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Come home

Southern California Public R community: whether you liste at home, read digital stories, congregate at events in real and welcoming environment t

me to SCPR

adio builds a deep sense of en on the road, enjoy podcasts engage via social media, or time, SCPR creates a warm that feels like home.

Supporters from across Southern California turned out in force to join us at our SCPR Community Open House.

The mission of Southern California Public Radio is to strengthen the civic and cultural bonds that unite Southern California’s diverse communities by providing the highest quality news and information service through radio and other interactive media. We will be a public forum that engages its audiences in an ongoing dialogue and exploration of issues, events and cultures in the region and in the world, seeking to provide greater understanding and new perspectives to the people of these communities and their leaders.

2 SCPR 2016 Annual Report

Friends, Looking back on 2016, it’s become fashionable for news media outlets to say that their content “is important now more than ever.” Not at SCPR. Our combination of in-depth, fact-based journalism and inclusive civic engagement has always been important and it will always remain important. SCPR’s audiences have always understood this. And, therefore, our audiences are among the most remarkable in all of media. SCPR’s audiences range from kids in the back seat of their parents’ cars to centenarians who were born before the 19th Amendment was ratified in 1920; from immigrants who are new to our country to people who can trace their ancestry to indigenous tribes that antedate the arrival of Europeans; across economic, ethnic, cultural, religious, and political lines. This disparate group of Angelenos shares a common set of traits: curiosity, a commitment to life-long learning, a deep respect for others, and a desire to improve the quality of civic and cultural life in one of the world’s most diverse metropolises. At SCPR, we routinely remind ourselves that we must “hold up an accurate mirror to the imperfect paradise” that is greater Los Angeles if we are to fully realize the potential of our public service mission. On any given day, the exercise of our craft requires facility in dozens of languages, analysis of emerging economic and cultural trends, political acumen, command of legacy broadcast and emerging digital technologies, and a willingness to listen to you. When you add your voice to the conversation — whether it’s calling into Larry Mantle’s AirTalk or posting a comment on our website or sharing a story we’ve done on social media or telling a co-worker at the water cooler “I heard this story on KPCC today” — you help us further a mission that is unique in Southern California. And, as other media struggle to remain connected to LA, the connection you make with us each and every day improves the quality of our journalism and strengthens the civic fabric of the community we share. “Join us.” It’s a phrase you often hear during our programming, whether it’s asking you to tune into The Frame, attend an In Person event or check out something interesting on our mobile digital platform. “Join us” is an invitation, of course, not a command. But it’s more than just an invitation. When we ask you to “join us,” it’s an acknowledgment that your knowledge and your insights and your perspectives are integral to our understanding of Southern California. When you “join us,” you help strengthen the bonds that unite us as Angelenos and as Americans. On behalf of the SCPR Board of Trustees, our employees and our audiences, thank you for joining us in 2016. We look forward to joining you in 2017 and beyond. Sincerely,

Ana Valdez, Chair

Bill Davis, President


Covering Communities In Person At Southern California Public Radio, our public

Crawford Family Forum and

service journalism is built on a foundation of

then hit the road, bringing

fact-based, in-depth reporting and community

programs to communities

engagement — bringing individuals from diverse

throughout Southern

backgrounds and disparate perspectives together

California including a regional

to discuss and debate the news and events that

tour celebrating AirTalk’s 30th

touch them every day. On air, online and at our

anniversary, the first-ever live

“When I listen to KPCC or attend an In Person event, I feel a sense of belonging because I’m hearing stories about my struggles and my reality.”

frequent live events,

broadcast of Take Two and an

SCPR asks our

affordability series as part of SCPR’s Regional

audience to join us

Desk. These events were a major success, drawing

in the conversation

together Southern Californians from different

— and it is not just

walks of life to make connections and broaden

a figure of speech.

their understanding of their community and the

With the launch

world around them.

of the live events

Six years, 500 events and more than 60,000

platform in 2010,

attendees later, today SCPR is more committed to

we put front and

community engagement than ever before. KPCC

center our emphasis

In Person, the station’s events and engagement

on producing in

team, has doubled its original size and redoubled

person content to

its commitment to producing events on subjects

bring audiences into the story. “Our goal,” says Jon

as varied as gentrification, homelessness, civic

Cohn, managing producer of forum programs and

participation, and public education.

live events, “is to be a gateway to public media,

“KPCC In Person invites audiences into an

engaging people from across the region in face-

ongoing dialogue and exploration of issues,

to-face conversation.” The events started in the

events and cultures,” says Ashley Alvarado,

4 SCPR 2016 Annual Report

SCPR’s Ashley Alvarado (right) in conversation with multicultural activist Sonia Kang in the Crawford Family Forum. SCPR’s manager of public engagement. Her position

For her part, Kang is equally enthusiastic about

empowers Alvarado to develop strategies for involving

SCPR — not only what she hears on air, but also

new and existing audiences with SCPR across

what she encounters at KPCC In Person events.

platforms (broadcast, web and live events) and, as

“I’m mixed Mexican and Black, born in Puerto Rico,

she sees it, a critical part of her job is just listening.

raised in Hawaii, and my husband is Korean. I literally

“Our audience knows more than we do. Getting to

make up 70 percent of the racial, ethnic and cultural

know the community not only allows us to share

composition of LA,” she says. “When I listen to

information people may find helpful — it also builds

KPCC or attend an In Person event, I feel a sense

relationships that inform our coverage and generate

of belonging because I’m hearing stories about my

compelling stories.”

struggles and my reality, stories from diverse reporters

Alvarado developed one such relationship with Sonia Kang, a multicultural activist and social entrepreneur

about people who could be my neighbors and friends.” Fostering that sense of belonging, Alvarado says,

she met at a community event. “Sonia is fantastic,”

is what sets SCPR apart. “We hear over and over

Alvarado says. “She has a wealth of wisdom” that has

about people feeling disconnected from or wary of the

proven to be an asset to SCPR programs like Take Two,

media,” she says. “At KPCC, we are actively working to

which invited her to join a segment focused on talking

deepen our knowledge of the communities we serve

to kids about race.

and to deserve their trust.”



Reflecting Our Reg Audiences turn to Southern California Public Radio

about education, immigration or the economy,” she

to hear interesting stories showcasing the diverse

notes, “I can connect to the stories we tell on KPCC

makeup of our community. The same is true of our

because I’ve experienced them in real life.”

employees, whose backgrounds and experiences

Roy Lenn, who works in corporate sponsorship,

reflect the broad range of influences and identities

also connects with SCPR’s focus on global

shaping Southern California.

storytelling. “I think [reporter] James Kim’s piece

For SCPR newsroom producer Bianca Ramirez,

on first language attrition, which he did for Off-

the daughter of immigrant parents from Mexico

Ramp and which won an APTRA [Associated Press

and the first in her family to obtain a high school

Television and Radio Association] Mark Twain

diploma and earn a bachelor’s degree, SCPR’s

award, is a good example of why KPCC resonates

commitment to capturing multiple narratives is

for me,” he says. “My mom is from the Philippines

particularly meaningful. “Whether we are talking

and my dad is from India, and since English was

6 SCPR 2016 Annual Report


SCPR’s Bianca Ramirez, Joanne Griffith, Roy Lenn and Sharon McNary (pictured, left to right) reflect the broad range of backgrounds and experiences shaping Southern California.

their common language, that’s what my

to have built a water system,” she says.

sisters and I spoke at home. We had a pretty

“It was a great education for my beat —

all-American upbringing, but James’ story

telling important stories about the things

made me think of the things I might not

we build together to make life better, like

know or appreciate about how hard my

bridges, sewers and water pipes.” McNary’s

parents worked to give us the privilege of

storytelling gets a boost from one of her

growing up in the United States.”

other former lives, as well: Before taking

Take Two editor Joanne Griffith grew

a reporter job at SCPR, she launched the

up on the other side of the Atlantic, in

station’s Public Insight Network, a group of

England, and remains a British citizen.

several thousand people who — by sharing

Today, SCPR helps her make sense of

their experience and expertise — help the

her adopted country as she confronts the

newsroom cover Southern California.

challenges of raising a daughter in America. “When I first got here, Steve Julian steered me around the freeways, Larry Mantle schooled me on local politics and John Rabe taught me about the Los Angeles beyond the Hollywood hype,” she says. “Now, as an employee, I get to help people better understand Southern California, whether they are new arrivals or lifelong residents. There’s so much to talk about and to share, and I get to be part of the conversation every day. As we say in England, ‘That’s not too shabby!’” Sharon McNary brings a different experience to her position as SCPR’s infrastructure reporter. Originally from

“ Whether we are talking about education, immigration or the economy, I can connect to the stories we tell on KPCC because I’ve experienced them in real life.”

