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Our corporate philosophy Born and bred in Pelion, we know the area extremely well and have been engaged in providing responsible tourism and travel services for over half a century. We have the expert knowledge to guarantee our clients efficiently run services which they can rely on absolutely. Confident in the strength of our family business, and in order to respond to the demands of modern tourism, we have set up a network of customer services in the Pelion region. From the local offices of our company we can take care of our customers and provide for all their needs. Offering the latest products the tourist industry has developed, tailored to the actual needs of our guests, we not only take care of our own, several thousand, satisfied customers, but are also ready to meet the needs of all potential visitors to the region. Our latest innovation is the Pelion’s carefree holiday pass, Enjoy Pelion’s all around advantages, an electronic voucher which allows you to make your own choice from the many services and amenities available in Pelion. The e-voucher will include a list of our suppliers and each guest will be able to access their services at preferential rates. Our agency Les Hirondelles has developed this Enjoy Pelion’s all around advantages service package that allows each guest not only to select accommodation at one of the locations we manage, but also to choose the options which appeal to him from among the variety of extra amenities and services we offer. The services covered by the package include guided tours, hiking, airport transfers, car, bike and boat rental and a range of other options designed to meet the needs of each individual guest.


Pelion’s carefree holiday pass, Enjoy Pelion’s all around advantages

As part of this package we have developed the Pelion’s carefree holiday pass, which gives the customer a free choice in arranging the details of his Pelion holiday. Guests can choose from all the options on offer: whether to stay at the beach or in the mountains, in a traditional archontiko or in a family-run hotel, whether to eat lunch or dinner in a taverna, and whether to take part in the various activities on offer. We invite you to visit the beautiful region of Pelion, in which the worlds of the sea and mountains are uniquely combined: the Aegean and the Pagasitic Gulf, the architecture and traditions of Pelion, the folklore and civilization of the region – a culture extending from the stone age to the traditions and customs of modern times. We invite you to visit us and enjoy all the advantages offered through the Pelion’s carefree holiday pass and the Enjoy Pelion’s all around advantages scheme, giving you a free choice among all the services offered across the region – at attractive, fixed prices of which you will be informed well in advance. Our new system makes it possible for you to enjoy the freedom of choice to arrange the details of your holiday just as you wish, without worrying about the rules and schedules of the big hotels. Explore the unspoiled natural landscape of Pelion, with its sea and mountains, either with us or on your own. We will do our best to bring you closer to the region and help you enjoy it in the way you choose, ready with help and advice whenever you need it.



Welcome in Pelion! Relax and be our guest! Vacations in the land of the Centaurs among enchanting mountain villages and picturesque sandy creeks. Northwestern of the beautiful city of Volos, rises the mountain of Pelion heading South towards both to Aegean sea and the gulf of Pagasitikos, where it «dives» into the deep, blue, crystal like, water. The beauty of Pelion and its surrounding area makes it the ideal scenery for fairytales and stories. No wonder it’s connected to so many Myths and tales. It’s said to be the birth place of the Centaurs and the home land of Argonauts. This is the place, where the wise centaur, Cheiron taught everything he knew to warriors and Gods. The place, where semi gods used to hunt, where the famous beauty contest between Thetis and Eris took place. Pelion, nature’s favourite child was the connecting link between Gods and mortals. All the great poets and authors have written about it. Pelion’s grandeur inspired the Fathers of the world known Greek Revolution and it stood by as a hideaway to all those who were fighting for their freedom. So Pelion became for them the symbol of it. Something entirely understandable for only the calm air it self that rulls up here gives you a unique feeling of freedom and carefreeness that accompanies you in everything that you do, even in your sleep. Inner state Pelion is smothered by all kinds of colourful flowers and high shady trees, that hide the mountain villages next to a mountain torrent, that sometimes seem to reign like aeries on the rugged summits. Eastwards Pelion slopes away to the wild romantic coast of Aegean Sea, while westwards riches the calm and full of creeks Gulf of Pagasitikos. No other region in the land of Greece can offer the tourist these indescribable, unique feelings of serenity, tendency to romance and even to adventure, that Pelion offers him. Sunny beaches and secluded bays just a few steps away from picturesque, fishing villages Besides it’s divine atmosphere, there are thousands of reasons that explain why for so many years people think of it as the ideal place to live here on a permanent basis. It’s dense forests, olive groves, endless acres of fruitful trees vegetables and medical herbs, its magnificent climate, the fact that it’s only a few kilometres away from Volos, but most of all it’s warm, smiling people make it Heaven on earth. We are welcoming you for an unforgettable vacation!



General General information Should you decide to book a LES HIRONDELLES vacation package, please contact us by telephone or in writing (letter, fax, e-mail). You can also obtain information on our programme from your travel agency if you wish to travel to Pelion with one of the programmes offered by LES HIRONDELLES. Information on our programmes, as well as catalogues and brochures in electronic format are available on the homepage of the LES HIRONDELLES travel agency at the following website address: www.holidays-in-pelion-gr. All terms and conditions pertaining to the booking of a vacation package are detailed in the price catalogue. If you prefer to request further information in person over the telephone, then all you need to do is give us a call at the agency. In Greece LES HIRONDELLES 19, Koumoundourou Str., 38221 Volos Tel.: 0030 2421 032171 Fax: 0030 2421 035030, E-Mail: Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 09:00 -21:00

PAYMENT OF VACATION PACKAGE – PAYMENT TERMS A deposit amounting to 30% of the total amount is required upon booking confirmation. The remaining 70% is due up to 3 weeks before your arrival, so that you can obtain your proof of payment (e-voucher) and required travel documents, such as plane tickets. You can pay for the vacation package with your personal credit card either on the agency website ( via a secure link, or by sending us an order via fax to charge the desired amount to your credit card. In the event that you send your order via fax, you will also be required to send us a copy of your passport, as well as a copy of both the front and back of your credit card. Payments can also be made via bank transfer from your bank to the following bank account in Greece: NATIONAL BANK OF GREECE: IBAN GR390110 2010 0000 201 47032351, SWIFT CODE: ETHNGRAA Account holder: XENODOCHIAKI TAXIDIOTIKI TOURISTIKI- LES HIRONDELLES GmbH CANCELLATION FEES / Cancellation by travellers before trips In the event of cancellation of a vacation package booking, which includes plane tickets, accommodation, as agreed, and transport, the following cancellation terms apply: Cancellations up to 50 days before the date of arrival: ₏30.00 per booking; Cancellations between 49 and 40 days before the date of arrival: 25% of the total price of the vacation package; Cancellations between 39 and 30 days before the date of arrival: 30% of the total price of the vacation package; Cancellations between 29 and 21 days before the date of arrival: 35% of the total price of the vacation package; .


Cancellations between 20 and 7 days before the date of arrival: 60% of the total price of the vacation package; Cancellations up to 6 days before the date of arrival: 80% of the total price of the vacation package. In the event of failure to appear: 90% of the total price of the vacation package. (Customers shall be at liberty to request proof of unincurred or lower costs). ACCOMMODATION CATEGORIES LES HIRONDELLES rates accommodation facilities and the services offered there at any given time according its own very strict rating criteria, which often result in a category classification different from that of the Greek National Tourism Organisation (EOT), whether this classification is based on the star-rating system or a key-rating system. For the purpose of achieving a uniform, easily understood category classification, we take the following into account during the rating process: facilities, furnishings and the quality of services provided. You can get a simple picture by noting the number of SWALLOWS that correspond to our rating. LES HIRONDELLES is exclusively responsible for this rating. Simple, decent accommodation for our guests that prefer their vacations full of adventure, close to nature. Average accommodation in good condition with all the necessary equipment. Building construction at an average level having though all the necessary staff and equipment in order to help our customers at every minute Average accommodation in a very good condition with equipment in very good standards in a chosen area at a pleasant environment. The decoration and the high standard accommodation satisfies most of the visitors. It has all the building constructions at a satisfying level. All the resources are located at selected places easily accessible with pleasant atmosphere and even pleasant environment. Their equipments are high standard and the internal and external places of the resources are carefully decorated. They do offer to the visitors all the comforts beyond the level of a simple accommodation. High standards accommodation that satisfies absolutely all the services even those of the most demanding customers during their holidays. The construction of the building fits completely with the environmental concept having the internal and external decoration taken care by specialists. A pleasant atmosphere that offers the best ever services. The architectural characteristics of the building combines the luxury and the local traditional customs. TYPES OF ACCOMMODATION LES HIRONDELLES, explains the different types of accommodation that are found in the prospect and the price catalogue Type A the one bedroom apartment (STUDIO) which can also be used as a living room with a separate kitchen corner fully equipped , WC and shower. These apartments have capacity of 2-3 people. Type B two room apartment that has a bedroom and a living room with a open plan kitchen fully equipped , WC/shower or a living room that can be converted to a bedroom with two sofa beds, kitchen corner fully equipped , WC and shower. In both case the rooms are connected. These apartments have capacity usually of 2-4 people. Type C Is characterized the two room apartment that has two separate bedrooms and kitchen fully equipped , WC / shower. No living room. These apartments have capacity of 4-5 people.

Information Type D Three room apartment, comprising two bedrooms and living room that can be converted to a bedroom with two sofa beds, a full equipped kitchen corner, WC / shower or bathtub. These apartments have capacity of 4-6 people.

LES HIRONDELLES BONUS Accommodation with the above signals have specifically advantages,Additional boarding discounts are offered by Les Hirondelles in Pelion. The discounts indicated in the attached price catalogues apply to customers who make use of the “Pelion’s carefree holiday pass, Enjoy Pelion’s all around advantages” vacation package.

Type E It consists of four rooms, three bedroom and living room that can be converted to a bedroom with two sofa beds, a full equipped kitchen corner, WC/ shower or bath tub. These apartments have capacity of 6-8 people. House Type or VILLA Residence with an exclusive income through rent. In this type the whole house is rented to the visitors and is used exclusively by them. The distinction between a house and a villa depend on the size, the equipment and services. TRADITIONAL MANSION -HOUSE Houses that have been restores and decorated in Pelion style. Please keep in mind that part of the above types isn't clear blueprint of the traditional buildings.

GROUP TOURS If you wish to travel with friends or acquaintances from an association or club and have got together a group of at least 10 full paying adults, then we will support you in word and deed. DISCOUNT FOR REGULAR CUSTOMERS A 5% discount is given to regular customers who choose an accommodation facility with the ‘privileges’ symbol from the LES HIRONDELLES catalogue.

OFFERS / ADVANTAGES The summer programme on the Pelion Peninsula, Greece, offers a special 5% discount on the catalogue price for reservations made up to 31.03. For more information's for offers you can visit our web site FREE NIGHTS: 7=6 /14=12 Special offers depending on the duration of stay are granted in the price catalogue for certain periods of time. Thus, for a 7-day trip you will pay for 6 days, and for a 14-day trip you will only pay for 12 days. Information to that effect is given in the price catalogue. DISCOUNTS FOR CHILDREN - CHILDREN'S RATES (KI, KX) Special offers for children are indicated in the pricelist of each hotel or apartment, as well as in the price catalogue. Families with children between the ages of 2 and 12 get low children’s rates when booking apartments, studios, bungalows or double rooms. The symbols for these rates are KX and KI. KI = This flat rate applies to one child, and can depend on the duration of stay or be independent of it. The fixed children’s rate also includes an additional charge for breakfast, half-board or full-board (as indicated in the price catalogue) or another special offer, the “Pelion Free Pass”. KX = Certain accommodation facilities offer a special rate for children (KX), according to the duration of stay. This rate also includes the specified boarding services. The KX flat rate can be found in the pricelist under the adult rates. Children under the age of 2 pay only part of the airfare. Special offers for children, which are specified in the price tables of each accommodation facility, are included in the attached price catalogue. DOUBLE ROOMS FOR SINGLE ADULTS WITH CHILD(REN) Many hotels and apartments give a discount in the event that a double room is booked for 1 child between the ages of 2 and 12 accompanied by a full paying adult. Certain accommodation facilities even give a discount for two children.


