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Yeshivat Ohr Haiim - Bnot Yaakov - Kol Yaakov

Precious Gems -The Annual Chinese Auction-

Sunday May 7, 2017

Great Neck Synagogue Great Neck, NY Doors Open: 7:30 pm

Yeshivat Ohr Haiim 86-06 135th Street Richmond Hill, NY 11418 718-658-7066

Bnot Yaakov BY/KY Preschool 150 Hicks Lane Great Neck, NY 11024 516-482-1261

Yeshivat Kol Yaakov 108 Old Mill Road Great Neck, NY 11023 516-829-4978

Rabbi Mordechai Kashani


Rabbi Avi Epstein

Associate Principal - Yeshivat Ohr Haiim Ms. Leah Tischler

Associate Principal - Yeshivat Ohr Haiim Mrs. Khavi Rosenshein

Associate Principal - Bnot Yaakov Rebbetzin Rivka Aderet

Associate Principal - Bnot Yaakov Rabbi Menashe Kalatizadeh

Associate Principal - Kol Yaakov Mrs. Shoshanna Friedman

Associate Principal - Kol Yaakov

Precious Gems -The Annual Chinese AuctionSunday May 7, 2017 Great Neck Synagogue 26 Old Mill Road Great Neck, NY 11023 Doors Open: 7:30 pm $30 entrance includes a $25 ticket and Lederman buffet dinner

Special Thanks: Great Neck Synagogue Lederman Caterers Seasons Supermarket World of Chantilly Mr. Mark Karimzadeh/Master of Ceremony Mr. Behyar Rahmanim/Sound System/718-263-6665

LeShem Graphics/Catalog Concept & Design/516-817-9993 The many devoted sponsors, attendees and volunteers for their invaluable help in making this event a success.

Majid Yoav Zerovabeli was a loving husband, father, and son and beloved to all who knew him. He was devoted to all that he did, be it in business or Gemilut Hassadim. He felt that anything that comes his way must be accomplished properly. Most of all, he was known for his smile and cheerful nature at all times, no matter what was going on around him. He always made sure that those around him were happy and cheerful as well and would do whatever it took to make everyone happy. In 1989, Majid married Monika Miriam Ebrani, a devoted teacher in Yeshivat Ohr Haiim. That is how an amazing relationship began between Majid and the Yeshiva. Before they had children, Monika and Majid were already involved in the Yeshiva, helping in any and every way that they could, knowing that this would be the future for many Sepharadi children in the community. In 1994, when it was time for Majid and Monika to choose a Yeshiva for their oldest son Emmanuel, there was no question as to where he would go to study Torah, most definitely Yeshivat Ohr Haiim. And so this was the pattern when the time came for Daniel, Gavriel, and Ariel Yosef to start attending Yeshiva. The relationship between the family and the yeshiva continued to grow as the years went on, due to the tremendous Hakarat Hatov the family felt towards the Yeshiva for all that they did for their children.

Majid's tragic death while away on business was a shock for all. But, Yeshivat Ohr Haiim was there for the family in every way. Rabbi Kashani, the Rebbeim and teachers were instrumental in helping the family get through those dark days. The Zerovabeli family is honored to accept the Kavod of dedicating the Chinese Auction L'Zecher Nishmat Yoav Zerubavel Ben Gavriel. The family wishes much success to Rabbi Kashani and the Yeshiva, and may the Yeshiva continue successfully bestowing our precious children with the same quality education that it always has. May the Tzedaka given at the auction be an aliyah for the neshama of Yoav Zerubavel Ben Gavriel.

In loving memory Majid Zerovabeli Yoav Zerubavel ben Gavriel a’h

Our Honoree

Mrs. Shoshanna Friedman General Studies Principal – Yeshivat Kol Yaakov Shoshanna Friedman is the beloved General Studies Principal for Yeshivat Kol Yaakov. She has had more than fifteen years experience in the class room in both the elementary and secondary levels, and has served as Principal for the same amount of time. Mrs. Friedman has innovated curriculum-based school-wide programming, and has created her own writing program. She has professionally written a variety of Teacher Training material in areas such as student research writing, creating study centers in a class room, and implementing daily writing into a Language Arts curriculum. Mrs. Friedman often presents Teacher Training workshops on a variety of topics. She has a BA in English and Communication and an MS in Secondary Education with a focus on English. At Yeshivat Kol Yaakov, Mrs. Friedman loves seeing students share their work. She has created Authors’ Reads, Poetry Events, and Science and Social Studies presentations - all arenas in which students are showcased and have the opportunity to share their work with others. It is not an uncommon site to see Mrs. Friedman working one-on-one with a Yeshivat Kol Yaakov student to improve his writing, reading comprehension or math computation skills.

