout the the local MLS to provide a comparison. process. 4. Value and respect your time, 5. How close to the initial asking prices of the homes being as efficient and effective you sold were the final sale prices? This is one indicaas possible. tion of how skilled the REALTOR® is at pricing homes and marketing to suitable buyers. Of course, other 5. Understand your needs and factors also may be at play, including an exceptionally respond quickly. The Realtors at CENTURY 21 Price Right are here hot or cool real estate market. 6. Utilize my knowledge, to help you make the important decisions needed resources and training to best 6. What types of specific marketing systems and serve you. to purchase or sell your home or property. approaches will you use to sell my home? You don’t 7. Provide regular progress want someone who’s going to put a For Sale sign in the reports throughout the process yard and hope for the best. Look for someone who has aggressive and innovative approaches, and knows how and discuss with you comments to market your property competitively on the Internet. received about your property. Buyers today want information fast, so it’s important that your REALTOR® is responsive. 8. Explain each step of the process and act as a guide to help you make informed decisions. 7. Will you represent me exclusively, or will you represent both the buyer and the seller in the 9. Make recommendations to enhance the marketability of your property. transaction? While it’s usually legal to represent both parties in a transaction, it’s important to 10. Utilize a written Competitive Market Analysis and local market information to understand where the practitioner’s obligations lie. Your REALTOR® should explain his or her help you set an appropriate listing price to sell your home and receive the value agency relationship to you and describe the rights of each party. you deserve. 8. Can you recommend service providers who can help me obtain a mortgage, make home 11. Review various financing alternatives. repairs, and help with other things I need done? Because REALTORS® are immersed in the 12. Develop, present and agree upon a Customized Marketing Plan that will industry, they’re wonderful resources as you seek lenders, home improvement companies, detail specific promotional efforts to help best market your property. and other home service providers. Practitioners should generally recommend more than one 13. Place the internationally recognized CENTURY 21 yard sign on your property, provider and let you know if they have any special relationship with or receive compensation with your permission and subject to local ordinances. from any of the providers. 14. Post your property on, a site which receives millions of visitors each month.* 9. What type of support and supervision does your brokerage office provide to you? Having resources such as in-house support staff, access to a real estate attorney, and assistance with 15. Explain local real estate procedures and regulations. technology can help an agent sell your home. 16. Show your property to potential buyers. 17. Utilize the CENTURY 21 System vast online resources to expose your prop10. What’s your business philosophy? While there’s no right answer to this question, the erty to potential buyers around the world. response will help you assess what’s important to the agent and determine how closely the 18. Utilize the CENTURY 21 System to help you obtain the results you deserve, agent’s goals and business emphasis mesh with your own. including leveraging our network of more than 8,000 offices worldwide. 19. Submit to you all written offers, assist with negotiations, and provide an 11. How will you keep me informed about the progress of my transaction? How frequently? Again, this is not a question with a correct answer, but how you judge the response will reflect estimate of your net sales proceeds, so you understand all implications prior to your own desires. Do you want updates twice a week or do you prefer not to be bothered unthe acceptance of any offer. less there’s a hot prospect? Do you prefer phone, e-mail, or a personal visit? 20. Upon acceptance of an offer by you, pre-settlement (escrow) activities throughout the closing process will be monitored as permitted by law or local 12. Could you please give me the names and phone numbers of your three most recent clients? practice. Ask recent clients if they would work with this REALTOR® again. Find out whether they were 21. Assist you in finding your next home, or offer to refer you to another pleased with the communication style, follow-up, and work ethic of the REALTOR®. CENTURY 21 office in another location.

S U N D A Y, J U L Y 2 4 , 2 0 1 1

l e w i s t o n t r i b un e




How to...

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choose a surgery center

All About Joint Pain & Joint Replacement Surgery With more than 200 joints in our body, it is no surprise that at some point something may go awry. From an arthritic hip to a throbbing knee, or aching shoulder, any place where two or more bones meet can be a painful problem. Fortunately there are some methods available to ease your pain. Of course, your doctor is the best source of specific advice about your pain.

What causes joint pain?

How can you control joint pain?