GENERAL CONTRACTUAL TERMS FOR PARTICIPATION IN AN ORGANISED TOUR / BOOKING A VACATION PACKAGE The general booking conditions for all vacation packages are included in the attached price catalogue, under the category entitled ‘terms of participation in an organised tour or vacation package’. By taking part in a tour or by using a vacation package that is organised by our travel agency, you automatically declare that you are aware of and accept, without reservation, all general participation terms complying with Directive 90/314 EEC and Presidential Decree 339/1996, which you are requested to read through carefully. HOTEL PUR All hotels marked as “Hotel-pur” an be booked at attractive rates for any duration of stay. These rates are available in the attached price catalogue. We recommend that you also book your flights and rental cars or transport with us .

AGIOS IOANNIS The best place for holidays for all season, almost 55km from Volos in the eastern coast of Pelion, invites its visitors to a refreshing swim at the crystal – clear blue water of the most beautiful beaches of the region. Each year Agios Ioannis attracts regular clients as well as new visitors from all over the world, to this beautiful and natural landscape that has a characteristic healthy climate and plentiful green mountain, forests which slope down to reach the borders of the village. At the shore with its promenade, everybody meets for chatting over the last events while a lot of restaurants, tavernas, ouzeri and cafes take care of your well being offering you the specialties of the region. The village itself is situated on a magnificent , beach of sand and pebbles that goes on to the beach of Plaka while southwards meets the beach of Papa Nero. It’s worthwhile to make a tour around Pelion in order to visit the villages near Agios Ioannis but mostly to admire their unique architecture, their beautiful churches and monasteries not to mention their exquisite, traditional , red wine.

PAPA NERO This charming little settlemenrt with the virgin beach (sand/ pebbles) is situated just about 400m southward from Agios Ioannis, is 56km from Volos and 4km from Mouresi. Here the green of the mountains blends with the deep blue of the sea. It is still a secret place for the visitors of Pelion- the white endless beach and the various shades of the blue of the sea create a gorgeous contrast. Along /he beach you will find picturesque small, traditional and cosy tavernas, where you can enjoy tsiporo and during the high season the entrance to the beach is forbidden for all kinds of vehicles. A magnificent place for relaxing holidays enjoying sun, seα and Greek lifestyle. The white pebbles and sand of Papa Nero provides all the ingredients for a perfect beach holiday but there is much to do besides that. DAMOUCHARI The Damouchary is the only natural port of the whole Eastern Pilion range. You reach the village from Agios Ioannis after 8 km following the rural road. The walking in the area is magnificent, climbing the steep craggy steps of the cliff overlooking the beach, or meandering along the coastal track that leads to Papa Nero beach and Agios Ioannis . It consists of two bays. One a natural harbour with fishing boats wallowing in the shallows, overlooked by a couple of sleepy tavernas and bars. The other a stunning white pebble beach with aquamarine waters, graphic tavernakia above in the wave. The olive grove with the silvery leaves are touches that compose the beauty of this magnificent table. Information: Our office has the possibility of organise small excursions - visits, with small boats to calm neighbouring beaches. This is the easiest way in order to go from Agio Ioannis to Damouchari. The region is ideal and for dive. ZAGORA Leaving back the mountain and taking the road to the sea the visitor passes from Zagora, one of the most famous villages of Pelion, at an altitude of 480m. and 47 km away from Volos city. It is s an ancient town with a great development and prosperity during the Middle ages and more recent times and also an important centre of trade, cottage industries and culture during the 17th –18th centuray. The cultural prosperity relied on “Elinomousseio”-Greek Museum, a school of higher education with a boarding school, known today as the School of Rigas, because it was there that the heroic-freedom fighter, Rigas Velestinlis-Ferraios, was going as well as other great spiritual personalities such as the ring leader of the national revolt of Pelion, clergyman and scholar Anthimos Gazis and many other eminent Greeks. In Zagora, the visitor can see the library , can visit old churches such as the church of Agia Paraskevi, Agia Kiriaki, Agios Nikolaos, the old church of Metamorfosis and chapels all with interesting murals and valuable post-Byzantine icons. This small town, in the middle of the woods of Pelion, is the home where thrive the famous fruits of Pelion and handicrafts, rare pieces of folk-art are produced. 7 km from there founds someone the seaport of Zagora, under the name of Horefto, the old trade and maritime center, one of the most beautiful and largest, intricate, sandy beaches of eastern Pelion. HOREFTO Horefto, a dreamy village, east of Pelion surrounded by the Aegean sea has the most beautiful houses built find the traditional Pelion style, picturesque, narrow alleys and one of the most magnificent sandy beaches of this region with clear, deep, blue water – and ideal resort to relax and do water sports as well. The local tavernas and restaurants spoil you with fresh seafood and you’ll have the chance to get to know the famous and traditional ouzeris which coddle your taste with an unbelievable variety of hours oeuvres and local specialties. You’ll get a hint of Pelion’s tradition and national costumes visiting the folklore-festivals. It is worth discovering the beautiful shore in as small boat – northwards you come across unique long and sandy beaches with few caves drown by the sea known since the ancient times. Going on a trip, just 9km away, up to the mountain village of Zagora whose origin goes back to the Homer days, it will give you the chance to discover the old manorhouses of this region and the history of the local hero Rigas Ferreos . TSANGARADA The eastern side of central Pelion-approx. 47 km east of Volos and about 10 km from the beach of Agios Ioannis. It is a green landscape with rich vegetation, high plane trees and chestnut trees. One of the most beautiful touristic places of the dreamlike landscape of Pelion, is the village of Tsagarada, which is located approximately 450 m above the sea level. Tsagarada was founded in 1500 in a wild chestnut wood. Around the churches of Taxiarxes,Agia Paraskevi, Agia Kyriaki and Agios Stefanos, four wonderful settlements have formed. On the square of Agia Paraskevi, a special surprice awaits the visitor: a huge one thousand year old plane tree with a trunk whose circumference reaches 14 metres. Another special characteristic that catches the eye are the houses with large flower gardens.The view from the surrounding ridges is unforgettable, the old churches of Agia Paraskevi,Agios Georgios and Agia Kyriaki are now restored and in the churches of the Taxiarches and Agios Stefanos there are wonderful carved wooden iconostases. From Tsagarada we continue down the tarmac road for a few kilometres to sand and pebble beach of Mylopotamos, with light coloured crystal waters, which packed with tourists in the summer. MOURESI



This village is the oldest in Pelion. Its 60 km from Volos at an altitude of 370m. It's built amphitheatrically between the apple and chestnut trees. The visitors in a short drive can be at Milopotamos, Fakistra, Damouchari, Papa Nero and Plaka beaches each which can be considered a picture postcard. Mouresi is located close by with an identical outlook and feel. The views are dramatic, looking across the plunging mountainside and the Aegean sea. Mouresi overlooks a deep valley whose great beauty is known only to the few lovers of nature, the initiates, who have sought out a guide to take them down the deep recesses of the ravine where two streams form natural pools in whose ice-cold waters only fairies and nymphs have bathed since the dawn of time. The hikers will then resurface into civilization, a changed person with a twinkle in his or her eye. The village's cobble flag-stoned, main square is just beautiful and is surrounded by a tall linden tree that generously lends its shade to the beautiful church of Agia Triatha. A few hundred meters down the main road there is the old church of the Dormition of Virgin Mary, with a woodcut icon which is of a great interest and a prime example of a basilica, quite artfully built and decorated with an old, carved wooden iconostasis of exquisite craftsmanship. Mouresi makes an ideal base for a walking holiday.

Eastern Pelion Agios Ioannis, Tsagarada, Zagora






Boutique Hotel And Bungalows Kentrikon Hotel , Agios Ioannis Pelion - 01-0001

Location: The hotel can be found in the heart of the village. It is built in five tiers in the shape of an amphitheatre with 20-100 stairs between each tier. It is located in a quiet part of the village, a mere 30 meters from Agios Ioannis beach, 500 meters from the picturesque and seldom-visited Plaka beach and 800 meters from the popular Papa-Nero beach. The hotel is accessible by car from both the lowest and the highest tier οf the hotel. The hotel’s rooms and communal areas have been fully renovated for 2008. The upgrading of all its facilities and the offering of high-class hotel services for even the most demanding of guests render it a unique Boutique Hotel. Hotel’s description: Having retained aspects of traditional Pelion architecture after it was renovated; the hotel has standard rooms with double bed , superior rooms, executive that can accommodate 2-3 guests, suites superior for 2-4 guests, and one executive suite with two bedrooms and living room. The ground floor of the main building consists of four large areas for the guests. The reception area, a sitting area with a TV corner and an open fireplace, a bar and a multi-purpose lounge located at the hotel’s transparent roof atrium. In these beautifully decorated corners, guests will spend many unforgettable moments whatever the season of the year – winter or summer, spring or autumn. In addition, the communal areas of the Kentrikon Hotel and the adjacent areas of the Galini Hotel have a combined capacity of 80-100 people for meetings and conferences. A new addition to our hotel, the atrium, which overlooks the Aegean Sea, offers unique images of the blue Greek sky and of our hotel grounds which are encircled by a flowery setting. The Skybar offers traditional gastronomic cuisine with traditional local products in a sumptuous breakfast as well as an exhaustive catalogue of wines and spirits, hot drinks, desserts and ice creams served with special attention. An external staircase surrounded by flowers leads to the five levels where four two-story buildings are built in the shape of an amphitheatre. All rooms have their own private entrance and offer each hotel guest a panoramic view of the azure waters of the Aegean Sea. Right next door is the Garden of Serenity where the restaurant offers local as well as international fare. From the month of May until October, the swimming pool of the Galini Hotel with its pool bar is open. Description of the rooms: All rooms are equipped with high-technology facilities, energy management systems, high-speed Internet access and voice-over IP telephony, satellite television, wireless Internet, a safe, fast-heating water kettle, hair dryer, mini-bar, central heating and air-conditioning. The standard rooms, 17 sq. m, consist of a bedroom with two single beds, or double at some ones, WC –shower, have a veranda or balcony with a view of the sea. The superior rooms 17 sq. m. consist of a bedroom with two single beds or double at some ones, WC – shower, have a balcony with a sea- view. The executive rooms , 35 sq. m. ,consist of a bedroom with double bed, have a Turkish bath with aromatherapy , Jacuzzi, fireplace, double sofa, DVD-CD-M RADIO and a LAPTOP. The executive apartments 65 sq. m. consist of two double bedrooms with double bed, a living room with a fireplace, DVD –CD- RADIO, have a private WC with Turkish bath with aromatherapy, shower with Jacuzzi, bathtub with Jacuzzi and a small WC. Moreover, DVD – CD – RADIO and a LAPTOP are available to all rooms and guests. Services: The hotel offers an extensive self-service breakfast buffet that also offers light meals. In addition, there is a four person capacity Swedish sauna available to all guests as well as a communal Turkish bath with aromatherapy and Jacuzzi. There is the possibility to keep personal objects at the saves of our reception. There is the possibility to organise excursions to Pelion and transport to and from the airport, harbor and bus & train stations. The attention that the Leventis family has lavished guarantees the high-quality of service and they are waiting to offer you the same Greek hospitality they have been successfully providing since 1937, contributing to the development of tourism in the Pelion region.



