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Local Depth. Global Breadth. In the know — and on the go — from LA to Taipei

Even though I moved out of LA and across the country to New York, I still listen to KPCC on the mobile app. It’s one of the best NPR stations in the country. From Off-Ramp to AirTalk, I love it all. KPCC is my station of choice.” –Anneke Jong, NEW YORK

As a French journalist based in LA and working as a US correspondent, KPCC is one of my favorite sources for stories to tell to my own readers back in France. So, thank you Morning Edition; thank you, Take Two; and thank you, AirTalk and all your fantastic crew of reporters and technicians!” –Guillaume Serina, Los Angeles

I am able to listen to radio stations from all over the world, and I find that KPCC delivers a unique mix of information, entertainment, local and global news, all with amazing journalistic quality.” –Michael Esser, Berlin

I am a loyal listener from Taiwan. I worked on my MBA applications this August and listened to All Things Considered every morning to encourage myself. When I got the admission notice from my dream school, I wanted to thank KPCC and become a sustaining member. KPCC is really the best radio station ever — a knowledgeable friend who always accompanies me. Thank you!” –Estelle Chao, Taipei

I love SCPR. When I was deployed in Afghanistan, I streamed KPCC on my computer or phone whenever I got a chance. It kept me up on what was happening in the Southland, and for a brief time took me out of the war zone. My favorite thing was the traffic reports — I liked to picture where they were, and that just took me home. Thank you, KPCC.” –Fletcher McNair, Corporal, U.S. Marine Corps, Afghanistan

Our signal originates in Southern California but makes waves around the world. SCPR has developed a loyal following that spans countries and continents — and grows larger every day. Fueling our growth is a focus on smart technologies and a belief that content matters: Regardless of where they find themselves, our listeners turn to KPCC for insightful analysis, productive dialogue and stimulating entertainment that respects their intelligence. From the shores of Lake Michigan to the South China Sea, SCPR is a borderless news source for a global age.

2 scpr annual report 2013

In 2013, SCPR won six prestigious Editor & Publisher EPPY Awards, including one for having the best news website with under one million unique monthly visitors; 26 awards from the Los Angeles Press Club, including recognition for use of social media; and six regional Edward R. Murrow Awards from the Television Digital News Association, including top honors for use of online sound and video.


friends When Southern California Public Radio set sail at the beginning of this millennium, KPCC’s audience numbered roughly 220,000 people — and all of them lived in Southern California.Today, our three broadcast stations combine with our online and digital channels reach more than 1 million people each week. They come to us for news about Los Angeles, for insight into Los Angeles, and to engage with the people of Los Angeles — it is truly a global audience. The past year, we’ve heard from a soldier stationed in Afghanistan who enjoys listening to the traffic reports on KPCC because they remind him of home. We’ve heard from a student in Taiwan who streamed KPCC on her computer as she prepared her applications to MBA programs in the United States. We’ve heard from expatriate Angelenos from across the country and around the globe who stay connected to what’s happening here via Southern California Public Radio’s mobile digital applications. And we’ve heard from people throughout the world who come to us on those same applications in order to learn about what is really happening here. All of these listeners have different ethnic and cultural backgrounds; they come from different socio-economic classes; they have different faiths and religious traditions; and they have divergent political viewpoints. But all of them come to us for the same reason: They want to hear the authentic voices of Los Angeles, and they want to understand what is really happening in the world’s creative capitol. And, when you boil everything Southern California Public Radio does down to its essence, we are the broadcast, digital and live event platform for the authentic voices of LA. The voice of the firstgeneration immigrant student who lives in East LA; the voice of her second-generation immigrant teacher who lives in Alhambra; the voice of the filmmaker with multiple Oscars who lives in the Palisades; the voice of the cop who lives in Burbank; the voice of the entrepreneur who lives in Whittier; the voice of the philanthropist who lives in Newport Beach; the voice of the homeless veteran who lives on Skid Row. And there are the authentic voices you (and so many others) trust to help you understand what’s really happening in LA: Larry Mantle, Alex Cohen, A Martínez, John Rabe, Deepa Fernandes, Adolfo Guzman-Lopez, Nick Roman, Shirley Jahad, Frank Stoltze, Erika Aguilar, Brian Watt, Steve Julian and so many more. As Southern California Public Radio grows and evolves, we will embrace new technologies that help us better serve our audiences here in greater Los Angeles and around the globe. But three things will not change: our commitment to providing the highest quality journalism; our commitment to engaging Angelenos across the multiple fault lines of ethnicity, gender, politics, religion, etc.; and our commitment to do everything we do in a way that is warm, welcoming and genuine. Sincerely,

Jarl Mohn Bill Davis Chair President

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News That Goes Where Yo The digital revolution has brought profound shifts to the world of broadcast radio and, with them, far-reaching opportunities. With an eye on innovation and a focus on evolving to meet audience needs, Southern California Public Radio has embraced

Rather than abandoning KPCC’s core values in favor of edgy digital content, SCPR has emphasized public radio’s inclusive and intimate approach. “Our goal is to create a user experience on our website, on our mobile digital apps and at our live events that is

“ Through technology, SCPR is expanding the universe of audience experiences.” new technologies to expand the universe of audience experiences. In the process, Founding President and CEO Bill Davis has done something remarkable: reinvent public broadcasting by focusing on the very thing that first made public radio a success.

consistent with the listener experience we’ve created on the radio,” Davis says. “KPCC is not trying to be elitist or exclusive; we strive to be warm, personable, intelligent and inviting — a place where people can come together and be treated respectfully.”


u Do The result is a media company that celebrates its roots and simultaneously nurtures them to cultivate new and diverse audiences. Increasingly, these audiences are tuning in via SCPR’s iPad and smartphone apps, accessing the station’s robust reporting — at their convenience — from Torrance to Tokyo. “A year ago, our digital audience was smaller than our broadcast audience. Today, that ratio has flipped,” says SCPR Vice President of Content Russ Stanton. “If you want to remain relevant, you need to adapt to the way people consume news and information.” Developing digital methods of engagement is widely accepted as critical to an organization’s survival. What distinguishes SCPR, says Executive Editor Melanie Sill, is the organization’s commitment to understanding the digital medium. “Media websites have generally been

developed to package existing content and put it across on a new platform,” she says. “Our digital team is different — it’s very much oriented toward identifying, and responding to, the kinds of experiences people are looking for.” The key, Sill maintains, is knowing your audience. “We look at how people are using their devices, where they are spending time on our website and what features would be most helpful to them,” she says. No matter where — or how — listeners access SCPR, what they find is an organization that, across platforms, is reinforcing the same idea: “Anyone can come here and be welcomed and entertained and feel like they can contribute to the conversation,” says President and CEO Davis. “And if we do that right, it’s an amazing thing that brings people together in ways they never thought possible.”

