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At USC Dornsife, we don’t just prepare you for the next chapter of your life — we help you write the whole book.


Chapter One: Arrival

{Welcome to campus. To independence. Excitement. Responsibility.} To fascinating core classes and one-on-one academic support. Amazing residence hall life and meeting your best friends. Personalized pre-professional advising and a cutting-edge freshman science honors program.

{This is just the beginning.}

To campus life that’s strong, and Division I sports: Fight on! To learning L.A. — and sun every day, reminding you how bright the future will be.


Chapter Two: Exploration

{Time to spread your wings.}

To broaden your horizons with courses in international relations, chemistry, environmental studies and religion. To start new conversations — in Russian, Hindi, Spanish and Chinese.

{We have the tools that you need.}

To exercise your Thematic Option, one of the nation’s best undergraduate general education programs. To grab coffee with tenured professors who work to help you meet your goals. To uncover your passion; to make your own fashion.


chapter three: Discovery

{We bring you the world.}

This is where you’ll delve into foreign cultures and prepare to study abroad. Where coursework beyond the classroom means you’re hands-on in the field.

{Get ready: Your future is calling.}

Where giving back through service is at the core of what we do, and opportunities for collaborative research mean your path is up to you.


chapter four: Advancement

{It all starts here.}

Relationships that last and friends and mentors you’ll always know. USC Dornsife takes you where you want to go.

{You’re eager to fly.}

With a solid foundation at USC Dornsife, you’re ready to take on graduate school, professional school, careers — and beyond. The next chapters of your life will change the world, and USC Dornsife will show you how.



{natural sciences}

Innovation and Discovery Unlocking the mysteries of life. The secrets of the universe. The nature of nature. When it comes to

science, USC Dornsife does more than just ask the

hard questions — we help you find the answers and use them to change the world.

That’s no small promise, but at USC Dornsife we’re prepared to deliver. We’ve built a program

that helps you break new ground in experimentation, with a broad range of resources that only a

world-class research university can provide. This is the place to make your mark in nanobiophysics. To revolutionize our knowledge of sustainable energy generation. To transform our understanding of the human genome and its potential to combat disease. The list goes on.

What you’ll find here is a philosophy of learning by doing, where theories formed in the

classroom are tested in the lab and in the field. From biochemistry to environmental studies to

physics, the work you do at USC Dornsife paves the way to innovations that make a difference in how we live.

With a degree in the natural sciences, you’ll develop the skills you need to compete on a global

stage and have a chance to augment your scientific pursuits with a double major or minor while still graduating in four years. Whether your plans include graduate school or a fast track to an influential career, USC Dornsife lets you set your own course to discovery.


Maurice Turner


{chemical biology + gerontology}


The professors and faculty at USC Dornsife are one of a kind. They truly enjoy what they’re teaching and love talking to students, whether it’s about schoolwork, their research or the best places to eat in L.A. I approached a chemistry professor about research I would like to conduct, and he is assisting me with developing a research opportunity in my area of interest. I was amazed and appreciate that my ideas are valued here. ”


Pavika Varma


{neuroscience + natural sciences}


The concept of the Trojan family was one of the primary factors that drew me to USC Dornsife. I fell in love with the community spirit and the family atmosphere. And the people here are simply remarkable. From the faculty and staff to the students, they are collectively some of the most hard working and dedicated people I’ve ever met. For me, this is the happiest place on Earth — it gives Disneyland a run for its money!”



{from our alumni}

“ My  favorite part of USC Dornsife were my

professors and mentors. I was lucky to have smaller class sizes and therefore got more personalized instruction. Professors were genuinely interested in helping me achieve my graduation goals.” kimi porter, ‘05

Double major in International Relations and Cinema-Television Production International Production Manager




Advancement and Opportunity Ask students why they’re pursuing a degree in the

humanities at USC Dornsife, and they’ll give you a

simple answer: It’s the limitless possibilities. For growth — expanding the boundaries of knowledge and broadening their intellectual horizons. For advancement —

catapulting ahead as they leverage diverse skills to build

successful future careers. And for opportunity — taking advantage of a truly remarkable array of life-changing educational options.

What can you do with a background in the humanities? Whether your focus is Shakespeare,

Buddhism or the fall of ancient Rome, you’ll gain vital insights that will take you places these next four years and beyond.