Physical therapy or low-impact activities that include gentle, regular exercise such as bicycling or swimming can help ease the pain of mild arthritis, as can pain relievers such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen. If you carry extra pounds, weight loss can make a positive difference as well.

Who is a candidate for total knee or hip replacement?

Arthritis is one of the major causes of hip and knee pain. Sports-related injuries, such as stress fractures are common, as well.

If pain is preventing you from walking or performing daily activities and conservative measures have failed to give you adequate relief, it may be time to discuss total joint replacement surgery with your orthopaedic surgeon.

How does arthritis affect your hip?

A team approach to surgery

Arthritis of the hip is a disease that wears away the cartilage between the ball and socket of the hip joint. This causes those two bones to rub against each other and make the joint become uneven and worn. The result for you is hip pain, stiffness and instability. In some cases, your leg motion may even be greatly restricted.

How does arthritis affect your knee?

Arthritis is one of the most prevalent factors in hindering the way the knee is supposed to function. Often times arthritis is a result of degeneration of the cartilage in the knee. It happens slowly, over time and the pain associated with it develops just as gradually. Normally, the knee joint will become swollen, sore and stiff and over time can lose its full range of motion.

What are stress fractures?

Stress fractures are actually hairline cracks in the bone that can grow larger over time if they are not treated properly. Usually, bones can adapt to repetitive stress; however, extreme stress that is repeated too often can overwhelm the bone’s ability to adapt. This is especially true with repetitive, strenuous exercise, such as running.

The average hospital stay after knee replacement and other joint replacement surgeries is three to five days. At Gritman Medical Center we utilize a team approach for joint replacement surgery. Working together with orthopedic surgeons, nursing, physical therapists, registered dietitians, lab, radiology, pharmacy, and social services experts we can help you regain your mobility.

Preparing for joint replacement surgery

Our occupational therapists can survey your home and recommend ways to prepare it for your safety, comfort and convenience following surgery. Our dietitians can suggest meal plans before and after surgery. Together we help you reach optimum health and wellness. Typically patients who undergo joint replacement surgery experience dramatic improvement in their lifestyle within a short period of time.

To learn more about knee replacement and other joint surgeries, talk to your doctor or call Gritman Medical Center at 208-882-4511 or visit

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l e w i s t o n t r i b un e

She found what she needed here on

Regain your gain ain yo our qual quality lity of lilife th help p from our Tot with Total Joint Replacement Team Our integrated team approach to surgery means you'll receive comprehensive and personal care throughout your entire surgical process, from your first physician visit and pre-operation preparations to post-operative recovery.

“Gritman got me back to doing the things I need to do and the things I love to do.� -Marian Bentz Double Knee Replacement Patient

GRITMAN MEDICAL CENTER Moscow ID 700 South Main Street Moscow,

Surgical Services Surgical Serv

208-883-2 208-883-2234

It's comforting to know a full spectrum of surgical services is available here - on Main Street.

Leading the Way to Wellness



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choose a medical spa

LaBella Vita Medical Spa is celebrating their second year as the regions premier medical spa by announcing the introduction of SmartLipo to their menu of spa services. SmartLipo permanently melts unwanted body fat away from the face, neck, arms, abdomen, buttocks and legs in one treatment. It’s proven to be effective. It’s less invasive than traditional liposuction. It’s the most trusted method of fat removal. It’s the smart alternative. SmarLipo gets the results that diet and exercise can’t.

without disrupting the skin’s surface and simultaneously treats a wide range of facial problems to improve the texture and complexion of your skin. It is extremely effective in treating brown spots, sun spots, pigmented lesions, fine lines, wrinkles and rosacea. Intense Pulsed Light is a low risk treatment with no downtime and leaves skin smoother, even-toned, and more youthful.

The medical staff at LaBella Vita are booking SmartLipo appointments daily and the schedule is filling up fast. If you are interested in SmartLipo schedule your appointment for you free consultation they suggest the sooner the better.

Chemical Peels which take the older dead layer of skin off the face leaving a smoother and more youthful skin surface.