Hotel Galini Hotel, Agios Ioannis 01-0009

Location: This hotel, which is also under family managment, is situated exactly beside the hotel Kentrikon, in a quiet location in the middle of the centre of Agios Ioannis just 30m away from the main beach of the village, 500m. of Plaka beach and 800m of the famous beach Papa Nero.. Your hotel: The hotel consists of 14 rooms divided in two floors. The ground floor hosts all the common use areas including the reception lounge, the winter restaurant, the main lounge, the kitchen, the main bar, the garden restaurant and finally the pool and the pool bar. All public areas have smooth lighting, are spacious and are arranged in a way that clearly promotes a style that combines the traditional with the modern in the most witty way. Your room: The hotel has twin-bedded rooms of which has its own shower cabin. All the rooms are named after a basic color that vividly describes and refers to the rich color palette dominating by Pelion. The beds in each room are extra double with anatomically designed mattresses and fabric lining. The rooms are decorated with handmade glass lamps a fact that reflects that every single detail has been taken care of. The rooms have telephone, central heating, shower/ WC and balcony or terrace except two of them. Our opinion: Hotel with services of high specifications where in combination with the hotel KentriKon it can organised meetings, seminars of capacity of 80-100 individuals.

Garden House Apartments, Agios Ioannis 01-1700

Location: Bordering on Agios Ioannis, through maple-trees, and a huge garden with flowers, one discovers this oasis of calmness. The house is just 200m away from the beautiful sandy beach of Papa-Nero and you can reach the beach of Agios Ioannis after a short distance of 100m In spite of the quiet location, restaurants, taverns, shops, and bars, are available in the immediate vicinity (150), where one can have fun and mingle with other people. For those who prefer a quiet romantic evening, we suggest a stroll down the shore. Your accommodation: The house consists of three floors. The ground floor is under the owner's use. The other two floors consist of more than 4 apartments. With extra cost you can have internet connection, telephone, common barbecue and some have air condition. The accommodation also has private parking. Type B: 2 x for 2-4 persons on the 1st and 2nd floor. Each apartment is furnished in a charming way, and consists of one bedroom with two single beds and a living/bed-room with 1 sofas that converts into bed, an armchair and a kitchenette (separated by a bar from the rest of the room). A fireplace in the living-room makes you feel cozy, and creates a relaxing and carefree atmosphere. Each apartment offers you heating, TV, bathroom with small bath tub, and balcony with view to the sea (partly disrupted by the maple trees). Type D: 2 x for 4-6 persons on 1st and 2nd floors. Each of these spacious apartments consists of 2 bedrooms, with one double bed and two single beds, a living-room with sofa bed and an armchair that converts into bed, fireplace, TV, heating, and kitchenette (separated by a bar), bathroom with shower. Both apartments have balconies with view to the sea, partly disrupted by the maple trees). Our opinion: An ideal resort for a vacation with your loved ones, and/or friends. The pleasant surroundings make you come back.


Panorama Studios & Apartments, Studios & apartmens Papa nero—Agios Ioannis 01-1200 Location: This accommodation is situated in a fantastic site surrounded by olive trees and absolute calmness right above the white sandy beach of Papa Nero. The charm of these two-storey houses with their own little gardens will captivate the visitor so much that the minute he sets foot on the promises he'll look forward to dive in the crystal-blue sea that's waiting for him in a distance of just 200m. The village of Agios Ioannis full of traditional and picturesque, little tavernas, shops with fresh products and local goods and many ways to entertain oneself is situated in a distance of 1 km from your accommodation a distance that you can cover through a beach road. A parking site is directly in front of the houses, and for your sea expeditions you can rent a motor boat at the beach or you can even rent a bike/motorbike so that you can discover Pelion in your own way. You'll find them in a rent-a-bike station near the houses. Your accommodation: The accommodation consists of 4 apartments, 1 studio type A1 and 3 apartments TYPE B. There is a grill on the promises at your disposal. Furnishing the studios and the apartments is something that's been done with the owner's personal attendance and care so please try not to rearrange this lovely decoration. Type A1: 1 studio for 2-3 persons with bed/living-room with 2 single beds and 1 sofa/bed, kitchenette, small oven, electrical rings, fridge, shower/WC and roofed veranda with sea view and heating. Type B: 3 apartments for 2-4 persons. Each of them is comfortably furnished and offers you a bedroom with 2 single beds, a bed/living-room with a sofa and armchair convertible to beds where 2 children can sleep, partly with fireplace and kitchenette, small oven, electrical rings, fridge, shower/WC, heating and veranda or balcony with sea view. Our opinion: Ideal accommodation for families in an nice area. Is considered one of the popular accommodations because of the easy access to the two beaches Agios Ioannis and Papa Nero.

Filitsa House House, Agios Ioannis 01-1700 Location: Just a few steps above the Villa Hiron, embedded in the same rich green landscape lies this unique family suited house. Near the beach and the forest it is the ideal place for visitors that seek a quiet vacation and love nature. It is as well ideal for families - no fast cars and noisy streets disturb your children playing outside. Your accommodation: On a footpath you reach the beach of Papa-Nero after 250m and after 10 minutes of walking down the beach you will see the village of Agios Ioannis with its vivid promenade, tavernas, cafes and shops. If you have decided to take your own car on your vacation you shouldn't worry about a parking space because a parking site is just a few meters from the front of your accommodation. But please have in mind that in high season the entrance to the beach is forbidden for all kinds of vehicles. How about changing your car with a small boat - you can rent boats on the beach and make a trip along the beautiful coastline of Pelion - something different and interesting. Type B : The house is functionally furnished and suitable for 2-4 persons. It consists of one bedroom with two single beds, one bed/living-room with 2 bed-settee, fireplace, separated kitchen, small oven, fridge, shower/WC, TV, air condition and roofed balcony with sea view. Our opinion: Isolated house for quite vacations and ideal for families


Kima Studios & Apartments, Studios & apartmens Papa nero—Agios Ioannis 01-1300 Location: This lovely three-story house is being attended by the hospitable owner himself, and is situated right on the sandy beach of Papa-Nero. If you've always wanted to try the unique flavors of the Greek home-made cuisine, this is your chance, since you find several taverns just next to your accommodation (30-100m). A short distance away, Agios Ioannis (about 700m) will give you the chance to have fun or to enjoy a calm afternoon by taking a stroll down the sea. During high season, the entrance to the beach is prohibited to any vehicles. There is a parking area available a 400m away. Your accommodation: The house consists of a small reception booth, with information desk on the ground floor, attended by the owner. In total there are 11 units on the first and second floors) Type A: 8 studios for 2 people. Each of them consists of one bedroom/living-room with 2 single beds, direct-dial telephone, TV, kitchenette with fridge and electrical rings, bathroom with shower, inverted air condition, and some with balcony with view to the sea. Type B: 3 apartments for 2-4 people. All of them offer you one bedroom with 2 single beds, and a single-area bed/living-room, with 2 seats convertible to beds, direct-dial-telephone, TV, air condition, kitchenette with electrical rings and fridge, bathroom with shower, and balcony with sea view. Our opinion: It is our suggestion for families with children because is so close to the beach and composes one of our best proposals in order to choose your holidays in Pelion.

Papa - Nero Studios & Apartments, Apartments Papa nero—Agios Ioannis 01-1300

Location: Named after the beautiful beach, this accommodation is located only a few steps above it, is surrounded by olive trees, and is offering a splendid view. The nearest tavern is just next to the accommodation, and in order to reach a variety of shops, markets, bars etc. you have to walk only 400m, to the village of Agios Ioannis. During the high season the entrance to the beach is prohibited for all vehicles. Parking area is available some 500m away from the house. Upon arrival and departure our friendly, and helpful staff will assist you. As the accommodation is situated in the same area with the houses of "Kima", you will have the same ideal options for hiking and biking. Your accommodation: A sloppy road leads from the house to the coastal road and in the public car part which is 250m away. The two-story house consists of 9 studios and apartments on the ground and 1st floors. All apartments have TV and partly air condition. Type A: 5 studios for 2-3 persons on the ground floor. Each of them offers you a bedroom with 1 double bed and 1 single bed, kitchenette with small oven and fridge, bathroom with shower, and large covered terrace decorated by a grape-vine (common to all studios). Type A1: 2 studios for 2-3 persons on the 1st floor. Both studios offer you bedroom with 1 semi double bed 1 single beds, kitchen corner with small oven and fridge, bathroom with shower, and roofed balcony with view to the sea. Type B: 2 apartments for 2-4 persons on the 1st floor. Both apartments consist of one bedroom with 2 single beds the first one and 1 double the second one , one bedroom/ living-room, with sofa/bed and a seat/bed, separated kitchen with small oven and fridge, bathroom with shower, and covered balcony with view to the sea. Our opinion: Ideal accommodation for all of you who want to have a relaxing vacation.


Vigla Studios & Apartments, Studios & apartmens Papa nero—Agios Ioannis 01-1460 Location: You will find this isolated little house in a nice, sloppy site with wide panoramic view only 100m away from the sea, Papa Nero beach, and 200m from the main road that leads to the center of Agios Ioannis. The sun set from the veranda/ balcony from this accommodation is something that worth seeing. In Papa Nero you can find restaurants, and taverns and in Agios Ioannis the same and also bar, mini markets, and shops. During high season, the entrance to the beach is prohibited to any vehicles. Your accommodation: The two-storey house is properly equipped and offers 2 studios on the ground floor and 1 apartment on the first floor. Type A: 2 studios for 2 persons. Each studio consists of 1 bedroom with two single beds, TV, air condition, kitchenette with electrical rings and small fridge, shower/WC and veranda. Type B: 1 apartment for 2-4 persons. The apartment is furnished in a very stylish way and consists of 1 bedroom with 1 double bed, 1 living/bedroom with 2 sofa beds and a fireplace, TV, air condition, kitchen with small oven and fridge, shower/WC and balcony with sea view. Our opinion: Ideal for people that are looking for something different in there holidays.

Charikleia Mesonnettes Mesonnettes, Pelion 01-1650 Damouchari – a magnificent settling known for its natural small port and the beach with the white pebbles. At the begining of the settling, on a privilege position, on the hill, with a panoramic view you can find the two new building. There are a few meters for the puplic car park, next to an old church of Agios Nikolaos and 250m from the beach. Walking among the small paths of Damouchari you will find the natural port, the traditonal taverns, the beach with the big pebbles and the clear, crystal waters of Agean Sea. From that point there is a path way that leads to TSAGARADA villaga and the beach of FAKISTRA. Your accommodation: Two buildings each one has a mezonette, one type B with a veranda in the ground floor and the other one type B1 that consist of veranda on the ground floor and balcony with a view on the first floor. Every mezonette has autonomous central heating that can be controled from the guests and every floor has airconditioning. ΤΥPE Β1: For 3-5 people. Mazonette with a view of the settling of Damouchari, that consists of a ground floor and a first floor. On the ground floor you can find the kitchen fully equipped that has a fridge, a coffee maker, two electrical rings and also a dinning table with a wooden sofa, that can be converted to a semi double bed for 2 people. In the same space there is a fire place, tv, office and wc/ shower. An internal staircase leads you to the first floor where you can find the bedroom with a double bed and one single bed and wc/ shower. Form the french window of the bedroom on the first floor you can exit to the veranda enjoy the view and relax on the veranda furniture. Type Β: For 4-6 people. A mazonette that consists of a ground floor and a first floor. On the ground floor you can find the kitchen fully equipped that has a fridge, a coffee maker, two electrical rings and also a dinning table with a wooden sofa, that can be converted to a semi double bed for 2 people. In the same space there is a fire place, tv, office and wc/ shower. Form the french window on the ground floor you can exit to the veranda enjoy the view and relax on the veranda furniture An internal staircase leads you to the first floor where you can find the bedroom with a double bed and a sofa that can be converted to a double bed and a wc/ shower. There is also an office surrounded by windows and from on side you can see the sea and the other the an olive grove that is located before reaching the mezonettes . Our opinion: Ideal for families and friends that want to relax and enjoy the Agean Sea


Watcher House

Apartments, Damouchari Pelion 01-1660 01-1690 Location: Between Agios Ioannis and Damouchari in a panoramic location you can find the cottage. Someone to get to the cottage, he has to take the main central road that is 3,2 km from Agios Ioannis or the shorter one around the beach Papa Nero which is only 2km. The cottage is 10meters from the road (there is a private car park for only one car), and 400m from the beautiful white pebbled beach of Damouchari. In the area of Damouchari you can find taverns with fresh fish, a mini Market and a small newsagent. A more organized and larger market can be found in Agios Ioannis. The beach of Damouchari is considered one of the best beaches of Eastern Pelio and has big pebbles. You can swim in the small natural cove of the area that is 350m from the cottage You can enjoy your coffee or food next to the shore. In 2 km you can find the beach of Papa Nero. For evening entertainment there is a bar that is built on a rock with magnificent views of the natural port of Damouchari (operating during the summer months). One thing is for certain Damouchari will amaze you. Your accommodation: TYPE B (2-4 persons). An old cottage that was recently renovated as a modern summer accommodation of two spaces of 38sqm. It has 1 bedroom, a living room and a big veranda. The bedroom has 2 single beds; the living room has a fireplace, a TV, a small dinner table, 2 sofas, open plan kitchen with a mini fridge, hot plate and coffee maker. The house has WC/ shower and air conditioning in both rooms. The veranda is very comfortable, has furniture, wonderful views of the blue sea. Our opinion: You can indulge in unforgettable moments of meditation, tranquility and is suggested for people that wish to rest.