Los Angeles, she worked in journalism for decades before coming to the station.

No matter their individual paths to get to

Prior to that, she had a career as a private

SCPR, our employees find common ground

investigator and a computer programmer,

when they arrive. “If you want to collaborate

served in the military and even did a stint

with people who are working to the highest

in the Peace Corps, in Bolivia. “I may be the

standards in journalism,” McNary says, “this

only reporter in Southern California ever

is the place you want to be.”


Next Generation Journalists Make In a competitive global economy, career

multimedia news company Fusion. “The next

success increasingly means securing an

day, I pitched, reported and produced my first

internship. For many interns, this means

on-air assignment, and just a week later, I

preparing for long days of drudgery answering

started on my first feature story. I’ve been an

phones and getting coffee, with the hope of

intern in a lot of other shops, and this is not how it usually goes down — KPCC is different.”

“I’ve been an intern in a lot of other shops, and this is not how it usually goes down — KPCC is different.”

This difference was a critical aspect of what drew Javier to SCPR in the first place. A young immigrant to the United States, Javier says that her earliest memories include driving in the car with her father, the radio set to National Public Radio, as they got to know the topographic (and, through NPR, the political,

gleaning a few scraps of insight from more

social and cultural) landscape of their adopted

seasoned peers. Southern California Public

homeland. As a college student in New Jersey,

Radio has upended the traditional internship

Javier tuned into SCPR to listen to features like

model, exposing up-and-coming reporters to

“Make Al Care,” a series dedicated to engaging

the full breadth of experiences in journalism

voters around local elections. “The station

and giving them the tools vital to advancement

didn’t just make Al care, it made me care, too,”

in the field.

she says.

“We see our internship and news apprentice

When she was a listener, SCPR fascinated

programs as a crucial part of building the next

Javier; when she became an intern, it helped

generation of public service journalists,” says

her develop her voice as a reporter.

Melanie Sill, vice president of content at SCPR.

“I got to bring my perspective as a young

“They do real-life work, and they do it at a

woman in Los Angeles to my work, and to

high level.”

raise issues and events that were important

“My first day, a big story broke, and instead of pushing me aside to focus on doing their

to me on the airwaves,” she says. Javier notes that training positions at SCPR

jobs, editors, reporters and hosts all welcomed

are hands on and translate to real impact in

me into their meetings, interviews and studios,”

the field — a common refrain among former

recalls Carla Javier, a Princeton graduate

interns and news apprentices. “My internship

and former SCPR intern who today works at

experience was much more beneficial than

8 SCPR 2016 Annual Report

of SCPR es Impact

As an SCPR intern, Carla Javier began reporting and producing her own stories within her first week on the job. anything else I’ve ever done,” says James Kim, who

job at the station, either part- or full-time, for up to a

later became an associate producer on The Frame.

year. “These positions are highly competitive, and they

“I was able to go out in the field, produce and edit. I

are a great way to break into the news business,” Sill

even won an award from the L.A. Press Club, beating

says. They also offer an essential grounding in what

out professional and senior reporters. That never

it takes to make it as a journalist, says former intern

happens, but it happened here.”

Lauren Osen, today the senior producer on AirTalk.

SCPR internships provide opportunities for

“Internships at KPCC teach you to be resourceful and

college students and recent graduates, while news

creative and to take ownership of your story, wherever

apprenticeships enable people to get an entry level

your career ends up taking you.”



For These Donors, SCPR Delivers For the owners of Rail Delivery Services, one

Judi took a leap of faith in buying Rail Delivery

of the market leaders in Southern California’s

Services — she did not have a background in

trucking industry, life on the road offers many

transportation — and immediately became

rewards — including a chance to listen to

one of the industry’s only female executives.

KPCC. As important benefactors of the station,

She decided early on that her focus would be growing a company built on a promise of integrity, and she hears that same commitment in SCPR’s coverage. “Being honest and transparent is the key to this company, just the way it is at KPCC,” she says. “The programming is unbiased and exposes you to so many interesting things.” That exposure, notes Greg, is essential to the value SCPR brings to the community. “When I was a kid, we had cohesive neighborhoods, and you would really get to know the people around you. Today, that’s the role KPCC plays, breaking us out of our isolated bubbles and introducing us to the world.” Rail Delivery Services carries

“KPCC offers incredible depth, and for us, it’s just a great place to donate.”

Greg and Judi Stefflre

freight across the region, but as dedicated KPCC

are grateful for the

listeners, Greg and Judi broaden their horizons

insight and stimulation

even further. “We don’t ever want to turn for

Southern California

news and information someplace that simply

Public Radio provides.

reinforces our own views because then we

“I drive 60 miles every

never learn anything,” Judi says. “KPCC offers

day between our facility

incredible depth, and for us, it’s just a great

in Fontana and where

place to donate.”

we live in La Habra Heights,” Greg says. “Without SCPR to keep me company, it would be almost impossible for me to do.”

10 SCPR 2016 Annual Report

The James Irvine Foundation: Ensuring that California Counts Fueling the growth of Southern California Public Radio’s dynamic news and public affairs reporting is a critical partnership with The James Irvine Foundation, one of California’s most distinguished philanthropic organizations. The foundation made its first grant to SCPR in 2000 and has contributed several million dollars during the past 16 years. This year, the foundation provided funding for a unique collaboration between SCPR and three other public radio stations in the state: KQED in San Francisco, KPBS in San Diego and Capital Public Radio in Sacramento. Known as California Counts, the joint initiative enabled the stations to pool resources and share coverage related to the 2016 elections. “We did a lot of planning and coordination of stories on statewide races and propositions,” says Melanie Sill, SCPR’s vice

“ At the Irvine Foundation, we’re proud of this collaboration and the ways it allowed voters to be heard.”

president of content. “It’s been

its focus on informing listeners about issues that

really terrific, and in the long term, it’s great for

matter in our state, the station has been a natural

California to have these stations working together

partner for us.”

on big stories.” The foundation expanded its relationship with

Smith points to various outgrowths of California Counts as an indicator of the grant’s success.

SCPR via California Counts as an opportunity to

“SCPR collaborated with MapLight, a nonprofit

empower Californians to understand public policy

working to reveal money’s influence on politics,

during an election year. “There’s a long history

to produce an in-depth voter guide. They also

of quality journalism coming out of public radio,

hosted town hall events up and down the state,”

including SCPR,” says foundation Director of

he says. “At the Irvine Foundation, we’re proud

Communications Mike Smith. “With its tremendous

of this collaboration and the ways it allowed voters

reach, its commitment to audience diversity and

to be heard.”