Doctor. Professor. Diplomat. Designer. Actor. Entrepreneur. Journalist. No matter what path you choose, we help you write your own ticket, preparing you with the analytical skills and cultural

concepts so critical to your ability to problem solve and fluidly navigate different points of view.

A well-rounded education is a key building block of your success – and by pursuing a humanities degree at USC Dornsife, you take an important step on the path to a singular future.


Kaitlyn Yim




As a philosophy major with a pre-med emphasis, I’ve been able to learn about both the humanities and sciences. And I’ve done it while getting to know some of my favorite professors on a more personal level. At USC Dornsife, the faculty are not only accomplished in their field, but are also open and eager to share their knowledge with you. The connections I’ve made with them have allowed me to appreciate the importance of building relationships during my undergraduate years.”


Sara Kanematsu


{english + screenwriting}


Being at USC Dornsife exposes you to people from all over the world who come from varied backgrounds and have had all kinds of remarkable experiences. I have an incredible group of friends here that constantly motivates and challenges me. We have different majors and interests, but their passion and enthusiasm encourages me daily. I’ve also had the opportunity to study with some truly amazing faculty who have challenged me academically and helped me to grow as a student and a person.” 8


{did you know?}


Almost of the USC Associates Awards in Excellence in Teaching go to USC Dornsife faculty.


USC Dornsife’s

School of International Dornsife Relations

50 + 28 =

is the





in the U.S.

unique opportunities to study and live abroad.

and the third oldest in the world. 9

Learning for life... {environmental studies + geohazards + international policy & management} I’ll go far as a


I’m on my way to becoming an


{earth sciences + archaeology}

{political science + latin american studies + russian area {english + global communication + cultural studies}

I’m planning to work in

public relations {american studies & ethnicity + spanish}


{classics + critical approaches to leadership + political organizing in the digital age} {applied and computational mathematics + consumer behavior} {psychology + forensics & criminality} Someday I’ll work as an

Actuary studies}

{economics + statistics + law and society} My dream is to be a

Criminologist {chemistry + sociology}



{social sciences}

Ideas and Exploration The social sciences tell you about who you are

and where you’ve been. At USC Dornsife, they also help you figure out where you’re going.

As part of our community of scholars and practitioners, you’ll join colleagues from around the world who come here to delve into the past – and create the future. USC Dornsife connects you to a rich tradition of academic inquiry and hands-on discovery, giving

you access to resources like the Center for Law, History and Culture, the Institute for Economic Policy Research, the Casden Institute for the Study of the Jewish Role in American Life, the Center on Public Diplomacy and more.

USC Dornsife puts you in the center of everything. Interested in internships? We’ll con-

nect you to positions in politics, law and international relations. Focused on groundbreaking social research? Our faculty will champion your projects and mentor you every step of the way.

Our location in Los Angeles makes this a particularly compelling place to explore the

social sciences. Our campus is in the heart of the one of the most diverse metropolises on the planet – a capital of culture. We’re at the gateway to the Pacific Rim, a global

crossroads where new ideas mix with established traditions. It’s a city where anything is possible – and USC Dornsife lets you make the most of it all.


Scarlett Royston


{international relations/global business + public health}


If you are proactive at USC Dornsife, doors will open for you virtually anywhere you want to go. One summer, I did my own research in Peru. I received class credit and funding from the university and had the experience of a lifetime by producing meaningful research on prenatal care for teen mothers in rural areas. USC Dornsife is one of the only places that undergraduates would get an opportunity like this!”


Greg Woodburn


{history + painting + entrepreneurship}


My peers at USC Dornsife are among the most curious and enthusiastic people I have ever met. They’re eager to explore various disciplines and to approach diverse topics in an interdisciplinary way. And they’re excited to dive deep into specific fields of study, student organizations and other passions. Trojans at USC Dornsife have the ability to dream and to do, to learn and to make a difference.”


* USC Dornsife was a great place for me to be “ {from our alumni}

at a time when my opinions were being shaped and formed. I was encouraged to challenge and question and speak up while still being in a very nurturing learning environment.”