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Helping Schools Face the Music Last October, arts education reporter Mary Plummer made a startling discovery: While students throughout the Los Angeles Unified School District were forced to share musical instruments — sanitizing them with plastic lighters and paper towels between each use — thousands of broken instruments were sitting on shelves in the district’s music repair shop. Plummer’s reporting on the subject generated enormous listener response and motivated district officials to take decisive action: hiring an outside contractor to help with the backlog and doubling the shop’s repair staff. “After we ran the story, we were overwhelmed with emails and phone calls,” she says. “It was really gratifying to know we had touched so many people’s lives.”


A Place for Education In an era of shrinking newsroom budgets and media consolidation, Southern California Public Radio is taking a different tack. Its commitment to expansive, in-depth reporting positions SCPR as a national leader in high-impact public service journalism. One striking example is the station’s ongoing investment in the area of education: SCPR

says. “What gets lost is how that government body is affecting the lives of actual students, which is the foundation we lay in every one of our pieces.” For Adolfo Guzman-Lopez, who covers statewide education and school districts outside of Los Angeles, assessing impact is a core responsibility of credible education reporting.

“ At KPCC, we want to inform listeners about significant changes that affect their lives.” has steadily built one of the country’s foremost teams of education reporters. The difference, says Education Editor Evelyn Larrubia, is unmistakable. “Education news is often the purview of people who report on multiple subjects and who occasionally jump in when something big happens,” she notes. “At KPCC, we take a more systematic approach: finding out what’s happening inside classrooms — day in, day out — across Southern California. It’s something listeners are not going to hear on other public radio stations.” This distinctive coverage is what attracted reporter Annie Gilbertson, who covers the Los Angeles Unified School District. “The size and skill of our education team is impressive,” she says. According to Gilbertson, SCPR stands apart in another critical way, as well. “To the extent that they cover LA Unified, many of our competitors concentrate on the politics,” she

“At KPCC, we give a lot of thought to story selection and coverage,” he says. “We really want to take listeners to places they wouldn’t normally go and to inform them about significant changes that affect their lives.” That mandate can seem daunting, observes Early Childhood Development Correspondent Deepa Fernandes, but the rewards make the work worthwhile. “We use our reporting as a springboard to start conversations in the community,” she says. The stories people hear, she asserts, engage them in shared problem solving and give them a common language — no matter their individual backgrounds. “On my way home from work recently, I stopped by a taco truck in Highland Park to get some food, and there was a group of guys standing around speaking Spanish,” she recalls. “One of them saw my microphone and shouted out, “Oh my God, I love KPCC!”

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Reaching out. Plugging in. Ashley Alvarado

Chris Keller

Public Engagement Editor Ashley Alvarado knows first hand that audiences crave quality reporting. Working with Southern California Public Radio’s Public Insight Network — a group of more than 12,000 people who help the newsroom cover Southern California by sharing their insights and experiences — she consistently hears a similar message. “My sources believe a news organization shouldn’t just tell a story; it should tell it authentically,” she says. Authenticity is Alvarado’s stock in trade. “My job is network building — developing relationships with sources who are willing to share different aspects of their lives.” The result is a strong public partnership that amplifies people’s voices and reflects the extraordinary diversity of Los Angeles. Alvarado also works closely with SCPR’s live events team, producing events at the Crawford Family Forum that bring Angelenos together to start conversations and exchange ideas. These encounters, she says, can be powerful. A recent story on adoption is one example. “Information for our on-air segment came from sources in the field, who offered details about their own adoption experiences,” Alvarado says. Overwhelmed with responses, the station also hosted a live forum event. “It was completely different from anything I had ever experienced,” she recalls. “People were so supportive of each other. It illustrated how KPCC’s programs can help lift people up and make a difference.”

Finding innovative ways to organize information is a vital part of every journalist’s job — and the driving force behind the work of Southern California Public Radio’s Chris Keller. As a data journalist and news applications developer, Keller mines information to find compelling story ideas. “In the newspaper world, this used to be known as ‘computer-assisted reporting,’” Keller says. “In the simplest terms, it meant taking a spreadsheet and asking it questions.” Today, the role of the data journalist has evolved. “I help reporters find data and make sense of it, and then build interactive web components that display the data in a visual way to complement what they are working on,” Keller says. The effect of his work can be profound. “Putting numbers in a table strips away some of the barriers between the user and the information,” he says, potentially attracting new audiences who might shy away from the more traditional narrative form. Visually arresting stories like Keller’s interactive Fire Tracker (which was picked up by The New York Times, the Daily Mail [U.K.], The Atlantic, National Public Radio and the San Jose Mercury News, among others) can empower those audiences to plug in — giving them ready access to data that keeps them informed and motivates their participation in public debate. “Data journalists ask ourselves three main questions: Who are our users, what are their needs and what can we make for them?” Keller says. “It’s a simple formula that gets right to the heart of things.”


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Leading and Learning Adelaide Hixon

Charlie Woo

After nine years on Southern California Public Radio’s Board of Trustees, Adelaide Hixon is as enthusiastic about the station as she was on the day she began. Her inexhaustible energy and passion are all the more remarkable considering the full extent of her philanthropic leadership at SCPR, which dates back to the station’s very beginning. “When I first became involved, KPCC was tiny,” Hixon remembers. “Our offices were like a rabbit warren — only Larry Mantle had a window!” During her tenure, SCPR has grown from a small, community college station to one of the nation’s leading and most listened to public radio stations. The transformation, Hixon says, is the result of visionary leadership, sound strategic planning and dedicated listener support. From board members to reporters to donors, she observes, “KPCC brings everyone together to learn about each other and to teach us what democracy needs to work.” In Hixon’s view, it helps that SCPR has stayed true to its originating principle: producing quality content that is focused, creative and professional. “To dream about building an organization like KPCC is one thing; to see that dream actually take shape is quite another,” she says admiringly. She is proud of the station’s smart, provocative programming, which she believes will propel SCPR to even greater heights. “Every year, we add listeners,” she says. “KPCC has a lot to say — and people are paying attention!”