When Tom Castro listens to KPCC, he

As a special assistant city

hears a changing world. “Southern

attorney for the City of Los

California is where Latin America,

Angeles, Capri Maddox serves

the United States and Asia converge.

myriad constituencies including

Wherever the world is headed, our

the business community and

region is going to get there first, and

unions, the courts and law

KPCC will be in the center of it all.”

enforcement, homeless issues,

He points with pride to the station’s

neighborhood councils and faith-

growing news and public affairs

based communities, to name a

presence. “With newspapers shrinking

few. Keeping it all in perspective

and TV newscasts emphasizing the

can be a challenge.

sensational, many talented professionals have left those organizations to join KPCC.” Castro’s life has been informed by change. He grew up in South Los Angeles and Huntington Park, lived in Mexico City and, for the past 18 years, he

“I don’t always know if the issues on my radar are what’s resonating with the average person,” she says. “But when I listen to KPCC, it gives me a sense of people’s priorities. I gain insight.” Soon after becoming a listener, Maddox knew she

and his family have made Houston their home. His

had joined a unique community whose boundaries

extended family and leadership commitments make

extend in every direction. “On any given day, I feel

him a frequent visitor to Southern California.

like I have one-on-one time with someone from a

Castro is a trailblazing entrepreneur who has founded and managed four companies in the media

different culture, country, or socioeconomic class.” Maddox has served her city in a variety of roles.

and energy export sectors, including the nation’s

As a Los Angeles deputy city attorney, she worked in

largest privately held Hispanic-focused company.

Central Trials, the Neighborhood Prosecutor Program,

At age 25, he bought his first radio station, making

and the Business & Complex Litigation and General

him the youngest owner in the U.S. at that time.

Counsel Sections. Before returning to the Office of the

He served on the National Leadership Council of

City Attorney at the invitation of City Attorney Mike

the Obama for President Campaign and has long

Feuer, she was president of the City of Los Angeles

worked with local and national elected officials to

Board of Public Works.

promote economic growth and opportunity. He is a

As a public servant, Maddox values Southern

passionate advocate for education, the environment

California Public Radio; as a mother, she cherishes

and social justice and serves on a variety of

it. “I listen with my son. Years from now, he will

commercial and non-profit boards.

be more curious about the world as a result.

From his vantage point in Texas, Castro sees the station as a way that people from diverse cultures

It’s priceless.” At a time when disagreements and discord

are joining together in a shared community. “We

dominate the news, Maddox credits SCPR with

live in an era that is both exciting and turbulent.

bringing people together. “It’s more than a radio

Through the airwaves, KPCC is creating common

station, it’s a movement. Our listeners feel connected.”

ground. It’s an essential resource.”

12 SCPR 2016 Annual Report


Remembering Steve Julian Last April, SCPR mourned the passing of KPCC Morning Edition host Steve Julian, 57, due to complications from brain cancer. For 15 years, Julian was a loyal morning companion for tens of thousands of listeners across Southern California. He also had a busy second career in theater as a playwright, actor and director. “Steve was a singular talent,” recalls Larry Mantle, host of KPCC’s AirTalk. “He is completely irreplaceable.” Below, Mantle offers a look at an exceptional colleague and an extraordinary friend. I met Steve in early 1983, after I was hired to anchor the afternoon drive-time news block at CBS-affiliate KPRO radio in Riverside. Steve was working there in production, and we hit it off right away. Noticing our easy rapport, the news director asked me if I would like to have Steve coanchor with me. I thought it was a great idea, and though he had never done news before, Steve’s naturally strong radio presence allowed him to connect with listeners immediately. We kept in touch when I left for KPCC. For a time, Steve took a break from radio, deciding to follow in his father’s

responsibility to them. These traits complemented his

footsteps and become a police officer. He graduated

superb news judgment and writing skills and an on-air

from the police academy at Rio Hondo College and went

delivery that was warm and polished.

to work for the Baldwin Park Police Department. Years later, Steve returned to radio as a traffic reporter

I miss Steve on multiple levels. I miss hearing him every morning on KPCC telling me what happened while

on multiple stations including KPCC, ultimately taking on

I was asleep. I miss our hours-long conversations about

the position of local host of Morning Edition.

the art of radio over scotch and cigars. Most importantly,

Steve’s personal characteristics were a significant

I miss his open, nonjudgmental way of giving me insights

part of what made him such a remarkable broadcaster

into my thinking. I’m only now starting to understand how

and journalist. He was driven to master what he thought

much I learned about myself from our conversations.

were the most important parts of his job — accuracy,

My consolation for losing Steve is continuing his work

clarity and connection with his audience. He had deep

to fulfill the promise of SCPR’s public service mission and

respect for KPCC listeners and felt a strong sense of

all our terrific memories over 33 years of friendship.


2015-2016 Financial Activities Full Statement of Activities can be found online























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$3,804 $3,001 $2,881


$422 2000






14 SCPR 2016 Annual Report











Building The 21st Century Newsroom We gratefully acknowledge the generosity of those who have provided initial investment funding to expand in-depth coverage of the most pressing issues facing Southern California today. Thanks to the support of several dedicated individuals and foundations, SCPR is able to produce quality news and programming delivered on multiple platforms: broadcast, digital, social media and live events. Restricted funding towards coverage of these important topics is continually sought, and you can help: contact Nadia Ammar at (626) 583-5169 or



20th Century Fox

justice, immigration and emerging communities, government

The Annenberg Foundation

and policy, poverty and others.

John and Louise Bryson Gordon and Dona Crawford The Hearst Foundations Lauren Lexton and Kevin MacCarthy Sherry and John Phelan The Reis Foundation, Inc. Nancy Stephens and Rick Rosenthal David and Jamie Rosenthal Wolf

Including transportation, business/economy, crime and

BREAKING NEWS AND GENERAL Anonymous Charles and Carolyn Miller BUSINESS AND ECONOMY The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation Gordon and Dona Crawford Karin Larson Anthony and Pamela Schwarz



The Atlas Family Foundation

Corporation for Public Broadcasting

Baby Futures Fund

Ford Foundation

Corporation for Public Broadcasting


The Carl and Roberta Deutsch Foundation

Corporation for Public Broadcasting

Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP

Kenneth and Harle Montgomery Foundation / Bryant Garth

Jennifer and Shawn McCreight George A. Molsbarger, Squid & Squash Foundation Justine and Julian Wing-Kai Poon Rosenthal Family Foundation Tikun Olam Foundation WHH Foundation

HEALTH CARE DESK The California Endowment California HealthCare Foundation The California Wellness Foundation Dolores Grunigen Guillermo J. Valenzuela Foundation

POLITICS AND GOVERNMENT Sally Graves DeWitt Ford Foundation The John Randolph Haynes and Dora Haynes Foundation Peter Yun Huh and Jihee Kim Huh The James Irvine Foundation

SCIENCE AND ENVIRONMENT DESK ENVIRONMENT The Cygnet Foundation The Kopcho Family Foundation Ann Peppers Foundation

The Rose Hills Foundation

Anthony and Pamela Schwarz


The Ward Family Foundation

Anonymous (2)


The Annenberg Foundation

William and Tricia Flumenbaum

W.M. Keck Foundation

Tyler MacCready

The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation

Allan H. Markowitz

The Rose Hills Foundation

The Roddenberry Foundation

Susan Steinhauser and Daniel Greenberg

Tom and Marilyn Sutton

Phil A. Swan


WESTSIDE BOOSTER Thanks to a generous lead contribution from the Mohn Family Foundation, SCPR’s Westside Booster Project will improve KPCC’s signal reach to those communities, particularly in Santa Monica and nearby areas.

Wendy Munger and Leonard L. Gumport

John and Hilda Arnold Foundation Inc.