Mrs. Friedman is from Cleveland, Ohio and went to The Hebrew Academy of Cleveland and Yavne High School. She married Rabbi Dovid Friedman, a musmach of Chofetz Chaim Yeshiva, has seven children, and lives in Kew Gardens. We dedicate this evening in honor of Mrs. Friedman, thank you for all that you do.

Alumni Award

Natan & Diana Yakubov Diana Yakubov (Kariyev) joined Yeshivat Ohr Haiim in 1991 in the second grade. There she met many wonderful classmates who would remain friends until today. Dina went on to Shevach High School and attended Seminary at Tiferes Bnos Yisroel. At the same time, she pursued her degree in Speech Language Pathology at Touro College. Since 2010, Dina has been providing Speech Therapy services to students at Yeshivat Ohr Haiim. Natan Yakubov attended elementary school at the Hebrew Academy of West Queens (HAWQ). He went on to Ezra Academy where he befriended many Yeshivat Ohr Haiim graduates and formed meaningful relationships. After high school, Natan continued his learning at Yeshiva Ohr Somayach in Eretz Yisroel. Natan obtained an undergraduate degree and graduate degree in Education from Touro College, as well as a post-graduate degree in Educational Leadership. He is currently an Administrator at the Department of Education and an adjunct professor at Touro College. Dina looks back to her elementary school days with much nostalgia and happiness. Although much has changed in the past decades, it is reassuring to know that Yeshivat Ohr Haiim is still a beacon of love for Torah and Mitzvoth, and a place where every student feels special and loved. The special attention received from the teachers and the genuine concern and respect for teachers and students, that Dina witnesses on a daily basis, is a beautiful thing to see. Dina is truly touched by the sincerity of the staff to help all the children as well as the devotion from Rabbi Kashani to the smallest UPK students up to junior high. She truly feels it an honor to once again be a part of the Yeshivat Ohr Haiim family. Natan and Dina got married in 2005 and live in Kew Gardens Hills with their four young children, Yitzchak Elchanan, Naftali Eliezer, Yael and Michal. They are members of Yeshivat Ohel Simcha, and support the continued growth of the Queens Jewish Community.

Pre-Sale Ticket Rates until May 4 $100 will buy you $145 $180 will buy you $270

$250 will buy you $390 $360 will buy you $580

$500 will buy you $825 $750 will buy you $1275 $1000 will buy you $1800 $1500 will buy you $2700

plus 3 Grand Prize Raffles

1. Call in your selections to: 718-658-7066 Daytime 718-846-7273 Evening

4 Ways to Order

3. Complete the order form on page 59 and fax it with payment information to: 718-658-1022

2. Complete the order form on page 59 and mail with your payment to: Yeshivat Ohr Haiim 86-06 135th. Street Richmond Hill, NY 11418

4. e-Mail your form to:

Orders received after May 7 will be considered donations. Phone, fax or email your orders by 11:00 am day of auction.

Night of Auction Rates

Ticket prices

$100 will buy you $130 $180 will buy you $245

$750 will buy you $1165 $1000 will buy you $1600


$250 will buy you $350 $360 will buy you $525

$500 will buy you $750

$1500 will buy you $2400


plus 3 Grand Prize Raffles

1 ticket for $10 3 tickets for $25 5 tickets for $35

Jackpot tickets are sold separately and not included in the discount packages.

Alumni Raffle: All YOH alumni are invited to greet Rabbi Kashani at the auction and receive from him a special raffle ticket, the winner of this raffle will receive $500 worth of tickets to play the night of the auction.

Prize Claim: Winners not present at the time of drawing will be contacted by phone the morning following the auction. Arrangements for picking up prizes must be made at that time. All prizes must be claimed by Tuesday, May 9.

Disclaimers: Prizes may vary on detail from the photos.

Some pictures may be for illustration purposes only. YOH/BY/YKY is not responsible

for delivery of any item. YOH/BY/YKY is not responsible for any typographical errors. YOH/BY/YKY is not responsible for prizes not claimed or picked up after May 9, 2017. YOH/BY/YKY does not assume responsibility for the kashruth of any participating establishment. Some gift certificates have expiration dates and YOH/BY/YKY is not responsible once they expire. Folded tickets will be disqualified. The winner of any prize shall be responsible for the payment of any and all applicable federal, state, and local taxes. No purchase required.