LaBella Vita Medical Spa also invites you to schedule a free consultation for some of the other services and treatments from the spa menu including: Botox injections which relax the facial area that is treated causing wrinkles to disappear. Latisse which is the only FDA approved prescription that is proven to make eye lashes fuller, longer, and thicker. Laser Hair Removal of facial hair, under arm hair or unwanted hair on any part of the body. Dermal Fillers which not only cause wrinkles to disappear but can plump areas of the face creating more pleasing curves. IPL – Intense Pulsed Light Treatment (Photo Facial Rejuvenation) which is a new advancement that is safe and non-invasive. It erases skin damage

Facial Sculpting and Recontouring – a variety of procedures and products to plump lips, lift the face and brow and much more. Skin Medica professional skincare products which offer a variety of ways to treat, protect, moisturize and preserve your skin.

LaBella Vita Medical Spa is located in Clarkston in Suite 6 in the the Tri-State Medical Office Comlex at 1119 Highland Avenue. The Moscow location is in Suite A at 2301 West A Street which is just up the hill behind Walmart. Both locations can be reached toll free at 1-866-882-0331. And for more information on LaBella Vita Medical Spa go to Appointments can be scheduled by phone or on line. We invite you to visit us at La Bella Vita Medical Spa and Shine, Smile and Enjoy the Bella You!

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l e w i s t o n t r i b un e



•proven •less invasive •effective •the most trusted •the smart alternative

Permanently Melt Fat Away In Just One Treatment.

Hurry! Appointments are filling up fast! Free Consultations & Monthly Specials • Botox

for Facial Rejuvenation Peels • Lip Enhancement • Facial Sculpting & Recontouring • Laser Hair Reduction • Spider Vein Laser Treatment • Dermal Fillers • SkinMedica Products • Latisse


• Chemical • 1.866.882.0331 1119 Highland Avenue, Suite 6 Clarkston, WA 99403 • 2301 West A Street, Suite A Moscow, ID 83843


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How to... I

n the past, most people chose a funeral home for the following reasons: they had a relationship with the funeral home before, the perceived ethnicity of a funeral home, the location of the funeral home or upon the recommendation of a friend.

Most local, independent funeral homes rely upon their reputation for success. They have been operated by the same family from generation to generation and have been successful because they have built a business based on trust. With various mergers and acquisitions occurring in our industry, it is important that you choose a family owned funeral home where the family cares about your needs. Every funeral home should be capable of addressing each family’s religious needs and provide a service that is meaningful to each family. Some funeral homes are better than others in going the extra mile to provide a personalized tribute to a life that was lived. Some people choose a funeral home based on their location, however the most convenient location may not be the best suited for your needs or a good value. You should make your decision based on whether their facilities are up to date, whether they offer a variety of options based upon your budget and whether they are willing to offer a personalized tribute to the life of the person. There should be plenty of parking and the building should be handicapped accessible. You can often get a feel for a particular funeral home by accessing their website. The website should provide a description of the funeral home as well information about the variety of services they offer. Many of your questions will be answered directly on the website

SUN D A Y, J UL Y 2 4 , 2 0 1 1

choose a Funeral Home & Crematory

or you can contact the funeral home by email for more specific requests. You should not choose a funeral home based on price alone. All funeral homes are mandated by law to give you a General Price List before you begin to talk about any type of arrangements you will make. Therefore you can select the services that are right for your family and your budget. A good funeral home will take into consideration your family and circumstances and offer recommendations. Choosing a funeral home on price alone may shortchange you on the personalized care and service you need to receive. The Funeral Staff While a funeral home can be truly beautiful, it is the willingness of the funeral staff to insure that the funeral of your loved one be meaningful to you. The funeral staff should be attentive and provide compassion and support since you will be with them for a few intense days. You should always get the feeling that they will take care of your loved one just as you took care of them in life. You should also be able to relate to the funeral director who will handle the arrangements and be able to speak frankly about what you want. No request by you should go unfulfilled. You should also ask whether the funeral home offers concierge services, i.e. assisting with ordering flowers, arranging accommodations for out of state relatives, reserving a restaurant or catering facility for a family reception, or helping with any other need that may arise. Support Services While most funeral homes can provide any type of funeral service, the good funeral homes are concerned about what