Virgil and Brenda Roberts


Sandra J. Ball-Rokeach

Satterberg Foundation

The Ward Family Foundation

Neil Bason

Greg and Judi G. Stefflre

Charles B. Baumer

Eugene and Marilyn Stein

California Community Foundation

Susan Steinhauser and Daniel Greenberg

Elizondo/Campbell Family Foundation

Nancy Stephens and Rick Rosenthal

Julie Chao

Isaac D. and Michal Sudit

The Cotter Family

Tom and Marilyn Sutton

Elyssa and Gil Elbaz

Elaine Weinberg

Dave and Sheila Gold Foundation

Joan Wells

CHAIRMAN’S CIRCLE $25,000-$49,999 Anonymous (6) The Annenberg Foundation Richard Allan Barry Family Charitable Foundation


John and Louise Bryson

Robert and Sara Adler

Johnny Carson Foundation

Adelaide Hixon

Esther S. M. Chao

Peter Yun Huh and Jihee Kim Huh

Marianna and David Fisher

The Kopcho Family Foundation

S.L. Gimbel Foundation Advised Fund at The Community Foundation

Susan and Doug Kranwinkle Jon R. and Debbie McTaggart The Mohn Family Foundation Virgil and Brenda Roberts Nancy Englander and Harold M. Williams

Gifts received July 1, 2015– June 30, 2016

CATALYSTS $100,000+ Anonymous (2) The Ahmanson Foundation Peter and Helen Bing Gordon and Dona Crawford Edison International The James Irvine Foundation The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation Molly Munger and Stephen R. English

David and Maggi Gordon

Heather and Paul Haaga

Fernando J. Guerra

Peter Yun Huh and Jihee Kim Huh

Karen Halttunen

The Kopcho Family Foundation Susan and Doug Kranwinkle


The Mose J. and Sylvia Dilman Firestone Charitable Trust

Lauren Lexton and Kevin MacCarthy Jennifer and Shawn McCreight Judith and Stephen McDonald Jane and Ron Olson Mei Hu Chu Foundation Dr. Rosalyn M. Laudati and Dr. James B. Pick Kenneth and Harle Montgomery Foundation/ Bryant Garth

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson Brian and Karen Hennigan Michael J. Moody and Jennifer Hinman Janice and Laurence Hoffmann Warren Holt Sally and William H. Hurt Stanley L. Iezman and Nancy Stark William and Rebecca Kamer Leonard M. Lipman Charitable Fund Jeff and Rachel Lipp

Orange County Community Foundation

Stephen A. and Julie Maas

Justine and Julian Wing-Kai Poon

Barry and Wendy Meyer

Dave Masarik

James R. Ukropina

The Millstream Fund

Wells Fargo Foundation

The Kenneth T. and Eileen L. Norris Foundation

Ying and Charlie Woo

Pacific Life Foundation

Marla and Jim Ryan

Timothy P. Whalen James Woodson White David and Jamie Rosenthal Wolf

DIRECTOR’S CIRCLE $5,000-$9,999 Anonymous (3) Patrice and Christopher Angelo Carol and David Appel Carlos C. and Anna R. Baldenegro Bank of America Brad Barrett Robert Barry Leah S. and Gregory M. Bergman David Bieselin Dulcie D. Brand Barbara Burtin and Yohan Stern The California Wellness Foundation Grant Cambridge Justin and Marie Cantor The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation John Chiang

VISIONARIES’ CIRCLE $50,000-$99,999

PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE $10,000-$24,999

Sherry and John Phelan

City of Los Angeles, Department of Cultural Affairs

The Reis Foundation, Inc.

Andrea Cockrum


Anonymous (7)

Stewart and Lynda Resnick

Jed Cohen

Robert and Sara Adler

Katie McGrath & J.J. Abrams Family Foundation

Lisa Richter and Dr. Howard Newman

Dr. Judith Karen Cove

Robert and Melissa Alvarado

Barbara U. Roberts

Stephen and Karen Hillenburg Karin L. Larson

16 SCPR 2016 Annual Report

Frank H. Cruz Bill and Elaine Davis

Lisa and Patrick Denzer

McCune Foundation

The Angell Foundation

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Greg Ford

Florence Irving

Phil A. Swan

Robert and Wendy Brandow

Dianne C. Freeman

Millard and Muriel Jacobs Family Foundation

Ted K. and Jill C. Tamada

Janet Bratton

Marcia and George S. Fuller

Geoffrey Thuo

Titus Brenninkmeijer

Yasuko Furuya

Barton and Pamela Wald

Donald Britt

Irina Gaal

Neil S. and Eve Weightman

Diane Calder

Bronya and Andy Galef

Weingart Foundation

Virginia Campbell

Heidi Galloway

Wells Fargo NA

Enrique and Maria Caponi

Norman Galper

Connie and John H. Weston

Tina Carey

Cathy and Robert B. Garant

WHH Foundation

Mark and Liza-Mae Carlin

Coleman Garcia

Suzanne V. Wilson

William Cruz Carnahan

Jaime Garza and Abby Blum

Raymond Yen and Mary Bateman

Rosemary and Peter Casey

Beth Gertmenian

David B. and Charisse Cassell

Michael and Donna Gianelli

Chris Sue and Mark Yragui

Luan Chau

Karen Gibson and Gerry Rothschild

Ken and Lori Gorvetzian Darrell and Andrea Guillaume Andrew K. Hartzell Mary Hawley Pamela and Craig Hearn Adelaide Hixon

Daniel Christopher Jenkins Michael P. Jones Jordan L. Kaplan John H. Kissick, Kissick Family Foundation Kurt Knutzen and Audrey George Stewart and Pat Kwoh Ellen Lamel Janet and Barry Lang Dr. John and Margaret Lee Cynthia Lewis L.E. Waters Construction Pedro Lomas

ADVOCATES’ CIRCLE $2,500-$4,999

Jim and Anahita Lovelace

Anonymous (8)

Monica C. Lozano and David R. Ayon

Bobbi Abram

Gene Lucero and Marcia Williams

Nancy Adams

Allan H. Markowitz

Jean Aigner

M3K Foundation

Kathy Akashi

Scott and Lauralee Bell Martin

Lawanda R. Allee

Charles Acton

Sylvia Alva

Vicki Chavez

Russell and Carol Faucett

Lee Shallat Chemel and David Chemel

Terry L. and Todd Gilman

Raissa and Bill Choi

Robin Lynn Gohlke and Shawn Peterson

Carla Christofferson and Adam Shell

Marie W. Goble

Harriett F. and Richard Gold

Hui Su Clarke

Jay A. and Trudy L. Goldberg

Amrane Cohen

Elicia and Dan Goldenberg

Barbara Cohn

Goldhirsh Foundation

Frances Conroy and Jan Munroe

Gordon and Beth Goldsmith Jenee Gossard


Henrietta Green

Capri Maddox

Mark Ridley-Thomas

Jeffrey Thomson

Arthur N. Greenberg

Carlene Ringer

Ed Gregory and Stephanie Kegan

Wendie Malick and Richard Erickson

David and Victoria Rogers

Christopher and Susana Thornton

Davin Gumm

Manatt, Phelps & Phillips LLP

Elizabeth Rosenberg

JoAnn Turovsky

Steve Haderlein

DeWayne and Mary McMullin

Maggie Rotter

James Upchurch

Tess Harper

Jon R. and Debbie McTaggart

Dennis and Marian Urschel

Ricardo Hassan

Edna Medrano

Liba Rubenstein and Micah Fitzerman-Blue

Catharina Hassig

Harrison Miles, Jr

Sandra Sabin

Loretta and Willem Van der Pol

Massie S. and Peter J. Hatch

David C. Millard

Perry and Zoe Vidalakis

Gale Hayman

Allan M. and Susan A. Mohrman

Mia Sarapochiello and Brian D. Henson

Pastor Herrera Jr.

Bobbie and Henry Frank Moon

Arlie P. Sarosi

Cara C. Walsh

Judith M. Hirsch

Christine M. Moore

Jean T. Savage

Roger Wang

Nicole and Daniel Honigman

Anthony Morena

Barbra Waterman

Ralph B. Hupka

David Moskowitz

Alexander and Mariette Sawchuk

Augustine Iluore

Dorothy Moss

Viola and Russell Iungerich

Frances Conroy and Jan Munroe

Helene Jacobs

Andrew Murphy

Akshay Jajoo

Stuart and Naomi Nagasawa

Bernice Jeffrey

Pierce Nahigyan

Leslie Jewett

James A. Newkirk

Bernard Johnson and Lynn Bond

Dana and Edward Newman

Janet E. Johnson

Rudy Oclaray and Dr. Stephen D. Henry

Diana and David Kaloyanides Melody Kanschat Michael and Fiona Karlin Diane Keaton Catherine Keig and James Hayes

Jeri O’Donnell and Don Spradlin Kevin J. and Diana O’Leary Michelle O’Neil Talmadge and Renata O’Neill Mary Esther Opliger

Ana and Jeff Valdez

Carl Volpe

Marrick Sayers

Julie Waxman and Seth Freeman

Steve Schenker

Mikki L. and Colin Weightman

Pamela Schneider

Paul Weinberg and Wendi Bailey

Herbert Schofield

Alison Whalen and Mr Steve Marenberg

Ed Schuman and Ilene Van-Essen Nathan R. Scott

Linda and Tod White Charitable Fund

Natalie Seaman

Masako White

Warren Shelman Diane Sherman

Nancy Englander and Harold M. Williams

Lynn Shin, M.D.