Grand Prize It ’ s About Time A Rolex watch is synonymous with performance and reliability. Enter for a chance to win the

Rolex Datejust II the latest in the line of fine Rolex timepieces. In loving memory of our dear brother, friend, and uncle, Yoav Zerubavel ben Gavriel Majid Zerovabeli a’h Azita & Joseph Zaroovabeli Ramin Nassimian

Rolex Datejust II 1 ticket for $75 2 tickets for $140 3 tickets for $200 >

Brand new watch comes with box and papers.


No minimum number of tickets needed to be sold in order to give away Grand Prize.

> Grand Prize tickets are

sold separately and are

not included in discount ticket packages.

If a person takes gold and precious gem stones And hides them under the dirt of the ground

That is how special we are to Hashem We are His treasure. ~Amit Ben-Simon 2B YOH

A crown sparkles in the night and makes the stars shine. If the crown is not pretty, the stars won’t look pretty. We are like Hashem’s crown. Our misvot are the jewels that shine. If we do averot, a jewel might fall off the crown, and if we do a misva, a jewel will go back on the crown. Because we are Hashem’s jewels. ~Nechama Buryeva 3G YOH

Klal Yisrael is special to Hashem In Egypt, Hashem saved us from the Egyptians I will do anything Hashem asks me to do Thank You, Hashem, for making me a JEWel in Your crown Hashem is the crown and we are His JEWels. ~Ariel Mordechai Lavian 2B YOH

Yeshivat Ohr Haiim Queens, NY

I am a jewel in Hashem’s crown because I help my mom with her laundry. Also I help my dad clean his car. Another misva I do is I pray for sick people. Finally I help people who are hurt. ~Yaakov Tshuva 3B YOH

$75 $75

1. Welcome Home Four round trip tickets to


how can anyone refuse? (up to $4,000 value)

Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. Bahman Kamali Mrs. Soltan Livi and Family Mr. & Mrs. Mehrdad Sharifian In memory of Yoav Zerubavel ben Gavriel a’h


2. $3,000 Cash Hey, you never know! Mr. & Mrs. Benny Hematian Mr. & Mrs. Bobby Hematian Mr. Hekmat, Benny and Effy Namdar & Families Anonymous In memory of Yoav Zerubavel ben Gavriel a’h

Bnot Yaakov

Some people want a lot of jewelry and some people want a big house. Everyone wants something. I learnt that things aren’t always as cool and fun as they look. My birthday was coming up and I really wanted an American Girl Doll, because everyone had one and they said such good things about it. I told my parents and obviously they said, “No, are you crazy?” Finally I forced them and I got it and I was so excited. I wanted to play the second I opened it. So I brought it in my room and opened it and I screamed “ahahaha” and I was so upset but I had to deal with it. I’m very sad to say this but it was the same as any other doll. Okay, I think from this story you all learnt that not everything is as good as it looks. I realized that having an American Girl Doll isn’t as good as it looks. ~Tehila Liviem 3G BY

Great Neck, NY

Did you ever buy this great amazing thing, but then you see it’s the worst annoying thing? It may be glitter but it’s not gold. It was just a waste of money. I learned this lesson when I got a new doll. I went to this toy store and I asked my mom if I could get a Barbie doll. I wanted it because I have dolls but I don’t have any Barbie dolls. In the store there were so many toys, like a light-up stick or a yo-yo. I bought the Barbie doll and I went home. When I got home I started playing with its hair, and then the head fell off. That’s when I learned my lesson. Something may cost a lot of money but then it’s junky. I learned my lesson when the doll’s head fell off. I realized that I was happy with what I already had. ~Leah Livian 3G BY

Not everything that looks pretty, yummy, and shiny is that good. I think it also means that not everyone is perfect. Once I saw a banana that was covered with chocolate then I was that it looked so yummy then I got it and I tasted it but it was actually very bad. ~Naomi Hematian 2G BY


3. Chanel limited edition

The ultimate classic, the Chanel metallic clutch is a symbol of timeless luxury.

Mrs. Pary Levian and Family In memory of Yoav Zerubavel ben Gavriel a’h


4. Where Dreams Come True… Celebrate the

magic of Walt Disney World…

~ Dreamy airfare for 4 ~ Enchanted hotel stay ~ 4 magical one-day park hoppers ($2,000 total value!)