happens after the funeral is over when the family member finds himself/herself all alone. The funeral home should be able to provide support information so that a grieving family member can begin the grieving process. In addition, the funeral home should be able to recommend specific support organizations where people can go to learn about coping with their loss whether it is with a private therapist who specializes in grief issues or with a support group. Preplanning When someone dies there are over 97 decisions that need to be made about planning a funeral. Oftentimes, you need to address these important issues in a very short period of time. You can avoid many of these hasty decisions by preplanning the funeral services. Preplanning allows you to complete the vital statistic portion of a funeral; you can talk about the type of services; the people you might like to have involved; begin to write an obituary; and organize your legal and financial documents. So many things can be done ahead of time to make it easier for families at the time of need. In conclusion, after you have met with a funeral director to ascertain what you think might be important to you, then you can determine whether that funeral home would be able to deliver on your requests. A funeral home should be a center where you receive help and support to make sure that the funeral experience is soft, soothing and a tribute to the person that you just lost from the time of their death to your road to recovery. There is a difference in funeral homes. Make sure that you compare.

S U N D A Y, J U L Y 2 4 , 2 0 1 1


l e w i s t o n t r i b un e

Vassar-Rawls Funeral Home & Crematory Vassar-Rawls Funeral Home & Crematory is a family owned and operated facility that has been serving the Lewis-Clark valley and surrounding communities since 1898. Our goal is to honor a family’s loved one by providing the best possible services at an affordable price. We believe that a properly planned ceremony or ritual can help facilitate the natural grief process from losing a loved one. Vassar-Rawls Funeral Home’s licensed staff will assist in creating a meaningful and dignified funeral or memorial service. Our family, serving yours, for over a century.

Fully Licensed Staff: Jeff Seipert, Jason Harwick, Dennis Hastings 920 21st Ave • Lewiston ID, 83501 743-6541 • 800-584-8812

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How to... Endurance Energy Efficient Ease - Enjoyment Whether for hydrotherapy, relaxation or entertainment, a hot tub is a home addition sure to please every member of the family. Choosing the right hot tub is essential to ensuring years of spa enjoyment. The benefits of owning a hot tub are many and when purchasing a spa, people need to consider a few points. In addition to deciding how much one is willing to spend for a spa, people should also take into account the costs of operation of a hot tub. Operation costs vary depending on how well a spa is constructed and insulated. Another consideration is the cost of chemical water treatments. Many of today’s spas feature advanced ozone systems requiring virtually no chlorine and give you much better bathing quality. A spa with this feature may cost more but at the outset over time people can save quite a bit on chemical costs.

PLEASE READ THE INFORMATION BELOW BEFORE YOU BUY A NEW SPA! MANUFACTURER OF TUB • How long have they been in business? Hot Spring has been making hot tubs for 30 plus years. • Warranty - Inquire about your spa’s warranty for confidence on your purchase • Hot tubs are not created equal - There are a lot of fly by nite hot tub manufacturers that don’t offer warranties and can’t get parts or advice from them - YOU DON’T WANT THAT! All these things are available at specialty stores such as YB Tubless. • How well they treat the consumer • Parts availability - YB Tubless can get parts for any Hot Spring tub ever made. LOCAL DEALER One of the biggest problems for consumers buying spas on-line or from big-box stores is the absence of advise, which is only available at specialty retail stores like YB Tubless. We have been serving customers in the Valley for over 30 years. • Customer Service • Warranty Service • Local factory trained technicians • Water Balance

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choose a realtor FEATURES • Energy Efficient • 24 hour circulation pump • Jets-More isn’t necessarily better - having jets targeted in specific areas are much better. • Titanium heaters • Ozonator • No by pass filtration HEALTH BENEFITS • Arthritis • Fibromyalgia • Surgery Therapy • Melt away stress muscle aches MAINTENANCE • Ease of operation • Cleaning (Drain every 4- 6 months) • Balancing Chemicals • Filters (Once or twice year) STOP IN AT YB TUBLESS! We’ve been a Hot Spring dealer for over 30 years and can help in your hot tub purchase and can give you necessary information about your selection. WE WANT YOU TO BE A HAPPY CUSTOMER!!