Agios Nikalaos

Apartments, Damouchari Pelion 01-1660

Location: Opposite from an old church, in the begging of the village you will find the recently build, 2 buildings of two floors house each. Underneath the house are an olive grove, and few meters further down a small port where the local fishermen ducking their boats. Walking among the small paths you will find the center of the village, under the shade of the old pirates castle, just 300 meters from the house, and the rocky but beautiful beach of Damouchari after 500 meters. The village of Agios Ioannis and the sandy beach of Papa Nero it is 4 km away and only 8 km above Damouchari is the beautiful village of Tsagarada where you can find post office, pharmacy, super market, tavernas, and coffee shops. And if you don't want to drive you can always walk on the old path that leads you from Damouchari to Papa-Nero beach or to Tsagarada. Description for each building* Your accommodation: The house in the ground floor has two apartments type B with a small veranda in front of the main entrance that is communal for bought apartments. There is also yard around the house nice decorated with garden furniture and parking place. Type B (ground floor): 2 apartments for 2-4 persons. A living room with fireplace, two couches (1 of them is a sofa bed) and air condition next to it is the first room that welcomes you in the apartments. In a corner of the living room is placed the kitchenette with a small fridge, 2 hot plates, and the necessary cookware. The bedroom is decorated with traditional furniture from carved wood, with double bed tangent on the wall from one side, closet and a small commode with mirror. Bathroom is with shower and central heating is available. Both apartments use the yard just next to the small veranda Type B1 (1st floor): 1 apartment for 2-4 persons. This apartment is at the same construction as these of the ground floor apartments but more luxurious and double square meters than the one of the ground floor . It has a big living room with fireplace, 2 couches (1 is sofa bed), air condition and dinner table. The kitchen is equipped with 2 doors fridge, cooking top with oven and the necessary cookware. The decoration of the apartment is in traditional style with furniture from carved wood and wooden ceilings. Also there is a veranda with sea view. The bathroom has a small tub, and central heating is available. The bedroom has a double bed, closet and a small commode with mirror. Our opinion: 路 The natural port of Damouchari is ideal for mooring of small boats. Tourists can organise daily visits in the near beaches such as Fakistra(15min.), Milopotamo(20min.), Limniona(30min), Papa Nero(10min) 路 The beach of Damouchari is unique for the natural landscape between two rocks and famous for its big pebble and its clear blue water. 路 From Damouchari begins the cobbled road towards Tsagarada. 路 Agios Ioannis and the beach of Papa Nero are the alternative solutions on the one hand for an organised tourist summer resort and on the other hand the beach for swimming or for having lunch at an exquisite landscape. *The apartments type B have and the apartments type B1


Manini Mansion Traditional House , Agios Dimitrios 01-0020 Location: Is located in the east side of the mountain Pelion, in the village of Agios Dimitrios. The house has a panoramic view to the beautiful sea and to the green scenery. Is 45 kilometers away from the center of Volos and 65 kilometers from the nearest airport of Nea Anxialos. It is a few meters away from the local square of Ksirovrisi near to the national road of Pelion. The traditional house is renovated and is in a very good place from the geographical point of you as the guests are only ten minutes away from the village Kissos, twenty minutes away from Xania (ski center)and Tsagarada and only ten minutes away from Agios Ioannis and different beautiful beaches. Finally is very close to famous walking paths of Pelion that lead to the most beautiful and unexplored places of the Mountain of Centaurs. Your accommodation: 6 double rooms in a 2 floor traditional house. There are three double rooms and one living room with a kitchen in each floor. A big garden is also in the use of the customer where they can relax and feel comfortable and enjoy the beautiful mountain. The traditional house is offered either as a guest house or as autonomous accommodation per floor with capability 4 to 6 persons. Room description: All the rooms are equipped with television, phone, central heating, internet wireless, fireplace and WC with shower. Our opinion: A traditional accommodation ideal for companies. A modern decoration combined with the Pelion traditional features makes your holidays more pleasurable and ideal.

Flowers Studios

Apartments, Mouresi Pelion 05 - 0530 Location: In the Mouresi village, between Tsagarada and Agios Ioanis and concretely 10 minutes driving from Tsagarada and Agios Ioannis, in a nice green environment from chestnuts and cherry trees are found 5 buildings of where one is used for residence of householder and the other 4 buildings are in different heights and include in total 6 one room apartments. Distance from the centre of village is just 800 metres, from Agios Ioannis - Papa Nero-Ntamouchari beach and Tsagarada only 4 kilometres. All four buildings are built with drawings, where they appear intensely the characteristics of Pelion architectural externally with stone roofs, roof verandas and built stone. Your accommodation: BUILDING 1 Apartment No 001. Ground floor: Apartment constituted from a one room apartment of TYPE A of about 40 sq.m., with a double and a couch that becomes bed Kitchen corner completely equipped with all the essential utensiles and appliances (refrigerator, hearths electric, toaster, coffee-pot, kettle, equipment of proportionally individualsBUILDING 2 Apartment No 002 and 003. Apartment on the groundfloor constituted from One room of about 50 sq.m. of TYPE A2 with a double bed, Kitchen corner completely equipped with all the essential utensiles and appliances (refrigerator, hearths electric, toaster coffee-pot, kettle, equipment of proportionally individuals) and comfortable space of livingroom with fireplace. A one room apartment of about 50 sq.m of TYPE A1 with elevated manufacture where is found a double bed. In the ground floor kitchen corner completely equipped with all the essential utensiles and appliances (refrigerator, hearths electric, toaster coffee-pot, kettle, equipment of proportionally individuals) and comfortable space of living room. BUILDING 4 Apartment No 006 Apartment on the ground floor constituted from one room of about 50 sq.m of TYPE A2 with a double bed, corner of cooker completely equipped with all the essential utensils and appliances (refrigerator, hearths electric, toaster coffeepot, kettle, equipment of proportionally individuals) and comfortable space of living room with fireplace.


Hotel Kentavros Hotel, Tsagarada Pelion 05-0015 Location : The hotel is located at the beginning of village Tsagarada, the settlement of Agioi Taxiarhes (Saintes Taxiarhes). The renovated family hotel is located at the central road and it has wonderful view. Shops and places for entertainment can be found at a distance of 200m at the center of the quarter. Outfit: The hotel has 24 rooms-12 at the two-floor main building where the reception of the hotel is , and 12 opposite of the main building in a two-floor constracture. The hotel owns also at the ground floor restaurant which is used also as a breakfast room (breakfast - buffet)and a living room with fireplace and T.V. There is also outside area-veranda with wonderful view at the use of the clients in order to take their breakfast , their coffee e.t.c. if weather allows. Rooms : Each room has its own T.V. , telephone, central heating ,W.C. Most of them have a balcony. Some of them have view to the sea and others to the mountain. Our opinion : A simple family hotel for peaceful holidays in a green natural environment. The hospitality and the careless of the family which handles it will make you feel like your own home.

Tis Ellis Traditional House , Tsagarada Pelion 05 - 0025 Location : Preferential its place, with view the sea of immense light blue Aegean seas, in one of the more beautiful and bigger villages of Eastern Pelion that are submerged by green, in Tsagarada. 8 kilometres from the famous beach of Mylopotamos and 12 kilometres from the beautiful beaches of Agios Ioannis. Your hotel : It was first built in 1917, was renovated completely in 2007 internal and externally functions providing the all facilitations in the surname and not list of customers, covering its each likely wish! In the ground floor of the house exists the space of reception, lounge with fireplace, dining room and a cooker. The house also allocates a beautiful garden full of roses. Your room : Two suites with fireplace and three rooms have been shared in the ground floor and in the 1ο floor monopolizing the more beautiful view to Aegean. The brand new rooms are preened with luxurious material and old objects and furniture while the suites are special decorated with splendid colours and exceptional details. They allocate all bathroom with hydro massage, scale - hair-dryer, television and safe. Services : Your breakfast is daily different and your choice. The itself is also in effect with your dinners that you can it enjoy in anyone of villa you want. The menu is so much rich that sure will cover also your difficult requirements. Our opinion : The traditional Elle’s house is also been disposed for exclusive use of a small company with minimal capacity of 4 individuals. It is always ideal choice for exigent visitors with the care of householder which has the possibility of offering the Greek hospitality generously.


Hotel & Apartments Aglaida Hotel, Tsagarada Pelion 05 - 0015 Location: Hotel and Apartments “AGLAIDA” is a new-built accommodation, built in the slope of the mountain and in the district of “Agia Kyriaki” in Tsagkarada, with view to the Aegean Sea. It is located just 3 klm. From the centre of Tsagarada, the settlement of Agis Paraskevi (Saint Paraskevi), 4 klm. From Mylopotamos beach and2,5 klm. from Fakistra beach.Few metres away from the hotel a stone path “kalderimi” starts towards the famous , rocky and beautiful beach of Damouchari. Your hotel: It is consisted of independent groups of flats, built and decorated in the traditional style of Pelion. Each room has an independent entrance. At the central building there is the reception, the living room, bar and restaurant and also a room for conferences and events. At the outside area there is a swimming pool at the disposal of its clients. Your room: Each room has an independent entrance and also has its own bath, hair drier, TV, air condition, fully equipped kitchen corner, some of them with fireplace, view to the Aegean Sea or to the mountain from their balcony or their windows. Services: There is a common space of living room with fireplace and TV, and there is also an individual place where someone can have breakfast. Our opinion: A very nice hotel – apartment built in an area with unique panoramic view and also in a quiet place of Tsagarada. A hotel in the most ideal place from those who loves walking through the stone paths visiting the most beautiful sea side of East Pelion.