Asked what compelled him to join Southern California Public Radio’s Board of Trustees, prominent Los Angeles businessman Charlie Woo, CEO of Megatoys, says, “It’s really simple: I love the programming.” Woo, a Hong Kong native who moved to the U.S. to attend college at UCLA, credits KPCC with rounding out his education. “I’m a curious person, and I want to learn wherever I go,” he says. “Through KPCC, I continue to discover new things about LA’s incredible diversity. It’s the kind of balanced, in-depth knowledge about local and global affairs I can’t get through more traditional media outlets.” Woo sees his adopted city’s diversity as an invaluable asset — one that comes with an important price. “Democracy only works if we reach beyond our own circles to learn about other people and cultures,” he says. “KPCC enables Angelenos to engage each other and helps communities to break out of their silos.” The station, Woo asserts, serves another critical function as well: providing quality programming that is increasingly difficult to find anywhere else. “KPCC is informative and inclusive, but it is also entertaining,” he says. “The shows introduce you to topics that are timely, provocative and even fun.” For Woo, participating on the board is a unique opportunity to give back to an organization that offers him such a vital window on the world. “When KPCC came calling,” he says, “I just couldn’t turn it down.”


W.M. Keck Foundation: Support that Keeps Us Connected

Jim Ukropina, W.M. Keck Foundation

For more than 50 years, the W.M. Keck Foundation has played a critical role in strengthening our society. The foundation — led by Robert A. Day, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors, and one of the nation’s largest philanthropies, with over $1.2 billion in assets — has deep roots in Los Angeles: Established here in 1954, the organization dedicates roughly 20 percent of its grantmaking to addressing complex challenges and improving people’s lives in Southern California.

Jim Ukropina, president of the Keck Foundation, notes that SCPR consistently raises the bar on grantee performance. “Commercial radio gives a Reader’s Digest version of the news,” he says, “but KPCC offers something different: insightful, penetrating, balanced coverage that fosters dialogue between people from diverse communities.” As Ukropina sees it, the station’s singular identity is made possible by the voices behind it. “Leadership is incredibly important, and Bill Davis,

“ Finding innovation and creativity in institutions is remarkably difficult, but KPCC possesses it in spades.” Its dedication to the region has made the Keck Foundation a central partner in Southern California Public Radio’s ongoing success. Foundation support was instrumental in allowing the station to build its new, state-of-the-art headquarters in Pasadena. More recently, the foundation made a significant investment in SCPR’s digital infrastructure — helping to link listeners across multiple media, including a gorgeous new iPad app that is unique in the world of public radio.

Russ Stanton and Melanie Sill are real heavyweights,” he says. “Finding innovation and creativity in institutions is remarkably difficult, but KPCC possesses it in spades.” A KPCC listener “since forever,” Ukropina is delighted the station continues to thrive, and that the Keck Foundation has been a key collaborator in its development. “We emphasize high-risk, high-return projects in our grantmaking,” he says, “and, time and again, KPCC delivers.”

12 scpr annual report 2013

No Rant. No Slant. As an investor in Southern California Public Radio, Dolores Grunigen values the station’s emphasis on ideological balance. As the host of KPCC’s AirTalk — the longest continuously running daily talk program in the Los Angeles radio market — Larry Mantle is a guardian of that balance, helping to create and maintain a public space characterized by civility, open-mindedness and mutual respect. Together, they are a testament to the power of effective collaboration in pursuit of a common goal: leveraging resources and talents to build a public broadcaster unlike any other.


Partners in Positive Change Throughout a professional lifetime of shaping healthcare legislation in California, Dolores Grunigen — an influential figure within the State Board of Medical Examiners — had searched for a media outlet that would give her accurate, insightful news and analysis about the people, places and public policies affecting our daily lives. She found it in Southern California Public Radio. “The presentation grabbed me immediately — the honesty and the willingness to air all sides of an issue,” Grunigen recalls. “The standard of quality in KPCC’s reporting was extremely high, and I could tune in every day without getting bored.” Her affinity for the station soon led her to invest more than just

station’s health care desk. Grunigen also will help provide for the future of SCPR with a gift through her estate. “When it comes to building for the future, KPCC is ahead of the curve, and that is what motivated me to become so involved,” she says. Of particular note, Grunigen observes, is the station’s commitment to hiring extraordinary reporters. “I’m always impressed by whom they select to cover the news,” she says. “And I don’t impress easily!” Equally impressive, notes Grunigen, is SCPR’s breadth of coverage and its ability to shed light on the most pressing civic challenges. “The issues we need to know about today are vast. KPCC breaks them

“ When it comes to building for the future,” Dolores Grunigen says, “KPCC is ahead of the curve.” listening; Grunigen also wanted to find a way to support the unique content she heard on air. Philanthropy has always played an important role in Grunigen’s life. “I believe it’s critically important to teach our children that giving is part of who we are,” she says. That philosophy led her to make a significant contribution to SCPR’s capital campaign — and then, later, another gift to fund the

down into understandable chunks, helping people get a handle on what’s at stake and what we can do about it,” she says. From Grunigen’s perspective, it’s a valuable public service that translates to far-reaching impact: “By exposing people to the idea-shaping and decision-making that undergirds every aspect of our society, KPCC makes them partners in promoting positive change.”

14 scpr annual report 2013

Statement of Activities

Southern California Public Radio (An Affiliated Organization of American Public Media Group)

Year Ended June 30, 2013, with Comparative Totals for the Year Ended June 30, 2012 (In Thousands)



Operating Fund

Property Designated Eliminations Total Fund Fund

Support from public Individual gifts and membership $9,733 $– $– $– $9,733 Individual gifts and membership – released from restriction (rfr) 2,080 – – – 2,080 Underwriting 7,328 – – – 7,328 Underwriting – rfr 319 – – – 319 Business support 83 – – – 83 Business support – rfr 100 – – – 100 Foundations – – – – – Foundations – rfr 1,580 22 – – 1,602 Intercompany grants 172 392 – (392) 172 Other public support – 68 – – 68 Other public support – rfr 2 – – – 2 Total support from public





Support from governmental source Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) – – – – – CPB – rfr 3,275 21 – – 3,296 Total support from governmental sources




Earned revenue Earned operating activities 33 – – – 33 Investment return – – 7 – 7 Other earned revenue 47 – – – 47 Total earned revenue Total support and earned revenue

80 24,752

– 503

7 7

– (392)

87 24,870

Expenses Programming and Operations 18,125 1,233 – (392) 18,966 Administrative 2,543 81 – – 2,624 Fundraising 4,841 162 – – 5,003 Total expenses Change in net assets Net assets, beginning of year Net assets (deficit), end of year




