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Employees: Dave Hoaglin, Wanda Hoaglin and Skip Faulk. 216 Thain Road, Lewiston, ID • 208-746-8827


Relaxation has found its ultimate expression



How to... A

ssisted living is an excellent option for seniors seeking an independent and vibrant lifestyle, while also receiving the help they need with daily activities. Assisted living is the option that combines housing, support services, and health care, as needed. Choosing the right assisted living community can be a challenging task. Whether you are searching for yourself, a family member or a friend, make sure that the assisted living community is able to meet the physical and safety needs of your loved ones. There are many ways to select an assisted living community that is right for you. Besides researching state inspection reports, getting word of mouth recommendations and looking at promotional literature. Nothing is more valuable than the insight you gain from making personal visits.

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Choose an Assisted Living Community

• Learn about the community. Is it licensed? Can you view past license surveys? • Examine the facility’s physical features: Does it look and smell clean? Does the community offer a variety of apartment styles? Where do residents eat? Where do they interact? • Observe the staff: Is there a licensed nurse on staff? Do staff members greet residents? Are they attentive? Do they treat residents well? Are they well groomed? • Look at the residents: Are they well cared for? Are they active? Do they seem happy? • Find out about activities and involvement. Is there a bus for transportation? Is there an active resident council? • Talk to residents: How do they Find out as much as you can like the facility? What do they like or about each community. A good dislike about it? way to do that is to talk to: • What costs can you expect? Is the * The long-term care ombudsman. lease month-to-month? * Doctors, nurses, hospital social • Check out the food. Is it tasty and workers, clergy and other professionals appealing? who are familiar with assisted living • Find out how much input your loved communities. one will have in his or her daily life * Family members and friends of and care, and how much flexibility people who live in the community. there is in the schedule. * Residents of the community. Each Assisted Living Community has its own unique culture as does Some tips for choosing an Long Term Care. Do some checking assisted living community: and price comparison. What does • Begin discussion and research early. the community “feel” like when you Don’t wait for an emergency to happen. walk in? Will they accommodate your needs? One thing to remember is • Determine the type of care needed. that as a paying consumer, you are What do you or your loved one need entitled to ongoing customer service help with? and satisfaction.

Does your loved one need help? Warning signs ...

• Difficulty walking - unsteady when standing - recent fall(s) • Poor grooming / personal hygiene - soiled clothing • Loss of appetite - changes in eating / cooking habits •Spoiled / outdated food in fridge - little nutritious food in home • Diminished driving skills recent accidents - near misses • Loss of interest in activities once enjoyed • Reluctance to socialize • Difficulty concentrating - poor judgment • Memory loss - forgetfulness - confusion • Mishandled medications • Persistent fatigue - lack of energy • Personality changes - irritability - sudden mood changes • Unopened mail - past due bills - mishandled finances • Poor housekeeping / home maintenance - unsafe conditions

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Royal Plaza

Retirement & Care Center

Mindy Shepard

Administrator, Skilled Nursing

Mary Ann Mack

Crystal Snarr

Director of Residential Services, Assisted Living

Director of Nursing, Skilled Nursing

Chad Wolfe

Maintenance Director

We bring residents, families & healthcare professionals together in a comfortable caring environment. Stop by and take a look. We would love to have you stop by and join us for lunch.

NeVonne Jennings

Linda Cardwell

Medical Records Director

Mark Newman

Erika Mee

Activity Director, Assisted Living

Activity Director, Skilled Nursing

Betty Carlson

Director of Food Services

Carly Akin

Social Services Director

2870 Juniper Drive • Lewiston, ID 83501 (208) 746-2800


Dana Dodge

Director of Environmental Services

Connie Borgen

Administrator, Assisted Living



How to... FIRE. We sit around fires and have been doing so... forever. If you have a room with a fireplace, then that fireplace is probably the focal point of the room. If it isn’t, it should be. Furniture and decor are placed in relation to the fireplace and a great-looking fireplace can “make” a great-looking room. Take a look at your fireplace. Does it “fit” the room? Have you updated or remodeled the room or decor but did not know what to do about the fireplace? Does it look old and outdated? Ugly? Dark and moody? Would a future home buyer like it? Sooner or later, that may be an important consideration. Buying a home is an emotional decision and fireplaces affect everyone, even if they never throw a log on the fire. A buyer “imagines” it being used, whether it is a mental image of an old Norman Rockwell painting, Christmas stockings hung on the mantel, or a romantic evening snuggled up to a loved one in front of a flickering or roaring fire.