12 Months Luxury Resort, Hotel, Tsagarada Pelion 05 - 0009 Location : The ’ 12 Months Luxury Resort, is a resort with a philosophy to combine both modern and the traditional, even in its architecture. It is encircled by an exquisite natural environment of forests and paths that lead you to the mountainside. The resort is open all year long, for our visitors to enjoy and explore the seasonal surroundings, such as the near-by skiing centre, excursions on the rugged paths with a 4x4 vehicle, and the warmth of the stoned fireplaces for the colder months. Whilst, during the summer time one can relax on the beaches gazing into the crystal blue horizon on one side or the green fluorescing slopes on the other, stroll around the local squares and savour the traditional dishes. All of our apartments are equipped with air-condition, independent heating, LCD TV screen, sound stereo system, hydro pressure shower, hairdryer, safety box and a fire extinguisher. Family room (70cm2) type1: A double room, with a bedroom and a living room with built-in sofas. It can host two extra persons, since it has a separate bathroom, mini-bar, kitchenette, a connecting door and two separate entrance doors. Family room (70cm2) type 2: Combining a double and single room with a connecting door. Each room has its own bathroom, mini-bar, kitchenette and an independent entrance but also a connecting door through the living room. The built-in sofas can be turned into a bed, thus allowing accommodation for one extra person. Superior double (55cm2): Double bed with two rooms, a bedroom (with a queen size bed) and a living room, with an on-suite bathroom. Comfort double (55cm2): A studio like double room with bedroom (with a queen size bed), living room and on -suite bathroom. Classical double (40cm2): Comfort and luxury in a double room (with a queen size bed) with on-suite bathroom. A truly unique and warm environment is created for you to enhance your gastronomic experience, with savouring traditional homemade recipes and local products. COFFEE SHOP-BAR When the weather permits it, you can enjoy the amazing view and nature itself sitting out on the deck. On the colder days you can enjoy the warmth of the fireplace in a tasteful and friendly environment.





Southern-Central Pelion Milina, Horto, Lefokastro, Afissos AFISSOS Only 26km away from Volos towards South Pelion is situated at the shore this idyllic village at the shore and at the base of the Pelion range. Its houses are situated half round above a fantastic sandy beach of the pagasitic gulf on a slope. In this way all the village is surrounded by olive trees and bordered by the sea. The traditional architecture of this village built at the beginning of this century is also very impressive. In ancient times the village was famous for its extraordinary quality of water - so it is rumoured that the port was used by the Argonauts as a supply station. The village and its surroundings offer quiet vacations as well as evening entertainment by the countless tavernas, cafes and bars. Beside the beach on the promenade three more beautiful sandy beaches (Kalifteri/ Abovos/ Lagoudi) are waiting for you. MILIES Milies is a big village in the Pelion range and was the former cultural center of this region - shown by the huge collection of the library. Old manor-houses, the snake-like pavement (Kalderimi) of the paths, the small rivulets and the silver shining olive trees are painting a picture of long forgotten harmony. The glorious past of the village is shown as well by the old, sleepy railway station, former terminal of the local steam railroad Volos-Milies. The picturesque train was shut down but the steam locomotive is still running and became the new attraction. You have to try the local speciality "tyropsomo" ( bread baked with cheese) and the "firikia", the delicious mountain apples. VIZITSA Betwwn Agios Georgios and Milies is the little mountainous village of Vizitsa where the most well-preserved Peliot mansions. In addition to the picturesque square with the necessary shops for the visitors, the katholikon (dated 1797) has been preserved in the monastery of Agios Ioannis of Prodromou. It is a work of Zapaniotis and is located at the entry to the village. KOROPI Koropi the seaport of Milies built on the site of the ancient town with the same name. In Petralona there was the 5th century BC oracle of Apollo Coropaius. Prophecies were performed, according to the ancient historians, at the end of ceremony, which lasted two days and was aimed at appeasing the God. A procession of locals and visitors made their way to the temple out side, which the sacrifice was made by all the believers who asked for prophency from Apollo. After giving their name to the "secretary " they went into the table and put into a special pot their question written on a scroll. The next day the committee took out the scrolls and distributed them randomly as an answer from God. KALA NERA This swimming resort is situated on the gulf of Pagasiticos 18 km south of Volos, embedded in olive groves and pear-tree plantages. Even for families it is an oasis of peace and recovery. It is one of the Pelion-villages that bewitches the visitor each time of the year - smoothly casting sandy beaches framed from shady old plane-trees and beech-trees - crystal-clear water inviting you for a swim, watersport or fishing.Hiking along the small footpaths discovering the greek nature passing fountain brooks and visiting detached settlements. All this accomplishes the extraordinary flair of the village. You should also make a trip to Milies (7km) - one of the most picturesque villages of Pelion with the old mansions, traditional paved paths, embedded in a harmony of green forests and silver shining olive trees. GATZEA A little bit further from Kla nera is the coastla settlement of Kato Gatzea with the wonderful sandy beaches of Sykia and Stavros which have olive trees streaching down the sea and an organized camping ground. In Ano Gatzea there is the stone monestary of Agia Triada. LEFOKASTRO 43 km southwards from Volos and just about 2 km from the picturesque village of Argalasti, lies the beaches of Lefokastro. In order to get there you take a 5km long rural road through olive groves and flocks of sheep enjoying the green landscape all the way down to the sea. The drowsy fishing village with its small houses by the sea is discovered mostly only by insiders because of its rural road. Hospitable fishermen impress the cosy and quiet atmosphere with few tavernas and shops - a paradise for visitors looking for relaxed holidays far away from everyday troubles. Beside the beach of the village there are some small bays which you can reach after 30 minutes of walking. Also by walking, you can reach the village of Afissos as well. KALAMOS As you leave behind the village of Argalasti, after 7 km southward you reach the small village of Kalamos, right by the sea. The village and the surroundings are an ideal domicile for relaxing holidays for adults and children as well - a wide, adventurous and partly shady region due to it's areas that are all covered with trees, full of peace and quiet, cornered small beaches at the clear, blue sea that are waiting for you. Hidden restaurants in romantic surroundings invite you for a culinary stroll and as you make your way through the village, you pass by the old manor-houses which are embedded in wide gardens or olive groves. The village has just a few small tavernas and shops. For everything else you have to go to 23Argalasti.

HORTO Embedded into the green landscape of Pilion with plenty of silver-shining olive groves the village Horto is situated directly on the gulf of Pagasiticos, 46 km south of Volos. The attractive settlement with its small port, two beaches and beautiful rocky and sandy bays in the neighbourhood invites you for a relaxing vacation and is also an ideal starting-point for discovering Pelion. Going for a walk you run into the old monastery built on the nearby hill, where you can admire the old paintings on the walls and sense a unique feeling of relief. In the village you'll find several tavernas, cafes and super markets. More shops and intertaiment you will find in Milina (3km). MILINA Nearly at the end of the Pelion peninsula you reach the small fishing village of Milina. In the past a lot of wood-carvers used to work in this wooded region. Nowdays the idylic atmosphere TRIKERI Following the rural road from Milina to the south you reach after 31 km the mountain village Trikeri with small cornered alleys all painted white. Along the road you find several sandy bays which you can easily reach by car. In the village you get countless motives to take beautiful pictures - the turkoise and blue painted doors, all kinds of cute little shops and vividly colourfull flowers in front of the houses impress the picture of this village as well as the main church with its plastered square. At the main square with the shady plane-trees you enter a lively atmosphere created by the inhabitants that get together here. Only 3km from the center you find the port of Trikeri - Agia Kiriaki.You can take hovercrafts from there to Volos and the island Old Trikeri - a nice, daily excursion XINOVRISI- POTISTIKA 47km from Volos and 15km from Argalasti on the eastern side of Pelion where there are several of the most distinguist beaches of the region, far from indiscreet eyes lies the beach by the name of Potistika.There's only one taverna on the promises where one can get everything he needs to get by. This is the place to visit whenever you feel the need to escape from everyday's stress and rest uppon the white sand under the glorious Greek sun or regain his strength in the green forests nearby. Should you need a larger variety of shops and ways to ammusement seek the villages by the names Xinovrisi (8km) and Argalasti (15km).



PALTSI A settlement that is 53 km from Volos and 13 km from the Argalasti. It Is found south from the beach of Potistika protected from the north-eastern winds, a beach with crystal waters and a splendid golden sandy beach. The torrent that crosses the rich valley is poured in waters of sea. Near in the beach is built the church of Agios Konstantino. In September Agios Taxiarhes hurch that is found in a near hill celebrates a local festival. Following the walking path for Layko, roughly 2,5 hours in duration, one can enjoy the beauty of nature. In Paltsi you can also calm down and dream combining the imagination with the reality the green mountain and the clear crystal water. PLATANIAS In the south of Pelion you will also find the village of Platanias which is named after the planetrees (platania) that one passes by the village and every where around him on the promises.A beautifull contrast to the magnificent crystall-clear sea and the severall strands of the area. The small fishermen village has waken up from it's winter sleep and it's 300 residents show the arriving tourists who want to settle down and rellax a welcome that only the Greek hospitality offers.You can supply everything from the fruiterer who recomends his merchentise twise a day and from the little "Ant Emma"while your supper is beeing taken care of most of the tavernas and cafes for an attractive variety. Platanias offers an attractive sunny beach to the West as well and that's the reason why this place is above all a heaven to those who love to laze endlessly on the beach. One can go on an interesting excursion from Platanias next to the island of Skiathos. KATIGIORGIS Katigiorgis is a small fishermen village in the southeastern part of Pelion, it lies directly to the sea and you can see from it in a distance of just 3 knots the island of Skiathos. From Volos to Katigiorgis there is first of all the road through the mountain part of the area which is full of turns and then there's also the road going through enormous fields of seed. This particular place is the perfect one for those of the tourists that seek peace and quiet as only very few houses and tavernas keep company to mother nature.




Hotel Saily Beach Hotel , Koropi Pelion 19-0001 Location: This family operated hotel is located in Koropi, a small distance away from Kala Nera (3 km), and some 20 km from Volos. Built in the Pelion traditional architectural style, the hotel is only a 150 meters away from the beach (pebbles). Your hotel: The complex consists of 28 rooms distributed among several buildings, It also has a reception area, lounge with TV, and a bar, breakfast lounge/ restaurant with fire place, tavern, swimming pool, children’s swimming pool and a pool bar. Your room: Each room is comfortably furnished, and offers telephone, WC / shower, TV, mini barn some with air condition, and a balcony or terrace. Our opinion: A nice family hotel for nice and enjoyable holidays.

Hotel Maistrali Hotel , Affisos Pelion 20 - 0001

Location: The hotel is situated in the center of the village, on a quiet and close to the sea spot. One can reach the nearest beach in just 50m. The family-run hotel offers you a magnificent, panoramic, view. Within the neighborhood of the hotel you find taverns, shops and markets. You hotel: The hotel has a ground floor and a 1st floor, 4 double rooms, 4 triple rooms and 2 suites. When you enter the first thing you see is the reception area, the breakfast lounge with fire place that is also a restaurant where you can taste Greek specialties. The hotel also has library. Your room: All rooms invite you to relaxing holidays, and offer you radio, TV, direct-dial telephone, central heating, mini bar, air condition, WC/ shower, and balcony. Board: Breakfast (buffet). Our Opinion: In a very nice location hotel for wonderful holidays.


Seralis Rooms Rooms Koropi , Pelion 19-0002 Location: The complex of rooms “Seralis” is located in the region of Koropi beach in about 23 km from the city of Volos, one kilometre from Koropi and from the organised Kalifteri beach just next to the three famous tourist destinations of Kala Nera- Milies and Afissos. The lodging is next to the central road to Pelion, very near at the organised villages of Kala Nera or Afissos with supermarkets, restaurants, taverns, cafes, bars and other tourist services. The location offers easy access in Southern Pelion with the best sea shores of Pagasitikos and in mountainous Pelion with the traditional settlements asVizitsa, Milies, Pinakates that are found in distance of 10 - 30 minutes drive. Your accommodation: Recently built, “Seralis” allocates eight double rooms in total distributed in the first and second floor of the building, decorated with the most excellent and in new-classic style, combining the modern facilities that provides, with the classic tradition of region. A beautiful space of living room with fireplace and television is at client’s disposal for his breakfast, for a light snack as well as in order to taste the traditional cuisine of the owner. In the excellently shaped exterior space the visitor can relax in a extent of 2.000 sq.m., under the well shaped sitting spaces that are surrounded by colourful flowers and plants, and can also enjoy the coffee or his drink with the view of the swimming-pool, the sea and the green of Pelion mountain. There is swimming-pool, with sun beds and sun umbrellas, Jacuzzi, an open air bar as well as open air restaurant next to the swimming-pool. Your room: Each room has a double bed, satellite television, access in the internet, safe box, telephone, shower, hair dryer, individual iron, coffee-pots, mini bar, air conditioning and heating. All rooms-some of them with balcony, have view either at Pagasetic Gulf or at the green mountains of Pelion or the exterior and beautiful shaped spaces of the accommodation. Services: Breaksfast and room service. Cleanness daily. Our opinion: A familiar company under the owner’s care which covers even the most exigent visitor offering services of hotel. Ideal for daily activities in Pelion with the car or by walking down one of the stone paths of mountain while the summer period the organised beach of Kalifteri is offered for waters sports activities such as sailing in blue clear waters of Pagasetic Gulf. A lodging that is ideal for holidays through out the whole year.