Lorena Sanchez, ‘05

Double major in International Relations and Journalism Public Diplomacy Consultant at the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development in Paris, France


Where who you are meets I’ll go far as a

{economics/mathematics + philosophy

Financial consultant I’m planning to be a

Marine biologist {international relations/global business + east asian {biological sciences + biotechnology + geobiology} {biological sciences + environmental studies + french} Someday I’ll work as a

Mental health counselor {cognitive science + medical anthropology} {psychology + gender studies}

{environmental studies + geohazards + internatio


who you’ll be... or business, law & the professions}

{narrative studies + american popular culture}

I’m on my way to becoming a


languages & cultures}

{comparative literature + history} {biochemistry + gender studies + spanish}

My dream is to be a

Pharmacist {health and humanity + early modern studies + cultural anthropology}

onal policy & management}




Growth and Transformation You’re headed for great things. And at USC Dornsife, we understand that as important as arriving at your destination is the journey it takes to get there. Our open majors arrive here ready to explore emerging interests and leverage their

potential. And our advisors are there to support you along the way, offering key re-

sources and personalized academic advising to help point you where you want to go. You’ll start with our General Education courses – and you’ll quickly realize that an education at USC Dornsife is different. Our majors are interdisciplinary and cross traditional academic lines, exposing you to a wide breadth of subjects and opening

you up to a world of possibilities. Like Linguistics and Psychology. Economics and

Mathematics. International Relations Global Business. Health and Humanity. These and other unique pairings hone your diverse skill set, broaden your perspective and prepare you for the challenges ahead.

Whether your plan includes graduate school, medical school, law school, an MBA

program or an early start to a successful career, you’ll find USC Dornsife to be a welcoming environment that nurtures your passion and connects you to your next step.


Eric Basler


{biology + critical approaches to leadership}


I’ve had phenomenal advisors at USC Dornsife who have helped me pursue my dreams of a career in medicine. And the research opportunities offered to undergraduates here are really unparalleled. I’ve done research in fields as diverse as molecular biology, emergency medicine, marine biology and oncology during the course of my undergraduate years. I was also published in an emergency medicine journal as an undergraduate, which I really don’t think would be possible at any other research university.”


Laura Lindeen


{psychology + linguistics}


As part of my Nature of Scientific Inquiry class, I taught weekly science lessons to fourth graders at a nearby elementary school. During our last day, we asked our students to draw a picture of their favorite part of the semester — and one girl drew a collage of every activity we had done together! Seeing the impact USC Dornsife students have on the surrounding community stands out as one of my favorite moments here — and makes me proud to be a Trojan!”

26 22


{did you know?}




Each year, out of the


USC Renaissance

of USC’s valedictorians

Scholars have a

graduated with a

USC Dornsife

major or minor from

USC Dornsife.

major and/or minor.

At USC Dornsife, undergraduates can choose from more than

70 majors 70 minors and over




{academic support}

Personal Attention and Academic Support At USC Dornsife, we talk a lot about providing you the

tools and resources you need to excel — and we mean it. We’re by your side as you tackle difficult challenges, and

we make it our mission to get you comprehensive support that helps you thrive. Academic Advising Our academic advisors are here for you from day one. They work with you to make sure you complete the USC Core curriculum and, if you’re deciding between majors, they help you identify where your primary

interests lie. Throughout your four years, they’ll connect you to extensive resources and guide you to ongoing study in your field. Academic advising is required at USC Dornsife, and is central to our philosophy, which sees your personal and professional development as our number one priority.

Supplemental Instruction When it comes to getting ahead, there are times when a little help goes a long way. That’s why we of-

fer Supplemental Instruction (SI), an innovative academic program that provides students with regularly

scheduled weekly study sessions in difficult math and science courses. You’ll review lecture material, reading and homework and learn proven exam strategies in small, collaborative groups led by student mentors. SI is available to all students free of charge.


Pre-Professional Advising Pre-Law and Pre-Graduate School Whether you plan to pursue a career in law or deepen your

knowledge through graduate school, our pre-law and pre-graduate school advisors assist in the

application process and provide a variety of resources to help you achieve your post-graduate goals.

Pre-Health We know it can seem intimidating to set your sights on a career in health. The USC

Dornsife-Keck Pre-Health Center is here to help. Pre-health advisors help you navigate undergraduate course and major options and direct you toward opportunities to volunteer in clinics and shadow health professionals, all while assisting you with your post-graduate options.