Home buyers will focus on your fireplace. Your fireplace could affect whether they make an offer on your home. Or not make an offer. Or offer

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choose a fireplace or insert

less money. You might want to update your fireplace. A fireplace adds beauty and elegance to any home. Furthermore, a fireplace definitely adds value to your home. Having a fireplace is one of the most in demand and consistently popular features in a home because it adds charm and comfort to any living space. It also adds a considerable value to your property. An outdated home interior can turn off guests or prospective buyers. With newer options available, your home may not be sending the message you would like to convey. Adding a home fireplace is easier than you think. This is a great time to update or install a fireplace in your home in time for the winter months. The benefits of adding a home fireplace: 1. A fireplace in your home creates a soothing and calming effect and gives more drama to a room. Always consider these factors when redesigning or upgrading a room in your house. 2. Fireplaces can brighten up a room due to its vivid yellow, red and orange colors that emit from the burning fire. 3. A fireplace can serve as the centerpiece in a room. A giant plasma TV in a room could never equal the fascination of a well-placed and beautifully designed fireplace. 4. A room that has a fireplace will look more flowing and alive due to the fire movement. You can indeed witness this when you compare an active and inactive fireplace. An active fireplace will send out lights in every direction

and creates a flowing sense of life, activity and movement. 5. Fireplaces that are made and designed by talented designers can be considered as works of art. When you add a fireplace to a room, consider the statement you want to create. An elegant and modern fireplace will do magic in bringing different elements of modern design. It can easily elevate other pieces inside a room.

Contemporary-styled modern gas fireplaces and fireplace inserts don’t use the traditional log look, and instead offer a bed of rocks or glass and reflective surrounds for a thoroughly updated look. Contemporary inserts can be added to existing fireplaces, or new gas fireplaces can be installed in almost any room. For most people adding a fireplace is not a do-it-yourself prospect. Welenco Stove Store is a reputable fireplace store. Come in and talk to us about your fireplace needs. At Welenco Stove Store we have a genuine enthusiasm for our work and will offer ideas that you may not think of. We genuinely enjoy creating something that looks... like a masterpiece when we are done!

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For the nest replace products look to Regency •Welenco can install a replace almost anywhere - even Why work with Welenco Stove Store? if you do not have an existing chimney •Welenco Stove Store has been carefully selected and •With over 35 years combined experience in the hearth certied after being thoroughly trained on all aspects of business, we have the knowledge and skills to ensure the full line of Regency products. We can advise you on the best job possible for you appropriate product selection, performance details and •Already have a drafty replace? Upgrade with a local building code requirements Regency replace insert - Welenco Stove Store will •A Regency replace will cut your home heating costs by show you how zone heating your living areas efciently YOUR COMPLETE HEATING SOLUTION!


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533 Thain Road, Lewiston, ID


Warm up with Welenco ~ Your hometown Hearth & Grill Store



How to...

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choose a hospital

Visiting the hospital can be an overwhelming and frightening time for anyone. Put you and your family at ease by asking a few questions before you find yourself in need of hospital care. Ask several questions of the local hospitals in your area to determine the best fit for you and your family. Does the hospital meet national quality standards?

Has the hospital had success with my condition?

The Joint Commission is the ultimate in healthcare accreditation. Accreditation means the facility meets a high level of quality standards regarding staff, equipment and success in treatment and curing. Reviews are completed regularly and are not scheduled in advance, ensuring that the hospital is prepared for review at all times. Visit to see if your hospital is accredited and how it scores on quality checks.

Research shows that hospitals that do many of the same types of procedures tend to have better success with them. In other words, “practice makes perfect.” Ask your doctor or the hospital if there is information on:

• How often the procedure is done there.

• How often the doctor does the procedure.

How does the hospital compare with others in my area?

• The patient outcomes (how well the patients do).

