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Monthly Resident Newsletter December 2016 Issue 12

Lewis-McChord Communities DISTRICT CONTACTS Call 253-912-2150 Listen to the directory to be connected to your District. DISTRICT EMAIL DIRECTORY #5 Discovery Village District Office Discovery Village, Hillside, New Hillside, Evergreen and Madigan #4 Town Center District Office Broadmoor and Town Center #3 Eagleview District Office Beachwood I & II, Eageview and Meriwether Landing

FROM YOUR TEAMS AT LEWIS-McCHORD COMMUNITIES HAVE A SAFE AND FESTIVE HOLIDAY SEASON AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR We look forward to an amazing year in 2017. Please keep an eye our on our Facebook page for all of our events.

#2 Clarkdale District Office Clarkdale, Parkway, Davis Hill, and Greenwood


#1 McChord District Office All McChord Communities District Office Hours Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 8:00 - 4:00 Wednesday 8:30 - 4:00 Saturday & Sunday Closed

Lewis-McChord Communities

Home Pride Program Do you know of a home on JBLM that demonstrated pride both on the inside and on the outside? NOMINATE NOW! By visiting your District Office

For more information follow the Facebook link below

All Quarterly Winners have a chance at becoming our Grand Prize Yearly Winners!

Holiday Home Contest Follow this link to learn more about this event.

Are you ready to show some Holiday/Winter Spirit? Starting December 12th, Our LMC Teams will be out in all Districts nominating homes. Go to our Facebook for more event details. Yours could be the winning home in your District. All homes must be in compliance of housing guidelines to qualify.





click here for link





















LMC Holiday Home Decorating Contest Judging will take place between December 12 and December 15





LMC Offices Closed




First Day Of Winter

No School Dec 19 - 30





LMC Offices Closed



The Guardian has gone paperless. Click here to link to the website.

FREE ONGOING KIDS PROGRAMS BY MWR Storytime at Bookpatch Library

When: Wednesdays 10:30 AM & 3:00 PM Where: Grandstaff Library JBLM Lewis Main This is especially for children 5 years and younger. Listen to one of our Librarians read a fun story and more. For more information call 253.967.5533 DO YOU KNOW WHAT SCHOOL YOUR CHILD WILL ATTEND? OR WHAT BUS TO TAKE? Welcome to the 2016/17 School Year. Some students are returning to Clover Park School District and some are new to the area. Here are some tools to help you kick off the new school year with ease...

Click on each image to use the school tool, bus tool and the school calendar. Each of these tools may also be located at

WATCH OUT FOR SCHOOL KIDS - School is back in session and the sun is rising later. Please watch out for the kids. Slow down, use your lights and beware of your surroundings while driving.

For after school activities and ideas visit our Pintrest page

Storytime at McChord Library

When: Thursdays 11:00 AM & 3:00 PM Where: McChord Library JBLM McChord Field This is especially for children 5 years and younger. Stories and Crafts. For more information call 253.982.3454 PARENT LIFE HACKS 101 TRICKS YOU DIDN’T KNOW COULD MAKE LIFE EASIER

Zip Tie Your Bike Tires For Better Traction Directions: Zip tie every other rim section between spokes. Center and tighten zip ties so that tie clasp is facing towards hub (not too tight, just tight enough to keep from moving) Trim off extra cable on all ties Push clasp to center it on rim facing hub. Add more later if needed. Tools: 20+ zip ties (6+ inches in length Large nail clippers Bike with hub or disk brakes on rear wheel Technique: Pedal in low gear smoothly and take shallow turns use only rear brake when possible. Remember: Always have an adult supervise.

Fall Tips and Resident Reminders Extended Leave or Vacation Away From Your Home...

When leaving your home for an extended period of time (more than two (2) weeks), a Vacation and Extended Absences Form must be completed and given to your District Office. This form can be picked up at any of our District Offices.

Before leaving your home, we strongly recommend that you: • Stop mail and newspaper delivery. • Leave pets with friends or at a kennel (pets are not allowed to stay in your home during your absence. ANIMAL CONTROL WILL TAKE PETS LEFT IN HOME DURING YOUR ABSENCE. • Unplug all unnecessary appliances such as a TV, coffee maker, or computer. • Lock and secure all doors and windows. • Turn off water supply line to washing machine. During winter months: Please see the article Winter Weather Tips For Your Home to learn about protecting your home from frozen and or busted pipes. Most winter damage can be prevented

Holiday Decoration Reminders

• December Holiday decorations must be removed by January 10th December decorations consist of Santa Claus, presents, lights, blow up characters, wreaths with ornaments, stockings, holiday trees etc. • Winter Seasonal decorations must be removed by March 19th Winter decorations consist of snowmen, snowflakes and winter wreaths etc. Please note, immediate removal may be required of any decorations, alterations, additions or fixtures which are made or installed without Agent’s prior written consent. * Holiday decorations are restricted to first story gutters.

Christmas Tree Removal will be the week of January 9- January 13.

Residents can set Christmas trees out on their regularly scheduled collection day next to their trash tote. Trees must be free of flocking, tinsel, ornaments and metal hangers and cut to 4’ lengths. Should you miss the pick up dates, you can always check with the JBLM recycling center for drop off.

Pet Responsibilities

Any and all pet(s) and animal(s) approved by Lessor must be kept inside the residence at all times except when on a leash or when securely confined in your fenced backyard, provided the fence is approved by management and is of adequate size and strength to restrain the animal. Pets are not to be tied up and left unattended if there is no fence. Pet owners are responsible for disposing of their pet’s waste immediately, whether the pet is on a leash or in a fenced area.