Mr. & Mrs. Edison Akhavan Mr. & Mrs. Hertsel Akhavan In honor of Mrs. Friedman Mr. & Mrs. Mirza Kalaty & Family In memory of Yoav Zerubavel ben Gavriel a’h


5. Set of Shas Explore

timeless Jewish teachings with a

complete Daf Yomi set of Shas. Mrs. Achraf Hadjibay & Sons and Families In memory of Yoav Zerubavel ben Gavriel a’h


6. $1,000 at Costco essentials

Stock up on all your favorite with $1,000 to spend at any Costco warehouse. Dr. & Mrs. Jahan Aghalar Mr. & Mrs. David Jadidian Mr. & Mrs. Payam Kahen Dr. & Mrs. Farid Shahkoohi In honor of Mrs. Shoshanna Friedman


7. Macbook Pro with TouchBar Thin, light, powerful and ready for anything. The latest 13� Macbook Pro featuring 256 GB and the revolutionary

TouchBar is sure to get the job done.

Anonymous In memory of Yoav Zerubavel ben Gavriel a"h


8. $1,000 Cash It’s like hitting



Mrs. Hana Dilamani Mr. & Mrs. George Dilamani Mr. & Mrs. William Dilamani In memory of Yoav Zerubavel Ben Gavriel a’h


9. Crystal Clear Choose from a selection of the

finest crystals in table

dĂŠcor with a choice of the Daum Roses Coupe or Lalique Coupes Anemones. Farrokh & Shahla Ebrani David & Ghila Ebrani

Monika Zerovabeli and Family In loving memory of Yoav Zerubavel ben Gavriel a’h

I am a jewel to Hashem. I am a jewel to Hashem because I am a Jew. I am a jewel to Hashem because I do a lot of misvot. I am a jewel to Hashem because I wear a kippa. I am a jewel to Hashem because I wear sitsit. I am a jewel because I learn Torah ~Avraham Bahary KY3B

I am a jewel in Hashem’s crown. May favorite misva is eating sushi. Now, you’re wondering why eating sushi is a misva. The reason is because when you eat sushi, you have to say a berakha. Another reason is because you’re taking care of your body because it’s healthy. That’s a yummy way to be a jewel! ~Yisrael Meir Kashani KY3B

Kol Yaakov Great Neck, NY


10. Shabbat Shalom! Usher in Shabbat with a

complete collection for 16 guests

of fine china, cutlery, goblets and more. Diana (Nassimi) Dilamani Sarit (Livi) Ebrani

Class of ‘99 In honor of Dina & Natan Yakubov Mazal tov for receiving the Alumni Award!

Nataly (Nadri) Hakimian Judith (Dilamani) Kamali

In memory of Yoav Zerubavel ben Gavriel a’h

Jennifer (Kaftari) Kordvani

Special Thanks Janet’s Collection Judith & Ramin Kamali

Melody (Kohandarvish) Lavian

Nabila Levian Elaine (Zerovabeli) Mordekhai Michelle Sabzevari

Rachel (Eghbali) Tubian Candie (Aminoff) Zar


11. Precious Diamonds Adorn yourself with an

exquisite .95 ct.

diamond necklace set in 14k white gold.

Mr. & Mrs. Fatollah Hematian In memory of Yoav Zerubavel ben Gavriel a’h


12. Me’am Loez A

comprehensive commentary of the Torah, the complete set of the Me’am Loez is a clear and modern translation of the the Torah Anthology. Steven and Sheina Ebrani Simon and Sasha Ebrani Jordan and Joyce Karmily In memory of Yoav Zerubavel ben Gavriel a’h

13. iPad Pro


Enhance your iPad experience with the latest iPad Pro featuring 128gb, a 12.9” retina screen and lightweight capacity. Mr. & Mrs. Fred Hakim Mr. & Mrs. Yaakov Kashi Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Hakimi Mr. Izhak Asher In memory of Ezra Akrani a’h

Mr. & Mrs. Nathan Franco Mr. & Mrs. Edward Roubeni In honor of Mrs. Friedman and in memory of Yoav Zerubavel ben Gavriel a’h

14. Canada Goose Coat Combining comfort and sleek style, with

luxurious fur trim and warmth,

win your choice of a his or hers Canada Goose Coat. Maximum value $800

Kohanian Family In memory of Yoav Zerubavel ben Gavriel a’h


15. $750 Cash Handy cash to use as you like!