Ernest and Francille Wilson

Linda S. Silverman

Maud Winchester and Lucas Reiner

Dr. Susan S. Simmons and Jerry M. Haselfeld

John and Catherine Yamin

Victoria and Barry Simon

Charles Hosuk Yang

Rakesh Singh

Diana Kely Yao

Skadden Arps Slate Meagher & Flom LLP

Robert Young

Mr. and Mrs. John Orr

Jennifer E. Laity

Laurie Osborne

Brenna L. Snider

Donna J. Zenor and William T. Bisset

Steven Lamy and Gayle L. Hopkins

Jeffrey and Joan Palmer

Patti and Steve Soboroff

Atis V. and Paul Zikmanis

BJ Ledyard

Jean-Francois Panisset

Paul Zimmerman

Erik Leeming

Kevin and Elizabeth Parry

Amy Sommer and James Childress

Emanuel Levy

Hitesh Patel

Christine M. Sorenson

Elizabeth Leyson

Tom and Melinda Peters

Sarah and Mark Stegemoeller

Glenn and Gael Libby

Alex H. and Whitney Phillips

John Stesney

Zach Lisabeth

Benjamin L. Pick and Claudette Nevins

Roger D. and Laura Stewart

Michael R. Post

Jane W. and Reid A. Swanson

Sandy and Barry Pressman

Bradley Tabach-Bank

David Prickett

Milad Taghavi

Deborah and Thomas Prosser

David Jan Takata

Constance L. Rice

Trevessa M. and James Terrile

Caroline Keller and Dan Palumbo Babak and Leila Khazaeni Carol Komatsuka and Dennis Babamoto

David E. Littlehales Dustin C. Lorentz Denise and Joseph Lumarda Roger Ian and Ruth MacFarlane Edward S. Mackie

18 SCPR 2016 Annual Report

Shannon D. Orcutt Eleanor P. Orewyler

Fred and Tina Studier

Aya Zucker and Grant Murray

PATRONS’ CIRCLE $1,500-$2,499 Anonymous (17) Abendroth LLC Able Design & Fabrication A C Vroman Inc Emily and Zachary Abbott John L. Abedor Dana G. and Bruce Adelstein

Edgar Aguirre and Siana-Lea Gildard

Rogely Boyce

Elizabeth Chao

Louis DeSipio

Janice Lee Braly

Terry P. Chapman

James DeWitt

Pamela Ahlgrim

Gene Brandt

Tessa A. Chasteen

Sally Graves DeWitt

Christopher G. Alexander

James D. Breen

Audrey Cheng and Burton Hong

Dr. Allison Diamant

Steve Alexis

Ronda and Stanley Breitbard

Terry Cheng

Mo S. Ali

Shannon E. Brennan

Richard and Karla Chernick

Rebecca Diaz and Michael Palmer

Sholeh and Mehrdad Amanat

Anna Bresnahan

Wilson K. and Jessica T. Chow

Gene L. Dinielli

Betty Anderson

Dawn Brewer

Elisabetta Ciardullo

Jeffrey Dodge

Travis Andres

Brad and Claire Brian

Kristine Clancy and Josh House

Jason Doerr

Jane Anthony

Kaye Briegel

Kathleen and Hickel Clayton

Phillip L. Doolittle

Aaron and Lauren Applebaum

Patricia A. and Scott S. Brooks

Melissa and Liam Clemons

Denise and Howard H. Dudley, Jr.

Carolina Argueta and Santiago Monsalve

Stephen R. Brown

Janice K.Clifford

Patricia Dupre, Esq.

Peggy Lee Brutsche

Barbara and David Cline

Sarah and Bryan Earll

Margaret K. and Scott D. Armstrong

Allen and Carola Bundy

Michael D. Coleman and Odile Nicolette

Tim East

Ronald W. Colman and Jeb J. Panyarjun

Eleanor Eck

Elizabeth Comley

Carl J. and Linda M. Eichert

Mary Comlish

Michael B. and Elisabeth Elliot

Laurie Content

Kaete Elliott

Robert and Ana Cook

Travis and Katherine Ellis

Zack Cooper

Robert and Anne Emigh

Cristina Cornejo Wray Cornwell

Carisa Endrizzi-Davis and Joshua Davis

Edward and Karin Costello

David Englin

James D. Cottle

Cara Entz

Jan Court

Georgianna Erskine

Joseph and Susan Courtney

David A. and Joyce M. Evans

Tara R. and Matthew J. Cowell

Michele D. and Michael R. Evans

Lillian Coye

Morgan Fairchild

Alison and Richard Crowell Anne Dabb and Antony Sloan

Jay Farbstein and Bonnie Berman

Teresa Dalton

Jeff Farnum

Richard Dasylveira

Holway Dean Farrar

Mr. Davidson

Dr. Cary Feibleman and Kim Savage

Denise Atlas Jacoba Atlas Bernard R. Baginski Lucinda Bailey and Mark Spears Dr. Nancy M. Baisch Corey Bakhtiary Rebecca Brown Bales Marco Banda Julia and Hancock Banning Lisa Baronsky John and Jill Bauman Michael J. and Randy Jane Bayard

Nicholas and Aileen Bunin Suzanne Bunzel Hannah Burnham Kelvin Busirisert and Katya Chan Sandra and Michael Buttitta Shirley Cabeen Lorraine Cain Kathy Cairo Collin Campbell Donald J. Campbell Michael Campbell Jennifer Chu Julie Campoy

Jafar Bazzaz

Johnny C. Canciller

Cambria Beauvais

Rafael M. Capiro

Joshua Behnke

Roger G. and Marjorie Cardenas

Michael W. and Laura LF Bell

David Carlisle

Erin Borda

Thatcher and Ross Carter

Craig Berger

Michael Caruso

Meta and Jay Berger

Beatriz Casagran

Robert Besser

Veronica Casillas and Eric Daniel Lopez

Heather Blair Tyler H. Blanchard Bloomfield Parks Inc Sandy Boeck Bill and Claire Bogaard Linwood Boomer David R. Bordeaux Sanford Bothman

Elvira R. De Jesus

Carolyn A. Cason

Maria A. Decastro

Bibi Caspari

Debbie and Doug Deems

Joe A. and Linda E. Castro

Anita L. DeFrantz

John Catt

Nikki Deloffre

Lisa and Jon Ceazan

Barbara and Gilbert Dembo

Shirley M. Chami and Daniel Kerson

Linda L. Demer

Mani Chandy

Christian Denhart and Erin Brett

Marvin and Patti Demoff

Leslie Easterbrook

Edward Eckerle

Dr. Jonathan and Karin Fielding Jerrold Fine Rabbi Dr. Mordecai and Meirav Finley Linda Fiore Andrew and Melea Fisher Charmaine Flores Marlene Flores-Avila Diane Flowers

