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TUL TOUR South Korea | March 2014

WITH MASTER PETER SANDERS Chairman Masters Council of ITF HQ Korea


TULTOUR 1 14-22 March, 2014






Taekwon-do history

From Chon-Ji to Choong Moo

Associated with tul history

Master Sanders Teching Style

MAR 2014



01 Study colored belt patterns in the locations associated with tul history

02 Understanding TKD history by participation in lectures and discussions about the origin of patterns and Taekwon-Do

03 Experience Korean Culture

Unique Korean tour and experience traditional culture first hand

Leading Masters

01 Master Peter Sanders Chairman of Council of Masters in ITF Headquarters Korea 02 Master Zibby Kruk

7th Dan Chairman ITF HQ Korea International Liaison Committee


01 Practitioners from various countries and continents: students and/or instructors

02 Other ITF practitioners from around the world

are welcome to register to participate in the forthcoming tour


Tul Tour Program



Between 14-22 March 2014

arrival before the 14th March, tour will commence in the evening on the 14th March; and conclude on the 22nd March (mid day) which is the departure day


MESSAGE Experience ITF Tul Tour program A Taste of Korean Cuisine and Life Style in the homeland of Taekwon-Do

It is our great pleasure to announce that in March 2014 a TUL Tour 1 program will take place and will be conducted by the Chairman of Council of Masters, Peter Sanders. This program will be a mixture of tul training (colored belt patterns from Chon-Ji to Choong Moo) in the locations associated with tul history, as well as various cultural activities aiming to extend knowledge about Korean history, culture and therefore, Taekwon-Do. Do not miss this chance to learn about Taekwon-Do in its homeland. Those who would like to join the group and travel through Korea, study Taekwon-Do, pose for pictures, enjoy Korean cuisine and experience Korean hospitality please register via

Zibby Kruk Tul Tour International Coordinator

t u l t ou r


YukSamHeights, B/D 642-19 Yeoksam-dong Seoul 135-080 South Korea 대전시 유성구 봉명동 536-9 홍인타 워 1601호 135-080

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Rudolf Kang • Chairman of ITF HQ Technical Committee +82 1599-5427,

Email: Phone: +82-70-4024-9555 Skype: itfline Fax: +82-2-2179-8600

Peter Sanders • Chairman of ITF HQ Council of Masters

Zibby Kruk • International Coordinator

+82 1599-5427,

+82 1599-5427

Brian Le Vu • Marketing Director

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Tul Tour Program


THE Best



ul Tour programs designed by



From 14-22 March, you will visit more than 15 different locations that are associated with Tul history

TUL history.

the International Taekwon-Do Federation HQ Korea aim to

The “TUL TOUR®” programs involve a

explore the roots of patterns

blend of practical training combined

(TUL) created by the founder of Taekwon-

with a cultural experience that will allow

Do, General Choi Hong Hi. The programs

participants to develop a better under-

strive to provide its participants with

standing of Korean history, culture, life

technical instruction and theoretical

and consequently Taekwon-Do. The par-

lectures on patterns and give the oppor-

ticipants will feel the spirit of the Korean

tunity to practice them in the locations

ancestors and feel enriched by practicing

around Korea that are associated with

TULS amongst beautiful Korean scenery.

Taste of Korean cuisine & Life Style in The Homeland of Taekwon-Do thIS SCHEdule will give you an overview of the tour


Arrival in Seoul, evening welcoming reception.

Arrival to Incheon (airport Korea) travel to the hotel check-in and then evening opening ceremony and welcome banquet. Welcome reception, gifts presentation, introduction, dinner & lectures.


Tul Tour Program


ties that date back to the XVI century.

Do San Park and the Ahn Joong Gun Memorial Hall. Do San Park

Ojukwon the birth place of Yul Gok, practice of Yulgok tul and learn more about this outstanding Korean philosopher.


is a park in the neighborhood of Sinsadong in Gangnam-gu, Seoul. It was established in 1973 to commemorate the achievement and legacy of An Chang-ho, a famous independence activist. Do-San Tul will be practiced in front of the An Chang-ho monument and the museum dedicated to this patriot.


Climbing Sorak Mountains and ChoongMoo tul practice

Travel to Gyeongju,

Travel to Gyeongju, the museum without Ahn Joon Gun Memorial Hall: is located

walls. Practice Won Hyon and Hwarang

in central Seoul. The tour participants

Tul in chosen locations. Bunhwangsa:

Climbing Sorak Mountains and Choong-

will practice Joong Gun Tul in front of

Tul Tourers will practice Won-Hyo Tul at

Moo tul practice in Ansan & Farewell

the Ahn Joong Gun monument and then

Bunhwangsa Pagoda in Gyeongju the

party. The Sorak mountains are the high-

visit his memorial hall that showcases

hometown of Won-Hyo. Originally, the

est mountains in the Taebaek mountain

a memorabilia collection that relates to

pagoda stood seven or eight levels high

range in the Gangwon Province in east-

this independence movement activist.

and was destroyed by fire. Today only

ern South Korea. They are located in a

three tiers of the pagoda remain. Tourers

national park near the city of Sokcho.

by visiting this city will feel and experi-

Seoraksan is the third highest moun-

ence over 1000 years of Gyeongju’s his-

tain in South Korea. The Daechongbong

tory, the capital city of the Silla kingdom.

Peak of Seoraksan reaches 1,708 meters. The Taebaek mountain chain is often


Travel to Jeju Island - visit Gen Choi Monument.

Enjoy the Arirang party at night, visit Chon- Ji waterfalls and practice Chonji tul, enjoying many attractions offered in Jeju

Anapji: or Anap Pond is an artificial

considered the backbone of the Korean

pond in the Gyeongju National Park. It

peninsula. Hyun Choong Sa is a shrine

was originally located near the palace of

dedicated to Admiral Yi Sun Shin, who

Silla called Banwolseong. This area was

was born in the area. The admiral is best

a training ground for Hwa-Rang war-

known for his invention of the armored

riors. Tul Tourers will practice Hwa-Rang

“turtle ships” with which he repelled sev-

tul at Anapji pond and feel the spirit of

eral Japanese invasions in the 1590’s. The

these elite group of male youth warriors

participants will practice Choong Moo tul

during the Silla dynasty who gathered

in this location as well as participat¬ing

to cultivate mind and body and defend

in the bowing ceremony and signing of

their country.

the memory book. Farewell dinner &


Travel to Andong the East coast - Toi-Gye Tul and Yul Gok tul.

Certificate presenta¬tion With Hanbok picture.

Dosanseowon was created in memory of Korean Confucian scholar Yi Hwang by some of his disciples and other Korean Confucian authorities it offers instruction


commemoration. Tul tourers will have


the opportunity to perform Toi-Gye tul

heading to the Incheon airport.

in the classics and honors the sages with

Jeju Island attractions.

Enjoy various cultural programs, sight-

regular memorial rites. Like other Korean Confucian academies, Dosan Seowon serves two purposes: education and

Seoul, final shopping and sightseeing. Final souvenir hunting and shopping madness before

in the Dosan Seowon’s old historic faciliTul Tour Program


March 14