Temporarily Permanently Total 2012 Restricted Restricted

$1,812 $– $11,545 $10,275 (2,080) 33 (319) 100 (100) 2,157 (1,602) – 2 (2)

– – – – – – – – – –

– 7,361 – 183 – 2,157 – 172 70 –

– 6,286 – 345 – 2,701 – 98 (223) –




3,365 – 3,365 3,272 (3,296) – – – 69


Total support from public 86.5% Total support from governmental sources 13.2% Total earned revenue 0.3%



– – 33 3 34 – 41 (6) – – 47 61 34


121 24,974

58 22,812

– – 18,966 15,520 – – 2,624 2,101 – – 5,003 4,941 –



Underwriting 36%




Business support 1%





Foundations & grants 7%





Intercompany grants 1% Membership 55%

16 scpr annual report 2013


BUILDING THE 21ST CENTURY NEWSROOM We gratefully acknowledge the generosity of those who have provided initial investment funding to expand in-depth coverage of the most pressing issues facing Southern California today. Thanks to the support of several dedicated individuals and foundations, SCPR has raised funds for ten topic-specific news desks. To find out how you can help: contact Carol Komatsuka at (626) 583-5143 or Arts, Entertainment and Popular Culture The Annenberg Foundation The Hearst Foundations Kevin MacCarthy and Lauren Lexton 20th Century Fox

Breaking News Charles and Carolyn Miller

Business and Economy

The Carl and Roberta Deutsch Foundation Jennifer and Shawn McCreight Rosenthal Family Foundation Tikun Olam Foundation

Emerging Communities and Demographic Change Corporation for Public Broadcasting Kenneth and Harle Montgomery Foundation / Bryant Garth

Gordon and Dona Crawford

Environment and Outdoors

Crime and Public Safety

The Cygnet Foundation Darcy and Richard Kopcho The Ward Family Foundation

Corporation for Public Broadcasting Ford Foundation

Education The Atlas Family Foundation Baby Futures Fund Corporation for Public Broadcasting

Governance and Civic Engagement Sally Graves DeWitt Ford Foundation The John Randolph Haynes and Dora Haynes Foundation

Peter Yun Huh and Jihee Kim Huh The James Irvine Foundation

Health Care California HealthCare Foundation The California Wellness Foundation Dolores Grunigen The Rose Hills Foundation

Science and Technology Tyler MacCready Allan H. Markowitz Tom and Marilyn Sutton

Newsroom Expansion–General Anonymous (1) The Annenberg Foundation W.M. Keck Foundation The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation The Rose Hills Foundation

Annual Fund supporters CATALYSTS $100,000+

CHAIRMAN’S CIRCLE $25,000–$49,999

The California Endowment Gordon and Dona Crawford Edison International Hilary Garland The James Irvine Foundation Susan and Doug Kranwinkle Wells Fargo Foundation

Anonymous (2) Rick Barry Begin Today for Tomorrow Helen and Peter Bing John and Louise Bryson Esther S. M. Chao Marianna and David Fisher Louise Garland Heather and Paul Haaga Sally and William H. Hurt The Kopcho Family Foundation Lillian Lovelace Kevin MacCarthy and Lauren Lexton

VISIONARIES’ CIRCLE $50,000+ Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson Jennifer and Shawn McCreight Neda Nobari

The Mohn Family Foundation Wendy Munger and Leonard L. Gumport Orange County Community Foundation Victor and Cathryn Palmieri Marilyn P. and Thomas C. Sutton James R. Ukropina

PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE $10,000–$24,999 Anonymous (6) Robert and Sara Adler Carol and David Appel John and Hilda Arnold Foundation Inc.

Sandra J. Ball-Rokeach The Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation Mei Hu Chu Foundation City of Los Angeles, Depart ment of Cultural Affairs Micky Dolenz The Mose J. Firestone Charitable Trust James J. Gaudineer and Tony Padilla Jim and Ann Gianopulos S.L. Gimbel Foundation Advised Fund at The Community Foundation Jean E. Gold Earl L. Goldberg and Aya Kimura Goldberg


Dolores Grunigen Brian and Karen Hennigan David and Joan Hill Stephen and Karen Hillenburg Jennifer Hinman and Michael J. Moody Adelaide Hixon Janice and Laurence Hoffmann Ben and Mavis Huang Foundation Peter Yun Huh and Jihee Kim Huh Stanley L. Iezman and Nancy Stark William and Rebecca Kamer Karin L. Larson Glenn and Gael Libby Leonard M. Lipman Jeff and Rachel Lipp Jim and Anahita Lovelace Michael and Jamie Lynton Stephen A. and Julie Maas Howard and Nancy Marks The Millstream Fund Molly Munger and Stephen R. English The Kenneth T. and Eileen L. Norris Foundation Jane and Ron Olson Pacific Life Foundation Sherry and John Phelan Stewart and Lynda Resnick Barbara U. Roberts Virgil and Brenda Roberts Roth Family Foundation Squid & Squash Foundation Judi and Greg Stefflre Eugene and Marilyn Stein Susan Steinhauser and Daniel Greenberg Tracy and Gene T. Sykes TPG Global LLC John Tu The Ward Family Foundation Elaine Weinberg Ying and Charlie Woo

DIRECTOR’S CIRCLE $5,000–$9,999 Anonymous (9) Julie Allen Robert and Melissa Alvarado Robert Barry Sael Bartolucci Jack Benadon

Lon and Heidi C. Bender Employees Community Fund of Boeing California John W. Carson Foundation Michael and Kathy Collins Gregory Pierre Cox Bill and Elaine Davis Susan Gray Davis Barbara and Gilbert Dembo Steve and Laurie Duncan Elyssa and Gil Elbaz Nancy Englander and Harold M. Williams Susan and Edward Ferguson Cathy and Robert Garant Sheila Gold Foundation Jane Harman Chester E. and Patty Horton Ann Jilg John H. Kissick Steve and Kathy Kloves Kurt Knutzen and Audrey George Stewart and Pat Kwoh Peter and Diane Lannon Joseph LaPine Dr. John and Margaret Lee Ilona Linden Mary A. Lyons Scott and Lauralee Bell Martin Michael and Sidney McCullers Wendie Malick and Richard Erickson McCune Foundation Christina Singleton Mednick Barry and Wendy Meyer Brian Scott Miller Cynthia and David Mirsky Miriam Muscarolas and Grant Abramson Richard and Harriet Orkand Justine and Julian Wing-Kai Poon Ernest I. Reveal and Katherine Trennerry Felicia Rosenfeld and David Linde Ronnie Rubin Dinah and William Ruch Paul and Doreen Rutter Satterberg Foundation Stuart and Liz Silverman Damien and Yvonne Slatkin Patti and Steve Soboroff Sarah and Mark Stegemoeller