Pets and Cold Weather

With the colder weather comes heavy rain, wind and chilly weather. If you have a pet that spends time in the fenced yard, make sure you are taking the best care possible of your four legged family member. • Make sure your pet has shelter from the elements. • Make sure your animal has food and water. • Bring your pet in when the weather is extreme.

Winter Weather Tips For Your Home:

With the changing weather, we could experience extreme temperature drops, snow and ice. When this kind of weather hits the Northwest, there is the possibility of pipes freezing and bursting in your home. You can help to prevent this by taking some simple steps. Disconnect all garden hoses from the exterior faucets. Keep your house temperature set at 55 or higher, even if you’re leaving the house for an extended period of time. Do not turn off the heating system, this can cause significant damage in your home due to broken water pipes. Open cabinet doors below sinks to allow heat from the home to circulate in these enclosed spaces. During extended periods of freezing temperatures set your inside faucets on a low drip to circulate water in the pipes and help prevent the lines from freezing.

Ice and Snow:

With snow and ice accumulations typically spanning short periods of time in the Pacific Northwest your Lewis McChord Communities teams will focus on hills, major roads and major intersections in and out of our communities. Lewis McChord Communities does not shovel or lay down ice/snow melt in walkways or driveways around the homes. During these times we ask you to use caution while moving in and around JBLM and other communities surrounding the installation, including major freeways and roadways. Follow the guidance provided by local officials and be safe when making a decision to travel away from your home. HAVE A SAFE WINTER

Fire Hazard Reminders and Tips:

Garbage Pick-up Schedule: Have garbage curbside by 5:30 a.m. on your designated day. Monday: Evergreen, Madigan, New Hillside Tuesday: Broadmoor, Davis Hill, Greenwood, Parkway Wednesday: McChord Field Thursday: Beachwood, Beachwood II, Eagleview, Meriwether Landing Friday: Clarkdale, Discovery Village, Hillside, Town Center Centralized Garbage Container Service: Tuesday: Parkway and Town Center Friday: Parkway and Clarkdale

This time of year there can be many potential fire hazards. From the use of portable heaters to Christmas lights, fire places and misuses of extension cords there are increased risks in this season. Be safe by following all the labeling requirements on these types of appliances and accessories. Another line of defense is your smoke detectors inside the homes. All of the homes in Lewis-McChord Communities are equipped with smoke detectors. You will find detectors on every floor of the home and in bedrooms. Some smoke detectors will be battery operated only and some are hard wired directly into the home with a battery back up. You are responsible for maintaining the smoke detectors in good working order. Please test your detectors regularly and change batteries when it is needed. If you are ever concerned or would like to have your smoke or carbon monoxide detectors checked, just simply call in a work order. *** Tip: A good way to remember batteries is to change them every time you set your clock forward or backward in conjunction with Daylight Savings time and Standard time.

Ready, Set, GO Lewis-McChord Have you ever called for a taxi on-post? If you have, you know that getting around JBLM can be very expensive. Unless you take advantage of the GO Lewis-McChord program! GO Lewis-McChord brings you three great options for travel on and around JBLM: GO Transit, GO Bike, and GO Rideshare. GO Transit lets you travel the main routes covering all branches of post as reliable, efficient transportation. You’ll never be stranded since this service includes evenings and weekends as well. Join the ride and let them do the driving! GO Transit goes to all gyms and dining facilities on post, not to mention libraries, stores, and office spaces. GO Bike gives you access to transportation, a chance to be outdoors, and an opportunity to get a little exercise. Four bike fleet locations across the installation mean that you’re always near this FREE bike rental! It’s easy to use, especially since you can even check out a bike for up to 30 days. GO Rideshare includes both carpooling and vanpooling instead of driving alone in your personal vehicle to base. Joining this rideshare program saves you money on car maintenance caused by your commute miles, and helps take cars off the road. There may be a vanpool starting near your residence already! It’s easy to join or start a new vanpool. Plus, vanpooling is free. All your transportation needs on and around JBLM can be fulfilled by utilizing the GO Lewis-McChord programs. All of the GO Lewis-McChord programs are designed to save the JBLM community time, money, and resources. Let them help you start now by visiting and liking the GO Lewis-McChord Facebook Page.

Do you know about Sustainable JBLM? Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) is the third largest U.S. Army CONUS installation with a community of approximately 100,000 people, including Soldiers, Airmen, Family members, civilian workers, and retirees within 50 miles of JBLM. In 2002, JBLM emerged as a leading force in sustainability when it became one of the first Army installations to implement a sustainability program. As currently structured, JBLM’s Installation Sustainability Program (ISP) is guided by the following long-term goals: AIR QUALITY Reduce installation source and non-tactical motor vehicle air emissions 85% by 2025 ENERGY Achieve a secured net-zero energy installation by 2020. SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITY Create sustainable neighborhoods for a livable JBLM community that enhances the Puget Sound Region

PRODUCTS AND MATERIALS Achieve a net-zero waste installation by 2020 SUSTAINABLE TRAINING LANDS Maintain the ability of JBLM to meet its current and future military missions without compromising the integrity of natural and cultural resources, both on the installation and regionally Recover all listed and candidate federal species in the South Puget Sound Region WATER RESOURCES Achieve a secured net-zero water installation by 2020 About Supporting strong national defense, the integrity of natural and cultural heritage, and conserving natural resources for tomorrow’s generations. To learn more about this program you may call 253.966.1734 or click on the link below to connect with Sustainable JBLM on Facebook.

December 2016 Resident Newsletter  

December 2016 Resident Newsletter

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