Friends of Majid Zerovabeli a'h In Loving Memory of Yoav Zerubavel ben Gavriel a’h

16. iMac Desktop The latest

all-in-one Apple desktop

features a slim, sleek design aboard a 21.5” display screen. Our dear Uncle, “the good memories we shared with you will always stay in our hearts"...your nieces: Naz Aziz Nicole Aziz Mojdeh Bassali Rozita Djourabchi Lobat Hakimian Laleh Kamali Amanda Khordipour Azita Livi Pauline Mizrachi Robin Rendel Tanaz Zaruwabeli In memory of Yoav Zerubavel ben Gavriel a"h

Precious Gems -The Annual Chinese Auction-

17. Gucci

$35 The


accessory to

any wardrobe, the versatile Gucci leather piece, dress it up as a clutch or utilize it as a wallet. Mojdeh & Allen Hakimian Fariba & Allen Levian Mahnaz & Mouris Nassimi Moez & Dina Yousian Ebby & Janet Zabih In memory of Yoav Zerubavel ben Gavriel a’h

Ruthy & Ishay Ben-David Rachel & Doron Dilmanian Naghmeh & Afshin Dilmanian Ladan & Benny Hajibay

18. Tiffany Crystals elegant

Bring tradition to the table with a 8 piece set of crystals from the Tiffany Woven collection. Mrs. Joan Saks Mrs. Nechama Deligdish Rebbeim, Morot, Teachers and Parents of Bnot Yaakov and Kol Yaakov In honor of Mrs. Shoshanna Friedman


19. $750 Visa Card Feel free to

splurge with a

$750 Visa gift card. Michelle & Emil Ben-David Elisheva & Leon Hakimian Michelle & Michael Kaffash Dorita & Andy Kalatizadeh In memory of Yoav Zerubavel ben Gavriel a’h

20. Grill It! Grill and

entertain, your outdoor

cooking just got easier with the Weber gas grill.

Mr. & Mrs. Ben Kelaty Mr. & Mrs. Mark Kordvani Mr. & Mrs. Michael Livi In honor of Mrs. Shoshanna Friedman and in memory of Yoav Zerubavel ben Gavriel a’h

BY/KY Preschool Great Neck, NY

UPK at Yeshivat Ohr Haiim for children born in 2013

Registration Now Open for the 2017-2018 School Year Spacious, bright, & clean classrooms  Warm & personal attention  Beautiful indoor & outdoor play areas  Nutritious lunches served daily  Social Skills & Sensory Integration  Experienced & Certified teachers Programs for 3 and 5 year olds also available. 

For more information please call: 718-658-7066


21. Michael Aram Collection details

Strikingly simple, yet full of , enjoy a 4 piece collection from Michael Aram’s Molten set. Mrs. Sylvie Bassalian Nilly & Mika Hakimi Rebecca & Shokie Karmily Elham & Jacob Levian

Suzy & Farshid Liviem Leah & Kambiz Liviem Mojgan & Shahrokh Liviem Tania & Abe Rafaeil

In memory of Yoav Zerubavel ben Gavriel a’h

22. Picture Perfect! The Canon Rebel camera and accessories will turn any picture into a

work of art.


include zoom lens, camera bag, tripod, memory cards and more. Class of 2002 Sharon (Livi) Kashanian Rachel (Kaffash) Moghadasian Jessica (Lovi) Kohanfars Monica (Kaftari) Saidian Pamela (Karmely) Livian Rose (Hakimian) Shamash


23. Reap the Benefits This unique prize entitles the


winner to earn the of one year of Torah learning at Yeshivat Ohr Haiim, Bnot Yaakov and Kol Yaakov. The zechut can be dedicated in their honor or the honor of a loved one.

24. $500 Cash A little

extra cash

never hurt! Mrs. Tamara Zar and Family


25. iPad Air 2 Improved in all respects, the iPad Air 2 is the

latest generation

of the best rated tablet. Mr. & Mrs. Violet & Moses Hajibai In memory of Yoav Zerubavel ben Gavriel a’h

26. iMove with Naz Win a 1 hour Birthday Package or take $500 off your Bat Mitzvah package. Make your next party a BLAST with iMove with Naz. Let our DJ’s, lighting, photo booth and energy make your party


Follow the fun on Instagram @imovewnaz *Minor restrictions apply

Naz Aziz 516-387-6661


27. Yalkut Yosef Yalkut Yosef is a

collation of the works of

Rav Ovadia Yosef z’l providing detailed explanations of the Shulchan Aruch. Mr. & Mrs. Emmanuel Zerovabeli & Family Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Zerovabeli Mr. Gavriel Zerovabeli Mr. Ariel Zerovabeli In loving memory of our Father, Yoav Zerubavel ben Gavriel a’h

28. Twice as Nice Form meets

function with

the Lenovo Yoga high performance laptop and tablet combined in one. Mrs. Noushin Ebrani and Family In loving memory of Yoav Zerubavel ben Gavriel a’h


Shop and dine your way across Queens...