Max and Diane Stites Nicholas Stoller and Francesca Delbanco Max Stolz Greg Stone and Cindy Vail Sugimoto Family Foundation / Lisa Sugimoto Emiko Terasaki and Daniel Cook Neil S. and Eve Weightman Connie and John H. Weston Timothy P. Whalen Donna J. Zenor and William T. Bisset Edward A. and Jan E. Woods

Mark Carlin Lee Shallat Chemel and David Chemel Audrey Cheng and Burton Hong Raissa and Bill Choi Carla Christofferson and Adam Shell Frances Conroy and Jan Munroe Robert and Ana Cook Carl Curtis Caro Danielian The de Toledo Family Jane Drinkwalter

When we moved to LA from England, we missed the quality news and programming of the BBC so much until we discovered KPCC. Now, it’s the only radio station we listen to — and we’re happy to pay the ‘license fee’!” –Jake and Lucy Broder, Sustaining Members, Beverly Hills ADVOCATES’ CIRCLE $2,500–$4,999 Anonymous (8) Emily and Zachary Abbott The Allyn Foundation The Angell Foundation Rick and Wendy Aversano Dr. Nancy M. Baisch Alec Baldwin Foundation Bruce and Carol Barge Leslie F. and Steve F. Barnebey Jill Barnes Mark Barnes Larry R. Belkin Leah S. and Gregory M. Bergman Karen Bertero and Theodore Chester, Jr. Norris J. Bishton, Jr. Andrew and Deborah Bogen Dulcie D. Brand Robert and Wendy Brandow Janet Ann Bratton and Tom Nichols Titus and Wendy Brenninkmeijer James Burke George M. Byrne and BarBara Barrett-Byrne Diane Calder Enrique and Maria Caponi

Kerry and David Drake Margaret Elizabeth Eldridge JoAnne Fink Penelope D. Foley Richard M. Friedel and Janet Gardner Anita B. and Judge Haley J. Fromholz Yasuko Furuya Harriett F. and Richard Gold Joel Goldstein and Judy Henry Albert and Gwen Grabb David L. Groseth Robert and Margaret Green Caroline M. Hackman Janet S. Hadley and H. Lawrence Webb Burt I. Harris, Jr. Pat Herson Dorothy and Lathrop Hoffman Elaine Hoffman and Jack Cherbo Nicole and Daniel Honigman Michael Horne Independent Television Service, Inc. Russell and Viola E. Iungerich Mary Jamora Bernice and Wendell Jeffrey Leslie Jewett

18 scpr annual report 2013

Paul S. and Katherine J. Johansen Alan and Elizabeth Johnson Melody Kanschat Pamela B. Kelly Robert and Mille Kern Dong S. Kim Larry and Myra Kirschenbaum Bob and Rosanne Kresser Jennifer E. Laity Ellen Lamel Steven Lamy and Gayle L. Hopkins Michael Lubic Ann S. Lucas Gene Lucero and Marcia Williams Roger Ian and Ruth MacFarlane Susan Matt Travis May DeWayne and Mary McMullin Jon R. McTaggart Gordon and Dale McWilliams

Michael R. Post Deborah and Thomas Prosser Constance L. Rice Carlene Ringer David and Victoria Rogers Laura and James Rosenwald Linda Rush Stephen A. Sacks Steve and Christine Schenker Natalie Seaman Gregory B. Shapton and Barbara K. Rugeley Lynn Shin, MD Linda S. Silverman Lynne Slattery and Joel Allen Schroeder Amy Sommer and James Childress Rich and Jane Sondheimer Gail and David Spivack Jennifer and Russ Stanton Joachim B. Splichal Jill Sumiyasu Catherine Thomas

KPCC kept me company on the long drives in Los Angeles. Since I have moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico, I continue to listen on my iPhone. The programming KPCC offers is truly priceless!” –Sarah Holmes, Member, santa fe Jeff and Alissa Merage Bobbie and Henry Frank Moon Stuart and Naomi Nagasawa Irene Nevil Randy and Gretchen Newman Peggy and Charles Norris Rudy Oclaray and Dr. Stephen D. Henry Jeri O’Donnell and Don Spradlin Eleanor P. Orewyler Claire Ouimet Kevin and Elizabeth Parry Kirk A. and Susan L. Patrick Tracy L. Perdue and Patrick Gwaltney Tom and Melinda Peters Peggy Phelps Benjamin L. Pick and Claudette Nevins Eloise and Carl Pohlad Third Generation

James Upchurch Loretta and Willem Van der Pol Barton and Pamela Wald Julie Waxman and Seth Freeman Paul Weinberg and Wendi Bailey Joan Wells Alison Whalen and Steve Marenberg Linda and Tod White Charitable Fund Ernest Wilson and Francille Rusan Wilson Suzanne V. Wilson Cindy Winebaum David and Jamie Rosenthal Wolf Robert Young Atis V. and Paul Zikmanis

PATRONS’ CIRCLE $1,500–$2,499 Anonymous (10) Able Design & Fabrication Edgar Aguirre and Siana Lea Gildard Kathy Akashi

William and Denise Cuthbertson Sally Graves De Witt Debbie and Doug Deems Marvin and Patti Demoff Louis DeSipio Jeffrey Dodge

I deeply love SCPR and cannot express how much I respect the work you all do. I think you are one of the most important defenses of what remains of our democracy.” –Jay Rosenthal, LEGACY SOCIETY MEMBER, Palm Springs Christopher G. Alexander Lawanda R. Allee Sholeh and Mehrdad Amanat Amgen Foundation Stanley Paul Azen and Joyce Niland Patricia B. Bell Erin Benfield Paula and Bruce Bennett Virginia Blywise Deanne Bosnak Hans and Diane Bozler Dawn Brewer Mr. and Mrs. Brad D. Brian Stephen R. Brown Celine Burk and Robert Simon, MD Sandra and Michael Buttitta Glenn I. Camhi and Paul Felix Paul and Marie Cantor Ronald L. Carlyle Terry P. Chapman John Clawson Kathleen and Hickel Clayton Jan Clifford Dina E. Cohen Barbara and David Cline Michael D. Coleman and Odile Nicolette Ronald W. Colman and Jeb J. Panyarjun Todd Cook Zack Cooper Joseph and Susan Courtney Tara R. and Matthew J. Cowell Allan Crawford and Laura Lindgren Mary Ellen and Michael Criley Eric Crowther

