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White Eagle ITF Dojang of Champions – Adelaide, Australia Salisbury Downs, 5108, SA Tel: 0401 682 902 Fax: (08) 8303 7689 website:

White Eagle ITF Dojang of Champions (WE-ITF) primary practice is the martial art of TaekwonDo I.T.F. and the club aims to provide the community with self-defence, fitness and competition training. WE-ITF is a non-profit organisation that has been operating for over 15 years, whilst continuously maintaining a high success rate on state, national and international arenas. As a club WE-ITF has the highest rankings in Australia with a multitude of state, national, and Australasian champions. WE-ITF has been one of the most successful clubs when ITF competition is concerned with 100% success right of its students representing Australia on international arena (e.g. every student who represented Australia returned home at least with one medal). In 2000 Ben Gursansky won bronze medal in Asian Games in Kazakhstan. Joanna Kruk was the first Australian Junior World Champion she brought home a gold and two silver medals from Argentina in 2002. Moreover, WE-ITF 5-member team returned from the World Championships in Korea (2004) with 5 gold, 3 silver and 4 bronze medals. Additionally, Joanna Kruk was awarded the best overall female competitor of the championship. In 2007, 3 members of the club who represented Australia at the World Championships in Birmingham, England returned home with medals (Taso Kollis - gold, Beda Iten – gold and bronze, and Mimi Duong – 2 gold, 1 silver and 3 bronze). The WE-ITF was founded in 1993 by Dr Zibby Kruk an ITF instructor who migrated to Australia from Poland. The club initiated its activity in the Burton Community House in November 1993. With only 3 students at the beginning, 10 years later the club has become a great success and a great contribution not only to the community in Salisbury but also has marked Adelaide permanently on a national and international arena.

WE-ITF club members come from all walks of life, range between 6 to 55 years of age and train in 2 different age groups (Children and adults). They learn not only the art of Taekwon-Do ITF but also improve their fitness, flexibility, ability to jump, discipline, concentration, selfconfidence and learn self-defence techniques. They are a part of a successful group and gain confidence and learn responsibility when acting together as a one team. Currently WE-ITF sized its activity due to it’s instructor travel to Korea and the members have been continuing their training in the Australian Institute of Taekwon-Do managed by Mr Noel Keating 6 Dan ITF.

The best way to learn about the diversity of activities of the WE-ITF is to look through some random club news over the years:


White Eagle ITF puts its foot on the top of Kilimanjaro

Our Club member Joanna Kruk recently returned from Africa where she successfully climed Mt Kilimanjaro! Taekwon-Do training as well as indomitable spirit allowed Joanna to get to the top using the most difficult path, which had been closed for 5 years. She was the first female conquering Kilimanjaro via this route since it was closed. She really enjoyed her experience, and consequently the White Eagle flag may also appear on the top of other world peaks in the near future.

2. Holiday class with non-English speaking background students We have been invited by the Youth Health and Information Service to conduct an introductory self-defence class for young boys & girls from Salisbury area. The feedback provided by Helen Gouthas, the community worker running this program, was that “it was one of the most successful activities of the whole program. The level of participation, which was 100% for the duration of the session (despite being offered an alternative activity as well), the enthusiasm and enjoyment that was displayed, and the comments that we received during and after the session all indicate that it was conducted and received very, very well.” Zibby and Joanna Kruk who conducted the training enjoyed watching these young people having fun, and many of the participants were naturally talented and performed techniques well.

3. Club demonstration at “Living Loud” Great words of thank-you to all parents and students for your participation in Salisbury “Living Loud”

Festival. It was great performance by our children and adult groups in spite of the fact that we did not spend a lot of time to practice the program. Also congratulations to all of you for quickly adopting to changes during demonstration. The loud music made it that the students could not hear our instructor’s commands, but the students quickly followed and performed in a synchronised manned when Zibby gave signs with his hands instead of voice. Very well done, we know that our students are smart. Keep up the good work!

4. White Eagles soared high at the Worlds in England

All 3 members of our club who represented Australia at the World Championships in TaekwonDo ITF in Birmingham, returned home with medals. Taso Kollis won a gold medal in team male special techniques by smashing a board with a flying side kick (3.15m long distance), and was just out of the medals in individual special techniques and sparring. Beda Iten has done a fantastic job in individual 2nd degree pattern category winning a bronze medal. He also took gold in male team special techniques, successfully performing a jumping turning kick at 2.5m high. The most successful competitor from our club was Mimi Duong. She brought home 2 gold, 1 silver and 3 bronze medals. Individually, she took gold in sparring in light weight division, silver medal in 1st degree patterns, and bronze in individual female special techniques. Mimi also won another gold medal and 2 bronze in team events: special techniques, power breaking and sparring, respectively. Mimi just missed out of the Best Overall female competitor award. This fantastic performance of our members at the World championships is not a coincidence. The White Eagle club has very good reputation and a track record of 100% success rate at World Championships. We have many very dedicated and skilful students and we hope that this tradition will continue in the future.