Leda Hotel , Horto Pelion 23-2001 Location: The Leda Hotel is peacefully located at a stunning landscape on the outskirts of the traditional coastal village of Horto in the Pelion Peninsula. Built in a unique, attractive style, set in gardens filled with bougainvillea and pampas grasses. Just a few minutes walk from Leda takes you to the small, typically Greek village of Horto, with several traditional waterfront tavernas and two mini markets. A few kilometers further you will find the beautiful village of Milina, offering a greater choice of tavernas, shops and a livelier atmosphere. Your accommodation: In an area of 30.000 square meters there is a complex consisted of small traditional houses, built in Pelion architectural style, surrounded by lush vegetation. Each house consists of different rooms, studios and apartments all with their own veranda or terrace and wonderful sea view. Specifically, complex has 85 rooms-studios and apartments in total which 52 of all them are rooms only, 21 studios TYPE A and 12 are apartments TYPE B.Overlooking the bay, the Leda's restaurant serves delicious traditional food, while the terrace bar near the beach offers a wide choice of refreshments, cocktails, alcoholic drinks, ice creams and snacks. There is a lot to do onshore, so if a client is not on the beach, then he can relax by the large swimming pool and outdoor Jacuzzi, play a game of tennis or get active at the fitness room. One can even retreat to the heated Jacuzzi and sauna for a spot of relaxation. Though Leda is to all intents and purposes a hotel, with swimming pool, separate children swimming, chess playground, table tennis. At the whole complex of Leda Hotel motor traffic is not allowed, but there is a private parking at the entrance, from where someone has easy access to the houses of Leda. The professional and friendly staff at Leda Hotel is always available to help and assist the clients to make their holiday as pleasurable as it can be. At the Leda Hotel there are possibilities for sending e-mails, fax, currency exchange and post-office services. It also provides information about activities, special festivities in the area and excursions like the Little Train of Pelion. For much easier holidays the client will find in the complex a tourist shop where can buy a lot of things, like postcards, maps of the area, souvenirs, traditional local products but also basic toiletries. All studios/apartments/rooms have television, telephone, safe box, access to internet and in the comfortable bathroom a hair-dryer and connection for electric shaving. Each of them has a balcony or terrace. Type A and B have small table and chairs, a kitchenette with small electric cooking facility, fridge and electric kettle TYPE A: All studios have air-conditioning and are fully furnished with a double-bed or 2 single beds, 1 to 3 sofa-beds. All studios have sea-view and are situated within a distance less than 40 meter from the beach. They are accommodated in several of the small traditional houses, built in Pelion architectural style, surroundedbyushvegetation. TYPE B: : All apartments have 2 rooms, one separate bedroom with a double - bed and one comfortable, big livingroom with 2 to 3 sofa-beds. Both of the rooms have air-conditioning. All apartments have sea - view and are situated within a distance less than 30 meter from the beach. ROOMS: All rooms have air-conditioning and are fully furnished with a double-bed and with 1 to 3 sofa-beds, small table and chairs, fridge and electric kettle (no kitchenette). All rooms have sea-view and are situated within a distance less than 80 meter from the beach.. Our opinion: A unique accommodation that offers luxury and all comforts during the whole stay of a client’s holiday, ideal for all ages and also for families.


Agios Andreas Houses House - Milina 24 - 2260

Location: Isolated 7 houses in the bay of Agios Andreas in the middle of an olive field 3km. far away from Milina, and very close to a little bay, there are seven little houses. Small pebble beach 20m away with parking beyond those houses. 900m away there is a taverna and also a good organized market can be found in Milina. If someone has the possibility to use a boat, exactly in front of the houses there is small port, inside a windless bay, which is protected from all weather conditions. Your accommodation: The seven little houses are offered in two types, TYPE B and TYPE D. On the surrounding area are 3 kiosks with garden furniture and barbecue. All the houses have air conditioner and TV. TYPE B: For 2-4 persons. Every house has one bedroom with double bed and a living room with two sofas (in some house some of the sofa can be converted to beds and other can not) with the possibility of sleeping 2 persons, fireplace, TV, kitchen corner, WC-shower (one of the houses has bathroom) and terrace with view to the sea some partial to the sea and some to the garden. TYPE D: For 4-6 persons .Two bedrooms, one with double bed and one with two singles, living room with two sofas (in some house some of the sofa can be converted to beds and other can not) with the possibility of sleeping 2 person, fireplace kitchen corner with full extra service, WC/ shower, terrace with view to the sea some partial to the sea and some to the garden. Our opinion: Far away from noises and overcrowded places, full of vivid picturesque area, quiet sea, olive-trees near the little bays of Milina. Suitable for families. By renting a boat from our office you have the potential to visit many little beaches and islands of Pagasitic Gulf.


THE HISTORY OF THE LITTLE TRAIN OF PELION The miniature train of Pelion has been a dynamic element of culture and development leaving its intense mark on the history and environment of the area. For 76 years (1895-1971) it limbed the mountain carrying passengers and freight , thus immensely contributed to the rapid development of the area. The man who had the inspiration of its manufacturing, under the auspices of the Thessalian Railroads Company, was the Italian engineer Evaristo de Kyriko, father of the famous painter Giorgio de Kyriko, who was born in our town in 1888, lived a happy childhood here and carried this place onto his paintings in symbolic forms, particularly during his metaphysical era, which made him immortal. Evaristo De Kyriko built one of the best in the world railroads, of only 60 cm width, through the olive groves on the slopes of the Centaurs' Mountain. A masterpiece which will always be adored for its high esthetics, the harmony in its form and the perfection of its manufacturing. The quaint form of this minute train which used to climb the mountain at 25 - 30 Km per hour, carrying hundreds of people and goods, combined perfectly with the tiny railroad stations in Agria, Lehonia and Milies with the stone and metal bridges as well as with the building of the railway station in Volos, dating back in 1884 and still remaining a symbol of an era of beauty foregone but still moving.


The Railroad Museum of Thessaly, displaying rare exhibits, a real asset to our city. The little train, running on Belgian engines "Milee", "Jason" "Pelion", "Volos" and "Tsagarada", could also serve the city's needs as a tram and it was the only public transportation available in those days, that's why it was connected with most of the historic moments of the area and was loved by everyone. Later it was slowly removed from the scene with the advent of the automobile until it was completely stopped as uneconomical in June 1971 Today, this unique steam train thanks to the continuous efforts of its "Friends" and after 25 years of immobility climbs the Pelion mountain once more at 25 km per hour. Beginning its journey temporarily from Lehonia (soon the terminal will be in Volos) the train climbs up the slopes through the olive groves past the traditional villages of Ano Gatzea, Agia Triada, Agio Athanasio Pinakaton, Argyreika and arrives at its terminal in Milies, having offered a unique experience of magic and beauty to its passengers, something rarely found in our days. People traveling on this train can enjoy a breathtaking view of the sea from the mountain and can pause and take pictures of the renowned bridges of De Kyriko, the old stately houses, the little chapels and monasteries, living signs of a foregone era. Our offices organises many excursions combined with other activities such as outdoor activities.



Of the peculiar folk-art of Pelion from the last centuries, the main works which have survived are the architectural creations and their decorative elements. The famous mansions of Pelion have tower-like construction with three floors as a rule. The first two are built of stone, are stone paved and have thick walls with a few small openings for windows. There is usually a marble or stone lintel above the door by which we enter the ground floor (made up of the ground floor and semi-basement) which was used as a storage room for first-aid products for the people of the house. From the ground floor, wooden stairs lead to the tampanas (or "middle floor") a place used by the family as a winder res- idence where there is also kitchen. In contrast to the first two floors, the third floor is build with light wooden construction, which sticks out from the others and has many window and skylights. This floor is used in summer and for guests. From the middle of the 19th century, the first neoclassical elements in the decoration, of both the interior and exteri- or, of the mansions of Pelion started to appear. Those locals who had become rich as a result of trading called in guilds of craftmen during the 18th century, to build bridges as well as monas- teries and churches, all of which have roofs made of local slate. The majority of these craftsmen came from the village of Zoupani (know today as Pentalofos) and , because of this became know as Zoupaniotes or Zipaniotes. One of them, the folk-architect Dimos Zipaniotis, left his mark in hundrends of churches of Pelion. Working with him was his friend, the folk-sculptor Milios. The local craftsmen lerned from this builders and went on build the majority of cobble lanes of Pelion. For your stay in Pelion, we have selected 10 unique 18th century local mansions in the traditional villages of Makrinitsa, Portaria, Katichori, Vizitsa, Milies and Zagora. Build of wood and stone in the local architecture style, these mansions have converted into inns with modern comforts, yet are typically remi- niscent of times past offering the unique chance to experience the tra- ditional way of living. All the above villages are well-know for their typical architectural style, welcoming atmosphere friendly locals and their home made local spe- cialties, such as marmalade made from the range of fruits and vegeta- bles, hot aromatic beverages made from brewing fresh local herbs, local yoghurt and cheese, fresh stone-oven baked bread, egg omelettes with herbs. Most villages are situated close to one another, making it easy for visitors to reach them both on foot or by car. The area is great natural beauty covered by dense forests, with trails and fresh water streams, easy to explore and enjoy on foot or on horseback. A number of Byzantine churches and monasteries, archeological and pre- historic sites are scattered all over the mountain, whilst the villages are postcard picture perfect, each with their local coffee shop 'KAFENIO' and taverns around the village square.

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Anovolios Hotel , Agios Georgios 17– 0004

LOCATION : The traditional hotel Anovolios is located in Agios Georgios Nilias, 20 km from Volos and 10 minutes from the villages of Vizitsa and Milies. It is readily accessible from the Ano Lehonia-Pinakates rural route and has parking facilities. HOTEL DESCRIPTION: The hotel consists of six stone-built houses with 15 rooms, nine of which have a fireplace and three have a jacuzzi. They feature a unique view toward the sea and the mountain. There is a two-story restaurant-bar and lounge which can accommodate special events for 40-50 people. ROOM DESCRIPTION : All rooms are equipped with satellite television, telephone, Internet, safe, hair dryer, mini bar, central heating and a writing desk. SERVICES : Room service, optional half-board featuring traditional homemade foods and access to organised outdoor activities.


Hotel Alkistis Hotel, Portaria Pelion 08 - 0006

Location: The hotel is located at Portaria, a very beautiful village 12 km. from Volos and 10km. from the ski centre. The hotel is placed just 300m. from the central square of the village. Your hotel: The hotel owns a big drawing-room with fire place and T.V. , a breakfast room , bar, summer bar at the outside area of the hotel and 47 rooms . The 9 of the rooms are placed in a second building with a separate entrance from the other places of the hotel. Your Room : The rooms have central heating, T.V., telephone, their own W.C. with hair dryers and some of them with mini-bar. All the rooms have wonderful view through their windows or balconies. Other services : The hotel offers room service, safe and breakfast. Our opinion : One nice and traditional hotel which offers relaxing holidays to each visitors in a green landscape.