Laura Donnelley John Doyle Victoria Dummer and Brion Allen Bruce R. Dundore Sarah and Bryan Earll Amado Jesus Edghill Wendy Edlen Carl J. and Linda M. Eichert David A. and Joyce M. Evans Michele D. and Michael R. Evans Jack Ewing Laura Felzer Jerrold Fine Martha and Matthew Fleckenstein Cesar Flores Pat Franco and Donald Beaver Harley M. Frankel Joshua and Candace Frederick Gisela Lesin Friedman Murray and Dodi Fromson Fred Fudacz and Perla Eston Jay A. Goldberg Laurie Goldberg Gordon and Beth Goldsmith Richard J. Goldstein Amanda Green Susan Grode Fernando J. Guerra Kimberly Haase Leslee Hackenson Heidi Hall and Steven Guzowski Timi A. and Robert I. Hallem Sharon M. and James Hansen Tess Harper Philip Hartwell


David and Beth Hasenauer Armen Hayrapetian Edward Helms Zvia Hempling and Brian Krieger Phyllis and Robert Henigson Pastor Herrera Jr. James P. Higgins High Temp Metals Geof V. Hoffman James Houghton and Karen Snider Cynthia A. Hunt Janet and William Huston David Henry Jacobs Helene Jacobs Judy Jacobs Sam and Amber Jaeger Sally Hahn Jameson Karin Joffe

Mark and Ellie Lainer Diantha Lebenzon BJ Ledyard Rachelle Lefevre Rodney Lehman Judith S. Leland Robert Lemelson Charlotte Lerchenmuller Marilyn J. and Howard J. Levine Dr. Gary and Linda M. Levinson Michael C. Lewis and Amy K. Boyle Shelly A. Lewis and Judith Johnson Raquel and Bertram Lewitt Kathy Lindell David I. and Katherine L. Linden

As an avid listener to KPCC in LA, I think I was even more connected while on a recent trip to Italy. Streaming KPCC on my cell phone was amazing: With the time difference, I was even able to enjoy programs I don’t normally listen to at home. KPCC the world over!” –Judy Raffel, Legacy Society member, Santa Monica Patricia C. and Norm Johanson DeRoy Johnson Eric C. Johnson Ellen S. Johnston Carol A. Jones Steaven K. and Judith Jones Diana and David Kaloyanides Michael and Fiona Karlin Gloria Karp Richard Kaufmann Leslie B. Kautz and Jack S. Weiss Morgan Allison Kay Joanna E. Kenney Bruce Kerr Babak and Leila Khazaeni Richard A. Kidd Terry Kitay Christopher Knight Cindy Kohlmiller Carol Komatsuka and Dennis Babamoto Luis and Lee Lainer

Dr. Vladimir Lipovetsky Louise and Gary Lorden Dr. Susan Love and Dr. Helen Cooksey Craig D. and Diane B. Lucas Joyce P. and Michael Ludmer Denise and Joseph Lumarda Makoff Family Foundation Barry L. and Lisa A. Mangels Paige Layton Marino Vicki Marx, MD and Warren Garner, MD Dale Mason David C. Mau Maryann Mayer Scott and Paddy Calistro McAuley Rich and Jacquie McClish Jan McElwee-Osborn and Henry Osborn Brooks and Julia McKinney N. Jeanine McMahon Joan and Dennis McNerney

Christopher O. Meade Ted and Susan Michon Emily Miller and Lewis Bonney Jason Miller Michael Mills Brad Miyasato and Brad Duerre Donnell H. Montgomery Charles and Margaret Mooney Janet Moore and David Larson Tony Motakef Zahra and Fatima Movaghar M3K Foundation Jan and Phil Muntz Mr. and Mrs. Bengt Muthen Monica Nelsen and Joseph H. Low IV James A. Newkirk Judith A. Newkirk Howard Newman and Susan Brown Margery Nicolson Katherine Niemela Eric Olson Talmadge and Renata O’Neill Shahin A. Orci Laurie Osborne Jeanne and Alfred Paiz Marc Palotay Susan Parker Rhoda B. Pell Lars D. Perkins and Susan B. McConnell Nancy and Stephen Perry Robert Petrusse Phyllis Piano and Roy Jones Sandra and Ken Pickar Susan Pinsky and David Starkman Donald and Melissa Plotsky Douglas Porter and Nancy Newhouse Porter Roberta and Dr. John Preskill Gail Rackliffe Dr. Phil and Lesley Radell Lee Ramer Charles C. and Eileen Read Ilene Resnick and Daniel Weiss Amy Richards Patricia C. Richardson Lisa Richter and Dr. Howard Newman

Sharon and Nelson Rising Camilla E. and Didi Risom Lisa Ritter and Jeff Greenstein Bill Roberts Sandra Roberts Roma D’Italia Restaurants Elizabeth Rona Alexandra Rukeyser Dr. Sidney Russak Sharon Salinger Alexander and Mariette Sawchuk Molly B. Schmid Pam Schmidt and Bill Patterson Pamela Schneider The Helmut W. Schumann Foundation Laura and Alexander Seropian Ralph J. and Shirley Shapiro Katherine Shen Melanie Sill Debbie Fitzgerald Simmons Dr. Susan S. Simmons and Jerry M. Haselfeld Catherine Singer Dana and Edward Slatkin Beryl R. and Robert H. Smith Richard and Sue Snyder Debra and Bruce Spector Sandra Spivey Dave and Bonni Stachowiak Richard A. Stein Nancy Stephens and Rick Rosenthal Margaret Stewart Elisa and Chris Stokoe Lisa M. Sullivan and Regis Abersek Rachel A. Sulmeyer Alice B. Swan Phil A. Swan Jane W. and Reid A. Swanson Bradley Tabach-Bank David Jan Takata Trevessa M. and James Terrile Courtney Thorne-Smith Susan Tick and Scott Goldstein Karen and William Timberlake Heather Tom JoAnn Turovsky Lisa M. and Steve J. Urich Ana and Jeff Valdez

20 scpr annual report 2013

Kathleen Vaughan James Vincent Carl Volpe Diane Wallace Christopher and Glennis Waterman Mikki L. and Colin Weightman DarEll Weist and Diane Kenney Karen P. Wells Peter Wendel Tina M. Weyand Ward and Mary Lou Whaling Barbara Y. Wheeler Nancy White and Raphael Guerin Connie Willett Elizabeth S. and Andrew R. Wilson Thomas Winfield Werner Wolfen Christina J. Woo Deborah A. Wyscarver John and Catherine Yamin Caleb M. Yang Jan Young and Mark Gordon Marc Young and Gary Wilson Chris Sue and Mark Yragui Robert and Joyce Zaitlin Herb and Arlene Zimmer

IN MEMORIAM In Memory of Malcolm Lewis In Memory of Phil Provenzale

Legacy Society Members The Legacy Society honors members who have provided for the future of SCPR by including the station in their estate plans. Anonymous (81) Barbara Ackermann Lawanda R. Allee Sandra J. Ball-Rokeach John M. Beringer Jr.