There were 2 other club members representing our country at the Worlds. Mr Adam Dabrowski worked tirelessly officiating competition as an international umpire and Dr Zibby Kruk - the White Eagle chief instructor, who coached Australian national team. Congratulations to all competitors, coach and umpire as well as to all club members and supporters who helped as training partners and organizers of fund raising events.

5. National Championships in Adelaide – Club results

This year the United ITF National Championships was held in Adelaide on Sunday the 7th of October. An 11 member team from our club performed extremely well. In spite of the fact that not all members were awarded a medal, everyone on the team presented a very high standard. Words of thanks should go to Mimi Duong, Rado Guzinski and Taso Kollis, who took very good care of our competitors when our instructor was engaged in officiating the tournament. Also we appreciate the strong support of parents and family members who stayed entire day, cheering-on our students. Results: Mimi Duong – 1st place in power, sparring & patterns as well as best overall female award, Jacob Kanikula – 1st in sparring and patterns, 2nd in special techniques, Patric Zych – 1st in sparring & patterns, 2nd in special techniques, Emily Rutkowski – 3rd in patterns, Philip Uroda – 2nd in sparring, Rado Guzinski – 2nd in sparring, Tyson Horne – 1st in special techniques, Samuel Kollis – 2nd in special techniques, Sotos Vassiliou – 2nd in patterns & sparring, Savvas Vassiliou – 3rd in patterns. CONGRATULATIONS!!! to all our members for their exceptional performance and we are looking forward for the next competition.

6. Mr. Taso Kollis a first home made 4Th Dan It is my great pleasure to announce that Mr. Taso Kollis who has been with our club almost since its beginning (1993) was awarded a 4th Degree black belt after a very demanding and exhaustive day of competition, worlds selection and grading. Mr. Kollis was graded by Master Galarraga, an 8th Dan in Taekwon-do ITF from Argentina who came to Australia to conduct international umpiring seminars. Taso not only completed his grading successfully but also received his qualifications as an international umpire, won his sparring division and got qualified for the 2007 world championships in England. Congratulations on such a wonderful performance. Kollis, Master Galarraga and Dr Zibby Kruk after the successful grading.)


1: Mr.

7. End of the year celebration The end of the year celebration included handing out grading results and certificates, summarizing of the entire year’s activities, pizza party and a DVD presentation from the World Championships. Moreover, every student had a chance to draw presents, which were brought in from Korea by our instructor, Dr Kruk.

8. Ben & Jo wedding

One of our members, Ben Gursansky, 1st degree black belt has tightened his vowels with Jo Pride on the 9th of January this year. Ben has been a member of White Eagle ITF since 1996 and after completing his PhD he worked in Canberra. The wedding was an exceptional ceremony and we wish Ben and Jo all the best in their life together as a couple. Another piece of good news is that Ben has just received a job in Adelaide and will continue trainings in our club. Ben was a candidate for the team to represent Australia at last years World Championships in Korea however, due to his work commitments and completion of PhD he could not prepare for the Worlds.

9. December Grading My congratulations go to all participants of the last grading in 2005. All juniors and seniors have done very well and were successfully promoted to higher ranks. Special congratulations go to Milena Czyz and Olivia Lee for their fantastic performance which allowed them to be promoted two ranks up.

10. Team preparation for World Championships in Korea Our 9-member team has begun preparation for the forthcoming Junior & Senior World Championships which will be held in Daejeon, South Korea between the 14-19 October. The team is training 6-7 times per week. Other club members who enjoy competition and wish to also take part in some additional training sessions can arrange it individually with the instructor. The team consists of the following members: Zibby Kruk (coach), Adam Dabrowski (Referee) and competitors: Taso Kollis, Rebecca Kollis, Joanna Kruk, Thomas Vuong, Leanne Vuong, Lukasz Dziedziczak & Ben Gursansky. More information will follow soon.

11. Practice power breaking One part in preparation for black belt competition and testing is practice of power breaking which can be practiced only by adults. It is a very long and very demanding process and if not correctly done can cause an injury or pain. The photos below demonstrate Miss Leanne Vuong during and after her successful attempt in board breaking using knife-hand. I am just curious why Hmmmm, let me try.???

my hand is getting bigger???

Hooray, it was easy!!!



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