29. Queens Dining & Shopping

Over $1,000 from the finest restaurants & establishments...

Dine your way:

Turquoise $100 Soysauce $100 Hapisgah $54 Grill Point $50 Muscat $50 Sushi Fussion of Forest Hills $50 Main Street Bagels $40 fruit platter Annie Chans Dinner for 2 Sizzle Dinner for 2 Shimon's Pizza 2 pies Elite Café $25 Fortune Sushi Lunch for 2 Annie's Kitchen Lunch for 2 Sandwich Bar 2 Sandwiches+2 Drinks Carlos & Gabby's $18 Naomi’s Pizza 1 Pie Pizza Palace 1Pie Main Sweet $13 Sushi Fussion Hibachi $10

Shop your way:

Seasons $180 Wasserman’s $50 Lilac’s Flowers $36 Mazal Spa $36 Safra $36 Amalya Grocery $18 KT Appliance $18 David’s Cleaners $18 Tikva Bazaar $18 Eshet Chayil $18 Studio 18 $350 Laser+$55 one hour massage Main Sweet $10


30. Lederman Catering Play the role of

hostess at your

next event with catering for 25 from Lederman Caterers. Lederman Caterers 516-466-2222

31. Book a Tailor A

custom made men’s suit plus two custom made shirts. 212-486-6628

The jewels in Hashem’s crown are precious. We are a role model for the rest of the world to look up to. We should always do misvoth and listen to the laws of the Torah. We are connected to Hashem by our neshama and tefillah. The girls at Yeshivat Ohr Haiim are warm and friendly. They accept everyone- no matter whatand are a true example of bnot yisrael. The girls in my class are priceless (like jewels) and I hope our friendships will last a lifetime! Thank you Yeshivat Ohr Haiim for teaching us how to be jewels in Hashem’s crown! ~Avital Nissanian 6G YOH

Hashem is the best He is like the key To a treasure chest That is hidden. ~Benyamin Kakuriyev 2B YOH

We are Hashem’s jewels in His crown Every time we do a mitsva it shines When children do mitzvas it shines more

So when you do a bad thingThe jewels might come off. ~Joshua Israilov 1B YOH

When someone has a lot of gold, silver or jewelry on their hand it doesn’t mean they are rich. If someone does not have these things, it doesn’t mean they are not rich. Maybe that person is keeping their money for a trip or something else. A person does not have to be glittery to be important. To Hashem we are jewels whether we wear jewelry or not. To Hashem we are jewels because He created us and we are His shining stars. Even if we don’t follow His misvoth, He still treasures us and forgives us when we do teshuva. The glitter that Hashem looks for is inside of us. You don’t have to wear gold to be a shining star of Hashem.~Shirel Davoudi 6G YOH


32. Build it Up! Kick learning into high gear, inspire creativity and hands-on construction with

the latest

educational building toys. Mr. & Mrs. Leon Manoucheri In honor of Mrs. Shoshanna Friedman

33. Colbeh for 10 delectable

Enjoy a dinner for 10 people at Colbeh. Colbeh 516-466-8181

34. The Kosher Kitchen The

ultimate kosher kitchen awaits

you, with 2 sets of Rachael Ray nonstick pots and matching bakeware, ideal for meat and dairy cooking. Mr. & Mrs. Rafael & Ella Kariyev In Honor of our sister and brother-in-law Dina & Natan Yakubov Le'iluy nishmat Yosef ben Istam, Shoshana bat Mazal, Ketzia bat Miriam, Yaakov Hai ben Bitya

35. Tell Me the Story comes to life

The parasha with a laminated set of Tell Me the Story of the Parshah, the Hagim series and Tzadikim books. The perfect review of the parshiot and hagim for all ages. Joyce & Jordan Karmily In memory of Yoav Zerubavel ben Gavriel a’h



36. Safe Travels getaway

Your trip becomes a with a 5 piece Samsonite ensemble featuring ultra-lightweight spinners providing effortless mobility. Mr. & Mrs. Ephraim Aminoff Mr. & Mrs. Eddie Aziz Mr. & Mrs. Aziz Basalely Mr. & Mrs. Benyamin Siyance Mr. & Mrs. Albert Soleymani

In memory of Yoav Zerubavel ben Gavriel a’h

37. Alessi Set style

Serve in with a trio of serving trays from the latest Alessi Joy collection.