Arlene Robin Bernstein Adrienne Brandriss Stephanie Brito Dolores and Wayne Browning Esther S. M. Chao James Davidson Susan Gray Davis Wilbur L. Davis Sheila Diskin and Michael Berman Rabbi Lisa Edwards and Tracy Moore Milton J. Fatt Susan and Edward Ferguson Cathie L. Fields and Mark E. Whitebook Robin Fish Anita and Haley Fromholz

Lewis and Lynn Mingori Marina Moore and Sheldon Green Molly Breeze Nisbet Jane Peebles Tom and Melinda Peters Judith D. Raffel Jay Rosenthal Dianne K. Sax Marilyn Schmitt Pamela Scrape Christine M. Sorenson Stephanie Strout and Andrew Carrico IV Judith and Ward Thompson Jessica and Robert Weiner Dr. Robert and Nadyne Zafran Estate of Phyllis F. Gebauer

We travel the world (we are now sitting in Akumal, Mexico) and regardless of location always listen to KPCC — the only intelligent news/information on the radio.” –Ronald and Sharon Stern, Members, Irvine Cathy and Robert Garant Katherine Gfeller Barbara Gibbs Henry and Jane Goichman Dolores Grunigen Jim and Anne Harder Adelaide Hixon Laurence and Janice Hoffmann James Houghton and Karen Snider Peter Yun Huh and Jihee Kim Huh John Jackson Helene Jacobs Judy Jacobs Sharon and Alan Jones Dr. Lynn Kerew Eve W. Kilger Dr. Herschel Knapp Carol Komatsuka Dr. Susan Lowry and Dr. Robert Lundergan Rich and Jacquie McClish Jennifer and Shawn McCreight Michael Mills

Corporate Sponsors 20th Century Fox California Solar Initiative Cedars-Sinai Korean Air Los Angeles Universal Preschool Mercedes Western Region Nissan North America Inc. Pepperdine University Graduate School of Education & Psychology Walt Disney Studios The Weinstein Company

Capital Campaign $2,000,000+ Gordon and Dona Crawford Adelaide Hixon The James Irvine Foundation The Mohn Family Foundation

$1,000,000–$1,999,999 Anonymous John and Louise Bryson

W.M. Keck Foundation Susan and Doug Kranwinkle The Kresge Foundation Charles and Carolyn Miller The Rose Hills Foundation

$500,000–$999,999 Anonymous (2) The Ahmanson Foundation The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation

$250,000 –$499,999 Anonymous (2) Richard Allan Barry Family Charitable Foundation Peter and Helen Bing Corporation for Public Broadcasting The Kopcho Family Foundation Dr. Rosalyn M. Laudati and Dr. James B. Pick The Millstream Fund Jane and Ron Olson The Ward Family Foundation

$100,000–$249,999 Anonymous (2) The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation Megan and Peter Chernin Cisco Home Laura Donnelley Edison International Nancy Englander and Harold M. Williams Daniel and Phyllis Epstein The David Geffen Foundation Dolores S. Grunigen Heather and Paul Haaga Peter Yun Huh and Jihee Kim Huh Sally and William H. Hurt The JL Foundation Sally and Bill Kling Karin L. Larson Levitt Pavilions Jim and Anahita Lovelace Wendy Munger and Leonard L. Gumport Pacific Life Foundation Cathryn and Victor Palmieri Marilyn P. and Thomas C. Sutton Ying and Charlie Woo

SENIOR STAFF OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA PUBLIC RADIO BILL DAVIS President and CEO MARK CROWLEY Vice President, General Manager CAROL KOMATSUKA Vice President, Development VERONICA LOPEZ Vice President, Underwriting (interim)

RUSS STANTON Vice President, Content EDGAR AGUIRRE Managing Director, External Relations & Strategic Initiatives JON COHN Managing Producer, Forum Programs & Live Events DOUG JOHNSON Director of Broadcasting and Technology MELANIE SAUER Director of Business Services ALEX SCHAFFERT Director of Digital Media MELANIE SILL Executive Editor PEGGY O’ROURKE-BOROSKIN Regional Human Resources Manager


Megan Chernin* Chair of the Board MLA Partner Schools Gordon Crawford Life Trustee (Active) Senior Vice President Capital Research and Management Co. BILL Davis President and CEO Southern California Public Radio Dr. Hilary Garland Psychologist Office of Dr. Hilary Garland James Gianopulos Chairman and CEO 20th Century Fox Film Dr. Fernando J. Guerra Director The Center for the Study of Los Angeles David Hill Senior Executive Vice President 21st Century Fox Adelaide Hixon Philanthropist APH Group Jihee Kim Huh Second Vice Chair Vice Chairman Pacific American Fish Company

Charles Woo Treasurer CEO Megatoys

DOUG RODERICK Vice President, Chief Financial Officer (interim)

Jarl Mohn Chairman Trustee The Mohn Family Trust Victor H. Palmieri Retired Chairman The Palmieri Company Julian Poon Partner Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP

SANDRA BALL-ROKEACH Professor of Communication University of Southern California, Annenberg School for Communication LEAH BERGMAN Attorney Bergman & Dacey, Inc. ESTHER CHAO General Partner Giant Panda Management Joaquin Beltran Founder Mentorvine STEVE HOCHMAN Music Critic LA Times


EDINA LEKOVIC Director of Policy & Programming Muslim Public Affairs Council

Louise Henry Bryson Former President of Distribution, Lifetime Television and Executive Vice President and General Manager, Lifetime Movie Network Chair Emerita of the Board, J. Paul Getty Trust Stewart Kwoh Executive Director and President Asian Pacific American Legal Center of Southern California Ronald L. Olson Partner Munger, Tolles & Olson LLP

Dr. Marilyn Sutton Professor Emeritus California State University Dominguez Hills

Jon R. McTaggart President and CEO American Public Media


*M s. Chernin will be taking a leave of absence from the SCPR Board during the Fiscal Year 2014.