19 3

Penelope D. Foley

William Graham

Kaimiloa Heffner

Heidi Kato

Gayle Fornataro and Rob Roberge

Kirtee Gramopadhye

Andrew Kaufman

Jefferia Grayson

Zvia Hempling and Brian Krieger

Amanda Green

Philip D. Hettema

Richard Kaufmann

Benjamin Green

Everhardus and Carrie Hidding

Leslie B. Kautz and Jack S. Weiss Morgan Kay

Samuel Forson Wayne and Valeria Forte Clothilde Fournier

Mary Grace Kaufman

Michael D. Green

James P. Higgins

Ashley Frank

Gerald Greenberg

Anita M. Hirsh

Maureen Kelly

Larry and Martha Freeman

Susan Greenberg-Kunik

Ellen Hoberman

Pamela B. Kelly

Lisa Ritter and Jeff Greenstein

Brandon Hoffman

Joanna E. Kenney

Judith Gregory

Elaine Hoffman

Robert and Mille Kern

Susan Grode

Craig and Dora Holden

Talat Kiani

Barbara Gryglaszewski

Allan Hollingsworth

Myrna and Rick Kidd

Heather Guentzel Frank

Mr. Charles S. Holmes

Grace Kiet

Gumpertz Charitable Gift Fund

Scott and Andrea Holtzman

Alex Kiilehua

Rashi Gupta

Laurie Hoody

Paul K. Kikuchi

Kimberly Haase

James Houghton and Karen Snider

Robert Kilroy

Gisela and Jeff Friedman Jose R. Froehlich Anita B. and Judge Haley J. Fromholz Jim D. Fry Richard Gabriel Karen Gallagher Kathleen J. Gallagher Suzanne Gallant Diane Gallinger Eileen Gallo Audrey Gardner Louise Garland Roberta Garten Philip Gearhart Ms. Barbara Geddes Anna Y. Gee Lor and Mike Gehret

Leslee Hackenson Caroline M. Hackman Olivia Hahn Elizabeth S. Hall

Byron E Howlett, Jr. Cynthia Hubach Harriet Hubbard Raymond L. Huitric

Don King Terry Kitay Rob Klausner Cindy Kohlmiller

Dan Humbert

Gauri Kolhatkar and Prashant Mehrotra

Bruce Humphrey

Belliappa Konganda

Dan Hurley

Brian Kramer

Ariel Jackson

Samuel Kuo

Pamela Hamilton

Marc Evan Jackson

Natalya and Yoav Kutner

Heidi Hall and Steven Guzowski Timi A. and Robert I. Hallem James Halligan Robin Halper and James Bargerstock

Raffi Hamparian

David Henry Jacobs

Gwen A. and Steve A. Gibson

Sachiko Handke

Judy Jacobs

Lafferty Family Charitable Foundation

Matthew Gilbert-Hamerling

Richard Hideo and Claudia Reiko Haraguchi

Isabella Annette James

Ellie and Mark Lainer

Katherine and Robert Gillespie

Sally Hahn Jameson

Luis and Lee Lainer

Elizabeth and Samuel Gnerre

Veronica Harr-Austin

Anita Jaskol

Julianne LaMarche

Fran Goldfarb and James Devine

Burt I. Harris, Jr.

Victor Jih

Thomas A. Lamb

Bonnie G. Goldman

Steven M. and Sylvia Harrison

Karin Joffe

Ann Reiss Lane

Jon Goldstein

Anthony L. Hartman

DeRoy Johnson

Shirley Lang

Richard J. Goldstein

Philip Hartwell

Eric C. Johnson

Peter and Diane Lannon

Scott Goldstein

David and Beth Hasenauer

Deborah K. Johnson

Joseph LaPine

Yvonne Gollin

Theresa Hassman

Renee M. Johnson

Albert Stephen Lau

Mashallah Goodarzi

William A. Hawkins

Ellen S. Johnston

David King Lassman

Edina A. Goode

Sheryl S. Hayashida

Kate Juergens

Joan L. Lavick

Isidore and Perri Sloane Goodman

Stephen Haydon-Khan

Eugene Kapaloski

Marvin Lee

Armen Hayrapetian David Hecox

Marker and Marvelle J. Karahadian

Rachelle Lefevre

Anastasia and Matija Gotovac Lawrence B. Gottlieb

Robert Hedrick

Demetra Kareman

Christina Leonard

Kendis Heffley

Mary E. Kasdan

Mrs. Dina Ghosheh

Braden Graeber

20 SCPR 2016 Annual Report

Lemelson Foundation

Charlotte Lerchenmuller

Christopher O. Meade

Tim and Mary O’Brien

Christine Reilly

Dr. Gary A. and Linda M. Levinson

Mauro Medina

Jerry and Anne Louise Oliver

Linda Reiss

Todd Menzel

Eric Olson

Ilene Resnick and Daniel Weiss

Shelly A. Lewis and Judith Johnson

Betsy Merchant

Timothy O’Neill

Sean R. Reycraft

Patrick and Felicia Michell

Frank S. and Susan B. Osen

David Reyes

Emily Miller and Lewis Bonney

Shirley Otis-Green and Sam Green

Rey S. Reyes

Courtney Owen

David I. and Katherine L. Linden

Andrew Mishkin and Sharon Laubach

Amanda Rice

Jeanne and Alfred Paiz

Ilona Linden

Amy Richards

Eva Mitnick

Richard Palfini

Patricia E. Linden

Dr. James H. Richardson

Brad Miyasato and Brad Duerre

Richard Palmer

Blake Lindsley

Raymond Ricord

Donnell H. Montgomery

Sushant R. Patankar

Dr. Vladimir Lipovetsky

Marianne E. Rideau

Charles and Margaret Mooney

Kirk A. and Susan L. Patrick

Marty Longbine and Jeff Ayeroff

Marie Isabel Rivera

Mary Lou Mooney

David and Diane Paul

Fernando Lopez

Mathew Joseph Roach

Maria Moore

Rhoda B. Pell

Purita Lopez

Norman W. Roach

Juan Morales

Dr. Susan Love and Dr. Helen Cooksey

Linda M. Robb

Roy Morris

Lars D. Perkins and Susan B. McConnell

Zahra and Fatima Movaghar

Robert Petrusse

Jan and Phil Muntz

William Phelps and Sayre Weaver

Kim Chin Li Linda B. Lichter and Nick Marck Kathy Lindell

Ana Maria Luna Grace MacArthur and John Marston Lesley MacArthur and Jeffrey Levine Shawn Catherine MacDuff Andrew Madlener Bart Maeda Martha S. Majia Makoff Family Foundation Clare Malani Barry L. and Lisa A. Mangels Nicol Manzanares Vicki Marx, MD and Warren Garner, MD Dale Mason Emmanuel Materne Candace Matson Susan Matt James Maupin Scott and Paddy Calistro McAuley Jeffrey S. McConnell Brooks and Julia McKinney Joan and Dennis McNerney Kevin F. McNulty

Judith Seeds Miller

Christopher P. Murray Timothy Murray Miriam Muscarolas and Grant Abramson

Andrew Phillips John W. Phillips Phyllis Piano and Roy Jones

Clarence Musser

David C. and Colleen R. Pieri

Allan and Nicole Mutchnik

Alicia Pilon

Carla Nagle

Donald and Melissa Plotsky

Harry and Hiroko Nakamura

Frances Pohl

Veronica Naranjo

Charles Pohlad

Carlos Negrete

Marc and Jeri Polizzotto

Monica Nelsen and Joseph H. Low, IV

Douglas Porter

Judith A. Newkirk

Jack Prichett

Howard Newman and Susan Brown

Markayla Quane

Phu Nguyen

Annie and Noel Quinn

Tuan Nguyen

Dr. Eric Radany

Bob and Terri Niccum

Philip H Radell and Lesley Radell

Ardis Nishikawa

Khalid S. Raja

Paula Nohalty and Elliott Hayase

Saagar Raju

Cathy Noonan and Alex Giza

Lee Ramer

Anne and Steven Nowlin

Philip and Dianne Rammon

David Nunley

Janet D. Rappaport

Melody Nunn

Peter Reich

Jose Portillo

Ronald Quezon

Ronaldo Reyes

Jane Robbins Wendy Robertson and Eric Neel Christine N. Robison Carlos Rodriguez Lucy Rodriguez-Hanley Wendy Rohman Roma D’Italia Restaurants Felicia Rosenfeld and David Linde Karen and Larry Rosolowski Holly Kristen and Joel Rudnick Ellen J. Rudolph Linda Rush Nicole W. and John Ruskey Elan Ruskin Charles and Hoori Sadler Lee Sailer Ertan Salik Sharon Salinger Todd and Tammy Sandberg Mark Sandelson Misty Sanford Jennifer and Angelina Sauer Omer Sayeed Andrew Schauer Pam Schmidt and Bill Patterson Keith Scholfield