Mr. & Mrs. Ronnie Ben Ishay In honor of Mrs. Shoshanna Friedman


38. iPad Mini 4 The latest iPad Mini 4 includes all the

features of an iPad made into an

incredibly sleek and portable design. Rabbi & Mrs. Adam & Naomi Sabzevari Mr. & Mrs. Joshua & Ashley Sabzevari In memory of Ephraim ben Samuel z"l Avraham ben Eliyahu z"l

39. Mix it Up! sweet

Baking never tasted so with a Bosch 6.5 quart universal mixer, perfect for challah and pastry making.

Yehuda & Elana Aronov Hagai & Elana Khaimov Radik & Regina Murdakhayev In honor of Natan & Dina Yakubov


40. $360 Cash Fill those pockets now! Robert & Nazly Zar Fariborz & Naghmeh Livian Navid & Natalie Hakimian In loving memory of Yoav Zerubavel ben Gavriel a’h

41. Custom Shirts Dress to

impress with 3 custom made

men’s shirts from Badger & Welsh. Badger & Welsh 516-708-9659


42. $360 at Everfresh Fill up your cart with $360 at Great


Neck’s kosher supermarket. With amazing weekly specials, $360 will take you a long way. The Everfresh Family 516-773-4600

43. Shopping Spree Shop your

favorite stores with

a $360 gift card to spend at Zara, H&M or Forever 21. Mr. & Mrs. Mehran Enayatian Mr. & Mrs. Ashkan Enayatian Mr. & Mrs. Babak Abdolazadeh In memory of Yoav Zerubavel ben Gavriel a’h

Our Family of Schools

Now accepting applications for the 2017/2018 academic year.

44. Bicycle Duo


Summer is fast approaching and this pair of bicycles will be the


outdoor activity for any child. Accessories included, may be exchanged within 90 days. Mr. & Mrs. Abo & Sheindel Yakubov Mr. & Mrs. Yaakov & Malka Gandjian In Honor of Natan & Dina Yakubov Le'iluy nishmat our father, Yitzchak ben Mazal Yakubov

45. Warm it Up! A set of

Shabbat appliances and

more to make your Shabbat even more enjoyable. Janet’s Collection 516-482-6889


46. Cook, Eat, Repeat Cook like a pro with a

complete set

of 13 Calphalon hard-anodized non-stick pots. Mrs. Nina Yakubov In Honor of my children Natan & Dina Yakubov

47. No Strings Attached Wireless. Effortless. Sync the latest Apple Air Pods with


your device for listening with no strings attached. Prize includes the Apple iPod nano and air pods. Orit & Farzad Zar In memory of Yoav Zerubavel ben Gavriel a’h


48. Elegant Serve Serve it up with a collection of 8

unique hammered bowls and trays with textured details.

Moshe and Monica Enayatian In memory of Yoav Zerubavel ben Gavriel a’h

49. Blush On Look your

best with a $250

gift card at MAC Cosmetics.

Mr. Natan Yakubov In honor of my wife, Dina Thank you for all you do!

50. American Girl


American Girl Samantha is

always ready to lend a hand in her gourmet kitchen with realistic features and details. Baruch & Leah Nisanov Rabbi Yitzhak & Miriam Peykar Michael & Bridgette Kariyev Elly Chafizov Yosef & Sara Babaev Rabbi Shlomo & Ora Nisanov In honor of Natan & Dina Yakubov and In memory of Eliyahu ben Chai & Istam Nisanov, Liza Bracha bat Yaakov Chai & Ketzia Nisanov-Kariyev

51. Amazon Echo

“Alexa, what will I win at the Chinese Auction?”


Amazon Echo is a speaker you control with your voice. Echo connects to the Alexa Voice Service to play music, provide information, news, sports scores, weather, and more! All you have to do is ask.

Ronnie & Carolyn Ebrani In Memory of Yoav Zerubavel ben Gavriel a’h


52. Debora Necklace trend

The latest in fashion jewelry, a unique 50” long hematite and pearl necklace. Debora Collection-Deborah Hakim In memory of Yoav Zerubavel ben Gavriel a’h In honor of Mrs. Monika Zerovabeli

53. Future Architect Encourage your child’s inner


architect with an of 7 Lego building sets.

Mr. & Mrs. Avner & Zina Kariyev In Honor of our children Natan & Dina Yakubov Le'iluy nishmat Yaakov Hai ben Bitya, Ketzia bat Miriam, Freeda bat Zulai, Nison ben Zulai, Nissim ben Ketzia, Liza Bracha bat Ketzia


54. Miele Vacuum The Miele Classic vacuum is the

solution to your cleaning needs.