Archontiko Drakopoulou Traditional house , Zagora Pelion 06-0002

Location : In the largest village of east Pelion , in Zagora , the archontiko Drakopoulou has been renovated with plenty of care and looked after by a group of women. It is located in the quarter of Agios Georgios(Saint George) , in the square, where there are the big age-long platans and with a view to the wonderful Aegean sea. Restaurants , taverns , cafes, mini market , bakery and butchery in very close. Your accommodation: The two-floor building consists of the ground floor which is used as work shop of traditional sweets, of the 1st floor where is the breakfast room with one small place of reception with fireplace and the indoor wooden stairs lead to the 2nd floor where there are 5 double rooms. Your room: Each room has different decoration with its own name (hydrangea, cyclamen, gardenia, rose, achilleia) all with W.C. and central heating. One of the 5 doublerRooms owns also a fireplace the achilleia. Service: Room services, breakfast. Our opinion : Nice traditional hostel under the careness and the warmness of one Greek women association which promises restness and pleasant stay to the visitor at each season of the year.


Archontiko Amalia Traditional house , Zagora Pelion 06 - 0003

LOCATION In the Agia Kyriaki quarter of the village of Zagora, 600 metres from the main thoroughfare and accessible via a narrow cement road, you will find the traditional guest house AMALIA MANOR. The Agia Kyriaki square and central shopping area are 600 metres away. The nearest beach, Horefto, lies at a distance of 9 km, while Chania, the highest point of Mount Pelion, is 19 km away. GUEST HOUSE DESCRIPTION AMALIA MANOR consists of two traditional structures with a total area of 266 square metres. One is an authentic TYPE E manor house built in 1867 (the Clio guesthouse) and the other, a TYPE A, was built in 1920 (Naias guest house). Both were renovated in 2004 with great care and respect following strict guidelines. Amalia Manor retains the Mount Pelion tradition and original features of the house. The Clio guest house can accommodate up to six persons in three double rooms with two shared baths. There is a fully equipped kitchen on the ground floor, a living room with a fireplace and dining area. The stone-built Naias guest house consists of two separate two-person studios. The attractive interior dé cor throughout the house are works of the well-known Mount Pelion artist Konstantinos Komninos. There is a tended garden built on three levels in the charming stone courtyard with a barbecue where you can gaze upon the boundless Aegean Sea and enjoy a panoramic view of the lushness of Mount Pelion. CLIO ROOMS – The traditional TYPE E house 2 - 6 PERSONS The two-story traditional home dates back to the 18th century and offers an authentic old-fashioned stay in a warm and clean traditional manor environment. The wooden floors and well-cared-for antique furniture reflect the hospitable warmth and comfort of another age. The house combines modern conveniences with noble tradition and is ideal for families or friends travelling together, as it can accommodate up to six persons. Entering through the front door, you will find yourself in the openplan living room and roomy kitchen. There is a bathroom with shower on the ground floor, as well as a small WC. A staircase takes you to the first floor where you will find three comfortable bedrooms, each with its own personality and tasteful dé cor. All the rooms feature a fantastic view, either toward the Aegean or to the green surroundings. Two of the rooms also have a small balcony. The house includes a fully equipped kitchen and dinner service, electric cooker, refrigerator, washing machine and small appliances including a coffee maker and kettle. The house includes heating, satellite television, Internet access and parking. NAIAS – the TYPE A stone house 2 - 4 PERSONS The stone house has been renovated according to the requirements for traditional settlements and has been designed to feature two separate studios. The studio on the ground floor, for two-three persons, has a large terrace. It includes a sitting room with a sofa (single bed), fully equipped kitchen, a charming bedroom with a double bed and a bathroom with shower and toilet. On the first floor, there is a two-person studio with a double bed, bath and fully equipped kitchen. The studio has its own balcony giving an unimpeded and restful view of the Aegean Sean. Both studios have full dinner service, an electric cooker, refrigerator and small appliances, including a grill, coffee maker and kettle. Heating, satellite television, Internet access and parking are also available. OUR OPINION A retreat to one of the main villages of East Pelion with a trademark view of the boundless Aegean Sea. It is perfect for a group of friends or small groups of visitors and an ideal base for excursions into the surrounding area all year round.


Walking – Trekking Program Walking-Trekking programs PROGRAM CODE: : PWT 103-8 Duration: 8 days Regions to be explored: Thessaloniki-Prionia (Olympus)-Pelion We recommend this programme to hikers in order for them to get to know the Pelion Peninsula and Mount Olympus, the home of the twelve gods of Greek mythology. After visitors are picked up from Macedonia Airport in Thessaloniki, they are given the opportunity to enjoy the landscape and traditional Greek villages that are scattered throughout Pelion. Day 1: Arrival at Thessaloniki airport. Overnight stay and dinner in Thessaloniki. Day 2: After breakfast we will travel by bus to Litohoro, Olympus, and then hike to Prionia, which will be the starting point of a beautiful route up Olympus, in the unique environment of this celestial mountain. Along the route we will make a stop to eat. Once the route has been completed, we will return to Prionia, Olympus, and take a bus from there to Portaria, passing through the city of Volos on the way. Dinner and an overnight stay in Portaria. Day 3: After breakfast we will travel by bus to Chania. There will then be a hike from Chania to Kissos. Following a light meal at a traditional taverna, we will take the road leading to our next place of stay, Tsagarada. Dinner and overnight stay in Tsagarada. Day 4: After breakfast we will set on a stunning route affording unforgettable views from the mountain to Damouchari and Agios Ioannis, well-known seaside villages in Eastern Pelion. A few hours at the beach in Agios Ioannis or Damouchari will give us a chance to swim in the blue waters of the Aegean and have lunch while enjoying the unique view of the blue vastness of the Aegean Sea. There will be a bus ride from there to the hotel in Tsagarada and dinner at the hotel or at one of the village’s traditional tavernas. Day 5: In the morning we will begin our route from Pouri, the northernmost village of Eastern Pelion, and descend to Horefto, one of the most beautiful and famous beaches of the Aegean. There we can dive into the crystal clear waters of Horefto and taste the fresh fish or other delicacies served in the area. We will return by bus to the hotel in Tsagarada early in the afternoon and have dinner at the hotel or at one of the village’s traditional tavernas. Day 6: In the morning we will begin our hike to Xourihti, taking the paths and cobbled roads until we reach Milies, one of the most traditional villages on Mount Pelion. After lunch at a traditional taverna near Vyzitsa, we will travel by bus to the famed village of Portaria. Overnight stay in Portaria and dinner at the hotel or at one of the village’s traditional tavernas. Day 7: After breakfast, it will be well worth going on a day tour on foot from Portaria to Makrinitsa, to visit the museum and old village church and take a break in Makrinitsa square. There we can enjoy the unique view of Volos and the Pagasitic Gulf before having lunch at one of the village’s restaurants, where we can try homemade delicacies. Return by bus to Portaria. Overnight stay and dinner in Portaria. Day 8: After breakfast we will depart for Macedonia Airport for travellers to catch the flight back home. Services included:

 Transport from Thessaloniki airport to a hotel in Thessaloniki, and on the second day, transport from Thessaloniki to Portaria, as per the itinerary.    

Transport as indicated in the itinerary on the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th day. Transport from Portaria to Thessaloniki airport. Volos.

1 stay in Thessaloniki, 3 stays in Portaria and 3 stays in Tsagarada in 2nd and 3rd class hotels, breakfast included.

 

8 dinners and 7 lunches at the host hotels or at the tavernas and restaurants in the area.

A qualified English- or German-speaking tour guide. Information leaflets and maps of the area.


Fly & Drive Program PROGRAM CODE: : PFD 203-14 Duration: 14 days Regions to explore: Macedonia and Northern Mainland Greece Thessaloniki-Edessa-Florina-Kastoria-Ioannina- Kalambaka Pelion (Portaria,Agios Ioannis) -Larissa Day 1: Fly to Thessaloniki, airport Makedonia. Collect your car from the airport on arrival and drive to your hotel for your overnight stay in Thessaloniki. Day 2: Take the route to Edessa visiting the ancient sites of Pella -the ancient capital of Macedonia and birthplace of Alexander the Great, and Vergina -housing the royal tomb of King Philip II, father of Alexander the Great. Visit the beautiful town of Naousa, famous for its wines. In Edessa, visit the famous waterfalls and take a walk in nearby forest.Overnight stay in Edessa. Day 3: Drive to Florina and relax in the serene surroundings of prespa Lakes national nature reserve, a unique aquatic park of great natural beauty which is the breeding and nestling ground of a number of race species of birds. In Florina, visit the famous local zoo and have a taste of local specialties: roast fish from Prespa lake and Amintaeon wine. Drive to the beautiful town Kastoria, famous for its furs, Byzantine ecclesiastic art and monasteries and its impressive local architectural style. Overnight in Kastoria. Day 4: Take the road to Ioannina passing through the traditional villages of Zagorochoria,such as Monodendri, Elatohori and Greveniti on your way.The surrounding area is of great natural beauty, covered by dence forests and fresh waters streams, whilst the villages are renowned for their local cuisine and especially their home made pies made with fresh herbs and vegetables. In Ioannina ,visit the local bazaar and take the boat to a little isle of Ali Passa in the center of the lake, where you can relive the sad local tale of beautiful Kyra Frosini. Overnight in Ioannina. Day 5, 6: Take the road to Kalambaka, but don’t forget to stop at picturesque village of Metsovo-an ornament village famous for its roast meat, home made pies and locally smoked cheese.Then take the way to Kalambaka. The city of Kalambaka lies on the plain below the imposing steep of Meteora where Byzantine hermits and monks found shelter and built monasteries on their peaks "only one step away from the God". Overnight stay in Kalambaka. Day 7, 8: Drive to Trikala passing through the picturesque villages of Elati. At an altitude of 900m, and at a distance of 34 km from the city of Trikala. We continuo and after 14 km we reach Pertili in a altitude of 1500meter. Driving through fir-tree forests you meet plains. The area is ideal fro winder sports such as trekking on the mountain Koziava (1901meter altitude), horse riding, archery, bicycling in the pathways of the forest. Then we take the road for the area of the lake Plastira. In the middle of Thessaly, some 25 km west of Karditsa, is Lake Plastira. The lake was created as a result of a dam constructed on the river Megdova (this is the ancient river of Tavropos). The area has an altitude of 800m., and this makes Lake Plastira the bigest man-made creation in Europe. This wonderful area is ideal for mountain climbing, hiking, biking, fishing, horseback riding, and swimming. The area's scenery is of breathtaking beauty. It is one of the most attractive spots in the Agrafa mountain range. The lake is 4 km long, 60m deep and contains 4000 cubic meters of water. Overnight stay in one guest house or hotel in Pezoyla village. Day 9, 10, 11, 12,13: After the area of Limni Plastira,from there take the road to the Volos, the historic harbour of Argonauts. In the evening, you continue your trip to Pelion. One overnight in Portaria and 4 overnights in Agios Ioannis at a hotel. During your stay in Pelion, a sightseeing tour is a must. Set out for Makrinitsa. The beautiful village, the "balcony" of Volos. Worth seeing: the monastery Panagias, Topali museum, Kafenio "Theofilos", whose name is owed to the famous painter Theofilos (1868 - 1934), chapel of John the Baptist.Taste the pastries. Admire the 3000 different herbs offered for buying.Ask for the prospectus "Herbs of Pelion". Walk on the tracks of the Centaurs. Discover Pelion, such as Tsangarada, Kissos, Makrirachi, Zagora. Make a trip with the "Little Train of Pelion". Enjoy the marvelous beaches of Ag. Ioannis,Papa-Nero, Plaka, Milopotamos, Fakistra, Damouchari and Horefto. Swim in the crystal-clear water. In the evening, various restaurants and taverns on the seafront are at your disposal. Day 14: After breakfast you are leaving for Thessaloniki where you will spent the night. Day 15: End of program after breakfast, drive yourself to Thesalonikis Airport in time for your flight. At the airport you give your rented car back. Services included: · 14 overnights with breakfast in hotels 2 or 3 stars. · Car type A for 2 persons or type B for 3-4 persons. Pick-up and drop-off of car and unlimited mileage. · Information material, e.g. maps upon arrival at the airport. Further programs are included in the pricelist.