{special programs}

In the Field and Around the World How do you sum up an educational experience at USC

Dornsife? Our programs speak for themselves. They take you beyond the classroom, offering unlimited opportunities for hands-on learning and extending your course of study into the community and across the globe. Research Undergraduate Research When it comes to research, we’re passionate about helping you find answers to the questions that move you. As a USC Dornsife undergraduate, you’ll get to know professors eager to support your research efforts in almost any field – and you’ll have access to world-class facilities on campus and throughout Southern California.

SOAR Providing undergraduate students with $1,000 grants for non-course related research, Student

Opportunities for Academic Research (SOAR) challenges you to address vital social issues of the

day and play a central role in the creation of new knowledge. Team up with a renowned professor or start a project of your own, and prepare to make an impact in the world of serious scholarly inquiry.


SURF Take your scholarship to the next level with the Summer Undergraduate Research Fund (SURF). We’ll help offset the cost of travel, equipment, living expenses and fees with a stipend of up to $3,000 as you

pursue original research — in collaboration with USC and other academic and research institutions – in fascinating locations across the globe.

Problems Without Passports Global climate change. Pandemics. Weapons of mass destruction. These are “problems without passports” – issues that transcend borders and require transnational solutions. At USC Dornsife, we enable you to play

a role in tackling these challenges with summer courses combining problem-based inquiry and study away from the USC campus in locations as far-flung as Belize and Guam.


Honors Programs Freshman Science Honors Program Providing 60 outstanding freshmen a strong foundation in the sciences and scientific research, the Freshman Science Honors Program (FSH) connects you to a community of like-minded students eager to understand the natural

world. You’ll thrive in this dynamic learning environment, which includes special events, small science labs and personalized academic support.

Thematic Option Weaving together literature, politics, history, biology and other dis-

ciplines in small, intimate courses taught by some of the university’s best undergraduate

professors, Thematic Option engages you in critical analysis, thought-provoking discussion

and lively debate. With a fascinating curriculum and personalized attention, this program is

widely regarded as one of the nation’s preeminent undergraduate general education programs.

Resident Honors Program Start college on an accelerated schedule. Each year, a handful

of exceptional high school juniors (whose intelligence, maturity and spirit for adventure set them apart from their peers) pack their bags a year early and prepare for the opportunities

and challenges of university life. It’s a chance to continue their history of high achievement and to get a jump on accessing all that USC Dornsife has to offer.

Service Learning Joint Educational Project Receive academic credit as you broaden your horizons

and improve quality of life for those around you. USC Dornsife’s Joint Educational

Project ( JEP) offers students a chance to combine academic coursework and meaningful

community outreach. As a part of JEP, you’ll join your peers in volunteering and improving the surrounding community while learning about contemporary issues facing urban areas.

Overseas Study In a global age, it pays to be wise to the ways of the world. Studying abroad is a life-

changing experience – and one we encourage at USC Dornsife. Choose from semester-long, year-long and summer study options that will take you from Sao Paulo to South Africa,

Israel to Ireland, Brisbane to Beijing … and earn credit toward your major, staying on track to graduate on time.



{applying to Dornsife}

Application and Attendance USC Dornsife seeks scholarly, socially conscious and civic-minded students who demonstrate an interest and

involvement in society. Students who thrive at USC Dornsife are diverse, seek out both academic and personal challenges and take pride in being active members of their community.

Whether you’re a freshman applicant or a transfer student applicant, the USC Dornsife Office of Admission is available to guide you through the application process.

For information about USC Dornsife programs or to receive additional materials, please contact us at: USC Dana and David Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences Office of Admission

3454 Trousdale Parkway, CAS 100 Los Angeles, CA 90089-0152 Phone: 213.740.5930

Email: Website:

Admission Timeline August 1 Opportunity to apply to USC via the Common Application September — D  ecember Attend a Meet USC program and visit campus. A limited number of on-campus and off-campus admission interviews are available for freshman applicants (optional)

November USC on-campus open house December USC admission application deadline for freshmen applying for competitive merit scholarship consideration.

January USC admission application deadline for freshmen February USC application deadline for transfer students for both merit scholarship and regular consideration March — April Financial aid offers awarded April 1 Freshmen notified of admission decision May 1 Freshman enrollment commitment deadline June Transfer students notified of admission decision or asked to send spring grades June — July Orientation and fall class registration August Start of fall semester classes

Office of Admission

3454 Trousdale Parkway, CAS 100 Los Angeles, CA 90089-0152 213.740.5930 |

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