Most hospitals should be more than willing to give you a tour of their facilities. Call the hospital’s community relations department to schedule a visit. This will give you an opportunity to see various departments, meet staff and view areas such as waiting rooms and patient rooms.

Also, some health departments and others publish reports on “outcomes studies” about certain procedures. These studies show, for example, how well patients do after having certain surgeries. Such studies can help you compare which hospitals and surgeons have had the most success with a procedure.

Another way to learn about hospital quality is to view “report cards” developed by various federal, state and consumer groups. These types of reports not only help consumers make informed choices, they also encourage hospitals to improve their quality of care. One example can be found at which allows you to view information on hospitals in your area.

Physician privileges Not all physicians are allowed to admit patients to a hospital. In general, you will go to the hospital where your doctor has “privileges”. This means he or she has met the requirements of that hospital and is permitted to practice there. Ask your doctor if he or she has privileges at the hospital you’re interested in. If not, you would need to be under the care of another doctor while at the hospital.

About Gritman Medical Center Gritman Medical Center is an award winning not-for-profit community hospital. Our mission is to provide excellent and compassionate healthcare for the people of our communities. We invite you to tour our facilities and meet the people who make our organization an outstanding healthcare facility for patients and their families.

For information on Gritman Medical Center, please visit our website at or call 208-882-4511.

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Excellent, Compassionate Healthcare

24 / 7 / 365

•24 hour Emergency / Trauma Center •Adult Day Health •Cancer Resource Center •Cardiac / Pulmonary Rehabilitation •Cardiopulmonary Department •Clinical Laboratory •Community Health Education •Critical Care Unit •Dialysis Clinic •Family Birth Center •Foundation •Imaging Services •Martin Wellness Center •Medical / Surgical Unit •Occupational Health Services •Palouse Psychiatry •Rural Health Clinics •Same Day Surgery Center •Sleep Center •Therapy Solutions: •Massage •Occupational •Physical Therapy •Speech Therapy •Wellness Programs: Diabetes Care, Clinical Nutrition, Weight Management •Women's Imaging g g Center


Allergy, Asthma, Congenital Heart Disease, NEW Dermatology, Pulmonary, Nephrology Neurosurgery & Spine, Oncology

CALL 208-883-6264 for info.

Right here on... 700 S. Main Street, Moscow, ID

(208) 882-4511


lewiston tribune

How to... What to ask about home health care services

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Choose a Home Health Care Provider Important Points