Eating around Pelion with “Pelion’s carefree holiday pass” In Pelion the distance between mountains and sea is a matter of minutes – all the time it takes to turn wish into deed! In Pelion you can enjoy the natural environment – relishing the many hues of green of the mountain landscape or the marine blue of the Aegean Sea and the Pagasitic Gulf. In Pelion you can spend every day of your holiday on a different beach, bathing in the sea or just soaking up the Greek sun. In Pelion you can spend the morning roaming the innumerable paths and trails, enjoy a light lunch at midday in a taverna near the beach, and then dine late in the evening in one of the traditional tavernas in the main square of one of the countless picturesque villages. In Pelion you can savour the culinary delights of the local cuisine with its traditional delicacies in one of the little restaurants known as tsipouradika, when and where you want. These are some of the things which make Pelion unique. And this is why we are offering you the opportunity to choose the options which appeal to you from a whole variety of choices. A world away from the rules and regulations of the big hotel complexes with their strict mealtimes and limited choice of restaurant. In order to give you the option of the freest possible choice, we have devised the new Pelion’s carefree holiday pass. Starting with your choice of accommodation (on the beach or up in the hills, in an old archontiko or a family-run hotel) you then have the freedom to choose between an evening meal or lunch in a taverna, the freedom to select what appeals to you most from a wide range of leisure activities on offer. Our clients can choose their meals each day from the special menus prepared for the Pelion’s carefree holiday pass, with a variety of recipes from the local Pelion cuisine or more standard Mediterranean dishes. Not only can the client choose the cost of the holiday package, the Pelion’s carefree holiday pass will give him a free choice throughout his holiday from a whole list of restaurants and tavernas compiled by clients and associates of Les Hirondelles on the basis of personal inspection and assessment. Our guests can enjoy the opportunity to make their own choice of the region’s culinary delights, visiting restaurants and tavernas and sampling appetisers, country pies, local meat dishes, refreshing soft drinks or a glass of wine – and all followed, of course, by a delicious dessert, either a sweet or fruit of the season.


Leisure and entertainment around Pelion“Pelion’s carefree holiday pass” T

he Greeks’ infinite capacity to create myths and legends, and the more solid foundations of actual historical events, have both left a precious legacy of enchanting tales about the mountain world of Pelion. The best-known of these myths are, of course, those of the Centaurs and the other epic sagas (Jason and the Argonauts, Chiron, Ixion, Nephele, Thetis and Pelias) which have been associated with the life, pleasures and nature of the region since the dawn of time. The Volos Museum has a fine collection of varied archaeological finds (carved reliefs, vases, replicas of objects found in excavations around the region or in the investigation of ancient tombs), with scenes of everyday life in ancient times and reconstructions of significant events. In ancient mythology the Pelion region was also the home of the Centaurs and the preferred location for the feasts and pleasures of the 12 gods of Olympus and the various demi-gods whose lives are enshrined in legend. The myths also relate how the Pelion region was the location chosen for their nuptials by Pelias, king of Iolcos (modern Volos) and the immortal Thetis, daughter of Nereus, god of the sea. The Centaur Chiron had advised Pelias to possess her while she bathed in one of the many springs on Mt. Pelion, with her entourage of nymphs. Why not experience your own personal myth in the Pelion region, enjoying all the pleasures the place has to offer. One of the greatest pleasures to be had here is to sit down in one of the traditional café s and enjoy a cup of Greek coffee or a frappé , or perhaps a cool lemon juice or a sour cherry lemonade made by the local producer EPSA, as you gaze out over the blue waters of the Aegean or the Pagasitic Gulf. It’s just as agreeable to enjoy a drink in one of the local restaurants or bars, listening to Greek music, alone or in the company of friends. To enable you to sample these pleasures we have prepared a selection of various café s, bars and restaurants where we are sure you will enjoy unforgettable moments, and where perhaps you might even make acquaintance with one of the figures from Greek myth, a king or a mermaid – who knows…



Leisure activities around Pelion“Pelion’s carefree holiday pass” In Pelion you are never far from nature. Your eyes are spoiled by the beauty of the deep green of the forest, the crystal-clear blue of the sea, the picturesque villages, the shady ravines with their mountain streams – a landscape of such incomparable variety and beauty that it will enchant even the most demanding of visitors. We will accompany you up to the mountain of the Centaurs, along the cliff edges and the old roads paved with cobbles and redolent of a time gone by. Stretch out with us in the shade of the centuries-old plane trees and let your eyes roam over the deep blue Aegean and the Pagasitic Gulf. The leisure activities organized in this beautiful natural setting by the Do It team from Les Hirondelles make use of all the opportunities for recreation offered by the mountain of the Centaurs: rambling, mountain biking tours, sea-kayaking, water sports, sailing, diving, riding and special excursions to explore the wild flowers and plants of the Pelion region. All the activities organized by Les Hirondelles are designed to let you familiarize yourselves with the unique character of the region. Join us and choose which of the options appeal to you most – sea or mountains. Transform every moment – from the cool sensation of the morning dew to the tranquillity of dusk – into a genuine, unforgettable experience. Try one of our day trips – an opportunity to get in touch not only with nature, but also your true self.

Leisure activities around Pelion“Pelion’s carefree holiday pass” Together with its network of local offices and trained associates, the Les Hirondelles agency offers its guests the whole range of services they are likely to call on during their holidays. Day trips Les Hirondelles organizes day excursions throughout the regions of Pelion and Thessaly, and also to the famous rocks of Meteora. Accompanied by qualified guides you will see all the sights of the region, with a comprehensive programme that includes transport in minibuses, admission tickets (where necessary), food and drinks. The excursions we offer include: METEORA – THE ‘FOREST OF STONE’ A TOUR OF PELION – HOME OF THE CENTAUR CHIRON A CRUISE OF THE PAGASITIC GULF A ROUND TRIP ON THE PILION RAILWAY – VISITING MILIES AND VIZITSA A BOAT TRIP TO THE CAVES OF POSEIDON CAR, MOTORBIKE AND MOUNTAIN BIKE RENTALS DISCOVERING THE REGION OF PELION Why not rent a car for the whole duration of your stay, or for any length of time you choose? It will allow you to visit the innumerable beaches and picturesque fishing and mountain villages at your own convenience. We will arrange to have the car you choose ready and waiting for you at the airport, whether you arrive at the Venizelos Airport in Athens, the Macedonia Airport in Thessaloniki or one of the local airports in Volos or Skiathos. If you have booked one of the all-inclusive holidays with air fare and transport to the hotel, we will have the car ready for you at the hotel where you are staying. Substantial discounts are available when you reserve a car on booking your accommodation, allowing you to reduce the cost of your holiday. Our expertise and connections with the car rental companies mean that we can guarantee competitive rates – just take a look at our price list. All you need to bring with you is your driving licence. All the cars are in superb condition, no more than a year old and equipped with air-conditioning and radio or CD players.


Pelion on two wheels Our office in Agios Ioannis has a range of mopeds and motorbikes from 100 to 250cc available for those who want a bike or one of the new four-wheeler Quad motorbikes. A complete tour of Pelion is about 130km – child’s play for an experienced rider. Enjoying the wind in your face and the magical sea and mountain vistas as you drive will make you feel like a modern descendant of the Centaur Chiron! Significant discounts are offered when you reserve a vehicle – allowing big savings on the overall cost of your holiday. All you need is your driving licence. All the vehicles – whether two or four wheel – are in excellent condition. Discover the Pelion coastline Why not rent a boat for the entire length of your holiday, or for a shorter period? Having a boat here allows you access to undiscovered beaches. We will arrange for the boat you have chosen to be ready and waiting for you in the harbour of Agios Ioannis. You’ll be able to explore a whole variety of beaches, enjoying the sea and sunshine, and – why not – perhaps even discover your own private beach! If you don’t want to captain your own craft, our office can provide transport in a motor boat to a beach of your choice, at the time of your choice, taking you there and back. We also organize adventure trips by boat and boat trips at night. We particularly recommend a boat trip to the Poseidon Caves. If you reserve a boat at the time you book your accommodation you will receive a significant discount – cutting the overall cost of your holiday. All our boats are in excellent condition and equipped with all the usual safety features. Water sports The associates of Les Hirondelles have all the experience and resources to offer you a range of activities and experiences that you will look back on with pleasure on the cold winter evenings when your holiday is over.

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Organized boat trips to the beaches Organized excursions with sea kayaks Taxi boat service from morning to late in the evening Speedboat tours of the region going as far as Skiathos and Skopelos  Organized fishing trips and trips to remote beaches Organized diving trips Other water sport options include:  Water skiing  Water tubing  Windsurfing  Sea kayaking Diving


The legend of the Argonauts In Greek mythology Volos was the place where the Argo, the symbol of the Greeks’ love of adventure, was built. It was from here that the Argonauts set out on their voyage. The best-known version of the myth can be summarized as follows: The sea-god Poseidon fell in love with the beautiful mortal, Theophano. He carried her off to an uninhabited island and lived there with her in the guise of a ram, having transformed the beautiful maiden into a ewe. From their union a ram with a ‘golden fleece’ was born. This ram was sacrificed to Zeus in his temple in Colchis by Phrixus and its fleece was suspended from an oak tree in the wood dedicated to the god Ares. A terrifying dragon was appointed to keep unceasing watch over the fleece. Jason was given the task by King Pelias of bringing the golden fleece back to its birthplace. He accepted this dangerous mission and organized the expedition of the Argonauts. Under his instructions the mythical ship Argos was constructed by his own cousin, also called Argos, the son of Phrixus and Chalciope. After many trials and tribulations he completed his mission and returned the golden fleece to Iolcos. In 2006 the Volos city council decided to revive the ancient myth, ordering the construction of a replica of the Argos, built using the principles of the ancient art of shipbuilding and using timber from the forests of Pelion. In September 2006 the Argos was launched and preparations are now under way for a voyage to the city of Colchis in modern Georgia. The Argonaut Park The Argonaut Park at Kalifteri, near Afissos, is an organized leisure park, where visitors can enjoy a variety of water sports like sailing, windsurfing, kayaking and canoeing. There is also a Sea Fun Park and Water Fun Sports. There are qualified instructors to help you learn these activities – an opportunity to combine learning a new sport with lots of fun. There are lifeguards on duty to ensure no one comes to any harm. The Argonaut Park also makes provision for disabled visitors; there are special boats available for those with impaired mobility, like the multi-hull trimaran Challenger, and specially designed kayaks and canoes. The park also offers all the amenities of a properly organized beach – recliners, umbrellas and a beach bar. There is sailing, canoeing and windsurfing for beginners and more advanced visitors, as well as a wide range of water sport options at the Sea Fun Park. The Argonaut Park organizes day trips with craft like the Trimaran Magnum, which can hold up to six persons. The excursions set off from Kalifteri Beach near Afissos and take visitors to nearby fishing villages and various points along the coastline of the Pagasitic Gulf. Qualified instructors are there to oversee the trip and a power boat accompanies each trip for safety reasons. The excursions last 3-5 hours and allow visitors to explore the magical landscape and initiate themselves into the secrets of the art of sailing and the power of the winds. Our guests can also sign up for sailing courses, with 3-4 hours of instruction a day over the course of a week, including a day’s sailing trip for a group of 4-5 people. Those who complete the course receive a RYA Class 1 or 2 sailing proficiency certificate. Those taking part in the courses can leave their children safely in the Sea Fun Park, where they can enjoy themselves under the supervision of a lifeguard (no extra charge).



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