Darcy Kopcho Executive Vice President Capital Group International, Inc.

THOMAS J. KIGIN Executive Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer and General Counsel

Robert L. Adler Executive Vice President & General Counsel Edison International

Harold M. Williams Life Trustee (Active) President Emeritus The J. Paul Getty Trust

Constance L. Rice Co-Director Advancement Project

DAVE KANSAS Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Board Of Trustees 2013 – 2014

Ana Valdez President and Co-Founder Valdez Consulting Group, Inc.

Gary Kishner Vice President, Communications Manager Wells Fargo Bank N.A.

C. Douglas Kranwinkle Secretary Executive Vice President, General Counsel Univision Communications, Inc.


Virgil Roberts First Vice Chair Partner Bobbitt & Roberts

In Memoriam

TARA MAXEY Co-Owner Heirloom ADÁN ORTEGA, JR. DR. JAMES B. PICK Professor, School of Business University of Redlands ROSE CATHERINE PINKNEY Head of Cinema Cinema Gypsy Productions ERNEST “CHIP” REVEAL Mediator/Arbitrator SUSAN STEINHAUSER Attorney Vera de Vera Director, Community Building Initiative California Community Foundation

Jon B. Lovelace Capital Research and Management Company

DEBORAH WILLIAMS-HEDGES Senior Media Relations Representative California Institute of Technology

Charles D. Miller Avery Dennison Company


DR. HARRY P. PACHON The Tomás Rivera Policy Institute

REGIONAL ADVISORY COUNCIL 2013-2014 JOHN H. WESTON Chairman Partner Weston, Garrou, and Mooney JEFF GREENSTEIN Vice Chair Writer & Producer

C. DOUGLAS KRANWINKLE, Chair Executive Vice President, General Counsel Univision Communications, Inc. BILL DAVIS President and CEO Southern California Public Radio DR. HILARY GARLAND Psychologist Office of Dr. Hilary Garland

JAMES GIANOPULOS Chairman and CEO 20th Century Fox Film


ADELAIDE HIXON Philanthropist APH Group

EPPY Awards — National

GARY KISHNER Vice President, Communications Manager Wells Fargo Bank N.A. DARCY KOPCHO Senior Vice President Capital Guardian Trust

+ Best News Website: under 1 million unique monthly visitors Golden Mike Awards — Regional + Best News Special: “LA Riots,” (A compilation of some of the station’s special coverage of the 20th anniversary of the riots.) + Best News Public Affairs Program: Off-Ramp, John Rabe

JARL MOHN Trustee The Mohn Family Trust

+ Best Individual Writing: “LACMA Rock Story,” Sanden Totten


+ Best Use of Sound: “Movie Trailers,” Sanden Totten

Strategic Planning Committee DR. FERNANDO J. GUERRA, Chair Director The Center for the Study of Los Angeles ROBERT L. ADLER Executive Vice President & General Counsel Edison International GORDON CRAWFORD Life Trustee (Active) Senior Vice President Capital Research and Management Co BILL DAVIS President and CEO Southern California Public Radio DAVID HILL Senior Executive Vice President 21st Century Fox JIHEE KIM HUH Vice Chairman Pacific American Fish Company DARCY KOPCHO Executive Vice President Capital Group International, Inc.

+ Best Entertainment Reporting: “Movie Trailers,” Sanden Totten + Best Light Feature: “Urban Mushing,” Mary Plummer Los Angeles Press Club — National Entertainment Journalism Awards + Radio News 1st Place: “Circus Fight — AirTalk,” AirTalk With Larry Mantle, KPCC-FM and Los Angeles Press Club — Southern California Journalism Awards + News Story 1st Place: “Deferred Action,” Josie Huang + Feature 1st Place: “First Language Attrition,” James Kim + Investigative 1st Place: “Starbucks Crash,” Stephanie O’Neill + Entertainment Reporting 1st Place: “Movie Trailers,” Sanden Totten + Use of Sound 1st Place: “When the Riots Began,” Judy Muller, Kristen Muller, Steve Proffitt, Emily Frost Edward R. Murrow Award — National + Investigative 1st Place: “Starbucks Crash,” Stephanie O’Neill Edward R. Murrow Awards — Regional + News Documentary: “When the Riots Began,” Judy Muller, Kristen Muller, Steve Proffitt and Emily Frost + Use of Sound: “Movie Trailers,” Sanden Totten

JON R. MCTAGGART President and CEO American Public Media Group

+ Writing: “LACMA Rock Story,” Sanden Totten

JARL MOHN Trustee The Mohn Family Trust

+ Local Online News Organization: Use of Video: “Secrets,” Grant Slater

VICTOR H. PALMIERI Retired Chairman The Palmieri Company

+ Local Online News Organization: Use of Sound: Olympics coverage

Society of American Business Editors and Writers — National + Best Radio/TV Feature: “Movie Trailers,” Sanden Totten

Principal Photography generously donated by Bill Youngblood

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1. Wendy Lee

10. Lauren Osen

20. John Rabe

2. Ashley Bailey

11. Ben Bergman

21. Brian Watt

3. Leo Duran

12. Rina Palta

22. Paul Glickman

4. Melanie Sill

13. Frank Stoltze

23. Sharon McNary

5. Oscar Garza

14. Josie Huang

24. Sanden Totten

6. Patrick Lee

15. Elizabeth Aguilera

25. Shirley Jahad

7. Maya Sugarman

16. Molly Peterson

26. Adrian Florido

8. Jose Luis Jiménez

17. Evelyn Larrubia

27. Stephanie O’Neill

9. Russ Stanton

18. Kevin Ferguson

28. Adolfo Guzman Lopez





19. Kitty Felde 24





The mission of Southern California Public Radio is to strengthen the civic and cultural bonds that unite Southern California’s diverse communities by providing the highest quality news and information service through radio and other interactive media. We will be a public forum that engages its audiences in an ongoing dialogue and exploration of issues, events and cultures in the region and in the world, seeking to provide greater understanding and new perspectives to the people of these communities and their leaders. cover photos: top: Stephen Hoffman, center: Alex Cohen & A Martínez, bottom: Deepa Fernandes