It’s lightweight, durable and quiet, perfect to handle life’s messes. Mr. & Mrs. Faramarz Liviem and Family In honor of Mrs. Friedman and in memory of Yoav Zerubavel ben Gavriel a’h

55. Fit & Fabulous feel great

Eat right and with 10 sessions with health coach, Sahar and 10 fitness classes with Candie Zar. Coach Sahar/516-633-4572 Candie Zar/516-652-9391


56. $260 Cash Visit your

favorite store with

$260 to spend now! Natan & Dina Yakubov In honor of Rabbi Kashani and the entire staff of Yeshivat Ohr Haiim. Your hard work and devotion make the school a truly special Yeshiva.

57. Maya’s Place Enjoy a $260 shopping spree at


Great Neck’ boutique for modest clothing. Maya’s Place


58. Great Neck Dining Over $500 of fine dining around Great Neck!

Grill Time $100 Shiraz $52 Chattanooga $50 Sushi Fussion $36 Kandi King $36 Bagel Mentch $36

Chosen Village Dinner for 2 Middle Neck Glatt $26 Bistro Burger $25 Great Neck Pizza 2 Pies Elite Pizza 2 Pies La Pizzeria 2 Pies


59. $200 Shop Delight delight

Take in your next supermarket run with $200 to spend at Shop Delight.

60. Real Wheels Cruise around in style in a BMW x5


ride-on car with features for hours of endless adventure! Rita Rivka bat Israel ve Sabiha Avraham, Daniel & Danit Abishour

Shop Delight 516-466-1300

Order Form

I will not be attending the auction, please place tickets in the boxes for me as follows:

$75 1

Israel Trip


$3,000 Cash




Michael Aram



Billing Address: _________________


Canon Camera


Shabbat Collection



Calphalon Pots


Apple Air Pods & Nano


Elegant Serving Dishes


$250 MAC Card


American Girl


Amazon Echo



Chanel Clutch


Learning Zechut $500 Cash

Disney Trip


iPad Air 2


Daf Yomi Shas


iMove with Naz


$1,000 Costco


Yalkut Yosef


Macbook Pro


Lenovo Laptop


$1,000 Cash


Queens Dining & Shopping



Lederman Catering for 25

Debora Necklace




Book a Tailor




Fit& Fabulous


$260 Cash


$260 Maya’s Place

Daum or Lalique

$35 10

Shabbat Table


Diamond Necklace


Me’am Loez


iPad Pro


Canada Goose


$750 Cash


iMac Desktop


Gucci Wallet


Name: ________________________




Ordered by:

$20 32

Building Toys


Colbeh for 10


Racheal Ray Pots & Bakeware


Great Neck Dining


Tell Me the Story


$200 Shop Delight


Samsonite Luggage




BMW Ride-on Car


iPad Mini 4

Tiffany Crystals


Bosch Mixer


$750 Visa Card


$360 Cash


Barbeque Grill


3 Custom Shirts


$360 Everfresh


$360 Zara/H&M/F21

City/State/Zip: __________________ Telephone/Cell: ____ - _____ - ____

Package Selection: Reserve my ticket package at the door $100








Payment Method: Checks made out to: Yeshivat Ohr Haiim Please charge my credit card: Name on card: ________________________ Credit card #: _________________________ Expiration Date: ____ /____ Code: _____ Signature: ________________________ See page 8 for phone, mail, fax & email info!

With great appreciation, Yeshivat Ohr Haiim acknowledges the generous scholarship funds received from SHAI.

Sephardic Heritage Alliance Inc.

Dearest Shoshanna, Mazel Tov! As a cherished member of our family you bring us much nachas. Your thoughtful acts of chesed, determination & upbeat disposition are treasured by all those around you. May Hashem continue to guide you & be matzliach in all your endeavors. Love, The Singer, Burstein & Friedman Family

In appreciation for providing the evening’s fruits.

Dedicated to the great efforts and toil of Rabbi Kashani Rabbi Kalatizadeh and Mrs. Friedman Grateful Parents

World of Chantilly (718) 859-1110 In appreciation for providing the evening’s desserts.

Birkat Realty Inc. 144-02 Jewel Avenue Flushing, NY 11367

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Yuriy Yushuvayuev NYS Licensed RE Salesperson Cell: 347-239-3598

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Isaac A. Arasteh NYS Licensed RE Broker

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Izrael Polvanov Irina Ilyayeff NYS Licensed NYS Licensed RE Salesperson RE Salesperson Cell: 718-413-0757 Cell: 917-202-2559

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YOH Chinese Auction 2017  
YOH Chinese Auction 2017