Home care services range from medical care to help with daily household chores. If you’re • There are two types of home health care: considering home care services, ask these Rehabilitative Home Care & Basic Home Care. questions to choose the best provider for your needs. • The first step in determining whether home care is If you’re recovering from surgery or need long term care for a chronic illness, or you have appropriate for you is to discuss the issue with your physician. a loved one facing a similar situation, you may be interested in home care services. Home care • The agency tailors a home care plan to your needs services range from skilled care provided by and reviews it with you. nurses or therapists to household support, such as cleaning, cooking and running errands. Whether you’re planning to enlist the help of a home care services agency or hire a personal ¤ Are the caregivers licensed and insured? ¤ Will you receive a written care plan before home health aide, knowing what questions ¤ How closely does the agency’s supervisor service begins? The care plan should to ask can help ensure you receive quality evaluate the quality of home care? include details about medical equipment assistance. ¤ Does the agency have a quality improvement and specific care needs, contain input from program? Qualifications your or your loved one’s doctor, and be ¤ Do the agency’s employees seem friendly If you’re considering a home care services updated frequently. and helpful? Make sure you feel comfortable agency: ¤ Will you receive a list of the rights and with the agency’s representatives. responsibilities of all parties involved? This ¤ Is the agency licensed by the state? Most ¤ If you’re considering a home health aide: states — but not all — require agencies to ¤ Does the home health aide have a positive is sometimes known as a patient’s bill of attitude? be licensed and reviewed regularly. Reviews rights. may be available on request through your ¤ Are you and your loved one comfortable ¤ Will you or your loved one be referred to with the home health aide? state health department. dietitians, counselors, therapists or other ¤ Is the agency certified by Medicare to meet Home care services: Questions to ask specialists if needed? federal requirements for health and safety? Costs ¤ Will the agency work directly with you or If not, ask why. ¤ What type of employee screening is done? If you’re considering a home care services your loved one, family members and health Can the agency provide references? Ask for agency: care providers? a list of doctors, hospital discharge planners ¤ l How does the agency handle expenses Must you identify a primary family caregiver? ¤ or other professionals who have experience and billing? Ask for literature explaining If so, what’s required of that person? with the agency, as well as a list of former all services and fees, as well as detailed Are there any limits on the types of tasks ¤ clients. Ask doctors, family and friends for explanations of all the costs associated with agency recommendations. performed? If so, what? home care. ¤ Is the agency accredited by a governing ¤ l Will agency fees be covered by health ¤ When will service be provided? Is care agency such as the Joint Commission, insurance or Medicare? Find out what available round-the-clock, if necessary? an independent group that evaluates and arrangements are in place for specific health ¤ What procedures are in place for accredits health care organizations and insurance plans. emergencies? Ask how the agency or home programs that voluntarily request review? If ¤ l What resources does the agency provide health aide will deliver services in the event so, ask to see the results of the most recent for financial assistance, if needed? For survey. of a power failure or natural disaster. instance, is a payment plan available? ¤ If you’re considering a home health aide: ¤ If you’re considering a home health aide: ¤ How are problems addressed and ¤ What are the aide’s credentials? Make sure ¤ l How much does the aide charge for resolved? Whom can you or another family you’re comfortable with the aide’s training home health services? Make sure you’re member contact with requests, questions or and experience. comfortable with the fees and the services complaints? ¤ Can the aide provide references? Take time they cover. to check the aide’s references thoroughly. ¤ l Does the aide require payment for sick ¤ When can services begin? Ask doctors, family and friends for home days, vacation days or holidays? If so, health aide recommendations. Monitor your home care services clarify how many sick and vacation days After you’ve found a home care services are allowed, as well as which days are Quality of care considered holidays. provider, monitor the situation. If you’re If you’re considering a home care services concerned about the care or services provided, Understanding services agency: Whether you’re considering a home care discuss it promptly with the agency or home ¤ How does the agency hire and train caregivers? Does the agency provide services agency or a home health aide, you health aide. If necessary, involve your doctor or your loved one’s doctor as well. continuing education? might ask these questions about services:

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“Professional In-Home Health Care”

With our Professional Home Care, many individuals can continue to live independently in the privacy and comfort of their own homes. Up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

“Professional Care… At Home” Up to 24 Hour Care…

Counties Served: • Nez Perce • Latah • Lewis • Clearwater • Idaho • Asotin • Gareld • Whitman • Benton

Lewiston Ofce (208) 746-3050 or 1–800-930-3050

Kamiah Ofce (208) 935-2204 or 1-888-658-2204

Kennewick, WA Ofce (509) 735-3388 or 1-800-930-3050

Alternative Nursing Services, Inc. has been serving our communities with professionalism, quality & integrity since 1995. That’s over 16 years & looking forward to many more! The primary responsibility of Alternative Nursing Services, Inc. is to the client. We continually strive to provide quality of life for all people entrusted to our care. We endeavor to meet the total needs of those we care for! Call us Today to answer any of your questions…

• Personal Care Services • Skilled Nursing Services • Respite Care • Residential Habilitation • Developmental Therapy • Adult Day Care • Homemaker Services • Companionship Services

• • • • • •

SERVICES AVAILABLE: Daily Living Assistance Meal Preparation Housekeeping Medication Reminders Bathing Assistance Transportation

Payment Options

• Idaho Medicaid • Washington Medicaid • Idaho Workmen Compensation Insurance • Washington Labor & Industries Insurance • V. A. Medical Insurance & AAA - Homemaker • Long Term Insurance • Private Pay (with discount options available)

Locally owned since 1995…

You Choose the hours… You Choose the days…

Lewiston/Clarkston ......(208) 746-3050 Moscow ................. (208) 882-0616 Kamiah .................. (208) 935-2204 Orono ................... (208) 476-9129

Coeur d’ Alene ....... (208) 667-0467 Boise....................... (208) 570-2928 Kennewick ............. (509) 735-3388 Spokane ................ 1-800-930-3050





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