Lynne Slattery and Joel Allen Schroeder

Richard and Alison Stein

Jill Waterman

Daniel Steinbacher

William Weddington

Linda and Jeff Schulein

Jeffrey Stern

Marci and William Weinberg

Tom Schulman

Margaret Stewart

Toni and John Schulman

Max and Diane Stites

Karen P. Wells and Martin Entwistle

Anthony C and Pamela C Schwarz

Stolaroff Family Foundation

Lin Wencheng

Ronald L. Scott

Max Stolz

Peter Wendel

Mark Scovil and Kirsten Tillisch

Rowan Storm

Dr. Randii R. Wessen

Jeff Selis

Edward Story

Tatyana and Michael Wexler

Carl M. and Carol E. Selkin

Paula and Jude Sturman

Barbara Y. Wheeler

David Seymour

Lisa M. Sullivan and Regis Abersek

Bruce Wilcox

Gregory B. Shapton and Barbara K. Rugeley

Anjana Sura

Connie Willett

Craig H. Sykes

Melanie Sharp and Kevin Miller

George Takei and Brad Altman

Elizabeth S. and Andrew R. Wilson

Catherine S. Shen

Lance Tango

Janet Wilson

Katherine Shen

Vickie H. and Alex Taylor

Katherine A. Winegar

Howard and Stephanie Sherwood

Victoria Catherine Tessier

Jess Wittenberg

Lulit Shiferaw

Jennifer Thomas

Irene F. and David Woerner

Seung Shin

Courtney Thorne-Smith

Barbara Wold

Jody Short

Heather Tom

Jorge Wong

Rebecca Shults

Susan and Paul Tordella

Christina J. Woo

Heather Siemons

Doug V. Tornquist

Janet Worcester

Celine Burk and Robert Simon, M.D.

Harrison Tran

Joanna Chiai Wu

Karen L. and Adam D. Sisson

Norm Traub

Debra Wunch

Dave Sizemore

Chang Ling Tsuei

Treva Wurmfeld

Todd Small

Vince M. Turner

Jonathan Yang and Sonya Laska

The John H. and Cynthia Lee Smet Foundation

Cherie Mercer Twohy

Vivian Yee

Michael Uemura

Hung-Yi Yeh

Lisa M. and Steve J. Urich

Rama Yenamandra

Richard Francis Vagge

Marla Yoshida

Nicholas Valery

Jan Young and Mark Gordon

Eve C. Van Rennes

Marc Young and Gary Wilson

Valerie Vanaman

Bingfeng Yu

Diederik VanHoogstratenen

Nina Zacuto

Noemi Epstein and Darrel Vorderstrasse

Greg and Glenda Vanni

Robert and Joyce Zaitlin

Milton J. Fatt

Andrew and Carrie A. Vasquez

Farhad Zaltash

Mona Field

Ria Vergara-Lluri

Zickler Family Foundation

Beatrice Volper

Yael Esther Ziman

Cathie L. Fields and Mark E. Whitebook

Barbara Voron

Herb and Arlene Zimmer

Robin Fish

Chiang Wang

Margie Zinger

Bill and Trish Flumenbaum

Sophia S. Wang

Allison Zuckerman and Adam Steinberg Rodgers

Anita and Haley Fromholz

Candice Sherbin and Joel K. Zwick

Katherine Gfeller

Ralph J. and Shirley Shapiro

Aaron Smith Mark Smith Stephen Smith The Snookai Family Richard and Sue Snyder Margaret Sohagi Benjamin S. Solish Lisa Soltau Joshua Spanogle Gail and David Spivack Sandra Spivey Jeremy Squire and Johanna Hulme-Squire Kristin L. Starbird John Henry Bertil Stauff Randolph Steadman

David Ward Peter and Jackie Warren Allan D. Wasch

22 SCPR 2016 Annual Report

Anne C. Wille

The Legacy Society honors members who have provided for the future of SCPR by including the station in their estate plans. Anonymous Friends (155) Barbara H. Ackermann Lawanda R. Allee Sandra J. Ball-Rokeach John M Beringer Jr. Arlene Robin Bernstein Herley Jim and Mollie Bowling Robert and Wendy Brandow Adrienne Brandriss Janet Bratton Stephanie Brito Dolores and Wayne Browning Ruby Bugarin Justin and Marie Cantor Esther S. M. Chao Margaret Connery Ellen L. Damon James Davidson Susan Gray Davis Wilbur L. Davis Dennis Dewenter Sheila Diskin and Michael Berman Mark Dixon and Sandra Fazio Rabbi Lisa Edwards and Tracy Moore

Cathy and Robert Garant

Barbara Gibbs

Capital Group

Judith D. Raffel

UCLA Communication & Public Outreach

Jay Rosenthal

UCLA Extension

Steve and Sarah Deschenes

Dianne K. Sax

Universal Pictures Group

Edison International

Judith M. Hirsch

Marilyn L. Schmitt

Walt Disney Studios

Adelaide Hixon

Adelaide Hixon

Pamela Scrape

Laurence and Janice Hoffmann

Lee & Barbara Shoag

Michele Hooper

Dr. Susan S. Simmons and Jerry M. Haselfeld

Henry and Jane Goichman

Mariena and Jose Quintanilla

Dolores Grunigen Jim and Anne Harder Charles Hay

James Houghton and Karen Snider Cynthia Hubach Peter Yun Huh and Jihee Kim Huh

Charles Snyder and Peggy Ramsey


Frank Cruz

IDS Real Estate Group The James Irvine Foundation Bill Kamer


Jordan Kaplan

Peter and Helen Bing

Stewart and Pat Kwoh and Asian Americans Advancing Justice Los Angeles

John and Mary Tu

Christine M. Sorenson


David P. Jackson

Stephanie Strout and Andrew Carrico IV

John Jackson

Judith and Ward Thompson

Helene Jacobs

Carol Vernon and Robert Turbin


Judy Jacobs

Jessica and Robert Weiner

The Annenberg Foundation

Carol and Jerry Jacoby

Dr. Robert and Nadyne Zafran

John and Louise Bryson

Sharon and Alan Jones

Nancy Englander and Harold M. Williams

Esther S. M. Chui Chao and Giant Panda Management

The Rothstein Family

Estate of Julie Y. Chan

Gordon and Dona Crawford

Isaac and Michal Sudit

The Johnson-Gispan Family Trust

Estate of Judy R. Cohn


Andrea Karsten

Estate of Melinda ElGuindy

Sugimoto Family Foundation/ Lisa Sugimoto

Dr. Lynn Kerew

Estate of Richard A. Gross

Eve W. Kilger

Estate of Robert Montavon

Dr. Herschel Knapp

Estate of Irene Nevil

California Community Foundation

Cindy Kohlmiller

Estate of Sara Wetherbee

Johnny Carson Foundation


Heather and Paul Haaga

Cardenas Market

Jihee and Peter Huh

Entravision Ken and Lori Gorvetzian

20th Century Fox

Stanley Iezman, Nancy Stark and American Realty Advisors

Rich and Jacquie McClish

A24 Films

Darcy and Richard Kopcho

Jennifer and Shawn McCreight

The Broad Museum

Susan and Doug Kranwinkle

Brian Scott Miller


Michael Mills

City of Hope

Joe Lumarda and The California Wellness Foundation

Nancy Englander and Harold M. Williams

Carol Komatsuka Mort Lampert Dr. Susan Lowry and Dr. Robert Lundergan

Lewis and Lynn Mingori


Flex Alert Campaign

Monte and Claire Montgomery

Korean Air

Marina Moore and Sheldon Green

LA Metro

Karen Moskowitz Todd Nickel Molly Breeze Nisbet Jane Peebles Tom and Melinda Peters Rose Catherine Pinkney

Monica Lozano and David Ayon

Hilary Garland and Park Century School

L.E. Waters Construction

Pacific Rim Printers & Mailers

GOLD SPONSORS Robert and Sara Adler

Mei Hu Chu Foundation

Julian and Justine Poon and Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP

Marla and Jim Ryan

University of Southern California Wells Fargo WHH Foundation

Karen and Stephen Hillenberg Janice and Larry Hoffmann, Morgan Stanley Financial Advisors Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP

Stephen and Judith McDonald

Barry and Wendy Meyer

Molly Munger and Stephen English

Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas

Tom and Marilyn Sutton

Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP Nancy Englander and Harold M. Williams


USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism



Paramount Pictures

Bank of America

Sterling Rice Group

Leah and Gregory Bergman


Bermudez Projects

LA Philharmonic Memorial Care

TRAVEL SPONSORS Korean Air Lotte Hotels and Resorts


Founders Ronald L. Olson Founding Chair Partner Munger, Tolles and Olson LLP William H. Kling Founding Vice Chair President Emeritus American Public Media Group

Staff of Southern California Public Radio Bill Davis President and CEO Mark Crowley Vice President, General Manager Mary Hawley Vice President, Underwriting Doug Johnson Vice President, Technology & Operations Carol Komatsuka Vice President, Development Elsa Luna CFO Melanie Sill Vice President, Content

Senior Staff of American Public Media Group SCPR is one of the organizations of APMG Jon R. McTaggart President and CEO Dave Kansas Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Morris Goodwin Senior Vice President and CFO Sylvia Strobel Senior Vice President, General Counsel

Southern California Public Radio Board of Trustees 2016-2017 Robert L. Adler Vice Chair Executive Vice President and General Counsel Edison International (retired)

24 SCPR 2016 Annual Report

Brad Barrett Partner Capital Research Global Investors Thomas H. Castro President and CEO El Dorado Capital, LLC Gordon Crawford Life Trustee (Active) Senior Vice President Capital Research and Management Co. (retired)

Molly Munger Co-Founder and Co-Director The Advancement Project Drew Murphy Senior Vice President, Strategic Planning Edison International Dr. James B. Pick Professor, School of Business University of Redlands Julian Poon Partner Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP

Stewart Kwoh Founding President & Executive Director Asian Americans Advancing Justice Jarl Mohn President and CEO NPR Ronald L. Olson Partner Munger, Tolles and Olson LLP Constance L. Rice Co-Founder and Co-Director Advancement Project

Bill Davis President and CEO Southern California Public Radio

Peter Rice Chairman and CEO Fox Networks Group

Dr. Hilary Garland Psychologist Office of Dr. Hilary Garland

Virgil Roberts Life Trustee (Active) Partner Bobbitt & Roberts

Dr. Fernando J. Guerra Director The Center for the Study of Los Angeles

Nancy Stark Senior Director American Realty Advisors

Jon B. Lovelace Capital Research and Management Company

Ana Valdez Chair President and Co-Founder Valdez Consulting Group, Inc.

Charles D. Miller Avery Dennison Company

Xavier A. Gutierrez President & Chief Investment Officer Meruelo Investment Partners David Hill President Hilly, Inc. Jihee Kim Huh Life Trustee (Active) Vice Chairman Pacific American Fish Company Winnie Kho Owner and CEO KTW Properties, Inc. Gary Kishner Director of Public Relations Herbalife Nutrition Darcy Kopcho Executive Vice President Capital Group International, Inc. Capri Maddox Special Assistant City Attorney Office of the City Attorney– Los Angeles Stephen McDonald President, Middle East Group Executive Vice President Trust Company of the West Jon R. McTaggart President and CEO American Public Media Group

Catherine M. Ward Senior Vice President and Director Capital Research and Management Co. (retired) James White Partner PAC Partners Harold M. Williams Life Trustee (Active) President Emeritus The J. Paul Getty Trust Charles Woo CEO Megatoys

Life Trustee (Honorary) Louise Henry Bryson Former President of Distribution, Lifetime Television and Executive Vice President and General Manager, Lifetime Movie Network Chair Emerita of the Board, The J. Paul Getty Trust Adelaide Hixon Philanthropist APH Group

Dr. Marilyn Sutton Professor Emeritus California State University Dominguez Hills

Trustees In Memoriam

Dr. Harry P. Pachon The TomĂĄs Rivera Policy Institute

Regional Advisory Council 2015-2016 Jeff Greenstein Chair Writer and Producer Melissa Alvarado Attorney Leah Bergman Attorney Bergman & Dacey, Inc. Joaquin Beltran Founder Mentorvine Steve Hochman Music Critic LA Times Nicole Kuklok-Walman Arbonne Independent Consultant Edina Lekovic Director of Policy and Programming Muslim Public Affairs Council Tara Maxey Co-Owner Heirloom

Rose Catherine Pinkney Head of Cinema Cinema Gypsy Productions

Health, Science & Environment Leadership Council Members

Susan Steinhauser Attorney

Melissa Alvarado

Deborah Williams-Hedges Senior Media Relations Representative California Institute of Technology

Steven Birenbaum

KPCC Leadership Council Members Arts & Entertainment Leadership Council Members

Dr. Sandra Ball-Rokeach Dr. Shirley Chi Dr. Eileen Gallo Dolores Grunigen Dr. Susan Love Gene Lucero Laura Rosenwald Ed Rounds Victoria Simon

Esther S. M. Chui Chao

Marcia Williams

Bronya Galef

Raymond Yen, MD

Jeff Greenstein Melody Kanschat Gale Kohl

Innovation Leadership Council Members Joaquin Beltran

Lauren Lexton

Teresa Bridwell

Harry Lin

Tim Cadogan

Rose Catherine Pinkney

Ricardo Cervantes

Maria Rosario Jackson

David Gordon

Stephen Rountree

David Hummelberg


Marcia Seligson

Ben Lazarus


Susan Steinhauser

Jeff Lipp

Bradley Tabach-Bank

Sherry Phelan, PhD

First Place Hard News or News Feature: Stephanie O’Neill, “How Doctors Die”

Chris Testa

First Place Investigative: Deepa Fernandes, “Harm At Home”

Education Leadership Council Members Frank Baxter Martin H. Blank, Jr. Cathy Choi Jacqueline Chun Bernadette Glenn John Jackson Shawn McCreight Mindy Stein Lisa Sugimoto Josh Taylor Kristen Taylor Katie Wei

Millie Yamaki

Regional News Leadership Council Members Neil Bason John Chamberlain Bryant Garth

Second Place Investigative: Stephanie O’Neill, “Police and the Mentally Ill: LAPD Unit Praised As Model for Nation” EDWARD R. MURROW AWARD — REGIONAL Best Investigative Reporting, Large Market Radio: “Officer Involved: A KPCC Investigation”

Ruben Gonzalez


Peter Hidalgo Janice Jafari

Best News Broadcast Under 15 Minutes: KPCC-FM 4:00pm Newscast

Bill Kamer

Best News Public Affairs Program: AirTalk for October 1, 2015

Winnie Kho

Best News Reporting: Frank Stoltze, “In Wake of Public Outcry Over Shootings, LAPD Training Focuses on Empathy”

Fernando Lopez Javier Mendoza Nancy Stark Colin Weightman Elaine Weinberg

Best Investigative Reporting: Karen Foshay, Paul Glickman, “Sex and the LAUSD Teacher” Best Serious Feature Reporting of One Minute or Longer: Deepa Fernandes, “Missing Kindergarten Is a Big Deal” Best News Special: Take Two, “50 Years after the Watts Riots: A Look at the Community’s Past, Present and Future” Best Government and Political Reporting: Meghan McCarty, “#MakeAlCare: Taking on Voter Apathy One Person at a Time”